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First Love Mixtape

2022-02-09 | 🔗

We’re back for a whole new season of stories. In today’s premiere, we introduce our new host, Anna Martin, who has a question for listeners: What’s the one song that taught you about love when you were a teenager? We listen to “What Lou Reed Taught Me About Love,” an essay about a young woman’s summer romance with a floppy-haired “rocker kid” and the records they would spin. Then, we hear from Times staff members about the songs they were obsessed with in their youth, and the memories — funny, empowering, nostalgic — that they carry with them.

Hey, Modern Love listeners: What's the one song that taught you about love when you were a teenager, and what did it teach you? Send an audio recording of your story to modernlovepodcast@nytimes.com, or leave us a voice mail message at (212) 589-8962. We'll add your song to our Spotify playlist, and we may use your story in an upcoming episode. Click here for more submission details.

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