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Episode 123: West Memphis 3 Part 2

2020-03-08 | 🔗
BREVITY IS NOT MY STRONG SUIT.So here we are in Part 2 of our deep dive into the twisted tale of the West Memphis 3. In this episode we take a look into Damien, Jason and Jessie's lives as well as the confession that started it all. The West Memphis PD had their work cut out for them with the brutal mutilation and murders of 8 year olds, Christopher Byers, Michael Moore and Steven Branch but instead of rising to the occasion, they seemed to drown under the pressure.Sources:https://innocenceproject.org/west-memphis-three-go-free/HBO Paradise Lost 1 The Child Murders at Robin Hood HillsHBO Paradise Lost 2 RevelationsHBO Paradise Lost 3 PurgatoryDevil's Knot by Mara LeverittLife After Death by Damien EcholsDark Spell: Surviving the Sentence by Mara LeverittAlmost Home by Damien Echols Visit our sponsors!Hunt-a-KillerRight now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/morbid anduse promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box. SimpliSafeGo to SimpliSafe.com/morbid today and you’ll get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial. You’ve got nothing to lose! Best FiendsBest Fiends has thousands of levels already, with new levels, events, and characters added every month. It’s hours of fun right at your fingertips—and you can even play offline! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
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hey weirdos, I mash and I'm alina- and this is a whole ass, more bed of Alaska, the guy, the other cases morbid as fuck this cases long enough for us. straining as so just to remind you. This is part two of the West Memphis three, which is probably gonna, be like three to four parts. Yet it is most definitely gonna be three parts. I'm gonna try to keep it to three. I dont know if people are gonna get up my but about being fora I think, he's gonna before, but I'm not gonna make
any promises here, because Mama doesn't like brevity, and I think that a lot of a lot of the details of this case are really import to talk about in a lot of things. I dont get talked about enough in a lot of little things that covered that I just need to feel it. I need to talk about. So it's gonna be one But you know why you're here with me, it's important. It's it's stressful! we're all in this together last, Thank you said her Annetta Law- and I really like that word is everything is pertinent, but we are going to talk about. I was trying to say that, like throughout Europe, speed like being I did. I did it always have always justly packet, mainly spurred that its pertinent that I get this information as all pertinent and before we jump into it. We have some more pertinent movie, do so
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yeah yeah, yeah real excited for album. Then we're doing two shows on May seventh and early and late show at zombies in Nashville, Tennessee Nashville. We can't wait to see you and we love you and our hearts are with you. Yes, then this is a new on everybody knew June. Second, at the Good Knight Comedy Club and Raleigh North Carolina, yeah Raleigh, we are common four year and then the next stage June. Third, at the comedies own and Charlotte North Carolina Charlotte, we heard Java and were common for yeah we're gonna, be all up in your North Carolina. We are gonna, be all up a new. What's your good Food North Carolina tell us what food last time. I got a lot of messages from washing Washington, Tonia ends and Washington. Tonia. Yes, with a negative me, a lot of food options. Honestly, you guys have been leg champions would
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it's an hour by along Instagram, but go to more upon cast our common I'll, be there and then you can agree in our little information use your can and Lake Doolittle dip. grew, so everybody do that because we want to do live, shows and see all of you, so you you know what else we want to do two of the West Memphis three we do, but first I wanted to mention one very somber thing. before we get out this really somber case were taken the energy way down, I'm sure, Nobody has been following the case. We ve been posting a lot about it of Evelyn Boswell the little fifteen month old that has been missing. The day after Christmas, but wasn't reported missing by her fucking guy. Garbage family until about two ago, shit. which made no sense and then her stupid piece of shit quote on quote Mother
The way we know she's like conceiving me call the mother. No, she can't that's. Why put airports around that AL? I guess he's just a fucking monster. She went on and into did an interview was basically Casey accompanying the whole thing and saying she knew where she was. She knows who has our? She just want a spook M vice by reporting her fifteen months. missing you, don't wanna pissed people off here and then you know they were draining a lake in North Carolina that was next to it gets really convoluted causes a lot of lake just family up in here yeah, but it's the grandfather of the grandmothers boyfriend move yeah, who is pretty sure that he was capable of killing a fifteen month old, which is not ever thing, you want to hear from a grandma. Definitely now that means you're real ship person. If your grandmother saying that you are capable of murdering a fifteen month old yeah, Unfortunately, I know I was holding out like the smallest. It was. It was
it's hard, but you have to have a little bit of. I just can never fully clothes that door, but a unifying heart of hearts. The second they meant. That is the second. This news came out that she was missing out like that poor fifteen month old is gone because it has been so long as the issue. Never it's never a good thing. That's never likely they just pop up all of them Fortunately, last night, Friday night, they did find and remains of a fifteen month old girl who they believed to be Evelyn Boswell at family member of her piece of shit mothers They're gonna be doing an autopsy. I have not heard any results, yet I'm hoping that overly stuff. Soon I don't wanna hear it, but I need to hear it all. The same cause, I'm just the outlawing of utter a guy. I just need to know, but at the same time, unlike I don't want to think about what they did that poor in this baby,
oh, my God, her like the measures, the highest stories like they were. Every time I saw it. I was like I'll take her with just give her to make her jaws have occurred. A few do all lot one and if any of you do have again that you don't want, there are a lot of places that you can give them to. Rest me trust me. I know someone who exactly with three years of infertility struggles, and we were coming to the point where it like? Ok, like adoption, it is, and we are like ready to do that people want children other people will love and people illegally for any faith. You are not prepared to adequately adequately take care of your child. That's fine, just admit to it and give your child up to someone who will correct like what the fucker these people doing having fifteen what would a fifth, each month old due to you that you killed it use of absolute shit like it makes me so angry. like I can't imagine if I can't even league yell at MIKE.
It therefore- and I give you like- tell them to cleaner and it's like I'm like shit, you know at all. How do you know what I'll help you it's like? I can't imagine a fifteen month old now, like that's it fifteen months are, unlike the most fun stage of babyhood. It's like that. walking the Holy Father. You any living they do their fallen over there, just starting the like, say things like cool, I wonder why little worry to fucking love them. That's all they require as just love. They just want to please you, unlike other basic things, just bums me out so well update on that as it comes by you know, everybody think of poor little Evelyn today, because I know I am and moving forward from that bomber. Ass news is some more bummer of story, so wrapping, but it's a bummer other innocent there's a happy kind of somewhat. I don't know, there's an adding to this, so it won't. today, but who go with it
over this I use I've used so many sources, because I just can't get enough of reading will. This is fucking involved here in this one's really like near and dare to me, because I just got so enveloped in it when it happened, so I used Damien Eccles Book that he wrote life after death. It's really good red and everyone should read it wherever you stand on this case, because gonna give a lotta insight into West Memphis at the time what he was dealing at the time his background, all that crazy stuff, I also use devils not by more elaborate, that's an amazing book. It's big long lots of information. She's an investigative journalist, so she has just a week. a finding things that no one else can she goes into so much detail. I ask he's the paradise lost documentaries because they have a lot of lay clips. Would them things that you don't hear everywhere else as document Arizona? Well, yeah we're! Just
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brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth these made breast your way at why why. So When we left off last time, we had just talked about how the police were getting desperate there to- basically, the satanic panic is beginning to seep in and they're, starting to look more at Damien Apples and rice. because no real reason like outside Iraq, as he's an outsider, Police records for this case were fucking nightmare like I believe that its too clear, the West Memphis PD, did not know how to handle a case of this magnitude, ready just didn't they when they are offered help, they were offer a lotta help, but also at the time, apparently the stay police and the West Memphis PD, as well as the
county PD were involved with some issues with each other, because some of the county pity and the West Memphis pity we're getting investigated by the pity perfectly like drug offences. So I dont think they were too keen on letting the state police help them, so that really fucked continental leaving everything from exactly so that tells you wear everyone's out here. It's not like we're out this, like we're in a fucking Doncaster, five heard out like a great, highly functioning police department here, so in actually and in the book devils, not more elaborate says that quote: police records were mess to call them disorderly would be putting it mildly. Wolf. In me, of the notes. The wrong child was identified for certain things like they would use the wrong name several times for different things, and they just couldn't keep any facts straight
there were times when they would say that they were a sexually assaulted and in fact they were not recording to the Emmy. They were not So, according to her book Mara leverage, the police had also assigned the case number for this case. As now. three dash zero, five dash zero six, six six ok now when asked about this number because they were like six six, that's funny. where its involving like what a coin key saying goes it at a say. Ten activity in six x x is in it. Well, I get you Gary gets all everybody remember. His name is gonna. Come up a lot Gary do should all Gary gets home. He said it's just a coincidence happened to be. There were on the six hundred and sixty six case doubted like cool. However, it was discovered that the case should have been numbered. Nine three dash zero five dash zero five, five, five o so they doctored that to make sure That said, sixty six to further put,
worth. This narrative of Satan and active. You have a little too much time on your hands of those. Are the details that you're paying attention to Garriga jeweller some Stupid ash ass details? They really are. Let's examining, I would expect the media to light exact. Well, that's the thing the media clings onto that yet, but I would expect them to make that up not be like FED it yeah exactly, but they were fed it by the police ridicule, as do so. Damien was given a polygraph during one of the questioning sessions that they like sprang upon him and It was noted that he revealed deception when speaking about the murders. Okra now weirdly enough, though there is no record This deception the guy who did the polygraph just says this It says he doesn't know where the record is. Oh Just trust him guys. Ok, I mean Keystone, Rustam, Hughes, deceptive, don't worry about it. I don't know where it say: look, there's something shiny over there. Look at that yeah so did then this seems to happen a lot then, all of a sudden I, like yeah, he's
this annually a cool. Can you give me that file that you should have cause you're, a police officer in your training? You learn that right everything down and keep a very detailed record and double check it every time. Yeah. Can you give me that no alike- oh no, he didn't like write it down or how delighted I nor the obligatory. Oh no, you know what it's weird My dog yeah, it's real, where it is just not here, and it's like weird maybe doesn't exist. I dont know so. Happens a lot Indy Means book life after death, he d I'm the atmosphere around West Memphis at this time, and it is pretty bleak obviously we have to give leg I mean three, a euro little boys were savagely murdered. in the woods were not far from their homes. This huge. This will be huge anywhere of corn gb huge in the heat in the biggest city. There is, I mean this: is huge, no matter what so people are freaked out. People are
questioning all sorts of things. I would be questioning all sorts of life in the universe and like what the hell's going on his parents, who need answers, there's people better than rumours are starting to circulate now about who did it cause? That's gonna happen in a small town d up people are pointing fingers that people arm and in the mean there's mutilation involved. This isn't just last may be awful them and our, but it's not like all three kids killed them towards us, like three kids. Reality when you go into the details about it is like savage fuck. That's like nightmare situation! Now, he said at the time Satanist talk was already on everybody's lips wreck. I was already starting to crop up, but it was real. We getting bad during this an apparent The community in the police were already leaning hard into the narrative that this had to be some kind of sacrifice to Satan proof. there's no way. This was anything else buddy ritualistic sacrifice to Satan now
nothing at this crime scene would suggest that right, but ok I guess slippers, there's nothing more to say about like. I don't think there is anything that says during I mean I don't know much about Satan sacrifices and I have not read up on the much, but I dont know if Haug. Tying is part of it. I dont know if throwing them in a lake is part of a pond is part of it yeah I dont know. If any of this is part of it, and there's nothing around that like paraphernalia, anything that I think that this there's just no there's no market, of any kind that I will write, nodded and understand what they are going. I think they were looking at it as this is fucked up. We don't How to handle this people want answers the devil. I think that's a literally at where went out with Opera House has yeah using that somebody problem was, it gets the devil's work and like and then what I called a while ago, a phrase like a frog Jeffrey
just an off the allegory, among others, the devil's work, and then somebody was like. Oh shit, you're right, it's almost like that's a lead, fuck yachts, the devil's work, yak vices Satan and I was there and then they had literally it Damien said that at this point, everything else? I read about this. Set of this point. Preachers were using it as evidence of the in times like an all the sermons on every Sunday in every the aid they were like. preaching that this. This meant that the end times are coming this is it it's signaling. It is so scary to me, and everyone was becoming suspect of anyone who is even remotely different right this is when they started picking out people ending like you wear black. You must love Satan earlier, a hairdresser, but his those words just swimming. I was going to say, or it's up to us, to aid Sheikh cocaine longer currently literally so. Damien also says that may seventh, when the news exploded about the bodies that was
first time of the police and really started focusing on him, at least by asking questions right and by showing up to chat with him a lot spooks food and buy a lot. It was like every day. Ok literally talked to him every day and he was like what has happened. He's like you. I was not involved any wasn't arrested yet, but they were trying to observe him more carefully. It seemed right, So it was around this time that we mention Jerry driver who used to do those little rod I've around to see if he could see like called activity, yeah yeah living. As for that do one of hindering up watch on to one of his cohorts. James Sudbury answer Jones. Who is the one who first saw the floating shoe right in the pond? they showed up today means home to question him about any information he had about local satanic cults leaves.
yeah, I'm not like I'm, not I don't know you literally was like they brought me into like. I guess he was like. We know in my sister's ermine talk like this family without area they saddened there. They were like. So do you know anything about satanic halting use like no no, and then they were like. Have you seen any around here and using no sure would have known if I saw satanic colleague just a rogue satanic has gone through the fuckin middle of the street agency, I know I have not seen one then they also question him about his favorite book in the Bible, which is You can't do that. No, it's very pertinent to the investigation right. No, absolutely it as wrong yeah. If you answer wrong you did it look, I'm going to be real with you. It's like eye to eye. I respect both sides, but I don't know any part of the Bible I can tell, and again I respect religion. Yeah, by all means, I think religion is great, does awesome, something to believe in,
Personally, I don't think I could name a book in the Bible New ice me literally could not, and if some in, if somebody was lit, a police officers were asking me because you were like questioning murder, I definite couldn't come up. My voting, I want literally say: thou shalt not steal, respect to thy neighbor idyllic, that's about all! I know I built the whole thing. The whole thing, I'm a big fan of all levels of a big fan, both testaments. I don't know what he said. I ve been time, but there was point indianians like when he was going, he went through, a period in you'll, see when we talk about it where he was trying. He was very interested in religions. Yeah, not just one religion. He was just very interested and religions as a whole because they are fascinating, fuckin, like college course of different, kindly really ology and all that so he he became. Very interesting Catholicism. He can see Becoming a priest at one point like EU is very into that right it in full, that's where he says he was originally named, Michael.
changed his name to Damien, which of course, people thing as because of like the roman right No was that even out, according to the original, what my son back he won't. I was feeling or why it was because he said there was a priest me father. Damien from the hawaiian islands, isolate work with lepers, and when he was in the Catholicism and studying it, he really connected to that story, and he wanted to change his name when Is stepfather adopted him because he was changing his last name and he was like. I want a change, my name to Damien yeah, course people I I just made that up who knows Amy wheat. Nobody knows what Damien by no means pretty legitimate, seems like a cool reason to too vague and that's a pretty cool due to be named after right. So for they left him after they asked him like stupid shit. They took a Polaroid photo of him
why, when he was just like ok Lycosa in again, he said at the time their police officers in geology when they say, and you just trust them right. That's what you're saying you know you dislike! Ok, They want a bore, it have to do a boar and right, so they too the photo of em and then they use that photo to show around town to people and ask if they knew anything about this Satan worshipper in town perfect, which of course got people to build. That's very leading power suggestion. So people like oh yeah, you know what I've seen that Satan, worshipper, worship and Satan in Vienna, listening to Metallica the of core backwards and people would literally somebody said that he caused them to levitate I'd. happens to me all the police were like yup. I bet that happened like that was literally a piece of lake investigative evidence that this man said he caused him
levity. I should you not this cases. Terrifying, o, echoed Antonio our terror. I have to say that it's like really disrespectful to the victims, that this is how it has carried out exactly because They were not looking for who actually killed these merry little babies in in their own neighborhood in the middle, the fuckin after and it's a mockery, they were looking to close the case that they didn't look like bumbling fucking idiots that they were up and they they just wanted to close the case. Gary ghetto was gonna, be retiring soon, and he wanted less Marcia bounced any wanted, a close on a big case. Any got it, but he didn't put the people behind bars that did it. I'm sure people are going to argue with me about this, but I don't give a shit because I'm going to provide you with straight facts, you can decide for yourself, but I don't. I don't see the other way about the snow, Were you look into it, the more it just simply. Goes your mind that these three were the work
works considered the absolute the ones who did it right? It's beyond my mind in the thing is when I first looked into this case. I knew nothing about it before I the paradise lost documentaries before they came out. I heard but the case. All I knew was that three, a Euro boys willing brutally mutilated in the woods and murdered from Europe and three teenage boys, did it yeah? That's what I knew about the case as and when I got pictures of them out like oh, they look. A little like will evolve softened those pictures like they're, all looking like that they are like big bullets and they just locally as like yeah. like. I just assume they did it. I didn't know anything else than right. Everything you saw was like these three boys did right. When I started looking into it. I was like holy shit today, I am only too well that again thinking they did it. And I was completely turned around by the evidence of this- is not me just coming up with this. Because I heard it or something like that. Like I went into this on the other side a long time ago, right and then I
researched, and I made my own decision and I think everybody I'll see you should do so So people said he caused him to levitate someone said, the pool with somebody else said that the police told them that they found body parts under Damien sped. so someone said to do that when they are showing his picture. They, like oh yeah, the police, told me that they found body parts under Damien sped, oh yeah, so of course you're gonna be like yeah he's scary and in fact, in Paradise lost you here, John Mark Buyers, Christopher buyers set Father rip. this rumour. As if its fact, He says it in one of his interviews. He's like they found Christopher genitals in a jar under Damien sped, how we not arresting him He says it like. This is fact because but they were fed exert. This is how the hell
watch. This was like really serious to people. A people were taking these room resuming like. Yes, that is fact right in the police were of not only allowing it do they went courage in it. They were they were there. and doing it and they were taking at his fucking evidence rights insane. This could happen to fucking anyone, that's what's so scared area without anything about a little different yeah, it's league. Are you kidding in later John Mark buyers? Will talk about this in part, three or four all either we're going to talk about this, but he later changes his mind completely right completely about this. Oh that's, just interesting. So this is one Damien said they showed up every single day to question him and accuse him of different cult activities. Every day, then they started talking taking him to the police station to question him every day lose dislike. Okay. This is my life. Now his grandma sold her wedding rings to hire a lawyer only going as they were so nervous. What was happening here they're like we are all aware, the
wouldn't let the lawyer into the station, which is not legal and Damien, says in the book he's like my grandmother sold her wedding rings for nothing all. That's an that's, not legal. No none of a lot of this was not what that's like. One of the basic reality is really like. You have the right to a lawyer, oh yeah, but most of these boys were not be told that right or were not made to understand that right The thing that Damien repeats in almost every interview since he was arrested, is why I think we can all relate to when it comes to police and like authority. Is he answered their questions honestly because he figured? If I do it, then they can't prove. I did it right so like. I didn't see how this could and with me being charged, because I didn't do it right and there's no way. You can prove that someone did that what they didn't do We learnt that now being hampered, they definitely again but extent especially ass a teenager, you're, leggy, told to
Spect Authority and police anti trust them in their supposed to be which most of them are way going. In your mind, I think they're looking for the real fucking person, then that is a thing and I mean I would like to think that most of them are like banana, get these departments that are too so fucking crooked and liked it soils it for the rest of them ashes almost through again across the fucking laundry room. She sewing again of ginger eldest and fly out of ginger so they took him into the station before they arrested him and they kept him for eight hours. Wool. They had to let him go because they had nothing on em right again. It's not look like they have this solid case if they can't keep him longer exactly so, do third day me Jason Baldwin in Damien, sister Michel, Andy means girlfriend Domini Tier Whereat D, and trailers. There watching. Leprechaun
I was just telling your daughter by leprechauns today owes like you are telling us about leopard, like, I hope, no labour on the other horror movie, leprechaun D means parents and grandmother we're out a casino for the evening so like they had all come. Jason had come over. There Torrent movies, casucha what they did break. That's also what I did that also what I did before you had can, literally so suddenly the police come slamming the door at a nowhere. Does only ten thirty and they re doing and opened the door. Three cops had guns pointed in his face. They handcuffed him and threw him into a cop car, and then they did the same for Jason. Ok, all the while Jason, is saying what is this for, and they were saying for murder, you're being arrested for murder. He Lady cab, saying you have the wrong got. You have the wrong people cause. He was like, I think they have the like literally they came to the Wrong House willing or he was like what the fuck and I also read a story that said I'll talk more about Lake Jason's upbringing he
Usually I think this was a Wednesday night or something like that. In every Wednesday, his mom had to work late and he took care of his younger brothers and he would like make them dinner. he had to be. There are those nights that his mom work late Blake. It was like his job right and because he had just finished tenth grade and he did well, school his mom. Hired a baby. Sitter was like you go, hang out with your friends to celebrate. Ah here, and this is what Happens- LAO Italy's breaks my king her it's so heartbreaking than on so many levels, yeah from ever you, everybody finish its leg, so ones there once at the police station Damien was told by Gary, gets all that his friend had already confessed and that he should just come clean, Damien Whistle, not yeah, ok, Damien, had no idea with that man because he was like. Are they talking about? Jason was like my friend don't like what are you talking about, and then you like what did he confess I dont understand what is happening here. he didn't have any information, so they put him in a cell and left him until morning so June forth at ten
m. He was brought into a court room where James and Jesse. Miss Scully were also arraigned and they were all really separately. They were all arraigned on three counts of capital, murder, murders of Christopher Buyers, Michael more and Stephen Branch right. They play not guilty at this point that I mentioned a confession to Damien and he was like, ok and so that the judge was like. Do you want me to read the confessional loud? or do you want to read it yourself and he wrote read it are, he said, read it and he said I've got a little flustered and was like I'm just gonna, give it to you to read and Davy was like. Once you read this confession, you see why he didn't want to read it out loud to a court room full of people, because it is the most fucked up. I don't know what I mean. Of course it's not a confession right. It is so beyond, and I'm going to go over it. Don't you area have clips of it and we're gonna, pull it hope so
the judge actually said you can read it and by this point he had no idea who confessed into what rights Do you like cool hand it over what the fuck so as it turns out? Jessie Misskelley had confessed to the murders of Christopher Byers, Michael Moore and Steve Branch, and he had said that Jason and Damien were the ones who killed them, but he was implicated in it. Okay, so What's not mentioned any like anywhere is that their actually to other suspects aside from these three ocean or light, and actually even about the add these three became suspects after these two hid, their name. For Chris Morgan and Brain HOLLAND, they had wrapped sheets filling drug offences and shit Four days after the little boys bodies were discovered, they just abruptly peace our Arkansas and went to Oceanside California, that's weird yeah. So Morgan, Lee was slightly familiar with these victims, because had driven and ice cream truck route in their neighborhood. Do ya
no, they were arrested in oceanside on May seventeenth of ninety ninety three and they, both too polygraph exams by the California police, NEA and they were said to have indicated deception when they said anything about the murders. Oh yeah now is actually noted. There is an accusation of exactly there's actual record of this. Then they could. They were question And Morgan said: well, I have a you know: I've done a lot of drugs. I've I've used alcohol heavily and then he said I have a lot of blackouts in memory lapses. Unease Lillian, he quote, might have killed the boys, all the California, police contact. Did the West Memphis police? Unlike hey, YO, Yo Yo, we held people, they also sent blood in urine samples from them to the West Memphis police. There is no indication that day investigated these two boys or did anything
So far they didn't follow up on it, and now we have the people tat and then they wouldn't let Morgan's statement that he might have killed them his into trial. It was barred from big couldn't be admitted into evidence This is so I don't even like how do you have the power because, as it fucked up their whole merit of right now, Let's give a little background in Damien, Jason and Jesse, because I think it's important for people know who these three are too All three of these boys were extremely poor, poor that most of us can't and don't want to ever imagine they were easy targets very easy. Me and was born Michael Hutchinson on December, eleventh nineteen. Seventy four he had a younger Mr Michel, and name later came from Stepfather Jack Eccles by his mother Father in step, fathers were all very troubled. His whole family was just troubles, is a very
miles away and putting it through the family was not happy, not functioning. They were so port. They were poorer than most of us. Can even comprehend social workers were com, at various times, and every social worker agreed that this family was a fucking mess in that those kids worse in trouble. Yeah, like should have been taken out of that's, really tab jack. and his must so his mother divorced his father and embed this man named Jack at church, Urca Jack. Into the family. He introduced Damien his family to a church called Church of God, and it was those the churches, where people speak in tongues and scream and yell. Ok, and he said that he, you would be invited up to be healed and healing included smearing olive oil. All over your face and shoving you to the ground was screaming Ireland. Tongues o, which like If that's your thing, I mean
the power to lay dying. Definitely I go forth with that. The like he was. fourth grade at the time for little much really, I don't think that's a little scary, Jack forced them to go to this church with Arnold think you should ever force a child into a religion, but that's just me: do you have to do that? Cool leave your brother lies just me. They had to go all week in woods in he would stand over them to force them to pray every night while which is like a? U really getting a good prayer out. If someone standing behind you being like, I will fuck you up. If you I wouldn't know, I just be the ring that this guy you go away. I hope you doesn't hug me up. I hope of his little enough. Ivy praying mentally gotter either. It's me Margaret very physically. Will one night Damien said that Jack punch his Chihuahua pepper in them illegal, because jumped up on the bed while they were praying occurs
it's a dog. The stewed was ass. All the highest hurts my heart. So soon he moved the family into the church in they lived in the church. He up, the back of the church had decrepid old rooms and he forced them to move in their ok Jacobin. whose Damien, physically and mentally his mother, just let it all happened. She forced him to call Jack dad about Anti tank, his name and to this day he says he feels like the most betrayed by his mother. Oh and he'll say like my mother was not a bad person. She's like had me young, she did, which he could do like they're right like he mentions something. He says she loved me like the only way she knew how right he kind of gives. That kind of like I'd, always so much credit people. I can say that, but he also says like she
is dramatic. She loves to be involved in this whole thing. She loves to act like she was a great mother. She's not like he's very real about his parent right, and he says I get he's likely. She loved me and in this way like when I like wheezing, unlike struggling to breathe from bronchitis one night. She would sit by me all night and like rub my head, whilst chain smoking, cigarettes are so it was like here I'm going to do half a mom, the bang, irrational, Jane Smogs. That will give us a keynote. That's who she was right so This is the kind of family that's happening here. Who were really bleak highlights. This is pretty bleak, They then move the family into a literal shack that was on like a big hill and it owned by a farmer and he charged them thirty bucks a month for it. Ok, nation cat like a litter like metal roof no running water, no, electricity, no toilets and it was filled with garbage and rats. Ah
and he said in the winter it was so cold. There was ice inside and in the summer it was so boiling, like the Hutton, like literally the middle, the metal roof, yeah that you would literally just boil, and there we are. Why did Why and when they would use like. I would still for warrant the winter. It would just filled the whole place with black smoke. Only the heart of a just feeling, coughing and hacking and breathing in smoke like. Why can't we just live in our trailer yeah? No, they cannot. They couldn't even afford a trailer. That's the things you don't get a trail until later. Ok, so he met a lease and Baldwin in Junior High,
they bonded over metal bans in horror and they hung out every single day only became brothers. They said they were like little like we were each other's brother. I love in the book. Damien says: quote: we shared everything. We had food clothes money whatever. If one of us had at both of us had it, it was known without having to be said, I love of brotherhood, man, that's like real friendship, retreat and brotherhood. Isn't there real friends every S Damien started dressing in a black trench code. He wore black all the time. I think he went to escape board phase two. He was literally trying to five balls in the air. We ve all been through escape or is there we ve all been honestly, but he was that he liked to wear black trench code, which of course got him marked as the kid with the black Trench Code Ghali's the devil and he adopted kind of a dick way of interacting with people. I Canada and while I was just like you all suckling, even when you ve grown up thou, I can imagine you I'd be. A data is well yeah. You just don't want people around you out assume an
he was the exact opposite of the people in the town. He had long black hair. That was, he said off and people, would say that it was died, black hair, it was natural jet black hair right that he was like. I did not die my hair this way and you can tell him I read and, and you can see his father Father has Jap I care as long right. He had super pale skin. He used to like shave one side of his head because it which is like it so funny, has now like especially like bring him into the northeast rain and he's like fuckin cooler. the auditing and like super like the hipster or not like world reacting right and it's like put him in another place in the country and its like a devil. It's so interesting how America is so different in corner. A really is so. Jason, was also dirt port. And he was like a little metal head with light. Seriously intend smaller, oh my god. He was so fucking and his wallet gas impressive, is
whoa poster is an understate, the mullah, the mall. It was thou I committed to mullet. Do you know why you know wire that my was it a boy it? It was the Mai, there is not really one allows it was like several bullets came together to form Mega mollet, that's what it was a bullet showdown Jason's dad left when he was for all honey. Let me angel his Gale suffered from schizophrenia. He had two younger brothers. that he became another parent to essentially how she would you know she would sometimes go offer medication. She would have some trouble. She would leave that too the store she would come back for like a day or two, and he had he picked up the slack. He was like that. and he just did it So in it it was hard for
a function normally, as their mother allowed the times four issues a landline when she did her absolute best in with the medication she was on. She would, she would have moments where she was like really in he was also super close with his mother, he said. He often said how much he respected and appreciated how hard she work to support him in his siblings, enjoying like he just kind of like. I understood that she had a mental health issue. Laugh she was trying to deal with, but she was also trying to do everything lingering working. I have three Fuckin kid and you look at her and like it. When you see interviews with their you dislike you poor woman like going to their mass, he went there. She did her best announcement in she. So like adamant about Jason being like he's a good kid and light he didn't do this and it's like not one of those where you here. You know the parent he's a good kid right and it's like you, know, she's, like you know, it's like he takes care of his siblings angrily. I show all good where it really is. the Damien met. Jesse must Scully
when one summer day in high school, he went two Jason's house and Jason's mother told them that Jason was out Jesse's OPEC and it was only Couple trailers down these each other round, but they didn't really hang. Oh yeah Jason just live near Jesse, but wasn't truly friends with them. It was one of those things you just like see him every month and well right. Jesse was Jesse Miss Kelly was born July. Ten. Nineteen, seventy five, he had so he had the word bitch tattooed on his chest. Did he really area about which the people were wondering like what that means, and I've heard a lot of people say like they think it was probably one of those things like where you stand, to be cool and garbage on its just like no. He has a really said what that means. Is the bitch or if it was like about someone else, Neil, sadly Skull and dagger tad too, he had like a couple of other lake really leg, just normal, like alma tough, hid tattoo right here
I q of seventy two which Is borderline mentally challenged. It's actually considered borderline intellectual functioning yeah at seven years old he still can save ii be seas and couldn't count pass fifteen only God saw yeah by age eleven. He had only made it to the third grades. Usually you are like eight or nine and the third grade yeah. He was a fighter definitely a fighter, but he was a fighter because he was really tiny yeah. He was a tiny kid. He had and he kind of, Helsinki had to make up for his stature. Closing the same chairpeople made fun of will and that's the thing people made fun of em, but also his mother abandoned the family when he was a baby and he had nine half siblings. His fears it was described as a loving but rough by design. Just so his Siblings would litter leg beat him up? like make fun eleven stuff, so he felt like he constantly need to be on guard and fighting right. Any says that he's like I felt I had to be like, like
tolerant and temporarily, sounder than everybody by fighting so Jesse, absolutely adored his father. but he also ignore knowledge that he drank like a fish and he was a really rough guy. Yeah and Jesse definitely dealt with physical abuse right by his father for sure. That's really, but he was so loyal to his father. It's one of those situation all throughout this entire by adding did like the Gabriel Fernandez thing, which I know everybody wants us to cover, but to be honest with you, I don't think we'll cover. I dont know. If will cover that, I'm not saying we definitely won't stay tuned, but doesn't look, I'm saying that I won't be here further if we cover at all, but in that one it's late, it's like you, see their kids that are abused or have really rough up rings like still care for their parent rang much and are so loyal to them in really high school Damien met a girl named Deanna. She became first love, Deanna
a wiccan, even though she came from extremely christian family. She taught d in about it and he loved the religion of the earth yeah he was like. I love goddesses, I'm into this lake. I love it later it was used to convict him rightly, but like that's the other thing, that's frustrating, but that is like Satanism and women are not the same thing one at the time I don't even think Wiccan was wicker, was ignored. Just as an actual leginn, right by like the government. Would I don't think it's, and it is now so that nobody has any understanding allowed actually was just there, which is like that's what it was itself urban.
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Air prescription or nonprescription blocks glasses, starting it just twenty four dollars, At your eyes, now it's any dot com, so Deanna and he had a crazy, intense relations. Like crazy, they talk to running to away together all the time they were very on and off. and on the last day of classes they made. Their move and they decided to run away together The two of them, along with Jason, were hanging out on their way out of town and DNS parents called the cops. You know what he did. I wish they could have just gone away. So Deanna and Damien decided to spend the night at an abandoned trailer that night least found them and arrested them. Both they were taken two separate jails. They had stolen nothing out of the trailer, but they were charged with burglary and sexual misconduct. What because they caught them like in the act, all that sucks like they're both
the boy that they re teens lay one. Also, it's like the footwear teenagers right. This This is where he met Jerry Driver this is when Jerry driver comes Deirdre was like at all like you he's, like I'm a be obsessed you for years to come, washes its crisis. The juvenile officer who would later become obsessed with him, was Jerry fucking driver. He immediately started questioning Damien about Satanist in town and such he was then forced into a site cost, but all Damien was after rumour spread, while he was being held at the jail rumours spread that he Indiana had attended to have a baby and then sacrifice that baby. The Satan alone, which is like I'm sorry, did they have clear, written plans of this because the US here today Meanwhile, the staff at the juvenile detention centre he was held at said. He treated everyone with the quote utmost respect year. There were like he did not seem like this crazy, while job
and there was no real evidence of this supposed plan to sacrifice a baby that is so fucked up in so driver said that he had told him quote. I think his claim that he was a Wickham, any worshiped goddesses. He looked like one of the slasher movie type guys boots the coat long stringy black hair, though he cut short, sometimes so he's and what are already he's like he looked weird right. So, He did you can't just arrest people because they look we're Jerry and Elsie. Looked like those slasher movie, guys like what slasher movie guy is like that's. Why when he's wearing clothes and he has long hair, but some slasher movie guy- that's just a guy here. You're stupid worry yourself do so. He spent several weeks in this site costs, but all after this incident now Deanna, had been released, because normally this is a misdemeanor at best right in there.
would just be released, which also, let you be barely maybe on probation Diana was already released. Her family, of course, Samian somehow is still being held for this. Only for this right. So it's like what now in all the while Jerry Driver the while he's spending time in the cycle spittle he did this so that he could go out and form a case against him. So he's asking teens all round about satanic shit and Damien. He showed up his parents trailer and convince his mother to allow him to confiscate things from his room of which has not, within his jurisdiction and Damien had like a skull collection seems ease. I was gonna say literally have with these guys on. My united stance was used against him, of course, right after his few weeks, then in the Psych Psych hospital he was then release back to his parents, who are now back together his leg, biological father. Oh now, back together with his mother at last she had kicked jacket goes, don't know, that's good! He was diagnosed with depression and passed
both bipolar manic, depressive disorder. Damien was yeah, ok, but they said that he was not a harm to himself or others. He was allowed to be released year. His mother had left Jack echoes because he was an asshole and also because day means little sister Michel alleged that he had molested her, oh no yeah. So now his dad his dad lived in a low hot organ. I say organ right. I just wanna but that out there. So the family took a week long road trip to organ oak around the cycle of sick hospital when he got ere, he met with another juvenile officer, because now he was in the system whose enough to meet with that, but with the jeep, officer in the next. You know the next day he was going to hear this juvenile officer asserted that he should be minimally supervise for four months. Oak argues like I'm, not really worried about it. Let us do this right, then he should be released from the system because he was just a regular Gough kid, while Jerry Driver wasn't having no, of course not. Now casinos
so the police were called when a few months, because Damien parents said that they were afraid he was gonna hurt himself. He was waste into another hospital setting. You said he wasn't intending to hurt himself, but was depressed because he miss Deanna and he also missed his best friend Jason. All now It was also widely known that his family was severely troubled, so he was miserable right. You may lead to less friendly Anna's. Growth is not happy, so he was seen and assessed and released because they saw no threat. He was gonna eighteen and his parents were like. We don't want you back so here like cool. I don't want to go back, so he asked if he could go back to Arkansas. where he was going to reluctantly live with Jack Eccles until he got a while on his feet? so driver met him at the train station when he arrived in Arkansas and immediately threw him in juvenile detention. For what so here and it was literally because he's
by making threats to his family that he was gonna, hurt himself or others. He had violated his per so you say now: monetary back and juvenile detention when he eventually released again he was under drivers probation now, oh good, so Drivers said he had to get a g d had to check with them every week, so he did, All of these things you gotta GDP, yet he did all things and drivers they'll didn't give a shit he was also now eighteen and not supposed to be under juveniles of the tension re probation. So they started Damien in his, now, girlfriend Domini tier they so honed in on Jason. Now, because Jason hung out with day me right, that's the only reason they hold on Jason. That's not fair not at all, Jason later said: quote others didn't like us. They ve been accusing me of being a Satanist, since I was then the sixth grade
because I had long hair and war concert tee shirts with bands like Metallica in guns and roses and Ozzy Osborne, and you too, you too is so high, while he knew then that they were going to infiltrate everybody's. I too he's if he was like that's metal Artemis in I kind of dress different. He too wasn't living his desired life and just like my mom, he suffered from depression Paul. I think that our friendship helped him this brings us back now to May ninety. Ninety three, now that you have in fact, about in our eyes, Stephen Branch, Christopher Buyers and Michael more, were brutally murdered at that point Amiens parents had moved back to Arkansas and he moved back in with them. So now he's living with his parents again. Arkansas in a trailer police came to question Jason out his trail at his trailer about the murders and they said on the night of the murders they had gone? To quote there gone to Jason's, uncles House and Jason had cut the long day
in phoned his father to pick them up at the laundromat at Missouri and North Washington. They then or pick up at six p m J, Indianians Father took Jason and Domini home in Damien, went home. Now. They were then question without being Miranda eyes and without their parents present this. at Jason, sailor Ripley showed up. They talk to Melick what'd. You do that day. Damien and Domini were there, so at this point. When these they start questioning them illegally. Damien said his girlfriend. Domini was four month. Prank performance pregnant with his child Thea, he said The crimes committed to those boys were sick and when asked what he thought, killed the boys. He repeated what the newspapers had said needle nations in such raising newspaper rain They use this as he must have been there, because he, mutilations when it was in all the newspapers right. Then they asked. Do you believe in God, or the devil?
again. Is that had her legs omen between and also yes, you can ask me that ring why the fuck does that matter because of it Ask me that I believe I'm an atheist right. What does that mean? I even arrest me now right has nothing to do with anything like what. The fire. Mistrust is also not black and white. Likud saunters God or the novel end again asked me that one day mean kind of answers. That way, he says quote, I believe in a god, but a female God, evil force, not the devil right, That's kind of it makes sense right at this. Ain't Jason was asked the same questions, but then his mother Gale arrived unseen and told the officers vagina. My words go fuck yourselves and leave earlier. I can't just question my child out in front of my house right, so this point a neighbour that was living close to Jesse must Skelly named Vicki Hutchinson she was thirty. I think she was thirty two at the time she was a waitress. She been watching all this happen, I'm seeing all the hubbub
an Damien Jason were becoming suspects a little bit now, so she was like ha I want to be involved in the same way now She had been taken into the police station earlier earlier in the month for fraud charges how good and while she was there, she brought her eight year old Son Erin, because when you go to the station the police station up on fraud charges, you should bring your errand was friends with the victims He was also eight years old, he made suit. He made statements about a black man in a maroon van picking the victims up from school the day they were murdered. Ok, this is a lie because they went wrong right home after school right. They didn't get picked up from any one and all one of them lived like right next to the school right. They didn't ever get leg like picked up in that yeah. None of the parent all depends like no, that did not. They came right home right so that just a lie in a later comes out, then Aaron light. A lot
He says that some police by it of course, Let's go without Europe, truth viral turning to my right, so they bring Vicki back in Castilla gluts, chats more. You got some information and they're talking to her. She, in her words, playfully suggested that becomes she become an informant, oh god, Only because she just wanted to be involved will they took her. up on it. Of course, they did a and on thirty something you're old waitress who is not involved in this at all? They are like yeah. You should probably be in damn right. Are you fucking kidding me She knew Jesse, he had baby sat for. children yeah, and she started, asking Jesse about the murders and about his relationship with Damien and Jason. He told her. He didn't really know Damien that all he thought he was weird, like I don't really know me too, seems weird bag whatever, and he said he knew Jason from liked second grade and he was like, and he's really nice kid illegally. Dont really hang out that much Vickie. Ass to be introduced to them,
and Jesse was like that's weird, but ok, so one night when he was saw Damien Jason, he told them to come to keys trailer to meet her and they were like, ok. Well, it went on to remove an alpha. It was like a fifteen minute meeting those it at the time Vicky had set up like a cult books that you got at the library and made it look somewhat spooky line He thought it would make them like more come feel at home. Here. So now Vicky, told police, so the police knew this was happening. They wanted her to do this. They had bugged, her trailer, oh and they were good. We're gonna record any incriminating statements. now he didn't say anything incriminating. She said recording was crystal clear. You could hear everything but police later said it wasn't a good recording and it somehow just got lost oh just like everything else than I am as in its because they didn't say anything incriminating, so they were like well, that's that.
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Hours a fun right at your fingertips and you can even play offline with over a hundred million downloads and tons of five star of use, best fiends, as must play download best Viens free on the apple app store or on Google play. That's friends without the are best fiends now Vicki till police that during this whole thing that. She and Damien started an eight day affair star you thirty, something by the way he's. I think just turned eighteen right now. It's! I guess it's like legal question mark but like, but also He knows the wrong really like this. Kid is supposedly a murder of an eight year old and you have an eight year old son. Let me say: Unita early began, morbid yourself before you re lucky. This turned out to the later, be false for in that one evening on May nineteenth ninety ninety three, he brought her to and spat what is that which is
here. She was told by Jerry Driver is a which is gathering oh, no, So she said, Damien drove in a Red Ford escort she drove she drove her in Jesse there, and that there was a bit Georgie in the woods and thence fields with people naked and painted in black pain, and she so upset because she's such a good christian woman and wanted to leave so Damien agreed on corruption. Said they dropped Jesse off at the witch orgy in Damien drove her home cool. the sounds like you have some vivid dream, says: Eames Legit lad I see nothing wrong yet now few things here. Damien doesn't drive in sexually, well, known and well, documented by all police. He did not have a license. He did not know how to drive and a Red Ford Escort belong to. No one never found this Red Ford Escort. Nobody in anybody's family drove on wasn't a thing so
cool like Vicki, say also Jesse was like what the fuck noted I did not go to in a spot. Yet I was my dad. Thank you know he's like sounds read, but I did not say a word of welcome party wish. I was invaded it but he's believed her with zero evidence. Just her word its Vicki. They were like. That's it Vicky its Vickie. So she had an eight year old son AIR and, like I said, and she Erin also told police that there was a cult activity in the area he had seen it and it was involving Jesse Damien. Jason S or the police or like got it d, or maybe he's just listening to his moms phone exactly, while later after she had already testified under oath at their murder trial about this literally told this story under oath. The capital murder trial, Vickie, method that the entire thing was fabricated. She said
least told her what to say and threatened to take her child away. If she didn't do like the odd Aaron later said that, he also lied because police told him to she's is Christ. Now this spot tail was from driver. Of course, Thea according to the Arkansas Times quote, this is Vicky said: well, we were sitting there and he driver goes ok. What really needs going. What really needs going here is, I guess that may be. Victoria goes to one of those meetings they have and spot. So Hutchinson says that when detectives tape recorded interviews with her quote, they would show the tape often tell me, no that's not how it happened. Victoria. You come up with something better than that yeah This was all used to arrest, Damien, Ryan Jason, addressing right
So how are you knew what they were gonna do, so there are like. Ok, let's make this is as good as we can in literally Jerry driver. They said so Victorian Victoria Vicki said I mean our names Victoria, but they Collar Vicki. What she said they would meet at like this weird storage facility, with her the politically as of effort and Vicki, and they would like tell her what to do what I say with them like they suggested that they make her shit spooky. So Damien fell more at home, put off me and values. I want the fucker your mother's, thereby like by UN, and why are you hang out with me, thirty or so in this is? When is she in she later admitted that the only time she ever spoke to Damien Eccles was during the fifteen minutes when they came to her trailer right, but all of a sudden, this fabric, they did story of an affair and then the spot Well, she needs a hobby here or maybe couple more table here couple motive, Vicki you ve, really got one able. You ve been eighty six ten, that woman a party of twenty the ass tat. Now, I suppose so
So yes, so she so. Yes, she said that they would mean they would. what to say and Jerry driver was the one that was like you know what what's created. Spock. You say that they will spur was to do it, so After all, these rumours were flying because a small place in shit gets around fast enough the police and Jerry Driver were literally walking around with their photos, calling them satanic halt. Leader right people are saying that they talk to Damien and he told them that he killed the boys. Of course, This happened a lot in many. These things were proven false or the people admitted to ST applying oh good out of it some of them said like there was a will get into this during the trial, but some of them would say like they over heard him say something, but they did not hear him say that they heard him say something like that and they knew he was talking about the boys. Like that's the guy. shit that went on trial. How is that allowed it shouldn't be?
so June. Second, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three Vicky Hutchinson ask Jesse to stay over her trailer because there are ports of like some scary peeping Tom around, and she was nervous right, so Jesse says, of course, and he sleeps on a couch with a gun literally to keep her safe. It's nice. Yes, the next morning at nine, a M detectives came to the trailer and asked to speak to him at the station. They with Jesse's dad. So he said he felt safe. He he said quote: He said we was going to the police department. I didn't know what was going on, but I wasn't scared at the time I didn't know what he one they wanted to talk to me about. So they get this borderline mentally challenge, teenager in a police station and lazy. They say because of his age. They have to tell his dad to sign something, so they can question right again: not giving him like any information, he's just feeling like what these, like totally you, can get my dad signature. I'll talk to you album
they take him back to his dad and on the way to his dad. They tell him that there's a thirty. Five thousand dollar reward for any information, and if he could provide it, his family would get that money oh ok. So he literally said that the police told him quote: he said if I knew anything to tell the police and then my dad could, by himself a new truck stop and he loves his Jai does indeed all my stand by new truck. So he told them. He heard things about the victims from friends and then he saw some kids on the service road leading to Robin Hood Hills that day, but that's it. Then they gave him a polygraph, aha, so These assholes told Jesse that the polygraph tests could read people's minds. Oh, like they were literally like legged. Read your mind: that's what it Oh, that rail networks works although they are not even admissible as evident knelt, there not woman, they questioned them. So Gary get so led him through his confession, shamelessly
according to Jesse quote, they ask me. How did I know so much about the murder? If I didn't do it, I telling him? I didn't know who did it? I just knew of it. What my friend told me that they kept hollering at me Gary Ghetto and Brian Ridge, both they have saying they know. I had something to do it because other people done told them. I told them what the boys were wearing Gary. They told me was any of them tied up. That's when I went along with him. I repeated what he told me to I said. Yes, they was tied up. He asked was they tied up with, I told them rope he got mad. He said Goddammit Jesse, don't mess with me. He said no. Oh? They was tied up with shoes, strings I had to go all through the story again until I got it right. They halted at me until I got it right So whatever he was telling me, I started telling him back, but I figured Something was wrong because if I'd kill them I'd know how I done it right,
None of this was tape recorded by the way. Why didn't want? paper, Korea, marrying a story tat somebody who's mentally jolly yeah. Now the whole time. Jesse says that they just told him what to say and yelled it until he sent it back. and he just wanted to go home to his dad and they kept telling him that he could, if he cooperated, and these a cool I'm cooperating and again. This is a mentally challenge. Teenager rises, a borderline, intellectually functioning teenage. who is already functioning at a lower level than what his actual age should be, and they knew that and they fuckin used it to their advantage. They did know that and they actually claimed that they had no idea. They had no idea that he had any mental deficiency at all, then no idea, sure. In later, during this confession that I'm about to get into you're gonna see they definitely no. They have only knew right from the deck right,
so they then showed him a photo of one of the kids at the coroner's off at odd, and then these are those pictures. I thought I saw one by action and the other day their horrified yeah and that's a some of the some of you guys have said that you asked you were like either I stumbled upon them or I went looking for them like thinking that they be that bad in there I will read it their hearts. All they will ruin your life. They then So then they decided to tape the interview after they prepped him, so they showed him. This photo scared the shit out of them. They and played an audio clip to him after showing him the dead child. It was era. Hutchinson Voice on this audio. But Jesse would only find this out way later. He had no, I do this child was and it was creepy small child voice, saying nobody knows what happened but me, and it was like this little league whispered voice,
that's terrifying! Why did they do that? They put none of this in their notes by the way they do this, but they put none of it down in the official wreck. Right they did it because I was gonna fuck em up, that's how do you even think about while in this is when they started the confession? Tapes? Now I dont know how anyone can honestly convince me that this is not the most obvious leading of a person ever on planet earth, its criminal. extra the whole fucking cases and also just to be clear. The police again claim that they didn't know he had a mental handicaps. You are going to see they did clearly. They don't even try to hide it. So Let's see the first thing we are going, I'm gonna plague I'm in a play, a quick clip and then
I'm going to yell about how terrible it here's the first same. Just go straight to that date. Fire five american wins the hurry. He received the phone calls it great city who made the conqueror just love What did you tell that they tell me and ask me gotta, go good. Always methods within Russia now add were Stephanie. They tell me. I got listless assumed everyone in our little wind wasting. Where did you go with that? Moon. and why is it so? He says ninety am nope. Kids were school and all Jason was confirmed in school. That's right, nine m. They were on school, so so That balls, I already know, will unicorn his career
so he asks him whether use in a car and then before the answer he asked him to follow up like it was a yes he's like where you are Car were korean right. So now Jesse's. Just like this praise Lagarde. Obviously I was, he just goes with it. Where did you go to them? He went Chile. Robin Hood explained to me where those words are. The bloody was patch of words that was behind. Let so now he never said behind blue beacon. He never
by rape and as soon as they were, like all your behind it he's like yeah. Well, that's so he's like a little patch of woods, a little patch of woods, its literally like I'm, going to repeat what you say because that's what you want me to do and then he's like behind Blue Beacon and he goes up behind it right back there behind it. Cause he's like yup. That's what you want me to say like Messiah, ITALY, he never said behind. You just lead him to that and I would never be allowed was heard. While you knows also Damien heaters. It does Google will, then they start. Schooling is, does show she's out day each strike Chris Mars He would pisses me off about this woman is that he never said he hit him on the internet. We hit him roadside, hit him real bad. He never said the head like why you bring The head, sir, is cause. That's what you wanted to say
Michael, o, more took off running sore, chased him and gave him held here till they get their alive. You get always get where you act from Greek as well, Social about servers, road I'll, say now. When this we hit the far smaller, where the at risk we re getting. Are you in the woods? He also vow, you feel reassured and was looking at you ve been down there. In other words, before you described to me, what, in those words, what's the location where you were very patchy, go now I'm worried
captain. It let it does to the few flustered instinct tat was when he gets our boy. Anyone Jason it's another boy at one takes off run. Where is he granted goes out going after at partner taste, that which way to go on my. Does he go on back towards where the house's yards lead one to loot, making go and outwards feel running to those has for its asked for the five years ago, Cross were caught him on that as regards this is what this is. The part that really makes me crazy. He says he left me. I said I left after they came in Michael more I left, but there still,
asking him what happened next in the woods he just said he left and. does this several times. He takes himself away from it and they keep putting him back in, and just goes with it because. are being mean to him when he doesn't will you came back a little bit later, all three boys or tat the right to go home. I have they got their clothes on when you saw her mouth and Oregon them off when he first hit the boy when they first hit first, nor do they have a close only we did they take the close of the debate about oil the river bottom up, whereby it then they took the closer. It ends up being seven times that Jesse says he left before the murders happened, and then he would
just told that he went back ridges like so when you came back later. He never said he came back verge Newberry and to do that to place Jesse back their exactly. He needed him to be more implicated in this and. is it just makes it the seven times he says I left during this whole confession and every single time they don't go. So did you go home? They don't ask him what he did. They say. No, you were there than sorry. What happened next, like no do listen already saying, then they tyrants return will tell the razor school? Mr Patten has done Not I took off running. You may call me ass. They had the monies day at how much is good he's going over others thing see who now, when it's going out when it's taking place,
You understand you saw somebody with a man who had just Jason Helena He said he left. He just said he left and went home right. He just said he left. He in fact added on to it and said the demon called him and said. Why did you leave? still he's like cocoa cool. So did you see a knife come out? It's like. He just said he laughed, but one thing is like irony me understand how this was admissible at all God, damn it. What do he said with a man? Would you Inside of the lead you seeing her son was: where did he carried his couldn't face? Condiment fights another one that I understand. Where was he courier man? Always bomb was he faced day on any was cut knowing where they turn that I'm dreaming right here it is dromedary. Ok,
So, first of all, he says bottom like it's. A quite like bottom. Is that what you're looking for- and I don't know about you, but I don't call my groin my bottom- that's not my ass is my bottom. That's not what that is. So he says bottom right and Gary ghettos. Like do you mean this link? It looks like yeah he's like that's what you want me to say. You mean an entirely different thing and he's like yep sure, do and he's like so the groin and he's like yeah he's like cool cool, alright. Moving on like that, what is Achilles. So what is easy, as you couldn't have way, was cut, which, while I was there and look you don't let the buyers boy you ok, are you sure he was the one? It was cut. That's what I'm saying You know what I mean is that where he was getting, they ask him
he knows what a penises, wives and oscillating that didn't know, but they were mentally challenge. Exactly you're, really Sophie's Ed Lake. At like a functioning like age level as a seventeen year old Son, you they all, went a penis it does. I asked Damien are exactly do you know what a nice is? No, they knew he was mentally handicapped, so they were, like you do know. Penises re written that Europe leading assholes like I'd like way to be very like offensive to run like you must not know what a penises like really learn ass. Well, I took up again He says he took off and he is ignored and there I just keep going with it. So how they decide that they need to fucking correct his statement. Oh good! Yes, you are,
that right, they are correcting his statement. Will Europe close to the Greek he's were was to avoid? Actually use does not deal with my wife, and you know what little creatures it goes out to expressly and then have a lot of water aim. Was that someone and is flowing figure which side of that greek, real real. Amid the sound of the Greek harbour, young blue, vague examined on the movie, so there's like a tall bank for you were yet on the back of it still revealed as love own, which sat there on the method.
thousands without any further. That's the sad made the says he said you were standing at the top of the bank on the west side. Were you looking down at what we are looking at us in other once again, he left he's like hey guys. I do I peace of there. In the they little, they said, we're gonna correct that in like I know you can correct somebody's statement, kid correct, someone's recollection when you weren't there. He went home about what was it that all this was taking place. come about, I'm not saying when they call you saying what time was it that you were actually there in the park
So he's already stated that the started at nine latona- I were asking once more, but ever and then he says, knew now. So we ve got three hours in this was after twenty seconds of blink audio. That was never. never where they were telling him. What to say exactly correct about me. Was it act, pursue I'd, let out one little boys. He said ninety em and then he said noon in what world is that after school got out right? Are you kidding me and then just using yeah he's, leaving him closer and closer to the actual tat exact? As he starts out a nine these I quote. We got some work to do to get to the real time, so let's just keep on track and most useful. They states is gone.
aversion, stuff immense on advice? So they did. You say the boys keeps these will. Always there are you, she was gonna go somewhere and, like I said, David Damien Lip before After my leaving that nope all three were accounted for school good? Try, though, still various too I'm making them Monica they want a make. Maybe You will have been in agreement.
No my hand what time did you get it? I got the man in the moon of Wednesday. More and what's what time is it written? You don't know what time do you know where was set on all your time period may not be exactly right. What you're saying it was early in the day, but you're not exactly what tat could we get? I've got real vision with times you're telling me, but now this now a clock in the evening. How would you get explain that in two thousand and seven that night, the gun
comparing our how many men- and they call me luck it at night. They come. And what did I tell you? He asked me how come alive so early in stone I told him, I can't stand it. Wasn't it no more! So They suddenly rather he just said noon and now he's back to nine? Are we seeing that this didn't actually occurred? Only like please just tell me that you were there at six p m o, don't worry, he gets to that. Eventually, he asked him if he wears a watch and when Jesse says he usually does, but that its at his house right now he's like I do know how to tell time tells them that's. When gets Roger, like maybe you have. The times must stop. He's out. You know ninety I'm in sixteen eighty similar. It seems to me if it would be hard to mix up nine am noon and evening, but who am I
the judge, I'm not the web West Memphis Pd Brain Trust. Am I so we all figured out all on a different level here. Several times. Jesse states that the boys legs were free. and when region gets I'll get you try to sway him to say their legs were tied. They say: quote well, then what was stopping them from running away and he responded quote they could run they couldn't Ray we're Hog died right, He also said that the way that Christopher buyers was killed was he was choked first, he with someone's hands than he said with a stick, the M said that no choking was apparent on him in any way and a failure. The stick, you definitely notice it in Determined that he died of blood loss, so that wasn't a thing I know it's awful so also when asked when he received a phone call after he said nine p m that night, so after all this, though it's a wonder, did they call you again? He says P m now they are come again when he
just said noon and at the latest was when he left the woods, and he says you were home. How long after you got home before using certain means our and our action So they like, okay, so window, they call you after you left the woodsia uneasily in and then they don't wait for him to answer. They go a half hour an hour. So he has two choices here. First, he says they called him at nine p m that night here and there that wasn't right, so they were like. Oh was. A half hour an hour after you left the woods at noon. Right so he's like so those are his two choices. They given two choices. You can't come up with something else, so he chooses he says an hour, so he has been quest for over six hours. In thirty, four minutes were recorded. Ah, You know how that up any sense, so there there's a break, and
get killed the sides. He needs to clear some things up and he questions Jesse alone per now. Remember Jesse has just stated it was morning. Everyone's at school and noon at the latest. Now, suddenly the tapes which is on ghetto asks what time in Jesse without hesitation, said quote, I would say it was about five or so five or six only get less partly real then get your says quote you told me earlier: it was seven or eight and said. Yeah was seven or eight.
when you go with a voice and with Jason involving three wars, and then the little boys come up about what was then the voice came up. Did you ever watchful? If you didn't, have you watch what you told me around seven or eight of which? Are you? Ok, ok, that clears body. So that's what I was getting dark soon. Gives us literally like dude, I told seven or eight winkies, like use for, say those things agree. I said that rain
so the boys were tied with white and black shoelaces out of their own shoes, who, when asked again what they were tied with. Jesse says: rope again, yeah He also when they asked what color he's as Brown yeah. None of those things I wrote later and these are things that it's not like little details that he just would have missed. If these are blatant, huge things that he would have seen if he was they heard, but he wasn't. He wasn't there so he's just using like assumption yeah now, when he talks about it later. He says that he realized that whenever he would answer how they wanted him to, they were nice to him. Then it was you or for him he didn't answer correctly. They screamed at em, so we just tried to answer how they wanted him to He said they were obviously giving him clues about what to say We tried really hard to take them, take the clues, but sometimes he said it was just hard to figure out what they wanted to say and mind you at the end of this. He thought he has doubtless getting thirty five thousand dollar. Oh yeah, I was, like all say anything a one hundred percent, and he said quite
I figured they knew. I was lying from the gecko because the- these. They knew me they knew me for a long time. They knew. I wasn't that type of person a gold killing little kids. did they knew I was lying because they was lying to oh, he was. What no holding cell without telling him that he was now implicated by his own words to the in the moon. Three eight Euro boys season and he thought he was just going home. So he said quote I figured they knew. I needed a ride home, but dad. Never did show up my god, my fucking heart league, that's really fucked up that they can do that. someone they can't fucking do that now, once they were done, deputy prosecutor, Fogel men, I say it that immediately went before judge rainy task for a warrant to arrest, Damien and Jason.
reason for arresting Jason was because he hung out with Damien. Oh yeah, you know that's, it would literally when he asked the judge she was like. Will they hang out together? They typically arrest all murdered. Espresso Jason literally was guilty by association like us straight backed up. That's the definition. Jason said he was just in shock. He said he kept trying Tell them he was at school, that day and they kept saying they knew he was lying in once one of them said you mean if we go get your school echoes, they'll show you were there and he said yes get them gone. Then it would have shown he was there Rate his mother was not contacted, an attorney was not offered or given, and no recording of his questioning exists, perfect, which is totally by the book rang right, the next morning June forests, ninety ninety three- so this is so, happened was when I started this episode, I told you what happened when they got arrested right. This is at that point they got arrested over
so now they ve been arraigned. They ve been charged with capital. Marta based on Jesse's, very led confession so the next morning June? Fourth, ninety ninety three Gary gets made a statement that shows exactly where this police departments motives were. He called the media out for a press conference and every station came there were lie, feeds their break. In the programming process was huge. so he said the suspects were in custody, but wouldn't give any real answers to reporters questions because he didn't fucking have any right. Then a reporter asks on a school of one to ten. How solid do you feel your cases and with a big grin he's as well. So he got his applause and his pat on the back, like your chairing a bozo yeah, but people, but in its like I get knowing why people were so supportive of this summer. So into
Police officers do in their jobs and they caught these fucking monsters. They killed these poor little boys know I'd get that, but they didn't know they didn't do their jobs at all like this is so far from doing your job and gets later said. He should have said that. a while, and he says- and he says not because I didn't think it was a solid case costs to the stage and a hang onto that sure, of course cause it's like the biggest case of his career. He went out with a bang right, but he says it was very arrogant and presumptive of him to say eleven, because it put even more pressure on them to convict them exact, which is like you didn't think of that that. If you'll know, eleven people are gonna I'm soon. This is a slam, dunk the funk in
I in court in Europe just gonna win. I don't have anyone caught that five reference, but like hey MA all these lie, but you see when I work with these people are going to assume that you had will easily connect them they're more and they knew they had nothing and that this was actually pretty hard to do. He can't even answer a question. No, but he's like all feel rockets at eleven eleven lingered dumber Gary pissed saw this episode has subsequently pissed me off is of its very frustrating, but that's gonna be and partly because we are like how can I have. I hope you enjoy our drive to work and back exactly am I never said. Brevity was my strong suit. If you come to our lives, shows you know the task, I'm only like another clock like mother fucker. This book is gone over. I'm always like our close, the value of a clue. Unlike we're not communicate to the meat angry and I go for the meat angry, I always go in there. Thinking like all man. What, if I can't even make it like an hour through this right, she always says that I'm only that I just I blankly stare, I'm always knocking on two hours. Door be bloodshed. Editor of this equipment, unlike while the burglar believe Yoda Cliffhanger, caused it's closed as the venue wants us to leave. The city has shut down so that Vienna.
hard to part three. We are going to get into the trial, which was a fucking circus, an organ talk about some theories of who could have possibly done it and talk about John buyers cause. I'm sure everybody wants to hear about that. Dude he's an interesting character and his your part. I know PAM Hob, Stevie Branches, mom also had a change of heart so will definitely get into that and feel free to have respectful nice SK about this on any of the the events grammar, twitter or and wherever you would like Facebook, but again keep it respectful. We cannot have and opinions but like we left Ask us with those facts out surgery, third, zero. Whatever I would like to hear you guys have say so hope you enjoy it and had gone over to visit us out. Instagram morbid cast us up onto L a morbid.
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