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Episode 109: The Mysterious Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

2019-12-30 | 🔗
Man, this case is a roller coaster of frustration. 19 year old Bryce Laspisa suddenly changes during the first two weeks of his sophomore year in college according to his closest friends and girlfriend. One night in August, he took a road trip to nowhere that ended with his abandoned SUV at the bottom of an embankment and Bryce nowhere to be found. To this day, he has never been seen or heard from again. Did he end his life? Did he leave with intentions of never being found? Is he alive at all? The questions far outweigh the answers in this case but one thing is for sure, Bryce was going through something before he disappeared and it may be the one piece of information that could crack the case wide open.Thanks to our sponsors for this episode!VistaprintVistaprint wants you to be able to “Own the Now” in any situation, which is why our listeners will get free shipping on all business cards, any style, any quantity. Just go to Vistaprint.com and enter promo code Morbid for free shipping on all business cards, any style, any quantity. Limited time offer. Own the now at Vistaprint.com promo code Morbid.ZolaSign up at ZOLA.com/morbid today to get your FREE personalized paper sample. Then use code SAVE50 to get 50% off your save the dates. WantableWantable has taken the challenge out of finding the right clothes for me to wear every day! They can help you too! Go to Wantable.com/MORBID for $25 off your first Edit. See other great pods that cover this case, notably:And That's Why We DrinkSinisterhood
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My birthday was saying you do first of all, I have to say thank you to every single one of you, lovely, delicious beauty full magical, weirdos well, and you wonderful birthday wishes you made my day, nay you my year, I'd like to thank the people that also wish We are happy birthday it with my birth. It was, I did it for three children, you that it was mob when I read the guys. I really appreciate it. You guys are amazing and ashes message made me cry, like legitimately yeah. You got it just amazing and you know how to make a gal feel special. It's always my goal to make people remember it than you did with my posts and my gift, it was wonderful, everybody was so sweet. I really really really appreciate it. An ash got me too
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coming with us, civilian deasey, who any an you? Oh, oh, my goodness, anyway, just a little brief. Go, were also them we're gonna, be in crime com, AU, guys, crime, con, we gotta there you gotta get there, I gotta see Nancy and I gotta see Keith and if you guys try Try using our code morbid twenty twenty, yes do you'll get a little discount. You will and you gotta be. There's gonna be also knew how young podcast row you're all cordially invite you are. We won't you there by us all your faces and then after we To go to crime can literally like a week later, we'll be in Nashville for two shows the margin is sold out, but we added a late night late night, showing NASH in those shows? Just everybody knows are going to be two different chose. Yes, they are, they gonna be two different cases, so you may get a brand new show for the sector
A few people said they were going about Cyrillic. What we won't make you sent through the anti case. They never want to make. Somebody said through the same show over and over again, so we're gonna try to make a different can be most of the time of the time yeah, so that's exciting and I think that some other like little things that we can mention on. Maybe next week's episode, because I want to get into this one, I'm so excited for this one. Can I've wanted to do this since we had upon you? Have you and ashes mentioned this one a lot and we finally decided to leg go really hard at it and, while guys, I knew I had to let alone a research. Thus, because I wanted it He dared not an ash. I who it is, real Syria, Alain as like one of those people that dives for bodies like one of those people about like snorkel, that's the way you scuba Eisner. Oh that's a good way to put me. Thank you. Ve got all of us. That was my bridge. Almost I'm Scooby being re now, so what we do,
stupid hard on this. So this is the case of the mysterious disappearance of Bryce, less Pisa. And I know a lot of people were like. Oh my god, I love this case. I hope I do justice for you guys, but you always do I, girl. I love you always they do, and I hope this one is This one had me rage. I may tell you, there's, there's long twisting and turning there's a lotta to season journeys. So what just start right. At the beginning, priceless visa was born in Illinois on April thirtieth, nineteen. Eighty four: what will he's a tourist You know, I don't know anything about tourists. I think there's Esperanza horse there vary in their very loyal. I think, oh I'm pretty sure, love thy. Everyone infuse she's, very loyal, Hey Lindsey, via a price with oil, his parents were MIKE and ice. I witnessed. Actually we speak of him in the present, because we don't know what happened.
Keep me it's easy to say like he was United Mean, but I'm gonna try to keep in the present. If I don't, please don't tell me His parents are MIKE and care. Unless these us together they lived in Nashville, which is a suburb of Chicago, which sounds like you. Take lots of maps there. I'd like settle there, so I would love to just go. Visit now prevail anywhere, I'm supposed to live. It's not! It's never prevail. You don T, taken Napa. You now move to Napa, where my x and the city heads so he graduated nap, Orville High School in two thousand and twelve. That makes me feel very old end, that summer the family moved from Nap Orville in Illinois tubes in that nap reveals into Podge County to pour into per minute. Where Peters they move two Laguna girl in California. Ok,
me I'm sayin that turns fancy any Laguna. I feel against fancy bullets like worn Camp Conrad's alarm hierarchy is like war, can read fight it to speak of it was that I don't know, but I loved, whereby that same fall. He started Sierra College in Rockland, California, he stated the dorms. He was on the dean's list according to a verified. insider on web sleuths. Now let me let you know what a verified insider and web sluices she's doing. Shimmy She says I am shimmering for website will likely zoonotic egg. I constantly shifting when they get excited. You do, but webs sleuths? I just made an account specifically for this case: Jesse Guy slow. They have their fight insiders, which is a new thing that they're doing where. If somebody claims to know a family of victim clean, to be a law enforcement, a medical professional, a psychiatrist like any kind of litter like insider into any kind of case
a day or night, a verify it to make sure that they can speak on that and if they find out that they're not verified they're not actually that they take down everything that they ve said. Oh she gazelle. You can't spout that shit if you're, not really in it so anything that I have found for this case from web sleuths. It's from two verified insiders. In their names. I like there what bolder user names I care and then the other one is like Dragon something Finally, they get very much either way they these two people. are verified insiders. They know the family. They were involved in this case, so deciding enough now, Bryce was very artistic. He was very creative, those something he was known for. He took graphic design courses in school biology. ants. You know he did very. School. Everybody, damn. You wasn't like nothing
stuck out is like buddy. Had this weird thing- and I mean right- he was surround. He had a big group of friends here by all accounts from his parents, love Dino loved to spare, once loved his family, he was one of those kids that mother says, was very close to his parents in light in the sun. So they had like an open, incommunicative released and so they could talk about. Like yeah, like his mother, Karen says she could literally talked her about anything ball. so she's like if he wasn't telling me something that was concerning right. He was always described this kind funny, lovable, charming. Just all positive things he was about five eleven. He had leg, super red hair yeah in. Green eyes, which it's like cool combo. That is the ideal about me like right now, that is a hare re carbon. He had one of the best smiles or has one of
best smiles. I have ever seen her Elaine pictures of him. I've seen like one or two you look at pictures of him. He is this like huge, megawatts. My just like you and I had a thing for teeth. Yeah. I love good to I love nice season. He had, he has beautiful teeth, I'll, be right, back you talk to him. Yes, he's gonna, look up the picture. You know I gotta in guys, like a will, of course was photos of this whole case when you he it. It's like. His smile makes you smile tat. We don T have a good idea as one of those that uses like Agora, like he always does it make sense mile solely insist, you know in two thousand and thirteen he got a huge tattoo his left shoulder its a tourist bullhead with roman numerals for his birthday, so it's like a zodiac tattoo love. Thus conical. I have a zodiac ish tat. Two according to one of the website, is verified insiders Karen, like air. He also had an m and K for his mother and fathers initial
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stare at college that he met and started dating her she's, like beautiful girl. If you really do the damn thing, milk only good for you guys just get it. He spent the summer between freshman year sophomore year at home, with his parents who daily said they spent a lot of time with him that summer they saw him along. They never saw anything out of the ordinary in his behaviour August two thousand and thirteen has sophomore year began. He got a campus apartment with a roommate Sean this year he was nineteen years old at this time. Two weeks into that year, his remit Sean called Karen, who is braces mom and he tells her. I gotta talk to you she's like what's going on here, cause when your child's were made us calling that consume never gets he's like I'm really worried about price. This is only two weeks in gathered up allowing time. That's not a lot of time. It's like what the hell's happening in two weeks, he says, Braces personality has completely changed leg. It
worrying him he claimed Bryce stayed up one. Eighty said he stayed up drinking leg all night and he said he's clearly drinking heavy. This is: what's happened the US and many cities also taking me ADHD medication via which is no more fuckin joke yeah violence is scheduled to controlled substance, so it has a very high potential for causing addiction and dependency, especially of misuse, the lid sure about it, is kind of its sides hard to find any literature about it when it comes to mixing it without a hall, it's not really known. What happens when that happens has been no studies, or anything like that? I haven't found anything that indicates the causes more adverse reactions, but obviously it's never good to mix any medication without also it's not gonna cause a good reaction. Don't know exactly what I feel like any medicine as I do not mix with alcohol yeah. It's one of those things that there is not even like a specific warning for this medication, which I found weird from what I
it is not. I didn't see any specific wording that was I do not take this with alcohol is just one of those like you, don't really want to take any measures. Until now but it's interesting because a lot of people point to what we're gonna hear about later, as, like. Maybe him mixing these caused like a psychotic break, I dont know if that really tell when you look at this, but it could be wrong. I once again this. Studies that say either way, so I just want to make sure they knew that So on August, twenty six, two thousand and thirteen he went to class as usual, yet a speech class in a web design class at Sierra College FUCK a speech I got it. aids public speaking, I it's so I hate it so funny that, like onstage, I feel much better at like an podcast. Shall we go everybody there. You would help like see. I who I would hope so, but, like a speech glass, I went to community college and there was about ten people on my speech class. Three of them are like still my friends to this day, but other than that. I hated that shit
Yes, that's I hated it and then my fuckin speech she durability. Anybody of question. Somebody asked ass, the quiet enjoying a no does anyone have a clash and I would certainly setting up there lay panting. Like somebody asked me a question. Just ass, we invested so I can survive stem I gotta go the only reason I loved my speech, causing college was cause. I met one of my best friends in the whole wide world alley. shadow to alley. Love. You mothah speech. Last bro. I see you went to a speech glass. You went to his web design clause. mother said that she talked whom they had a cordon quote: good conversation, everything seemed, but the next day in August, twenty seventh Kim his girlfriend had some concern, slim, she was starting to see shifts in its behaviour. So she said he had texted her recently saying that she would be better off without him. Well, that's hamburger. Dexterously,
No, and she responded saying could like any of us would being like. Are you breaking up with me, like that? Sounds like you're breaking up Are you bringing up would mean he said? Yes, the attacks be a tag, not cool. This is like over you over year relationship I've ever seen that video Udall tax message break up its yes, that I've ever seen over one as the shoes video you. Don't you don't text message raker now, so that same day, the twenty seventh Kim went to his apartment to talk about things because she was like whoa whoa whoa, You don't get to tax Missy. I got me you're, not text message break up at me and we're going to talk about this face to face does we're adults. They ended up making up when planning got there, so they end up talking through whatever was she did notice however, that he was still acting really strange. And she says that he admitted to her that he had taken at least one by van spill. At least one sounds to me, like you say more than the Prescribed Doesn T
from what I understand, vibe answers like after all, but like like like or we our than outer it's like the adds, a more intense at all for sure. And it's one of those things that aegis and you don't want to take it if you're not prescribed look, you don't know like dosage or anything I outsides I mean I'm like a big person when it comes to that anyway. Phthalates. She should take prescription bills that are not prescribe to you because they are prescribed to that person. There is reason amicably, with the dosage that is specific to that person, but I will get on that soap box. So after this on October, twenty Eightth at her one one, thirty p M doctors mom and he told her, I'm gonna go break up with chemicals It's a damn according to Care- and this was weird because she was like he had them like in love with her. Like talked about it all the time how in love he was with this girl Kim's lie, so he was so his mom. Just call me out. I mean whatever
What am I going to do about it? I sure go ahead, so I too, oh five Pm Bryce texted Sean his room and said quote of you browse seriously. You are the best person I've ever met. You saved my soul hall, which look good. Sean. I know it's option now at two o nine pm Sean replied saying I love you too many. You have. You have an amazing life, full of love and blessings, don't waste that you have too many people that love you Bryce Rocco. So it sounds to me like me, be Bryce was possibly hinting to shun before those like suicide. He was feeling some type away and maybe Sean was Cosu not again we're just speculating here, because nobody said anything, but it sounds to me like Sean was maybe picking up on vibes and was just trying to put that out there to not.
be like too much. Let me talk. Him off allege galaxies, trying to talk of alleged without scaring him out of talking to him. You know me like you want to be really delicate when it comes to that expressly when if someone hasn't come right out and send it to you like, it may be Bryce, I didn't come out and said something in it. Just your little did I haven't real in it and it was like I just want to let you know that, like we all love you, please know that here, which is like that's its adorable never used to nineteen year old boys. Like I love you, it is that's wonderful, so he then but up incomes apartment later in Chico, California, at ten p m. This is about ninety miles away. Alas, yes, let's little bit of DR, she was super concern and then she said, like the conversation was weird. He was acting strange and he said he wanted to break up again now she thought he should not be driving. She was like a wasn't even about the break up, like We say owes heartbroken about the break up buddy. I wasn't. I was concerned about how you act like his anything
she was like. I don't want you driving, so she took his keys and one give them back, and some people like looked at them, we're like she was just mad that he broke up with an even one of the leave. Now that's not the case here. I don't in income is literally like. I just didn't want him getting an account and something that I heard about it, regardless of him breaking up with me twice in two days. I really cared about him. So in this is what makes me think that she and called braces mom with him standing right area. If this was just because you're pissed about the break up and upset, and why would she able dismal she would never involve his mom there. She causes mom right there and she tells her listen. Karen, I'm upset, I think, ice something's going on with him. I've told you he's acting strange now. Remember Sean has already called his mother and told him he's acting strange, his room mate, who he spends all his time with and now his girlfriend who spends all his time with around saying something not with your head now
she's. Like I took his keys, I don't want him driving so, she was like Karen was like Let me speak to him, so she spoke to Bryce and I was like I'm fine mom like you she was like. Are you ok? What's going on music? I'm fine, I just want to go home and she has my keys. I want my keys. and she and he kind of made it seem like I broke up with her and she's holding on my keys, so his mom's, like okay, like that's fine, so she says to brace. You know what I'm gonna fly up there tomorrow, I'm in a check on you and he said no- don't make any kind of plans. Nothing like that. Please don't do that before we talk and he said because quote, I have a lot to talk to you about, oh god, and she was like what- and he was like now, I'll. Tell you about it later now, Karen made Kim give back the keys character,
the phone inside give him back his keys. I know that you're, not suppose I blame anybody, but I wouldn't have done. I mean you're not bear to evaluation. Someone clearly nervous. They see something that you're not their. Seeing If anybody have any doubt that I could not that I have kids, but when I do have cobia, if anybody doubts that there are capable driving a vehicle domnall and he s dead and honestly, like just forewarn everybody I'm real past and how his parents handle most of this case and I'm really say it, and if you know wanna hear it. That's fine, but this is how I feel, and it's my blog, so oversight, but we are not the only ones who feel this way Why would I do have a lot of other podcast about this? I've done a ton of research on the internet, We are not alone. In feeling like there was a lot of mishandled moments on us, and this is just the first one year, and this is just an end again, I'm
other I'm just stating to you what I would do in this situation and when it comes to my kid, if to people that have been very close to him, and if these are just two instances from one I've read. It seems like a lot of people are telling her something's up with brazenly he's acting straight any time. Somebody who's that close to my kid is telling me some things off with them. There. Strange. I'm worried I'm flying out there. I am there I'm their me, really working to figure this out like it's just something. You gotta over expressly. When it comes to your own kids, I'm gonna run no boundary, I'm gonna overdo it, because I'd rather overdo it than under do in its like, maybe offline. there are no Billig mom you're. I have the flu and I just don't feel good and, like everybody like all he will. Let me may not like soup, that's fine, I don't care like I'd rather do that then something bad happened right on this, so came gave back the keys and at eleven thirty p m. He left now Karen and care assumed he was going back home to his eyes.
The apartment on campus, one I am, he called Karen his mother again and said you know was tell him in that. She was like what the hell's going on. He said he was fine. She thought he was home by then because she was like you should have been home by then there was ninety miles away and he was not home. So he's calling her knees like I am on the road according to sound cellphone tower pings. He had gone south in the opposite direction to his place on campus. So now there like what, eleven am carrying, gets another call, but this time from her car insurance company easy! There call our call or text I've seen both I'm I'm going with call cassettes what I've seen more the car insurance company was telling her that roadside assistance was used by Bryce that for their car they were informing her of the charge them coming So that's a little concerning
Of course it could be anything, but you don't want to hear that right now. Called Sean. The roommate and was lake issue is price. Ok, I gotta call about the the roadside assistance and shone like. Oh price, never came home last night. What are you talking about and she's like what so Karen and make his parents are now panicking and they start checking all their records to see me. You know what where he could be valid because from the looks of it. Bryce was using their car that they gave to him. He also apparently had a credit card that was linked like like that they had access to some and on their account, which I guess is because our first does like one. What a lucky kid he gets. Spirits gonna hurt at nineteen, then I'm like that. That's really good because they were able to look up the
count like they were all alone. I had a card that like Papa, can see, but I am I personal money like eminence not connected as account, but yet over see her on my account not make sense and I'm twenty three zero executive and its good because he is like maybe don't spend the money they pay. Don't do that. While this was good because regardless if it was. You know their credit card that they pay for if they just saw the account there, able to see that there was a twenty dollar charge in the town of button willow on their debit side, this is just a few hours away from their home, so they rode out. So this leaves dining hall exactly. This leads them to believe that price was come into their house so there like okay, maybe you was coming. Maybe he was going to come home and we were going to talk about all those things that he said he needed to talk to me about and so that they have been calling his cell phone they're. Not getting an answer.
Send a freak out so now makes his dad Liz. Looking at the credit cards, men any sees the charge for twenty dollars any like our aid. It has the name of the business on here. I'm gonna call this business and ask them if they feel I'm what this is Now the business was Castro, tire and truck, and that was what was linked to that twenty dollar charge, the This business was a guy named Christian. Now, let me just prefaces and say Christian is a damn guardian angel, easily greedy Christian, wholly hell I remember the first time I heard this outside Christians got something to do with it known that I was like an is just the wonderful beginning with it he's just a wonderful human being. Now he tells MIKE so braces dad that he had delivered three gallons of gas to a man who had run out of gas and was on the side of the road. This morning, at nine, a m
all the time I have always run out of gas at ninety, I'm on my way to where you have. Actually now, apparently, when, when Christian at first gone to deliver the gas, he didn't see Bryce just the car so he went to leave, but Bryce immediately called back for the gas Libya's like where Our Christian went back and when he got their price was with the car now and he inform Christian that he had been sleeping Christy, like care where, unfortunately, this dispelled their belief that he was coming to their home, because if he had received the guy, send button willow at nine a m then he would have already been home by now. At eleven ends and where the fuck was, he so now, Christian being the really good decent human being that he is, can hear that prices parent are worried as fuck going in here, the panic
as soon as he says. You know, I gave it to him at nine, a m and that's all I know he can hear that they're like are you kidding me? He should be home now, so he tells them that he will go back out to the place that he delivered Bryce the gas and it was a drive yeah just make sure that he wasn't there just to see what was going on. What the deal was slick Christians, he goes there and what do you think he finds well, I know so I want to say what it guys. What do you think he finds? No, that's not it. He finds Bryce, prices still very all still there three hours late in the same spot in the same spot. He was sitting in his car, three hours after getting ass, he told me so Christian tells brace your parents are panicking. They are so worried about you and he calls the parents, to let them know, pray you to see him here, and so they spoke on the phone with brace and he tells them he was they were like. What are you doing do likewise? What is going on is- and he knows nothing in those it
Like you can give us any explanation and the same spot for three hours or Logo Karen is like, will go, get gas and come here now. This is the first instance you're like no go there like Karen go. There come on care, and he at this point here two or three hours I think away from their houses in Ireland. My car. I would go there. I would be like would either ask at this point I believe Christian. I know we ve asked a lot of you right now that this kind of important is there any way you can stay with him yeah or is there any way christian that you can bring him back to your place of business, and I will come there, but I'm go in there. Yelp cause shits, weird already shit is weird right, but any kid that's been sitting in their car for three hours with yet nobody just like hang, outline after being driving for all night to ya. It's, like the students been on the road for, like our words, like almost a full day, yeah, it's ridiculous, so
Syria has so Karen tells him go get some gas come back to our thinking so a Bryce got the gas and off he went so he would becoming home at around three p m. If he came straight there ah didn't show up and threw him any stops answer his farm, and at that point I be shitting my path, the apparent I will be going in so Karen and my CALL Orange County Sheriffs Department and they file on missing persons report which, like good job, that's you should do that police were able to obtain an emergency ping order from eighteen t, and I got this little bit of information from us. The sinister hood episode on this case, which, by the way, go listen to that too, because one sinister, who does a great podcast like thereby ghastly shout to sinister her and their episode, is really good on this, and one of them is a mother to say She s like this kind of like rage and it's funny because the
No one is like I'm looking at it from the kids perspective and, like my parents would come get me like they were like so one of them is Saint, like I'm on whether in mind. What is just like her grandparents, migrant labour members would send you to contact me. His body is like one of them is being like. I'm a mother and I would come get by Kitty other ones like I'm a kid and are not even a kid she's a groan doll, but using as a child's yeah. My parents would come a hundred years as doesn't make sense. Eurostat, hopefully be they're, getting me being one ass. Your waters I fuck is going on. I do it. What are you doing? A has come to get me in many situations has another think about it, and I would in this one point so they were that I got it from this bit of information from them that they were able to obtain the emergency order from eighteen tee. And it showed his cell was paying off towers only eight miles away from the gas station he got gas from which is not very far
are so in nine hours? He had only got that gas and then stopped in nine hours he got gas now is it will unite our very focused on whatever he's focused on because my ass, because violence at us, nine, thirty, three p m police, and his suv at a hotel and he's in the suv. He's even in the hotel you ve and deputies approached him and there like brow. What do you do and then he was like I'm going to visit a friend whistling no you're, not you're. Thus we going home by reality the other persons in us and also for- and I now ask what friend are you going to see right? So they gave him a field sobriety test any past. Ok, they also said he didn't show any signs of being impaired there like we didn't. We weren't im worried that he was
This relates. Maybe we should. I dont think you see would seem impaired on by thence. If you took enough of it, you would but you just do you think he was like taking like want like you could have just been on one you think, but one I dont think would cause anything Billy happen, you think, is like totally sober. It seems like he was again from what They said he was polite, using good spirits talkative totally with it able to answer questions they litter, gave him a field sobriety settled in our annual and the fact that it was friendly and good spirit. The act that red he could answer questions he was very talkative. They said he was enquire yeah, they asked if they could search his car and he let them do it. Use I sure, go ahead. They found nothing of no, they told him. His family was extremely worried about him and when they asked him what he was doing, he said quote just blowing off some steam. Ok, so it's like firmly
what happened and it's like? What are you? What do you mean you're, blowing off steam like yours, you're getting that guy? What is happening so at ten thirty pm cops told them to call his mother Billy. You gonna call your was, and they said Bryce didn't want to like Bryce was like now, I'm good, so he was like. Can you guys call her for me and just give me the phone afterwards. Which is where that is very bizarre, so they called her at the link. I hope, as I have heard it, but unlike this, is among everything I've opposite again, so they did. They called her for him, and election He's here, though I don't want to shout Anna they gave her the him the phone to talk to her. His mom asked what he was doing any said quote: I'm going to hang with friends later and he said I'm just chilling, I'm gonna go. with friends later public, why are you just chilling, unlike random parking lots like very far away from your school one? That's it's like
Unlike what friends are you going to? Hang our any just like you and me too, for those with no, we go it's not enough I think that you are running errands ago. You just words is suing anything, you just sit for hours of reared and then they let him these. The police said, he's fine, he can drive like he's, fine one there's nothing. We can do here to detain him on every interview. I've seen with care and the mom says she spoke with the cops and they said he would find a derive. Oh my God, Karen Well, that's your kid care in at this point. Every didn't do a before. This is the perfect opportunity. If I'm not mom- and I don't give a shit- how judging the sounds. I really don't, if I'm not much, that is a cop, I'm gonna save the cops. One can you say there with him or too? Can you take him to neighbouring devastation? Yeah I'll come to us?
asian and came anywhere. Please just hold on the alpine gotta stay there you're, so I can get there. I would be in the car on the phone with that cop and more ready on the way there. Will they be able to do that likely The eight I would at least be like. Can you stay there with them and I think they would do not tell him I'm coming. Can you do? I would try valleys yeah envy. I can even ok, I'm worried. I would at least be. I would say that the cop listen people have been telling me for weeks now, a days now that there worried about him and that he's acting strange. This whole thing is fuckin straighten. I dont know if he's just lucid right now to you. So please can you keep him? There is a very worrying yeah you'll take these people's word that he's fine rob taking people's. Where that he's fine to drive that you appeared as fine. Nothing is fine about this. They should be red, alert should be flying in every action by agree. Six hundred percent boy say so hours later. He still didn't make it home care and in my called Christian the
owner of the tire place back because they were freaking out, and that was the last person they talk to write Christian agreed to check on Bryce eight miles away. They so he was like. I will go back to the eight like eight miles away where we last I found him workshops found him. He was like all go there, the up and I'll see if he still there yet because if that's the last place, you said he was all go check on him for you and guess what? Because it's like wise Christian doing this, right. Why didn't you call the cops again? That's another. We are saying, oh, what he went the eight miles away where he was I seen embrace was still there hours orator thirteen hours. He has just been doing nothing so bizarre. So Christians, like yeah, he's here he seems ok, but his eyes are Ireland read because he's probably fuckin tired, but he's right? That's all that's all I can see so now. Christians, like ok,.
I'm gonna, let your son follow me onto the highway thirty minutes away, which is really necessary, and make sure he gets on the highway towards your house again. Thirty minutes away, Dude is leading Brice on the highway, so he does. That leaves him onto the highway and then he sends them on his way and he's like no. I have to go back to my life right now. Bryce's GPS said he would arrive at his parents house at three hundred and twenty five, a dot m.
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Again, Karen, that's not normal right leg! Us go. Please just go get this happened so long ago, and I feel it is happening right now. I need to go. Get Bryce only recently issued a couple hours away. Yeah, it's just the none of and this has been going on for a full day on what are you? What are you doing? I said I had I wouldn't what do you think they're doing at haunts? The other thing is what do you do sitting my waiting, so you might as well be in your fuckin. Car driver only gets worse ally not suited to our nine. A m he causes moment says I'm tired, I'm gonna pull over and sleep in my car bill. I know you're, not though now they are thirty, two thirty six hours on the road at this point. Is that he's thirty two thirty six hours a week on the road and away at this point she said she told them. That's a good idea, not a good idea, Karen, what the fuck is. That
sitting right now like. Why do you think that's a good idea? It is too oh nine. I am. What are you going? Are you gonna, go to sleep current digger get in bed and go to sleep while wire, while your child is having a something going on one announce honestly, I don't wanna get car ya know My papa would be like no you're, not taking. It up on the side of the road alone at two o clock in the morning. You know there's no time in my child's life that I'm ever allowing them to sleep on the side of the road. I don't care. If I have two fuckin take a train and plain and automobile a boat to get to them a kayak. I will figure that shit out. I'm gonna get
I don't give a shit wanted this point. He can't be, he can't even far away. It would be like an hour away. At this point, I get my job in their cargo a hundred miles an hour and get to him what the fuck, what the fuck like this is. What makes me angry, it's like what are you guys doing at home while dresses? What makes me question is this: is all this weird, I'm not trying to take away from the fact that they don't know where their son, is and that they are also victims. Of this whole thing, Pollyanna got a little dry slinky guy like this is the responsibility that is tough. So where are we It's so too or ninety I am. He spoke over he's going to sleep. That was the last contacts that they had, which that's awful, so
Eight am the next morning he Eleanor, oh yeah, he's not home in California. Highway patrol officers show up at my concurrence door, your worst nightmare. I was gonna say that had to just been I mean, especially after I need to any time a policeman. Just a beggar DORA policewoman shows up at your door is like a nightmare nightmare, nowhere you, but then, if everything, been going on with your kid the day before you're, like
you ve gotta, be sitting there being like shit and it's like at that point. They have to be thinking. I should have gotten the kinder than I really would hopes in so so he asked Dino. Do you own this two thousand and three Toyota Highlander? They said yes and they were like has been stolen and she was like. No. We gave it to my son to you and will they told them at five? Thirty am construction worker found prices, car abandoned and wrecked Nair Hysteric Lake. It was found often access road where there was a twenty five but embankment flew. His car was found at the bottom of this embankment and on its side I don't like that it was pretty banged up, but it it like two banged up to the point where you like. Oh he's, dead right like like what I've seen
pictures of posted. It's it's addressing prices, you don't mean things like his laptop is phone his credit cards, his wallet all that kind of shit we're still in the car, which is bizarre, yes and they were either in the car like around the car, but he was nowhere. However, his duffel bag was open and unsapped and found outside The car is also interesting that he even had a duffel bag. To begin with, because all he was doing in the first place was going to break up with him and then, as far as everybody knew going back to school yeah in that some things what in what was in that duffel bag, that he took out right and so heat they they assume he must have taken something before he left on them on either. He did, or someone else did, did they say if you want a passport, they did say he had a passport. I dont think I was on him: thou o gotta passport. Just wonder the passport, though, is endless,
the registry of missing persons, those like in the database. So if it was ever like, then they would have had on it if something came, but nothing has over spoiler light, the keys were still in the mission spooky now, blood was found in the car, but not enough to suggest there was a bad head injury or anything like that is morally droplets. On that, I think the driver side window really like Scott, only said what probably apple is. Maybe he's masters knows more. He hit his head and it was like a little bit of stuff. It will didn't suggests that it was like a fatal injury earning the back window was shattered and it looked like any. Would it have been kicked out or it had been broken by like a tool like an emergency tool? Ok, so they said either it broke on the impact which they they don't think, that's the case, but they said they think he either kicked it out or used in emergency tool. That here that I lack the evidence at the scene also,
Oh that Bryce had accelerated when he drove off the access road and down the embankment, because there was like, I think it was that dirt had kicked up behind so suggested. He didn't. I I start would have been in front of the tyres, but it was a backlog, accelerated. Ok, this there is this weird optical illusion that makes the lake look like it's right there off the access road. But when you look closer, the embankment is between the road in the wake messy gaiters took this initially were like a kind of looks like he was driving off the road into the lake alike. In that accelerated to get to go into the lake with suggests he was trying to take his only right now. This could have also been, in my opinion. When I look at this, I can see why they would think accelerating would suggest use trying to get into the lake.
to me. This says. Maybe so what is this access road in this gate closed on the sacks? Maybe he accelerated to get through the gate. I was thinking. Maybe what happened was he was driving around the gate and like was halfway onto that embankment to drive around it? He skidded veered off into the embankment either use trying to readjust to accelerate to get back onto the road, I would like to correct the vanguard of Wrong turn more. It was just panic mode and he hit the accelerator instead of the break, because in that situation we holy shit you're going down embankment, you might hit the accelerator by accident right, I mean that's just me and according to some web sleuth verified sources, the vehicle did go around the gay,
it didn't hit it. So the vehicle was trying to go around the gate and they said that it kind of like veered off into the drop off again like he was trying to go straight, but he accidentally fell to the side while maneuvering past the gate and Joe beer down here: beggar aiming for how fuckin long like you're bound you made a mistake, use brow exhausted. Of course there was a huge search now volunteers. I mean investigators, journalists, helicopters were there, there was a dive crew, they was cadavers bloodhounds. You know I mean that the local businesses, even let people like set up base camps, they were there- are missing persons. Posters right I mean they went crazy, so bloodhounds were used to follow the path from the car to wherever Bryce had gone. Next
and his girlfriend can actually gave the investigators some of the clothes she had at our house of his allows you to try to get his sent off of it. The dogs lead they, so they dig at its centre. Surely the initial search led did the dogs from the car or down the embankment and towards the lake? Ok, but then it walked along the shore o wedded. These second bloodhound search did was, did that same thing, but then went across a damn over the lake ok and then went southward to a truck, stop less darker and when he got to the rest, stop it just stops like he hopped trot yeah someone exact so, people are thinking, he walked all the way and then he hits derived be it a truck. A car was a meeting someone
They are highly plans on the aid plan. Something or did you just hit? You read to me. It seems like a plan, something because what was taken out about double eggs what was taken out of the devil and he walked to the trucks. right and they knew it was their stops right. So he went somewhere right he's not in the lake leg. It doesn't make any sense. So they search for forty eight hours straight and there was no sign of him. They can find any evidence besides that sent everything like that at. who will seven m six minutes after talking to his parents that night, they had. His suv was found to be on video surveillance, camera on Lake Hughes, Road, which was heading towards a lake. Ok, so he told his mother, I'm gonna, pull off and sleep six minutes later,
he seemed driving towards that lake right. He wasn't pulling on his voice, shedding are used not either he was bullshitting our or for some reason. He was going to this very remote area to go to sleep, but I dont think that that would happen bright They there was someone driving that vehicle they'd have not positively identified it as Bryce cause. I can't see it very well. Rice, assuming its price causes very close after covers mom, and they didn't find anything else. Now, exactly know as the justice someone else was driving their car and there were no passengers. Seen her the same camera Captured him again on that road at for twenty nine m. Okay, so this is very long and really windy and he went up and down it twice. Weird in that doesn't make sense, and I think that the sinister had episode that Listen to this. I think they had a really good theory about this, which, if he was, if you're gonna go with the theory that he was trying to take his own mind.
which I dont know certainly go tightly myself. But if you are, this can be seen as may be contemplating trying to get the hot spots to do like figuring it or trying to figure out. If that's what you want to do, just can't exactly contemplating rising like you know that could be it written knows in the weeks following the search. Tipsy. Alternatives came in, but no leads were happening. The media end up getting involved, cause I'm just trying to spread the word everywhere, the lake anywhere. We can get this that a more missing persons fires came out that a billboard near the lake that was like a huge bowl bored with his face on it. Yeah, I mean they were trying everything and everybody in the parents kept saying he was fine and they kept saying we spent the whole summer with amusement.
he wasn't acting strange. I don't know what happened in these two weeks. Yeah, they think foul play is involved there like he would never go voluntarily. He wouldn't tried to take his own life this just as to make sense September forestry thousand and thirteen a jog are reported a fire and a woody area. Three miles from where prices car had been found. They found the source was a body burning in the woods which is terrifying, so everybody hold onto their butts peasant DNA said it wasn't Bryce her. It was
Ah price suckers. This was a murder victims from I believe, alas, Angelus homicide that it happened, so that son I'm glad they found that one at least, but the search was active for three weeks and then called off because they just had not that there is nothing to go off and was just nothing during this time his girlfriend can gave more clothing. She had of his just trying to help out in any way that she could Karen and MIKE hired decided that they were going to hire a private investigator named Denise Sylvester. Now she said she would take the case pro bono. She cannot. She basically wanted to look at the foul play aspect of this whole thing and she also said that she thinks that he hit his head and maybe became disorder.
It is late and wandered into the truck stop and who knows what happened after that here? Let me love that Ireland is a definite explanation. He also She also said that his parents address was put into the gps and they acted like this was like some ground breaking like thing that she discovered that show that he had put their address into GPS, indicating that he was planning to go there, but like we knew that already, because he had told his parents what time the gps? was telling them him. Now you have that right solemnly gloves one. He probably just did that violate all be home at this time, Tillier shut them up tell him an answer might actually like he barely put it in their Billy gap. It says I'll, be there are three wrangling sure. So so she thinks that you know it could be foul play the whole disorientation thing or she thinks you may be had a psychiatric episode
I mean, maybe which any of these could be to sell the p. I did help the parents higher sonar specialists, so they could search parts of a lake that they hadn't searched before there was parts like that are three hundred fifty that's fucking crazy, which just saying that makes me scared makes me so terrified, Kai one haze town there like deep water. I dont like deep water at all. I like water, but I dont like all water. If freaks me in thinking of a lake, that's three hundred feet deep just would cause lightening the Willie's click the underworld, all this just so much in there that we don't know about- members who lived there for two days twelve hours each day, these views the sonar device on this lake found absolutely nothing.
So investigators and now interviewing in our friends and family. There talking to anybody who knew him. They'll someone's gotta know something in again everyone they talk to our like yeah use, acting real, where at writing a sophomore year, like he's just we're, so they were like what the fuck then they get told he had started giving away some of his possession witches wild different, so he gave Sean has remained his xbox with generally he love like he loves his xbox big thing to give away also gave him a pair of diamond studs earrings that his mother had given to him, which is likewise drain, like sure yeah, He, the is friends also said that he had begun to mix the by events, meta meds with hard liquor and then It was drinking really heavily lately. So, of course, his parents like no
that can't be true, but you're like also what happened that he started drinking so like for, if you it's listen to me that it started sophomore year like if he ll get. I dont think this was like I'm in a drink, so much because I want a party yet I feel like something happened, Well that's the thing in its leg, even though all these people around and I like you- he was melting down. He was arranging completely use a totally different person. His parents maintain he was fine throughout the summer that he never showed any signs of substance abuse. Never too Is it all it doesnt violence, a dozen out, so we just went to school in immediately shifted gratefully one hundred percent of my eyesight. It's just something weird here by the time you drive to a shopping center, go on a stake out for parking browse through hundreds of products and try everything on shopping can into an hour. Long endeavour will it exhausting just thinking about it. It's time to make this,
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MRS, can rears there last year and then there's the behaviour he was exhibiting, which was very erratic. Very ambient down the meds he was taking could have contributed to a psychiatric bake but where did he go my if it is a psychiatric psychiatric? Where did he go right? What's happened? Don't just disappear into thin air because again, they'd like search the homeless population like to see, if maybe he's just like them, found them the next theory is suicide, which correlate you know with his behavior. he was exhibiting giving Waze points. They would have found a body. That's the problem with that. One too, because he's giving away his belongings he accelerated towards the lake. Some people can look at that. Is he
he was circling around. That area looked like. Maybe he was thinking about it, and maybe you re one of the worst girlfriend, but you know I mean he was talking to his friends like he was saying. Goodbye was like all that stuff, but again, if use if it's suicide, where is he right, where's his body because he did walk away from the accident and dogs trace them to the trucks right, so it's like and he took them thing with him from a novel bag outlet within the duffel bag? Do you have any theory about what he took? Writing to you? I'm ok, I'm gonna give it to you and I had a feeling you do. I have a theory so there, also the amnesia theory that people think he hit his head garden, had injury and had amnesia didn't know who he was or what he was doing or where he was going. I think that once really far far the admirable exists, because this whole thing is planned before he said I think it's just
jobs first, certain theories that he hit his head. Then you have to take into account everything that happened before the exact going to really fucking exactly does like. So we're just hinges. This anti hit his head would grant as it makes, and now, let's just that's toward the end of the weird- and it just reminds me of like when Michel Tanner got amnesia after she fell off that horse on full house. Oh, my God loves and greater emphasis. That was a very dark ass. It was your I remember it. I fall off a horse once that explains alot actual I'm not. I was gonna take that as an insult by thy, but I agree. I can't even So the next theory is that he walked away voluntarily, which is what I agreement like a stage suicide. He, I think you know you wanted to get off the grid, you know, but he could have gone to that truck. Stop He got a gun on the highway life off. He goes His parents say there's no way. This is what happened. He was superseded. Super happy no way he wasn't. The news so the foul play you know.
That somebody else was involved here, something happened but who the fuck picked him up. to get laid out on incinerators. I mean maybe the two that I lean most towards early. He decided to start this whole new fuckin life and maybe I'll just hitched ride, or I think he was turning to start a whole new life and maybe along the way but something Howard Enough YAP abducted, who knows and that's the thing so there are a lot of people on the internet in length different. Sites like webs sleuths, read it all those places that you no claim to know the facts please. Let me know more about this. Of course, read and Elizabeth favour holes. I love your additive holes. In a lot of people so, and one of the things I am that sinister head mentioned was that they went They they also said they went into a big red, a hole in it so easy case. I've done it a red at all on a website with soul is very easy to go into on this case in the galaxy majestic as its very interesting but Dave. I found that a lot of people are saying.
They knew him in high school and that he was a heavy drinker in high school and that he used to bring booze too high school like they were like you'd come drunk like he was a big drinkers, Jeffrey Tom, her so the gun. This is just speculation, but it's something did put out there. Distilling sometimes whether smoke, there's fire. Yes, in some of the people speculated like gum sinister, had mentions that some people thought that maybe he was like involved in a drug deal in this. Listen, that's why I was in a weird area and then maybe the thing he took out about duffel bag was like a track phone, like a brown known in work, would have happened, is maybe you put that burn or phone in the duffel bag. It wasn't found during the police search because Maybe they don't go into that. Duffel bag been raped and everything else and that's why no one found that maybe he took that left his real phone because he was plain and get out of there, but I don't know
You know that I do feel that would have been found during the police. Well in when I was listening to this has occurred. Sure like ok, but then it was discovered that here was charged with a misdemeanor for drew a drug charge in two thousand and twelve. it was an essential, namely know about it. Oh yeah, and it was that summer Rodya and it was for possession of cannabis ten to thirty grams. He play guilty. It's a class, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to twelve months. Super is twelve months supervision, beginning seven, seventeen twelve any I'll, send a pay court, fines and fees of sir. One thousand five hundred dollars love and there was a pang of Borneo yeah and there was a big breakdown of these charges that I have the I found me website and are the yeah link that leads to this. Like the court doc areas, I see everything you can see the breakdown of all the charges and there
the lot of just like normal charges like court clerk charge. You know all this stuff was there like intend to distributors, and now I dont know what this. Why was so high? Yet it that's a high fine, but it was there it's out there, its public record. I mean twenty to thirty grooms there. That alone is like intend to disturb you. I mean I don't want any baggies further. Well, any is so his remade John said in an interview in an article that he believes in his heart that prices ok and alive You really believe that he said quote. I think that he's trying to find himself right now he doesn't want to be found. He left it, meaning the apartment. he was, he was only grabbing the essentials. He left everything now. Slinky still has most of his close here. His teeth he's here. He told us he would come back on Labour day when asked him about that burning body that they found before they identified it as not Bryce. They asked him like what is that
said quote: I'm not worried, because I know that though he may be, having some issues right now. I can't in doing that to himself. I just have hope that that's not him Bryce, just come home man we I'll miss you family is the most important thing right now. So. It seems to me like Sean was clearly indicating the Sharm that something was wrong, that he was, and I mean just giving him the Xbox in the hearings, I'm sure sure as I was saying dynamite like what's happening in the fact that I think she's. Ok after he was given those discussions, it's like what happened cuz you letting, as I don't think he wants to be found like he's saying one. Why do you think that yeah like what you saw usually because he's making it like he doesn't want to be found? but what yeah firms your belief of exactly in some of the other things I have found in my internet searches? Is that didn't care in my car, portraying that like they would like to have
his family were out, but what about that? Fuckin drug Merlin there there indicating that, like nothing, bad, have mayor the happiest fairly in the world and everything I've seen has said like other. Maybe there was a little tension in that house in that there could have been some like you know like just a could have been ten in that house and not as like happy, unlike rainbows as their portraying end, and a lot of people are saying that care and the mother is very concerned with, like appearances and here you can see with not being embarrassed, stir ashamed. You know like, as most of us are enough, but it's but she might have been a little more concerned with that is so her per day, that, like he, this couldn't be that he is a heavy drinker. This, That night I mean you know that he was caught with the ito. Either he had drunk boss. There was no, it's just marijuana. That's out of huge deal right. But when you say that he was squeaking clean and I would like you to get busted with quite a bit of pot when right teach prohibition have so I thought
does that have something to do with this whole thing is like she knows that like he was having a lot of troubles with this stuff, but he did, she doesn't want to say. I should have known embarrass the family right, I think, maybe not embarrassing. The family might have a lot to do with those agri so there is a facebook page run for this case and its cover find bracelet Pisa. The facebook is called that there's a lot of people that will offer tips. People are still egg Ino stopping people that law. like him in trying to find out and every one of the things that they point to his the tattoo. He has achieved on his left shoulder, so it's one making used Idee him right. When somebody looks like him to slay taken a seer left, shoulder all The olive. His information is in databases for national missing persons, never never hit his social security number none of his. Hence there is, I am,
He'S- never gone into any of his accounts that, after this cause, it's like a few yards, none of them doing currently are you getting my what's happening right in according to investigators like so fry, like nothing's, been changed on the accounts. The passwords are still the same wild, because it is like crazy. They think like as a nineteen year old you just had walked away and somehow haven't you identity, unlike never have to touch any those accounts ever get em right. That's it! resting inning detectives are pretty convinced. That of a lot of the detectives I've seen our Canican Vinci still alive and just doesn't want to be found cause there's not theirs. Not a lot to suggest otherwise yeah and that's the and basically what they think is like the key. this case is what he wanted to talk to his mother about, and that was going to crack it basically. What I wonder personally is
He was planning initially to take his own life, but when he crashed, he survived. maybe I'm not here as a reason, it maybe saw this as a sign. Maybe like I'm not meant to do this, but in its like, but why wouldn T stay there or like This would be his chance to call his family or his friends or something so like Maybe he was trying ticket or maybe use thinking about it, but why would he I dont know if he was thinking about that? was closely I think I am surprised that he just left throws me yeah. The fact that he just left is crazy, yeah, but the fact that he supposedly one to his girlfriend house. Just break up with her, and then everybody thought he was going back to school here, but he packed bag. The up drove to her house broke up with her told us. Mommy was coming home in this, never came home, I am, he had many clearly had no fucking intentions. going now. He didn't. I think he some
set up some kind of new idea, which is mind blowing because on twenty three and right now I don't even know how we go about thought yeah. But with that, things like he's a nineteen years. All these are grown ass man. Even if the police have found him. They have no obligation to tell his parents right boy, it's almost like. Maybe you wouldn't want them to because the last time you did word the time, then he saw the cops he was. did you call my mom yeah you wanna talk to you didn't see that that also makes me we Eric what's Goin on their because why? Wouldn't you wanna talk to his parents, one it just where the he said to his mom, though I have there's a lot. I have to talk to you about tat, but then it's like did, he say, I know that the other thing and it's like because I haven't seen anything I mean I don't know I haven't seen anything from Kim that confirms that are denies that cause she was in the room. Red
but it's also like every time she every time they got on the phone with him during this whole journey. It's like they would be like. What are you doing these like nothing, and that would be it like no one's pushing for more right. That's a weird respond. You just have to wonder what are you doing there more to the conversation that yeah they just didn't want to say yeah like the he was saying nothing you guys just were pushing it any further. What the fuck are you push for here and as they did, you know something right wait and push it. I don't want. You know like getting this, I got is like some idea. Discovery shows about this one's colleagues the road to nowhere, which is given a chill luck and terrifying, because it reminds me of that song that sleigh gum. Ah, what is called I dont know fuck that song the way
by fastball elder I've ever heard of it was that's it's a song about like this couple. Legislate gets up one day and decisive leave their life behind. That's really scary, and I think it was based actually mingle cover it like a many more for their something of this kind of crazy about this old couple that we got up one day and dislike left their life and ended up like dying on the road. Oh, it's a very bizarre. Our very like the song always gives me. The heaps heaps are now because I believe the singer of vast Balikh read that story and then wrote the song which really- and it's like this very upbeat song issue- its railway, but as soon as I read this case and read more about it and heard like the road to nowhere as living in, I don't like me, I think of the song and, unlike the whole, things is creeping very spooky me, I'm not a fan, but
I like I found I wanna up and leave. This was in two thousand and thirteen. It is almost two thousand and twenty and we have zero information about where bracelet pieces that's insane, and I just don't know guys, I think certain over and I think maybe police have found him, Then maybe it was just like. I dont want people to find me and he is a worthy like you said before they don't have to tell his parents, whereas there soon, then the only questions will doubtless like why. But maybe we I'll. Never know that Ladys. He gave them getting reason: yeah, maybe you're only we're only seeing what people are telling us life. He went into the Witness protection programme. Maybe, even though, is on a witness- I don't know, maybe he wasn't witness something. It's bizarre man, so many there's like
I just want to have so many answer. I know in its leg, so I can. I can definitely get behind the he's alive is voluntary and thoroughly missing. Maybe the police know where he is, and he said I don't want anyone to know so another piece out. Maybe our twenty only thing. This really urban me about down his like. He isn't touched and even France, that is weird, but I've been. I guess you can get a new identity. You can happen, people do disappear. So it's like look at that, but in that I like, and then I can understand Do people think he was trying to take his own life. I understand that, if that's the case, we would, dead body right because you Think that it would be very far from yeah wary like them, we eagerly Mugabe's. Where did he go to do it and it's like we haven't found his remains at all. It's like what one the fact that I just stopped.
Like the sun. Ass just stops about truck stop, I think. Maybe he just got the car and he darted out were left the state in these somewhere else maybe he went like another country like maybe you and Mexico or like Canada, where he could be anywhere on this point and honestly, maybe baby? I know a wise, not another country, but maybe you until Y know It is not that far from Hawaii went off the mainland he's out here. I've been off the mainland, and now you can't you came from off the mainland, I know so that is the crazy spooky frustrating unbelievable tale of the disappearance of Bryce Lusby. It's a gnarly one, it's one of my favorites just because it's like they're, so many things you can come up with an twisting and turning and it just leaves you feelin spooked. I remember the first time I heard it. It was a real me day and I was in traffic and it just fell right tell us entailed the road to nowhere, man, but I wasn't
May I have your letter that gives me goosey bumps I don't like it does mean going to the doktor, make you feel better he had done. I got no glasses that day. I love that for you, I have a very like specific memory of like one. I've heard something I can remember like where I was we at it. I get that that's fun, but yeah. It's it's a crazy case. We don't have any more answers for people. I want you for. You are pinion about it, but that's based off of like speculation and I want to hear your guises theories yeah. We will definitely want to hear what you guys think in everything that I that I got here. I got from verified sources, at least so that aiming at speculation, but it speculation from pretty reliable sources finally go watch the idea discovery about it. I believe then. That's why we drink did an episode of
In this regard, it is really an definitely go check out the sinister hood episode about this, because they were great. It's a good one, and it is. This just adds its really tricky so yeah we hope be dug it. We love you, why do we love you so much and yeah? So, thanks for listening thought we did a really good job and if you want be the pictures that she was gonna posed to go along with the case they'll be on Instagram at morbid. Podcast prevails over on Facebook at Morbid, Colin at your crime. Pica you could join the Facebook group. You should do morbid coal into true, cried broadcasts then tweet at us about what you think you're areas at a morbid part. Cast email ass, a case suggestion a listener: tailless Boogie road suggestion, a hey hi. What's up hello, yes, morbid podcast at Gmail COM, check out the march on our website more report cast.
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