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Episode 105: June and Jennifer Gibbons- The Silent Twins

2019-12-08 | 🔗
Episode Supported by Ned!www.helloned.com/MORBIDUse Code “MORBID” for 15% off your orderIt's an Ash Mini Solo Morbid today! Due to some serious mom commitments, Alaina had to step away and it is an Ash's spooky time to shine as she covers the bizarre, sad and fascinating case of June and Jennifer Gibbons AKA The Silent Twins. This case begs the question: Do twins have some kind of deeper, more magical connection than any of us can comprehend? If so, when left unchecked, is it dangerous?The New Yorker article Ash recommends for a deeper look into this case:https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2000/12/04/we-two-made-oneGo to DailyHarvest.com and enter promo code MORBID to get $25 off your first box! 
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and doing the mom thing cause she's a fuckin rockstar. So, Sorry if this is super, weird and literally just sitting in the poor bab talking to myself, which feels super strange, but with further Ado, since there is no one here to our small talk with. Maybe I should just pull up my Google doc and get into this. So this is my first solo, many morbid, and I really hope you guys don't hate me for doing a solo. Many morbid this week, I'm gonna talk to you guys about the silent twins. I have been wanting to cover this case forever. I remember the first time I heard this case. I was like what the actual fact this case has bananas. It's not murder really and it's not like a serial killer, but it is more at least strange, sound further, do the same twins, Jennifer and June gibbons were born and eight in which is located in the Middle EAST to their mother Gloria and their father. Audrey gibbons. The girls were born on April. Eleventh, nineteen sixty three
Gloria and Aubrey, were from Barbados, but after June Jennifer were born, they moved to Wales, When I try to save this town the best I can, I want to say a tavern. West to be exact. That They lived in Wales. So grubbing up, the girls were really shy to other people. They didn't like to interact much with the kids around them. They don't really like to interact with anybody around them except themselves they did have siblings. They had an older sister gretta, an older brother David and eventually they would gain a younger sister named Rosie who they would talk to rose, but she was really the one I don't even They would really talked to her, but they will interact with her. She was really the only other person that they paid attention to June was technically. Serbs made a really his mouth noisily on. My apologies June was too legally older than Jennifer. I read somewhere by ten minutes, but what is interesting is that Jennifer was seen as the more dominant one between the two of them
when they were really let all like toddlers. I was really clear to their parents that they were going to have some kind of speech problem their mom said in an interview in the home. They talk they make sounds and all that, but we knew They weren't quite like you, know normal children talking rapidly so, like I said They would really only talk to each other and the time. Nobody even understood what they were saying to each other, because they talk so fast. It was almost like they had this secret language between each other They also do this thing where one of them start to do some kind of movement, and the other would finish what the first one had started doing they were always and think, like always one hundred percent and sink One of them would walk in front of the other one and the other would be behind them and their steps would be imperfect, Sinclair city, which is only I wanna. Tell me how to say let earlier, because I was like how the fuck do. I say that so I hope I said that correctly. Thanks Elaine, I love you
when someone what kind of you a double take to look at them like holy FUCK, their imperfect synchronicity hope. I said that right again, they would literally just freeze their and stare at that person until about person just one about their business at the time. When the girls lived in Wales. Unfortunately it a super racist scene. They were the only people of color and their neighbourhood and I'm pretty sure they were the only people of color in their school and at school, were bullied so badly, like I'm talking other kids pulling out their hair, which is the most disgusting thing. I can't even put my not enough time because I just don't understand how humans treat other humans like that, but They were bullied so badly like. I said they had to be sent home early, they are delayed, if all that leave school like five minutes early every day to get ahead of all the kids that we're gonna leave so that they wouldn't be subject like this horrible torture
those parents tried sending them to speech therapist, regular therapists, pretty much anyone that was willing to see them to get to the bottom of the case of what they became known as the silent twins, but they were speak to the therapist, and actually they won't even speak to each other in front of the therapists really. The only thing that the therapists could get them to do was to read on tape in only one, a therapist left the room, that's how there and treat her tray, horror and I'm gonna say she was the chief beats. Therapist have offered was witty with the Bush hospital she did, covered their secret language wasn't actually made up language. It was a mixture of Barbados, Slang, an English just sped up so quickly that other people could not make out what the twins were saying to each other. So it wasn't a fake language or made up language, but it really was their kind of language to talk to each other and at one point said she felt as though Jennifer was able to control or possess June through what June referred to as it I language.
The only person they would ever talk to. Other than themselves, like I said before, was their little sister rosy, who it could sometimes decode what they were saying. They wanted to their parents. They didn't talk to their older siblings. They would literally just sit at the family dinner table in silence. While there family would just try to act. Normal and kind of bout dinner and maybe hope that they would Chinamen at some point, but obviously they didn't and their order, Mr Gretta would be so overwhelmed by those that she would start to cry so obvious. Their parents were genuine and genuinely concerned. So when they were advised by the girls, multiple therapists that they should be sent to separate boarding schools, they were like yeah. If it's gonna work, we hope it does. Look, let's try it when the girls found out that they were going to be separated, they lost their fucking noodles. Logging they were screaming, they were crying for some reason they were hit. Each other one was digging their nails into the other in June. And pulled out a huge chunk of Jennifer's hair.
And they ran out of the therapist office. While doing all of this, I'm sure it was a horrific scene as apparent as a therapist as a fucking passer by as anybody they, both founded the exact same way, an isolated themselves even even further than they did when they were together they are somewhere, I'm talking when they got moved too supper boarding schools, that's what they did, they, Totally isolated themselves and to the point where they were just lay there like they were in a coma or something, but obviously they were not. Anybody that tried to move them said that they were totally dead. We and it was impossible to get them to move like next to impossible, since separating them obviously was not working their parents- Airbus we're like yup cool, never mind. This is worse than we that it could ever be, and this is probably not fixable say all- can just get reunited and Actually, direct quote: that's what everybody on the scene said. Not totally Kennedy
and there's no nearer to laugh at my joke, so we feel weird about it. Wherever I miss you Alina anyways, when the girls did come together again that they seemed better but they still weren't into communicating with anyone outside in the world around them or even their other family members. They ways hung around their room, doing weird shit I found an article from the new Yorker, which I got a lot of my information from this article, and you got should all go Rita if you're interested in this case, because it goes super super and depth arena. He's gonna and it does so. I'm gonna give it to her. To put in the show notes you can find the link to the New York article is serious it goes super and up. There was so interesting to read, but I read in their that Jennifer would say two June. She June, and they would take turns being each other and when they wanted to be themselves again, they would say. Give me myself. If you give me back myself I'll, give you back yourself machine, there's like what's like that is,
creepy- and I dont understand like I just want to be ass. I don't wanna, be anybody else, I'm afraid Girls spent their days playing with dolls and writing some really creepy, one might even say morbid fiction stories They would write stories about their dolls and they would be sure to include the dolls death date specifically and how each and every single one of them died. They lay created almost like families. With these dolls No, I just typical kitchen, like you always wrote down on your Barbie doll, was dying in what she was dying of right. No, not me not me wrong, I'm so but if I found back stories with causes of death for dolls in my kids from some day, I would give them back and might uber would be peeling down the fucking street, but there parents sounded like they were super accommodating because Polly had no idea what hosts to possibly do. I mean the twins wouldn't even meals at the family table at this point they all
Food had to be set up to their room and left on trees outside their door. When the girls were busy writing creepy doll novels, they would write and journalists which their mom gave to them for Christmas, hoping that they would somehow like self. And if I may be separate from each other, oftentimes- they wrote about each other. So obviously it wasn't working Never wrote in her diary at one point club. We have been I'm fatal enemies in each other's eyes. We feel the irritating deadly raise come out of a body stinging each other's skin. I say to myself: can I get rid of my own shadow impossible? or not possible without me shadow. What I die without my shadow, what I gain life be free or left to die. Without my shadow which identify with a face of misery, deception, murder like oh, that's an uplifting. I love that just kidding it's there.
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so you know just typical sister staff and also if they ever, you know, like. Obviously you ethical, of siblings. I never did this because I didn't totally groundless, siblings really, but I knew sibling steel, each other's diaries. Can you imagine stealing your sisters diary and you read all this horrible shed about yourself, but like ITALY, dark and scary, and it's like she is, shadow and she has a murderous gleam in her eye. I'm scared of this whole entire thing, so this you're Polly leg. While this pot is really starting to boil over- and you may weirdos are absolutely right, because Junior Jennifer were clearly starting to best each other off. They had been spending a shit out of time together and it was bound to happen so so much so that one time June tried to kill journal. By drowning her. They would get into these violent fights with each other. That would lead to strangling, hitting and apparently attempted droning, but the weird
is that as much as they fought like savages, they would calm down and come together again and when became teenagers, they started experimenting with marijuana and alcohol, which honestly, confusing to me because I'm like how did you purchased the weed? If you didn't talk to people or like communicate with anybody at all. Whatever that's beside the point, I guess the first time they broke into somebody's house. It was an old classmate of theirs. His name was Lance Kennedy and they are I heard that he had stuck up for them in the school years when other people were like absolutely the horrible to them. Not sure if they went to his house and hopes that they would run into him or if they were hoping that they could just like snoop around his bedroom or what the fuck they really wanted to do. When they got there to his house. Nobody was home, but the door to the home was open. So they went in there they like what about their business. They like snooping around Africa now and then lances parents got home, but the parents felt
add and let June and Jennifer go even though they had o broken a door while they were in their gone through the courts those belonging to lances brothers turns outlines himself. It actually moved away at this point and the poor, and were lighted trying to get information out of them. Like hello, why're you and our Fuckin house like. Why did you do this and they just were staring back at them really looking at the floor, not responding to them because they were silent twins than in talk, so the parents really whatever, like you can just go. They moved way from their obsession with Lance and eventually settled on his brothers, who began to hang out with a lot and that's kind of a lot more like the smoking and drinking started. They would get like super dolled up to hang out with these guys they d bring a bottle of whatever, and I think they would talk to these guys eventually Jennifer lost her virginity to lances younger brother Carl, and He wrote about it in her diary. I dont have a direct quote, but I do know that she lost
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W W W dot, hello, NED, DOT, com, slash morbid and please use offer good morbid, Jennifer and June were really embracing. This whole team rebellion thing. They were running around playing Ding Dong, ditch they were spray painting graffiti away. They also tried this fund new activity called burning down properties, yup, not kidding rather, they burn down a tractor store. They buy, and down the Pembroke Technical College, which is actually how they got caught and arrested, and so they were arrested, are aged nineteen for this and committed them too broad. More hospital, which is psychiatric hospital in England Button hospital is really one of the most well known psychiatric hospitals in England, and it has a bunch of infamous patients, including the Yorkshire. Ripper spook, fucking Spook sold.
Union Jennifer, lived in broad more for eleven to twelve years and that time they were studied by a ton of experts that never encountered anyone before like the twins when any would try to separate them. They would go fuckin bananas. But other than that they were catatonic at best. They didn't talk, barely moved and when they did, it was creepy as fuck the nurses and doctors said that they would enter a cell, and one twin would be frozen in this. Like super weird specific, pose an incomplete separate room in a completely different part of hospital dig. That same time, the other one would we found doing the exact same creepy weird pose They would also do this thing. We're one of them would eat like a ton of food and the other would barely eat anything at all, and then they would just switch off June even attempted suicide at one point, while they were out Broadmoor they were just like it. Would it out crazier when they got there, so that
A journalist, Marjorie Wallace was working for the Sunday Times and she became interested in the case of the silent twins, she began spending a ton of time with them. She read most of their diaries after she, like kind of gain, the trust of their parents. The parents handed over the diaries, She read their works of fiction and she just pretty much interview them more. There is really the person. I got a lot of awareness out about the case, and throughout her time with the twins, she came to the conclusion that they really work. The psychopaths. Everybody thought they were They really were. Amazing writers, it became clear that the twins felt trapped within each other and they both agree that one of them would have to die for the other to have any chance that living a free life and almost thirty years old after spending nearly twelve years that Broadmoor Hospital, this island
when's, were to be released to a more minimum security hospital which was in Wales. It was a morning of March nine, ninety ninety three and on the bus right there Jennifer laid down on june- and she said at long Last- were out the ear is part of that. Fucking statement is that's the last fucking thing Jennifer ever said to June, at long last, wear out that night She died of an apparent inflammation of the heart, even though she had no previous heart condition on record. There was none thing found in her system to indicate any kind of overdose. Any poisoning. Anything like that she just suddenly passed away. June said that she felt free at last and liberated, and she knew that Jennifer gave up her life for her thinks. The only explanation is that Jennifer willed herself to die. Do It went through a period of grief, of course, but then she and leave her life to the fullest further, both of them. She says,
She was released from the psychiatric care of that hospital shortly after Jennifer's death and he really one until of a pretty normal life like she, she didn't She wasn't super super outgoing, but she talk to people. And she went about her fucking business and she He wrote the poem that is inscribed on Jennifer's headstone that reads we ones here too, we too made one. We know MA. Or to the life be one rest in peace and That is the case of the silent twins. It is absolutely bonkers Like I said, if you want more information about it, you should definitely check out that New Yorker peace, because it goes crazy, crazy in depth. It is so interesting to read, and this was your ash solo, many morbid maybe now I will start to do more of these. I well one
We're not that many more because it's really weird to be sitting in this pod love without Alina, but this was pretty fun and if it ever needs happen again, I am willing to do more of these so yeah. I hope listening- and I hope you keep it weird goodbye.
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