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On Fridays Mark Levin Show, all Haitian migrants that had crossed illegally into the U.S, have vanished from the international bridge. Of the 30,000 migrants, more than 12,000 of them were released into cities across our nation. This administration is lying and constantly creating a state of tumult so that they can step in and save the day with big government programs. Yet the media will have you focus on a couple of horses. Then, Democrats are happy to diminish law enforcement agencies like NYPD, Minneapolis Police, and now the U.S Border Patrol but they never criticize the Capitol Police or the FBI. Without any investigation completed as of yet, President Biden says that the horse-mounted border agents will pay. Later, PJ media is reporting that the Arizona audit of the 2020 general election shows discrepancies that leave room for potential fraud. There were 42,727 impacted ballots ranked as “high” or “critical” severity—that’s four times the certified margin of victory. Afterward, why do we care about the wealthy? The left calls whatever amount they determine to be one's 'fair share.' Joe Biden didn't pay his fair share. The redistribution of wealth is going directly to Biden's base in many respects. Biden's federal plan to ‘fundamentally change’ the economy is taking away aspects of what individuals have earned and created, their labor, through confiscatory taxes - this is an attack on your liberty as the central government seeks to control more of your life.

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thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to our brothers and sisters at Hillsdale for their great sponsorship somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with Hello America Mark Levin. Our number is eighty, seven thousand seven hundred and thirty, eight one hundred and thirty, eight one thousand one hundred and eighty seven, seven hundred and thirty, eight one thousand three hundred and eighty one all right,
everybody else has been saying today, but my turn to jump in so we have another hoax. We ve been talking about this but first things. First, the international bridge everybody's gone. Political or migrants are gone from the International bridge, in dollars Texas, what did he go. Where did they all go well, turns out. There were thirty thousand them. Twelve thousand four hundred of them were released and asked to please pretty these sixty days or so, can you come back for a hearing, a legal hearing, so we can make determination about your status.
And am sure political than he climbed the Washington Compost, constipated news network and Emma sell us day in all the Esta. The rest for their reprobates are going too far up on this and sixty days to find out exactly how many did come back for their life. Hearing. I bet none of them come back. Because there's no consequences. They know Joe Biden, the Democratic Party in the other. Saboteurs One point that can argue for amnesty: they know that we've Anesty Amnesty and cycles in this country stay long enough, people will say what are you gonna do, throw them out. They ve been her twelve years. When are you going? throw them out. They ve got families here when you get it, that's the game. That's the game. And, rather than focus on the the legality of the legal aliens and the illegality of this administration and the consequences.
After town city if their city in this country. Overwhelmed with illegal aliens, while its long, enforcement or school systems or healthcare systems, because they're all be degraded all them. We just can't handle this. These violations of law, which are now righteous, apparently posed to focus on a couple of eyes on horses who did not do what their accused of doing. The lying there place in this administration on the left. The push of racism is nonstop, they hate, this country, and they hate you, regardless of erase they want, things in a constant state of tumult and chaos and anarchy. So they
Step in and take control, you see whether to the virus or the border or whatever it is job. Talks about these men in way. He doesn't even talk about the Taliban. It's incredible. We'll get back to them. To tell about two point: I was actually Taliban one point: thirty Out of twelve thousand four hundred are wandering around the country, particularly in red and per States to you gotta wonder how it happens. I think that that all be sent. The Delaware, and particularly in Help encampments around these several Joe Biden, Gilbert got mansions now. All the migrants, are gone. The problems done. Now? Let's focus on the
his horsemen. I went and looked it up over half of the border I was made up of latino American, brave, heroic men and women. Who are doing everything they could to get food and water to these illegal aliens who were under the bridge, clothing, tense, There are overwhelmed their exhausted. Their exposed to one disease after another, they go home, their families are exposed to one disease after another. Not a single question is posed to Joe Biden, Karla Harris Saki About those men and women and their families, and what they have to put up with not one now. The border patrol goes the way of the Minneapolis police Nypd. Nevertheless, Angela's cops.
Just another law enforcement agency to be attacked, except, of course, the Washington Capital Police. So we know are the best police in the world and are not racist or anything else because but because they protect Nancy Pelosi. Now, let's taken on this again, I don't pretend to be playing. These clips, uniquely I'm the clean up hitter The line, but who had our grand slams who's buying The White House today Abysses Rachel Scott cut one go. You said on the campaign trail that you were going to restore the moral standing of the US that you were going to immediately end Trump's assault on the dignity of immigrant communities, given what we saw at the border this week. Have you fared first of all, you're disrespectful you're, a reporter, I'm not a reporter. It's not Trump's halt. It's president Trump. And it wasn't an assault on any by.
The mayhem you see on the border. The way little girls are molested, that's going on now. You may want to go down there, Rachel Scott of ABC News and check things out for yourself. Women are being treated, people are being kidnapped, then have been. And are forced to work for cartels and on and on the coyotes. This is it's going on our southern border. Abc news doesn't even cover up, except every in a blinkered way, go and this is happening under your watch. Do you take responsibility for the chaos that's unfolding? Of course I take responsibility, I'm president, but it was horrible. What to see, as you saw, to see, See people treat it like a dead horses. Value running over people being strapped It's outrageous. I promise you, those people will pay. They will be investigation underway now and there will be consequences. Ok, wait, a minute, wait a minute-
Tell the stalinist something: say people will be pay will pay and they will be content. Whence his but there's an investigation under the way, for all the civil at the hearings from the American Criminal Liberties Union and all the fraud big tack and all the frogs and big median other frauds Frawley left when cook websites- and so far, I'm sure they're very concerned about a prayer and of the United States,. Saying there will be a price to pay These people will pay. Meanwhile, there's an investigation under way Concern about the info treatment the influence binds had bag. I'm not a reporter Biden Dummy. Any concern about his influence over that investigation. Why this marxist took a terrier mindset that,
spews outer this guy's limit Vocabulary is unbelievable. There's, not a single eye. Witness who has said. That a single Haitian was whipped. There's not a single eye, witness who has said that the horseman further Border patrol had whips not one, because they didn't There's not a single eye, witness who said that they were using the horses to run over Haitians. None of that ever happened. The fact is that the American Propaganda organizations, phony journalists. The Joe Biden, who's been huddled in his basement for decades. I think has turned out. I wonder if anyone's buried there, but that's a whole other the story, all these noise eastern liberals, all these phony com Journalists
no idea how the borders secure. They have no idea what a horse looks like what a border patrol horse rider, looks like what they use. The tactic say you may look. What s slavery? Oh my god! This must be slavery. Did you see the Haitians who got violent when they were sent back to Haiti? I wanted Get violent when they got some. The Haiti rather than coming to America were apparently we practise slavery. The media in Amerika, for doing more to destroy this country than any other force any other. Force they are loaded with these American Marxist They are loaded with them. And they lie and they began dies and it does not matter. As you no doubt, have heard all day long, as I saw this morning about the pictures.
Pictures were quote, misconstrued is whipping the photographer said. You have a border patrol agent on a horse. You have him using what I'll call the last so control the horse. You have the the illegal patient immigrant running So you see the last so. To the side of the elite. Immigrant Haitian and so the photo, makes it look like he's being whipped, but he wasn't being and the media today in the administration today is still saying that the photos show Something that never happen. The photographer opposed to capture the controversial images of border patrol agent. Choosing horses a patient migrants from entering the EU, s says the image, have been misconstrued, showing abuse a baby, so
Sky was there, he took the photos the agent depicted in the photos have been accused of using their horse, reins, to wit, the migrants, prevent them from crossing the Rio Grande. What are the way This is the Taliban. The american citizens, are young women. Now. An investigation into the situation is ongoing, but photographer paw rather J says he never saw the agents with anyone. Said, some of the haitian man started running, try go around. The horses Kind of when the whole thing happened, I didn't ever see them whip any body with the thing he said of the reins. He was swinging it, but I didn't see him actually take whip. Somebody with it. That's something can be misconstrued when you're. Looking at the picture. This is an eye witness this is I witness, but it doesn't matter,
facts, don't manner the truth does not matter you. Can I d in American Marxist a radical left, an extremist without being a full blown, pathological cereal liar. You have to lie about breathing, lie about the economic system. You promote you. If the lie about balancing budgets pay force gift. About american history? You have done about system racism, you have to lie and you have a lie all the time. Come on. We're Harris showed up on the view with the internet. September. The yet does it turns out have the corona virus. The chase them off and then they the vice president in I don't padded saw where she did a virtual interview. Come on we're supposed to be in charge of the border who supposed to be in charge of. What's going on looking at the act
Sources of it. Well, here's what she said cut to go shopping images of: U S, border patrol agents on horseback in humanely crawling Haitians at the Texas border, an you been tasked with immigration. Have you? What do you have you plainness well. First of all, I have been very clear about the images and what are the, if you know the facts, why are the picture? Is disturbing? no, the truth from the photographer. Why are the pig disturbing starving. If you continue to lie about them, go ahead, both saw those law enforcement officials, our horses, I I was outraged
by it it was horrible and deeply troubling. There's been now an investigation that is being conducted, which I fully support and there needs to be consequence and accountability. There's an investigation am. What if there doesn't need to be consequence in accountability. What if they didn't do anything like that Todd Refer said You are nowhere near the damn border. Neither neanderthal brutalities presently United States go ahead? should not be treated that way and, as we all know, it also evolved images of some of the worst moments of our history. We had nothing slavery, nobody was whipped. Nobody was run over by horses. Why are you a liar? Why do you keep lying. Why do you keep lying? Buying, keep lying the media keep line. The democratic party keep lying media matters? Cable. Why are you fools you sickening,
Propagandist, keep lying, nothing happened, nothing By the people who there, I'm too, what did you say These men, a matter of fact, eliminate all horses, which is you often word tall by the border patrol to save people's lives. Are there back then Hills joke. It serves for purposes, learning character, faith in freedom. No education of faith thrive and freedom and freedom requires an educated people. The people of good character to preserve Helstone College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over one hundred and seventy five years, and it continues to provide that education today, not only to its fifteen hundred undergraduate and graduate students but nationwide through it.
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junior to fight to live up to that model come what may learn more go to Levin for Hills, Delta, combat l, e g. I am French Hills, Dale dot com- I don't remember, like t, knows, having slaves in the United States. We must produce with over fifty percent of the border patrol being American Latinos Latino Americans, it's sick. The way they talk, sick. So those pictures are worse than slavery, and January sixth is worse than nine eleven or Pearl harbor. This propaganda that these are the big lies that they keep pushing and are going to keep pushing. Now Kamala Harris is my my understanding. She was the attorney general State of California the highest, law enforcement officials official in the state. Does she not understand due process, which
throws out the window literally so these border patrol agents or give me Why aren't the media showing us other photos like what's going on in these various encampments? Were little girls and little boys down on the southern border why'd they showing us what's going on. Where the women being rate the little kids being molested. Why aren't they showing us what's going on with the cartels and the coyotes and all the rest? Were all those photos, lazy, hills, deal, college serves poor purposes, learning character, faith and freedom? education of faith, thrive and freedom and freedom requires an educated people. The people of good character to preserve Helstone College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government for over one hundred and seventy five years, and it can do
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continue to fight to live up to that motto. Come what may learn more go to Levin for Hillsdale COM. That's l e v, I N for Hillsdale COM, Liberty's voice, Mark Levin, talk with that that voice now, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. The news is what the democrat agenda is. Ladies and gentlemen, and if you dare to question it, you're going to be attacked. It's the nature of the beast TIM. Here's media matters for America, Democrat Party in America, marxist surrogate paid for by dark money behind the scenes, billionaires and minors, much time I spent last. The first hour. How careful I was explaining in great detail what I viewed as the the racist attack on this country.
Here's, the headline for media matters, Fox hosts, Mark Levin, brags that he's been spreading. The white nationalist replacement conspiracy theory for twelve years, nationalist replacement. Conspiracy theory. So when I say what the Democrats say, what their academics say, what their media say all the time or what their goal is I what their striving towards. Any rational, thoughtful way. I am now spreading the White Nationalist replacement conspiracy theory, These are the hemorrhage of human society. Media matters, mediate organizations like that. Though they hemorrhoids of american society. This one, Like the said, but I'd better not ends
you always risk these kinds of. Big lie: assaults that the communist, the fascists I really good at, but I don't care because I've a platform- and I can push back- and I shall. And we will and we're going to talk about something else, I'm not supposed to talk about re shortly to, and that is. What took place in Arizona. What took place in Arizona, Miss tradition married over it P, J media, another great site map, Margolis Sharp dude. Ignore the mainstream media, here's what the twenty twenty Maricopa County election oughta actually says. Now somebody told me, so I went and did something I really do. I want to the drudge reporter big Headlines that this, that actually found that binding
more about rather than less, because Drudge has Problem with reading comprehension, break cited or gas MC? When you can attack people, he doesn't Try. Nobody goes there anymore, a draft copy of the church. The twenty Maricopa County Arizona. Election audit has been leaked to Kay Jays Easy, a Phoenix based radio station, the village. The draft report they obtained was confirmed by audit spokesmen, Randy Poland, who said it's not the final report and its close. The are already spinning. The findings of the audit, like Drudge. Quote the Partisan Review America, Canada, two point: one million ballots in the twenty twenty election fund evoke count nearly identical to what the county previously reported said. Cnn. About partisanship. That's pretty funny. Cnn, like other Liberal outlets say right seen it. Focused on the results of the hand, recount part of the audit
As we know hand recounts, may account for slight discrepancies in coming, but do not address irregularities or potentially illegal cast ballots, got that. That's why scene and focused on that. That's why drudge regurgitating they're playing with the stats somewhat? Look into what the audit actually says says margolis what has been found. This is quote what has been found is both encouraging an alarming. The report summary reads A positive side, there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballot provided and the Kevin results for the county, but the sun Conclude- and I quote, however, why encouraging for voters. It does not allow all the concerns none of the various systems related to elections had numbers that would balance Agree with each other in some cases, these differences worse, significant.
There appears to be many boats CAS from individuals who had moved prior to the election. Files were missing from the electron from the election management system. Ems server images on the EMS, were corrupt or missing logs, to be intentionally rolled over and all the day in the database related to twenty twenty journal. Action have been fully cleared. On the ballot side batches were not always clearly delineated, duplicated What's were missing the required serial numbers, originals brocaded more than once in the auditors, were never provided chain of custody documentation for the balance for the time period The ballots movement into the auditors care this all increase. The Flexibly and difficulty of properly auditing the results and added ambiguity ambiguity into the final conclusions now does that sound like a clean bill of health must reduce the auditor?
False Maricopa County officials, Democrats for not, operating with the odd. But of course, there now partisan, right, CNN, twitter resolve many. These obstacles, by the county, withholding subpoenaed items unwillingness to answer questions, as is normal between auditor and oddity, and it cases actively interfering with the audit research. The county prevented a complete on at the summary explains. This didn't Stop the primary goal of offering recommendations for legislative reform to the Arizona Senate, because the Senate initiated the odd, but it didn't any questions, openness to the way in manner the twenty twenty general election was conducted. As a result, while many areas of concern were specifically identified, our full audit validating the twenty twenty general election are necessarily inconclusive. Somebody said Stu Chris Christie, they create new Yorker.
Bother me are claiming that the audit report confirms binds victory. It does not right p J media Margolis. It. Says there are sufficient discrepancies among the different systems. I'd in conjunction with some of our findings suggests that the doubt. Between the presidential candidates is very close to the potential. Margin of error for the election. The audit summary explained. Why are these matter because, according to the state, certified results? Biden, barely one the state by ten thousand four hundred fifty seven vote margin. I can tell you of this. A Bush one of the bushes. This would matter. It would matter to Chris Christie. It would All the rhinos, an establishment but cubes, Many margin of victory in this state. Certified results means that these discrepancies are very troubling the reform, Two thousand seven hundred twenty seven impacted ballots. This high or critical severity. That's four times,
certified margin of victory. If you medium severity, discrepancies, they're worth fifty three thousand two hundred and fourteen impacted ballots, that means more than five times the certified margin of victory overall there were fit. Seven thousand seven hundred thirty four impacted ballots findings, don't prove fraud, but certainly demonstrate the potential for fraud, and these impacted ballots have not been vetted, so they say, has Biden's victory been Has abiden victory been proven Margolis? boats, not in the least the truth is, will never know the truth about. Many ballots were impacted the may, stream. Media knows this, which is why he bowed and CNN report about the audit. It laments the dreadful wow, I quote, shows these cyber ninjas and their sub Tractors are still seeking ways to cast doubt on the election, unquote pointing to the FAO
of balance that we're flagged the bottom line, the number bout it by discrepancies far exceeds Barden abides margin of victory in the state boss. To this debate will claim the report validates their position, but in truth, without proper Adding to the impact of violets will never know. If the election results will we were legitimate and that's because the Democrats Amerika County, wouldn't respond to questions and subpoenas. They have nothing to hide? Why not even the audit was able to investigate these bouts of determined that enough wrought occurred. Although the results to like to change the election results, he writes. The news is lying about the Arizona, utter report, Donald Trump said in his statement. The leak report conclusively shows or enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, fake votes to change it outcome of the election for five times over. Truck also noted the number of potentially fraudulent votes as many more times in the so called margin of victory, which was only
Ten thousand four hundred fifty seven now. I would ask CNN Msnbc. I would ask the broadcast play Forms and radio and tv I would ask, Kate may orca Paul Ryan and their ilk I would ask them all the dispute. These numbers. What about this audit is inaccurate. We read the audit. Does it not concern you that America, County Democrats. Wouldn't assistant. They ought. It does not concern you. The number of issues that were raised. Saying who won or lost I'm just saying we're gonna have few elections at the state of Arizona by my calculation to the bottom of these things in these states patently not. Russia collusion baby. That's it cover up turbines, ties to the communist Chinese and his own father said baby cover a pillar
Clinton and her corruption that's right, raise the questions you want, phony lying questions about the what these sixteen election, but twenty funny, despite Tens of millions and dark money, despite deeper Chris Cooley Lover despite Mark allies and marks assessment. Despite all the use of the FBI and they teligence agencies. Spite call me in a cave in the other. Reprobates do not Even look at her on it. That was done in Arizona, then you're crazy. You might even be a white nationalist. But you certainly won't fit into the Bush clan. Rubbing invited to the endless dinner table. They we call the Chris, fifty meeting,
right back. Then hills College serves for purposes, learning, character, faith and freedom logic haitian. If a thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people. The people of good character to preserve at Hillsdale College has been providing the education needed to preserve free government over one hundred and seventy five years, and it continues to provide that education today, not only to its one thousand five hundred undergraduate and graduate students but nationwide through its free I courses its support of classical k through twelve charter schools and its other outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. Helstone articles of association dating back to eighteen. Forty four commit the college to preserving the blessings of civil and religious liberty through the provision of sound learning. This
Includes the constitution includes the laws of nature and natures, God, as described in the declaration of independence, and includes America's great heritage and liberty. That too often today is possibly derided and denied. Does motto, is pursuing truth and defending liberty, since eighteen, forty, four and it will continue to by to live up to that model, come what may learn more go to live in for a hills, Delta, combat l e g? I am friend nosedive that come out shortly on the morning where's my views on the morning social costs. In the background, Alan can shows up in the morning. She smiled show liable. That occurs where there. And what is it have to say, cut nine go. Do you want them to
the deportation. We said that yesterday and press briefing that we said that in catch or gas blog along with Britain, Freddy Haines, you all right we're plot of our delegation and we He called back there. I try to be, as I mentioned in my understanding, this man speaking go ahead, said there, then they must stop. Immediately the deportations and define? What is the asylum policy? Glad you're right, you schmuck it's in a law. Can you read rate at you? Jerk We know what the asylum requirements are. We know it few genes are. Doing this a long time in this country, and we know what illegal aliens are. Regardless of how they are you jerk, so he stopped the deportations This is the position of the Democratic Party open borders, kill the border patrol, investigate,
punish them before you even have an investigation Troy, ice, turn them into a nurse maids. That's right! That's how you do it open borders. Everybody's welcome come out in May come back in sixty days for your legal proceeding, oh okay, I sure will and over ninety five percent of them never do now sharpen and his ilk. Do they care about? this country, you they loved this country. How now Why don't mess NBC, which was part of NBC, which zone by Comcast. And slaves Bob like the morning. Schmo shall promote this jerk. This reprobate, that's right. I said it. I always you paid his taxes- is here. I'm just curious. No accusation, of course, but look here Democrats rehabilitate. These sleaze boss, the waiting created Jews though he treated other people
What he said about his own country now look he's a mainstream. What, This house was, I host on them assembly should look joy, read her social media bill with homophobic slurs. Now she's got up. Time shown MSNBC and notice its MSNBC, even more than see at an incredible. They sound like white nationalist to Neil NEO? she's, maybe clansmen.
I'll be right back now, run casting lamentably underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I'd like to encourage you to watch life liberty and live in this it's a really special lesson: these two guests, Peter doozy, our first guest. Jones is our second guess. These are too young
who are really terrific. Peter Deuces, a real journalist, as you well know, and so on talk to him about a little bit about as background how they got interested in this sort of thing and how its what it's like being. The press poor. How is treated, how they treat him. He feels like you know when he gets answers and sober the hurrying trading and the I can guess, is a large job and he's Really quite remarkable too. And you know how I do the show. I ask a question, I let the guest answer. You can learn a lot about both of these men. Large Jones is a very deep thinker about philosophy and about current events, and so for the very impressive and Peter, This is very, very impressive. He's a real journalist, old school journalist, a real problem. So I think you're going to enjoy a lot. I have opening monologue in which
Pound the hell out of the Democrats and bind for what they're about due to this country next week they can't watch live. I hope you'll DV art, but think you could really going to get a kick out of it. I think you're going to find it quite intriguing. I think I'm going to like it so life liberty in living a pm eastern time this Sunday, if he can, watch live. I hope he can. I hope Dvr, if you cannot Joe Biden at the White House today. This is very important. I want you to listen to this cut eleven, go and I know I always kid you when you all asked me about well, What about? Are you going to get a done b done c done? Well, I say you want to negotiate I'm a bit facetious, obviously, but here's the deal. This is going to end up, I believe we can end up getting both pieces of my economic legislation
The first piece, the one point: nine fundamentally change the structure and the nature of the economy in this country even though remember stop right there did anybody, vote to fundamentally change structure and the nature Economy in this country, I'm quoting. To fundamentally change the structure and the nature of the economy in this country, they're, going with fifty fifty in the Senate, even split them three or by some calculations for vote module, in the house, the smallest than a century, think about this. And he wants to fund them quote from them change the structure and the nature of the economy in this country. Who does you represent. Those words pass whose purpose his lips, knowing any time in the campaign.
Although it does even have lips MR producer, we notice, I sketched the lapse of a chicken meaning no lips, but who am I to judge anyway, Fundamentally, change the structure and the nature of the current. That's the first one. His first piece legislation. Goes to the other point, even if they get the three five trillion, which I've been telling you all along is actually five point: five trunk. It is insane it's unimaginable that these frauds and freaks and phones have control of this economy with a tide, And I blame that on Mcconnell we lost those Senate seats in Georgia. Cosy pick two management. He in Rome. Got behind these mannequin on the course they blame tromp and conservative. Now it's them telling
By the way they can block now was not so much tromp by one May, you know Chris Christie, it's anyway. Let's start this from the top, because he's exposed what's going on here, this isn't a spending there. This is post to be a budget bill. This, Lack that they have in their think the wish list of the cooks and the unhinged of the poor crook Krugman so the world just unbelievable start from the top. Please cut eleven go! No! No! I always could you when you all asked me about well, What about you? Gonna get a dont be done. She died, dummy gummy people, try to You questions all the time and you ve just shuffle off. So what I and I kid you all the time. It's not all the time. It's a rarity go ahead you want to negotiate and pin, a bit facetious, obviously, but here's the deal.
This is going to end up. I believe we're going to end up getting both pieces of my economic legislation. The first piece, the one point, nine fundamentally change the structure and the nature of the economy in this country even though remember it got clobbered resist all this terrible thing. No Republican voted for while we Real economic growth Now what age you sound like shopping you're such an idiot or he sounds like you- hell you tat, we got real economic growth, we were having economic growth, we don't get economic growth on mass of death. Spending register. The of wealth to the Democratic Party he's in the teacher unions and the reprobates and everybody that doesn't Economic growth, instead, he knows nothing about economic growth. Didn't spend one day of his life in the private sector.
Still made at the moment and we're gonna have to get these pieces of legislation passed now we talk what is the necessity of this. Some people want freebies a lot Maybe they want free childcare. Now you pay for your damn trial care. They want free nursery school to kindergarten. Now you pay for your own nursery school to kindergarten. They want two years: community College free Fray, Free family leave for twelve weeks. And this is you see this? This is what creates economic growth as a dumb ass, these are more on everything he touches. As I say, it turns the you know what.
And he's telling you right here: he wants to fundamentally change the structure and the nature of the economy. He's ahead case he's a head case, that's what they're going to do. You remember the campaign they put out. He and Sanders Bernie, the red. Remember they put out. Hundred ten hundred twenty page, their conduct communist Manifesto, all the changes they were going to make an self. Remember that MR producer, I quote From it often I I talked about, showed it on within tv on Fox behind this microphone. They pay. Legally slapped cover page on it and stuck it in this bill. Oh, they wanted amnesty, and this bill the parliamentarian has been pretty lousy. Actually even she said now in our dead suspending the already our rhetoric there's our partner. I got it
and your voting system, they want to give amnesty to millions and millions of millions of people, and not only that ticket borders open effectively for another ten years under this bill that effectively what it would do you had no say in this. You have no transparency in this. I spent the better part of this morning. Digging in the internet see for an explanation of exactly what's in this, but there's a couple things. I want you to know number one. There's no such explanation: all the news article say the same thing: platitudes that are very supportive of and the radical marxist Democratic in very general terms talking about the taxes and talking about the mass expansion of the welfare state. If you Specifics. If you
A list detail, you can't find it, and that is due number two part of the fact they haven't finalize the bill. So we know a lot of what's in it, we don't have the particulars, we don't have all the details. We have the generalities which are bad enough and we don't have the bill. This bill is supposed to be voted on next week, they are undermining their destroying the whole notion of representative government. They take poles a popular this is and how popular that is. It depends on how you hey. Would you Free healthcare, absolutely if it meant The quality of health care will go down. You won't be able to see the doctor as much as you want. The r and d spent on new pharmaceuticals for for a cut AIDS drugs in order to address cancer and diabetes, and also that there will be cut by sixty percent. Sixty percent of the estimate would you supported them now,
seed depends how they answer. They asked the question so allow these polling companies are also in the tank, not all, but a lot. And so they're going vote on an omnibus bill, all what's omnibus omnibus When you hear the word on the bus, that means I ever know. What's in it, they don't go through subcommittees and then committees, there's no real public debt over these things. The media are not really giving details about. What's going on. What's in there, he can't get into the key. But if your life depended on it I get in there. You can't lobbying what you gonna lobby about, who you got it about what. And so this isn't represents- your government and action. This is a centralized effort.
And they do this in the name of the people by the way the people want this. I want this free this and this just get the rich, the rich, the rich, the rich. Let me ask you something: why do you even care about the rich? Why do you care about the rich hi Let's get into some basic ideas, some basic thinking, what care with the guy next door does as long as it's not a moral or legal. Why do you care you? Don't guy next door makes twelve thousand dollars had twelve billion dollars. What does it matter? It doesn't the guy making twelve billion dollars next door tree. What must God be doing to make twelve billion dollars really must be Doin somethin right, because people want to services, they want is products they want. Whatever he's doing and those people are you. But what does it matter all? We got other rich against the poor, enlist
Believe we are a federal government, centric society which were not we're a constitutional republic unless You believe you exist. As a servant of the federal government, the Democrats on the bureaucrats and you're not you're a citizen you believe, or income or product. Belongs to the federal government that gets to determine how to redistributed and who should get what what's barrow. What's not fair and you don't believe that. Then why do you care? What's all this class warfare? Crap pay? Your fair share turns out Joe Biden, He skipped on about half have thrown the half a million dollars. Your fair share. Your fair share is sixty percent of what you are local state federal income property. God knows what other taxes protest.
It's. What your fair share is that people want to steal your money. The Democrats, the bureaucrats Decide what the fair share is. The massive redistribution of wealth of people who pay no taxes or minimal taxes in this country is so. Huge. We ve never seen anything like it before Roy engine trillions of dollars, Also, spending an enormous amount of your heart taxpayer got the money you earn every day getting up early in the morning going home in the evening test: sad eyes by the democratic parties base. Teachers, unions, the bureaucrats. And anybody else who supports the Democratic Party. This is redistribution of wealth from those who produce to the Democrats in many respects.
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like you, I say: dot com and then a promo code, Levant Podcast again pure talk, USA, Dotcom, promo Code, Levine Alleviation Podcast and when you do you're safe, three percent off your first month. That's pure USA Com, promo code, Lavigne, podcast, pure talk, USA, simply smarter wireless tell us continue with this economic growth and by how they play you. They play. They threat a few code. Words billionaires fair share and they think that you will acquiesced to what is a massive. Marxist we do of the american economy, he'll be willing to surrender your liberty, your own property, your own income, they get there. There's cut twelve go Look, you are
If you, if you get a, if you file W, to form You know the rest as access to your bank account and your bank tells you how much you made, but should have their own deny estimate your tax, Well, if you had, if you have no income you're, just it's all, if you have no earned income and it's all invested income, it's hard to figure out what the hell you if she would take you have that's why we have to- and I know some people don't like this- that's why we have to rehire some iris agents. Some agency wants the hare. Eighty five, that this guy, such a liar, here, are some twelve, maybe five, no tens of thousands and what is giving the Irish the power to track your come money that comes into your accounts or money you spend in Paypal or then MO or whatever it is six.
Dollars or more at flows. Or that you spend The IRS has a right to snoop on you is that tacking billionaires. Ladies and gentlemen, This is a war on you. Do you understand what I'm said? This is a war on you, the open borders, so war on you that murder. It's going through the roof. That's a war on you. Inflation deficit spending that's a war on you, your children and generations, yet born, listen Listen please those we have America, Marxism. You got this, those Been listening for, while you understand this, you can not transform a society by transforming billionaires in the poorest of the poor. You ve get your hands around the throats of the middle class court on called The masses as they like to call you that's what they have to do that what they have to do now. You can have revolutions from the top of the boy
true, mostly from the top, but want to transform the society to control the masses. Control the middle class. Yet they control average hard working. Americans that's what this is all about. Despite all the time, about billionaires and only only people over four hundred thousand in IRAN its year, they want you. They want your community. They want to your entitlements, your benefits. They want to change the nature of citizenship. They want to undermine law enforcement which harms you not. Then they hire private cars. For God's sakes, it's you go ahead, Anything not to try to make people pay something they don't know. Can't you talk like a normal person, you Eddie Idiot, you mumble, throw you Propaganda Skype, About economics,
as senator of Vice president at present. That's it be talks about economic. What thou, as you know about economic, not a damn thing, go ahead. Step up and pay like nobody needs to step up you a hole. May I say that The respect you're, the one who didn't pay your taxes, step by step by step up, pay taxes, step up right back to jail, step that You stepped down, you schmuck, go ahead. I really mean My whole career shut up your career, sucks step by step, got my multi million dollar maintains I got this, carries a chip of the old block cut a deal with Communist China, in ukraine- and God knows who else courses Slipping me, any money ignore that email. That's right, step everywhere you got that.
Step down. You jerk I'll, be right, back, love him or hate him or really really hate him. The great one is on the air at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. I have there, the supporters of Biden and his mouthpieces criticized Donald Trump. Ireland has no class He has in mind. Has no knowledge. He's been a street thug politician, his entire life is complex, nothing, and yet he was dragged into the vice presidency.
He's in the oval office humiliating himself and our country unbelievable And I see this Nancy Pelosi Politburo. Mostly run by Adam Schiff, some of the other sleaze bars, Small, well, I believe. By the way, you're married to somebody like swallow, have you stay married, mister reduce it? Would you stay married to you, were cheating on her. What your wife stay married to you, if you were cheating with a communist chinese spy With these piloted, it's it's really number or what would these women an amazing thing. Now. All that said There we have less training.
There we have Adam kings. They want to get by an admonition: correction boy: it's been investigated by the FBI, their dragon people out of homes all over the country. Six hundred people have been arrested and charge. Almost all would misdemeanours ultimately how to get us, and this is a worse attack in Amerika we ve ever seen. I did a whole show here on violent attacks. Against the capital builder by the left and they're Harris domestic movements in by one of Morocco Bombers best friend dollars. And most of these people were pardoned by Democrats, Jimmy Ardor Clinton, Obama and so forth, nobody wants to investigate that. Not fish is no worse attack on a capital bearing ever their civil war. For God's sakes,.
The loose training has become a cause celeb in her own mind,. Adam kings, linger here what kind of a stupid ass to be honest with you, but less training George W Bush is gonna. Do a fund of her and Coral Rove. Isn't it will fundraiser, I didn't know we will have to do fun raised, but I guess so fundraiser fur. She's already raised one point: five million from the rhinos, the ruling class, the losers, we're going to defeat Trump and the trumpets we're going to defeat that we're gonna fight again, seventy four Five million people voted for Donald Trump, perhaps more. Most training, what is her base? Georgia be what is his base. Don't challenge the election. What what But first score in the United States Supreme Court, but a challenge of alike.
Step one year, our yes, it's different natural born gave its abortion The tree I dont care, Jesse Jackson once said? Let let out the book remember that MR reduce nobody knew what the hell he was? I never knew what he was, but I'm off what let out ashes or whatever. He said. The bushes were angry, their Reagan, why they thought they had the right to the. And yet Reagan was very kind to that family. The bushes. I guess they want to elect. Maybe I'll go was right, maybe maybe George W Bush, didn't when this is his surrogates in the media hate my guts and much like them either. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't like them, either Look, I don't mean to punish you on a Friday, but I keep the foot peddled there, the gas here
and so we have the ECB. Genius, it is Joe Biden now. I want you to think just back back a second politics aside. If you have a guy, how shall I put this. If you have a guy that doesn't even know what to do in the restaurant, can I put it that way. He walks into the restroom. He thinks it's thinks it's the living room. Walks and a warm shuffles around won't. Take it And he's presently united State. Thank him media. Thank you, Democrat Party. The guy wants to change the economy. Member professor Erwin Corey, the comic that play the naughty professor, that's Joe Biden, buddies playing himself. Turn the whole economy over to him. And a sea. Here's Biden buying at the White House today cut thirteen go We talk about price tags
It is zero price tag repay. Gonna pay for everything we spend now. That's just that. That is probably a lie period If independent organizations that are on the right or the left and some left of centre, whose That's not true because, if the pay for everything they spend your taxes. You'll be working for the federal government Working for the federal government now what this, what this guys do, is destroying the future for all the generations that are behind us, I wrote another book. You know how plunder and deceit Three hundred thousand of you have that book check it out Joe Is a child abusers he's a big
abuser he's abusing future generations, he's spending wealth that they have? To create, and yet when word dead and gone, when Generation is dead and gone kids in grand kids and future generations yet born there going the work their asses off the pay for what we have already spent. I wish there were pictures we could show this like on the border with a horseman. I went we could show photos of it, but we can't. Because it doesn't work that way of all, Impoverishment. And the enormous burden we're placing on these generations yet born, I mean This has to be the most selfish generation. Those who support the star in again history and what
the parents who live now. Do they not care? Do they not care. Their grandparents above her this crap, do they not care what they don't think it's Happen happened that the laws of economics don't kick in just because it Joe Biden, the Democrats course kicks in cash. Now you listen to our red, spend Ghali's like Paul Krugman, Grognon lesson. SK. I can barely Burke throw his lines. So it's not. You know people. Understandably, Well, you know I started off at six trillion now. It's three point: five trillion. Now it's goes you're going to be two point: nine started off at six trillion. Maybe it started off at a hundred trillion just because somebody is unhindered you climb,
it started off at six. Are you kidding me the trillions if they get what they want? We're talking about. Tens of trillions of dollars, I may not sound like anything. That's hardly wrap your mind around that. Maybe this all help poverty. Mass of inflation, the price of Going through the roof, the lack of goods yawning, I've toilet paper in a white pierce up, that's what we're talking about. May I say that they could go ahead. Zira because in the end, a player I put forward- and I said from the outset, already eaten put forward a plan you stupid, even read your plan. It was plan put by all the little circle
marxist around you, may I say that I think that's. Ok, that's clean right, MR producer. Of course it is their jerks, that's what they are. Go ahead. Then I'm running to chase the dynamic of how the economy grows. I'm tired Changing economy. He said I remember now he wants to change the dynamic of heavy this guy's, a mental case I mean he's, change, the dynamic of how the economy grows. Firstly, he's gonna kill the economy. Second, nobody. Has this kind of power he his he's delusional guide. The true there's billionaires are doing very very now. I will pose a trillion. What trillion airs imploringly it out The triassic buyers are doing very well how about all the adults or on the government payroll or on the welfare
to me, they seem to be doing very well too. Ladies and gentlemen, if If trainers in this country. And they're playing by the rules- okay, they don't affect me, I got the subsidize them unless their part of the fairy. Via thin and that's how they make their money, but I'm talking about the others They are people who have their hands in my pocket. That's the problem now the real robber barons in this country. Who are the real robber barons in this country, is not there. Cooperation that corporations that trillion era that try and its binding The Marxist Sturgis, its shoulder its policy, its them, there the robber barons they want steal from you, your hard earned money. I want you to understand this. I've talked about this.
For the idea of labour and the idea of property. Labour comes in several forms, but generally speaking its intellectual and its physical. I thought this through. I wrote about liberty. Turning over a decade ago, you have physical in intellectual, mental labour. Obviously you need, but but sometimes you have one over another fine. But what is that Physical and mental labour, I mean. As a human being. You have the ability to do some physical things and the ability to do things with your brain. When you do those things, your labour. Your labour belongs to you, somebody or pay you for for your services, for
Intelligence for your physical or whatever it is, they pay you for this and you spend a certain percentage of the day of the week of the month of your life, using your personal physical intellectual labour, producing providing. When the government says you are earning too much by using your personal labour and I'm going Take a whole bunch of it away from you and give it to somebody else who I it deserves it more there taking away from you. Listen. This is the killer part they are taking Away from you aspects of your Actual life that you committed to creating this labor. They taking from you what you created during the course of your life.
We always talk about this in economic terms, I want you to think about it in human terms. They always talk about this. Needs this sit in America. Nobody should start. I love you, individual human being? Who creates? Who deuces using your hand, using your mind whatever somebody comes in and says, I'm taken, forty percent of that they have just taken away. Forty percent. Of what you created during the day, But during the year they Taken away, your labour, your life in that regard, gives a commitment of your life, your work. And they have a damn fool who stepson like this has been on the public dollars entire life It says I'm tired of trickled down I've. Gotta pay is fair, chair and everything else. These are platitudes
these are stereotypes. In reality, this is attack on individual liberties has an attack on unalienable right. This federal government wants to control your labor. Therefore it wants to control you and you. It wants to control your life, I'll be right back then, over thousand of you. My listeners made the switch from overpriced wireless Carest pure talk over the past few months. We want the rest of you to join us and to see what we're talking about a year.
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Och, USA, dot com, promo code, Lavigne, podcast, pure talk, USA, simply smarter wireless, I've, a treat for your during our three, but we have to wait Friday, but we plough ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, every time by signs and executive order. He signing far too many of them. Of course, he strips away more and more of our freedom and liberty and I warned about this, marxist tight away prior to the election and out here full force we act together. We can counter the spread. Of journey from this administration
First of all, I want to strongly encourage those of you who have not to acquire copies of american Marxism. Give them to your friends, give them to your colleagues, give them to your kids and read it think you'll find a compelling. I think, you'll really want to do some about which taking place in this country. The number one book of the year is going to remain the number one book of the year. Nothing he's gonna be able. Catch that, because of you. And it was number one on the near tonnes best seller list for two and a half months, beating all comers from all directions and I want to encourage you to participate. This is a movement. That's what we ve been here a moment without them. A party without the media, without big text, bitter and facebook of which I am not participant? Just you.
Don't forget, hang with us join us next hour. I wanna go down memory lane with you also don't forget this Sunday
If Liberty and Levin two great guests, Peter Ducey Lawrence Jones for the full hour, eight hundred p dot m eastern time on Fox. If you can't watch us live, you can always dvr us I'll, be right back. Ladies and gentlemen, this final hour of the podcast is sponsored exclusively by Amac, the Association of mature american citizens. Now over two million conservative members, strong Amac, believes in and stands up for the values that we care about: faith, family and freedom. Thank you for listening and please support a MAC and you can become a member at Amax Usjoin from the underground of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We've once again made contact with our leader, hello, America, Mark Levin here our number, eight thousand seven hundred and seventy three eight thousand one hundred and thirty, eight one thousand one hundred and eighty seven, seven thousand three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven the man who has left american citizens in Afghanistan. Isn't anybody talking about that anymore? You notice how soft the front page at sickening.
Should you be account? Hannity does is sure everybody. The day number american citizens been left in enemy territory. As well as our afghan allies? It's just unbelievable to me, but their camps, These are oh cod. Abortion. I such another compassion. I have more like an obsession. But the man who wants to run everything in this country and is destroying everything in this country. A low iq, Joe I just want a rumour he's really never changed Many years ago we put together, on TAT binds gas, many Years ago, we were the first to pull up, Dug get up with MR producer. Nineteen, eighty eight when he was about his academic record many years ago,
than NBC new story. Nineteen, eighty seven about his plagiarism and that's why, when I was on an am track crane, my wife and I mind your own business and I how did they get out of my seat and work towards the back of the train? There was drill. And I said hello, Mr Vice president. He says: you're a smart, ass, okay and you're a damn but there we are. What can I say, but that's because we mocked him and mocked him. A mocked him for years, Hamley Rich. Well, I want to spend a little time going down. Memory may not not just to be funny cause, it's not funny, but Does the man next this is what I said. All hands on deck for next week, who has said today. It is press conference said he wants to change our economic system. I, like economic system. Will. They I never actually participated in it. He just took
All max he didn't care about the golden goose. So, let's take a good, listen to this: let's go I'll label this one a go to a please go. I think I probably have a much higher iq than you do. I suspect I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class have a full academic scholarship. First in law school, I decided- I Didn'T- want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom. Two thirds of my class and then decided I wanted to stay, went back to law, school and, in fact, ended up in the top half of my class. I won the International Moot Court competition the outstanding student in the political science department. At the end of my year I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and one hundred and sixty five credits. Only one hundred and twenty three credits and I'd be delighted to sit down and compare my two to yours. If you'd, like Frank, do you realize every single thing. He said there was a lie. He realized what a pathological lunatic you have to be.
Every say any was forty five years of her. What was he maybe younger than that for Three years old, you can't blame that on old age. More like a memory. These are just lie: Its pathological, so when it comes to our economic system or when it comes Canada things like that. This is who use? This is what he does. This is what always done. And here's an NBC news report again Douglas up many many years ago about by plagiarism in his campaign, and so what we don't have a media like this anymore. We have a few media outlets. So I am news MAX the near POE wash examiner washed in time, a few and their few other, but the Overwhelming the vast majority of the meat in this country are propagandists part of the
Support mechanism for the American Marxism Movements- they're gonna die. What the difference between major median these movements, so this What you're about to hear. Thirty four years ago was here. You would never here today. Let's go to letter b, go I'll, see you last week I was involved in a plagiarism incident. He quoted five pages of someone else's work without proper citation. He was given an f but appealed to the faculty and allowed to repeat the course you gotta be comes in the middle of another controversy about wage arisen, inviting campaign I met our daily dismiss charges that genially that's raises other politicians, species called it much ado about nothing. Essentially Biden said everyone. Does the notion that every thought or notion idea, You'd have to go back and fine and attributed to someone, I think, is quite
ludicrous, but to the political community in Washington. It all seems of a piece plagiarism at law, school plagiarism, on the stump, for example, but this standard is not a measure of how we can evaluate the condition of our society to not measure the health of our children, the quality of our education, the joy of their play. This is how it sounded when Robert Kennedy said those words in nineteen sixty eight that the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children. The quality of their education for the joy of their play Biden gave Kennedy no credit. And it goes on and on and on. And this man's in the oval office any worse then we'll put together his gas
put the others gaps today would be her all year, quite frankly, but this is back in. Relatively early twenty twenty? We stopped her on March twenty one because it was getting the list. Getting too long. Let's go to. Let her see go
and it happens to be as Barack says. A three letter word jobs, J, O b s. You got the first sort of mainstream who is articulate and bright and clean guy. We owe these shoes to be self evident. All men and women created by the go. You know the thing you cannot go to a seven hundred and eleven or Dunkin donut. Unless you have a slight indian accent, you don't know my state, my state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state is the eight largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a northeast liberal state. I'm not going to be a mule. I got something to do. I got to go. Do Chuck, Graham State senators here, Chuck stand up Chuck. Let him see you. Oh god love you. What am I talking about I'll? Tell you what you're making everybody else stand up. Thank you very much. I tell you what stand up for Chuck a man who will be the next president of the United States for Rock America. His mom lived in long island for Chuck ten years or so God rests her soul and although she's wait, your mom is still alive as your dad passed. God bless her soul because we cannot get reelect. We cannot
why this re election. Excuse me. We can only reelect Donald Trump anyway. The fact is that I forgot what I was I was going to say. I want to be clear: I'm not going nuts Course, he's not alone in Washington D C,. But he is a stand out when it comes to incoherence, gibberish alike,. He's not the only one, but he The primary one. And over the years, almost twenty years on radio, now I've been collecting these men, where's the way. Some people collect stamps and coins and gemstones, let's go to number excuse me: let's go to letter d, What are they gonna get a funny. Only the goal struck the heaven I because, when you play just gave you game, we ve,
Withdraw bringing you s own troops from and and and the the the sum is finally of of icy about budget would resist we much. We must, and we will much about that. We commit a warrior. The that there was a look. It was added. If we, if we do, we can walk into doubt we already through three self evident all men are created by going. You know that you know the being true to our sovereignty, pressure impeach for inciting the erection, Donald John Donald, drawn from incited the erection insurrection might do you lose track here to private private economic.
These are the brain acts of the world right when we come back Anthony Fetching and found. She says something to Gloria as too far. Which is so outrageous? I I just. This guy, really, a scientist is really an expert doesn't sound more like a quite method. Yes, of course,. But I want you to listen to this I'll, be right, amen.
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I, want you to hear what Fouch he says about people. Natural immunity who had the corona virus and have. Antibiotics and thereby studies equally, the stunning Israel, which is comprehensive that says that if you have actual immunity. You then Bodies, you are protectionist. Twenty seven times that of the vaccines. This is why you despise faulty. This is why you don't trust the federal government. This is why they have really done a horrific thing in terms of their propaganda to the american people, cut nineteen, go I was calling positive November raise. It says the negative, the twenty second in twenty four, so I wasn't eligible yes, if I think of my age- and they told me the way through much, why wait three months? Is it? Is it because the time Is it because we still have immunity and we don't want to waste the vaccine or any other reason,
worry? Theoretically, the situation is that you are making Any bodies against The covered I like that, it's not theoretical its science, its effect theoretically making antibodies. You ve made the antibodies, the human body is remarkable. You have made antibodies against the covert proteins go ahead. Itself is the spy protein, the Koran of ours and the concern. Theoretically you have a lot of level than anybody. It's vines to the protein and diminish the effect. Of the potency, Actually, that's all The theoretical consideration: how long did they ask you to wait? Data
three months, but I know for a fact. I still have a new day, because I've got here with me tat. I would not wait any longer of glory. I believe that the advantage of getting the boost from them seen far outweighs the theory go. Possibility that your own existing immunity is going. Into fear. Nobody saying your own existing immunities going to interfere, or maybe they are its alone. More straightforward than that, ladies and gentlemen, if you had the virus, you have antibodies, you have immunity doesn't mean you can't get sick from a variant and fear vaccine? That doesn't mean you can't get sick from events like the flu vaccine, but that said. I wouldn't wait any longer. He took his thought. Her doktor number one number two he's wrong about the science number three
the Squire S define have a podcast or what is she doing in this? Mr Barroso website? What's goin on here, a podcast. She's on Youtube, but anyway Factual travel anywhere to turn interview, except he won't come here anymore, Willie, rich history. Was way too busy. We get this all the time, Saint, Paul, Krugman. A crowd. The house, his name, is at the New York. Slimy takes it I won't come on the air cause. He's a coward defended that sort of thing when applying this for you, because it's unbelievable, it's unbelievable. Alright, let's go to Joe Back Veil, Texas, the Great W B, a p joe. How are you, sir what an honor, sir and a teacher and for me, even though, on this
He would have made a great marine corps officer. Locality what do you mean what you mean, what you say anything, some honor. You in a minority in their boats supervisor mark I'm, I'm really worried my children not for me, I'm sliding around bird nation in life better Health issues: served and Thanks from a family, they love God, my dad was a world war, two there, my guy, my grandfather Bob and it really upset me. Go on out had most of your books, their treasures, your pact awake, I guess, moved. It was tat of some disabled now Couldn't you pay people but help me? I mean
Robotic man you couldn't get out on their case, there's no halo, you up our God help. It took me four months to move much Yoda ground coming there baby they got loved and we live soap, all alike and we want moving back home the Texas. I moved that there We worked hard mark, I'm not going to get into me, but there's three distribution and your comments on everything is how I wish I could convey to my loved ones and others, generation that we came from was taught by people that fought for freedom and it was like tat. And probably them that thing that got me was my dad how much he loved America he never voted for Emma greatness lied when I joined the boy or girl as as kid one hour Jane. He cried and the only time I've ever seen him cry before was when his mother died
one day. A keg was assassinated in evening both for it was her rhetoric here and both those where he wrote to me and we grew up poor and we I'm ok. I was a little smart mouth when I was a kid and I was in a baseball game and umbrella called me out for being a smart, elegant and embarrassed me, because my dad could never come to my game because he worked so hard and threw me the guy and sit over there, my shame and was so embarrassed yea, whereby lip adjusted marrying walked over there Guy was an EU regime. A bad guy went away. Who was any regime about this Can you really can only mentioning that, because my grandfather Foreigny? Would you better go ahead? I'm sorry about thirty seconds: ok anyway, more it's defined my why I'm gonna to Bob
of american boxes? Now you can't afford that entail what I'm gonna do. Mr producer send what I can do is send you to sign copies Eric and Marxism one for you and one for whomever else you want to give it
and I want to thank you for your service from sorry gone through all this right now and the end you take care yourself, my friend, for they write that aim at the association and mature american citizens is one of the fastest growing organizations in America. Now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a MAC, believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending. Disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond advocacy joining a MAC gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounted, including special member, only rates on car insurance, travel discounts, cellphone plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get a max by monthly magazine full of incite full articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm in a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U s! Stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot! U s every or trying to reach Margareta Year, Conway Matt, eight, seven, seven, forty eight one, forty eight one, one more glove and radio show continues. I want to take more
calls, but before I do remember all the park in the media, as Taliban were taking over Joe Biden surrendered. And all the mayhem that resulted from that. I remember how the media that, while we may my much the Taliban to appoint all Caliban to point out It's a bizarre phrase that two point I crap, but they say it all. The time have Taliban turned over another leaf or the same Taliban, so you had that's who fought them so they in turn over a new leaf. Vets who lost limbs. No one another the same. Yet To combat against are now these are leads, are low, some throwback. The seventh century, there's no telling and to point out that they are too ass. They were. Part of the reason we got attacked on nine eleven, a big part thereof What the Al Qaeda.
Maybe they turn over a new leaf, even her, this from the Secretary of State nationals. You're adviser either. Business. Like our, I say: well, here's this This is from the I think. The original origin of this is the end the Associated depressed Taliban official, strict punishment executions will return What do you think of this? In the context. The men and women who assisted us. During the war in Afghanistan, some eighty Thousand of them who were left behind what you think about this additional untold numbers of american citizens and green card horse. There. Still there are still there and they presidents. Question about and Pasok he's not question about One of the founders of the Taliban and the chief enforcer of its harsh interpretation of Islamic Law- words a jihadist fundamentalist when they
ruled Afghanistan said the the hardline movement will once again carry out executions. Amputations, though perhaps not in public. Least. They have some class in an interview with the Associated depressed mullah, nor our then to Robbie missed outrage over the Talibans executions in the past with something. Took place in front of crowds at a stadium, any worn the world against interfering. Afghanistan's new rulers. No matter how they were modernizing the promised us. Women are going to be involved. We're gonna have due process we're not gonna, go after people Neuro. That's not us. And the media wanted to believe in the White House is so sick. Everyone criticised us for the punt In the stadium, but we ve never said anything about their laws and their punishments are shut up. You throw back now: Well tell us what our law should be tell you what your large debate shovel.
We will follow Islam and we will make our laws or the Koran the Taliban overran Kabul and in August fifteenth another. They we surrendered. And cease control the country. Afghans in the world have been watching to see whether they'll recreate their harsh rule of the late one thousand nine hundred and ninety Only the morons wondered only. They wondered The hard line worldview while they're back but now new technologies, new ways to torture, people, slaughter people and lots of them. Two Robbie known as sixties was Justice Minister, our phrase and head of the so called Ministry of propagation of virtue and prevention of vice actively the religious policed when the Talibans previous rule, the world denounced than the Talibans punishments which took place in Kabul, sport stadium on that So the sprawling yeah guy mosque, often attended by hundreds of afghan men.
It is amazing how come our Harris. And waters and all the rest who look at our borders, slavery. Don't come in on any this in Afghanistan?. Executions of convicted marriages were usually by a single shot to the head and so for trials and convictions were rarely public. The judiciary was weighted in favor of islamic clerics, but he At this time, including women, what adjudicate cases? No, they won't here's what he says yesterday, cutting off of hands is re necessary for security, said sang it had a deterrent effect said: the cabinet was studying whether to do punishments in public and will develop a policy of a policy could ever policy Recent days in Kabul, Taliban fighters have revived a punishment they commonly used. In the past public, shaming, a man accused of small time theft,
two occasions. Last week, Kabul men had been packed into the back a pic. Trucks, their hands tied, paraded around to humiliate them. In one case, their faces were painted to identify miss thieves and the other stale bread was hung from their necks or stuffed in their mouth scimitar We clearly what their crimes where. Wearing a white turban and bushy unkempt white beard, the stocky to Robbie limped slightly, who cares previous rule. He was one of the groups most ferocious and uncompromising enforcers. He is a killer, he's an executioner. He was Torres for ripping music tapes from cars, stringing up hundreds of metres of destroyed cassettes and trees and sign posts sounds like a fruit on top of everything else: mass murdering I'd better watch
So I think we now have our answer. It's not Taliban to point out, ladies and gentlemen, I remember how the media were trip. Isis K catwalks that I first carry, my god, you know or with the Taliban. Well maybe they are, but you know that about our more moderate Taliban to point our watching their say we're watching. Say, but such carry out there. Pieces crap. There are cockroaches. So I guess they were wrong. White they, yes, they were, That's continue, Shelly. Let's go Dale Cleveland Ohio I've been at the Cleveland Clinic there, it's nice town. M satellite pale. How are you, Sir, What Mr Lehne is quite an honour- and I just want to thank you for this-
the occasion and knowledge I ve gotten over the last ten years since I retired. I listen to you three hours a day five days a week ago, like levelled at them with his eyes great, and you have given me the knowledge and ability to pick fight with them a correct, and I carried every opportunity on Onest guy, I'm telling you, MR, when making the kind of person, and I know I've won my argument because of their kind save me open. They have worked. Call me around high backs, are climate change, denier or racist and and what you're talking to immediate or, above all, I would like a crown them as far as the one we have in the wider. I've been months in Vietnam and one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine and part one thousand nine hundred and seventy, and they have understand, go away. I did
My heart, I mean my turn not over the people now who are behind those walls behind those lines, we're begging to get out. Brutalize their lives, Upside down, no little girl is saved a little boy, a safe. They Miller little boys and little girls chest it is sickening and watch, and Joe Biden said today. He said he's perfectly comfortable with the outcome when he did, he would never do it differ why this is the kind of aid have a sick man. We're dealing with in the oval office publication. Nothing everything he doubled collect and you have people in the house but wanted to get rid of the iron door to protect our greatest ally in the Middle EAST, and I bet they tried To put it back in
most disgusting thing. I've ever heard the only people in the north and answer you, the anti Semites. The democratic party in the media. Do not call them out, go ahead, Oh, no, no of man, the democratic Taiwan on the house on the Senate there I assume I did want at all and any of this in I really appreciate your call Dale and your service to our country. Thank you. Don't hang up. I've got it break. We want to send you a signed copy of American Marxism, ladies and gentlemen, available any everywhere, including on Amazon. It is sir? A fantastic greed, if I say so myself, but you don't have to believe me, read the over fifteen. Thousand comments, five stars on Amazon and spread the word now more than ever, we have a big battle coming up next week with more battles following we have elections coming spread the word that fact,
that the ruling class and the establishment and all the rest of them in Washington, even even big, significant percentage of the conservative movement? They don't even know this is going on. Our advantage Back then Amy The association of mature american citizens is one of the fastest growing organizations in America. Now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them
Believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk, a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond advocacy joining a MAC gives you access to a wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance travelled discounts, cellphone plants and a hell of a lot more and if that's not enough, you'll get a max by monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U s! Stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for join a MAC; instead, a M a sea dot! U S! Every Friday, the end of the programme! I see a number of things, including the names of the wonderful dog that have passed in our family.
While another passed today,. After eleven years on earth, dog never live long enough. Do they. And he's my son traces star. His name was empty. Andy. My son's thirty one he's had the stalk since he was twenty. When he lived alone- and it was going to college California. And it was a little boy, his best friend, who was a husky, I felt like I was the dogs grandfather. Wait, a stock, the most Media doc. Except now, and then what did you get outside? It would take a run. We'd have to In tracking down, but I know. I know my son is suffering tonight.
It's one of the hardest things you can do in life. We ve talked about this before. I still haven't gone off in a garden over mine, too read them every Friday night. And so I will be mentioning Endy now, among list of those who perished, a huge tumor. Was preventing him from breathing in the end. It was cancerous mice, and went along with some chemo, which seem to do ok for a little while, but he knew the days were numbered and today The breathing was just too difficult. And the signs were obvious. That either he helped. Help move along to the Rainbow Bridge He would suffer getting there himself.
Always a difficult decision for all of us. About this in rescuing sprite, we ve talked about it many many times some of you listening to me right now. You have to do this today. Yesterday or last week,. I'm enormously sympathetic to you, and so I wanted to mention that chase my son. I love him and. We're all gonna Miss Andy fainter, the dog wasn't with us long enough,
And this is for you,
I hope to see a Sunday night. Eight p pm eastern time was stabbed with it Peter see enlarge Count it'll be a fantastic life liberty and Levant. He can't watch allied, maybe I'll dvr.
And I want to wish all of you who are in the same situation as my son Godspeed. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, american personnel, can each bright iconography? Can I Pepsi? Can I smoke ache and I'd Zelda? Can I Jijiu denied envy and good night? Barney God bless each and every one of you can. I dad. Can I mom and deny LEO.
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