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Episode 108: Christmas Murders Mini Morbid

2019-12-22 | 🔗
Tonight's Alaina Mini is a double feature! We discuss the horrific murders (two separate cases) of Sylvestre Diaz-Hernandez and Michelle O'Dowd.  They are both tales of entitled jerks who killed hard working, kind people who unfortunately both welcomed their murderers into their homes. Buckle up, it's the holiday season and it is bleak. We love our sponsors!QuipGo to Getquip.com/MORBID, right now, you’ll get your first refillFREE. StoryworthPreserve and pass on memories with StoryWorth, themost meaningful gift for your family. Sign up today by going to StoryWorth.com/MORBID. You’ll get $20 off your first purchase! 
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Oh, I'm not a lie, and none in a win shield right now, you're, not in olden. She will. I am not and tell him the truth again, no matter how silly that sound as if we were not lids the holiday season, everybody is a people already shut this one hundred per there like a guy? Sorry the highest fuck. This episode, sorry, when you're, sorry that your cancelled Sorry we find, so yeah it's the holiday season and we have another holiday fucked up episode for you, guys split, of the holidays. Speaking Should I talk about murder apparel really fast, as they have a holiday theme sweatshirts for us? I think you should because I feel it gets apropos apropos, ok, guys her, where we have like a little like thing when this, like company called like murder apparel, we have a thing going. We ve got a thing for getting very efficient. Almost pretty Syria were pretty tuna anyways. I mean it, I'm ok.
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I remembered her shirt every day where murder all the time. I really am morbid sure. Like all the time I do, I love wearing my more mature. It's on care. How pretentious that I know that I think is that pretentious probably, but you know what it is: murder apparel does such a good job designing amazing shirts for morbid. Then I want to wear them and we have much to. I got down we'll all update on the show. No, like I right there, and this any body has placed in order already. They are on their way to you. John has been workin round the clock to get those out, and hopefully soon we won't have to leg. Do all this from my living room. So you know, maybe this look at more streamlined soon, stay tuned for that streamlined, streamline reasoning, dire. I knew and we're gonna hold fabric s lot here. I am telling you all so hype are well. I also hope I was absolutely hype to tell you.
Our show respect for you to tell me about him, so I have to tell you guys we have shows we have one show in New York at the Gramercy Theatre. That's fucking sold the fuck out so see all of you beautiful, weirdos their data. We have been trying to do them in chronological order. No, I'm not Then we have another show out DC info. Your neck. So we had one shown Washington Dc. One showing Philly goes on April. Those are in April. Than in May. We have two shows in one night. We do. Asheville yeah a man we're gonna be crime con before Nashville, guys, I'm so excited about crime. Can I want you all to be there? It's in all the end and we're gonna be on podcast row, guys thawed Castro. I can't believe I'm saying allow, I hope, one of those days like one we're not on podcast rolling. If we're just their extra day, we got to get Harry Potter, world, yeah, anyways,
How many lives? I more excited for POD Kasparov yeah me too, but I would consider it ass a trip I forgot to have somebody bill. Oh hell, yeah and, like you, gotta haggard, Tufts Hell, I want to go on top hogwarts. The purpose of my work out the main secondly, terribly broken. May you like being a very father I wanna do hungry it's gonna be really cool. I going to do that as I think it's time to dive into these cases. Oh yeah, I said cases oh yeah. I forgot that you are doing that how many undoing too. that's right. I picked Couldn't decide between a couple of cases and they were smaller cases, so You know what let's give them to you.
Holiday season, happy holidays, so Boop Adieu haven't holidays. I can tell you about murder. Let me tell you about murder, so the first one I am going to do. These are pretty rough. To suggest legs around an answer. Views can we like they celebrated the holiday season. I talking about murder and a big if lady at the public hearing them wrong girl, she is guilty yielding so yeah. These are terrible or not celebrating at just one another. First, one is the murder of Sylvester Ideas Hernandez, so Vestry Silvestri, that's cool name. I know, and he seemed like a cool guy. It sounds like Sylvester, it does, but it's not so this happened in Chicago on December. Twenty fourth, two thousand and thirteen Alexis
while does was eighteen years old, he had moved in six months prior to this incident with his aunt who is not named anywhere. I could not find her name, I don't use, it doesn't want this protection programmes. I don't owe she just doesn't want to be named, but didn't find her name in that's fine, so he moved in with her and her boyfriend. Forty one year old, Sylvester India's Hernandez can see the connection there. It is they all shared an apartment together and Alexis was allowed to live with them. As long as he went to school, he worked and he maintained a job. Tino help contribute to everything needed to run a household youngest living there for free as an eighteen year old adult right. You know like rent and food in such a standard. Apparently he just stopped working
and just expected to have like a free ride. So his on her boyfriend told him you gotta find another place to live like yet organised contributing yet household, but we had. We asked one thing, a view, and it wasn't. You know we're not even like really charging you rent, we're just asking that you contribute the rail and united in doing that. While he was pissed because he's a well shit who felt entitled to live off of other people's harder and lives in perfect, I'm so, on Christmas Eve, two thousand and thirteen, he reached a boiling point with his rage at having to be an adult and take response, ready for his own life, it does suck yeah it totally. His aunt was out at a holiday party and he started drinking heavily, oh as one does, when eighteen and facing eviction because becoming unemployed right I recall the time so now, Diaz DE as Hernandez, the boyfriend comes home after hang out with his
only he sees that Alexis has drank all the beer in the house like this Benelux as a shitty literally and he's like dude seriously, so he takes a human alexis, go out to the store and get more beer because, like you just drank all my beer, I'm to go, get more. This is like I'll go with you now before they left for this excursion Alexis Head a hammer next to the door, the door of the house. Yes, ok, now why'd, you do that to killed the guy with when the pair returned back to the apartment. Alexis suddenly- rob the hammer and violently smashed the US so vestry head in several times with the O. My Lord. he bludgeoned him until he was dead and after making sure he had beat him to death with a hammer he started dismembering his body Jesus Christ. Now he did so quick and always escalates real quickly. This gets worse and I dont now, but it does now
He did what I always hate hearing in these cases like I, with teeth known but I've mentioned this before: please really loud music to conceal the noise of Oliver. And I, like I, hate, none and like I do not like the chaos factor. that stresses me out so much whenever I hear focus. A lot of these like asshole serial killers and murders. Do that Lego except they use. We do it when the person's alive and just like it's like a torture, it's more like psychological, like fucking, when somebody and I hate it that He stresses me out in a case mean too. Vestry, unfortunately was already dead when this happened, but so Alexis did play loud, music to conceal the noises in he covered all the windows up, so that he could work slowly and methodically you. He used a butcher knife saw to remove Diaz Hernandez is ear nose and his lip
His lips yep- and I know I'm upset about everything, but it hasn't that really upset it's just weird. It's a weird move. I want chopstick now he then used his bare hands to pluck both of his eyes out for cutting off his head, removing his arms in getting him from growing discern him that may my eyeballs her yup Omelette Unclosing Miser it gets worse. He gets worse. He then Waste so Vestrymen head ears and knows on his aunts bed because he said he why and to leave her Christmas present. I saw that when I was I was like taking, the paper is out of the printer.
now. That's the only part that I saw it. I was like a fuckin can't read a network. As I just said. I alerted myself. This point would be herded myself, yet he left his head in several of their body parts on his girlfriend, his aunts bed as a present. Yet summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry by, we brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla, flavors every said: stop it Try this perfect summer cup, or you can who's the. Why why, after order ahead or get it delivered your morning, even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time. gotta have a war zone, offers prescription glasses starting at six. Ninety five as well.
Affordable sunglasses, blue blockers and more the sport try any frame anywhere with our three virtual try on visits any dot com today and change the way you buy glasses forever so once he became tired Because that is exotic dark in his own words. He decided to call nine one one at this point Now it was Christmas day at around two. A five am at this point. That's really sad, and so he called nine. One and said he wanted to report a dead body. The dispatches asked if he attempted or was willing to attempt CPR on the person. and he said- oh no in literally laughed out loud, dispatcher literally said he laughed out loud and said, no o the person doesn't have a head anymore. Oh, oh you haven't you can be. I don't know how nine, when one dispatchers do what they do. What do you say that you like? Oh, I ok, hang up thanks for the information
and so the police show up and- Lexus outside on the porch holding an Ipad. and he's covered in blood and he's just like hey boroughs like wicked. and shall on casual work. he'd. They immediately ask him what's going on and if he's the one who called on one one year and according to the report, he said, quote, shouldn't you Arrest me before you ask me questions because I just killed a man and he's in the basement. Oh He then through the Ipad onto the ground, ass hard ass. He could so it shattered into pieces. Ivy league. Why are you so extra? Like I see a first, I believe Ok, we're going to discuss this whole. Like you murdered man, Why did users throw that Ipad? Sir wigwam? was the meaning of that I need to, No, what the meaning of that was. I feel like I'm not the young guy liner, but I feel like he was also wearing eyeliner. I dont know why we give
working. That was just really intense picture with guy liner, though he didn't have guidelines idea. He looks like a little weasel, but you know I'm into Google a photo now. He Alexis also said that he was waiting for his onto show up at home, so he could do the same thing to her, but he got tired of waiting and it's like holy shit, they all Goodenough home. I mean it. This is tragic, and I hate that this happened to celebrity right, but thank goodness, it wasn't People who got Amy, like you, gotta, think of some kind of silver lining here, so police did find Silvestri torso in the basement. in two thousand and fourteen Alexis pledged not guilty to first degree murder how well and then in two thousand seventeen at twenty one years old, he pledged guilty to first degree minor. Ok, he was sentence the thirty three years in prison. So yeah. I know
I M so confused about sentencing. I know sentence is always like, seemingly like a method, our strategy to the man It's like this plea deals and all about it. I get a free wrapped in here, like all its different all the time. I know it all. You can never predict what it's actually gonna be for any given crime really Sylvester. brother brother did send to set up a go fund me at the time to pay for his funeral because he had no life insurance. God will, of course I was young. I knows really sad and So vestry had lost the mother of his children and was working to provide for them at the time now, so the they didn't have parents yeah, so he lit it yeah. So literally both their parents were taken and his daughter, Celine, Diaz, told the sun Times quote. My father was a good person. He now did anything to anyone. She was seventeen at the time
and then he said he was a good father. He did what he could for me and my brother. He did the best to provide for us after me, and my brother lost our mother Jesus, yeah, so this fucker is spending thirty three years in jail was not enough time. No, it's really not especially dont. You typically get more time fur mutilating, D. You think that would be like an extra charge, but it's really. I was looking at lake for more and more articles about this, but I did just not a lotta details of it, which is crazy but but yeah. So that is that Christmas, Eve, murder, that's horrible, one, pretty terrible. And now we are going to talk about the murder of Michel, O Dowd, real time. This was on Friday December second, two thousand and eleven Philip axed showed up at his twins. stirs home and Jacksonville Florida is twin, sister was Michel o doubt. Ok,
at around nine ten, a m to check on her because she had not been able to be contacted and it also failed to show for work. What he found was his twin sister Mary. In an absolutely horrific way Now Michel was also known as Mickey O Dowd a lot of her ass. She had a ton of nieces nephews and they called her Anti Mickey sovereign yeah. She was born February twentieth, nineteen, forty four in Glenn Ridge, New Jersey, her parents were Philip and Margaret axed I found under this information in her obituary. Actually, she fraternal twin and had technic. She was technically younger than her brother, Philip Junior. She was intelligent kind. Loving I mean people did not have enough good things to say about this woman. Hunting Mickey. I know, and she earned a degree from Virginia Interment College and spent over thirty years as lab technician while college. Yes,
a girl, and eventually she became a lab supervisor, good samaritan hospital and suffer in New York. While yet so she's like a bad bitch, Mickey was killing. The gay Mickey was killing the guy and not only that she was like just this generous amazing, persons, though she was literally killing it in every aspect? Well, rounded mix. She had one child, the Sun name, Philip, who passed I suddenly in two thousand and three at only twenty nine years old Jesus yeah, when he passed away. This is when she moved to Florida to be closer to her family cause her brother, her twin brother, Philip. Was there When she moved, she decided to go back to work for she had retired and choose like you know what I want to go back to work, so I'm back to work for her twin brother Phil? She became the head of accounts. Perceivable in collections department had audio images international ink, which is where her brother, but he partially owned it.
She had a dog named MAX who she adored. Can she loved animals huge animal welfare summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry. Three brown crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense, stopping Try this perfect summer cup or you use the war were apt to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry, Three brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stopping try this perfect summer cup or you
use the war were apt to order ahead or get it delivered. make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time. Gotta have a while. when her twin brother, Philip, showed up on December to second two thousand and eleven he saw the front door of the home was wide open, which immediately was not just here bad feeling, all normal in the inside of the home, had been ransacked low, so he's already. He walks in here in these, like shit, is bad. Now that must be little worse, fucking feel a canoe manager. Stomach must just fuckin drop to your feet. In height how scared he must have been walking anticipating what you're walking into your nose is wide open, and I mean, like all her thing: the furniture were strewn everywhere. I mean really. It looks like somebody had actually ransacked the place her car,
Her dog MAX were untouched. Ok, which has happened here. How about the dog? You know he passed through the house about three times before finally spotting his sister were she, it was then that he saw a foot sticking out from beneath a massive pile of Christmas gifts. Oh my god. These cuts, miss gifts or wrapped and intended for her nieces, nephews and grandchildren only gone. He grabbed her Anko and he said it was ice cold and he said I just knew she was found under files, misgives of wrapped Christmas gifts intended for all the kids in her way, and it was December second, She has already led to the already on. Let us share to like I am telling the Christmas game, it is December. Twenty seconds I still don't shit together. I sought to finish my Christmas, like fuckin, making man she was on. Her shit
I know now when he moved to the gifts he found. The battered body of his sixty seven year old, twin sister, her face was covered with blood and had been covered up by a towel, so somebody new hurry up and there was an empty bottle of vodka near by which he was like yeah. This wasn't hers, lakes, cheating, drink all bottles, so he thinks this was whoever did. This is a test two like magazine, we may give some weird like just throw people off. I think So it was later determine that she had been beaten in strangled either late December first or early December. Second, so who did this? I don't know who the fuck did this seven year old woman, somebody that new her you betcha I've learned a few you have you have well. Shell typically lived alone, but whether dog, but she had been allowing a family friend to stay with her. Recently, this family friend was Patty Michel White. help people she was for. She was
While forty years old and from South Carolina she had been the ex girlfriend of Michel's nephew, so they knew each other, ok and then she just lino broken things off with Michel's nephew recently, as though they knew each other free here's Patty had moved to Orlando from South Carolina, and Michel allowed her to stay with her for a month or so for free to get on your feet. That's really nice tat. He was a fucking Bob so Michel would eat you know they would. She would do things to try to get help or get back on their feet later. She would pay her to clean houses. She would pay her to babies, do other odd jobs here and there and help her out yeah just trying to give her like a leg up here there and just trying to give her some cash. So she was try help or get a life together, but fell heard twin brother told CBS News quote: she just couldn't keep a job. She just couldn't get her life together. Phil even had her baby sent his grandchildren. Sometimes
because he said chooses a family friend they try where there is no reason not to trust her and they just this families trying to help this will now Billy Cheese lady and she's, not getting your shit together, but she's not about they didn't think she was a bad person. They trusted her so well. That Michel even gave Patty her debit card in pin to render the storing groceries for blouse since would be like you know, you're gonna leave her for free. You go. Do the errands for the house, here's Mozambique allows if I can pay for exactly so. That's how much she trusted her. She gave her pen and her I am she was in and out of Michel's home here, they're basically fall back on living with her for free when she fell on bad times and Michel would take her in. Oh no questions asked Michel was just a sweet. Generous person like she just wanted to help her so in this happened. Patty had moved back to South Carolina this time she was not living with Michel at this time.
ok. This happened on those debit cards that Michel allowed Paddy to use. When she lived with her were the only thing missing from the home, one investigator searched, ok, meant member patty knows those debit cards pins only thing missing, her brother fell, told W Tv news quote: there is nothing worse than when you walk inside and find your own sister brutally murdered over a stupid debit card rate. So shortly after her death, those cards were used at two different atm in Florida. Each used to withdraw five hundred dollars from each atm so thousand dollars total ok, they pulled the video from the eighty hams and although Patty wore a hat and tried to cover herself up, it was Patty. She was able to be identified by family members that it fucking Patty using those debit cards that were stolen from Michel O Dowd and you know the thing s too, she probably could have just asked Michel for the money. Oh one
hundred percent. In fact, Michel's niece Donna Reed, said quote: it's just so surreal. My aunt would have given her the money. Now I was gonna do that, yeah, tell based on the whole story that she could have been like. I'm having a struggle it's Christmas. Can I borrow some money in it sounds like making would have. Unlike you know, what totally here exactly in that's would so awful about. This is like this woman gave you are over your head. She gave you food. She gave you a chance like also more chances likely. She was. She believed that you could get better. Various is how you you come back at our it's like what the fuck, oh Patty was on the way to New York South Carolina where her parents lived, and she was pulled over at around three thirty p m on December. Second because one thing a lawyer has same day, yeah. Oh. Why? Because, once they saw her on those atm things, they were like boom yonder and then they just knew where she was
then I was ready and when cops folder over she was with her mother in the car. She was brought back to the police station in New York to be interviewed, and during this interrogation she confessed to the murder of Michel o doubt why I believe it was ahem, Jacksonville police detectives that got her to confess to it. She was held at the your county detention centre and later extradited back to Florida. Now the story went that she literally was living and self Carolina. She came back to Florida specifically to Rob Michel, which you have everything was permitted for everything this woman did to her. This bitch came back just to rob the sixty seven year old woman who lived alone with her dog who took her fucking in when she needed in multiple times younger and use Andrei yeah multiple times whenever she needed it.
Yeah, so you like that's just like biting the hand that feeds you only that you would like it out and action. The definition of biting the hammer feed you and all the detectives and investigators were like. We don't know exactly since the most senseless cry is both of these crimes. That's exactly how I think you really love his crimes, as these are the most senseless crimes both just entitled fucks like of these stories making really pissed off, but the specially ones like there's something you could have just asked her for the money and that would actually eighty in and of itself cause you're forty fucking years old, exactly as they are get your shit together right leg, you know, one Michel had she worked harassed of rural life. She was a lab technician and then his lab supervisor and now she's workin, unlike accounts payable. I got you out there who work in our answer. If sheep Anders
that money. Both of these stories are like freeloaders. I fuckin hateful matter, Sir entitled people that think that they should just be able to do nothing but get the reap the benefits it likely. If you man, you got work, you're gonna work, but you weren't, bitch, pretty spear, said yeah and I think all set a two year old tree definite rules? Deaf sense are sure. Now, in October, two thousand and thirteen Patty pledge guilty the second degree murder and was sentenced forty five years in prison, that's so long enough either I know, but then I'm looking at it like gas shalt die before them. Maybe I feel it. I wish you and she's going in a lonely over forty, she stays and never forty five years should only be handed out decrepid or she could use its Algeria come out there like a vibrant yeah exactly, but I'm hoping that show just kick it and curbing the birch once you ve, probably better croak back. I've
honestly Patty. Now she avoided getting a life sentence. By doing a plea deal for the second, very murder chaired see, there's that like crazy leg whenever there are going on their love the ones were asked to donate to the Jacksonville, Humane Society and Michel's name, because it was an organization that was close to her big giant, beautiful heart. I wonder where man went to live, I know think with Phil. I bet he went to live and fell. Phil was good to MAX. I can't in that see other things like fell was her twin brother. Now, that's like a bond that need anyone, debt and it's like he had to walk in there and not only where they twist in close thing work together down it's like row, and he had you went out there and find her again imagine covered in the Christmas presents that she bought for his and children whose only consider Rafik touch. That's that's we'll kill us deep rooted, maniacal shit, yeah, a bad person and it's like as you're putting these presence on
This did an older battered sixty seven year old woman who has helped you her your whole life here as you're. Putting these presence on top of her battered believing face, you're sitting there being like you have to know these are for people who love her and you'll. Be there These are, admittedly a symbolic it's what you d everyone so dark like that. So darn, it's like you must know those israeli children that love her. like that he is lacking Christmas. Do it just like that part? May me, like man, you have to have no saw its dark, like you have to have zero soul. To do that shit. I don't like her party at all and I do not. I do not like Patty at all tat on a ten. Do not recommend Patty as a friend tunnels and recommend Patty Galaxy Shanklin Prince but also- and I recommend I recommend that you share shooting fat woman with a woman so
the other thing all post photos, obviously like I always do on the instagram of the victims. In these cases, possibly any adorable Mickey's fucking door. By going, I bet she's just that woman, that you'd look annually The Euro zone and was Sylvester Acuity, was adorable, and is this like man, man sucks now in the holiday spirit, really hoping that everybody has a great holiday. Whatever you celebrate be Christmas, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa Diwali, maybe don't don't all holidays. I hope you have a great day. Maybe just maybe you know, and if you don't sell, the holidays, just celebrate life yeah. It's awesome! It's great yeah, and you know what I'm here you can make a great you can always make a great are high. I have always used to say, maybe get a great air, not that the choice is yours, but here
So I hope that you guys have agreed holiday and whether we celebrated notches you know, don't murder each other be nice to be kind. Be nice, Rita Ellen together, you know what I mean tag, oh and in this I ll do it we, oh my god, what have we got to go on the mother fucking oh and show I shut my pants. She I mean she wouldn't let us see what it now she would re blind whereby each other they pursue your letter, I dare to give each other like now. If you're listening, I thought you'd love your show, you Ellen. I love your give away what I just why five you wanted to answer the phone yeah do all I wanted to have a red button game with Alan, oh yeah, oh I'd serve me buddy that the new task. What's going on, we have to be that our if they can, with the White man's got to go on Ellen. I want I want
say only did was say back up again with a white Van exactly so I think we could do it very hard to get a lot about. Also, I hope that you guys sign of this one's a little punchy, but you know it it's the holiday season. So I hope you didn't enjoy these cases, but maybe enjoyed telling of them to say you know it's all fine hear fine taboo, so enjoy yourselves, be kind love you guys, and We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep. It appeared. I'm not doing well either visa, but not so. Where do you, murder people at Christmas, nuts are worthy emerge? Are people ever yeah to keep it that weird dont? Do it more across law by
as a fun little Christmas tree the other day ashen. I did not know that we were recording and the sizzle jet we had no idea could you can hear me at the unsay, shadowy, recording and had a very organic conversation about Jack, the ripper and the crime scene, photos that came from it, in the middle of it, I insult somebody's eyebrows, exactly hind woman. I am, and I just think it would be funny for you guys to be able to hear us having like actual wig retail. True, cried gone, but a real, true crime Convoke, which is basically how this whole thing started. So it's like a nice like throw back how it all began, Kismet, say no and enjoy this quick little or Ghana conversation we heard about your throat but enjoy. Did you see the photo concerned, whether of the colored phone? I reject the royal literally looking at it while you were in the kitchen, it doesn't look right, has seen a photo, but another lady times in like scene in the black and white than he shall arise that in its so much worse,
really think I've seen that follow about a billion and seeing this outside Wowzer Slogan, real academic, black away for rigour like wild elephant. Mass, like I don't know, but they are losing a light, went into each other person and look what he did. They later faces just gone and like her and her eyes are gone. Everything in between her phases. Gangs of this get on her like us off. She received both like her younger literally you fear, who was a human literally see her finger. He must have been a doktor or something like that. Right now the servant look very sterile That doesn't look railway. Did he doesn't Powell people, but he did you need to do a lot of things. We would like take out a kidney, some ray it's hard to find a kidney when you're like a projection nowhere. It is like a back the other day, which I refer to the key
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