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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Barack Obama gave a speech where he attacked President Trump and his supporters. Obama was very angry that Trump has reversed about 75 percent of the eight years of his presidency. Obama's anti-semitic policies have been reversed by Trump. Obama was weak on ISIS, China, and the border yet Trump has been strong on these issues. Obama is probably jealous that Putin is getting all the credit for interfering in the 2016 election that Obama was responsible for. Also, Obama says that “we went from great progressive change to periods of retrenchment" suggesting that the target of progressivism is the US Constitution and our individual liberties. What the former president fails to understand is that the Constitution was designed to protect our liberties so that we can choose to grow, prosper, and evolve as we please because we are free to do so - not as the state decides. His ideas of collectivism are an attack on our individualism. We must not abandon American sovereignty. Later, Ted Cruz calls in to discuss the Supreme court nomination and his race against Beto O’Rourke, who’s running hard left. Finally, John Heubusch, executive director of the Reagan library, discusses his great new book - The Second Coming: A Thriller (The Shroud Series).

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael events. Here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one we're gonna have a lot of fun tonight, among other things, mocking Morocco. I have a question, though, here I M mining, my own business minutes before the broadcast. I'm listening to network news in my headphones and their quoting John and John Dene is on cable tv? So now, John
being is an authoritative force on ethics, a voice for the law when he pleaded We too are felony and the Watergate matter. In exchange for coming a key witness for the prosecution and he lost his law licence and they don't tell you that. Any serve time in federal prison outside Furthermore, Marilyn so they're going to quote and tell us about John Dene. I mean come on, but that just shows you were the media are broken. House Benito Obama is very, very angry because President Donald Trump is reversed about seventy five percent of the eight years of Obama and he
busy pudding constitutional lists on the courts, where Obama packed the courts where the radical activists. Donald Trump as undone the IRAN's nuclear proliferation deal one of the great Obama accomplishments according to a bomb Donald Trump has reversed Barack Obama's. Anti semitism when it comes to the state of Israel. Presently, the United States Trump has recognised rules. As the cap on is moved our embassy to Jerusalem. Presently the United States Trump, reverse policy when it comes to North Korea. He inherited. North Korea would nukes has reverse policy with respect to Russia putting in
anyways, devastating sanctions where Obama closed his eyes to russian interference in our election. I think he was jealous of the Russian. Because he was interfering with our election. The president and United States has been tough on China. Barack Obama sold out the China Presently United States is trying to secure our southern border. The president, before him, Barack Obama, supported open borders, Barack Obama, his FBI, abused the face a court spin exposed. During the Trump administration, there's no evidence that Donald Trump you, the IRS against his opponents, but the Obama Tration did
Barack Obama destroyed our health care system and today he is calling for a medic care for all like a good Socialist Donald Trump still trying to eliminate Obama CARE and we could go on, couldn't wait. We could go on Barack Obama created, offer racial tensions in this. Barack Obama turned citizenry against law enforcement, Barack Obama, about eviscerated the United States, military Barack Obama, was the worst enemy of a free press in modern history. Get into that in a moment. Yet the media love Barack Obama. Why? Because
I share his progressive statist ideology, his radical as they would never even contemplate putting Parag Obama through what put the this present a trump through and his family and friends and so forth. But listen to some a Barrack Milhouse beneath those propaganda, and I will have the joy of replying to some of it DART would cut one MR producer, the University of Illinois today and by the way given Barrack, but Benito Obama, given his record in losing. Rick losing races and the House of Representatives where he supported. Its losing races in the U S and where he supported candidates lose governor ships losing state Senate slots lose
state assembly slots. I would say that Obama today, calling for the Democrats to turn up and protect our democracy, is a good sign for the Republicans caught one go and as a fellow citizens, That is an ex president, but as a fellow citizen I am here to deliver a simple message, and that is You married, I do not believe this garbage. I'm not here is a Former prime here a simple citizens, while simple citizen would be treated the kind of slobbering media attention, the Brok Milhouse Benito Obama, has received Woody more like a simple ton tried, I set it go ahead as our democracy Now some of you think I'm exaggerating when I say this November elections are more important I remember my Lord
Politicians say that all the time have been guilty of saying it. A few times, particularly when I was on the bell, is lame attempt at this deprecation go ahead, but just Recent headlines should tell you that Moment really is different. It's really are higher, consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are more dire I like the way I want you to listen to what he sang and then process it from our perspective, and then you ll agree with, but not the way. He agrees with that guy had elections before or make choices to make in our history. Democracy has never been easy and our founding fathers
What about everything waged a civil war. We over came to pressure. We ve lurch from Areas of great progressive change, retrench. Now that sentence reveals everything we ve lurched from areas of great progressive change to periods of retrenchment, great progressive change. I wish there was away, but there reason- and I won't so never fear- for meat convey to you what I wrote it discovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive? As we talk, but all the time. But when you write a book, it's far more detail and it is presented in a significantly different way than when you orally explain these things. All I'm saying.
He is saying we need constant, in fact relentless progressive change. While we have periods of retrenchment, the target, a progressive ISM is american history. They target a progressive ism. Is the american constitution the target a progressive, as are the principles a declaration of independence. The target of progressive ism is individualism. Is your personal liberty. Comes to abortion. They talk about a choice. Freedom, privacy, it comes to your liberty. They never talk about any of that. Your actual everyday liberty So you see, unless you elect radicals, like Obama right Those like Schumer the hall long
under a list of you know who's, then you're any retrenchment. Annie Ladies and gentlemen, is the structure. The constitution, which has as its purpose to limit government, So you are always in a period of progress, so you are always in a period of evolution, so you are always in a period of growth, so you can always embrace opportunity so you as an individual human being, can advance and grow. Free society. Their purpose of the great progressive change is too trawl you is to smother. You is to order you that's the purpose, we now cause they ve said so in so many words periods of retrenchment. I know
most no politician who effectively confronts this kind of language. That's what this man is talking about. This is what your media believe it during. Farming. The american press supported the principles that you and I bracelet you! What I share during this period, a modernity, the press, shares Barack Obama's ideology, which is the opposite of earth. Got to go ideals say we have a collective responsibility to care for the sick and the infirm, collective, always collective. We have a collective responsibility.
Individuals. Never have individual responsibility. Individuals are not about making individual choice, it is about collective responsibility. Go ahead and by and by the way, every single tyranny The face of the earth believes and collective responsibility. Now, I'm not comparing Burma to the genocidal mass murders, but Hitler would often talk about collective responsibility again I want to make it abundantly clear: I'm not comparing Obama to him. What I'm saying is. It is a very, very deep The ball mentality go ahead. Maisie bounty. The natural resources of this country and of this planet, future generations. Each time we ve done closer to them my
money somewhere has pushed back right because we do not believe in abandoning, American sovereignty. For international governing institutions, and that's bomber skirted meant by globalism, not economically politically. That's why Obama skirted the treaty clause? That's why Obama supported these so called climate change, international arrangements To impose the will of international this on the american people to go outside the constitutional structure. To impose on the american people, something that they do not will go ahead. Pushes men sometimes a backlash from people who are genuinely now listen and we status quo pushes back some of you read America Toby and I put
the status quo, meaning our constitutional system is always to be attacked, is always to be degraded, is always to be defamed. Just around the corner is Utopia just around the corner, if you would just surrender more of your wealth, if you are just surrender more, your time. If you would just surrender your personal selfishness. If you would just surrender yourself to this collective responsibility my god. What a magnificent pair as we could create here right on earth. You know like Cuba, North Korea go ahead. More often is manufactured by the powerful. Then the privilege who are the powerful, the privileged seems to me, there's been a revolution in this respect, a big, a big change, a big earthquake, the powerful in the
lived for the most part are no longer in the private sector, the powerful in the privilege during the government sector. The government has more power than any combination of entities in the private sector period, because government power comes at the point of laws. Private sector, its voluntary arrangements, some good, some at some indifferent. It depends who you are and what you think, but the powerful in the privileged. The people in Washington DC the politicians there staffs the bureaucrats, the media there, the powerful they are, the privileged they drive future of the country lots more I'll, be right. Back
Finally, you a Moroccan our house, Punita Obama's Castro like speech, having too much fun with this way too much fun, but really some good news deter those good news. There is good things going on out. There number one foxes expanding life. Liberty and live in every Saturday released for now it so Pm Eastern They were run the life liberty and live in that was aired the Sunday before and then on Sunday, at ten p m Eastern, we will do our new programme. How. This Saturday, we will have the programme we did with the let's see Katy Pavlovitch and while also on Sunday, we and can do so once and on Sunday,
the brand New Sherwood John Void? I just taped it literally two hours ago, spectacular, absolutely spectre, So if you're watching Sunday night A ball the bears and Green Bay. And there's a blow out taking place just switch over to us or just tape us, because I think you really want to watch this. He was absolutely spectacular I congratulate Robert Mahler and his seventeen leftwing democratic system, special council prosecutors and the twenty million dollars if they ve spent they really, they really got a big one. Today, George Papadopoulos Papadopoulos got Fort in days in jail. Ninety five, A dollar, fine and community service say what oh yeah Told this is what broke up and the whole none exists.
Russia, Collusion Puppet Papadopoulos, Papadopoulos fourteen days, ninety five hundred dollars energy service. Well done what a bunch of jackass honest to God. They wasting our money wasting our time, so what they can put together a case for impeachment. That's the job prosecutors to put their case together for impeachment to work hand in glove with democratic media. No, I don't think so. Now I may return more. No house Obama's. Oh I'm Benito. Obama's Castro like speech? The fund continue about constitutional, your dad just tablet, see Magua, then
coming now at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Let's continue where we left off showing yes, we shall Barack Milhous He'd Obama, the University of Illinois today, with this Castro. Like speech, go more, its manufacture by the powerful, then the privilege. We want to keep us divided and keep us angry and keep us cynical, because that helps them. Into the status quo and keep their power? What the hell is he talking about here whose dividing home. Whose dividing home in this country, who is it? Which party, is a party of disparate parts that has to be brought together during the course of a camp?
and through hyperbole and propaganda and demagoguery. It's the Democratic Party. It's a party that was moulded by Franklin, Roosevelt, disparate parts. People who always have a chip on their shoulders. People who, always believe they're being screwed people always believe somebody Is that something? Is that not heart and soul. Of the message of the Democratic Party is that When we hear from Benito Obama endlessly, yes and Obama like saw Linsky like marks like the rest of them,. He takes who he is and what
stands for and twisted spends it and projects it on his targets on its opponents go ahead and you happen to be coming of age during one of those moments. It did not start with Donald He is a symptom, not because now this kind of you go maniacal lecturing is par for the course when it comes to Obama and look at how disrespectful Tromp is a symptom not cause. Ladies and gentlemen, no Trump is the president. You jack ass, and we voted for him. The nation elected him president, just as the nation elected you, president. That's a fact he's not a symptom he's the President
and when he says, he's a symptom, not the cause, he's trashing you. You know those of you, hold tight dear bibles in your guns, he's the one who started trash Tens of millions of american people picked up by Hillary Clinton. Rephrase this deplorable, its Barack Obama, who has contempt. For average men and women in this country who work with their hands collar workers Non Union in Union, he is contempt for the people who do the black but back breaking work in this country. Cut three go and even though your generation is the most diverse in history, with a greater acceptance and celebration them our differences than ever We don't celebrate our differences, they are exploited by left dislike. You.
All these new phrases that pop up triggered safe spaces snowflakes. Why privilege This is all the left greater accept. Ten celebration on our college campuses really. In the media really go ahead of the conditions that are ripe for exploitation by politicians who have no. Function and no shame about tapping into America's dark history of racial and ethnic and religious division. Now, let's stop right there, This was Obama's tool from day one Obama's tool from day, one America's dark his They have racial and ethnic and religious division where a country as shall be
It points out time and time and time again whose gone through slavery. That's gone through segregation. We are a country. That is in fact, more united and more worse than any other country in the face of the earth. Yet we are politicians from the left were constantly picking its gaps. Then. What did I just say takes hooey is what he is He does and projected onto his opponent go ahead. Appealing to tribe, appealing to fear pitting one group against another real one group against another, isn't that something you may like
against the black community. That sort of thing you may like the way you treated the Israelis and how you pitted them. Against the rest of the World Bank, that sort of thing go ahead, but order and security will be restored if it weren't for those Look like sir, don't sound like so they house says that Tibet is stupid as it gets and I'm really tired of his affectations in his delivery. It's sort of a knock off a bill Clinton, and I was Some decades ago, the race baiting, that's a democrat to the re. Spain go ahead, we do that's. An old bible,
This is all the time and in a healthy democracy, it doesn't work year in healthy democracy, it doesn't work and yet the fact is it is they who promoted. Let's continue cut forego when there's a vacuum in our democracy, when we don't know, there's no vacuum in our democracy, why don't you tell us things, Mr President, Mr Ex President, like we need to being faith, back into our lives. We need to respect faith in the public square as we used to. We need to keep families together Rather than have policies, particularly welfare policies that tear them asunder.
We need to stop playing mental games with ourselves about south identifying their sex or that sex. We need to stop talking about why privilege and talk about Americans. Why don't you talk that Mr President, we need to embrace the kinds of values and beliefs that are enshrined in our declaration of independence. God is bigger than man and the rule of law is bigger than man. What do you never say these things ever go ahead when there's a vacuum in our democracy, when we don't know when we take our basic rights
freedoms for granted only turn away and stop paying attention and soft engaged and stop believing and look for the newest diversion the electronic versions of bread and circuses than other still more about who I, let's just now. I have no idea what the hell he's talking about. These are platitudes. He didn't write them. No at bred in circuses means I need to know electronic diversions mean and all the rest, but that it nothing to do with anything? Go ahead, a politics of fear and resentment? politics of fear and resentment, isn't that him isn't that Bernie Sanders that every single person on the left wasn't that the Democrats send a judiciary, women. We'll die of cabin all is confirmed
I'll be no equal rights of cabinet has confirmed the attack on board the attack, Clarence Thomas, the attack on rag and the attack on Trump? Isn't that them course it is go ahead, takes hold an demagogues promised simple fixes. Now, that's precious demagogues promised simple fixes will any just south identified. That is the perfect definition of the left. You want free healthcare, just pass a law when I get rid of student loans, pass along, eliminate on and on and on it is these simple that in so many cases elects the Democrats. Go ahead, collects problems, no promise to fight for the little girl,
a cater for the wealthiest and most powerful. I just thought he told us the stop promoting divisions Denny MR producer, and yet he cancer. Atta one side was big mouth. He keeps talking about not promoting divisions, its demagoguery and so forth, resentment resentment, fear and resentment In the same sentence, he talks about the little catering to the wealthiest and most powerful go ahead. No promise to clean up, perhaps then plunder away They start undermining norms that ensure accountability, start undermining norms. You destroyed the healthcare system, you all You didn't enforce immigration laws, your pact, the court's you rule by fear when it came to darker, your administration, unleash the IRS against the tea party. Are these
warms you're talking about Barack Obama. What norms are you talking about? You fundamental transformation? Fundamental truth? formation of America, and yet he talks the norms, they hypocrisy, the illogically utter areas. Of what he has to say is reflected in what almost Everyone on the left has to set the attack the status quo, and then they talk about the norms. They attacked the status quo and then they talk about the north. Then they talk about fundamental transformation and defend the status quo, go ahead trotted rules to entrench their power further, and I appeal to racial nationalism, racism nationalism whose Feeling to racial nationalism, he kid white, say, white supremacy
here, quite say that so he talks about racial nationalism. That's going on in South Africa right now. As far as I know, snow, racial nationalism in America. So why? If he's talking about demagoguery and other, why is he regarding this issue device. Elimination on rice when he just said, we should be doing that. I'll be right back by the way next hour, we're gonna play more clips mechanic. This the whole sure, but I want to go through this. Could some of the points really do need to be challenged and a final challenge him? Who the hell's gonna challenge and, quite frankly, buddy
spring up Obama, southern Democrats as among the worst offenders and he's talking about the southern democrats of past or refer George was Ball Connor and so forth. I've been bringing this up since I've been on the year before we're going play what he said and if he knows that there he deserves kudos. Quite frankly cause you don't hear Democrats talk about her not done. Every time you go online, your internet provider and advertising companies can track what you do and selling your personal information he tied to that thing the wine about it, it's another thing to do something about it. Plus the say, gobbling up information. So how can you protect yourself? Well I'll tell you how computer experts
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That's where the bigger defenders of labor it took a republic ha ha ha ha Southern democratic, bigger defenders, slavery. Now it was the Democratic Party that was the party of slavery. I just want to be perfectly clear about this. I know of no leading republika, the lead up to the civil war and through the civil war who supported slavery, go ahead. Abraham Lincoln Band VIC's regret Filibustered answer: lynching legislation oppose the idea of expanding civil rights. And although it was a democratic president in a majority democratic Congress, on by young martyrs and protestors. They got this. Rights ACT and Voting Rights act over the finish line.
The was also about past because of the leadership of Republic slight Illinois on every nurture, Neither party has had a monopoly on wisdom now, nosey. Eighty percent of that's right, but the other twenty percent is just wrong Republican Party has never been a party of slavery fact. The republican Party grew up out of opposition to slavery,. The first civil Rights ACT was nineteen fifty seven the republican present. Not they clearly were Democrats who supported some rights legislation and voting rights. Legislate. There's absolutely no question about it. Colluding Lyndon Johnson when he was president now when he was a senator, he opposed, but it took the
asked majority the Republicans in the Senate and the vast majority, the Republicans in that house to pass this legislation, but at least he does acknowledge it as a fact. A historical fact which we talk about here. All the time My problem with Obama is ideology: leave. His ideology helps human beings of any race and not even his ideology. He just embrace is the ideology. I do not believe that the ideology that grown out of Rousseau go and marks the modern term progressive ISM. I do. I believe that that ideology. Is pro human being? Oh, yes, they create programmes. Oh yes, they create subsidies, they create all these things but taken towards,
logical extreme. What it creates is a very bleak and dark future for human beings are very I'll be right back. Now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three eight once. Eight hundred and eleven, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven, when President Obama in the left.
Let us having respect for each other intruding, each other with courtesy. Even if we disagree. Is that really the modus operandi of the left is that they Treaty Clarence Thomas. Is that how they treated her Mccain at how they treated on West, And how they treated Miguel Estrada when he was up the circuit court, one of them I hope to get to this evening- are these memos, their Patrick lay. He were stolen. They were stolen from the committee. No, they work. No one stolen from anybody. They a shared the base and the Democrats put their members on the shared database for Austin First, to see and asked
For saw them, those memos which came out, I guess, and two thousand three, two thousand to two thousand three Thousand five, I put them in the back of my book, men and black book on the Supreme Court. We're gonna go over some of those members and why so troubling, and why Much of what the of what President Obama and the Democrats on the left say is nonsense about how they treat people who they disagree with black hispanic women. They don't play by Marcus Queensberry rules. These aren't fair debates again, what takes place with the Senate Democrats and the Judiciary Committee trying to destroy the guy cabin or you can raise logic. Questions. I had some legitimate questions which never got in asked, but that's ok.
Trying to destroy the guy Corey Booker. Demanding the release of these confidential memos, which he already got approval to release, and one of them he says, is on racial profiling. And what do we find out racial profiling by that lets? People? They meant arab Muslims, because The day after the week after nine eleven some discussion about profiling and care, Ah came down on the side against it. Clearly Cory. Booker hadn't read the memo. Somebody, tolerance by racial profiling. They went on for hours? That's how the left treats people. I may play one more last one for now:
Again, oh bomb at the University of Illinois shouldn't be part of ship to say we dont pressure, the attorney general to punish political opponents, but listen to it all the way to the end caught eight go. Democratic obligation should not be a partisan issued to say We do not pressure the attorney general or the F B. I too, the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political or to explicitly called the attorney general to protect members of our borders guess how I Dinesh Sousa, did twenty minutes and federal prison for my. A campaign violation, it did twenty So I should say twenty months any federal prison for mine. Campaign violation where nobody in prison as it is. That is that what I understand anyway, go ahead, because,
What happens to me coming up. Making that hypothetical it shouldn't be democratic Republic and to say that we don't threaten the freedom of the press. Because things are public storage. We don't like. I complain plenty about Fox NEWS, you never me from the shutting down That's where we're gonna stop I did research on this. I've got so many articles are what Obama did in attacking the free press. I can barely keep track of them. So let me Let me end or a few of them into the record here Paul guard a tremendous reporter over the washed and examined today Flash back up a prosecuted staff. Leakers gave lighted, take two tests, paranoid
President Trump meet a model to use to track down leakers inside as a minister. What does it have to stay with me? the anonymous insider who challenged his authority and generic time's up ad. He need go no further than they are. I'm administration are prosecuted, leakers and shut out. The media according to reports, the time from even the New York Times, and that is at times, journalists know it Stranger was tougher on leakers and punishing to the media, then Obama's. Saga, reinforced by reporters who have called trumps team, more forthcoming, Criticism of Obama's attacks on the media and leakers did not just come in wait and tv appearances by journalists, but in an official report from the committee, To protect journalists author by former, why Interposed executive, editor Leonard down junior club. This is them. Closed control. Free illustration, I've ever covered said D but Sanger Veteran Chief Washington, correspondent of the New York Times
So the report USA, today said of the report, it portrays. A ministerial grip by strictly sees about information, flow and paranoid about leaks across all executive branch departments, a detailed plan The Cubans, and even the use of lie, detectors on staffers. Some of encouraged trump to use lie detector their tests on staff. Something is so far ignored. What Others ripped leakers and the anonymous times rider of being cowards and traders. It was Obama who took War to a higher level by targeting staff and reporters, while so cutting out the media to promote it. Maybe a social media. The administrations war. On lakes, I quote and other efforts the can All information are the most aggressive I've scenes The next item ministries version one. I was one of the editors involved and the Washington Post investigational Watergate the thirty six Reed's, Washington journalists and a variety,
news organization to my vintage, for this report could not remember any president wrote down here in the report that was criticised by Obama officials, in fact they can't pay, was so agreed: even had a name said. The report quote the insider Program on quote, said the twenty thirty report again. I quote the insider threat programme being implement through the Obama administration, to stop leagues first detail by the Blatchy newspapers, Washington, Bureau, in late June, has He created internal surveillance, heightened a degree of power I and the government and made people conscious of contacts with the public advocates and the press A prominent transparency advocate Stephen after good director that governments secret a project at the federal. American scientists in Washington, which is a hard core leftwing group, employee some. Sixteen intelligence agencies face questions about
Making during lie detector tests and the new inspector general for the intelligence community with restriction over all its agencies would investigate league cases that had not produced solutions by the Department of Justice did determine what alter action should be taken out of the report. Pretty damn aggressive, don't you think pretty damn aggression, but there was more than that. A lot more than that. Change HORIZON The thirty twenty sixteen a New York Times Report burden opinion. Peace wrote in opinion piece in the Sunday Review New York Times big deal for the left, Donald besides as president, to throw a whistle blower in jail for trying to talk to reporter. It gets the FBI, despite a journalist who will have one man to thank, bequeathing him such expanse of power. Barack Obama was the left. Mister
made his animist toward the news media clear during the presidential campaign, and it goes on. Criticism of Obama, stance on press freedom, government trance. Currency in secrecy is hotly disputed by the White asked me: journalism groups say the record is clear: over the past eight, here is meaning Obama the administration is prosecuted nine cases involving whistleblowers and leakers compared with only free by all previous administrations, combined repeatedly use the espionage act, a relic of war war. One ear I read baiting, he writes not to prosecute spies, but to go after government officials who talk to journalists, under Obama. The Justice Department and F b I have spied on reporters by monitoring, their phone records labelled? One journalist Unindicted co, conspirator, and that would be, I believe, aims rose and a fox. We just laughed For by my look I criticized, but I never did anything and not indicted coke and spirit in a criminal case for
simply doing reporting and issued support there's two other reporters to try and force them to feel their sources and testify in criminal cases. Can you I should have trumpet any of this. I expect It's this pressure first hand rights the New York Times reporter, when the administration tried to compel me to testify to reveal Michael potential sources. Any criminal lake investigation that this department of finally relented, even though it has already won a seven year core battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The forced me to testify most likely because they feared that get a publicity that way from sending a New York Times reported a prism. An interview last May o bomber pushed back on the criticism that his ministries and been engaged in a war on the press. He argued that the number of late prosecution, is administration is brought had been small some of those cases where inherited from the George W Bush administration by critics,
A crackdown has had a much greater chilling effect on press freedom. Then Obama acknowledges in Asia gazing twenty thirteen report- and I just read it to you parts of it. The committee to protect journalists lies it out. What Mr Obama was elected in two thousand- a press freedom groups, had high expectations for the former constitutional professor, particularly after the press. It suffered through eight years, a bitter confrontation with the Bush administration, but many, those same groups say Mr Obama's record of going after both journalists and their sources said a dangerous president and it goes on, and it gives numerous examples. Now bomber said that he never said the press is the enemy of the people. Sure seems I way. Doesn't actions speak louder than words? I believe and are only a few
Journalists, so called had been willing to speak out about this. A very few. Quite frankly, and looking right here, one moment here and there examples I haven't even touch on the Associated Press reporters had their cell phones survey James rose into. I just spoke about reporter Fox, he had his cell phone calls. And by the way that included as parents. This is the problem with Obama. This is and by the way, not just with Obama. This is the problem with the autocratic left
everything is to be seen through the eyes of government, the economy, social welfare, the culture. The government must intervene, the government must be ubiquitous. That's not what the constitution says: institution says the opposite says the opposite and here's the deal the bigger the government gets, the bigger the government gets, the more all. People are threatened. People s friend I have a number of you who listened program regularly, gotta thereby the name Stephen. I want to recommend that he read my book, America Toby at least the first two chapters read the first duty.
I'll be right, back the bottom of the hour, I guess- and five or six minutes TED crews is scheduled to be on the programme. Now, one of the reasons why lay he was upset about these memos, he keep droning on about stuff they memos. Actually the members were not stolen. The Democrats gave them away is what happened Look at the back of men in black. This book and you have a memo data January thirty, twenty thirty members meeting would leader dash will now throughout these memos you'll see that they
with all these left wing groups in these left wing groups are actually dictating tactics, meetings, hearings, the left wing senators, including lie. He. And one of them are several of them. Their focused on Miguel, Estrada Miguel Estrada, who, I believe is heritage, is honduran, but don't take that to the bank. In any event, he is a latino and their great fear. There My fear is that this strategy will get on these circuit court in Washington D C and be primed to move to the United States Supreme Court, and they did not want the Republicans to be the first
to appoint a latino to the United States Supreme Court, especially this one whose constitution. A seasoned litigator, even though a young man Ellen attendance agreed to attempt to filibuster the nomination of Miguel Estrada if they have the votes to defeat closer. They also argue agreed that if they do not have the votes to defeat closer, a contested loss will be worse than no content a strategy is likely to be a Supreme Court nominee and it will be much harder to defeat him in a supreme setting the fees confirmed easily. Now I wonder what Barack Obama thinks about this? This was civil rights leaders, so called self appointed left. Democrats who was in the meeting leader die
Tom Dash leader, the Democrats and assistant leader Harry Red, who else lay he Durban John Edwards TED Kennedy, Diane fines. Chuck humor, all of them in the meeting To try and figure out how to block this latina from getting the circuit. Because then he would be poised or position to go to the Supreme Court had a block. And they say later in another memo rigour Miguel estrada- we must fellow filibuster gala strategies. Nomination is clearly an intelligent lawyer, but being a judge fires more and later on. If we allow them to place a stealth right wing Zella on this court we ve
ourselves to blame. Although a few hispanic group support Strata, we have the support of The largest all this hispanic organizations, the deed these circuits far too important and they gone. We can't repeat the mistake. We made we Clarence Thomas, what mistake that they make maclarens firm. Because he was an african American, a constitutional regional list. And you see this: is these sick irony of the left, if your black person or brown person or red person or yellow personality purse And you step Adeline. They will not allow it. Without trashing you smearing you're, trying to destroy or try to destroy you, cannot allow independent thinking, part of the community. Don't you no part of the group that they can?
that allows people to think for themselves as they cobbled together their majority with various minorities. Skin color, whether its income, whether its age, whatever it is our right, at least these, drawled when we come back. TED crew and on a pot. I just a patriot and unapologetic constitutional asked you can reach him at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, so here's some exciting new, simply safe is now valued at one billion dollars. Now. What does it mean to you with us? company used to be just five guys working together, the Under only started the company, because he wanted to help his friends who were burglarized now
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and you, my listeners, you get free shipping and free returns that simply safe mark that come to pay. Your home and family today simply safe mark that come now, as is typical. Unfortunately, we're a technical issue. This is why I should learn from all my experience not to announce a guest until the guests here or until we worked out the kinks So if we work at the camps- and we get TED he'll beyond, if he won't, I, MR producer call screen Give me a good do we have any, do we have any opponents on the funds. Bill a new jersey. The great w I d say, go market, I'm alright? How are you I'm doing all right, but I called in because your argument was that you think the left in the meteor disrespectful to Donald Trump. I mean
Is that really what you thing didn't mean disrespectful in the way they talk about Donald Trump? I mean disrespectful, yes, but the fact that it, is present the United States and that is started from day one even before I was present in the United States. Are I don't want to have a rethink brok. Obama was born in the United States. Yes, ok, don't worry, just stop that. Why to propel? Do you ever listened to this programme during that period of time? Did you go on the internet. This is the problem with, neurons from the left I took more crap from the birth. When I would come on their show and say he's a United States citizen, but let me tell something else: genius say the same thing about TED crews when he was attacked by trunk campaign out our own. You do understand. One parent was from Cuban, so said, he's United States so that the citizen is well. What did you do about it? I don't know, I don't have the power you do
but did you talk to your neighbors? You got a lot more power. Did you talk to your neighbors our own president was the person it story that move. Care Barack Obama say that the demo Our party was more responsible for slavery than the republican Party. There are public, windows, slavery? listen everybody. Now he doesn't care, go ahead of God, you're such a cow. I know you're such a jack s. I should reach the throne and poke you in the eye. The phone you Eddie, how my a coward. He asked me a question. I answered it That, of course, is a citizen. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, that's what can we get shit? And get along and discussed these things, even Terry engine Republicans, you all have to agree that our debate Of course, he is threatened by Donald Trump who's never lifted
We are against the media like Burma. Obama. This guiding give a damn them. Give me some are great. Examples are the great Barack Obama and the Democrats, Do you see circuit court of appeals? They didn't like the fact that that court, more people appointed on it by republic, ministrations and democratic administration. So you know what they did. They added see. So court. They packed the Dc Circuit Court exactly what s the are tried that in the: U S Supreme Court and is open he said now here, because there's no governor, no governor. May governor of a state, no governor on the radicalism. They went ahead and they packed the TAC circuit court. Isn't that a big deal? No, it's not a big deal about tat. What approach of the United States China one side of his mouth a year earlier says I dont have power like this: I'm not the king. I met the dictator just make immigration laws and then he
Immigration law. Detroit do that, but you don't understand he was a Bertha. None of these guys are per none of them are perfect, but some are more imperfect than others. Nothing Donald Trump has done from a policy position, has negative The fact that the vast majority of people in this country? What has it done, tax catch all tax cuts for the rich, even though their not for the rich, hey, stop dividing us based on tribal instincts, while they just did. Rich poor trying to enforce the immigration laws not do anything extraordinary, trying to actually enforce the immigration laws, Obama supported sanctuary cities. We could go on and on and on.
We could go on and on and on, but I wanna get me somebody else. Ex M Satellite MIKE and Georgia go ahead. Broader, I'm a huge fan, number one argue, fell, aren't gonna problem, prior anger, instructor with ordinary to train of a guy, a hollow slow down there you're. What about that prior Ranger instructor with a forthright you're trying to battalion Well, you're, a tough guy. No, it's an honor. Thank you. Thank you. Wanting to want to talk about leadership. Obama talked all the time about. Trumped does not leadership. He is not a good later when the first thing that we teach our range or student, is you gotta, be he brought a behind what you gotta tell you gotta get to say when you're wrong, you gotta, be to say what you weaknesses are. That is one thing that a bomb absolutely
I do at any time during its presidency very true, and I want to thank you for your services. I appreciate up: let's see bread Lebanon, Tennessee Ex M Satellite Go Margaret read out of nowhere we stand here? Mr Minister, here are you they have read. I can hear breath Let's try somebody else Joe, long island. You go ahead. Yeah I mark. I can hear Joe either my having headphone problems now again tell what working taken early break And everybody now the affiliates down the line and we'll be right back Ben
I owe you folks and explanation. We have we broadcast it's called an ice de online line with a back up on the internet, I really know what the problem is, so we're broadcasting on our backup lie: when you have a storm coming through life, and so when you have a storm coming through, like we do around the bunker, it can knock you out. Around for a week? Now, that's twice its happen, so so you'd better, get off their ass, either at eighteen, rising to get this fixed I don't know what the problem is, so we're broke, testing on our back up line, which is on the internet. And so, when you have a storm coming through, like we do around the bunker economic you out.
But I want to. I want to welcome TED crews to the programme senator. How are you, Sir Bark, I'm doing? Terrific at my maybe the birthday I do everything I can to fix. Your grandma Well, you'll be about effective, as I am I think, that's it. I'm pole they gave me a hold up a code angers than tinfoil that it gets better. Yeah, I try that I started broadcasting that way. You know that the Senate. Crews. Firstly, I will watch what you have your gear. Younger listeners have no idea what we know, of course, that had so tat they actually need it now, you know, senator. I watch these hearings on the bread Cavanaugh and I've seen some horrible hearings this. This is like a low. You have a United States, Senator violating, or at least trying to violate the Senate rules, and the committee rules demanding that he beheld some form of big be held responsible for because,
running for president, have you seen this before I have added? It is political theatre, and, as you know, in many ways, you can view at a sort of the ultimate extension of Roger Box hearing thirty years ago. But now we ve got to the point where, where the the nomination is empty, democratic Member the committee had announced they were voting now on cabin are before the gearing start. So there was no mystery, no surprise, and it also became abundantly we're not a single one of them had any questions about his qualifications. They all agree. He was fully qualified and most of them had had no substantive critique of his actual decade plus services, a federal Pella judge. Instead they spend their time attacking Donald Trump, which they devote a lot of time to end, and also you don't mean it was, it was remarkable to see
The Senate Democrats, apparently coordinating with protestors, who, one after the other after the other, which scream and yell and disrupt the proceedings with seventy people, arrested the personal failure at an end. What what the day we started? The hearings, one of my colleagues, Senator John Kennedy. Ass could be another been these reports that there was a conference call of all the democratic senators on the committee, along with these protests groups that this was a deliberate strategy. Is that true, when he looked looked over the Democrats and Dick Durban Democrat from Illinois, he responded ISA gap where comfortable and heated dispute for a moment that this was all just just play, acting where I think they recognize. Rightly they don't have the votes defeat rat cabin on bread cabinet is going to be confirmed, and so because their basis,
oh angry, so filled with rage, the debt that I guess they thought it would impress them to have lots of people screaming and yelling and disrupting an end that ultimately yet, oh, I get it to break the final combination inquiry Booker's. I am Spartacus mom which is not, but that it in that actually did end well for Spartacus. Last time I checked now centre. Let me ask you this question. I mean we now reached a point because it watch these hearings that if a nominee doesn't agree to the entire policy and political agenda of the left, and they are therefore unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court. I was hearing. I think I was hearing that it.
In many ways this is the result of what we ve seen over the last fifty years, which is the court has gotten more and more politicized. As the justices have said, we are going to resolve every public policy issue in the land. While a Supreme Court justices behave like politicians, we would, we shouldn't be surprised to see the political process treating them, politicians that's a lot of what's play a gown where Mother Democrats, they don't really care whether Brett have at all it is qualified or not. They don't care that he's one of the most respected federal, Pella judges. They wouldn't care if he was drawing with crayons on on on Manila Paper,
What they care is is is Willie, swear on a blot out, devote the right way in the important flashpoint issues and its because for for modern Democrats, the Supreme Court is, is the super legislature. They can't win at the ballot box. The american people don't agree with their substantive policy positions, so instead the left want five unelected lawyers in robes to decree that the two degree victories and end Oh they view these nominations, as essentially all out war. Ascended accrues. A lot is being said about your campaign in Texas. Now my audience wants to lend a hand they want. You re elected my audience, want you back in the United States and his might effect when you launched your primary challenge originally leading to the end. State Senate was launched right here when it came to radio and we can increase about this
What can you tell us about the re somewhat? Can you tell us both the people in Texas and the people, over the country. What can they do while the race in Texas we ve got a real fight? Irrigate is already the most expensive centre race in the country, and my opponent, congressmen, Badal Rourke, is running hard, hard left like Bernie Sanders. He wants higher taxes, higher regulations, socialized medicine. He says, he's open to abolishing ice. He has the most and pack Israel record of any democratic Senate nominee in the country and he is the only democratic that Senate nominee to come out explicitly for impeaching Donald Trump, and he said he would vote yes today to impeach Trump and despite the fact mark that he is running to the left, the Bernie Sanders the left of Elizabeth warrant. He is the number one democratic fundraiser the country and either raising our campaign more than two to one, nearly three two one. Last quarter, we raised four point: six million dollars he raised and the same quarter. Ten point:
four million dollars. So we are getting outspent dramatically now. I still believe we're gonna win, but we ve got a fight where we're facing. What's going to be tens of millions of dollars of money flooding in from liberals all over the country, and they are up on tv, we are not. They have yard sides every workers, I've spent four million dollars and yard signs that we don't have, and so we got a fight and in Texas the Good NEWS is in Texas there, a lot more conservatives and liberals, but we have to do- is turn conservatives out. So you asked: what can your listeners did? There are three things waning in which our boats, money and message on votes. Anyone in Texas make sure you come out boat. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your loved ones, for you have friends in Texas pick up the fountain?
e mail sent him attacks, make sure they both on the money fraught we're getting massively out raised, as as as Hollywood, liberals and liberals all over the country. If Democrats could defeat one Republican and the country on the ballot, twenty eighteen, it would be me and they are flooding this race with. So what I would urge everyone go to a website, its TED cruised, outward TED cruised, outward TED cruised outward make a contribution if you're in Texas GO to TED crews, DOT, org and order a yard side, putty art sighed out brought, and then the third is message speak out, use our voice to speak out for why Frida matters why we should add, sanctuary cities, wine? We need to secure the border, why we should confirm strong constitutional for the court. This is a battle, and then there is the country with a darker difference between the two candidates than the integration text, TED crews, dot org is worth. Hoping.
Millions of you will go and make a donation. So a lot of money is pouring in the Texas from outside of taxes, and I guess we're getting a lot of pack money being spent by these. These various left wing groups, as I correct as Well- well, for example, J straight back, which, as you know, it virulently anti. Israel is bundling money, forbade O Rourke they that they raised over hundred eighty five thousand for it and and Leyla I'll give an example you and I both care passionately about. Israel and an end America's friendship and an alliance in twenty fourteen. When Hamas was raining rockets down on Israel, They don't was one in eight wanted ache. Members of the House of Representatives to vote against funding Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system.
Virtually every Republican in Congress voted. Yes, virtually every democratic voted. Yes, Nancy Pelosi voted, yes, Maxine Waters voted yes, but Badal roared voted down and an end. That is why your saying the hard left money rushing in you know we're saying right now. He and I are having a big dispute right now
over protesting Annabel players protesting Beethoven. Rourke is all in with column, Capper Nicky's all in within a bell protesters. It was ass if a town hall by a veteran man stood up and said, listen, I'm a veteran. My family has a lot of veterans where offended when we see wealthy and fell players dropping to their knees, refusing to stand protesting during the flag. Do you think it's disrespectful and better rock responded? No, he didn't think it's disrespectful and he went on to say he said he couldn't think of anything more american than taking a knee and protesting during the national, and that is a radical view. It here's what happened that video went viral Hollywood, liberals loved it Ella Degenerous We did it Kevin Bacon, retweeted if what they went crazy over it in Hollywood, and so actually he was on the island show this week just being Craig, while the better news is you're on them
Levin shell and we're gonna talk to the audience now, they give. You were gonna, give you a helping hand, TED good luck to you, keep it. We'll be right back Now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here, our number eight seven, seventh, three eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Vito, O Rourke. That is your name beat o he'd like to
when this programme. I will give you equal time ten minutes to discuss the issues to debate the issues fact we would like you to come on the programme. Peter Orourke, now again, TED Crews is being swamped by state money by. Zillion airs who are concerned about the poor. Obviously, particularly in Hollywood, another locations and you heard me need your support, so it will be A very sad day if, on election night, the Democrats take the seat in Texas. From a conservative who, by the way is concerned if not the number one support of Israel's, certainly up there with a few others. But in the Senate I'd say is number one, and you know it's ironic about that. He's a bigger.
Port of Israel than most of the Jews in the Senate, right. I said it and let me tell you something else: be like one of eight who voted against the iron down, so Israel could defend itself. Hence Hezbollah and Hamas, and ran think about that. One of eight. Even Maxie waters votes for now. What's all about tee. What that's all about- and I've been talking about- I'm the only one who is that gets that talk about that jerk in New Jersey, up and down in New Turnpike liberal cook,. The fact of the matter is the Democratic Party. He's not only off the rails in most other areas, but there is now a debate with Democrat Party, whether they should support our ally, Israel or for
There's a terrorist organisation and the fact of the matter is Bernie. Sanders is Anti Israel. The vast majority that leftists our entire Israel. As many of them are anti american founding principles, they overlap. You know they overlap beetle, O Rourke is one of them. The eight this group J Street go ahead and Google J Street. It is fronted by a bunch of leftists Who are, in my humble opinion, just my opinion, fading Jews and they're out there to give cover to their haters. So the beetle outworks, why would they pull a lot of money in and support.
Beat all when beat Orourke opposes Supporting the iron dough, why would they do that? Because that's what they do? That's who they are Now it is long Castro like speech. Today, Obama never mentioned this issue daily. He used religion, generically heat by religion in such a way as you thought he was talking about, tromp trash Tromp and is dealing with immigration and Muslims and so forth, but he never has taken any response. Ellie. For his interference in the election of Benjamin, Yahoo in Israel, if it's a crime,
the Russians to interfere in our election. Why isn't it a crime for Obama to interfere in the Israeli like trying to topple a friendly government. And what kind of a jewish organization such as it is supports a man Iraq Obama and supports a candidate in this guy veto, who gave a hundred and fifty billion dollars through their actions. Money from all over the world are a hundred and fifty billion dollars to this terrorist. Gmail around. This terrorist regime in IRAN began That party is looking more and more like the Labour Party in Britain, headed by this guy carbon There's a Jew hater is out of the closet. He is what he is now the vast mature. We let me this program, you not jewish, but know what I mean the vast.
Guarded people listening to this programme are christian. I mean, basically, some atheists, some agnostic, some this sum that that's good. We were very diverse audience, but my point is: what's right, is right and what's wrong is wrong and the fat did you have a candidate running in Texas. Who holds the position she halt? who is a Haider? In my view, any wines up The Ellen show any talk of Hollywood. And he's all over Hollywood. And tv and then
My crash are rushing into support him. What does that tell you? What does that tell you about the democratic party? It tells you lot and if he wins, in Texas, you will see the replacement of a our conservative, a pro american pro Israel Pro constitution, American being defeated by I view and anti american attires real ethical, producing candidate, I mean the sweat couldn't be more dramatic and beat o o roar party is not condemning him. How often do we hear how
trouble condemn this. How come trumpet condemn this? While I may ask a question why won't Schumacher condemn beetle Orourke. Why won't be Jews that right better up in in high office in the house and the senator and governorship Condemn Beetle Orourke, in fact forget about the Jews? Why not? All the liberals condemn Beetle Orourke, Pussy obviously has, in my opinion, a problem, an issue, one of eight To vote against, supporting the iron dome and don't tell of fish conservatives, who is concerned about spending money on foreign policy, and so the guys are leftist.
What TED crews studies has left as they come Ella de Jure had him on the shelf she wants to know when really if issues to MIKE I want to note this. He of issues to pack. Hollywood never has to answer for their candidates that various actors and actresses and entertainers support happen. They don't have to answer for this I beat Aurora he's not your mainstream Democrat he's. Not even your typical liberal Democrat he's a radical he's, a radical and this race believe it or not. Even given the fact that its taxes outside of Texas has been under right are, for the most part, its banana, that everyone just assumes cruises: gonna win, while the left is pouring in
I most resources into this campaign today beat TED crews. Yes, but like this radical here. Brok, Milhouse Benita Obama in his Castro, like speech, distance himself, From veto right now has checked, there were taken at the Senate floor and distance himself from Peter Iraq. Now has Carl Mentioning said that we have a No Aurora moment that democratic should speak out against Peter now it doesn't matter how radical extreme hard core left wing. The Democrats are in fact they celebrate them. Bernie Sanders is nothing but an old fool and all red tape you're all wins the replay democrat I was seventeen thousand votes she's Abraded celebrated like trees
Elizabeth and Britain, are they celebrating a communist? I mean in effect that's what they are. Aren't they. I should ask an expert on this John Brennan, but close enough. So this race in Texas is a big deal. And I want to strongly encourage you to go to TED crews, dot org and make a difference, and we what else can we do particularly if you live outside the state, there's nothing else. You can do except me but we're beyond muttering. This isn't it. Program works. Just talk. Radio. This is conservative, talk radio, time to time I get involved and primaries. We went somewhere, we lose some other. I believe they should be involved in that sort of thing. Why.
I can't turn this into primary radio and I'm not going to do about. There are certain cases that punch in the nose. So I consider this a Levine surge. If you will, those of you who have less this programme over the years. You know this is important for several reasons. But the idea that this guide veto Orourke could be it. Nine states whose already announced that he would vote to convict Donald Trump If impeachment reach the Senate, there aren't even articles have impeachment there isn't even evidence to support articles of impeachment. He said I was there a citizens, Europe and the United States Senate and he's already it out. You will vote for impeachment at the support of one of the most is
hating, bony, front groups in the country, J Street. This vote prove exactly who he is and what he is. Let's wake up to this one America, it's right in front of our face. Gotta take cruised out org I'll, be right back, eventually you thugs and on Sunday, ten Pm M Eastern on life, Liberty, Levine on Fox, my special Gustus John Voice, and I just hope, truth. We did the interview a couple hours ago today when we talked about it Bert rounds and was very very touching, very, very touching, and the entire interview I mean,
I finished and the crew was there and the staff was their and our draws hit the ground absolutely exceptional on so many fronts on so many and he's not afraid of voicing its opinion in any respect and he was very excited about to be about being on the proper, getting a lotta requests now for people to come on. But a very the tradition who I choose remember: Thee the thinking behind this programme, its long form one our interview programme and when we aren't you didn't February. Nobody was doing it now but he wants to guess what we're doing along for my interview programme over their own PBS pubic broadcasting service. And we have Margaret there whatever over here and a year and then we have a while. You know hoods whose doing it too amazing.
If we keep the title of my books, quiet until they're ready to be released to keep the subject of my quiet till the ready to be released, their certain things, like Even postal, my social site, because there's so many mental midgets in this business who just grab the stuff cause? I can't think independently I'll, even look your stuff, I don't think about their stuff. Why would I follow anybody else. I know I'm just given yellow insight into this court, unquote business and how things work. I want to thank the gentlemen device. From eighteen, to whose name shall not be mentioned on the air is a big fan. Apparently I stand, is eighteen t right, MR producer, whose any tone different state, but he's gonna give us I hand because we're working with basically tape and gum on my internet, backup broadcasting system, which is great
except if there's a big electrical storm that comes through here. There are have the longest silent prayer in american history, been happening. Is the icy and drops out. I can't hear anything we can do thing live here least the affiliates carry the show lives. You get to hear it that way, hurried, optimum tax. Really, this is a wonderful wonderful group I enjoy opening my listeners, you folks, like they, Who are the IRA's tens of thousands and back taxes? He told the eye as he didn't, have the money to pay. But it didn't matter. They put a lean on his home anyway, Daniel heard how much I respect optimum tax relief, so engage them. Optimum got the iris designate the case as cnc status, currently not collectible too big win because a basic, he says no use pursuing our client there's nothing to be gained here, but keep something a mine
I rest claims that monies owed, but they can be dispute optimum kept, Fighting on Nathaniel's behalf until the Iris agreed to a deal that saved him thousands and resolve this text that for good optimum Also, behind every tax problem are honest, hard working Americans with families, homes, savings and paychecks that need to be protected and they ve solved over here. A billion dollars and taxed at for clients, if you all backed Just to the irish call, my friends at optimum tax relief aid, read for nine, sixty three hundred eight four nine sixty three hundred- that's aid four, nine nine sixty three hundred Brett Tennessee Ex M satellite. Go hey thanks job Breakin everything down as usual. You know it's. It completely apparent that I, the federal government, is the single largest federal government social unrest, more the decline moved in the various groups, groups based on
in the latter, are able to leverage these talking points because we had these different actions is trying to compete with each other. They get there every government, our death and that puts us at each other's throats and its abundantly clear With a circus of the cabin hearings and the smaller the girl, but I want you to move on because you said something very important. Let me We tried my won't tell me if I got your right here. The bigger the federal government becomes the. Our people are moved in the various groups. Groups based on need groups based on income groups based on race groups based on sex group based on whatever, and so Then people living their lives as individuals. You groups fighting over what they should get government largesse, which the government Actually, the private sector and then read distributes so the more centralized the government gets them
the government is involved in so many things. The more the people are actually divided. Is that your points, it is absolutely correct and there's only in Washington DC is incapable of solving these structural issues. The only way to this we're gonna be solved peacefully is still an article by chemicals Process which we, which we strongly support, I happen to think you're, Rikers local, what's going on in this country, turn horrible! May we do. We with regard to define and our daily life until it comes competing for the peace of the government I am then we're just totally vulcanised initiative. I really think that there is a big republic right now and and then they all availing? Why don't we waited if you're gonna be corrected? If we grassroots action you're right on red, God bless you
my friend we'll be right back. Mark Provincial, where thou in Croatia, meets a brig day call now. Eighty seven Seven three aid, one three, eight point one: you know I can stress enough that you must protect yourself from who still personal information addresses social security numbers, medical cards, passwords and, He tailors are being compromised every single day. So lucky stay vulnerable why I switched to my idea care the absolute best in the business, my idea, care covers you for the nine types of identity theft providing best. In class service would try bureau could monitoring and dark web monitoring, its the kind of comprehensive protection you need right now and you can sign up at my idea.
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and there is a very interesting people out there most of you know my friend John High bushes, the executive deck director. The Reagan lie Brain Foundation, which is a fantastic placed, a visit. If you haven't gone there or if you have, you know what I'm talking about, it's quite operation. It takes quite a skilled, gentlemen, like John to run it and he's written a is writing a series of fuel of these thriller novels and he is among the top thriller novelists in the country, I believe that a conservative, a recognised and his His most recent, but that we talked about some time ago, is the second coming and its received kinds of accolades, and I wanna that's terrible. But a fun here. You know lower the temperature little bit John High Bush Harry you, Sir. I am just great nice to be with you mark that through our blushing. So thank you. Well, my friend, may I ask you a question, though,
I don't know your answer, so this may be putting you on the spot. Will you still allow my listeners They order your book through the Reagan. Library still allow them. Still sign them for them. Absolutely in fact marked by hands a little tired from signing box when you were, so kind- have me on the show why that was so many people mark, in fact, that that went on our website Reagan, library, dot, com, flash store by that it almost broke our system and I'm afraid, maybe a lot of people that I wanted to buy. The book We get through so this time have made sure that our son
things are running well, and so anybody wants to pick it up. They can do it and I want to just throw a little something out there mark and I really it's really important for me to do this, but anyone that buys this book the second coming as a result, if you and me Talkin here, I'm going to take everything die. I earn from those book orders and I'm gonna turn around and by a book. In fact, a lot of books by your dad. Jack will. Now you don't need to do that my morning, I'm gonna. Do it every time I really mean it, and I want to put it all now lying that book. I don't want you doing. I love you, John John, and I like brothers. I love you. I don't want you to do that I'd rather you keep it and give it to the Reagan. Library deal that's the deal, but I I'll. Ask I want I want to talk about. This is important. So, first of all, let's get the process.
Clear here. Folks. If you got a Reagan, library, dot, com, slash store, you can still get signed copy from John High Bush now as an There are seven year best sellers. I can tell you that people Billy, cherish the signed copies and when you get it, first edition signed copy from an author, particularly quite clear fiction, writer of of Johns quality and so forth, and all you have to it will go to the website and do it. I want to strongly you to do it. It's. I know its mid September well, almost the holidays coming. This is the time to plan to get something like this and a But ready sake and have it for the holidays or birthdays are just have it so good, a ragged library, dotcom slashed or- and I have a goal here- you know what it is. John shut down your system. I love to do that sort of thing. Let shut down his system. Gotta reckon library, dot, com, Slash store the book as this sector. Come and give us a few more tidbits about your book were in our
mark I gives you live talk before a. U talk on incredibly important at every day on the show in Yemen. While it is great to just cause cape and read something that kind of fun and fantastical out what this book the second companies all about it. It's all stop the famous shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ and for those who know anything I'll. Let you know that the image of Jesus appears on the cloth, and so it's the most controversial religious relic ever known to mankind at me, this book, the second coming is it uses, that's the shroud as a really the basis for the book and it's a thriller and it's a mystery. It's a reed into fight to set its number one on Amazon in category a right? Now, I'm just so pleased that it's done, well. I M just really happy to talk to you about a marked, so people get a feel for this your publisher says: when a fallen agencies,
mistakenly resurrected from the blood of an evil watcher taken from the shroud of turn the fiends? First, gift to the is an unstoppable plague and it goes from that. Where do you get these ideas from I don't know it healthy imagination mark, I guess, but yeah you know this day and age. You can't climb anything for my card to a dogged or horses. We're getting probably in our lifetimes we're getting gonna gunnery at the point where people can clone human being somewhere somehow some way and this Isabel. What would happen if you tried to clone the Saviour based off of it little speck of DNA found on a peace on some blood from the shroud of terrain. So kind of part fiction, but also port fact in quite a story, and it builds on your first book correct it does. The first book was called a shroud conspiracy,
So if the pre call, if you, if you really want to get into the serious and enjoy it, you know, you'd be agreed. The first book, the shroud conspiracy first and then you'd read the second coming to tied together, really well in their there, like good boy can survive. I've had a few offers. People want to make this into a movie, so I hope that happened someday which honestly makes a sign, Cathy, even more worthwhile. So miss but is it? Let us make sure we put Reagan, library, dot, com, slash store, all my social side, so it's very, very easy for my listeners to get there just click it go there and go for it and wanna encourage Levine. I there Jam the system and shouted down so were and make John Raw have to sign. With his other hand, let me ask about the Reagan library, for people who haven't been there. You know many sites, her feet in the library mark about two hundred and sixty thousand square feet. It
its huge. You now tell a story, Ronald Reagan, you need a and so on in the library we have the famous air force, one that President Reagan flew on for eight years. You can hop aboard the airplane and go from front camera all the way to the tail. You can see everything from the Bible that he took put his hand on to take the oath of office to his diaries is no tummy. Today if everything Ronald Reagan it shining city on the hill, the library sits right on a mountain top overlooking the Pacific ocean. So it's a beautiful place to be it in the present and the first lady or both buried there. They are, they are there other bury their facing westerner. You know mark a vague and look out right now. The sun is just heading towards the mountains, that famous scene where the sun sets over the mountain that overlooks the president's. A third and credible site and the President and MRS Reagan chose that
night themselves in their oh yeah, yeah yeah. It's mark right between where their home was in no way an his ranches famous ranch in Santa Barbara Sosa like midway a perfect stopping off point from up between the two, Now, it's quite an operation, how many people are employed for I'm a part time thereafter top your head. How we go about fifty full time, employees and then four hundred volunteers are. These are just Tarifa people, Doesn t know they volunteer their time and come up and work for hours a week to forty hours a week They can show you around. We can provide guided tourism and I insist that you can spend the whole day. Pure market, so long it takes a really do it. Well, you know John I do my my book someone. I do a books. I only pick three four places: five tops.
I always ask the Reagan, library and you're, always so generous and courteous to allow us to come there. It is by far my favorite location. You make a whole day of it, even your I've had his is is absolutely true their agenda and if people go The ragged library all actually see a portrait of the president. There was by my father that is right outside its outside what the assembly room. What do you call the Reagan auditorium market go into their our tore him in the lobby. They're just t write grade, create portrait done by a jackal than your dad that President Reagan and like you cowboy gear, you know at the cowboy head- and it is just a real piece of memorabilia- They tell me for years and ill and hang there as long as I work here, I'll pay less well. Your generous man. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not suggesting you get. This
because John and I are bodies, I am suggesting to you that it is a great thriller. Its receiving lots and lots of accolades and for good reason. I want in courage again go to reckon library, dot, com, Slash store Reagan, library, dot, com, last or if you want you signed copy, you know to Amazon dot com you can Barnes and nobody can go anywhere actually and get it back at the sign? first, a dish, I'm telling you as an author, that's what you wanna do John Gabby. She's my friend, I appreciate it as always taking out a little bit of time out of your busy schedule, crack so much market, my best petroleum, all family, I will say there my friend very worried. Recent human being in a folks today Talk about Congress, no not about the upcoming elections are those are obviously crucially important. I want to talk about hills, deals, ground, breaking new online course, Congress how it used to work, and why doesn't and that title their sums up. Why you need to take this course. Hill, humane,
you have a college, that's offering you a free course, a college believes in our founding principles. I mean this is the rare exception and their offering all of this to you, Gratis Hills. College teaches better than anyone anywhere the constitution and how our government is supposed to work in course you'll, learn exactly what can we should be doing and what it shouldn't how it got to this. Eight attend today and how you can start to restore a more constitutional congress, cos Frida, you, my listeners, and when you pre register your reserve, your place for when it launches on constant Lucian Day, which is a long from now. Choose me once more but this course hailstones, creating an entirely new online course. Experience that actually asked we experienced to be believed. Gotta live. Four hills. Delta, come right now to register its free. Don't delay reserve your spot today. Levin for Hills, Doub outcome, that's our easier
and for Hills, Dale dot com come on Harris said be hearing yesterday cut seventeen go, but I want to make clear what we're talking about. It means rights that are protected by the constitution, even if they are not specifically mentioned in the constitution. So they are not an ample. You carry all they're, not in that book you carry he's carrying a pocket copy, the constitution's other rights that protect. You see that, in the constitutional. Let me ask you something: Try to apply to babies. You haven't been born, yet I don't know that trot. None she's, my frustration. There. Never really is an honest debate about this issue. Abortion
This appears to be one of the central issues for the Democratic Party. Unrestrained uninhibited abortion as a country. We ve never had a debate on this. States came down different ways on this issue, but the court rolling Roby Wade, abortion is the law of the land, and you had subsequent decision that, in the case the case. It's a there will be some restrictions as long as a dozen interfere and so forth and sponsor the moral debate This issue has never been had people March people demand people paint signs. The greatest deliberative body in the country When you have a Supreme court justice, if this issues gonna keep coming up, it needs to be engaged. The Democrats cannot just turn this into a woman's right to privacy issue.
There's a lot of women who disagree with that position. Anyway, I thought I would mention that Because I think it's very very important on Friday, we play a merry
we don't take any knees.
ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget Sunday, night, ten pm, Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific Life, Liberty and Levine on Fox John Void and me you're gonna love. This interview, don't miss it. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency person at the border patrol ice. Thank you all unites, writing, gonna Griffin. Pepsi denied smoky. Can I zelda a special salute tonight to Adele.
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