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Episode 100: Jeffrey Dahmer Part 1

2019-11-10 | 🔗
IT'S OUR 100TH EPISODE, WEIRDOS!For this special episode, we are doing the case that is by far most requested. The one, the only....Jeffrey Dahmer. Obviously, Jeff is probably one of the most, If not THE most well known serial killers out there. In Part 1, we cover his childhood and teen years before sliding right into his first two murders. Bring your butts because you will definitely need to hold on to them. Sources: A Father's Story by Lionel Dahmer: https://www.amazon.com/Fathers-Story-Lionel-Dahmer/dp/068812156XDahmer's Confessions by John Borowski: https://www.amazon.com/Dahmers-Confession-Milwaukee-Cannibals-Statements/dp/0997614021Stone Phillips' Last Interview with Dahmer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOCUQKReBk8Check out our sponsors for this episode!Bouqs: The Bouqs Company delivers beautiful, farm-fresh, sustainably grown flowers, plants AND awesome gifts. Visit Bouqs.com/Morbid and use promo code MORBID for 25% off your first order. Upstart: The revolutionary lending platform that knows you’re more than just your credit score and offers smarter interest rates to help you pay off high interest credit card debt. Visit Upstart.com/Morbid to see how low your rate is!Best Fiends: The free to download challenging but casual puzzle game that will have you hooked. Download Best Fiends, that's Friends without the R, on the App Store now.
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Ceuta Consignee Mothers is that's right. We ve done a hundred. Well, we ve done plus episodes. Yes as the hundreds of them. Mean morbid. Can you believe that you have sucker endless into a hundred fucking episodes of us just talking? That's crazy We love you. Thank you so much for sticking around. We hope we do like six hundred thousand more dumping. A cap on doping cap like six hundred thousand, that's not enough real! Limiting we just did Not added Margie and saw a chance of being Margie High, no eyes, and you know that I might keep thinking that. I want to say a word. in March and like a hundred of us all and render it episodes of style minds, not spoken. Why also yeah so hundred episodes? We are going to be doing our most request,
the case today you guys have not stopped asking for this case is truth is by far the most last fm by far, and we always knew we wanted to save it. For a rainy day, because a good teacher. I gotta go arena! All of that because, let's be honest, Jeffrey Dahmer is by far the most well known serial killer, yeah. Definitely Nike air. He! If anybody who doesn't even know your crime, you ask him the name. A serial killer, Jeffrey down, there's gonna, be the name is unlike songs and chin. Even over TED Bundy. You think I would say so I'd say John Dahmer than Bundy. Oh shit, yeah I'd, say anybody like people with even limited Knowledge would know Jeffrey down my dear, but and they would even probably tell you like he's the Milwaukee Cannibal Maloney lethal everybody. I do have a lot of faith in society, so Can it be doing Jeffrey Dahmer today and we are only going to be doing part one of Jeffrey Dahmer because
the eight parts welcome to a deep dive guys we were gonna. Do our hundredth episode with just some little rinkitink. No do you imagine if it was like to cite some random ass episode, Debbie Hilarious affair like happy Hundredth, earn here's this random killer from the boondocks people would be pissed. I feel yes, we're not gonna, hang around in and talk to me because we want to get into it? So without further ado, only no one was Jeffrey Board. May twenty first, nineteen sixty and West Alice was concerned. Jeffrey Dahmer burst forth, unto this world to fuck it all up. While that was pew, I meant to say that was beautiful and poetic, but I just said that was you that was, that really does leave that you're gonna feel through a lot of who is this
a lot of the events in Jeffreys likely to set about those pew but you feel so yeah. He burst another world just to eating Bon Dieu, terrible living fool me ass, for you he's pretty terrible, so he was born to Lionel enjoy Starmer. Lionel is like very much a Lionel Lendal Richie, like he's just a light, legume remedial again. That's Lionel you justice, You say that weird pieces Lionel yeah. I don't need a lot of emphasis on the middle in starting the loose, meaning that will have Little Y know Lionel Lionel using Lionel. What is it oh you don't have to go. Oh no! You gotta say I oh no like were like letters. Are there to be said, either
Lionel was attending school at Market University when Jeffrey was young, so he wasn't around a lot. He was doing his own thing. You later became a research chemist. Him was again rarely around cause. He worked like super long hours in a lab. Well, yeah saw already were not We're having latchkey kid status already latch key kids leads Joyce worked as a teletype machine instructor, a what didn't know what that was either. I did look at how you gonna tell a time machine. Our kind of like telegraph, slash, typewriter, slash early computers, though, is the way to send messages. Basically, it's like the original here. I am exactly knew it. She also struggled with severe depression. Oh and a lot of, I think she had a lot of mental illness. Spinning aligning she was like. I've also think she was like a super hypochondriac, oh yeah, and you like
had a lot of the lingering tendencies in at one point. She did attempt suicide by overdosing mills, so I'm just gonna keep saying: oh lights, Pew for ways to do so. There is just a lot going on there. That's sad until Launcelot to handle that is Alot Jeffrey was described as like a really happy normal kid. Like super normal, super happy until the age of four ok, so like not for long can he had a good run. Three years is a solid effort. It is, he did the damn thing for three years. He was like a to totally normal kid for three years. The lot give it your best shot. Jeff. You know it's hard so cruel world about shortly before he turned for future use diagnosed with a double hernia. What's that mean
That's like no joke! That's like your organs! Bulging! How to your body? Oh yeah, my two of his organs. Rebuilding! Oh, that's, like old, stressed out, like police chief kind of element a four year old got back. I don't know, but it's real rough. double hernia like Woof yearning. Irony I out of you, I like I'm done. I think it's insides will like oh shit. I gotta go down and I dont want to be here for a new sort of going down, so I guess he had also been diagnosed with leg. He had like pneumonia, like he had a couple of sickness. Is that? How does a sickly childcare? Basically, that's, not funny and laughter.
He was a sickly child. Doesn't Larry is no. This double hernia had to be surgically corrected and according to dollars, confession by John Borough variety, which is one book that I recommend and I used to go out for my research. I also used liners book, which is called a father's story, all the actual, sad blind, and I also used the interview that Jeffrey Dahmer and his father Lionel dead with Stone, Philips from Like ninety. Ninety four, I bet that was fucking gold. It's amazing! It was right before he died. Actually awhile alert he's not love anymore, it he so dead and I'm just gonna sidetrack for a minute. It's about this John and I, when we
first started dating whenever I like. First dates, we sat down and watched like two and a half hours of this stone, Philips Interview with Jeffrey Tom, her atmosphere. So what you're telling me is there is hope for me. There is cause I remember at Vienna in the whole time really discussing the case while super into it like an afterwards. I remember being like this is the man I will marry all this man who sat down and during one of our first states and just watch the Jeffrey Dahmer Interview with me. Yeah. yet that is yet to happen in my life. That's love so yeah I use that is one of my sources and according to the Damas confession book by John Brown, ski no unexplained, this double hernia surgery to Jeffrey, like they didn't set him down like he's forty years old right and they didn't set him down and be like this is what's going
It's gonna be ok, but this is what's gonna happen like they didn't lay at all. This is, moreover, there that more is currently surgery and more like the surgery. So it's like that's real fucked up with the folk, so he was like traumatized like that's really traumatized and so ask her no idea what's happening. He had no idea and it's like he's being poked and prodded, and you know put under and all those like, it's terrible. So after this, after this is when they say that he changed completely, I wasn't even he wasn't dislike happy child anyone normal child anymore. He was very withdrawn, like he would just sit down for like hours in like not say anything like. He was that's really scary that that's fucking terrifying.
Surely they feel like it was like PTSD? Maybe I mean by would have that if you dislike drove you, girls are innocent energy and I thought I was going to Mcdonald's laid out there. Just like our it's a damn. He did have one younger brother named David, who Jeffreys parents allowed him to name why he named his younger brother like they're, so lucky that he'd in name him like murder or like dinner, but I feel like he via that they really dodged. Double at all now when it could have been dinner or David and they got David, so that's good carbon, so Many things now know what a four year old they met an unborn child. No you deftly now. I hope there was at the shades of people. Do that that's cool! Well, Jim, free was very jealous of the attention that David received from misery interest. A fuckin kill him. No, I never did bags Jeffrey was really receiving a lot of attention to begin with. He was kind of neglected because,
dad was off being a research chemist, not around a lot, and then his mom was having these mental issues of her own that he was an. She was seemed more focused on her getting attention for herself instead of giving attention to her child. But then David came along and got summit then David came along and already a new baby. It's gonna. Take some action Then they really doated on David, so he's sitting there feeling abandoned and like he never really got at several Jeff I know these are the parts where you're like there's like. I think I was saying the sea earlier is parts of Jeff Dahmer way, you're like a man. That's no I'm not eyes and then there's other price relic of FARC you're a goddamn. Monster like in one part, he'll Billig! in the interview with stone. Phillips silver. Like you know, no one made me this way like I hate, when other criminals will blame their parents for their childhood, and I did this is on me and you're like yeah, just like you, yeah understand good for you,
then he's like, and then I exposed myself to a child's nearly Bach Jeff get out. God Damn jail, just God. Dammit Jeff suggests a real conundrum, but he's terrible discernment that some or is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry. Three Brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the why, after order ahead or get it delivered, your morning, even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while.
Right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase? Build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is sound, In more get your next reward twice as fast just paste, Open your dinner favorites after four p m wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While I added join today. so Jeff at this point had already demonstrated that he was super into bones, which is fine idea. That's fine like that. These it there's a lot of things you can do. The thing: ok, let's bring him to the museum of saying exactly like my kids were in the bones right now I Billig hell yeah. Let's look at bones. I'd be a little nervous
It gets a little weird or later like. These are all things that I cannot blame. His father, who is a scientist for being like excited about reactors, is like a cool. We have something in common yeah exactly it was a way to bond, so line all of you know he was reached the research chemist. He was also super and bio. As you know, a research scientists and one evening while the family was eating chicken, young Jeffrey who was like, I believe, like five or six of this. Might he custom he was like you know what dead? What would happen if I took these chicken bones and dropped him? An oblique drops them and bleed yeah. Ok, which is like he's just curious, so liners thinking like a holy shit, he's gotta chemistry brain. That's like curious chemist over their celestial yeah he's like. Let's foster thus he's like. Let's use the scientific They didn't ask a question. That would be what I would do propose a solution.
the other day. One of my kids asked me how. What was it was out how an old microphone that we had worked? She was like how does his work, so I open the microphone up and just showed her. I would have said to her. I don't know sweet child, oh Noah, Peppa PIG is on wheel of pep me as a mother, its awesome, but the desolate leg you do they give especially the public, a scientific Maya. That's where you live for in your kid. Is your kid to go what why does this? happen. Or why does this? Do you do cause you like? Let me show you. Let's look expressly don't know yourself, you like what's open it up and see. So I think that's what he was kind of thinking here, but he harboured than in the world early. He really open up and see anything Jean Marie, exactly let his clothes everything and keep a close forever. He took it to a different level. He took it S, friends, degree Jeff, it really when PAM on that thing, you don't say him ham, so
so his dad took this. You know unique obsession with bones and this particular question as bonding thing he said, Jeffrey was quote oddly thrilled with bones, so he was like no. What let's what's faster this, so he showed him how to bleach bones. He showed him the process. What happens when you do it even bottom? mystery sat all yeah, you Jeffrey used. It till. You know like make things to poor on insects, less q, not as Q. here we come up with the Og raid. Exactly in who didn't you know, do shit to insects when they really five. So, is that just me, okay, I was like. I don't go ahead and raise my hands moving on. I would like to discuss I do, however, teach my kids like never to lake, stop on answer anything like that. We saved above the other day for gathering I mean if it's in the house, it might meet its devise, but
and we're outside were in their house on it's, not my mood and it does. It depends on the bug. How centipedes I will commit mass murder on all this house centipedes with with zero thought it my head about it. I will feel nothing. I would javert my house down effect. But other, but I think every other burger, my current I'll. Let you out, according to Carl, whilst room a friend's excite psychiatrists, to evaluate a Jeffrey Dahmer and actually served as an expert witness at his trial later he said quote he and his dad as a father son activity bleach to the connective tissue in the hair off rodents corpses. When they found animals who died under the house, they said quote: it was like a personalized rattle when they talked about his bucket of bones that he collected quote the family would call them his Fiddlesticks
it's like very, like that's like some backward shit. What is sassy ass, a name for a book in a bow. Those Jeffreys Fiddlestick, them's muff, those topics don't touches Fiddlesticks only a real man he's got a real bad if it touches Fiddlesticks. I'm sorry about, like french acute name for a bucket, a road and bones. I love it. Maybe I also hope that their referring to it as a personalized rattle you're, not just like this- is just freeze, personalized rattle a bucket. Full is also noted that maybe at this point I know it's real, where the whole thing is railway undisturbed, our I'm upset and again loving bones being interested in bones and anatomy at a young age is not weird. I would not be weird it out of my kids were into this stuff, it's just in the context of the rest of his life. This becomes pretty funny hired hindsight turn.
Listen to some weird shit. They say it's twenty twenty sure is now throughout his adolescence, Jeffrey with super. He still stayed super into bones, but it evolved he collected a lot of animal bonds like squirrels dogs, cats, other small animals. He found even kill any animals at this point of view, just finding them like you'd. Finally, roadkill owed grab it unlike dissect them pulled the bones out, bleach the bones, but he would ve kept the bones in jars and stored them in his clubhouse yeah, and he used his father's demonstrated method to preserve them. You'd get these bones by trolling for dead animals and then dismembering them in the woods behind his home. So he killed them. You know you dislike, find these dead animals and then he would bring them into the woods behind his house and just dissect them, oh so late. That gets a little weird
yeah once you start crossing into their territory, it's like less nifty, nuff, less adorable yeah, he even in Britain now this is this is when it crosses over. So up to this point, yelling k sure. like slightly more on whatever Jeff reels, keep turning the idyllic. You know what, if it's, he kept it here. It's like whatever, maybe maybe you're gonna, be, maybe he'll, be an autopsy technician, cause you're, so interest in what it looks like on the inside of things. No, he does, he impaled animal heads on sticks and displayed them. That's when you look at your child and you say: sweet Little, Jaffee Mommy found boardings and I'm shipping you the fuck out of here yeah. That's what new you do somethin you boarding school it up time for time for a move, mom and dad for you
You to move out of my house, I mean. Apparently, No one really bad at an eye on this. That is sucked now again when you look like this stone, Philips Interview with him- and I in Lionel the he's basically saying lionel- didn't know most of this stuff. So I think he had a lot of this from his parents. So where did he put their heads stick, but I don't know where the head sex, where in one of them was a dog which is in fact no yeah. It was already dead, but still that's weird why're, you decapitated colleague, why do in our ip and again like a dog they all these things can translate into lake and actual career, but impelling heads on sticks there's no career for no now trying to think of one could and there is no career that has like a health plan to go with impelling heads on sex.
Unless you're gonna be an actor on game of France, the island, then just fucking, gonna town with the higher the state, is you're going to travel forward in time and become an actor and game offence. Now this that's that particularly, should have scared of a young child, were seeing ahead taken off a body that should fuck you, or this matter, while taking the heads of the user taking them off so like that, scary, but it but that's not a normal biology interests. This this goes into a different place in that's. bowing and dead body, in a way to shock people, that's what you're looking to do, you're looking to create a scene mass pen in that should be the first red flag right there I mean that's clearly serial killer, shit, we also kept like a weird little animal graveyard like a pet cemetery, the leg not for pets. There was just for animals that he found. He would like make this little cemetery for them, and
the other sad yeah, like one of his former neighbours, Eric Thyssen said quote: he had little graveyard with animals buried in it. There were skulls placed on top of little crosses. He had quite a collection of skeletons. Oh, so at this point, Jeffrey has become the curved keeper he's become this Look you pick it loved another school made of his might cost. Love said Jeffrey also to stuff animals like duly kind of taxidermy, on it and when this guy I asked him about it, he told him quote: I always wanted to do that to a human, oh, so by Dingley, name yeah. There was him literally saying, like I want to do this to humans. literally want to murder, open and stuff a human and keep it forever, but why That's just it literally saying I right out.
Why do you want that? I have no idea. Jeffrey doesn't even though that interview he lit it. He says multiple times. I don't know why. I'm this way. I have no idea why he must have any inside the famine moved around a lot when Jeffrey was between the ages of six and eight, but they stayed for a bit and bath. Ohio His mother was still taken two times or she couldn't leave her bed. She was only twenty different medication. Is times are utterly twenty and she was prone to fits into overdrive advertised illnesses. Like I said, I had proposed to react and she didn't pay any attention to him at all. Still searches wasn't any any better in with his father working all the time. He was literally being neglected. Jeffrey later said that his childhood was filled with quote extreme tension between his parents because they argued a law. They did not have a happy man. That's nothin on his first grade report card
his teacher wrote that he was quote a reserved child who she sensed was feeling neglected while yeah like she wasn't saying he is neglected. Shoes, Nike, veal, clearly feeling neglected and first grade that so sad when Jeffrey was eight years old. His father said that he was sexually abused by a boy in the neighborhood, both of them like gave different stories about the ledge every cent. He doesn't remember this, maybe he doesn't want to remember it might have been blocked out
Jeffrey also says that his compulsory means towards lake necrophilia. Unlike tat, you know, do fantasizing about doing these like really bad things were starting to happen at that time. Ok, now in school, Jeffrey had average grades. He showed a big interest in science and biology, giving us a bad name any played clarinet heap. He played tennis, he had an above average iq but equal, but again he had average grades cause. He just inertia re as young as seventh grade
Jeffrey was coming to school, drunk o in drinking gin out of a flask and his locker at twelve. Oh, yes, and he was wearing. He said they said he used away like an army fatigue jacket all the time like this like cool kid, and he would have a flask like a fancy flask and their new just drink out of it all there, and no teachers were like hey Jeffrey, I'm confiscating your flash. Now I mean this is unlike what like the late sixties, fairly show was different, then ok, he would tell people if they asked quote it's my medicine at twelve, so he was like us Exterior olds old man at this point in seventh grade already I'd like to be in light asthma, medicine. I just like I'm confused about the whereabouts of your life Lear eat this. This seventh greater is a sixty year old, drunk man. I just feel, as my browsers
people, certainly didn't you do your findings. Are you? Ok, I'm assisted Jeremy. Did you do you find exuberant Jeremy, he's like was right. I guess fucked up, Malta is that when you later He was just always drinking or drunk. Like always. twelve, I don't know why. I'm crack up. That's crazy. He literally would sit and class with styrofoam cupful of scotch. How he did it really did is closely probably definitely going girls fevered your girl literally said I'd like smelled. It like I can smell the scotch and she's like, and I just remember being like why
Isn't everybody having false memories? No fucking teacher, I don't care if it's one thousand nine hundred and twenty, maybe they thought it was like. Maybe they could do like the thought it was like soda or something like you just sitting having a drinking class. I think they will. Even let you do that back then I mean I don't know I was in the school and the sick This I want I'm all I got battle listed. There's no way, I'm telling you multiple people have said these things. That's one of the things about Jeffrey Dahmer is a lot of people who came forward and had stories about him so bizarre. Yeah, he definitely kept to him. You can really union scissor, but yeah like he was literally Jeffrey, was like such a weird. Just like mash up of things. You can't put him in one
thing like everyone's, like all use alone or in bovine it's a kind of, but he also was not alone like it's a weird, so he definitely try to keep to himself a lot, but he also had some did some self. That was objectively pretty strange and alarming. Unlike brought attention to himself his people, you who knew him said that he would like you know, fake epileptic fits just to get like attention and laughs. he would like yell out at an appropriate times. He would draw chalk outlines of linked and bodies places, yet he really loved the dead you're dead and one thing he like to do is sneak into yearbook. Photos for likely
study was Mary. Is that's what I'm saying like he's? Not this links super he's kind of a loner, but he's also kind of a class clown right leg. He he snuck into the picture for the National Honour society when he was not in the national society. Human do not his flay his place. His face is actually blotted out of the group photo and there are very high school your book sob streaming only pick up a new over it, no common me pumped back. We hardly reports confused mixed hash, anthems, sour Gub, our people to live in front. We are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger at any you get the same,
policy frame and lends options that you'd get from an opposition for one tenth of the price, including blue blockers, progressives prescription, sunglasses and more the best part trying on any frame anywhere with our three virtual try on Zan he dot com. I wear for everyone and this kind of behaviour we're in a talk about it in part two or three. However, many parts we desire of ASEAN to when we talk about how he died and the person who killed him had he had like stories about him in prison that made it seem like two Jeffrey. Was this lake on remorseful dickhead in that's why he killed them? Ok, like he basic aim, will get more into detail about this. I promise, but this guy, who killed Jeffrey Dahmer, basically said he. You still put his food intellect the shape of like a person to be like I'm a cannibal ha ha. You know me like make
none of it and he said he just fuckin had enough use like you're joking about what you did in Europe, peace, a shit right, that's why he killed them. Ok- and I remember hearing that being like, and then you watch him in the interview- and he says lake me wherein these creepy glasses each he's just talk and lake from Wisconsin and bird prefer. But he's trying to make like prison for anybody in London and it doesn't match up, but then, when you hear shit like this, like you sneaking into a national honour, society photo just to be a decade nearly make say: Lakes you know what he is like that, like he is like a deck yeah, just and it's like weird like he has two very distinct parts of who he is seen Gemini. Maybe he is what was made twenty first he's on the costs, partly so shut. Actually, I think he might literally switch please
I think he is literally the first day of Germany. Yeah he's a fucking German as a German, I oh shit so that as well as he has like two very different parts to him, we're like he's like a hare stylus, but also like a true crime. Podcast, that's exactly who is yet. You know Jeffrey D for the first time. You know you know that's crazy, so that makes sense. Does it makes perfect sense in This goes further into that perfectly weirdly, even though he was loner ashen regarded as odd. He was people literally called him. The class clown like his classmates, would pay him to do weird and funny shit. It's amazing. They referred to it as doing a Dahmer, you don't wanna, be doing Dahmer these days. That sounds like a really shitty line. Dance that you do what I do the dollar were you just two on the press, the next to be Alina? on the other?
loser boylike shock when I said that you gave me saying that that's what it is that we're doing a dollar is I mean if I think of what doing a Dahmer is, I think, of eating someone. That's what I think of the yearly drilling a hole in some face now, all the above, so thou. really should lie down stand by my stance. That's a shitty London's Lena, so he was poppy. in the sense of being like like that one you're, the guy. Who would do anything? It makes me think of a never been kiss tell the brother becomes popular by leg, just downing that of course, law. Yes, that's kind of what Dahmer was. He did like stupid, weird shit and people liked him. I love this. episode very weird, so it was during his high school years that he really started developing pass these fantasies of just like when he started when he was younger. He didn't really know what they were yeah, but no
You started in the fantasize about rape. No, no! No! No, and he wasn't merely thinking about like Essen em over. He wasn't thing. If I can consensual Essen Emily kinship that that would be great if he was like. You know, and I wanna be a dam in a consensual, Essen M relation. Www resolutely boy go Jeffrey, let's go get it go you a sub and live your life or of vice versa. That's not what he was thinking, He wanted someone to literally rape leg. He when he thought of having sex with someone who is like. I don't want them. move like now. If you like, I really didn't like people moving when I had sex with them and you think you're going Some people think there's really then spoke here. people who don't like people most airlines, USA issues like I just like people just Starfish just lay their eggs,
we had typically revokes bad review that will help SAM like use very unique individual this what he also realized. He was gay around fourteen years old, which is like a pretty average time for most people. To probably think they finally realize that. Unfortunately, this was the Midwest. Yes, not like he had a great time. He couldn't just like jump out of the closet. Here was gonna, be a slow go at it, unfortunately, that that can be. I can't imagine how that is. You know how that affects year, psyche how that guy enact everything, that's tough lemme suck at sixteen years old. This is when she got real real. What happened sixteen years old Jeffrey started, noticing. A male jogger that would go by his house every day was like, unlike him to starvation, then I'll, kill him and then I'll eat his brain. Pretty much so. He found this jogger very attractive. Oh you liked you with your fitness
and this guy would run by every day like same time, so he just started fantasizing not about like oh, I wish we could be in a relationship and get married like like oil to bury their mustachioed jogger. Does all right, just feel again about was an early this to me. It makes feel some type away, but he was like no. What I would like to do is assault about job. Then rape, him while he's unconscious. Your lord that's what he was thinking he was like that would be lovely, He started really fantasizing about this every day than one day he was like, I'm doing it, so he waited in a bush along the joggers path and he brought with him a baseball bat and he was
prepared to use this to incapacitate that jogger and he was going to do it. He was like I was going to incapacitated with a baseball bat. I was going to rape him and then I was going to murder him like that was what my plan was and I just got an home from school with sixteen years old. Well, didn't work. The jogger happened to not go running that day, he had been jogging every single day. Four months leading up to this. This happened to be the one day he didn't go jogging because you got this weird premonition of this redhead bitch and this bondage and fuckin potluck, saying pressures for dead people. That's exactly would run on his four dead people running is for digital as well, because he would have potential, We been Jeffrey Damas first Spect. Imagine knowing that it wants crazy as I've never read anything or- anything that like connects with this jogger as wild
I would love to know this. Jogger is. I want to know how he feels about that, but whenever fairly good, that- maybe does maybe next July, twenty. Fourth, in seventy eight. His parents finally divorced after a truly tumultuous mare in all each actually charged the other, with quote extreme cruelty in gross neglect of duty. but, like you both did that together, but- and I looked it up because, like while that sounds bleak to say the leave yeah. I looked it up an appeal: The extreme cruelty means cruel and inhuman treatment and can mean either. physical or mental cruelty and its defined as treatment. That quote, makes it unsafe or improper for the parties to reside together as manner wife, ok, I hate dunce as man and wife,
I know man and wife. I would like a man and woman ermine bride. I just man and woman. You know some people put like in compatibility on their divorce thing, yet that's pretty straightforward delegate used incompatible the pieces just didn't fit? Well, the difference between that in this is that this deals with abuse. It can be physically, the emotion, all financial, it's some kind of abuse. Again it doesn't necessarily mean physical abuse and Geoffrey doesn't say that there was any physical abuse in his house rights, but it could have been emotional. You know I mean it sounds like it was. It sounds like it was on both ends gross neglect of duty. That was the one. I really want to know what that meant. I was like what the fuck does that mean when it's? to divorce. The definition is when one spouse fails to uphold the marital duties of mutual respect, fidelity and support, so nobody was support full with their chief mass.
pretty much how his brow. There? David went to live with his mom, Did you just realized that I said support for no didn't? I said the girl. I like it so good to me. cool so David went to go, live with their mom and Geoffrey stayed with Lionel. Does there were balls they were brows, they were bone. Brows lakes, hashtag bone boroughs. No, I like it more, but I'm not hashtag up I'm going to get on it. You been on it. He was often left alone with no food in the house and then at age. Seventeen. He just was abandoned, you just lived alone in the house. Lionel. Never lie no one to go marry some other woman named sherry, who is apparently like an evil stepmother Do they have a discussion about this? He just like left him. I don't There was a conversation about it, but either way he literally left
seventeen year old who live in this house for months at a time with no working refrigerator, So it's like again, he was abandoned again. He was neglected its just reinforcing this. He was doing the 18th one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, while he was living alone in his house when he was eighteen years old that he committed his first
waiter moist, all the Mighta, so he picked now in the interview. Jeffrey says that he had this fantasy of picking up ahead, shaker and raping ahead, shaker and murdering had shaker for awhile. Oh did you said that you knows really does boyish fantasy jewel very casual. Well, this day he picked up ahead, Shaker Name Stephen Mark Hicks, who was eighty years old. Ok, Stephen was on his way to a rock concert, and here he was hitchhiking to the rock concert. He asked him if he wanted to come so somehow Jeffrey got him to come back to his empty house sleigh. He basically promised him some beer whose legal sang out. Yet there was hours of drinking hanging out. They ended up sleeping together. He only consensually, and every says, then the man quote one.
and to leave, and I didn't want him to o, which is a very consistent thing and Jeffreys rage. Is, is when that's all you, you clear, you go stay there and he's gotta figure out how to make you stay there. So this guy basically wishes it. Ok, cool, like it's been fun, I'm gonna leave. Now he was like now, oh so a Jeffrey did was hit him twice and back of the head with a dumbo and then strangled him with the DUMBO lied, so he then stripped his dead body an masturbated over his dead, oh yeah, then he went to sleep. What's? Can you ok and when he were born, he dissected the body literally cut it into pieces and buried in his back here then he realised that this problem,
was gonna get him caught because a whole ass body buried in like two feet of earth in your goddamn backyard, is not exactly subtle. No, so a few weeks later so let it run for a few weeks. Then he dug up dug up the routing core yeah strip, the flesh off. And boiled any other remaining bone in acid before flushing flushing, the flesh down the toilet that way and then pulverizing the bones with a sledgehammer into dust and spread it in the woods behind his own thought is so why, builds its very involved
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It is for the other I dont see new here. If I so I dont think I knew that crazy and it would an earlier. If you got a headache, I would even sixteen insane. I mean he was drinking scotch I liked for literally so he didn't finish his first semester before dropping out of shocker. Ok, then it was due to his dependence on alcohol and his new hobby of murdering people. She says that that'll do yeah, that's gonna, get you some some rough time that I will keep you busy. That's gonna, keep you busy at night I'm gonna be able to do your algebra homework when you're murder and people once he failed his first semester and was clearly starting to like fall apart. His father told him that he needed to do something, so he was like I'm going to join the army. No, he joined the army on December, twenty ninth nineteen, seventy eight, a hint he is based in Germany as a combat medic o case. We use a medic yeah, that's crazy. It was
there to help him. When he was literally there to save me all that crazy, according to reports, one soldier said, came forward in two thousand and ten, and said that while he was stationed in Germany with Jeffrey Dahmer that John Dahmer repeatedly raped him over seventeen month period. What's he also said he did report this to a commander, but no one believed him, over seventeen month period. While they were while they were stationed over there. He If any on March, nineteen eighty one Jeffrey was deemed unsuitable for military service YA in was formerly discharged from the army. Do alcoholism, oh so, like alcohol was like a seriously and soldiers who served alongside him in Germany,.
said he would drink martinis and the barracks lights and he had a luxuriant bag full of flasks shakers. Unlike stirs like everything, you need to make a drink, he really one leg one can. So he was like a character like that's, not even real, you just like say he you're in the army, barracks drinkin, martinis and is like Megan during these. Like it's fine comments at school now, he was too scared to go home and tell his father about this whole mess. So when he got discharge, she just went to Miami Beach Florida and he was like this will be great, makes sense and he worked at a sandwich shop. Well renting. room. I think, in a hole in a motel lumps answers. He drank even more blue all his money on alcohol. He was eventually evicted quickly and slept on the beach in allowing our poor General Jeffrey, whose murdered someone in
one thousand nine hundred and eighty one? He finally asked his father. If he could come back to Ohio and live there cuz he was like. I don't have any money left. I got to go back and Papa said she'll, sunny and Lana was. Yeah now liners living with his new wife. Sherry at this point no higher, whose I kind of of sherry was a bitch apparent. ok cause. I was gonna audience around. Does that make me? Yes, she hated both the kids and nothing. David did anything wrong ever and I think she hated David to bed No Jeffrey return to Ohio lived with Lionel and Sherry, but he was still drinking. He was arrested for public drunkenness on October, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Let's not good Lionel, tried to get him sober, but was unsuccessful, so they sent her there like. We can't deal with you anymore, so they sent him to live with his grandmother. In what else do you do with the draft with us,
scary. Jerome encourages sullen delivered man, I you know what this kid likes to dissect animals and impair their heads on stags. He just came back from combat he's of raging drunk. I bet Nana can take care of the surface of the Afghans. Together has evidently fine poor now that NATO's, like Jesus Christ, what the hell you in her Nan aright he did not in fact Jeffrey loved, his grandmother and risk. spected. Her in whatever way someone like this monster could respect another human being that she was pretty bombed, she was living in West Alice in Wisconsin, open
so everything was going pretty well like he was being a good grandson. You would like help her out around the house, all this good stuff and then August. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two at Wisconsin State Fair park. He exposed himself to a huge crowd, including children, why he was drunk off his ass. He was arrested and convicted, but he was only fine Jesus which is fucked, then he got arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior in Milwaukee on September eighth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. This was stemming from him masturbating in public in front of two boys. He was sentenced to a year in prison, but then he claimed to the judge that he was just peeing in public and you didn't know anyone was watching, so he was charged with disorderly conduct and he didn't have to do the year in prison. This all kind of shows the
then he was heading in, but obviously no one could have seen exactly how this is can occur, rank in nineteen. Eighty five, he needed cash for booze. You is a running low. He was really dependent on it, so he got a job working, the graveyard ship at the Ambrosia Chocolate company. While we yes, I mean he made eight seventy five an hour. He worked at a fucking chocolate factory, Will you wanta vaguely Wonka literally? This is when he started to go to gay bars and bath houses a lot and were what no one you use gettin spicy, and this is that it's like. If he wasn't a murder, I Billy do you like finally be who you are but like Jeffrey FUCK off. dont, be who you dont be? Who you are now that now that he was actively sleeping with men, he started to fantasize that these partners well we're dead.
While having sex with them perfect. So later he claimed quote I trained myself to view people as objects of pleasure instead of people. Oh yeah, that's fine pizza! That's not fucked up! So to achieve this, he started to drug. Has potential partners yeah and then he would rape them off and he was doing this happens. Bath houses now, Sir when they found out what he was doing. The bath houses took away his membership and he wasn't allowed in. There would ya now and then he started. Haven't you use like hotels and motels. So soon after this Jeffrey saw on the news that there was a recent funeral of an eighteen year old man nearby, he thought what any of us would think wow. So sad. so young, I'm a dig his corpse up and have sex with it. Did he that's what we all would think right, you're, like wow, what a poor young man when biggest carp, stop and have sex with That's not what I would ever. That's not what you think, I'm crazy, no, no
so he literally tried to do this, but it was winter and the ground was cold and really hard and he couldn't dig him up. So you just like fuck it last yeah soon after this in November, one thousand, nine hundred and eighty seven Jeffrey tried it the old fashioned way. Again you lured a man from a bar, This guy's name was Stephen. To owe me, he was twenty five years old and he was cockade, and so is the first guy about the first guy Stephen Hicks was also caucasian. These are the only two cartesian victims Olga because he definitely has a victim ammo as we go later, and I was not white, which is strange because generally serial killers tend to stay in their own raised. So big White Cyril codes will kill white people, really very rarely do they deviate, but Jeffrey Dahmer is one of those conundrums, so he brought Steve in disguise, Stephen, to owe me back to the ambassador hotel where he had a room and joy,
Free said he was just planning to do. You know I was just plain drug him and rape him. That's all music! That's all I was planning to do guys. It's flying. Can everybody com the fuck down about it? my bath gone mom and dad you're, so cash, town: they don't ask me drug array, people that I got well. He said he wasn't trying to be a monster. I'm not I'm not trying to kill this guy, Miss Turner people are like. That's why I was fucked up mine works, so Oh he's come not a monster, I'm just trying to rapes and said: oh no monster, so he D, drug him, and he did rape him. Ok, but the next morning, Jeffrey woke up and turned over to see that this man's chest was quote crushed in and he was battered beyond recognition with. Blood coming from his mouth. and then he saw that his own knuckles were bruised and covered in caked dried blood. So he was
so black out that even then he later Lena's does not remember this to his dying day. Did not remember this and He said he literally at zero memory of this, and he said to he said he d intend or remember doing that You never know how to do it. I can't you do I mean yeah. This fact is no reason for him to say that everything is again. everything else up and he was like. I don't know, I'm a fucked up individual. I don't know what to tell you, but like this one he's literally like I really, remember to human rights and he was always black out, so I really do believe he has no fucking idea that I mean that had to have contributed to his like fucked up a nest earlier for sure. I think you would win fuck up it, anyways fuck up it. He would while fucked up any reason fuck up and I love it later. He said that it was a possibility that he got so drunk that he tried to tear Stevens hard out
However, we all been there. I mean I really want to like saying somebody love me enough, lady, this, sometimes you just get server drug grey. He just about entire peoples. Are our daughter chest can I be, though everybody's been there a fun. So this whole thing may have been a fever dreamed em, but now he had to clean that shut up. Oh now, so he brought he bought two huge suitcases very casual and brought the body back to his group. Myself no man. He kept it for a few days and then dismembered it. He severed the head in the limbs. He took the bones out and then cut the rest and tiny little bite size pieces, fur meal brand. It is our brand. He put all those little pieces in the garbage bags and hid those garbage bag somewhere key pull over. the bones, like you did, what Stephen heck you know, but he kept Stevens head and kept him for two weeks wrapped in
blanket yeah did maggots happen. Well, after the two weeks he boiled the head in a mixture of you know, like some kind of bleach mixture. You know no, I dont know really well. You know you know, I don't do you know what you do with a severed had after two weeks, ash can't say: do you know what he was planning to do with this head was he was like item a bleach, this we'll make it just the skull and then I'm gonna use during masturbation. No, no, I'm gonna, weird, I'm an egg and well Ashraf and cumbersome. there is a lot of weird and customary, and Geoffrey Dumber was also the huge are related. The tall guys like six before I say huge John, is six were So, like he's huge, is a monthly ever picture that runs very tall John. Could buxom shed. The John can fuck some share would be hard to get out of six. What for persons grow it
True, I'm glad that I married you have not been he's, not a serial killer and I'm not a victim. But life is the way it is and not the way it is, and it's that you are yeah We definitely has Ed Cumbria kind of vibes. Commissioner, I can see that go off and just getting to the heart go go back on it I don't know what do you go on, but on just just learn, Fortunately it did not. It did not happen for Jeffrey, because the skull was too brittle, so we can use it to two jerk off, so he had to pull over, as that too, and get rid of Bummer, to always family reported him as a missing person in December nineteen. Eighty seven MIA. He is still considered a missing person today. Why? Because they never found his body but Jeffreys, like I Jeffrey did it, but they have no evidence to prove that it said it I did said: he'd never got to be laid to rest, never.
but just in this job I couldn't remember where his body was headed, can't remember. Well, he said he basically through the pieces out and then so they're gone, and then he just pulverize the the skull Saxony. Why that so I mean it's. I know why it is not everything, but that's like it. It's like a whole extra level of interest them. The fact that he still missing person he's not even considered a victim of this binary. so we are actually going to stop lying Lee after his second victim, because Shit, about to get real real after this. I know it's really real. I mean I'm in a certain drinking and twelve, but you know what It's gonna start turning into leg zombie nation up in here for the next one. So hang type for that in Ireland. leave you on a little fun fact during the two. Thousand and sixteen republican National convention Jefferies
at home was available for rent for eight thousand dollars if you're gonna, like four people coming into the convention, no thanks this is the home where he killed. Stephen hex in married. His remains in the woods behind nothing and it was being like it was like hey. Come stay here I'd rather Zog is. The bell is interesting. That is, I never knew that yet neither but those of one little thing so yeah. So this is part one of Jeffrey Dahmer. We have had his first to kills. This dude killed seventeen people, which is a loss of human lives on a few more to get through this. A couple this might be a three partner guys might beer is both its definitely gonna, be a to at least two cool so and we hope you are already excited to hear more about this fuckin fiend and we hope you enjoyed our hundreds,
opposite hundred apis. It's already that this is our hand. Oh, I can't believe this is a hundred and I feel good about this under the opposite and went to jail. He likes, and I was like right on this cake for me- ass, happy on it and it was the best cake, I've ever even dare devil even say. Happy hundred but- and I said something said something the man tried- I forgot about it. Tasted go. It sure did so there is that if you wanna go see the cake follow us on Instagram at morbid vodka, I'm a fucking said: waging war Follow us on twitter at a morbid podcast hit us up on the gmail at Morbid, podcast edge emailed our com go check out website, because now we have a fuckin merge part hell yeah thanks to John John, not morbid podcast. I come and go check out those murky marches and then go over. The facebook group is therefore an morbid Colin and your Grandpa gas, and only to our future and if your feelings on Klein Patria dot com slash morbid
cast in your goodies are on the way, guys we'll do give listening we hope you keep. It appeared bonanza where these surgeon, until you're living class, because you think that you're, a group of but really are not a grip on. You cannot Scutcheon clashed every what the fuck are you doing where we or teachers, I'm so confused about your life. I don't understand why your dad was just like less boil some bones. I don't understand why the teachers let you drink and I don't understand why you are in the National Honour society picture when you weren't supposed to be- and I don't understand why you killed a man and try to take its cavity chest out of his heart and that's not one. When I meant to say I don't understand why you take his heart out of this cavity Chesterton, it's time for me to go now. Don't keep that weird and my definitely dough
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