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Episode 120: The Tragic Murder of Paige Doherty

2020-02-23 | 🔗
Paige Doherty was a sweet, beautiful, kind, hardworking young girl. At only 15 years old, she was working part time at a hair salon in Scotland hoping to one day become a stylist. It was on her way to this job one Saturday morning in March 2016, that she met a nightmarish end at the hands of John Leathem, human garbage pile. This is a tragic story but one where Paige's family has really done above and beyond to keep her memory alive and spare other families the grief they have dealt with alone.Visit PaigesPromise.com Pout For Paige Facebook groupJames English Podcast interviewing Pamela MunroVisit our sponsor for this episode:Thrive CausemeticsStart thriving and help women in need today by going to Thrivecausemetics.com/morbid and use code morbid for 15% off your first purchase! 
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in a little bit rock and roll yeah yeah. That's a little bit tone, deaf everybody's like and I'm done with this since it is many morbid. Perhaps we should just dive into the quick business that we have and hell yeah I'd like you to tell me a story if you will we're just gonna dive into that case, ochre like a Scooby, diver blue eyes, dialogue is the man you scuba diving this week. Yeah we give it I've together, member deep dives, oh my god, I was so kind. as we did not ass, I thought makes us like. We did not go to the waterline gather. Odious became a pathological. Liar happened. I thought you broke for a second, but that's, ok, I'm not broken broken in another way. Until that ok anglaise most is the January. Thirty four Vienna grammar say you'd, be there be square, we already did that we did. It was also a list of the TED. Sir was only
We know we have been told people that we're going to be a death becomes us know. We have a shit, So there it is, the death becomes us first of all, equal twenty third at the grand jury, see hell yeah we're coming back to the gray I Luddy literacy, grimace use, rad everyone that worked there was so nice and the death becomes us. Festival is going to be the shit. I cannot if I'm so stoked we're going to be doing an awesome case. Only oh fuck, I have to get more pants. She sure does I only have one pair on deck and I was gonna win them to fill a sea. No, if you miss the first grandma see show on January thirtieth, you get another chance and you don't just get to see ass. You get to see all kinds of Costa, many many cool, many many cool things. So let me tell you, come to the death becomes US festival. We will post a link in all of our shits, even go to it, but go do it by tickets to our show there it's gonna be so fund. We have a really bad guys
Be there be square Aidan. Do it like all your shirt monologue? Oh well, before the April fourteen we're gonna be out the punchline comedy club in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. You should be there too. It's gonna be awesome, be thereby square the very next day we have the Dc Improv in Washington D C monuments. The gateway to see the. I know I've never been to fully or Washington either in a really excited and also never been the Huntsville Alabama, but we will be there. May six that stand, apply, wouldn't be rolled tightened and war in going, and everything in between sure are was suspended. Our one respect, Tare, yes, pays, say a tape, know what it means to me. Oh it's one of those you like about. I did I use of satellite. The harp is her love. It is thought that was really convincing asthma, not a good actress. Apparently no may seventh early and late at zombies en masse
Z knees were come in for ya, gonna get all raymie cricketing it so that any that by I'm pretty soon you now. I am too and then June twelve in Chicago at Tarja Hall, which looks like the most sex? Even you, oh, my god seeing unique Euro sexy it so spooky in speaking of the cargo we ve had a few people, especially from Chicago, but from other people, do telling us like great places to go in their city. That's nice! In fact, on this guy named John emailed us today and told us all these. he's in places to go in Chicago on whistling John, what our be of a great name, endeared, just a sweet fella. So I really appreciate it in Everybody'S- been so sweet about it. They really do not require me to meet her and just smash faces. Gonna be great and I think are allowed to do that. How do you get it within lop ear it? I will smash your faces. Ok, yeah, just know that I'm thinking about
Oh, that she's smashing your faith in my brain and wash your face, We do so. I also want to say that everybody was so sweet about the episode we just dropped yesterday, during an inquiry is a mummy and her closet. Everybody will seem to dig it, so we got great feedback from it and you guys have been awesome. So thanks so much for giving such lovely sentiments about it can reduce boiler for next week's episode. Yes, you can ok, we're so excited unlikely, such great feedback from it that we're going to do Venus Extravagonzo next week. We are we're just going to ride this. Paris is burning wave, I'm pretty lit for it, because I was like I said in the episode I was going to do both those cases of one episode, but it just. I had way too much information about Dorian and I didn't want to make it too long. I know too much. Information and brevity is usually my thing it s something by yes, we're gonna do Venus extravaganza, probably for the many next week. We as I think,
smaller. Unfortunately, it's an unsolved cases is not a ton of information about it, but we're gonna do yeah. So tonight, however, What are we doing says tonight we're doing a score ash episodes go issue that band that didn't go well, but you know more work, I wanna this good, very cool. I got shreck lie behind the ok good, that's going thither, and I happen to be half scottish guy, so I'm really feel in the sun. So if you're half scottish you're like a quarter, Scott, ok, because once and for all or less than that, I hear my on TIA, tacitly you probably less than but she's, really my sister, and if you say that we're not sisters, I I find you, but we digress. Do I half Scot. I not yours, I've gotta ask so this
so I figured we needed to bring one from the homeland got to do it. Let's get it do it for clan Urquhart, that's what we got to do. What do you think would happen if I did the embark dog test with my? I buy guys. Do they live every single people like gold in retreat? We got worse that, even because I was thinking about you about rally edge, I do know you thought breathless. Unfortunately, embarked is pull to spot six. So today we're gonna be working the case of a while ago,
the act is this is a really. This is actually a really brood okay, so we got the gurgles out ahead of time now. This is a real Bruno case. Account somber, somber nation has come. This is the case of the brutal murder of page Dougherty by John Lithium. John lay them is a literal peace. If human garbage a piece of what let us, if you well a piece of the wettest, let us soggy lad, let us that has been moistened by p. That has not seen Hydra action in three months: woe and has only been fed asparagus, stinky snow, indeed Levis straight up, just yellow p, while at the owl guys with any is so glad we could take you there you're right, Today, already was fifteen years old fifteen. Yeah and lit a baby yeah a baby
She was born on April seventeenth, two thousand and Clyde Bank Scotland. That makes me feel old. I know two thousand only recently that, unlike woe, shoe, so her mother was pays PAMELA Monroe and she had a step farther Andy Monroe, she's, very, very, very close to her parents. I mean her mother was like her best friend, know her step father. She she literally referred to him is like the greatest thing that ever happened to her like, oh he's, just this wonderful stepfather to site is one of those scenarios where you like that. Just worked healing in us, too the family eyes just like he was slain the missing piece I loved. If you now right- and they just seem like this really like happy Awesome- family she's, the oldest- she had a younger sister to younger brothers in it, they again they I'll just seemed like this really happy normal functioning family yeah. Honestly nowadays is so rare. It like a happy from obviously I'm sure they will
a normal family and it was like hunky dory all the time with a link, the bahraini bunch. Exactly belated seem like they were just like one of the good ones. Now so page was very tiny, choose forfeited. Well, yeah. She was very busy you even shorter than even very tiny, very petite. She was absolutely gorgeous young long, dark hair. She just like she's one of those girls that you like, didn't even have to try legally. You woke up, like you woke up like that. You chee beyond say like she disliked like that. She was also super into make up soon. In a fashion. Ah vary in the hair at all. She had aspirations of becoming a hare stylus jaw and in fact she had a part time job at a hair salon GMO Saturday mornings. I think she just like did assistant around the salon. You don't owe me like. Nobody sees things up, but she loved it. She just really loved this job, I'm off that yeah and it was-
on Saturday. Mornings is just like to make some extra money to get the experience and she's loved being around that not like an ass day to be in the salon. On Saturday, it's like the hustle and bombing and she just and she just that was what you wanted to do. So it's like what better, what better job together fifteen when you have aspirations of night into work in that environment and to get your fund. The doorway like that early on. a big deal coolly. She was. She was known as being very respectful, very loving. She was very kind all choose a very normal teenage girl like it's not like she was. You know this lay crazy wild child and she was, unlike you know these data day. They talk about her like a very normal girl, yet very normal, varied egos. Of course she could be moody like a regular teenager. They don't try to. pain. Her as like a not human beings breadth, but she was by no means like wild child. She respected her parents, tat a great relationship choose very I could get a job for you is like huge legal, really
as an to the people say she wouldn't hurt a fly. She wasn't mean he wasn't. You know she wasn't. Caddy shows us a good cash. You just sweet shouted boyfriend named Dillon. Really liked her yeah yeah, we more or less sweet voice can he's adorable that Europe really is, unlike any other teenager, she was, I mean pretty much attached to her phone. That phone never left her hand up. She was never and without it she was always looking down at it very into social media yelled. In fact social media thing in the phone thing being such a huge part of her life is part of the reason that she was like it was noticeable that she was missing, so that was helpful MIA, and that was like prime time. Social media lifecycle thing was coming out exactly and that's why you know it played a huge role in this case.
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brushing your summer with our handcrafted refreshed and smooth made breast your way at why why. So Friday March, eighteenth, two thousand and sixteen page had to over at her friend, learns how soon just a regular. You know Ten years old, you sleep a friends house near this was a Friday night so Saturday morning she had to wake up and go to work and she did could use for four hundred or job again, so she was like they slowly find to get up and go so much nineteenth Saturday. She woke up after early on our way to the salon. and on her way to the salon. Since it was early morning, she usually stopped at like a daily or coffee place to grab inelegant breakfast
I urge you something to eat on the way and again, because her shifts or early so by MID day that day Dylan her boyfriend had not heard anything from her, and he said this is weird. There was no tax and he what she was responding to tax and he was like that was weird for her Yankee again always had her phone always answered back and he was like you know I just that aid. It immediately gave me like what the hell's going on here regular shoes at work. She could always take a break and should be a quick tax like we all do. yeah, so Dylan was really concerned, and then, by lunchtime he still at heard anything and was her shift. Probably like fresh around? No, I think that her shift was still going on, but he was like she would have right now, once responded yeah cause again, she started early morning right. so Dylan Super worried so is like you know what I mean
Do it, I'm gonna call the hair salon and just make sure she got there because he wasn't like being like y know. How is she answered? She was wearing another safe days want to make sure she got there lasso, because it. Islam and he's like a she'll cayley did she did she make it to work today I see there and the bosses like? Yes, she never came to work today and the boss was also like. She also never called in that's where they wouldn't have like called her parents, while they were just like we are. They were like shouldn't cheating come in today's sitting, Collins, so we just you, know and know how motion we just yet they just related. No common show me a fifteen year old teenage around like they were like thinking too much about linking. It was too crazy that a teenager might do. It could know, call now show
MR so he say: yeah the bosses again. Should income shooting call Don auditory wreck, so Dylan is like ok, that's weird right. That is not normal for her. What the fuck's gonna! Why wouldn't she texts me to tell me if she was sick or something like this is weird wizened giant, I'm Hughes like that, so he calls PAM her mom, yeah and he's like he. You know I called I haven't heard from our all day. Have you heard for she home YA in TAT was like no she's our homes? First, we work and he was like she's not at work right. So Pimm's like what the fuck will yellow you mean, does not work. So Dylan goes on online and it's like I'm gonna. Look at social media. Save he's been adopted right. So he goes on. He sees that none of her social media profiles have had any activity. Ok, no comments, no nothing
no status updates like no Laguna line and I'll buy yeah. I was going to say, like you know, you can tell when somebody's been on minor yeah liking things and all that any looks he's like ok, the last she was on line was last night, reduce our friends house. So he's like that's really weird too, so he tells her mom in their like. This is not like her ass. They immediately call the police right good for them because they really, we're not wasting any time here. Police arrived at our house, they spoke to her family, her mom, her stepfather Free and of hers, one on social media, to ask if any one had seen her by that evening, no one had heard anything and all her friend You're saying we haven't heard from her: either women and that's weird, while none of us gotten attacks so already it's looking pretty grim right, police
started a search team that evening volunteers went out and searched for her that evening, all night, the nearby areas like woods around the shops and the route that she had taken. This went into Sunday morning again, no activity at all rulings are not looking good they're, not finding anything So there was a thing that you know, of course they're gonna be like. Could she have run away where she would she done this on our own. Literally. No one in her life was thinking that you did. There will be no. No, I just don't know, and this was one of those like no, of course not you wanna done that they were like oh like that, just like that's a preposterous thing dna is that not like her and that she was very happy in her life and the people around her. But, like she didn't have any money, and their legs. Where would she have we always a? Why would she leave her friend Laurens House not tell her friend Lauren that choosing to disappear
and her phone Polly would have an active like exactly they wanna billings. Yet on activity rest, someone would have no right leg where she going and it's like her boyfriend, she's leaving her boyfriend she's, leaving like I like all this unnatural yeah sleep over like a very normal faint yeah, and she wasn't acting strange that night, like roaring said she was like she was her normal self this morning, when she woke up and went to work right, nothing was off right, so every that went away, pretty quickly that ruling I there's like on rapid ass. They always have to do that. You know so They immediately started a facebook group so that they could get the word out quicker and it was those fine help find page Facebook group there are sharing her photo league many photos of Hearn various angles and everything just some people could really get an idea of what she looked like right, PAM posts,
I am a pictures of the clothing she was wearing that day and put their they put down my places she stopped for coffee places. She would stop for eat like in the mornings often places places she frequents it right. Like her normal, the lighting place, anyone seen her hair. Please keep an eye out. They basically just gave as many many many pieces of info as they could friends were doing this, like all her friends, really desperately trying to get information. I always think of like what it would be like if, like this happen My little one of your friends like I can't imagine not feeling tat lay helpless right cause. What can you do? All you can do is sit there really help right and, like you, try out a sort of like you just don't know like white useless.
no idea, and not only known, must be like the scariest part of the whole experience tells us that all I can think about is her mother and dislike yes, Bashir more having no eyes investors and are brought no idea what is happening to her. If she is, you know like no idea, coal dish. Hurt in your brain like like plugs all these different scenarios, that's the axe, my heart hurt for like her family and will learn later. I mention it that her mother, like her mother, had such a close bond with her yeah that she knew right away. She said she there was not one part of her that believe that she was ok all budget may my stomach flip, and it's like that. It's just because their bond with so use dong that she was like. I just now right, which is to have no hope into after pretend to have hope right just and like I don't blame yourself to have hope exactly they made up missing,
posters and they re posting them everywhere and Clyde Bank around her wrote her work route around those shops that she stopped at first food. In the morning everywhere, police went unlike searched from her from her friends house to the work like the whole room they yet like bit by bit by bit to try to find any They were coming up completely empty, oh my god, and they were like what the hell happened here cause they know She was saying that she, I guess she had told her friend Lauren. You know like I'm just going stop for something to eat, and then I'm gonna go to work. so they were like somewhere in between getting something to eat because they were pretty sure she did. He added something. Even they find out that she did that and going the bus, some go nowhere on what happened rattling? Where did this happen and very, very small politely area and a very small length of time that something had to happen. So,
again they started at Laurens home. They went to the bus stop by her bus. Stop was this group of shops? Ok. Now the Gruber shops was like five or six shops at remember how many and so the police were like. Ok, let's go in here, so they went into each shop and they talk to each of the owners and the like. Have you seen this girl right? So they spoke to a guy named Ashy Ahmed's. He owned one of the shops and he said yes, I did see her sad day more. Oh, I had come in here. I know he said or no she didn't come in the shop, but he said I did see her and he said she was going into the Delhi two doors down. Ok- and I waved at her because he said I often say- page in the morning. She came to that Delhi. Alot Bihar any said, so I waved at her and she waved back at me you're. This is kind of crazy.
Your story in the story that I'm gonna cover have a lot of weird similarity. Oh really, so is reminded me of a part of mind that so we because we don't tell each other what Germany's another twenty So yeah he said, I saw her and he said yeah I saw her around like eight hundred and fifty between eight hundred and fifteen and eight hundred and thirty. It is that I know that because I was making the roles and I make them at the same time every morning, growing know that that's what it was good for him to be able to give them much. Information was great use like very instrumental in yeah starting. This investigation are right Actually her family said quote: we ve known Ahmed's for twenty five years. The family are grateful for what they did, because they stood up early and told the truth. and because a lot of people may be a little scared like in this kind of investigation? They matter one of them air, like you know, and I the stony wanting involve young driving us Anything I'm just gonna go about me, but I'm sorry, if you fucking have information and you don't get in Bali, scattered all as if you like in this kind of situation. If they come to, you and say, did you see
this girl, nay everything you anyway, you saw you'll, never hide that shit. No, so he said she had done this in the weeks before should come to the daily gonna role, all that good stuff, I'm in charity, they stopped at his shop to get a role or had gone to what he called Johnny's. only Commodore Stone. That morning she went into the Delhi. The stelly was actually called Delicious Delhi and it was owned by John lay them. They knew each other, so you call them Johnny. And now ass. She said that they had that. He had spoken to Johnny later that night and he had confirm that she was in their buying a role and a sausage and that she was cheerful and bright like she always was right. Nothing was out of the ordinary lives. I guess she grabbed a role and sausage in one way, like every other venuses salary.
morning when she does it. Yet so police were like okay so who in here has cctv footage of the outside the shops? Everybody had among the insides, but not all of them have him on the outside one shop had it and it was ass, yet mention should all be very city. Be your shot out to the immense yard. Arm is a really on their shit right, so they were lit. They really wanted to see. You know they wanted to confirm The time she went in the daily they want to see what direction she went when she left. The daily that's what they were like: ok, great, we're going he where she went and they re illegal bird. All aware like see if something with some here, all owing her yeah, I get a better look at what she was wearing. Yakking sure that she didn't seem like a rat at any see that she had her phone, maybe up so their basically just wanting to see. What's our next move because it
point there today, I'm no matter how glaringly looked everywhere in the route. We don't know what the fuck do now right, so police were alike. Are we just need like a little chunk of this footage? I guess it was on the cctv footage. Wid would record twelve days of footage and time, and then it would like loop back and record over that. Ok, so they would always have like twelve days at a time of it, so they were like we really only needle in a few hours of footage, sheer because we're just looking at this day. So I will just take this chunk of footage yeah, so they bring it back to the station. It has to go through some kind of conversion, so they can watch. It has obviously not just like he's not like data are an so Monday March, twenty first two thousand and sixteen was when they got this. That was when a body was found, oh when they were just getting ready to convert this footage. Now this was forty. Eight hours after page went missing a while yet, but you really work really quick,
so a dog Walker had been walking in this little wooded area near Clyde Bank and they had seen human legs under a bush. Oh, no, they immediately called policing is. Can you imagine seeing human legs just pop out from behind a body? No, I cannot fuck. You up, they had gone and said so the police suitably showed up and they said it was a young female body and it was only half a mile away from where she was last seen at the shops. So it's not looking great. The body was taken to be identified at the morgue. They were doing a post mortem work up, her. Family was contacted, oh no, but they didn't know they didn't know first page at so they contacted her family and said: look a body was found. You say you know right her mother, pants,
said quote: the police said it was maybe a twenty year old girl and I was like a Campi page because she's tiny, she doesn't look twenty right. You couldn't mistake her for a twenty year old, but I knew I knew on Saturday night that something had happened her because she hadn't come. acted me, but then, when you hear on the Monday that a body has been found- and it's like five minutes over the back from us, I was like it's gotta- be her, oh god. Yes, she said she was like. I just knew where I knew it. I had already know that the police were at their home already at PAM in Andy's home yeah, because there are taking statements from them, because at this point she had been missing for forty eight hours there were running out of you, no ideas of Lee in staff, so they were obviously certain search, her home meeting with her family, just trying to get real any laughing eyes on anything that they can write. So they told her
that there were in that area. There were three girls missing. Currently alot yeah. I too had brown hair. One was bond. so her mother was like. Obviously this girl you found had brown hair or you would not be coming to me at all, sir, if not the blonde haired girl right. It's either page of the southern girl share so page, obviously pages brown hair. So that evening the other brunette turned up safe. So it's page so PAMELA Sedge again, she I knew Saturday, so it really. I just knew issues like this. Obviously I am I who held on to some string of hope, but like like in my early in my mother's intuition gut? I knew that that was her really sad. I know so
Who's the morning, her mother in some family had to go to the morgue and identify her God. That's another thing I can't fucking. Imagine oh yeah, I family family identifying is one of the worst things at the morgue for sure. Do you ever have to be present when on happens? Usually you're not you're, not technically present, like you're, not standing in the room with them yeah we always let them have yet. I'm weasel we'd set the person up and have to get them like ready for their family, because you don't want you know. One leg, medical equipment hanging offer them. Unlike right, you try to clean them up a little bit and just make sure that has at least as as little Gore or likes the shocking thing and as the EU shows little of them, as you can hear. That must be our job to, but it's really yes, some people are very, like you know, very just stoic about it and yet and want to say their goodbye.
because that's why we get a lot is a lot of people. I just want to say, though, ask buying right, and also a lousy how, by some people breakdown. Of course, people start like screaming some people are you now yelling NI yeah, you never know we're gonna get. I could never do your job, and in this scenario, the scenario of pages mother. I what she saw. I dont know how she's functioning at this point, though, now because This is awful, regardless of how someone died, but the way that page died with something that I am sure scarred them for us to their life. Now she died of massive blood loss due to stab. Oh god now she had over one hundred stab wounds in two hundred and fifty wounds altogether on her body, two hundred and four de wound. Her mother said the papers they showed the might of her mother said the paper said she was stabbed upwards of one two hundred and twenty six times. But
mother said it was much more than that she said they are. They are under reporting, I think, not to scare people right and not a shot people, but she said she said had to have been all the injuries altogether were upwards of five hundred injuries annually cod. She said that she was stabbed with more than just a knife, and she could see that right right from the job. Do you imagine eager child? No, I did. This is and use it. When I heard her talking about it on upon cast, it is horrific, horrific. I can't even inch and she's just like. Yet this is what happened like she's, very like, like I give her so much time doesn't have any kind of like disconnecting it was,
You just something: let us keep in it together we got one. Can you met this channel? Many other. Can other children s care of exactly so. It's like she's being a mom and she's taken it like an are being apparent. I should say at air would do this, but she also said that there was a whole, the size of fist in her. Oh, my god, she literally said half her neck was gone home. My cod many of the wounds were to her head and Neck Jesus Christ. Favor Leave a knife was used as well as scissors and a screwdriver, oh yeah, the day after her body was found. Randomly these random teenage boys posted a on social media of a bloody knife, saying that this was the knife they used to murder page. Why yup friends of these above this boy reported them and said that they were on face time with them, and this kid showed him a bloody. Knife and said he used to kill page. I never understand than us. I met this enough
thing in my body can understand right and this kid was also calling girls and telling them this, and he was being super detailed about ITALY. You saying like what what he did and like what if it was just really weird they looked into it. They found that it complete bullshit like what it was no foundation. What are you trying to impress girls like I'm a girl like you, do don't seem like a bad ass. If that's what you're trying to look like, you seem like a fucking pruning earth like you, some you seem like a monster Anwar AL. Stir in yet had one hundred percent, our I dont know what happens in these cases when people like pretend to do these things, but I mean it's: an obstruction of drug of justice is the net. I mean it's derailing an investigation in the attic, Because its planning it in a different direction, I would assume in some cases they probably use that like gas them or in some cases there like they used to scare them, so they never do yeah exactly so. The police go back to the shops
now. I got right so the last person to see her that we know was John Lithium right at the Delicious Delhi. so he was like when they went back to talk to him these other police. From back to talk to him, he was like oh Oneida, like I don't know her. And there I don't know who she is right. You just said they were like and you did no effect He was like listen. I have busy bakery, I don't know who she is their alike You knew her yesterday in like she's, been in here Tom, where he goes her all the time, so they take em. They dig him in. For questioning and after hours of pressing you mean like oh yeah, you're right. They did see her. She bought a role on a sausage, yeah and he seemed these. Had she seemed totally normal. Like nothing was we're
that morning, he said the same thing that he said to Ashcombe mad. He said that she seem totally normal. Nothing was out of the ordinary, so John lay them was only thirty one years old. This point. Ah, he was a father of two young kids. He was married. Woman named Katya. He had a young baby with Katya and also had a nine year old daughter from a previous relationship. named page wall yeah, Yup, oh Mary delete on ok, so yeah yeah. So that's weird, very young. So. They process the cctv footage there. able to watch it now they ever released a the cctv for I do not think it not worth. Nothing. It's nothing! Gruesome Maria lying out with I find those videos like aid. They I moments. Hunting is fucked spooky because on it
you- can see. Page entered the delicious daily. More at eight twenty one- I am your Russia men was right, so they watching the video they're waiting for her to leave and they're waiting and they're waiting and they're waiting. She never left that Delhi That's so, and they again they release the footage of that, so you can see or go and she never allow that's the scariest fucking thing ever so they, back to Ashcombe man lives before eight thirty, in the arguments literally, but its before nine o clock in the morning. That's insane! That's like the most unassuming time ever like using using Gonna walk into a fucking, Delhi now in the middle of the day of mourning and something like that's gonna happen, so they I say so they went back to her. She I mad and they like. We need the full twelve day loop of footage, because now we need to see what the fuck is going on here cause she didn't leave
where the hell did. She go rest. She was found somewhere else, so they have yet to get her out of their somehow so so he gives it right to them the day. so go back to Delicious Delhi and they take John lay them in for questioning so they also I like hey. You have a security camera inside your shop. We want the tape to that. Ah ha so he was like oh yeah absolutely, but I lost it. You can totally the cat. No no he's like yoga another tape, so be it it over. The them thing is. He gave them partial footage. Now he cut out most of the footage of that morning. Oh We realise that in your watch and they have the the footage from inside the link our nor have I not just like this, just as big chunk missing a minute just goes about that's reopened, spooky In fact, you never even see her in the daily and this footage, of course not so in the twelve day loop of footage again, she never leaves that daily right.
Now they sent in a forensic seem to the daily at this point in their searching for evidence, because clearly they know she died here right. No, meanwhile, there still going through these twelve days of seats, Cctv, footage from ass young men and they notice- that she never left, but two hours after page entered the dally. You can see John, literally run out of his daily. It's in them and it's like a busy morning, yeah like pencilled, about right runs out of his daily and clearly panicked state. Aha, he writes whose into another shop next door, he ended a buying some things then running back into his own dally. Ok! Now ass, the shop that he ran into what he bought there and they were like. Oh, he bought trash bags bleach in antibacterial lips
oh, like the most unassuming items that you could possibly ever likely if you're in question of murder, especially around you know like ten thirty in the morning, you're just running in theirs, getting a late started, a gleam actually yeah, this real quick. Now they start talking, witnesses on that morning again, and they all confirmed that there were like oh yeah. The Delhi was opened in the morning and then it closed. Ok and everybody's. what and there will I get? You shut the blinds leg. It was closed and they were like so eight twenty one it's open and then they he just closes it. Can you imagine if you ain't that Delhi later that yeah yeah that's fucked? Can you imagine so at ten o three, I am you see. John Command the daily he walks to his own car, which is right in front of the delicate. What it is in sight, these five shops than this pavement in front of these.
shops and then there's a parking lot right in front of the pavement, so late in front of the shops are a line of car as actually exactly what I was picture now, that's exactly it so he comes out he walks over to his car. He opens his trunk and he looks like he's clearing space in his trunk. Perfect. yeah. The next part was never released to the public good. They cut this pride out her family, I've seen it. I wouldn't John is seen leaving the deli with a big trash bag. Now he puts this trash bag in his trunk and at one thousand one hundred and fifty nine he gets back in his car from the deli and drives away now again, cage was for filet she's, tiny right. It's not crazy to think that she could fit in a trash bag. Unfortunately was awful March twenty four two thousand and sixteen John lay some was arrested for the murder of paged, our they searched his home, and while this is all going on, the new showed him. You know that he was
literally as this is going on as they are searching his home as he's been arrested for murder, he was in news footage as like one of those like yeah, crazy that this happened in my community thyself, fuck, Dolly crew he's one of those that likes to be like in the thick others is still has a lot of your cases like mine, other funding. It is so in like he's talking about how awful it wasn't, it keeps saying I have a child. I have a daughter of my own. Really hurt like this is breaking my heart for her family You, son of a yacht in pages mother, said that he asked her to come to his house, so he could tell her about pages the last time he saw page. So he was gonna. Get some like weird satisfaction on oh yeah. Well, then hit her. Mom is like on the sound podcast I'll have to post the link to the podcast that the mom was uncas is really interesting, now watch if you're not
from Scotland. It might it's a little hard to understand. Scottish accidents can be a little hard to understand the broke, but it's I love them. I did you like love them, love them, but did you know I'm ahead? Auditors and a sucker for games? I love it. The scottish accent is one of the best. it's a really fascinating interview and she so fuckin strong. It's unbelievable, and she says she was again. He asked me to come to his house and likewise they tell me about. You say I don't even know what what did you want to tell me like? I don't need to know about the last time you saw her like that's gross right and then she was. and then I think about it now and unlike what the fuck was, he going to do to me more ya, like it like did he know that I was on to him at that point like was he luring me in to get rid of me right and it's like folk, so She said she and she was, I guess, she's like I immediately knew he was a fucking creep, anything even
for he was arrested for when this was all a thing? I knew he was a cry. She got like a weird vibrant again. This girl, this long lifespan, Monroe, has vibes mama vibes, John stuck to his story. He was like she got to roll. She got a sausage she left, even though they were like no, no, but here's the footage that shows she didn't lie. He's right now and I'll tell you if you like mine, and they will let her figure it out very quickly or a big Dumdum John Ray a big old dumb does exactly what this I really do like they have the footage weather We will never. Most frustrating part is like when you're caught, fuckin, basically red handed in its like ok, like Fesse up, that is a traits of lakes. See a path like now I'd like to like have the evidence laid out in front of them. Indeed, look, though we have you on camera doing now, Melick know that happens in my case holy shit,
might I had an ex boyfriend? Who used to do that? Should ties with other gaslight anger is literally gaslight eager like no. I have this text from Rhonda opposing I've never met right. Now I am. I had a literal tat. I had a literal movies, Novi Stub, saying you. Until to this movie. On this day at this place- and I held it up to his face- and he told me- I was wrong, it was a misprint and I was like what but make. You believe- and I was like what these people are used to getting people to believe yeah, even when the evidence is blatantly not in their favour, and he was just that I think that he is probably lived his life getting away with that shit like this John Lethal yes, I was like what Irene anyways, I don't know, I think John lay them has lived his life, getting away with being that way, we are telling people know, even though they ignore have the evidence, re Harry's like now, and then
just go with it now he's like I'm just gonna: do it he's a liar we're not working? Otherwise, it's not working right now, like involves a murder. So when he went to court he initially didn't entropy Arap not guilty, not not guilty September. Fifth, two thousand and sixteen John lay some appeared in court and plead guilty nowhere. So this is so he was arrested in on March Twenty fourth and it wasn't until September faith that he wanted employed guilty. While so here's his story goody. He said she That page came in that morning bought her own sausage, the same fuckin story, but now he says, you know they chatted awhile could remember before he was like. I only know who she is. I didn't remember seeing her Burma. I'll always I tides change now is like ok yeah. We chatted he's like I was king or the role and all that and she was, mentioning that she wanted a new job, we're not for you.
Mentioning she wanted a new job and that she was like you know what I'd really like to work at this Fucking Delhi Yak, who wouldn't like four there's nothing wrong with working at a daily. I'm not saying that, but you wanted to be a hairstyle right. It just doesn't make anything. She had a job at a hair salon right. Why would she stop working at a hair salon to work at a delicate? Doesn't agent want that to be a hairstyle right? None of makes she's not a color and again she loved her job right. It was well known, tat she loved her job, so It was like all. I really want to work at this Fucking Delhi and John was like cool. You can fill out and application in the back already. I don't love it so ass. She says she's not allowing brought yelling. You can just bring that shit to me out here and seven tabled me. I M, so she here,
says ass. She was filling up the application in the back. She had said that she was fifteen and he was like oh shit. You can't work here at fifteen. I need to get like special permission from your mom when she ran to sign off and that's normal league. Whatever Will he says she flipped out? Could she really want to talk about delicate? She just wanted to work that fuckin dally so bad and he says so she flips out and she says, if you don't give me this job, I'm gonna go the police and tell them that you touched me and appropriately that no no, no wrong by I dont think even one of these things tracks struggling them on any galaxy. You ve Preston, incorrect yeah, John lay thumb, try again, sir, so yes or no, it doesn't make sense.
now weirdly enough. He has a twin brother. John lay. Some does is a twin brother, who is a registered sex offender YO he's a rape, a yo. Now what John said was in that moment when she said I'm gonna tell the police they you in barely touched me. He said I thought about how terrible my brother's life is now booth. Fuckin, who, I am say, you're, angry brised twin brother, has some trouble, getting a fucking job and shed on gives a shit. Apparently. He was like. I thought about how hard his life is now in. So I just couldn't let that happen to me I couldn't bear that happen to know I mean I decided. Kyoto dies a murder, I grabbed a knife and I just started stabbing her in the middle of the daily. What part of this makes sense in any universe. Now it does make unethical. Certainly do you
fuckin idiot. Does he ever come out and say what really happened? No, that's the story out so for us through this say that this poor girl is dead and he is still today. Day saying she blackmail me she was the one saying than I that she was gonna, go to the police and say I touched her. It's like in the Polly class How he used to say that one marshalling about our I add yeah, it's these fuckers. finally getting one last evil days at these people, gotta can't come in. friend, Lhasa. So it's believe that he brought her body back to his home and hid it in the garden shed then just hung out with his family. I do I see how his children and their life can you imagine. We are getting married to him that poor woman mark that poor criteria I believe so pages. Mom believes, and I agree that heat
I do something with pay. I'm warningly tried to come on turn and that Sheila rebuffed him and was like fucking your grow, some thirty one right in she already had a job she loved it. Not at that doesn't make any now so She was way and again she was like I said before she was like she was that kind of teenage girls using fashion and me up into style and red hair. I dont Good Delhi would be her ideal. Joystick Is this an alligator? She I don't they. She'd be wanting to work somewhere, you get laid down and dirty and legacy not an elegant glamorous? It's not so just nanny used to run at Adele racks have none of this tracks. So what PAMELA things is that he tried something with page she leg was like fuck now and
got hissed and will probably worry in them was worried. She's gonna go tell someone now and I'm gonna hand, unlike my brother, and it allows down my weapon, but instead he's gonna put it on her yeah. Why not like a piece of shit, fuck and so on soggy lettuce, dehydrated asparagus letter, so here is essentially a genetically modified organism is something so his son. Sing trial was set for October October, twelve, three thousand. Sixteen, he was sent still life in prison, with a minimum of twenty seven years, LAO now December, two thousand and sixteen the sole turd no was Ike Island. It p the fur reduced sentence. Why? Because my sentence is quote: unquote: excessive exists,
for murdering a teenage outlets, excessive murders, jabbing some one five hundred times, that's pretty fuckin excessive. You piece of fuckin garbutt yeah, like what the FUCK in his, and I read something where his lawyer set it to. You was like they were like it's a little over, kill two like give him now, watch and it's like weird how lagging of own high power- and I you fucking asshole Let me tell you that fuckin term well yeah an excessive. It's like this whole fuckin thing is excessive, dude and unnecessary, while the core lowered his sentence to shitting me, but they only lord it for you So they said what they said: life in prison with a minimum of twenty. three years so and he could potentially be directly. He could be purled, which is not cool, then, Only thirty, so he'd be like fifty something by the time your world it, which means he would be out in that back until eight again or like somewhere again do the same goddamn thing exactly because he's an unhinged piece of shit, I've up he dies and well,
in May two thousand and seventeen PAMELA pages mom. You had a baby girl. and did you? Did you name repaid gleamed, penny Margaret page? How cute, as that fucking name like penny, Margaret Pay, that moved my info. No, I I just got a sweeping emotion. I just like an after it like her baby girl was like stolen from her in that way, I'm just so happy that her nandi, we can't her in the stepfather like we're, able to have like a little girl with that has like pages like Spirit mine, I'm gonna get so like ridiculous here, but you know how like, when somebody passes away and unlike you, have a baby and you just feel like they, like maybe did something for you. There evident and not it is now absolutely believing that spiritual should totally him to ignoring moodily into that her mom is leg is still trying to keep this case alive. She still traffic
He pages memory, alive, still celebrate pages birthday. They don't need to a charity in her name, they set up a charity called pages promise. I believe, that's at pages promise dot org, I'm gonna double check that either wham and put the link in an in the show notes for and on the website. What pages promise says that they do is quote? We aimed Hope other families in similar circumstances as we expand. We want to offer financial assistance to families towards funeral costs or expenses incurred while off work to cover bills. Our aim is to help them laser. Anyone who is going through tragic circumstances and needs to gain peace and harmony in their life. While so these people start the charity in her name just to help anyone else going and they just like turned it into such. Like a beautiful thing, then they offered through pages promise they offer like self
fence classes or not at all, like their due in it way more thought unbelievable in her mom is trained. So page apparently had like a bucket list. Stop that she wanted to like it. complete and her mom is trying to go through her bucket wisdom. Like do these that you're hurting me, one of them is like going to end Y see which they did learning to drive. Only cause she's only oh, my god, oh my god, going to getting a tattoo going to Barbados start so they did, and I was like it, so she she was doing all these things in her name, she also on evening that John plead guilty, murdering her at eight p m that evening started a campaign called pout four page, and it was taking a photo with like them. I dug. Let me I like the duck lips because she was fifteen euro Oh, that's all really. I don't like the shit out of my way over fifty. They did Pope four page and they start
this, and it was just to keep the her memory alive. Yeah awareness alive, basically, just people take a photo with the pouted lip and they write. proper page There was celebrities doing in it when like really line rural everywhere. Like I love you, and I guess they still do it every year, day. They do pout for pay. Can we prefer page? I totally one about four, but I want to do that. Let's find out whether they love it is just so simple, but it's like so and to see, lay celebrities, unlike big names, getting into it. You know, pages somewhere CN she were being like hell, yeah pout four page. I pray you all a great yes and so well, crazy is recently the owner of the building. where the daily was planned to reopen it as if another food play snuff. Because he was like this do. This person was like we're. Losing money well when I am so sorry. Fuck is gonna. Go
There are you kidding me, Sir PAMELA went bonkers. Obviously booze, I have found a lotta updates about it, but she was trying to stop this should from now on and looked and honestly. I hope you can stop it from happening. You know this put there if they were gonna fuckin put anything is a hair salon. They really sure that's right, yeah, that's my yeah, but it's like I mean if I feel for her, even that she just ass the probably pass this place at times, and no, let us about he's wearing her daughter was brutally murdered. That's awful in four, no fucking reason. please I'm Phyllis senseless Senseless. That kills me about this case. I mean all murders of senseless, but this one is just like as you know, early in the morning, she was stopping together. King rolled upon her way to worst to get our act fist and this guy, just brutalized arrogance and fathom evolve and he's like a little rat. Fuck blames her yeah, so FUCK John lay thumb. I hope he writes in
Allow me to an ivy doesn't make it took up her all because I'm really pissed off by autumn, so we're gonna follow that real, close sure we're gonna Palfrey were an elephant. Everybody should put four page now. Take a look at pages promise. I mean opposed the links, rallies things it just really cool. oh, and if anybody has ever gone through shit like this, you know check out pages promise, because they're trying to help everybody is ever had to deal with this kind of shit. That's amazing! So that is the tragic story of paged already, but memory lives on lives on in a good way like fucking, bad ass. Yadda really is ham, PAM Pam panels, frightened PAM. Also, can I say that, like all, I could think of us, like PAM from the office and like a dandy from parks and
I'm getting together when we got we heard love. The sorry tat makes it like really cool it's ago. It's a go at an emerging of world colliding of universes. If he well, yes, love it so yeah. So that is the tragic story of paged already, but we will postal good things, and there and yeah we'll do that on Instagram man, you can see it add more better cast, would post about it What are you can follow us that a morbid podcast we all you'll, see on the Facebook page and the Facebook group, morbid cool in utter grandpa, cast me think you can send us an email. Us anything that you'd like to preface ugly
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