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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 10-11-18

Bill rambles about getting a new phone, playoffs, and sociopaths.

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hey what's going on it's billboard it's time for the thursday afternoon just before friday monday morning podcast in just check it in you hey what's going on how you we go and is it going there is good you keeping your head above the fuckin water i'm having a great we i'm having the best of times i'm having the worst of times fuckin phone my phone i don't know what's going on with it nothing it says it needs to be updated but it keeps saying that it needs to be updated and now it wont connect to my my wireless cell phone carrier some it does sometimes it doesn't look at our is it doing now what i don't know i can't if i fuckin fixed it or not
what these fuckin asshole apple do these balkan assholes do you have a back in the day you could opt out in not update you found any could keep it forever so they like god forbid god goods a dead one fucking nickel those cheap fuckin money grubbing corporate kuntz god for fuckin bid one fuckin nickel rules out the window that they feel belongs rightfully belongs in their pockets and now what do we do now you can opt out of the update now have to update the phone and it's all designed to fill up your old phone right so then fuck and bring the fuckin thing in you gotta get the one that directive takes a picture you face or whatever it does and they know that will take your old form into what give it to the poor bastard and phillipines that had a fuckin put the thing together here's your reward
for working in our fuckin factory for twenty four hours a day making these new iphone nineteenth we're going to give you the old iphone seven way to go there buddy you know and then if you don't do that you're just for control the things out in the end up in the fucking ocean in some out these people are the fucking problem these people are let let's go to buck inside the world blow a billion dollars a fuckin month fighting thirty five hundred jerk off on a fuckin jungle jim but these cuts we're polluting the ocean have poison the fuckin food supply turned it into god knows what you got nine year olds walking around with fuckin moustaches because so much fuckin human growth hormone whatever the fuck they put in the goddamn shit right not the problem early that's all fuckin ices has to do just spend three hundred grand on a fuckin chick farmer john plate
help finance your fuckin campaign than there were in the clear that's all they need to do sorry that's how far i take it with a flock and update on my phone bill why don't you just give in man everybody's gonna do it man go get the fuckin thornwick if you have your face recognition i mentally like this mental tennis i keep threatening to leave apple like these guys could my laptops almost full my my cell phone i don't know what's going on with it seems to be working when i'm around my house but it's hilarious right when i need the fuckin thing it shuts off which makes me feel like the computer can't in it is looking at my calendar we need sea needs to do a radio tor the funds just like i think we'll just shut down now last night i had to call in the fucking sports gambling podcast will shine green and ryan
a right which shall be played on their showed a night i should also be playing it later on in my podcast right before the a throwback episode of be plain enough them dumb ranting about my fuckin phone i'm actually considering leave but don't you know something that will apple actually push back against the fbi you know in the privacy thing and it just like what then there are also doing all this fuckin creepy shit as you know the worst fucking movie ever made was getting a smartphone i should state with the flip phone but now at the smartphone you know it's like your writing first class and i have to go back to coach but really considering considering you know maybe getting a second found follies fucking radio toward things that i have to do that i love doing colony in all these great shows that a help me please
my shows maybe i'll just do that because i've never heard of anybody talking about their did flip found fuckin crap and really does that make me a hipster if i get one of those i don't have you no goddamn well i'll be down the apple store here's the iphone ten show wash your face i'm trusting you won't do anything illicit with that everything above board even though you not concerned with polluting the fucking environment to be honest with you liked what these corporations like what when when does it fuck and stop these fuckin bankers wonders if fuckin stop its unreal you can't say anything you fuckin saving they label you a socialist not one pollutant fucking oceans i'm fine with this phone how much better does the camera have to be looked at count the pores on my fucking relatives faces it's fun you did a bang up job how about this haven't you on the phone and i'll fuckin rented from you
return must move forward they must be better someone shows up the work they have the better phone it makes the others feel less than anyway so that i got i got rid of the worst part of my week which is that should of course i have to fly early tomorrow morning to go to sagen our michigan by the way i just found out from some of my relatives that my great grandparents had house out there a hundred years ago so i have the address no i be saying it yes i put it in my phone yes steve jobs from beyond the grave is already fuckin in a fuckin drone with his spirit hovering over its it can capture me there fucking face recognition about the top of my head whatever that whatever the fuck those creeps are trying to do over there
but some of these people they literally have to put nets outside their factory to prevent people from leaping to their fucking deaths and for some reason there problem not a fucking problem what the other fuckin way i don't get it anyways ploughing ed serbian sagen our michigan which i've never perform this are very excited to go there my hour i got an hour and a half right now and it is more than ready to be recorded so freckles got to figure out what he's going to do is next special cuz last night i did a private gig this jewish community there and down by such a great time was also do a half hour i felt like those on state for twenty minutes and i look down i had done an hour when the cigarette this is it it's time to go but i had such a good time at that fuckin gig
you know usually i dont like to perform in front of like all like one group of people you know because everybody has the same perspective and then a kind of closes down what you can talk about this crowd last night we do what they were they were they were amazing you know this body but the thing now we backstage had cigars and shit it was just like my mother my favorite gigs of the year and down i gotta be honest with you like i've i've really fuckin learned how not to get an arguments with people because we were just talking about all this shit and then he brings up when you think about israel mike ouch i could cite dude i'm gonna fuck and get into this with you what do you think about everyone with what do you want for its everything it starts with a good idea how its executed is that the best idea i don't i don't know
these mistakes made on both sides and then its literally like trying to talk to a sports fan where they can't see anything that their team does wrong so he started to get into it and i was just like you know what fair enough what you think about the red sox astro like i'm not going to get into this fucking debate with you you know then we avoided this huge fuckin debate on something that i have not really well read on but the old me i would have dove right in both fuck and feet you know me comparing this country with the native americans i was prepared to do all that none of which i am well read on and i was just like you know appeal when did she just shut the fuck up and smoke cigarettes i just said you not far enough what why am i going to get this guy i'll stirred up speaking in third of a fact that i overheard no fuckin airport god it was great his another great part of my weak the fuckin red sox
beat the new york yankees in another play off series that's too in a row yeah we're on a hell of a run i think they beat us like like is not the place but you know to me they beat us up i think this is our century it is a deal you know about you know me i don't fuckin rub it in i want to congratulate the yankees on a hundred winter season and the direction that they are going and because those guys they're gonna be a force and asthma for yankee fans as much as this one hurt gotta make like those your team fail and that failing to fuckin losing they're not going to want to feel it again and i really thought that they were they were playing great and i'm a cancer don't act like i'm a gm and i know what peace you need there are now seen elegant lillooet fucking
computer want for can start back up here we go it was just a great series and being an anonymous is grateful baseball in those two teams come together and yeah and i realized when i was watching it that i don't hate the yankees i mean how can you hate the greatest fuckin organization twenty seven championships get mad at you noted and i don't even hate their fans it's just that small segment of fan there if they one you know the amount of shit that they want to talk would have been just like like did you see like in the eighth running right we loaded up the basis in the clincher and stud came out for the yankees and he just picked them out of the situation or whatever they are out of the situation put himself in i can't remember was a fucking blur
and when he struck out that dude with the bases loaded when he went to the dugout those two fat fox bringing up the last batter act like those of the morons like all day although those fucking mouth breathing morons those are the ones made across the board and sports that patriots have those fans red sox have you know them at saint malo their fans judges have those fuckin people they're the ones data was ruined it you know like day those are the ones like if i actually said across the room when they got over the fact that i was red sox friend and i want to talk the rivalry i could never get past like burger they proved judge buggered stopper like those people slight right so
that was the only time i felt a hate in that series what is when i saw those fuckin idiots i gotta be honest with you dude this is embarrassing to say the level of mouth breather may panda the crowd in yankee stadium ended fenway park is just on parallel it's in philly too i dont know what it is you don't owe me it goes down south get southern bell yet the fuckin good ol boy you got midway is to get those people dress like pete carol just like how does a person in their twenties dress like that then you go out to the west coast they got their own vibe you know and but like i'm telling the east coast like i gotta i gotta be honest with you we we have cornered it's so weird could you have some of the smartest fuckin people like bosnia or give a real similarity there where
both cities are really ride on the coat tails of the amount of smart people that move to the city you know boston as they did they get look at mit they get be u emerson college all these places really smart talented kids come into the city jail supposed to the locals in new york you got all that bridging tunnel ali's how can people that move in manhattan you know and really make it what it is then he's dead dead louise fuckin morons sweat pants haughty fuckin ted stage eaten fuckin ma breathing ma breathing fuckin morons
get a kick out of that i am one of those fuckin morons by the way i'm not i'm not trying to be a goddamn leads to another moved out the fuckin phony s hollywood i'm not looking down my adorable little nose at yeah no i m not was that guy i was a guy out the fuckin outfielder wanted to make his section laugh was loud fuckin drunk i did that plenty a gauge it's got to be some sort of security footage out there of it anyways so sale comes in the eighth getting and i mean for a red sox fed versus the yankees i mean i think you ever get over fuckin two thousand three the seventh and eighth fuckin innings in and then it's just like those innings you know all about the bucky then make sure fuckin nervous and he fucking just crews right through the eighth ending i gotta go we have three run fuckin lead and then i see campbell up and i'm just like dont protect guy
how about the fucking guy in the seventh ending with the bob stanley torso i don't know anybody's fuckin needs anymore get a kid and on time to figure the shit out of me i got this motherfucker look at this cow is this out of shape with all the although exercise videos out there all the fuck nutritionist look at this guy this case should have that fucking cop utility belt on when he's out there pigeon anyway he does great fuckin sale shuts down then can comes out and what proceeds to load the fucking bases and i'm telling you i thought i was passed it i kept home all i want to seem do was when at once they ve wanted three times coming out from three three out in all three took to win you know biggest come back and baseball history i'm good
i really thought that i believe that and then i just the night any came and i could not stay in the room i want to apologize to you road for all this shit i said about him in that area god i was out in the kitchen between pitches and i would run and i put my head in ball and then i would just correct walking out your daughter was asleep so make whisper she's fuck it strike you fuckin right red beard the fuck would julie fuckin sailor there so anyways when that's dictate than its forty two then fuckin forty three it's a fucking bad or to make it forty two hits a batter with the bases loaded walks in a fuckin run basically or whatever about running
dennis sack fly now it's for two fuckin three those mouth breathe as i can see a fuckin freaking out there these bodies and then there's a slow driblets down to the third baseline my god my god it's is gonna be an in field hit many calls the fuckin do out and i did the most embarrassing celebration dance and i don't like it's under review and unlike oh my god it's a game tied are they going to tell me that this fucking game is tied and then of course it came back and said that it wasn't but jesus christ i believe how much i still care fuckin ridiculous so then i text the body and mind for back in the day and i was just cite did you ever think it see the red sox drink champagne in the fuckin yeah stadiums you know twice in your life this is unbelievable and then he wrote back to me it's
it's really dead all that fucking bucky densher is dead laugh and i was like yeah but guys like you and me are still gonna have you know traumatic stress disorder from of those times where it wasn't and he was like laugh foregoing yeah so is this like this weird sort of its schism the word between red sox fans right this the people that through it the people there don't know anything but what's going on right now and i ll being around those people the second once the ones who are just thinking positive because actually found myself saint positive shit is innocent this burma from another good their hearts are all fucking cheering i'm at one yankee stadium used to get really loud i would get all fucking nervous going out guide they just going to win them in there what's fucking jeter going to do you know
anyways i can't believe that we wanted and i wrote that we will lose that series and i also feel that if we black and blue we blew game for i didn't see him come back when again five i didn't send our under the fuckin houston asked rose who nobody is talking about forever goddamn reason went through the indians like a buzz saw his skin terry frank corner i don't know they'll today all of these spoken guys these guys are like these dialogue and so we will see how we do when we need fuckin price to finally get a victory i know a lot of you guys to what's with this we stuff i hate people who say we well i'll tell you why i say we because people go if you say we won they let go you didn't win but if you fucking lose its like that you guys stop
you guys fuckin suck you guys choked you guys fuckin bluish ripened and all of a sudden you win if you say if used the pronoun we write can you still use that pronoun by the way it did somebody who wants to fuck have the balls put on their knees and their dick on their ear fuckin we whose we may my dick in my balls sorry anyways ploughing ahead like i mention almond sagen our michigan this is all leading up to my last big shows of the year november seventh i'm going to be at madison square garden i am going to be recording that night hopefully successfully this time to put out a god damn album last time you remember i had the set of my life and they didn't understand what i was trying to do
and they only took the sound from the board so just me really loud on my microphones sounding ridiculously excited in front of about eight people so i'm going to try to i'm going to try to fucking do that again and then after that i have three nights at the unbelievable chicago theater arguably the greatest marquis i think is the greatest marquis in all show business and with that i would read some advertising there we go look who's here army go amigo oh my god oh my god oh i'll never know how to say this a revolutionary toilet seat replacement are you anal climate it is in the bathroom i told you i could change the way you poop jesus christ have you ever really thought about poop that just sounds like a wet one coming right now to your ass the noise it makes
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you know something you know the one when peter always shows those things about animals you not one that really fuckin got me the other day i came over i mention this on the monday morning podcast was driving down to this gig and bridgeport and right next to the place that i was playing there this sign with it a cow calf and the cap was like touching face with his with its mother you know me like this beautiful you know mother kid type a vibe and it said this is this caps first day and last day with its mother please stop drinking milk and i was jesus christ get out now i'm separate and families i don't know i don't know what's going on with the fuckin world right now but i'm gonna starting with the current and the bureau
asking him to changes freckles those are the original lyrics i actually wrote that myself to michael it's like who seems a little ginger specific or i'll do something offencive to your race if i could figure out what the fuck it is i am working on my temper i am i'm i'm not gonna get into arguments about people with their fuckin belief system like two fucking you know i'm at santa maria become vegetarian but like i would like to where they continue to promote more companies that at least this saying they're doing this i hoped and fuck in line da i don't you six men i switched over to fuckin almanac but he's a thing about omens they take up so much goddamn water to grow and in it out this just too many fuck and people
it always comes down to that how do we live on this planet we need to get the fuck and population damn right that's we need the dough gay stop fighting about the group in the ground we stop fucking screaming yelling at each other we got it would take we haven't a tug of war we should just fucking you can't do it how do you get on the same page how to get everybody to start pulling in the same direction like when they take a black light and they go through like a fuckin hotel room to see world a fuckin jesus they could come up with one of those lights for sociopaths at no what you would do with those people i mean i think you gotta take em out you certainly can't stick em on an island and have all those fuckin lunatics there at the same time there's another great siphoned movie somebody advantages light for fuckin sociopath sociopaths
they we them all out but this but they're they're big flaw in this system is they're fucking liberal so they can't flip the switch in electrocuted and they stick em all on the same island and then they just create a master race of sociopaths and then the other this warlike psychotic fuckin people and then they get near goddamn viking ships and start coming over to everybody else walkin around the beta energy in their bargain stocks are right and of it is one good one over there like some other some sort of fuckin lefty jean its hollywood this gonna have to be the lefty save in the fuckin day right he gets over then he warned them he has to teach all these fuckin bergen stocked fuckin lefties how to fight fire with fire become warlike right it's basically
empires strikes back meets police academy that's how i would pitch it all right with a sprinkle of the dave matthews bed all right that's you dumb siphoned movie of the week now as the red sox fan didn't one more i go to my camp one more time percent respect for the yankees in their organization do you realize if the new york yankees do not win the world series next year this will only be the second decade since the nineteen twenties that they that they didn't when a world series do you understand that's what's that fuckin look this up here for a second if you want to get jealous as a fucking sports fan new york
yankees don't you were c4 can sing about new jersey frank juices fuck you too new york they never thought he was good enough until he was good enough then they took a ministerial meeting i want to wake up in a city that fuckin reeks rightly sing about new york and find down bridge in total the renewed i will sleep sorry had to rhyme or new york yankees where the army had placed this doesn't take forever report as for two seconds are the nineteen twenties right nineteen nineteen they get babe ruth ok 1920s they won three titles one thousand nine hundred and twenty three one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight out here come the 1930s they one night they won one two three four five
t32 one thousand nine hundred and thirty six one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine glutton for in a row they want half the fucking world series in that decade nineteen forties they won one two three four they had an off decade they only one for one thousand nine hundred and forty one one thousand nine hundred and forty three one thousand nine hundred and forty seven one thousand nine hundred and forty nine here come the nineteen fifty's where they won one two three four five six including five in a row if you count one thousand nine hundred and forty nine cuz everyone one thousand nine hundred and forty nine anyone one thousand nine hundred and fifty one thousand nine hundred and fifty one one thousand nine hundred and fifty to nineteen fifty three on nineteen fifty six and ninety fifty eight by the way audible mention to the cleveland indians when they won in nineteen forty six i believe or is it forty eight camera before yet i think our right then the nineteen sixties they want to
one thousand nine hundred and sixty one one thousand nine hundred and sixty two then the seventies they want to nineteen seventy seven nineteen seventy edna granted now this like fuckin you know twenty five thirty teams in a league and there is still one of the eighties they don't want any when twenty thirty forty fifty sixties seventy six fucking decades in a row two thousand they come right back and they went three ninety six ninety eight ninety nine too two thousand they when they wanted two thousand two thousand nine they want to have you the decades by the way you counted from sometimes at eighty one ninety i don't know i opened the door domino flips that's how i counted all right so they have yet to win one this decade so they basically one of the last nine decades they were championship like a drought for them is not winning in a decade it
fucking ridiculous it really is ridiculous and they have more titles than the celtics more titles than the lakers more titles than the fuckin ma trial canadians more titles than the fuckin green bay packers with all their super balls in all their fuckin superbowl titles and the pittsburgh steelers superboss throne so there you go and i think that they're they're gonna win one here in the next couple years the direction that they're gone so i am very happy that we were able to beat them and like i said i don't fuckin rub it rubberneck enough about respect from that's that cast be sure to listen out of my my foot and picks my nfl picks for the weak which you enough i barely do i don't have time to pay to i should i should vibration startling fantasy for barcelona whose some of the fucking people are in a week so i'm on the hungarian and ryan kramer shelve the sports ganley podcast
that's it other than that after that will have little bit a music and then a throwback from a podcast thursday god by earlier this year are god knows when i write debts go red sox
don't go paths that although this stupid mouth breathing shit that i watch where they might be one bill were on the sort skimming parkinson's brought you by my bookie daddy g my book is the leader in online sports books use the promo code bill bets for a one hundred percent deposit bonus play when i get paid at my bookie dark energy joining us on the line bilbil your red sox just defeated the yankees in the el ds three two one how how excited or you for them to move on
i believe how much i still care i was trying to light and because i don't i don't feel you know the why price was much and i was like you need a want to knock a great team like the yankees out and i was just you know i want to see him was one at once the movie was over role credits and they want to go to church in thousands urging amy i said all that stuff and i couldn't believe how much in order it is it's not the yankees it's not the organisation it's their fans what really inside even already established those mouth prevent more on that those wakeham all fans like got down when they lose their head up when they went i literally have a friend of mine sign up running a coward another comedians i didn't here from that guy said jane three or two thousand fourteen thousand for identifying again until the right such bluntly with bobby valentine in september two thousand and twelve
nine years later he thought his head up the start talk and trust the next year we won the world series i haven't heard from him again cowardly guarantee you if the yankees one thing that i would from that time enough for this guy is when the yankees did the red sox well why not a wide i i mean i do agree there is a great shout during the game last night where they had this trio obliges straight from the bronx like slightly but when airlines yamani struck that guy out they i honestly they make me i mean i as a yank i grew up in new jersey as a yankee than it did make the kind of question like man i'm associating with these the anything like that there is a certain element of the the annoyance of the though the casual bandwagon yegg you i want i want one thing we have in common the red sox yankees is
the level of miles breathe and sat everyone s when i got to the crowd for their jobs just hang all like it's like wholesome look in whatever the west coast has their own by flooding the south you're lucky if they even show a bright light get to the east caused a fairly new york path we were or animals you can't even deny or just animal i am someone who's live now in california for about fifteen years you really start to notice it the longer your away from it it stops being normal and you go back home in your god this is having said that you can get starved to death at a game on the west coast
it s a skip the whole dopamine appear over your head just don't write to us up you know a homicide yeah that's that's the thing is an eagle span we always get so much yet oh you guys are the worst where'd you guys are made you guys booed santa claus in third still both meanwhile dodgers fans are putting guys in comas stabbing a capital guide died they over over over a dodgers gave us a game that you know barely the city cares about whether the choice for philadelphia the dsl battery that's that's honourable not and not a knife what's right at medium that's medium security you go to jail yeah we're just something i had the jail in egos eagle stadium if they had won out here and i would have to be present the crime was committed it wouldn't be like some some silly drunken behaviour yeah you're not getting a couple days you're going away for a good long i am yeah exactly
the crazy dodger saving you can't even tailgate they won't let you drink beer ardor sir if you could move on to the stadium that you're the one time i had a couple of beers in the parking lot was playing with a ball assuming that's kind of what you do before a baseball game and a guy in a golf cart came up took my dear said i was on the list i don't know what list the worthless than dodgy say why did you give him you're right you know what i should have i should have just said who fuck you i would i give listen i was i was confronted with that shit we're from cars have doors combustion engines why don't you go back to work criminal justice school get your degree their body would evil german yeah it's unclear how you detain me put me back where the golf clubs are supposed to be here very unclear
i don't know i don't know south sudan is exerting a brass tacks let's talk let's talk about their national football league of course are bills gary maidens picks he's online courtesy of my bookie dad e g the official online sports wicked the sports gaming pad gas hundred percent deposit bonus using the promo code bill bets first either we got here to select is the eagles minus three headed into giant stadium entity it doesn't look great emigrating mouth breathed yeah there's gotta be a lot about breathing go on eagles two and three giants won and for the end of sea is not looking great bill which wailing in this game i will take that giants what with the points i get a free yet there are there the home i'm on it i just in all those division rivalry games that they lost giants last the heartbreak alas germany they should they should be to it
what is it re one enforcer they should be i was a preliminary yeah they're not as bad as their record in now i don't know much about the eagles by imagine after they won a super ball a bunch of guys in a tea went out that that free agency money in some cultures lifestyle is always a bit of a hangover trying to figure out who after that speakers hatred shouted said everyone so many this century you know i can trust that with this authority i mean it's not a good sign when i do others multiple bookstores go in for alike i read a backup quarterbacks book in the off season so that's maybe maybe the tv hello ahead of themselves there yet still celebrate now they're probably hang out don't let's get you believe we wanted to do a beer bar he hurried our jake i went eli in the points it off kramer i'm guessing your own your audience i gunjay meant by which i mean it's the same they we ve studied the difference doesn't play is well on the road and carson once just
the doctors say almost all the way back and end the offence is struggling there's no magic the head coach is not is that he's not having those magical fourth down philly philly calls and yeah like bill said giants not as bad they got home by the rafters and an awesome kick last week so of course on the giants went home team is fair their own team is called covered every home thursday night game so that dairy girl but here's will also eagles sixteen and four in the last twenty they have eli manning's number also iran your giants what are they horrible at covering the tide a lot is happening the eggs without exactly but
kurtz he's a you know he's those star right now on all events imbroglio region now i i think they go at this must win for the eagles i just don't think this giants offensive line will be able to keep the eagles defensive lie which has been struggling no such thing as much on just one guy i other files on big out a free pass for the rest of my life but i i wear the dogma that are there not the dog anymore the targeted so they are the roadway over funding shaft and i got their feet up the points now i'm eagles minus three road victory no sweat here are here's ears an interesting one played out and wembley stadium the sea ox minus three biggest technically a home game for the raiders they're fine plains of real football out in london bill which we believe in this game i love john grown but i still don't think he's
at this time where it needs to be an p careless of beast and i you know i don't know that we were playing over europe last time bruton crouched he's got the oldest e money and i felt they gonna be cranky from the flight i i've what it wants to see what i'm a given seals are only way in three only then will you just said older suddenly after i'm already unmarried tip in my head i guess i thank you yeah i think they're gonna have problems contained in their quarterback by operators from obtaining around the quarterback die i gotcha i mean i do tat i want to see the i just want to see this than the documentary on grew in london younger and said quote he's not a good flyer and gets anxious online long plain rides interesting fact the raiders there
flying out to lunch until friday which always feel is a bad sign carol he got on the plane you know a couple days early so the stocks are already out in london i that's gonna walk buckingham palace good direction it is kind of scary what i wanna old guy choose that much gum and has that much energy it's it's a little unsettling one o clock airports on real easy all this culture sally looks great yeah i believe like the jakarta cultures so easily color reminds you jackal away just like an old guy gray hair super jack tons of energy must be juice and or something is just in a positive way classic classic seattle guy listen i know you don't want to say the seahawks there kind of their superbowl at home against the rams they lost their game there was a tough loss
maybe there maybe they don't get up for this game but i just don't think this orators team is right good i think he's having trouble adjusting to the modern game he hasn't been able to fix car i just don't see the rain or shown up short of it was worse than you flew like the nine hour flight and then you play a game stating hours later that doesn't seem right i usually have to sleep for a solid either an hour there the sea ass the thing is that there are voicing london out a good thing that that apply to their advantage the day they are listening go there and get the indian sort it out a void the outlying just the light the whole day actually make john grew and with a giant play a failure as international tyres and that the english breakfast i didn't give a couple of fried ups that blood pudding every girl sounds sounds delicious you i just i think there's
plenty of science and i'm sure grins not up on the science and there's plenty of science on why you wanna get their early so just knowing that i love the seahawks yeah kids about for the serbs good magic final game of the three we're picking with bill here the kansas city chiefs head into new england for sunday football right now the pats come on off the long rest three and a half point home favorites against a kansas city chiefs s favor you know like us such a weird game because the jaguars manhandled the pages had the city played the jagged like a month later and like bottles look like you shouldn't even be indiana fell so it's one of those things like when you play the jack was wet weather it's not as bad as the scene of the jack was what is good or ill very good
three points at home this is the thing why many take the patriots which this makes me nervous i wouldn't have achieved this game either the liking the thing that's tapping it is that kansas city has the worst defence and i'm not by last week even though they looked solid i'm just not by i don't know i don't think i dont think our defence is good and i was i'm making fun of how much you know that category lithuania hype and this guy he's all guys grady has ranks tied by homes pull over you realize what you just supper argue that a thousand times everybody relax i think that's great he's gonna leave soon drew breeze was gonna be soon and then they think tat they need somebody to work to step up and i think that i will step up
they also shall act as a year ago does enough guys less than the team that care breaker breaker really cares and he's got a roman back any step their lifestyle she'll from cleveland just go good lord what are you you know what i'm going to take you like you and i kept ignored lay just like people listen don't take it was it bites that's why i thought that this is a really great time so the chief stock and shown you we like to look at what the public's up to yes sixty eight percent of the tickets on the chiefs and yet this line has gone from three three and a half what does that tell you sharma rosati is on the patriots look he's trying to scare you lay the her come on this is this is the classic like hey end
beat the shit out of bilbil jack week one last year you like belgium does i remember that yeah i just don't see kennedy reed is a monster in september last guy you want to learn to accept just look i january he's out of time he's got a monster year out big ol man i was crack up then remain raided the cool i give him running through the wall or their pod passing kick that they always show of him go up against other eight nine year olds when he was eight nine and he was still a twice their size was in any report here he d completed us oh yeah ought to send you the video it's it's an all time classic is literally two and a half times the size of all the other things that are god bless he's
get a railway area he's a good coach but the paths they have that extra arrest and i think they kind of figured out their office and achieves the defensive back he'll does not rightly the jag off and on the road is way different then then the paths so i think the patriots they cover the three and a half how would you play a different difference when you're on the road idea you dear i think the crowd were exactly i dont understand us those guys out like barely three hundred thousand people running out a metaphor for like about some guy dressed up like boba fett in the crowd tom i got that face paint threw me off i think really what it is is they they talk so much about how the snap cat makes a huge difference where the and said they're going up against when they're at home they have to go on silent cat a lot and it's it's much easier to get a better jump of the ball when you're on the road
the crowd noises against you and i think it makes not to mention with though those late night cause you're on the road which means you're probably dabble in some side action lawrence taylor style to prostitute cover the hotel who idea i i don't want you can't do that now i shall shark hamish bats true that's a real it's a zero simpler tie backward l take adjust every team has a re donovan i'm sure of that it does seem like there's there's probably some still shenanigans go nuts going kramer close things out here are you on the path is well yeah norm definitely i think you know to play i play against the market i think everyone sees the chiefs and my bill sand like panama homes can do no wrong he's the greatest they opened the letter the reaction to the left handed throw was like you i manning has three of those in his career like that's not a sign of a great man said he came as a letter like five star is already a legend
so i and now they're compares comparing him the stuff curry it it's it's a little bit like no one's willing to say but like are we just saying this because he's light scandal i mean the lights giving act i with curly hair and suddenly the same player in nothing nothing like stuff carry it out like a house slinging eighty miles an hour fastball footballs anything like shooting a three point or nothing anyway yes i could turn to sell on the paths are so i sell undesirables achieves on buying i had so you could examine the paths to win that division a week or two ago for like minus three hundred it's now minus nine hundred jobs see anybody ever always just pass and upon the paths when the division just better than any sort of stack he can invest in our eye bill before we let you go through our throat a lock for weak six year in the nfl
god i didn't have a chance to look at it so i gotta go outside the report is a lock any any other sort of lead play predictions that you or your compatriots be kansas city burgundy odds on favour to win the superbowl we lose the kansas city they'll start asking is this brady's last year that's my luck block it i like it has fallen off the gray would be the first time achieves we're chiefs defeat of the patriots turned into is this the infer brady's is the end it's gotta sometime could this be the younger and he's too he's got that train or you'll be good for a while yet hemingway eric artificially spongy muscle about our hard and i'll tell you everything i can tell you that this is another little sponge it's like right now you tom rabies i'm gonna watch this dude run the forty at the combine and tell me he's not a better athlete are forty one way what what something's gonna come on
someone's gotta do is get the hunger as time goes on you have clearly the patio you'll call me thank you probably got his blood spun the gods stem cells in their a couple of embryos you you know you don't use that as a pillow or something what he's doing what's amazing sure as well bill precede khan and as always makes you guys check out efforts for family season third coming out in november on netflix feeds von join in the castle and as always appreciate cannon bill thanks so much fathom appreciate once again billboard brought to you by the good folks over my bookie dad agee the official online sport spoke of these words came in power gas
use a promo code bill bets for a one hundred percent deposit bonus play win and get paid over my book you dad aging what's goin on its bill per and it's the monday morning podcast for monday october eleventh too thousand ten how the hell are you are you doing good well that's good ah i had all this shit that i wanted to talk about and then i was looking at these fuckin emails right off the bat i got
from lo and behold douche bag the fuckin weak guys names brad courses falcon names bread you know what else would when i went up mother and father name a douche bag baby other than brad this is from red bill i was hoping that i could find your podcast on itunes yet another week passes by where your fans not listen to your show no problem with that right then he goes you mean want to make that a priority some time too just fuckin see his bare feet and is fuckin penny loafers what he leaned on my cubicle you fuckin cunt really do i really want to make that a priority dumb fuck you think i'm not trying to contact i tunes they don't have a fucking no answers there found they ignore my goddamn emails what am i supposed to do go down main street
down main street to the fuckin mom and pop fuckin mr mrs itunes store it doesn't exist yet douche you might want to make that a priorities fuckin suit i want to slap you right in your privilege fuckin can get white face i don't give a fuck if you not white and even not from connecticut could she should be what that fuckin tone what i can't counter the weak brad fuck yourself all right i'm trying to get this thing back up on itunes then spawning to me what am i supposed to do they don't have location this exact shit i've been fuckin trying to tell you guys about it starts with those goddamn automated machines doubt the fight grocery store you sign with the fuckin robots somebody made sense you know what did seriously this is too few this is what a store is gonna be you
to be able to get in contact with anybody you can have a problem and you can basically go fuck yourself and then some other fuckin nerd whose job is gonna be fuckin greece the elbow with a fuckin robot took his job is gonna send me an email tell me that i need to make something a priority but are you fuck yourself buddy did they want it's when you make that a priority sometime soon alright what a fool i swear to god you aren't you might want to make this a priority sometime soon fuckin stop short fuckin hang you by your goddamn tie brad you fuckin can't go yourself i'm glad you told all your friends to listen to it and now they can't what's that fuckin with you and you damn ego do you have a position at work little fuckin corner office brad fuckin moron tell me i need breathing you might want to make that a priority once you tell me some fuckin else obvious
there you go there's your head esteem for the weak douche bag the we got all brad no idea really if it wasn't on itunes people couldn't downloaded any more like that would present some sort of a problem and dropped my listener ship it they cannot realise that brad you're fucking dick on colombia stake equally i'm in this kind of a fuckin move on columbus day you know this is a great day and sort of white history when that and you came over here who kind of look why his brown hair didier brown air wasn't spanish or did you just sail for the spanish i can't i can't even fuckin keep today story strike a right in my face history book he had yellow hair you know shiny teeth and i'll fuckin get up he was in shape
all of a sudden there they make a movie bottom is jura deborah do any plan that french fuck he played on any you didn't even land in florida he lands i laid down in the year the caribbean starts people's hands off cousin i find in blood diamonds so which was it you don't i love i love like when they abaco i guess story everybody's going by right about some shit that happened fuckin five hundred years ago whatever thousand years ago then out of nowhere i'll be a show on tv and they'll say new evidence suggests new but it's five some from five hundred years yet new evidence really where the fuck did you find it did christopher this right sutton down on a cocktail napkin in a bar somebody finally cleaned out the fuckin those rubber that's that they stand on they found it s a deadly he went down the caribbean and chop people's hands
for some reason wrote it all over this cocktail napkin you know i see some stuff you know where we thought the world was flat evidence suggests that maybe didn't sailed off the edge of the world maybe his fucking boat sank in a storm i can see that that sort of new evidence but i mean what what sort of new evidence did you find some fuckin old lady used to bang i guess when she was fucking not even a foetus and she's still alive i actually know christopher columbus it was a murder which son of a bitch who the fuck knows what happened i just like ring in that shit up so that people who enter that stuff commence semi of five page email you know or the lazy ones who then just search it find it and then paced the link like there an expert i'm lashing out at everybody this week is christopher columbus day everybody you know and thank god
he discovered america or else we wouldn't have been here think about what would have happened what would have happened if he didn't come over here you know from slavery to cheesecake factories none of that would have meant a possibility that fuckin greedy son of a bitch a lot of balls i think is the first ex gamer you don't owe me said for any that really was he a scientist where did christopher numbers get the balls because i'd say you're right now me being the afraid of technology person that i am afraid of change you know there's no fuck aware what i've gotten a boat does no goddamn way i know the world's round and i won't get on a pocketbook today what we think about that are you afraid that it's gonna sink bill yes i am that's what i'm
i'm afraid i'm gonna survive it and then sit there and pray hypothermia sets in numbers numbs me up so i don't feel it when the fuckin tiger shark that's nibble on one of my fuckin pasty thighs i'm sorry guys this is really fuckin agri that guy just really set me off with it dempsey exact fuckin reason why became a goddamn comedian cause i don't wanna have ever be in a position where some which comes over leans over in my life and tells me what i might want to make a fuckin priority you can't sending fuck what what kind of a mouse of a woman did you marry forbidden stairs right now making a voodoo dollar you and your fuckin dockers he a fat got hang out you're one of those guys here we gotta wear the sport coat when those hau fat you are until till they have the office fuckin let's go they frisbie party than you show up at your fuckin man tits hard
zis body that's what i wish on you go fuck yourself listen one up cast you may want to make that a priority right so let's get on with the hyping for this week i have i have a new shelf that i actually have evan even hyped on here it's the last second i'm gonna be if the wilbur theatre in stan massachusetts and i am doing a comedy show actually for my brother who is running for state senate in massachusetts all proceeds we'll go after we pay for the theatre tax does though enough god knows what else you gotta pay but all all the proceeds are gonna go towards helping them out with his camp pain so that's it it's gonna be october twentieth at the wilbur theatre
boston massachusetts so come on down come on down and me dance rather like a monkey for a fuckin our doc i will raise some money for my brother's can't pay day ago they go get out you might want to make that a priority and i am not able to get out of my fuckin head that's recent that's why worked and that's why worked in the warehouse i'd never into the competent area because i saw those fuckin people they had to sit there that goddamn desk and you just saw you saw the back of their next when you came you said you know hey mike you saw their shoulders come up a little bit because they thought it was that current in the office who leans over to tell them what they might want to make a fuckin priority i right ok i am back let's talk in a felt football every
body let's fuckin just drive that subject into the god damn ground shall we fuck that will get a little bit later what somebody online banking shall we i was listening to em radio this week you know why cause i'm a big fan of the phil henry show so i was listening to that i just woke up the next day and i still had it on that and you know those as one show with this guy was as left as far is right and it was it was completely asinine and he was the usual statements that area to make who how so shows or listen to those shows he started saying something done about like you know when publicans lie in washington no one cares nobody does anything about it but if a democrat lies they just hold their feet to the fire you know that dumb shit
they could do whatever they want but if we do young people paper thieves really you don't think that you're so far too one sided maybe you're you're just a little they clouded in your vision you don't really fuckin notice like a sports van you know like a yankee fan right some fuckin eight year old pulls a routine fly ball into this stance blogs it's a home run for your team you don't give a fuck right then all the son of someone on the other team is fucking around then it's a major goddamn problem like i should just picked on the yankee fence should i have i think that was an amazing victory they had over the twins you see that they fuckin sweat those sons of bitches run on the rug how'd you like that minnesota with new stadium i was gonna make a difference maybe if we outside we won't get our asses kicked do you want stand that you're a mom and pop store out there and you're going up against walmart a right
get your grandmother off the front porch with the shot gun it's fuckin over this is how much i don't watch baseball i thought the reds were last place like they have been for like the last ten years so of exciting to see them enough for planning the playoffs although the phillies was spent fuck you know i i relationship with cincinnati they beat my red sox and nineteen seventy five one of the first memories i have of being a sports fan really know what was going on i just member here and my dad screaming at the fuckin tv so they beat us but then i kind of like i always liked her i'd love is a big nationally found in the eighties i like the astroturf fausto bases i thought i thought astroturf was cool
should a child of the seventies and eighties i was but i do not now they're back kind written form but i had such a shit weekend last time i was out there in fucking nor for kentucky downtown cincinnati where there was just absolutely nothing going on plastic past five p m that you want to be involved in so i don't know think i'm ruined for the phillies that my team obviously anybody who placed a fuckin yankees i'm gonna ruin against but you know you son of a bitch because one here may take a phone call business falco hello what's going on josh how are you do i sound odd right now it's because i'm i'm in the middle of doing my podcast
i do not really on the air your europe to my ear so no one can really hear anything so if you want to trash these fuckin morons then i'm as you know is just one person piss me off told me something that i need to make a priority on my podcast suddenly i felt i had a day job you want a mail me those flights and that stuff and look at it after the park ass the old visas ok langer was second hang on hang on hang on i went back sorry that turned out to be women important thousands who say do you want to fly to seattle at this hour at this hour and he was what the hell am i talking about god dammit talk about democratic republic has degenerated who gives a fuck woodstock about or somebody
but some are basically i really know what's going on in there i know marianna revive rivera still plan right he still comes out there little answer sandman you know he doesn't even like that song a fucking funny is it bill it's actually not funny kind of like the last three minutes of his fuckin podcast right all right all right let's let's let's move on with some subjects here do i have any thing how can we talk about talk about randy mosque in fuckin traded by the goddamn patriots this is what the fuck was ex gonna say there i'm lookin like fifty indifferent things right now people s where i need i need to regroup alright first of all had a weird weakened football as this week my team had a buy you know and is just such a fool can i don't know it's the weirdest god is like that phantom limb syndrome you give region it's just not fuck and there you know
like when you go to a ball and you can't rebel where the fuck you part need to spend any goddamn our just searching right round a golf cart with that fuckin security guard press the alarm key presi lumpy you think i'm not doing that you think i'm not doing that so anyway the other patriots trade randy more so i got a bunch of emails from the happy jet fans and this now go unlike the whether they fuckin more arise what the fuck would you ve got the dough putting fuckin dead for diving the obvious the key was there has been a problem in the fuckin locker room why else did you trade and why would you trade randy moss for a fuckin third round pick why would you do that what level of a cunt would you have to be in order to make that happen i know what a lot of people going to say whether patriots who say we never had a fuckin probably what do you think they're going to say they're trying to get that
out of their fuckin locker room so i see how it had this big back and forth with this do cause i was trying to talk to him about like he was trying to tell me how fuckin dumb it was that the pay creates traded that guy and i'm sure it's just like haven't you seen tito's haven't you seen the fawn marlboros you haven't seen these guys got all the talent the fuckin world but they don't dared they're not even folk start whether their winning a losing their just looking at their fuckin stats and one half i'm comes around if they don't have the fuckin fifty points already or their five fucking catchers or somebody else has more catches in them they start acting country which affects the and in the end the goddamn large groups are starting to stood about team chemistry fuckin intangibles which he thought was ridiculous he's ok all these people who talks about intangibles it doesn't matter it's all about what you do on the fuckin field really in time
gables was the reason why i knew peyton manning wasn't is good is tom brady when it he came down to it because that guy as far as drop in back throw a ball making a cop mission has it all over tom brady he's at least thirty percent better in all of those categories his stats our athletes thirty percent better but the fact an intangible is what goes on between you fuckin ears the pressure resign and all of a sudden it fuckin counts in the whole seasons on the line what do you do do you drive came down for a score or do you throw a fuckin picks six do you live your team to victory or do you lose to the eight nay chargers if you're frustrated do you fuckin huh then in and turning into some positive and leader team or do you openly show it like i saw him do again yesterday against to kansas city chief he had painted face
due to poor words you're gonna do bet you're gonna get a new fuckin rule change so kansas city can't play fuckin defence on you you guys know kansas city has romeo criminal and charlie weiss they basically have our offensive indifference of coordinated from back in the day smartphone batches over there and they were doing that same shit that the patriot used to do they just didn't have the personnel to do it for sixty five minutes had peyton had the exact same fuckin look on his face that he had from oh two or three or four when he couldn't be two fuckin patriots that sir is one i'm talking about that's why people say direct cheater is better than a right despite a rods fuckin stats obtain new derek cheater our eye you can build a team around i can build a team around fucking a rod you know when the moment when he spoke beginning always posts you know you're a three game fuckin losing straight and you need the captain to step up you know
say something get the guy's going here rods over the cornerstone fuckin lip bomb on it's not a goddamn leader he's over there staring at himself in the fuckin mirror i don't know the fucking us enough look this all this i look at it if you train a guy is good randy moss for a third round pick out a fuckin nowhere he did something so de the day she said you know what it's like the locked the door test in the bronx tale he did something and this was just the tip of the iceberg were fuck it out and you didn't you know deep in your heart patriots van didn't you know that eventual does it ever and good with randy has he ended well with any team member with the vikings times they take a few plays off you now goes out to oakland because they like all this guy's a head case we always gone head cases and then almost sunday become good guys you fuckin problem there and he did this
thing out here so so you gonna do a fuck you gonna do anything hatreds we're gonna win it ever seen our defence even though we beat the fuckin dolphins didn't look like we were in a preventive friends from the fuckin first quarter on so i don't know i'm not that fuckin freaked out about it considering and i look at the receivers that we had when we want superboss we did have a jerry rice level lets you think david and was that guy i'll fuckin know whatever we have a goddamn system yet the bottom line is his randy's a fuckin head case and the patriots are in error get miserly franchise ok we don't tolerate will you we'd like the patriots don't fuckin tolerate you a cut in the locker room door he was done the second he had that stupid fuckin press conference saying i think people here in new england that
want to see me do well out jesus christ go take your fucking god damn tampons and go too far minnesota and you know what he's gonna do out there tonight you think i don't know he's not gonna get a hundred eighty fucking yours tonight he's gonna do exist we what man he did what he went to the dodgers he's gonna try for like fucking six weeks because he wants you know show everybody he's not the guy that fuckin is but events we that allow go south you know jesus what clusterfuck tonight is her randy mosses in town you rex ryan these top dollar should the bread five showed everybody is dick i don't want a lot of you are probably making how fuckin stupid do you have to be this day an age to be famous take a picture he had yielded and fuck and said it's a somebody how fuckin dumbly have to be i'm telling you
right now you're looking at it the wrong way would you really have to see is the level of ass that you get when you play quarterback for football tee what you see in breadth five because my first thing was work when he did that i was just like will widen he just fuckin verbally close the deal why don't you just go up talks some shit four laugh get a fucking number they go out with her are alike randal judge will see my dick like what that what kind of fucking gay then meals like this guy has no fucking game with women because he never had to these jeez like the classic all american fuckin dudley do right face any support back of the tea probably from junior high on chicks what just come up to one brad god of bread farm
brad how did you like it when you won't see my dick where's he from miss separate you can do that still in mississippi you can walk down the street you dick hang it on your overalls no it gives a shit about do you want to go fishing they don't give a shit this all fucking for where he's been the fuckin man and when you're the man the fuckin who is dead give a shit they jake they dig fuckin stampede you i better about that that was his game just like fuckin ben whispered i'm starting to think that that guy wasn't a goddamn sex offender i just think he's been the quarterback he's been the man so he has no game so he just walk nobody's tits and he just reaches overrun grabs up
so why i don't think that those guys are morons i look at them the same way when people look at someone who grew up in the inner city you know they didn't have access to the total to the good books in the school was a fuckin war zone and if you stuck anybody in there they are so would come out and would have been a fuckin dino seventh grade reading level right now away with me body else if i was the fuckin man if i was a quarter back from fuckin junior high on i'd be hanging out at hooters just haven't tidies he was my dick love that he did that i love that he did that and how could you see i do all that shit on tv and you like jesus christ i couldn't hit a guy
paul is far zack i can throw a fuckin football what it what would happen to make genetically what the fuck is wrong with me and then threat farm does something like daddy takes a picture of his dick then send somebody and it's just like i don't know you know it's assistance something something this is fucking hilarious so if a deadly they gonna do these stupid pink uniforms for the rest of the army in how you not aware of of breast cancer at this point you know goddamn and fell don't you have enough adds the oil will believe an appeal to fuck it women with breast cancer show that we care you know it's fucking you know what's and i know that sounds fuckin mean but i'm telling you that was that decision was made and i know because i wasn't in the meeting i just love or copper patients into the same ship bag that's what i do
is it actually says under it already this week he said talking about the ship should he was saying overrated cancer is a terrible thing but why does it take precedence oh over all other forms of cancer to the point where everyone in the nfl has to spend a month of october looking like therein the heart found shit all for the sake of breast cancer awareness who is unaware the number one killer of women were told apparent though it's actually number seven behind six hundred six other things that man also die of that's interesting so i guess they mean it's another one killer of women only granted men do and rare cases also get breast cancer but clearly not about them i don't think anyone could get go to go through a benefit for a man
breast cancer without giggling a little what's the number one killer of men i have no idea no one does prostate cancer september is processed pro they cancer awareness month which i did until i googled it prostate cancer needs the breast cancer your team colon cancer they get a brown ribbon what my friend nate can you cover more i dont give it yet color than brown so there you go you know i thought it was cool last year that they did it but it's like every year are they gonna be wearing pink you now is what the fuck every given he's got a god damn ribboned you funny is when they did at last year and actually had effect out where i was just like oh what what the fuck are they wearing pink for our breast cancer awareness and then that it's over then it's and now you're making jaws too and no one gives a shit right spielberg
isn't directing it's over it's all we got it we are aware we are aware all right overrated the foe hairs full hawk style the only reason it's overrated is because you don't you don't have it egmont on your podcast called fuckin gay if you want a mohawk that's cool just man up and do it the right way so there you go i gotta make guys you know what ass timmins i felt like i had absolutely nothing to talk about what's going on in my life and taken up by a fuckin house stock about my for second and think about buying a fuckin house out here and i live in a bankrupt state in a city that technically has no water supply and they want about one point two to one point four million dollars for anything remotely fuckin decent out here
i can't do it do you know i'm not gonna be one point something million dollars in debt i'll be on the road for the rest of my fucking life i've been going on the internet and i've been looking at places in the middle of nowhere and i've been trying to figure out how i can live in the middle of fuckin nowhere without losing my mind and be somehow still existing in this business and i realize i can't fucking do it you know i'm a movie stars live in fact why aren't i know they get ranches out there but they wait to their fuckin famous before they go out down what the fuck i'm gonna do god dammit
a typical fuckin american you know what you think i want some little last fuckin house i don't i want to fuck and spread i want a big ass god damn house fuckin pool inside and outside i wanna goddamn i know what i want it's gonna be fuckin ridiculous but you know it's funny is you give if whatever your job is if it doesn't involve you having to be there like these p who work from home on their computers you can actually have an mtv cribs level house you just have to live and like fuckin you know the upper east corner of montana
granted you gonna get attack by a fuckin bobcat every time you go out to try to fuckin guerrilla hotter fuck the fuck you gotta do has wanted from youtube videos for the week do you don't give a shit if you dont because here they come youtube and r l gets knocked out this is referee getting knocked out i think it's rugby and you gotta it is because the guy who knox are inadvertently knox out the referee might be one of the most unasked like an athletic guys i've ever seen in my life he looks like some guy in times square who's trying to cheat you're too much for a fuckin digital camera and he's got fat round face if he had any sort of athletic ability he would have been able to jump over the rough instead of meeting him in the back of the fuck
when i got to tell you something this unasked letting douche bag he knox this rough the fucker like i'm surprised this guy didn't die this fuckin he jackasses run at full speed and it's the most pathetic attempt to handle this couldn't hurdle of fuckin tube sock anything spock ages you know what you know that you don't you know the form you have when you're hurdle one legs outstretched in the other ones bent it's the bed me he's got all that fuckin pudgy wait come anyway just fuck and knees and write the back of the head and that guy just goes limp right this is one this one's actually funny and scary is called our turkish guy goes bananas and i believe he screamed a laugh and he looks like the attempts to do that you ever see those people like the bridge
dancers or whatever the fuck they are or dance the general and they do their thing with a jump up in the air like sideways like a deer and sort of do like a three sixty then almost like peril to the ground and then they somehow land and they jump up and they do it again this guy is basically doing that but he's too fat not a shape so he's just sort of he's just sort of role and around on the ground but he gets legs and his arms out it's a pretty he's very sort of baluchi ask where he's pudgy but he's very light on his feet is another great want this is about his rock and roll is it gets swedish singer vomit stirring performance is this phenomenon of the type of music singing the fact that he doesn't stop that he sing like that death metal agardh redraw barbara connecticut do you have any actually is puking as he's more raw awesome
loud car horn prank these are often you can search or you can also also go to the m m podcast dot com and we'll have all of these the official the m m podcast dotcom the official fan web page the monday morning podcast that is no longer on itunes ok i don't know what else i'm supposed to do we ve called these people we ve emailed them they have not got back to us and there are probably serve some sort of papers for stopping at this point because that's what i feel like i feel like was a girl that i went out i had a good time evidently she didn't and you know i went through the hole roommate lying to me phase hello gauge bill is itunes there yeah no i is in the shower do you know why one gonna be out ah
nine minutes say twenty fuck oh yeah twenty nine minutes ok flock and half hour later age limit values i too there yeah now there's still in the shower but do not forget weeks and you know it's a classic classic fuckin corporate shit where they have themselves completely insulated we'll get back to you if we fuck and feel like it i tunes we on the tunes fuckin counts did i think another thing i m radio that even a dreary talk about this or did i start to talk about this and it would take about online banking ok the shit back in the day when i was talking about that going you have to be out of your fucking mind to pay bills
order do any sort of online banking because someone's gonna steal your identity and take the money out of your bank account well guess what that exactly what's happening all these more unjust set me emails go i don't i don't even have to go the post office and let the liquor fuckin stupid so flock uneasy that's what i love about computers everything so fucking easy and then you get raped in the ass emanate living there no one ever dresses it echoes hey maybe maybe back in the day there was a little but like people sitting there go and they were talking about when i was bitching about that go and i dont pay bills online i'm not having all that information online for any fucker in the world who has an ability they hack into shit to come after me i just don't want that to happen and in these fuckin morons gone but what about the guy down the post office like that
i has access to the entire fucking world down the post office even though he does have access to my shit this actually ambrose on those people and yet he might get me but they're gonna get him they get those guys and those guys fuckin jail as opposed to someone on the internet who could look at everybody shit once they break into it so gently they're saying that if you are done enough to bank on line that they're saying don't use the same computer that that you bank with tee to do like male with cars evidently that's how they get in i have no idea but some are taught me a while ago that army formation is already up on the fucking internet any ways because my country bank put it up there just case wanna i went to bed god line it's like now it's not just in case its cause you're phasing out fucking cash and this is the direction
can my money man i have a real i got a real fucking problem with tax egg what somebody laugh in it near here everybody come on in this has just been a real negative podcast come over here you just had a what i just had a great conversation with so many sound oh yeah do they tell you you know you needed to make anything a priority now they didn't ok who were you talking to hack into an actress and cheers positive and ass a man s gray i know you do ass you question why are you with me why why are you fucking with me i'm fuckin like this curmudgeon old man i'm sitting here gone off on online baking and i realized i got half way through it that i really didn't have enough facts m radio and the other day and i felt like i knew something why am i went lapierre cheese is get out here why
why does it it's it's supposed to be funny yes it's supposed to be funny sums was hastening clever and i think the moment pass over the moment past them all past our words great had a nice positive very willing to do her eat some healthy ok say a loaded the bob cats she hates me right now there i thought you were gonna come over and trash me that's your job on the podcast yes but to come over tell me you love me right you know something this podcast started out with such promise like randy moss you know we were sixteen at all here we go fuckin under faded season fuck eighteen and one whatever their next year tom brady
his name blown off fuck all right brady's come back we get raped by the fuckin ravens this is actually a patriots thing i've started off with brandy moss and then ready starts working party with his itchy goddamn beard what a fuckin moron who knows maybe you'll become a great analysts like he shot johnson he johnson was the greatest one i ever saw we're tampa bay just sent him home that even try to get anything for him they would just like you he shall why don't you just leave just fuckin just go home what like for the rest the date not for good just just go and i saw later on that macedonia piano he was wearing like a u s c jersey he completely could give a fuck and assist them to be a great analyse artless continue what the youtube shit loud car horn prank
woman subway crash is a great one if you always wanted a punch woman but didn't want to go to jail for it you can we watch one basically punch herself with the floor of a hotel and gay hipster fight that's a great one gay hipster fight evidently that's gotta tunnel hits let's get back to the fucking let's just try to go some topics and maybe i can pull myself out in the mud here this is called dick at work bill i would with a harder on top of that the dude seems to pride himself on saying deuce chilling stuff that makes your head shake he's also one of those guys that throws everyone else under the bus when he's called by the manager for his mess example loose chilling sayings the first day the first day we were in our current office he walks up to a group of us sees that we're doing the getting to know you banter he opens up with this how is it story
from his frat days that ended up with him naked with the man is jar jesus christ exam paul i like others guys just really very efficient example of under the bus throwing commencing example others under the bus throwing around here we go when he was why yes so much stuff when told why he has so much stuff he pointed out my friends cubicle or money was asked to me when he was asked why is so much stuff i guess in his work area heap without my friends cubicle that had a bunch of batman stuff tastefully decorating the desk and war someone else had mickey mouse stuff in the same way which he dismissed as disneyland was one of those guys he's like kobe bryant most shit rapes girls toe member that fucking
through what can we get to your friends who have i can see a female has mickey mouse stuff you don't owe me that's always creepy isn't it you know that the girl whose adult fully alex gone through puberty and actually has a car pavement and still acts like they're fucking eight years old and i always thought that that was creeping you go any go to hook up with germany have stuffed animals on their bade mania wilkie perky right and there was just you you felt like a fuckin pedophile thus in this last week i did love line with that the cycle mike and doktor drew i had a great time on the show and i was absolutely fuck it blown away by just the advice doktor drew gives and how we get right to the root of the problem and then like his hannibal lecter ability never than ever
fuckin silence of the lambs where he would just lie if somebody shoes and could tell what the fuck happened to him when they were like eleven like doktor i was doing that shit like some girl called up i thought am i will tell the story she calls up ok you're on love like it out what's going on and that she society ok yeah thanks at bay really hurts it lay like really very heads and right off the bat he goes what happened to you when you were six and basically figured out that right around that she didn't method she's the ass if she had ever been touched her aunt laughing it fuck it molested on my laugh and to show how just blown away asked harry said not issues like i waiting times but my my cousin we can have a try on funding and i asked him how the fuck did you do that
any goes when i heard her i heard a six year old the way she talked i heard a fuckin six year old and sometimes when that shit happens you know it so overwhelming that they just is arrested development thing is what he said so having seen that i mean maybe now the tipp of a moron what i do i stand next to a smart guy for thirty seconds and then try to rephrase what the fuck he just said and try to appear mart myself but now a whole new level of being crept out when you know you see girls like that agenda that was always the vibe i felt like can you like you know those you go you go into their fuckin bedroom like a little girls room and it's like can you get that fuckin stuff offer your bed like the whole thing is like pink
i mean i don't know if i'm just fuckin you know just connect the dots now that don't even fuckin exists but now i'm looking back and all these fuckin these horrors that you see on those that that that jet fuckin old guy to play boy mansion who have those they walk around with that those stupid fuckin high heels with the fuzzy pink shit the fur on it talking like their their little girls is that what that means ah it's just it's it's fuckin beyond creepy so at this point because of that little moment on love light if i saw somebody and they had a bunch of mickey mouse shit i would i would first figure out if it's like what's with the batman thing you know what's what that guy has all
batman stuff did he get fucked entitled when he was reading a comic book when he was nine so now he s arrested development that now actually looking at work any sitting in their doing this adult job but in his head just trying to block out the trauma that happen in his head he just says that at at at at at at at at an end and is playing on a loop non fuckin stop bad man now this man in there batman bad has just fuckin where to me do i anything like that i doubt they goes african theory plan ahead as to the hoarding his area is ridiculous and something of a tourist highlight and one end visits are are off so
of a tourist highlight when any one visit our office we work enough in a form we work in four main areas no one wants to sit with them here in the initiative to expand his rubbish empire over the entire area the dude as a problem alas supervise visor tried make an example of him by banishing him to the door site with no desk and just the locker lo and behold word got back was that he started a new nest of god which by the lockers why don't you just fire this guy i don't know whatever it just keeps going on and off this fuckin guy he's got them fresh units is right you guys have a haze anybody work i swear in this warehouse and we all you are a bunch of fuckin maniacs and all day long all we did was break balls i've told you the ship or because we basically mentally smart enough
to work in a warehouse by the time you went third great you know i mean it's supposed to be ten boxes goin to the packing list one two three four five six seven eight nine ten days ago one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve sorry says mystery flashback so we used to fuck around all the time and our manager had no control over us you know we didn't respect them no it wasn't gonna wood fire wasn't fire ass he didn't have the goddamn hard at the other day we got a fucking job done so he decides that work the problem is that we're all too fuckin young there's a level of immaturity out their cause we're on our early twenties that we that should higher he hired this through the eight year old guy remember his name but i'm not going any other name names on the shit and die jesus christ i fuckin guys almost sixty he was like thirty eight and that was twenty two fucking years ago he sixty fuck
so anyway this guy drove a fuckin sky blue chevy have a lear station wagon ford or bare bones jerry fuckin rims the car was like three years old he had eight thousand miles on it right sky was a weirdo when he had these fuckin glasses these black frame glasses that nobody war in the eighties so we immediately started calling of woody we ba worry many boxes we get over there in the sky was just bizarre niccolo why call me what are you trying to bring me down she kept saying you trying to bring me down thirdly tell this fuckin story the sounds oddly familiar to me so we would just fuck with them we would just be ok at four thirty one today everybody just don't worry what do you know whether he would be pig picking
orders down in the in the warehouse area and we would all be picking orders with them and then out of nowhere we would suckled woody wouldn't really really really really really really worry at the top of our fuckin lungs i now it's fucking ass off mark but it would fall but we wouldn't say it to him we would what could be so it was really passiveaggressive because the early doktor management about us column woody so it's like tat i'm calling you worry we're just gonna hutibudi would you would you would you look you're vicinity so we do this trying to bring me down it's gonna be doubts eventually we haze this guy so much city fuckin quit and his little shabby cavalier fuckin border skyblue bare bones station wagon drove right out back in my head i was like you know what i got a bad feeling that motherfuckers coming back we're right around the time of people first started going postal so it wasn't it
after that we actually drove this guy out of work where they fuckin maniacs i work with somehow got the guy's home phone number following week you still have a job and he picked up the phone he's like allow and they ten of us standing around the far we all got word he wouldn't worry what are you and i always pictured i'm slamming the phone down and then looking up like that dude and clockwork work orange twenty realises the due to came in fucking kicked the shit out of him and raped his wife came back this kind of an ugly story isn't it you know four year for as much as people say they talk about this cyber bullying and all this type of shit and how fuckin horrible it is what it is obviously you know i don't i everybody tries to act like they were a victim once you a little bit of both because i know i used to get bullied jesus christ woken up the street lookin like fuck
the kid on the family griffith where the fuck is that they have any griffith how do they come with a family griffith fuckin brain is mush the people you immediately came up street my fuckin my hair was orange when i was grown up the guiding get this kicked out of me get up you know i gotta look with big bigger cup more freckles i've got some more confidence and i just start picking on kids who were raw younger than i was so now whenever i see those i d have stories i just i don't know i see both sides of it i just
i gave you shouldn't a fuckin done that but i don't judge the bully cause i did shit like that now you guys don't do shit like that of funky cells when she gets you know it s the theme of this whole package every go fuck themselves account just put me off in such a goddamn move you make one that a priority anyways what do i get common up this week let's height my higgins shall we let's try to get something positive go in here god knows our ethical make up with fucking near i get it i get that its apart cast but he hath they mean oh by the way to talk about some podcast some purchase something positive my go dvd was a number one fucking download a comedy album on this week so i want to thank all you guys for that we appreciate it keep buying a key downloading the son of a bitch you gotta billboard
dot com i gotta link right there you click right architecture right to amazon dot com i had once it and i told you meant it makes of tremendous fuckin gifts for some he'll give a shit about watches summoned a click on shit right now the probably solely for fuckin three bucks at this point what does it down to ten ninety nine you cheap kuntz ten ninety nine come on come on you fuckers i gave you the oh jesus part a goddamn ringtone i made three hundred bucks after you cheat fox ninety nine cents that's it three box you mother fucker when you thy saving up for a happy mail you tight fox ah you don't i always seem to be selling something that that it's just completely obsolete i sold a ringtone back when people now have the technology to make their own ringtone and now i'm selling a dvd next month i'm gonna be selling and brand new vcr everybody now sarah
please go out by because this is a big thing about their just download the fact because i want to tell you even if you saw it on calmly central you have not seen my stand up special yet haven't seen it dangle hey let me call you right back in five minutes you have not see why salmon clay back in five minutes mps in about an hour and a half unless they forget you haven't seen my special yet because it was edited they took out to choose of material this is my i'm telling you this is my best work so far i really want you to fuck it see it and they buy tickets to my show so i buy a big goddamn how and have a pool inside and outside and then just sit and still be sad depressed and realise that i need to work on myself that's the gall people it's definitely go so let's take the gigs i got this week coming up next week i'm gonna be it the wilbur theme
boston massachusetts october twentieth in all proceeds after dont axing us in the pain for the theatre are gonna go my brother's campaign who's running for state senate just to let you know my right i gotta put that up legally that's what you're going there that's what you supporting if you dont support his message please do not go i'm not trying to trick anybody this is on the up and up all right then after that i'm gonna be october twenty second and we at the pan contagious theater and many bless minnesota on the twenty third aggravate the vic theatre in chicago will annoy the following i have one night only at the funny ball in saint louis missouri on october thirtieth one night only october thirtieth
at the funnybone saint louis and i'm hanging around an extra day and i'm gonna go to the rams about those fucking lions ha i state from this week or that's what the fuck i was gonna talk about no i did i did my pick my three teams this week again right you want to know who the fuck i had see if i got it here had lancer first cleveland given three points like there's no way the browns i'm going to win two weeks in a row and fuck that man genie that red can't who sat in a goddamn getaway car during the bank robbery that brought about the guys in the back that fuckin rat bastard so took it lana i won that game then i had to fork ok let's tennessee titans gettin seven points first the cowboys right buddy poverty says he's tol me go solvents young does his wind and
tony roma just doesn't do it for me he just fails at a very high level throws for three hundred fifty four years they still somehow lose although another one bodies is telling me it's the play calling it's not his fault but i just felt like seven points was a lot of pocket points so up to now my colleague shit i got there they have santiago charges gettin six points firstly raiders i might three no and actually start gambling for fuckin real viking it can like this this is ridiculous so san diego has the fuckin ball they're down by one point in iran oakland's ten yard line and i'm just sit there i got my arms in the air unlike this case scenario they kick i feel good they miss it they're all down by one in oakland just gonna run out the clock i'm gonna win this i'm gettin six points either fuck away santiago kicks the guy dimple i'm gonna win by eight they missed
feel ball they run it out i'll still clear my bet by five points this is why i don't gamble fuckin philip rivers goes back to pass brings his arm back some defence events slaps the falcon ball out of his hand it's a fumble somebody from the raiders picks the ball up a runs like fuckin ninety yards for a touchdown and i end up losing the goddamn bet and i will tell you right now people that right there is why i don't gamble that's why i don't gamble so let me see if i would have went even if i teased it cuz if you tease it on three teen tease don't you get like nine points because i wouldn't want my first week and i still think i i think i would one right hang one second so they end up losing by eight points yeah what a one if i teased
i still what a fuckin one one i don't you get nine points on a three tease i should a fuckin done that man what i want two or three weeks all right i'm starving my picks up on the the m m podcast outcome so you guys follow along i might even ass version if we will put both of ours up and you can watch right now we're both five and four for the year i went to one this goddamn weak and does far the monday night game tonight hooty alike who do you like the jets or the vikings i gotta go at the jets i just like you know at five still trying to tuck his goddamn unit away but i think randy moss i don't know i don't always rivers back is he back from rivers island fucking fag
randy baby is he gonna grab for his fuckin hamstring again when fuckin randy beat them again over the top when he has no help one on one that was my fate play the year watchin randy moss just skip and down the sandy beaches fuckin rebus island than insecure bastard who would ever come up with the kurds programming when you come to rivers island there there's no way to get off unless you have a boat ok they're rebus anyway that's the podcast for this week please if you're in the boston area and you want to come down and help support my brother's campaign it's a big thing this is the last second date that were adding sir we're trying to hope would gives many peoples we humanly possibly can get out of the theatre for those living in chicago there's about fifty tickets left in shaping a minneapolis so i want to thank everybody i had it
for the unbelievable fucking support national areas some plain a theatre in minneapolis next week and i'm not picking them against the jets whatever i just want thank all you guys far for support me and my comedy and i want to thank the penn state knitting lines for losing we're getting a fucking ass he kicked because i'm gonna be at the club funnybone an obvious columbus ohio on eleventh rural twelve through the fourteenth and all the eyes they buckeyes played penn state and its to be announced but with their to losses i think it will be in the afternoon i think its official at this point that they won't be contending for anything and i was really nervous that game was gonna be at eight o clock which would mean that a i d to go to the game and be no one will be at my show because all the they're going oh h mother fucker and that's it about my boss improvements are you like that shit you like that any
i can just fly to fuckin saint louis dallas and get there first lost through the year takes a real team to fly all the way over to prague to get your fuckin asshole to start the year off right can you explain to me why they keep doing fuckin american sports over there in in europe like they give a shit like that start buying up like our genes like every year the how does that fucking god damn game and wembley stadium i don't i guess it sells out i don't know but if you over there they don't give a fuck their endeavouring to soccer or their version of football rapidly fuck internet address you notice the grace waited and this fuck him yes right now just like us i came in there you noticed this this podcast is like march you know in what though in like a lion out like a lamb i won't like a lamb here now right that's it everybody have a great god damn weak to see you next week
this day october twenty eight that the wilbur theatre boston massachusetts help my brother out and that's it
less all you i'll talk to you next week
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