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Episode 113: The Keddie Cabin Murders Mini Morbid

2020-01-20 | 🔗
April 11, 1981 would mark a grim day in Keddie, California. That evening, mystery assailants came into cabin 28 and brutally massacred mother of 5, Sue Sharp, her eldest son, his friend and her youngest daughter. 31 years later, the case remains unsolved, but with new investigators on the trail, things could take a turn.Check out the three part investigative report I mention in the episodehttps://www.plumasnews.com/keddie-murders-revisited/Visit our sponsors!Perfect BarRight now, Perfect Bar is offering 15% off your online order. Just go to Perfectbar.com/morbid15. Shop their refrigerated snacks at Perfectbar.com/morbid15 today to get 15% off your order.UpstartSee why Upstart is ranked #1 in their category with over 300 businesses on Trustpilot and hurry to Upstart.com/morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. Checking your rate only takes a few minutes! That’s Upstart.com/morbid!
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we say we both highlight. How do we get there had trust me we're both not like nonexistent human beings, Gehrig omens to six votes, that he is a large man, and I owe the nicest man he's so nice guy. He complimented Michael and I shot myself, it's so nice, one people you like really likely comedians and all that stuff. When you meet them, they genuinely our like what you want them to be in your brain. John Cunning come too with us, and Gary government made him a fucking video and it was his idea yeah. He was like always here. Look, let's make em a video and we did- and it was also the now we have baby I'll postik, thus do but that is not what this many more banal out, but you know what goes into Gary governing these really funny. We love you calamity Gehrig, omens it so yeah. So that was fun last night and this is a mini morbid and its online as many morbid, which means it's not many great, which means we should jump right in ok, ready, sat, go so in my many morbid, I'm going to cover the caddy cabin murders
sounds familiar, but I'm not sure if I know it or not, it's real intends as that you're just gonna say it's real and I was like well. This is a true crime. Gas. So that's why it happened no it's real intense one might say like a circus fire took me a whole last minute sure. Did I loved it? That's one of my favorite jokes. I like so I love dad jokes, so member nineteen, eighty thirty six year old go on us sue, sharp, moved herself and her five children from Connecticut to a tiny little area called Kitty. California, ok, she had divorced her husband James and was looking over fresh start all right and you go and co Connecticut to California. That's a fresh start. The whole contradiction. It's all start, so her children were fifteen year olds, John Fourteen year old, Sheila twelve year old, Tina ten year old wreck and five year old Gregg. They old
old, Gregg, just think of Old Gregg whenever you're great they are. If I can't stop, they evolved correct income, scale about either limit. So let me give a shooting Alexandria. but finally links up. Madam says mix up, so they are moved into a very small cabin in kind of like a dilapidated resort fund, which was close to sues. Brother dawns place. Okay, this is as this source of wow What does far? Can you leave that it? Because I was so scared thousand alerted another major excess view veiled they had a nerve. You know a quick side. Note speaking of coaches, the matrix everybody keep sending me that that they think I mean chasm with shack. I said she Zahm Woodson bad happened, but no, I know Kazanovitch Shack happened here, but also Shazam would Sinbad happened. That's the one that nobody can find
which is what I did but trust me. I, like everybody, you sing like. No, this is the one eyed. Yes, I agree that did happen, but Sinbad was inches em just putting than other so The little family settled into their new cabin and cabin twenty, eight, okay, and what I did before I broke a second ago was saying it was supposed to be a temporary home. Okay, the kids made friends and nearby cabins things seemed pretty chill. Everything was happy about five months after moving on April 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one things changed drastically so that evening, on April eleventh Hour, Sheila was at a friend's home nearby sleeping over for the evening
HU, the mother was at home with her two youngest children reckon Gregg. They had a friend over a twelve year old Jason, just in smart at around ten p M Tina came home she's the twelve year old. Ah, she had been a cabin twenty seven with friends hanging out John had been out with a friend De Dana Wingate that evening. and two in the two of them also returned homely. Ok, so no one knows for sure what exactly happened and acts. I know this case, but if we skip to the next morning a horrific picture emerges. So Sheila came home early in the morning on April twelfth when she open the front door. She immediately saw the bodies of her mother Sue, her brother, John and his friend Dana on the floor in the living room. All that's terrific. The scene was fucking brutal. I believe blood was everywhere,
and the three bodies had been brutalized and we are all bound. So Sheila mediately runs into the back room because she knows her little brothers are in their right and saw that Rick Gregg in there just in their friend just in smart, had been unharmed and were fast asleep, but so yeah strange just and lived in cabin twenty six. He lived there with his mother and stepfather Marilyn and Martin Smart and his brother. So she ran back to her friends. Cabin got her friends, Father Jason James C, Bolt senior and he came, went back with her and upon seeing the scene he
the three surviving children out of the house through window. Thank God they wouldn't see the nightmare in the fucking living room right. He then inform the owners of the Keddie resort and the co owner Jen Alban called the sheriff's department at eight hundred and five a dot m. Now deputy Hank Clemente was the first to arrive on the scene. He said it was a fucking bloodbath. He said that he was. He was shocked that Sheila had actually seen that, I don't know how she's getting pass that, let's not he said it was. I mean it was everywhere. He said there was blood on the walls. The ceiling is so Arafat, so all victims had been bound with electrical tape, and why
There's John and Dana were bound separately, but also bound together to each other. John was right in front of the door on his back, so he was the first thing you saw when you walked in the door. His hands were bound with electrical tape and he was covered in blood from a giant wound on his throat, which had to let cheese next to him was Dana. Dana was face down and his head, which had been absolutely mutilate. And by a blunt object, was partially on a pillow. Although his skull was crushed, he had been manually strangled two dutch Jesus Christ Sue was gagged with a blue bandanna and her own underwear, medical tape had been looped around her head to keep them in her mouth. She had a clear mark of the butt of a daisy power line. Eight eighty rifle on the side of her head. Her throat had also been slip, and she was found news from the waist down.
her killer had partially covered her with a blanket, but it wasn't it. Oh, it didn't seem to be in a way that, like somebody cared iranian lighthouse, sometimes will do that. Her hands and ankles were also bound together with medical tape and wires. Okay, and I believe it was so that, like her knees were like up against her chest, almost like a fetal position, blood was on the floor, is on the sofa. It seemed like they said. The way that the blood was it seemed like they had been moved. Ok, unlike placed in these positions, blood was also found on some betting in the bedroom. Now the bedroom that was Sheila's and he Sheila also shared at with Tina and her mother. so there was blood in there as well right. So it was on the again on the ceiling in the living room with the bodies wherein it was also on the bottoms of shoes feet and the souls of John and Dana shoes, which indicates that they were moving around right when they were in stepping in there.
Lot at one point right. So, besides the various injuries described, all the victims had been violently stabbed repeatedly. Lou investigators also deduce that the head traumas inflicted had been from hammer. Oh yeah yeah. They fund a bloody stake knife on the floor. That was literally bent. Oh my god, yeah in the kitchen, they found a butcher knife covered in blood and a bloody claw hammer o a claw him. A little bird bottle. Hammer in and of itself is raising it stresses me, I'm not! Ok. Later they found another bloody knife in a trash can behind the caddy general store,
Now there were no signs of forced entry. All the lights were shut off, the phone was placed off the hook in the shades were all drowned, but spooky there was one fingerprint lifted from handrail on the back stairs of the cabin, but it is on a dentist I'd better than that there were therein. I had to wear gloves now that the scene was taken over Sheila's like wait. A second where's Tina wig were missing Tina Oh now they realize twelve year. Old Tina is nowhere to be found. So this is when the F b I came in right at the G8 using child was supposed to have been playing a cabin twenty six, while she was playing a cabin twenty six, but she had come home, ok, yeah! So, what's we here is that none of the other three boys woke up during the murders yeah you think that they were allowed to murder. Yeah like this was not just like being Bang Boom year olds.
meanwhile another couple in the area, so they woke up somewhere around one hundred and thirty, a dot m in heard like muffled screams, okay, and they thought it was just a television or something so they just went back to sleep. Can you imagine styling owing leaner everybody? When can you imagine finding a later? That's what that wasn't me? I went back to see new magic, but so horrifying. So later, Justin came forward just in the twelve year old. That was in the room with the brick and Gregg sure he said he did see something orchestrate so under hypnosis. What you seemed just in claim that he had seen sue with two men, one with a moustache and long hair, and one that was clean, shaven with short hair, but both of them had glasses,
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had a hammer in his hand- and he said John and Dana came in the house began. You know arguing with the men. The argument got violent. Tina suddenly came into the room. They said she was holding a blanket One of the men took her out the back door. We're coming back in to kill sue and then the other one killed, John and Dana He didn't know where that man pudding put Tina and like did he say if they saw him, they said. No. They said that no one saw him. Those late, nothing they're like didn't, see ass. Oh that's! Why we're spared yeah, guess, scary,
Oh now, investigators made composite sketches of what he was saying. Dna was collected from the scene and stored button. Nothing could be done about in her Amboina consume eightys. The sheriff Doug Thomas Work, the case and instead of calling in homicide, he or he called in the organised crime unit from Sacramento Department of Justice can around on, which is weird and at that point apparently that department was like known to be corrupt, o goody yeah, so Tina was missing and there was absolutely no sign of her in April of nine eighty forth, his lease on very organised. No three years after this, a man found part of a skull and beauty county who, which was twenty nine miles away from caddy next to the skull. There was a child's blank.
or a blue nylon jacket, a pair of genes and an empty surgical tape dispenser when they looked further. They found a job bone and a bunch of bone fragments. I said fragrance fragments- and even here forgot his fragrant. You didn't, I felt like it, but I don't know. Maybe not maybe images of judging myself to Heyward Teen is remain so that they could italian okay. So the beats canny Sheriffs Department got a random anonymous call because they had put out this information that they had found this they got an anonymous call. Saying quote: I was wondering if they thought of the murder up and kitty up in plumage county of couple years ago, where a twelve year old girl was never found. Oh now, the tap was recorded. but nothing was ever fucking done about it all perfumes, just sealed up and put an evident great, that's what we like to do is actually in a sealed envelope. What so this person
Thousand is like yeah pretty sure that person has that child has to do with that Cutty murder which its own, it seems like it's the person who did it like a yo, that's her so they didn't appear to be any motive and there was not a lot of evidence to go on at this point. There seem to be multiple killers based on the plethora of weapons involved right and what that man had said, yeah and so many people in the house. It's like that's a lot to,
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Get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the while I Athens, joined today. after a while just in smart stepfather, Martin Smart was a meat was starting to be fingernails, a suspect. Why so he had a man living in their home. Who was an ex convict named John Bow, Boo, Deb. I feel it that's about him bow. Both men had tied to organ ties to organised crime and drug trafficking.
boy now. Why would these guys immediately be thought of as suspects, while it was believed that Martin Ensue were having an affair off fuck? Besides this, it said that Sue is basically convincing Marilyn to leave Martin, ok Marilyn, whose Justin's mother reminders wife left her husband, Martin the day of the murders, oh yeah, so why would he kill Sudan because he believes that Sue convinced Maryland to leave him? I built well, but you want to be with me, but he doesn't they're just having affair got it befell of a logical, your fear like what love prevail so now. Martin is pissed because he had an affair and that a fair and convincing his wife to lead them right right right.
So why not at a sea? So in this all happened, he got his convict friend bow and with their ties to the mob. They got the job done very. At one point, Martin also told investigators that a hammer of his went missing, which is pretty convenient to explain why your shit would be one of the murder weapons right and when they found they when they showed, the hammers matched with the hammer he had miss any cigar. Shit daddy's, like I love that somewhere, someone stole my hand. I killed someone now, on top of it marrow and gave the Plumage County Sheriffs Department a hand written a letter sent to her. This is Marilyn Justin's, mom mountains. Why ex wife, It was sent to her and signed by Martin. It read quote: I've paid the price of your love and now that I've bought now that I've bought it with. Or peoples live. Ah you tell me we are through great. What else do you want? Oh No one did anything with this letter. Martin sweetie you're, sick. No one day
with the letter. They were just like oh yeah, whatever what this is. This was a corrupt, asked police tight with he paying member something well ills. so in two thousand and four, the cabin was finally torn down between then and now or between then in two thousand and four it does case was cold yeah just knowing, Mason about it. Meanwhile, in two thousand and eight Maryland Admitted- and in a documentary about this, that she one hundred percent thought her husband and his friend boas responsible shit, so this leaves me like yeah. did it. So what did sheriff Dung Thomas say to all this overwhelming evidence that Martin did it I'm busy that till he was like now he took a polygraph test, oh yeah. We all know that those are allowed use, they keep ass, did it's fun yet we know that. So that's it pressure now Thomas Woods, so sheriff. Doug Thomas was asked about his relationship with Martin back in the day, because I did you know him and, according to a report and
Loomis NEWS about the case. He said he and Martin Weir quote great pals. Ah He said that he had even allowed quote Marty to come him on a patrol alot, even ass. It might even asked him for marriage advice. They were close as fuck, thereby effects so wasn't until two thousand and thirteen that new investigators took on this case. I don't know if I would like. While I do know, I generally would cover up a murder for my best friend to add that the students, fully willing to do it in two thousand and thirteen new investigators took on the case and found that work if they found the recording of that Anonymous Tipp about Tina. These investigators were plumage sheriff, Gregg, Hag wood and special investigator MIKE gambling in two thousand, and sixteen three years after they were put on the case. Gambro found a hammer
dried up pond in the area and they believe it's one of the murder weapons shit that same year, Gamberg also met with an anonymous counselor at the Reno Veterans administration. This counselor told them that in May one thousand nine hundred and eighty one he had taken on Martin, smart as a patient and that Martin Smart actually confessed to that. He murdered sue the mother in the twelve year old girl. What he said quote I killed the woman and her daughter, but I didn't have anything to do with the boys what a peach like. I think that might be like. What's what a peach he's like my killed, the mother and daughter, I didn't kill a boy's, though Jesus curdled him, then I killed the twelve year area in my business? Is so the d o J was conformed of this bombshell and nineteen eighty one, they just said others just hearsay. Four hundred years is fucked up.
so much corruption. So there is a sounding theory here. Is that Martin Smart killed them with the aid of at least that felon go? He lived with. It seems they did this because of the affair, probably and needed her out of the situation. This makes for all the evidence already present, as well as the fact that just in smart, his son was unharmed and the other two boys were with him too Oh yeah! That's why just wasn't? Can I didn't even think that son Less Featherstone it also makes sense why Justin was a little wishy washy about. He heard what he heard a thought or saw. He was probably fresh shit cause he can was like here. I saw this. I saw that I know now I gotta going right and they kill you. I don't know I don't exactly as it was my dad You remember who was on the case was one of the new investigators put the case in two thousand. Thirteen thinks there was a deep cover up in the sheriffs Department because of like mob shit and all that, where does the mob
come and work has those do cause remember I said earlier: they have no right to ask our dies, cracker, chauffeur size as of now Martin empower dead, I'll fuck there, but they were able to get new dna evidence and it seems to place other living people there having announced who they are yet that they had their sterling more cases ongoing, shoe yeah. So, what's crazy is that Game Bergen Hag would were teens during the murders and we're friends with John and Dana the tube teen boys who were murdered. What yeah. In fact, Gomberg said to CBS Sacramento that Dana was at his house the day before the murders, stop yeah and now he's working on the case One other crazy note linking them to the crime is from
crazy awesome. Three part investigative look into this case. It's so good, like I'm gonna, put the links to this in our show, notes in its by Victoria met calf in Plumage news, the knight of the murders, Martin and Bow, went to the back door bar around ten p m and the area they were wearing, three peace suits and sunglasses. This is a small diving type bar, so everyone in viewed was baffled. Someone who abandoned their the author and many other sources. I saw think they did this to draw attention to their presence at the bar to establish an alibi for themselves, what an because I who do the Moroccan into a dive bar with three peace, Susana Sunglasses, everyone's gonna, see right. there are going to tackle yeah. I saw that factories where three be suit asylum at the bottom right. So he thinks
I was going to being really like thinking. I had no cunning and doing this to establish their alibis. I want to know like what the next question would be if they were like. So why were you wearing three piece suits like I felt fancy tonight oh, that I wear my sunglasses a night long, what they did, that night was after a couple of hours, they left the bar because they got mad that the music was switched from country to rock music. I would be mad at this switch of that, but on like switching from rock too, Three I was like y know you want, then later Martin called the bar from his cabin to piss in moan about it. Some more getting me heap, and then they went back later that night for another drink and left a bit before two am no. They think he called from his cabin to further stably, shy, lad, who I lose my cabin in this. article she mentions that the counselor who Martin of allegedly confess to also said that Martin Index
It is the motive being that sue was the reason Marilyn wanted to divorce him He also said he killed Tina just because she saw it was like. I couldn't leave her. She saw what happened. Oh my gosh Alessi everything. It's like Tina watched, her mother, be murder. In the same article, the theory is that the perpetrators were already in the cabin when John and Dana arrived and that they were despatched in front of Jones Mother soon so that she had to watch all and that lake. Basically, there is like a problem like an ironical. They also said you know she had to watch what happened to teen as well likely, my god. They think she was tortured for a long time. I said her death was not like a quickly slice the throat they said they think they were in that cabin
for a long time that her react in as of now. This is a short one. I just looked I'd. I was that we were done its cause. Those not its eight said totally failed. Kay said that one, it's not coalition say that it was a cold case for a long time and now it's reopened in their starting to get more evidence in this. So it's like an ongoing investigation right now, so any updates on this case, I'm defiling Gonna, give you guys updates. As it comes cause, it's fascinating cause. I mean it's Bowen, Martin and Martin Aviv's, yet cleared it likes their people involved here, and I need to know I must now. I need to know, because all So there was am Sheila, though one of the other one night, and doesn't every moment found it. She said that, like they, basically let like Martin and bow they'll, let them skipped town once they were named suspects. They were never told they couldn't leave.
It's weird they are allowed to do whatever they wanted in Sheila was like to me. The whole thing is a cover up. We believe that to she's, like it's a very obvious, it's a cover up, yeah sounds like it and that's what I think it is. I grew, but so far the murders in cabin twenty eight, the caddy cabin murders, are unsolved at this point spooky as fuck. I only heard the case before but first I would like to know this, and then I was like the more you tell him. I know it's such a good one cause it's a good, many morbid, because it's like this a good amount of information, but now right right, flagged, perfect, Romania. So that is not is the caddy cabin murders and hopefully will learn more about it. I want to see those two detectives solve the case. disabling therein RON Johnson, Dana. That's the beauty in their like mission, is to do this for them
Of course, I love your fucking end yeah. I want them to succeed. Well, whirl alert you on Instagram. If there is any uptake we will feed on our instagram, it is at morbid. Podcast union had us up on Twitter because your policy at their two at a morbid podcast, also on Facebook, Morbid Colin into crime, podcast group, yes, and then send as an email. So we can talk to you about it, morbid podcast at Gmail, dot, com and then turning to the patriotic, if you're feeling still inclined do it, patriarch dot com, slash morbid podcast and if you're already a patrol this paternal bitterness, bitterness are you there patrol says A big giant and our mountain sides announcement is coming this week, gale stay tuned and, and we hope you keep listen, we hope you keep it.
Third, I don't have it at me, no, no, this one's graphic in order not to women, sunglasses when call later and complain about the music, because we really need to fucking complain about the music I fucking dive bar, like don't be doing that if you're going to change it from the country like really you're, going to fucking, call them and complain about that, and then you're going to like torture, lady, because she was your mistress and she's not actually related bump into the grind right now I knew you had it in you, The guy.
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