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Episode 10: The Sodder Children….where the hell are they?

2018-07-25 | 🔗
This one us so frustrating, guys!  When George and Jennie Sodder's home burned downed on Christmas Eve in 1945, they were thrust into a lifelong battle to find 5 of their children who, despite leaving no remains, were never seen alive again. This case has inept authorities, conspiracy theories and a tale of parental dedication that will thaw your cold, dead heart. This is, the Sodder children mystery.Sources:https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-children-who-went-up-in-smoke-172429802/https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5067563Sodder Family Tragedy: The Mystery of Five Missing Children by Douglas MacGowan 
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Back in where death metal band. Now all that actually herds beggar, and I can't do that. It's a lot wages, shove yourself into the table and make everything move sire In that sense. I really think you are we're back in our pipe lab and I'm kind of sweaty we're helter sweltering affair. I wouldn't say helter sweltering. I would not say, like brief, sweat, yeah, I'm legally low grade sauna, low grades now glisten yeah yeah. back in America. Ash hey had her
a little crews with Sophie and see which is, I know it sounds like we just crews on the time like darling. We do but like both of us had now, but not a curious before these last two things and we just happen to book furthest decreases within a couple weeks actually end even book mine, Annie's parents brought us on a cruise sea, which is how I'm going to introduce are symbolic, do best bits. everybody actually does. I oughta be like us, but I want her to be. I don't think it's tell the cheese super ass if she had been waiting our whole life for this moment, because I want to tell our story about going to Bermuda and Snorkeling and Annie was theirs. I wanted her to be able to like shed some light on experience. I wanted just die welt. The turtles. Ok, that's different experience and I can talk about a foot there. Eternal, but nice try, thou, know the minister that the sooner
that would have allowed. The turtles were not there when we are snorkeling, but Bermuda has the most shipwrecks in the whole world. That's that's wrong. I actually dull got you on a log cuts anymore, and I just like to remind you that my I q is not that high and I dont retain. Information and I die search you're really funny thing. thing anyway, so They have a lot of fuckin shipwrecks but load a shipyard currently not the most in the world. I listened to the target. I actually don't want you here. Why did I invite you to take a really dark turn? Not was the end of their relationship, but we want snorkeling in the Bermuda triangle which is off and I've. We want interpreting the Bermuda triangle. We were like snorkel enough in the ruin, a triangle and hamish of bricks. Further to there is too
I would like to say that I am terrified of shipwrecks of redundant as to why I hear your terrified of like things utterly submerged under I dont like submerged objects. The titanic underwater really terrifies me. So I don't like shipwrecks. I get that, but you know why I get that she sacrificed it for our love. What a woman, ok self! We like crews, they're in the guys, like Thomas all, this stuff that apparently fuckin any retained, but I didn't so then they'll tell you how to snorkel it's pretty straightforward, useful flippers I was like that was fun. I was eleven thousand some of Us Mermaid life, and we die Van and won. The shipwrecks was just like that. The boat wasn't there anymore, but it was carrying all these cement bags because it is from like what you any I remember the areas like eighteen so there as the one the cement bags there had. It was a wooden box
yet a voluntary, aided and would all drifted away. So like a phantom ship now about all this meant bags were still there and they like what they colleague more he added so I'm just swimming. So then there is another boat, those like a two hundred and fifty foot. Steel bow Remember when I was at sea- and I see I literally get in the water- and I just looked down and see this huge boat, a wider lower art is pounding and ashes leg where's the boat, no light. There's coral algebra and said you ate like Lindsey camouflage, but then you look a little harder. Nearly go. There's an elegant along there's, my pants. Ok, that's a different story for another day assholes. This is what happens when anyone Elaine I got together with merely that's fucking light up. My spies actually baby of note to some people exits buddy. Will we good, bye, segment,
ass, a kind of mistakes any older white dude, I'm just on the look out for my pads because they know you want society is gunners gird, honestly, you should be too yes, why you always say, unlike monotone voice in your leg, is that because in disaster situations you're supposed to remain calm here does on the look. I'm just like greatest. Is that my pants? What is literally Amy many older waited she's like that must be MIKE anyways. I was living Annie's just like floating above the water, but I'm like face deep, unlike hold my noodle, so I can dive haywire do they made. You have noodles and I was pits and then, when you flew down into the ship I wanted to having engulfed in the Bermuda triangle,
that's exactly what I wanted to down. I know every day that we were on the crucial by contemplated how much trouble I would get enough had jumped off just because I wanted to swim in the locker, probably a lot. Travel physiologically yeah! No, I know that Valencia. Can you know, I think your internal organs? Might you know all higher body just like wants to do the things that no, as are supposed to act as it's like some primal? Weird thing, I know it's a gang gang and every day I would just be like overlook the balcony and, like I could jump off right now. I actually that's weird that you have. The fact is I more you have that thought like I'm gonna, be disgraceful mermaid the describes into the water and lives among ass, but I. I would stand on the balcony and a big what if I just control, both myself and then I would die and it would be awful and I draw like I had these awful nightmarish thoughts of the one. You don't know that that you couldn't turn outlay mermaid. You are going to be our reality like sing about part of your world, and I dont know if anybody would want me to sing in the ocean. I love you too. I was just eleven mobile life here Other story? So
my nose ring and any commit us to this. I almost fucking cried my nose. This very special to me and I'm gonna, make you cry little because we got them done together like when my first my story rising my little not just of its really revoking special to me, because I was a guarantee in and we went in any ways, and it was my first spirit kind of members piercing. Yeah we'll go that I realised on the sunset crews, where we are of any family that I didn't have my nose ring in Arabic. I lost my fucking nose ring in the community. go. Can I just say that everyone was very confused cause you weren't by being clear actor which nose ring it was because it has to
with. Has multiple of my family members came up to me and there, like is azure. Ok, like her nose ring, is still delay really yeah their legs. She still has our nose ring in like manner she had too many rooms was all. Does she have an emergency contact? My nostril Pierre thing, not my symptom piercing, have I lost so my nostril piercing it. I thought it was gone and then I'm sitting there like. I have this vision because I'm a white way Unlike ok, maybe I'm gonna get home early back to the cabin and it's gonna be like on the little vanity where I get ready illegal feeling it's gonna, be there. I fuckin get back to the cabin in my fucking.
Those ring is on the vanity shitting me. It was fuckin there and I was like that's what I'd is fully that, like the Bermuda triangle expended Albert unrealized house out, I was any areas. Mom deftly thinks I'm like a psychopath know. You know what I think. That's exactly what I think. That's what happened. I think the remoter trying those fucking, because the camera and crews was also in the Bermuda triangle, so I had been in the Bermuda triangle twice that day this was pure, be Bermuda triangle allowed us, like is everything to say. Does anyone know what we are trying all meet a triangle? I think I'm just love it. So much that I could say Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda Triangle, the I can't do that I can barely say what Unlike Bermuda bug, you remove Bermuda triangle. well yeah. So that was my trip to our minor triangle. I didn't want other stuff. I went jet skiing enemies. with turtles friend Kobayashi Convocation ass, well ass, the vacations for like ever since
We have to be without us again because we got it all out of hand in the month of June and July by everyone. By it we ve just we ve just send her to her corner on the floor. She does falls asleep when we're panegyric blankets on the floor, Susan Alvin relegated Bulgaria, rybody, thus, my bay. So tonight's cases kind of aid fun little unsolved mystery. In my fun I mean tragic, an awful but yeah superfine good Times Fun, spooky and there's a lot of theories. at the very start, like the most for your heart and what's fun? Is that I might have an autopsy late that will get through this. So tonight's topic, but so is the mysterious disappearance of
the Sawder children, doo doo, doo doo, I'm gonna, give you if little overview, get into some supply of some other. Like real details of this whole thing, the so the solder children disappearance begins nineteen forty five Christmas Eve, gas holidays and shit exposed to be cheerful, you know they dagda hung around I've Polly. What is this like? Nothing was stirring, knives, some supper blazing fire spoke earlier So this is, in fact the West Virginia parents Joe, Large and Jenny Solder had nine. children too many one might say too many. far too many children they had died. They actually intend children, but nine of them were in the house because their oldest child was away in the army and I looked everywhere and you cannot find this child and if this is really where its work, but nine,
Their children were in the house. They were working in the middle of the night by a fire and Georgian Jenny, got out of the house, along with four of their children to your old Sylvia, said ten year old, Marian twenty three year old, John Sixteen Year Old, George Junior, they all got out of the house. I don't know if you guys know mass. I was that were not nine. Its narrow five left side who did not come out of the house, click mental math, the five that did not come out of the house were fourteen year old, Maurice twelve year old, Martha now, you're, old, Louie or Louis nine, eight year old, Jenny and five year old Betty five, the same now, Ivy League really badly gacha yeah gotcha in your heart, so the five children didn't. Come out of the house shared to bedrooms that were upstairs so in
and of all this the house burned down in those children. No one knew what the fuck happened to them because no remains were found. So that's the basis of this right. So that's crazy. That's just a sad story. So too Back George Sawder, he emigrated from ITALY to fail Seville when he was thirteen years old so shut. He came Whereas Giorgio, so do that's my name or something close to that, and then he now Change to George Sawder, because that's what we do here, we change your name. to enrich injure cool ass me, you're, cool ass, italian name and american in two thousand and twenty Arrived in favour will say, it will excuse me, he met and fell in love with Jenny. Embryonic ah another italian right and you sometime
infection for sure they actually had a total ten children together and like I said, though this was in the army and am in faith bill. There was actually really tight, knit and active italian emigrant community. Most people around the town, respected George. You know he was a good do he's pretty chill. They were middle class family. Georgia was very active in this italian community, but he was also pretty Falco we believe it is a good idea. I mean it's a good idea to display. Being just like you know, speak up They know your audience. You just know your audience, but so he was very vocal about a lot things like people knew he had opinions, but his one thing that he was a really really well oh about was his disdain for the italian Prime Minister, slash Fascists dictator, Benito Mussolini, but little kitchen, who Benito Mussolini is.
Is any mere moose loosely thorium haven't I was they can. I suppose you need my parents, its vacant, essentially. so I mean this guy was a fascist and used a really bad guy, he was. He had a lot of Super loyal followers. I kind of like someone else like ring name any names, so Benito Mussolini was actually executed, along with other members of the fascist movement. Two days, for Hitler in his girlfriend, EVA Braun. Committed suicide hung so on twenty ninth nineteen, forty five Mussolini's corpse was loaded into a ban in the middle of the night and brought south of MILAN, where they dumped him on the ground at a place called the italian names. Men. PS outlay Laredo, because I thought you had its way better pizza pizza.
super stereotypical. It's ok! This place with the site where fifteen anti fascists were executed recently Suez counterfeiting that they for him that his corpse was kicked in spit on by the crowd, and then it was Huck hung upside down from the roof of Anne S, so gas station where it was then stone. by the crowd as well, he was then buried in an unmarked grave and Moose Sogo Cemetery, north of Molly, so use a bag. I guess because I know you don't just do that to anybody see a mild. So but again he had people that you now believed that the fascist movement was the way to go. Unfortunately slowing it was George did not agree with this, so George eventually Ray the trucking company of his own that took off pretty well again. They were like a middle class, solid middle class family. Before this, though,.
He worked for amending a man named fear Renzo Jana Polo, whose strongly disagreed with Georgia's views on listening all good. Despite these differences, the two of them act really seemed to remain like be pretty close, even after George left, the company discharges on company. So when he left that company, he add if fifteen hundred dollar mortgage insurance clause that was payable to fear Renzo Janitor follow what does that mean? So if something happened to the house in the family like he would get the pale. Ah, yes, but only fifteen hundred dollars, but again back then Hospital it's not a super lot, but so allegedly genitalia increased this to one thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. Without the Saunders approval or knowledge, and he actually ended up with the pay out after the fire. Even though Georgian die yeah because it was signed over to him, it was a clause share
stupid claw right. So, according to the fire Marshal report, sixty days before, the fire genital low accident actually attempted to trick George into signing an additional life insurance policy on top of the other insurance, oh damn that seems pretty spooky, yeah spooks like Mama. Now when he was trying to like him into buying this insurance policy. He got super piss, when they didn't want it actually. Yelled at George Quote your God. The house is going up in smoke in your children are going to be destroyed. You're going to he paid for the dirty remarks you have been making about Mussolini. What case solved? Who heard thought like? I think we ve If thou not was thumb the case, and that was that he did it like how did
but- and this has an unsolved cases, because I think we just cracks the code I mean. Maybe I'm using like my super advance- meta. Well, honed, detective skills. Here I don't know Sherlock. I think it seems, like blue. The cases solved, Spock it's like when the bill in in movies reveals their entire evil plan in your like. Why are you doing maybe do case like this, It is an ideal Pascal can only through with it doesn't make sense, but anyways it still unsolved. We don't know, I don't know whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up. Regional comedies, like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy face, could a peacock dvd com and get started about a month before the fire. stranger had so showed up at the solder home enquiring about some hauling work, so that's not to wear.
Like sort of highways days, only calling stuff away like cleaning financially picking up shit? For you, like hey. I just want to build up our how soon a hall she got out his whole, your house and those with a thing family exigencies cleaning show up and really can I wholesome shit new I can now tell that so The forties were at time. So this man link and around the back of the house where the two fuse boxes were located, don't and he actually noted to George these are going to cause a fire someday. So that's weird because in Georgia like not because he had recently had the power we're company come to his house because I believe he was putting in like a new fancy stove, because again thank all money. So you you get enough so put in and because he is a smart guy, he was You know what, while you're here, can you just make sure that all the wiring is labour rack leg
Gonna has a fire yeah in solar power company came and looked at the shit and was like these wires are perfect, everything's good. So that's creepy. Now a couple of days before the fire to of the surviving children saw a man watching the younger sought or children coming home from school on highly twenty one, You think that's what I wrote I run out, but then I actually son. I thought it so neither the fire, I'm gonna, let you in on this story line and what happened that night. I remember I forget who did it, but I listened to upon Casper they covered this case, and I was like this is like a good move. It is this would big so on the night of the fire. You know Christmas Eve at one thousand, two hundred and thirty a dot m. The phone rang and Jenny answered it. She heard a female voice asked who asked to speak to
One that she didn't know- and she said in the background there was clearly a lot of laughter. There was eye glasses, clinking, like they were toasting in the background and what they like, a party and its nose eve. So you know so generously you have the wrong number and she knocked off the phone now This would seem weird, but later they were able to track down this woman. Where she literally just had the wrong number like it was like you, I'm just thirty years has rightly so that there's nothing to that, but still always seen our part answer so while she was talking on the phone. She noticed that the lights were still on down there's an Marian was asleep on the sofa, because what had happened was and you like. Let them stay up later, something exactly so, she was Christmas Eve. They gotten presents a couple presence and I believe those Marian Seventeen year Old was league working at least five and dime, and she had bought all her younger siblings toys all like surprise them with them.
so now you're all excited and they asked their parents got tired. I think around, like ten thirty and we're like we're on a bed. In the kids. Are the younger kids were like you know? You say I leave my. Can we sat in the parents? Jenny in Georgia, like you can as long as you do, you complete your charge chores before Then turn off the lights right in public chores where to go outside. I think it was like to the cows somethin, with chickens. He knows just like that kind of shit, but he was outside and then come back in to make sure you do something: don't send them outside late. So just keep that in mind. So. Again in you know, so she noticed the lights ran downstairs. Marian was asleep on the sofa she locked. The door shut off the lights and went back to bed suggested He was beginning to fall asleep. She heard a loud bang on the roof and followed by something that sounded like it was rolling now
like she just went back to sleep. So if you hear thing on your roof in the middle of the night, just like a morbid podcast, Tipp yeah, it's like it's like how we tell you that fresh airs for dead people things rolling under roof are cause for alarm. Nothing good is bang and around on your roof, but you should definitely find the source of what's on your roof. I just do something: don't go back to sleep, just don't yeah we're just don't call a neighbour, but some are girl will someone was alone roof girl in her girl. Would you to put forward. Can you do that Have you is so minutes later she smelled in sport smoke to her room, also reaches the Mai worsening. she immediately woke George, ran and grabbed to two years Sylvia from her crib well scream. for her other children to get out of the House Mary
Jenny, George and Sylvia ran through the front door still screaming, for everyone to leave town three year old, John and sixteen year old George Junior ran out as well from their bedrooms upstairs, and they were also screaming for the other kids to leave, get out the house as they were, Were there. so they all waited for the rest of the kids to run out as well, but it was a long before George sprang into fucking super dad mood and decided to save us kids themselves fuck this so George had actually broke back into the house to try and bring out this kid's holy shit? He slices arm open on a broken leg. He broke a window sliced his arm open in the process down and he was stopped at the staircase, because the entire staircase was on fire might gone so then He decided. Ok, I know I have a ladder outside. I'm gonna get the latter, I'm gonna go up to the second floor and I'm gonna get him well. Isn't it no matter was fucking missing from the spot. He literally always put it not nor it was later found.
About seventy five feet away from the home in a ditch, not normal. I mean that says something so being the persistent human he is, which you will see later on. George solder is a very dedicated and persistent five and which like break my heart it does. He had the idea to then use his call trucks to park outside of the house and stand on it to climb up and get his kids damn. tat, they were suddenly not starting, which didn't make any day had worked perfectly only the day before right. So In desperation, he actually tried scooping water out of a nearby rain barrel, but it was any kept trying to enter the house now. The other thing is Why the hell? Are there no reports of seeing these kids trying to get out of the house right? None of them came to the windows. You didn't hear any screaming nothing, so they just laid in bed and silently turned to dust, knowing no, that's not how that works so
seventeen there. While this is all going on, you know the parents ago, not so we re trying to get those kids seventeen year Old Marian, ran to the neighbor's house to call the fire department. Unfortunately, the operator duty was not on duty and did not answer. So there is no one on duty, so Marian ran to another neighbour's house to call in they too could not get an answer what the fuck. Do you think somebody like, oh sorry, paid off like the person to gets weirder there Second neighbour actually went into town to get the fire chief after Morrison person will use around him at a local tavern. So the fire department was only two point: five miles away from the solder home, but because the chief claimed he couldn't drive the fire struck without one of other firefighters and he was having to call them all to get into work, they didn't get to them. order home until eight, a m, which was seven fucking hours after the fire began
Do they must have been paid off, something where discovers that doesn't make any sense? Even for like I mean nineteen forties something's, we're yeah, I mean nineteen, for the thing is it's weird: It was Christmas Eve, so they didn't have anybody on duty right and it was like a volume here basis. So all that was going out some still yet. The whole thing is weird: it's a weird, weird thing. So by the time, They got their seven hours later. The house was gone. Oh, it was ass, though I were gratified were ok, spells out why we fire fighters on duty to yonder is God we claim that guy with Glee that that's what they do they fires luxuriously really matter, so Seven hours response time is not really situation. Where like rear body out. An even handed can spend that mean other cabriolet, we re evaluating our response time or training our staff better for next time. You know you had one job yeah, your.
keepers of the hoses get didn't, do it straight up failure they can only go to the fire department. There really locker, that, like seven hours, is unacceptable for take out. So it's definitely not acceptable. Our people coming to save you from a burning how seven hours is like insufficient for many things, get it's ridiculous. So. One more night, sleep for me, so once they got there, they looked in the ashes of the home for the remains of the missing kids. And there were no remains. Nothing was bound up to now This matter that creep, but I dont think it was. It was just like a transition than go more girls. I really like the really get sued by Luxembourg very wrong
fucking word, that's another part can rise, but she is the where's fog worst worst worse. Where fuck you worry, Gilmore So the first. Your department and finds an AIDS only investigated for two hours, not even that seven. It took them to get exactly now again ovens here, but it was suggested by the coroner's office that the cause of the fire was quote bad wiring which is pretty unoriginal yeah like that, like all those fire, probably bad like no after Morris, the fire chief also suggested that the fire must have been so narrowly that it just cremated the children is not a direct quote I quote so narrowly now: that's that's not Like bones deteriorate, though, even if you like a bonfire, doesn't interior now and I'll explain all the signs by Miss O Goody endorse my favorite. Are you know what he suggested that liquidity
our cremated? I know you like was a scoop summit. She's up from the siting, very unlike its your kids. Are you get like how crude like fuck this guy? Like that's just crude fuck, this guy? He gets even weirder by the way like after Morris what the fuck, maybe he I think, kid team, he knew some on the sea area a week later after the fire, the coroner issued a death certificate for all five kids without any the bodies spoke typical. So the only thing left of the house was the basement. Basically, in four days later, George had covered with five feet of dirt is kind of like a makeshift grave slashed memorial to his missing presumed dead children only God he actually intended to cover it with a garden or something beautiful for his I'm not ok. I think this guy, I'm not funny. It's ok seriously. George Solder man, It was a long after the fire that George and Jenny think that their kids,
Well, you didn't die in that fire and that they were actually kidnapped and not dead. Now came and told as smart people. They question why the fuck it took the fire department, seven hours to get, Npr conducted an interview with retired fire Chiefs, Roy and Steve Cruikshank. They were father and son needle team that had been working in close by area at the time of the fire said that the faint bill Department didn't even have sirens on their trucks. the time light and no one was manning the station because a holiday West Virginia fire Mars. Sterling Louis said in an interview that in nineteen forty five fade, though, firefighters didn't even have self contained breathing apparatus is holy shit and make it impossible for them to go into a fire without smoke at inhalation. So
literally couldn't go into that house to save the kids, even if they got maritime top notch awesome top notch. That's fucked up, sir. georgian journey theorized theorize that the fire was set set intentionally as a diversion for a kidnap. This was partially due to the fact that George knew that wiring thing was bullshit and the latter had it fix exactly so. There was just too much. that was pointedly than we are and they are not strong says he never heard his children crier solely. That doesn't make sense now if the fire was caused by faulty wire Then how are the light still on in the house? Downstairs? Oh shit! If the wiring was faulty, there would be no power to the house right. I know this because I asked me dad? Who is an electrician you're kidding, and he confirmed
The lights would not be working if there was false cigarettes, but not the lights went to work. What do you think? What what what that's my dad. What can a question is that so thank you. Damn that night, an eye witness said that they saw balls of fire. Being tossed onto the Saunders room they done, I can do anything about it, which could be. Would Jenny heard Bang into them also like? Maybe you should tell someone that right away, another morbid tip. If you see balls higher being tossed on some poor persons hall, perhaps do something about how the police, if something I don't let anybody Thayerville, I dont, know what would have happened. Maybe they just unlike were at the tavern drinking so yeah, I can't drive all actually I'll, be there in, like seven hours will be there sometime door probably referred.
So in the family were firing the scene later to pay our respects at the memorial that George was creating Sylvia. The two year olds found a hard rubber object in the yard. George looked at it and believed that this object was in Naples, pipe napalm pilot pineapple bomb. What napalm Pineapple Bomb Bermuda Triangle, which were you in the war. The time now these could be the things Jenny was like. This is the thing that I heard had the roof yeah role, we rise if it's perfectly natural. since this too much here this case? Is it really is it's like insane? So the reports of the view that makes the four reports of the fireballs really credible rang the flames had also spread from the top floor to the ground, which contradict
the idea that the fuse box on the ground floor was responsible for the fire because they started from laptop. But let's go in the few bucks so like who thought that this really pissed Mama Jenny, And good narrative going science on this bitch yeah so started experimenting by burning, different animal bones herself and found that all of them left identifiable remains of some sort. Now she could not get one to burn all the way to the two ashes. Now this is when she spoke to a crematorium employee who told her that bones were left behind, even when a body was burning at two thousand degrees Fahrenheit for two hours, which is not what an average hosts fired burn born are you ok, average house fire burns normally at about one thousand, two hundred degrees, fair Fahrenheit, the,
sought, her home only burn for about thirty to forty five, so it never one of their would be bone, fragments uncharged at the very least yeah. That's being very Oviedo, generous right, Two further illustrate how bananas, the idea of these children being burned to ash is the fact that household appliances were found in TAT among the AL shit yeah. So yet your fuckin toaster is got us a ride with you. I do not know and also if five children had been cooked in that house, then the smell would have been pungent as far varying flesh smells like shit and they would smoke that shit all through town rank. Bide. Kids were burning in their wake him up to our fine so I dont know more research just to make sure. You like to research, a lover, sir, are you do really to people love that Europe very sad and glad people with a month. I even I was gonna research. Instead, they didn't thoughts generous MAX max MAX. Thank you max
like he was also a very loved the ruddy mail. I was dying so according to the forensic pathology reviews volume, one in the action, morphological findings and burn bodies, I'm actually sleeping. that just given, even if high temperatures are applied for several hours, there will usually still be enough. Skeletal remains to allow successful determination of species the body measurements and the sex, as well as to identify skeletal anomalies in the presence of possible injuries. so there will be a lot left. You just sounded affair. Sure as shit, I'm just saying so that at night in the following night, there were sightings advocates. So the first firing was that night Christmas day or night was like the night at the fire happened a Christmas present.
Christmas day, ok echo, among said she saw the children driving by and a car, while the fire was still burning. So like did she and I find the driver knows couldn't see the driver they should. They were looking out a window. Another, citing was fifty miles away from fair, though a woman that ran some kind of like tourist stop said that she saw the in the morning after the fire Christmas morning, and she said quote: I served them breakfast and they got into a car with Florida license plate. Oh damn links toxic. Please. with a Florida license, plates pool is plotting. Another,
yes, no Florida licence, polarities still in Charleston West Virginia in a hotel, a woman who work. There said she saw four or five children a week after the fire occurred. She said the children were accompanied by two when in two men? All who spoke italian? I do not remember the exact date. I tried to talk to the children in a friendly manner, but the men appeared hostile and refuse to allow me to talk to these children that scare. I says that I was being frozen out in so I said nothing more. They left early the next morning. Ok, and they said that they showed up at like one thousand two hundred and thirty at night, and then I left the next morning, so they were just like stopping black so a few years later, George actually saw a photo of New York City School children in a newspaper and believed that one of the kids was his missing daughter, Buddy Non, not ok. He drove.
to New York to investigate- and I just got chill and actually track down the child's parents, but they wouldn't talk to him- only call now, George early personally investigated every single one of these steps now and he did at length throughout this story every tip Are any citing or any story or theory that we mention George personally, A statute as that's your fuckin babies, cyber your kids like and the young One was five year. I mean that's crazy. So, This is around the time that they decided to hire a pathologists which no good on them cause old time. Coroners were not exactly like up to snuff. Bs a lot of them. We're like elected officials like they weren't, even doktor. Still its change. Now we're not going down. Coroners are anything but
Back in the day, I was back, then was Oscar, be Hunter, and this guy actually excavated the dirt. That was on the site because he was only doing its job like one of the only people- that's that's doing his job. He ended up finding four pieces of human vertebrae, which is crazy. He sent those pieces to the Smithsonian Institute to be tested. Ok, They thought that the bones appeared to be four lumbar vertebrae with fused transverse recesses. Now, from which translates in English to I'll explain so from what I've seen, this was reported back as confirming that the bones belong to a sixteen or seventeen year old person, but I I didn't think that was right. So the id kind of false. From what I kind of us, you see. These were lumbar vertebrae. You have five vertebral bones in your lumbar region that make up if sacred witches,
what lumbar sake room where Fucker Road above Dubai or Mobutu talks, though these books, like it like a lot of bones in your body. They start to fuse once you stop growing. They start to fuse eagerly. They start to so unkindness antennas examiners, seventeen year old, so this happens anywhere from sixteen years old to twenty three years. when they start to feel sixteen seventeen where they gave up small they were like will. This must be a sixteen or seventeen year old and it's like no, the can be a twin, amended folly, fused yeah, they could be at its. They gave him very small window of what they were like. This has to be a sixteen or seventeen year old and it's like no, it's a sixteen to twenty three year old, solely data wondering what answer yeah. So I mean our classical bones: don't fuse until the twenty six years old
suddenly is right. Yeah yeah near collarbone they few together linear views like these two go together. No. the mind, look like they go together now. That's why I was how I can feel boost. What do you mean they fuse Father bones views. I'm it's ok, so easily. tiredly possible that these vertebrae belong to young adults in their early twenties? Even so. It is not in anybody's vertebrae, not to mention that the old dismissing Sartor kid was fourteen year old. Maurice soon, even if it wasn't like see new seven year old is really not the fact that theory, also determine that the bones had definitely not been fired off. So what virus It may be that they said that the bones and probably come from the dirt- that George had got to cover the site so like yeah somebody else diamond arises, is dead and note that inadequate
And this was all before DNA was used, so people are confusing jack to George and now no one knows where they were. Oh, I mean weak it sucks, because if we had them now we could dna tat. He lost some. Nobody It will at least be prudence. Maybe maybe died with them in a box somewhere I believe that he did. He was after everything doping, hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Let's change that any dot com are factory, direct model means no middlemen or outrageous markups. Just this quality frames in one's options as the other guys for one tenth, the price Zinni offers prescription glasses, starting at six. Ninety five, as well as affordable sunglasses, blue blockers and more the best.
Or try any frame anywhere with our three virtual try on visits any dot com today and change the way you buy glasses forever. So after this out happened, the Governor Oki oh Patterson, SAM's legit called a hearing in the state Capitol Building in Charleston West Virginia and officially called the close to this case, liar? He literally told georgian journey Jenny that their search for their clearly abducted children was hopeless. That's nice, the faint they'll county prosecutor said it would only be reopened if evidence of kidnapping came too late so like the two kinds of seems like it already has yeah. So he ended with saying quote: something is haunting this Emily and I would do anything to put their minds at ease. I think, what's hunt This family is the fact that their New York, he resigned, hundred disappeared at thin air and your closing Mackay yes, maybe that's hunting them in nineteen. Forty
Seven George, actually tried to get the FBI involved. J Edgar Hoover him. Soft contacted George back. It was like totally good. We will help you, because this is shadiest fuck how ya, but because this is falling under quote local character, we need to get permission from your local authorities to step in and they want a while. The fan mail police department in the fire Department Cook declined their offered help of her while they're dead, so there's no reason to do that and leisure guilty right, some covering around something. Now another interesting bet was the night of the fire. An eye witness recalled that they sought to recognisable men, stealing the block and tackled in which is like the hook thing that normally use use to lift its fifth engines are the cars from the solder residents. Ah now these two people-
later, when these two identified as Dave Atkins and Lonnie Johnson, who are owners of a nearby like beer, place, Mackay. Only Lonnie was ever question because Dave pieced out to the army to avoid prosecution, good Lonnie said he cut the phone lines that night because he thought they were power lines. So far, I was the only way why did he cut them? Did he say why I dont know pro I didn't ask the following question: that's very hurry inept authorities here, yeah went on us and also the power lines were fourteen feet up in the air, so how the hell did he get to it. So we bore, like did steal the latter. Yeah, but he didn't say anything so Lonnie ended up pleading guilty to a stealing charge and paid a twenty five dollar. Fine you're fucking. Can a super officials definite emitted later that Lonnie in Georgia's
employer who we talked about before for your runs out there who got the money after the fire. Those two were not investigated enough. The realities like officials now like yeah, they should have been looked at more yeah, so they definitely could have involved. slash whirl, some of the texts that came in around the leg time cuz. They started getting texts all the time. Now, probably a lot of bulshit, some people around town believe that the mafia was involved and some believe that the children were taken back to ITALY, where they were sold to an orphanage. That's horrible. family actually received a letter from a woman in Saint Louis that claimed that the oldest daughter, Martha, was in a convent, their thoughts. Falk, someone in full, I also claimed that they are now living with Jenny's distant relatives in Florida. Marlins
distant relatives call her exactly in another tape came from Davenport California, where the sheriff received a letter saying that one of the salt or children was attending school in the city, no staff at any of the schools new of this at all and we're like now, we have no idea that is all class photographs were checked and it was revealed to be bullshit. Why call him in many your fuckin time pit like league, You're sure that's horrible, shithead, well you're a real shithead George, invest. Hated all of these steps we got off seriously dad power. People are the worse letter now John Solder, the oldest son, came about the reason that all the sun that was in the house, The time not allows the army one sole, suddenly he'd ever hear from him again owner where he went, uses arming somewhere. Ok, so John cited a twenty three year old son. He hypothesize that if his siblings were kidnapped, the maybe they he agreed that they were taken. Italy were Georgia's from ok, expect
due to the hotel story with a sprightly Italians began dont like that one. He was like that's gotta, be it why we don't know, maybe a Lisbon don't mention stuff about. Mussolini and so is revenge, but it's all China, that's on everything locked up or a bad man. Everything's super generally put to you movie series with some of them make sense of them. Don't yeah, he says of the Masons pieces of don't it's like. The one thing that doesn't make sense at all is that they burned in the fire yeah. It's just that didn't happen. So this one's pretty interesting in nineteen sixty eight. A tip came in twenty three years after the fire, this contained a photograph and was sent specifically to Jenny. There was no return address, but it had a Kentucky postmark the photo was a man that was in his mid twenties and Georgian Jenny immediately were like that's our sun, Louis, whom I was nine at the time when you. Two beard same features: dark curly, hair brown, eyes
same nose like long nose and slightly tilted left eyebrow, and if I look at the pictures, I'll put him up on the instagram, this picture the photo in the picture of Louis, when he was not like undeniable. It looks like it could definitely be him grown up. And we wanted in sectors like little features that you like TAT is the exact same feature. Ok, what did it say? So the note was on the back of a photo and it was weird. fuck. It said Louis Solder, I love brother Frankie. It will boys a nine zero one, three, two or three five. What exactly so did they have a brother Frankie? No, so they were like what the fuck yes, but they were nervous that releasing the photograph to the police would put theirs a danger, so they hired a private detective to go to Kentucky to try to find where this came from holy fuck with a fucking detective went missing. No, he vanished.
With their money so that no they don't know if he took their money in just took off or if he'd, literally one missing, but whenever heard from. I just got chill right. big wendling high. I needed to find my body I and all our heads literally and then it's like if he took them and just ran like like fuck him and also its like how much money do you get. We give this link wide, Lincoln, that's a weird thing. I do know that seem fishy Sedona. There are thoughts that the numbers on the back corresponded to zip codes in Palermo, ITALY It makes a lot of sense, so georgian journey were again steadfast parents and George was quoted as saying that at this time, like a minute late sixties, he said time is running out for us. If they did die in the fire. We want to be convinced. Otherwise we just want to know
What happened to them only gone, so they were still just like which slow like I need answers. So this is what I mean. They were definitely losing faith and authorities in law enforcement, helping them at all. In response to all the bullshit Georgian Jenny set up a billboard on route, sixteen that had photos of their missing children and a message with all the available information, including mentioning how, as a miscarriage of justice, that someone was clearly lying yeah and it stayed put for more than forty fucking years. So, my god, I kept that billboard up for forty years, courtiers they even passed out flyers similar The billboard and offered a ten thousand dollar reward for any information leading to the discovery of their kids. That's a lot of money. Now there was a lot of money back then yeah yeah. So I put a picture above billboard on the Instagram, but this is what it says it says.
Christmas Eve, nineteen forty five are home was set afire fire and five of our children aged five through fourteen kidnapped. The officials claimed defective wiring although lights were still burning after the fire started, the official report stated that the children died in the fire. However, no bones were found in the residue and there was no smell of burning flesh during or after the fire. What was them, of the love LA officers involved. What did they to gain by making a suffer all these years of injustice. Why did they lie in force us to accept those lies. ok I'll word. I literally have gooseberry said my colleague what bad moment fuck, you fuck you guys law. This is bullshit. My entire bar discovered. He really like De I hope so.
this time this is when they turn to another private investigator named C c tensely to help them vodka has a name. Like I'm afraid, attains later name. No, this mother Fucker found out from a member of the coroner's jury who helped does it to decide now? This is a member of the coroner's Jersey jury, whether people that help determine the cause of the fire right. These people determine that it was faulty wiring he this guy that you talk to that determined it was faulty wiring copied off was one of the fucking life insurance salesman now that basically, the one that went with what's his name, fear, Enzo yeah went with him to try to sell this shit. So here is one of the money, so it seems like he might have a motive here right, so he also talk to the fire Marshal Sterling Louis Unseen, and this guy said-
He talked to everyone that sorted through their seen that morning and they all said they found human remains, but they didn't so why did chief after more say that there weren't any found darling Louis was like oh, they were prowling rushing cause. They took two hours normally an excavation after house fire takes like Days two weeks, why do he's literally like they were just rushing and he must have been just not paying attention to the human remains our found, because the Fuckin one. Where was it five human rights? Five human remains, which would be a lot of remains URI noticeable. So he quote thinks some remains quote: may have been found that day but shit. It was Christmas, and we were russian like actually and big fuck, you legal with its legs budget. and take you so
Sk literally thinks that there was remains found by use Things were kind of weird and, like I think I just got like swept on the rug No, I don't think so. So I also star reported quite a bit that investigators were really looking carefully for remains especially internal organs, because from what I've read every one was like because they turn a bright shade of red when they're exposed to heat. Okay and they'll be noticeable in my me But that's bullshit too, because internal organs may be considerably reduced in size when their exposed to flame, because a fluid loss and consumption by the actual fire right so they're not gonna. Look like these plump beautiful red, huge things that you're gonna see floating around they're gonna be like shrimp,
than fucked up right, that's bullshit, so because this wasn't lining up with what Morris had said that he didn't find remains. Tensely went searching for answers, so he found a minister that, after more than our chief who, with super awesome industry, thereby clearly told this minister in a confession that he found a heart in the ashes. Ah, he said he put that fucking heart in a box and read it where the house once did. I know this. One mile tensely actually convinced the fire chief to show him where this box was buried in dug in dig it up. But it was you who actually buried was a fucking be full of earlier. I am school like Why does he think it was a hard? No, this beef labour hadn't forbidden to fire at all. It was a beautiful ever so now beef live and some were. You have seen the liver and a heart side by side there
plainly Dave, don't look alike so why the actual fuck did the fire chief of the town? Do this weird shit? He said he thought it that by bearing that in saying that you know there was a heart and everything it would provide close. Here too the solder family, yet the fuckin beef lever didn't provide any closure. Fazio. Weird is shit. I have ever heard in what I'm wondering is heap. He told this minister in this confession, hoping that it would be an error to lay aside our family and that it would, it would clear, basically save his ass. I didn't work out there. S weight because stirring he still on is bullshit and he thinks he thinks Morris made the liver. The whole thing up to save his aspirin, possibly losing are just not giving a shit,
by about actual remains re, because sterling is still pretending that there was a hints found there like girl sitting on file or Morris must have done that whole thing just because he knows he fucked up and he wanted to try to, but none of that makes sense, not literally None of this makes sense, like these officials are a bunch of fucking idiots and they think everybody else's idiots. I'm like, like dumbfounded, yeah, so unfair Originally, in the end, all that remains our theories. Some of the theories are as follows: one two, three, four: five, a local mafia attempted to recruit George and he wasn't having it so in revenge they took his kids and let his house on fire. So people think that they lived out the rest of their days without saying anything cuz they didn't want.
Their family again tunnel does. One does not really make a lot of sense, because why the fuck would they steal only five children and why would they get the children that run the top floor and not the ones that are sleeping on the first floor right does make sense. Another one is that FBI records actually say that many believe that the whole thing about Jenny's distant relatives in Florida, real link, one of Jenny's brothers, kidnapped the kids and took them to Florida, but Jenny's relatives all took tests to prove that their kids were their kids and they all pass okay. So people also hypothesize that the kids were kids Tat when they went out late that night to finish their chores right, I think eating Macao and chickens and shit that makes an about it. Had the fire happened after that, and maybe by the people
as a distraction George Solder, passed away shortly after this whole thing with the beef, liver and everything in nineteen sixty nine, and he was seventy. Four years old Janni live much longer and spent her last days, building rooms onto her home and adding fences around her home to keep everybody. Oh, she would only wear black clothing since the fire a model, and I have to flower garden around the spot of the fire home and Chile tended to it constantly. She eventually passed away and nineteen eighty nine at the age of eighty five law. It was shortly after her death at the billboard was taken down, which is so fucking job. They have just left it there. So Sylvia was the two year old at the time she's the last remaining solder child. How does she know how old is she be? Nineteen, forty five. Thank you. Forty five calls on anti refuse to keep going I'll. Do it. I can't,
so here is a hundred percent certain that her siblings didn't perish in the fire, and she says that although she was only two years old, the fire was her first real memory. She says she can still remember her father screaming bleeding and crying for his kids, should be seventy five that sounds good right now, either seventy five or seventy one elegant like it either way she's still around, but she still remembers her for her father screaming and crying for his good luck. Leading from trying to get that legitimately hurts my source of my soul, hearts. Now Jenny Hen Thorn whose Sylvia S daughter told the Times West Virginia interposed any information on web slew. Stockholm only gone, she said quote. My mom promised my grandmother that she would never This story die. That's what my brother- and I do. I just got fuckin- shall review the eighty fourth time. I know I gonna
I'm on my way home tonight. Like now Sylvia the two year old children began in Georgia's grandchildren, are like. She like Sylvia promised her mother that she would never let the story Don't let it I don't want to die some. one of those kids man. It's the home, is now that all the people that would even our dead. I know it is a kind of Iraq thing, but I don't know I mean some of those kids would be could be alive. Like super old, though, like a five year, yeah she really an hour late. Seventy so could be a lot of things are against world to him and then no law will look at this point like to score. I now look on your safer old. That's the thing I just don't know what the. I can, but who knows exactly my like? It's a very bizarre story. All I can say is first personally, I believe that they did not die in that fight.
No do you think they got taken in ITALY? I think they might Thank God like not at all, like plausible to psychological. Is not wrong. Plausible implausible was we're. Moving goods must play. the ball causal. It might be the most plausible to utter a word, a weapon. This iq does that make pants. I bet make pence. Cyprus has no what happened to those kids, but I want to hear from himself yet second red light and somewhere. We agree. I'm not. that's the solder children disappearance. Long now, So you want to hear from you guys what do you think happened here? I want to hear theories. Yes, I know everybody's got a different take on this so yeah. Once again, I don't think they died in the fire.
Now, though they definitely kidnapping, in my opinion, not show a kind of kidnapping, but it might seem like there are in ITALY. So that's my stay I feel like that's also my Stana, so give ear gimme here. Your theories we want to hear hit us up hit us up, call me and also we are in the mess. just people. Yeah, let's go enhance during my head, can't say it. Ass. They warm my cold dead hearts, mine too. my white, which souls who keep em come in place and I'm not sure what we're gonna do for next week's episode, but And I ll stay tuned, stay tuned people, king suggest some goods, maybe we'll take a suggestion. Maybe you ve gotten a few, perhaps We ve got a lot of good suggestions. I deceptively parcel through them and which ones quantity parcel but will announce it in the next couple days:
I get to go in and perform an autopsy. Now, I'm gonna go home and go to sleep. We hope you keep listening. hope you that weird. I've reviews, tweed, US follow us email, ass, the Sun Instagram that more! Podcast followers on twitter at a morbid podcast, follow us on Facebook and go subscribe, live your life No life.
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