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Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 9-13-18

Bill rambles about short people, throwing out trains, and NFL week one.

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what's goin on its billboard is time for the thursday afternoon just before friday monday morning podcast at just check in on you checking to see i you know and man shit by the way you know so check and specifically if they can fuck and still hear me anybody who stuck around in north carolina virginia wherever else the carolinas the cadillac i thought can go anywhere goddamn and i got a book and bass boat rat that her i took to the fuckin camp or off the bat oh my care for special i welded it to my fuckin basketball good to go i'd like to see a fuckin gator come along my way all right i have a face and a new pair fuckin shoes water listen i'll make you into a fuckin belt bring it on mobile nature you fuckin rich
that's what a lot of people that's what a lot of people think people who are not leaving despite all of the warnings are thinking that's what they think is going on right i put on a pair fuck and snow shoes and i'll walk right across the fact in class all their spirit and i don't give a shit i break moonshine spade and if my natural state mother fucker my coming over here like some sort of fuckin ex wife one more fuckin money a lot of people think that that's what's going on but you know people don't understand that what the bankers did in the two thousands is still affecting people and there's a lot of people who are still upside down in a house that's never going to be worth more than what they do that what they owe the americans is over these people and when you in that situation you know that
driving a piece of shit car it leads to a whole bunch of shit you don't have health insurance and all that's nice post to get into your fuckin you know quite annabelle car and just drive stayed away with no fuckin money you know you got kids you got all this shit what are you gonna do nine on the other side people go oh a united eu law should be alive you know what i would do now that i'm dr and dry and safe i would just drive to a waffle house i would sit in the parking lot what happened a security guard at the waffle house is no security is no sir already they just have a fear of a bat phoned the cops at the waffle house waffle has they have got to have the most fuckin altercations at any just mean it's just such a wonderful place you go in there to get this delicious unhealthy fuckin food that is its comfort food you know what
happens every i swear to god i don't care who the fuck you are black white male female asian fuckin and you go in there you you're you're fuckin gonna get you a fight gonna see a fight you can have to pick up your fuckin waffles and move it out of the way is somebody slams down in your table like you're in some sort of fuckin saloon eighteen hundreds you telling me these people are not kept lack are supposed to drive to that can parking lot well bill don't you think it's in trying to wait it out in a hurricane i don't i've never had to do that in our fortunately i'm not in that finance fuckin position but you know i just don't understand how these fuck it back get away with that i understand how they did it not doing it again but luxury high rise apartment buildings that de facto building everywhere what kind of a fuckin jerk off rents a luxury high rise apartment building ok don't do that by a piece of shit house ok at least
end of living there you can sell it and get some of your money back you may or may not make a profit but i'm just saying you know all you went to grammars you know it's really interesting that i didn't realize dino old millennials are everybody is looking let myself included living college kids you fuckin millennials they they can't do anything for themselves their not millennials alright millennia the first millennials you know here they were born ninety eighty ok i d like big ninety five so millennials right now or twenty two to thirty eight and i imagine this a mother uninformed shit heads like me out there who are thirty eight years old and talking people eighteen calling them fuckin millennials when they are not millennials but the purse seine it is actually a fuckin millennium right people i don't know what generation you're talking about
like you know it's funny i'm actually generation ex so i was after the baby wasn't that ended in like sixty three sixty four somethin like that and then generation exe to nineteen seventy nine and what's funny is i did not i did i i don't i identify as generates new generation to me was the seattle music see that's when i started fuckin here in it i dont think in up i didn't think the baby boomers like hey man we gotta get out vietnam fucking bay be killer me right i feel like should be a generation between baby boomers and generation x you know the generation that like ronnie james deal you know but didn't listen to the mama's in the papas orderly
their bright blue surprise at the sky is grey like that shit i liked what mamma cats dance she had a fuckin cool two steps used to do anyways i mean what the fuck i'm talking about right now i'm just saying you know good luck all of those i'm coming there next week if it's not under fuckin water i really hope it isn't you know this is crazy decision fucking crazy and are we always had hurricanes stuff but like i just hope they're not gonna keep getting worse the sheer amount of them is that an worse they watch people lose everything if only there was a way to fix this mother nature is trying right now trying with the only the quickest
swiftest fuckin solution that's literally you know metaphorically she's doing right now i see what the problem is i need to drown some of these motherfuckers drowned a certain amount of a right but she's gonna have to do scary thing is she's gonna have to do way better than what she's doing right now because we always worn everybody out right the storms come and everybody gets the fact that it does so natures gotta be walking around you shaking her head after every one of these days gonna tell you it does make any fuckin sense she's like mr pink enough telling we're gonna fuckin rat criminals love god you got fifteen is untenable it would just there man there were just there although to prepare bear
no i'm all right i'm fuckin positive europe i gotta watch a movie and yet mother nature gabby we had a fuckin rat house okay so whose whose tim roth thirteen as mr brown like mr shit mr pink mister blonde mr white mr orange yes she has to find out who were mr oranges inner mr orange is the fuckin whether chin you know she's gotta come in i saw you like to tell jokes ha gag loan like a bunch of girls at a school you i got a job for you
ways i've been workin out i've been eating right and i gotta tell you guys i mean like the fuckin best shape i've been in years and ah it is fuckin unbelievable i know people always told me die it's it's ninety per cent dies nightlife dated five dead serried jet die dude it's it's all die it it's all died because like if you can though kick the shit out of yourself and a god damn jump on a fuckin elliptical you jump on elliptical for an hour on six hundred calories according to that fuckin computer which how the fuck it knows how much you are burning versus somebody else yet what habits of exit estimate so you get sweat all over the fuckin thing you don't wipe it off cause you're a selfish can you go walking out of their right and then later on that now all you gotta have like three
four oreo cookies you just negated that work up done all of that fuck and work out the window and any you can fuckin to do this i look at a minute i have you noticed it's like every go it when we are where we put out these seasons efforts for family takes us like fucking fourteen months to finish him and then people just now i m not monseigneur that's our kids watch nuts i'm just saying then they just come back like hey man like once the next season same thing same thing i went out i'm actually like i am off sugar and salt to the point i asked my wife to go on get some ahmed butter and she got it and nine already knew there was some going on with the word says you didn't have to stir the shit i'm like this doesn't sound like the gnat says filling the natural shit
put it in this movie two tablespoons of this shit and i mean i say that this fuckin sugar agnes and after like the like of five weeks have been eaten like this like it was made my fuckin i made like a bit into a lemon like jesus christ and i never noticed that beforehand so if your old like me you want to regain some of your old glory you want to drive down the street with your hair slicked back you want to put the dog down you want to tell these bitches what that is it's all about that your abso there man if you didn't have i don't have apps yes you do if you didn't have abu could not sit up in bed you know you can't even i bet you need europe leaks could not on a bed to go downstairs needed chocolate chip muffin or whatever others the thing that you gonna do that's gonna make you break a blood vessel when you fuckin sit down
you let's sit down that you do when you get really out of shape were he's u you you use your leg muscles and at some point it just becomes a free fall into the couch you give yourself whiplash in your fuckin head hits table that your wife just had to have that was just a little bit higher than the couch than a merely when oh i don't know you're in a fight and are you gonna work you friends that you knock it allowed you wife what a fuckin bit she is in all of this type of shit and when it really comes two is just do not need right now right see what we have to do a trust fall into your fuckin couch you get a fuckin mild concussion on the giant and table that she just had
the had to have it slack for what the southern exit lately i kind of disguises then it's actually my own ignored saying it arrives just doin a character of just do a character what they got a woman what about why oh my god you got a big they were nobody's limited or even lack sport oh they do then why gunnar always people at a w and by a guy you explain act me away without a core weren t many sort weren't these damages out there to focus the god damn our wherever they called oblong twat gay well once you watch an episode of real housewives maybe figure out that's why don't show up shit over there three men
maybe fuckin lunch in over a god damn table we know came array and they are not enough cameramen break i went down a randy newman rabbit hold the other night jesus christ that guy's talented her then one that's i'm old enough to remember that some sharp people got no reason shaw people got no reason jaw people got no reason only that came out all these sure people got man and he was he was making fun of racism the ridiculous of racism right you got a little cars go be we be they got little voices go p p p rubbing their hands dirty little minds and people once again took it faced value but having said that that song
came out and then there was a bunch of people they didn't get what it was about and they were singing it too short people so i don't know was so brilliant on so many different levels and i love his voice i love the piano epa and he's done all these all these great songs from movies and stuff like that actually looked up to see if he was a tall anywhere there's some really great for each of them to actually with that short people fingers in the studio like an incredible credible sense of humor you know as most you know geniuses that i've seen always self by deprecating in that type of stuff it's really funny how that is you know people who stay just walk around like like their fuckin astronauts just supreme carbon it always thinking they killed which is no fucking fluids dislike it's one of those fuckin think stood up
no that's always a red flag to meet with some was walking around maybe that's my own fuckin thing maybe it's the boston thing i gave you the ikea dont forget where you came from fuckin relax easy there travolta anyways what else what else is there to talk about i've just been yeah i was you know it was fuckin amazing i was watching this episode last night sunset strip they showed the coadjutor pass which where the one or one goes from hollywood into the valley and there's this old bridge and that they were shone like footage of it from the nineteen fifties and i'd seen this before at a car dealership that had all these old pictures of hollywood in you on the one or one when the one or one north and one on one or one south at the command of past
in between the railroad tracks that no longer existence always like you know used at need this city believe it or not from what you know the tree hugger save me anne had one of the greatest public transportation of any city and the conspiracy theory is that the oil company companies and a good year tyre created a corporation and they bought up all the street cars all the trains and all the trolleys and all type a shit i bought it up and just ripped up all the tracks paved over everything forcing people to all have to drive so then they like they were they make so much fucking money that they could by a business is big is that with trains who can afford to throw out of one fuckin train forget about a whole city full of elm street cars and trolleys and all that ripped up all the fuck contracts
i don't know what happened but there's something happened does it make it makes no sense you know street cars with best they know they still have em unlike san francisco not talk about the stupid when we got the fuckin he'll like yours mean those school the ones that i grew up saying that there are actually there their building they are building public transport nation out here again so we shall see it's weird though because everything then god built up like everybody had a car so like most buildings just to go on the sidewalk to the buildings i gotta go to vegas in you like i'm gonna walk across the street this other casino in like fucking you know fifty its later you in your hands and knees go like water why now
i guess i can illusion it looks like it's right there it's right across the street it is so fuckin far away i know the caesars what's hilarious as you go from the mirage to the two caesar's and they just have this moving air conditioned sidewalk yet our he's just all these fat sweat people on it you know the thing should actually be moving in the opposite direction should be a giant treadmill for these people should have to on it for ten minutes then it shut often roles the other way you should you should have to earn it you know just be too much too much liability for me as a heart attack somebody slips and falls so they dont pay just conveyor belt like cattle off the slaughter jesus bill why can't i just be people were just fat and happy it i'll go in and get nowhere in their favorite loud short to go places
perhaps you know what you know i think you guys might have a point on this one so anyway the first week of nfl has gone by now you know what everybody's don't everybody looks at week one and then they just say that's who these people are new york jets are they the favorites anyway i've seen aged they were one game material patriot look good but all of a sudden attack actually came back and made it merely close if i was appropriate make a joke about it i don't know what you don't you feel like this about three weeks in you know you can kind of start to tell okay this this team is this this team is that has no injuries i don't know what the fuck is going to happen but i really don't think that the tampa bay you can using it to put a forty eight points a week while letting up forty of the saints gonna let up forty eight at a fuckin know right
cincinnati gonna go down by twenty every fuckin weaken income roaring back and fuck away i don't know maybe they well maybe this what's gonna happen renault since video either the invisible wave of most exciting caesar so i am going to i'm to be in town this whole weakened because ivo a bunch of big coming up so i am touring like i used to talk so i like one weekend off until like towards the end of october and but this weekend she got move to next week in which was mainly weekend off so kind of worked out and so
wife was goin hey i got some stuff to do saturday afternoon do you mind you know hang out with our daughter above but sick what why are you are you of course i don't course i leave to hang with my daughter and watch ls u verse auburn are you kidding me this is a dream so fuckin very well i got by a driver got a goddamn broad announcing the fuckin guy it's woods be a dream i don't give a shit welcome ladys welcome to the world of broadcasting anyways yak wait did might we took our daughter over to get some shots you don't like i decided stop listening to hollywood celebrities and actual listen to people in the medical field so my daughter is getting all the shots we stretched amato whatever so she went did he get
four shots she's been their numerous times and so now like she knows when we go in there that this is the place where she feels that needle and stuff so she's like on there she's like you know when i used to bring my dog to the vet you no thanks i'm trying to make it laugh and stuff so we ended up go in there and the woman nor she's great she's real quick gets done and my daughter said her first three sentence after she got the shot he was already crime we lay back and tissue painting and then she got the shot and then seek she let out this yell just broke my heart and then she looked at the nurse she just goes on by by like it was so fuckin cute and it also like broke my heart all at the same time i picked up and she had a little hand grab of a handful of my shirt
like terry o reilly back in the day but she's trying to hug me just kept looking at the nurse goes its all ok that's a yell does she just get good bye bye bye bye was just like it was like a kid go out all you walk away from me man bye bye can't even lie can't even recreate moment it so we i was so glad that i was there is a dad i gotta be honest with you like i would stay out in the waiting room because i could not handle i was here in those babies crying than just like you know i don't know that i could i can handle even if it's a good thing watches somebody on any will hurting my kid and i know
they're doing it for the right thing but it was just like silent in there i got through it and i'm glad i did i was glad that i did and it was our god it was so fuckin q it was so cute i done why why by just kept saying that like like like i'm done with you get away from me i don't want any more this shit i just can't i can't like the emotion in a voice i just can't put in the fuckin words for whatever reason anyways let's do some advertising here for the week my bookie everybody i call him in every week call it did have applied in what the factories are com so goddamn busy i know i call it a couple people i do my picture my bookie you know ever since ice this podcast people and asking me for advice asked me what bet on the truth is i don't know
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the afternoon podcast now now you get mobile transition music and then you get an x you get two extra fucking things here this is incredibly gonna get to listen to me talk to what it how did it go the sports gambling podcast was sean green and ryan yet the listen my picture get to listen my picture the weak actually think by law the week was at summer was going to say something disparaging about the the the female announcer and as far as i can tell nothing really happened you know how he has fallen the animals i said good luck to everybody that globally should have a transgender person in the fuckin do it is i'm still play football i don't give a fuck a right as long as you know what you're talking about i don't know why i don't care what's between your legs what you to have their what you attacked what you
i doubt i don't i don't give a fuck just please the lava know what you're talking about an enhanced experience don't take away from it right in other words do the exact opposite of what i do my fuckin parkhurst hour i have a great weekend you can't let's go well as you actually ready newman has a song called rednecks where he actually he's actually making fun of northern liberals when it comes to racism how everybody acts like you know all the racism is down south to sign you could never right today because of the lyrics but you know if you actually knew he was talking about but this is still a line in their got college kids it unless you go in dumb come out dumb to set frigate people of alabama would like the lesson that one right maybe mississippi it's always the state next door arkansas i've noticed like states always think the state next to miss fuckin stupid and their better
you know which is why ruffin rowdy his so fuckin tremendous they believe me i've ever seen that really exploit that state to state rivalry at the level that people really want to take it to a right we play football because its illegal to just don't beat the shit out of each other but was right rowdy like when they handed down in the carolinas i had no idea how much people in south carolina in north carolina didn't care for one another you know little thought because because of that invisible line if you were on the other side of it that meant that you with some sort yet you are less than them it's fuckin tremendous help then rough and ready event unfortunately i'm not gonna be there but you can bet good god damn well i'm gonna order it and i'm gonna take it and just sit down with my miller high laughs and i'm gonna watch it
wanna believes in kentucky and its on october fit but i have a gig in boston that night so i won't be please please turn tuning deported can hilarious people there are right said is it ensure you weekend you can't use that were used to working body maybe get a finger bill burns words giving i guess it's brodie by my book you daddy gave my book is the leader in all night sports books use a promo code bill bets for a hundred percent deposit bonus play
when and get paid look you dad agee ok join us on the line bilbil i know an ace idiots and travelling to do this past sunday were you able do enjoy nfl week one yeah i want to see the patriots game although my activity was kind of cutting out for whatever reason so i watched a little bit of that i saw a little bit of the jets and i watched john john bruton return and i was love in the first half of the great seed and there i thought it was funny when we said he couldn't because here we have rightly younger kids could integrate all the young kitty is like the oldest tee with the nfl i that see they're gonna be are you actually i don't think it's kind of a genius move on his part yeah it seemed to be a bold played a kind of do a garden did and obviously the second half didn't work out a mean last week we hit on it i think you're cash that the
every support us an answer will be coming out with the sky is falling down and that certainly seems to be the case for the raiders and then on the positive side the jets why you re having a radius play like the first tat state they were met with real good rams team i mean like the raiders event like like you know a slapstick show forever i think week one that was i would be happy with that allows a radius friend i've you know that second ass they did look clueless i mean it's only week long china when the jets are now like you know there are you gonna do you know him whatever you see gonna get ya like you know what he did we want that tom brady did its birth bake it isn't just like that thank you know i'm not saying that that guy's gonna be greater i think but like i think you're really even know what's goin on until after three weeks as far as just like i may know that
tampa saints game forty eight forty i mean is that what they gotta be doing each week i don't onwards i would have given up forty or the other way around this that receives like sometimes issues we games and other staff what's gonna throw five interceptions aegis sometimes you just have a bad game and i don't know that was there was that that's game i was i mean obviously if they do that every week they're gonna be world leaders but i got a feeling that they're not going to be may i agree and just as as a someone who grew up as the jet says like the little brother team just listening them chant j t s chechnya a calm down one win and that the worst heartache of the weak so far as they you know brett farms first pass in the nfl was the interception turn thy calm down calm down there i was dead though there that it s just many channels they have to over hype everyday but what the just it was obviously
impressive and i have an army of seas guy so by anyone to with a buffalo good lord saw air yeah traveller good lord they ever going turn it around its only one week who knows but i mean what do you know it's find a big big said other patriots for the first time since twenty sixteen are not favorites next week it up i was sick like what twenty sixty does not long ago so i mean i guess it is as far as i know being a favorite all of those all of those games but they may see like i was gonna be a decade ago yet yeah i mean new england they came out they took care business against the text since it was it was it was it was it was a weird game it didn't you fourthly the patriots we're gonna lose but the spread seem like it might come into play a girl obviously looking great
many devils let em back in the game and then i'm just sit near would like six minutes ago alike are they gonna try this up like why don't we get into the city was it's a candle light i was very impressed with a defence you know containment of their quota back like never go members friggin naming eyes now their watson our special teams i'm kind of let up a lotta yards it seemed like every time they bring it back to get at least to the thirty i don't know which we shall see that our defence looked pretty soluble announced only one week willingly they finally got rid of patricia man took the garbage defence that a true man how ya mean in lyons fan and you watch the superbowl and then we go on monday night against the ark jets you could not be here it's like you brought in defence of cord new defence act an you kept the office of coordinator for you like the chemistry and they look like horrible don't shit so
i don't know what a lot of good regression angles in the interval for yet inexact i mean that's when you're talkin about banana failed that's what you that's kind of what you have to do you have to look to opportunities to fade some crazy outcome like you said bell with the box footnote forty eight points on the road i have a feeling ryan fitzpatrick isn't going to do that we too just just got instinct there's a reason he's not do and that every week it's it's a crazy shit i don't think they're not seeing it only yeah that's a big but i still was yet was definitely a weird salon weird gates but or some other time last i saw lord there was forty is i wanna one of the things i bet on the season is there will be no tie the sea i want on last year the first week of the seas and ban of course it's a fucking browns yazzi odds on them paid like one and a half the one
it just seems like there's no like you said there is never a tie even now with only the ten minute over time it seems like its emmett athena failed and i can end in a tie come on get eight they should switch to the college football rules for overtime because at such a more exciting way to finish the game and then you never end up at the time they want and i have one does that mean you that you'd have tibet to safety to make a hundred now so i bought a hundred and i would win one fifty plus my original back so it felt like the right i mean i obviously it's a losing battle hindsight is is what it is but ties are just of teams really tried to lose the game that's what we were we actually out in las vegas hanging around the sports book when they miss that feeling go to end the came at a time i was sports looks great fur dramatic wins losses but dramatic ties it has no one's happy even if your head cleveland three and a half you still want to see them hit that feel goal just
to end the suffering that was like we're at a strip club in a dude walked out on sedately i ever who was trying to make sense of this will have a light the browser i defeated like the day that it this is what we can do to save this is their best star in over forty start since two thousand for that they were left that's their let's get into some of these spreads of course the spreads are brought you by my bookie daddy g one of the safest online sports books use a promo code bill bets three hundred percent deposit bonus they got it all over there in game wagering prop builder play waiting get paid my bookie dead gee promo code bill bats are i first came to talk about knowingly patriots they had ended jacksonville where the jaguars right now are a did the pats actually our favorite in this game there are three we favour right now
jack yeah jagged are the home dog here we're looking at a rematch of the sea championship although played in new england in that jacksonville billy you worried about the jag stevens here on the road yet complainers is then you know obviously cheese please beatenest twice in superboss in ever gonna come quickly his turn that team around everywhere i goes it did wait for back his days when he's a thought because i'm a big fan of top class at three points at home at the jaguar speaker is good is excited i would take i would take the jack i wouldn't be afraid i will take the jack was gettin at home you know tat day i just think you were really tough team at their
was all she was saying and obviously had attachments politicking money here exactly came as around a heat delighted that i will take the jaguars getting it does feel it that's the small play i mean you touched on at last week's patriots generally aren't playing their best balance of timber and guess what this is the biggest came on the schedule for the jobs are blowing they came in and new england so i looked up the paths let a houston team that played pretty poorly get back in the game and watson was not himself so i'll say unless borders completely borders it the jagged jogs gonna win this game yeah it you talk about tom catholic style the way to beat new england is to try and get pressure and tom brady would just using your defence of line and nap let's in a bunch of guys are you the jagged have that strong defence of line that might be able the one might die the gay but certainly pressure brady enough and
i think what the the pats have going for them is leonard burnett looks like he's gonna be out for the jagged jackson a ton of offence of weapons think to play in this game maybe maybe to go under feel thing it's going to be a little slug match here but i think the jag sketching three energy match yeah now god who remember that next i believed in the under sense is everybody throws handouts now you don't owe me i just tat receive a past via their distant get nervous that nea buttony underfunding boy if you wanna fade recent see just the under in every game i feel like their them there perhaps may be in over adjustment to the totals after that worldwide yet everything i mean that the fantasy everything scoring was just off the charts yet is is tough tibet the under made just for the entertainment value alone just route against every play to succeed
i don't think anybody ever gonna break em at summits all time rushing record they just did the opportunities just aren't there any anymore yeah i'm in it they say they gets can we really hard for any running back the set marks going for cause i mean half their touches it can be passes like that guy's one the most games like you have a one the most games and am lp histories like the five hundred like it s just like it it's gonna it's gonna seeing that daunting like it there was a different era we realize i only your head young has already hundreds thoughts than i do that anymore now the bit yeah i mean they never they ve come even close it get in there catch a whole double header
remember i went on eight march they were they were men back then both stig jade cigar god in his eyes or a bit of a beer league let's be honest effort if we really good day ruthie does it does strike you as your uncle at a soft ball game you just crusher you just had a little better he and i coordination the plainest softball team on our work in a warehouse and they always at these seas ringers would come out they all built like babe ruth little skinny legs big beer belly anyway just get up and they were too that tourism of the thing would go a mile that's like mean that was cecil feel there you know he was used the modern day version that neil next we get to new york giants headed down to dallas right now sit nettie even minus three here both team started out on one neither neither looked great too i mean giants loss at home to the jagged
cowboys less on the road to the panthers spill which way lean and air i hate this game but i'm not saying i hate this gave way it's just like like cowboys there ain't home it's a division will wasted a gaze are always close you can but that it gets eli but you light as a seem like it gets excited it's like a vampire but they got that running back ass jesus i'm gonna go giants giant with tat calculated that i've got a guy they ve got you like i beg you it beat is twice i'm ok i gotta keep gold stars i was clearly deeds i believe in line and i think the day brian hang over in this whole whatever the hell they ve done reformation of the
voices to hang over last for at least three weeks ago what the giants crammer m m assuming you're gonna be back in your chance i also believe in the line i appreciate all these mentions of tom carve one and the same superbowl win ends at sea outside it right on the other end of this but i mean here here's the thing right i think i was stuck in my dad did i know they are in our acts he wasn't that absolutely the giants played fine they played a really good team they played a really good defence more importantly and did the often suppliers got theirs they just as there are picked six away so but what i would they saw in the dallas cowboys game was a team that even when equally was out of the game this team struggled to anything and dec as we know showing dakota prescott not the best quarterback in vienna fell so now eli has historically played well in dallas i'm gonna keep their own that out there and yet no of course you did you take that take the giants before it gets off a three year as much as a pains amateur i'm gonna take the giants gettin three points you
the cowboys there only so that they got seek and that's it there often of line isn't the dominant force that it wasn't eight they have no skill positions to help dac out on that often i think they're just gonna have trouble put not points and the giants their weaknesses the offensive line obviously the jagged were able to exploit that i don't see the cowboys be able to get enough pressure and eli enlist it is sunday night sunday night football i think your body odell rhine in spite of the fact that he is not wanted games on the infamous boat trip i think they get a victory down down in dallas stadium their saw i'll take the giants plus three going on here i don't feel great about it because dallas and often laws maybe they rally but i am just still not a believer in jason care at all as a head coach i think dakota
prescott sounds like some countries singer on one of those american idol shall sit so true everyone says it's a cracks me up his name's dakota though now dakota prescott it's too but he is also prescott yeah you could you be decoders somethin or something prescott but dakota prescott that's a tough one i didn't like it just born within it the guitar and a cowboy had you come out can you imagine it yeah he's like ay a chip with the cut off flannel shirt with some like shore jean shorts coming out with the acoustic guitar ready to why you with their latest rendition
that's another way of looking at it i didn't daisy he's is he is a woman in my scenario values then is that it made sure let's not forget the deck prescott because our dakotas prescott favorite song is drops of jupiter barbarian there was a little known now get about dakota there was a trivial fact we dug up i lack landscape of the weak nor will we break down here kansas city chiefs come off a nice when on the road against this the los angeles chargers now there had an independent work obviously pittsburgh coming off that ugly ugly tie against the cleveland brands right now my turkey he has the pittsburgh steelers as minus five it's at home which wailing in here you know i didn't see a second that steel is game i don't know what i was big bad luck
pretty like typical road big bang like verify what five interception gasped five interceptions i'm turnovers maybe enough i think he threw maybe four five picks they had six turnovers overall but he didn't like it at all i like the steelers at home i don't like that number that nearly always picked a perfect now boy just said so what am i going too far you know what i say the steel is taking to cover the chief of the chief the chief tsunami until they're not the chiefs that achieves the steelers
still the steelers i i mean i desire is to be like a historical betting hear them first up i mean i don't know anybody is at this point and i think you talk about overreaction oh my god begun was horrible he's always been on the road oh my god they tightening the tiber they tied the browns levy on bills i take that is old school take ahead like that guy you know it's just you know and he gets it diana big moments of the games and emma i don't know i i i believe in that guy still yeah he's really looks like he plays women who home and that's why i like this like we're gonna public perception that the steelers stink and we're gonna fade public perception that the chiefs are gonna win the superbowl because oh my god and he read started well again
this is a classic fade recent see this line opened at seven shown and people have been crushing the chief side of this so i let the number come down i'm also going beyond the steelers shining does a great kind of fade recently both ways here while i it's gonna be a clean sweep are all in agreement that all these pigs i love this dealers at home common our fate i mean not alas but it may as well be then you come home for their homo but are you know they're gonna bounce back and meanwhile you got the chiefs coming
if a huge road victory to go to the other side of the country in pittsburgh mahomet smell and so i call on you and we watch that we watch that game ryan the chief secondary looked horrible like their unity at geography snob they're not going to the side of a kansas city to pittsburgh that sit up suggest entities cause i was i was factor it in the them going out to allay the then the kansas city then out to pittsburgh but yea louder ass provided arriving at a teen plain i gotta connection like apply and united in the middle city ethnic i'll be all right they're gonna have crept next so you'll be dehydrated from all those salty peanuts i just i just think it's a good spot for pittsburgh at home home opener city defence is just their passing defensive particulars just horrible and it's a passing league i just feel like pits it's gonna be able for all over him
anything you say with confidence that their passing these stinks john not giving you cry sure it's after one week well give it to reasons one reason is i watch the game and i saw the charges receivers are wide open a number of times that just dropped easy catch my balls and the two other than that other than that of my other mother deeper reason is i sit next to achieve span at work and every day he opens up his laptop inserts reading blogs and just goes back in secondary the fucking sucks so i'm kind of ours well ok i'll settle one you over i build you a rat things up here you hit with your lock last week you're you're too and one with their pigs the lack of course is that the sky was falling down or the denounces all proclaimed the sky was falling down yes
hopefully we get that three no this week but what's here what's your lock prediction for nfl week too one person tweets that women should not be play by play announcers and by wednesday i guess it's gonna today's sub somebody's gonna say something oh yeah somebody will say cited and then it's gonna become this huge state and then i think by this time next year all play by play people will be women there were that's tat tat is my luck it up not yours burke will be doing this by the way as it has a joke i was joking i thought he can't i got to burn reynolds died in the play by play on monday night football is achieving i go with her is really is over we had a grandma i saw it as a joke i actually looked at the alps club like a mood you see what the exact causes immense cover whatever i looked it up
the two thousand five that for us i looked it up in the picture was of a woman when you go to the website about but they soon in two thousand and five and one so like even they even infiltrated obviously the arguably the biggest group of jerk off men the country immediately took another way like the heads with a little tacitly see gap it's hilarious like i looked it up i would never join it but i was just i just keep was gonna get a kick out of the fact that there was one place left you just chill out and not have to adjust your behaviour the old gentleman out south itself but it is also about it was the else club in august the national both those have been infiltrated no longer all male our i now we have a right to men really did have an overgrown every died at the must come to an egg tens of thousands of years
roy emmett and with it says are noted triplets we were a three headed monster for a long time this is a lot of people are saying this is a rebuilding year for men you know where we're open to get the number one traffic took a lot of heat loss pill out of lasalette i took a lot of out there yeah we're gonna try to forget about last year in year out we're gonna hit reset john bruton back expects a different type of so much john bruton face i care where a man it was even last seen him back so funny how like you just kind of different guy in the broadcasts boosting the second he put the headphones back gonna get you just right back to the check you face i loved it the thing that was frustrating about him as an announcer was that clearly he thought about getting back into coaching so you wouldn't bad mouth guys on the air and he just loved everyone is a great guy the earth like this guy and
as soon as he's got that headset aren't you could just see him screaming and yelling he was he was just so pass that cars you got a job it could have attained i thought you said you love the brok yes i know the playing field eat it our worthy how we do gentlemen now i'm gonna get more boldly i predictions as one seat of hope you know i am i actually my shows ghek move this weekend because of the hurricane which hopefully goes out to sea must was workin virginian south carolina so i'm open that you know it all of those people are probably still upside down and their houses because the piece of shit bankers so blessing i need is a hurricane to hit the house that we have yet to be worth more than what they wanted scuba earns companies were yes as for the trade sector so up that's what i'm talkin about this we got so speak their follow me but i but the other
it was i will be home have enough time to watch gave so fully silver lining and shouted a code of prescott love it our aid and obviously take our billboard outcome for all the coming tour
information and of course check out my bookie dot agee promo code bill beds for then hundred percent deposit bonus play win get paid my book you gotta do is what's goin on its bill power and it is the monday morning part asked for monday september thirteenth too
thousand ten what's going on how are you you're feeling good gonna try to pretend like i am i we went out drinking last night and low banged up little bag it's actually ten a one east coast time in new york city this is the biggest week of the year for me i'm back here doing press for my new one our special let it go that comes out in premiers they switch the date on me it is now sunday september nineteenth eleven p m so please tool in please listen please watch please invite other people over wanna jabba little fuckin stand up comedy party have those they have superbowl parties you know invite a bunch of broad's over and they talk or in the game and they shut up during the commercials
like that one how much you think that that would cost irritated anyways yes i'm a town this week and i'm gonna be doing the opium anthony programme my fuckin favorite i'm gonna be doing that i believe i'm gonna be doing something on the versus network i'm going to be talking to anybody with the microphone this week doing my gosh darndest to try and get people to listen my fucking podcast butter i purchase see what happens when a multi task to get paid pull to watch my special and eminent a job for the lack of funny up until this point already right out of the fucking gauges because i have to make sure i get this information out at the beginning of the part cast rights special september nineteen seven p m on comedy central please go ahead watch it and if you a pre order my dvd look into your heart
if you want to order this thing for unbelievably ridiculously almost embarrassingly low price you can order the fuckin thing for like thirteen dollars twenty nine cents on amazon dot com i dont know how the fuck they came up with that rice but i gotta admit i felt a little insulted what are you just fucking give it away amazon dot com so there you go why don't you try to look at that this right after that can be ninety ninety nine so then if you she go up by two then if you can to my shall you be active sub bitching about your free fuckin podcast because actually bought to your dvds and now taken in my head while this guy drop forty bucks what good shit and you'll be laughing because in the end
yeah how'd you like actually i drop twenty six and change you know twenty six and change me what can you what can you get two of for twenty six dollars i can get gum get two packs of gum actually a lot more than that course legal foot locker those fuckin tee shirts you can get like can you get like fifty eight tee shirts foot locker is that michael moors next movie if i michael more and i was gone what the fuck show that in the next movie should i make about how poor people are sad and rich people are evil i would try and find who are the people who may who are these people it is right therefore how do they give you fuckin like ninety shirts for eighteen dollars how do they do that you know what this is i'm not even hung over but i just i rather than being hung over which i should have been but i wasn't but i'm not
whatever i'm trying to say i just woke up with just we're music in my head never do that you wake up you drank last night you dont hung over but is you just wake up and then you just sing at some song that you haven't even thought of four years i was just walking around my my fucking apartment here just walk i'll go in some like a hot summer i get hot bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob then how goes it burning and to the other night whatever the fuck it is robert palmer some like a hot robert polymer tell us about your new actually sultry single with that hot latino bead underneath it well i had recently gone to cuba and iron sorted fuckin cohiba into some fuckin price the two orifice
die was just really overwhelmed by the culture down there aren't you fuckin hate that i make one like the white star tries to some sort of ethnic beat under their music and then they always gotta talk about some trip that they took the swahili when they were sitting there in that i didn't resort they somehow fuckin absorb the culture you guys have gone down the caribbean you got down to the caribbean however the fuck you say it people say caribbean some people say caribbean but to me it's it's all one beautiful universe because went down the caribbean to go scuba diving to be noticed a nose with a fuckin barracuda they get barracuda is down there quickly you look it up and then send me an email tell me i'll fuckin uninformed i am actually eric outta here did you need to draw up a brazil shut the fuck up i can look to shut up to what is it fresh water fish
you go down to like fucking uruguay can you get a barrack outta sandwich you know just start you d rather than get like a bacon and cheese they do then do they use the whole fish because there better than americans where we would just like use like just the best part of the fish and then the rest we would just sort of through the window just toss it back into the ocean and it gets off hooked up with like old rollerblades fuckin those shoes every guy war in the late nineteenth remember those fuckin shoes so slip on shoes that's all look like sneakers kind of look like shoes maybe those fuck it thanks where are all those right now i'll stay where they are float not the middle the pacific ocean get by cut down in the sunlight right and then some dolphin inhales it then you go out to do and right and they don't give a fuck about dolphins you go see the cove euro the fuckin dolphin
schindler's less basically could i just heard what that movie was about and i fucking love animals so much that i couldn't i could even now schindler's less actually had somebody fuckin decent in trying to help out those being slaughtered our what might i don't even see the goddamn movie i heard was a bunch of people they drive these dolphins fuckin cove and then they just beaten to death and it was it was for just a here it was so fuckin sad and then it just made me so goddamn angry that like you know what i'm not gonna fuck i'm not gonna i'm not going to watch that stuff is what am i gonna do you ve got himself the treaty at the local delhi this is what this is how you get out of shape in new york even though you walk around all the time is you just walk into a dallying you like you know what i'm gonna start my day
we're on our way to the perfect place their per play up up up up up up as another pockets i'm just popped my head what is it from its that perfect place was that the flowers like a hand a barbaric khartoum run away to the perfect place the perfect plays any i'm sorry this is like some i've weird hang over sometimes i don't have a headache i just just music pop cinema some like a hot i can hardly papa anyways so like i plain yoga blocks does that sound latino speaking tito i would into one of these little fucking but daggers not e lee harlay dante s the fuckin orange juice
i was up there and i got myself an oh jane a banana because i'm really into these light breakfast is now i finally realise that when you wake up and you have a lumberjack breakfast at seriously i would say on this point yes it's like getting up its if you just woke up the second you woke up and you just sprinted four hundred yards doubt stretching or anything genuine put on your fuckin shoes you ran down the street alabama up on the fucking pebbles right that's what you're doing to your body so i start slow i get a little fucking corn based orange juice according to food egg cell corner excuse me and then i have a banana you know which is like so like baby food in a phallic form twice like take a big fuckin would have a big yellow deck one animal i got fuckin porno start canary if you want of
that's what it bananas like right so typical new york i'm trying to eat healthy then i look over and i see these two little toasted balls to add the fucking the canary thing right like they lopped off this fuckin porto nuts and i tat the lady and i will like all send you peter what the fuck are those he's like all those those cocoanut balls and i was like the fuck out of here and she says i can't get the fuck out of here i have to work said now i didn't mean it literally i meant get the fuck out of here those are made out a coconut in sheep at sea and i was like i fuckin i've cocoanut in and she started laughing like i never said you didn't falco do you want him and unlike absolutely i want and i am so after when you guys i was gonna begin my day
now we re really healthy i'll grab onto sugar boss actually called i actually pity cocoa commander and underneath an english macaroon cocoanut here's great its sugar cocoanut and then parentheses says may contain sodium photoshop such ass for whiteness i love that shit how much did they not even research what the fuck am i might might have where this matter by so fight for whiteness well ok that's why why would you add to that is this some cocoanut you fuckin head in a warehouse for years egg whites in sugar corn serpent salt most part it's all natural except for the sodium minute bye bye said vice sites like four whiteness and i'm a try one c
sweet dreams are made of these how bad is how can any lennox you think of the annals of the fuckin banish rock checks will start with white chicks right or move all the way around must start with the bad is white of all time i would say fuckin annie lennox no particular order here i was rolling stone i do the entire issue of this the hundreds of greatest raw checks of all time rolling stone really is clearly showing people if you haven't been paying attention few people buying magazines now all that fact in this discussion is like a donut eyes growth as too much that's fucking discussion i have to take another by does now my sugar shut
right now craven let me i mean that hitler oh yeah i stand corrected these a fuckin delicious see the first here's your body go now don't do it so it tastes like ship than that sugar it's in your veins dislike him on how you want then you just keep going like this it really route beating on my right annie lennox and then can you would think
only linux the cheque from the pretenders chrissy heine pat benatar now as i wanted you know i was gonna confused with the czech from the runaways georgette don't judge the ship and she still hot god dammit those a fuckin delicious none address vigour oviedo rose ok you're really hard to show where my fucking neighbours just here just heard that wondering what the fuck i'm talking about a right sorry sorry you're gonna make chief last night i'm not finished your fuckin thought bill if you look a rolling stone these
it is big magazine just i'm talking about when you held it was used to be like a fuckin third bigger now they shrunk it down to it like a third of the size it used to be and now every other month doing those those list things on the greatest guitars of all time the hundred his tambourine players of all time right now of the hundred greatest beetles songs of all time it's like us today even write a hundred songs europe they just that's so people can you know they i guess people always by those magazines and they go worked for how can you put paul dog in full well my guitar gently weeps and the people notes was i really worth revisiting i don't think it was well those are my top three top three fuckin white chick rock singers of all time while concern we ve been talking so much about latinos let's go top three latinos of all time
nineteen o singers when my whitenesses gonna come out to see if i can even name three selina they did a movie about her celine jennifer lopez since this is embarrassing lucille ball and lucy above fuck you is made a regular carter bam those you three but she never really sanctity what does i know i know more than that selina renault nissan suing sake i just know she had a site fan that's all i know an agenda for lopez player our way wait the cheque from miami saw machine my what songs today say outta my army we have in taking over what they think i saw that
can ban stunk miami saw machine all that fuckin turquoise that just when i picture there much it was a bunch of people in puffy pants and they had left fifty eight people on percussion unlike one keyboard and that she was skipping around in our boots right isn't that wasn't what miami saw machine was the fox so they say dammit i used to know all of this shit i take it that robert poem get out of my head anyway whatever so i want to learn some tell me gimme your top three latino fuckin singers of all time i know somebody is already compiling a list in getting pissed because i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about but that's what people on this point cast like last week made it a meal a reference to the pullman strike when i was reading about grover cleveland or some shit like that in the sky wrote erodes k uninformed
build a reason they brought the military and during the pullman strike was but the workers in quote seaports were becoming violent not because they were striking because they were attacking the alternate workers brought in to fill the void of late were caused by this strike this is hilarious the guy rights down his name mark eating and business development coordinator yeah you sound like the guy who would side with the fuckin people who who are the paying its first what why do you put workers in in in parentheses you don't owe me this right is because the workers were becoming violent not because they were striking because they were attacking the this scabs they brought into to take their jobs that's a strike you dumb fuck you know i love to sir
is the way you are acting as though you would even heard of the pullman strike before i set it that's a classic internet shit we not to go the library anymore you just look up the pullman strike and then you read two paragraphs in you like or actually you know the reason is justified ms may sir of course attack the scab workers brought him because now can it be out of out of a job and that was my and who does the military side with military works for the fuckin which people are right if you don't fucking believe that and i'm not gonna eat another fuckin cocoanut ball it just gets better doesn't that's enough of that jesus christ jesus artless sucking available everybody all but before i do the unemployed cast dot com everybody i made a video on there where i did a little tore the comedy store
and ass it stood outside the communists don't talk shit about some of the people were combined down the street you guys want to check it out go to the podcast dot com the official the one and only the only one there is the official fan page of monday morning podcast and i also want to thank everybody who went bought the oh gee ringtone last week i write a year was very press what the amount of people that that debt when it had bought the ringtone if you didn't listen last week i have a new ringtone at all costs is ninety nine cents you know tat went on that's a real charge for the fuckin podcast and itself oh yeah it's not required if you want to do what you can if you don't you don't it's no big deal we have all the instructions up there if you have an iphone it goes right now to your phone if you have a blackberry there's like one little thing you have to do with
but they have all the instructions on the air cast on how to upload it to your phone you know we just wanna thank everybody for be impatient for couple took a couple days to explain it to get the information out there so i want to thank you guys but ship it seriously means a lot to me their people actually went out supported the park yes like that so thank you from the boy some of my heart the gentleman who runs the amend podcast outcome are right and what that pop up border bought out its target talk about nfl football here ice flying on a plane during the patriots game so i can't really talk too much about it other than that i just i was watching actually had satellite tv on on the on the points are sitting they're gonna fuckin where mr fucking game and then the thing they have satellite tv and i had excited all boy oh boy right no fuckin turn it on and all i get i had nbc rest would like discovery animal planet and then
three e s peons so i'm praying i hope and pray that we'll but today i am still just a bill fuck i hope these songs or in my head because i'm hung over pray that the patriots game was gonna be on nbc and it turned out that not only was a game not on nbc then anyone ever football game on nbc they had some fuckin infomercial on insults sounds like you gotta be fuckin kid me right you gotta be fuckin and ass it then i just was watching espn as watching all the college ball games that i already watched i think michigan back everybody hail to the vectors thou yet hail to the victor about bad bad bad bad bad but their bad bad prepare but bad bad but bad that their back up
bad bad sort adjusted their i did three college songs and they all sound the exact pocketing hailed victor's wake up the echoes and fuckin the fleetwood mac trojan band it's all the same anyways yes i watch that i watch the the usa basketball game against turkey that was the shit we ve won that championship but anyway i was watching the ticker invite away what's his face there is gonna be the next superstar i saw many late in seattle like any members fuck a name are ready as i'm that fuckin hung over come on brain work for me because with a de facto remember but he was a shared use following three pointers as six ten i mean what possessed me but i don't know shit about basketball artless plough head here
patriots one the colts lost so i'm excited right so excited about detroit cleveland come on you guys you gotta admit you know you had a little bit i think i think did does this array a light i didn't see any either one of those fuckin gaze but i was just i was just watching the ticker i saw that that dude from our play for cow best heads touchdowns right in cleveland basically one in the fucking game right down to the end i know i'm not trying to talk down to you guys but i'm just saying you know what have you miami that's gonna feel good luck you not to main reason why i'm bringing this shit up is is because i want to say the ship before the fucking game comes out tonight i got fifty bucks on the ravens tonight straight up and it straight up even though the jets are favoured by like six the line is because like you know what you can keep your fucking points there missy i don't give a shit
how confident i am how fuckin dumb the new york jets what are they you just can somebody explained to me strategy pissing off every fuckin every team in the league first of all i love it being patriots fan because for the first time in ten fucking years nobody was can about bilbil check nobody was talking about the patriots nobody was talking about tom brady really given that you are what car accident and that was barely afford story compared to the storm that is going on with the new york jets what what are they doing guys a question how apt up does re louis get before a football game went went the the team hasn't talk shit about
they're out of your fucking mind re louis i put on my facebook page that's my prediction he is gonna rip jesus fuckin head off tonight sanchez this guy who everybody for some reason their forgetting the down season that he had last year and there there acting like they have this prove quarterback i dont get and they went out they drafted all big they got signed all these free agents there really reminded me of the university miami when they got off the plane wherein the fatigues and they were talking all this shit and then when it came down what they didn't fuck and win anything about that or like that the los angeles lakers when they added jerry painting and calm alone and you think and how can they not fuckin and then they didn't i don't i don't get it last year when the patriots when undefeated regular season and then get their asses kicked in the superbowl by the giants it's like the hype was so fucking big
that from november on we were playing play off games team common in so fuckin apt up to kick the shit out of us it just one war is down where's down and meanwhile no one's paying attention to the giants to the point the giants put up like thirty five points and the last we could the season against us and for some reason we were still fourteen point favorites three fuckin weeks later to this day i kick myself were not taken that bet yeah it was ridiculous meanwhile giants had beaten to have a baby and tap away they beat thousand dollars they be grieving green bay and those pay attention to then everybody said the jobs in the ground they kicked estonian kicked should obviously just beat us like holy fuck how did this team three awesome teams in their own fuckin building come in and beat us as it is dick saw the jets have started this season at zero zero with the holy as
does the kick the shit out of as people were apt to beat the fuckin patriots it bite me november i write and i'm tellin you right now they gonna have a mediocre fuckin season i think it's going to start off with the last and i am not saying that do not go nine in seven but these guys i dont know what they're fucking problem is and not to mention that now they have a nice little scandal here come the daily news they says cool your jets tv reporter flags four lewd behaviour even is saints rapporteur for as tax tv where the fuck that broadcast its is at the centre of a job brouhaha basically if you see this girl she's fuckin haughty right she's got little pass here you know she's got some cleavage show oh my god are you serious
they got a picture of eta jets practice she's dead the tightest vulcan genes i've ever seen in my life with the most per round ass you ve ever seen and she's in high heels ok and she's walkin around a bunch of football players who got their testosterone go in with a fact yet talking coach let me guess somebody said something out of line this is just this is you know what i mean this right here and this is one of these thanks where you can't say will look he addressed because they go you're blaming the victim she should have a right to have corridors ever tete outside if your shirt the thong going up your fuckin ass crack and she should be allowed to walk into a locker room with a bunch football players and not have one out of pocket whatever the fuck you gonna say well one fuckin rude comic gimme a break and it fell boss roderick adele was demanding answers last night from jets players ones
the pictures roger we fuckin eunuch you don't understand what the problem is where's cultures accused of subjecting a female sports reporter test axis locker conduct they you just said for subjecting her to locker conduct this is quickly what happened she went into a locker room and was subjected to locker room conduct can you believe it i'm last night when i went out to a bar and i was subjected to bar room conduct i couldn't believe it i was like what am i in a bar or something they prefer for their season opener tonight gangrene is dealing with a burgeoning scandal over the treatment of inez thinks four azteca of mexico this girl is a ten she's fuckin smokin gorgeous up emmy you gotta see the way she's dressed ok
fuck you ladies fuck you look at the way she's dress she's one of those units funny about the brides out there is this is the kind of girl the kind of woman the kind of fuckin who were who if you know if any women you know we're listeners podcast they walk down the street with their husband and this girl comes walking by they immediately they fucking you know their eyes become like little slits is they look enemy you know and then they looking at their husband and they're gonna get mad at you because this other bitch goes to the gym you know like somehow it's your fuckin fault enact fuckin looking at you because they can't just come out say oh my god that girl is fucking gorgeous i'm so jealous of her they can't they can't own that emotions so then they look at you and they just wait for you to glance in that part in that women's direction it can blame you that this work other girl is eaten right and in fact doing herself up right it's gonna become your fuckin fault i sent you a bit about that
next time you know there's one for you gonna burn a joke right here that i never fucking recorded so who gives a shit next walking down the street with girlfriend right in this fund unbelievably smoking chickens woken up the street and what are you there and she made it just looks at you like i had look at her so i can take out my fuckin hatred better looking girl and make it your fuckin fought right this is what you do run trying to look away and haven't blood come out here are your eyes you try not to look at this fuckin hot visa is coming up the street what you do is you fucking point right at her and whatever she's wearing you tell your girl that she'd look great net point rather the argument you look great address like that right and then merely disappear at it makes them and security go on i got really do you think i could get away with very something they totally used girls failing good staring at the girls ass he talked about the cut of the dress you it's bullshit you check and around without disrespecting you wanna see right there billboard bringing
pulls together all right let's continue on here so this thirty two years old thirty two years old still in smoking fuckin shape former miss universe contested complain she was bombarded with catcalls and boris antics at the jets new busy training facility to the east she wanted to end quote cover my ears i'm dying of embarrassment this woman right former miss universe contestant who would walk on stage with a fuck string bikini and high heels without who hang out talking to how to save greenland or whatever is in ours could she walked around making me if you don't owe me this is why women stink it's like what are you doing there to begin with its a punch guys playing football can it it's like and then
we're cool enough to let you in there and then everybody has to fuck and adjust their behaviour because you're there excuse me there the lady pregnant you know what i mean and you wonder why you get called a cunt why right fuckin there it's just what an unbelievable i would never walk into a goddamned baby shall be excuse me skewed me there's a guy president can we put a fucking game on avi i wouldn't he's dead and gone gone oh gee when is this shit gonna be over but i wouldn't at any point try to cock block what anybody was fuckin talking about going to talk about sex in the city talk about you favorite shoes or whatever the fuck it is you do i wouldn't be covering my ears dying of embarrassment if you all started talking about my package i be flattered
this is somewhat more more ignorant shit that i've said on this podcast but i think disappoint pinus outlets continue with the article good i'll issues are dying of embarrassment saints tweeted in spanish good l immediately ordered an investigation into the troubling in quotes allegations which addressed in a tea meeting last night haiti is now called order last night when that smoking hot check with the tight clothes came in and everybody said god damn look at that what can ass yet you not love do that anymore the coach yeah yes sir you will you talk but the girl came in here a teddy swaying and out of a short yeah that one year that what we are is respected her see this is this is the deal right they come down they want the fuckin attention
you know what wait what it what does she what is she doing in the fuckin locker room to begin with but even in a locker room threatens them say that i can't mom did you see any given sunday remember that movie you gonna stand there and asking me some black dude with a dick down to the floor i mean why are you going in i wouldn't go in there if i went in there they start given me catcalls like i was fresh fish guy beginning a shortage jacek redemption will i be dying of embarrassment to but i'd fuck and take it if you like i will what what the fuck did you take was going to happen you're a fucking pants and you can walk into doing nfl lock around there are going to give you shit say you're a pussy right i mean what kind of a fuckin world we live in and now when a gorgeous woman wearing height ridiculous clothes is gonna walk into a fuckin at football practice and she's gonna get upset that's that she got
wanted attention what you come there and dress like they didn't eighteen hundreds with a big hoops so they can't see you fuckin five this chick is fucking ridiculous look at the new york the daily news and look at the little insect picture that they have her i'm sure they did it for a fuckin reason it's ridiculous look at that fuckin ass look at that's the first thing i think we're gonna fuckin ass jesus christ and that she's holding a mike looks like a dick in her hand but she bobbing her head up and down ass she asked two questions this is like entrapment anyways let's fucking continue ah papa papa we ve had contact with the tea multiple times and are moving very aggressively to establish the facts the nfl spokesmen gregg i hear said jets owner woody johnson woke up his coma and said away tat guy none of that guy's actually young
called saves dear side of the story said that the team will take any appropriate steps necessary to maintain a respectful environment for the media basically this girl is now going to become a fucking millionaire offer this lawsuit because she walked to an nfl pray this with her miss universe body with tight fucking closer and somebody said god damn look at that fuckin ass right there what the fuck would you do with their diet coke and ben row of robbing gable fuckin rex i i can't even see my pocket my fuckin stomach so big was that a good one players do you guys like me i talk just like you i can't wait for them fuckin loose tonight you're gonna get fuckin ashes kicked back and get the rescue but they're gonna lose they are losing them they're gonna have a short weak arrive and guess who's back new england patriots thirty eight fuckin points
up against ojo sancho terrell owens cade mc now what's an embryo quarterback some wills i think another name you fuckin quarterback he was awesome and then he got hurt is actually good quarterback the foxes name my nose i came down you see ella fuckin placement trophy when a classic chicago bear quarterback drug draft they love kate mc now they love rex grossman for some reason didn't like doug floaty let's get much ship him out of there really you want to ship a proven winter are absolutely we don't want him around here leading the tea the victories where the fuck is the goddamn patriots game here i'll carson palmer this what i about tat man he was thirty four fifty four three of forty five yards ojo simcoe had twelve catches four hundred fifty nine yards right yet they only scored twenty four fuckin points
you know my body was saying that they they get back to that ben but don't break you know someone else was tell me bela check is doing the defence again which is his fuckin that's that's what he does i don't know have i have high hopes but you know it's not about that it reads this year it's all about the j t s jets jets jets right runnin they're fucking yeah you the attention now you got it can't fuckin way because the statute that fuckin joe flak o joe falco whenever fuck is namely what his name is all i know is they re just last year and the players you re rice is gonna be run all over you fuckin comes we think as you got that guy from the dolphins that good lookin son of a bitch should we don't fuckin underwear ads jim palmer that's the guy that's the guy that's gonna stop everybody that
it has been shown up late to practice erects ryan is making a joke out of it can be such a fucking need to be liked by his own goddamn players you wait you wait till the fuckin wheels fall off here's a contest i want i want to introduce here how bout my guess is which weak rex ryan's gonna fuckin cry first after which gain view pick it i'm going to send you an autograph copy of my new fuckin dvd so they got people you got fuckin seventeen weeks to pick one actually not this week sixteen weeks including by weak the first week he's gonna start fuckin crying because somebody criticized in our assembly always eminem flavoured fuckin ice cream enough for this shit that's my thing i got fifty bucks fifty bucks on the ravens and i'm confident i am confident that not only are even take to spread straight up
can you tell i don't know what else to talk about i just keep saying over and over again what my bet it's a talk about depression shall we speaking of fuckin rex ryan some semi along email here that should eat up some time actually do take us tonight we actually recorded major rosa got fuckin hammered last night why cannot we should do we should go home and record a drunk uninformed am i glad to do the money money park yes he goes well fuck and do that too so last night for an hour and a half as we sat there drinkin in getting even more drunk drunk error whatever the fuck whereas we recorded we talk for at least an hour and a half the recorder shut off at our fifteen fuckin minutes and you just harris get progressively more and more drunk i listened to it this a funny moments but it's just wait too long so i'm gonna i'm going to edit it i'm gonna die sit up and now up i'll put together
greatest heads of it they got that common position it was just too much self sabotage it's like i got my special coming out this week i really to make sure i hoped it and i completely was not bring it in a great way i wish you gotta was back it was that there was a lot of embarrassing moments and you know i am just i'm gonna people that's what i'm trying to say i've got fuck yourselves and not put it all up aren't you your videos of the weak fat it goes insane after getting air horned in the face trotted guess what it was about fact yet goes insane after getting air horned airport in the face this kid face he looks like if if precious was a white eight year old just picture that face us this kid looks
aren't you one of sure everybody saw says faced verse watermelon mrs somebody on the amazing race it took a slingshot in an shot a watermelon on a fuckin candle up on our know what it was and it came back and blasts are right in the face absolutely hilarious they actually shouted out espn they did the top ten funny sports it's the weaken hers was number one and you know what they did caution so broad what they the dew was they put you know you know when they have the list of shit that they're going to talk about coming up right hand part of this great i don't know where right before the cantaloupe or watermelon blasts or in the face they put that up and half censored our head because i can guarantee you there was some woman they're going this is jack it's gotta cause violence against women how is it because violence against women because the way the watermelon just lapse or in the face of it it was self inflicted
that's one of those things once you get those double stand if a guy did that you think they'd censored what if it came back and hit him in his nuts and he actually lost the ability to have a child still what it showed that camp thirdly uncensored wait a minute this especial guess who just walked enjoy got like an i got another eight minutes to sit down and help me throat don't be a fag get i'll be a pick out the micro ladies and gentlemen looking walked in pay folks jodo rosa awhile geez christ joe what are you doin here our just walking through the studio bill i saw you through the glass this is at the moment when fuckin johnny carson walked over to were what faces sick harmonious don't scipio sharking member that when he broke his young was his neighbor don't stop always recalls escape walkin in this is very old school there i just actually alluded to them
in any event alluded i mentioned that we did a park yes i finally to talk tat we did a podcast last night completely fuckin shit based in honour of the hour fourteen minutes how much do you think he's gonna be funny that we can actually chop up i think at least four minutes of it was really i think that it was funny which was aimed at a good point about like it's just a little too much all at once like you got up split it up again just kept me entering and then by the end i was just railways really getting into your financial businesses of some deal that you had we will yeah we don't we don't want that on this year i'd say about that cuts in their business job it was really sloppy but do it i'll get you a fuckin hilarious on it you too i what i went out i was i was kind of an angry that's that whisky shit to bear a happy drunk out dublin don't blame the witch they are not already angry but like i want i'm gonna be like it when i'm sober i keep i keep in check before the most by for the most part
but when i drink whisky then if i drink beer you know i got my arm around people goddamn together that girls sing songs right i'm good time charlie with the beer i start drinking whisky is zero can you finish chewing whatever's in your mouth a finger nails bite my nails and through the azores is jerry now absorbing videos spit it out you yelled at me to get over here sit around here but a moment ago i want you to put the i'll see what happens why why don't you be a professional you know joe you look at it you know i wish to ask and i just went off on this can you this woman here she walked she showed up arab and it fell practice former miss universe here she dressed that the practice who yeah we're can get his heart yeah i guess and evidently somebody made some people who made she was subjected the cat calling joe can you imagine that
could look like that dress like then you can't go don't nfl practice without getting catch all she upset about it upset tweeted in spanish she was dying of embarrassment they cover her ears while book i gotta say though she works great but use wearing jeans and assured it's like what the hell she supposed aware zone she's in a miniskirt now she's wherein high heels looking to job how tight of those goddamned genes righteously village and what would you do with that your bill found me fuckin leave it in discipline look i'm not look i'm not condoning that you shouldn't you shouldn't do the day she was ass good for our next month is that she was out from a party is jesus what does this was the where would you helstone where's weapons job is it possible for those genes to get any tighter but that's how chicks where their genes chicks don't wear baggy genes they were tight genes but you know something joe why don't you
walk back out the door in bringing the fuckin joe de rossa that i know right i shall ease her were up the work i'm kidding what joy i walked through central park at three in the fuckin morning dress like liberace sing and i'm in the money and i get the shit out of me and i get mugged it's wrong i should be able to do that but do i have any sort of fuckin personal responsibility for my own fucking savary are right you don't go to a football pray is she got high heels shoot shit you know what forcing that draw a girl sex sexually is down by is thirty percent is when they where those flats is out there when you when you're in a relationship and they get so comfortable that they stop jack and i ran up and they just where the flats and others and they look like like there a little kid climate out of a car she should have worn knows you do in your purse you acquire i'm doing a bit of doing it my bit a bit my actual now about take your lashes like youtube
this role in the sunlight union sending this girl of sanum view you convert you convince me this the policy the setup so the other bidders there is about this fact ok block and me with the skinny girl how angry sacro thing yoke yet like you know i didn't need all the eggs and which as you did that was your decision you gotta get mad at me that i'm not leap frog and over your hot for indigo shot your michelin man body right there's another raw wouldn't you fat that's ok but take the fuckin hit sometimes you know what i mean it's not fair to everybody else your watson around with your police italian you know you said there like a walrus sunning yourself at the bar yeah but my think too as like you're on part arab if i were a turban on an airplane i gotta be ready for a cup of people be lagoon boot if it is going to go all the way out of solidarity or get do she is not saying that she's a bad person she looks she's fucking
or just but she doesn't she doesn't look like i look it always has the shirt she was wearing that's the that's what that's alright the superbowl but is that to shine did the shot you showed me in the and the actual article was the ash shot is that what you look like from the front that is her i mean that's not her at the practice but yeah that's what she related issues wearing that night club top she's got but the diamonds on the tipp of the hedge yeah glittery teacher ridiculous glittery tat i make you can't better understand she does what pisses me off joe is its and i felt football it's a guy sport a bunch of guys playin it nobody asks you to fucking come there you inserted yourself in that situation and this list i am repeating myself in the park yes but just to hear your opinion that's why don't you hate that when it's much guys hanging out you shoot me shit we're talking then also use it scares me scared that's a lady present and then all the fun just stops everybody has to adjust their fuckin behaviour because you're there
my favorite thing ever there much else let me to some eight is some hay is when they go waitress will say that to a bunch of drunk guys and there's always the one fifty in other wages will go like you talk in front of a lady there's always one fifty year old drug that goes well why don't you show me a fucking lady and i'll tell you you know such an old joke but it always gets eleven it always gets a laugh is just not there but he was telling me was i was out in denver they were saying that they were gray went out to go shoot poor right we should know i'm over there was shooting poor and there was you know that they were kicking the shit are these guys knows this group of guys they had next right and then some girl cati comes up and she didn't want to fuck and wait she puts our money down but she so fuckin hot that these other ball is jackasses they letter cut road night and then she
making this big and then she just such a ferrari just an arrogant fuckin twice that these guys look we don't want to play we don't play you wouldn't play those guys right and she gets blah blah blah blah blah blah blah give him shit and he goes we're not playing your plane those guys and she took a foul drink and throw it in this cycle but you can't hit on what are you doing because others guys brilliant is easy spinner it was just when she goes inch yourself commissioner what are you gonna do you gonna hit me because now i m not going to get you to go in writing the chest in it rolled down between cities and this is the worst bar the bow this come over flip in the end they fuck and of course go in and those guys who she caught all fuckin ran it as they do to just did that shit its greatest immediately
yeah because spitting on somebody is so much worse i've got much rather get blasted in the five you even take the brain damage did you ever hear the true that tony roberts joe where he's like he's like fucked up to a woman i would never bullshit he's like if you put your hands on me a fucking lay out let us duff activity be fine don't do it i'll bet go see tony robert schuman tat way i get that has just been voted he goes issues commercials yes every twelve seconds a woman is hit in this country to go because they will tell you how every eight seconds there's a bitch in your face go and have a look at that and it goes i warn you that you have four seconds tony one must undertake committee's vote rebecca is so fuckin ridiculously talented he so funny
comedy typical ridiculously taos duties unbelievably humble macao to central eddie i think he just starts the bit like this girls and it was so good a fuckin eight wendy williams he goes wendy williamson any glover are the same mother fucking person we got a wrap up the park yes your joey's wiki little voice it really just annoyed me tell me out here is another to video to watch go to whip dot com bill dances classic blue purse joy she have to show you this one this is like a guy trying to do a fishing shop and one of em i swear to god i can't believe that its actually true he's going the river and in the since the other cameramen from the two they don't like a two shot the shoot other cameramen first of all is in the shot and he's edging towards the bank too
a better sharpened it's an eight foot drop into the guy with the alternative river and the what his face is where those redneck guys who gets but he's like a classic dude so he doesn't curse so it uses like those rednecks rather than what the fuck diabetes is that dag netteke the two girls in the water on put during the it's actually it's fuckin hilarious hey i gotta have in the shower cause bobby kelly's meet me here in a coach easy job be kelly no come walking through the door gonna bring the buzzer and i got around so i got a ready he so late boy changed radically we now it's my shall i tell you when what when we were up against a hard breakin it's time for you to go we go joe you just gonna put it there it is going to tap out walk out all right
no prob joad arose everybody judd arose as a new city out that i would have height but he walked away will the hype what's the hurry joe when does it come out now seriously job it was our people will be talking about a one does it come up jesus it's out it's called out the depression auction endorse it joe oh come on you don't want to hear it burned a bit on the pot cast for you why am i yelling anyways i think that's gonna be the park yes to this week i'm doing a ton of media this week fancy european anthony programme i believe i'm gonna be on there we tomorrow hopefully wednesday i'm basically gonna be on that show is many days as they'll have me cause i'd like those sons of bitches shit now seen if you'd obviously opium anthony programme i don't know what your problem is get an exam satellite what's whatever the fuck i'm serious exam player
the czech those guys i watched a little bit of their stuff on you to their raw there therefore awesome site would be doing them this week i'll probably be doing something on versus and you know as i do them if they're not live and that can be shown later i'll just on the unemployed cas will have that information up there but if you did yet the oh geez ring town you can go to the immense podcast dot com and on the other left hand corner you'll see it right there and you just click on oh jesus and you can get it put it in your phone and then whenever the biggest country a life calls you up that's what you're phones gonna be saying oh geez gold reached if you don't i'll do it i don't give a fuck i'm just happy listening aren't you guys have a great weak and die that's my prediction ravens will win an old jets jets are patriotic gotta be honest with you could go either direction but i'm really liken what i watched on the ticker tape on the airplane
no fucking idea must give judge the patriots butter and i think the jets are gonna get best might go to six after all that fuckin yippee happen the problem make it into the playoffs god knows they got an they got enough town on the faculty but i think all this shit it's really gonna hurt him and i don't i don't think they're gonna go as far as they went last year when you think about that what do you think about that jets play like a jack what the fuck does that make you haven't one one since nineteen sixty nine what does that mean get your fans all excited than you shit the bed in january was jealous what they do child they haven't one since we were excited that we landed on the moon like that was gonna lead to new real estate that was the last time they want joe i was six months all joe some months old kirk gouty announced the ass time that they want to superbowl jim morrison was still alive joe jimmy
drugs was still putting out albums jody rosa the last time they want and this same play like a jet i like that saying this that sounds like one of the old still really under that old school shit you i think about the jets are the only professional franchise in all force what's that actually sublet their stadium yeah it play a giant stadium there you they are just like that fuckin loser who never moves out and that window of getting married and actually meeting somebody just closes and then they just say fuck it and they just one for the last of their alive parent to die so that they can they they can take over the house jesus job ok you come up with a little bit of anger
joe you know what i hate i'll uninsured unashamed you are about your torso i give joe shit because his body he looks like and an adolescent welfare or what what picture will pharaoh's body at twenty three job you ever done a pull up in your life you liked it to do even have those muscles left me you gonna compared to like the camaro rally sport you know some it goes you get the eye rock right you got the air conditioner you get the tea tops you get the electric windows and then the rally sport which you basically had the same body but you didn't have those options i was gonna go that route is that what you're gonna do bill we you gonna do it in a funny way because the way you presented that it wasn't too funny eric that support cast for this week god bless all you guys
go ravens fought the jets and i'm hoping this time next week the jets a fuckin owing to and if they are often too i'm telling you right now rex ryan i guarantee fuck untying it will cry during a press conference in he's gonna be crying and is fuckin you know bodies gonna be jiggling i ate the jets eighty jets more than eight the culture can help that they lost to the texans but yet the jets i want nothing more than to watch them eat the fucker words the arrogance of that fuckin team look at you don't you gotta behave when there's a lady in the room i who gives a fuck ravens gonna want tonight i'm annexed to fifty bucks and patriots are gonna beat of next week are right what my heart says aren't you guys have a good week please watch my special sunday night
and i take lemon peel ok with joy
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