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2021-10-11 | 🔗
A bonus spoopy listener tales brought to you by the Patronisi! This episode features an almost country massacre, a mountain dew seance, a ghost simply called “The Man,” and more!!! Hold on to your butts.  P.s These patreon-penned listener tales are so great that we’ve decided to add one Patreon Listener tales episode to the regularly scheduled programming for the rest of October!! Party.
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Hey you weirdos, I'm I'm Alina in this is a little bonus episode of more bed. there's gonna be thoroughly this. We spooky season all we ask our patriarch lovers and listeners
lovers to send us in their spooky details because we figured we would do like a special spooky. You know, Petronels bonus listener tells us so did we got so many good ones that we are like? We can make this like a four hour up sewed, or we could just give you bonus, episodes with extra spooky tales in them on top of the regular episodes for the week, I'm just nodding. My had run Essentially economic yeah angered they're, giving you a bonus. One spooky details on top of the regular episodes for the week would be much better because it alone citing Buddhism of extra spooky details on spooky season. I don't know anybody that doesn't like that I think you're already for it. I think you are, I think, you're ready for the jail in honestly, the Petronia soon, so really outdone themselves and that's why we're like we can. We have to keep reading these there. So good. Now these are truly amazing day. Have really done the damn thing
we wanted to do this, for you guys, I'm are a sign of respect, gave way by wolves borders on also. I wanna hear what everybody's doing for spooky season to like anything. I asked it then, like the patriotism of doing for spooky seizing his we're like still in a pandemic, and you know that, the Delta Philadelphia variability just creeping around doing the damn thing, and I know a lot of haunted houses are open but, like I wonder, if anybody's doing anything like me, no unique that we can take it duration from because yeah they want to do something fine, but real super comfy going inside of a haunted. How exactly as I know, the babes can't get vaccinated. Yet it looks like they're going to be able to very soon, but they can't get vaccinated yet and nothin's worth putting them and dangerous about outside things. I'm lake. I would really like to find some other outside thing. I know there is one that we went.
Before we're gonna get I'd, one that we could go to cause. I love a haunted, Korea, eyes, Slick, Gimme, a hunted corn. Please give me a haunted, hey ride, I'm all about so full of Massachusetts. Let us now Now let us know about any like outdoor spooky things that we can do together. Canoes were craving it more than anything. The entire bore her. I just need to be driven through a corn enemies, If nothing is done is like fully right now and I haven't done anything spooky, L, a good dino everybody's done. Some fun fall things like the pumpkin, Dino, picking and apple picking, having. I am picking at sea where we went apple picking and I made some delicious food out of it, but I also mean some delicious food out of a lane about forty pounds of apples, larger forty pounds. Yeah, that's issues. I do you want some of these and I was like a yes. I do because the whole time we're picking the most like this. You know
I'll, make some apple faster you. So I ll just give her some apples and MA. Am I will your mother in law? I will. We will make big with they all went to good use They really we all got a little more fibre and our diet, but hopefully some day. You know I love doing suffered the kids. I just hope we can do some more like haunted things when the kids go to sleep peacefully. I now like more like a doll. Taunted thank gas. Let us know what you're doing Adam disinterested ass. You are you guys doing what's up I just like: what's the cool jail, your eyes, all things to tell me everything you growth keep me and I love you. So much became a subtle thing, but it was deleted your own, I dead, yeah dead, potluck, irregular ash, amicable ash and do you wanna go first, or would you like me to? I think you should go home? Should I start from the from the top from those talks list
Yeah did you get that are now while Tik Tok has changed, address really really appreciative of that cause. That's literally the other another top listener tales about the fun loving gone said. That's funny. It's the only thing that I could say that like people could listen to in the car- and you is this one says- listener tail and then my neighbor was eaten by a shark ye. I was like while that subject line will really grab? U N, he says, allow my favorite Ladys. I have attached a pitiful of my listener town. It isn't like any of the other listener tails heard and I am slightly obsessed with morbid soy, think I'd remember, but it involves shark gods and has the word four ash and all sorts of stuff about the ocean, which would frequently now yeah, I mean all of it now here for you, so they say. I have many greasy stories about growing up in literally the backside of beyond, but unfortunately there neither cry me or spooky, so I
hope my shark serious fun. I apologize for any mistakes and if it isn't your style of thing, I hope you enjoy now I'm going to hit send before I freaked myself out. Keep it weird, thank you and they had sent. I'm glad you had send me to cause. This is truly something hello to the best funniest rudest broadcasters there are, that was the best introvert home. So nice you can use my name but Rachel. I Rachel. As on the infant say that word for me, the infinite Tis Milly Infinitist not by any chance that someone from the small community where this takes place is listening, it will be able to figure out who, I am I'd, say, small towns, ya, but more like small islands. Yell like that, I discovered your podcast earlier and twenty twenty one, and a rather roundabout way late night stress scrolling on Instagram, because teaching middle school in a pandemic Ya'Ll teach I bowed down now, for I bowed down to thank you, but that showed them Stephanie Hard
video we left off in how we do which took me to Youtube, but I'm trying to cut down on screen time. So when I went to find her podcast, I ended up with yours. Instead, that's also mutual, because hers is really good. She's great and I ve never looked back. Listen to every single episode, except for the super hard core spooky spooky ones like the wage Board ones because nope, I promise it's interesting I'd like to set those ones out too, because I'm tired out of reach of word. So I feel you, but yet some history will you do in its fun, you you would like it and if I can do it, anybody can. You can do when I'm getting ready in the morning or on the way to work on breaks. You get the idea we ve had over two months of lockdown this year and it has gotten me through some serious loneliness and boredom. I even figure out patriotic So I could support ya. That's so nice and feed my addiction through Patria on bonus permissiveness. That's amazing! Thank you! So much. I said, though, like I was like surprise that she was. Adrian those all year. Patria onto this is literally a patriotic limited or type. That's what we're here for, but either way. Thank you so much here, the best I was always south
I couldn't contribute to listener tales, because nothing spook task or crime related has ever happened to me personally. I've dealt with a lot of crime stuff through my job, but that stuffs never for sharing, and then I remembered the shark God and the neighbor who got eaten then a mysterious question, circumstances this story is extremely long because background information, but I won't say, cadet cause you never do no way. Never, hopefully I managed to make an entertained and tainting defend our tainting entertaining despite the late when I was a child, I lived in a remote part of Fiji. Ok, oh all right that rule casual. How I ended up. There is a long story and it doesn't involve anything podcast worthy. So suffice it to say that through I through circumstances, I ended up living in Fiji from when I was about three. Until I was, seventeen were the two year gap when we went back to Hawaii for my youngest brother to be born,
I was born there to pay. This was in the early nineties nineties in the early two thousands, the part of Fiji, where I lived is said to be home to the Dakar Wagner the shark God there was a very deep state. Sorry, there is a very deep straight of water between two islands. We lived on one side of the stream on the larger of the two islands, but really so far from anything that it was an hour by boat to a road and then assess our bus ride from that road to the nearest town. I'm stressed out just thinking about that. That's wild the island other side of the street was much smaller, but it had a post office, peel boxes and a wall of a shop which was appeal, which was a big upgrade from the previous shelf in the shop where the shopkeeper would dig for your mail. My coffee with large various twice a week would bring in supplies and even an airport, and by airport I mean a pave strip of tarmac and several small one room buildings with benches away.
Amazing, that's crazy! That would scare the crap out of me later. If you were flying, you literally had to get on a scale with your carry on. They could decide where on the plane, you would set to know Alan's the way, no, never know nope the planes usually had one seat to the left and two to the right and each row and carried about sixteen passengers know those small planes and I am totally fine with of our flying like I'm. Not. I don't have any kind of fear about it, but those small planes, that's where my fear flying like what happened here see. I realise that I am very like through you. I have it cause. I was never really into astrology before you before you existed. Just about Europe do yeah, but since I realize I'm an earth sign- and I realise how poignant that is to me, because I don't know- near. I will I like solely on the ocean alone, and I like to leave the sky alone like
Are you keep me on the ground? That is true and I'm an air signs. I like it makes a lot of your I've lying in a deep fear of the ocean. I wanna see really quickly. I must say I am fascinated by the ocean. That's the thing with the ocean to me, I'm terrified of it, but I'm so fascinated by it. Oh yeah, I could see the idea. I was just looking up what Sagittarius was cause. I don't know if, like one element, it was- and I thought maybe it would be water cause. I will the water so much too, but actually fire. Why such a terrorist cause? That's my rising out of sight! All you are not as such to her, but I am a little bit there. You, my totally lost my play. So if you were flying sixteen- but I guess I just want to get across the idea of how small this place was, I remembered going to the capital once a year when they had paved roads, anaemic, Donalds and a movie theater
and how overwhelming at all was the trip was twenty four hours on a ferry and a two hour plus or to our plus flight, and we always when by very cause expensive yo. That's like hilarious that they were like. We can go to the Mcdonald's in the movie yeah freedoms. As I was saying this, the traditional home of the shark God there is small, uninhabited island next to the island, with stores that, according to some older folks, was Duck Dhaka, Woongas Special Home, you can go to the island to picnic in snorkel, but you did not wear bikini, aura speedo or leave any trash behind be respectful when in God's home, guys yon, I mean don't, leave trash behind anywhere God, even if there's no gun with the gods on how and when travelling between islands you waited until you passed it before you start.
Trawl fishing and never even let the blindness of the boat drain until you are a respectful distance away. Guy or we'll take it. I really seriously, and you may be wondering what people did there. While this straight happens to hold some of the most stunning scuba diving locations in the world, tourism, especially related to diving, was the backbone of the economy. As you can imagine, most of the tourists were from the states in Europe. All season Kiwis tended not to get this far out since the You're island flights were as much as the international ones, or so only those who had already paid for paid a fortune would pay for the extra and they didn't really like the whole shark. God thing they didn't really take the whole shark think seriously. There was an incident for when I was too young to hear the story of a tourist who had a limb, but not by a shark but with saved and even came back years later after she healed and while everyone said it was a freak accident. My adopted fijian grandmother told me it was because she disrespect
the gods home woe and when your seven and being tucked under the mosquito nets by your adopted grandmother, while the kerosene will listen to us, Lantern light shines offer here. England, off her gold. You believe that shit
I believe that shit that here and I believe that gives me such grandma tall of I've run along. We love grow all automaton, a few bays over about fifteen to twenty minutes in the ten feet. Dinghy. Would the fifteen horse power outboard less that in a proper boat there was a guy. He was in the habit of going to the island with shops drinking with his friends and getting up to the stuff that adults doom am, I adopted. Grandmother would not tell me about, but she just hissed and generally doesn't her foot, which is the job of grandmother throughs on the night in question. It was stormy, so he decided to swim out to check his boat where it was angered about a hundred feet from shore, not a big deal. My friends and I had done it a hundred times this time, though it was a big deal. He left his made still drinking swam out to check the anger and had his leg bitten completely off. That's rough alerted by the screams. The people around him got out of the water and tried to get him up. The hill to the hospital or clinic, unfortunately, by the
and they were able to transport him, he had succumb to blood off. There was a lot of stuff happening around this time that many of the locals were unhappy with loss of traditions, changing attitudes of tourists plus the usual. This new generation doesn't show respect so just a tragic accident caused by alcohol in a sharp crazed by the dumping of animal awful and seized by a new business or one pissed off shark God who had had enough and took it out on a random swimmer on a dark and stormy night new design, I'm going with sharp god me too. I bet you can guess what my adopted grandmother believed hell yeah. This did that I shall extra response, respect every time we went through that bit of water hell. Yes, I have to say that now in my authorities, I lean more towards a shark that had had its natural habitat and lifestyle disrupted by humans, causing it to develop a taste for land creature. But some time later, when a japanese fishing ship got stuck on a real for several months and was selling off its cargo to try to float free and some of the people who worked for us bought a shark to eat
Us I was stunned. She in the group who was no being right, the hell out of there, as I still get a weird shiver whenever I see sharks in captivity or as a food resources. I hope you enjoy this rambling tail from my childhood and keep it weird, but not so weird that as a community, you pass off a shark god and he eats a poor, drunk man who just once to make sure that his boat doesn't float away while those wild, that was truly something for real. That was truly some. I love that it was just like shark God or random accident you design, you didn't you know what I'm going with sharp God chart God, even though the other one actually make sense as well. I think they both make sense. I think it's a little bit about either way. It works doesn't have to be one of the other can be both here in a fix things, be savareen, sweet shower God or like a potato chip dipped in chocolate or have you ever had like those like? Have you ever had those oh, you are afraid I have you ever had like that. Like those
I was gonna, keep calling, but I don't really know what just happened. Not twenty onest of the users well function. I do you know I am. I think they go well with personal story. I started getting a grand day. Instead of a ban. Teak is inefficient antennae and it's really affecting its really affecting my capacity might cognitive, the velocity of my thoughts. It is the velocity coffee directly influences the velocity of us, like the mass of your copy yeah, I'm not a further stage. I have upon us Let me have you copy that this has nothing nude copy he's like speaking of copies. This one's called a disappearing country, psycho killer. It would have been funny of use a disappearing coffee, serial killer go but its country, Syria,
country- hey weirdos, here's my true camp fire spooky tail above the night. My cousins myself in our baby sitter were almost slaughtered grey, You can use my name and overtaxed double space, pitiful, because life for home you like it Nick thanks Nick, I also loves you. Got to added an immense chagos because it was like hears Beautiful and then she was just getting thanks. Mercury retrograde here is that you know what we're all in that with you we're all in this together. I may that's. It just happened to my brain. I think it is all right. National Anna, they think I'm going apologize ahead of time for the twenty seven different tangents, this single doc may hold, but a true of so many tales to tell them. My brain becomes all squarely and I can't control it. We both feel that, like of your other love avid listeners, I'm a huge fan. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
For always saying exactly what I'm thinking about the many evil rotten tunafish stopped Balzac's that have inhabited the earth through new fish Dunbar, while size I'm scream, are gonna use that I like, if you ever, really form a true crime task force I really want to. May I please offer my super suspicious, never trust anyone gemini rising mind in assistance, because you are my people. How year on the team be way high, mainly MRS Hall can use my name Heineken, Technical, I'm a mama bear to four beautiful humans, hell yeah, a Boston supper, these two hairstyle essay hell, yeah former ghosts, Oh, hey, read that correctly, I managed ghosts engraved soon's Boston for five years holy shit. That's also, my no alone. I have never been on not still I went
that and let me tell you, is one of the most fun go. Stores of every people say that it's like super duper fun and I've laid up here ass. My whole life about, like the blip in Hawaii and I've, never gone well. Nicole, managed it for five years spreading the true dark history of our city to tourists and fellow weirdos. You want the creepy Boston stories, I'm your ex Go Sti, hell, yeah call! Well, look it up. I know we're right on here. I am a form religious cults member! You! Can you really want a? Why you killer that dude. We always I was like is that an impressionable age there were celebrities involved. I got to travel a decent amount. I fucked up childhood. They left me longing for a stable family. You can pick the reason it happened and I always will to truth. Sinhala did she's a gas celebrities, one involving, unlike what and I just love if you like, and I always winter, to tutor oostenaula. You know why how you know your childhood was like a lower out when you can win that occasionally we'd. Like your eyes closed, I come from a history
intuitive women who experience crazy shit same A woman died in my house. While I was living there. Not it was a duplex. Her head was facing the complete opposite way: woe to swap gonna casually drop now her back words headed straggly haired Spirit haunted my house until we moved holy Shit, she probably still but I was nine and it's a story for another day. Please said that store. I always I have heard people say liked like right, the crazy, only four things since I've ever read in their like, but that's for another day, unlike notes not today I'm looking at my watch and like what day I got time what day is that other day I'll be ready on my calendar I'll talk I'll pencil that it I'm on a need to know basis? Okay, weirdos welcome to my brain hold onto your butts. I grew up both did he most Santa Country Mouse, my parents divorced when I was young and I went to school outside of Boston but spent summers and the real real country in southern Illinois. Until my dad tried to kidnap me and bring me too vague,
but again another story for another time. The coal. I love, how casual you are. This is the best dad and whose side of the family lived there? My aunts and uncles our food where's, my grandparents ran a country tavern. There were only have all roads, cornfields everywhere. In all the queue cuddly animals, a girl could ever want sense. Lovely I usually was with my grandparents- are cousins because my dad was well not ready. Your dad. He had a lot of issues was cool and over pathological liar hid. Having other kids. For me, woe- and an extra special time when my grandpa mixed up his MEDS, my grandpa tried to kill him in front of me to quote, give us all some peace, and so I could see my daddy for what he really is, but I was seven at the time and just wanted to go rescue the mother, fucking barn cats and peace. While why of what of TAT,
you're kidding when you send tangents. These are while wasn't getting when you out truths and oh, I can see how all of it enough word vomit, let's get to the good stuff holy shit. What is the good stuff one hot country night. I was sleeping over at my cousins house. My dad was God knows where, and there was some big party at the tavern that my grandparents owned this honestly be only bar within twenty five miles, so is kind of a big deal. My aunt Uncle were also there. For the night I was eight. My cousin Angela was seven. My cousin West was three and my cousin Josh was a brand new baby. I need to explain the house. It would have been my dream house. Had I not almost been a victim of a country massacre. You know that little just meddling in my area, my uncle, is what the biggest farmers in southern Illinois. He had a beautiful old white farmhouse and a large plot of land, I'm talking acres and acres. As far as the I can see, we are right. Of course, there was an enormous barn, no neighbors for miles. Not awesome reminds me that,
and scream like an amazing. The up the, Marine Flora LEO was a kitchen and dining room combo, which led to a playroom and then the living room living room. There was a door behind the couch which went opened, lead to abuse, to beautiful, stairs that wrapped up and around to haul the first or the right was Cousin angels bedroom than at the end of the hall was a door into the left of that was another door. The one at the very end belong to my aunt and uncle the door to the left but that was the boys, is room, slash nursery and to end rooms also connected inside the rooms. I never why the couch blocked the only door up to the bedrooms. My how in my head, this house was huge, but maybe just wasn't as big actually ma aunt had hired a thirteen year old girl named Kirsty to baby sit us. She spent the whole time talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Indefinite told us to go to bed way earlier than we wanted to my cousin and I
obviously not sleeping I it was so hot and we are staring out there with her window trying to catch a breeze. It was about that time that we saw fireworks. It was exciting. Our bedtime rebellion was worth it almost immediately. We also noticed a white light in the yard. It was moving. Another the light show we ran downstairs Ditto Kirsty as we excitedly rent, The kitchen we saw Kirsty was not experiencing the same joy. In fact she was frantically. Blocking any doors and windows that she could. She not calmly explained that the fireworks were too close and there was a prowler in the yard I didn't know prowler meant that point my life, but I felt the vibes of the run a thirteen year old was supposed to that was supposed to keep us safe, grabbed the biggest night she could find. It was confident that I did not like any part of what was happening. She, she rushed us back upstairs making sure to pull that behind the couch door extra type she told us to go
to my aunt knuckles room, lock, the door made sure the nursery door was locked and started crying fuck. She forgot to bring the handy dandy list of emergency phone numbers, because this was the early Ninetys and Cellphones Werner thing Jesus. I don't think needless phones or even a thing in that house. She began big dialing, any combination of phone numbers- and I distinctly remember thinking, but she was not qualified to be watched us up. I love that, like all this clause is happening here, electricity get at the factory Kirsty, I don't think you're gonna get another baby sitting around meantime the baby and started parking loud breaking into this house in the middle of nowhere, where no one could hear a scream kind of banging. No thank you. Kirsty took a break from the, own and instructed us to start pushing furniture against the door, anything heavy that our fucking. Seven and eight year old baby hands could move my cousin happily danced
window and said: oh look. There are three lights: does that mean three proud Porter Kirsty was crying screaming shit older and over? I was moving furniture alone. No one seemed overly concerned about the babies in the nursery unconcernedly going right and I can remember giggling a little at these absurdity of it all now. I've always had it Propria reactions to things save by MS you're gonna say about Kirsty was now begging, my cousin to remember the number to the tavern, to which Angela responded. I don't know, but I know my phone number super helpful up move around this time. We heard what I can now describe as Jack Nicholson. Huh king down the door in the shining. Behind the couch door. That's ex thing I remember was complete and utter silence. I could hear all of our heart beats
Turn the lights off in the room and Kirsty told us not to make a sound. We listened and we then watched as the door not begin to turn then violently shook. Kirsty screamed at us to push against the door. I will Never in my life forget the next seventeen the closely what you'd so funny, because when I read that at first I was like we I'll. Never in my life, it says the next seventeen years that our current out, like that's a long time like that, but I will never in my life for get the next seventeen years that occurred. It was probably only ten minutes, but anyone knows that ten minutes of pre murder is equal two years now, but I would think so. Murder pushed up hard against the bureau and bedside table blocking the door. It all pushed back over and over, we felt such a strong force hurdling into the door. We were all crying at this point that it stopped. It stopped got quiet and my cousin piped up that she remembered the number two
cavern thank fucking God also, I'm semi sure that she always knew the number was just being an asshole because she tortured her baby, sit and resist. I know I shouldn't say that about a seven year old, but she was a real brought back to the murdering curse, called and no one answered. She called five more time And finally my grandpa answered, I dont know she made any sense it if she made any sense at all, but that saint of a man said he was on his way. That's when the banging started again on the assembly is different. It was scratchy. Instead, and persistent I love stubby as to how the adjective, what whoever on the other side of that door had a knife or an ax or a hatchet, or something that was going to fuck us all up I'm so we about to be. I was just going to Kennedy ass. We are back in our spots. Barricading ourselves in after another few minutes of hell, the sound of tyres on gravel could be heard in that hurt in the distance the sound stopped and the
next thing I knew my angel grandpas voice was calling to us. We flung the dough open and saw him climbing over the couch and through the door, huge shock on in hand my grandpa, my hero. He scooped us all up and checked it out soon. After my own uncle came and you guys aunt and uncle didn't believe us. The door for their room, looked like a bare tried to Claude down, and they too you say it was a wooden storm away storm inside their fucking, a house that has a secret upstairs this day when this brought up? They deny it. It was wild imagination, but seriously fuck that shit. That scarred me for life I feel like, maybe like they had to have known likes links. There was like some kind of family secrets. Shadiest like now is there like a couch, barricading Medea. Why were they later all windstorm inside the house layer, size, weird, I love Kirsty ever baby, sat again fair enough.
The fairy my cousin went on to be a total no at all, but I still lubber my beloved grandpa passed away about five years ago, I'm sorry three months, The day after my grandma, his high school sweetheart pass only gone. He was a retired police officer who entered entered early retirement after a case in which three girls, the same age as his own at the time, walked themselves into. Police station to report their severe sexual abuse at the hands of their father. Not my Grandpa was the one to pick up the evil. Bastard and, let's just say he looked one way than when they went into the stations elevator in quite a bit, bloodier and uglier than those that when those elevator doors opened, you better believe he got a full. Police funeral, though the person or thing that was able to disappear without a trace. We know it was real. Was it human that I can say, but I will
never forget it. Well, that's my almost massacre story, thanks for reading and hope you keep, it appeared taken away ash, but not a river This happens. Ps, encase, you're, wondering nine one. One was in an option: in an hour before help derive ppm I solemnly swear. I wrote the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and seriously. Let me know if you want the inside scoop all things spooky Boston, like the common being one of the largest largest unmarked mass graves my favorite serial killer, Jane Token, who killed more Bob and board and end the Boston, strangler combined. I know that the Boston Common is one of the largest and girl. We know why talk is so creepy. I used to have to walk through the Boston Common every single day, Europe out just walking over a mass grave say, I'm saying: let's talk a lot about happen there, I want to hear your. I want to hear your tail gap please right in that was then you saying I'm terrified for you still
well they. What happened there, I gotta know are got love what slots hopefully find out someday. I hope my next one is called patron. Sir Tail Mountain do overload and offspring sounds fits so yeah hi, spooky babes, happiest she'll spooky my fucking Caesar. Thank you. Then you I saw that they are at their name and- and I was I can I say, I'm demi, you can definitely say my name because here in my name on my favorite podcast would be amazing. High gently fits as high me up. I dummy anyways else very Ladys, the repetitive stuff, by not state it starting out this emo telling you guys how much I absolutely adore both of you and the pod cast and your hilarious ends. You are and how I literally feeling we could all be friends and bake. Happily things together and talk about scary people, Ngos Ella, I love all of that. I want to do that. Lets you that isn't it also shared values that we talked about getting awfully things. Then Debbie was like I'm here I'm here. I am
she's not produce, and apples is pops right up like hey anyway, Here's my story when I was about fourteen. I had a friend who lived in a house that was very old. Her whole family and family friends had always claimed they've seen or felt something out of the ordinary, and let me tell you being alone in her basement. Was spine chilling one time she and I were watching a movie in the basement, and we actually heard the light switch click as all of the lights in the basement turned off. We screamed our asses off her mom, didn't like it. It was cool with close cool There are particular good night. We were having a sleep over with one of one other girlfriend of ours and her brother, no exaggerate, but I'd say around fifty islands in and out in Damascus, between the I don't want to exaggerate. That was an exaggeration but love was involved. Settings are weird. Do you want me to mountain? Do it so when I is growing us. How goes the direct result?
Overseers bound do Pepsi. Maybe if you were Linz you also through some or insult I met him oh yeah, what's goin, who loves orange soda lids loves orange soda. I just feel like mountain. Do is like literally nuclear horse p, Nord for sure Like, I think, that's the ingredients you'd go like ape shit. You would just bouncing off of every wall, cause it never go to. So, if I just I don't even know what who is so good but so terrible we I mean your teeth, always felt horrible monarchy or naturally felt like they were alike. On the precipice of falling. I urgently sentient beings our. How did you hear baffled at any? in time. Unlike fight people around you, that's how they felt actual well me Last December we were wired and the We hours of the night. We decided to be good, smart, bright, young kiddos and have a say on, and my friends bedroom, which was in the creepy airspace may this was around two thirds three. I am I'm sure it goes without saying. The parents were already long gone asleep two floors up.
We weren't sure how to do it, so we just gathered one or two candles and placed it in the middle of the floor and we saw in a cheesy circle and candles holding hands we kept calling out to the spirits. I could hear us asking for any sign at all. Nothing happened for maybe ten minutes Finally, I got tired of the silence, so I thought, maybe being a little dramatic dumb ass could help yeah you might as well. Try isn't it always. I blew out the candle, so it was completely pitched black in them. And it s just show yourself immediately my friends bedroom door banged loud. It sounded like someone got a running start from the end of the hall and body slammed unto her door. We all screamed and jumped for the nearest pillow or sleeping bag to hide under, except for the little brother who dived for the light, switch fucking weird. He's like I need light who, when I lifted my head for being buried into my pillow, I immediately yielded him dude. What the hell thinking it was him who had snuck off when I blew the candle banged the door as a joke and then turn
light on, but once I saw his face, I could tell he was complete. He was just as terrified as the rest of US girls and my tube friends confirms that it has excuse me, and my two friends confirmed it couldn't have been him when they reminded me that we had all been holding hands the entire time and he had never let go of either of their hands until we all went screaming. We were all extremely shaken, but had to see if someone was messing with us. After taking a few minutes to calm down, we opened the bedroom door to see nothing, but the black emptiness stretching down her basement hallway and on the ground was my friends metal? Ross that had been hanging on the outside of her door, the entire time I had no her that had known her. Let me repeat, it was on the ground. As in what
we're banged on the door call of caused this thing to fall off. You yeah, that's no good! The next morning at breakfast, my friends, mom, was clearly unhappy with us. She said all the commotion we were causing woke her in her husband up. I figured she was talking about our screaming cause. I imagine three teenage girls screaming Lester annoyingly disrupting the slumber of old people. I went home your mandate, Jerry. I went home later that and I got a phone call from the same friend fur. She told me she was grounded Ella. Well, Second, she told me her Mamma asked her what the fuck we were doing so late at night and why we were slamming the door so that same bang about its. The actual mountain do in future, but was loud enough to wake her mom from two floors. Above us not our screaming. So there you go. Wish. I could tell you more scary stuff that happened out that house, but this one particular occurrence is definitely the most. Memorable, and I honestly don't think I'll ever forget it. I got chills just riding at all, urges rewriting at all hope you
has enjoyed happy Halloween season. You guys. I love you and keep up the amazing work while taking terrifying and it makes me think at my parents House I was walking by what because my parents house a super super old, like mine too, like haunted his violin hundreds of years old and the mask bedroom in that house, like the old master bedroom they like added on to it, but that original master bedroom is definitely the most haunted in that. As you know, I didn't even know that that was the original ass, the original master, but I would like to know if the oven, like you, I would one night. I walked by it to go to link the computer romanones living there and I walked by and as soon as I went by the door, I had made me think of what does said because she said it sounded like somebody took a running start and hurled them their entire. By We consider it sounded like someone went from one end of the room. America's the door was closed. Re too
The door and hurled their entire dense, a dying son body against that door. It was the loudest most violent thing. Idolators, whenever I was holding, I dropped and I literally like flattened against the wall like it. Scared me that hard at source as soon as possible, way to ethnic, very narrow, unlike freaky is so, and I can just ass soon ass. She said that in a story like what did you do terrify you grow back downstairs. I literally ran downstairs to my my parents. It was like something else dad one in their nothing was there, nothing was fallen in front of the door or nothing. That's like I, two. I used to sleep in that room. When I would visit and link you weren't, homer, anything and was sleeping there one night and there was like a little like Tupperware Box full of stuff, literally watched it slide across the entire Florida I have now.
Revenge so scared. In my life I picked up whatever I had an heeded myself across the whole EU illegally by Germany, dainty overcome sleeping in here tonight. Here, hey, I never slept and I gather rubens turf. I hate Basso Demi. Thank you for bringing the memory to life for real, even like the raw I dont, like them all right, so my next one is patrone. Centric listener tales, the dead guy and production love. The has had a guideline for the urgency it says. Be high wholly season to both of you, lovely Ladys Morbid is my most favorite podcast, which is saying something because, as I said, at home by day graphic designer a night, I usually have a true crime or go story, podcast or tv show playing in one year, airports, man. What will we do about them? Also? Oh, I m
I have to tell you that I almost passed out from laughing. While I was listening to the Michael Malloy episode. You two are the vat? Is it whenever anyone asked me for pod cas? I always tell them years first! Thank you. Oh all right! So, let's get into the story which I have attached as a double space put offer, because I love you. I love you too. Billy. Sorry, as for any weird spelling grammatical hours, I make words, look pretty not sound, pretty ha, way back in the days when you had to download your podcast from Itunes on your computer. I graduated call Jim, started, working and assign printing company. My desk had two large I'm on it, but one of them wouldn't turn on so is basically just taking of space when cheap boss kept saying he was going to get it fixed, but never did it ended up coming handy though, because I positioned to where I could use the reflection to see if someone was walking up behind me and could pretend that I was working instead,
looking at whatever I was. We all look tat on the internet, search for two thousand and twelve when we were actually supposed to be working anyway, every once in a while. I would get that feeling of being watched out of the corner of my eye would see the reflection of someone standing behind me when I would turn around no would be there, which was a little freaky, but I didn't really think too much of it until pause for dramatic effect, colonial one night when I was working really late to get a project on the law, It's in the shop behind me were turned off and it was unusually quiet none of the printers or vinyl cutters were running since was the only one there I was wearing my headphones, during a silence between songs. I heard footsteps on the concrete floor behind me I was already little spooked being a giant mostly dark building alone, so I turned around faster, my chair and set out loud. Did you forget something I was worried. It was one of the production guys trying to scare me, but I was
facing a dark room, full of equipment large enough to easily hide one of my co workers, a murderer or the girl. From the grudge shoe, I figured that the footsteps I heard must have been something else. After all, I had never been this late or alone. Before plus I was already crept out like deity. At the beginning of a scary movie, I slowly rotated back to my screen and started working again enough time passed now that I started to relax a bit, but then, in the reflection of the second computer, screen. I saw the silhouette of a man standing behind me. I screamed and jumped out of my chair thinking. It was one of my co workers. I yelled what the hell you idiot, but there was no behind me. No. Thank you, sir. I grabbed my phone and bags so fast. I knocked me office chair over overrun just left it there? I booked it to the front door set the alarm with one hand, while trying to call my husband with the other? As the foam was
nothing, I was locking the glass front door and looked up to see someone peeking their head around the wall behind the consumer. Reception does zoo nice, early seemed in, ran across the dark parking lot chanting. Oh shit, no shadow, shadows, fifth, sure that any second I'd see Freddy Krueger running up behind me jumped into the car and drove out there like a bad at a hell for real, my huh. Been didn't answer? The five hundred and eighty seven calls I place between the time it took me to get from my work to our shitty one bedroom apartment above a garage. When I got home, I bang through the door like the Kool aid, man on cocaine and jump is going to spend the bed yelling. I was We merely acts murdered tonight and you didn't even pick up the phone. What have they woke up to a dead? Why my super hot, stable, rational, slightly, robotic husband, who is basically just immune to my bullshit, just rolls over pats, my head sleepily murmurs, but you didn't
and has the audacity to just go to sleep. I feel that licence goes back fully. I thus the nerve of this guy. I assume men. I stayed up and watched my I'm too freaked out to sleep Anita, Pollack glance at her turn, my brain off movie, Robin Hood, the Disney one with the animals, but now it's an episode of TED Lhasa. Anyway? This is that the next I still haven't watched her last, so I dont know what it is. I also don't know what I keep seeing things about it. I don't even see lies about it. It was did that, though I was going to get into that or I was going to get into squid game and I chose squid game. I chose the real housewives always and forever. They got their include. That's who we are ass people. I would like to say so bonanza episode of ten lasso anyway, the net. Morning. I snuck into work late and no one said anything about my chair being knocked over or having found a dead body. In the dumpsters out back so I figured it was just a ghost and not TED Bundy Ryan.
Our net or whatever. So I keep my mouth shut a few weeks, later I was sitting at my haunted desk mining, my own business, and I hear the vinyl cutter start up behind me. No, I thought nothing of it until the production manager, Wyatt, who looks like he just walked out of an episode of sons of anarchy and is the nicest sweetest man I have ever met walks over the machine for a second and then says to me: did you start this? around my chair and say: no. I thought you did just now. I over to see what its cutting and it's just a bunch of scribble lines, not words. Or a specific design or anything which, in height site is really lame like how awesome, slash horrifying, would it be if it was cutting, get out or something you look really scary be cliche, but I digress why it sits down at the computer, connected to the machine and you guys it was turned off what the fuck he sure
eggs and says all should not all show all should not at all sure sure thugs and says all nonchalant like it's the most normal friggin thing in the world must have been the guy, the capital tee and capital jeez, though guy come again. Who is The guy. I ask. Oh, it's. The go sky that hangs out here. Tell me everything my dude, so he proceeds so tell me that one dark winter morning he gets to work and as these walking up to the back door of the shop? He see someone opened the door and stick their head out. He surprised because car is the only one in the lot. So yells hey? What are you doing here this early said are responding. The person just slammed the door when he gets up to the door. It's locked he's kind of because it's cold in snowy out knows just open. So when he gets inside I'd see- says what the hell, but instead its but inside it's all dark and quiet and spoon. He and there isn't any one there he went
turning on all the lights and calling out for anyone there, but he was alone. As he's bring me the story, a couple of other guys work Pask and ask what we're talking about, because I'm staring at Wyant like I've. Just seen a ghost harm her, why it says he's telling me about the guy which lay come on, you guys can think of a real name for this dumb ghost, that's a thick, the dude there who go oh yeah and tell me they're creepy, encounter stories that very day. I moved to the broken computer off my desk and onto the floor, so I could be blissfully unaware of any goes creeping up on me shortly after happened. I moved into an office space instead of my desk in the middle of the internet production shop, and I ever saw the guy again, but sometimes I stayed a little too late in the evening. I would hear doors opening and closing on their own, which is
he's my invitation to get the fuck out happened anyway. I hope this story gave you the Hebrew GB just for a second do I always look forward. The listener tells episodes and it would be an honour to have my story included with all the amazingly well written and witty story submitted by those talented weirdos weirdos could icons. I'm telling you the story about the time I was robbed at knifepoint, when I was working in a snow cone stand at the tender age fourteen, but that's for another tat. We just ok. This is the thing that you guys just need to send all of these, and I must make this subject line for another time. Yes, please anybody who has said that's a story for another time. This is my siren call to you please send that story and put it and put the title for another I gather that we know and we are going to do a listener tales episode, those just or in other times stories that were left for another time, because that time is now the time has come when come bring it in keep away
but not so where the you name, the ghost hunting your work fairly, something super original like the guy exit Daniel. Yes, you can see my name thanks Daniel him and, while Daniel I'm glad you're alive. To tell that sorry me too, that's how to really scary and I was worried, but it was a problem for real from the last opposite. The last summer buddy nothing minor run as listener tail creepy phone call saved my sister's life. A wedding invitation also ye. Also hey Ladys here is my quick but spooky story. I hope you enjoy it as well as unsolicited pictures of my cats. I just can't help myself and I feel, like everybody needs to see their acuteness amazing with weirdo love. Kimberly. Three am literally obsessed with your cuts,
You got in a very just sitting there in Venice, liver and tat to you have yeah that's bad law. That is about us. They mention anything, but that will things I know where it onto the tale. Hello, you lovely. Ladies first, I have to say how much I love your podcast My friend turned me onto it only one month ago, and I have already been urged all of your episodes and became a patriot out TAT Emma you, the best both of you are incredible. I also got several of my coat first a lesson, and now we are all obsessed and frequently discussed cases throughout the day, if not the most appropriate, where conversation, but nobody said anything so far, you're fine everything's! Fine I will try not to go on and on, but my brain is often did often in a jumbled mass. Thank you narcolepsy. My name is Kimberly, feel free to use my name as it is about his generic as it could get, and I am firmly
and over Massachusetts, North Mandel vine. I just had measure to refresh it you're sure very trashy version of Andover. However, a fun fact about North Andover is that it had more convicted witches than Salem. That's raided pollyanna, but with it being literally true the tourism is an as the kid say. Bumping up. I digress through the camps. Data is in. A billion set up as a bomb been codicil onwards. I need to find a candle ask them if they say. Let's find a kid hello. You say you say bumper. There look up of our oil Amelia. Lady stranger danger this story rather short, but in my opinion it is guaranteed to give you full body chills. Isn't my favorite kind nice so get them when I think about it, even though I first heard about this years ago, so hot back in the way back machine and drop in we're going to the ninety, hey all in time of questionable fashion choices, even more questions,
while television, some great movies and an all around good time to be alive. Some might say the best, some might say the best of my first. Let me give you like a quick teeny tangent. Do you remember? Lloyd and space. Yes, I do yeah, I saw this tik Tok and it was like. Let me unleash a memory for you. I do remember. I forgot that Lloyd and space exist of wild, and I watched the whole intro and I was like I literally watched that I love when somebody will just unlock a memory like that link really. I never have I ever thought about it. Since I last saw until today, yeah then goes there. It is, I do remember last right. Well, god anyways I was, but I wasn't from the nineties, those from two thousand and one That's my ninety. I was just going to think as I didn't watch it. I just remember being on that's my version because it still has not like nineties, feel you know, namely does two thousand and one the still like we're just come in on the left over nine media anyways. I was but a teeny human then
and my sister and the start of this story was for on this. Otherwise uneventful night, my dad was woken up to the phone ringing at around you guessed it three I am now you have to understand that, just like my hermit herself, my dad never answer the phone are you. Are you us, especially when the collar ideas and now as it was, that for some reason, this night was different and may be due to the late hour of the call or his bewilderment of being woken up. So suddenly he got out of bed and picked up the phone now firmly hold on to your butts holding
after saying hello, who is this all he heard on the other side was a deep, slow laughing and the laughing didn't stop as if the person didn't need to breathe. No, but whatever my dad would say something asking again who this was why their recalling mislead the laughing would get louder and pick up pace know my dad does not believe in anything. Super owes gives me my does not believe in anything supernatural dad swears. This wasn't a recording the changes in its volume, a pace or two perfectly in sync, with anything he said. I hate us yet this as I really hate it after a minute or so Dad decided to hang up frustrated and thinking. It was a stupid prank, but as soon as the phone was off, he said he had a cold chill doubt ran down his spine, leaving an overwhelming sense of dried in its wake who so, instead of going back to bed, he decided he should check on others. Such a like apparent thing. He because that'll happen to me if I have a bad dream and I wake up, and you know sometimes you come out of a bad dream in your list
if the invaluable lily gross I'd really like to ratify it, and yet I will get up, I will go in every single of that. Like the girls room bloggers, you know track on them. I know you have this island is, I believe, an signs of its link. Ealing yeah, it's like robotic. I just get up and do it yeah there's no way. I can just go right back to sleep but make sense out of all his five children and the different rooms he could have gone to. He went straight to my sister's bed when he got to her bed. He noticed she was not sleeping peacefully as expected, because she was always a good sleeper. Instead, her face looked very discouraged. He put his hand on her forehead and notice that she was burning. She was drenched in sweat and was breathing a radically he swiftly, Cheer up ran to the bathroom and started running some cold water. While he waited for the bath to fill up, he took her temperature. It was just under a hundred and six degrees. Oh my god! insane. He added sister into the tub and went to wake up my incredibly useless mother to let her know what was going on here.
She and her wonderful motherly. Instincts barely woke up to say that she would stay home with the rest of us and then she went back to sleep. Thankfully, divorce, started not long after this and she was no longer in our lives. Thou anyways, my dad went to the are with my sister and they were able to get her temperature down and stable turns out. She had some virus and the only symptom that presented was the fever. We still have no idea why she never cried or Fust or had made any sign that she didn't feel all the night before, but the doktor confirmed that, had she been left untreated for much longer, she could have had irreversible brain damage or even died, who, after a week or so treatment. She was back to normal and healthy. It took until we were all about older for my dad to tell us the whole story and how close we really were to losing her. He says that, regardless of who or what called him not night, it is undoubtedly what saved sisters light while and the look in his eyes. The few terms he's ever talked about this tells me that he truly believes that
Nowadays she is quite about bitch. She lives in California and works as a parent, Dick, as well as to your firefighter alyosha. She even helps to fight wildfires girl. I swear she doesn't need sleep. I also think she's a bit cursed, but that's a high other story. This is, I feel like this sign. Every single story. We have had and said that's for another time bring over another time or another story. I am. I want to give them all to me if the planets line and you ve actually read this. I hope you enjoyed my brief, but hopefully at least slightly spooky story if he read it on the I will literally p my pants and my I will do the weird thing my artistic brain makes them do. When I get excited picture for reference attack and then
invited us to their. Why that is so nice of you love viewing or nothing. Congratulations on getting married. That's amazing, you're, like the sweetest human being on planet earth, and I love love and honestly. This story was amazing because that was truly assign lapse. Unruly truly assign Syria's Anna love. Your tattoo me too, while that stress me out in every week or so I just love a good sign- will lot of these things keep relating back to things that leg I think of it. I, like I, keep relating them back to my own life. I don't know why this is happening. Substance often immediately made me think of my one of my twins when she- and I would ask that all as soon as they said like as and when the night that we like figured out tat. She was really sick was that we woke up in the middle of the night for no reason and should have a crazy fever and she hadn't you crazy fever was breathing a radical and we're like hole in it was this
One thing I went in there, she looked distressed, yeah and force, and I'd just woke, and I had a feeling I just woke up and one in their mothers instincts. It's definitely apparent thing, like your dad clearly loves you and it's like really close to you guys and felt something tat instinct and then that person or thing called and started laughing in his ear, so yeah what the hell was the public, what a weird way to give somebody assign mammary ivy league go check on that, I believe, should be like a wet, has scarcely supping police. All right. So where are we in this episode and weak fairly redrawn? More, let's go. I've got one: what's So we have one- and I think we might just continue this sir spooky season like giving you the extra on so felling, three episodes weak for spooky. So, just like you know, it's gonna be great Mary Halloween Mary hell of living
so this is called spooky season. Listener tales, drama, club midnight, a Connecticut, goes story to Roma club. Midnight makes me think of shit. I can remember it now when you travel club midnight know, I was thinking of the office. Michael Scots you're, on your way out offering his screenplay threat level midnight. Oh yes, you know, I don't know, what's the opposite spent by sorry, so at level trauma club in I await an ash, I'm writing for to you from I. Also of that we accidentally picked a lot of New England strike. While this is not learning linkup opened this up to follow along, and I was like. Oh my gosh like I've. I dont know why that happened. Yet as we picked them actually like it's a mishmash of all of our gas, it really is highly NASH. I'm writing to you from a snowy New Hampshire cabin two days after my coded wedding, well well in another way, graduations so high
My many moon home? I have somewhat recently discovered you guys, and I just want to say thank you for making my drive so much more bearable. You are welcome. I am a p no teacher, so my job literally consists of my driving all over the state from lessen the lesson, and now it feels like I'm driving would to my best friends. You are glad we drive with you. I have quite story to share with you and regardless of whether it gets right on your shower, not though I hope it does it does, it does spoiler feels So if there were few take for me to finally write it down what I am about to tell you might seem crazy, like I made it all up. Sometimes I wish I did but everything I about to tell you is one hundred percent? The truce feel free to use my name. I am carry hundred airy but home changing the name of the place, because I think technically we were trespassing whoops. So here goes. I was in college at the time and had come home for the weekend to see my best friend Hygeia. Pronounce, like I say, thank you to the votes
Is there an I fancied ourselves slightly above amateur ghost hunters Connecticut? Is a decently haunted state? Europe is and we spend our weakens, researching different places and then heading out around midnight to see for ourselves. Looking back I feel so sorry for my father for probably giving him weekly hard acts. I can only and how he felt seeing us put put on our war paint and gathering our crucifixes before setting out to some remote destination. In the middle of the night, most college kids came for a decent meal. I came home for mischief and adventure. I love this but Regular night, I remember his last words to us- be careful of called set. These places. People scare me more than goes. We should not have gone out Opel men of peoples me, more than goes Lula Gary up. We arrived at. Let's call this place fields
all of our own. I hear you're out where that is we're. Could it have been behind our before midnight? We parked our car little ways so way from the main property in case police, patrolled, the area fields Hall. Consisted of several abandoned buildings and many acres of woods. According our research. We are looking for faces in the windows, curtains moving slightly orbs in the houses and shadows judges of the tree line. We had our phones and our flashlights. We were ready. We began our scourges quietly moving around the small cottage licking buildings. All the door we're locked, but we were able to take pictures through the windows in an attempt to capture orbs. So far we are not seeing anything everything seemed perfectly still in the night- was an oppressive kind of quiet, all until the sudden it wasn't. I say a night stopped dead Our tracks, as we listened, we music coming
from the other end of the property good by the music was scratchy and old, sounding as, if being played from a record player that seen better days, nothing came fields. Hollow was divided into an upper and lower property, separate by a tree line and a huge hill. We were on the upper part of the property so added into the direction of the music hell yeah you did when we reached the trees we duck down and looked out into the abyss. I couldn't believe my eyes at the bar. What the hell was another large another house, a large white colonial structure, with a huge wraparound port, eighty cents, pretty on the porch we're about twenty adults wearing long purple, robes dancing. Pairs to the bone showing music sounds fucking. Also, I'm literally obsessed with this, like they're just dancing. I mobs ass. We sat perfect we still shrouded by the trees mesmerized by the scene before us, when it could finally form thoughts again
the first was holy shit. My dad was right, it seemed We had come across some sort of called. I was instantly worried for our safety and could only imagine what would happen if we responded, I mean hello. Can anyone say sacrifice all the in the music stopped one of the men in the Well, robes held a microphone. He too everyone to line up imperfect spine, shilling synchrony each person and down and picked up a long black tube and then by single file entered the house, we were stunned. What were those tubes for what going on, I mean I knew etiquette, has its own brand of identity crisis, suburban crazy, but this was an ex level also. Why did he have a microphone? I gotta know now at this point you're all probably going ok see, went home right wrong
our dumb. Ass is decided that as long as we state on the upper part of the property, we would be in sight who you know what I'd be. There too, though, I believe our divine up here. How could you leave? I guess you know how the seven, yes, what are they doing to you? We went back the way we came and decided to not talk about what we have just witnessed. It was like we both Subconsciously felt the words that words would not do it. Justice we headed towards the woods at the back of a property, were the back of the property began, but unfortunately, and make it that far all of a sudden, we heard a rustling in the sound of footsteps. It son Billig Leave crunching and it was early spring in the grass was bare. We heard the footsteps coming. Of the woods to our left and we squinted in the darkness to try to see something. We are too afraid turn on our own frass, our own flashlight out of nowhere and from the right, not the left. We saw a man coming towards us. The footsteps sounded like they were all around us now, but it was clearly just one person coming
words us from the woods he was walking in a jerky motion and unfortunately reminded me of the waste tomorrow walked out of the well in the ring nothing here, it seems like time unnaturally sped up and in an instant he was right in front of us. He was stocky with. Our care and ice. That seemed not to be able to focus on us. I've never felt anything like I felt in that moment before it was an oppressively dark feeling, like a heavy evil burning, my skin, an urgent and primal fear squeezing my heart. My legs were gluten pray in place. I couldn't get them to move, not even slightly if, like the air was frozen in my lungs, the only thing I could do was think to myself. This is it. This is where I die, who, when the man spoke. He spoke in an other worldly quivering voice that echoed the scratch genius of the music. We had heard only moments before his eyes seemed to look behind us, as he said you, girls, part of the acting crew,
and then came the laughter not from him but firm us nothing about this was funny. The sense of doom and fear was still suffocating for some reason. My friend and I began to laugh at the same time and we just kept laughing. We physically Couldn't stop? Ourselves the man, seemed not to notice our strange reaction at all and continued speaking. If you're, not, then the park is closed and then in an instant are laughter stopped, still not making eye contact. The man began to walk past us in those same jerky, inhuman, my movements that brought him to us? In the first place, my body was still frozen as he move past us and when I could finally move my boy Again I turned my head and saw that he was already quite a distance away from us,
other unnatural progression of time month, Alpha Keziah Nigh what looked at each other and again couldn't speak, just started to walk in the other direction away from where that strange being had gone, what acting crew practices in an abandoned park at midnight? What plan involves long purple, robes and black tubing, none, absolutely none. That was no acting crew. Now you're, probably thinking can you girls definitely went home after that, I'm so sorry, we were around the property. A little longer in silence almost like had to walk off a bad dream. When we reached the first building, we took one last picture each and then finally had it back to the car. I turned ignition and we sat there. I say Looking through the pictures, as I sat staring out, the front of the car finally has a spoke. You need to see this. She said I took phone, the pictures were all normal, boring even except the last to the ones we took after our strange encounter.
The picture as there was complete. The picture of Hygeia was completely in focus except she was a complete blur. The picture of me had red and blue kinds of light swirling above me. I start DR I had finally had enough as we drove back on the dirt road that has led us to field sallow. Another dark feeling came over me The city were listening to turn to static and the car started jerking side to side, with no effort of mine being be able to control again taking sides with no effort of mind being able to gain can role again of the steering wheel, Isaiah started screaming and I was finally able to put the car neutral then to park, and then I turned the car off. We sat there
crying and praying the hail Mary. I am not a religious person, but I am sure all my years in Catholic School had prepared me for this move is after we prayed. I turned the key in the ignition the seedy came back on. I was able to control the car and we drove the heck out of there I couldn't face going back home in seeing my dad, so we decided to sleep. It has, as we risk silent and when we finally got to her we put on an episode of sex in the city to try to get our minds off of what happened is the best? That's exactly what you need to do. I remember, as my eyes were finally closing seeing her phone slide across the shelf by the tv and onto the floor. I will I woke the next morning. Wish. I could tell you the story on this year. I apologize for its length enone too, but it has to be hold in its entirety, if not for any other reason than to stand as a warning to those who meddle with things they shut it. I went back to college I
Did you see us you estate college, in the north of Connecticut, when I got back, I told my roommates and my boyfriend at the time me all about what had happened. My roommates laughed it off as another for easy carry tail, but Jimmy seem to be more affected by it that We slept in my dorm, not his in an already two small stereotypical dorm size to bed- sometimes the heat, would make noise is that night, but the dorm was recently built only two years old. Actually, in the noises we are hearing or not normal, it sounded something was banging on the walls of my room. Ok, I tried to ignore it, but my started, feel you gotta stop ignoring things. I started to ignore it. My heart stood a beating faster, as I saw the blinds begin to sway, especially because my window was closing tomb. I kept telling myself. There was a rational explanation for it Jimmy and I were both science majors. I got that and he didn't seem to be too bothered by it or was at least not expressing otherwise. To me I can
you the lie there. With my eyes closed when I felt something at the foot of the bed, it felt like something was crawling towards us. Now slowly but surely than the feeling stopped, and I heard my name whispered, I opened by and looked at Jimmy what He turned mean said, I didn't fuck and say that we jump out of bed and started hyper ventilating. What the actual fuck was going on did something follow me back from my so called adventure that weaken past Jimmy said was going back to his dorm to sleep, but I told him I wouldn't go. I know what what was I thinking. I can't accept I felt like I needed to stay in just deal with it. He begged me, but I continue to refuse and he left Well you're, wild and out here you are. I sat down living room on the couch. I was too scared to even cry. This was personal. It said my name was I going to do I dont know get out. I sat there.
Hugging my legs to my chest until morning, and finally, I realized what I had to do. I gotta my car and drove the two hours back home. My dad is super religious and he has told me in the past he knew priests who performed exorcisms. I told him what was going on and he didn't yell at me like. I thought he by his express it Expression was grave and he handed me a book off the shelf. It was all about how to perform exorcisms. Then went to my mom's. My mom was a scientists and I knew she had test tubes. This was how my tariffs, brain was functioning at the time it made sense. To me I swear I took one from her supply. And drove to the church of my old school emailed school when all looking. I dip the test tube and filled it with the holy water used to bless yourself. When you entered and left service, I felt like some sort of way criminal scaly holy water from a church is not against the rules. They drove two hours back to my school open the book and found the section where you can exercise a room. I performed the rich.
Sprinkled some of the holy water around my bed and put the cat back on and place my test tube in the dust roar in case I needed to repeat the ritual, but it seem to work. It seemed to have worked after I didn't, have another issue. Another haunted another dark feeling overwhelming every part of my being I felt like I could breathe again. I had one months and months, one by the academic you in the academic year was ending and I was leaning out my room for the summer. As I was ending on my desk, I came across that test tube of holy water. I have completely forgotten about it. I picked it up in my heart, skipped beat the holy water. Once perfectly clear in godlike had turned a murky shade of brown. The cap had a copper like rust, covering it. The cap was plastic, not metal, so there was no real explanation for this. Not scientific one. At least I knew in my heart that I entrapped whatever followed me back to college in this tube soil opened it up.
But why? Why would you open your? They got thence by your literally just asking for this shit just kidding Are you crazy? I literally didn't even get to that pay jack. It's like a page separate or I was they. Are you fucking kidding? What do you do exist? They go home on carry no, I totally through in the trash, and that was that kind of my own personal haunting brought about by a self induced venture into the unknown. I bowed to never so the paranormal again and fear that it would only decide to macerates back for real. I like to think that the dark spear and I are even now- it scared the shit Me and now get suspending turning eternity in a landfill, but there are still so many unanswered questions. What was that group of people dancing and but robes doing at an abandoned place at midnight. What were those black? that's what I want to know why man alive or something else. And lastly, while
I ever want to keep it so weird that I didn't listen to my data messed up, something that mess back and then follow me to college, and I literally still holy water and test. You been performed an exorcism, my dorm room man who said college was for study things about eight is reading those guys and I hope you enjoy. We did love always and always carry all, carry care free and also by the way the heavy by you were watching sex in the city in your name is caring. In this case law. That was a great way to end those spooky. Wait. There's more there's more next week. Laughed you another bonus, we'll do another bonus episode killing and we have more this still more in there. That I need to read so wait there, There's more next week, we'll have to another bonus will do another bonus episode next week, so you got your just going to keep getting free episodes a week until the end of spooky season, yay cuz, it's just so fun but you're still gonna get your regular to episodes this week. So beyond the look out for those- and we hope you under this little extra spooky time,
hacked into, unlike how qarqar coming years like living, it was the wind or given that we are definitely give its aware that you continue to drink mountain do, but we do may be questioned the ingredients and definitely don't have a say on, while your mixing it with man do because I think the nuclear horse you interfere with Dodge is my personal opinion. Don't keep it somewhere that legal trying to tempt the man, although don't give us aware that you only name your goes to the guy. They come up with something better keep it weird, if not actually, definitely keep it somewhere that you call somebody in the afterlife toward them that their child has one of six fever, and probably gonna, like you know, get in trouble from not, and I definitely keep it so weird they your car the guy they come up with something better keep it weird have not actually definitely keep it so aware that you call somebody India your life to warn them that their child has one of six fever and they're, probably gonna, like you, know, get in trouble from not and definitely keep it so weird they your carry, because I think she was killing it get it bye.
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