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2020-03-08 | 🔗
Tonight's episode is a dive into a cult started by a saucy mother/daughter duo who were sometimes sisters! Come on in for a rapture that never comes, some DIY mummies and some seriously sketchy characters from the 1920s. The Blackburn Cult was not your momma's cult.....it was actually Ruth's momma's cult. Visit our sponsors!GabiTake two minutes - right now – to see how much you can save on your car and homeowners insurance. Go to Gabi.com/morbidThe Perfect Bar Right now, Perfect Bar is offering 15% off your online order. Just go to Perfectbar.com/morbid. Shop their refrigerated snacks today toget 15% off your order.
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Things? I thought could never happen in humpback whales. Lady once a new regional calmly, streaming only anti got confused mixed hash, anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from where we are lady parts, all sorts dreaming now only on peacock, Hey you weirdos imo, Lena I'm like ash, and this is a many morbid ash. Centric many many many many many more bade, many morbid many morbid many more and if so, tennis MA I've. Actually five pages long, I woke up our homey went to town
men don't about it from town, but I went there see this was going to be an Alina many more videos posavina, but Mamma had leg thirteen pages of research for us just three yeah and I'm a little burnt out to work and I had to work so ash stepped up to the plate and was like. Let me do it and I was like curly love you it's like high school, and I was like put me in coach- I'm ready to play music sit down. You idiot you, but I really I had. I gave you two thousand yes and I slept our mass that I sent you into the field exactly out. That's
and here we are- and here we are currently not mix cited for this one cause. I know what it is cause you told me dulled, young and tolls and not a surprise, love but it'll be a surprise dollar view. Its moderately obscure I'd, never heard of it. But more of that I love moderately obscure thing seems an aim. This pond gas, moderately obscure of he also actual, what's not moderately rounder at least obscure, is the fact that we're gonna be were kind of on tour. I guess for Canada, torrenting guys were were torn, were slightly touring. We're so annoying the Sunnyside okay, so April, fourteenth punchline, comedy club in Philadelphia would up Philadelphia April fifteen, the Dc Improv Washington Beauchamp.
monuments, son eventual say it again. On your movie April, twenty four head, the grandest Sikiana New york- oh hey, grandma sea- would come in for you, for the death becomes us first of all to ask com. It's gonna be a true crime, fun time. This is an ongoing tree, but PS we're gonna, be in Orlando for Crime Con, which is the first weekend of May hell yeah. We are, and I can't wait to be lit, and also I looked at the website today and the added more people coming and I was like Wowzer. Is: I'm really excited vizir boy, Billy, Jensen coming Billy Jensen coming later short, but that also Doktor Katharine Rams land is gonna, be there and if any one remembers back to the Bt K Dennis Episodes, she wrote an amazing book about Bt K and she communicated with him through letters, and I took a lot. I used a lot of research for those episodes mentioned her a lot because she's fucking awesome site.
I can't wait to meet her and be like. I love you. Let's talk, that's going to be so awesome. It's going to be amazing day when I'm going to say my only goal that Crimecon is to take a picture between Keith, Morrison and Nancy Grace and then put it on Instagram and caption. It mom and dad hey did you guys know that I've set at once? I say it again on the theme of this podcast is ash never shut the fuck up? Oh all, I'm Sarah attorney from the voices of justice. Podcast is gonna, be there and I decided to meet her. I'm very excited to meet her. There's gonna be a lot of us. Some people guys come to crime gone Jaska me, Liddy, Teddy Gonna be worth it I don't know why I thought you said a wheat. Thank you for a second. I would like them. I know they're gonna, be there rethink our great, so I hope there there Alabama May I make a stand up live sea of em. What up Alabama may seventh early show late shows any. Is National Tennessee, Homey, Nashville Tennessee? We love you, we added this one we're going to be
in Raw Lee June. Second, at the Good Knights commonly club Raleigh we're coming for you, Raw Lee Lee June third, the comedy zone in Charlotte North Carolina see their baby shall at what common such instruments me like sex in the city, and we watch that when we last night's doo, doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, doo, digging, just like. I do not think so, June eleventh we added the show for Chicago Chicago come a boy. Oh yeah can be great. You asked we delivered see there but you do not well we're gonna be at their Chicago place again: Dahlia Hall, Italian, Oliver Comin and then where's energy, and I can't wait to be India,
yeah, hey we're gonna, do stay at home on June eleventh and go to the Wilbur theater and delay kind of a pilgrim deal modified its fine. No big deal come to the Wilbur guys. It's gonna be cometh end to guide the comic styling things of one Emily Walsh will be at that. Shall I love how they? Let me tell you that Emily Wash and I have been rose since eighth grade So this is someone who has known me, eighth guaranteed am. I only have a man on. It is certainly worth your while Huzza come see, not just us but Emily, whilst because she's fucking all areas. I knew when I met her in eighth grade as like this bitch is gonna, be a comic book. She has to be she's. Gotta Beiju was hilarious from the gecko, so guys it's gonna, be awesome. She's amazing,
and you'll probably want to follow her around until after that. Do it. You want your well, but you better and just wanna, say your welcomed. Everybody for bringing her to you. You're welcome here, welcome and show we have added. Not yet. On the link tree big time news baby. A lot of you have asked for this ready. Did it that is better than that in July, eighth comedy works. Company works Denver. Denver Colorado rod all they got a worrying Colorado shirt right now, he's wearing a collar radical sure spooky lessening I'm wearing the collar radical shirt that I got with you, and I know that I've seen a lot of people ass for Denver Colorado, so I'm so excited that we get to come volume me too? I'm one of my best friends lives. There so see their spooks, and this is going to be coming out when tickets will be going on pre.
sale for Patria Whore patrol, MRS only if that's Tuesday, the tenth it is going to be on pre sail for paternity, is only we will give them the code, Then it's going to be on sale for everyone else, how you other lovely, beautiful human beings, two days later on Thursday, the twelve ya. So people look out because we will be thrown all those links area, but if you're not on social media- or you know, you're just listening to us right now go to morbid pod cast our come. We're gonna have all that stuff right there and you can buy tickets. Do it, it's gonna, be all some ten risk and we really fun and, as is gonna, be a lot of them Well, I think we should just jump right into this cause. It's a many more, I'm glad you came to him because I was trying to open my Google doc and talk at the same time. I know you were so. I was Van thing. We all know.
I'll try to ask are: let's do ok, so I like to see my sources before I start just love. Thou know if you're supposed to him who you're just the poster, so I read a really good book. It was called the beast from the abyss rend. I a man whose family was actually involved Then what are we talking about? I love the way set you really written by a man like a man right Father was written by me in I listened to an episode. I found a new podcast today level obsessed with them. You're gonna be obsessed with all of it that spooky pod I already loved her name's spooky
in the beginning. They re crap re crap. They re copper progress, while I'm in the you fucked me and then I listened to the podcast that just called cults nice darted out. When I listen to those podcast in I read that book awesome I! So what are we? What are we doing? Well picture it? I'm picture, I'm gonna, put you in the scene re knowledge. Seven abyss of Britain will thus, whether from just getting ok, it's around nineteen twenty four and about a hundred people outside building cabins setting up a little community and Santa Susanna Knoll Swift said what this is. No, ok, I'm telling you look. Twelve cabins to be exact and a temple inside that holds in April,
pound wooden throne with a lion had top and paws four legs and then added out the, and then these people belong to the royal family of the chosen eleven or the divine order of the royal arms of the great eleven or the great eleven club, or if you want to put it simply simply the Blackburn Cult, I'd like to call it I'd like to put it simply so unclear before you know about who I'm excited for this call its or talk about the Blackburn Colts Blackburn conflict that we really what the fuck are we talking about now is like out get air, because I feel it grew to lose people. put your sleep out on its my military men are, so we're gonna remind the little that item. Yes, someone Mathilda may Otis by Foreign was Blackburn's gives me was born in Iowa on August. Second, eighteen, eighty one good for her yet Kay
shortly after her father died, she began hearing voices happens. She was like for, while the FIFA and she interpreted these voices as the messages of God. For the eventual, probably not it for what it was like. Well, that's the higher think I mean I don't know. Maybe I am looking at your kids are smart there. They are pretty smart while, as it all she had away would man's is, and she always tried to find the ones with the money who love who does just get in both our own seventeen. She marries a man named John Wayland and together they have a daughter named Ruth Wieland Kilo. Shortly after Ruth is born John heads out to the mines to try to get rich always head into the mind, is you know as a teen idea? That's just what you did to other just all into the mines, but may ends up hearing that John died. Oh no over.
a mine argument. That's that's a bad way to die. You know mine arguments, mine arguments can get so heated fuckin, so he hated. I try my heart s sister. Out of mine. I do really day unjust. They always wear Also now she like shit, I'm unscrewed, and I can't raise this baby by myself. I also she sends Ruth to live with her mother and her step to add. I mean people have done it, but ok, yeah. She is. Peter used through cloud obsession with exclusive new originals John Wayne case. Double disguise class can get away with murder and have seen shack, Delay MAX Machine heritage, every fifteen secrets, lest the most visible, find series snap, Sign of now you got TB. Dakar summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry
Three brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed, try this perfect summer cup or you can use the war were apt to order ahead or get it delivered, your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler, coffee back for a limited I gotta have a wild. So after that may meets a man named Rudolf Shawls and they get married cause, always Mary remained a merry amid the reader may at first May tells Rudolf that ruthless, her little sister, but eventually she faces up and she's a gear. Ruth is make it. Let's get her let's get married, let's break you all family who Allah, TED, Bundy and he's like. Ok also they do that for equipment at and then may alleges that she gets this letter saying that John
Leland is still alive plot twists and that she wants to go make up with him and since you never actually divorce. John Hearn Rudolf marriages and even lodge anyways wow. This is scandalous to Wild Blue handle the reason that I said she alleged that she got this note as that she never actually gets back with John Mainland, which is weird cell. Did he lived, though nobody actually ever heard again? I bet he's just at its very fishy. Very fish. I think that Rudolf wasn't really Poland in the dough. That may one end and she wanted to get rich and she was like. I have this team in my head. I got this letter the other day that so, like hey, may, what's up it's your girl, whoever it she Cooper a wider fab house life? It's eighteen hundred, sluts chat. I sent this to a pigeon, a man she got up this idea
and her head and was like. You know why I'm gonna tell Rudolf that the letter that I got was from might not dead husband so that I can peace, the fuck out of us. I mean yeah pigeons, pigeons after that, because so she leaves Rudolf. She's left John Whale engine. Oil left a few people in the dust watch. Me broken hearts behind her China. She meets this guy named Fremont. Ever it. What she's, getting better and better with the main blowing gotta he's a bit of a richer rich were name is Fremont. You ve heard of you, that's what I mean is born a boy or girl just little agreement, so he's actually married bomber by he's a Richie rich. So he's that's her up with all these apartments that end up making her like a good amount of money LUCA. so she's, like you know what Fremont I'm actually really not that into you. You're married and I have your money now, so I don't really need you LAO in. She leaves him in the dust. Why should let it sister things
for the good times I'll, remember you're fondly do says while so then she gets married again after Fremont, but I didn't look to further into it. Has nothing really came out of it, so she just got married and then it didn't work out really hooker thugs, and at this point like okay, may we get you. We get your pattern. We go with you, do you get married. She uses man takes their money, gets ahead, leaves them behind them areas. Now, yes, exactly big Bang boo are so for a little bit of Ruth childhood may put together these like independent movies, that like roof, is involved in current and at this point there living in Portland. So it was like she was in these movies and Portland made a big deal of like producing them. They bought like this like expensive piece of equipment to protect the movie onto or some shit fancy, and but like Ruth or not Ruth. May things that, like Ruth as a star and that their headed for Hollywood and like it's gonna, be great, but that doesn't
actually happen. No because, like nothing exactly happens for me, and nothing really goes her way, so they're not ready to give up on their dream yet and roots getting a little bit older, so they take the money that they have left from all the apartments that she was like do in front and out at the party was due in those apartment departments and they had to Hollywood hopes of turning Europe into a star. We're gonna make your star kid. She was born and may was like a star for starters, bore her lady Gaga came out so doesn't work out sooner I guess I'd roots, getting older like not handing out like whatever, so she becomes a taxi answer to make some money pirate. It's also alleged that she protested with eleven participated in the no pants kind of thing. Oh hey, like there was hardly dancing make money make one only needs to you. I, like all the priorities as to hustle girl, so everything is just like a little bit sad, thereby Gretta, not a money. Now she's like dancing,
for my, unless pantaloons they had said which is thrown out, Oliver either How did you know they can underpants back that? Probably so wall then one day I'll affair in nineteen, twenty two California picture at Loo, Noah Picture the salon picturing it something. Bananas happened to see a lot of bananas. Ok! Well! You know Gabriel and Michael the Archangels, oh yeah. I know them do know them while they decide to pay main Ruth a visit us myself so they're like hey. We know things I'm really penned out thus far, but get ready for a full one. Eighty spin, ladies
that's. What's up, you are the two witnesses and you're about to be enlightened for the next one thousand. Two hundred and sixty days of prophecy will shit. That's a stroke of good luck. There, like all you got to do, is write this book, the great sixth seal and shut yourself off to society for the next couple years. While we tell you about the mysteries of life, health, heaven and earth, that sounds awesome and after the seventh seal is opened, which I guess it's like a religious thing, basically, that's like when the sky opens up in the angel start trumpeting, unlike the world's fuckin over that sounds absolutely terrifying, but who we okay side. No. I know that my many suck, because I got really like a little bit off of Donald Duck thing
but do you remember when there was like the corn, music player and the sky that, like a few years ago, a rash of vague? They MP bore thing. It was like the trumpets coming thought that it was a seventh illegal videos. Terrify are the scariest shit just because I keep picturing like that. I I don't even know what I picture, but I just think of jump in Ending. Do trumpets in the sky are nothing I want to deal with. No nothing. I want to do no, so in somebody says the sky is going to open up and then all these angels adjusting start like blah just below from where it like a cocktail nightmare like? What is has we're all gonna die wondered how creating, unlike any one's religion, hear anything like that. If that's what you believe that enough terrifying? No, it's very scary like I don't want to believe, they haven't film from what I understand, the seventh seal opening is like doomsday like the end. Yes, ok
the judgment. Data is now when everybody gets like raptured and Juliet's o exactly that's like the final ceos rapturous scares the shit out of me too. I think so from what I gather, because I'll be stuck down here. Yeah! So yeah, you, oh yeah, so that's about well, not Rufus. Because they Gabriel and Michael told them that, after the seven seals open, don't worry about a thing As long as you do this after the seven seas, opens and everybody dies. You guys are you to come back to life with these nine other queens who are gonna, run this mother fucker and live in these gorgeous Hugh huge houses in all of hill in Hollywood wow, it's chill its casual, it's fine! What a gig so Ruth at Bay get to writing I would, in this whole happened. Ruth was technically still married, but she was separated from her husband and can afford to get divorced and she was seeing this guy named Arthur on the side not and it wasn't really on the side. Go. She was pretty much separated
and she convinced him to give her money to pay for the divorce when she was like only gone Arthur. Thank you, Sir much for this money and also good bye. Why? I don't love you any more and why? global mother liked them. They re what'd. I hope not. well We can assume that she used some of this money till they continue running the book with her mom but they're about a year and to writing the book at this point and they're out of money or any looks, is high. Gus. Ok, I guess I'm tired, but I'm really confused about why it would cost so much money to write a book here that I dont. Somebody will email, it may explain us I mean, We do have armies zero money to write a book, Pacific gonna, but maybe it back. In the day I was like costly yeah. I guess so. Austria, a lot of money and like stress but not actual fiscally money, will thus running back. Then I get while back. Then
I gotta dig it set on a laptop and he D violate Pierre de La Hague and Ink and yes of academics, and we cleared it up yet look at that. We just we bring we brain trusted through it. Don't at me, Ruth and may decide to go back to Portland since they're out of money like I said they lived there for a while and I'm pretty sure, that's where maze mom and her stepdad lived so they go around. They go back to to they. They garonne telling people about their lunch day with Gabriel Mackerel and how they have to write this. we can do this teachings absurd people Radagunda really! Well, I autonomy. Well. Actually they did also they end up getting Likud decent amount of quote donations, Lucia quote quote and about fifteen quote followers, while I soon pretty well
honestly for like a baby called, we I mean just walking around talking about having lunch with archangels. That's a pretty! Personally, I don't know if I'm remembering misery, but I think the spooky Punkahs called them a baby called, but I don't know, maybe I just said that no, I think I'm a copy them had, so maybe they call them that if they did, it was funny, let's just give them credit any. If they didn't. I said it in those funds either way its money. I will give them credit and will give you credit to perfect everybody so they had bark to California and that's how fuckin cult was born. Love that sell may names the call the divine order of the royal arms of the great eleven that's really long, less cumbersome. It shortens we're time, ok cool. I she also names herself high priestess, love that I would one I want to be high priestess of something you're hypothesis of morbid can and my high priestess of the podcast. Let's be real love. You know your high priorities lie. I'm in Tibet and Ruth is a businesslike Maybe now, and it's not the grand royal of the water of the fathers blood nope, that's what
like. I don't even understand what I mean not only there, but, as you know, there's this big initiation party, where everybody dresses up in purple robes and they dance around. I think at some point they did the rose and they start dance around making. Oh hell yeah. Let's fine cults, its arms, harmless desolate should it sounds like an a spot. Well all called sound harmless in the beginning, Alina. Yes, they do brush your summer it why? Why beat the heat with our? handcrafted smooth. These were pressures or Pressures, handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors. Mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted, keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth these made brush your way at. Why? Why.
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the way with all its own railways. Like specific we're like this, I don't make our second so remember. Gabriel and Michael said. Eventually they were gonna end up on all of hills and Hollywood. Oh yes, so may preaches that not apples but all lives either forbidden fruit. Oh, she said that the olive tree was the tree of knowledge and not to eat olives, because it's going in an olive a few space that out when it going in it reads: o live, but I really like olives. I don't but backwards its evil. Oh, I shall do you evil shit? No, not that's! That was her reasoning, that's I got it so she did like all. She did things like that without words like she used them to her for her reasoning, misinterpreting things tends to cause a lot of issues. Shirt She also wouldn't let anybody touch her, which sounds a lot like you,
was just going to say so farm understanding this lately pursue it. The only reason that was allowed to touch her was roof, and she now referred to Ruth S like they referred to each other s. Sisters at this point we, which is confused idea and all if you look at the time line in the book that I read the authorised argument that if you look at the time line of like when Ruth was born and like when May claimed that she had her the wonders if like documents were forged- and he wonders of May was actually a lot older than she said. She was ok She claimed that she was seventeen when she had Ruth but into it seems like minded about like twitter six. Well, it's very confusing I resolved to involve for my peanut butter
so yeah. She won't. Let me touch her skull. Neither sister Magruder Babe Ruth is love. Integer may also had messengers who would hand out her notes to people and when they came back with like the answer like the mail or whatever they would have to police it. Next to her. Without touching her, I love it also. Everybody has to refer to her as mother, that's weird, except roof, which is weird because brooches actual but I think her sister baby, it's all really confusing. So eventually, when the called money it eventually down the line. The colt like starts to make some money- and this is just like a little example, but she would be. driven around and one time these kids touch the car that she was being driven in and she got out of the car and made these kids like slap themselves like like made them slap their knees or something as punishment, what a wild worthwhile. But before that time the money was tight in May and Ruth claimed that they were
on this book, the six, the great sick seal, but no one was ever allowed to see the book or touch it so properly costed and exists, but who am I to say may ends up meeting more money, so I am her. Her original stepped out that she had sent Ruth to live with. He was gone, so I don't have a diner something by her. Mom got remarried to this kind of Mr Blackburn Progress, so that ends up being the name, so she's running our money and she ass her stepped out Mr Blackburn to sell his grocery store. T ask it is, but he complies while and with the money that may and Ruth Gatt. They buy a print shop. To quote work on scripture, again, probably not oh and also may decides to marry her step. Brother, ward, scam, scam cruelty here. Let those who always start not pretty can't even get Rilke halting. So this is My personal pondering here, I kind of wonder if she
had to marry ward as like payment for her sub dad selling his grocery store like if that was like some kind of arrange me out on me and I could see them because ward was a straight up garden. Two men and this didn't benefit her in any way Heem literally blagden shower. He smells like actual garbage who and also he was accused of child. Whilst oh, that's terrible, Yan Alonzo goes proudly and arrange be. He was also younger than Ruth, so younger than her own daughters as and when they got married May lied about her age. She said she was like much younger and she was so, which is another reason why people are led to believe like why she seventeen. We argue that she already lying about our age. Did she like old as this fuckin woman, you? Who are you?
a lot of people say that it was very apparent. Also that may was interested in woman and their beauty. Oh that particularly young girls, which is creepy, ok, but nothing is alleged other than her like about her acting on it. So it may be. Ward was just a step. Beard up beard feeling well like that. I get so now marrying yourself brothers, wild about internet to get even wilder, oh boy. I hope you're still holding onto your, but I am firmly Sir Roof gets together, Ruth as the daughter she gets together with this guy named SAM Rizzio, whose also considerably younger than her. He was raised Catholic. So he had a lot of doubts about this new religion that man
and Ruth were putting together an end. His doubts led to a lot of arguments between him and Ruth. Obviously here and then one of these arguments led to him allegedly hitting her all that's bad. No boy now know so he hates her and then pieces, slinky heads or in any leaps while according to rough sucks, yet us so he comes back and apologize. Unease, like you, know what I'm ready to convert. I don't know what made him change his mind, but he was ready to convert this like religion. Hundredth is like that's cool, but we have to kill the old you and have this like rebirth, fake, deaf festival back That's a call him that's. What we do now is fine. I think they actually referred to it as a symbolic death ritual, but that some fine was so SAM. His leg share cool. Let's do it, but I go through with this symbolic death, ritual and SAM heads out afterwards. Also he didn't actually die, but he was never seen again. Also, he did
Probably ok! Yes, ah, do you know who was seen no roof Lying always before this fake death festival, I was a real death vessel got so she she devil. He killed unlike midsummer. That's what I was thinking on ya ya I want to see that solvency now ass. I am now going to enter a new character, cause there's not already enough in this fucking guy we're gonna enter Clifford. Daphne I Clifford Davenant does not like a well to do name at the very well to do so. Clifford Daubeny was the nephew of this super rich oil magnates, as the horizon, a magnet ah did it should have I get shit about everything I say it's fine, so he decides. He super into this whole deal so may as like fuckin score, because obviously he's pretty well off, so she ends up getting this guy to fork overflow. Forty thousand dollars now forty thousand dollars, then, is probably like I'm not like a fuckin million or something to the gods, like its huge now to get somebody to four
over forty thousand. I dont know anybody. I would just ask me for deciding loose ends, according to her, so she can buy like all this land of these houses and build that temple that I started this whole thing off with no candle picture. I pictured it so to make good on this lunches. Listen when I'm one of these eleven queens I'll hit you up with those measurements I'm going to get, because she was also going to get these measurements to all the gold in the world. Oh wow, it's also like a biblical thing. Apparently it has to do with Noah's Ark and these measurements on the bottom of the Ark Thou in a letter to all the gold in the world. I could be really wrong, but that's what I gather. That sounds awesome to me. So will it found it off also delivered to be embedded in public, so decide until the story doesn't get toilet paper. I was legal weight getting mystic. I tell so she's like listen you're getting at the measurements tall, the gold in the world and the debt is obviously going to be like over repaid.
Obviously, in Clifford, like cool amazing, my life is awesome, so we're back to where I started on this journey are built in those cabins and the temple with the big eight hundred pound lion throne. I want that. So then, when the Temple is finished, they seal it up because- their belief, based on everything that may is telling them that when the seven seal is opened, Jesus is going to come back and not thoroughness for him. So like AL, I thought the throne was for me no family, for Jesus, so all in all to build twelve cabins. They build the temple and then there's two houses is a twelve cause. Was there twelve disciples there were, but I don't know if that anything to do with it. Ok, look at me no. Instead. Maybe look at me girl give me so at least two houses were one for me and her step husband, beard and Ruth.
And another one was fur this family who had been with May since the beginning of this off, so that family was the roads family and they were with me the whole fuckin way ha ha. The way may only got a great book. look it up. They also happen to be really fucked enrich, so I'm sure they for a lot of money and helped her, because why else would she gave them a house for them sister. She also really loved their daughter, who was adopted. Their daughters aim was Willa, name. It is really can I thought this the whole time Dhaka too attached.
loved her. So much may did so. The she called her the tree of life. That was her name o and she even pronounced her a princess and gave her seven puppy. Oh shit, yes, seven populated talk about a godmother that shit's also so huge bummer on Christmas. Nineteen. Twenty four Willa ends up with this really about to fake, oh and then her to forgets. Infected and then obviously that's like an abscess dentists- and I can tell you- Ended- does skill her no well yeah. She dies a few days later, man which is really so William and Martha roads call for May who actually has great news about this whole thing? Oh good, she tells them it's fine, eyes, because when the seven seal is opened, we're all gonna come back from the day. and once that whole show is over. All you have to do is preserve her body and it will be fine. That sounds of
so they take her body to the tub they packer in about six hundred pounds of ice. They leg put, some other should marry, but this was to preserve it. I bought a dash of this small sprinkle of you. No luck, I'm real, she emeralds fanning veil preserve and then they preserve her, oh good, on the resolution. So the only problem is that the roads family moved around a lot here too there, so when they did have to move, they would just probable up in the back seat of their car until they were ready to lay her back on the ice wherever they were moving to a kind of love that what an I mean I love it and like the spooky is way possible can use a bad, though just like well off this whole thing, the whole time. Let me certain that I was like this is fake. This is but a grid, not it's fucking reeling. This firms, like a bonkers movie, guided
Also, I don't understand why it's not a movie. Also, I don't know that's not a movie. So if it's not a movie, someone make this movie we're gonna. Do it tm we're going to make this move atm? What you might call it That's fucking weird and people like reported. There are like oh yeah, like we saw the roads family in their daughter like long after she died of a boy, but she was propped up and looked fuckin alive is how she was thinking about as I have mentioned, the road settled down in this one area, and there, like you know, we can't keep leaving, will end the bathtub, because it's really getting weird and probably a little off putting to the guests using our bathroom. It's getting
We urge it was ok at first, it's getting out again the low weird, so they get, they have to get maize permission for less than their like. Can we like bury her like somehow but still preserved her? That's amaze, like yeah totally, so they end up preserving her like she still being preserved and they put her in a copper lined coffin. They pack the coffin with ice, an island sarcophagus yeah. They like Bam Emerald style, the things that are gonna preserve her and then I don't really know how the seven puppies died. I think that they might and sacrifice what the fall because May was known to kill and sacrifice dogs may or may not cool I'll fuck. You may down on you now yeah, so she was put in this
it'll chamber underneath the bedroom floor, like some his utter employees, hearts tat. There was a trap door shut the pact or an ice in the end, the sarcophagus they like nailed it shut essentially and then went to they put all the dogs the round her, oh god, how the dog skeletons arms up so now we're going too fast for it a little bit or in a fast forward to March of nineteen. Twenty eight p m there away
when this aside to some more getting into the nitty gritty Felt. No of this is really sad. A woman named Frances Turner. She was paralyzed and she was nonverbal. She got brought to me by her sister and the sisters like. What can we do? Is there anything we can do like? I love my sister so much and may as like yes, fuckin. May we actually have this giant oven on site all along with these huge refrigerators to preserve these bodies of my people, free, you know like when the seventh seal is opened. I think that if we put your sister into the oven, it'll cleanse her in God will have restored her no it'll cook her correct. I know,
see. I cook, so the sister is like. Ok, I believe you, oh sister, and I wrote my note. There were Alina. I would haunt the shit out of aha they put for France as in the oven, and they leave her in there for two days. Oh so obviously she passes away yeah Francis was way overcome where and when the sister asks. Why didn't work may as, like? You know it. This was gods plan their wife. He would have restored her, so this was supposed to happen. No, I think it's because you put her in the oven. I think that's why it didn't work, probably typically that but it goes wrong yeah. So now this talk is starting to circulate. That may put a fucking woman in an oven, Schneider Casserole and essentially killed her up. That's fucked up she's. Not! I just keep thinking easy big government, I'm no! That's really forgot himself,
Oh it's not all fuck guides occult it's fucked like we're nervously. Well guy, I'm just joking my way through this, because we we because it doesn't feel real his all the way met because who we are Gone all the way past all the way home hell yeah. She has ok, dont, like I sat there, certain Attaka she put this lady and loving Childer. Now, let's get weird, they start asking about these other people that disappeared like where the fuck did SAM go after his vote. Ritual Why has it will come back to life? Here? Is the seventh seal happening, my here, no trumpets? What's going on an Clifford, Daphne is like Homey, where my fuckin measurements? Ah, what am I get my money? I want Uncle Gimme my measurements given bitch, but her measurement, that's what he said and so did Rihanna so may piss off the wrong oil, guys nothing.
Because Clifford goes to police o in vials charges against may claim your home. She defrauded him of forty thousand dollars, she sure dead, and then all these other members of the royal family of the chosen eleven I'm going to the police and telling them about how well the roads, family and Francis, etc, etc, etc, and also their like. We donated like a lot of money to and they bought out from the does not broken trumpets, aren't come in what the fuck the rabbit or isn't. That is what I signed up found so the these are like what the actual fuck please I like. We are wildly unprepared better like Isabel late, nineteen, twenty something like that. I don't understand- I don't know I would say we're- are ill equipped eloquent eleven it. So they had out to chat with the leader of the Blackbird cold.
absolutely and they actually end up arresting her on the fraud charges. They also stop by the roads, family home and had straight to the trap door. They opened up to discover a perfectly preserved willow roads and the remains of the seven dogs the puppies so while their searching the whole area they come up with, like I said, a ton of dog bones and mule bones but no human remains other than Willa, while an autopsy is done on Willa and its determine that she really did die from the infection of the to think. There was any foul play, so they can't get May on any murder charges. But nobody knows where the fuck SAM. When and she did it, what happened to Fritz Slogan, whereas for endocrine body I dont know colts, she was cooked, so fucked up, hold so there's nobody. So big there like this is all like fuckin like they're like this is crazy. This is hearsay, yet who knows so they do throw her in jail for the free
odd between all the angry Ex called members and Clifford Domini may is charged with two hundred thousand dollars into frogmen and shoes. guilty on eight counts of grand theft, while so she Sosenza going to jail for a year. Because she successfully appeals. The case has just come in favour, doesn't seem right. I repeat, successfully appeals the case how, because it ended up going to the California Supreme Court and the judge ruled that the money was giving Turkey given to her willingly and because of religious freedom. There's not much. He can do about it now I mean like true: I can't meddle in your religion. You guys gave This money should and steal it from you. You willingly gave it over. So there is nothing I can do. You know you can't like be charged for taking from gullible people how she is free, holy shit, and she's a lot nomes gonna lie cheat here. Right, less is more
New York, it's Saturday welcome just gettin. She she died so but before she died, a lot of people left that comments good for them because they were like you know what Nothing is coming of this. I have never seen this book. You said you wrote ear your serving bodies, you're putting people other than what Happiness SAM. I regret this decision. It just didn't work out parents. Some people did stay, though, and apparently they all moved out to Lake Tahoe, and nineteen thirty six may published the origin of God is at the book. She was running it's like a book. She was already on the other one that her and Ruth were riding like. Never say that your surface area, other than that you are heard from again while yet and then, if this is so, she died in June of nineteen, fifty one, OSHA and then Ruth, who actually published a shit. Ton of things died and nineteen. Seventy eight well- and that is the case of the black.
Call tat, so crazy Y know. I was so excited to have found out about that because I never heard about it either in a lot of the cases I cover ever heard above before, not but not this one. I have not heard above, and I looked at her emails to see if anybody suggested it. Nobody why so? I hope that this is the first you ve heard wow. Look. You heard it here. First baby, you do. That was really good. Thank you loved. It hope Yugoslavia to yeah, do more cult slew about that's it. A culture fund, the occult our funds that will do some more, not under joint funding hover fund to cover to learn about right. You don't want to be part of that new, don't do it, and if you are it's fine, I forgot to tell you a letter comes and extends his hand. To you say no shake it. Thou shaken number, no, don't corona! I forgot to tell them what inspired me to do this episode. Oh yeah,. boy meets world. The episode where shall Sean Hunter enters a cult
Yes, yes and a major. It's called the circle and Mr Turner newsletter. He gets an order and local action and then Mister Matthews winning the rose, the call leader up against the wall. The hospital knees like you can't have shut, in Georgia Fini is ready to fuck shit out a whole, that's a great great. Ever so it's. Why was like? I really want to do and pursued on call law, and so I did. I love that thought. Perhaps you're welcome That is the most ash thought process will re ever those you appointments world guys yet Disney plus they are the best. Well, so we hope you can find us on Instagram if you want to see pictures or fuck and all these crazy loony tunes at morbid podcast, we hope, even as upon the twitter, at a morbid vodka red ass, a gmail if its rude, we're, not gonna, see it coming. Who do another folder buying morbid bad guys that gmail dot com- and we hope you join the facebook page you at Morbid, Colonna to crime, podcast, Facebook Group, its awesome and then another hope of ours- is that you keep listening.
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