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Guys!! It’s a special Halloween 🎃 episode of Crime Countdown! If you haven’t checked out our other podcast with Parcast, give this one a listen. We think your will love it, especially when digging out that extra nightlight tonight. Enjoy! -Alaina & Ash
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Right now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn too tight is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is sound. In more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop. your dinner favorites after four p m, while water words? Members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple going today. hey we're knows I'm Alina I'm ash, and this is a ball on Crete. Fast of an episode of crime. Countdown Spotify original from far cast, if you up Listen already. You'll want to hear this one we're ranking the scariest Halloween murders, including poison, candy, pranks, gun, sour and unsolved cases.
so nightmares are real without further ado that top ten follow murders. There is an urban legend about Halloween, a local neighbourhood, decorating contest and the scariest house, one all out, spiderwebs rod pumpkins, even a fake corpse hanging from the tree, but the weak after Halloween the winning sad didn't take their decoration jam nor the week after or the week after that, when the HIV called the cops, they revealed a sickening truth. The corpse wasn't decoration, the homo. nor had hung himself. The legend speaks to the idea that Halloween, for all its horror, provides a sense of safety because Breathing is scary. Nothing is scary. So when a crime as the Koran Halloween. That makes it all the worse because we are expecting it today.
We're covering the top ten Halloween murders, the true crimes and real horror in the sea of fake blood and Candy Gore, Hale you weirdos, welcome to the park ass, the original crime countdown I'm ash and I'm Alina every week will highlight ten fascinating stories of histories, most engaging and unsettling crimes all picked by the PAR cast research gods. This week we are counting down the top ten Halloween murders. Ok, first things. First What's your favorite Halloween constantly like what is first get down to business? I wasn't dead bride,
like three years ago, when I was younger. If it were a kind of wonder what that says about, we now, I guess we'll find out. What's your school, when I was younger, lay before you were born when I was younger, I was mad. Scientist Alot Welsh, like is pretty. brand and just what you are now, but my favorite costume was a jack. The ripper victim and John was Jack, the ripper, it's how I knew he was the one I remember you getting ready for that would not like latex stuff your face and I was like what is she doing Molly I went hard with the Spirit gum utilise full for it. I love it. never really got into like any hollowing mischief farther than just trick or treating, but I did trigger tree until my sophomore year. If I school yes, you did. I remember that those that you're not gonna get anything then you'd return would like a pillow case full, but a lot of people sophomore year were like your far too old. For that the US there are links. I know I'm not. I mean only real mischief I got into was one year we stole some pumpkins carved them and then replaced them
wholesome cry another very, very wholesome of you, Miss Channing. Let me let me help you. Let me help you decorate. Well, it's not so wholesome is what we're covering today. Alina has five Halloween murders, and so do I, but we don't know who will tat out first. Let's start the countdown. Tat I'll get us started with number ten on the countdown the cold case. of James Adam Ski on Halloween night nineteen, eighty two Adam Ski, went out drinking at a local bar. He left the bar with lady friend, but they split up on the walk home two months later hunters in the local woods found James, his body buried in a shallow grave, flew I've never heard of this one like what an escalation, whilst others, a dance
He was only eighteen years old, which, when I first heard that I was like This is a grown man and I, like your eighty email, I took a turn. He was a high school senior sympathise, active nineteen He too is two years before President Reagan raise the drinking age, so he could, he could drink legally said I nodded anybody like want should do without a bar. Slow is confused. He was very vague ideas. You know his costume was what he called the American Gigolo look and it was probably inspired by Richard Gears character in the nineteen eighty film american gigolo. There you have it get it. that answer him so smooth. I love it. He had gone too The five and twenty three bar in his home town of Depew New York near Niagara, falls in the girl who live. with him, was the one last seen with him, but she was quickly ruled out as a suspect. Okay. Well, at least she didn't have anything to do with it. Cuz I was going to say have like where's that girl without tracker, not combined european counter. Luckily they did their job detective work check, unlike detectives, you're, better find that girl his body
was found on December twenty six nineteen, eighty to all that horrible little ways after that they cause of death was blunt. Forest Roma, an investigator sent his clothes for dna test, but they came up with nothing which is always crazy to me when somebody can leave nothing. I note a special, blunt force trauma. You don't leave anything. I usually you leave a party. You, you take a part of them. It's a hunt goes Leah. Current DE age on Flynn said the two strongest theories that occurred here are one something happened in that bar and to a random hitchhiker or person driving a car pick them. I feel like something happened in the bar. I do too That's what I felt his usually that's the case. I felt it in my bones. I can get a list off some dude or something man. It doesn't seem like he was too far away from where he was walking used like in a local woods now. So there was a hitchhiker until they were. Brought him somewhere. Maybe that girl was like a set up or something you never now lucky. You just just play some things out
with no evidence to back it up. I up it. That's healthy in two thousand and seventeen Flynn in the city of Lancaster, put up in eleven thousand dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest, only two leads were even brought forward. They went nowhere in the case is still called so while adding to our list of cases to solve we're, gonna solvent guys we're on it. Nine number nine as the two thousand eleven murder of Tailor Van De East, another teenager who wanted to have fun on Halloween dressed up as a zombie and went out to meet a friend. Her family ordered her missing when she stopped answering her texts our later. They found her dead body. So sad,
crazy, I'm yourself ass. She does leaves for Halloween night, so the last tax that she sent out said quote I'm being creeped which what that makes the herald back. My neck stand up and also make who among us has not sent a text similar to that like when you feel it whence following you or something like someone's, been greatly allies and not tax. All the time like I'm at target, unlike I'm being crime being creeped, I played such a normal text, assent yeah, I'm always on alert yeah. I have my head on a swivel while people zoomed, obviously, that she was stocked ass. She walked along train tracks and her home town of Armstrong British Columbia. There was evidence that she tried to fight off her killer The neighbors assumed that the screams were just Halloween related and they ignored them. Never assume! Never don't do you know what it does. Tailors body was found in bushes, near the train tracks and her zombie make up had blended into her bludgeon wounds. Stats horrific not so horrible, that's not the account. I have no words, they can
we're. Matthew, Forrester, was track down after police match DNA on tailors body to records from one he sexually assaulted and s score in two thousand and seven also Hughes, just like a terrible human being all around a real bad guy is from the jump analysis of this. His one dad helped cover the crime he quit. His job bought, Matthew a driver's license a social security card and a bank card moved Matthews. tough and lied to the police. That is terrible parent! Ok, thank you. I think that's bad parent adds real bad parenting leg standby Why can't I get yeah? It's your kid, no matter what mica does, admittedly on their side, but you make your kid take responsible, Letty, your kid murdered, someone near like that's all, meaning Pirie idea. We can still love them at your kid. I understand, but like an So this is a habit like an if I'm gonna get weren't, you think, there's a problem. You need to take care of it more locally. His efforts failed and Matthew was
rested and convicted of first degree, murder and twenty fourteen good, a retrial did take place in twenty eighteen, where he was convicted of second degree murder. Instead, what's wrong prosecutor, Christopher Macpherson, said, lack of pearls extremely rare for a case like this woman. Lack of parole is extremely rare for your murderers. That's awful hate. eight number eight on our list of Halloween murders is the ninety. Ninety eight slaying of Karl Jackson. Halloween is known for harmless pranks, but some pranks can turn fatal after Carl Jacks, Confronted a teenage boyhood exits car, he figured the night was over and he drove off, but the routine wasn't done. He chased Carl, down and shot him in head? Oh, my god! What solution
Spectre little prank on Halloween. Well, what are you doing? You act his car, so these reactions to little pranks and people being angry about little brings is not very uncommon. Weirdly enough. Really, since nineteen eighty four at least twenty four people have been seriously wounded or killed in violence sparked by eggs, throwing why oh yeah in cars is vandalism, so it's a crime in and of itself. I think can really messed with the paint on your car to scientists that makes people real madly get throwing it get? Someone does it is like it doesn't hurt, but it's like it's got there sound it makes, and if it's only, why not by Villa get well and in his gloomy causes gross legs, it's just a nasty things. Do you know not picturing? Don't you ve, never been cats. Jack horse, she gets egg. Deny me said he calls are loser the worst seen in any move. It gives me not lump in my does. It makes me want to cry, go watch and it's really terrible it. Ordinarily, in all too four cases of this: a group of boys through the eggs and the target confronted them and then by
Silence ensued: this is just like Carl Jackson. That's crazy! Twenty! four cases. Just all the same, like that, it's crazy few is just twenty one. years old and he saw Halloween as dangerous, so he was not super into Halloween, but had agreed to go out with his girlfriend to pick up her nine year old from a party in the rocks, so he was just doing his girlfriend a solid. I now think that's terrible. It took his We two years to even discuss this incident. They can even too About it, my yeah, they were devastated. Seventeen year old, Curtis Sterling was charged with second degree, murder and criminal possession of a weapon and was convicted and served twenty years for the crime. Philip twenty years is not even enough. The other three murders shooting some one in the head right, like that's crazy, over a praying. Well, every Halloween, Carl's mother, the Victor his mother sense, Curtis Halloween Card reading. I'm glad you're still here, oh my god, what a woman, what,
oh baby,. Seven the controversial shooting of Yoshi Amatory shortly before allowing ninety ninety two too teens accidently knocked on the door of the wrong House for a party symbol. Misunderstanding escalated when the homeowner pulled out his gun and shot. One of them tat is not a proportionate risk not at all web, hey maker was friends with Yoshi and wanted to bring the japanese exchange student to following party yeah. She was living as an exchange student like I said, and Batten Rouge Louisiana for two months now and he was like super excited to go to this party. Older, makes me so sad. I know every that New Yoshi considered him like a free spirit, a good time. He dressed up like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, ya, think
Annabelle. I almost said Saturday night Le Saturday night alive. You know no gender, Malta and web stars and accident victim move. Now we imagine when people ask you what you are like, I'm an accident victim, one than a really bad accident, have billings weird, don't like my choice, RON Nuclear is aimed, has gone out Yoshi, who thought it was just a Halloween prop and ran toward the house, but it was too late. already been shot in court Rodney used the castle doctrine essentially thus stand your Grau law and he, found not guilty, but they weren't linked threatening them where they sounded bidders knocked at the door and you're standing or ground because they knocked on your door accidentally doesn't make any sense to me knuckle. Obviously much controversy ensued. The historic I visited, the: U S, to promote, gun control legislation, Handguns actually illegal in Japan, so this was obviously like earth shattering tonight. I didn't know that Adam nobody there until this press
Clinton signed the Brady Hand, Gun Violence Prevention ACT. A few weeks later separately, something good came out of it came out of it still so sad yeah six, also on our list at number. Six, the two thousand and twelve murder of twenty four year old, Rebecca Gay, Hallooing Morning, Rebecca was asleep in her home when her neighbor broke in and killed her one even worse this neighbour, both her churches, pastor and her mothers fiance. I'm gonna need to know a lot more. You sure- and you know I wonder if they pick this for me for a reason to kill. His name was John White STAR, which is my husband's or jitney, stressing me out a little bit He previously serve time for assault and manslaughter, but then he became faster in Michigan and everybody was like. You know what we want to see. You turn your life around and it sounds like you did
like maybe a minute, maybe like a hot men. It hot seconds are hot, second, the car irrigation was aware of whites criminal passed when he joined and he deliver Sunday sermons for three years, and then he got engaged to the victim's ok. He had fantasized about this crime for at least two full weeks, while watching ready now necrophilia porn ill, he would four beers broke in and he had a mallet and zip ties mallet. I shouldn't be surprised that that is a thing like necrophilia born, but here I am not surprised, discussed hello. My name is surprised. You yeah white dress, drew back them at this part. I lay ok what This may be transcend why another place white dressed rob. Gus three year old son in his Halloween costume and dropped the boy off with his dad. Why, His dad wasn't surprised by this, because white had often baby sat will because it was
like his step grandpa, I hate every single thing about so he murdered his mother and then ran riot him in a little three year olds, like all being a beautiful away, his mom and then gonna run rather how about four in a hallowing costume like some adorable three year old, Halloween costume and then just brings them. Do that so sad. That adds a level of horror yeah. It's that shook me a little bit and so the sheriff didn't sense. Any remorse from right. Reed said he basically just regretted that his congregation was gonna find out, so you embarrassed but anything his girlfriend nodding or how about the fact that you murdered somewhat no, he was like I'm a pastor, I'm really embarrassed about this year. I will look He was given a life sentence, but he died by Suicide after hanging himself in his cell in two thousand and thirteen- I always hate thought, unlike no, you need to like hang out for your sentence like John White needed to rot, and it's really weird for me to say that had is weird
There was a terrible one all around I now like really hate that. Are you expecting anything analyse that you haven't senior? There is definitely one yes, a huge one that I'm waiting for and jump same here and we will see if it comes. I think I have. I think you do as I do. I hope, all of it. five all right let's just back in with number five on our list of Halloween murders. Number five would be the truth. Ah homicide of the whisky family and two thousand ten sixteen I'll Devon Griffin came home from church to find his mother brother and Step Father, all still in bed covered in blood. At first, it seemed like a prayer, but then Devon realized. It was all too real. His step brother had murdered their family, my goodness so deafens brother was bludgeoned with a hand
his step, dad shot in the head and Mother was shot and also sexually assaulted. Oh my god a terrible buffeting murder methods and weapons and everything, and he just came over and church like that, so sad, Devon CALL his aunt, who then called nine one one and the search on for the missing step, brother, twenty four year old, be J Whisky Devon, soggy J earlier that morning, when he stopped by Devon, spent the weekend with his dad, but he wanted to stop home to change for church and, as each in the head out, Devon didn't realize that his entire family was already dead, city was their yeah. It took only a few hours, luckily for police to arrest me J. He was found hiding out at the family cabin crew. They really have all I mean I m glad I been, but you were done enough to go there, but finally get away places come on DJ. Actually
had a history of violence and mental health conditions. He had previously attacked and attend to sexually assaulted, stepmom, who was Devon. Mom? Who d been drinking with his dad, who was Devon, stepped on the night before Maybe the alcohol aggravated his poor mental health people think it's possible in court, be Jake not explain why he murdered his family. He claimed he loved his father and, when pressed me, sickly. He said the devil made me do it he didn't like now. that's very halloween of you, but now I just did it dj, committed suicide I'd while serving three licence and says, with no chance of pearl, stop giving us cases where these job let's get to do it before they have. to pay for what they do get out of the equation prematurely and immediately stop her. Four
Landing at number for this week is the nineteen seventy five murder of Martha Moxley she went. To Greenwich is local mischief night, which is an evening of teenage revelry before hallowing, but she never came home on hallowing morning from body was found beaten with a golf club. Oh god that's for some, but you know what another New England murder, oh yeah, New England, were not proud where horrible? No, so this tragic case really turned controversial because first, it was the first murder in Greenwich in thirty years, yes so long time later go without a murder yet and then to have just one be the first in thirty years, the eyes like a massive one, because it also it has to do with our case nephews, Tom and Michael scapegoat, who are the main suspects who in these You guys could afford the top lawyers. Obviously not worse. We love Kennedy scandal, especially Massachusetts. Two New England by it is this is the most used, but we love it here
They were allegedly rivals for marthas affection, and there was like all these tales about lakes. You liked this one. She didn't like this one. My so was last seen, kissing Tommy and the theory that We often goes with this that Michael killed her out of pure jealousy. That's ridiculous! just find a different girlfriend cynically. Unlike that's a bad idea. One wins there. So the Gulf Club was a murder weapon and it belonged to the scale family, Ok! So there's the smoking golf club, I mean: let's just go, that there was a. their main suspect and it was staples new in town Livin, Tudor Kenneth Littleton, which some new and how little guy to tackle the new guy he's here to teach stuff maybe maybe murder people timescale. In Kenneth Littleton. They had the same alibi. They said they were at home, watching the french connection on tv, okay, I looked it up that didn't know it's a movie in it.
Stars Jean Hackmen and it was directed by William Freed. Can who directed the exorcist level facts at school, because I'm going to ask you about was all about seat were bring in horror back into risk, as is his horror all around Michael, was charged as a juvenile on two thousand and he was convicted, two thousand and two released in two thousand thirteen and then his can Mention was vacated and two thousand and eighteen and others. Trial pending woe a whirlwind and a half in case of ensues like Belarus, but way, and there is more in this and that but don't sit down because there's more well well. This is my favorite part. Michael scale changed his store he was not learning frightened, she no first, she said he was watching tv with a friend and then he was like. Oh no, no, no! No, I remember now I was so Chile just masturbating in a tree outside Martha's window, watching her undressed, but I don't see how that relevant. Even if that's what you were doing
like you to think that implicates you then further bro. You can leave he's just like. Oh my bad, I was jacking Edna tree. While was grew selling and so very different levels hate that three number three on our list of Halloween murders than nineteen fifty seven trigger treat murder Peter far Beyond answered, his doorbell on Halloween night thinking. It was just too trick or treating instead he was shot in the chest on orders of his wife's acts. Lover Ex lover I did this for alive show you do. I knew was familiar Familia so Peter and his wife Betty just reunited and our Sun Valley, California, home after a trial separation. During
separation. Betty lived with Joan were Bell and the two allegedly became lover. Love they loved each other. They did so Peter and Betty reunited on one condition that Betty would cut Joan out of her life while that laughed Jones, scorned, and so she plotted revenge with her friend goal, dine Keyser It's the only thing to do with our scorned, Joan and Golden were both closeted divorces. Her always want to closeted divorce. I think they were like closeted lesbian, divorce. Ok, I was like we were closeted above are simply goes like that we look at varying, very hush, hush up and develop a while per buys Joan seduce Golden, Gold dying claimed. Her murder motive was to quote please Joan: that's always modems gonna say that's always what they did. You're always trying to. Please Joan. I was scared of Joan, and so I love her, and so I did. It must please her what Joan Dennis convey
school dine to shoot Peter. I she drove the borrowed. Getaway car go dine carried the guy Concealed in a brown paper bag from all things to link up to the door like hello, ok, groceries, I mean- I guess, that nineteen fifty seven- maybe that's what you drink or treated with that's what you do. I don't know. I think it is Peter, do I'd from his wounds in the ambulance on the way to the house, but all PETA any a chest reunited with his wife for petty afterwards, The woman burn their clothes and they split up Joan tone golden forget ever knew me much so dramatic fade to black. Like John, I would be like I just killed. Someone for you announced was just forget about Bogucharovo New, that's gonna cost a lot in therapy built. The actual certainly is while Goldmine confessed and both women were sentenced to five years to life in prison, and they were actually released its really unclear.
What happened to Betty and Joan after the murder, that's kind of sketchy it s pretty sketch Of that goal. Dynamic issues like forget: you have a new measures, are ok, I'm gonna go tell she would like. Ok, she was like I'm not gonna, forget idea. So far This is also, I didn't know a couple of these Halloween murders. I was excited to do the trick, retreat one again like tat, because I, when I saw that those who live, show yes, my next one is horrific in every way and I totally forgotten either said and now I know it and now you're gonna need to know it two mile so get ready, and. Two next on the list of Halloween murders at number. Two is the death of
Sixteen year old, Shirley Leadford, the fifth victim of Lawrence bitter and Roy Norris, surely lead it was one of their most infamous killings, on Halloween, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, the serial killer duo plotted her murder specifically to make newspaper headlines. I know this. This is by far the worst thing you will ever hear in your whole life yep, pretty much These two were known as the toolbox killers. Better Norris used creative, ok, real sick methods to torture and kill their victim. They often use tools like pliers of non hammers like wire and like dynamics you dined at ailing box, shoved things and people's ears. It's no good. The first for victims received a kind of little press which is insane in this aggravated better since China TED heated mired outlaws bad guys.
He said he aim to be quote bigger than Manson. I feel like a lot of people say that when they like set out for a life of crime, which is weird flax, since Manson isn't a serial killer, but ok yeah he's not zero Keller, weird flax just say it is the pair believed copsewood catch them and they just wanted press coverage, so they grew reckless, which is what most of them do. You know how like be to gay got caught that way like they all just start getting super themselves, and they just get sloppy, so they start hunting and bickers neighbourhood neighborhood in San Fernando Valley, California, bad idea not just stupid and they were driving around a big white man that they nicknamed murder MAC. That's it. They had fitted and renovated this thing with everything they needed to kill and detain. Women illegal was totally outfitted just for that and they picked up a hitchhiking team. This team was a waitress named, surely now better actual recognized her from a restaurant where she worked. They have literally interact and several times Shirley
not in this ban, because she knew him right. She was like all like the skies. Fine, they had talked. They had been friendly, then what happens is beyond so they both by went sexually assaulted and raped. Surely do now bitter smashed a hammer into Shirley S elbow twenty five times, pull over rising her bones. While making her say humiliating things- and they both were screaming at her too, like scream louder like this is her rifts, oh and it gets even worse. They used a hanger and pliers to heretical torture and strangle Shirley. Finally, oh my god, her last words were: do it just kill me? Oh my. Ga, I wonder she was dead. They dumped her battered body and a random front yard, with, like her arms out stretch, to lay a front yard like naked, with her arms outstretched in front yard. Now North had tape recorded all of
so master there's a transcript, and I do not recommend reading it. But like have you write it now, you will yes Why do you always read the trend? Is you know why? I'm sorry for that? Because a lot of you were gonna, go, read it and it's gonna ruin your love. It's like the toy box, killer, yeah sure is, but later it was played as evidence in some people fled the courtroom in tears, obvious hearing, I can't imagine hearing not supple new. Let me know why the FBI has the tape and they use it to desensitize their agents. I feel like that. Just go Sally. How bat Jarvis, though yeah weekday, play that because it so bad that it can desensitize FBI age, and I felt that would desensitize you like beyond repair thou, who you're gonna come across rewrite bad things can be easily able to handle it so hearing the worst of the women's there's, nothing worse than that. There really is a man, so the press,
armed, the quiet, neighbourhood and the killers got the pr that they wanted and they were finally arrested late. That November, at least like put to a stop. why and finally number one on our list of frightening Halloween murders, the poisoning of eight year old, Timothy, O Brien. This is the one I was waiting for. I now near ready for that on its horrible Timothy was the damn of every parents halloween nightmare, poisoned candy, but here's the kicker timidly Its own father poisons the candy that killed him. I hate this case, so it's this cases so horrible, so Walter, retreating in Pasadena, access and nineteen. Seventy four Timothy's die Ronald O Brien just vanished and then all of a sudden he reappeared again.
Presented his two kids and their three friends with giant pixie sticks, Timothy, It has and complained that it tasted better and then he began convulsing and vomiting. He had done. I'd within an hour before they were able to even reach the hospital eight years old, but so awful his autopsy revealed the candy was least with potassium cyanide. None of it other children, eight theirs, but tests revealed that the candy contain cyanide as well, so he would have murdered five kids. Five kids and three of them were and even his own. She I mean either read must have my god. The pixie sticks worse Bob so it was clear someone had tampered with them, Ronald claims they were I'm a house that had an answer the door at first. Where are we going. Why would you let your kids eat staples, can't lake your claiming ago staples weird? So we are all now he would never lay your kids! You know, I don't even let make the candy we get from home, I just by other, can but
I saw you do after treatment, Gregg defeats. The purpose of that area at nine a m the next morning, Ronald called about a life insurance policy. Pale, he had taken out ten thousand dollars per child that previous January, weird at all like tat, thousand dollars on your children, and why it makes sense that money was the motive because he was over a hundred thousand dollars and that those other ways just get a job Do anything anything literally anything else. A search O Brian's house found scissors with pixie, stick residue, hello, proof, hello, Ronald had poison the candy another suspicious thing is that Ronald wrote a song about Timothy joining Jesus in Heaven and he grew. Generated when his family, like wouldn't watch him perform on tv. I hate them away. I don't wanna watch you sing about that. I hate that so much he was found guilty.
Of one murder and for attempted murders. He was given the death penalty and executed ten years later and March of nineteen. Eighty four honestly stands like totally in the grey area of the death penalty, but I would have wanted to administer the injection on this dude personally, a hundred percent given the jet like he's evil, yet that somebody like that You were willing to not just kill your own kids, which is bad enough. How other peoples can deal brutally, kill your kid potassium cyanide, poising you're, that he was convulsing and bombing linked at horrific and like supposedly you're doing it for money, but it's like worried. I mean I guess he was doing it to the other kids as like as a cover like to make a link, all poison right that is messed up. I think that number one was number one MIA. Definitely I mean
Definitely my number two villa toolbox, burners, that's a doozy. I feel it gets another thing we're like they could have been tied for number one, but I think the number one was the number one to the head of unit hallowing candy and it was like trick or treating in the sure we lead for one was just like happened to be on how we in rank there really didn't have to do with hallowing, so make sense, yeah yeah. I definitely think so, but it's really are did you feel like there was anything missing so there's one thing I knew you were gonna find. I know so I dont know if we can count. That's what I want to say it anyways. So we cover the case on morbid it was the Chelsea Brok case. Oh yeah, and technically on Halloween, but she was abducted from a Michigan Halloween Party and it was October, twenty six, two thousand and fourteen big might she was found the following April, brutally murdered and it turns out it was this human turn named Daniel Clay who murder?
her after the Hallowing party, but it's a really crazy case, like monitoring, twists and turns what it was like. A big Halloween party in fields that was like every year and seven hundred people show up to it. It's like it's, ignore and violent aim high. He hides a big thing, beg my fellow in party, it's interesting, but it's Halloween related. I gotta tell you it's not left off and just adding to it. Thanks for listening, we'll be back next week, with. Another great episode. Remember too far crime, countdown on Spotify to get a brand new episode delivered each week you can bind all episodes of crime. Countdown and all other park asked originals for free on Spotify Spotify has all your favorite, music and podcast all in one place: they're making it easier to listen to what ever you wanna hear for free on your phone, computer or smart speaker. If you can't get enough of
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