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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin. There is no attack on the free press, the attack is on fake news. Many in the media are liars and propagandists. President Trump has not arrested any members of the media like Abraham Lincoln did, nor has he used the FBI against the media like Barack Obama did. The left repeatedly tries to stop the likes of Fox News and Conservative talk radio through legislation because they can’t beat them in ratings. Also, the attacks against Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis are Alinsky tactics. His opponent Andrew Gillum cannot win if he comes out and exposes his socialism, so he calls DeSantis a racist. The more radical, the more Left the Democrat Party and its candidates are and become, the more they try to run their campaigns not on their radical ideology but on character assassination. They don’t want to run on socialism, they want to run on racism. Later, the media is hiding behind a false crusade for freedom of the press when they’re really just using that as an excuse to generate phony controversies about President Trump. The left and the right agree that Omarosa is known to be unreliable and the media wonder why we don’t take them seriously when they push her or Stormy Daniels. Omarosa’s book is a pseudo event but its driving the news and it’s not news. The press is interested in promoting their own agenda.

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Now run, number may underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader here. Listening to the best of the marked with a remark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one tonnes the cover with you today, much of it fascinating over three hundred newspaper editorial, condemning the president for calling the press, the enemy of the people. But you didn't call the press, the enemy, the people he called them
fake news, the enemy of the people and, of course, the self serving leftists. So these editorial boards, the overwhelming majority of which endorsed president trumps opponent, Hillary Clinton, presently United States, continues this. This facade this fabrication that there's an attack on the free press, in those countries. There is not an attack on the free press in this country them powerful man in the country, the most powerful man and the government hasn't lifted a finger to do anything against a free press or freedom of the press.
What many in the press are doing is an american and they know it. There are liars by our mission and commission, their propagandists by your mission and commission, and they know it and there in many respects in area, logical cabal. How do we know that they just reveal themselves over three hundred and there's more? Oh, but those are the editorial pages there, not the news pages No, it's worse on the news page, because they're even less transparent than the editorial page, as I've been saying over and over again in the course of the last few months, this president hasn't sought legislation. My John Adams did in his party the federalists to curb press to criminalize differences of opinion, this president
like Lincoln, who of whom. I am enormous, admire that Irish when he did at the time, as a directed at any member of the media be thrown into prison without Habeas corpus. This president, unlike Barack Obama, Who was a disgrace has not unleash the FBI our surveillance tools against the media, certainly not to the don't Obama did his manufacture, Obama's use of federal law enforcement. And ease dropping on the media surpassed virtually every president before him combined, but there were,
a couple of editorial page articles and opinions, accusing Obama of threatening America was there. So you see the problem is not an attack on freedom of the press or a free press. The problem is the people in the media not all, but to many who are fraught Heredia locks on the news pages and on the editor of pages, and it is the american people who ve taken notice. That's why me billionaires have had to sweep in and save them like the New York Post, say by the richest man on earth. These o's like the New York Times,
seventeen percent of it is owned by a mexican billionaire, a telecommunications giant, Bloomberg NEWS by a billionaire and all the rest of them all the rest of them. B C Msnbc, unless there's been a change of ownership, Comcast CBS part of a conglomeration nobody's taking down companies nobody's putting them out of business Put themselves out of business to the extent they lose ratings. They loop subscribers because their products sucks That's why CNN rating continued a tank? That's why S embassy will never catch Fox. That's why network news is at its lowest ebb in modern times. That's why people go to the internet.
Not even necessarily to get news corner club, but to get different opinions. Nepal different information from all over the world, complete joke, complete joke about freedom of the press or a free press, and who is it and we ve talked about this- are not going to spend all day. Who is it that tries to shut down conserve, talk, radio, every five or ten years? The Democrats, the left with me as support. Who is it day in and day out that attacks Fox NEWS, because there's one little cable channel the biggest I might add, but one little voice- it's not even a uniform voice that does not march in lockstep, with all the
and they insist on it. They insist on group think they insist on. Too often the news on these other networks is about other This people, who don't toe the line so freedom of the press as a constitutional it is as safe as etc been the press itself as as sick as its hair ribbon is as unprofessional, as has ever been, is as illogically driven as its IRA been, is filled with propagandists, as its ever been. The press is very sick Freedom of the press is as strong as ever about a distinction that the low I q left particularly hosts and so called reporters in there.
Media on talking about will not understand so not talking to them. Talking to you now we have this guy Brennan. Former. She I directed now as a victim. You see he's a victim. Donald Trump, they say is acting like a dick nobody's ever seen this before summer, generals and address some of the Obama generals and apples are standing up for Brennan one of the men who said that when you re Maya security! Quite well! Why don't you surrender it pal? What's with the drama queen stuff. Even see spattering her splattering a little pieces about how this raises a constitutional issue really Brennan the private citizen is a cost, two shall write a statutory right regulatory right, some kind of vested right.
To retain a security clearance. No, no, no, you don't understand, Mark, that's not it. The issue is what basis can you revoke it we'll commander in chief, can we welcome on any basis he chooses to revoke. You don't have a constitutional right and all things that have a constitutional right to have access to security. Information on a need to know basis of the president gets to decide who needs to know Mr Brennan has abused whatever authority, whenever tradition he was operating under before, is a vile poisonous mouthpiece of the left who makes himself available to media and whose paid by media there's no constitutional issue. That's not to say some judge wouldn't ruler,
We have a lot of knucklehead judges out there they're taking over environmental issues there taking over immigration issues worse than I've ever seen and over a concern review my buddy Daniel horror, which is working on a peace related to this. But lawlessness is not a standard by which the present the United States should comply. Is it now I addressed this Brennan matter on the right? last evening, but I also addressed it on Hannity last night and will pay some of this then we're gonna will want to a number of other things, including the manifest the jury first day no decision, but they asked some very interesting questions. You know you try to read. The tea leaves, I'm not making predictions. Of course. Let's take a listen. This is Hannity last night caught one go. We have never had, a former communist who will
Really, we now know spread russian lies to this informed again as the american people to impact that presidential election either. These are unprecedented times. Simply cannot. All this from the fabulously? Sir? with a media. First of all, apparently the fact that Brennan voted for a Stalin who was funded by the Soviets, the Communist Party, say was very attractive to Morocco Mama, who made him CIA director think about that. So how did this ever get a security clearance. I'm curious about this. Now, a couple of things the president is looking at Brennan. He revokes his security clearance Professor Dershowitz needs to know that's a privilege, that's not a right to security, privilege The fact of the matter. Is nobody stopping Brennan from speaking sack? Nobody could he is a big mouth. He will never shut up. He'll go on tv and be the cook that he is the
gear that he has a right to access to information, because he served in the Obama administration that the CIA is a preposterous argument. Of course, the ACL. You will take up the case because they take up a lot of stupid. Gazes. That's number one number two well, since the present looking at combing and people who are keeping score, call me as a rope, Look at how many times in the media told Us Mahler Republic COM is a republican, and even they questioned the present. Ok gotTa Republic and, by the way for the media most of these people the president are looking at our white. I know that's very important: now call me was fired at the recommendation of rose and state call me was leaker and he of sky with government documents when he left Here's security clearance should be pooled Mackay Hundred criminal investigation, the number two from the FBI never before and history media. Here's secure, Clarence should be pooled. Peter stroke was just find the guy
charge of counter intelligence investigations for misconduct. His security should be poor change, class committed perjury. He lied to the american people and Senator widen, and that committee long time ago, his Mary Clarence should have been Paul Bruce or another one pool yeats, another, not because the president has a problem with Democrats even got the With these people- and we haven't even got the unmasked issue yet so this is not first amendment issue. Meanwhile, meanwhile, when these people, security clearance is what the hell I do with them, while let's take a look, the Russians interfered in our election right. Well, who was president who was head of the CIA? Who was national security adviser? Who was there the FBI, all these people with theirs Charity clearances in position The power did nothing affected, the stop the Russian from interfering and our election. They did nothing to stop
from stealing our technology, they did nothing to say North Korea's nuclear programme and even worse there. Ordered the Islam or older mark terrorist regime in Tehran with a hundred and fifty billion dollars right with a hundred and fifty billion dollars and provided them with a pathway to nuclear weapons, job boys and girls in the Obama administration, with your security clearance is the fact that Obama appointed these people and goods. I'm security glances is not the obligation of this president to let them retained security clearance. Is there is no constitutional issue, that's just nonsense, and again one of them's, a Republic so that makes us all. Ok, briefly one more cut normal move along got to go mark I take away all their clearances side table all their clearances too, but the fact of the matter is, we really need to focus on the conduct of these individuals. Look.
A phoney media and the arguments there making. This is like a direct leadership. This is this is a. We ve, never seen anything like this before all these our mouths who know nothing you're going to see black or on tv till you throw up on your loafers Tennessee call me. He had his book thing, you're going to see Brandon all over the place, all these phony victims and so forth, and so I mean, while when they were in office when they had their security clearance, when they had power. Stop the Russians. They didn't stop the Red Chinese, they didn't stop the North Koreans. They funded the arrangements and in fact they are responsible for the greatest scandal in american history by interfering with our election and trying to undermine the trunk campaign this gentleman back alive now, after the break after the break they throw around this word dictatorship. Third world President, its enemies in the media praise
its enemies in Congress, including the likes of Bob Corker in his ilk as well as, of course, the Democrats marked Aurettes Warner. Among other present atrocities acting like a dictator by firing people or by withdrawing their secured when I just I will demonstrate to you very briefly after the break, her Mister Brennan, Mr Cia, director, learned a lot. I guess from his old soviet buddies, Gus Hall and the crowd learn a lot about espionage. Including spying on its Senate Intelligence Committee, they have all you're gonna wanna, hear this one I'll be right back Ben.
This is Mark Levin, wishing you a happy Labor Day out back to the best of me March, 11th, two thousand and fourteen Diana Franken Feinstein is the chairman of the Senate in committee and shit furious at the CIA being run by Brennan, go without prior notification or approval. See. I personnel had conducted a search that was John Brennan's word of the committee computers at the off site to sell it This search involve not only a search of documents provided by the commission by the CIA Also, a surge of this. Dan alone and walled off committee network, drive painting the committees on internal work, product and communications, based on what director, has informed us. I have grave concerns that
de I search may well have violated the separation of powers, principles embodied in the United States constitution. Our stance involved in this matter. Have the appropriate clearances handled this sensitive material according to establish procedures and practices to protect classified information? provided access to the Panada Review by the CIA itself? As a result, there no legitimate reason to alleged to the Justice Department that send its staff may have committed a crime I knew the acting council generals referral as a potential effort to intimidate this staff, and I am not taking it lightly. You get that me
here. Mr Brennan and CIA was spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staff at the time Feinstein. Chairman of that committee, was furious. Brennan repeatedly come. Repeatedly lied about. It came up with excuses, eventually added spill. The beans, but you add the sea. I see Directive, spying on Senate Intelligence Committee, Stanford going under their records in their computers that were off site, there's fascism. Now there's dictatorship. And they defend this man and his security clearance gambie all up I'll be back
This is the best the mark of in patent labour day. America's passionately cerebral voiced talk with at voice now, eight seven, seven, three hundred one three, eight one, one, the audio- play it, for he was actually a video sites on the internet. Any news department in America could have pulled it in place. Any time during the last twenty four hours, but they didn't, and they want. Because they don't want you to know about the real John Brennan, this man ran and agents that spied on a Senate staff, the Sun Intelligence Committee Stir Mark Warner, runs through the microphone, mentally challenged, as he is.
Accuses the presently United States being mixed within enemies last he sat on that committee. Any new food our Brennan in the sea. I had done the staffers and yet look Holly talks. All the media have access to what I've played remedy play. One more time This is dying Feinstein going to the Senate for March eleven twenty fourteen. Just a few years ago, furious. That the CIA broke into Senate Intelligence Committee, computers. To see what the staffers were working on. Brennan covered it up for a period of time. They even gave Phony argument that they wanted to make sure that these Senate staffers were properly handling sensitive and secure information,
even though they all have their own clearance and Brennan does on tv, higher by one of the media outlets trashing, the president of the union, states day in and day out, making the most outrageous allegations Brennan fingerprints are all over the Russia dossier and the pushing it into law enforcement and into the media. As yet read it in the shadows of CIA director Brennan who had come, Sir ties to the Russians than anybody he accuses he voted further communist apparatchik, Gus ha honest who receive funds from the Soviet as the Communist Party USA, receive funds from the Soviets and their purpose was to overthrow government, in the middle of the Cold WAR and Brennan voted for him. One more time March, eleven twenty fourteen, this
the man, the media are defending their psorics to defend in this admiral who said it Mclaren or whatever. His name is, Mr President yank mice Mary Clarence, let me tell you some power. You may be a great patriot, but turn that you are go ahead. Without prior notification or approval CIA. Personnel had conducted a search that was John Brennan's word of the committee. Computers at the off site facility, This search involve not only a search of documents provided by the committee by the CIA Also a surge of this stand alone and walled off committee network Drive training, the committee's own internal work, product and communications, based on what director Brennan hasn't
form does not let up. If this had been public administration. Where the republic and c I a director who did that. You know damn well where the media would fall on this. We will be aiming security clearance, as we put the beat we be debating. Why are these people prosecuted and sent to prison? Go ahead that the c I a search may well have violated the separation of powers. Principles embodied in the United States constitute meaning. The Zack it a branch under Barack Obama. Spying on the legislator. Bread. This is a problem in the Obama administration from day one. Whether its unleashing the FBI against the media, putting a spy in the trunk campaign, whether it, they dossier and Christopher Steel, whether its Mr Stroke and Miss page, and they came and call me
it's not funny. By so aren't they masking of american citizens, including lieutenant General Michael off go ahead. Our staff involved in this matter have the appropriate clearances handled this sensitive material according to establish procedures and practice to protect classified in for and were provided access to the Panada Review by the CIA itself. As a result, there is no legitimate reason to alleged to the Justice Department that send its staff may have committed. I view the acting council generals referral as a potential effort to intimidate the staff, and I am not taking it lightly
say it is we who stand for civil liberties, not them folks, it is we who stand for civil liberties. It is we who stand for the rule of law, privacy and the constitution, not it is? We who stand for freedom of the press, freedom of speech not It is we who stand against an all powerful, centralized government, not them, and this is what we're bad and constitutional ism versus Progressive is exactly what going on a progressive ism, reaches a point where it becomes openly tyrannical and your sing. It Your own two eyes right now: I'm going to play all the audio we have of these Democrats. Joaquin Castro Democrat text Eric swore well Democrat, California, and on and on and on. On and on and on defending Brennan, but I will,
play you, Jim Shouto, who Eustace urban. The Obama administration and worked with CIA director Brennan as a national security advisor President Obama and his report On CNN today, on this issue, as it is an objective journalist. Which of course is not he asks, is poor. As cheering Brennan losing his security clearance, of course he is maybe there was a source them anyway, cut five go to. You cover Russia, well you had the president in Helsinki a handful of weeks ago. Go stand next, the russian president in question, the intelligence communities assessment. Dismiss it really. Now you President, fiery former the intelligence community, inciting the russian investigation. Does Putin cheer this kind of stops at now. This is you see. This is what they call news
nothing newsworthy about a man who served in the army. Administration, in the opposite party, who embraced opposite policy who work with the individual who is being reported about. Not asking questions but making statements like this for a cars From G Q magazine Geek, who magazine has a correspondent, I'm afraid. Does gentlemen cordially and of course, she's. A leftist is potent cheering about this go ahead. Of course, it is it's just more chaos, more kind of dismantling of the? U S system of the transatlantic alliance identity. It that's why she stuck it generally cordially magazine next thing you know shall be writing for nature or whatever So I just wanted to put a fine point on this now related to this. In some context,
There's a writer by the name of J M Rigour who used to write for having imposed, which is obviously a left wing crap website. Now he writes for them compost you see they have Arm came and they move up to the pros. Called over there. The washed and compost. Listen to this on fire, News, Robert Mahler is often a bigger bookie man than Vladimir Putin's some fox pundits now say: special council robber, the smaller the third represents a bigger threat to the United States. Then run President Vladimir Putin's conservative radio hosts Mark Levine appeared on Fox NEWS as Hannity last week by though it takes them a week, they catch up, to discuss the latest in the rush investigation. He ended up baffling even some of his most conservative allies. Some wit woman who writes for I read state. I never heard of it
not a conservative ally of mine, you know who the hell she has anyway. That's his link quote Robert Mahler is a greater threat to this republic in the car, The Tunisian than anything Vladimir Putin did during the campaign. Levine said I'm no fan of Lattimer Peut. Now I have discussed this at length many times. Mahler is a threat to our constitutional system. Because he's being used wittingly to reverse the last election and is prepared to create a constitutional confrontation with distract the president and his administration, which will make our enemies actually laugh, I've seen and would say, and not possibly get on or might make a move while
President, is having to deal with a subpoena or something of that sort. This is a terrible, relation potentially of separation of powers, among other things, the appointments clause, Vladimir Putin's cant, do anything to cause opera. With our separation of powers or undermine our constitution, or even our notion of republicanism he's a national security threat. That's exactly the point. Making over and over again, but this guy J rigorous such an idiot the canadian alike? Well, he likes to play the typical liberal game while bringing up basket of all claims about. The mother investigation. Levine did not say specifically what made Mahler a larger threat. Impudent Ives, MR producer world. We have another propagandists this clown. He purposely puts that sentence in their because he knows
I do, but he can't help himself still the following night, Hannity Guesthouse, Janine Piero, made the same comparison is smaller a greater threat than put into this country now notice. That's not what I said. Three sentences above Quote Robert Mahler, is a greater threat to this republic, And the constitution than anything Vladimir Putin's did during the campaign. Is that what I said he quotes me, but he says The same comparison was made by Judge Jenny. No, it wasn't. Was it the same at all, then he talks about the coup, no fewer than nine Fox host and put this guy's very busy sitting here, let's run the. Let me care how how many of them talk about trying to overthrow trump. But what are they trying to do? The unleashing of a process
The constant incessant talk about impeachment the day after the man's elected. What do you call at? What do you call that you Eddie, yet no fewer than nine fox wholesome pundits have suggested, is much since February. Twenty. Seventy, that's law, article, the why posts is trying to force trump out of office. Cnn Msnbc near it all it. A thousand so called reporters I caught broaches all over the place, trying to reverse the election results and then, when you call em when it ready. I say this is the friend here, the conservative friends stupid people who don't wanna get any smart I'll be right. Back
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other course run the news and tell us how great James call me as christian Commies leaker, of course, any store government. Comments on the way out the door. Oh there, my private property, when an idiot or Mackay this under criminal investigation or stroke, who was just fired. For this fella or Bruce, or who is in the shadows working with his wife position: research against the President and at the same, I'm feeding information, Mr Stroke over there at the FBI. Oh what a public servants they ve been animal. Today. In says, her right Peace in Washington, Post amazing how quickly they get these things written and in these, major newspapers? Isn't it have you ever try to? A peace and get it in a major newspaper- it's not so simple, particularly disagree with And he says that Mr Trump as a disgrace, he's humanely
it. Had us he's an embarrassment that Mr Trump should pull his Clarity, clarity to the user, Obama, admirals and generals, Why don't you just surrender your security clearance pow? What do you need it for you done, you retired. Just surrender Won't he wants to make a spectacle; and so the left has succeeded in politicizing our intelligence agencies. They were involved in the last election theyve succeed. Politicizing, the FBI, therein Out in the last election, and now they have succeeded in politicizing the military, because This is what they do they destroy institutions, traditions and customs claiming you're doing it while claiming you're doing now, there's a lot more to get to this. At issue You coming to a head
Mr Mahler foolishly stupidly arrogantly through a subpoena for the present, the United States to appear before a federal grand jury or some a form of physical appearance of a president, The president has never appeared in front of a grand jury. So this issue should be quite interesting, but more than interesting. This is when I was talking about when the idiot over the Washington Post couldn't comprehend what, while he probably comprehended what I was talking about, but he didn't want spent paint. Somebody is cook or what people as racists and so forth. It is amazing. We have the greatest scandal and put in the in the history. This country from a political perspective greatest, the vast majority, the media are either involved in it by feeling leaks Perpetrators or ignoring it or trying to define. On behalf of Obama,
officials and the Democratic Party that some They hate Trump note They didn't write. Editorials three or One hundred newspapers. They didn't write the toils when brow Obama, sick, the FBI on their colleagues. Now, why would they do that they didn't write editorials. When talk news came under attack. That is talk. Radio. I want next comes under attack. No, ah come under attack. And the Democrats tried a nationalizing. You know, that's not a problem. You see their work Fraid of the president's words fake news enemy of the people little self serving. Don't you think I'll be right back.
Now run them only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader here. Listening to the best of the March living, everybody marked Levine here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one well the dammit nominated and individual in Florida they know who cannot win. Is. He cannot win if he comes fully out of the closet. Then exposes his socialism has radicalism, A study was just done, then, indicates that
gentlemen, Mr Gil M would raise corporate income taxes to forty percent forty percent. I suspect he pushed for income tax, a federal income taxes, because that's what radical progressive still to redistribute. He believes in single paramedic care which will destroy Medicare for those who already receive it and destroy all remaining private healthcare plants. Finally putting the knife and heart a private health care. He believes in sanctuary cities. You take the radical. There ethical position. That's out there from the left and Mr Dillen supports it. This is why today, none of it- is being debated, dead. We have a lie.
Now it is a lie that Rhonda Santas. Do, sir in the United States, military to theatres, who served in Congress now for three terms. Has been all over the media that ted something that's racist, so here we have a man who won the Republican. Nation for governor and then Apparently he comes out of the closet as a white supremacist. Now I want you. Call to be aware of this, because this is the game plan. All the time now, the more radical, the more left the Democratic Party and its candidates are and become the more they try to run their campaigns, not A radical ideology, but on
Paris has a nation, and this is something they picked up from the old soviets. This is something they picked up remarks and angles themselves. This is what you do. It's an olenska tactic. He wrote all about it. You gotta I get your enemy personalize it and destroy their character, and there are linsky it that's. What Guillemette is the Democratic Party is. Done that this radical one, the nomination with about a third of a vote He wouldn't have won the nomination if there weren't so many candidates, running they'd, support A liberal Democrat by the name, a gram, the about grand who is a well known, governor and senator of Florida very, very popular. She try It claims she was a moderate, even though she was a liberal. That said, And was campaigning with Bernie Sanders, but Now they don't want to run on socialism.
They want to run on racism. Because they know running on socialism in Florida will result in a tore a landslide verandah said Rob scientists is running as a conservative he's unabashed he's unequivocal, he's our he's charismatic he's a good looking guy and he walks the walk so immediately. The next day, the next day they pull the race car.
Now I want you to hear this interview perfectly innocent. Go ahead, Mr Petition, while welcoming this is a poor, elections are always competitive, and this is a guy who, although is much too to level for Florida. These got huge problems of how he's govern. Tell a happy you. He is an articulate spokesmen for those far left views and he's a charismatic candidate and in I watch those democratic debates. None of that is as my cup of tea, but I mean he perform better than the other people there. So so we gotta work hard to make sure that we continue Florida going in a good direction. Let's build off the success, we pattern Governor Scott. The last thing we need to do. Is the monkey that's by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting to state that its own hunky? This up. Did you hear him call a monkey? Mr producer, I didn't hear that. Did you.
Did you hear him make any reference whatsoever to MR columns rice? Did you hear that now. Two monkey this up. This is a phrase. People this all the time, don't throw among He went into the system dont monkey it up In other words, don't screw things up and so forth and so on, and so of course the Democratic Party jumps as they must they job and so now. Now going on two days. I guess The issue is What did he mean by monkey up? He called the the candidate and toll and said he was. Picking up no, no, that's not what happened and by the way it's up thereon were has been on the door report all day So the left narrative.
It spread all around the media all around the media. The left's narrative is out there being pushed. Not guillemots radicalism, not what he would actually due to the citizens of Florida to the small business owners. The consumers to the senior citizens he would just that study, turn it into another, deep blue state, all the people who left New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and other states together, from their regulations to get away from their taxes to get away from that to kill and promises to bring to Florida, and so they take. What is here's the thing? Nobody buys nobody listening to their show, buys it white Black lacked it doesn't matter. Nobody buys this. Everybody knows that this is a Democrat, tactic. That is used time and time again.
The is he even using it that should tell you what fraud. He is one of fraud. These people are, and by the way for if you, Google, but really dig into this you'll, see that Mr Gil em Is surrounded as mayor in Tallahassee with corruption surrounded So this is how they left wing. Let me see if I can find it there. Let's see the light weighing Tallahassee Democrat well anyway, I can't find a rain of their pushing this. Every so called free press outlet is put all went over and over again and they pull this. Conservatives all the time, Ronald Reagan was a racist. Donald Trump is a racist Nixon, whether with southern state policy racist.
The call John Mccain or racist until they decided a lover, Mccain. Racist, Mitt Romney was a racist. And why the Republican Party and Republicans sites and republican organization conservatives. Allow them to get away with this. I will never know since it's the Republican Party that is fought. And slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and all the rest of it. That's the history. The Republican Party, Mr Gil has thrown in with a hard life. That's what he is he's leftist. Now the people of Florida have a wonderful choice, a wonderful choice. This is not a race between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This is a it's between a other radical progressive who wants to destroy what takes place in Florida.
I've been sea of that state, the economy of the state, the growth that economic growth, the demographic growth of that state, wants to destroy all it's been done. All that's been produced over a decade after death, it after decade, because he is, he has no idea, you say called democratic socialism, which is the This idea, which is the oldest idea, call feudalism. Monarch, Elysium caller, whatever you want centralisation of government and others. He wants to create another fails that you want to see these failed states. Look a California look at Illinois, look at New Jersey New York they're all over the place, citys trying to escape one state to get to another. That's why Gill wants to run this race
on allegations are racism. Gonna monkey things up was that the phrase MR producer Monkey up things while You know when I do live in tv from time to time I'll go on this on the set, and I have to read certain commercials and so forth, and I often joke Gimme that stuff all Rita like a monkey, it doesn't, even To me that has a racist connotation now, of course, you can use it in a racist connotation, but this is Very interesting about the left in their mind, games and how diabolical they are. The reference to monkey is a absolute racist use of the word when it is applied to erase it is Gusting end, it is disgraceful, it is perfectly legitimate.
This plied do a situation like wrong dissenters was mentioning monkey thing. Meaning it all. A monkey. Throw the things around Around does this. Does that does that the Democratic Party in Florida? Mr Gil em, they're new nominee, for they really don't even want now. That's an interesting story about racism within a democratic party. The democratic established, and get behind yellow. Did it. And the media in our country. What this to be about racism. They are obsessed with it, not because they believe it. Not because they believe it, because they cannot win elections unless they straw the unity of the country. Unless they undermine all the progress that has been made.
Certainly since the civil war. Certainly since the year civil Rights Movement Bacon, at succeed unless they divide us unless they promote racism. That's why they attack Tiger woods that. Are they attack anybody who doesn't fallen line Rhonda Centres for governor in Florida. We can wish it would be a debate about the issues on the ideas of what each it stands for, but the Democratic Party in aren't. They are embarrassed by their nominee. He was not the issue, the Lisbon. They are barriers by their nominee. They nominated a right I call socialist and out I gotta: do the cards
whence I'll be right back this is Mark Levin, wish you a happy Labour day back to the best of me, andred Gilan. Obviously working with the Democratic Party in Florida. Now the National Democratic Party course with the media he's brought on Fox NEWS on the ships Bathsheba. Let's see how this went cut through GO, it was the monkey. This part, sir. Despite yeah that that their part was lost I made it very clear that The scientists is taking a page directly from the hey Manual of dialect. Let's stop right here this is, is this is disgusting that this kind. They're gone,
those damn well, what was meant? college man. So politician he's a mayor and return I too a tribute innocent statement with no racial connotations into a an e. Statement of racial connotations is outright Yes,. Is absolutely outrageous. But he plays right along in the people of Florida need to hear this. The people are far too need to know this go ahead, but I think he's another thing coming to him if he thinks that in this day and age flora. Voters are going to spawn to that level of derision in division? This sick of it do believe that you believe. This is also what the left us, Mr Gil M, is very good at this. They
stay to absolute fabrication. They I had to their opponents and then they say People are second it right now. Would you hearing people are sick. Demagogues like Mr Gil, not because you african American, because he's a left wing radical cook, much like his dear friend Bernie Sanders, go ahead, Offer in this raises racist or for everyone, and we always estate- was that racist or figurative Smee well well, the handbook of Donald Trump they no longer do whistle calls there now using full bore, so this gauges rambling along spewing, his hate. I want the people of larded, you couldn't have a clear choice: skies a hate monger. Think I can still use. I work in a MR producer he's I hate longer. These also a liar cuisine damn. Well, that's not what descent too said so
whistle cause as opposed to bore horns all you people in Florida who voted for Donald Trump? let me put it this way all the folks in Florida who didn't vote for gum. Apparently all of you are susceptible not the whistle cause but bowl horns- and I wonder if he meant horns the Old South. I draw a bunch of white racists. This is how you created. This is why you despise the media. This is why you despise the left. I just didn't, say anything like this, and you didn't put down any of mystery Gill em the porters. You didn't say a word about Mr Gillis supporters. But all of you who voted for dissenters, you must be white, premises? You know your response. The boy horns now right There's nobody saying go ahead. What I've got to say about that is there?
We ve got to make sure that we stay focused. I think, on the issues that confront every night you're not focused on the issues you raised, painting go ahead, not gonna, get down in the gutter with the scientists in what you are in the gutter all by yourself. Why not true with your party with the media. Mr Dos Santos isn't in the gutter. You are now practically all your way out go ahead is enough for that going on But to try and stay high and try to talk about with, star in the future is for the stone age. S finishes: you're assassinating dissenters with the big lie. Many says stay high. You know. We're all gonna go high here, we're not going to in the gutter, but they are gotta they started this I'll be right.
This is the first, the Martin Levant Happy Labour Day, market radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. So don't monkey this quote monkey this up. Trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases. Unquote, that is a racist statement now and yet the people Are there not stupid, they're, not gonna, buy the radicalism and they radical media. One of the things that actually quite sad is what the across parties done to itself a guy like you He's one of their young leaders: it's really too bad- that young people. Millennials, if you wish to call them that, looking to the Democratic Party look. Democratic leaders have tools
Than to socialists who race bait,. Imagine. If their leaders still liberal. Actually, debate ideas in issues as opposed to this stuff. Now, if the scientist was a racist, why player? What the word monkey monk this up by trying to embrace a socialist, your gender with huge tax increase that you want to just say it is grace cause he not the question I have, as Mr Gelimer Racist, taking this issue twisting a like this. And using it. In smearing his opponent does a cut both ways.
There were when they try to do this. The Mitt Romney. Phrases that he used. Other people, Firstly, a battle of ideas. How does it help the people a flood of the citizens of Florida, but this guy Gill M is a radical. And Floridians are not radical people go to Florida to escape these smothering taxes and regulations in parts of the other country of the rest of the country. They have no state income tax, they have limits on property taxes, They have in a medium sales tax, I believe at six percent Only a very well run state as states go.
Gill and wants to turn flaws in the California? He wants to turn Florida in New Jersey wants to turn Florida into New York or, worse or worse,. Now we do have some audio I can find had, of course, he has said let's see here, Mr Producer, wet where's, he would the year. Would they let's get red eyes? Can you help me? I had awakened, muster producer yeah number five. Let's hear this, he's on CNN, go there already coming for. You On your message, rather Santa's, the republican Army had a statement last night about you and your yellow me says you want to abolish ice. You do correct
We want to replace ice with the Department of Justice entity that has not been tarnished and the same weight as as ice has that's pretty funny. Of the ask all these people who want to get rid of ice. Do you know what ice does so want to get rid of ice because the most radical, irresponsible elements our coalition oppose What does ice do? Fundamentally? What does ice to ice is, I believe, the first or second largest federal law enforcement agents, The border patrol handles the border areas near the border. An ice goes into your communities to find him Thirteen define kidnap people to look for criminals and put them through Important process, why would you want to get rid of ice and what is that? parliament of justice. What is the Department of Justice going to do? What are they going to do? So?
antitrust lawyers. The civil division lorry. What are they gonna do said Robert Mahler, on the board, while that actually might be a good idea, but what are they going to do see? This is a very slippery silly connivance. Thing replace ice. The department of Justice not replace ice, go ahead of that as you want to abolish ice, you say you want to replace it S. Basically the same thing. He says you want two billion dollar tax increase. He says One single payer healthcare system is Florida. You do want Medicare for all correct. I am ambient for treating health care as a right and not a privilege, and why are you a champion of anything you're politician? You been a mayor he's a champion. Treating healthcare as a right, not a privilege, well I have said before, ladies and gentlemen, if of care, is a right, There is a right and all you veterans, you have a right to health.
Care whenever you want it. Wherever you want to give a right to whatever medicine that you need and what take care, you need, and you have a right to have it timely immediately. What does that mean? It's a right and not a privilege. What it means is he's a socialist. And what he also means is health care is a right but actual medical treatment. Now that's a whole. Other story is healthcare. Right in Venezuela, yes, it is of care was right in the old Soviet Union Healthcare as a right in Cuba really and our people going there the treatment in not why, because you can't get it, he get it. It's lousy, go ahead. They re an expanding Medicaid in the state of forty four over seven hundred thousand people right now to have access to
I'm telling you you're gonna have folks, you gonna, have income taxes and fly this guy's elected because you can pay for any this stuff any other way. So Florida will turn and every other state I'm just telling you now he's going to destroy Medicare he's gonna destroy. Medicaid is going to destroy your tax system, he's going to destroy the quality of life, because that's what socialists do. They don't creating shining city on the hill. They create a depressing bleak environment. Go ahead, the state about billion dollars in federal money that shouldn't coming two fora that right now is being distributed to other states. But I happened Believe that's not left or right or centre that that's basic and For the every area not left right, you see he's got the talking so is a radical leftist. The scientists is a racist, but hey. He's for uniting the people of Florida and, of course, he's not right, left or centre. He just you know.
Maybe he's not he's radical hard left. That's where you go ahead. Eating ass governor, it's my job to deliver that Uk Florida. You have clear, cut choice; man, I'm not kidding clear, cut choice. Now what about Trump same interview? Same network CNN. She trompe impeached, they asked the mayor of Tallahassee cut sex, go, it will be your job, if you are elected governor, but do you think the president should be impeached now stop right. There isn't a lovely question. The question absolutely nothing to do what he was about, what he would do as governor. What is it ask him: do you favour state income tax, we're going to come up with the money?
on medicate. While we get there from the federal government a runs out. All the states are left home. The bag under a bomb care go ahead. So they do. I think, he's he's already incriminated himself by interfering with the Department of Justice firing, call me a former no fan of, but basically obstructing justice, ever since that time he is only driven deeper down a pretty dark hole. Every imaginable cook Ethical position, you can think of him, ices and not only that, then you pretend it's republic in is not democrat, so trumpet should be impeached. Medicare should be destroyed and replaced with single pair. A cage- would be massively expanded to include all sorts
Hey level income level of people. There should be a forty percent corporate income tax rate. What's this guy run in four, he running for president. You better. What. The old Soviet Union's dead. I thought accept apparently in the minds and hearts other radical left in the Democratic Party go ahead or himself of this country. Now now who is who's this Bela this who is who is Michael STAR Hopkins Democratic strategist. I talked just the other day. People keep showing democratic strategist Credit operate. I've never heard of these people before apparently, he served on Obama. Hilary campaigns, Michael STAR happened, any so brilliant I believe this is MSNBC, not CNN.
They do is brought on MSNBC cut forego. You accept the fact that he may not have made In a racist way, absolutely not. He knew where he was when he started to you the audience and talking to the need to build on. Why do leftists insist. That non racist things are racist. Have you thought about that?. Why do they insist? Here's a headline descent. Under fire for saying Florida, voters shouldn't monkey this by electing give him. That's not what he said. He did they Florida. Voters should monkey this up by electing go gone. That's not what he said he said floor. Russian monkey this up I embrace, and socialism
absolutely incredible: we'll be right, back you're listening to the best of the mark. Levin show happy Labor Day by the way, I wonder how many of the people in Florida cuban ancestry. Who fled or whose ancestors fled, Cuba and that utopian socialist state. I wonder what they think of women's struggle, has to say in many of those individuals are people of color. You know fact a vast majority. I wonder relatively new arrivals from Venice? Well, I wonder what they think about Mr Gil him and his brand of socialism. What do they think about it?. Most of the people who flee these common
Regimes and get it. Order they don't leave Florida for Say one of the blue states. They like flora, because it's free to free state. The Democrats are trying to take if they want to destroy, they can take Florida becomes very, very difficult Republicans to win national elections You take Texas, it's impossible for republic, to win any presidency Rarely heard me talking about the recent censorship we ve seen of conservative voices on social media enough for them to have a platform where people can debate ideas and share opposing views. No, the liberals have one agenda to shut down conservative speech. He can't stand President
they try to shut down anyone who says a good word about him or, frankly, people who want to talk about conservative ideas. Well, you know we're all about on my shows and that's giving people the truth, no matter the cost That's why we created see our tv conservative review tv take completely separate platform didn't get uncensured content from host. You trust, if you're like us seeing the writing on the wall and it's time to start building this working community of conservatives. We need be part of this conservative community and many of you our but many the art and it's not going to keep growing. If we, have the support from listeners like you could become viewers, so we're going to get everyone access to see our tv for thirty days, absolutely free for thirty days, absolutely free. Here's what you do you need to call now.
Eight for four Levin TV, that aid for four l e g I and tv have you all set up in five minutes less than five minutes. That's eight for four Levine TV. Eight for our evil. On tv, hurried take a few calls who loses the big matter to me because this is how they try to take out conservatives all the time you can I would have a republican ipso facto you're, a racist, and I am sick to my stuff. I've had enough of it and we must fight it enough of it. Let's go to ROD, Cleveland Ohio, exam satellite go. Are you dont marked? Ok, I to you, because I never be able to repay you day for the education given mine,
you don't ever have to apologize. I'm thrilled your listen. I want to thank you man. It really really got me goin away with, with my mind and everything, that's all I just wanted to say one thing about the only way the american people tat. They saw. A majority is so stock. What's goin on out air being stifled by the media in knots don't try to just talked about. It was exactly what's goin on. We have no voice Way, I feel about it, you know- and I would just sit near Spillane in all night after night of what's going on an end, if you, I agree with the laughter racist. They try to shut you down and they tried to insist. Embrace their radicalism, tummy is, What is what is so, if you like, a Cuba
look at you. Look at Venezuela. These are. Countries in Latin America right people starving to death. Yes, people being denied basic liberties. Yes, ok well, it's socialism, in my view, that racist, not capitalism, capitalism that mean an example rod, and I have this exam Or similar to it in liberty and turning you go into a diner right, You sit on its morning you're a couple: eggs Bacon, smash Brown. A cup of coffee, small, arduous, ok, mom already hungry. When you do that, does it ever into your mind? If the farmer Where the rancher, who raise those chickens, do those eggs and sent them in the market, the wind up on your plate, but the races has ever entered your mind. Rod! Absolutely! Not! Ok! Now you don't think that way. The people whom.
The forks and the knives and the spoons where the coffee comes from it now even entered your mind, and that is the genius, the beauty of capitalism. It's about liberty, it's about market competition, It's about pricing! It's about profit! It's not about right, it's not about religion, it's not about sex or sexual preference. Socialism is the ops they want to know all about you? They want to know all about your ancestors. They want to know all about your background who to reward who to punish Hutu readers. We too, who to redistribute from they want to know all those things, so they can control you and divide one against the other. Capitalist could give a damn socialists care about it. She my point, rather than after The costly projecting their ideas- and I cannot- and indeed should jerry
we can do it I'll do. What do you do? My friend, if I may ask overdrive I assume you sound great. What are you drive? Thank you, besides all. I was glad when I tell you what I don't know how you do that its scope. It would scare the live in Hell out of me to turn a corner with one of those things, and I don't know how you park and for God's sakes They will be seriously when I watch these, these big cracked, her too, let's go by. I salute because that's nothing. I could that certain things I know I can do certain things. I know I can't so you call and thank me They show which I I really really appreciate. I want to thank you for making sure I eat at night by movements stuff the country are. I brother, you take care of yourself. I'll be right back
now run only underground the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader is happy labour. Everybody Mark Levine here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three one One might well, ladies and gentlemen, also predictable, I'm Barroso the dragging down a public discourse. Only issues. The question for the media generally are very happy with the yourselves you happy. What you're doing this society be
A rose some media Stormy Daniels media, here's the thing none These people on TV, on CNN or MSNBC writing at the Washington Post, washed and times and on and on and on meat. The press northern witnessed anything these so called reporters haven't witnessed anything. But they want to believe, I'm arose so they bring. Tv, or Debate her words and then Some cases pretend they should be doing I spent in other cases promote them. The president reacts and, of course They call him a racist other, some go out there, who really quite remarkable. They don't think the president should react.
I don't think the president should defend himself as a man. The father has a husband and, of course, as a public figure, they he should just accepted because it's on presidential to defend yourself. Just because I'm a rose so whose career you made for fifteen years and brought into the White House and so forth, just because you did those things you should the outer denying that use the word. She says you dead. You must have that you are eating a piece of paper or that your mentally unfit to be president, this woman You brought into your confidence, you just suppose sit there. Now. That's not normal human behavior. Isn't that why we detest politicians, because you know when the door closed. They are furious, but trunk keeps the door open and he let you know, is furious and uses modern
social media communications method, to tell the whole nation and this with taping, the president taping other people, the White House, which is unethical. Which is sleazy and somehow, president president, should know better than to hire. Somebody like that press, It should know better than this. The president should know better than that present a canoe, back some loyalty he can expect people here common sense. He can expect people who are going to be decent and what they do. President. Do anything the book came out. A publisher wanted to make money, Simon and Schuster from this book this book, as multiple lies and it, according to a number, People, many of whom don't even like the president, whose They never said these things. They never did these things.
A morose is known, to be unreliable as best as I can put it and yet here we are with the media, the media debate. At the media discussing it she's on CBS this morning, she's on the today show she's on meat, the press, in the media, wonder why So many of us don't take them seriously. Now I've talked about this before, but I think we gotta go back. We need to have a debate in this country about the media, not freedom of the press, Susan about freedom of the press. You know I was thinking about this The Washington Post Corporation is owned by Jeff Pieces, whose worthwhile eighty billion dollars is somebody threatening the Washington post. At times. I don't know if there's still owned by in part by the Ex can billion air was where forty five billion dollars a telecommunications, king or not, but washed and post
Excuse me the New York Times. It's not threatened. Yes, Comcast still owns NBC and MSNBC. Maybe I'm a little dated in this but nobody's threatening their existence. Nobody Michael Bloomberg, owns the Blue Bird news outlets. These are not small operations, these are big operations and they are owned by multiple billionaires and they're, not going anywhere. Anyway, you got Thea the new House, family billionaires, at the Cox. Family billionaires. The Boston and glow the billing. A red Sox owner John John Henry, bought it as I recall, entry Thirteen
U S news and world report on by document a billionaire again. This could be dated the bar Family owns the village voice Tribune public, Patrick Souchong. These rob Multi, Multi, multi million, a billion or types. It was Carlo. Slim hula, as I recall, who owned a big Chunk of the New York Times warm bath no one's a whole bunch of our did daily newspapers. You can go with us of yourself. I google it today. These are major me. To national many cases, corporations these newspapers, cable outlets and local agents can have a lot of money on these companies, so nobody's threatening freedom of the press.
Country. This is in China as Thomas Freeman, always love China. It's not China, not Russia, snow, Ran it's not North Korea. Nobody has stopped any he's media outlets from reporting from speaking from a pro their opinions, none whatsoever. Competition is heard, many of them they ve had and how to deal with new technologies, paddy with the internet, and, of course, one of the things they support is the nationalization of the internet. Like many major corporations, they don't believe in capitalism, competition. They would just assume destroy them. In order to protect themselves. There really is a few realistic attitude when it comes. The major media in this country and so you have these so called reporters and hosts that
on these various media outlets owned by these multi billion Eric and their corporate entities, who pretend to represent the people who pretend to to point out the liars from among others that there are the referees. But that's a lie there, not the referees. This isn't about freedom of the press, it's about what the press is doing. Not it's free, But its actions- and this is something that we must continue to discuss- just sit here and spend all day on our morose. I leave that, to the other talk show host the very good at it. I must confess the pressing it is not about preserving the press. And the reason we have freedom of the press.
Is to ensure the survival of the republic. And still overbearing government, but really today. The way these operatives, these these house in the so called journalist, conduct themselves there not interested in that they're interested in what. Promoting their own reality, promoting their own agenda and by the way notice. How Cynthia, It is notice. How superficial is notice how. Similar one is to the next one did the next is that freedom of the press and I've talk before about These pseudo events that the media create or the media report on to the exclusion of others.
These pseudo events, like a morose his book, is a non event to irrelevant now her tail Being in secure areas of the White House, that's a serious event which gets very little attention. Ten percent of all the discussion. This is a pseudo event, as Daniel Borst would have put it. A non event that has been I'm a reality because of the way the media reported and promote it and then turn it into an ant. Tie trump mean that trumps for that America. Is there that its trumps for that she wrote a book that its trumps fault, that we have to debate this, that its trumps fault, he's a racist cause. He called her a dog, its trumps fought undeniably com.
Paradoxically, cause lots of black people thought and its transfer, even though it cause white people, dogs to still he's a racist, and here we are This isn't news: this isn't even the purpose of a free press. This is individuals. Who have these these cherished position, because there are not a lot of anchors on tv. Now a lotta hosts, relatively speaking, Not a lot of news people on tv, relatively speaking, they use, please cherish positions to claim that they are due. Pending freedom of the press and advancing the cause of of free speech. By creating phony issues and phony events. Insisting that their news, On this, when I return
This is the best Martin within labour. That is why I would have an movement to large extent, really is there a few here and there day in and day out, even smart conservatives on tv and with microphones and with keyboard Live within the world that is created for I don't mean by the civil society I mean it's created for them. They lived by television, news and radio news and newspaper every day- and this is how they spend their lives regurgitating and then react.
Now we all do some of that. We must, but you gotta, take it to the next level and question. This is bourse than costly pseudo events The honourable book is a pseudo event fact that it was published. Usher makes money, she makes money all kinds of allegations in their it's now driving the news for forty eight hours, seven. Two hours, ninety six hours, but it's not it's a created event. It simply not newsworthy. In the last half century is forced and says. The larger and larger proportion of our experience, of what we read and see and hear concern
some pseudo events and Trump has it right, fake news, we expect more them and we are given more of them. They flood our consciousness. Their multiplication has gone on in the United States at a faster rate than elsewhere. Even the rate of increase is increasing every day. This is the world of education of consumption of personal relations it is spent. It true of the world of public affairs. The explanation of the origin and rise of pseudo events would be nothing less than a history of modern America. It's so true. And that the news gap a historically He became so narrow than in order to have additional news core unquote preach additional each new broadcast it was necessary to plan in advance. This it is by which any available news would be unveiled and-
gets worse and worse because of the time V radio clock because of the, Felicity of of papers and so forth. Freedom of the press, we are told, is at stake. That was once an institution preserve to the interest of the community? Now it's often a euphemism for the prerogative of the reporters to produce their synthetic commodity, and yet this is what they rap themselves on freedom of the pseudo events spawn. Other pseudo events. In geometry. Progression. We ve talked about this. This is partly because every Kind of pseudo event being planned tends to become ritual eyes with a product. On rigidity all its own, as each type of
To do event acquires this rigidity pressures arise to produce other derivative forms of pseudo event, which are more fluid more time Oh, I see more interesting, less ambiguous. Thus at the press conference itself a pseudo event in the presidential Prescott. As a social Democrat, there's a drama queen trying to catch them Some statement looking for and here are there take in that car. It's the note the news creates Those the unreality as the press conference itself, a pseudo event became formalised. There grew up institutionalized leak and as the lake formal. I other devices will appear now. Of course, this gets a little bit more. Located? Doesn't it depends whose leaking it depends? What their agenda is the rest subpoenaed leaked the so called reporter depends what their it
and it is or what their focus is, and that becomes knows. That's the news. Of course, the shrewd politician or the enterprising newsman knows this and knows how to take advantage of it seldom for outright deception. More often, simply, Make more news to revive information quota quote or to improve. Education quota unquote, so For an altruistic reason, wittingly or unwittingly, nowadays, the test of a Washington reporter is although his skill at precise, dramatic reporting, but more often has a at dark intimidation he wishes to keep as news channels open. He must accumulator vocabulary Philip s style to conceal a sources and obscure the relation of a posted event or statement to the underlying facts of life at the sight, time, seeming to offer hard facts much of his I can trade is
to own and other people, speculation, speculation, about the reality of what he reports he lives in a number between fact and fantasy. He helps create that very obscurity, without which the soup illumination of his reports would be unnecessary, a deaf to admit Greater these days must have similar scales. He must master the technique of denying the truth without actually lie speculation. Becomes new supposition becomes news. Suppose it is illumination of the news is no such thing, It's a pseudo event. More when I return here listening to the best of the mark, Levant radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. So we have these pseudo events in their supper
tattooing. One I won't top of another there. Things going on in the world, Taylor story. I'm I discussed on live in tv the other day. I were in a wedding in Chicago. And we had, Who driver bring us back to Chicago o hare? We stated wonderful old hotel called the Drake Hotel. Wait, attended a wonderful wedding night. Errors were already married, and the gentleman was an older african American and we just got the talking his father Can we passed through his father was ninety five. He sixty eight almost sixty one he's driving an over, and I said why do you drive maneuver.
He said, I retired when I was sixty five or worked at a ball bearing factory fur. I think he said thirty seven year. I believe the Towers Evanston Illinois, but I could be wrong somewhere outside of Chicago about thirty miles, but born in Chicago. I was born in Chicago, that's where you raise and that's where he was staying and bother it should come as a beautiful city, their dangerous parts. I mean deadly parts, but that's the same of most cities but at the centre of the city, and I didn't get to see much of it near the waterfront, absolutely beautiful And I we didn't discuss politics, we discussed life and we got quite friendly. We were in stuck in traffic and took us about an hour to travel. What I don't know ten miles,
And he showed me on his I found, I believe, was a video of him and his one in it. Fear all grain ceremonies, king is one and a half your grandson to read beautiful. And he says to me you know. As a real world out here- and he says I drive. This aren't I've been doing this now. Three years is an Hoopdriver. And I mean many many different types of paper, all races, religions said the truth is most of us get along just great. We get along great, we want the same thing I want to be happy. We want a good job to to put food on the table we want to take a trip every now and then we.
I have a decent retirement, we don't hate each other, we're not at each other's throats too big country In the vast majority was get along just fine and we want to get along. You get the sense, ladies and gentlemen, when you watch. Television news or these twenty four seven cable channels that that's what they want That they want us to get along the sense that they know what is actually going on out there in the world. Oh, the vast majority, the american people, don't give a damn about Amargosa or her book or what's in her book or what anybody has to say about her book.
Stormy Daniels Storm against think about this somebody's daughter who goes into pornography and she became A regular featured news focus and her lawyer same thing day after day week after week, month after month, her before most of us find what she does to be utterly grotesque that she could well have been, victim and brought into that industry in the meat exploiter the. We are exploring Amargosa, who obviously is not well.
As certain emotional and other types of issues- isn't exactly the greatest truth, teller, but the media exploiter. Why. Because they justified to themselves that by pushing I'm arose, pushing what she wrote: pushing Stormy Daniels, pushing whatever they need to push out there in the public's, where the exclusion of so much else that they will advance Their ideological agenda- that's not the purpose of a free press. That's not the purpose of a free press. It can occur, obviously, under the first amendment, your freedom, what you want. You know. Unless you violate verse defamation, since, however, but I'm not talking about I'm excluding that your fair
say when everyone right pretty much whenever you want bright freedom of the press. Has nothing to do with the freedom of an individual to smear somebody. It is a concept that one put into action. Has us its purpose. To sustain and improve. The civil society and, in our case, the republic. One of the reasons why CNN, in particular, stouter, tapir and the rest are constantly attacking Fox, is because Fox, doesn't go along with all arrest some the visuals on Fox do and their specifically called out by the other media and giving praise, but because Fox doesn't buckle.
You can agree with thoughts. Personalities are not that's not the point, but because foxes, not CNN foxes, not MSNBC foxes, not New York Times awash posts and so forth its outlier. It is unacceptable to the group think. That pervades so called newsrooms. The mentality, especially since Watergate, especially since Woodward and Bernstein, and the Washington Post, is we get to decide what the new we here in the news, will we get that decide? Watch newsworthy, We will decide which newsworthy and anybody disagrees with us. Is to be slammed in one form or another. See the Republicans in former republican consultants to John Mccain or this one, and that one who are now MSNBC, Nicole Wallace. He can see others Steve Schmidt. They understand how its play you wanna, be praised. You want to make money
through the media and other sources gotta joined the mob and you know what it's a lot more fun, because you can claim that serves to support free press and to be on the side of truth and compassion. Why you're spreading pseudo events and propaganda? So let me continue here. First it may seem strange, forced and wrote that the rise of pseudo events has coincided with the growth of the professional ethic. You're newsman to omit tor. Realising and personal judgments from the news accounts. How it is in the making of pseudo events that movement, fine, ample scope for there The G20 and creative imagination and that some
because that is what they claim to be the free press. They claim to be done. Ending the free press, but that's not at all. There are claiming their own individual and creative imagination, that's what they're defending. In a democratic society like ours and, more especially in a highly literate, wealthy, competitive and technologically advanced society, the people can be found. By pseudo events for Us Freedom of speech and of the press, broadcasting includes freedom to create pseudo events, and you see folks, that's what they want: the freedom that create pseudo events, not defending freedom of the press, freedom of the press is in any event, on union of danger in this country. Competing politicians competing newsman Peter news media contest in this creation,
They vie with one another and offering attractive so called informative accounts and images of the world. They are free to speculate on the facts, to bring new facts and debate. To demand answers to their own contrived, questions are free market place of ideas is in place people are confronted by competing pseudo events and are allowed. The judge among them when we speak of informing the people. This is what we really me. This is what we really mean So the american citizen lives in a world where fantasy is more real than reality. That is the world of the media. With image has more dignity than its original. Now, as I pointed out a couple of months ago, he are what force
in says are some of the characteristics of pseudo events which make them overshadow spontaneous events. Pseudo events are more dramatic. He television d between candidates can be planned to be more suspense for, for example, by reserve. The questions which are then popped suddenly. May casual encounter or consecutive formal speeches plan by each separately. So in may Kelly right out of the box when, after tromp with a rosy o Donnell question there was a sort of that there was a an event intended create drama and that's exactly what it did. It was discussed for weeks afterwards. At an incredible impact on future debate, and on the trunk candidacy pay him in a corner. Cyril events being planned for dissemination are easier to disseminate and to make vivid partners.
Pincers selected, further news worthy in dramatic interest So you see a lot of these people who are on, for instance, CNN or MSNBC. They bring the men because their provocative, because they're outrageous, because they They are radicals because they will say things. That will draw an audience like a carnival barker or a car accident. Soon revenge can be repaid. It will and thus impression can be reinforced going through thy right now with a morose and her book and the claims that trumps reaction as a result, Demonstrates, if he's racist, so it the whole thing is phony from beginning to end and yet exactly where we are
And tell me: how does this help a republic? How does this help a culture that doesn't help us society and that's the point of a free press? You know pseudo events being planned for intelligibility are more Eligible and hence more reassuring, even if we cannot discuss intelligently qualified of the candidates for the complicated issues. We can only judge the effectiveness of a television performance. How comforting I have some political matter. We can grasp pseudo events Knowledge of pseudo events of what has been reported or what has been stage and how becomes the testing informed supposedly News magazines provide us regularly the quiz questions concerning not what has happened, but concerning names in the news. What has been reported in the news magazine pseudo events, begin to provide that common
its course so called which come old fashioned friends have hoped to find in the great books. And servants spawn other pseudo events in geometric progression, they domini our consciousness simply because there are more of them and ever more of them. And a never ending list of them. Tempted, like no generation before to believe that we can fabricate our experience. Listen to this tempted no generation before us to believe we can fabricate our experience our news The liberties are adventures and our art forms. We finally believe we make the very yardstick by which all these are to be measured that we make our very ideals. This is the key. Max of our extravagant expectations is expert, In a universal shift in our
It can way of speaking from talk about ideals, to talk about images and the biggest trunk. That's missing from this book. Is this is all the creation of established by given birth from progressive ism. The very same things, professor, Daniel Borst and the light professor Dang abortion writes about in his book the image we set about academia, pseudo history, pseudo education, indoctrination, unreality on top of unreality. Because this is what progressive isn't that same
can be said about how progressive approach, governance, economics, unreality pseudo arguments about economics, about health care, about immigration arguments. They know to be false arguments. They know to be wrong, but is of no consequence. They make them anyway. They repeat them. I'll, be right. Back the middle of the night you're tossing turning covered in sweat,
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you'll notice than most of the reporters are based in Washington, DC or New York, and more really in Washington DC, then to your New York is the financial capital, the United States? How much actual financial reporting goes on from the National NEWS? There are some business channels, but I mean on the on the broader channels very little. Very little and how much reporting as thereabout Washington in events going on Washington, its non stop its endless and there's two reasons for first is washing to now is so you it s, so controlling of our everyday lives,
matter who you are where you are or what you do, it's that its central and secondly, these reporters would know how to report stories other than about Washington, because that's where their sources are, that's where they are physically located. And everybody out there and in the hither lance they want to wind up with a network cable network satellite, whatever it is based in Washington DC, where the money is with the attention, with a famous does that sound like a real free press to you, geographically, ideologically That sounds like a real free press to you doesn't to me. I will be right.
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