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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, the Democrats were on full display trashing the Senate hearing process for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats go on and on about following judicial precedent. But if we follow judicial precedent, the Dred Scott decision would still be in place, upholding slavery. The Supreme Court has some good decisions and some bad decisions. It is the Constitution that must be complied with and yet, when you get constitutionalists, people who look at original intent, they are attacked. The Supreme Court has become so powerful, so political, so activist, so post-constitutional in many ways, that these battles take place. For the progressive statists, the Supreme Court is where the action is. Why? Because all they need is five members to dictate their agenda, and that’s exactly what’s going on. Also, the free press in the American news media is oftentimes cherry picked by some on the left, like Chuck Todd. The legitimacy of the news media is being called to scrutiny by the American people because of the media's biases and practices, not because of one particular network or any president. Yet to even suggest that the left wing media is biased results in accusations of the President attacking the free Press and allegations of racism. Finally, the New York Times is suggesting that the FBI offered assistance to a Russia oligarch in the form of getting Visas and utilizing him as an American intelligence asset to provide information on the Trump Campaign.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with Latin America Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one you know I was supposed to be on the radio. This evening I've got to parents were very ill and I've been in Florida, a my wife's island. Passed away yesterday and I wanna be here tomorrow, be attending the funeral.
But I have to be honest with you folks, from watching what's happening to this country and watching the news coverage watching the Mccain fear watching all these things, and I felt I needed to spend these three hours with you. And what I want to address tonight is what's taken place. Front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I want to address this truck tot up at. The Mccain funeral. I knew your ties, peace and a Woodward book, and I don't have that I'll get all of it but they're all the same genre, all of the same genre. Now watching these Supreme Court
and this is my wife and I are flying on jet blue and I'm listening to it, and I'm watching the Democrats and I'm thinking to myself. They accuse tramp of destroying our institutions, they accuse trump of changing that which is normal to abnormal while there they are unfold display trashing,. The hearings process that started under Bork, then Clarence Thomas and threw up. First, they were. The filibuster justices. Then they didn't want to fill justices same with judges the ends, justify the means. Cavanaugh Nike.
To virtual he made a wine up to be a relative activists. Justice for all I know, but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. But I have questions for some level, so Mr Call screener keep a cup aligns open for the left. Will you please exactly? How would you interpret the constitution. I'm watching these clowns. These fools on the Democrats Go on and on about following traditional president, but if we follow judicial precedent, the dread Scott Decision, which will be in place
holding slavery by the way a democrat position with a Democrat Supreme Court, a democrat chief justice, tiny. If we followed traditional precedent, classy versus Ferguson, separate equal is equal, would still be the law, the land. It took brown versus ward of education, fifty Years later, so to reverse it, if we followed Supreme Court precedent, the rounding up of japanese Americans and Americans, a penny to certain suddenly into the interior of the country in a determined camps by Franklin, Roosevelt would still be the long awaited go on and on and on the Supreme Court has some good Patients, the Supreme Court out some bad decisions,
the constitution that must be complied with, and yet, when you get constitution. Most people who believe in the text and looking original intent. They are attacked supporting dirty air and dirty water. I suppose, women and equal rights, as not having compassion and words, as I've said over and over and over again, as I wrote it a very first book men in black for the progressive statist the Supreme Court is where the action is. Why is the Supreme Court where the action is because all they need is five members to dictate their agenda and that's it. Exactly what's going on
the constitution is have maybe three seats potentially for but never five. Then they call a right wing court. That hates women and hates minorities and so forth and so on. It is the Democratic Party. That is polar size. This entire process. You know when William Old Douglas was nominated and along the serving justice. As I recall, I believe he was killed. For about three hours that was and before William of Douglas nominees didn't even appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, their papers file, but the supreme, court has become so powerful, so political, so activist, so in many ways, posts constitutional, that these battles take place.
But I gotta understand from left. How do you interpret the constitution? How do you want the constitution, especially given the fact. That you're Heroes, Woodrow Wilson, among others hundreds of the modern day progression movement reject the constitution, they reject separation of powers, they reject limited government, they reject it's a powers, they reject federalism, they attacked the constitution. And here in lies the problem, ladies and gentlemen, for the progressive statists. How can they support upholding the constitution when they reject the constitution? They throw the name around. They demand that their policies,
in their ideas, be enshrined in the constitution, but they dont support the constitution, over and over again they tell us that constitution was written and ratified by slaveholders. That are very founding is legitimate. They say, read the constitution. There, slavery and there were, of course, there's not end there never put to the test there never put to the test. A justice should follow judicial precedent when that judicial precedent is legitimate. Now what is mean legitimate in that it embraces the constitution. If there was an activist court in a rule a certain way or a particular way on a matter that does embrace our constitution. Then it's not
Madam president, like Dr Scott, like plus the verses Ferguson like. Or a match on and on and on. Then I hear these democratic the Senate Judiciary Committee, give their law Andrei lest other progressive political agenda and, if you don't supported they're, not going to vote for it, but that's not the job of adjusting the job of justice is to try and take the facts. Look at the case, look at the parties and do a constitution, how that doesn't mean all constitutional. This will come to the same result there we're tired. Mary, Clarence, Thomas and just end agents They disagree, but they followed the process. They embraced the process, but that's not what the progressive status state,
to do. There is no reason why the Supreme Court should have nationalize the issue? A prayer, there's, no reason why the Supreme Court should nationalize the issue any social issue, there's no The reason why the Supreme Court should have nationalize the issue of abortion. Society evolves or devolves. These are political issues. These are social issues, seizure, cultural issues, they're, not constitutional issues for the most part. They are what I call constitutional lized, so they active on the Supreme Court get their hands on them in I eight a a policy and imposed on the rest of the nation. There. Three branches of government. The weakest was supposed to be the judiciary. Now it's the most powerful, but we're bothered me most about the hearing,
They wasn't even any of that. The dinner That's when the committee telling us that this democracy faces grave threat, because at present, the United States, grave threat to our institutions have never been threatened. Not like this. All. Through the Mccain week Long Memorial seemed like ten years work same thing: Trump threatens our democracy, our civility same thing. Now the woodwork book trap as a dunce trappers.
Every twelve possess trump is that the entire institutional, Washington and the elites in every platform they can in a forum possible trying to convince you that Donald Trump as a threat to the fabric of this nation. Now, let's try and set some of this record straight whether you agree with tromp on everything or not, is quite beside the point. It wasn't tramp her rounded up japanese Americans and put them in terms of camps. It where's, their great hero, Franklin rose about. It wasn't trump who tried to pack the Supreme Court by adding what was it six additional justices that was their great hero. Frankly,
I was about oh and their very, very supportive of Jeff sessions. Now present the United States is threatening Jeff sessions. Threatening him to do is dirty work, this from the Party of agriculture This from a party of Loretta Lynch, this for party of JANET Reno, And I could go on and on and on, and I remember of trees, the staff to attorney general and with me in the regular administration. We didn't get any lectures about stand, strong Department of Justice stand strong know it was me, must resign The attacks on the Department of Justice Day in and day out and day in and day out, though, when you can't attacked the Supreme Court, you can't attack the justice
the left. Does it all the time all the time. To listen to this is so disgusting. They'd have enough documents, they say. Ladies and gentlemen, did you listen to these Democrats? Do they read much? Actually, even the questions I asked are written for them by staff officer looking down at their paper for their bullet points, though, looking down at their paper from their orders from truck Schumann, They were poor documents, they say they have already announced that are going to oppose Cavanaugh half of what may we Cavanaugh, but they want more documents. They say, except, of course, want the Irish then they didn't want to know anything except when it comes to Benghazi They didn't want to know anything, except when it comes to the FBI, you're feeling and our election. They don't want document, they don't want to know anything
but all they want to know all about cabin. When he was serving. As secretary to President George, W Bush, you not the job of secretary to George W Bush is it's a paper pusher paper push. They see the Supreme Court as their politburo and they intend to protect the majority. If you unrest and the progressives and what they ve written and what I wrote about them and rediscover an american ism. You know this is exactly what they wanted to create an iron fist at court at the top of a heap more powerful than the other branches. Where the elite is TAT, the Ivy League schools, they told us this will be able to impose there are well on this unruly country. This big unruly country screw that separate
Powers and all the branches and so forth. Whether we will actions they said or lose elections, we will be able to advance the agenda. So the question is for the left: how do you interpret the constitution or its living and breathing Really, how many of you have signed living and breathing contracts, We do have living and breathing mortgages. How many of you have, And breathing carloads and we're talking, About the law, the LAN, its people the living breathing? That's why the framers create A limited document government is supposed to be ubiquitous supposed to be the opposite. It supposed to be the opposite. How can it be nine justice
That one justice creating majority of five can determine. Fundamental right is one justice can determine what a fundamental rights entirely of the civil society, has no recourse, none is out of the constitution, says no, it doesn't say that. Do you believe that the men who fought the revolution in this country would have created such an all? they didn't, do you believe that the right of fires and the states would have said? Yes, let's ratify this constitution, so the Supreme Court can tell the states what to do whatever the Supreme Court. The side course stated. This is why they fight the way they fight
I'll be right back
there's one document, though, that they reject the constitution. Now they want more document, Saint Martin. None of what about the document called the constitution. Tell me one of the democratic done in the last half century to strengthen the United States Constitution, who among them speaks out in defence of the United States Constitution, which one other justices in their various opinions have sought to uphold the constitution. How can you be a progressive statist
support the text and the original intent of the United States constitution. How can you possibly be what in fact here entire ideology? Your political ideology condemns the constitution. Condemns the founders condemns the framers even condemns the declaration of independence. How is it possible that those Democrats on that committee are serious about appalling constitution are not I'll, be right, back love and making conservatism. Great again, dial in now seven, seven, three eight one. Three, One one tell me what is come: Allah Harris,
since he has been in the United States Senate. What does she done? What great or profound achievement can she point to not just in the United States Senate in any of the public position, she's a nun. None but she's playing to the hard left of the Democratic party. You know what that's not even correct: they are the hard left of the Democratic Party, and here she is at the hearing today caught one go. I welcome everyone to this confirmation. Hearing on the nomination of Mr Rack. I saw the they hearing is four seconds long and she jumps him go ahead. Erin does her
as a social justice is chairman. I'd like bring organised. I stand before we proceed your work, Mr Chairman, I'd like to be reckoned. The actual legislation here. Oh, let's try. That all the trouble with this there Trump were that here. She is all. Violating several red years, a protocol the chairman has been, we begun, the hearing and she's disrupting the hearing. This was the plan she wanted to do it, they organized it. But you see its trump, whose violating the norms its trump, whose following the rules right there. She is come Mala. Harris go precede. The committee received just last night less than fifteen hours ago- This war, Durban, we're allows in pages of documents that we have not had enough. It's so she's away at order she doesnt way or turn she doesn't raise at proper.
Through parliamentary rules on the rules of the committee, but it doesn't matter, go ahead or reed or annulled, You're you're out of order shall proceed. We cannot possibly move forward. Mr chairman, I did and very warm welcome. Not they are given the opportunity. So what do you do in the United States Senate, we are trying to run a committee and you have a member who goes rogue given member, whose protester toward follow the rules. For the whole. Damn week we heard about civility John Mccain civility. Everybody knows in so many ways in the United States Senate John Mccain was not civil. Let's be honest. I talk about last week the back pensions about drawing them
was a great military here. Oh, he was a lousy senator, that's the truth, day after day after day we had two here lies about part of his career. And now we see come our Harris. Look what she's doing very uncivil violating the rules breaking the norms. But that's ok. Protest by the left, even by a senators fine president tweets, let's way out of water, he's not doing the norm, Europe he's breakin arose. Day long drawn these hearings, the Democrats were breaking the rules, didn't matter, go ahead, harmony otters, monsieur chairman, or you know, I think that club I share whatever the hell she calls herself she jumped
now they already organised. This is your seeing him up. I my colleague. I really do go ahead. Revenues wordy large browsing He meant that we haven't and everyone else joined. We know you last night and we believe this hearing. I know those loud But you're in the minority you don't get to postpone the hearing. You don't get the interrupt. The hearings, when it joined the rabble rousing in the crowd and stepped down from the podium and go do it. Corey Bucker cut three go with Germany. I appeal to the chair to recognise myself or one colleagues you're out of orders to chairman. I appeal to be recognised on your sense of decency and integrity. Even the documents you have requested, Mr Chairman even the ones that you said, the limited documents you have requested. This committee has not received in the documents we have
You, sir, have european legal order. Why are they all make the same exact arguments? Have you thought Why do they all make the same exact argument? Because it's a plot, it's a ploy They haven't seen enough documents, not one of them. Squawking is going to vote for Corey Booker's, Fun, raising emails. Today, stop cabinet. Everyone knows Kemal Harris has no intention of voting for the guy They show up for the hearing, she would vote against a guy had this committee's fur is a violation of the values I've- you talk about time and time again, maybe he's a violation of the values. He's heard him talk about time and again, when this guy proves himself daily to be an absolute idiot. Go ahead. The idea that we should have one is the rush. What are we trying to hide by not having the documents out front,
what I was with a rush: what are we hiding Iowa? What the rushes and there's no hiding the rushes in a constitutional, is on the Supreme Court just in case you guys over the Senate, so its political know, its constitutional there's. Nothing wrong with that. Go ahead. Documents come out for this committee is a violation the values. Tell me, Mr Booker, which documents have you already read of the half a mile? In documents that they provided, you tell me which Have you read, which once did you find compelling? Which once did you find useless, which one go ahead proven for transparency? We are rushing through this process in a way that is unnecessary and I appeal that's enough. Then we have richer,
lemme? This guy takes the cake this guy's creepy, mister I served in combat in Vietnam, hopes I guess I didn't, and the left this in Connecticut be nutmeg state are so worked up about em. They stop over him to me in the United States Senate. Why? Just like who cares? Go ahead? Cut I've place German. I renew my motion to adjourn and senator hours of motion close my eyes for a second second motion. Mr chairman, I ask for a vote. We are not all reconvene. I have explained to you, I have an airing, so their dish, I think the hearing the cameras are on their doing their fan dance. Meanwhile, its Donald Trump you see who doesn't follow the rules is a grave threat to democracy. Soon, after the tall
apply to one week of memorial. Memorials for John Mccain, of course, were also adding to the family and so forth, but they created a political and public spectacle. As I said last week, it was more about tromp was the death of John Mccain. Even the daughter goes on about. You'll never find me doing that at any funeral. For my parents I can tell you that about family in faith period, I dont want single, damn politician a reporter Within a mile of us go ahead or were not in executive session
the proper form for entertaining motions, I ass, we can only an executive session. We will we all. We will vote on several moments of suggestion. We won't follow your suggestion. Ocean is alarming to go into executive station motions. Proper at this time our merriment it's so, whose screaming there is a day protest or in the audience, are one of the centres. Can you tell them apart? I can't tell them apart: go ahead, in that committee, so you see you see. This is what the Democrats want. They want everybody at each other's throats. Whether its Balkan based on race or barking based on social issues are balkan. Icing baseline on economic
shoes whatever it is, they want everybody at each other's throats and then they blame Trump. They blame trump. The media blame trump for creating this environment. And I thought about this today was on the plane on my wife, Donald Trump Donald Trump shows up at the first debate, and at this point I was back in crews by the way, Donald Trump shows up the first republican debate Z S day, a legitimate question. Is he asked a policy question as he treated with respect no making Kelly jumps right in. You said this about rosy, o Donnell, and you said this about rose Yoda so from from get go when the race began, when
first shot was fired in the air for the race to begin. It was let's trash this guy and that's the way it's been ever since nothing, he does is reported nothing. He does incense pause. Policy advances is reported. The economy's shrugging along their been great there's, been great Progress made in rebuilding our military great progress made with the court's Corselet, hates that. And trying to secure our southern border great pride made in the Middle EAST and other parts of the world, but you don't hear about Instead, you told useless grave threat to our democracy by the very people.
Or undermining I set at hearing for a Supreme Court justice go ahead, german if there is no vote on this motion which has been properly seconded and which could be given a vote in favour If session this process will be when we come back and we will be Democrat, the Democrat plot is revealed by Senator tell us of North Carolina. Addict Urban has to confess we'll be right back can also stood. I M here to talk about Congress, no not about the upcoming elections, though those are obviously very important. Meeting
about hills, Dell's, groundbreaking, new online course, Congress how it used to work, and why doesn't at that? right, there sums up why you need to take this course: Hills, Dale College, Each is better than anyone anywhere the constitution and our government is supposed to work, and in this or shall learn exactly what Congress should be doing and what it should have got to this it's in today and how we start to restore a more constitutional Congress, the core does free to you, my listeners and when you pre register yours your place for when it launches unconscious. Lucian day September, seventeen once more This course hills still as great an entirely new online course experience that has to actually be exe parents to be believed, just go to in four hills: they'll back com, that's alleviate free hills; they about come right, now to register its free
so. Don't delay reserve your spot today at Levine for Hills, Dale, DOT, com, that's Levine, for Hills, Dale that come out right here we go, Senator, tell us and then Senator Durban at the Senate, Trade committee did I cut six, go Miss chairman of computer because I heard earlier that this was a nor reaction to the document releases last night. But I'm review tweet from NBC. That said, Democrats plotted coordinated but tat strategy over the holiday week in all agreed to disrupt and protests. The hearing sources tell me and so Damn later, let us chuck Shermer. Let a phone call in committee members Right turning now I just want to make clear the members on this committee participate in that phone car. That strategy before the documents were released yesterday this is. Are you suggesting that this allegation asphalt surrendered?
hold on hold on. Did you hear Mala Harris. I believe it was in. This is outrageous. This is outrageous. That's senator dare to question what we're doing it. This is outrageous words. It's a its cabal there approvingly, the decorum of the Senate, the rules that have been in place. The way things are done. You thought I was Trump. The it grants the left us that is the progressive statist. Do this every waking day, they destruction norm. They disrupt customs, they disrupt traditions. They describe our aren't are enshrined principles. That's what. Do that's why they exist so Trump fight back or take crows fight back or any conservative fight back all of a sudden there's something freakish about you go ahead. There was a phone conference yesterday
And I can show you the time of the phone conference. Many issues were raised. One of the issues that affect Four hundred thousand documents related to Judge Cavanaugh have been characterized by the chairman of the Committee as Committee Confidential. Now. Let me tell you why lot of these documents are committee, confidential, Ladys in general,. Meta why other documents haven't been turned over and it is interesting. The same Democrats there when the Republicans are true Information out of the FBI, information, the Department of Justice information out of our intelligence agencies for interfering in our election. The Democrats defend the departments in the agency's against and apparently, the reason why so much of this material isn't revealed is because when you and he was council to the president for a period of time. That is a privilege that a President
Council have one with the other executive privilege and in some instances, attorney client privilege. It is a privilege president's have had that privilege from day one otherwise No president can ever get council from his or her council. If Congress has the right to get it so it's separation of powers issue hello, separation of powers issue. So, while these demagogic frauds barking and screaming and yelling about the constitution at every turn, They seek to evaluate the constitution, so the president and the executive branch have a right to maintain certain information on a confidential basis.
Not all information, but certain information go ahead, hello, ok, that's it! That's it from Mister Durham! TED crews was outstanding today, as you can imagine, TAT seven go, and understand. Today is also not about documents. We ve heard a lot of arguments warning about documents old saying for trial lawyers. If you have the facts and the facts tv, law, pound the law. If you have neither pound the table or in a lot of table pounding this morning. The Democrats are folk on procedural issues because they know the substantive points strong enough to derail this nomination. They don't have some The criticism with judge cabinets, actual judicial record, so they're, trying averred everyone with procedural issues, but let's
talk about the documents for a moment, the claims that the dynamic, we are putting forward on documents, don't withstand any serious scrutiny, Judge Cabinet has produced hundred and eleven thousand nine hundred and forty eight pages of documents that include More than seventeen thousand pages indirect result so this committee's written questionnaire, which is them most comprehensive response ever submitted This committee them more than a half million pages of documents turned into this committee is more The number of pages we receive for the last five Supreme Court nominees combined, then I've got a little bit more will carried over into the next hour. Then I want to move on as a tie. These various issues together you stand strong America we are under attack, we are under
tat. Yes, we are our values, our principles, candidates, there all under attack, and we tend to fight back and I will be right back now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one anybody worried about the Democrats and there class and decorum their protests. As members of the Senate on a committee, though,
the day disrupted the hearings today. Either they trash trump when he stands up and tweets in. Disrupts the way, Washington, those things there's something wrong with him, but there's nothing wrong with the Democrats. You see the double standard we're doing slow motion, video of one of the victims fathers from the parkland massacre going up to a cabinet hand as cabinets, so fine, then obviously Cavanaugh has no idea. Who is insecurity, moves away? I don't! seems like a very dangerous atmosphere in that committee, room where people can just walk up to the year to the supreme Gordon Armenian and conduct themselves. As we are at a couple more and then we're gonna move along,
here is a Anderson. Well, let's do it this way truck Schuman at the West, indian parade in Brooklyn New York. Yesterday. I want you to listen to this, because I want you to keep something: a mine. It real He is Chuck Sumer, TED Kennedy and Biden, have destroyed the bring process generally, and The judicial hearing process altogether, those are the three stages. They destroyed it, so do here Joe Biden, going on and on about civility during one of the many seem like info John Mccain. Events is really incredible, Seville So many lies were tall during these were more these memorial events, so many lives were told by so many liars during this memorial events. Chuck Schuman listen carefully talking to
some guy who comes up time. Really I know who it is. Sir but this is yesterday in New York in Brooklyn, operate cut twelve go. When you go away, you gonna to beat him Trump, Another matter this, Better, that's not a question. That's not answering the question! What we gotta get a few reports guns. The Democrats are on your side. There is each mucky sleaze, ball, shimmer and. Cooper unseen and yesterday. Two Norman eyes and former Obama. Whitehouse ethics are the you know. These are left us talking to each other. This is this. Is the great a goal
an era of the of the media cut fourteen go off. Oh is not to be minimized, he's he's fine. A multiple investigations closing in- and this is just these two early allies of his. About him. He wants to deal a the whole system because thing I write about, accuracy is more powerful great another author other genius. You're right about you, weren t legitimate. The Obama get Delegate legitimize doll shit. Now it's Obama. His Irish, that goes after the tea party right, it's open it's a senior FBI officials who go after Trump, its Obama. Senior intelligence officials and White House officials who on me american citizens, its Obama and Airy, who put a
the application in the face of court to secure a warrant. We realise legitimize sharp. You Eddie go ahead and it's coming for Donald Trump, so he's pushing back really believe that, though, that the institutions are stronger than than there are strong enough to to resist this kind of thing from President wanted Cooper. He really believe me: the institutions are not strong enough to resist this kind of thing from the present United. They may that lesson folks, Can histories full of presidents have done a hell of a lot more than Donald Trump ever thought about
hell of a lot more than Donald Trump ever thought about, and most of them are Democrat President, the stuff that John Kennedy did and Robert Kennedy this stuff that I'll be J did this stuff that Franklin rose about did officially and unofficially. Incredible, but they paint Trump like peace he's just so way. My carries way out there somewhere mobile, outlier locally trade? To my gaudy tweets. He's not having an affair with an intern easy now he did I'm an affair with an east german spy as president, not he was working with the mob was they want that somebody else, but we're not can't go to can't go there, Camelot, don't go there or I'll be J who are womanizer candidate.
Did you say? That's the great society, oh sorry, or what about Iraq Milhouse Benito Obama and his unconstitutional. I pay it's for the people for the little guy, And don't criticise, Amelia and not allowed to criticise him fundamental transformation and everything else boy. Our system has been so thoroughly corrupted by this progress. Status ideology it just numbly the reporters or the mouthpieces, for though the mouthpieces for progressive is which brings me, This is a very long and stupid piece in the Atlantic by truck tied truck Todd. You may recall, as the host that meet the depressed
he also is sir. I Marcella Steve from time to time. He right in the Atlantic, a well known, left wing rag, it's time for the press to stop complaining and fighting back, so he admits right there that the press basin- we speak with one voice. There's a few hours I was there and they must be crushed so truck Todd models. Work for Russia TV, a matters. Wake me up Putin's spokesmen, I mean he did come close. He worked for Tom Hearken wants only fifty year. Campaign of vilification inspired by Fox NEWS is Roger Ales has left many. Can distrustful of media outlets. Now journalist need to speak up for their work. Now. Let me explain something to you. Dim with many against we're distrustful of you people long before Roger rails and facts. We can think for ourselves.
I've devoted. He writes much of my professional life to the study. Apply ok, ok, it's not as a historian or an academic. No you too stupid to be at the store interact condemning, but at one or two invite Chuck taught on this programme. Mr producer, you remember when I had an open invitation will Maya one of my books came out to come on meat, the press anytime? I want you remember that yeah yeah. And what did I say forget it, but let's break out that's invite truck Todd on seriously. I thought I seen it off and the bizarre upset that handed a professional ressler, the Governorship Minnesota to the California recall it it was the govern. Eighty two candidates who die but stay on the When did you see at all when a guy less than two years Senate experience who was pals with demand, terrorist got elected president. How come that's not one of your examples, but there's
kind of campaign under way, one that most of my colleagues and I never publicly reported every fully analyzed, never fully acknowledge their campaign. Destroy the legitimacy. The american news media nobody's trying now noticed the difference. Free press. And the American NEWS me, you know, there's a different try, free press, and the American news media you and I support the constitution, unlike the left We support all of the bill of rights. We dont cherry pick, including freedom of the press. Many in the press Cherry pick may, like the second amendment, the parts of the fifth amendment that the tenth amendments irrelevant. We don't even know what the ninth amendment says. You understand the legitimacy Of the American NEWS, media is being
by the american people, not because of Trump, not because a fox not because a talk, radio, not because of me, but because clowns their work in the media. Let me ask you something: how do these people get hired? What are the standards, Me when you hire a teacher, their certain standards, higher, copper, certain standards, higher firefighters, certain standards, higher electrician farmers, certain standards, you gotta meet certain. You know requirements certain certificates, realising. How do you become a reporter? What are the qualifications? There are none who are the editors, I don't know who the managing it. I don't know who Tat was, I don't know, no standards will then how's it a profession just because they, they self identify as a profession reporting is not a profession. I'm sorry!
editing is not a profession. It's a job here, electrician, your profession. How do I know there shouldn't requirements there? Certain standards here plumber? I now hear truck driver to professor the Hellenic. There are certain standard, certain record. What requirements and standards for being a report on Amazon May one. Or CNN o mark you must be a type press. He goes on. These poor multi millionaire victims. Bashing the media for political game, isn't new and neither is manipulating the media to support or oppose a cause. These practices least as old as the Gutenberg press, but an tippit toward the media right now has risen to allow I've never personally experienced before. Why have you looked in the mirror. The closest parallel and recent american history. The hostility to reporters in segregated south in the nineteen,
if and other yoga we're all races truck TOT has declared that we're all racist. So the question that you knew it had to be. If a question the media, like the southern segregationist truck you're, the Democrat, those republic Then, as now that hatred was artificially stuck by people who found that it could deliver them, some combination of fame wealth and power. Here we go with a new job conspiracy, crap. Some of the wealthy as members of the media are not reporters from mainstream outlets figures such Rush Limbaugh Back Drudge and a trio of Sean Kennedy took a Carlsson, and Lord Ingram have attained wealth and power. Exploring the fears of older white paper, as you know, that how does he know that.
And how are they exploring the fears of older white people? They are thriving finance. By? And we hear this all the time by the way was Matt Lauer, who is making like fifteen million a year, MR producer, twenty or twenty two million. Wasn't it something like that. And Charlie rose make only twenty million a year these. Make a twenty million twenty two fifteen five they're making a fortune? What are they whining about? Much of the current in writing about the rise in press bashing. Indeed, legitimate taxation has been focused on the president who but every report in America sadly knows every reporter in America sadly knows has declared the press the enemy the people. How many times the trump say. I said the fake press, but like much
send the trump era. Donald Trump didn't start. This fire he's only spread it to a potentially more dangerous place. The modern camp and against the American press Corps has its roots in the Nixon era. President Richard Nixon, angry foot soldiers continue this fight against the media, even after he left office. That's not true started in the next year S natural. Actually started with John Adams, the modern era is headed actually started with John Adams. Talk that truck Todd you gonna be For how you say that guy's name fair, she might say cuss, whereby Accident truck Todd, yet the sedition act, the sedition act, which were
I recently supported by the Federalists and John Adams, and help caused his defeat. Eventually long battle by the Republicans and Thomas Jefferson,. And by the way, I might also remind everybody that it was Barack Obama who's, not even mention inherent in a negative way who unleashed his FBI, the top of it. The FBI against you, IT press against Fox against other media outlets. Somehow. Somehow this MRS truck Todd's, a very curious investigative mindset, Roger ales, who went on I have found Fox was the most important those figures histories.
An assault on the press created the conditions. I would allow president to surround himself with aids who argue for alternative facts and announced that truth is in truth. Now you see, this is the problem. Truck truth is, in truth, We know exactly what Giuliani met your low. I q can keep up. He said even if somebody testifies and they believe what they're saying is actually truthful based on their memory and somebody else testifies and they believe what they say is absolutely true for based on them, Truth is, in truth, that's what's meant That I am a man of trumps background of character, could never have one. You understand that America truck Todd is telling you that without Roger thousand Fox Donald Trump could never have one and yet
without NBC, ABC Cbs, MSNBC and CNN Obama could never have one Roger S was the godfather the trumpet. This is supposed to be rapporteur. So I want it truck tied on here, I want to ask him what the standards are where the written. I would ask him, is he a reporter or commentator when he writes things like this? I want to ask him about his dammit at background and that of his wife and how he can maintain its objectivity. Begin and all this, because it too anything he names a lot of people in this. Did you notice, MR producer, but he doesn't name me sue me must, like me, I mean, did give me. The open, ended, Patients come on his programme anytime. I want any time you want I, the round table mark Chuck open invitation to come on my programme and is trucks I would say, the sooner. The better
you're right back says in his article here for me Death threats are now the norm in I received death threats. Mr President, Mr Produce, it doesn't even all the death threats I receive. Yes, gentleman was dragged into court couple months ago. There are others. I don't wanna talk about it on the year. I don't write about it as far as if the law those responsible for order, for the media responsible for my opponent, responsible for it. It's utterly
irresponsible to do that, When we go to put into a book signing, we have two or three bodyguards there. Same with raw shameless Sean same with others. He says nothing here about anti fa. You know he talks about that, the Fox guys and how they have influence you d be angry and hateful and all the rest right, Z, looked at hosts on MSNBC. Has he looked at the guests on MSNBC, his sister, station which are apps. Mostly sickening. No, he hasn't trot you're, invited on the programme. Thirty minutes, we are even we'll do it for an hour, right back,
as the middle ground, there is now a middle ground. Talk with my well, then, now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one is there a positive move, a day for Trump. I think that's a fair question. Do you, MR producer? Is there ever a positive media day for trot? I can't think of one Tommy truck Todd is there ever a positive media day for Trump and if not, why not about you Jake Tapir, you know the tide. Peace is very regulatory. He claims to be speaking for the entire media mob.
And I think you may be. You see if only we could shut down Fox, if only we shut down? Conservative talk, radio folly. We could, shut down drudge, then you begin the truth. You see, ladies in general, but this is how the progressive statist mine works, its autocratic, its group think and in one direction they are not there to report the news. There are there to advance in ideology, and this is what makes it so different from the past, This is what makes it so different and they claim to be a profession, and I keep asking the question how so how is Jake Tapir a professional when he used to work?
democratic, congresswoman and used to work for a hand, gun control ink. What makes him a professional report? What makes Chuck toddy professional report when he used to work for Tom Hearken on Capitol Hill? What makes him a professional report. What makes George stuff Annapolis a professional reporter. Hosting a Sunday show hosting the morning show. I would Play ABC from time to time when he worked for the Clinton's. And I go old. What? Why are they professionals and how are they? Defending freedom, the press. I agree there defending the american media as a group, but I'm how are they defending freedom of the press and the public Negative view of the media is because a trumpet, if you sit down and watch CNN from morning,
Tonight or you sit down a watch msnbc from morning noon tonight. The reason sir, the Americans hate the media and by the way, truck not all older white Americans as truck Chrisley has a yet the pulse of the nation. He knows which raise watches what which it does. This out in the cereals sector who thinks our way, but that truck the people come to their own conclusion. The fact is: foxes ratings are through the roof, because it's one of the few places you can go to get a different viewpoint, from their prime time line up You'll get anywhere else. I say this as somebody who has a weak a programme there, but I would say it otherwise
so anyway for the progressive you saw tying them? Together, you saw the Senate Judiciary Committee, you see and truck Todd's piece. You sought with the With a long Mccain memorial events. The pushing of an ideology. Whether its memorials and a funeral, whether in the media, the senator I can make it doesn't matter, because Prague, tourism to succeed, much like it, her brother communism must be ubiquitous, it must have the final say. As I always say, it's like water, it s there and it just keep spreading in spreading and spreading. Ninety nine percent of all office chairs are one size fits all and, as a result, your chair is not
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And that's the one I sit in in the bunker I my desk, caring for the show and doing the too great chair, so the media. We have Carl Bernstein on MSNBC skies- are washed up. Slob he's a leftist. Most of these. These I want. I want sailor anyway, I want you to listen to this he's being interviewed by Baldwin brought bomb cut. Thirteen go a lot of this is coming so she for staff. Now I'm his army limits lemmings start from a tab. I apologize so there's a new book up by Woodward, You know there are certain house I'll talk about foxes, certain hosts on Fox, embrace these liberals, because they think they'll tell them stuff. That's bow. He said that our Dershowitz sailors, they
come back to buy in the ass. They just do. Because, in the end, they are what they are, what words wanted. He does. He was on Fox on then suddenly disappear spin the present the United States for about what seventeen months seventeen months, so this book is coming up right called fear takes a couple of months, maybe three months, something like that for a book to be pushed up that is, for To be printed published marketed so really Woodward wrote this book in the first twelve thirteen months. Of the trunk presidency, I know because I write books first, twelve or thirteen months of the trunk president, why
right the book why he didn't wait three years for years. He didn't way to look by another. Why did you do it. Cause. You turn on the present every one of these books. Now Chuck Tunnel push the hell out of it, but Helen? we'll talk about how much money Woodward makes they never talk about how much money left us make in the media and they make a ton a tonne. So he has these. These quotes in this book from matters from down from cows, every single sources, anonymous anonymous. This is what he does he's done this in the past. He did it to Bill Casey claim that he had interviewed Casey by his bedside as he was dying cases
wife now widow said. No. He didn't that's a lie. If you are, I wrote a book Phil, The anonymous sources now publisher, whatever run with none, general matters, AIR John Dowd Jen. Kelly of all said that the quote I've come out today, attributed to them are not correct their false there fantasy their fiction. How the hell did you get to write a book like this? Every time I write a book, have two hundred two hundred and fifty three hundred footnotes. And I'm anonymous, you know you now easy would be to write a book like they're running. Broken, come Allah Harrison. I have twenty seven sources.
But they never publish nobody whenever believe me, so Words out there, this is the latest one. It's almost like these publishers have one common out every every month, every two months, I'm a Rosa. We heard from error for how long Michael Heard from him for Hallo here we got all kinds of books being written now in order to you know, defend us from this grave threat to our democracy. Some Madison doubting Kelly Wall said now, it's not correct. We didn't say those things. And here's Carl Bernstein on MSNBC today, Brook Baldwin is these suppose it professional housed go have a lot of this compromise on chief of staff, from that, as you just pointed out, and who knows what happened to their future
the concern would be if there isn't through travel, isn't he knows what happened to their futures while Kelly still chief of staff? Madness is still sector defence and they d my wits in the book Baldwin. May I call you Baldwin I had almost national security, coral and these people are replaced by yes, men or women. Now you see usually going to check. This is a real reporter, Brook Bondman going; Jake Tapir we're in the golden journalists and we Real professional here Bruce Baldwin in Ireland, it has come from his own chief of staff from Madison's, you just point and who knows what happens with their futures they concern. If there's congress of the stay in the realm of national security. Car on these people are replaced by yes, men and women, while what a professional go ahead happens What will happen when the person isn't very clever use if this is not a
inside going off to the Congress of the United States to the Republicans, the Congress of the United States, saying. First of all, we must protect mothers in The first of a wise he still on air. Given his lies, would Lenny Davis Why isn't it least wearing a scarlet letter on a forehead and alpha wire, see what I mean suit? I mean truck truck tat. May I call you truck in the golden age of of journalism. Go ahead that can really. We can not blindly. Although this president and his inquiry tie everybody's blindly following this president and his incompetency he's, the hell of a lot, don't you think with the economy, but the military. With the courts, and I think, ladies and gentlemen, this is part of the problem. They don't like what is achieved. Go ahead. Does a theme throughout this book
and his recklessness and is this concern for the national interests, as this guy just sit around Leben outlines out here. Coordination is dish, concern for the national interests in favour of a zone, etc. This is A porter go ahead. Favor of his own interest? It is time for the Republicans to say the Trump present Is it a national or international emergency? So what do we do come up National Guard Carl. What would it national amid the Trump present he is a national emergency folks. This is a reporter. This is a reporter on. I guess it CNN right, Sir Porter go ahead. It is up to us both parties to treat prompt presidency as national emergency. We were just getting at the surface of what you re,
and I wonder what reporter Baldwin's going to follow up with go ahead, Will you do you think they will Carl? Do you think the two parties will treat this as a management I mean car cannot work by the way. What kind earned steam now, how much money has he made since truck Todd is very very interested in this. How much this truck Todd make. Maybe comes on the programme, are less can go ahead. No idea what we have seen so far as an abdication of responsibility by the report. Now you republic, goods and kind which you need to impeach, remove your own president now come on now. National, emergency, Steingraber, spread democracy. We ve never seen you gotta. Do it. You got move your own president I'll be right back
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spite the Yankees in the Mets, because european tragic. Americans, you see: what's happened to your country. And while we're all in the sports. I definitely am when you What's going on day in and day out in the media, you see truck Todd. They old major meat, isn't so governments the golden age of yellow journalism, as I keep on people need a place they here. Principles reinforce their belief system, reinforce they used to be nor everywhere to the movies, he could see John Wayne and Jimmy Stuart and so forth, or books. Or tv innocent sitcoms, you know, though, now you are blasted with propaganda day in and day out, and it's all left left left. So there's a few areas in our society were that doesn't happen, but it's a few too many for truck tut.
Truck. Can I be honest with you, since you took over me the press is lousy. Nobody wants to watch me the press. We well, you're a left us in your married to a let nobody wants to hear your crap. It's like tapir unseen and I'm the guy who make sure trump doesn't like you're a small. Nobody cares about you Jake. You have no numbers either. Now I know I won't get truck tat. I should keep my mouth shut will be right back
He's here now run them. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, a woman, you know even the analysis. Went on today in the Senate, Judiciary Committee, the language is not correct. It's like a like a political campaign. You know if a cabin should
succeed in being confirmed that would movement moved the court to the right. What is I mean? There's some of the court to the right, the constitutes the constitutional system. I don't move the court to the right. We see constitutional lists, it's not a political ideology when we were after me we're teller right now there is a constitution and then there isn't a constitution. The debate needs to be met, it properly. The arguments need to be made the right way when it's not questioning bring the court to the right. Like some political event, it's a matter of selecting individuals,
firming individuals who become justices. Who will follow the constitution, so Oh constitutional ain't- and this is what I keep saying. Ro, we all understand I've been a commentator for thirty five years in this town. I don't care, moving to the right. That's New York Times Pabulum right truck tar the golden age of journalism. I just want to make your back. Why do you keep me? in the golden age of journalism, because Jake Tapir said it's the golden age of journalism, so he must be right. I have to assume he's right right. There was a blockbuster piece in the New York. I am I mean times, even though their spin it by Canada, Vogel and Matthew Rosenberg. These are left us, but that's, ok, no weight in real journal
because Roger S wouldn't want me to call them anyway and here's. The title agents tried to flip russian oligarchs. The fall out spread to try right. So that's kind of an innocuous headline menu start reading its along peace, This is, from the other day over the weekend, estimation of american officials all like the the reps got the ip s K. I you tried a russian oligarch, would close ties to the Kremlin has faced credible accusations of storage and bribery and even murder, is important. Stay with me. They also we might make a good source between each fourteen and twenty, sixteen, the FBI and the Department of Justice unsuccessfully tried to turn him into an informant they they ignored that they might provide help with his trouble and Being visas for the United States or even explore others
to address as legal problems in exchange, they were hoping for cremation Russian organised crime and later here you go possible russian aid to president trumps twice sixteen campaign according to current and form, officials and associates of Mr Dare Pasqua the Russian. He got that this is bigger, broader, deeper and wider than we thought and one it can counter. Fbi agents appeared on announced and uninvited at his home, which he maintain New York and pressed him on whether paw matter for a former business partner, most of us here, is who went on to become chairman, Mr Trumps,
and painted served as a link between the campaign in the Kremlin. The attempt to flip Mr Dare Pasqua was part of a broader, clandestine american effort to gauge the possibility of gaining cooperation. From roughly I half a dozen of Russia's richest men knew Oliver, like MR, dare ask her depend on Latin reputed to maintain their wealth. The official set too of the players in the effort were Bruce or the Justice Department official who recently became a target of attacks by Mr Trump and Christopher steal. The former British, by who compiled a dossier and propose links between the trunk campaign in Russia. This is really crystallizing. Now, isn't it this system an effort to win the cooperation of the oligarchs which has not previously been
veal does not appear to have scored any success. I understand. What's going on here, the FBI with MR or an mister Steele are pressing this russian oligarch and other oligarchs to give them dirt on, and the Trump campaign, and in exchange they might suvs a visa or visas that he wants. Mr Mulder, if you have half a brain so left, if you have any self respecting So whoever you know you are investigating the wrong people you oh. There was rushing collusion and you whose involve even the New York Times spilling out another gonna spend in a minute, but pretty amazing and it MR therapist
Casey told the american investigators said he disagreed with their theories about russian organised crime and criminal. Collusion in the campaign a person familiar with exchanges said so. The EP behind a department of under Obama, Fender Obama, pressing pressing, to get information on Trump and the Russians, and there was not an there was none. There they are involving themselves in the campaign now the spin, but the fire, from the approaches now rippling through american politics and has helped fuel Mr Trumps campaign to discredit the invest, the Asian and the weather he coordinated with Russia and its interference in the election. So what does all this mean right? Now? Let's stop here. Let's unravelling, it means the guilty
I trying to get ahead of the story, so they went to these two lives at the next limes. They filled in the gaps. The information at the Republicans have been trying to glean and have through their investigations, including their interviews? I guess we're the war and steal the Democrats where the FBI, somebody or all trying to get in the story laid out Are we only read that Anna? What's the big deal, and now they Spinnet prices help you prompts attack. You know is campaign on Mr Orange. What does that have to do with anything. This is an unbelievable store, unbelievable store. They gets more and more unbelievable as they weeks go on. This A concerted effort by official FBI that
tax between MR or Mister Steele were detailed and emails and notes from MR or that the Justice Department turned over to Republicans in Congress earlier this year of journalists, including some conservative news outlets, have reported on elements of the context, but not on the broader. REACH programme to the oligarchs are key aspects of the interactions between MR or Mister Steele. Mr deposits, in other words, are saying This is worse. John Solomon and Sarah Carter have been saying on the Hannity show it's worse back, so were the ones who are going to get my money back, but you know we only go so far because its trump such about using this as a campaign against the up here. Of course he is of course issued, and so should everybody else. They
Malaysia, the mist or engage MR steals provided the president's allies. So here's the problem, Chuck chapter This isn't a straight news story if they told it as a straight new story, be one thing, but they know this plan news in here, but it takes somebody like me, you know, makes a lot of money whose a conservative right wing in already a guy and hast unravel at and so forth his stereotype to figure it out. It goes on. Oh Mister, Steele, did discuss the research that result in the dossier with MR or during the final months. The campaign current and former officials said the Mister Durham. Pasco was the subject of many of the contacts between the two men between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen, but the boys
They say later in this rather long story. Is you see their contact with this? Russian actually predates trump, even announcing first campaign, so they're trying to help or and steal they ve got a problem. These when reporters at the near it. These guys want to get ahead of the story. That is the leakers. They wanted ahead of the story to get it out there before somebody says gotcha. But then they want to pull back a little bit and say, but what's the big deal since we actually were building these relationships before the trunk campaign by the way trucks using this to attack us. It doesn't matter if the relationship predated Trump announcing for presently United States, it evolved into getting trump It evolved into getting trap. We now have a dossier through the bat
that was used by they Hilary campaign and the Dnc funnel through same FBI apparatchiks to get a warrant a phoney warrant, really on Carter page The way to get into the campaign. We now know they had a spy in the campaign. And now we know that there were the environment of the FBI, the Justice Department and Mister Steele in trying to sabotage the trunk campaign was much much bigger than one or two or three rogue FBI officials may your time Sesar, even though they won't conclude what I conclude that the facts take her with a fax. Take you
pretty amazing and its received almost no attention. This came out. I believe it was Saturday end of the year. He joined became the memorial hate Trump Funeral Eyes The kind of ground out now that we have the Phoney Woodward book and the spectacle of the Democrats disrupting these the Judiciary Committee, but this is a big deal. I'll be right back Once again I invited the chapter on the programme here Scots his article trashing fox trash. Ever talk, radio,
that the media need to work together to fight back and things of that and that basically those entities, Sir try to incite, hold her white peep there's a lot of stuff in the store, and I very much like to talk to truck Todd. Niner stand tractor likes to control the microphone control. The camera understanding likes to go into friendly interviews and so forth at sea is the guts to talk to me. That's seriously it serious got to talk to me. I will be very professional. Because he can't talk right, we actually have standards, unlike the so called media, but time will tell- and I expect time will tell us now- The same Chuck Todd who gave me open invitation couple of weeks ago to come in its programme
because you wanted to get his ratings up. I'm telling you the truth. Several people contacted me his office, contacted my publisher said. No, I don't think so. The way of his answer is yes: if you come and meet, the press will say fine as long as I can bring my camera crew or as long as it's alive would know, editing cause I'm up to that game. Sixty minutes has been doing that for nearly half a century, Some are well aware that Here's some news: you will not hear from truck totter, take tapir and went back, and I started looking at this. Look at the Trump administration. Look: look: what have they done in seventeen or eighteen months? We have heard mothers right, four million jobs created since the work. They have
it almost half a million manufacturing jobs Economic growth. Is, you know this last quarter had four point: two percent unemployment claims half a century low. This is big stuff. American unemployment, the lowest rate ever Rico. Hispanic unemployment, lowest rate ever recorded Asian, economic employment, lowest rate ever recorded, got that truck Ottawa males. Women's unemployment, Lois Rating six. Five years, how much reporting has there been on this youth unemployment Lois Rate, nearly half a century. Lois Unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma veterans, unemployment
I rate. In nearly twenty years, almost four million people have left the food Nan programme. That's a big deal is a huge tax cuts for a lot of he opened Anwar the President. I approve the Keystone Excel in Dakota Access pipelines. We are actually now energy independent. I remember the decade people talking about IRAN? We actually are now energy independence. That is a big deal. The president has eliminated an unbelievable number of Obama regulations. Regulatory relief is a big deal too He tried to eliminate Obama care, he got rid of the individual mandate, but
Mccain among others voted no getting rid of Obamacare. This is one of the reasons. The media in the Left- love John Mccain, the FDA now's approving more drugs. You know people who have cancer people who are ill. They can afford to wait eight ten twelve years. They just can't. He withdrew the country from these, so called our climate accord. Thank goodness, and that is a job killer. The pears climate, a court now here, seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars will be spent on the military. That's a record. NATO allies are spending nearly seventy billion dollars more on defence and twenty. Sixteen, he seeking to
greatly space forth. The six branch of the armed forces in order to deal with China and Russia he's confirm more a power cord judges than any other new administration in this period of time we have new course, which of course he killed the therein. Nuclear proliferation deals what I call it erect. Eyes, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, any moved our embassy to Jerusalem? I just started thinking about this. And there's much more that he wants to do. These are all conservative things, all capitalist accomplishments,. And for this the left hates left, hates him hate
and this is why I say that we need to defend the constitution We need to defend the twenty sixteen election, look at the left in the day, crash want to try and be Trump and twenty twenty. That's the way the system works, but they're not free to short cut. His presidency. Three phony special prosecutor, phony impede. Processor and in the rest of it. That's what we call a coup. I've been calling it that, from day, one of you, back You turn off your radio and open the window. You can pay, only hear him straight from the studio. Call, eleven at eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! We ate one one! You know what I mean.
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Why did they found? What what is he doing? These are social justice warrior icy by taking a knee so you ve heard by now, Mikey thinks this is very cool. Nike thinks this is very cold. Were they waited into this? They have made Capra neck there. What is it their hero the year. Let's put it that way. There already thirty years of just do. It panic has surrendered everything he's given up everything for taking the need for social justice. This is bs. They're, using each other Capron egg, deleting Nike and Nike is using him, and you know what they can all go to. As far as I'm concerned now, I dont need Nike,
never had needed Nike, he needs snakes. You know where to get snakes, get him somewhere else. Shirts, tee shirts, hats. Now, if you're wearing something that says Nike you're wearing something that says taken during the national anthem. That's what they ve decided that their decision. That's my decision matter by any Nike. Stephen a spare thorny sb end today, he had an interesting take on this cut. Fifteen go what impact will this I'm paying have on their Nike brand. Unfortunately, I think to help the Nike brand, I mean I want to markets open this more than they would down about three percent, but still up about twenty seven Say you over year they gonna make money, they are the largest Today they dominate the foot, the foot gay industry. We all understand that this is who they are about the reason I use. The word unfortunate is because I don't know, cabinet, then we nike about
Jack decision. They have now themselves than a colleague cabinet the face of all of this and end you know, you can look at it and you can say or calling cabinet taking in the college cabinet has collusion case against the National Football League and what have you? But Nike eventually hijack the entire movement, because by doing this commemorating colleague happening, and we talk about the thirty commemorating the thirty year. You know they just do it paying. What have you we're gonna find ourselves talking more about Nike now that we are about calling cabinet than we are about the protests, and it's very interesting actually could be accurate, but all said, I say a plague on other houses. I'm tired of these leftwing corporations. I really am I'm tired of them. They compete they succeed in a capitalist system.
They make an enormous amount of money. There executives make an enormous amount of money and then just to show that there also social justice warriors they link up with calling cabinet, And I would say to my good friend, Stephen any is my good friend, whereas all the social justice activity. What is calling cabinet actually know that gave money to this one? What's he do in day to day I mean the latter social injustice out they're gonna write this a full time: job, loosened the off season. It's a full time job I mean you gotta, be fixed in social Justice Day in and day out. Sixteen, there's a day there's so Injustice so much in equality. So much this and so much that. You can't just give a little money here and give a little money there and expect that banana. So what does calling captain? I do every day.
And as far as collusion in the NFL, why is it is a problem. Let me just stipulate, I have no idea, but why would it be a problem of all the teams got together and said? You know I wanna hear this guy. Why should I? are those guys gotta be busy doing social justice. I can't be plain: fulltime fuck, I'm doing so for just a guy and a social justice. What's the problem, thoughts discriminatory? No, it's not. These are, I will employees, I don't like that, I'll get rid of that guy. I am an owner after all, I own the team, the players work. For me. Oh yeah, it's true! It's true. I hate to say it. I hope you for Allah shall be steel and our rerun on Sunday, ten pm Eastern, that's the guy. He knows what he's talking about calling cap
because a free man he's a free man endured everyone's we can't play. While he was a free man, he did when I really want it can go around, ok, employers in the I'd say: hey! You have to hire me otherwise colluding here, we're talking to each other. We think they should be busy do and social justice whatever. That means people need to define these terms to social justice, whereas economic equality. What does that mean? Social and economic equality or the cops, are bad or what? What is that. So anyway, so goes the. Fail, will see how it works. Some teams are better than others when it comes to this stuff. They really are. My God on seal this on the Washington Redskins. I just don't.
Our sire number the other times, and it is a minority number of players. But now I'm not gonna binding Nike stuff. Why should I then again broken me in the eye either programme everybody in the eye. This is what they choose to do great, but it's not just Nike calling Capron it wants this to He wants to be in the news all the time, his ten seconds, fifteen, where are we now you're three right see who's out there who wants to speak one? What issue letter Jeremy, Chicago Illinois, on the market of in power. You, oh hell, I think he'd have ever Michael. Yes, he did go right ahead of you ever I don't want to talk about. You know, I think something my call them and I,
Am I thought it like a very interesting that you know wasn't a media? They prefer to again to the presidency. The more them a radical, the more desperate they get an antenna take down and together with the presidency,. Very interesting, double standard think you're talking about in drafting, and I want to underline that point. While Jeremy, let me ask you a question there. You have the Democrats to a man and woman in the Senate Judiciary Committee through. Tradition out the window throwing class out the window trying to sabotage the hearings in all we hear is Donald Trump doesn't play by the rules. Exactly whole double standard in only one under the call him out on. On the other hand, a you know your do. You feel you accuse earlier erases German, As you all this in that, but then you know you can't ever call. The progressive and the media in Hollywood. For what now, you obviously were influence by Roger else, I know
Germany, thank you for your call. My friend map, Wichita, Kansas the great can assess go markets. It is a pleasure to talk to you, I kind of echo the sentiments of the last collar. I'm a stay home dad my my it's my own small business, which happens to be a liquor store in Newton Canvas. We do Quite three million dollars a year of stay at home. Dad, nothing really to do with the other than the fact that I To hear a lot of this Cavanaugh crap, I here. A lot of the Fox NEWS tat. If I stay home, these he's gone is pre school. Now, I'm very fortunate for that, and You hear this and no one that I know literally agrees with, like they're they're mad about it like what are these people talking about.
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Abraham, Lincoln M, Lincoln's, Gettysburg, address or apron. Lincoln, Sir Second and grow address malice toward none there just they just magnificent books also of his book proverbs. His abuse, the book as well, but this I think it is really the top of the line. Again it is built He does all the illustrations himself. And all the wording, himself, he wants to celebrate the brave men and women and blew our police force. Your police force you go online Amazon, dad calmer. As I say in the online purchasing a platforms, it's quite simple. Call our police by Jackie. I am very proud of my father re, proud of my mother, and this is just an absolute beautiful addition. If it sir,
I think it's the ages, I would say people might say, may be for the ten years older three to ten years, hold something like that, but it's a beauty, But to have in your home I'll, let you It is a Christmas gift. Hanukkah gifted Renate gifted are just because it's cool book. Yes, I've, cool parents. I really do let's continue showing Frank Rally: Our Carolina, they re W E Bay, go. A girl. I found was frank. I just gave me big control. You still larger fall asleep employer, Frank there, MR producer of lawyers. I guess not. I can't even here MR producer, how Bout, Cathy and Bend Oregon Cathy, are you there? I am
I really am not hearing anything in my headphones there's something that we have. A technical problem is where we have because I can't hear anything in my headphones and I don't know why I write, there's a piece in the New York Times. It's called. What's the point of the Supreme Court to good question and, oddly enough, its interim by somebody who I would consider a liberal Europe, Are we done, MR producer? I can't hear by far
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