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Revenge of the Friend | With Kristin Chenoweth

2016-09-14 | 🔗

Kristin Chenoweth, the Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor and singer, reads a story about a revenge fantasy coming true.

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better way to cook. Oh from the New York Times and WB. You are Boston. This is modern love, the stories of love, loss and redemption. I'm your host, Magna, Chakrabarti, the admit it. You've had some revenge fantasies. I mean we all have. Maybe or more dramatic than others, but I think it's safe to say that most of those fantasies, Queerly rooted in our imaginations, but Christie Clancy River, fantasy crossed into reality, inner ones
spin class, here's actor and singer Kristen China with reading Christy's essay revenge of the friend they kissed nobody kiss. in Spain Class, a roomful of sweaty people, panting atop, steel bikes with thirty pounds fly wheels is no place for romance and certainly no place for my friends. husband to show up with his girlfriend the woman he left her for It was just a few weeks into the new year and I had a packed class of weekend will, perched on their saddles waiting, me to help them to fill their resolutions to becomes guinean fit. My friends Ex was last person I expected to see in the two years, since they had split up. I'd gone out of my way to avoid him, but here was looking as ridiculous.
as most middle aged men do and tight lycra shorts. I couldn't have imagined a better scenario to let him have it. I had a mi found strapped around my head and a captive audience. The problem was that I used to like him I attended his children's baptisms and helped him plan. His fortieth birthday party we'd spent countless hours together, drinking wine and commiserating about child rearing. Long was constant winters and interrupted sleep. He could be charming, and that morning his familiar charm. Disarmed me before and remind myself that I wasn't supposed to like him any more. My smile was a reflex that he had misinterpreted as a welcome
A small woman with a tight, ponytail and toothy smile walked in and stood next to him. He introduced her as his friend. It was It was hard for me to reconcile this flesh and blood woman with a home, wrecking diva. I had imagined the past few years. She seemed so harmless and normal. we decided to give spending a try. He said. Can you help set us up? We us right, I led them to a pair of bikes. Now I've taught spin for over a decade. So, even though their presence had thrown me, I could still still mindlessly check their settings and offer instructions. and who I was because she went out of her way to kill me with kindness. I wanted her to stop chirping, so I could wrap my brain around the fact
that the fact that she was in my class, then he the her sweetie the same to used to call his wife and I snapped back to attention shut the door, damn the lights and cranked up the music I got on my bike and I looked out at my class. I actually love teaching on Saturday mornings, but now I was distracted and unsettled remembering how he had initiated their split. They were drinking coffee on their front porch when he said I'm leaving, and I don't want to work things out. He was apologetic, but from it didn't take long for him to come. long for him to confess there was someone else, no judge my husband warned me, but I couldn't help it. If this could happen to them, could it happen to us their break up made everything I considered solid, seen vulnerable like a bone
old with stress fractures in the aftermath, my friend couldn't sleep red and she word constantly about their children and their finances to make matters worse a year or so after they split. She was given a diagnosis of cancer. There other spin classes and other instructors. Why had they come to mine? Did he think this would make things normal again? Was he cruel a clear? I tried to focus. I followed my plan profile, leading us up: some imaginary hills and spread in past invisible riders. I was just getting my groove back when I looked up and saw him lean toward her and there it was the That's when I decided that if they came back to my class next week, I'd be ready,
The Saturday I showed up early, my regulars violin with with towels and water bottles, barely awake and then sure enough in they walked holding hands wearing big smiles and matching powder blue jerseys good morning named Mr Spin class kisser looking fresh and robust. I led the lovers toward the middle row of the bikes. The easiest bikes have big comfortable seats and magnetic resistance. The toughest. Are the pros with narrow saddles that are hard as concrete with fixed gears. The pros require the kind of pedal efficiency that only comes with a lot of practice. Most people are too intimidated to attempt them when the pros first arrived. I found them so dear.
to write that I thought they must be broken even after training on them. For months the longest I could stand up out of the saddle without losing a troll orcan busting was about a minute. So now Really that's what I said him up on the lights on the bikes computer flickered, on showing watts, K, Jays, H, his numbers, I knew meant nothing to him. He looked confused. Oh you'll love this. I said I put her right next to him right next to him on the Sunday cruiser a bike. So gentle May have well had a straw basket with flowers attached to the handlebars. I turned away and cue the music like making themed playlists for my classes. I
music for Saint Patrick's day, songs about food for Thanksgiving I've got my playlists for rain snow summer, peace and revolution. For this occasion I created a new playlist Music for cheaters I spent the week going through my Itunes Library and settled on songs like Rihanna's unfaithful, jewels till it feels like cheating and some classics. fifty ways to leave your lover and tempted. I know spin instructor, I know spin instructors have a reputation for being so district, but I never saw myself that way. I tell people to ride at their own pace and take breaks that morning. However, offered. No such assurances thirty seconds.
out of the saddle, I barked go rabbit nail it whatever it was come on camera. Your legs should feel like egg beaters boiler quads. I got off my bike and walked around the room lingering behind the levers to make them feel my presence. I watched, sweat drip onto the floor around his by so much that I could practically see my reflection in it. I thought of my friends, quivering hands and pained expression when she told me about their breaker. I thought of the hours I spent with her in the clear While the came out into her arm and the night I slept in her house when she didn't want to be alone, it didn't seem fair that she had to suffer through so much while her ex seemingly got everything he wanted. I like to think I was doing this for my friend, but this was my own revenge,
I even told her about them showing up at my class. I didn't want to hurt her and in truth, I'm not sure she would have cared She and her acts had reached a certain piece. I found hard to imagine I wouldn't So far say they were friends, but they got along well enough. I knew I was acting childish and petty. it wasn't me he had left, but it felt as if he had broken a pact. We'd made us couples after this felt necessary cathartic. I got back on my bike and watched as he strained his face red hair drenched. Yet he was managing. I almost couldn't believe it. It was hard for him, but not impossible.
I don't think either of them paid any attention to the lyrics I'd so carefully selected at the end of the class, I turned down the music and led some stretches: okay. Okay, so I hadn't broken him, but I was still feeling pretty pleased with myself until he walked up with a towel around his neck and gave me a pat on the back his large damp hand. I gotta tell you he said that was the best workout I've had in a long time. Oh, it was wonderful. She added we loved it. A few weeks later, I met my friend for a glass of wine. Her hair used to be straight, but it had grown back curly and it looked nice that way her cancer had been caught early and she had a good prognosis
Lee and she had a good prognosis. I decided to tell her what I had done, or at least try to do as I. She Bishop related the story of my clever if unnoticed, playlist and punishing but welcomed routine. She listened with an expression that seem to be an mixture of curiosity and horror. When I stop talking, she didn't say anything at first. I worried that I had heard her. that she disapproved. Then I saw a small smile tug at the side of her mouth you're, a good friend. She said, the Kristin Chenoweth. This week's modern love essay by Christie Clancy, so remember that cheater
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I get a lot of essays that are about revenge fantasies. This was really a different. This is more like an observer revenge fantasy This is more like an observer revenge, fantasy, loved how it may be a serious subject, but this as they made me, laugh and It made m, laugh and it worried, like oh, my god, what if you do this to him and he has a heart attack and You know all my god. What if you do this to him and he has a heart attack, feel then, but he seemed keep up on the really challenging bike, just fine love the class, and, in the end,. everybody seemed happy when word of the essay hit, the street Christie was excited, but territory, exposing too much person pushed into dangerous territory, exposing too much personal information about her friend, but she did get.
Her friend's permission before the essay was published and worked hard to make the call She didn't need to worry. Everybody had a theory on who I was writing about. Everybody had a theory on who I was writing about, and then it made me think that there is so much going on in my spin class it. I had no idea there a lot of speculation different couples and different people that were in the room and one day. I outside of the classroom, and I ran into one of the people who spends with me all the time she said. thank you so much for writing about my husband and I didn't even know her husband was in my spin class. You know- and I thought that was really funny- that she thought that whole essay was about her and that I wouldn't have said anything to her about it I think a lot of women felt like it was good that they knew someone was out there who had have their back. So I got all these Emil's from people and they say case so ex husband to your class, so I could play music and torture them. So did Christy.
ever hear from Mr Spin class kisser himself. So the first what happened was I got a text from him one day. said we will not be in your spin class on Saturday my stomach just dropped and I I did feel badly that he was upset about it I guess looking back, I'm surprised at how upset I was when I found. I thought they were splitting up but it's an emotional thing to find that your friends are not We will always do stuff together and always do stuff together, and I guess I thought we'd, gather and it would be in there. There would be some sort of together, and it would be another relationship there. I know I sound constant relationship there. I know I sound like I'm angry and I'm seeking revenge, but I think deep down I was just sad really you get for Christie. This is really a catharsis
Christy, sometimes friend suffer as much as or more than the people through the divorce and Your relationship, suddenly, you just feel like You're on weak ground yourself, even if nothing on. We ground yourself, even if It happened to them. It can happen to us. Almost almost like a communicable disease that spreading, now, all these years later everything's worked out All these years later, everything's worked out. Pretty well she's healthy, I think he's happy I have I'd, say pretty decent relationships with both of them. Now and I guess just want your friends to be happy when it comes down to it Christy lives in men
I love felling. My boyfriend and I often place telling me, together by together, I mean sitting next to each other playing individually and not cheating. Sometimes when I open up spelling bee- and I see that you have completed a few words on your own, I feel a little betrayed inside One friend who I will send screenshots from spelling bee of inappropriate words, and I always get nervous that I sent it to my parents or something like that was my bad. It was the first time together and I was out- I think I got it- see it J, a c k, p, o t Jack, yeah yeah. it editor for the New York Times, you can try spelling bee and all our games at N Y Times dot com, slash, Games, Edison Wisconsin and is a professor of English at Beloit College
she still teaches spin but says her classes are now off limits. For writing. To spin but says her classes are now off limits for writing material. No more! exposes, but she does You show right and has finished two novels she's now working on a book of short stories, and gave us a preview of one story for women, husband has left her for another woman and he picks up the kids to take him for the weekend and just before he arrives, she discovers that her kids have lice, like it's all over their heads and instead of keeping them in her house she D had to send these two lies bombs and his life, so that his girlfriend will get lies to actually proudly wrote it. That was Christy Clancy, author of revenge of the friend. You also heard from Dan Jones. that was Christy Clancy, author of revenge of the friend you heard from Dan Jones editor of modern love for the New York Times. The essay was
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A few minutes I'll chat with the co host to give you a taste of what's to come Remember how I said: we'd hear more from Christian China and to Morrow can his show like what this is the way bothered and bewildered from Kristin Chenoweth's new, album the art of elegance, it's the album of american standards and will be released on September. Twenty third and while she was in front of our MIKE, we had asked Kristen why she chose to read this week's essay. We all have moments where we dream that we get our.
Events and we all have probably peppered in a little revenge throughout our life, and sometimes it feels good in the moment. At the end of the day, though, I noticed that when I see even someone else getting their revenge, it doesn't always make me feel as good as I think. It is nice to know, though, that went to women have each other's backs. They ve got each other's backs at the very end of this peace. You know the horror that her friend has when she hears what she's done then turns into a smile I dont know. For me, it is kind of made me think thanks again to Kristin Chenoweth and thanks to Concord music for allowing us to play a bit of her album for you. Christians busy these days on November. Second, she returns to Broadway for a limited run,
on November. Second, she returns to Broadway for a limited run of my love letter to Broadway. Her solo show featuring musical theatre, favorites and songs from the art of elegant modern love, the The modern love is a production of the New York Times and WB. You are Boston's NPR station, it's produced, directed and edited by Jessica, Alpert, John Pilate and emigrates. In the The idea for the modern love podcast was conceived by LISA Tobin. for the modern podcast was conceived by these. A Tobin are casting Sir Daniel Jones is the editor of Modern Adler. Is our executive producer Daniel? This is the editor of modern love for the New York Times, an adviser to the show music for the pod cast courtesy of eight p m
I'm making a talker body stay with me, though, is more a second, Our colleagues at the New York Times have a new podcast. It's called a still processing. Stood by Wesley, Morrison, Jenna worth them and explain the name. What does it mean? The way we've been approaching? It is sort of looking at all the things that were still you know, mulling over and the things that we're still chewing on and the things that were still texting, one of the things that we're still texting about the links extending back and forth and were kind of bringing that to the podcast. We're gonna sit in the studio and talk about stuff we're going to go out in the world and talk about stuff. But yeah I mean we're gonna just talk about it is unique and talk about sovereignty. Go out in the world and talk about stuff, but yeah me. let us talk about life in popular culture, and things that are relevant things that were obsess where things at the world's obsessed with things the rules should be obsessed with should not be was just well. Let me ask a sort of more journalistic question here,
times magazine the you write a at the times and our lives, so writer really Times magazine and you right about tack in our life, so one between us and talk that way, and we approach pop culture and the world from very different angles, and we both have our own as and talk that way and we approach pop culture and the world from very different angles, and we both have our own. You know unique perspectives that we bring to it, so I feel, like our podcast, is sort of that intersection yeah, that's that that's for sure. Actually I mean, I think that that is one of the things you think, that's that's for sure, and actually I mean, I think that that is one of the things I like about talking agenda about everything, which is that I don't know what she's gonna say likewise, and I think our differences will make us so interesting and make a show for well what's coming up on the show that we should be super excited kinds of sharing economy, technologies and sharing economy. Experiences start riffing on the the news the AIR Bnb is going to try change it's policies to reduce discrimination.
in the service and talk about, if that's even possible, and then also you know tv and movies, and and were both listening to the new Emi, Album right now and trying to figure out what we think about it. We're both listening to the new MIA album right now and how to figure out what we think about it will still processing is a weekly show from the New York Times its HO by culture writers Wesley Morris, engender worth some new episodes are released on Thursday is a great day for pod. Cast. Release is, if I may, or wherever you like to listen and Wesley and Jenna. The podcast sounds great. It was wonderful to talk with you, both of you. So much thanks magnetic you
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