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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 7-12-18

Bill rambles about World Cup Soccer, MeTV, and Drake.

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hey what's goin on his bill bird is time for the thursday afternoon just before friday monday morning podcast it just check any at all you what's goin on how are you this unhappy people out there there's some sad people out there was a wonderful couple of days of sack here are the world cup it's all be belgium england falls to croatia scamming our midst calming my folly looked up to see life why do they keep saying that it's coming home i immediately assume like well obviously england must have one most championships in this is their arrogant fuckin way be like and this is where rightfully belongs colonel like when the yankees
when a world series and then all those fuckin talking heads on on yes preamble go in everything is all is right in baseball again it's why why because a toward a million dollar team on a fuckin play off series turns out that's not what it is evidently the game of soccer now this might our football forty whatever the fuck you call it evidently it was according to the english it was created in england they were the ones who decided despite the fact that you have four limbs you can only use too they wanted a degree of death how do they weren't like the animals over here you know where we get bored and like pick it up you know tackle up which might jump on his back and thrown to the fucking ground attack low there's your trip somebody sticky
we argued triple so i've adela it started over there but this is so that's what it meant because i thought it meant that they are the most championships and then i looked up all time world cup champions why would you gotta do how the fuck do you not to do i don't give a fuck what the sport is our who dominate turns out brazil eighteen thirty one the most they want five fifty eight sixty to seventy ninety four two thousand too which is a fuckin lot considering its every for years i may there ben two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen twenty twenty first one and they want twenty one like wherever fuckin was it twenty percent of a twenty five percent of it then germany aren't ya they they got four italy has four ah they should add five and ninety four i remember that one ah argentina hand of god
whatever his name was there that guy's name diego or some shit what the fuck was as they always knows name with those fuckin names which just like the second they gave him that his name is dislike pussy is gonna be raining down on this guy right i forget the hand of god guy decker it was where he was like in shape and he also look fat what the fuck was his name diego aragon always so my jacket for commitment then i hope i say this right i was always uruguay uruguay wanted twice and then england france and spain of all what it wants that's intrinsic as i thought spain was a power us and i would have done england when a bunch way back on a day when it's probably just a bunch of white guys run around right now i also don't so that's why they say it's coming it's not some arrogant shit it's ok you know this guy
but the whole world loves you know the pat ourselves on the back but guess what we came up with it it's our shit ok everything you it's not just all about com zation the cat system and slaving people of other colors around the world it's not just about that's not all we did ok yea i hate you want to do that deny that the bill who for game of football noticed sakharov behind the states did you sit around eight navvies right was evidently created in england i don't know when they did it for it to have a world cup by nineteen thirty four to sweep the fuckin nation wait a minute
they also had an empire back then i get it to they came up with this game come in they fuckin take you over they fucking kill a bunch of people never is like man's guys you fuckin asshole mailbag settled down settled down will teach a little game you can't use your arms love you had your arms chopped off cuz you couldn't find any gold anyway so this is going to work real well for you all i can use is your fate in your fucking head and the game spread like wildfire across the globe as england expanded her empire i never understood why was considered female was that tone it down there was a bunch a lunatic guy's going around the world gonna is a nice place to live together as other people here what can we do about this i everybody does it
like everybody's done it since the beginning of time you you you go back you go back far enough in history books this is what our guilty white people to everybody you know africans and slay the applicant really we say that shit to get past you know it's like the billy joseph we didn't start a fire he's gotta be the most classic the most classic fuckin baby boom a response we want a fuckin baby he couldn't even take a little bit of responsibility you know are we really story starts name in all this shit half of it is like pop stars like marilyn monroe what what did she have to do with foreign policy i know she fucked a couple of kennedys by me other than that a dictator whether or not we went into cuba doors day but the big per capita do bub up up up trouble in the sioux where is that
they must have been a blow what he wrote that zone billy you gonna take any responsibility for this self centered comments that the baby boom generation wasn't much saint everything it did was bad i mean you invented the frisbie right was that you guys who was at the greatest generation someone there there's gotta be truth right from the gray this generation the generation also didn't wanna play baseball jackie robinson by the way to the baby boomers you're gonna widely considered the most selfish kuntz you know this country has ever produced just sit and stared at the naval you know they feared the dog right that's the same generation they gave us hippies but lee bergen stocks fuck it in the mud at a concert
he's ever theory way back in the day you know when they talked about hiv and aids they always said that you know it was some somebody you know oversight somebody monkey of some shit and some guy france got it never thought it was i used to have a theory that you know if you watch the woodstock and you just see all those naked white people role around fuckin each other in the mud i mean he can't tell me something didn't come out of that you know at least a stronger strain of the mumps right so many ways to get back to it you know i was i was working as an actor i was acting the last couple of days was talking in this to go and i care i commingling keep saying it's coming home when they talk but the world cup in a gazelle they saying those colonizing consular fuckin dude went off secular why people what when we're not all bad i mean this is some things you know
but the windows curtains you know we ve done some nice things you know you look out your house and see although the lack of opportunity right right from inside your house without white people am i actually take credit for windows i don't know i have no idea who read o speaking of which oh my god oh my god i said oh my last podcast that the obama's bought an eighty two million dollar house turned it was an eight point one million dollar house it wasn't even eight point two million that's so off i was and this is my favorite thing so now all these people like what about what do you fucked in all workmanlike nothing makes people flip about not even religion unless you make for muslims that those fuckin lunatics liable to do something but fuckin
if you make if you make fun of like a democratic republic and nothing brings people out of the woodwork sallies people are going to do you fuckin homework verbal which is less this whole podcast is based on me not doing any homework not reading whatsoever so obviously tell you political concept that you got a lot of fuckin nerve a lot i just said aids came for white people fuckin in the mud at woodstock are you gonna come back at me on that one way to do your homework man this whole podcast exists for one reason and one reason only it's four to make you feel smarter ice we hear at the monday morning podcast and by we i mean me voices in my head that agree with me we hear the monday morning podcast set the bar so love that even you you know
with that college that you went to that advertised on television in you drove yourself there and they dig living there was not even an option they didn't have dorms they what was your college one giant sir building look like a high school for people in their twenties yeah no that's who you are and you know what even you get to feel smart and this podcast so my favorite thing is go back and you listen to progress on monday when i thought i was so fuckin right about the obama's buying this eighty two million dollar house is somebody actually road into the park ass it goes you know bill i love you but why don't you do your homework obama just signed a sixty two million dollar book deal a k in this it's fuckin hilarious he's telling me to do my homework he didn't even do their homework to look up double check what the fuck i said even sip it was true he just two
for granted that i said eighty two million dollar house movies like but that is truth and started looking up the guy's pocket book deal so what did you do you're fucking homework man for the nine million time ok this podcast do not take anything i say seriously ok you disagree with it where you can correct me and all that but just don't get upset don't be fuckin surprised i fucking don't read in the my facts might the off by a good seventy two million dollars ok you know you guys sound like all you fuckin political concept that bitch and envy you sound like ali's fuck and fat actresses out here who are bitching about hollywood acting as though there surprised that so much of this fuckin industry is based on how you look
it was really a shocker had they never been to a movie you didn't notice a trend do you think it's just you i mean you fuckin sloppy tattoos havin a rough time on a fuckin bald ready mail i have no sympathy for you no he's knocking down their fucking door to put me in an action movie i could be hellboy do a fuckin cycle of steroids already have the head you just fuckin payment ready you ready to go i'll get you a head stand and fuck my head would turn so reggie could savings the amount of money to save on make up in time alone build you a fucking handstand guy you're in the same anyways so i guess you bombers bought an eight point one million dollar house not an
the two million dollar house which then led me into this whole thing like he's honest this is his third book that is written it's like he was right and books while he was president to be run in the fuckin country fucking shit that deal with the russians and all this terrorist groups and all that shit and i know that you like fucking at night time take over legal pad it was the best of times it was the worst of times he's fucking assholes out right now books there god like somebody else it's like written by bill clinton and the other guy who actually wrote the book you want to run a thriller what about you me right it right lie you put your name for my name on the cover and then you are right it what is that book about you gonna write what you know it's gotta be something about somebody fucking sneak around on his wife right thinking cigars and people two on the nose i want to be challenged i wrote about a guy was faithful
sorry for the bad bill clinton now it s bill what you do your homework the book is actually bought us experienced artwork oxford in england the home where it all started take both of those games i was working both day so i have to go back and watch them i gotta tell you i am so fuckin sold in their game now i don't know what happened much fun making fun of sakharov he's fucking years and its it's crazy then watching the highlights when a goal is score like my hope my hope complaint about disportes what makes the sport so great the fact scoring is so goddamn difficult the thief walking but the emotion that gets let off when these people score jesus cry like my country if you dump a beer on somebody after
some sort of point is scored you gonna get into a fight over there really really a fuckin i don't know what it looks like you lego sports bar combined with the money shine a porno jump up and down just spray and bows all over the place party meeting was a little knowing what why you wasted they could boost consumer and taken another month off you know me impose my own little fuckin sabbaticals you know mean and after that that my little excursion over there a europe mike this is i'll that says swastika the sixteen sixty four that fuckin beer taste so goddamn good in that goddamn glass in that one cafe over there in europe
over there france right that i refuse i've i've seen it over here and i've been tempted by and it's like i'm not gonna fuckin do it because this is what happens like when you go to ireland and needs guinness over there and then you come back here and you want to continue with it and socks and you know what else i didn't you know it unbelievably like just on another level is indian food in england i went to this fuckin place the indian food was so goddamn good i've been i've ordered it twice since there once in france it was ok and then i ordered a here and allay in it fucking no they're not gonna walk away you know it's like you go to paris and come home you know i'm a french practice somebody get it s all right and then you go down to the fucking supermarket any get it in its like somebody pulled it out of issue you know exists goes back to the women wrong thing yes go on you know me
that's the only thing that sucks about travelling you don't owe me like i'm i think i'm gonna do a gig and buffalo come on up i've been there in fucking forever and what's going on happen is i want to go to duffy's or that other fuckin place with you know where they are help with buffalo wings and i'm gonna eat em and they would be so goddamn good and then i want to come back out here and we have that fuckin crack and my my system gonna wanna get i gotta get some wings out here and when edam and they're gonna suck and then just depressing you like ideally placed to get good wings isn't buffalo it really is i've never gone to any other place other than follow that really knows how to make good buffalo mix that's it no i just love that out there for all of you guys to lose your fuckin shit you know i would jockeys doing good
would you want to do is go to cincinnati gonna fuckin muffy stay at the best ones i followed your rogan on all social media and he posted this really fast and anything that within ten minutes i would like to know what the fuck this guy's about he's talking something about fasting it's actually could be good for europe red army dick gregory wrote a whole bunch of talks on this type of shit right rested and saying how you know what's the organs rejuvenate and all of that type of shit i thought it was really fascinating until about ten minutes and i realized i didn't the guy was talking about and i looked at him and he was not in the best of shape the little mushy you know what i would think would happen if you fasted you get a little fleshy cuz your body would keep eating muscle you know i mean i don't know but anyways the fuck was my point
talking about food out jesus i don't fuck you know i have no idea troubled in this issue is jane ok blown away any tips the table over like a fuckin baby why am i talking about that because i was watching tv late night i tell these old eighties videos in that son came on me now i'll tell you my new shows is seventy seven sunset strip with ephrem symbolists junior who i was always a big fan of cosette fbi show anna and up and i've been made yesterday was the first day i snapped while driving in a while and felt weird and i immediately doubt it back in my move for all you are they angry guys out there like me in uniting
you're not an angry guy you just that's your default emotion like you know me like to really being angry guy you just have to be like walking around seething which i don't i walk i totally normal in its something happens and i fucking slip up you know a fuckin meltdown and then it just takes people it's just so fuckin over the top there by forgets what a great guy was for the previous four hours that's essentially what it is in its like a fuckin five minute meltdown you know so what about the other four hours was a good guy as a signal what you did in that five minutes the gate it all that is like don't four hours of work and cardio and thence down in a box of falconry cookie suggested you just negated all of that it's over you still a fat fuck surely so anyway i listened a baseball there listen to the red sox on serious exam and ass she watched
i came home that's making me watch him again fucking chris sales the beast he was a game last night when he was that guy you didn't take that he walked me get fuckin mad throw like ninety eight ninety nine miles an hour on the corners a crazy delivery i don't know we shall see that i knew that bum was that they brought in the fucking a thin and then almost gave up four to nothing like you know what let's make the gamblers nervous is it i fatty hang out over the played by air base head bowed double for no one load him up may finally get him out of there relief picture i don't know any bosnian that guy comes out very hangs his arm like he's dryness shirt or some shit he out there in shadow the fact down some unlike back into that shit and i'm actually gonna be really sad when the world cups over
when is the final set on say that's to be crazy one match for all the fuckin models can you imagine if that comes down a penalty kicks again i used to think that was a stupid it's fuckin thing ever like a world passing a basketball championship come down to file shots in autonomy speed like boring is shit but now i get it i get it if you fuck it up like the goal tender has like no pressure has always seduces guess you know i love it they're guessing it's just a total guess and when they guessed right they guessed right they stayed up like like like there was some sort of intelligent thought there it's just like left right left right diving laughed foggy went right then always this always funny when they guess wrong when there
they start to dive that way they realise that guy went the other way you just watch the goal tenuous whole body goes limp like i should tell the other way and you just fuckin lands on the grass but the pressure on the shooter they don't want to miss the net so i i'm gathering it takes a massive balls to try to shoot up top to go top corps which why would you just go there is not going to fuck and get that because it's like what if i miss denham that that fuckin missed for the rest of my fucking life in fat good great teeth fish and shipping fuckin assholes can get my grill everywhere i go for the rest of my life people who never accomplish shit now can take the failure of their life on me because i tried to go top shelf what call it what do we got a guy called shelves over there the bonnet the boat with the forty years have some stupid fuck a name for it
said i'm cooking shows every ingredient you guys pronounced differently irregular oregano tomato tomato basal basel secondly just fucking with me there there wasn't one they do we hate england that much by the end of it i really think that we would like this summer school kids they came over here the weird religious people we all came over here and yet people who couldn't school fuckin people that were too into religion in those two combined made americans that's why i am the price to that end i thought an eight point one million dollar house was eighty two million dollars where do your homework let's go fuck yourself do my homework i'm a fucking school right i did get this
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but then england lost through the croatians that cup is still a vacation covered all many fucking time soon sorry to everybody over their congratulations croatia i love that number number ten on croatia that fucking guy is play france has a great team i don't know who to root for here i obviously love france patty the great time when i'm over there but i gonna tell you man croatia's is some good looking goddamn people is only four point one million of them according to pay davidson theirs people in new york city than is in their entire country and they are in the finest so tat kind of have to root for them because here the underdog no fuck a room for croatia
how does it i gotta get outta here their national anthem i gotta learn that by saturday fog in croatia there's only for male your comments croatia national national far our provocative them at them also to be some fucking dracula eastern european ship oh by the way that torture is going down i'm getting all the dates ok i'm not talk and shit i'm going out there croatia national at them with english lyrics very probation is it when they speak we are creating it's only two and a half minutes longer mary likeness is like a beetle son who is a fuckin where's the music it scrolling scrolling scrolling
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if you do that you're gonna find it sancho tv was last night was last night wednesday states on wednesday night at ten o clock untrue tv so i went down to the prom me at their late because i was working as an actor take off my fucking tights well done acting i was feeling guilty cuz i want to go down that had friends i had to see them but i had done stand up in a minute and i'm going to be in portland and seattle this weekend so i got to shake the fucking rust off we support than an seattle with you only it's only a south west or alaskan flight away i wanna go i'll have a friend in portland i've always wanted to see portland and you're like the mike rollers so close him i'm sorry and i ve never been in seattle either both ways than a while ago i invited you yeah you then
back to my story is what i love about ella some walk out i aubert over right smokers those were my great friends in this business i was walking out the man i didn't do stand up like past fucking over over there the newborn fuck decide just start work and home and i will by a fuckin who does and it was these young comics park enough for a common show companies some become an austrian they laugh they want a good economy shows and now they go you want to go up like now thank you though that i walked about ten years pocket i need to get a sudden they went in there and i did a senate who did last night upstairs in the big room in the main room in the main roma as a bunch of young kids their wing lawyer there now what about the bustle shrimp near i literally walked in was awesome they put me i'd like the fuckin president they put me on immediately i went up i did of course bill everybody knows you would hooters
i am i went on and i said i'd do ten to fifteen i figured that around twelve it felt like a twelve i got my labs they shook the rush off when i fuckin walked out with great perfect then i walked out half way down the block and there was a taxi which i love old school and i got into it i say as a you work any daisies and i got in a guy doing goes so so as i appreciate that he has left these mother bugger where they flogging falcon driver obvious curse then i can be myself carson everybody in the way they are the last man i had a great night yes without alcohol related man can we talk about whereas for a second i really love the buffalo shrimp what is it yeah it's shrimp with buffaloes as its leg and they give you like those blue cheese dipping sauce to go with it all my through blue cheese is
was disgusting one of whether more disgusting foods you know that we watch an undercover brother and they were talking about her white people like white people like very underrated movie went away of yourself funny how white people like men is never black people don't i don't fucking know my whatever i like many within reason i like he's a man is on fries alleghanies roast beef i like a man is for the people that don't joy man is at her no i like blue cheese is just got excited the mains pollution and in an booty is my god is just like it's like a second mucus its gross i think when you eat wings you just eat the wings you know even use any other sites no ray what about ran toward what are your feelings by ranch
it's all right i just can't i nine other formalities no i like ketchup i like the ketchup mayonnaise mustard likewise the basic aim of a basic right dude like pickles looks like a snake his his evasive surprise here you see that if traveller stuffed all of does that make me interesting walking about the was there some day they didn't may from years ago god i'm on instagram i know all the latest stance is a really don't you get up do the mashed potato forming i gotta get you to do it in my feelings challenge i gotta do it well the dance you gonna play the sunset dance it's a dance that you do too drags on call them my feelings
stand ready do you love me are you writing you haven't seen a man i can't stand that guy not literally that guy yo yo yo yo yo yo is the language used always wine and about somebody to psyche each got this great life here bang and models and i got a city listenin to widen about the model that he used to fuck who doesn't collar back anymore they drake you would just fucking she moved on his emotion he isn't be selfish but he loves magic i've seen like three different videos of him running away after a trick
this was really funny about black people is you can you can see somebody hustling you land you and all types of shit you know the egg aegis just you can smell bullshit from a mile of fuckin away but you get a magician does a card trick you guys run away like he's a which is what the fuck was that the devil's around is that its light ahead near i don't know that's the devil if that i could do that shit if tat i could do that shit he would just fuckin like levitate into a bank fault big fuckin hustler dune magic on a street corner right it's just playing with evil forces with the magic shit right play with evil forces with the magic shit you heard that that should be a t shirt
playing with the evil forces with the magic shit that has to be the rapporteur has been something i dont like hate drink i just like his fucking music is just like you with these guys are just call up and he just dump your day the day on you it's just like do a ever in a good mood what happened now drake people come from china expose you know his family life that he was trying to keep private you know it's none of my business at that acta element in that was weak that was we do in that shit will your baby with bergen we didn't start the fire i gotta get i gotta get asked whether we didn't god i hate that
charlie chaplin teddy roosevelt fuckin people from the past babo but though but the bill stop fucking avoiding the topic saying generation did a lot of shit he thinks trouble in this is the worst line ever having said that i love i like a lot of his socks i thank you don't talk about something joy i feel like you're not going to talk about what you don't like about mean relationship yet so i feel like you ve had enough of that things that you like you always and why we don't like and i was going on and on how i love soccer i hated soccer and i love with lisbon this whole fuckin transformation yeah immense thereby because you focus on the negative na i think you have a nice ice
such an hour so we followed became friends again we're bodies again we because of the work that i put in excuse me what about me now near i told you become electors garth check that shops and hot topic that was your vibe gloom and do a lot of really modern reference rate today that exist anymore i don't know do they haven't been to a man so fuck you haven't less than i talk to you where i met the grove but they don't have a hot topic so do they still exist i don't know their high end i got shit on me what do you got no no you're right we're friends again after having a little moment their cell number keep a positive i think you're great i bet you're a stick with the devil ship with the creepy vibes whatever the fuck he said
anyways of trying to end on an upbeat note who worked better the more gay beard drake marvin gaye marvin gaye obviously rock the marvin gaye beard better than driftwood who were that red had better marvin gaye jacques still moving now my goal is to try to get you not to say marvin gaye um who is more important i can't go that route you'll get upset with that one i didn't even have anything there where'd you have to keep say marvin gates and improving should have gone to shock cousteau then i call on the french way had the ocean outrageous paid him into a corner my father good an emperor near
upstairs and who in the big room and didn't even bother to give buffalo shrimp it's like i was too busy killing stairs arrow hooter so when it unites the beholder see at the voters in hollywood in the big ruined why gets guess they're moved they're moving their show across the street looters fuckin or whenever across the street the fucking hollywood boulevard you know we didn't have if we didn't have any fire for the cigars there so were i to go on to tourists play a fire we robs matches bucket to gather and when its wheels tourists places and i worry i love california lighter for my body who hates allay which has worked wise and then broke yeah it was like three bucks in that it ran on a lighter floored there such others like they're always go hey man get souvenirs for five dollars it's like now
you need a bizarrely souvenirs for fifty cents of that my everything is when you go to new york and they have that in a letter that foam rubber thing where you were the crown from the fucking stature liberty people walk around that like i went to new york and i got this can you imagine how many those float around the fucking ocean some poor fucking porpoises trying to swell i think we're i am not a timely because i gotta get shit to do here is fifty two minutes thanks for coming on here in bringing the positivity i'll do better next time you did great with double shit with the evil stuff over their whatever the fuck you say that's the park yes thank you everybody for listening you know my apologies to anybody out there whose offended i don't apologize that's something that a mature adult us
please enjoy the music and ill half hour of a great assets from a thursday afternoon podcast just before friday monday morning podcast where the fuck i say and i have a couple of days plants and objective thurston travel some slight see that i just saw commercial law for contact
fried chicken with parents are all excited because the two brady kids sit still at the dinner table but they got him this fuckin chicken and they faded into the basically very suddenly saying that these drugs in this chicken that will make spastic children chill the fuck up and spastic i mean like enough not not the way they mean it over there in great britain he can say that i'm the comedy so you can say it calmly club overrun sky but you'll have a rough idea of a rough go of it if you say the kid was spastic over there that means like severely mentally challenge over here just mean she not gonna get laid your twenty six when you were grad school looking over a fuckin cadaver with some other fuckin nerve right you just sit there go on you know the ankle bones connected to the knee bone right today this made any sense what shouldn't it's fuckin sunday night i am spent i got
but you shall have to do two miles like i'd do it tonight item my game you cleanse your liver and like four thousand two hundred and forty three days or something like that every drunk i knows his told me that every drunk i know does not have a medical degree has told me tat if you go forty two forty three days your cleanse clench however at least the booze out now you fuckin you start don't blow you know even a bunch of trans fat fuck and food or feed kids kentucky fried chicken jesus christ what happened the parents and you got drunk your kids to keep them under control you know you know kids don't respect their parents they respect them but then respect like all my god this dispersing good ring my neck could pick by my hair right to grab a paddle fucking euro
mostly hit my ass but also country hit my lower back because squirming right there exist anymore kids are so far cannot control these people have to go down turkey fried chicken ok and i'll die i use the term chicken very loosely to go down in whatever that is that's in that bucket ok the doesn't have a it doesnt have feet if it's fuckin euro justice is breast to stick it out like the cast on fuckin was what was that show with the italians thereon new jersey shore jersey shore right world that's not a fucking chicken you know you want the chicken they look like mark maguire and is rookie sees you dont want to eat the chicken that looks like mark maguire when he fucking late for the cardinals yellow
tweet a regular fuckin chicken first of all gonna look like a pigeon to you because you so used to seeing those roy did up once that they murderers role that you got down there you fuckin shaw's right yvonne's you jane pennies wherever the fuck you by your goddamned check it you gotta you go down to any one of the main stream fuckin supermarkets ok i swear to god when you get to the chicken section okay if you if you slept for the last thirty years like there then andy guy under the bridge would ever spoken name is van morsel thousands name reverend winkle there was one those people well in advance if you slept for the last thirty years and you went down ok am i showed you wanna check unwise you be like you be like that i know chicken ok it's a goddamn turkey and i'll fuck die now turkey what i say why
no such thing as a bargaining chip it can't be done no sir no sir get off my property ok i'm done with your witchcraft get the fuck out of here to fuck up my property how to get the good would think it was a fuckin turkey and the thing is is now it's a chicken remember it's one of those folding smiles fucking liberal goddamned thinks you know talking about flying carpets and electric roads and all that bullshit somewhere and there they were talking about the food supply poison is poisonous poison in the news is i fuckin went down to us farmers can buy duh i said i wonder i want up our
all i want i want i want all natural fuckin chicken i can't even talk i'm so tired one at all natural chicken my guy goes these are all natural and i said natural goes well my come on where is it and he had walked around the corner sitting over there lonely i swear to god look alike dove looking in somebody killed the fuck it does because right there that one right that is represent all natural nothing's wrong with it and i was like i was i won at what that's what a chicken supposed to look like and he raised his eyebrows any kind of put his lips together so they were straight line and then he nodded united left the people do like again in the matrix i realise them in the matrix but you know i knocked the bitch up
so i gotta be selling these road it up check it now they say what the fuck i'm talking about so basically that's what these people are eaten over there ok there drug and up the kids but i can't get mad at him because i actually did that two charlie murphy dan l wrongs i thought the story before i tell it against my fuckin park yes i actually drug the exact thing that they're doing that kentucky fried chicken commercial with training the kids to sit still just reading up so follow these fuckin trans fats from these write it up beak was fuckin chickens with their dolly part and breathless is right i did that two fuckin don alan charlie i was hung over and we ve get a car service from chicago zombies up to one of those whenever the fucker was
say charles city run and one of them was saint chaus would get in the fuckin limo donelson re formed charlie's reform their fucking gap in trash in people in me and everybody i don't want to hear it i don't wanna wizardry slacken guys we're in there damn gaps in the back of this card the whole fuckin way up i want a nice quite right gonna shock and i walked outside hung over and i walked in the chicago where they now almost got by three fat people and now i live up the street and i thought i saw popeye's and i was ask thank god and i thought and walked in there and i got all this fuckin popeye's chicken with biscuits and all this shit food i brought it back to the car industry i pulled up they came out i say you guys got itself some forget us some food
and they were his fucking great you know they were hungry whatever they started chow and that fuckin popeye's food and i sat back nibbling i'm drumstick i swear to god ten minutes later they were asleep i'm not lying if they were fucking asleep snoring doorway up and i was just sitting there love in life the whole fuckin right up and i know what i admitted to lead thought it was funny but that's basic what it is they with the ice call it we need that shit food and then you have to go to sleep they call it the item i guess they meet african americans the key the fucking eyes and that's what they got live and the i learned that from dan l
because i don't know how that man stated shape but he had the worst diet he's one of those guys who like you stop for gas and he comes out of the gas station would like one of those gas station hot dogs and he would eat it and then he would immediately fall asleep i would say that charlie this guy we sleep it then again man to get the eyes may explain that to me and what that little bit of information it went into my evil white brain and i my two african american friends way back the year two thousand five that's a little chicken story for you what are you like tat everybody so that what the fuck this saying right dear that's what kentucky fried chicken is alive gently saying i guess i have to say a legit so their lawyers on retainer don't attack my fuckin plot podcast far as i can tell
i'm asking you right now of kentucky fried chicken behind your fuckin letters kfc is that what the fuck you do so you say you got kids who were not stimulated that they can even shit down if you re a running around you got it kids are opened the door you cinema the fucking yard guy got side get outside and play as such like a goddamn fuckin irish dogs there was bred directive to her sheep got let that fuckin thing one around run around circles guy get out there take a ball you for control of traffic let the dog run around dodge cars comes in scale laid out gay a jump all over companies stick in its called knows right no fuckin who has asked gotta do what you can't you gotta sanum upside right but catch a predator and all these other fuckin shows you know
always shows on tv where people forget their kids are in a car with windows rolled up their kids it fuck and down the rolling down there too weak as i'm gonna sign climbed a fuckin tree and they stay in their then their brains get cooked like a boxer you know that dog boxes they know they do well in the sun what but neither do facts the windows rolled up your own they got those weak arms but all that like them most tedious things they ever did was take a wrapper off of a fucking cream sandwich right you can't leave them in the car my mother left us in the car all fuckin time she go to school she was gone school during the day trying to further education is left five fucking kids in the car with the windows rolled up and money for burger king and she would say to us just go into the bargain that's the only time you were to leave this car over left over the next three four
can i was what i'm in class disappear round the corner if we said absolutely mob and she away we immediately would get out of the car stopped up and down the streets in boston we go into fuckin burger king and we would have somebody do you know what would happen now a days they just some five fucking dirty face kids walking up and down calm ass boys the street gone into a burger king the cast a fuckin annie some of what i found it what about and they would have taken us away you know but but they did because there was no cameras back there are videotape once i mean there was but only people animal like the news a young steven spielberg so we went in there we ve got some food on cars fuckin yellow people in shit you're angry
plant parking meters and all that hence we had the fuckin form strike terror down the windows and none of us ever had an issue in the car and you know what i think that's one to grow on illegal people much saying kfc is food among other things bad food every once in a while i was getting home we once we wonder what great if we could just fucking do heroin the way you can eat mcdonald's just like every once in a while he just like you know what yeah that's it fuckin tie off not off for the rest of the falcon day in like the people work understood it where were you yesterday odd annie i got this black tie our own game and you know i had done it like three months what s figure fuck it
i was i would you did i wasn't i was it you know what you want to a rule but it was also a shit you know what's going on it's bill bird and it is the monday morning podcast for monday
july twelve two thousand and ten all ah i'm sorry i was really gonna act like i could speak spanish there allow you'll soy comical yeah ability we're not months santa the law nays will not come me sad actually you can't tell i've actually finally broken open my rosetta stone that i got for christmas two and a half fucking years ago whatever it is yeah i got it for a year and a half ago december of two thousand eight i the result of stone guttural block or negro i i can't do it it's a shit it's this shit be fluent in spanish
always one learn another language and i try to immerse myself the sunshine i've tried immersed myself in the language of listening to it on the radio i'm also listening to it you know i'm listening this shit like this honour on my itunes open i can pick up some shit you got it you gotta marsh yourself in the shit you gonna system like this it s a fucking great asset got to have a full could be able the fuckin know what that means sing that have pigment in my chest so i can actually where that open i'm gonna go stab a bull tino shirt how much pussy would you get if you could fucking it's just unbelievable tat
shit that they say it sounds like fuckin dirty talk when your bag and a girl needs privilege that meets the girl is drinking milk there's no way to say that without just sounded like you fuckin nina ability next time you guys i beg you girl ok you got a dog suggest leaned down in her ear and media village sure we will have an orgasm fuckin whirled around an elbow when you were you in the face either way it's gonna be funny but we'll be fluent in that shit i'm like a rosetta stove i really like you sit there and you like a bill bellamy janet and saw a headset you know do you
rights of stretching pants and then you have put your put in the fuckin cd rom or whatever the hell it is and then they did they just start speaking to you like your baby sit in the crib it's exactly what it is two very stereotypical mexican can faces just sort appear into the screen like your laying in the crib and then they just start speaking to you they tickle you're tommy its tremendous it's a tremendous its tremendous way to knobs i'm just fuckin rattle fasten it sir if you ever think about doing it like his words learn to speak a different language wherever i wrote it subway i was nervous that poor records were actually call we brad words what does putin me is that even porters this what's kill me this is how fuckin what i am i actually believe that i'm gonna learn this shit anemia which i want to learn this shit and therefore i will
able to go to mexico cuba porter rico brazil or whatever and be able to understand every mother fucker out there even though p i know this dude whose cuban any tells me its debts really different not totally different but i mean i don't he seemed a little peeved but also again i'm gonna fuck and cuba i gotta dominican republic it's not the falcon say that i'm sorry you know it's one of those things i'm not even trying to be offensive that i offended you but it's like you you think when i go to ireland our wanted that want to scotland i can understand those fuckers everything that they but i knew what they were saying by being ignorant right here you guys is a complete set of completely different language
they'll mania baby let's say you can't say that fuckin cuban they wonder what just you're talking about is that because economy communism you know i already stop this podcast started again because i'm doing this sunday morning my fuckin brain is awake yet stutter and like a goddamn jack s pet alone is so back doors will not come isa i can't fuckin weight i can't wait the first time somebody from i was going to say somebody from another language to tell dumb i am somebody speak in spanish talk shit about me because i'll tell you right now i would fucking do it all the time do it all the goddamn time of english was the second language was not the mainly would you this country and i had an the english speaking for an hour in and i was walking around people did not understand english and will be around
little private language i would be shitting on people right and left perverted stuff can you imagine if nobody understood english everybody just folks spanish right your boss of some kind she's got a nice rack and you sit naturally lily walked by like do i would tell fuck this bitch right on a goddamn desk in a general way all me basa you know no wonder so fuckin laid back they can get it out i gotta sit i gonna sit on all this goddamn rage because i don't have some secret fuckin language right right mexicans i mean you're fuckin hide out in a break it down your code so uptown this time next year you better watch your tongue ok only i could turn learning an old not another language c c to hear me stuttering it's in the morning only i could turn speaking another language
only i could turn mother language relax mexico relax just really listen to a couple of my podcast realise how fuckin stupid i am and also how are you totally psycho into something for about ten days and then i just walk away from it and then just sits there gathering dust at my desk anyways there was a big week this weekend in sports it's actually what time is it right that's ten forty three and this is the funny thing in seventeen minutes the world cup final is starting which is basically the championship one of the true championships of the world is the entire world compete for it and as big a fuckin spot as far as i am i could give a shit the only thing that i would find less interesting then the world cup
i was the lebron james our long press conference to announce what team he's gonna fuckin go to get up that's bullshit i totally respect the game a soccer itches it fuck and bore the shit out of me now we have another a soccer fans on here and they sent me emails and they get mad at me they sakes as dear built dude until you have a better understanding of the game you gotta stop rag and on soccer find some no it's a little bit about the game and take some fuckin time and watch a couple of dude watch the world cup finals exclamation point because you fuckin say so do you realize that if you ended up everyone that watch the nfl the nba the initial and am l b you would only have about half is many people that watch soccer do you realize that i'm not so fuckin stupid that i didn't realize you just pull that stand out your ass
gimme some numbers you didn't you said you would have about half about really get you gonna guesstimate their put that your pipe smoke it bill thanks dude this is a deal or i am so sick of these fuckin soccer kuntz trying to convince me that its an exciting sport do you think that and sat down and watched it earlier this year when i watch the olympics i got into curling i was what in the cross country skiing will you shoot the gun very open minded when it comes to sports okay but to sit there and killed two three fuck it of my day to watch a zero zero fucking game and watch these guys flop around like a bunch of god damn pow guest solves every ten fifteen minutes it's it's i try dude i tried it just because the whole the world is watching the sport does it
that i should write workers where an acid wash genes and the lay fuckin eightys i followed that trend and i got embarrassing god their pictures to prove it what a factor that get me what i like about soccer i like the highlights the it's only short so more urgent motion absolutely gorgeous or to watch but to sit there for two hours listening those goddamn mosquito horns you'd you're really asking too much of a flop and around like a punch a goddamn fuckin girls get off that goddamned ground fuckin policies the guy doesn't even touch you and your flop around on the ground it so a feminine that's what i can't stand about that sport you know this guy did bring up a good point he goes tell me the basketball players yes basketball players do basketball is a very fucking a feminist sport
comes to that shit that fake fuckin flop and around yeah no other stare out that's the closest thing i'm trying to think this four guys in the end it shall look there's always gonna be a couple abroad in every sport you know but at least the aim in indiana gel a fan you know what they have they have a penalty for pretending somebody hit you two minutes you get is called diving two minutes for diving get up your fag and get the goddamn penalty box i was i admit i tried i fuckin tried i tried to shit i don't give a fuck i find the premier league wave or enjoyable to watch i can watch decade but i gotta tell you like i don't know what it is i start to get a headache and i get a little bit of a stomach ache when i'm watching it because the amount of effort that i have to put it to you know do this
in its two hours a your fuckin life to watch a one did nothing game that's why you know so i think i finally figured out why they fight in any shall hockey you can actually have a wonder nuthin fuckin gave so you know then you'd be basically have guy's going it's legal to smash somebody euro against the board's you can drop the gloves he could fight there's a lot of other exciting things that debt that to happen a right but to sit there four to five king hours oh my god oh my god oh my god ah whew it's the sports equivalent to and blue balls i'll fuckin like it i really don't i just don't i don't like it i don't fucking ok and you can't make me fuckin like it because the whole world likes it
right as this is up a major part of the fucker world dead you know they take gotta high grade pieces sandpaper and then they they re rubbed the girls fuckin klutz off that doesn't mean that i think it's right while that was we disgusting i'm sorry i'm sorry twelve minutes into the podcast getting their fuckin gross i should say that towards the end for the die hard facts i'm so anyway that lebron james announcement speak of mine numbingly boring i was nothing about fucking soccer like i'm invited to this distance party where they gonna watch the finals whatever you find a person whose really into soccer you know you he's got like them their little soccer shared on their daily have like these little fucking wimpy torsos have you noticed that was it's time you saw somebody jack that was in the fuckin soccer he thought it was have like those rules
fuck you those little european torsos you know you little seventh grade bodies do does anybody lift waits or do push ups or anything it fuck in europe do you just you just take the torso god gave you and then you just start stuff in fish and chips down your fuckin throat he just let it also to slide down until you look like jethro tough all right i think i trust that shit enough let's trash an american sports let's talk about fuckin lebron james and his fuckin first of all his howdy duty puppet show that he wore yet up there is this theory out there that black eyes is so cool that they really can wear any type of clothing and make it look good well that was an example when it doesn't quite always work that was what that was that look like he was gonna go sing on the grand old opera unlike nineteen forty eight i write the fuck him
talk about let's get into this whole podcasting right lebron james what our announcement forever there was saying how fuckin lame it was you whose fault is it your own goddamn fault jerome fuckin fall sit there watching it ok it's not yes pm lied told you what it was gonna be this is gonna be a one hour special of an athlete unknown sing which team he's gonna go fuck and play for i mean how long should that realistically take it's like the fuckin oscars long should it take to be and to take to just fuck be like the oscar goes too on the contrary and the oscar further best fuck addressing a period peace goes declare bengal billingsley bill billingsley clare bill billingsley fuck inducing
bill bar not even fuckin away trying to do a podcast to get at the goddamned way to go to some stupid as fuckin party that showing the finals what did he doesn't give a fuck about that starts in nine minutes oh my god somebody hit fuckin record yeah i mean you know what the fuck was gonna be why did you even watch it makes you tell them that i like that i just got some fuckin horrific it he just got horrific advice from his people around them who there dislike we are going to create the big media stir ever i write go to chicago first will gain some interest will go to the next will get some interesting about africa or where to is he gonna who gives a shit nobody cares cept the people in those fucking town i gotta tell you i really didn't joy him fuckin you know in their hearts out next stance
because as always new york fans are the most fucking dislike gap that's the sense of entitlement that fans of new york ports have just because they live in new york city if i to watch one more fuckin asshole on tv talk about the big stage in new york kay overrated underrated for this week overrated the big stage in new york there's only one big stage in new york it's a fucking yankee stadium that's it really big stage that is in new york twenty seven championship you go there there is pressure to win what is his big like when the broad didn't take fucking new york i'm on a uniform online and i read ray comments that unlike there you go that's enough evidence for me i want to touch every new fan in new york right now they were all sitting there
like all he was afraid that the bright lights he couldn't handle the big stage of new york this nick fans where is the big fuckin stage for professional basketball in new york city madison square garden that place the biggest thing that happens in madison square garden every year is elton john comes there and south in fuckin cells out twenty shows you know bruce springsteen comes there and sing sing songs about new jersey this guess comes once a fucking year those are the his days every year and madison square garden aright in that case you don't know what i'm talking about next time you go there and as yet another horrific played by made by either fuckin ranges or the knicks and you look up and discussed too that to the sport god's like what the fuck when you're done pray
for some messiah come in there and save those two pathetic fuckin franchises look up at the ceiling tell me what you see us writing lack of championship fuckin banners let me give you the goddamn answered you dumb fox there is no point stage and itself fuckin disrespectful of but to say that all the fuck it i'm talking about me you know when they talk about the biggest age and in major major league baseball don't worry they send way park about saint louis they got ticket tenfold world series titles not even a good example it's not like the next summer in second place with titles do yankee stadium is the big stage and made major league baseball ok
can celtics have seventeen nba championships that we're all one at boston aright the los angeles lakers eleven titles have been won there they once a year they hold hands with somebody from minnesota and they add the five that weren't that's that's the thing right there the many apples lakers have more titles than the fuck in new york next you guys understand that that a team that's dead dead fucking moved west a right that moved fucking west around the same time the brooklyn dodgers went out to allay deal has three more fuckin titles than you do you dont have a bigger age there and nobody is afraid to play in new york city and they are certainly not afraid to play the fuckin nix get off your own dicks i'm sick of it the jets have unwanted since sixty nine the knicks ever wanted since seventy three the
let's have unwanted since fuck and eighty six so let the giants are our a respectable franchise that's the best you have you have a respectable franchise that is one the same amount of super balls as the patriots the packers the redskins and the raiders the giants are in the middle of the pack right there's no fuckin stage and they sit there and they act like these sports writers in new york these fat man today jackasses these phil mush nics argon intimidated guy at the level of fuckin abroad james they're not i hate to tell it to you in new york the reason why you didn't go to madison square garden is cautious suck that's why i think about the who the fuck wouldn't want to go play in new york you know new york is the city is the paris of fuckin a what's the best fuckin city we have all right
just because there's a bunch of people outside of madison square garden succeeding doing some shit most of whom aren't even from new york by the way it's another thing new yorkers the shit just because they live there just cost standing on the corner of fuckin fifty second third eagerness slice euro if i can buy get there i'll buy an area where are you really make an it with your dirty fuckin sneakers stand outside of tat stakes don't shit man are you are you fucking piece of shit fuck and gas outside of fuckin port authority that's not think of ana trash in new york this we cannot give a fuck maybe i don't give a fuck up bill really a european dangerous it's dangerous to make the alarm bray data resource
to frank sinatra from new jersey ok he was bridge and tunnel the kind of the kind of guy the paris hilton wouldn't have fought in one of her whore night clubs down there in the meat packing district if he came in said i live in hoboken she would turn to appointing those up to the ceiling and walked away in a big fuckin saw squash feet that she rise to hide by jack enough goddamn and ass in the air to eye level no girls what a bang that guy but what i did he came in there he came in there any fuckin sang a song he took over you fuckin city the way a bunch of but from other states that you fuckin new yorkers looked down on weak when there all the time we come in there we blow away half to fucking town in new york because you guys a stand and their eaten a slice of pizza looking at the fuckin empire state build oh god oh it's open all die
don't shit you don't have a big did you have a sorry ass fuckin and be eighteen you know this has done next hour isaiah thomas there was a lie called the sea ba that did fine for like thirty fuckin year and thence what's his face say atomic thomas became president of the league like three four years i don't have a fucking stats pattern of five years it went out a business ok i'm talking about you know a winning franchise went to a losing franchise i'm not talking to a franchise existed in a city had to move i'm not even saying the franchise folded i'm talking about an entire fucking league
he got it to controls he pushed the yoke forward and just flew the shit right to the god damn ground aright unlike bugs pony he stepped out right before it hit the ground before any of it got on him and then the next go yeah that's our guy that's the guy we're gonna get to run the and nba franchise the guy who fuckin flu bootleg nba into the goddamn ground that's the fuckin do see that's while abroad did mac as he's afraid of the big stage you want i was afraid of the big stage jeff weaver jeff weaver was the big stage a cape lebron james is not afraid of the big and the big states ok he could i can put his nuts on jeff weavers chest and hold them down in the deep end of a fuckin pool all right he's not afraid fuckin madison square god and i also but it was really fuckin ironic that of the
ray emails that i read by new yorkers which i'm now judging all of them they were going like you know my me that's dwayne wade's town he goes down there in winter championship their nobody's gonna respect them can you fuckin but if a new yorker had the balls to say that with the fuckin hi along team that the yankees have been for the last twelve fucking years every guy damn free agent on the fucking planet just cling the direct cheaters leg show me how to do it i want to win one too roger clemens that fat buffalo wing jack s was it hard up in toronto roger then he fucking comes down their jumps in the fuckin limit the fucking balls of these new york fans to sit there and can somebody piling another team to go in a fucking champion i can't even taken i think i got a drink some broken
take that i mentioned that on this podcast is already deleted the other one when i was annoyed with how fuckin on funny i was growing to go out on a limb here and say that the ratings for this in new york city are gonna be kind of low this week i got to throw coty which is a great if you stand stage and you dont how to write a joke you have to scream jokes or even if you like to call your girlfriend account at the top your lungs you know you never do that in the next day you want to do it again but you throw his two tore up he can't do it well get organic throw coty everybody you can call girl account seven days a week three and sixty five days a year would be a great commercial right you said the girl crying in the background sitting down the fetal position is your fuckin sitting in the field feed opposition bill curled up in the feed opposition bill you dumb fuck eric let's see what did i do so far in this park yes i'm pissed off
one who isn't from america or i guess you know americans who are also went to soccer and then i too after a giant media market see their bill that's why new york as such the pig stage because it's one of the biggest media markets in all the fuckin cookery how pathetic i you fuckin teams that you gotta bring up the level of media in your city the level of media gimme a fuckin break two championship banners nineteen seventy fuckin three nineteen seventy three the chevy vaguer was considered a sports car and if you who won the game show network people lose their fuckin minds about that car
you know you know you can't win and then they open the colonel bridle shabby vega and these people with their fuckin big gregg gregg bay break fuckin belt buckles and they fuckin now who's that do from knocked up observing report did assess rogan fuckin aff rose go up lovely fuckin eight shit over a chevy vaguer that's when you guys want it last people from dying of old flocking age on that who do you have any idea who the fuck and the next a great who do you got bill bradley daddy became a senator and any fuckin died this is what it is you want to get down to brass tacks here what's really bugging me is in boss
we only have four sports teams ok we're playing a fuckin euro we one one bullet in the chamber and those kids stand there in new york the double down two out of the four fuckin sports every year splitting fuckin aces two different sports so they pay their stats with championships but i respect the yankees the yankees are the greatest franchise in unknown all for sports they got the fuckin championships you have to respect it they gotta and i wouldn't never ever try to act somebody was afraid to play in boston because of the media or whatever the fuck that you know or call it the biggest age in boston i would never do that out of respect for the fucking yankees the fact that they have twenty more fuckin championships than we do ok give me the fuckin respect
that i deserve as a boston celtic found that we have fifteen more fuckin nba championships than you do fuckin idiots big state i am so sick of these fat man did she had heads with their fucking game one jerseys and they yell shit players on the field and i think that their intimidating them you know like the fact that you gotta d up kobe bryant that you know that night isn't enough to make you nervous now it's the fat fuck with the shaved head in ro fifty eight g still jane eyre ball need they don't care that you fuckin here it didn't even here the projects is not afraid to go to new york he wanted to win our right that's why the fuck he went to miami you know and i would really love in this is the deal if if the fuckin lakers didn't exist with this stupid
he should claiming that the los angeles lakers have fuckin sixty because that's what the tea should says it says los angeles lakers sixteen championship not los angeles slash minneapolis lakers so now i have to become a miami heat faith i really do but just for them nor do i dont like any other shit i didn't like two thousand eight boston celtics i didn't like that either where you just go out and then just everybody piles i won t i don't fuckin like it i don't like this age of the super teams its yet i danone that's not i don't know what it is anymore it's like it's like it so so becoming like what reads retail stores have become they're all like these superstores now there's not like it the regular hardware store that apple i use every podcast it's always a hardware store with me a fucking one trick pony its fuckin it's all walmart now home depots best buy
all of that type of shit and i don't know it's not the same kind of pride like that that your head back in the day when you watched red back get some unknown centre from golden state you know robert parish factor will we was before he came to the celtics and he goes after mikhail wasn't a highly trot touted draft pick larry birdie works on four like three fucking years and get some become too the celtics like that with some interesting shit but now a days when you got shit like heaven kale a former celtic is working for the grizzlies any gives the fucking celtics kevin garnett for nothing for now an entire fuckin franchise the same jerry west his fucking worker from memphis it gives the fuck
lakers power is solved for nothing i mean it's a grown up on a fuck enough and the fact that these fucking neck fans i sidney talking about that guy piling on as the guardian turkey's are negotiations to try to get cliff lee they don't have enough with fuckin sebastian j burnett marianna rivera fuckin alex rigorous out the fuckin to share all those guys i love the names of fade away as only then watch baseball anymore it's such a fucking stupid goddamn sport dude if the yankees got closely you might as well just mail them the trophy and this is what it is i don't know from justice crabby old man trying to find the art in signing all these free agents because it just seems me like whereas the most fuckin money will eventually get
most of the best guys occasionally you lose out on a guy occasionally a closely will go to the rangers you know or somebody will the fuck and angels or maybe they'll go to the fuckin red sox assent like tat but generally speaking you start with the fuckin yeah and then it just goes down i don't know i just as he might does any fuckin skilled i've just been of a five you notice about my fucking period this week half hour rag and about that shit let's get to work let's go let's just totally fuck and make a left turn here somebody asked me so for some advice this week here we go this is this is this is a quite this is a situation that i think a lot of people all brace can deal with let's see here hey bill huge van lovey calmly pocket book i hope this will get to love
it starts with one of my good friends going out with this girl they went out for a body of right off the bat you know you can't can't you tell with this is going this story arts with one of my good i'm going out with this girl they went for about a year at to honour on and off come up your focus here just try to read this smoothly right startled starts of one of my good friends out with this girl they went out for about a year or two on and off i'm still though even one we're together they were ever really good in quotes here we go they fought basically all the time and just didn't see right for each other though gee you know what this is going during the early stages of their relationship my friend thought i had a thing for her oh gee she's she is a good looking girl she is a good can girl and i
friends with her before they even got together do you ask oh justifying what the fuck you either did or about ready to do i love it they were really for each other even when they worked together they just there was something missing i actually newer before he did maybe go she is a good looking girl and i was so there before they are even together i admit i might have inadvertently ben ali flirting with her sometimes oh i'm sorry was i just flirting there do you have a future at at bp the next time they hello an entire gulf of a nation that they're not even citizens of and they need they bring somebody out to stand behind the podium do this is fucking great i might have been vertically bent a little flirting with her had a fuck even do that how do you inadvertently flirt with somebody why you
a beautiful night dress i tell you if you're my girlfriend i've ever i am aware that would have forty goethe i'm sorry i'm sorry that's right you're not my girlfriend i though of every single what was i think it jesus christ i saw it bears my face turned red all i got inadvertently flirting with you right there jesus here we go but any goes this is what he says i met a have inadvertently been a little with her sometimes but that shit always happens with a guy in a girl i think to the level of guilt just weighing you down if you're trying to justify all this either way i told him i didn't like which was true to stop i into yourself anyway past however i got this feeling that there was a there was still an undertone that he resented may sense then yeah probably because all the inadvertent flirting and
act that you were a moulding that they weren't right for each other when anyways let's that's that's fast forward as he says fast forward now they ve been broken up for at least a year and don't talk says he randomly texture texas her texture jesus christ fuckin reed she says he randomly texts her but she doesn't never answer him but regardless of that now this girl likes me why oh my god i didn't see that common wait a minute anyway but she actually likes me and basically says she wants to fuck my voice described the perfect says she wants the fuck am i the excited i need some more throw cold here and basically says she wants to talk she tells me stuff like wishes she went out with me instead of him
to begin with now i do all right with girls but i dont have them lining up or anything so i'm trying to lead a virtual sure thing pass me by oh my god this is when it's gettin jerry springer here with most guys i dont i'd feel like i do not care if i went for there were at least understand why i did do you realize what you're saying i think most guys wouldn't care their best friend went out and bang their fuckin ex girlfriend within a year of them going out i think that they understand anyway he goes i think most guys want to stamp out this buddy of mine is a little nuts it's also a situation where he's the type of guy that if he were my position he do the same thing to you just justify you don't you need my advice you're gonna do it
my other friends who knows the whole situation says i should but others talk to us about it say i shouldn't the land i talk to her she said she wanted to hang out just me and her and then i should let her know when want to i guess this is getting pan along i have one question do i have any justification and fucking this girl and two if i do would you say i should go through with it ok all right sir there does justice just a ton of shit goin on here ok right off the bat you have to be honest with yourself i'll write you weren't inadvertently flirting with this girl you act we probably like this girl before this gave and got with her or maybe the fact that you the guy
your friend got worth earnings bang inner made you the sudden interested in her see i don't know you as a person you could be a very sadistic human we actually i'm gonna wanna lemon say you're not because the fact that you actually give a fuck enough to write me and ask whether you should do this that major we have some sort of guilt about it so you won't get off on bang and your fuckin best friends ex girlfriend do this a lot of shit here that could blow up in your face ok in a perfect world right you're a man and you say you know what that's not going to be worth the the blow back it's not gonna be worth the fuckin damage that i'm gonna do disguised my best friend i do i even though he would do it to me i'm not going to do it
and then i also need to stop being friends with this guy because anybody who would go out fuck my ex girlfriend within a year is naturally a friend i need to get better friends but despite all i'm still not gonna do what the fuck he would have done just because he would have done it to me and you just walk away the situation and you go out in it add up some other fuckin brought that's that is like if you want to be knighted someday by one of those fuckin broad over there in the castle in england do you want to go over there would serve serve collins looking on and get knighted that's what the fuck you do but if you're gonna bang this broad you ve already fucked up ok fucking you ass friends ex girlfriend it's like a murder you why is few people involved is humanly possible i learn
that on an episode of uninformed we had a cop come in and me and my co house jodo rosa were saying as you know we try come up with how to commit the perfect murder and i remember said ok get me in a body mighty goes right there you fucked up right there you fucked up because the more people you bring in the bigger chance you have a getting caught you know that you're not going at yourself out but the other guy if he gets scared might go to the police station and try to culpably that's the same shit with this if you're gonna fuck you best friends girl ex girlfriend don't go around and ask other friends gonna do should i do with it down and you're already dead right and then the other side of it is how the to these people broke up
now how hath no fury like a woman scorned and for all you know this chick might be a fucking psycho all right i mean i think it's a good thing now that he's texting her and not the other way around and that she is not texting him back granted you're taking her word for that that's what the situation is now for all you know it's there verse and if it is reverse she want some sort of vengeance which means she goes out and bangs his best friend and then lo and behold fails guilty the next day and then has to tell him all right just the light you know that is on the fucking table if you really want to know whether or not you wanna jerk if you want a jerk if you want to fuckin
i get ahead of myself here if you want to fuck this girl and not just go jerk off to her and after he had done if you still want a banker you want a banker and then just fuckin man up and deal with the fuckin consequences of go out and bankers who gives a fuck is sunday you gonna be eighty and who gives a shit you know on the other side if you actually have feelings for this girl that's a home then you should definitely what if you actually feel like this girl could be the girl that you're gonna spend your life with then i would definitely say go for knowing well that your friendship with this other guy is he's gonna end so do you know what it's fuckin on you you know ask me what i do it a year i would have back in the day but now that i'm are older wiser man i wouldn't i would just fine rob one out to her and then be asked what's gonna thank god i didn't fuck do that don't gotta did
that and i was i would also fuckin not now with the other guy isn't it a friend of mine that would fuckin ex girlfriend a mind within a fuckin year i wouldn't be friends with even though i just described all of my friends don't know what to tell you i don't know what to tell you you probably shouldn't do what you she brought you d don't you shouldn't you should go on go fuck and bank somebody else you shouldn't a right but i feel like a hypocrite because i would i would but then again i'm also fuckin forty two year old girl never got married so what are you listening to a complete fuckin scumbag herself jesus christ this is why i don't have a fucking advice show you know i was in my attempt to be honest i guess i'd i tell you both things do it don't do it i would but you shouldn't have stay
you know what let's go to the listeners to hear from the women because they they're gonna have on both sides that can have like you shouldn't your friend and then there don't be mad on some level like white guy feel like they own somebody jets could they used to go out with him because we're territorial the territorial that way and you have to stand that whoever you bank in your life is a female for the your life that post not yours anymore it belongs to him and you can say it nor is it is it because he fucked it jack you know what i feel like you know there wasn't enough ignorance on this podcast so i feel like i have to say some stupid like that but that that's how guys work and i'd even ass you this is is your best friend is he bigger than you are physically kenny you down does he take eugene
two classes um has he ever had any murderous thoughts that he yeah i'm sort of dive thanks to you as you know a night of drinking too many tequila shots and you see an agony d on our side of him you know this disease hope on shit this is what guy do this is what you gotta do go out and get yourself a fucking pitpat are right and this is what you have to do you gotta go to this girl you just gotta lay it on the fucking table that's what you gotta do you just gotta be honest with you and just say look sweetheart i have wanted to fuck you since two thousand six up you don't say that but basically you finish your way into that you gotta tell us that you wanted to hook up with her and the owner
reason why you didn't this is the deal this is all right what we had a little technical difficulty there i left you hang it about that battery she died i was right in the middle of trying to tell this dude how we could doug loud bang this girl now got a fucking stick this into the goddamn grew garage bandit splice it together which i already did did this point so wise and pitch about it when you listen to this fuckin thing let me read this goddamn podcast but tat this kid how to go out fuck is best friends ex girlfriend right this is what you do you got it you gotta have a talk with this girl before you do it don't just go over there and just fuckin sneak over there yet now with this over excitement fuckin rate this girl posture and then realize oh my god i have no fuckin feelings for this girl at then you know risk
that she'll then we shall be central all the bullshit i sat on the first fuckin instalment of this goddamn podcast what you gotta do you got a fucking get everything out in the open her right fuck and led her convince you that it's the right fuckin thing to do and get her to say that she could say shit all right get her to say that and when she says she's not gonna say shit yeah the reader i write like a fuckin season goddamn pro europe of the twenty seven fuck pantomime lying whatever that fuckin god movie was true romance you gotta look we'll get you you after you have to make a fuckin assessment if this girl can keep your fuckin mouth shut bite
sending these scenarios you got look i'm gonna get worry that tomorrow what are you going to wake up feeling guilty and then you have to confess to him you know i'm not gonna field and that could have guilty yeah you are you're just fuckin i don't know i'm really given you shit advice to adopt i'm trying to give you a fucking scumbag way to go out go do the shit just like i don't know i'm fucking bad this man i have to be in the moment what the fuck dirt bear goddamn thing what i d say it this is what you do you don't go over a fuckin place what you do don't go over a goddamn place since the hard thing i gotta go out you gotta meet her in public ok so there's no sexual fuck intention that you can act on our rights and dick won't be doubt she's fine she's not lion she's not lion she's gonna because what you have to do is he gonna meet in public places
people can see a seat oh this is just to justify its it it's a tough one table if you can actually fuckin pull this off why don't you write me back and tell you to tell me how you fuck you did it for a long time ago i was in the beginning our relationship and i was banging still bang in this other psycho on the side and like a dirt bag you now and i remember there's gonna be a point where the two of them we're going to be at the same fuckin place so i just dealt with it for five years for we hooked up i just said look let me answer to this girl i'm coming down with where new i'm starting feelings for a right older than i cleaned up everything on this which i haven't with you so i need you to not act weird when i fucking come down they find out you know i'm not saying hello you ok that was before i hooked up with their she's like five
then she went down there and that she did at cool because in her head she's probably holding out like maybe fire cool healthier fuckin cool i am and then to be with me and that decided pitch and meanwhile i fucking got away with it and you know what a pardon me died another fuckin chunk of my soul came out to dirty fuck it gave the dirty goddamned gave a piece of shit don't fucking listen to me right what else do we got this week but by the way do not i talked about a tenth fuck em you got you got a right is back and let us know what happened arise u i realize this might be like one of those stupid hollywood movies and then i realized that's not the person i wanted to be doing do that i don't wanna fuck and here it but if you don't give you do the dirty bullshit i want to hear about it would i be the worst fuckin life coach ever alright his is a segment corporate counts
bill for someone who flies as much as you do can you take a shot at explaining the logic behind why a one way ticket almost cost me more than a round trip for domestic fought for domestic flights maybe this isn't a problem however i'm flying from here from europe at the end of the month a one way ticket and it costs one and a half times more than a round trip chip ticket and i immediately said will want you by the round trip ticket and he addresses this immediately says and if the airline company can prove that i purchased a round trip ticket the attempt of not using the return for the flight taken golly charge for the price difference between the fares what the fuck is this normal this practice i to tell you it but it is because tell corrupt are can government is that's how powerful corporations are around the fucking world did they do whatever that
whatever they want to do and they have this thing we're every quarter they have to show a profit all right out actually they after two to show more of a profit than the previous quarter they can't even just have the same amount of profit it's not enough and basically they ve legally run out of ways to korea revenue stream so what they're doing now is there just stealing this dealing from people are right if you have a one way ticket that means you're going home or you starting a new life and you want to get the fuck out of where you rat so that's why they know that they can charge a ton of fuckin money all right there were some price around triptych double fuckin we're just write this little bill here the senator who we fuckin paid for his guy campaign help push it through isn't that how it works they just call the senator i don't know anything ibm
it's a piece of shit thanks so what you gotta do is you have to vandalized the airplane all right do something to vandalized fuck an airplane to anyone even do that cars are they going to do is just pass that expense onto us this is what you have to do you have to find out who it is that came up with that who created that who was out who is the lobbyists to push that think through how that somehow became legal to find out where they live and then you just gotta do you got tail up the whole fuckin weak get their patterns figure out when they go to the goddamn jim her right oh a pair of pantyhose from your fuckin girlfriend put it over your head hide in some shrubs and when they do come walk out of the jim with that far can tal around his neck you just
blast and brightness facing you choking with on with your show coming ambushes face into the mulch and you re like desperate a one way ticket pocket haul it back to the states you can't and then you get your fuckin fortress stephen you drive away that's the only way to get back at him and if you do that i'll give you a free dvd under any overrated for the weak underwear the movie waiting that's all the world of restaurant waiters cooks it etc it's funny honest and quite gross i imagine it is because i've worked in a couple of fuckin restaurants and the shit that goes on the edge of the ship that you'll do when you're not cook and for a family member is really it's staggering i'll leave it at that overrated harmless pretty bitter but anyways when you watch the special features on dvd and as always the making of feature far too of these features including the movie waiting that i just recommended have the actor
in the directors jokingly calling others on the film useless awful amor church amateurish etc talk about how the whole film is a disaster and woke and will go straight to video get it i don't really mean it looking around ella well oh oh well see it it was a bit i want yeah i guess you know and understand me how many times can you just sit there ago asking poacher was absolutely brilliant and madame of the butterfly the butterfly effect whatever the fuck it was called that seen his reaction here is right up with bruce willis in dire part three he turned around and looks at the green screen and pretend to be looking at a jumbo jet it was absolutely some of the best act and how could you do that so they gotta make themselves go with arrogance i would just talk about
scenes and how fuckin amazing i am while i was pointing out the dumb shit that i didn't it youtube videos for the weak and do that i'm gonna tell you i think i've recommended or at least the listeners of my yes we're recommended some of the funniest and best fucking youtube videos to help with this youtube videos last week you know our right here's one duck face song search ducks song like quack quack duck face song this is an amazing one search fake yo trickster fools every tv station everywhere and it could have been shorter but fake yo yo trickster fools every tv station everywhere this is hilarious this guy goes on and claims to be a yo yo champion and he actually sucks at any time all this shit and then it goes on there and he can't pull off any tricks and he just stand there and leave
the morning news guy with the awkwardness of him completely failing and not handling the failing and just leaving it in the lap of the rapporteur and it's it's fuckin awesome ah here for all you kids and i want to use the young kid word this one is epic this one is it on youtube cutting edge the monday podcast is go to w w w dot everything is terrible dot com and then search for the video this is hip hop and die its awesome it's a fucking white lady soccer mom you know and she's gonna you know what time it is i want to leave it at that everything is terrible dotcom a couple more for all you nick fans out there will listen you won't go to google search labelling james desist
an interview parity i think you'll enjoy that one immensely fro you deaf metal fans who have a sense of humour and because this one really hinges on actually knowing the song is banned called cannibal corpse and the name of the song is hammer smash face and if you don't already know that song i suggest you listen to it first listen to cannibal corps hammer smash face for as long as you can let your death metaphor then you'll love it or a fan of comedy then go to search cannibal corpse amber smash face smash face disney radio version something can genius out their basically you know his death metals a lotta like at the darker cords and he turned a moloch places saint court but in a major court which are they happier once and then he
he sings the sign with the same lyrics it's fucking great in that as you know i didn't bring up aside from four hyping the month the m m podcast dot com is in all of this leubronn shit i didn't really bring up like the fans of fuckin cleveland and yet another fuckin blow that those people have to take i mean they're just its brutal but the industry leaving that town and then all you know c c so bad tat he wanted to go to new york many romero went to boston m tall may went to philly i mean they had the team how they finally get like fuckin arguably i would the next cobby level player is get away to go but the next coolby level pair player and lebron james gave marie
and go to the downtown area it sucks it sucks because downtown even if you really look at the buildings if you can look pass the scary homeless people in really look at the buildings it's beautiful it's just that you know get back to these recounts they just pulled up stakes and they left because they were sick of put paying people of fair wage and they were sick having to pay for health insurance and they wanted to have some eight year old go put the fuckin grill on a goddamn fuckin caprice classic gonna fuckin the same thing with detroit although cities buffalo off if you look at the buildings their verdict a beautiful cities and you can see what they used to be and it's a fucking shame i don't know i don't know how to bring back you know by american she's why i'm gonna get the fuckin challenger
ok if i find out it it's actually put together down and fuckin honduras i'm gonna be fuckin pissed all right i'll challenger is dodge nor put together in fuckin whatever the fuckin thing is i'm gonna learn spanish goddammit and i went out podcast i'll have one forget analyse and one in four can spend your would that be great then i could find it actually trash people in their native language about how much soccer is fuckin boring that is that support care for this week once again thanks but it contributing please visit the m m podcast dot com if you if you don't i search you tube it's a fucking pain in the ass or there gotta go to why everything is terrible dot com if you just want em all night nice neat little package like those little good things you know when you when you girls get a birthday he just got out
the spine you get a little fuckin fancy soaps and everything we got youtube videos it's just like that with a nice little bulwana indeed all the references that i make like bill brad it all that bullshit go to the unemployed cast dot com on a bit the montreal comedy festival this week i'll be doing david letterman next week but that's neither here nor there because i'll be doing to podcast next monday before i type in any way so i could talk to you guys about what its
to be sitting around the day of doing a debit letterman spot that is it god bless you
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