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Episode 1: Golden State Killer

2018-05-01 | 🔗
Alaina is an autopsy technician with a passion for science, true crime and all things creepy. Ashleigh is a hair stylist who may look glamorous on the outside, but houses spooky core. Now that this bad Larry has been identified, it seemed like a perfect debut episode. Come take a look through the crimes and capture of Joseph James DeAngelo AKA The Golden State Killer, The East Area Rapist, The Diamond Knot Killer and The Original Nightstalker. He may have began his reign of terror way back in 1976 but he was able to continue it for four decades before pesky familial DNA was able to take him down. Isn't science great?
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Whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic sitcoms like the office box and recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up regional companies like eighty by of say about about for all your explicit comedy phase, could a peacock tv dot com and get started? come on hey weirdos, I'm Molina an ash, and this is morbid. All right. So We were originally going to debut our first episode with the big guy Edmund compare the Kohen killer, but we did it
now we are nothing. We have pivoted, as they say in the birth rate and one for weapon, Will we pivoted, because some big news happened, and I am sure all of you saw me Maybe not are you heard about it? If not are heard about turn exactly you? Don't belong, just kidding you all, except you, ah so, based the way? What happens I gotta say we now have a new team is Joseph June, Angelo that asshole super creepy, nightmarish voice. You heard at the very beginning of this podcast is now behind bars. So we figured with this huge true crime knows we couldn't just let the first step
so go detail about it. That would be done and we are not dumb Ya'Ll. Ho ho ho ho and turn upon, stay with us progress. We get better, we grow on you, I swear so basically we're. In a start, I say basically lot wherein after work on our, work on world framework may well Fisher. The three people there Today we are less than. So we're going to start with talking about heat heed. This guy did a lot. So many things that he did all the things I isn't
and ass, all things so who he was. He was known as the golden Stay killer original night stalker, that's my favorite! Why I'd like it, because I believe richer, Ramirez needed a better name because sure he was there. I saw her, but this guy was the original made soccer. My favorite actually my least favourable my favorite and a funny way as the diamond the challenge of sums down in fancy to address other, like it felt like I feel like he should be wearing a Monaco. Unlike about I perhaps attacks, this is like but he did not do now- I can I can. I can I mean firm that he did not do that tap dance on at least no one saw him do that. That's not important that he was a tap answer. That would either be really say
Mary. He price, I can work as you are all aware he was. He was all about the terror. That's one thing, as he was also known as the stereo rapists, because the whole first part of his reign of terror here was focused, mostly honour, rapes, of which he committed at least forty five known that we know of at least forty five that were reported Do the bad guys up he's also going to be known for at least twelve murders and one hundred and fifty. Wandering over a hundred and fifty burglaries of skulls, a debate of the highest order. Yeah he was busy Euro busy so how they caught him is actually pretty interesting. He he left a turn of dna everywhere he went. at the time. Dna was not a thing, so dont really help. No one had dna, no
There was no dna. Now, none of us nobody early man did not have dna zero. We got it later. It's like a millennium thing, they had this dna on file. I was just sitting there doing nothing and after a while, we didn't have anything to compare it to what they ended up doing was they looked at a genealogy site, which was confirmed and not to be twenty three and me or ancestry dot com, because they've already said that they don't they don't do this kind of thing just for anybody, and I believe it was one of the sites that you basically when you sign up. You say that it's ok, that your dna is going to be open and it wasn't his dna. It was famille we'll dna with though his fear thanksgiving, would have been weird this in your work had he there a pretty little match. So this is like
This is perhaps what you are like familiar dna is great to go off of and what they are able to do is take that dna and they reveal to compare it against the sample that they collected in public domain. So, like a cigarette legs are our like blurring keep parliament they matter. Gunther is try, oh yeah. They could have done. I believe that lake anything he's discarded that he put dna on, and rightly that's free rein. So it means it must have been watching him at some point or staking American No, they did survey, they did surveillance on him for a little while and they waited for him to discard something to grab least that's what I heard so he announced around. I mean GINO she sites and I'm just prolong Togo them worse or definitely go on them. I don't know what to do whatever forty three: in answer to our apparently like lock, solid, say your history. After way about some taking a dna Sophocles, this worked out for the best he could not think they were come a visa.
the first, so Joseph Jane the Angela's reign of terror, began, we back and nineteen seventy six a long time a whole. A long time ago before I was born, which means it was like a billion years ago, because I am hard for me, a modern there, in forty. Exactly and basically you start out his career, focusing on young women and teenagers, and when I say teenagers I mean as young as thirteen and yourself when you were a baby, a child's that should know nothing of the horrors of this world. So he started up basically going after people who are alone in their homes and his Emma was to stake these people out hurling. Were we buckler yet weeks he would know they're? Having will he would know when they were
when they weren't home. He would an exemplary ma. Am we yeah, unlike their neighbours and stuff he just starting the alluring information sky was like super into his craft and eggs? He wouldn't just stick them out. He would break into their homes, so he would find a way in. He would find the best way and he would move, screens unlock window and leave my writing or I store was broken up and he would like leave it so that you could get back in terrorist. Any would indeed he'd go in there. He I liked the lay out of your house he'd, see where all your rooms are. You see my headed dog, you see where light switches are, you know he would sometimes leave tools in weapons places so that he could get them quicker when it, I'm back, which is short sea left, because he loved to use shoelaces to bind to people, and I wanna things, I'm pretty sure he took special mode of is the kitchen.
He loved their catch really loved the kitchen. We'll get will definitely mention that some point because this, yet he had a very weird relationship with food, which I love to relationship of trust, not everything. Yes, he said TAT. He had some stuff is an iron existence. Their wives it'll be interesting to see if he talks, but his his whole deal. Was. He would break into the house in the middle of the night like in in the terminology of your rooms. I told him. I was really a disturbing you yeah note, like rate in the metal, so you are already disoriented, he's wearing a ski masks, sometimes, pale slaughter times, no pants with you. Come in already payments, which is I hate to sample eggs Are you have to pay back on me, Really fast, you have only just run right, the fuck out of here it's like evil efficiency, yes I love it. Ivo efficient, that's horrible dislike, but that's my real name too.
Wow I hold, it allows easily be easy. It should be like a metal them. No, it should be like a super like Katy Perry, Canada, religion in the same, like some experts in a hook, evil efficient too much. I mean, I took it out for you guys that saffery that's mine, Elsa the times you would come right up to embed. He would flash a flashlight right in your face to wake you up which already saurians, you can't see him and faculty, and then he would speak to you through gritted teeth like conch yeah, like you'd clinches news, he would disguises boys Morlock making at like higher allowed people to Skype has on funding boys down like a cartoon kind of scarier. I don't like the amendments. We feel some trouble.
We talk about the first victim, how she all? Because that that's the words yes, you may go. Your alarm clock is bad. The I have news for health is Roma, so the first victim was woken up by sky in the middle of the night, calling her by her name calling her by her knee which is already so disconcerting and he was paneless standing in heard doorway of her bedroom tapping the door frame with a knife while calling her name to wake up. No thank you wish What is in turn? I am no can't do it and I think if I saw that the horror movies, like most of the thing I did to my lips, I do like TAT was a lot, maybe scale back, because I don't want to be like this, we would have ended up. She was really all like. He was a horrible revision of the highest order No actually HBO is making on our entry.
serious about who's gonna just lying make. Somebody is now they ve got em ip. I just Hornsey fell yeah I won't like a dormer lay camper star, prison interview with him where he just like opens up, because I will mention later this guy. I think luxuries him like having notoriety for what he was doing seven anywhere. If once he was in the people's houses, they got raped and they got ripped in many ways several times and while he was doing it here, stop. He would bandwidth issues where his weird really ship of food comes, and he would lead really tell them I'm going to take a break, so I can go to the kitchen and cook some food needed. And then they went they like moving around pots and pans, causing falconry without shit, why he was already already new everything was. You knew what food they probably had, Marhaus League but
like, it's really must stop and then led like. I remember there was one instance where I think he broke into a house where there is a section worlds and this whole later started attacking couples which will get into later, but I had already assaulted the woman several times and he had made himself, a sandwich, and the six year old, woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom saw a man standing in the hallway eating a goddamn sandwich. Looked at him like what could she six it in a moment ago, P2P she's, licked, Adam and Eve? I said, I'm playing a game with their parents. Do you wanna help and shoes I know, and then, when the bathroom peed and went back to bed which good on her and he didn't do anything her but like why What are you doing? Just standing, meaning a sandwich while at what is happening now? He did weird shit all the time like another time that a lot of people said he used to Lake ACT like an attic
oh yeah, about one case for Europe as a doctor, those a couple terms where he would like tell them. I need my fix and ask them for medicine, reg, awesome for pills or money cause any drugs in, and they said they leave because it's like, maybe he, as an attic, but I dont think you weren't use has right to throw off the cops young for, like a very specific suspect in just confuting exact and in the victim's said that it seemed like he was. Putting on an act which it wasn't a new life altering the time he was like over dramatizing it, and there was one victim who was a teenager and he knew that her father was a doctor in her parents were not home. I believe is the one who her and her teenage sister were both yeah tied up. I think only one of them was technically assaulted, but I might be wrong about that and he asked the daughter. Where are the weird where the doctors pills- and she was like- I don't know where they are
Eventually he found them. He made a big production out of like shaking the pill bottles in the other room and light pretending is taken and I'm turning on the water like, I need my fix any my fixed shaking and all and then they later found the best of pills, soaking wet and the neighbors garbage somewhere. So he was just bullshitting and it's like what those waiting on board- and he was just like adding things to make it more exciting, with super exciting farms, all next level nightmare like next level his mind man, he was just. I don't even know what to say about. He also sometimes with China, mimic the behaviour of like what he thought was schizophrenia directive, unto things where he would just like startling, crying in the middle of it yet, but it wasn't like he was actually feeling any kind of remorse are emotion. I think it was just him trying to be theatrical exactly. I think he disliked and who knows, maybe he does have some like weird cause. There was a lot of times like you're, saying like he would just
talk about his mommy like go cry in the corner and be like Mommy hates that early mommy hate, seeing this on the news mommy to see this in the news yet or he Billig. I don't want to do this anymore mommy or there is one instance where the woman thought that he said fuck you mommy, but then we found out in my actually found this like a rabbit. That he was engaged to a woman. No ya like be alone, and I saw who knows of yours, haven't mommy issues or if he was having Bonnie this, as does the two very separate thing and one of them the victim did say that she knows that he was saying Bonnie yeah. I want at least one of them said it and that's: what's bothering you a little bit is that they like stringing this narrative now after this came out where it's like. Oh, he was angry about bond, in reality in him broke up and unlike poor Bonnie yeah
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like switches, his I'm all at one point after the police are saying that he's targeting young women, they send out kind of like an alert like don't be alone in your home, blah blah blah yadda yadda. So he is very adaptable, very, like versatile, switches to attacking couples in Lisbon and shit. I'm you thought she was real already. It gets a takes, a turn first it even tacitly arts, realer yeah. It gets really than you thought you thought it was real. Real sit, sit down, yeah got smaller snack, any snuggled puppy do comforting thing here nobody switches, couples things get real, weird real where he break SAM. So he kind of keeps the same general yeah he breaks and he's got a flashlight Let us see he has the scheme ask on. He used.
Gregson beforehand, that allows one case he unloaded at hand. Losing that's only evil and be like shown. The flash laid on the couples face and disoriented them. That way. The husband turns over to open the bedside table and grabbed the gun, and then he flashes the flashlight onto his hand, where holding the bullets that were once in that guy can't died, and there is another thing that you have: no a thousand a horror movie. I believe your group, though, because you Billy Possum Billy Theatrical no one's thou theatrical you aren't you see, was therefore theatrical sound. He breaks and disoriented you. Then he has one. He ties up. The man has the woman stock dishes on the man's back, takes the woman out of the room was here he always separated it operated them said. Then he went to the husband and said. If he heard a dish, move fallen the floor, I'm gonna kill you.
Tell her I'm gonna kill both of you. Oh kill anybody else in the house could sometimes there were children in these. So many times that are really killer involves some sad and then he would proceed to reap the woman over the course of ours, a lot of women so that they thought he would be gone because it would have stopped for so long and then he would come right back again. It's like she moved in any kind of noise I thought so. These poor people are just waiting there. The tide on my shoe strings. They ve been terrorized, assaulted, everything you can think of and then he's never he's always telling them. I'm gonna be back. I'm gonna kill you. If you move and yours their hope in the poor, the maid, that what was tied up I mean population, you have to be in You're sweating, like you're, talking, gamble, either way you are taking a gamble. The move and try to help your wife or partner has actually because maybe he's telling the truth and he's gonna kill you both so gonna kill her and it's like or you lay there
Knowing she's in another room with the sky and had no idea what's happening in your just laying their it's like what an unimaginable opposition to be, and so the whole community as up in arms. Not okay. Now, while not sleep at night you can understand tat, haunts Gilmore girl, style, town, all meeting and. This power is Super Gardens Vietnam's when I think about it. So, at the town all meeting this man stands up and says I don't know. I don't know how this is happening. How can a man be in the home with his wife and not doing Think about it! If you came in my home, I'd kill him, that's what he says so then we take our car into another dark corner. Yeah, we're really drive around here we're lily. Dr Weir dragging we down a drive here, come with us. He the killer,
our just dreams. The Angelo was the town hall, meaning that sound he was there and you didn't send out of it for me and put in one who deal as they currently just Y know. If there's just listening, you know and ended up at must have followed that couple home and not couple where the man had stood up and said this would never happen. I would kill em, they were attacked. Unfortunately, may importantly, his wife was asleep tat he s which is awful which in it just shows the depth of the skies awful mess and adaptability that this guy has like it. think, as we now believe he was at the town Hall meeting. Obviously because that happened.
And also my favorite murder posted on their instagram Bodo. That appears to be him sitting in the crowd and, if you put it next, your photo of him at the time like a Navy photo which, by the way he is in the Navy, which kind of shows why he was able to do weird knots with his lectures cause. That's why he was referred to as the diamond, not killer and crimes, because a diamond out as a very weak. Heard intricate, not so yeah, it looks like he was there. My fur murder posted the photo go check out their instagram embassy that and also a summit. Uncas are often yeah shut out Karen Georgia. So after that, the murders didn't begin until nineteen seventy eight, which was
Was this after working off, like fired from the police force was somebody will use use fired, so it turned out that he was a police officer which kind of makes sense why he was able one why you get away with staking out. That's the smartest weight of catch. Somebody in you know, do what you do aren't entombed, where he was able to leave nothing behind and was able to keep his himself completely concealed. His identity can always cuz because he knew that's what the training you gettin the academy in nineteen seventy nine. He was fired from the police department for a really ridiculous reason, or hilarious ones, shoplifting things that new vial like this is always a list is always on my list. It's always immigration, one useless. He stole dog, repellent, which I. even knows I actually did that was. That was like. I was a dog and then there s and
hammer and a hammer from pain, save just casual things, apologies days so? What's interesting about that is a lot of the victims of a few of them had dogs, a lot of them were words, said later to be shocked. That their dog, their dogs were far king or seemingly like trying to attack this guy right, because normally they would. They said the babe, their dogs, bark, and smelled like all. We ask that I couldn't identify on him and it seems like that must be because of- The dog. Looking on its I didn't know what is being for when I looked it up, it is to make a dog stop barking, also and obviously would make a dog not want you attack you because you apparently snow abandon them So that's it we're little thing, but they would get on his trail and lose like that.
Well, the police solid, get on the trail, lose it just stepping back a couple years. It was right before the murders which started at nineteen. Seventy, in nineteen. Seventy seven he'd somebody sent a letter to the police and they believe it was him and its now kind of Can and that this has spilled himself. the letter is soldier matter very lakes, snap, your hands. And lady is hit those and like poetry, slam it up. So many read it for you all enjoy, because this is wonderful. It's called excitement crave. He literally title says: can everybody take a second, so all those mortal surviving birth upon facing maturity, take inventory of their worth to prevailing society
choosing values becomes a task oneself must seek satisfaction. The selected route will unmask character. One plans take action, accepting some work to perform at fixed pay, but promise for more is a recognised social norm. as this day Coreham seeking lore achieving, while others lifting should, because for deserving fame, leisure attempts, excitement seeking, what's right, unexpected seems, Tame Jesse James has been seen by all, and son of SAM has an offer. Others now feel temptations call. Sir, Governmental should make an offer to make a movie of my life that will pay for my plan to exile just now like to add the wife of a mafia. Lord to my file, your east area, rapist, undeserving pest, see you in the press or on tv Why why
the lot to unpack spell, who sat down and his kitchen to wherever he liked to do more in cave, were begun working for vigilance and wrote that you know he was tossing. Papers often rightly notes that doesn't sound at this and used to make that as intensive possible superintends children not palm, basically to me what it seems like is, first of all he was, he seems to be kind of influenced, or you know, I've seen, role models and other famous. Killers, Jesse James son of SAM and somehow they have offers meaning they have books about them. They have movies about them. They want that. wants a book like like you know why now Let's give him the conventional you asking for asylum law and then the part that is kind of. silly and had unsettling is when you first hearing Uruguay,
cause, he says he said just now, I'd like to add the wife of a mafia Lord to my file, which is like what are you talking about like why that's weird but then In May, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven the same year, one of the victims, who also had two small children in the house. I just want to mention that, because he's a goddamn monster care, if your children in the house sometimes he made the children, tie them up or images tie them up and, like move the tsar he's just real growth. This lady was assaulted in her home by him And she also had in her home and italian Father. Which to me kind. seems like he's, No he's saying, like I want to add the wife of a mafia Lord to my Father in law. Wasn't I think it's a nervous father in law? I just it's that an italian grandfather, road traffic, is the grandfather. Kids either way. Those attacks
as far as I am sure that in the house, which isn't exactly the wife of a mafia Lord, but it's like, In any wasn't just italian, he was from ITALY, so I mean to me that seems like he was kind of making a little lake confirming I wrote the letter or try the black sea. I did it, which is on he was all about like calling the police calling the victim Valea phone calls galore yeah yeah. He was a creep. He didn't just like these featly after you tell a soul to them. He didn't just let them with their life. If he let you live, he was gonna, be calling you hasten to torpedo before our young and may I was hanging up. You say words leg that want these, that we can use like whisper into the phone. Like I'm gonna kill. You may call them bitches and horrors and say really really fast.
All things which, by the way, if you, if you are so inclined to see all of these- and you can also hear recordings away- say that we used for a lot of our research was cold case, dash e r, o Anne S, dot com. They ve done like an exceedingly extensive job. Amis searching everything you can possibly, yes, they are interested in all as the attacks they have before during and after exactly what happened on call straight from the economic. But then you can see all of their slick everything that he did after, because it so long that we could be here for like ten hours time if we went through too often but yeah. He was a super greed.
he didn't he began murdering after you have two botched attacks, to which kind of seems like. Maybe he was like as wrong here like a kind of system. Often he would like one. I'm gonna kill people so once he went to murder he, basically his method was bludgeoning. That seem to be in one case. I think it was the first one per I'm. Not. He used a fire log from outside yeah, luncheon Yeah, like a leg, allow you put your fireplace he bludgeon in and a lot of it was over yeah. They said a lot of times. It was a lot of overkill like he just kept going. They talk earlier. Tat is forever and I just want to go through the amount of just the murder victims, just say their names, because we ve their name should be out their mother It should ask so go away August, twenty first nineteen. Seventy five was Keith in Patricia Harrington.
an interesting with this. One is Keith's. Older brother Bruce actually help to usher in proposition, sixty nine after his murder, which mandates prisoners that they have to provide donate their dna to a database, which is what would help
these kinds of situations if he was ever because if these people ever arrested their data dna is automatically gonna be on file, so they can grab them if it's gonna help ice. So that's pretty awesome that something good came out of that Alec Bruce's about Us February. Second, nineteen. Seventy eight was Ryan and Katy measure. I want to save I'm saying that wrong. I apologize December thirtieth nineteen. Seventy nine was Doktor Robert Offer, men and Deborah Manning March thirteenth. Nineteen eighty was Charlene and Lyman Psmith February Fifth, nineteen eighty one was manual, a witten which again, I'm not sure from saying that correctly W. I t t h you agent to Li L, Mavis other July, twenty seventh nineteen, eighty one was Shari Domingo and Gregg Sanchez and may fourth nineteen. Eighty six was GINO crews, who is only eighteen years old,
there's another one that hasn't been officially linked to him. A lot of people think it might have been him cuz. It was around the time that he was burglarizing homes. His name was Claude Snelling, and that was September 11th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five things. I thought could never happen in a punk bank was a new regional calmly streaming. Only Antigua, confused mix of hash anthems, salad, girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute tunisian front. We are lady, puts all the sole screaming. Now all the peacock. Survivor is actually there that we wanted to talk about. This lady is such about ass,
Jeanne Rehearsal sample aeroplanes, how her name and said he attacked her, and it was six thirty in the morning when he which they birds are chirping. People are getting ready for what should be enjoying a cup of coffee. Her husband, hailing safe deftly was on her husband had just left for work. He was, I believe he was in the military and some branch of the army he broke in either through the garage door or through her sons room because she had reported a few weeks earlier that somebody must have been in her home. Her sons, Piggy Bank was missing, and a few months like one might do in some of her rings were also missing.
When he came in to on the morning of the attack her three year old son was laying next to her. He comes out and I believe his pants less session on rural kill you I just want your money, so it was under the guise thought it was just going to be which do you are, there was a lot of his he used to say I just want money just cooperate. I just want money right, so he ties heard her sign up. He ties their rest, their ankles with shoelaces. He moves her son out of the room I mean what is upsetting upsetting, but at least I'm glad it's like air like a three year old. Ah, he raped her and she is quoted as saying I'm, not sorry. I was raped, and I say that because it has given me one of the purposes in my life and that is to reach out and help other women, which is amazing that she can take an event like this in her life and turn it around to her one of her legs purposes. To help these women. We can you imagine
That kind of optimistic, I think I'll, just like fall into the deepest clearing depression. I don't know how you talk about. That's like here. status, cooking ever look at it like that, and she was absolutely terrorized after it. S like didn't feel safe in her home course didn't want her husband to go away on these trips that he had to go on. This is horrible. Oh, I think it was a month or so after the attack she finally starting to feel a little bit better safer. She had put up a wicked tall fence in their backyard and she her husband, was away. She was sunbathing in the back yard and pebble landed next to her that had flown over the fence, so she couldn't think anything of it
first and then another one and another one came and she ran into the house. She was like why what is hampering like the scenario is happening. She calls the police there there within like ten minutes, because obviously they know what she had been through and it turns out some asshole that live down the street from her was just terrorizing her because he knew what happened to her. He was just like not live on time, like spending is afternoon terrorizing of rape victim have to be the lowest form of parasite on earth to do so. If we really do lake euros- and we don't know if it was the golden say Keller, actually I mean it could have been based on fact that he asked New to copy is, she was even ass. She was receiving phone calls as recently as twenty seventeen. She got five in one week that words all like silent, breathing stupid
phone calls and it's like. It's terrifying you. The way whether was Henry was somebody thinking it was funny to terrorize rate will demonstrate either wisely come on. People do better to better this little acted too It's here, it seems like a lot of people said that it didn't seem like he was very into the sexual part of the rape. In fact, there were actually going to where they weren't sure if he had finished and or he couldn't get go and go and sell reported that he might yet be his its widely reported. So in this isn't just You know that was not what other speakers mutton here we're just telling you what we're here and sought. You know it's reported widely that he had he
tiny member. He was not well in doubt at all that there was one girl who was a teenager. I believe she was a fifteen year old. She was raped three or four times in one night by him and she was a virgin and she told him that he asked her that she told him that we either way I was brought up. when she was checked out later, her hymen was not broken, so that's great or four times in one night. He was pretty time, but they are told that a monstrous this kind as the latest first of all a thirteen year old, and even will it just some of his youngest victims are like thirteen yeah. It's it's like awful and it seems like his main motive was not too
you know not to get off. It was just a two later terrorize. It was to instil as much fear and as much panic and anxiety and these people as possible, and it seemed like he almost got like power from an absolute reality. We I mean he would tell them he was gonna, kill them. You told me, wasn't gonna, go them using, kill everybody in the house. If he had kids, he was gonna, kill your kids. There was a case where he told the woman S ended up on the news that he would her and told her husband did an end up on the news he would kill her young in there would like here in those like several times where, if there were kids in the house, he would say you know, don't let these plates move or I'm gonna cut off here kids year or finger and bring it to you like. Can you imagine what being apparent God now he kept gloves on fur, almost all his attacks and even when he was raping people like, fondling and groping a lot of people said he kept a gloves on which is really where he also used a bike to get away from scenes.
Which sounds really rather characters like why. But then, when you think about it, you can get really quick even get away really fast, a bike, an somebody's are running out. How you isn't gonna, be the catch. You wanna buy a few if you're going to go in and then even somebody in a car. If you dont, do a yard or down an alley way they can get. You so it's actually only smart way to get away, which I dont want admit that he smiled but like he's again he's either, efficient? Ask a band, evil efficiency des team, and I I wanna you- we really can't talk about this without mentioning Our shone ass in a morass and her book I'll be gone in the dark because she should honestly beginning so much credit for this than she is because that woman put it
so much work. This became her lives. This was her life in its like she put together, so many loose ends. She connected so many things right. She was, and he was able to get information from people that let no one else could get and lakes you did the damn thing ass. She was working on an damn, it's so tragic that she is not physically here to see past this happens, hopefully, wherever she she's watching targeting everybody around her. She is that dancing. Wasn't she sir, and enable leave any was patent laws, while their husband and a few other people have finished the book for her because he said that's what she would have one and she wanted that book finished so go check. Their book is awesome.
and it's made the reverse. The title begun in the dark has actually ripped from a quote directly from the golden say: killer signed to effect on he said. Do I believe it was a sixteen year old, his ninth victim. I want to say that he said basically don't move or you'll be silent, forever and I'll be gone in the dark and like I, which is again. If you heard then the movie, you believe no one talks like that. Like he's fucking on another level, tease he's really on another level. So now we got em we're going to see what happens. Hopefully, he's gonna start talking and we can maybe do another episode talking Well, what is bullshit insights talk please six o clock. After that letter, Paw yeah he's a famous another on he's, gonna be late camper, where he's gonna be like. Let me tell you everything, because I like seeing my face and hearing my voice first, who, like I really think, that's what it's gonna be
so yeah. That's the golden stay killer, Joseph Jimsie Angelo. That asshole is caught, stay tuned for that and we are going to do admin camper next. Extra episode will definitely be empty. Edmund cambric, as we got him totally ready to go in that dude, talks a law, Sir one of the keys rent, many homes he hasn't, but if you like it out but little so you know spoiler alert. He has done some books on tape so easily for just hang onto that. Just chew on that nugget. Until next we asked for another guy said. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you continue to Lisbon and we hope you, it we're back and listened to us but things anything could never happen in a punk.
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