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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/5/18

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, NRA TV Host Dan Bongino fills in. When you attempt to reverse the peaceful transfer of power, the Republic is finished! According to the NY Times OpEd penned by someone claiming to be a senior White House official states that they are part of the resistance. The reality is that they are not actually resisting Trump, they are resisting the decision of 'We the People' that duly elected Donald Trump into the highest office in the land. They are a cowardly disgrace and need to name themselves and resign! The swamp in Washington DC is a trainwreck and the left can't accept that Trump won fair and square, if they want him out they should vote and get him out, not collude with the swamp rats in the media to create a permanent sense of chaos. Also, the operation known as spy gate to spy on the Trump team was actually 3 separate plans. Plan A was the mole, Plan B was Fusion GPS dossier, and Plan C was the Mueller Probe. Bruce Ohr the number 4 guy in the DOJ under Barack Obama was funneling information to Fusion GPS where his wife was employed even though he wasn't assigned to the Trump case, in fact this relationship with Fusion GPS goes back as far as 2015.

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