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148: Lori Vallow Update Mini Episode

2020-06-14 | 🔗
Just a quick discussion about the latest breaking news that happened a couple of days after we posted our Lori Vallow episodes! Tylee and JJ's bodies were confirmed to have been discovered buried in Chad Daybell's back yard. Will Lori admit her part or will she flip on her doomsday partner? This is the case that keeps on twisting. 
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because there was breaking news springing news. I know you guys, I because Galleron topic our shit and I will write like forty seven dams when gap and which we love. Yes, thank goodness for you guys, so we could just Billig doo doo doo doo, Doo, doo doo, breaking news, that's exactly what I was like yeah, that's exactly what I did every time. I saw message while also this breaking news makes me question whether or not I am like a very strong wage and you're like a very strong chat. You better include me and like did we just do this? We did. I dont know I said on Twitter. I take full like we take full responsibility for this dick cheeses downfall, I mean yeah so that I've wears out where it, whereas that crazy. Well, if you
I have no idea what we're talking about Chad day. Bell has been arrested, being clause on Tuesday Jus ninth police, confirmed after digging up Chad, day balls property that they found two sets of remains, and they confirmed that those remains were the remains of children and at first everybody's like this, has to be lorry. Those kids ass to be, and we were saying the same thing, because for how long we ve been talking about Thus we both been saying there's no way that their along no, I hoped like really really hoped and prayed that they were in a bug somewhere, but obviously in the back of your head. You know that you're home girl is evil as fuck and she has dealt eyes and so does he, so they kill both. Yes, she met her mouth
in Chad Debo they are both. Unfortunately- and I am not one shred of me believe that those kids were alive now urgently- I was trying to, but I was like no one million. As part of me, I need crime case where the something like this have you just now that the so rare right exact in this one just add a stinky feel and about it knows like something bad happened here, while at first they did not confirm whether or not that there remains were those of the children and the autopsy results were still pending, but on Wednesday June tenth officials did announce that chain shade, but should I should call it? We should com jade that shade was behind a dumb ass, shade shit lad was being charged with two felony counts of destruction, altercation or concealment of evidence and k, J J grandma
did come out and say that at least one set of those remains was of judge that hurt my heart, I think even alteration rate of l evidence. Yet I think what you like- and I was like- we altercation altercation of evidence. You know no in the hearing that it was J J first, like obviously sad for both of them. Yes dislike J J Slick. so young right, like they don't even now young, he was seven or eight cause. It's like this happen right before his birthday, so it's like did he get too. I mean obviously, basically Diana a true baby and he was artistic and not just the cutest like an not for nothing. He wasn't lorries, kid yeah that infuriates me like. Why did you adopt a child? If you didn't want the child, exactly argue organ acclaim loose fuckin possessed by zombies. It doesn't even make any sudden its tragic, either way like with J J, entirely yeah leg, J J you're just like like he wasn't, even though it was like a course of life,
and an exit railway on yeah, and then I do as soon as this came out when all the sun they are saying they found two bodies. There are definitely kids and everybody was waiting on pins in needles to feel even one of them was one of the kids right. It was still for a moment when we are like wait. What, if it's not tightly and J J, and it's like so who fucker these kids like four second, I like, if they're, not Thailand, J J, this just open up a whole other and, in my mind, cause. I remember talking to you about that. Since I was I for days ago- and I was I remember- I remember well- it wouldn't have even been not shocking, just because of the wake of death left by Charlie I had in and lorry yeah the destruction that they have both left in their path and rice, unfathomable. So, honestly, if there is to other bodies of people we didn't even hear about before, it would be
war, but it wouldn't be shocking. Emu just Billy gap, that's Chad and Lorry yet make sense. While I know a lot of people are wondering different things about why it took so long for his property to get sir TAT, I was everyone's first question so
have a theory and night. Do you ever theory? I think we have. The same fair debate is actually so. I think, because we had mentioned that in part to Tammy Body had been examined and they were doing an autopsy, because an autopsy had not been done on this case yet so I think they found something in the talks, ecology or on the autopsy, to prove, obviously that she had been murdered or like foul play was involved, and that's why they were able to get the search warrant yeah. I think it's definitely cause toxic. Ology takes a long time to get back right and sometimes it can delay shit, and I think they were waiting for that. I think something came through on that which it I'm I'm honestly hoping at this point for closure sake, because unsure her families wondering what the end and obviously it's not gonna, be great. If you find out that he murdered her leg poisoned her in some way, but I would be least be some kind of answer right and I think that definitely played a role in it and I think also that lorry might be playing
fucking game here, and I wonder if she came forward and was like I'll talk I'll do out. You know out some kind of bargain is happening. I would not be surprised if she was like you know I like, but then again I don't know if they're gonna turn against each other bears according to them, the world is ending and like a month, so the alibi cause, if you fuckin see her she's, just like smiling in the courtroom. Little has generally just like la la like, doesn't seem to give a fuck. No, I think she's just an evil son of a bitch I will tell you are, and I think it's like the bathing the world is gonna on July, twenty. Second, even when I was young and then they confirmed, they only confirmed that it was definitely Thailand. J J when was it it was yesterday, was the thirteen I thought. So I thought it was like literally within hours yeah right now, and I did see that and they haven't gone any further and I don't think they well because both of them are under eighteen years old, but I did see
one of them, was hidden in a very shocking way, not concealed in Amerika the Arctic Y yeah. That and that's what makes only was there a ritual, but meetings was set which were more people involved. I mean I mean because if you remember melodies ex husband yeah, who was fuckin shot out by probably Alex who is also dead now, would you like that, connect those dots really quick fiercely. I mean he thought that this was a cult and he said people were dropping like Flies Serbia, and I think that there's gonna be a few ways that lorry is gonna play this. I think that load actions of she's gonna play this one cheesy vagina maintain this slight cults, like do I've already and was laying religious thing where she's like I thought the kids were demons and we had to kill them and that's fine rain. Anybody and she's gonna run us. Will you not exactly as it solely fun and she's gonna try to play that whole thing?
or she's gonna flip emulated in a chat. Did it he's there? I was feared for my life she's gonna play that whole bullshit card, where she didn't protector and fucking kids issues. In a say, she feared for her life, the Welsh and, by its like I don't give a shit if you fearfully leggy as I really your hands, you look like you're having a pretty good time and wise it and look like you're better there. It's a she plays that card its knock at work, because then they ran off to Hawaii and had a good time. So it's like no everybody knows you're, not scared of em get out and right and she's either going to do that thing and she's gonna, say or she's gonna play the you know what he could he brainwashed me. He got me into this crazy religion where
where he convince me, my children the only way to save their souls before the advertised on July. Twenty second was to kill them. It was done very like the with mercy and NATO out and she's gonna. Do that or they are she's gonna say I wasn't. You know he did it. I didn't do it. I had no part in it. I dont know what happened, but he convince me. It had to happen and she's gonna, say, and I've been sitting here and you know
haven't, had come to God moment and now. I know that that was wrong. You know she's, like I actually matter, combined God MESSENGER, but I asked dealing with the wrong Gaza. I was dealing with the wrong thing, so it's as she's either she there's so many ways that she could play this year. I dont know she's gonna, do any of those things are she's just gonna go. No. We both believe that demons were you know they resolve these and we had to kill them like a lighter straight out. Stick to England that act. Your story, because I wonder if they're gonna stick with each other. I feel it almost be more mad. If she doesn't stick to it. I know has now it's like. I mean I'm pissy. There were, but it's like if she starts turning. If she starts turning round and pulling that whole, I was Brainwash now than inside. My rightly go fuck. It has a piss me off. He hasn't inability less a bitch. No, not one person believes that you are victim here. So now go fuck yourself in that's what's with out, but I'm gonna bother me if she starts playing that victim.
Do you think, because you have a lot more knowledge of this than I do when they will they release what happened like how they were killed because their under eighteen I dont know, can sometimes you know these names they dont be raise, get leaked sometimes too, and then I it's really just a matter of. I think it's gonna have to do with the investigation, and this is such a high profile case. So I now think people are going to like demand to know. People are gonna wanna know for sure, but I think it will get somehow, even if it's not released, I think somehow leaks icily lady. I will happen the eye Felix, somehow we're going to find out what happened. I want to know what happened because we ve all just followed it for so long. It's at this point. I just need the cap on yeah on it. It's a deer member howling and I think there was a people magazine Erlich US weekly when Germany again what's going on with her, and they called her like America's child yeah. I almost feel it. These are like America, so they started to become America's children because everybody was everybody held. I saw so many people yeah after we posted our episode be like
I'm still holding out hope that they're your bunker. So I really was doomsday bunker somewhere in that sucks but like we could find them, and we could say it's been like that, since I saw so many people that maybe I'm just like a jaded buck and maybe I think you are, I think I've just been like reading to crime too long and leave. My job has also jaded me a little bit, but when I you're out of just a very realistic Brian, and I think I had no yeah hope I did I wanted to. I wanted, of course, but there is a difference between reality, air. What ought what the what the facts are painting for you? Actually exactly in this certain scenarios where you can go, you know what I feel there is a possibility that she's gonna be alive somewhere, they're gonna be alive somewhere in this. Just wasn't one of those just the way that they were acting in the way that lorry was telling
certain people that her children were dead or telling certain people that she didn't have kids yelling, making organised around a friends house. They were here. They were there me, it just seemed I got the neighbor's house whistling she's, not planet on them, come back unbreadlike. That was my. She was telling people like their got. Kids are not he uttered. I've gotta like would the landlord. I thank exactly in that's what made me feel like. Oh she's, not planning on introducing them into the picture definitely not open healing close to home Cooper university health care, a complete academic health system, from primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance in cancer care at MIT Anderson Cancer, Cetera Cooper with power, since from or fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as there a choice, Cooper committed, compassionate, complete
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process that that one part of it where they say we can only hope they died without suffering. Can you imagine having to hang onto that thread, one. I am sure that you just go over every scenario in your mind. Just on fuckin reply, oh for sure, because when it's it's specially, when it's a kid like there's someone it's like you they're, partly sitting there and despite means. I'm not indicting them of this, and I know what you're saying they're, probably thinking there had like. I wasn't there to protect ratings. I hope is when you feel like a responsibility to a child of something bad happened, especially for CAN Larry. When I come. Yes, a J J, because lorry wasn't even blood related. Nutshell J. Like that, I'm sorry I knew it keeps saying that wasn't her kid and it's like
wherein it, of course, like adoption, leave they that's a family, that's all child. When a lady days, that's not the case, then I think a case can be made that this was by no means of actual family has lately now she was obviously a fuckin daddy, then a dime, a diamond and she D know was not mothering. That child's the will- and I really hope that something comes out to where she is held responsible for the the death of Charles yeah. You know, and then it's like what the fuck happened Alex. I want to know what have I like sober there and it will therefore cabinet to me. I always wonder if Alex's shit with self inflicted somehow yeah visit. We need to know because I think I know knew he was got he either new that he was going down. It was like I'm not going to jail again cause rubber. He had gone to data that or lorry was like he's a little cuckoo, so I'm not gonna make him saying could yeah she thought TAT. She was getting away with a snack, as I could see her.
All the earning this she's wily and I could see her highly as far she's while his box, so I could see her being like. I can't trust this guy, because he can't my brother he's all. That is all that. Often I'm afraid he's gonna say something that I don't want him to say. So we need to take care of it and then sending Chad to do her bidding or doing at herself while- and I hope that somehow Melanie than these she knows a lot more than she say. Oh yes, my let me go! Let yourself do you know where, as you know, and if you're sitting there holding onto this, then your day of reckoning, welcome any for her husband to stay with her. His answer by society must like. Oh, I would be losing. I figured I'd say you know anybody who thinks that that niece doesn't know something not when she's a dangerous yeah, so for her to sit there and pretend she died like for you know I didn't it's gonna, come by
around two m as a bit Emily, no way, that's gonna, stay hidden, forever, right and wrong done in the dark. Will eventually come to light up? I was so deep lane, I'm SAM and what's the interesting to just like us. Final thoughts is lake. Ass said he's in Chad. Debo has not been charged with murder know yet right solving that's interesting, because now we have bodies, we are by definition of bodies. We have our top seize on bodies. So it's like what are we waiting for relic? Why don't? We have with that's interesting law? I think maybe it's just some kind of formality, because his bond, the bond for his charges would be like ten thousand dollars are something of a round thought, but his bond with sudden a million dollars. So then there are he's a flight risk there saying here, because it is their definite gonna up it. It just interesting that it had a matter the artist I want to hear a first degree, murder or a hundred percent, and I want to hear first around lorry to having been charged with First Sergei murdered
There- and I wonder, I wonder if the way this is all going to shake out and that's why I think she might distance herself a little bit, because I'm wonder she's gonna get a lot less time, but why, though, like I just because I think she's gonna make a deal she's gonna sing about sharing, did on a deal or that's why he has property was search exactly, and I think she there made one she's gonna make one that talking about making a deal in the work or she's gonna start distance, distancing herself from him a little bit it's. This is what I think are ya will accrue to fuck noses
it's crazy right but, and then he'll get the far more on top of it. Could I shall probably put it on him to him, especially as a quota. Unquote, mother, she ridiculous place herself in the killing position. Is you will say I? I would be very shocked if I hear that lorry didn't point that Chad and say he did it easier when you did the blow or whatever it was right and then he'll get the full murder charge learner sentence and shall get something much less and it'll be like a car
America. Such an inhuman show ended out now and live in her life and hopefully show this Peter ass for ever. I think that if she got, I dont know where she would go if she got lot out other than into directly into the witness protection. For me, I am or directly into the bowels of hell yeah the flaming significant as well. I don't know I thought we are ready, but Chad's preliminary hearing is gonna be set for July first. So I think a law is going to come out yeah the coming weeks earlier and will be, will be paying attention and will try to update as we can, because I mean if we can throw a little. I know this is like a short episode going. If we can throw a little short episode here and there to standing on things will try to do that here. It is guys. Well now we are going to record some listener tales for this week. Size in her tales lighten it all out to emphasise tonight. Ere long, you get three episodes this week, s land by every money,
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