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Episode 116: The Amazing Survival Tale of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Part 2

2020-02-15 | 🔗
It's finally Part 2 after a short hiatus! In this installment, we cover Gina DeJesus' abduction, more of the nightmare these women went through while spending a decade in Ariel Castro's House of Horrors and their eventual harrowing escape.Thanks to your sponsors!Care/OfFor 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com and enter code morbid50UpstartSee why Upstart is ranked #1 in their category with over 300 businesses on Trustpilot and hurry to Upstart.com/MORBID to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. Checking your rate only takes a few minutes!Perfect SnacksRight now, Perfect Bar is offering 15% off your online order. Just go to Perfectbar.com/Morbid15Check out Michelle, Amanda and Gina's books! Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Me-Reclaimed-Cleveland-Kidnappings-ebook/dp/B00HSNMGBI/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Michelle+knight&qid=1581751607&sr=8-1Life After Darkness: Finding Healing and Happiness After the Cleveland Kidnappingshttps://www.amazon.com/Life-After-Darkness-Happiness-Kidnappings-ebook/dp/B071YYP4K5/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Michelle+knight&qid=1581751607&sr=8-2Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Clevelandhttps://www.amazon.com/Hope-Memoir-Survival-Cleveland/dp/B00VEMM38A/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3KSIFFH1GFQRV&keywords=gina+dejesus&qid=1581751732&sprefix=gina+deje%2Caps%2C134&sr=8-1
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I feel some type of way that were recording it's very weird, like to four weeks almost feels like it's been two years feels like it's been a fucking eternity. It really does we're very happy to be back. I missed you guys. I know, and let me be the first to say you guys have been absolutely fucking amazing I've. If you have not been on social media, you ve been wondering where Hell we ve been for two weeks linked morbid illegal. Where did they go? Do they just stop? One of my twins got very, very sick with invasive strap disease. Pneumonia and arrest me all at the same time. And a fucking collapse Long Anna collapsed long, ere from me, pneumonia, actually in the face of strap, so it was really bad and happen very suddenly right when we got home from me, New York show
really that night went from a very big high to a very big low, the lowest of low. So when we are not even out of the woods yet, and it's been two four weeks, so it's been really rough time and she was in. I see you for over. We she still in the hospital, but we're hoping that will change. It would die. You know in the next day or two and things Look it up now, so she's gonna be ok. We can finally that, while it was like really here their Keyser, whose like really bad for awhile, who is really scarier in John and I have been living in the hospital, basically just trying to link switch back and forth between like going home for a night. Let me just quickly say that Ash is a literal angel honour now and you should all I have. An ash in your life is actually one on planet earth needs it ashen there lay up, because between her and my mother in law we would
I have been able to function without them. Ash is literally like taken over my house. For me, I devotees its many servants, she's taken care, the baby she's doing night feedings for us how ya amazing? Well, I just I won't five kids anyway areas like what are fighting illegal. Excuse me. If I would have dated you if I know that no not actually, but I want to have like many many children and I love the kids and Like I love, steady, mom and link. You have been steady, mom I've been driving a mom caught, not to be like a badge, but you have a mom car I do. I would german a mom car, I wouldn't brigand kids to school. I can make it dinner and shit. She has done it all. I've been living this whole. I mean I've been horribly upset, but you ve been you can like the whole than it down here. Your mama's gotta hold it down honey. We are so ill and also its like anybody out there. Who has kids knows that if seeing your,
in sick at all, like the worst thing ever, but this was by far the worst experience of my entire life invasive strap has a mortality got alike. I don't wish this expert and on my own worst enemies, even legal. All the asshole, so excited to say these things to us. Every wish this on. I don't we should on anyone who now prevail, no, no nap Orville. I do not wish this on you at all. Tell it's terrible and they put I wanted, dank. Obviously I wanted I wanted. I can never thank ass enough for what she might offer me. It's unbelievable, I just did exactly what you would do for me. I love you. I have a whole new appreciation for you. How does this woman, this woman across from me in this laundry room? I don't care how long the central is. How do you? How do you do Who all of the mom things like wake up. Call me that their day like I love your kid, but she woke up every two hours and I was like sweetie.
Q and all but Dale. How does Mama produced the podcast added the podcast research, all the things for the broadcasts and feed your us? Every two hour sizes figure I'll sleep. You know I'm dead and, unlike the older one, she's like coffin in the middle of the night and like yelling at me, cause I can't she doesn't like to be comforted. Oh yeah cause. I was the only thing. The the other two kids got sick to everybody dies bad guys so dearly as bad. We all got sick too, but then I realized that as mom like nothing, I was your there mom, but you can't be sick. No, you can't look. coffin browser with it how do you like? I don't feel good, but I can't not feel good I can't even take my favorite drug of choices, which is now well know that something you give up as a mom or a dad sand. Father day, all I wanted LAN, I'm just gonna. Keep it straight up. One hundred with you all I wanted was a glass of wine and I was like, but what, if thing happened in middle of the night. You and I
it now you honestly, this is taught us shit can happen in the blink If I can I and suddenly she was sick out of nowhere golly six, so it's like. We always need to be aware in its, and it is easy to see how we know yet, like equal, but something you give up. I still have no equal when I had a cold because you Billy Goodbye eliminated. I love wine. I love at a ball slick I saw have about. I would say five, six years of like not having kids just like I'll just in my head. All that and also, I just want to say you guys listening you right there take you, hey, hey you in your car you on the treadmill. I was getting the treadmill washing some dishes. You walk in your dog, you at work, you just do what we want a new pouponne. You poop in you have been amazing. Incredible. I wanted thank each and every person for sending like good vibes, I'm not a religion
this person, but I really appreciated the people that were like were sending prayer. He doesn't know what that that's a good vibe. I will take all the vibes, all the hugs, some grass other thought somebody. Message me and so that she was doing what you suffer us and I was that signing child of undue in which you off thank my ass was outside walk in your dog talking of the moon, your neighbours, but I think I am Okay, I was in the hospital for a literally cuz. I was ready to do anything at that point I was like I will like I will do so. I will sacrifice myself. I don't even think so. I was like looking up at the full moon, full moon, like begging the moon, to help me If you do so, you get weird when you gotta visa, I mean you, kill weird, you keep it railway, but seriously you guys! Thank you so much you ve been so patient are every these benefits are moderators have been amazing. On Facebook page once we updated everybody, everybody was awesome. I know everybody has been weight.
Four part two of aerial Castro, and I appreciate everybody being so so patient about it and I m there was only one or two people that were like nasty and once you answered with hey my kids in the hospital, they felt real, stupid rule quacks of ass, a nice over turning to make some trolls filling idiots, so that was good you're welcome every one else thou. Like the other. Ninety nine point: ninety nine percent of everybody was so amazing, so understanding and we love you and we appreciate use much. This was a humbling eight year and John, and I both appreciate you. This was awesome to see you guys justly be so like. behind us. Tat was like our community here and it made me feel like ok, she's got all these good thoughts come in from, like all these places, yeah what she's doing great now so everything's gonna everything's on the up and up or getting back into the grind here. Hopefully you, all ready to listen to some really fucked up shit in this specific area of a little housekeeping. If we do we ve never son,
before I got that because I was listening to positive America and they said that yeah Save America on China get political, but we won't talk about here. How the fuck do you open your phone without a home button, but I have one of those fancies phones. I dont understand. I draw all that's another mom thing. I fuckin dropped my phone in your bathtub tonight. I'll get a bath was piss, it happens in his mind. So we really quickly just want to remind you of all the live shows that we have coming up Pretty soon we're gonna be out Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Anita chew storm for foyer punchline, comedy club baby April Fourteenth sold out April fifteen sold out Dc Improv or common all up any Washington DC. That's on a gross may sick we're gonna be an Huntsville Alabama. We sure I think the week before that we're gonna be a crime gone yeah with definite I mean, I don't think we are that's gonna be also. I was saying I think that I have made before that. It is on the up
for Burma. The next fuckin night we're gonna, be in Nashville. Twice, yes to until night, blue limes, all up in you NASH, may seventh early may seven too late and baby. If you already know Chicago June twelve sold out what up shook So those are our lives shows we're working on Somalia. Everybody make sure. U S stay tuned because is going to be some fun announcements coming up in the next week or so, and relaxing about a wall without further ado. Why don't you go ahead and fuck up my world somewhere? I am ready to fuck up everybody's world right now. she's the main effect of worlds. Frederick too, and I really have this is cut. This is very cathartic I so already in this. This like a happy ending sets a good. Where did they leave off recall so where we left off cause. I know it's only four hundred years guys and we oppose it was not our intention to start a two part or rape. for this happened on all is really that doing so. Will you no good
You ve all been hanging on the address seats for the snuff, so we left off and let's see he had kidnapped, Amanda bury Yup He had brought her into the home, he told much. He told Michel that he was planning to bring two other women into the home rat holes in it. That's when he would let her go that centre. That was a lie, but Michel also became pregnant by this asshole hate them and he made her lose the baby by punching her in the stomach with about Oh, oh! That's where we were after he starved her fair weak only got he starved her. While she was pregnant, oh yeah, and then he punch during the summit with barbell while she whispered I know I love that was your leaked Amr God, you didn't give her food like. Yes, he also put a barbell endorsed by but every time you say that I feel like I've been pollyanna some awful Michelle
I mean they'd, let me be clear: they all were tortured, abused, heinous, easily and yes, house, but Michel seem to be his linked. Favorite punching bag, which has no yeah, and she was the one who like suffered she and all in all she suffered. Five terminated pregnancies in that House LAO terminated by him right, obviously in Asia and she when she came out of it she was no longer allowed to of loud. She was no longer able to conceive a child from behind the healing shut down her leg is it I mean she like fucked her up ass. I did all three of them came out with physical and physical injuries that will never be able to know about by. While that was one of hers, So Where is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy, notes of by
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and during these the three during the sum of the only three things like three here's that these women were locked up in his home, he was actually actively dating a woman named Lillian poor little. I had no idea. Sometimes she would get into she would come over sometimes, but she was never allowed to go upstairs and they were all held upstairs right and sometimes she would hear Michel's television upstairs and cherubic. What's that because of their, he would make enough. Excuse and she's gonna like went with it was, I imagine, if you're dating somebody and they didn't, allow you upstairs in their home I'd I'd, be my first. I mean that's a red flag guys here, that I am no relationship expert but
discover that that's a red flag is really get the hell out of their leave. Any really looks like aerial Castro. You really get the hell out of there too, because that students yucca looking ugly, so they broke up in October, two thousand and three but yeah. It's just that it's in he. This shows too in it, and it gets more and more apparent throughout this story. How much he like psychologically abuse these women as well get like he'd. They for sure were like Stockholm syndrome at some point and then it was also a leg. They just he had taken every shred of them away from themselves the ivory every piece of hope away from them, so there are even times or
we'd, like allowed them to kind of walk around a little bit in the house, and they would be too scared to even try anything piazza just wasn't even they were like. No, it's not worth it. I have one thing to happen so November fifteenth two thousand two thousand two thousand two thousand and three America's most wanted covered the disappear some men to bury, because Amanda had that her disappearance had been covered heavily. Her mother was on that. Yes from the like she was cause. She was alone with the news. She was an inch you just had a different life than Michel did unborne rarely cause. If you guys had listened it. Have you listen apart one we really covered Michel's upbringing hush that poor woman, Chile barely had anybody. She has been traumatized. Turn entire life, I'm so it's nice to hear will up to you and at the end of this punk ass, how they're doing now in its they see here. She is thriving right now, but holy shit. She had a time
Jack, at their her life, is like? Oh, my god, you're in was one of the things like Lagos, Amanda Berries, mom was like Oliver. The news she was on like tv shows talk, shows just how sing, vigils and linking everything she can and will find out that the third woman, whose abducted Jean into Hey Zeus, her parents, are also everywhere all over the news, everything and he would make sure show them their family remarked, but he would also show Michel see no one's looking for you know, gives a shit. They are God, and she said she would try to act like fuck, you dude and then she was like, but inside I be like once looking of core- and she was I in- and I read in her book in a link her book all of their books in the pizza.
so this, but she says at one point it was like I just like was thinking about her. No one is looking for me. No one gives a shit and it was the loneliness feeling and then I started thinking of what that would feel ache to be in this situation is horrific, horrific situation and then said then go. and no one cares. There's no one outside of these walls that even gives that's like depression online like tat is so dark yeah. I can't even bring my mind to go. There had to go, therefore like eleven. I can imagine I can't even I can so January. Twenty six, two thousand and four police arrived at the home of aerial cast why Why did they arrive there? They were investigating him on charges of child abduction and child and dangerous for I know you're like what the fuck yeah. Well, if you remember he's a school bus driver and Ellen rightly school bus driver
which is terrible same morning. He had picked two kids up to drop them off at like an after school programme. In he decided he dropped one of them off and then he kept the other one, which was, I believe, a four year olds. Lots of four or five year olds are very young kid. He kept that one in the book, I drove tool Wendy's and was like I'm gonna go eat lunch in this Wendy's force this child, to hide in the back of a bus. While he went into the Wendy's to eat, told this lay down bitch guy in Europe and then he went inside ate. Some food came back drove the bus around aimlessly for awhile, with this child and proliferate crying and screaming into you and raw yeah, and then dropped the kid back off at school. Two hours late, soon need did. He not think everything was going to come of that's well fuck to the students, so these
who police officer. So obviously this all came to light the parents. Will it what the fuck is, that these two police officers shop at his door and ask him about this shit and when he didn't answer the door, they just forget it and walk away. Oh, let me tell you. This is the first of many times that the Cleveland Police Department dropped the mother fucking ball on this set in saying the Cleveland Police Department arrived at this house and knocked on the store, several more times. Are you kidding when he didn't answer? They would just leave and now is it yeah We are certain things, especially like abduction of a four year old, deserve a little follow up that definitely deserves follow up these will this. also investigated by Cleveland, child and family services awfully they found it of child abuse and neglect, and but they said it was unsubstantiated. Ah, Ok that makes perfect sense. They relate examine not at all or not gonna press any charges against its fine
also I'm never putting my goods on a bus and I'm not after many of these stories on ever again, few drive us, I'm sure your wonderful per oh yeah, one high recited trying to tell you that, like all bus drivers are the worst I had great bus drivers are growing up. But, oh, you know why these two instances that I can think of in two I had a shitty bus driver, one time and he is the start of my house. You, I didn't stop at my house, and I was like there is like other kids on the bus and then I like, went to the front I was. I was literally five years old knows it's when my first memory, like you, didn't stop at my home and he was so mean he was. I get off at the next stop Milosevic, I'm five! You threw overboard you can always like. I was when I went over there. am, I remember my mom like munching gave about me, was ripped shit. I would have killed that men with I bear I think, honestly. I think that my mom and dad I'm gonna be honest. Reawake. First of all, my kids aren't going on the bus such as not happening at the hour, but if they did, that happened mark
My words, I would kill that man and I was so scared. I it's my first memories that I was really pink jumper, that's horrifying, because one of the things I keep thinking of is my twins are for, and I keep trying to think of like okay, therefore, so in like hopefully she's not going to remember much of this, she won't Why should I keep thinking that? So I really hope she most of my childhood was pretty traumatic and I remember silence. That's Garcia! That's good! Yeah! It's perfect, while the good thing about this whole thing was the Cleveland School District did hold a disciplinary. Eating well that's good and he was suspended from work for sixty days without pay. oh perfect punishment, let's not fire the guy's a child. No like that, and we Obviously it is a union situation, though yeah it's a little harder to which I mean where union family so Yulka Mammy Brow, but
it does make situations like this all aren't allowed showed only the just firearm. These got the union mind any just wanted a foul foe. He just one of a vote at Wendy, that's terrible! But now so again he has Michel has Amanda the police, already been at the house. Nothing's happened and I do think that they knew that the police were thoroughly Michel Amanda. I, but I wonder if they do. Can you imagine you're like that close on, while data I agree, written just for their sakes, so the third woman who was a of was a girl, a woman at this point choosing young girl Gina to Hay Zeus. She went missing on April. Second, two thousand and four. Now let me just get one thing out of the way here: Felix Daisies his father. He was friends with area Castro. Are you kidding me I just how Chelsea up they were, so they were friends in school all through school. Together they do.
What like way back. So she knew him. This fucker took one of his good friends, daughter Yeltsin, say yeah, genus name was Georgina, but she went by Gina yeah. She was fourteen years old at the time of the dark. How did he abductor so at two thirty p m the day she went missing, she left Wilbur Right Middle School like Assyrian, like Eighth grade school yeah child to walk home with our lean Castro, who is her best friend and aerials there, ten year old, daughter, ok, now none of his kids knew about what was going on why? Because you wouldn't let his kids upstairs when they were, they were over like they just he would just be secretive in their like my dad just weird right, any they also to live with I'm so like when you sound, like the house, was a mass unlike Suffolk gods, yet to wonder how often they were even they had. Actually, I think they were there that mention when they were. He was weird and secretive above the surface of airlink, whatever it does not want to push it right, so are so
our lean and Gina parted ways where their walking together. They wanted to hang out that night, but they ended a parting ways, because our lean couldn't come to genus house that day because she been grounded by her mother. Ok, I guess they had called her mother on a page on the way, please: can I go into Laguna member those says? Oh, I don't remember, pay phones, but I remember being like. Please can I I definitely remember it so. Gino is walking alone in aerial drove past her and asked her. He said. Have you seen our lean and she was a girl you, I just sire like we're. Gonna hang out, but were not anymore and he was a go I guess I don't know where she is. Can you help me find her? Oh, my god, she was like, oh yeah sure. Now he later said he was turned on by her cleavage, ill she's. Fourteen will now again Jean anew
him right. She knew him, it's her dad family friend, so he it's like, so she gets in the car. Yes, that's because again, right unit, you think you know this person. All three of these women knew him and some off way right, like Michel, knew him through his daughter, Emily and then Amanda knew him through one of his kids. It was, I think she knew Emily to ya like they all just knew who he was right leg. He wasn't in neighbors, said later, like user friendly guy, he was used totally use gross and dirty, unlike his house, which disgusting we all know someone who's like that. No Well they're, nice person, Lloyd alone right. So it's ought not accuse like outwardly portraying this monster, vibe rife fishing, in the car and on the way he asked her. If she could help him shoes, he was like you know it. Can you help me move some speakers into my house nope and she was
pure grown men. Let me cite again: never fucking help people know grandma. I don't need your help. No grown woman. Don't need your help! Rhone ass people don't need your help now and if you are, if you have a choice, or you are a child's right now listening to this and go to bed. But A grown up, never need your help. It's maybe swiftly soliciting like one thirty and linked to study how early closure I carefully You know what, if you have kids, you know the easiest thing to do. don't hurt anyone advocate all the time. Grownups don't need your help and if our asking you for you that for help there's a problem and then a mayor conservatively mom goes down the dishwasher beginner. You need my help really. Can you just get this formula? I owe you need my help, but whatever I dreamt of them know that so he got Gina inside the home and she and then immediately brought her upstairs saying. The speakers were upstairs know they're, not when they got upstairs
where's he brought her into a bathroom and he immediately said show me your private oh that's how he put it. Oh so she immediately gets weird and out and she's. Ah I want to leave I just got straight up, not sure yeah yeah, because so here, like sure, but you have to leave it to you, like. You know what I'm sorry that was. That was rude of me, in an area buddy you can leave, but you have to leave a different way than you came in some gonna. Let you out a different way and she was like ok cool I would like why and she and am sure in her head she's. Just thinking like I want to give you just get me. The forgot guys are sure, so he tricked her into going into the basement because he was like all lead- you out the back in the basement now. If anybody on a hard won, the basement is not a place you wanna be so after putting power stick ties on her wrist and changing her to the pool he raped her EU growth. Ongoing vanished? He placed the motorcycle hamlet over her head and left her there.
the pole and sobbing, like the moon, recycle home just adds an element of like terror. Straight abhor leg, straight up, horror like that that that's a horror movie a little. That's the thing in the horror movie that you, like that's a little too far, yeah, why you wanted an illegitimate that kind. It takes me out of the realism of it. Nobody would do that amendments like know somebody did they would now Michel said she could hear her scream for help the entire time all my guerrilla basement. She said she could literally hear her yell somebody please how I got this is I'm John genuinely nauseous. Why don't? I just gave me like this cases like turning I really is. I promise there's a happy ending up in so at three forty five p m genus, mom Nancy wondered
where her daughter was issued policy also just called her too, like anchor. We do sleep over yet and she's like where the hell issue right sure she tat she checked. The place is usually went and then she started calling her friends and no one had seen or heard firmer at five o nine p m. She reported her missing timidly vum police. According to the report, her mom told them. Her daughter was quote mentally around the age of nine or ten years old and attend special ed classes, No. The report also stated last seen by Castro Arlene of West one ten Lorraine destination unknown, so it's just really creepy that in the missing for it, it's like last seen with Arlene Castro right. It's like that
the father of which is the person who stole her. I say yes, I said at the time she was mentally around the age of nine or ten. That's so horrific yeah. That Saturday morning there were roadblocks set up or police were stopping each car to show photos of Gina they're using bloodhounds. I mean the search was on yeah this. This girl. This was a huge, huge missing persons case. The same afternoon, the police went to Amandas Boyfriends, home Amanda, berries, boyfriend. His name was Denise, o d as an they brought him in for questioning, because at the time he was a prime suspects and it's always the husband hits always the has done it. In fact, all of his neighbours when he was like brought out of the house with the police, they were Ali Clapping and they make online. They got him the poor do. I know because they were thinking like he not only did, he objected, Amanda vary, but they were like he probably know.
Where Jean is right there on that in, according to the lost girls, the true story of the Cleveland abductions and the incredible rescue of Michel night Mandatory and Jean into his use by John Glad some book, but in those shone out to her boyfriend, was stopped a lot in the next few years following their abductions, because he remained a suspect right and periodically. They would just stop him sharp and his door surreal, women aerial attacks from functioning guys life, I'm YO exactly according to the same source that book that day flyers were distributed by Jean his family and friends. In one flyer, with her face on it was put outside of aerial Castro's home on lorry. Also aerial wind the search. It's always so fucked up to me when they do something like that. Early go to the funerals it accurate. So we urge such another level. Of fact it is and remember he was friends with her father and hit her family
right. So he joined this search as a concerned friend write em right. Meanwhile, he's got his daughter. Cheese into a pole and with the main borders. I got her hand on her head. Annie's raped area now that Sunday, the F B, I became involved because others through missing girl, and it's a missing children case at this point. They usually get mom, but that stuff, like we solemnly Polly Class at this point, aerial figured. He was fucked over son when the F b I came, Multi was a girl, I'm gonna be caught and I think he realized I still three women in broad daylight, yeah leg, eventually somebody's gonna catch on, so he decided to write a confession letter because he likely plan to kill himself really he didn t, but he wrote about in the confession letter it's ridiculous letter. It's like he he talks about him being a sexual predator which, as we know, sexual priorities like I'm sick
It's like booth fucking, who know any says like he says, I'm sick, it's it's because I was sexually abused by relative a child's ok, I'm sorry, but there's plenty of working people that I want experience that nightmare, that you can't use that as an excuse to then go and do the same fucking thing that some monster did to you exactly Michel. That makes me so angry shall not exactly and it's like that's a crutch. Does millions of people were abused and suffer horrific indignities and the atrocities that doesn't go. Do the same exact thing in most of them do not, and that's like sulphur, when people blame that it's like. Will yours fuck, you recognize you cited to take that now, just billet illegal meat is being like. I'm gonna be negligent. His Falkland, I'm just gonna, be announced as I was neglected. No, no! It's like you choose your path.
you do, and I only when people use their past like rats it drives me now has a crutch to be an asshole exactly. I don't wanna hear as a crutch and general issues on its like fuck you man so yeah so easily move about Joe. It's only He didn't we all women are to women and one child in my house and rape them every day and beat them for two decades, legally fire. Ok, that makes them and he legitimately blamed the three girls for their own kidnappings. In this.
why does he was like? Will they got my car? They should know better, ok, cause like ok, so therefore, yet, hopefully so area the lake. Honestly, now let me spoil earlier this fucker is dead now, which I am sad about. Our idea I wish he was riding I mean like straight up. Rotting. Saves is, but I hope he is dealing with the bees with teeth in the bad place. Right now I, like the honey one, is seen the good place, that's one of the punishments and the bad place, and I always thought it was a great public bees with tease with teeth Alec. No, you don't need any specifically. But the bees with teeth do it just now he's with teeth. I just hope, he's living in a place with bees with teeth of cats, Canada, TAT Western, I'm pretty impressive. You it is, though, is a device, but teepees fatigue is a deep. So I hope his eye open deal would bees with teeth so the same guy. Who is in charge of Amandas abduction, special agent,
HAWK, which I believe we talked about in part. One dollar name, you have to become a special fbi. Yeah you do know is Robert HAWK leg. You know haven't a choice know why you can be legally escape order? You could that's true, yes, but you know it becoming or pilot a pilot Robert HAWK who islet Robert like if somebody came here, he got. A few option was like I'm. Your pilot today Pilot Robert HAWK Idyllic world yeah, I'm gonna get at it like a hawk ready to fly or Navy seal. You be named seal. Oh that's a great one! Ino eager you gonna do great thing. Yet that's all so he was put on the lead of dealers cases I'm glad it's a good hands with Robert OC, her parents, Nancy and Felix words like literally not sleeping enforcing their cause. I mean I don't want to fathom like I'm, not even sleep. I haven't slept for two weeks and I know where my child is yeah. I haven't slept for two weeks just when your child, then like some kind of danger or like anything like that, you don't,
knowing where your child is, and what is happening to them is is nightmare. I can't even put no hunting your kin in your house. I feel like I've seen not affect you. I get all my all the package, you sick time and its it just like not having everybody under one roof and, like I just couldn't imagine this kind of situation. They had a command centre at their house. They had flyers being sent out. They were canvassing everywhere themselves like they were doing the damn thing. never stopped one day. Aerial Castro came to their fucking home, hugged them and said how sorry he was ready to them and then offered distribute flyer see shedding a pile of flyers, so you're gonna find out what he did with one of those fires give it to them. So everyone in the area. At this point in Cleveland, leg were terrified for kids. They rely on assembly, try,
the doktor flows never refuse them. Shit yes owns, it was just everyone was freaking out known, was walking anywhere. It was crazy, so, Friday April, ninth, the day after Gina turned fifty. yours all over her birthday up, an anonymous Tipp, was called into the F B. I know this Tipp said for them to look into a guy named Fernando Cologne, who was working as a security guard at work town, Plaza nautical unsparing. Your oases now ass. He was also married two areas. wife. I wonder where the step come from and I don't know it's hard to tell it is hard to connect these days. It is. He was picked up on that morning and interviewed four hours. He was also given in past polygraph test and his car was forensically searched in cleared later.
being driven home by another FBI agent. In he literally said to this agent quote, I told them is so he says in I read it in internal. Remember, I'm gonna find the article on opposite. He says quote, I told them to investigate area Castro because he knows Gina and her parents and where they live, oh shit, they ignored him and never questioned area can make Since the F B, I ignored hurry up and the FBI denies this conversation ever took place just rages in me. You know other young guy here about everybody's everybody's thoughts. On this, this what Fernando Cologne says the F B. I says that never happened. I dont know whose telling the truth only two people met Carnea right, but it's worth saying it wasn't. Until Gina was in the house for two weeks, Michel finally met her on those for two weeks and she never matter environment Amanda before right, she met a man of achieved only seen Amanda like once there,
different. We ass Amanda was kept separate from them. He we'll see later he starts calling Amanda like his wife and shit leaky. I use so area was pretending that she was he would he brought her and it was like this is my daughter and ourselves like you're, an idiot wig. I've watched the tv like you, gave me a tv I've watched the name like I know. I've heard the basement young Alec. I heard her screaming in the basement, so he stuck them in a bathroom together and he was like she's she's she's gonna. Do your hair gene is going to do your hair, ok Michel's? Why what the fuck. So he was like, do her hair and why news like? Ok? So she just starts like doing twists and her hair, and she was like ok so that he left them alone for, like a second z, one in the kitchen like turned his back
ah ha and Michel whispered to her leg. Don't let him know that I know who you are, but I know who you are like. I know that your jean yeah I've been watching the news and choose legally shit, and this using don't let him know cause. I don't know if he's gonna be pests that I know least ran yours daughter, and then she was like when I can get closer to you. I will give you tips on how to link survive him. All like she was like. I felt like I had to take care of her, what an angel and she was like an after after was done. She was like. Oh, it looked really pretty like she did a really good job, so she was like thank you. Oh God, pissed. Why leg? It he's just a psychopath, if a hustle he put gene in one of the upstairs bedrooms. After keeping her in the basement for awhile and he hung one of those missing posters in the room. Oh my god you like, why hung the missing poster in her room, so she had to sit there and stare at it because he changed her up to a mattress like he didn't Michel. So he changed it to the other end of the room, so huge
sit there and have to look at the missing poster, but solely waiting their hearing. Her family is out there missing her in trying to find her right, it's awful so eventually he brought Gina into the room with Michel, ok and he padlocked them together with the rusty chains. Ok, so he was like on this like nasty mattress so Michel says that they bonded like a ton of course, because they were chain. To each other, litter literally other and they had like, and they all of them only had like a pot to piss in shit in and do whatever he would empty it like once in a while. She said it smelled discussing overflow and he would just leave it. I wonder how sick they wear when I got they said they were really sick. Leave Isaac. This is really like trigger warning. Causes can be like I, we very talked about rape alike. Things get caught
Harry I'm not going on, I graphic detail might come on all ready straight up now shut again. Some of these things are just really like they can be triggering on here. So when the EU would be would come in to rape, one of them, which he would rate them several times. Possess the most disgusting while human being ever. They said when he would rape one of them. They would hold hands all to try to like comfort each right and Michel still have a lot of gene as like more sinister and he was like so she was like. I always felt like I had to protect her and he would come in and link try to attack. Gina ensures Adele Webby like no take me. Take me like she would try to be like trying to save her anew. Piss him off right, of course, cause he's. I rose normal. This is just a nightmare, all the girls he did give all the girls journals which legitimate weird, yet It's very weird: Amanda was apparently the one who kept the most detailed records. I guess they all like drew a lot, they all
that's what I'm saying I was gonna say, but she had several journals. One was called the Blue Journal, which was talked about basically in graphic detail. This hit the sexual said the rapes these Amanda yeah shoe. She named one of the miss shady handcrafted items. Look at in this way, like personal little flake, like drawings, and like writings that she did and then she had a black journal. That was title entitled love. Oh, she also wrote, letters to her mother every day, only God stall yeah. Now he started referring to Amanda, like I said, as his wife weird and he started taking Gina and Michel outside in the backyard to rape them he raped. Back yard, harps or up against his car, and what they think is that, because this was one here
referring to. He was literally like saying like me and amend our married her. That's my wife Hokosa. They thing he was literally doing this in some sick, weird away to lake. Keep it out of the house so that a Mandalay. So I got married and was no they're like he was even though she's acts homey, I'm out your wife gathered weird. Their pink bedroom that they were chained up in together became so filthy and disgusting that they both had bedsores, yeah ouch now on Wednesday November. Seventeenth, two thousand and four Luanda Miller, who is Amanda, berries, mother, she went on the Montel Williams, show but that's how you talk over the Montel William show higher fuck an old. Was I it's two dozen for older. You ate a shit It's so you remember. Psychic Sylvia Brown sounds familiar fuck well on our own.
These, where you ass. I remember the Morey nobody's gonna rubber Sylvia Browned, whose, like my age, so they were having tv psychic, Sylvia Brown on the show, and she was there because she was going to tell her what happened to amend right Sylvia Brown, a piece of shit now all suggest, but now she a liar cheeky. She system ass, a life. I think a lot of these people who claim to be psychics and tell people where there is whether their children are alive or dead. Their missing kids are pieces of shit. I really do I think tanks boy people, I think that's fucked stone, email me. I think you don't ask me. I don't tell me honestly if you're one of those psychics you do that, like don't ask me dont message me cause. I don't give a shit like. I think it's really Fox when his father, because even if you know you don't know so, it's like stop these. Never there's! Never the point where this is. What did she say so Will we said she saw a man. Does black hooded jacket and a dumpster and,
he said it had the perpetrators dna all over it. Ok and so Amandas mother told her that there are reports that Amanda may have gotten into a white car with three people and Cosette was one of the reports that like floated around he was like. Is there any truth, because people just make sure up so Sylvia said there was only one person and I mean like she got some of their psych somewhat corrects. Yeah, but you have to wonder if that's like Lockwood, that's the thing So she said she said she, nope, those one person and then Amandas mom said. Can you tell me if thou ever find her ass? She out there and Sylvia said? Oh god, she's see. I hate this when they're in war, I just hate this. Are you shitting me she's, not alive, honey and I'll? Tell you why your daughter is not the type that wouldn't have checked in which he or she was alive but I'm sorry. They didn't find the jacket, because that had dna on it like we're
you'd, like what part of your asked. Did you pulled out of bed so things like lady water in this, it there and say I really hate it when there in water literally Sylvia, like flew all I'm so sorry to inconvenience you Sylvia, sit there and say to him weaving mother, I'm sorry. I hate when they're in water, What the fuck here and also work. Why? Because now you're sitting you ve now planted in her head? There are poor wound, ers rotting in water, somewhere, prom ray it's like God, damn it ate the hut. Like fucking hate that shit, you know. That's not! Okay, grieving parents, like that's unbelievable now,. whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on people, Stream every moment from a donor Midland unexplored bonus actors annex loses plus, if you're looking for more classic kids, you can stream every episode of clocks and recreation tuna.
and in every season of ESA now in the mood for, the brand new sick out, peacocks original comedies, the Amber, so an say by the back with you, Adding a new bans are familiar face. You can find sends a comedy its peak up get started for free at peak on tv doc but what's this zinni, Threed virtual try on pretty cool right wing or those prices, real debate glasses for men yep, they also have affordable blue light glasses seriously at those prices get em all I like where this is going. Zany dotcom, prescription, glasses, starting at six. Ninety five, so Amandas mothers, sobbing at the single yeah and ass, Do you think I'll ever get to see her again and Sylvia said yeah in Heaven. On the other side, ok, go fuck yourself, Sylvia. What the actual fuck I'm so so yeah, that's! So that was awesome and show that was a real boost. to her fuckin Sankey. In late October, Jean into Hazy, his parents appeared on the more poet
hey all their shattering. They had a segment with long island. Psychic Jeffrey wants not Terry could put out not characteristic approve dammit, see that would have great We have invited us to raise. The computer knows a damn shares. The shit shall suffer the Delhi's you well. She will stop your ass at the grocery store Billig. Let me tell you what you dead, relative, ESA and she's. Always right. Tell me she's wrong. Ass of Jeffrey once said, GINO was kidnapped, bisexual predator incorrectly was correct. He said that they had spoken to her several times who had spoken sexual predator oak idea and he told them their daughter was still alive, okay and that her abductor knew the area from where she was due from where he had in her very well long islands, where its animals with them. Psycho you psych long Island is, is breeding some real ass psychic, some SAM. They really are long island or, as is where it's out apparently, but then
got it wrong. So I did so we got right up until then, then he said this guy was black, he's not know with facial hair in his twenties too early thirties. Around five foot, nine inches talk. He was wrong uncle because Aerial Castro's not black and is not five feet, nine inches taller and he was not It is against forties, yeah yeah. Don't you suddenly values in time, but but yeah? He was not any of that. So won't, wants another looking for the wrong suspects and thus the other thing about that shit. It's like no do many people, interaction unless you're fully confident actually, which he Brayley S, but he probably has another story. Whatever April two thousand and five, the FBI released a sketch of a person of interest who was seen lurking around genus school when she disappeared Yoko. He looked just like Aerial Castro because
was area. Castra make sense area later said that he was watching. He said he watched all three of these girls and that he was lurking arranging a school and initially he said that he actually meant to kidnap another girl, oh and that he actually didn't mean to kidnapped no, but he was like a well. I meant to can like why let you know them right up to look like her and he was like. I got it wrong, while you're dumb now on April, twenty first thousand and five, it was the second anniversary of a man, s disappearance, so she had been there for two years gone and there was a televised candlelit vigil for her, where her mother was Leading them and singing happy birthday to her. Oh, my stomach just fall on flight lips, so tragic and horrible aerial had them watch it and he served cake to celebrate why young and from then on, he served cake to celebrate each of their end of our series of one
he abducted them. That is the most twisted getting to every year on the day he abducted them. He would serve them cake, also imagined eating anything he gave you there was in the thing is all of them said that he just gave them like rotten food too, so they just eight rotten food while they were. There are links, boiled beans and shit like that and legal just leftovers from what he would like big. It is true unfathomable nightmare what they went through in, like I said earlier. He liked to play mine games with them, so he would rape and beat them in front of each other, and sometimes he would pretend to leave for the day and then wait and see if one of them tried to move or leave and if they did, he would ruthlessly beat them and then chain them to the pool in the basement God. So punishments were like holding food from them for like weeks at a time he just wouldn't feed them cheese's. She would withhold water from them for days. He would take away the buckets he gave them as toys
seems like don't tell ya, go where you want only afterwards early like p. Only. Why they got langmore like fence while yet ass, he would lock them in the freezing basement in the winter or those boiling hot attic in the summer, all God, yet he would also force them. Who play russian roulette all the time. Oh, no! No! No! No! No! All got. oh god, and then he would do these weird trust exercises like in that part of it was like when he would leave and see if they moved and if they stayed to like put where they were. You come back and black sea. I need to be able to trust you and like. I was proud of his like psychological torture, and then he would do russian roulette to them or he would give them the gun insane pull the trigger and if they do If the enormously they were like they would freak out, and he was like see. I need to be able to trust you that really like russian year. Let scares me on a whole doughnuts, I'm all shut up. I don't like thought now. In March, two thousand and six Amandas mother passed away of heart failure.
oh my God has it. Why did you chooses thoroughgoing? Sorry, I'm sorry, it's really! It's a tough guy, the damage people media everyone around her said she died of a broken. Of course, she did because her daughter and amazing that five years after the way after a soviet Fucking Brown told her about her daughter was dead. yeah thanks a lot earlier. She kind of lost hope, like she had been holding out, hope a reporter who knew her from the case agreed and said quote and people ask me: how do you know that any said, because I was listening to her heartbreak for three years for my god? Yet all now was even worse. Amanda found this out because machine
in Gina watch the coverage of it on the news and when a Michel saw Amanda Fur brief minute during the day she said, I'm so sorry for your loss and Amanda was like what are you talking about and choose lake, and she was like I didn't want to find out. Any other way sounds like your mother faster way. Oh my god and she said she just sat and saw she could hear her sobbing from the. and I was like that? How do you mean you're, all alone league? How do you not just like d materially just de materialise into nothing? I don't like. I feel accepted that whole situation. and hearing your mother passed away while on the other point, is just like everything. What what do I have here? Where are you know me like you for them to keep going unlike holy shit? Yeah like these women are This is on another level. This is horrific. Now soon after this Amanda got pregnant with aerials baby. No thank you
and he was pleased, could well that's a lifeline. Michel gets the baby's beaten out of her, but this one he was pleased with, because this is his wife. Of course. This is also one Michel got even worse treatment. You start taking more out on Michel, which is weird. She was only fed once a day and it was left overs machine and she got one shower every a week. got regular meetings now said he would also one of the things he would do was for like mind games. He would make them shower with him ill. Oh, my god fire groves and then fur for allowing them to shower even just with him. He would say you owe me, oh and then, when he would rape them after he would rate them. He would throw cash at them, where he would literally like treat it like. It was a transaction whites like that they were part of and he was their bill. I know you're a rapist
This was not a transaction and like I'm in a fucking room, I don't need your am gonna. Do with that. That is up until they wanted something like a like a notebook or something you d like where you have to pay for it? Oh my god, it was so beyond. How does How does a monsters mind even like come up with this shit? That's the thing like. How did you come up, but how is your minds will die dark? awful and die horrific well and at one point he brought his grandson. Who is a target Oh my god and the son of his daughter, Angie to the house- and he told the girls the boy wanted to see upstairs. So usually you have to hide your chains, so they don't scare him ok, so there are like what the fuck so he comes in, and there are like my buddy and, like Michelle said he was like oh you're, so handsome like they're just sitting there like the kid burst like he, she said the kid looked around and was like oh fuck and he was a toddler and he gray like
She is not ok, he started bursting into tears and screaming for his mother- oh my god. A few weeks after this Angie Castro, his mother, in Emily Castro. arrived at aerials house because they were like someone. The latter do not go dance. Lakers that kid went back to his mother was like there's women up there right in with them, were energies, husband, anomalies boyfriend. So they were like we're. Gonna fuck you up do what happened now. shortly before the family arrived, they had told him. They were on their way, come on a demon, so aerial unchained, all the women march them all downstairs to the basement, change them to the large Poland them at all. He wound down tape around their heads and stuffed dirty socks below alone. He then too, if any one made so much as a sound while his family was there, he would shoot them all out like now, Michel said soon. She heard someone upstairs demand that he unlocked the basement, so they could look downstairs, Annie,
he said one of the guys up. There said they're down there. I hear music and soak as he would he blasted salsa music, though, In view of the fact that it was a cheer, I know right scarier earns in shit. It's just like so much to Ariel wouldn't allow them down there, because using oats flooded in this under construction, it's dangerous. You can't go down there. I'm going anyway, so everybody apparently was like whatever like we can. What are we gonna do so once everyone left, he came back down to the basement, took off the duct tape over their mouths and fed them somewhere gross meal, and he went back up and left them altogether in the basement for the next three weeks he left them chained together to pull in the basement, unlike didn't the murder. Anything, oh, you know yeah. He would barely feed them, but then he would come down everyone's every day and take one of them upstairs to rape them and then bring them back downstairs for three weeks
I shall now little bit after this, his family was coming over again. Probably them still make sure that things were not waken feeling what is going on here. So at this point he forced all three, the girls into his van in the garage where he changed them in the summer heat with the windows up and locked them in there for five day they gonna die. I'm so glad you didn't die David. They all said they passed out several times like blacked out, didn't know. Leaguer organs are literally hooking at that point. Yeah no in December that year Michel got pregnant for the fourth time now when aerial found out he stopped feeding her and then force fed her soda. Why? For three weeks she was sick, as a dog would like morning, sickness until Aerial got frustrated and kicked and punched her stomach until he killed the unborn child
last year and the way she describes this one and the last one is horrific. I didn't want to go into too much detail because its honestly too much Media even like comprehend was too much for you. You wanna, he read about it. It's in her book. She does say like what happened and if you want to read it by all means, go ahead its I mean you get the idea she attacked him punched until, but she goes into more detail about like watching it die. Basically like it's a really sad. We nevermind idea it's pretty awful. so on Christmas Day
Amanda went into labor oh wow and was brought into it. So one of the things I read said she was branded the basement. The other one says she was on the felt him filthy mattress. Either ways disgusting and she was going to deliver the child in the house. He was gonna break into the hospital right. Michel was forced to deliver it for, her ok, so what happened was it? I think it was like early early morning, Michel was woken up by Ariel Castro and he was hugely get up. You need to deliver this child like what I thought you might know about or attacked a lingering occasion had no medical experience right, none so in also She had miscarried aren't. Excuse me not miscarried. She had had for children beat not of her by this. May. I now he's telling your? U have to deliver this other child right leg, that is such another well, and he did on a one hundred percent, so the baby was blue when it was born
Oh no said Michel who had zero experience again in the medical field, was forced to figure this out because areas and screaming at her that if the baby died, it was her fault and he was gonna killer. I'm a guy like you, literally screaming. I will kill you if that baby dies, like figure it out, so she was like holy shit, so she gives the new born baby CPR like starts breathing for the baby is figuring out. She had no idea what use during she's, figured it out aerial screaming added the entire time, then he's gonna murder her and suddenly the baby started crying. Oh, my god, a baby is a baby girl named Joscelyn. Who now The baby, grew into a toddler. Now, apparently, aerial was like super into the skin public. Where did he where was he able to like high joscelyn when his family came over? Well, that's the thing he started referring to her as his girlfriend
kid he took her out and about he like brought her to hidden to do stirred everybody and ass? She grew into a toddler. He made Michel in Gina change their names around her because you scared that she would understand some day or that she would get out of the house like oh Michel, in Amanda, send ass if he like Michel Enemy, right here, where I thought actually, my colleague Michel in Gina? You know that's actually like like from his ugly margaret I hate. When I know I hate when there are actually like stumble into like a fuck that was like evil. so in my area, so he named Michel Michel decided to be named. You do because she loved Jijiu bees can be all an Gina was like I'll, be named Chelsea. I guess so they just so. She called them like anti dude you and Anti Chelsea. He took their chains off because our he took Amandas chains off because he didn't want joscelyn to be scared. Ok
What did you have a bedroom originate in the bedroom with amazing lucky bedroom. now, sometimes he had them also silly. He was like weird with her and he was like he knew. They said they, never saw him hit her ok, like do anything like that. Like physically heard, there was a time when they said like she woke up and she had a nightmare and she was like screaming and healing ran up the stairs and like was like, shut her up like as he was worried the neighbours around. Here I come to the house of landings in happen. So Manta was trying to comfort her like a mother does it was like rubbing her back and rock here, but you still sobbing, so he took his hand and, like put it over, her face was shut up until she shut up. So it's like he was not a fucking print this kid, while a body like weird inches weird so sometimes he is just was weird. What I read he had them all sit up with him, while they watched keeping up with the car dashings, which was his favorite, show
here. I don't want a laugh at the idea of the numbers elbow. I can you just a man like watching Courtney. Include you be in a fine you're like while, wow literally like yeah. Why, on top of it, hell. If that's also torture. You sent me in front of Fuckin tv and make me what's keeping up with the current actions. That's it. area on the fucking cake. Like me, while I love keeping up with the kurdish ins, but it's like keeping over the card actions is torture to me so yeah having to watch that well being in this securing only Mozilla Baywatch it in her house fuck now my dad. Whenever I visit my dad my stepmom, all of you who are usually get that should offer television. I refuse I will watch like some crap tv, like then upon rules, but I do not allow it that's not a cop tv you get out of my face, but he asked
no really liked Kim Kardashian when make like disgusting comments on other values. Sitting there with them. I'm sure they're, all dislike cool google, so in Jean Michel, would make Joscelyn linked baby clothes out of their old clothes. They would literally like he gave them a sewing. Can at one point because he was I share whatever, and they started showing her clothes out of with their old t, shirts and stuff that it was only disgusting softly. I d like to know what to do like. We just wanted to help any cigani started, telling people that Joscelyn was his girlfriend child right now around four p m on April third aerial Castro Maiden illegal. You turn outside of Robertson, Robinson G Jones Elementary School. When he did this, he had a school bus full of kids on those making a you to turn which is illegal, but also really dangerous. Units was fucking. Do then a bus. He did this in front of several teachers and parents perfect. He was reported immediately the Cleveland School
their strict ban disciplinary hearing in two weeks later, he was charged with two charges of disregarding his passenger safety and negligence. Sixty days, unpaid suspension again, while work for a union. So in November, two thousand and ten, a neighbor heard banging coming from areas home in their like what the fuck only a properly heard, some other shouldn't to unlock yeah we're like an ok and then you out everything up on the other and you're like ok, it's time to do some by yeah in this person said they saw a woman in the window with a baby, and then they were like what like in the attic window of the baby there like what the fuck is that so spooky here they were like wait. A second gazelle thought he was just a single guy. Rarely with this one. We ve never seen this woman enter around the house. So later Michel said it was her laws trying till it get someone's attention. The woman called police police came. They walked around the outside the house, knocked on the door, no one
sir says laughed good, perfect right outlined air, another name. Her one per EZ was in his basement. I think he was with the sister and they heard screaming coming from aerials basement. They called the police. They said quote, it was the kind of scream that made you uncomfortable. It gave us goosebumps and went on for ten seconds. While I had my sister call, the police, police came knocking on the door. No one answered, so they left you look. You can't do that were not the answer. If you got you gotta do something linked. I'm sorry! Do all criminals just answer the door right when the police knock like me, doing all hidden Do you know where they are? Do you know who they needed in this situation? Dogs. yes in New York very little leader to break down the door like what the fuck cleave. Nobody, understand how much I loved all about a hunter. I do I wish I didn't, but
Do you I didn't love her. I just I just wish. I didn't know that you loved him so much, and so it's a fact I wished her to bury deep within while by our out it's out there now silhouette, learn it. What is that What does the job breaker? They learn. It love it. So, in November a neighbor call earning was Elsie Clinton or Clinton sees me was walking home late one night and she saw a little girl in the window at aerials. Housing she's, like
That's we earned in achieving the whole thing. Just seemed weird to me: look who's this little girl. We ve never seen wisely up later, when I walk ass. She out there now she said she was like our ain't, so she went home and she told her brother about this and she's like this is where in her brothers name was Lugo. I believe an she was like you know it. Can you lay double check? Can you go knock on the door and like see what's going on cause, I'm worried about this, so logos, I'm sure I'll go over and he said there was plywood on the windows. Those like bags trash all over the place suits bootleggers really weird. So he was like. You know what I'm going to call the cops. I don't wanna go there. He was like a Maradona, so he says the cops came, maybe half an hour later. They pounded on the door for maybe like five or six minutes, and there was no answer That was it. They left. Also, do you think at some point there be like? Maybe this house's abandoned and we should figure it out? Well, that's it's! Like you ve gotten! You ve now received several calls re about this one,
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Go said and they were being abused. The police were called again, but they never fucking came yeah. I never even shut up to this one. How do you like a police department? How does the council believe that inform me? It's locked. Now just that one down started other yeah yeah seriously, glitches start fresh, because this is not work. Now Michel got pregnant for a fifth time: oh no, an aerial Forster. No! This is fucked she's, deathly allergic to mustard o thou in he knew that because he would bring hugely really into Mcdonald's and fast food, and he would bring that shit and she was always like. I can't eat it if it, as was said on it.
so he knew that he forced her to eat a hot dog when mustard on an expression and die and well she almost dead. She went into an electric shock, basically who, on the mattress next to Gina Gina, nursed her back to how how she said it took like two full weeks in she said she was blown up, could barely breathe appoints. She said she crossed, over at one point it and she was like an Gina literally, was like you. You can't leave Could you please don't leave me and she was also like you need to be here for Joey your son and she she's, like credits, Gina she's like without Jean. I would not be here while so she made it three months into this pregnancy before he kicked her down a flight of stairs and punched and kicked her until she miscarried again my cod and while she was Miss carrying this child or while shoot this child was murdered in shoes having to basically.
ex, allow it to exit reality, shoe screaming and crying over this her saying he was blasting, salsa music, oh my god, you imagine what they what happens to their site he when they hear saw some. I was literally just thinking my leg item, even I'm thinking of them like I'm ever cause. You know it's weird. We wish we had begun an ambulance with my my daughter, and it was the worst experience of my life. and now I said the other day I have rarely been triggered by anything. I am trigger the plane. You says now no longer get violence against the fuck. Some just thinking like I like, I saw an ambulance like we We'll try me the other day, and I was like bull. Against most of you, I, like I'm fine, but what it was like this will allow leader like. I don't want to think about it. what I was sitting there. Thinking like this, can you imagine this kind of fuckin triggering may imagine that must I can't and what that does to you. I don't know how you go on at all. I really don't like these. Women are amazing
I don't know how you trust anybody after this thing, then it's, people do do Romanones eliminate like these. You have to be such a strong fuckin human yeah, for anybody has gone feeling abuse like this one, how live a normal life, Udo you're, a goddamn warrior so just know that so in summer, two thousand and twelve Gina Michel's shared mattress, bedbugs? Oh, and I am surprised that took not long they actually in her book in Michel's book. She said, I'm surprised it took that longing eyes. He found that he found that mattress in an alley perfect, and it had been. I mean at this point it had been stained with like blood vomit. He even p poop, sweat everything and he didn't do anything to fix it. He was like a sorry that sucks then they were covered in bed, both us and I shall send you she saw them on the bed, so he put a plastic sheet down on the bed and late the debt of summer good,
which did nothing. I wouldn't like this k would have to sleep on life, nor that same summer, Michel talks in her book about a time when he allowed Gina to read a newspaper, and she saw addressed that she she thought Michel would like. So she begged him to buy it for her using the money. He would throw them only alright them, so he did weirdly. And Michel word. All the time isn't good I'll dress said like China. Just was like. I know, Michel would like that dress. While that but the heart of all warm your heart, only God so, just after four p m on Monday May, six, This is the day her yo so May. Sixth, two thousand and thirteen Joscelyn Europe is running up and down the stairs saying something along the lines of like daddy's gone to Grandma's house daddy's cars. Not here So there are like her, so she runs into Amandas Room, her moms room and she's. Like daddy, told me to come up here and stay
So initially, no one did anything about it because it again he's done this before travelling exercise. Yeah, so Amanda was like, so I sat there for love. It knows her. I wonder so joscelyn in and he is. He had also had joscelyn tell them before that he was leaving, and then he would do the thing where you re too. So they were like. I'm not gonna believe this right away, but eventually Amanda was like. I peaked outside and saw his car was really gone. Novelties left before, obviously, but she was like wait a second, my bedroom doors, not locked, because just just came in here, and it usually was so she opened it chooses dominant lockdown upstairs. So she, why can you imagine their terror that must guide of her so she's like what the fuck? So she looks and she's like I'm gonna, try the front door, so she tries the front door and it opens its unlocked mega. So she takes
brass opens it who share between the outside world and that door was one more door that was locked with a chain law. Of course, so she looks out the window. She's gonna fuck him like this, I blow ideas. I'm so clearly have to do that, so she looks out the window in the dark as this class in the door, and she see someone across the street. So it was Aurora Marty and her two other neighbours and they were directly across the street sitting on the ports. So she does it. She starts pounding on the door In screaming help me I'm a man to bury help me, I'm a man to bury my God links. green, my a full body to outright while she does this. She stuck her head between the door in the frame because it was like slightly ajar. Ah then, she's waving out the door like literally screaming as hard as we can. So these neighbours start coming over there what the fuck in someone tells her said. One of them is like trying to break the glass like ok
ass, though she's trying it will break another. A neighbor named Angel Kundera comes over with a man named Charles Ramsay. Enable fell a kick the bottom panel out, like that's, that's up, thinner, paneling, so their helping her the left there, both kicking the panel to Alma, got so after a few lake Crazy, kicks on either side of them. The frame bends, Amanda manages to crawl out and she can crawl out like a he reaches and impose joscelyn out her, oh, so they won't run across the street to someone named Alta Russia to hate us home, and later on, I will love in years up her nine one. One call she said, help me, I'm a man to bury. They said you need police, fire ambulance and she says I need police. They said what's going on there and she said I've been Napped I've been missing ten years. I'm here, I'm free now lows us now this
the great as my legs are tingling let my elbows are tingling, so Charles Ramsay had also called man when one in speaking to another dispatcher. in his then no one calls hilarious. He said hey check this out. I just already came from Mcdonald's right. I'm on my porch my food right. This is me make you do not want. This broad is trying to break out of the Fuckin house next to me, she's, like this mother fucker done. Kidnapped to be my daughter and we ve been in this. Bitch was Linda Barrier, some shit. I don't know who the fuck. That is home to that's. It
awesome check Fifth avenue. Who does it believe that raise your hand faded into just delight you cause, I'm dumb life mounted with the disparities that got back all Boucher Although the front lines- and I received here image that so the dispatcher said, can you ask her if she needs at once, and he said she needs them thing season a panic bro. I think she been kidnapped. So you know put yourself in her shoes when I use Skype is like everybody, I have tears Romagna excesses. Those delighted, fiscal man, that's delightful below him for precedent, Charles Rosy, towards drawing up so at five. Fifty four p M Cleveland police officers, Anti Anthony Spada and Michael Tracy show up and their sceptical because there's been hoax.
because they ve been here before I lifted and a half times they get closer to her and they like holy shit. That really is amended area, so they were like they were like. Ok, who else is in the house? Is anyone here what's going on when she says yes, So they like is anyone else in the house there. Thinking is anyone else in the house like whose Europe Doktor Right- and she goes yes, Jean into Hey and Michel night and there like what tough. Were like what the they hand her Michael, like drop, drop. This right now, and can you man, no you're, like we ve found, one missing person has been missing person a missing present bird decade, who was a huge case all over the news, Oliver everywhere and now like hey, who else is in the house and the like? Oh the other main missing girls like what so mandatory. Police. That area was around. She was.
I don't know where he is but and she was like he's driving a blue one thousand nine hundred and ninety three Mazda Miata. So now an Apv went out for this vehicle at five hundred and fifty five p dot m in orders were to grab him Mediately, if spot a yeah, some meanwhile from Michel Ingenious, put peel, be there soon. The house so they heard some of this commotion, but they thought it was a trick. we'll have sleazy hounded on the door. They thought someone was breaking in cause. They relate. This is a bad neighborhood, so I thought this was like some odd another. Like cool now, we're gonna die in, and Michel says she was like, even after everything else, like I'm not dying that way. So they hid oh, my car, so once they saw so they said they Bailey heard somebody come in and sailing police yeah police, whose in here and GINO is like, I want to say something in michel- was like anybody can say: police like we have to wait so once they saw the uniforms come into the room. Gina began to sob yeah, like came out of her hiding place and Michel said she
ran out from hiding and jumped into the arms of the woman police officer on my Kenwood it. Let her go. She was looking like I clamped onto her and was like don't put me down, I'm crying now at six hundred and four p dot m. Castro was spotted at Mcdonald. I was, I thought you knew I was hardly got out. I almost made a joke about it. He was in the car with these younger brother, o Neill and police, asked for DE and arrested both of them once they were brought to please headquarters police. No, there was like what the fire Cosette police So broad and his other brother Pedro, as well in all three were brought to Cleveland County jail in Book They think it was. I got where they thought it was. The brothers were let go because they do tat, they really yeah. We just wanted a big man and they are. Really gave info saying like yeah. He was super secretive. We ve been to the house, but though he wouldn't let us out of the kitchen light hair like they gave him up. And his own son Anthony said that a couple of weeks before they were found, Aerial had asked him. He was like. Do you think, I'm in berries alive? That's cool
and his son, was like now I don't like it's been too long and use and I guess aerials I know you think so Obviously all we Ariadne, oh we're at the time he thought it was weird, but now he's like Hulu. Let's just yuppie, So in July, twenty six, two thousand and thirteen aerial Castro plead guilty, two, nine hundred and thirty seven. Crimes. Why greeting assault rape and murder? as all the murder you charge was for purposely and with prior calculation in design causing the unlawful unlawful termination of another's pregnancy, which, unlike yeah, nine hundred and thirty style crimes he got life in prison without Pearl plus a thousand years yeah
So's counts included, one hundred and seventy seven counts of kidnapping. A hundred and thirty nine counts of rape, seven counts of gross sexual imposition, three council felonious assault and one count of possession of criminal tools. While now a month later, September. Third, he killed himself national Reception Centre in Orient Ohio by hanging himself with a bed. She Hitting me. There were reports that it was during Otto neurotic asphyxiation I believe- and I firmly believe that all that shit, and he was found with his pants down. But then there was a It's from other inmates saying he had lost a ton weight while he was there, so he was always holding his pants and that's kind of you never were underwear. So I made sense that he was wearing underwear. Palais he's the nasty as he's disgusting August, seventh, two thousand and thirteen, the House of horrors was torn down: oh yeah, I was gonna side and they called it like the House of lords. Of course they do.
Michel has written to books, e finding me a decade of darkness, a life reclaimed and then life after darkness, finding healing and happiness after the cleaving kidnappings. Both of these books are met. using and they were very instrumental in writing this podcast. So I took a lot of her like first hand account from that, but go read those books cause they're fucking, awesome yeah. she goes by lily rose I'll down she's my married to you. I only it I'll Rodriguez how and they said that I think they met when they literally bumped into each other at a restaurant issue that they are both looking at their phones, unlike slammed into, like was meant they foster shelter, animals together, They got married on May six, the second anniversary of her rescue while yeah, which, like that's a bad because why not make a yet make it a great there, the best of the best it she runs?
Foundation called lilies Ray of hope, which is a place to aid and help women who have dealt with abuse and trauma law her son, Joey so when she was rescued, she went straight to the hospital and spent lake. Almost I think, like a week in the hospital, because she had been so very, very dynamic and like her job was all messed up and still is because he would puncher in the jar have heard the Java barbell only gone yet and so on. That's a hospital! One of the first thing she said was where's Joey. Can I see Joey here, and this was eleven years later, I literally like yeah The government has unilaterally angling thirteen or something like that and she said Throughout this whole experience, she would write letters to him every day she drew pictures from them every day. He was what got her through. Everything was also like the thing she thought about, like that.
At this moment is able to him now she said so. She was like where's Joey in her lawyer was like. Ok, like it's been eleven years. I want you to know like he's been adopted, where he was adopted by his foster, fair there's. Nothing we can allay said like his foster. Family was amazing, he's adopted into a wonderful family. They learn magic, excepting not thou in they were like, and she she was like a my ever going to see him again and are for the lawyer was like I dont know, because there are like the family has every right to say no, which I mean did, though so the here's, the thing so they talk to the family in the family was like. No, we don't want her to have contact with him. I don't blame them one bit because your child, is thirteen years old, yeah, all the sudden having his birth mother being the picture even after. After all, this year's it could throw a wrench into his dwell A man we're in I understand why they were like. We need to think of him here,
yeah and what is best for him. Is him having a stable households. This has been his We have been his parents for them as a whole. I those Polly really hard decision for them to exactly, and they also syringe in Michel says she understands she gets it for her was like I'm not, which that's really bad us of her till it be that mature about this. Croatia under Siam say that I would be the set out as badly as you want to see him, and that's your son, it's better about here, and she said she was like, I'm so glad that he has a family and my like its. He was taken care of this whole time cause she was like. All I wondered wives in there was what was happy? Ok, see, ok, does he have a family? like knowing that, I think, gave her a little comfort and then she asked she wrote them a letter. Saying like you know. I understand why I am so grateful to you for like taking care of my child. Like I know, he's your child's length. I am soundness like that. She's such a big
listen, Syria. She asked them. She was like one thing and I understand if you say no but like, could I have pictures of him when he was a baby and a toddler and like a child? just so, I can see what he looks like a vote. Last I saw him was like use two and a half re, so they did agree to set and they said her picture, so they do give her updates on his well being and lake How do you like that, though? They said, but it's not out of the question. I think just right now, they're not causing willing to introduce this kind of thing into this. Which I understand has long years. O er effect is a big thing to introduce two again, so I think they're gonna wait ion yeah. Maybe, though reintroduce it, I dont know if they ever well, but she kind of understands confer her. I think everybody in that situation made the right decision NEA and handled it. The best way forward on eight possum We could ruin him because she was like. I don't even know if his name is Joey anymore, I got,
They renamed. We ask so yeah so again doesn't have contact with him directly, but here's update. So that's good. A man to bury is still being an awesome mom to Joscelyn, who is thriving, whose Joscelyn okays african teenager right now and she thriving one like imagine like knowing now like yeah and Amanda, has said, like she resembles him a lot she was like, but she was like. I don't even care cuz. She was like I knew from the second. She was born she's mine That's my no one hundred percent, so she was like. I don't even she's like people ask me like, doesn't bother me she's like it doesn't cause she's mine could for her, their amazing human yeah.
So just once a teenager. Now in two thousand and seventeen Amanda joined the Fox eight Cleveland NEWS team and she hosted a missing persons. Segment called missing all good for her in two thousand and fifteen Amanda Gina CO, often a book called hope, a memoir of survival in Cleveland Thou book. I also used for part of this. The book hit number one on the New York Times: bestseller less law, it's a great book. Another great book Gina cofounded, the Cleveland family Centre for missing children and adults from the website. Its aim is founded to deter abductions, exploitation and trafficking, establish a place for families of sir in survivors to come for support and resources, provide prevention, training to the community and raise awareness to create a safe and secure community for all citizens, and so there are thriving young amazing and giving back to the world's and being fucking amazing warriors an area
Castro still dead and hopefully dealing with, but whole spiders Allah, the badly spot spiders that nothing too but whole spiders, while Nothing he's dealing with some bees with teeth, some potholes spiders, and I think they all sat a penis flat nurse. I hope their virtue offer, I hope badly. Think he did to them is happening to him. Now, Bali, I'm a million allows and reset Gillian who? Yes, it is, so I'm really glad that thousands overcast, I'm fear that was while those a tough on. So we have to go to bed. now we do. Can we watch America's next hot model? We sure. Can you know what? Anybody, if he's a pick me up. I just want to let you know this. Is it's been there for a while, but I just realized it old Ass America's an extra model which, in its pretty it's me it's a neo, The job is on Amazon, Prime to know and five. We have just world holy shit. This shit,
will ruin you it'll Tivoli, you it'll delight you ended What is it? Italy, it'll just gets all like well, what's going on here clearly in Ceuta, No? No! I love you. I love you, I love you I love you baby. I couldn't take a trip back on the way back machine and see a time when no was offended by anything. And then get real offended. It was a letter. Tat is a lot is a matter that I was like yeah some things. I've been sitting on the couch. I've been like. Well, I'm a friend here now I'm funded, but yet go what's that now, because that, make you laugh. You know that when I was let all anomaly that when I was a moderately a teenager, almost I would like practice. My because next top model poses in the in the mirror cause. I was gonna trial. for that Charlie believe and arrogant Blake. Yes, we need no, no! No! He S. Weedy Sayer go do that and we hope you feel better. Now they had pending that ending was also about a great and we loves a good and we love it.
Followers and Instagram morbid vodka set us up on twitter aim. Been pod gas and as a gmail, but only a nice one cause if not it's gonna do eat. Folder sure is morbid bobcat that has evolved com join the Facebook group, Morbid Colin at your Grandpa cast where all the awesome people. Check out. Our website has all the information you could possibly ever need about us. Our lives and our wives shows how yeah morbid podcast dot com. I don't think we have anything else. No, we don't. We hope you keep listening. We hope you he appeared, we feared. I can't. I can't I can't listen, don't keep it so weird that we are forced to say that we hope you're dealing with bees with teeth and penis fibres and bottles by some good bye
no, it's good insurance become better.
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