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Episode 129: Kelly Anne Bates

2020-04-04 | 🔗
Today's episode is a tough one, but it is one that we think is important to share. Kelly Anne Bates was a 14 year old child when she met a much older Dave Smith. While her parents helplessly looked on, she slipped further and further into his grasp until finally, he snuffed her out in one of the most gruesome murders to date. During this uncertain time, we know a lot of people have found themselves quarantined in a dangerous situation, quite possibly with their abusers. Kelly's story is an extreme case but it is a reality for those in abusive relationships. If you find yourself in trouble, here are some ways to reach out for help:Advocates at the National Domestic Violence Hotline are available 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) in more than 200 languages.Battered women’s support services 604-652-1867 or send us an email at intake@bwss.orgCall 604-687-1867 or 1-855-687-1868 or text 604-652-1867Last week, local authorities in Spain and the Canary Islands have advised victims of abuse to go to their pharmacies and to use the code word ‘mask 19’ for help.In the UK, the Independent Office for Police Conduct advises anyone who feels afraid of being overheard when dialing ‘999’ to listen to the questions from the phone operator, respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can and press ‘55’.https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/a32015540/domestic-violence-covid-19-code-word/ Visit out sponsors!First LeafSign up today to get 6 bottles of wine for only $29.95, plus free shipping for a year! Just go to Try Firstleaf.com/MORBID. CauseboxOur listeners get an exclusive discount- go to www.causebox.com/morbid and use the code morbid to get your first box for 30% off- as in you can get your first box worth over $250+ for less than $39. 
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or try and what time? Ok, I always. What are you just know that the next couple weeks it can be pretty fun, so pretty fuckin final hang on. What's not gonna be fun disk, is this case that I'm about to tell you, but who boy I feel like it needs to be told it's very important. It's fair warning, brutal This is a very brutal one. It also involves domestic abuse and domestic abuse ending in murder. So just know that, ahead of time, not everybody's cup of tea. So if you want to skip the Leon, We understand- and you know what you're getting to many by tomorrow, they re morbid for you. We gather yours. but you know what it's. I think this is kind of important just to begin I'm gonna be ending this podcast with some like hotlines in some places that can anybody who is in a situation of domestic violence where they don't feel safe right now what
able to contact for help cause. I know in quarantine re now, one of the biggest things in one of the things that none of us really think of. I didn't think of it until I saw an article about it was like woe, that not only are we all stuck in isolation should a moral kind of freaking out just being like bouncing off the walls, there's some people that are now trapped inside and quarantined with their abuse. There too, and I can't even imagine yeah, so I think that this is kind of pertinent for these situation at hand and again, if you are finding herself in that situation. First of all, know that you are not alone, and we all are here for you and those people that are there for you and at the end of this episode, I'm going to try to give you some way to at least try to get out of it. So hang in there. Everybody feel like my heart, Have you already? It is so. This is the really tragic case of Kelly, an Bates.
Kelly. Pelion Bates was born, may eighteenth nineteen, seventy eight she was born and Hatteras which is an area of greater Manchester in England, she was born her mother, Margaret Bates and her father, Tommy Bates, she's, very close to her parents, very good daughter by all accounts, just a sweet kid she was known to be. I fled egg spunky fun to be around often described as I believe that our genetic she's going to school had a part time job at a graphics, firm and she had dreams of becoming a teacher. Oh yes, so she's just like this regular just bubbling kid at the time of in ninety. Ninety two shoes, Fourteen years old, I was just about to ask you if we have fourteen years old, that's when she met a guy named Dave Psmith about I hate him yup, you really gonna hate the sky. sure at first nothing seemed amiss with this relationship, but then Kelly seemed to change a bit. She was acting.
A bit more rebellious shoe sneaking out not checking over their parents time should be gone for like a couple days at a time with no word at forty. Had fourteen in her parents were obviously concerned at sea, But she had just fallen into the classic teenage love sick situation to them, so they were kind of looking at. It is like they're, not happy with this right concern, but though they weren't thinking anything dangerous. They were thinking like we gotta get away from him, because she's obviously becoming too This is very connected journey. Stinky ass, a really is so you, You know when you're a teenager like this, you won't, you think, you're in love. You spend every second together and suddenly or like fleet. Hang on your responsibility as you know, and then you get the rude awakening back. Then I thought I loved at fourteen under all gets eider, oh honey. So then that this point they had met Dave. They talked him on the phone, but they had not. Madame then they met. Dave Dave was thirty, two years old, oh ok, so that's
we're. Ok, yet so Davis, thirty, two years old, she was fourteen. I'm just going to go ahead said that's not oh no, that is absolutely no yeah, ok cool, unlike if you use the right now, oh you're, getting ready to send an email to tell me that that's ok, I'll alt delete that yeah. Don't do it big? It's not! Ok! It's just not! You believe it is that that's your prerogative, but but our own. I don't need to hear the seller. Can you do that when they met him. They were shocked, obviously erect cause again how the fuck do even meet somebody. That's thirty two fort. I guess they met when she was baby sitting for someone have. He knew, ah, no I have friends with the two. I think he was friends with whoever they were, but issues babysitting, forcing that lie that yeah She had made him out to be like a schoolmate, but he was a grown up ah no, they had answered the phone when he called previously and somehow they didn't catch. His voice is not being a fourteen year old boy, but I haven't heard
his voice so very possible. He has a younger boys, sir, was able to discuss. is it I mean he was like a couple years: older women again you're, not thinking you're Fourteen euros is leading a third or to Europe that does not deliver thing. You're, gonna think on what the fuck, your thirty two aren't you I'm thirty four holy fuck. I wouldn't even deeds, many thirty four I'm saying so they both of both of her parents- that when they met him, they sense something off about him immediately. Besides the fact Do you stand before doing so, Obviously, and what's really creepy about this, is he had groomed her, like all predators, do? Of course he had clearly done that her parents said that they tried everything everything they could to get her daughter, their daughter. away from this man, but we all know that sometimes this just pushes them closer to them and she resisted all of their help.
One of their biggest fears was that they're gonna lose her, so they return to play their hands carefully and you have to and it sucks, because I must have been horrific from because as parents you just want a lock her away in Vila Nova de you're staying home forever, and I think it's really easy for somebody's feeling wall. Like you shouldn't. Let her do that, but it is actually a completely lose. What that's in day and every interview I've seen them is, like you, don't understand bless your apparent, like your biggest fears, losing your kid now. You feel like you're, losing your kids, this horrific predator airing on time. any, but you don't want to lose them by pushing and it's like suited there in this rock and a hard place. Really their only option would be the like, lock her up and not let her out of how obvious issues can be pissed off at them because an end. honestly at this. In this situation. I dont know what I would do. I can't tell you what I would do to fix me. I don't know because in my head. I'm like I'd locker up, but would that work? I dont know she's for monsieur Gowan. The ads like, I feel bad, that legal basis. I really do. I feel bad for Margaret and Tommy really do. I do
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empty Anderson Cooper, appointments available within forty eight hours. and it's like you just don't want this backlashing on you and I think they were thinking. Okay, this is going to end. This is going to end like we're just going to try and try and try but he's gonna meet someone who's gonna meet a nice, you know twenty five year old or something so Dave and Kelly and would break up sometimes for like a day or so and she would come back home. He began to be, and in this is when he had begun to be out wordly possessive of her ok, when she would spend time at his place, he would physically put her on a bus home when she would leave and then call her mother to tell her she was coming home. Then Margaret said that he would call the second she walked in the door cheeses because he had timed it down to the minute and if she were and walking in the door. At that time he would fly into a fucking rage because he was like she's somewhere else like freaking out yak, so then
She started showing back up back at home with huge bruises Oliver. How I yes fucking, I know avi, say one thing mission but I would murder the preserve. This is any of my. yeah, and this is the part where it's like again, I'm not saying I know what it feels like to be in these parents physician. I dont and I can't say I literally have to. But I'm just saying: if anyone hurt my child, I would kill them. This is just how like that's, how I don't even have kids, I'm real, but again I'm not judging these parents as I once again. I don't know I had. This is just how I would react, but I can't tell people what is right. What is wrong so she was saying that you know she was the classic stuff. I walked into a door. now I'm going to take their share? An excuse for like all of us? Could the classic abused person answers? I we know they walked anew door now been all that stuff one day she came home and half of her face, was covered in black bruising and Margaret was like.
one of our colleagues like this is not ok. What is going on and she said I was jumped by some girls on the way home from the bus and an older couple brought me home and helped me and your mom was like no that's bullshit like note girl, like a bunch of girls, did not like beat your face and like this one and two of them older couple got you, they were like calling card of earlier. What aromatics or something like you know, really density. This just doesn't make out in every she would say like. No, this doesn't make sense Kelly. I had no answer for it. It was clearly Dave. Then one day she came home and she had a deep in like very deep, almost infected by wound on her help. I'd gone. She claimed. That was something totally different like that. You, like hurt her hand somewhere else, but her mother was like it was a perfectly formed by market. There is no end. It was deep in like vicious so whatever had like. However, she got it was very intense. Oh yes said the active
in another human being only that host about it. Yet, during the last month, the area we talked about during TED Bundy yeah, it will never ceases to amaze. It's such a specific pathology person like that bite, someone you're an animal. really are, and it was at this time that she had begun to physically deteriorate wildly cause he's breaking her down slow. Yet- and I mean at this point- she had lost a ton of weight and chew was not bathing any more like she wasn't taking care of herself. She was wearing baggy clothing and, like you become a shallow yourself, exactly and she and she just seemed like down and quiet. They said Schumann's like you your head down alive. I can talk and again member, she was a bubbly energetic. Everybody said fun girl there, and this is very different so this was, I mean this was clearly the result of severe domestic abuse going on and again this is a classic, because the abuser will make it to make it a point to demolish their victim self esteem
right, though, make them feel worthless and also make a point of trying to make sure no one else wants them, so their Billig. You know that they take your beauty routine away from you. If you have one, because, though egg, why do you need to get beautiful for someone else where you should only be being beautiful? For me, you can't walk out the store. Looking that you trying to impress you I mean like they totally remove that from them, and that's why they'll suddenly stopped you know tanning, stop doing their nails, stop doing their hair because they, like. I can't do this for other people. I can imagine the baggy clothing is classic to hide wounds and also hide their body because they are not allowed to flaunt their body at all. Flaunt cordon quote again
there's no reason for them to look or fear beautiful for someone else according to their abusers. Only for them and before we get into the really terrible end result of this whole thing. I feel it is important to discuss why abusive relationships can end this way, ya. Ella right, like we are talking about this earlier and many people say like white, any justly try to yelling. Why did she say why we like stand right. Would you do you don't know what you do anything avenues for that situation, it so easy for any of us who have not dealt with it to set their milk. I would never let someone do and it's like I'm. I honestly I'll be fully one hundred percent. I've said that before you like, I like Get into that, of course, I think we all have before we ve all just ignorantly been like, of course, and then the more but you that's the thing it's like emu to educate yourself, because you don't realize like no on all of the different factors that go into exactly in that's near its legs and I've heard people again,
would you let somebody abuse you and it's like one? No one, let someone abuse them, it's very complex and very complicated, not letting someone do there. Are you? The high term abuse itself is like there is exist, is removing control from exactly and often what people don't understand is that they don't walk into these relationships at least start these guys are or women, but mostly pan, but there are women abusers. Of course, these people don't automatically their stripes right away. They shall not only do they not show their stripes, they will soon to see the shit out of you. That's their whole game. It's like they wine and when you first so yeah they're going to charm and make sure that they're going to make you feel like you are in complete troll controls, troll they're, going to make you feel like you're in complete control. That's the first thing, they're going to give you all the control here you go. It's all yours,
and then they're gonna pull the rug out from underneath you just when they have you absolutely enamored and unable to just cut down cuz they're going you so wrapped up in them that you're not gonna, be able just just warm fuck. This you know, like it's gonna, be such him more complex situation in, stop always really bums me out, because Everyone else seems to be able to see it, but the abused person and that's just the unfortunate reality of it, but its psychological, that's it exactly it's so psychological and unlike on a surface, well think about like a bad relationship that any of us have been even just like a bad, not have not necessarily like a full on abuse of one leg just a bad relief under the value that I myself aid, a little too long in Europe could be doing stay. My lawyer, it's a civil,
We are part of that, but you got wrapped up you weren't able to just cut ties because they did something. Shitty right, leg need a lie. Like my idea, I had an ex boyfriend who is like not physically abusive at all. He was for sure, psychologically abuse and, like he cheated on me in turn. In times like I found this out, I stayed way to lie close against is, and I think we all have been in that situation, but it's weird to think back on it because I'm like, while I was legitimately brainwashed and now it's like, I totally understand how somebody could get in It wasn't like abuse them, but he did all the classic things like, like nobody else, really liked him bite. You like you were like no there's somebody good parts, exactly like it. He has you being like. Oh you don't know him like. I know- and I remember you yeah- it's like I was too young to understand exactly you remember, yeah and aids in four one. You feel like they're going to change. your name like feeling, I can't I'm the person who understands them the most. I will change them and I also felt leg,
You know he's just so in love with me. That's why he so aggressively jealous and why he's so intent on sticking with this, like it's us against the world's Myanmar like mentality that he kept pushing and thought. It was like bonding Clyde romantic thing, but in reality not bond Clyde, we're in a toxic relationship as well in Bonnie, was to enable do applied to realise that he was just fuckin. Helen has actually end well for them even in stop romanticizing body and Clyde everybody. I didn't work, on his own sister said that Clyde knocked Bonnie across him room one. Since you just popped right back up for more, she was sense, They had this like the crucible of fairytale, rob they were not there dancing in the moon, though they certainly where, but just as a good example of how these people can be so charming, So manipulative, which is why I just want to push this so people are doing like. Why would they see why would she stay? There was a time I caught my acts like red handed or two times. I one. Let us this with. Everybody knows what a bad Lena
We all know this is why? Because I like to think of myself ass a fair, intelligent humanitarian and who would not allow area intelligent, but it's like it. that like, even when you think of yourself as a very in control very until irrational, very rational, which is like how I see myself that you can easily be put in this situation if we are to meet the rape or the was suddenly, they are the wrong person.
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We saw this movie together and he guessed the ending, and it was like a weird ending that as a cliff Could you tell us that, like what and I was immediately suspicious, but he was like arms lucky under so smart, but I just came up again in the courtyard giant. Do I knew I found a ticket stub for a different day where he had seen the movie well before we did and who the fuck was easy some of you would not be so and confronted him. I had the ticket, he convinced me that the movie time and day we had seen it was the same movie time on that ticket, even though I knew it wasn't while and he convinced me it was I forgot about you and I had the proof in my hands and then there was this one's even worse. There was a name: He said he had to go to the bathroom. I listened. Outside, as he had a full conversation and made a date with another woman. Listen to the entire thing. fuming outside the door when he came out I'm standing there with my arms grass, I didn't try, I'm trying to be tough on like you're fuckin asshole I was leaving he's
how convince me that he was listening to a voicemail and when I but large, where I had heard him speaking back to this woman, and he told me that's just my job this brain making things up. He wasn't cheating, I'm being crazy, that's insane yeah! thank you and I waited for much longer and I and again I consider myself a very rational person, but he was able to manipulate me that way, not because he was psychologically abusive, let's just what it is so cool e being a sixteen year old girl at this point, when this was happening. So now it's two years, young, my god was way more vulnerable in you mind frame just every issue. So much more. Mrs her first fucking relation changed her ass. I lay you don't realize that asset as this is what love is apparent right like this is just what it is a spell, really when being groomed by an abusive, older man right, that's just so much working against her
An abuse like hers is so severe and so complex. So in her situation, it was likely a case where you know the abused person is gonna live for those few really great moment right and they will Baskin the highs and then lived through a series of punishments. Justinian had next time moment as the honeymoon. exactly it's like when their great there so great, but they only that one time and then you'll go through months and months of punishment. I still remember like freshmen earth operator of high school. We had a whole. Obviously you go through so much of that and Health Claudia and there was like there's a chart, but the woman drew and it was like the honeymoon phase where he buys you flowers and it starts off like that. He brings you nice dinners. Yemeni hits you yeah and then like something worse happens like right across romani women face and then he slowly will say. I'm sorry and everything will get back to you further and everything will be. Ok. Irony hits you exits like this whole pattern and behaviour in one year in it, I'm assuming you're. You know
and I was not have never physically abused and I really shouldn't dependent. I'm a man to I'm imagining. You know these. These poor people that are in those situations are living for those few times where this person makes them feel like they are worth it and they re like I'm, not even in a romantic, They should just like people to go through that would like parents so absolutely like. I'm selling my mama's never like actually physically abusive Badia. I would like I did when I was going to everything I would live for times were like my mom was actually in a good mood today I couldn t and that's when you Billy, ok, it's fine! Now you know and then bill. They will remind you of that to lay out there trying till they use he is and what about the time we did this, and I did this for member when I did that reading this error, like ok, they do of me yeah and then it also
justified. You know what I didn't appreciate that exact. That's why they're being which is weighed shoving you down a step and it just making you failing. Oh, I deserve this. Some like I pushed them. So I understand now and then I just starts back up again and again, it's like you. You can't really know this until you ve lived lived, it really, and after all abusers again are notoriously charming and manipulating that's how they get in the first place, and they can turn it on a second leg. You my ex could charm the skin off a snake, but he could also shut it off with a snap of his finger. Janni was a cold mother fucker and it was like to different people. So that's I imagine this is how Dave probably was sounds like a and dime. So Craig Balkan is a clinical psychologists at Harvard Medical School and in Time magazine article about domestic abuse that I found a dumb lincoln in the show notes
he said quote, the person being abused is focused on the positive and waiting for the next positive there's, a psychological effect link. Gambling. The moments of tenderness and intimacy are unpredictable, but they are so intense in fulfilling that the victim wines of staying in the hopes that a moment That will happen again, eventually this sort of this wearing down for people on the receiving end of their abuse, where they continue to tolerate more and more overtime and they feel less entitled to being safe, and it's so true, so abusers can also do psychological warfare as a means to keep victims around withholding food. Withholding sweetly sleep deprivation threatening family members are pets. Rate can be involved, which is, as obviously physical and and led to a sort of like Stockholm Syndrome thing where the abuse starts to become attached to the abuse. I write abuses also icily. They remove you from your home base, your family or friends, so they can convince you at the darkest times there
all you have yeah, that's it and I think, with Kelly she was taken out of our house. You know she was slow, leaving brought into his home, which eventually she moves into sounds like her I'd. Like that's exciting, like the guy, you are unclear like it's. This big romantically house see how they mean and its leg in. He knew that and, as we'll see I'll get into it. He has a history of choosing younger, more vulnerable and victims and abusing them filling the highway of their who is ship, probably an expert. Oh, he was a full on expert by this point in Kelly, likely fell again like she loved him and its high. And to tell love from dependence. Sometimes it is an interesting and really sad note is over. Seventy percent of domestic violence. Murders happened after the relationship has ended yeah, because now the abuser has nothing to do with the person I leave,
its away from when they actually shoulder with their control and that they take control back. That's when it usually snaps and am sure just puts like a fucking region. Oh sure they have no control over the IRA cassettes. Live for as they can draw on November thirtieth. Ninety ninety five Kelly did move into Dave's home in Gordon, No one friends or family spoke to her after she moved in. Oh, no, he isolated completely and they did her. Parents receives like random cards like on their anniversary and stuff, but they were written by Dave. Not they didn't have any writing by Kelly. Awful so once his crimes came to light later and which will go over, it was Discovered that he was not thirty, two years old- oh my god, is he older. He was forty, eight years old Europe, And his name was not Dave, but James Pattern since most so far
He was a year older than her father. What the fuck and again she sixteen at this point in his forty eight. Oh like the eye, so he lied to. I support his age. He was so unemployed. He was divorced and he was a piece of shit that beat every girlfriend and wife he ever had. How did he always even able to live on his own? unemployed. I really know what the fuck he got divorced and nineteen eighty after ten years, and he had beat that woman, the entirety of Verily ship, He then dated a twenty year old, named Tina Watson from nineteen. Eighty to ninety two she's, and she was a literal quote: punching bag for him and even abuse. He even abused and beat her when she was pregnant with their child. Now No, no so he's a literal monster. Anybody Who abuse is a pregnant woman? Should I mean whatever yeah yeah yeah? Just so you know hey lecture and what she said was quote at first. It was now and again just a little tap.
But in the end it was every day he would smack me in the face are hit me over the head with an ashtray. He wouldn't he would kick me in the legs or between the legs. He also tried to drown her while she was in the bath she escaped. Luckily, he then dated fifteen year olds. Wendy otters head. He beat her all the time to and also try to drown her, but this time he held her head under the sink in the kitchen like glided round her April sixteenth. Ninety ninety six Dave strolls into a police station to say he accidentally killed his girlfriend Kelly in the bath after an argument, and he had tried to revive her but couldn't, and he claimed that they have been quote going at it in the bathroom. And she accidentally swallowed water. Now, let's sprawly not at all, it actually does just now and world. If, when the police arrived at the home, they found Kelly naked in the bathroom and the state they found her in was nothing like any of them had ever seen, and it better
the question: how did he think he was going to pass this off ass? She drank because people that's the thing people like that are. So scared, because they think they can convince anybody of any kind. think everyone is below them and intelligence, so they think that they are smarter than everybody and they haven't sir, for everything. But when you see her injuries, your leg, barreaux, how were you gonna? How is that howling surrounding I'm gonna hold onto us? It was clear that she had been exe dense, simply tortured. In the end, it was discovered that she had spent about four weeks being completely tortured for four weeks she had over a hundred and fifty separate injuries. According to the guardian, the pathologist was William Lawlor. He said quote in my career. I have examined almost six hundred victims of homicide, but I have never come across injury.
So extensive, my god by somebody that she was dating. She had been now, I'm gonna go through these injuries. There really bad trigger warning. This is bad God. She had been starved. She lost around forty four pounds way: God she had not had water for several days, at least her he's had been crushed, so she can walk. She had scalding to her buttocks and her left legs with boiling water. There were turns on her thigh that were caused by her branding with hot iron, all God she had a fractured arm. She also had multiple stab wounds by knives, forks and scissors. She had stab wounds in sight of her mouth. Oh my god, her both of her hands crushed with something she had. Mutilation of her ears knows eyebrows mouth lips and genitalia there were wounds that seem to be caused by a
running shares in a shovel whether pruning shares those locations. Bulgarian headquarters that you burn with the only God, both of her eyes had been gouged out, we, What's yup, there were also stab wounds in the empty. I sockets- and this is really bad. now, it was later revealed by the pathologist that her eyes were removed before death- oh my god, he said they were moved quote not less than five days and not more than three weeks before her death, so she could have been dealing with that for up to three weeks alike. I don't. Even they also said that it appeared that her eyes had been ripped out with hands now she was also partially scalped. At times she had been tied by ligature to radiators and furniture or she was tied by her hair. Her cause of death was drowning in this
After weeks of torture and abuse and after she had been knocked unconscious with a shower head, I lay can't even brief I thought I knew I had to take it yeah, so she went through three or four weeks. I mean the worst terror Many of us ever warheads mean that that's just what they could discern. I need I like it. De the eyes were the thing that God that she, it was one before death. She did not die of having those eyes or move, so she lived with her eyes. stout and then he stabbed the empty ice aka. How do you do in stabbed in her mouth that shit and then hobbled her crushed her hands, so she couldn't leave and he claimed now his claim when they were oh she just around in the shower, like art, you're really. Second, story, brow, and he said I didn't do anything that she didn't ask me to do to her.
What they were like. She asked you look out for, I got out and he was like what she liked to be heard once like away you're trying to paint. This is in essence, M thing which it is blocking. Clearly not.
None of this was several art of Essen involving eyes, because it does not like what I fuck is wrong way to paint s an m as this like fuckin, as murder like that is ridiculous, and her blood was found in every room in his house, my God, this poor girl, her father, had to Idee her bought all God they said quote: people called him an animal, but an animal wouldn't do that to another animal he's, a very, very evil man, I think about how much pain she must have been and how she must have thought. We didn't love her ya because she's how she must have thought we didn't love her because we didn't save her. Oh my god. Oh, that is such that this case reside settling a moment because I'm thinking of like these poor parents, there sitting there being like my who this was happening and I denial baby leg was being tortured and she was probably thinking wire. My parents saving may like to have
Then in your brain I can't, I can't believe, I'm like tearing up. No, I mean you're. Am I say that to me was like the hardest part about this was thinking of these poor fucking parents. I mean this poor girl lines, so I know this is upon us. I don't even know what the fuck to say right and I'm. So it's so beyond Peter Open Shaw was the prosecutor and he said quote: it was as if he deliberately disfigured her causing her the utmost pain, distress and degradation. The injuries were not the result of one sudden eruption of violence. They must have been caused over a long period and were so extensive and so terrible that the defend it must have deliberately and systematically tortured the girl. The cause of death was drowning immediately prior to which she had been beaten about the head with a shower head, he said quote her death must have been a merciful and to her torment, which its true that's all. I could make us a death.
I have been a welcome Rand too, that he went on trial and again denied any wrong doing. He acts he actually lamed Kelly. An saying she would put me through hell winding me up, so he was literally she pissed me off a lot. Clearly bawling. Are you kidding me cause you're? Just I don't know. I can't after only one hour of deliberation, he was found guilty and gave him a lot of that law. He received a twenty year. Minimum sentence. The judge said quote your and abuse of women, and I intend so far as it is in my power that you will be no more, which is laying down for the first time during this is really telling of how bad this was. For the first time, every juror was offered counselling after and during the trial every single day after sea, like photos, yeah, then see every loud and every site.
God you're accepted the counselling for the first time. This has never happened before flag. I need counselling after listening to this, he asked or like they were so traumatized that by seeing the evidence and hearing the evidence that they all took the counselling, because that's the other thing like this, is it's almost like what we said in the Jamie clustering, because she was so young isn't like what we know yards. What they're allowed to put on it was there that I can imagine what they couldn't inputting pictures to this I'm Sharing in my head will ya and it's bad enough, seeing it must have in seeing her parents in the home room, you're you're, just adding all this. like level of humanity into the whole thing, and it's like that so true and animal when it do not to an anonymous, no and animal, would not cause another animal deliberate pain in that kind of methodical. Just it is astounding to me that people exist like this. It's it's no island, he's, I mean he is truly and he had been doing ever ever evil I mean here.
been doing it, those kind of injuries, and like you I mean you, don't need to be more cemented into a wall for all eternity Like like works languishing were wake him up in a wall like they did. I who am age american horror Story Hotel when, like James Patrick March, like tilling brick people up in his will hull and so data joms. We to do that to him. No, I think that's what he deserves to live out his days in a wall
then just like in just scream and cry for the resolution rip his eyes and like his tongue now yeah. I think so. Oh my god now so, unfortunately, that is the end of Kelly and Bates a story but, like I said in the beginning, I know this has a lot to do with light domestic violence. Domestic abuse, like I said I know people are in the situation right now, probably somebody who is listening. Those podcast right now, if you find yourself in the situation right now, we're your quarantined with your abuser. There are different methods to get help one of them is advocates at the national domestic violence hotline they're available. Twenty four slash, seven at one, eight hundred seven hundred and ninety nine safe, which is seven thousand two hundred and thirty. Three. and it's available and more than two hundred languages does also
battered women's support services. You can find them at six hundred and four six hundred and fifty two one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven or you can send them an email. If you can't get on the phone at intake at be wcss dot org, you can also call six. Oh four, six, eight one thousand, eight hundred and sixty seven or one hundred and eighty five, five thousand six hundred and eighty seven one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight, and you can also text six hundred and four six hundred and fifty two one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven cuz again. If you can't get on the phone right also last week, local authorities in Spain and the canary islands were encouraging domestic abuse victims to go to pharmacies.
and tell some one of the abuse in the way they were telling them to do. It is to use the code word mask nineteen and that a foreign pharmacist will get you home and in the UK, the independent office for police conduct advises anyone who is in the situation today Nine. Nine: nine listen to the questions from the phone operator in them, respond by coughing or tapping the handset, and if you can press five five, so if you find yourself in a situation, we need help. Hopefully one of those can help you and stay strong and your loved new art lotto many people here. Bad situation do not feel like they are all you have there is our home have and there they don't deserve you. If you somebody is hurting you, they do not love you. They do not have your best interests at heart, whether their hurting you physic,
Lee mentally emotionally anyone, no one who loves you should be intentionally hurting you in any way, and I promise you this and don't let them convince you. It's unintentional. yeah and its. I know it's hard when you feel like wrapped up in someone but knew too you. Nobody deserves to be treated like this man I know it's hard people that would treat you. The right way certainly deserve to meet them, so you know stay strong. Everyone shit and if you feel you know someone in this situation, we try to help them out. Tredah may be called one of these hotlines and try to help. So that's the tragic tale of Kelly and Bates and I'm sorry it's such a bummer, but I felt egos and important one, especially with Siena Quarantine happening right now. I just feel like somebody needed to hear how bad it can get so powerful you're all doing. Ok after that, all other no little lighter for the many we
The money is going to be lighter. I promise we're gonna, take it to a more spooky spooky clay. So yes, exactly enough. This bunch out too much just way through spooky spooky many, and if you need to go contact any of those numbers lane ammonia and and will also put them in the captured, I'm gonna put in the show notes up in your happen on Instagram will put the the numbers two. So that burn multiple places, and so you can go out on our instrument find not at morbid pod castle, tweet them out a morbid podcast. If you need help, please gmail US morbid podcast at Gmail dot, com. You can join the Facebook group. Anybody that's going through a hard time right now. I have so many people in that group, like so many people rush to help them. I love them and just it's the MO delicious little community of behalf of anything negative to say about the Facebook or others. I don't wanna hear yeah, because
I've seen so many people to say I'm having a bad day or I'm having a really dark time. Re now and I've seen so many thou, thousands of people, rush on and thousands cover them and support. So it's if you feel like in need of a boost, that's definitely a good place to find a chasm awesome people in there and that's morbid calling at your crime, Podcast Facebook Group, and if you like, we said before just on a lighter note, if you need to get tickets for the shows, you can find them on
website at morbid, podcast dot com. We hope you keep us today and we hope you eat.
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