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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/25/18

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Back in 1991 during the Clarence Thomas hearings Joe Biden stated that the FBI can not make conclusive nomination recommendations as part of their report in reference to Supreme Court hearings. Why did the media and Democrats refuse to bring this up? Either the media doesn't know how to do their job or they chose not to do their job in their reporting. They have large research operations. How did they miss this? Unless they wanted to or decided not to look. These people are un-American. It seems the FBI didn’t matter back then but now it’s worth everything to the Democrats today. Also, Biden went on to tell Judge Thomas in 1991 that the presumption of innocence belongs to the accused. Later, President Trump's spectacular speech at the United Nations in which he criticized Iran and the Obama-era nuclear deal. Finally, Texas Congressional Candidate Chip Roy callis in to give his thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh and the left mob that surrounded Ted and Heidi Cruz.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one No, ladies and gentlemen, even up to the network news at the top of the hours seven minutes ago, that I am compelled the listened we here, truck humor, going on and on about the necessity for an FBI investigation in order to conduct a fair hearing
and, of course the news gives truck Schumacher platform. He is a mouthpiece use. This fund golly behind this entire thing, as he was in other confirmation hearing sees loads. Now! I want to tell all the kneeled news outlets there, including the one I'm compelled to listen to to pay attention do no investigative work on your own. You are not journalist. Professionals ice. Give CNN and MSNBC I speak, Of Sea and ABC, I speak of NBC. There are times in the Washington Post because either they refused to do The investigative work necessary or they found it and killed it now. What am I talking about. There's a great little network out there called Anti K network and they Found a statement by Joe Biden during the
its Thomas hearings in ninety ninety one. Over whether or not the FBI should be brought in to conduct an investigation. Since the Holy GRAIL right now, The recent propaganda of the left and the Democratic Party she's innocent Cavanaugh? Why does any submit himself to an FBI investigation if the admin migration is so supportive of this. Why don't they support B, I investigation. I want you to listen to what Joe Biden said as chair Of the Senate Judiciary, committee back and ninety ninety one jointly Clare, its Thomas hearings. This will be the first I believe this has been played on radio I want you to listen to this very, very carefully Joe Biden ninety, ninety one Thomas hearings, weather and to bring in the FBI, cut twenty go the next person
version. Fbi report is being worth anything, obviously and understand anything f b I explicitly does not in this or any other case, reach a closure. Period period. The judge is no reason why you should know that. The reason why we cannot rely on the F b- I report you wouldn't like it. If we did, because it is in con collusive. They say he shed, she said and they said period, so people waving FBI report before you understand I do not they do? Not they Do not reach conclusions; they do make, as my friend points out more attic, they do not make wrecked.
Mundane since well. One to encourage carriage the cable channels, including my They re cable channel and all the back ventures to grab onto this as quickly as possible. All the websites the grab onto this as quickly as possible. Chuck? Schuman knows that Joe Biden said this. Buddy was relying on the media not to bring it up. Take Durban knows. The Joe Biden said this: they were there. But their relying on the media not to bring it up lay he knows that Joe Biden said this was on the committee. But the relying on the media not to bring it up the media's, bringing up everything, but this. So the Democrats now day in and day out, cursed Angela Brand Maisie whatever from Hawaii Adam,
if there not even on the committee one democratic after this is their big talking point shimmer. Recently. As this evening, given voice. My network That I am compelled to listen to all you I work news outlets out there on radio and tv you gonna play this you're gonna play this Anderson, Cooper, Don lemon? You gonna play this. Rachel matter. How you gonna play this? How about you. How about you out there, the they washed and composed of New York's limes about them, Schmo and the soon to be message. Now, Congo line afraid shown MSNBC, Congo line of fools on CNN. They have these our research operation- hey, you know we are the free press. We may yet where
professionals here we actually about it there, since the golden age of journalism. How do they miss this unless they want to unless they decide not to look near at hand Those working in a nineteen eighty three year book from Georgetown Prep, Eyes about it, the Democrat Senate staff, fine, Ms Rivera, we needed a lot. Doctor for doesn't like the fly well now. We know why they wanted to delay. They thought that another woman and want to forget this pattern would no witnesses, but there's no witness it. Yes, but we have, and would no witnesses. Joe Biden himself out there. Claiming that he defends women As its women, he doesn't touch a handy fellow. Must have known. He said this a ninety. Ninety one could have been Clare.
Now he says no, the demo said a ninety ninety one now they said during the Clarence Thomas hearings, you don't need it B, I investigation there the general conclusions, don't you stay and how the FBI works, for the slow listening leftist sat there and that would include democratic. Congress Endemic it's in the media. Let's do this again follow the bouncing bar cut twenty go the next person than refer so an FBI report is being worth anything. Obviously, and understand anything F b. I explicitly, does not in this or any other case reach ache inclusion. Period period.
The judge is no reason why you should know that the reason why we cannot rely on the F b- I report you wouldn't like it. If we did, because it is in con collusive. They say he shed? She said and they said period so people waving FBI report before you understand a new, not there. They do not they Do not reach conclusions, they do not. Make as my friend points out more attic. They do not make a right. When Dacians Tucker. I know you're listening to the first hour. You need play this on your show in all arrest. Now. What are the Democrats gonna say about this? Well, this is different
Why why that was nineteen? Ninety one you see this is twenty eighteen. You understand why I play these things and point these things that you understand. Why did the Sunday show the way I did it for filibuster, excess I should like never before in american history against George W Bush is tradition. Nominees Obama becomes president they abolish the fella buster for all. Ports below the Supreme Court because they want to stuff the courts with leftists now they wine about the fact that they can use the filibuster. In the case of the Supreme Court, because Mitch Mcconnell said okay well I can use it on Supreme Court. Justices sewing, get no gorse it through. The FBI doesn't matter now, the eyes everything. Oh and by the way, Biden, Obama humor and the rest go to this.
The floor in the last year of George W Bush is second term of his presidency and they say. You must not nominate anybody to the Supreme Court in the last year of your president. Because that's not fair to the voters Obama's president, In the last nine months of his presidency, nominates merit garland fine standing right next to it. Now they say. Oh, you can't nominate anybody in the year for a mid term election. Why? Who said that rule these people are horrid? They are hateful They are dragging this nation into the gutter at every level and in every way they. The president of the United States exactly the same way: vile disrespectful, hateful.
Because they lose an election I love you so you're not allowed to vote, for whom ever you want, they go on. And on about the franchise, or more people should be able to vote more more people should be citizens. But then when they lose elections, they attack the like poor college when they lose an election. The next day there talking about impeaching, presently United States before his death, like that office. They talk about impeaching, Red cabin, I should it become a Supreme Court justice now they're talking about, teaching, Clarence Thomas they people are on American in every respect. I'll be right back.
The army ordered being worth anything armies, It doesn't understand anything F b. I Explicitly does not, in this or any other case, reach a closure. Period Period The judge is no reason why you should know that the reason why we cannot rely on the F b- I report you wouldn't like it if we did, because it is in con collusive. They say he shed. She said and they said period so people Wavin FBI report before you understand I do not there. Do not. They
do not reach conclusions? They do make, as my friend points out more attic, they do not make wrecked One day, wow. You wanna hear more Joe by non presumption of innocence same hearing and ninety ninety one. You hear this one turn up your vote: we ve been hearing now for amazing. What Her face the senator from Hawaii we ve been hearing from Kirsten Jello bran. We ve been hearing mothers. The burden is on the accused, even though the witnesses- oh corroboration, no corroborating witnesses the it is on the accused and they even initially suggested that cabin. I should testify first. The burdens on the accused really well here's what Joe Biden said about that
At the Clarence Thomas hearing in nineteen ninety one cut twenty one go last with with me from the big and at this moment until the end, the presumption, with you. Why he's presumed innocent? The presumption is with you judge. Even the loathsome Dinwiddie Joe Biden, understood and despite is treating and law school there. The presumption of innocence not guilt, I wonder what Kirsten job ran has to say about that. I wonder at Maisie. What's your name has to say I honestly can remember last night. I wonder what she is this: what is it Harun AL great?
Maisie heroic no thanks for that and all the others. Have been telling US day in and day out on, I Marcella stay in the constipated news network. Cnn, no, don't you you stay, and this is for a supreme court, so the presumption is He's guilty he has to demonstrate That is an innocent man What is this? The Soviet Union, all of a sudden there colluding with Russia listen to that one again, I would encourage the network news that I have to listen to to pay damn attention and stop spoon feeding us the left propaganda I would encourage Jake Tappitt awake the hell up and they Does it CNN and the phone, Msnbc Jellia jamb jobs.
All major journalism I ass cut twenty one go last with judge with me from the beginning and at this moment until the end, the presumption is with you now we're gonna hear more witnesses are going to commit to cooperate Europe's position in earth. And by the way in this case there? No, we don't have any corroborating witnesses, none zero, two accusers! Nowhere! Zira I've never seen anything like this go ahead, we'll find out where the others tell the truth or not. As best as we are capable of doing. Just like? You was a judge or when you look them in the eye and make a judgement possessed,
a a purposeful. He really is a purposeful. This Joe Biden go ahead. Judge is less directly. You where's the money pontificating, colleagues and boy. He hasn't pontificated, or does it go Democrat Republican alike to judge, I have not made my judgment based upon this proceeding. Because we have not heard all the evidence crises a liar. He made not only his judgment, but behind the scenes he was trying to smear Clarence Thomas and he was quite to sleaze, but so is Schuman, so was Biden so lay he saw was Kennedy so so, where the rest of us-
And so we have it from the jackasses, I mean the horses Mouth Joe Biden, F B. I can't reach conclusions when investigating this sort of stuff. Period period and the presumption of innocence is with the accused. And what will the Democrats do? What will the Democrats Hey what the Democrats will do, they will continue with their spectacle. They have created. A base within the Democratic Party. That is a mob, an army of of mobsters who threaten senators we'll get to that TED crews.
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evidence of Joe Biden as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when the democratic control that of his position respecting the FBI confirmation hearings I have now presented his position on whether or not the accused has the presumption of innocence. Now you would think it patriotic Americans, people who understand the constitution and the rule of law that this shouldn't be all that controversial. But it is because the Democrats see. Fundamentally transform amerika- and I told you yesterday? And I went underscore this point this not just about Cavanaugh. They are sending a message to any conservative any constitution list who dares.
Make themselves available for a high level appointment. That may in fact have an effect on the direction Country away from the progressive statism that is centralized, tyranny, They are sending a message that they will destroy. You can be a geek and a nerd as Cavanaugh appears to be to me and Can accuse you of rape. Of sexual molestation, of public drunkenness. Without a single witness in America, in America without a single witness. Thirty, six years ago, thirty five years ago, I might as well be five hundred years ago how convenient
thirty six years ago, thirty five years ago, how convenient. I shouldn't we believe the Kavanaugh is innocent. Nothing's been presented to demonstrate the opposite, nothing, nothing whatsoever! in the case of the second woman Ramirez. The Democrats found her and look how. Deceitful. The Democrats are they delay the testimony afford because they're working with Ramirez they're trying to get her to come forward. They down with lorries for six days she not sure was Cavanaugh she's, not exactly sure. After six days, The things clarified, everything is. In color, she knows exactly what took place another for the Ford hearing except they're, not.
Now Ford and her lawyers are demanding a limit on the amount of press is in thy. Craig must reduce so here for her first contact, about what allegedly happened. Thirty six years ago was with the Washington Post, because you see she wanted our privacy She went to the Washington Post, which is where But it goes for their privacy and now having hated term after term after term, having negotiated with the Senate now she sang, she wants a limit on the amount of media and you watch the vast majority of media. That's a great idea. Because the media really aren't the media anymore, their propaganda star mouthpieces for the dead, rats. Why, then, how do you think we re able to fine job I'm saying what he said, but Jake Tapir didn't down lemon, didn't what Blitzer didn't. Any other Congo line a morons over there. What are you
Gomes NBC didn't find their stuff. What do you think the New York Times busy going through the nineteen Three annual Georgetown prep couldn't find this as they do. I look. But looking under rocks for anything, they can find a try and peace together, no evidence no witnesses, but. Did you attend Georgetown prep? Yes, isn't it a well known school where they drank la carbon? Also, she didn't drinkers out possible, tenants and write to me. Oh wow and you're gone Accurate but anonymously. Yes, I will ok, twelve people who witness nothing but went to George. Perhaps it was a very drunken environment and there's no way I haven't. I wouldn't have known about all while there's evidence.
You, liberals and Democrats, should be ashamed to yourselves the day Sk dusting behaviour is beyond belief, and I want to tell you something: it's not just Republicans and conservatives and independence does allow. Democrats out there who are looking at this- I don't mean the the ethical left, old soviet style Democrats. I dont mean they ain t for types. None serious people who are this in turn holy cow. What the hell is this. And many these liberal Democrats are probably saying to themselves jeez I get more than one he's a curious to know what the hell I mean. I guess I can ever served. Korea can because the Democrats in Congress in Washington on this Judiciary Committee have to standard TAT Kennedy, despite very joke a these death, despite chasing every woman, he could, despite endless sexual harassment, yeah his drunkenness and all the rest he's
that is the line of the Senate? Don't you know, but Cavenaugh Cavanaugh he's a sexual predator. And a dropped. Ladies and gentlemen, I appeal to your sense of truth and integrity. And your years of experience, does it make sense to you. Why have the media been hiding covering up Joe Biden, stay, Hence in ninety ninety one, why is Joe Biden and truck shimmer and dick AAA he all around today That committee, then, why are they hiding what they
ninety ninety one, because the reprobates! That's why they're reprobates out? Why that's why they D The judicial confirmation process, and they ve now taken it even several notches lower than it was before, not for Ruth bade against break. Not for land Kagan, not for soda, my or not for briar. Not for me, great merit. Garland all everybody agreed Merrick Girl and we ve never seen anybody like Merrick Garland Homeric, Ireland EAST, like the best. Why won't the Republicans go for him. Member what they did to renquist when he was nominated, be chief justice. Oh my god, you know he is right. Why are is his eat on his house said no black x and so well, he didn't write the day were, but he never changed it and so forth and so on are all who knew.
SAM a leader they trash his wife is tearing in the background Clarence Thomas. Of course we know the story. There. That all the constitution lists. Our sexual harassers, racists, they're, not they're, not. All they want to do is apply the constitution. I've told you over and over again and I've written about it and book after work. This force, this movement that was imported into the United States from Germany. Hegel is Marxism angle some color, whatever you want was americanized. Through a number of professors, intellectuals,.
Over a hundred years ago, eighty six eighteen, seventy and then beyond the progressive movement was first embraced frankly by the Republican Party early on and then more simply by the Democrat Party, because the politicians figured out how they can control society through the government. And they ve been scheming ever since on ways to abandon the constitutional order scheming ever since the Democrats today are so radically. In their economic theories and are governing theories, cannot tolerate losing an election practically to a man like Donald Trump who's, up ending things whose changing things. Who is undoing the Obama agenda. And, as I say, they cannot tolerate three.
Rina! Half! Philosophically the toothless on the Supreme Court, but that's it it's their politburo, it's their baby, they own. They claim. And why it, because the progressive intellectuals of the passive written extensive, but if you really want to control society, you gotta get around the constitution and the only way to get around the constitution is through the Supreme Court, the other courts, so there constantly trying to pack the court's see then it's not really a matter of interpreting the constitution, applying the constitution being an original s, trying to figure out the intent of the framers and the ratifies looking at the tax, not enough, living breathing constitution. This language comes from Woodrow Wilson right out of his own writings. He says: look you can't. Heavy living body of the organs are working against each other. The states, Since the federal government branches, federal government against branches of the federal government. It must
Be a harmonizing hole the organs, are all working together. So you need an all powerful progressive president, that's his! That was his first position. Then he then he added That position. What we really need is an all powerful judiciary and you can, really smart experts on there. You know like them, then change the country rewrite the constitution amended at will. That's exactly what's been taking place. So, when you have somebody like a Kavanaugh. Who says one is introduced by the present the United States and he's going to follow the constitution for them. That's war, war. The smarter than you I drew the smarter, the professor or the smart of the lawyer, who was nominated to go on the Supreme Court, the
Are there abuse won't about Scalia while they figure there was a throwaway seat because it didn't get close to the majority. Now, when the Democrats nominate people like Ruth Bayer Ginsburg, whom are, in my view, was wholly unqualified due to her stream ideology, her post Constitutional mindset, I'm just saying she was way out alive. It's over. Ninety vote. In a Kagan was a a hack, a political hack for then, before she served Obama. She had no serious record. Sales through with over sixty votes, almost seventy votes So to my or not particularly. Outstanding in any of our writings or anything of the sort system, sales, through with almost seventy about Briar. Sir, for some period of time. When I search
court, but before that he served Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee, he There are three: with almost a year unanimous Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas gets fifty two to forty eight votes. Fifty two to forty eight, no Gore such what did he get sixty tops. You can look it up. I think, less than that. Fifty four, maybe it's a standard. You want America that half the country countries treated the way. We are make no mistake about it. The way they treat Trump, the way they treat Cavanaugh Is the way they view you? They hate you despise here.
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We have established here really in mere moments. A joke. I did the same hearing as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when the Democrats controlled it also one thousand nine. Ninety one, the Clarence Thomas hearing, said the Judge Thomas deserve the presumption of innocence, a position. The Democrats have rejected We have also established here and rather mere moments that none the progressive media. Bother to even look for this information bother to even look for information. Let us now see if they use this information. I encourage the prime time line up Fox to hammer away and to use both warrior and promote the point Doktor forward now is trying to,
tat through her lawyers, and that is shimmer alien. On press access to the hearing on Thursday. The press would normally be appalled by such a thing, let alone, witness, demanding limits on the press, she getting cold feet, Or shimmer trying to kill the hearing. But we will monitor the media and we will see if the media find this to be an attack on freedom of the press like never before. We will monitor the media to see just how much a serious the media. Are there not, as you can tell These media organisations. MSNBC is part of NBC, which has only I believe by Comcast. These are multi billion organizations, international corporations,
seen in his own by large conglomerates to and all the rest of the imposed by bees, owes the wealthiest man on the planet by far the times, seventy per cent of it his own or was by a mexican Multi Billion telecommunications magna. So these are big. Operations, big organizations with big and investigative unit, so big unit, so big that their busy looking at the nineteen eighty, three annual of Georgetown prep. And yet they couldn't find anything. The Joe Biden, Sir. On all their Sunday shares they couldn't play it. They were bringing in Congo line of fools and frauds and fakes who call themselves Democrats senator. From Delaware, fraud. Senator Whitehouse Ramrod, island fraud. Senator Shimmer of New York Fraud a garment of Illinois, fraud
Senator Maisie he know. IRAN or whatever of Hawaii I've, a mental, On her for good reason, Adam Shift Really a snake in the grass none of them had to answer any of this. Prior to the hearings on Sunday, Maybe you didn't want an answer. The guy an age of yellow journalism. Ladies and gentlemen, Copyright with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mode. Oh phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal, saw metabolism, anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this they discover- was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and the ball is in your dad
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brick house, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levine, dot com offered code Levin now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, one, three, eight one one! Let me suggest this to you, ladies and gentlemen, based on what we know right now. It's an important point but based on what we know right now, any republican senator who votes against cabin. I should be primarily because enough is enough:
enough of the sleazy democratic tactics enough with the soviet STAR Chamber Enough the only until innocent stuff. Enough with accusers without corroboration and witnesses. I mean it shouldn't. We come down to his hearing on Thursday, the media love this, the media love this. Their ratings are gonna, go through the roof Their an author, their bigwigs to Washington DC there already there. To tell you what you watch during the hearings, the media loved, a cable channels, lover nothin, like a good one,. Roman Colosseum, throwing Christians, ten alliance right
oh, where such a sophisticated republic these days are. We, ladies and gentlemen, Tommy judge cabin on one is the first You had sex its use me, you don't recall, tell me. How many beers did you her when you were in high school? Have a college? You go to a keg part multiple keg parties? What did you do, sir? I have before me Judge, Cavanaugh you're, here yearbook, High school year, but from nineteen eighty three set your picture. Yes, it is. Did you write that, in the margins, sir, why don't point. Remember, may me really: you understand your under oath judge. Don't you well? Well, yes, And, of course, the accuser, you know
arrived at the accuser- would look right and, of course, should be accused of all kinds of things. Yes,. Are you ok with the environment, the train right now? As for the doktor for it? Yes, I am further. Many report. As you know, we can remove some of them. If you like The fox guys get rid of them. Ok, accommodate you! Whatever you up do you mind if we have a woman questioning? Yes, I do want to women. I want old white men questioning so we can accuse old white men are being insensitive. Oh ok! Well maybe we can accommodate. House. May we help you wealth just ask me: softball questions prefer the to throw them underhanded crossed the sooner the plate. All of course,
we want to make sure fair we're going to bend over backwards doctrinal Judge Cavanaugh. Why should we believe you, Commissioner, can you prove you were not at the No location on an unknown date at an unknown time. Can you prove answer no c c, ladies and gentlemen, you can prove that, knowing I can't prove it: disprove? I don't know what you're talking about sure you doubt. Do we need an FBI investigation, ladies and gentlemen, to get to the bottom of this well Joe by said, that's not how it works. Well, that was then. This is now even new FBI that all kinds of cold tools- and you never know you must be hiding-
Judge Corona, I'm not hiding, I'm a public Persian. I've been a judge for twelve years. I have been hidden and not judge church. Don't interrupt us judge we're trying to get to the bottom of this. Don't you know know Dr Ford Zany, this making you uncomfortable I'm a little uncomfortable. Why? How can we combat you. Well, I don't want him in the hearing room with me. I don't want all these reporters and there he yet have gone first. I should have gone second there, An FBI investigation. Wanna be questioned. This woman, I wanna, be questioned by an old white guy. Oh I'm, sorry. Then we have Leeson Rakowski. Well, given these objections- I I I don't know, but I can vote for governor
Susan Collins. What do you say trying keep an under three hours while I think the same thing. Has been a terribly fair process. You now where's Jeff like Oh he's a he set off the Senate. Flora enemies of, like Ulysses, can a Roman around hallways here, where's bar corker, while he's he's on the farmer John Kerry, trying to undermine the present on the around stuff, ok case busy Einstein very productive. And then we'll have come Allah Harris. And show lecture all the males in America. About being insensitive now I don't know it's come Harris Married. I know that I'm married to a woman.
Very sensitive to my wife. So I don't know what Kemal Harris is talking about. Next up. Maisie. What is it Harun AL. Maisie? Hurrah? No! What are you up to? Ah, you men shut up, share and stand up Oh, by the way, Maisie it turns out just a few years ago, was slobbering all over the memory of In a way, you remember, Hammy, one medal of honor. He was a true war hero, but He was also a sexual harassment and potentially molester But it didn't matter to Maisie back then Because Maisie back then didn't say guilty until proven innocent. She said Republicans guilty Dammit its innocent. Isn't I really what we're talking about sure it is shared. The Dnc has as its number to the debt
He to the Dnc key keys x. You know was bad enough. He was tight with fair Conrad, our inaction, Anti Semitism, don't sweat it bad sweated. Patently he Was physically abusive to his on time living girlfriend the deal She's been investigating this very thoroughly. Apparently. Kemal Harris doesn't care Kirsten, ran? Doesn't care where early the guy, runs the Dnc Paris doesn't care Bernie Sanders you back Keith X for Germany, the sea. Nobody even asks the little commie what he thinks about keys, Howison anymore, don't bother me, don't bother me busy. Please. Do you realize what a bunch of clowns and freaks represent us call on quote.
This is why those of So our conservative believe in small government divided government the best the man is the closest to the people, and the least government is the best for the people. Just because somebody happens to get elected doesn't mean they're, good or moral or smart, or not both are virtuous again elected. That's all our framers understood this. So why they created a republic and not a democracy, This is why only one branch of our government and half of it, the house directly elected by the people they wanted checks found. The diffusion of power, because they know people are fallible, they know their imperfect. Some of them are damn downright evil. Right Durban right tremor.
Now look at the media in this country most large corporations. These I tell you over and over again, what makes them journalists. What makes them journal terribly journalists quite serious spatters, because they self identify because I want to journalism school tat, make them journalists. When they go on tv and propaganda eyes, like Google demagogues when they, create a reality, rather than port on the real reality It has CNN, and MSNBC done a fair and balanced job are reporting. Over the last few weeks, people can say what they want of Fox, but they do have liberals like Shep Smith and others on Fox no question and their proud of it.
Who's. The conservative housed A reporter on MSNBC, your CNN, can you name on the record, in reverse of a ship Smith. Do they haven't? I When you do you. I'll. Be right. Back then, The United States by way gave a tremendous speech at the: U N what there was addressed that in the final phase of the programme. I mean it was absolutely spectacular, really was but it was also asked after Zealand speech about the cabinet manner and in the world Compose immediately Sent out a year, a text that said tromp attacks. Second, woman.
This is why the washing posters bankrupt this is widening sugar, daddy and basis, has not what trump the Trump laid up. Where we all know, cotton, Go he's ever had any charges like this Charges come up from thirty A few years ago that totally unsubstantiated Watch it says the president of a good thing. How is this possible six years ago? Nobody ever heard about now: news comes up She's, not a gas said she was totally new. Was
Almost two years this is very much Democrats, see exactly right, exactly right, Channel eleven go accusing alive to testify on Thursday, when you walk the secular nothing's going to it doesn't even know Maybe she was. She admits time lapse as this is a person
this is a series of statements and take one of the most talented one of the greatest intellects from a judicial standpoint in our country going to keep the United States a ring. Could you know said something this warning chance, one of the greatest justices ever in the United States Supreme Court? Why should I want a shame? It is so many other world that is his work. There were these gentlemen the world of cars and the world of obstructing the world of reasons.
I thought this was even a boss he's Donald. He can't believe this is happening. His wife is devastated children. I don't mean that like me and its because these democrats- and they know they know when I see Schumer, who never even saw this woman, I believe her one hundred percent- and I see these other senators that I deal with on a daily basis. I know them better now themselves, it's just a game for them, but it's a very dangerous game for our country and, ladies and gentlemen, it's also a game for the media media need these things to prop up the ratings and they make themselves consequential. The media create these environments. Our privatize, here's George, you here actually did
pretty good job the other day, but he went back to his pattern. Cut twelve had to media Don't seem, though, that the president has already reached a judgement about their stories in their does seem to be a pattern here Y, I reached a judgement about their stories. What story? There's no witnesses go ahead. The fundamental Riley is accused when Roger Ales is accused. When Rapporteur is accused and now inbred cabinet Rob porters accused. I see the aid I go ahead. President, consistently every single time takes the side of the man. I ain't! No, it's interesting that you say that it's a lot of democrats like to ignore or Keith Ellison, incurring Booker. They love to fight and champion women until they disagree with them. How frank and lost his job in this a number of other democratic should have the same type of scrutiny. Look. The president is thank you to my question every single time. The productivity you too, to cushion genius each case should be
taken on its own merits. Why don't you breakdown each case? You did Roy more below Riley, Roger else. That's fox! I could ask the same questions about Charlie rose. Matt Lauer and Moon vis and all the rest of the males in the media in Hollywood and the rest go ahead. The man against women accusers- that's not true, and in this case the present knows bright cabin. All he's heard his story. There hasn't been a shred of evidence that he sees you see for stepping up was now so it's back. It's about tromp trumps, the problem, but we George Definite plus a ninety. Ninety two was Bill Clinton, mouthpiece.
He was questioned by then SAM Donaldson of ABC News. I want you to listen to step on position. Cut thirteen go A government that has a character problem, but I take it that and has no Carolina counterattack as it is well. Maybe it is has not denied that he is engaged in Myrdal in reality, is united, specific zone that he had problems, and is that right- and he has talked about the draft into some people's character problem. They'll claims passes character test throughout his life is rather campaign. Don't shown authorised a minister real fights and what is known as campaigns focus our most important to the american people and the jobs education thats, what the american people care about. They want to move into the future. You don't wanna, be diverted by side issues, then why should George definite palaces? Why did you always defend Bill Clinton against women? Why did you do that.
On the first hour, we play Joe Biden Minor MAC. Let's get cut twenty one again, MR producer, as we set up the case against Maisie Harun As on CNN today, she's been on tv because the media lover go ahead. Lastly, judge with me from the beginning and at this moment until the end, the presumption is with you, all right presumption of innocence is with him. Here's Maisie Corona on Sea, and today cut fourteen go This is not a criminal proceedings; it will keep talking about prison. Of innocence. That is a Tell me why users and a criminal proceedings this as a hearing to determine what are somebody users in a civil preceding it's a term somebody uses in an arbitration is a term somebody uses in school disciplinary cases. It is a
a notion. That is fully shrine within our entire system of justice at every level, formal or informal, except apparently according to Maisie, her she eats disagree with why you want to know why cause she's a pathetic for a pathetic I'll- be right back
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code, Levant, one for a liberal media buyers market, call him now, every seven, seven, three eight one, three, eight one one touch humor and oppress com. Today, no presumption of innocence for Cavanaugh cut fifteen GO I'll just said: George deserve the presumption of innocence. Deal. Agree with that, and you view this hearing through the prism of illegal, perceive no, it's not illegal. Proceeding, it's a fact. Finding proceeding. We do this with every major nominee How much time you are a liar a serial liar. You are the worst. You know damn well, that's a lie.
You know damn well what happened during the Clarence Thomas hearings. What Joe Biden said and what the Democrats also know. We don't need an FBI investigation. Moreover,. You know damn well, had, he is presumed innocent That's been the position in these hearings until now,. She shimmers leaving leaning the orchestra. Ladies and gentlemen, he's the propagandists he's. The man with the big lie: hands out the talking points every morning and then every Democrat reads from the talking points. They say exactly the same thing exactly the same thing without without objection? This is what they do. So the man's not presumed innocent. I have to be honest with you folks they should The whole thing down
We cannot even agree that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. Then that's enough! That's enough Pension participate in a soviet style. Start chamber operation like this, they just shut and the auditor. If the gloves and really hammer the Democrats now the way the rapporteur asked the question she's in the tank to leader Mcconnell just said the deserves the presumption of innocence. Do you agree with that and I view this hearing through the prism of a legal proceedings, see just put a question mark at the end, and then you have it. Let me what you're witnessing here is really quite appalling. We should consider the democratic control, the house in the sun and eventually the presidency, and they only did it for two years under Obama. Look the wrecking ball. I was so Hypocrites and the media, like Stefano, bless you hypocrites and the media who couldn't even spend the time, but their vast
investigator resources to fight Joe Biden and ninety ninety one saying what I've played over and over again that the FBI should not involved in this- it's not their job it'll be. He said she said period period, the presumption of innocence, which he also that none of the mass media and dig it up quite remarkable. Quite remarkable. You know it's not smart jobs, it said overwhelm you would tons of the wrong Razumihin What is smart, zip, recruiter, dotcom, Slash, Levine, L e g. I am alive other job side. Zip recruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find your zip recruiter, finds them for you, its power matching technology scans, thousands of reservoirs identifies p with the right skills, educational experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. So you really get qualified candidates and you get him fast, no matter.
No more sorting through the wrong Reza maize and so forth, no more waiting for the right candidates to apply its wonder that zip recruiters rated number one by Florists in the United States. This raining comes from hiring sites on trust pilot. Over one thousand reviews, Right now you my listeners, you can try, Sir Recruiter for free. At this exclusive web address, zip recruiter, dotcom, slash, live in that zip, dad come slash. L e I and zip recruited that I'm Slash, Levant, zip recruiter the smartest way to higher The smartest way to higher so presumed guilty- I want you to hear the other absolutely insane comments. We have Amy Loescher Club, OSHA, whatever she's the one.
I know who she is clover chair, but you know and she's running for reelection. So congratulations. Listen to this moron, sixteen go and the same, thing about that interview was when he said that he actually downplayed is drinking and he said he'd never really blacked out. So you didn't remember things. I mean those are things that really go to credibility, given some of the stories circulating out there and again, even in the and need a hill hearing Nora, He had dozens of witnesses that came forward and were allowed to testify this time, all that's being shut out and as a former prosecutor, I think you have to be able to at least get the facts down. Think it's important the matter. What side here on this? If you want more you or want em, don't you want to have the vacuum? So the fact that he'd in black out in a drunken stupor
straight to this former prosecutor that he lacks credibility. They they they are so poor Of serious arguments so bereft Then we have seen in and they actually bringing people like this. Criminal defence attorney by the name of Yoda it tell tee. Don't blame me I'm just trying to pronounce Yoda toward. Listen to this end CNN is promoting this. Putting this person on their area. Cut nineteen, go Break I'm throwing them twitter and I'm looking at people actually saying and applauding the judge and in this sense and then in the same breath wanting to defend Cavanaugh shown you look this thing about cars being convicted rapist in their applauding this, then you defend Cavanaugh.
What is one have to do, the other one is criminal trial, friend of a real jury. On the one hand, were told this, isn't a legal proceedings, on the other hand its compared to a legal proceedings. This is what happens. You don't follow the rule of law. This is what happens when says with hate and contempt and seek to destroy our justice system. Any justice system go ahead. Illegal or we will said Missus Ashe shut up you idiot. Around by these idiots, not fool ourselves, then we're gonna watch this on Thursday. Which, one to you and I, which once she was more credible watch we're credible? I want you to put it in bold capitals and underline who is more. Nepal to you whose
more credible to you, ladies and gentlemen,. It is no presumption of innocence, there's no actual witnesses snow, other type of corroboration, so whose more credible. And of course we are to believe the woman, not the man, pointing to the left, way. It is for all you, men and boys out there now just date you these second Wanna Ramirez. Has it created through her lawyers that she is not going to testify as the news up to this moment. For, is still trying to decide on the shape of the table, not sure One hundred percent sure too many report no cabin on the room. Now.
Question by a woman whose appropriate now and don't bully her whatever you do. Don't bully her all the Democrats already believer For almost nothing goes, but we want to get to the bottom of this much call in the FBI the Washington Post that Cavanaugh, everyone on the Mama Committee should be voted down. That's the point of all this isn't a hearing. This is. A character assassination of that you're already stack. On the way you can question for it in the way in question. Pamela Cavanaugh anything goes forward, almost nothing goes, but we want to get to the bottom, such call in the FBI, But, ladies and gentlemen, I never do this, but we're going to do it again to make it a button.
Clear to the millions of my listeners and push it out as hard as we can to the back benchers to our friends on Fox everywhere else. Joe Biden said and ninety ninety one cut twenty go the next person that refers whenever. I report as being worth anything obvious, It doesn't understand anything f, B, I explicitly does not in this or any other case reach conclusion period. Period. The judge is no reason why you should know that the reason why we cannot rely on the F b- I report you wouldn't like it if we did, because it is in con collusive They say he shed, she said and they said period. When people waving FBI report before you understand they do not
They do not I do not reach conclusions; they not make, as my friend points out more attic? They do. Make recommendations, but ass, he was barely literate, then in his barely literate today and I The way, Republicans in Jos, a good guy this line, Joe he stays really a good guy. I he's not he's an ass now media balls in your court now shimmer balls in your court to checkmate, but nonetheless I'll be right back Sir, I want to take a moment to thank you
upon the great red report and my drudges a great guy, absolutely he's another path maker. This created his own industry and we all go to the draft report frequently every day. And you go there and see a post Washington Examiner a real journalists, Paul but dark go to conserve the review and in some other locations as well. And you see that, thanks to you not me, thanks to you. That life, Liberty and Levin Ten p M eastern on Sunday at the biggest? on cable news, the entire weaken the entire weaker,
Have any programme- and I certainly not putting down any other programme- I think we have wonderful, wonderful programming on Fox Steve illness. Terrific Shapiro sir, shows These other shows just terrific. But we were number one overall on every cable news station and we crushed CNN and MSNBC combined. That's because of you and we're up against. Every Sunday, Sunday night Football, and it was a big game. Sunday, no Oakland VS, Detroit with a big ups Detroit. Once a lot of people were turning in. You were up against son in football every Sunday at ten p m Eastern. We have a significant following thanks to you now I did something I don't normally do.
It was just me no guest and was not along form interview. Why have a guy? When it comes to the Supreme Court and what's taking place, one. You mean honestly, I know more than most people about may guest on a lot of other shows and by the way I'll be on Hannity Fox tomorrow night nine, thirty Pm Eastern but we had. Really remarkable numbers check out these articles and go to the drug report and so forth?. And I m. And that's thanks to you because your concern about your country, you concern about. What's going on and really your furious and you learn as much as we can. We need This radio show one should go away. More information, more knowledge. Then you're had when you came here, I can just some up everything that's taken place before
I come under this programme, but I don't do that. We do some of it in order. Build a foundation for you know, what's out there, what could be out there, and then I an u. We die and then we need to go further than that right. For instance. Now you know before everybody else. What Biden said a ninety ninety one which come ITALY under catch. The Democrats today. Now they can resist it, but so what. Now you know Abiden said about burden of proof which completely upsets that undermine. The Democrats today undermine shimmer undermines all. And you know even more, which is that the media Ignored in the media to look for it or if they found it, they deep sixty see
If the media in many respects. Is there not the enemy, the people or the friend of the people? They care about this republic. Why do they seem to push almost exclusively, or certainly most of the time The agenda of the left. Why do they treat conservatives some Republicans her non progresses. In such a nasty way, such a vicious way. You warning shop in their studio. Why do they hire almost exclusively people on the left? We know there the overlap vast majority. Are they friends of the people they promoting a press really, when their propaganda machine in the aggregate course not
These attacking the first amendment were attacking these meetings. Operations and their employees. Arguing that you should be a federal stature to eliminate the reigning in the course of the sword or just pointing the obvious it's obvious to everybody. But then of course, though, the perpetrators. This whole Kavanaugh situation exposes. You literally, have politicians hang on TV were saying, There is no presumption of innocence. Really have politicians going on tv Cursing positions that their party held a few decades ago about the FBI, you people who are supposed to be trying to determine. Whether Mr Cavanaugh fit the beyond the Supreme Power and there's no question he's more than fit going out digging up dirt on him and then they complain about an unfair process. You have
first accuser, who say she wants to remain private. Going to the Washington Post, going to a democratic Some who then in turn, goes to the Democrats, Senator. Now we have negotiations taking place. She's, calling the shots, and if she doesn't get everything she wants, then your I woman and so forth, and so on. None of us are buying their none of us. We don't care about what the cook left. Thanks, When I try to do on the Sunday shown, apparently, it was persuasive on fox- was provide some context for what the Democrats have done: deadly judicial confirmation process over the last thirty one years, starting with Bork working through Clarence Thomas Circuit Court,
just some of whom you never heard it before. To show the memo Zairean men in black the memo, Democrats writing to each other and their left wing groups that were basically calling the shots behind the scenes. He could see how it work, how they try. Stop a latino from being on the Dc Circuit Court of appeals and succeeded because they were Brady was too good and what one day be a republican nominated. The Supreme Court have I'm a crash of change, their positions multiple times on filibusters, in order to try and stuff the courts where they realize how they change their position to multiple top multiple times on on whether a Supreme Court, the justice per day it should be. Nominated to the last year, the presidency and it Keep sinking and sinking and sinking context is important if you are to watch them. On Thursday I'll be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with leader Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well, I'm pleased. I really am pleased, and I mean it Martha Maccallum tough. Karlsson of now played the Joe Biden Clip And where, in ninety ninety one as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he said another will not be enough, be investigated and won't get us anywhere. So this is good. It's very
Ok when we won one other thing here, the present United States really gave a spectacular speech. I feel, and a lot of people feel at the United Nations, And I want you to hear some of it. I want you to hear summer. Let's begin cut one We believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbours, and defend the interests of their people. They can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity and peace Each of us here today, is the emissary of a distinct culture, a rich history and a people bound together by ties of memory. Tradition and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else honor
That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over blow, governance and domination. I honour the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs beliefs and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship We only ask that you honour our sovereignty in return go to cut three honour ran. Please go every solution. Humanitarian crisis in Syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that is fuelled and financed the corrupt dictatorship in IRAN, IRAN's leaders so K S, death and destruction?
They do not respect their neighbours or borders. Or the sovereign rights of nations. Instead. IRAN's leaders, plunder the nations resources. To enrich themselves and spread Ma- am cross the Middle EAST. And far beyond Alien people are rightly outraged. But their leaders have embezzled billions of dollars from IRAN's treasure. She's valuable portions of the the people's religious endowments. All to line their own pockets and send their proxies to wage war, not arrange neighbours, have paid a heavy toll. The region's agenda of aggression and expansion.
That is why so many countries in the Middle EAST We supported my decision to withdraw the United States from horrible truth. Fifteen IRAN's nuclear deal. Reimpose nuclear sanctions. Ran, deal was a windfall for I regulators in the years since the deal was reached. Iran's military budget grew nearly forty percent, leadership, use the funds to build nuclear, capable missiles increase in repression finance terrorism and fund havoc and slaughter, in Syria and Yemen. President continued cut, forego The United States has launched a campaign of economic pressure
deny the regime the funds it. Is to advance, bloody agenda Last month we began reimposing hard hitting nuclear sanctions that have been lifted under the around deal. Additional sanctions will resume November. Fifth and war will follow We are working with countries that importer rainy, crude oil, purchases substantially. We cannot allow the world's leading sponsor of terrorism. To possess the planet's most dangerous weapons. We cannot allow a regime that chance death to America it threatens. Israel with annihilation, to possess the means to deliver a nuclear warhead to any city on earth. Just can't do it
We ask all nations to isolate Erentz regime. Long as its aggression continues and we ask of all nations to support a random people as they struggled to reclaim their religious. Righteous destiny, what about american sovereignty? What about this international criminal court? So called human rights counts? All these things cut six, go I spoke before this body last year and warn that the? U N Human Rights Council had become a grave embarrassment to this institution, Shielding agreed use human rights abusers, while bashing America. And its many friends our ambassador to the
needed nations, Nicky Hayley laid out a clear agenda for reform, but despite reported, and repeated warnings. No action at all was taken so the United States took the only responsible course. He withdrew from the Human Rights Council and we will not return on Jill real reform is enacted. For similar reasons, the United States will provide, The support in recognition to the international criminal Court As far as America is concerned, the acc has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy no authority. The ACC claims near universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country,
violating all principles of justice, fairness and due process. We will never surrender America's sovereignty to an acted unaccountable global bureaucracy, is governed by What rejecting the ideology of globalism. And we embrace the doctrine of patriotism around the world. Responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty, not just from global governance, but also from other new forms of coercion and domination, never or would never heard anything like this from Barack Obama. Nothing like this. This is a! U fabulous speech. One more clip cut a go! thirdly, we are witnessing
Human tragedy as an example. In Venezuela. Then two million people have fled the anguish inflicted by the socialists Madeira regime and its cuban sponsors Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries on earth. Today, socialism has begged The oil rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty, Virtually everywhere socialism or communism has been drive. It has produced suffering, corruption and decay Social Isms thirst for power. To expansion, incursion and oppression All nations of the world should resist socialism, and the misery that a ring to everyone in that spirit
We, as the nations gathered here, to join us in calling for restoration of democracy in Venezuela today, we are announcing additional sanctions against the repressive regime targeting matures inner circle and close advisers. You know. I can't even think why I never tramper would be attacking this. President at this point, given his record given his actions given his leadership. I really can't. Less its personal, petty, like with Bill Crystal who tweets are the most insane things every day, you know, from hurricanes to earthquakes and cyber warfare, every American should have a plan to get through an immense natural disaster power out for weeks. This is more urgent than ever
if seen again, government response and repair to infrastructure can be slow. It's just the way. It is the best place to start. Going through that last up to twenty five years, build a supply over time, so you're ready. I trust in use my patriots supply for my food stores make today the day. You do the same. Everyone in your household should have a for weak emergency food kit. And there's a special on them save. Hundred dollars, when you go to I special website prepare with mark that com. Now these for weak food kits your ship fresh discreetly. The door. So I would do it right away right away order and save a hundred dollars per kit on their best seller. This week, call eight hundred to nine for twenty Twenty five, eight hundred to nine for twenty three twenty five, or go online to prepare with mark that can prepare with marked out come whenever this world cooks up. No with this that you are prepared with
Food eight hundred to nine for twenty three, twenty five or prepared dot, com will be right back. We now these rolling Marge mobs over leftists who go. You're, a trunk cabinet secretaries who go after other country politicians and they have gone after TED crews, and I want the people Texas to know this and it'll look that he was accosted. In fact, one miscreant knows knows what TED crews, Member being part of the tea party in twenty ten, and we had huge, huge rallies nobody
Nobody got physical. There was no violence, we didn't start tracking down. Members of Congress I remember when in the Congress and the hallways and when work, back foregoing Dundee the offices and so when they retract for this attack for it. But look at the left remained teeth the black lives manner. To these. Miscreants were tracking down members of Congress, senators. Then it was tat, crews and his wife, Heidi almost violently, Costed last night in a restaurant sounded like this go ahead. either way. I want
people a Texas to know that there is a significant percentage of the population on the Democrats side in your state, poor, cheering. That They love at their smiling and they're gonna vote for beet o even though beater Orourke has denounced it, as he must. The fact of the matter is the left is created this mob. It's a mob. And it's really quite disgraceful, thoroughly disgraceful art. Let's see, if my phone. Look at that its working. My sunshine Maryland the great WMD I'll go more thanks were taken. My call, male and demagoguery county, just up county from old norm band that Georgetown proud? Congratulations! That's quite the it's quite a tax haven. Well, the eye, a measure what you're gonna do they ve already done? Six background checks on
a cabin I'll raise public and What are they going to do? Are they going to be canvassing this county that state this country for without you a kangaroo making. Eighty three we have a letter that was it's pretty muddy, unsure, muddy by time and an end and alcohol and would be left or the DNS? You should have done when they leave. The latter was concurrently filed a a police Europe. Montgomery count equally, and they could not do that and we all know why cause you saying it's bogus correctly: and liability on her part. If she file a police report I don't think anybody would hold her tiny standard. Quite frankly, with all the media while the media's in her corner. Although Derek had turned a corner, the You think, that's not in a corner as a single witness, how I might Thank you for your call. My friend Kathy,
or again the great k be Andy. Go my mark. Listen. I was in the middle of a one when you play that Biden Clip Far him weighing on the FBI an eye on will you take my breath away. I could not believe coming out of his and by way of thankfulness, it's all over a fox right now, that's important that it should be going ahead. I think that thing, You you are truly a national treasure and I mean up in the bottom of my heart. Every time you play something from the past issues, more education for those of us that are ignorant of what was said. I think Marshall Army Mark. I think the problem is. You are not aware that we have a new and improved FBI, and what I mean by this is don't call me when he gave the final report on the Hillary Clinton. I'm exoneration. He told at that time that the FBI
not only did the investigation, they did come up with a conclusion and they did make a recommendation to the Department of Justice they truly do it all and they also can determine pant mad. Then Hilary did not intend to do any of the things that she did. That war. Crime, got an incredible FBI, and I just think you need to kind of get up to speed with what they do, because it's a different FBI than what Joe Biden was describing and when he said they do not make conclusion. Then they don't make recommendations, cells get your point. I really do. The hypocrisy depends on who is being investigated by whom- and I appreciate. I want to thank you for your car and. If you re an American, and Parties still beating in your mind, is still working. You have to be discussed here what's going on in this country, You have to really be discussed. The question is whether you going to
Are you not allow these people, the people who case down TED crews. The people who destroy the. Judicial nomination process, the p Who insist on open borders and sanctuary city the people who trash our military, eviscerate, there's thereof, funding that people who our cops. Are you gonna? Let them the control, the House of Representatives in the United States Senate, I mean a truly is up to you. They say that you're passive. Right now they say that your disinterested in disconnected right now are you. They say that you're you're so fed up Did you just not going to vote that you're going to hand the country over to these people? Is that what you're going to do? Well, if you're thinking about that, should a look at your children and your grandchildren, because we we conduct these battles further.
For them, the country is rapidly declining its racket, rapidly, transforming. I dont ever remember gangs thugs and mobs? Chasing down a senator in a restaurant chasing down a White House press secretary chasing down a cabinet secretary, You want to put an end to this. Well then, you better get organised you going to talk to your family members. You better talk to your you're calling. Your office or wherever you work you better. Everybody, can it make sure they vote? Otherwise, this is our future hobby. Back. Margo revenge: Reagan coalition meets every day call. Now.
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There's a gentleman running for the House of Representatives from the twenty first District of Texas have this programme, you know who he is. His name is Chip Roy he's a dear friend of mine, but even more than that, is a solid constitutional, slash, ragging conservative in there need tough races and taxes, and this is one this very close in this district, the twenty first district, intact some have asked him to come on. An trip Roy. How are you my friend, Morgan, great thanks for having me on a great deal for me, my friend Sq chip, a number of things well, let's begin with the cabin our situation here, You were a chief of staff to TED crews at one point. Oh, you ve seen this you haven't seen this, but you ve, seen how the Democrats can operate in the Senate. What you're take on this? Why do you ask me this is a perfect example of what's wrong with Washington, why people outside of that way or scratch and our head looking as is complete
You know I was a lawyer on the Senate Judiciary Committee. You probably remember and lived through a number of nominations. John Robert same Alito and many other dish, Accordant circuit court fighting and I've never seen anything quite like this, and in what's not kid ourselves. This was all This is a purposeful. When I was gonna send a judiciary committee. We had a process for dealing with, issues like this, you did a behind closed doors. You did it on a non partisan basis. You got together to sort it out. And then deal with it in private and then figure out how to proceed, but they abandoned that they did it for political purposes. Nakedly political. And you know frankly, I think maybe they ve overplay her hand in America. People are starting to see its along at a few senators, don't worry about it: this your there's, no presumption of innocence and, of course, we should call on the FBI to do an investigation. Joe Biden took Lee eggs
opposite position on those two issues and ninety ninety one now about the tried and- and I think, but the idea that They are willing to throw overboard the rule of law and the presumption of innocence for naked political play is. It is something that I think should give all of its great Sir, but again I'm starting. I'm feeling it out here. I'm feeling people starting to wake up at a hold on a second. These guys are now representing me, I'm seeing a lot of people. There are traditionally not necessarily Republicans or conservatives never got a thing. What these guys? They don't. Join us at all. They are trying to the boy, the things that made this country greater. I am hopeful that there see the wipeout Ford. I can tell you this Republicans blow this:
then there will be real how to pay. In November, voters are fed up. They were watching the Republicans to stand up and violent do what they said. They would do you, dear friend, it's a cruise as my steps and who works for TED crews, as a friend and take cruises for twenty years and a friend unease in his quite solid under make of this. The a strong in Washington DC, where he and his wife are really physically accosted by this this mob, or I think it demonstrates the extent to which the the greater the socialist liberal lap, whatever you want to call at whatever level they choose to put on themselves, are so out of touch with the american people, and so indicative of everything- that's wrong with Washington. Senator crews has in fighting for the people.
To do what he said he would do when you went to Washington and for the left to go caught him and his wife at a restaurant is so far out abound. Frankly, even on social media, they are noticing a lot of people that were again more moderate or liberal. There were some guys this. This is over the top again, I think they're overplaying or hand, but the threatening, Senator crew threatening his family and that something that so far out of touch with the people of taxes- and I guess why you saw his opponent misrule work, put up the social media, saying yeah that that's not good. We shouldn't do that. We should leave Senator Creasy and we want- and they did those those aren't taxes values. I can assure you, people in Texas wooden what time being interrupted near restaurant, like that but we all know, however, doorway A bit o o Rourke would be voting Poor Schuman, be the leader of the Democrats in the Senate that he would be
participating with the damage Democrats when the Senate Judiciary Committee, during the characterisation I see you he's left us when I talk about your race now it is it crucially important that we elect conserved movement leaders with decades of backgrounds that can reassure us that there are going to be solved in this battle in the House of Representatives. We may well lose the house, it may be very, very ugly, more the reason and make sure states like Texas and other conservative states, particularly in your district. The twenty first district, we put. Somebody like you in this position, tell us a little more about you and your opponent. Absolutely what marketing people was near show no that I'm a proud texting. My family came here in eighteen, fifty one, my great grandfather with taxes ranger my About a single mama was taxes raising my polio stricken father after her husband died of cancer. She didn't look
I doubt she figure out how to take care of herself or herself out became the first woman elected county clerk in a small town in Texas. Those are the Texans eyes that make the steak great
I want you to read that three to five thousand people a day or moving to Texas but unfortunately, were being attacked. Our taxes values are under assault from a crazy left, the left at supporting, but our work, the left that is supporting my opponent, Joseph Cancer and those values are thereby are fully out of step with the people of Texas mature. Give you a couple will debit my opponent, who tries to claim me as being a centrist, supports impeachment present Trump supports government run healthcare supports undoing the tax bill, they put more money in our pockets, wants a carbon tax, wants a financial transaction tax, wants to take away border patrol assets and give them to foreign countries, and if I could get analysed, wants to frontline parenthood wants to do a gun, confiscation and have more gun regulations. None of these values,
Our stuff, but I believe they believe that they can win this election on the back of the chaos in the mid term, but the fact is nothing that they stand for, isn't think with the people of taxes and so we're doing our job working argot, not doors, make phone calls raise money. My website should point. I can do everything we can, due to put to put ads upon the air and make sure people know what's really going on with both MR aboard my opponent frankly somebody others Mitchell work raised. Nine million dollars in August through at boy. Money coming from all over the country? My opponents getting some of that too, and it's not reflecting Texas dies. Hollywood, in California in New York. I know you, Poland served in the military is accurate, correct. He did, and I thank him for his service, but I'd just as soon as public service and right there yet because he was carefully
As you know, the targeted and found by the Democrats, so he can say that he served in the military, but he's a left. Us doesn't no question about it, if you eat out like to talk about reaching across the island figuring out of work together. Now go back and look at the yard signed that he put out there in the primary progressive forges your car those are all indication that worried really coming from me like. I said I went to the list of issues. You would think it's because my crack staff has done a lot of others about research. Now go what Please go to my website and wicked deployed common gimme I need help me women's this race, but his website outlined all of those things about which, where we disagree and the things I just outlined in and its ended, We are right and government want to health care what he called Medicare ball. You and I both know that What a trillion dollars bankrupt are
Bankrupt the nation faster than its already being bankrupt. Absolutely any would destroy Medicare the currently exists. It wouldn't do anything to help people preexisting edition because it would put us on waiting lists and make us have wash and care from government bureaucrats telling us. We were out here we can get a what we can't get. We know how to solve this problem and, frankly, you, and I also know that the problem is that Republicans haven't been doing what they said. They would do and that's why so many people first the wrong path to go down is to take that out by going down and try to support a social Rather, let's follow the lead of a president who shaking up the the status quo in Washington taking on the swamp and let's go make sure that we get healthcare freedom, security. Get a strong economy give our men and women the tools they need and then given you mean that got away. Let taxes be taxes. Now Jim Jones, Jim Jones.
Has has endorsed you. Jim Jordan, is what I'm saying Jim Jordan has endorsed. You TED Crews, MIKE Lee. A mark meadows, and folks who are reliably solid and conservative. I very much hoping that your your win, this race how's it look what we feel good. We ve been working numbers that give us a lot of competence that if we do our job and finish the rate and wonder the tape we're going to be in good shape, but that's all contingent on getting continued support from conservative around the country without a grass roots campaign. From the beginning, we ve had thousands and thousands of supporters from from taxes from this district, including some that some from your honor from from taxes and around the country and were so blessed to have that we ve got to have the resources to finish the rate, but those those endorsements mean a lot. You endorsement meant a lot. Jim Jordan's coming departed for taxes really close to their right now. Bernie taxes in the whole country he's coming
This weekend to do an event for me, with some strong conservative activism, the whole country and we're just what you do and everything we know how to do to get our message out, allow the district that help is on the way I know we sent some people to watch him you're actually going to do what they said. They would do stand up to make converse work for us again. These are the things that the Americans clamouring born. I can tell you for sure what the people are. Taxes are clamouring for, and I can tell the people in your district, the twenty first District, Texas, the people in the south, it, taxes and the people who listen to this programme, all over the country that you are the real deal and you been the real since the day I met you- and I'm here, being living nights out. There you can do It just even a little to chip Roy I gotta go, Roy dot com and you'll, have all the information there, chip Roy DOT com. I would strongly encourage you. Ve got it. Involved and erase. This is one of the races. You really should support and you'll see. Other years ago, I tell you
a mightily, nobody heard about mightily. I told you about TED crews, nobody heard about TED crews. I told him I ran Paul, nobody heard about ran Paul and so forth, prize a very, very important voice, the future the can primitive movement in this country. He needs to be in the house who represented the fight these people, chip, Roy DOT Com, America, if you can help, even with a little donation. I hope you will and good luck to you chip more. Thank you beg. Give all you're doing your short boxes gray. Your radio showed great you're a voice for freedom, and we need you do what you're doing that, given that voice is important for all your listeners who supported me in previous events, urges God bless you, my friend, and God bless you too. Be right back you know a chip. Roy
is running against an individual, serving United States military, but an individual support slashing the United States military use. The troll who does not believe in peace through strength, An individual who supports a radical anti Israel organization called J Street and were finding this more more among Democrats so people in Texas will keep this in mind too. He's he's running against the leftist Johnny against the leftist and chip rise anything, but he is few had to create a conserved, he wanted to represent you and the House of Representatives. I speak to the entire country about this. You'd want him you might say well, that's not. My district were, as you well know, because you listen to the show These individuals vote on matters that affect you in effect your family. So he may not be in your district
He is in your congresswomen, get him there. Enjoy helping my listeners like Nathaniel who are the IRS tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes, he told the IRS. He didn't have the money to pay, but it did manner they put a lean on his home anyway, Nathaniel heard how much I respect optimum tax relief, so engage them after my gun. The Irish to designate Nathaniel's case as Cnc status, currently not collectible, that's a big win because it basically says no use pursuing our client there's nothing to be gained. Their optimum kept fighting on Nathaniel's behalf until the heiress agreed to a deal if then, thousands and resolve this text it for good knows that behind every tax problem are honest, hard working, Americans with families, homes, savings and paychecks that need protection, they resolved over half a billion dollars and taxed at for clients. So if your
taxes to the irish call, my friends at optimum tax relief, eight hundred four nine nine. Sixty three hundred hundred four nine, sixty three hundred that eight hundred four nine Sixty three hundred This is the twenty first district in Texas, where you have a marvellous and outstanding individual and by the way, he's a cancer survivor too. I just mentioned that. So you understand how Those campaigning isn't necessarily the healthiest thing you can do but he's doing it because he's surely committed this republic, and that is, Chip Roy. In my own district in Virginia Northern Virginia, our congresswoman by the name, a barber Comstock, I've known her for decades Barbara votes in ways. I don't always agree with but she votes in some ways that I do agree with she's running against a out an hour left us massive tax increases,
Open borders, supporter. Some people say we should sit on the sidelines. Are you out of your mind seriously. This is a different kind of election. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a different kind of election, the demo That's a put up individuals who are rabid, radical leftists invite Every single race and Try to conceal how long will they actually are. Election day on voting for Barbara Comstock, another district in Florida, another district in Florida and several districts Lara that you need to pay attention to. Also There are very, very important because Florida has a few these districts they go back and forth. And there's a governors race in Florida were and dissent as he needs help. He needs support, he's running against a radical.
Indeed America, first left wing Bernie Sanders protegee, the sky, Gilan. Rhonda Santos is exactly the opposite again. They try to paint Rhonda scientist, something he's not What he is here an American who signed up for the military who served in two Bad zones within came back went to Harvard LAW School. And now, sir, states. House of representatives is It is abundantly clear pro property rights pro Capitalism prose during the border and so forth, and so on, who pro Israel problem, first and foremost looking to fundamentally transform America even opportunity, In Florida devoting a man who is going to protect What you ve earned and protect the state. It's a it's, no brainer
Our ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel check out. Our Levine TV tonight, it's fantastic. Eight four or Levine TV will get you sign up immediately.
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