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Episode 117: Flinders Highway AKA The Highway of Death Aussie Madness

2020-02-17 | 🔗
Australia, you came in hot with a road that deserves its own episode! Flinders Highway is called The Highway of Death and is also known as the real Wolf Creek. Over 12 people have confirmed to have been killed along this stretch of desolate highway and some believe a thrill killer could be behind it all.Visit our Sponsors!Hunt A KillerRight now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/morbid anduse promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box. HelloFreshGo to HelloFresh.com/morbid10 and use code morbid10 for 10 free meals including free shipping.SimpliSafeVisit SimpliSafe.com/MORBID. You’ll get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial. You’ve got nothing to lose! Best FiendsEngage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me, with over 100 million downloads, this 5-star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends!

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