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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, As we broadcast tonight Brett Kavanaugh is an innocent man. His accuser had the opportunity to present her proof in front of the Senate and the nation. Yet not one witness could back up her claims including her own friend who she claims was at the party where the alleged attempted rape occurred. These hearings show us that this was never about women; the Democrats don’t care about Christine Blasey-Ford any more than they cared about Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Mary Jo Kopechne or Paula Jones. We must remain concerned about our republic. Later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls in to discuss recent intelligence revealing that Iran has maintained a secret atomic warehouse. This information has been forwarded to the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) during the UN General Assembly this week. Netanyahu explained the danger that Iran poses to U.S. and allied interests.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one too big announcements, number one Benjamin Netanyahu, the great prime minister of Israel beyond the programme. Next, our number two life Liberty and Levin on Fox, well, not air. At ten p m on Sunday at Sea, in time Sevenpm, Pacific, made a decision to do a news programme with Ed Henry so I just wanted to give you a heads up so early. Liberty and live in will not beyond its usual time slot on Sunday now.
History tells us. Ladies and gentlemen, great men and women, great men and women. Who have exceptional courage. Who stand against the mob, and against the tide who standing to tyranny?. When doing so can destroy them. Bread cabinet is an innocent man, as I speak to this moment,. Is an innocent man? Isn't it Convicted of anything. Hasn't been charged with anything. Is accusers, given the benefit of the doubt by our society, by the media by the Democrats by Jeff Flake by many the Republicans why she comes forward.
In a politically timed way after Thirty, six years. Without a single witness. Without He corroboration without any evidence doctor for. Never been investigated now once by the appear now once I don't know who she is to you. I don't know anything about her, do you she pops up? on the radar and make the possible for the Democrats too, Troy a judge. Who, until that moment, stellar reputation. Petty stellar reputation Now the FBI is going to do an investigation, because Jeff Flake has decided it's necessary. Susan Collins, LISA
asking some Democrat. And these individual politicians, I said among the most noble. Because they're not willing to accept the fact. That break haven't opened man whose pink, victims of nothing, at his accuser, doesn't have a single witness, concur A bright, nothing. And has no evidence whatsoever. She made an allegation and, despite the trashing, the prosecutor from Arizona she did it Your job. She was allowed to methodical. And she found big gap gaping hole and walk before it had to say which
He raised very serious questions. She was afraid of flying she flies everywhere be polygraph. The polygraph Esther two questions. She. So there was a very long process and I went through these things yesterday. It's not a single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee who went through those points today, not one even some of the conservatives on that committee are so shy, Seeing this forthrightly making speeches, political speeches are processed speeches. It's been left to people like John Corner. And Lindsey, Graham. And us and a handful of others.
So called rhinos. To raise serious concerns is amazing thing. A watch. Red carbon also an innocent man, but you wouldn't know it I want to remind you of something we talk about it, but I want to remind you of something and then I want to know if, in fact, the Democrats, liberals. The media really do one, a serious FBI investigation that involves serious questioning and discovery involving doc, for it. What a real FBI investigation would entail there's a piece of the excellent website, the federalist dot com. It was written a little bit ago, couple years ago by Mary Catherine HAM task lies ten appalling moments from the Duke lacrosse case, I would remind you that.
Since not a single Republican and the Senate Judiciary Committee did. On the evening of March thirteen two thousand six just a little over twelve years ago, a fateful party at our house. In dorm North Carolina the nation and its media into a frenzy of assumptions so A crusading amiss Very justice may do men the crossteam hard to exotic dancers during a night, a drinking one of the day accuse accused three team members of a brutal gang rape, the bathroom they run down. Run house just offer dukes Tree Line EAST campus. Now, let's stop there. What do you think just then information, two sentences Democrats in the Senate, Judiciary Committee would have done with this. What do you say? Jeff Flake Susan Collins, at least some recounts would have done with it.
What do you think, CNN and MSNBC and the rest would have done with it? What we know what they did. The story scratched every social justice Ich. And everyone see more than happy to scratch away. Despite a lack of evidence. A little more than a year after the alleged sought nor care I now attorney General Roy Cooper took the unusual step of declaring the three accuse men innocent after a trap. Rush to accuse and he fell fi, serious allegations and prosecuting The district attorney MIKE knife on was disbarred and convicted of contempt. He says I grew up and Durham Blue from the rental house in question? I understood the community in the media environment into which the Molotov cocktails one communist called it had been tossed. I followed this.
Very closely and still was re amazed by the many misdeeds in the Eu S paean. Thirty, four thirty documentary, fantastic ally's Was cod which aired on the ten year anniversary the party forthwith ten moments from the let me remind you, how truly appalling it was number one. Prosecuted and I found conducted frequent media interviews after the story went National Fox NEWS Cbs Emma. NBC Newsweek Descrying Playbook play this is uncooperative and worse in a shop in their conviction as part of this prudent primary election campaign. What Didn't do is talk about the accuser com. Togo mangled Manga about her story. How closed off was he from alternative theories of the case for we
cried the convention that we had a story to tell ourselves Mr Knife and put his hands over his ears and said I don't wanna hear said: wait Smith Attorney, free cues player call infinity. He literally put his hands over his ears, said Jim Coney lawyer for accused player, Reed silicon Edmunds mother, Cathy added you don't speak to the accuser and euro, speak to the accused by your positive. Something happened. Number two, the rule violating photo lineups. There were three photographic I knobs presented a crystal manga. Accordingly, document or another reporting, all of which violated rules about photo lineups. They feature thing, but lacrosse players who were present at the party. She can't pick out the wrong path because there's no one in the lineup other than people, she's been told, were actually at the Party said Joe Cheshire Attorney, free cues, Blair, Dan Evans number three.
When the accused and families came to grips with this situation, the players on the duty maintain their innocence, but also their media silence, as they were It on their legal fate, Parliamentary gives to the wrongly accused what media coverage did not at the time of their accusation, their humanity, their humanity. She'll, admins mother told our heart wrenching story of son, delivering the news that he'd been accused mom. I need you to be stronger than you ve ever been in your entire life mom. She picked me. His mother recounted the documentary. Could also emphasise the seriousness of the accusations to Seligman, reed, whatever life you had before March. Thirteen is over that It was never going to happen. He said number four. What team Captain Dave Evans publicly profess their innocence,
my name, three men in her version of events, Kennedy and silicon. Both twenty at the time were indicted. First, The rest of the team waited anxiously to see who would be named the third attacker on the this meant that it was senior and team Captain Dave Evans. He made a passionate profession of international media called first, I want to say I'm m innocent of all. The charges have been brought against me today that column. Entertained, red silk men are innocent of all. The charges have been brought against them when the police- first came to my house. I fully cooperated and I've continued it how to cooperate with them when entered in and read the search warrant, my room Can I help them find evidence for almost an hour and told them tat they had any questions. We will gladly answer them to show that nothing Happened that night, I am innocent red Seligman. Is innocent com Clarity is innocent, every member that
Lacrosse demons innocent. You have all been old? Some third lies. He said number five. When the New York Times public editor explained the media's inability to cover this fairly neckties pop Senator Dan Operant diagnose the media coverage of the case in the documentary, as journalists excited to fine all their pet social justice issues. In one story, white over black was male or female, was rich over poor educated over on educated or things that we know happened in the world coming together in one place and journalists they start to quiver with a thrill when something like this happens. Operant said the New York Times public editor number six, when social social Justice protesters didn't understand due process.
One of the most frequently spotted protests, signs and Durham. In the wake of the Duke lacrosse case, indictments was get a conscious, not a lawyer,. The signs are a reference to the alleged wall of silence. The players had employed to protect the team there. To the house, with a party occurred had been cooperative with a search warrant. The entire team submitted a dna samples, but they were accused by police knifing in media being obstructive, because team denied accusations and acquired lawyers. They get them through the processes, anyone accused of a crime should do a post, Featuring, although across team members pictures distributed widely on the campus and around town. Would they headline please come forward? There was it turns out nothing to come forward about. Continue this when we return,
A friendly many calculated in German the media or exactly the same back then, I'm going to continue with this story a moment. Let me about this FBI investigation? If you have a real FBI investor issues- and there were the Democrats, keep demanding, isn't I will to flag demands, isn't that when we're Cowskin Collins and the rest of a greater Try this on precise doktor forward. Please provide us with all your medical record since the time you were in high school we need to get to the bottom of this one side, not the only side. That's investigated district, Now has been investigated six times, Doktor Ford.
Virus with the names of all your physicians since high school. Back before provide us with a list of all the places you ve lived since college. Doktor Ford. You ve, already waved privilege so provide us with an actual copy of your therapists notes. Doktor Ford provide us with all your yearbooks calendars schedules since high school because Kelly. White House is particularly interested. And I can go down a whole list. Ladies and gentlemen, that's how a real FBI investigations I'm just investigate one person. None of this was discussed on this the Judiciary Committee, none of it. None of it.
I heard these former prosecutors on the democratic side. So we need access to witnesses. We need Able to question them really know Investigation of this kind has ever done this way, indian than when it comes to due process. So it's just a job interview but wait a minute. The job interview, origin investigation, which is it job interview or investigation is neither. It's not a job interview, it's not an end, instigation take disgusting disgrace every damn one of these people every day, one of them Jeff. Like in particular, Susan Collins, and particularly some rakowski in particular, don't stand up For another human being in their due process, rights
The cabin or an innocent man under our system of law, isn't it man. Under our system of justice he's been charge when nothing. Let alone convicted on anything. And we had we all know the doktor forward. So persuasive. I have to be honest. Knocked me. I'd like one witness one patient, operating evidence. Anything there is nothing. But it was not. The cabinet had six investigations one of those senators mention that she had had none and the good old. Don't worry, county Police Department Chief spoke today say: hey we're up for business. Anyone want to come by light chain, about thirty six years, but he does raising the boy. You want an investigation, the Jurisdictions Montgomery County Maryland,
not a single lawyer has taken a single one of these accusers and that building to file a complaint, I gave MR cabin are now. Why is that? Ladies and gentlemen, because they are the rule of law, would actually have to apply to I'm not done,
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love in a new american revolution and starts here tomorrow. Clear then shall call at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one like the frenzied media now, ladies and gentlemen, just like during the Duke lacrosse scandal, twelve years ago,. Any cable network. You look here. Twenty four seven. Even my Sunday shall bump preempt, I'm just pointing it out. Let's continue with this story, Couple years all there was in the Federalist by Catherine HAM about this. Lacrosse team in these three members who were indicted and trashed in every social justice issue was poured into the case just like now. This is about.
Sexual harassment. About women's rights. This is about prison. The June so for but none of these things. This is one individual against another. It's about facts and evidence and witnesses. And Doktor Ford in her lawyers and the Democrats, on the committee in the media and certain republicans have had months to provide us with anything something we get. Nothing. Number seven: when the accuser took again when the accuser and accuse we're not in one place a one time for ten minutes, the three defence teams for the, He was put together a timeline for the night in question, using cell phone records receipts. I witnessed What's in the accuser story, sounds a lot like judge cabin Ass calendar. If you will,
became clear that there was no time during the window alleged in which all three young men and Madame De Stripper, when, Same place for long enough for an attack to happen. Seal admin was literally on a video, a mile away from the site at the time of the alleged assault, said: Teammate Rob Wellington who had left them Pretty with him to get cash in an atm, a mile from the party were still as visible on security footage Paden Man number eight. When a coach stood buys players, he lost his job coach. My press law had been coaching dukes lacrosse team for more than fifteen Here's during that time the team had made many and see a tournament appearances and an appearance in the championship game, two thousand five. When the story broken, the party, an alleged assault he stood by his team,
Arguing the season should not be cancelled until evidence emerged, evidence evidence, they'd been expect, to be national championship contenders again, but the universally fired coach, he went on to settle, would do for wrongful termination. Now the head coach Brian university, which the national Men's lacrosse team and twenty ten. I was actually advised to distance myself from them and at the time that was like blasphemy Presley's. In the documentary number nine When a young lawyer had a Perry Mason moment, they reveal the conspiracy de nigh farm at a price. Dna lab process samples after the states, public lab, came up empty produce and conclusions more favourable than iphones case as pretty cool,
to know. How could our state crime lab in this private lab come up with two pretty fundamentally different conclusions said attorney bread Ban. I find handed over twenty five hundred pages of raw technical DNA data to the defence and bore book on Amazon about forensic DNA and went to work need discovered unaided. If I dna renew this man in and on Magnum and her clothing. That hadn't been reported. He found notes indicating lab director brine means. Dna was also present. So a phd doing. Everything. He cannot to contend. The DNA leaves more dna in this rate, Kip than the entire ducal across team put together. Coney said At a hearing nine months after the party knife and tried to take the defence by surprise, presenting mean, as his dna expert before they had prepared to cross, examined
France team decided to have banning wash on the spot anyway became fairly clear. Now Fifteen minutes into it that the sport, realise that Brad Ban and knew what the hell he was talking about the defence. Confronted me and with weather It agree with nigh fond withhold. Some dna results. One answer to this question and answer being yes, because we did not report the reference profiles the specimens- and we did talk about reporting those number ten. When the falsely accused players should more majority than their professors and the media. All of the accused players are involved. The innocents project would This dna evidence to overturn wrongful convictions said read Haldeman upon his exoneration this entire,
Clearances open my eyes to a tragic world of injustice. I never knew existed if Polly officers and a district attorney consist of magically railroad us with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I can Imagine what they do to people who do not have the resources to defend themselves. Cannot imagine what they would do. An entire political movement. Ninety nine percent of the media and powerful senator this is me, speak out to destroy them. To this day, most of the Duke Faculty and leadership who prejudice across Blair's remain in their positions and I'm never apologized. Media figure. To apologize to retract are few and far between. Instead, most coverage offered grudging reporting on the dismissal of the charges.
Ten years later, despite a recent lesson in humility would be rolling stone, uv rape story, some of that. Judging tone remains, as it is: each right up on the documentary quote: it's bizarre eggs. Parents to watch a documentary that expects the viewer to root for a bunch of accused rapists. Now What's being done here is a railroad job, it's a railroad job in a thousand different way. When I watch this Shelly white horse today pull out a board Little Box from one of the dates.
Provided by cabin on his schedules, encounters Eddie CAP. And there were numerous names in the box and he only circle three. You see, ladies and gentlemen, he says look at this these three witness Doktor Ford says we're at the party here they are the same night together. Now that fact Mr Cabin all doesn't name doctor for it. Her friendly. When is obvious I would you name the women when you just been molesting. Somebody. It prevents no evidence, no substance, nothing, nothing whatsoever, any failed to mention the other boys mentioning that box, and yet he did
That information showed nothing of the sort it presents no evidence, no substance, nothing, nothing! What however any failed There were other boys mentioning that box, and yet he did it. I watch closer. Go on and on about social justice. Go on and on about what women feel when their sexually abused and I know it's terrific. Because I happened to somebody that I know that's not this case, MR cabinets, innocent he's been charged with nothing he's been charged with nothing.
He is an innocent man, there's no way Single witness who can place him in that bedroom. There is not a single witness who can place him in that room at the club. There's, not a single witness who complacent with Mark God in the hallway laughing they're going down the steps there is not a single witness who can place him anywhere. Community on the alleged day. This is a railroad job. The democratic embracing doctor for not because they do not because they give a damn about
doktor forward any more than they gave a damn about. Wanting to broader it or Mary joke affect me, her Catholic Willie or apologize. They supported Bill Clinton through all of his sexual marauding. He supported his wife to fight, despite the fact that she trash those women. We actually of George Deaf Annapolis. A new major media figure asking questions about the cabinet matter. When he led the war room trashing the women, media outlets weather. Sexual molesters, who they reluctantly had Suspender Remo Programme make put up for years. We're. Congress plus He could settlement with american taxpayer dollars.
With women who they ve sexually assaulted are sexually her out and we were too, such pervasive, and we don't hear about it anymore. We are one of the men. Pointing finger a built at Mister Cavanaugh who sits on that China, Judiciary Committee, who, at nineteen ninety four confessed, and I call up. Then he my life than a woman, Her will pay for my friend and his name is core poker. Just another week of an FBI investigation, ladies and gentlemen, Another week. All of a sudden, the Democrats like law enforcement. All of a sudden they support law enforcement All the talk you ve heard about law enforcement being a tie,
I forget American, all the talk. I've heard about law enforcement being out of control. All that talk. If you have heard about this, tat, cowboy cops and all the rest of it not anymore. Now, what's the gold standard. The war they allow the FBI to really dig into doktor forts passed as the FBI and the past is dug into Mister common laws passed. If you do that and re United States senator you're a bully who hates women your bully, who hates women. I'll be right back
I want you to understand this. So called story has the media in a frenzy their ratings are going through the roof, which means there at rates will go through. This isn't a search for truth. I understand what I'm telling you. All they programme. Is you only on this there lad. This has gone on for another week, I'm turned about the republic, turned about our future. That's where my head is No that three years is too, but their countless. Their count on you to be glued to the tv all week and watchfulness stuff. Count me out nothing's going to happen over the weekend. Zero.
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digits has gone, has got the congressmen in a defensive crouch. And looking small, isn't very becoming. First came the publicans retreat from his prior support for the America, for tax reform. No pledge, plus attacks pledge the only, the guide sign as a pledge to sign a more pledges Eve out in the debate last week then, campaign, released and add. Accuses his opponent, a former. U S, surgeon general and combat decorated Vietnam, Vet I've, having quote Issues with anger, with ethics and with women on quotas and the ad Christina ITER, MR harmonious former supervisor, at their health and Human Services Department, recalls Mr Carmona twice they banging on your door after midnight. Mister Mona claims he visited vetoes home only wants for a few minutes over the holiday.
But she lied because this incident never occurred, but that didn't manner to MR flake. On Friday, he struck back with an ad featuring as former Swat team commander, Kathleen Brennan quote rich reach everyone, respect Does it matter whether your male or female rich was about protect People in saving lives says Miss Brennan, so when I see a career politician like Jeff Flake attacking Rich Carmona Spend his life helping others it's despicable congressmen flake should be ashamed Miss vetoes colleagues at Hs have since found her integrity regardless of whether her allegations are true they're likely to alienate voters imputing On its character, is usually a high risk strategy, but a team or dicey when the target is personally well liked, like strict Carmona,
and even more so when the assailant is floundering in the pause, as is Mr Flake, they recent public survey shows him down by two points I usually try to keep their hands clean by allowing super backs the under of this nature, Mr Flakes Fingerprints, however, all over this one, the Abbe it's what they candidate saying. He approves the message maybe their flight figures, the spot is merely payback raw. Chronic adds, had accuse him of trying to get veterans benefits in terms women, essential medical care, you see, ladies and gentlemen, MR, Blake has figured out. But if you want to be loved by the media. You want to be led by the left. Then you need to be a maverick predict. They, when you spend every waking our
From the president of the United States,. I suspect this is Mr Flake Swan song. He's gonna each trumpet lesson. You know he's not. Scottie Twoshoes that the media expect you to believe Are you mister, flake be right back with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv more, Oh phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism Anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this. They discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and the ball is in your dad
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brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, dot com offered code Levin now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight one one Let's see here the lawyers for Doktor Ford. Insisting that there should be an investigation with no limits time or otherwise,
these republicans are such damn force, and you know what it's not even the Republicans. Generally, it's three of them. And it's almost always the same. Damn three. Susan, counts least some and Jeff Flake. And I think there are independent they're, not independent, they have no carry whatsoever to stand up to this mob. My ladies and gentlemen, I dont defined MIKE, Acting by what the left demands. I dont define justice by what the left demands better. Define the culture and society by what the left demands.
This is not a case about all women the case about all women who been sexually molested. This is a matter about to individuals. An accuser and an accused, regardless of their gender. That's the way justice works. You ve gotta have more than an accusation Otherwise were all guilty all the time. As your children are all guilty all the time, this speck, on the United States Senate The Senate Judiciary Committee wouldn't be allowed in an elementary school with an accusation. There has to be something more when you suspend a child, You suspend a confirmation.
Mr Flake is a coward. There's nothing noble about him. Susan Collins is a coward. There's nothing noble about her some Mc Caskey is a coward there's, nothing noble above her. They refuse to stand up for basic justice. Something men and women have fought for and died for throughout the history of this country. Something an entire revolution was fought for. The media like to talk about freedom of the press. There are other essential rights to make due process like probable cause Like presumption of innocence,.
The Democrats rejected all the key: Turning to the FBI. We need another FBI investigation. Now there should be no limits. Next they're gonna say cabin. I should get a life Take your test, I'm telling you. We have no idea who doctor for it is, ladies and gentlemen, people or painting a picture for you and your being told, except it don't question. Except it don't question it: you're not even allowed to say I don't find her credible and I dont finder credible. If somebody were to come up to me and say that. Was done. I've got no wit I have no evidence, I have not anything, I what he's pushed Gruber.
Oh shit, thirty, six years ago that was done. I don't know exactly where I don't remember how I got home? I, the people who were there UK. Ok, let me get on the phone, you call the people who are there. They say I was never there one. I'm says I don't you know they all cabin eyes. That's your best friend. I listening carefully to the way these speeches. Were given by the Democrats in particular, they already concluded Cavanaugh is guilty. The other person in the room when this took place Mark Judd. The other person in what room on what took place with marked jet. Facts haven't been established. No fact. Have been established, we away their accusation. No facts
been established whatsoever, none not a single scintilla non! Nothing! Nothing! If there were facts wouldn't you think the Democrats would have presented it we're actual witnesses. Don't you think the Democrats would have presented about the lawyers. You know at the end of yesterday MR cabin testimony, you I concluded ok, it's over now, but Mr Flag buckled cos coward because he doesn't believe in the rule of law because he doesn't believe injustice Did they go they fall on this. This bromide. We B investigation. We need an FBI investigation of what exactly it won't be a good enough investigate
they want include Ramirez and I'll make it want want. I want include these other women and lobby in one excuse after another, think they were rushed or the in its waters to the FBI they weren't, clear enough and so forth and Sun, and what about Ms Doktor Ford rather die? forge testimony. Focusing on the prosecutor and focus on what the prosecutor uncovered. Stop focusing on the dramatics focus on the facts. She said she doesn't like flying. She flies all the time on vacation and connected to a job. She said the polygraph was long and they were sticking all kinds of things on earth. In the end, it was much longer than she thought I gather The polygraph said he asked two questions.
She couldn't remember back in July whether she handed the actual transcript the notes with a therapist. I was on the phone and gave a summary to the report at the Washington Post. I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, that's nice! press memory. That's three months ago course. She knows. She didn't know who pay for her polygraph, where the lawyers said they had their many other questions. Turns out she sixty eight miles. Her house was sixty miles from the place, be general place. The club. In which she says she was sexually molested. She has no memory of how she got home. None. Well, that's repressed memory! Ok, but you accused a man. Of sexual molestation.
In unless your memory becomes unrest? What the hell is he supposed to do about it. When you don't have any witnesses and nothing else at the bunch of screaming Democrats. Slobbering media. Fat people running in the hallways Congress screaming at you. What exactly do we have here? Nothing, nothing. And then at all dressed up in political drama? another giveaway. Several democrats. Get up from the committee hearing and walk out in words. They bring their tote protests from the streets,
the committee room. This is unparalleled unprecedented. And there are scores of Democrat House members who are women in the audience who have get up and walk out exactly the same time completely orchestrated. As they all go to the media and say the same thing. I also noticed the diversion of the Democrats from the committee accused Mr Cavanaugh of accusing Doktor Ford of orchestrating all this. That's not what he did. He, the Senate Democrats and their leftwing group like straining less, And he has good reason to I demonstrated on tv last week and I've got memos right in front of me. If you go to a few, have men and black it's in the appendix member
after memo page after page Strategy session after strategy session between Democrat members of the Senate, Dick Durban truck Sumer, Patrick lay he and others With left wing groups, the proceedings. Off the hearings. Delay the proceedings put off. They hearings, one of them even talks about the FBI. It's there all book, ladies and gentlemen, two thousand, two thousand three members: there book it worked and blocking a ton of joy. Bobby Bushes Circuit court nominees and they figure it'll work again, and they will what's another week, what's another month What's the hurry, what's another election american,
Ireland dont forget, merit garlon,. They held them up for nine months. I heard club Archer say here's what she didn't say. Because she's a liar to Miss Cloverton, When you pointed out America, Ireland media and point out that Joe Biden, Barack and Chuck humor all walked to the Senate floor. Before when George W Bush was president said he must not nominate anyone in the last year of as President You mentioned that former prosecutor. Why didn't you tell the american people that Why didn't you also tell the american people your party, led by Mr Humor filibustered more, traditional nominees than ever be An american history collectively, then get rid of their fellow buster for every nominee below the Supreme Court, one! Oh,
Who was president. Why didn't you tell the american people that. You all play the system into play. The audio that I play here repeatedly earlier in the week of Joe Biden saying these FBI examinations mean nothing apps. Nothing because they don't reach conclusions and they don't make recommendations, come you didn't say that and how Madame prosecutor, you didn't point out that not a single one of these accusers and their lawyers ever went camera caddy Police department and filed a complaint today, not yesterday, not ten years ago. How come you didn't point there? there you what I had your investigation quote on quo, but she didn't cause it's all theatre. And the american people suffer from this the intact the Supreme Court, is being destroyed right before your eyes,.
I dare say every one of those justice is no matter who nominated them, Democrat, Republican activists. Constitutional issues Watching this. But their jaws on the floor with their jaws on the floor. I'll be right back What am I gonna write from this at the bottom of the hour? Have a Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Of whom I am an enormous fan, as you well know, very likely to have on the programme, Joy, helping my lesson like Nathaniel who only I saw the Iris
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Four: nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred now. If you want your mental sanity this week, In this way, this weekend, Saturday and Sunday seriously, at a time when your families. We watch some sports Gee TV, the history, tat Stay away from this stuff, nothing gonna happen over the weekend it just Be repeated, repeated, repeated and repeated again. With analysis by the media, just like the Duke lacrosse case- I'm quite serious just do yourself a favor stay away from it. I'm gonna stay away from it. Then don't turn on my show expecting to see on Fox. I won't be there at ten p m. Back the following week at ten p m I soon. So
you want to keep that in mind. Mr producer, You recommend that I speak to first off in the programme here. The great debut ABC Bruce in New York go Mister women I want to share with you. I was a vacuum report. Its brutal sexual assault. When I was younger, when I finally decided to get therapy a little strange that I followed the life, The person assaulted me in I I presume this won't get out of prison, go back the present die in prison, but I always wondered what level of course was there myself It saddens me that that is Absolutely normally, we study with me this ninety seven percent of people. Rebecca violent assaults, power power. The person has done that,
because they feared one of two things that happen. Again a retribution for putting the person in jail with that said back and forward Therefore, repeatedly said, Elizabeth Duty become forward before Judge Carol was accorded to the Supreme Court wet my my pointing always is is judge at all has been in the public life. For many many years using the Bush administration and he sat on the highest climbing the land in it. If earth are I believe that by someone like me, I was in there. May I draw square Why was it not herself to really come forward? when he was in the Bush. Administration was what he did Second highest priority in the land,
this. This is a very interesting planned by the way. I'm sorry you went through this horror. I truly am, but you raise a fascinating point, you are saying is somebody. Experience, something that was horrific law. Didn't she come forward their civic duty and all the public positions he how she had many opportunities to do it in the answer, they're gonna tyres weave a study on on the memory suppression, I don't think that's answer now that we're at this point I appreciate your calls. You wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel better Odin, tired and attache eating healthy as a habit. Most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled a green
as a full, serving a real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boost. Community, using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Now this is real food, not some fake, supplement, lab powder, just read the new tradition facts panel on the side, gotta be cows Levine dot com and get fifteen percent off your first water with the offered code Levin now you know you're not going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So let's not print and just get one full cup of fruits and one for cup of vegetables every day with field of greens, gotta brick House, Levin, Dotcom, brick, EL. I e the iron dot com offer code, Levin, Prime Minister Netanyahu? How are you, sir? I remarked group a doctor.
The pleasure. I observed your speech at the United Nations and usually you give a hell of a speech and you pointed out secret atomic warehouse in IRAN. Do you want to describe that in some detail to the audience here? A few months ago, We conducted a daring rate in the heart of Tehran and took go from a secret holes in. It is looking compound southern disrepute thereon. We brought over one hundred thousand secret files and videos of IRAN Secret Nuclear Weapons programme we bought into to Israel, and then I went by
Show the short summary of that to the international media. Yesterday I uncovered a second secret side that the Iranians have this time. It's not primarily for archives offered document is full equipment and material and and other secret warehouse in there on a few about three miles from the other secret side. What do they have? There are our had until recently were fifteen containers like ship containers with equipment in material. We also know that last August they had early August, actually they removed fifty kilograms of radioactive material from the side spurted. In various places IRAN to hide the evidence, so obviously they're, hiding this, and I said that
The international Atomic Energy Agency should go into back outside. We gave this information to leading intelligence agencies. A while ago we this information to the six weeks ago and my hope my request is: are they going to check the site? You remember the promise that was given when they did this disastrous IRAN deal IRAN. Nuclear deal is that you can have inspections anytime anywhere my request is to do the inspection right now right there do you think they will wild there's no reason not to I mean what I can tell you is that, since the discovery of the, since we discovered uncovered the first sight of the Atomic Secret Atomic archives, IRAN has been busy trying to clear out the second side, the secret atomic
but even if they get out the material they might very well, let's leave all sorts of radioactive immigrants, so I think I think we should go there as speedily as possible without giving fake information out on the first one or the second, when it's all real, all too Mr Prime Minister, your relationship with the present the United States seems to be very very good. How would you describe them very, very good air? Is it the better, in Israel. In my history look I can say that there is a tremendous alliance between Israel and the United States and its gone through several presidents and several administrations, but I can say unequivocally that the alliance between Israel and the United States under President tramp
Ever stronger and stronger than ever in every field, you know, Mr Prime Minister, you brought up. Romanians hiding their em, they're atomic, late in materials and so forth, the relationship with the United States. There are some people in the United States who say well, that's all Well, what the Iranians are doing? What does that have to do with us? What do you want to tell him? Look? Iran governs IRAN only governor pirates of IRAN, Dictators they haven't ideology
and then ideology that they should govern the world that there there is one major satanic force in the world is the great Satan called the United States. Israel is merely an adjunct, though, that, where a small Sweden, except for a closer by and we prevent them from taking over the western part of the Middle EAST, so ultimately their goal is the United States their building or try to build nuclear weapons. For that purpose, that's why they? IRAN deal as president round so disastrous because it actually gives them. I way to enrich uranium. Four hundred nuclear bombs are more didn't, prevent them from developing the ballistic missiles at all, didn't even touch it to reach the United States with those hundred and more
atomic bombs. So I'd say you know if you're and analysing the pre eminent terrorist regime of our time and this party, from all over the place. In fact, their agents were caught a few months ago, plodding terrorist attacks and american soil, and so to have the leading to a regime of the world that is ideologically committed to death to America to have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to any place. In the United I'd say that that you concern every American Salem. If you know we look at the situation in Syria, which is extremely dangerous, you ve got Russia involved, you ve got Turkey, IRAN, you ve, got all kinds of terrorist groups and, of course, the terrorist regime in Syria. And the Iranians. Of course they keep trying to build these sites closer and closer to Israel's borders and threatened Israel and so forth. Can explaining the american people
why this is so serious? What what do you want to do is to build up an empire? begins in IRAN and goes all the way to the Mediterranean: IRAN, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon under the already control now one land continuum. They want a base submarine base in Syria on the mediterranean The challenge, a challenge. Any aught of american interests could challenge Europe. All your other key allies to challenge american forces in the Middle EAST they want to put in airports. Are there that could challenge American now american plans and most of all, they want to put their army there to continue their campaign. Eradicate Israel. If this were to succeed, then the whole Middle EAST would collapse and would collapse into a long time
There are already trying to circle the Middle EAST. By going beyond this northern continuum to the Mediterranean, they're going to the to Yemen and they're, trying to their already fire,
rockets, seven hundred kilometre range rockets into Riad into Saudi Arabia, so they're out on a mission of conquest. If the Middle EAST, where to fall America's vital interests, would be jeopardize in a way that will be infantile readily available. The shipping lanes, the world trade, the prestige of the United States, the allies of the United States. You know people go with a strong and few enemies who were sworn enemies. Community destruction are able to conquer critical part of the world. That is very, very bad. So what we ve learned from history is it you want to start bad things when their small, not when their big right. Now there is a new alliance taking place first of all, the lines between America and Israel, as I said under President John, is stronger than ever before, but President Trump
Something else. He's recognise the threat from IRAN and instead of cobbling IRAN embracing IRAN is confronting and user. You know he's pudding, sanctions, reimposing, american sanctions on the regime that curtains, everyone, and that is having a very powerful effect and weakening. Given that the same IRAN president, certainly around the corner,
If not, the family was well one. An indication of that. Our ideas I mean the value of the currency runs currency has plummeted. It used to be forty thousand react to the dollar just a few months ago. Now it's one hundred and seventy or eighty thousand react to the dollar. That's you know they lost a tremendous amount of the value of their currency and in no time so it's working and the president is not appeasing these theological, theological, dictatorship, theocracy, is confronting it and that's the right thing to do against people who are your sworn enemy. You know there's a lot of great things happening inside Israel. I've been there recently. I see just living in building and building going on. I see american companies where I see a lot of technology there. So, even though you have all these enemies surrounding you, how is it
Your economy has grown to the extended grown, and your technology is really it's really developed in a big way. One word: freedom, Brown, but a good chunk of my time in office, Prime Minister for Finance Minister deliberately Roma economy to make it a free market economy. If you combined free markets where the ingenuity of our people get thousands and thousands of start ups that are creating, because the companies own autonomous vehicles and I d and cyber security and medical devices and digital twelve percent Agriculture, you know what I mean:
There were all over the place, and Israel is the other really and centre of technology innovation, because people now that they can actually make companies and companies tend to make great fortunes. They can also lose many of them do, but many of them succeed until it gives the incentive, for this is kind of innovation, free markets The innovation without free markets that work that knowledge without remarked it doesn't work free markets without innovations eventually produce innovation. At what happened. What happened in Israel once we liberated those markets need again, but I got a asking this question. Chum him, my skull, you want to tell him. I went to child him your little older than I am. You really remember anything about children out of work, or do you remember when I first Gambler
I couldn't believe my eyes and looked to me like it was some grand hotel, modern it had. I must tell you had excellent, You know that the system- I don't have that in your time of honours glasses, remember that. They put me in these honours classes, but then could about ten in them. The teachers were uniformly good and I received a great education one summer, sun, lasting friendships. In fact, I just met a guy who was with me on the socket table because I play
I was and is ready to play soccer, and you know you ve then went on to do all sorts of things in pharmaceuticals about unfair for about two years and I just met a man and a third time stood still, and I still remember those days quite fondly. I think received, a wonderful education and a great appreciation for the greatness of America affords no for its freedom, ingenuity points. Combination of individualism and patriotism and nationalism, and I think these are the things Characterized Israel to him that's why in many ways were kindred societies. You know that would be a limit they say you're away and there you and in this respect the deepest values that absolutely and you were there weren't you, because your father was-
great historian. I just want the american people to know this. I believe he was at the University of Pennsylvania and then my team. I read about them now actually was in a small college: Dongle dropped a college but he will do your research. This work forward became later a very I was a groundbreaking work. Mediaeval Spain and acquisition indicated was one of the greatest pennies and there was a great hispanic library from enough, so we were there, but he subsequently went to corner university. After my brother fell, envy radon antenna to release is rarely hostages held by German and and terrorists. Returned to his work, but then the time we spend in Philadelphia was something that I always valued and try, and even those very launch homesick but
I've learned later than one thousand. I glean much from it. And yes, my father was a great scholar greatest or him, and then he talked about the great things that can be achieved by a free one spirit. Well, I wasn't gonna do this by you raised in your brother, my wife, Julie's, been reading letters from your brother and brother was a brilliant young man. He was a courageous young man, he was, he was not just a fighter, but he was a man of peace to end tabby there was a horrible horrible thing, but he was a hero was any way everywhere. You didn't have to die to become a legend alleging that alone, like timely, died at the age of thirty, but he had lived. Many missions he was in many ways, a philosopher, even a poet.
But he was also a warrior, because he understood that in the circumstances of Israel's birth and our battle to protect our living in a very hostile Middle EAST, there was no As he said, I have no alternative but to devote my life to the defence of my people in my country which he did, they were, even though he had studied at Harvard was made a dangerous. After was wounded in the six day, war was all of twenty one. You want, I would state Warrior- was operated on now because of the wounded received in which they work Virtually operating Walter made Walter Reed Hospital but he said you know. I have to come back to Israel and he did, and I would enter the army at the time I was younger than and he said to me you know I can't sit on the sidelines.
And watch what usual sustain the terror attacks began in those days. I have to go back into the and I want to go back into your unit, especially at it and I said, you're out of your mind. You know you're you're wanted your disabled. He said I dont care, I'm going back in and by sheer force of will he made it back join. My unit became its commander and leather forces to Entebbe where they risk. There's really hostages under and possible circumstances, and in that during raid he was the only soldier who died and left a great legacy of ours.
I have to say that when I go today around the world, they know the story. They appreciated, because you have to understand the arab world to change change because they see the common thread of IRAN, because they understand that Israel's enemy Bugger, an invaluable ally because they want not only cooperation in sending laugh, militant Islam But also our technology, forgetting their people, a better life. So when you say how these rules doing Remarkably, well, economically, because a free market, but it's also doing well geopolitically, because we joined now with President Trump and under president in a common battle against the forces that threaten our comments. And that's that's reason. Well, you're, a remarkable man
About rather remarkable family- and I want to thank you for taking the time to be with us for your work, always gotta talk to you to god- bless there is the prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, we'll be right back. We only have thirty or forty seconds, but I want to say Prime Minister Netanyahu role as time wasn't. I was the unbelievable. This What I try to do it my faction. At the weekend. You're tired of the news, you're tired of fourteen different guests going on and on. The drill over and over and over it's Sunday night. My flock show, and you ve heard everything Saturday morning.
Through nine p m to ten p m. My goal: that's why I agreed to do this life liberty and live in just so. You know. But not this Sunday will be pre empted, Ai Weiwei, It back now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script filling we once again made contact with our leader and everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I'm getting tons of emails pouring in
tell me how much who enjoy the interview with the, Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and I can see why not because the interviewer, but because of the interviewing and I'll tell you something else. You want a little respite from this nightmare the sun it'll be their Monday. You're not gonna, learn a single new. Of information all weekend, long you're, not gonna From these politicians who are gonna be hit in the Sunday shows on the side of they shows you're, not gonna, hurt learned from the house to me and the country It is in that you're not gonna, learn a damn thing and you're gonna get your mind. Your heads gonna blow up with these endless replaced. But the same video in the same all over and over and over again. Let's start over Monday with it: ok, we do need a battle that we do need to fight it, but we do want me to get stupid with
constant dumbing down, what constant dumbing down. For me and I think the questions I've asked are quite unique here with respect to. Doktor Ford, whom we don't know were told that we should believer we are told that we should believe everybody This is about women and victims. It's not about any of that. But if you're gonna have a real FBI investigation to real get to the bottom of this, and we really have to judge character. Then just cabin all with the six investigations. Then doctor, for us to be investigated raised some of the questions that would normally be asked in a situation like this. By local law enforcement by detectives.
Provide us with your medical records Since the time you were in high school. Provide us with the names of all your physician since the time you're in high school. I mark your boat. No, you want an investigation. You know if you're a cop out there, if you detective com, Call the nation tell TAT, tell them how this You're really going to investigate. When I got a place as you ve lived you were in college. You know we want to talk to your landlords. Are the people who knew you there, see what kind of life you lead. I mean we know what kind of life cabinet. Let We have no idea what kind of Life Doktor Ford LAB. College or anywhere else. None and you're not allowed to ask well I'm asking because Now we're doing an investigation. A clip Investigation, that's what the FBI does on the one hand they say it's a job interview. On the other hand, it's a criminal investigation.
Provide us with your actual therapists notes, you already waved privilege you talked about a oughta. Really some of them are summarised merit. Your privilege is gone. Provide us with all your yearbooks calendar schedule since high school, because we know Shelly White House from Rhode Island he's obsessed with this stuff. But this is the sort of thing you're gonna hear. In the next few days you gonna hear fines and when they give this letter, you know said the same thing over and over again. Well, let me tell you we better turn the chapter here, because we're under it Kavanaugh is under attack. This administrations under attack the Supreme Court's under attack, constitution the bill of rights are under attack. Our society is under attack, it son Only in front of your faces.
And yet for using the same game plan that they use before. Last Sunday, this week tonight I've read from these metals to you from tooth. Two two thousand three, and so for the. Strategy was laid out there almost twenty years ago. That's what they did and do two nominees. Not a single republican senator brought that people talk about the prosecutor, though I think that, Damn good job and she did her job. I'd, say: half of the republican senators did their job. Some of them were dormant. Some of them are giving us lectures about bi partisanship. I mean it was amazing to me. We're very passive in their explanation of the process. You have any innocent man here who has charge with anything. Somebody comes out of nowhere. Nowhere.
Thirty. Six years after the AL, the alleged fat. Not a single witness. She doesn't even mention that she disgusted with their parents. Nobody. Not a single person. She sites was at the party now when those there was a party She doesn't know how she got up. You're not allowed to ask is why I'm asking it. You want a criminal investigation. This the tip of the iceberg. Care. What Ba Ba said, then in the aid being says now or two hundred letters from people who want the whole norms. What are they now they'll know a damn thing. This there psychologist reporter this psychiatric report in this report and that report that we go in here goes back to the beginning.
The left, believes they own the Supreme Court. Is there a little politburo and if you get closely getting five on their, they go to war? That's the bottom line. Just about abortion, it's about whatever they wanted to be about. Obama care, you name it immigration. You know they truck. They try to stop the ballot boxes, as it is, they will not allow these states the clean up the Elect Leah voter, any I'm the stage, try to insist that you gotta show some kind of EL, I d. In order to vote. They accuse your racism, which has really preposterous time they try to clean off the voter roles, so people are- just written twelve hundred places, don't get the vote and four hundred places. You are racist and we allow this. You look at the dunes On tv thou mouse than knucklehead going on and on
the tube and other world. Bring race under this race. When Clarence Thomas was nominated, who are races, They were the racists. So you can ever win. You can never win should get a fight them. You gotta. But if I hear one more audio or see what more video of Jeff Lake Why are already or video come all our Harris. I want more audio and video of some eighty eight on the view, Joe J Bay Heart, he out the radio. If I see one more, repetition over and over and over again drive up the nominal cry about tonight? serious functions is what you want to hear all we can do so when I want to hear.
I'll, be right back. From where Broadcasting Burt Reynolds lived. About three or four miles away: there we got to meet him. And kind of sad really. He was set to do no movie to you got here, in a wheelchair, much of the time, difficult walking back at all because he did most of his own stunts. Then he broke a number bones. Anywhere there. You have it the ask any aim at member, but they like most about belonging to the conservative alternative, a r p,
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I ask the UN dies. And then on broadcasting through our internet, back up times the computer freezes as it is now, son talking to you is another human being giving information that I have you no stored up in my mind over all these decades of research in reading and doing the things that I do. And frequently the call screen patches out. So, MR producer, the kind of slipped me a text or an email. So let's, let's go! I let's talk to you folks, a little bit to it's Friday. After all, that's going to carry In our lay the gray K our ally, eight, seventy eight, the answer there right ahead, please, let's eleven, you got it Huge there really really love you sure you show under. Thank you
I was in the on a mostly butter gets your tv, and I'm glued to the tv on Sunday I'm, not I'm not there. Ten, this Sunday, so's nothin be gluten. Really that. Thank you very much. I appreciate I know. So the question is: will this is great guy patriot, near thirty, three or veteran broke begin on my twin. I'm just wondering you know. Is there any chance that Mr Cavanaugh could step in the same landmines, so to speak. Now I don't think so. I don't think so. I think he's been around long. Enough has also been an investigator. He worked for can start, but you do raise an interesting point. Carrion. That's this They not only one block
cabinet, because I don't believe that actual constitution there should be too many on the Supreme Court. Trying to fundamentally transform America, This is also pay back because he served under can star. The penny council staff its pay back from Hillary Clinton and the Democrats For Jeff Flake, using Collins and least get more and all the other cowards. Cowards to allow this man to be treated the way he's being treated ro the entire rule of law and due process a presumption of innocence out the window to fall? ACT when this phony bromide about we need another FBI. Investigation is disgusting and we should never forget these people. Never ever ever forget these people they have. Tell a terrier mines: Collins Mc Flake, not arrested
All right, they're, not on the right side here there on the wrong side here are I carry thanks. Three a call, much appreciated. My friend drew in Texas on the mark, Levant go the air. Has a girl mark. Ok, thank you. Well, you know. I don't have much more a question of much of the carpet protected, so I'm on my way. Twenties I've got a wiser gotta, be time. I've got a good career ten years ago, but sixteen seventeen years old I had someone. My life said they had they were. They were right now when they were asked about it, her parents about it. They put my name on that. I will live in the country the time I was in Israel that king my life for the next couple of years at it open that everything I had ever done it with not going to conquer and how are we going to school a lot of things in my family life
I wouldn't really competent that, because I knew I was an event because there was no evidence, there was never any. It was at that talk to me. I've met with them. I told them were always at what things are going on in there here, ten years later, when I see the me movement and I feel I wasn't ever adjudicated or what happened now and I go? There was no evidence that we value innovation. They were now. There was no police, her boy nature came to Iceland and let it now I get kind of flexibility if we were going to how we're going to need, because blinded me now, Now I was a little anecdote by my story. It was considered that the truth of what happened that wasn't me. I think it happened, but it wasn't me. Couldn't have been? Was in the country during the time it she said that they had had happened, but we now look at this. What's going on here, I see what's on line
Even today, I thought adapted similar sharing faith, that the false accusation is only four hundred. Maybe a couple of matter falsely accused as if my wife doesn't matter that my story family ruin. My point is: even those statistics show that in most cases, The accusation is legitimate. There are cases when they're, not that's why we have a legal system here here I mean then this could this could go well beyond, even even even cases of alleged sexual violence, her actual cycle provides, you can t In any category, some guy steals a loaf of bread. I mean a meaning go on and on and on it they bend over backwards. Terrorists they bend over backwards for mass murders? I bent over backwards, be people who leave their pledge guilty or been convicted. They call it. Criminal justice reform here you have a car, We spent a judge, twelve years, he served in in the book administration no witnesses, no, nothing. And in their upset you see because they don't like that
crash when the committee the way he reacted. Well, I ask a question: what about began. Member on our committee was accuse. Your worries accused up gang rape, Every Democrat I get any worse traded, though, Eve being traded, yet they beg sit there. Yet they take They're, like some kind of a stone like us, then skin they are already working on it. We don't like the way where traded, how would you they be accused of a crime without due process. Where are they but you didn't find yourself. What do you think that Kemal Irish? What are you doing? About that lay he begged sakes, like course, the man's angry, girls, a wife, nobody, Benjamin, oh, you know the democratic dont say, treat him pair fairly and bent over now they accuse them of being an ugly drunk. They accuse him up of arc islands of insidious and yes, the poisonous things
once they have nothing, nothing whatsoever, and then they shit there, unlike drew America about the canary process. They could take damn timidly process and that table and every chair in that committee and shove it and shove it. How dare they I'll, be right back. The establishments worst nightmare, I love, then call now eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one! Every time you go online Internet provider and advertising companies they can track what you do and so your personal information that happening to you and you haven't. They know, I'm sure, that's how they know
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This is the time to do it. Let's see who's calling out there get me a second. Our system here hold on hold on hold on hold on having to do this. Literally. If you saw me, you gotta have a camera in here. I'm doing this literally off my Iphone Dane and Plano texts are still there. The great W b ip go ahead, sir, then, are you there I am well. You got a lower your radio and come on the air. Ok! now do it now, I'm gonna move on. I'm going to root out a rap. Let's go the whole nations listening lawyer go go ahead. Bach Let's get let's move on here. Let me get another car, no offense, but you know you gotta, be quick on the draw here, how
bad Jerry Prosaic New Jersey. The great W Abc Go watch movies fairy like one the Politburo and the communist chinese number one number two. What Diana Feinstein's did was an absolute disgrace at the same speed that you have to believe in Alice in Wonderland. Then I got over that many years ago and now, but we do you believe the Republican Party over their gradually is an absolute disgrace. He bent over backwards one Ozma too After the second time are you did not grasp leads Mcdonald's, calling the shots, while their benefits that he should be there, second time all my colleagues, the so called leader does. He seemed like a letter to you for me seems like a prayer. Then I'll be down. They should have voted on this last week. They knew these these near the mob was coming,
they know they have cowards, look stared justice in the I am blink by the name of Flame by the name Collins by the name of broke ass. You know, ladies and gentlemen, these people, should be hearing from you, not just the left, but just the media, if you're, civil and polite what you should be these people, to hear from you I understand, I see all these radical cooks and Congress, I see all the protesters in Congress. I see all this stuff going on. There should be a massive effort by you, the american people, to come these officers again politely civilly and say: look we want this man confirm We know that this is a railroad operation goin on here. This is like that. Crash team. Now you stand up for justice or you out, and let me tell you any these politicians. Flake has done here If any these others.
Running a primary some time and they keep this up. We're gonna have to defeat them. We're gonna have to focus all of our efforts to feeding them. This injustice is a cancer within the republican Party. We would Obama CARE killed by now. If it wasn't for this cancer within the Republican Party, this only maverick liberal added. What is nothing but cowardice people selling out till the left. Thank you for your causer. Actually, the poor guiding get to say too much daily, MR produced, All right who do you recommend rich, get me somebody who you think is good, Brad, intact, it's the great w b I pay. I suggest that must be in the Dallas Fort Worth area. That is
Thank you very much protect my cards one day, my wife and I are back orders of yours and great fear that pressure you taken my call. Thank you, sir. I wanted to say. I think that thanks to wake they now meaning the Democrats have a means to slow walk. I contrived FBI investigation. I guarantee boards attorneys, are going to stone wall and keep her away from investigation or weak. If not passed the mid terms- and I think the Democrats are going to be my- and they already did that once right now- Tat, the woman who was afraid of flying. Told us, trustworthy and true for in every respect as all the time, including on vacations. Absolutely
absolutely. I believe that they got to flight and they said you know what you vote, but you put conditions on your boat and we will have on and I think, Mcconnell and enforced, we Trump slipped right into that rules, we're gonna, get trumpets a bystander. Really I mean he's kind of trying to be polite. Cosy does one upset before five of these knucklehead, so really can't blame him. I mean not in control of the Senate. These ain't people who undermine him on the wall, and so many other things excuse me I think we really gonna stay focused on the problem here. It's flake its Collins, its Mc Caskey, its those three they are responsible for what's taking place right now, there's only fifty one Republicans. Only fifty and they are cabal they could together
They consort together in their own way, and obviously they are arts who sat up and in it And here's the thing they were like a badge of honor. They were like. I don't No, I mean this Collins who We talk in complete sentences thank you for your call when us I need to do rich. You know no study just came out of China and India. Where that air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence. This, in a day, to the well known, impacts on physical health, high pollution levels led to significant drops and test scores with language, Anna Arithmetic, the average and equivalent to having lost an entire year of education. This is specially important with ninety five percent of the global population breathing unsafe fair. So what does this have to do with you? The smart thing to do go to fill
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Oh, you can hear the Netanyahu Interview over a conservative review c r my website over there, they ve Stood it Andy, unbelievable the wonderful things he said very personal, also the policy issues I think Yola really enjoy it IDA. San Francisco California, the great care sofa, go Mark, Then I ve been learning talk to you for a long time, look of a quick Doktor Lord, if not the victim, the thousand Babyhood are gonna, be killed and born babies, they're gonna be the victims. Go through. You know a lot of talk about them. You already cut but you know what I mean no According to the left, that's not even an issue. We can't talk of all their color Roby wait a woman's choice. They never discuss what we're talking about. Do they ma am no? No, they don't and
and they will use every devious trick in the book that woman, we ve had planned she's Is he to me she looks like an alcoholic. Remember we can't do that on the air here. Might we can't do that on the air? like a nice lady, but we can't do that on the earth like you re, Our body re Livermore, California, that great care so far, we don't have a lot of time. Go re market national treasure love the show the books, everything the tv show, Republicans need to stand up right now, Mark you came from, the most unlikely places yesterday Lindsey grandly speed, but you know what came and that's what's most important. If you ve got a crop is injecting backbone. This party and are not letting him they need to learn something from this president and you have a well back, won't have a little gut. Stick it out there, the democratic bullies,
You got a punch back mark, but the problem is that we, the promise you got three people on: Macao, Ski and flake flag. Gone, but they play these people all the time. The media, the Democrats Collins and Rakowski where they stand for women. Put up with this and when they stand up for women, They are not even in the mainstream of the republican Party. These two
I read you take care thanks for your car, ladies and gentlemen, every Friday, America, in your honor. Here we go
the week is officially over the weekend begins right now we salute our armed forces: police officers, fire fighters, emergency personnel, ice border patrol. I d or law enforcement? Can each brighter can I Griffin denied Pepsi? Can I smoke? Can I Zelda on Levanter E Bay at sea, our tv that can give us a try getting
Could I get ices get, although sub human cockroaches and I'll see on Monday, gambler.
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