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Episode 130: The History of the Ouija Mini Morbid

2020-04-05 | 🔗
We decided to take a slightly lighter subject after a heavy episode this week. Tonight, we dive deep into the emergence of spiritualism and the creation and demonizing of the Ouija Board. We end it all with a couple of listener tales specifically referencing some Ouija Board madness! Come on in, it is spooky as hell in here! Visit our sponsors! Best Fiends Best Fiends has thousands of levels already, with new levels, events, and characters added every month. It’s hours of fun right at your fingertips—and you can even play offline! With over 100 million downloads and tons of five-star reviews, Best Fiends is a must-play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends! Daily Harvest Go to DailyHarvest.com and enter promo code MORBID to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! That’s promo code MORBID for twenty-five dollars off your first box at DailyHarvest.com
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Right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earned two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible porn. have your favorite Hobbes salads and more get your ex reward twice. As fast by shopping your dinner favorites after four p m, wow rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the word why abbot joined today we are knows, I'm Alina, I'm ah, and this is a mini morbid the hand its Alina centric, Sure he doesn't have a nice ring to it, not ever man many many many many many more bad. Many morbid many morbid, maybe more, what we promised you,
As I know you had a it get through the Kelly and Bates episode. That was a tough one, but, like I said, I think it was very necessary to tell that story. Twas specially you know everybody in quarantine. Like I said, I can use those numbers if you need to, and it was nice to see everybody Connally telling their stories and how they like survived and are thriving Slick yea. It was exactly what I wanted and the other thing I just want to mention about. That was because people are like. No, you shouldn't let your daughter, Mary Leg, get involved with a thirty two year old reality and they could kind of took it as like, because we didn't hard on the parents pursue like you agreed with them. Doesn't media freedom we agree with, and I also just want to say we didn't want to focus on the parents what they did that wasn't about the parents. What I was about was clean and that fuckin asshole Jane Patterson outlay of we just want to focus on judging the parents, because I think it would have taken away from the message of the whole episodes. I just want to say, of course we're not can,
Now, of course, and I go let like my fourteen year old daughter, Mary Authority for thirty two year old, but any wasn't even actually thirty leagues He was forty eight so but yeah. I just wanted to clear that up that you know we just didn't want to go into the judgment zone. That's all when you know. Damn we do, the best man we really do by you. I decided to be clear about that. We were like that's cool, oh and to back up a couple of hours. The girl, I'm really sorry that I said ah Marine corpse instead of Marine corps. That was really stupid and I should have looked up first and I apologize. I genuinely do yeah answer me. think, it's like my favorite murder does like a corrections, corner yeah those little corrections corner we're not gonna. Do again. I don't think but our well, that will, in the end that we probably need it. The marine corps thing we just wanted to make sure radio. The lake thing don't want anybody there that we are being does react for sure, and I just wanted to clear up that pair
Thing because I too want to be seen as someone who is like yeah sure what you're fourteen year old date, which I think we made clear in the episode, but some people did not see it that way so so we just wanted to mention those two things and nights episode is going to be sidedly less heavy and just fun spooky Oki Slow fund, but first we have a little bit of business to take care. We do I like to tell you that our Philadelphia shall has been rescheduled too as a temper nope eyes. It is August, eleventh yeah come in August when Cove it is gone and we can stop social distancing. Yeah. It's love in Philadelphia, punchline, comedy club. The Washington DC show at the Dc. Improv has been rescheduled two September see here September, when Cove it is gone but again to be universe are to show that they need in Nashville. Tennessee have also been rescheduled to the twenty third of September.
Nashville. Our Huntsville Alabama show at stand up. Live has been rescheduled to the the fourth of September September role, tied war, Eagle, go Alabama, woe and June second will be at the June. Second, We will be the dude second, on echo, my good we'll be ugly, Goodnight Comedy Club in Raleigh North Carolina Bali. I know we're gonna see you in June. I just know it. We will, but my fuckin birth month, the world's catch and alive. You have told me it's your birth months alike. Let's fuckin do a Gemini: let's do it make the universe stop covert. Now how ya Light a candle, the Algerians, diabetics and say inside water have trusted. You inferred we're gonna be at the company. Clubs I don't know about, will be there and I'm excited about these zone and Charlotte whew June eleventh. We will be at tell your HOLLAND Chicago and will be there the next stage,
wealth as well? Who spooky die? I'm so excited booger July Eighth, we're going to be a comedy work, south, an Greenwood village on our own colorado or commentator, and last but not least, obviously we will be at the Wilbur Theatre on July, eleventh and Boss Massachusetts Lithuania's childhood best friend, whose really fuckin funny Emily Walsh there. you have it there and, let's hope you know we'll reschedule as we have to and we're going to go to the floor. Everybody everyone stay inside, wash your hands social distance and, let's have these shows happen guys and if you want tickets for the shows, a couple of them still have tickets available
both a morbid podcast. Our calm we have all I live, shows laid out there. You can click the links for each show and it'll. Take you to the ticket sites. Don't worry because when things get postponed, your tickets are gonna, be rolling over to the new show. So let's do this: let's get a let's go without further ado. What is your many apis out about? So this episode is on the history of the wages. HU, a lotta. Be Bob requested that, like many I had, I figure it's a funny. Little spooky spooky episode tears. It's gonna beds, gonna bring astounding fluffy or play fluffy or play a fluffy or diamond place, but still a fluffy play. You know it's funny as use Nay Damon and some people think it sounds like you're saying diamonds in one of our ads. You say diamonds this week and it sounds like you're saying demon, hey, look about so
You know you I'm so much fun, so we're gonna do is I mean, go through the history of the wage aboard where it came from how it started. I'm and spiritual ism in all this stuff and then at the end of you're going to read a couple of your listener stories that have to do with wage aboard slew what yeah. So it's gonna be fun fun, so it all began in the nineteenth century during a crazy kooky time referred to as the emergence of spiritual Oh, so it really all began in America on March thirty, first eighteen, forty eight, when eleven year Old, Kate Fox in her fourteen year old sister, Margaret Fox, claimed they ve hit that they had contacted the ghost of a man who is haunting their home. They lived in in New York State and he had apparently been murdered in the home, and so what was happening was there is they said there
hearing, taps and haunting stuff in all kinds of noises, and so they started asking him questions and he would tap too Sir saw the sun. They were saying that they were getting. You know their chat them up now hit yeah you know so it, but he didn't just sit down and do an interview. He followed a strict one tap for yes to tap for no guideline got it when this worked word got out and these girls started showing their newfound talent for contacting the dead to locals at their town hall. People would gather to watch damn. It became a whole thing. Then the New York Tribune wrote about it and it started spreading to other news outlets and a few months later, boom spiritualism, while so it had spread into Europe. Oliver America, by this point It went nuts funny story in eighteen. Eighty eight, the sisters admitted that they completely faked the whole thing you know I can from a man who are you, shocked, but don't worry
because that did absolutely nothing to stop. The spread of swift growth is a language. It had already erupted, Sir Oh spiritualism is the idea that you can have a chat with a ghost via the help of skilled medium, who has in old supernatural abilities to communicate with those of us that have shuffled out of his heart, mortal coil. ass it was and is a religion. It still is anyway, visually added as such in eighteen, ninety three and is supposedly they claimants based in scientific truths rads, rather than like faith based methodology. but like ok, that's all them about it really took off during the civil war, which is interesting, and it makes a lot of sense because, as
most brutal and bloodiest war in american history. There were thousands upon thousands of families who have lost loved ones, mostly in unimaginable ways and oftentimes, far away from them bread. They were unable to see them break these family need families needed comfort, they needed closure. They were looking towards anything just to sail, just hear their loved one again or get something of course, spiritualism. Provided this way too feels like they were able to speak to those fallen soldiers again and get the closure that they were looking for. It had a tunnel proponents from every class see even Queen Victoria was down for spiritual, is I'm ok, Agora, Ghana, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, actually participated and sciences in eighteen. Forty, six, oh shoe like those bout that Israel in eighteen, sixty one Prince Albert, unfortunately died of typhoid,
and in that same year a thirteen year old boy named Robert James Liese, said that he had a sound at his home and he said, Prince Albert had come through and he wanted him to pass a message to Queen Victoria for him all now. This is credit at first you like. Ok, oh boy, merger. I'm like I believe you, but this message called her by lay a nickname that only she and he knew she was like. No one knew. He called me that right. So that's a little weird and after this, but the little boy all performed sounds is at Windsor Castle and Prince Albert came through again and again stopped. So then, when in Victoria, passed away, that their daughter, Princess Louise said that she received messages from her mother vs answers with the Medium Leslie Flint, who is like a well known medium of so called so it became a glow jet. They like this was a legit religion. It still is a legit. Religion like this is not just
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wow rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the word why apple joined today. so some other noticeable noticeable notable spiritualist were biologist, Alfred Russell Wallace, which you know that, he's a little better kudos to it when a biologist gets on board and also Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the character and story of Sherlock Holmes. Would you look at that no, interestingly, this the time when women were under rigid control, you know literally physically, like core sets and societal rules and shed was spiritualism kind of tat kind of London itself nicely to away for women to kind of shake loose and regain some more control back, because it was thought that the most effective mediums in clairvoyance were women. They just thought they were a little more in tune with the stuff Cuthbert into with
emotion, exactly except me so you're not having to change so men just didn't, have what it takes, and so we really became away for women to be in the driver's seat where it was a nice love that spiritual tend to be more liberal cannon, nonconformists types though the whole idea of spiritualism were supposed to be optimistic. Looking at the afterlife, just as another plain of existence that you get to go into afghan ally, look Anna! Don't you?
That's a nice! Any really is a nice way of thinking who wanted a day I mean. Is it eat? It is logical to think like there's not. You know this wonderful afterlife, maybe but it's much nicer to believe that there's something great happening after this life like who doesn't want to, but I saw think its logical to believe that there are things I mean. I think it's illogical to say there isn't becoming. No one knows where sounds like you can't say, for training to make the arrogant than its illogical to say there is nobody, no snow The thing see, I that's why I like to sit in the grey area. I lay strike. You know I sometimes I just like the whimsies at all. You know it's a nice little one was a gull situation. Breathing I mean I love logic, but you know we'll go with it. So now So at this point sciences were all the rage. They involved any phenomena that people really fell hard for her. Obviously one of these things was tabled. Tipping tabled tipping, has won a ton of people around a table lights low in full sans mode.
With a supernatural, lady or brown nearby to aid in the communication on everyone puts their hands on top of the tape. and after a long time, by almost an hour. Sometimes I'm just sitting there were the hands on the table, the table will begin to move around. It will like tip and rock and swale The place in everybody's, like were our hands area, as is happening people so like so you're crazy Then there was the alpha something called alphabet, calling where someone went through the air, that out loud and when a spirit tapped or made a sound, you would write down that letter and see what it spelled out. I see where we're going here. Oh you see where we're going here. I see well. The next thing they used to work for everybody was old, automatic writing and that's when the medium went into like a trance. Let the Spirit move their hand around on paper Lou something would get written, some special fancy spirit.
I said, it was a beautiful scrap and you know it s a french spiritualist Alan Cardiac said in eighteen, fifty three during a science that the deceased visitor from beyond told the people doing the sands. They should stick a pencil through an upside down basket to what everybody place their hands on the basket to help guide the pencil to write. Ah, That's a pretty good idea like thank you deceased, stranger from beyond this turned into what we know as a planchet saw. How can you guess what came next? The boy the wage aboard, originally called talking. Boards are spirit boards. Their true origin is as a little bit and confusion to it. It was created in eighteen, eighty six for sure, but it was you invented by a guy named easy race or race, who was a cabinet maker slush coffin maker.
Ok nor it was invented by Charles Kennard, who owned the Konrad novelty company. Most people believe that race invented it and then sold its economy. Ok, because then later re said that he invented it and that cannot stole from omen cornered claimed he invented it. So one of them invented it cannot ended up with it. I mean someone invincibility invented editor, so after being sold as a team, Border Spirit Board in eighteen. Ninety canopied and his LE lawyer Elijah Bond went to a science in Baltimore. The sands was held by Elijah's medium sister named Helen Peters. That made me laugh a little bit when I do so that, because this, like his medium sister, not even older or younger, his medium sister, Helen Peters, so during this sounds with Helen Peters Elijah's, that what did it sister in law, no sister
as we have just one of those medium sister during the sounds, they asked the board what it would like to be called obey really. Well, you government somethin snappy in a unitary spear board, which I like, but whatever so they asked the board. What would you like be called an spelled out wager? Okay, so then they were like what does that mean in its spelled out? Good luck. the up. That's all ominous boogie, according to a time article, the building where this all happened, the science is still standing at five. Twenty nine North Charles Street in Baltimore, its We have seven eleven. Now, let's go to the south, I wanted I gotta captain crunch sloppy. I won't live our lives and then we can die and come back with a spear board. Yeah, there's a plaque on the wall at the seven eleven that says that the seance happened in that they named the wager born here. I love that of all things they decided to make it
of an eleven beer. You know we can do together. Do we all of us and we all have to evolve. You know even buildings, so now they need a patent, because that's just how this shit works can grow some than under the market without a patent everybody's in a rip off, so they go to trade get this pattern of the patent office and they were like yeah. This is cool, but you can't have this patent unless you prove that really works like that's how paddles work, and so they were like ok, cool, so Helen Peters. The medium was called to the patent office in Washington DC by Eliza and Charles concern. So the worker there who is in charge was like I listen if they can spell my name than you can have the patent any because it in and have his name
anything news like no one knows who I am Helen used. It and boom spelled his name that so solid, apparently everyone in their freaked, the fuck out. They got the patent a lover, but the patent doesn't say how it works. It just says that it works, which is adds to the lake misleading of Ngos like we got a patent. That says it works, but even there like, we don't know how it just turn, because it's like how does it, how spooky spoke? soon. One thousand eight hundred and eighty two William folds, became supervisor of the company he's sold and made a ton of them of the Kennard Novelty company he's sold and made a ton of money selling the new weed. Words born. I was like the one you wager born. I think I feel you skip the part that I am not familiar manner, though Wager board and when this money that he was making, he opened a ton of new factories. To make more, we supports right. He opened one huge one in Baltimore, because the board told him to oh and it said, prepare for it.
business down. So you are right. We do born, he was asleep while he died and nineteen twenty seven- why how you ask he was on the roof of that huge building that the board had instructed him to build. Then he was overseeing a flagpole being put in on the roof. According to the Baltimore son quote: he was standing near the edge of the roof, grasping an iron support of the pole to study sturdy himself. The workmen said when the support suddenly pulled away and he toppled over backwards such terrify. If that's not crazy enough on his way down, he grabbed an open window sill to try to stop himself the window crashed closed, as he did that, oh, my god, he hit the pavement below. Initially he only had broken ribs and they are like. Oh hell, survive well on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. They had a bump in the road
in one of his fractured ribs, went through his heart and killed him. Oh my god, I'm if that is not some day aren't from beyond. I don't know what it's like, why that was some final destination, shit yeah everything he did to try to stop that from happening. What it was like now is supposed to happen, NEA unfortunate, so that's fucked law that made me feel spooky. They asked some type away, so Helen Peters, who originally, who is that the medium sister she originally had invested in the company, yet it was like so into this, and she had a falling out with this board. oh after this you order, she was totally proponent of it at first and then she ended up denouncing it later. Apparently, some civil war, family heirlooms went missing in her home, and so she went to the board and was like who took these heirlooms and the board named a family member, and so she was like well shit. So she said: half her family believed this half her family was like this is bullshit.
They had a huge conflict, huge fight over it and they never got over it. He's gonna literally tore her family apart and is Peter sold all her stock in the company. After this, and apparently on her until her dying day, she said, don't use that board its evil. It will really That made me get gas bumps, and I also feel the same yeah, I'm saying so now or its sinister reputation as if the stories of like crazy dude, you from the initial creators and seller, wasn't bad enough. It definitely gets a little worse. They tat, you just gets worse reputation ratings to get worse, But first we must know that although spiritualism started as like, you know like we're talking like an optimistic, you know now
the call to related routine. It was like very whimsical and Linnea looking towards the future and it had a lot of people against it. It had a lotta detractors. So although many Christians and Catholics actually considered themselves spirituous because it does make sense, will ya you know, a lot of Christians in Catholics decided that it was basically just writ witchcraft, which is some nomad It's not fair, so it just gonna had both there was like some were like got it and we're like yeah when others line of part of our religion sewing and the others like. No, so now this doesn't make sense, because it's supposed to be like a happy kind of whimsical religion again. Looking towards the future, we all get to hang out after death, the rule, in fact an insight that have rules. Why would you be against this, like? I said even like that, there's anything like that,
how about I don't get em, look just like people practice it right. Why wiser bothering you are not taking away from your old gentleman, whose name I know it all has to do with our people rising from the dead and like the afterlife and different worlds after death, it's like we can legislate whistles together with us, meet us halfway source hold hands and talk about it. Let's do it now. I hate holdings This man sounds like a rules. I don't understand why there be an inner being so against it was spent tourist writer, Andrew Jackson, Davis said he didn't even believe in Hell. He believes so. He said he's out: all deceased went into a really read place called the summer land after they d. Ok, I want to go to the autumn land, but very fine, like good schools, like I said it was more like on that. You know liberal leaning, way of thing king. So some conservative members of Vienna Catholicism Christianity, it just when it and their values. So
that's a reason why they were not into an economic challenge them, so they turned against spiritualism. So the wager board in particular, also lend itself to some of those Munich brow, can values that religious people were kind of mad about at the time of its create. Jeanne men and women, weren't supposed to be old, touchy, feely and alone together, Toby touchy Phalion. Allow is just not a good thing that is way too saucy, but to use this board and intended to be used, though it intended to be used by at least two people, preferably a man and a woman oh see. I don't know I and you would put it on your lapse facing each other on your knees together or is it be toward me? Knees like crazy, no spicy needs setting Hoddan have so then you would both had do. Gingerly touch your fingertips to the plan chat, and you know it. You get kind of romantic and spicy. It's like foots,
he's, but with loving their fingers and raising a dame exactly so romantic so as spiritual, some kind of started to be looked at as darker more Mc Cobb more taboo, some physical mediums in the spiritual. I broke a minute, no hurt in the spiritualism moot. Movement were caught as frauds like physical mediums, were like they would stick the kids in like a cabinet and have the kid Nakayama cabinet, like How do you explain that to your task? Is this like? I'm a need you to just Chile? I've been an arc when I tell you to cause we're gonna pretend you're goes red begins in very cool. But the problem was these few bad apples. These few frauds really turned people until I will. This is bullshit you're crazy, if you believe very right, so it did start to become like warm flop, and then there was also the idea that ally gum. You know religious leaning, peopling Christianity. Catholicism, like me,
conservative religions we're looking at it as Susan raising your spirits of your loved ones like nice. Spirits is raising demons lean under this is an evil board in your bringing an end to the main stream, and that's not ok. I high key agree with sounds like you know, everybody there on their own opinion, its scope, and so we are so people Ward now starting to get down on all this stuff and only takes things organ get decidedly less awesome and spooky. But then World WAR one happens. And the wage aboard suddenly became all the rage, in particular Lee. Among the younger crowd, aptly college age LUCA. It was so crazy than a nineteen. Twenty. First said it was close quote a serious national menace to see her. Is now a luminous, and I'm gonna make sense that leg and I'm gonna go into an a minute that, like in the twenties, the became big because it seemed to become big in times of turmoil relevant.
No, I mean that does make sense. Me really does so on J God, Free Rupert or Robert was initially this guy. Who was a psychic investigator. He set out to try to scientifically validated spiritualism at first. Ok before he was able to actually do it. He suddenly converted to Catholicism and suddenly thought it was just all witchcraft and it needed to be eradicated, made like another Noah. Real bad happened, and so on the pope. Chile brought this dude on board to put out a want. I like the warning bells to cut Catholics everywhere, that spiritualism was witchcraft and that the Wager Board was the devil. And so in nineteen nineteen he published a book called the new black magic and the truth about the wage aboard. Things I thought could never happen. Humpback whales
lady, a new regional calmly, streaming, only antique up feast mix of hash anthems, sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from we lady parts of assaults grooming now only on peacock right now I was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible grab your favorite Hobbes Saladin, more get you next reward twice as fast space shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June Thirtieth get there. Why apple joined today.
In it. He claimed that using it would give you dementia leg you and saying that it was a means. First spirit intercourse, like I M arguments. Succulents serb deal. Don't really he didn't really explain you did not sound upon that idea? He just an idea. Victor Spiritual obstinately efforts, because I looked up the book online and I found like an actual like pdf. version of the like yeah, it's like a picture of the book. They can flip, it's pretty cool and it literally just eat like it is a means. spirits, internal intercourse, ok, so it s spirits, not that I don't know which
like our I like, let em bleeding just means they're fucking, you, oh I don't know. I think that even those like myself, like a subtle way of being like the spirits in a book, you big living their fucking, you or I think both to be out on you don't know. Maybe you just don't dynasty prob. Honestly, probably he also said it was a pagan invention and he called their use quote a return to distinctly He then, and anti christian beliefs and practices and additional evidence of the fact that the world is once more relapsing into paganism. I really love the word. He then I'd say I use the word. He then I know on. The red line is one of my favorite things that you often call me a he than actual. I usually do in a very like loving yeah like you're such a heathen like he s so like our let's go, let's be Hevens, I guess so. Nineteen. Sixteen it blew up again
We beat out sales of monopoly which monopoly fucking sucks, but everybody has monopoly. That's Raise your hand if you dont have a monopoly on looking no one's raising their hand, because everyone has monopoly. We have, monopoly. We have not played it man, I will ruin a family just as much as Egypt as well We was sold to Parker Brothers and still beat out monopoly but it was still looked at as an occult item like it was. They mean Abu thing they your get. I know it is funny that it's like an occult item. Yeah I like well, yes, beards ledger between company. I know a toy companies, Nineteen, seventy one, William Peter Bloody, wrote exorcist and it was published, then turn into a film in nineteen. Seventy three. I have a confession: God, you haven't seen the excess of savvy never seen the exorcist,
Reagan and me are not bros, we have so much work to do. I know we're going to get you there to get you there, I'm on here, for it actually Jon Lester for Christmas got me signed poster of the exorcist, and he also got me the signed screenplay for the exorcist. I don't even think you that now it's like the script and I like the accurate script. While I know he's so. The whole inspiration for this tale was a real story from Maryland in the forty it was a boy who became possessed after being introduced to spiritualism and the Wager board mobile phone. So of course that had to do with everybody. When I go and of course now there's like a ton of this, like all kinds of movies, about to start We about wage a blow react, like you know, horror, movies and its input, culture everywhere to seek and find it everywhere.
We are in the Lizzie boardinghouse. There were several any region towards one of which they said, don't touch, and they told us I think they got rid of it, but somebody like my old Dame ACT. They were like. Please make it please make up for darling like yeah, and it was like what I was like. Oh don't worry, I'm not going to touch or look. I know you little tat. We would like to look at them. I love them. I think they're so cool, I think they're viewed about abandoning their very pretty by I'd. I love which affords I learned from whence you hate. We too will know. I will get like angry out you if you brought one near meeting our l a genuinely be like really upset with you, but so funny. I don't want anything to do with it, while I dont like say says either. I think that I love a good say. I think that the wall is there because it supposed to be there now, I'm gonna bust through that wall is many, would like to us through the wall. That's fine, but I'm not inviting anybody to oh yeah, see when
about free. Well, I know you real he by inviting would be free will is inviting them they can come or not yeah, but I'm not. It's my free will to dot is because when we were in the Lizzie Boarding House there was a medium there. She wanted. We wanted to do a sound, and I owe you fight. I was ok with the sounds, but she was. I can use the weeds Barton. I was like now nearly I was there. I will fucking drive out a year and on your ride home in a modern soon so yeah. So the visit it like, I said earlier, the biggest times of the wage aboard release Sales and in profits and just in everybody's homes, are definitely when its clear that people need escapism or something to get their minds elsewhere. For example, both the nineteen, tens and twentys were really popular, because the stress and devastation caused by world, where one can rally or my kids or the right
If you get, you know them, they have a bath and there really excited about it. So during the great depression is when folds had to open those new factories, because the ban was so high rearing unlike we said in the sixtys it beat out monopoly. Will in nineteen sixty three two million boards were sold wow, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven was also a rush of american troops in Vietnam, and it was the race require race. While I can't speak race riots in Newark, Detroit Mini thus in Milwaukee. So this is all times of turmoil ass its times on people just need to focus on other things, maybe take their mind away a little bit. I think the wage aboard the Spirit Board, just kind of takes them to a place of, do you know. What is interesting to me is that it's like so but there are so many of them in their so like overly like per day,
you sit so crazy to me that they are all contained so much power when it's like mass production, exactly it is it's really funny I, but I believe it but tat holy cow. It is kind of funny. I don't. I've done wager boards when I was in late junior high school. I haven't in one sense mean. Maybe it's because I like em too, I think the reason mimes organs region boards is because two of my best friends like that, don't even know each other like one of my best friends from like when I was way. Younger did Ouija board in, like this crazy should happen to her that she told me about and then my best best friend did a Ouija board and, like so much shit in her life, went down in like I stayed in her dorm room, which was like the dorm where they did the wage aboard and the fucking energy and not room. I stayed there like weeks later and I could not sleep like there was absolutely something there. I think they just didn't close it out properly. Will that's the thing and I'm not he's gotta close out properly having they goodbye yeah. But it's like, even like when we were talking about the spooky games, like you think that
They're gonna just listen cause you held by by way. Maybe I know you don't know, I thought you were lucky yeah yeah cause. I definitely did them in I feel about wage awards, how I feel about spooky games undressed, I'm good. yeah, I mean I'm good spooky aims at all that shit. I feel it that's like taunting, but I don't feel I must say, mobile, only Canna on liquids, and then I don't like that because one of my first us when I was talking about she when she did it, they were like pretending to be somebody else, and then she talked to a medium in the media most likely that wasn't that person will that's the I've heard things like that, and I don't like I'd love that anyway, we do know wage aboard any ever so so ever yelling remember ever know ever so that is the history of the Ouija Board where it came to be, and now I think we should read a couple of quick little listener stories that have to do with Ouija boards cuz. I just thought that would be fun. I think that is real fun. What to do with it? Okay
start with a nice one, an actual read at least see so skirt and on wage rises. A guy says hello Ladys. I recently stumbled onto your pod Cason. I love them. I am slowly catching up, I'm very impressed on the way you both deliver story. I'm hooked an colleges in advance, as I neither a great wordsmith o nor storyteller will. First of all, thank you- and I bet you are you are- I feel it. need to provide contacts. I know blah blah blah. I met my wife when we were in junior high school. We experimented on each their played house- and I got her pregnant at the age of fifteen- sets up a your life, you're a yo YO a year later we got pregnant again and have our second child babies making babies. I wish I would note that on anyone, aha, aha, we tried to work. Things out, but ended up one another, and she left me with the boys and said she needed to grow up all. Don't worry as happy ending. I know I was like you can have it is. I guess I robbed her teenage years. I took the boys and moved into a crappy apartment here. I am eighteen with two kids, oh my god, while
yeah a full time data full time. High school student, getting ready for college and working full time is a load dockworkers. You battle right. I just childlike high by. I want a leg. While we should make your black right, A year later, on a year later, my boys mom, would take them on the weekends. While I worked and completed my college studies, one evening, I had a good friend mark persuade me to be a quote normal. nineteen year old and hang with some young ladys from another town. They didn't know and if they knew I had to kids, I probably skirt though, being broke. I couldn't afford to take them out. We Ahmed out at reverberate knew where we all men up marks house with some take out yes and a case of Mickey's wide mouths. I do I dont. After a few beers, nobody broke out his sisters, leaderboard her. That was me.
These are all gonna have a wage aboard by the dough away. At first I was like fuck that I was going to the University of California Irvine as an engineering major. I felt that I was pretty practical and believe in that kind of stuff the young lady I was matched with lizard asked. If I would do the board with her. For quote fun. I would like now we're happy man who I reluctantly agreed So as I and I asked the board some basic question, it was entertaining she asked the board Who will I still on Mary? It's Baldos M, P, L. I us as egg. That was the name of the mother of my kids, I didn't say anything about my asshole, but about leaped up. That's the reason we continue to ask how many kids, while I have the board gave my answer is three I was like who this is Bullshit They knew very little personal stuff about me, so I didn't think too much about it after the night ended nothing manifested with those that and life moved on fast forward. Six years my boys and I decided to work things out young ray we had always in each other's lives, but not together,
it was always for the boys. She did tell me that she had been told by her obeyed you. I am that her body took a lot of trauma having the boy so young and we most likely could not have another child. Eleven years later, we did all three kids! Now we have our daughter that can we report of twenty four years since that wage aboard incident and am reminded us every Halloween season. As for our family boys are twenty eight and twenty seven, our daughter is eleven. We are happy. Life has blessed us I'm not poor anymore, and I spend a lot of time and you see they have spent a lot of time and money trying to be the doubt. I wish I could have been four boys? Oh, my god, you were a great variety of a large off. I personally have an experienced. Much supernatural stuff life is spooky, though, can gradually on the recent birth of your child. I wish you the best and continued success. I love your podcast and listen to you every chance I get thinks are reading
to Bonn estimates that was really likes has to buy, and I love you. I owe isn't that wasn't legislate. There was a beautiful like you know, it was a really nice and unhappy that your mama, I got Mary. I am too. I love that So let's see the next one is going to be less. What fun and Whimsie of Comrade as because it is so this one is named. I messed with a wager board and all I got for it was a lifetime of trauma perfect. You know, I did not ask you. I believe that right, nationally. Not the story happened about a year ago, in December, two thousand and eighteen it started on December. Second, when my friends had a wager board in their closet, I had never play wager before and they agreed to play. I know bad mistake right off the bat for even touching one, and I will never let my future children bring one into the house on say so before we even start. They talk to me about the rules. Don't let the plant Jacko off the board. It is a bad spirit. Sago. If it bad spirit, say goodbye immediately and do not give it permission to enter you there.
So tell me of how they have made contact with spirit the spirits that law, on their land a long time ago and then had they have ape possible portal to Hell in their fucking basement so these latter books. But why did you stay with every your friends say? Hey I have, Porto the Helen, my basement, I, like I, don't know what like funny you cylinder again. Ivy league, pardon me is like you, gotta get out of here, part of me ass. I can, and I see it the them also all so Basically, this was set up for a nightmare weak and we broke every fucking role. They said not to do whoops. There were five Thus, in this in their house, plus there mom, but only three of us were playing me Easton indeed, noble in Blue he's dead in air quotes and I was like names we're in the other rooms playing video games, and stinted blues mom was in her room, we sat on for in the kitchen we just off sitting for a couple minutes concentrating on the board. It takes quite a bit
concentration sometimes and we instantly got an evil spirit straight to go by and it's gone next one good spirit. We talked and just ass and am things getting kind of boring and eventually just stops responding then shit when south pretty fast, because it was pretending to be a good spirit problem. Really being clueless as to the different spirits that typically appear in the wager bored. I did not get the panic that struck Easton when the board started moving in rainbow motion back and forth between Z in you Z, you see you see you all it did this for several minutes. Before we got frustrated, we tried to goodbye when it got the hint stopped with I did to see how powerful this entity was and asked of it had something in the physical realm, typical, both stuff like Flickr, alight or closed the door, etc. Nothing happens. We just keep repeating questions and it gives us an There's typical seventeen year old questions who we gonna marry. Do you know my girl, friend's name answered that when correctly now, I know right now,
leaved in supernatural occurrences, but I was not convinced by the sport. I thought east and indeed could be messing with me that opinion started to change when Blue went to get a drink. he walks in his lightly chatting with us about how it's going as he decided not to participate. We tell him who are talking to as eastern and blue have made contact with it before He goes and grabs a drink of water and sits, sits on the island in the kitchen, not anywhere close to the edge. I was about three feet away. I was in the middle of the eye. It was in the middle of the island. He starts to walk towards the countered grab, something as I turn my attention back to the board. It moved the planchet towards the edge of the board. I hear a crash glass or so the planchet move to the engine and the grass. The glass went crazy and holy fuck from blue, as his glass of water falls over the top of the island and smashes into the ground. Fucking panic noble in the other room walks out in his like what the fuck was, that noble not convinced and says Blue knocked off on accidents or de facto, thus were holding onto
planchet without saying goodbye, because at this point Easton just trying to prove to me, he isn't moving the planchet more time goes, by asking you to do something else, all the sun every light in the right side of the house's out powers gone. We don't even realize until we hear a guys what the fuck did you do from noble. We looked to see what that the whole side of the house is completely done. their mom comes out and is visibly confused until she sees the wager board. She tells us her story of how the table levitating when she played for my God Eastern says we should move this downstairs. We say goodbye to Zuzu and take a brief after them. After the power out. I am pretty intrigued by the board, but also in panic mode, because what the hell does happened. I wish we just stopped there, but it gets. Much worse after moving it too. basement where the portal to how will we do you nosey use ie. You know, I don't understand the name, but it's not actually style, but, like P a the EU is easy
his easy you and it's like a known demon, o snap and That'S- why we drink actually mentioned that specific demon on one other upsets o snap, not feel in it After moving to the basement, Easton says we should try to summon his friendly ghost hest. We set up a test we up candles and darkened the worm to help we begin and almost instantly Zuzu is back leg. He never left. Is that really his name? No, it short, but don't say what robots honest, romaine, don't fuckin, sire I can tell me we tell him you can go now, but he tells us he does not want to go in job about Eastern getting pissed off and we all tell the asshole the fuck right on off down main street you're, not supposed to say that that's for sure and eastern changes his mind and we keep talking to him the most. We got out of any spirit and he's actually being interesting at some point. Easton must have fucked up when talking to him because he stopped talking we said goodbye to make sure he was gone and went upstairs eastern looked insanely.
staff and de was asking him what's up eastern watched him away. So DE went to the fridge and told him he didn't have to be an asshole now Easton is a big dude, but d is pretty strong, So when I say the man gained unholy unflagging natural strength, I'm not kidding east charges at D and before he can barely react, he picked him up in slams him into a chair and onto the ground, like God, I'm flipping my shit, trying to get Easton off DE eventually he's dangerous stops and gets up in it. She gets put in a chokehold. He looks very confused, and we let him go yet. Zuzu now has a physical attachment to him. Easton begins to feel uneasy the rest of the night day. One is over there. Few begins when Easton says he feels a very dark present when it presents one entering his home. so DNA agree to come over again after school and talk talked Zuzu again to leave him alone. That's the name of wicked Disney character to really yeah you just get enjoyment, not afraid,
What's does not use that it's not the whole name, I know so says a nickname it goes about, goes about as well as you probably fucking guessed. He decides against it. We now have friend s over and he is talking to D in the room next to us, when the bathroom connecting the rooms slammed shut, its did hard enough to break the door of the hinges. All of us jump in indeed run back into the room and freak the fuck out. Then look down and realize we just fucked up. The planchet was now half on the board half on the carpet instantly said it back and eastern looks absolutely terrified at this point, hundred percent, convinced by the way Nope Wager boards work. I now have to fall. Can destroy this one. I'm hold by east in that it is a bad idea and can actually be worse. We asked her Many demons are present in the board. Responds twelve, oh shit, eastern ass, where in a response be Ye D, bad
I swear. When I looked at the bed, I saw them for a half. Second, the image of them is burned into my brain. We ask to leave again or we will cleanse the house. We really pissed him off with that eastern states bring heavy and we're all fucking confused when we see the scratches are now appearing on his wrists sleek high, not just light scrapes deep scratches that have on blood noble in one of our other friends claimed he was doing it to himself and there was no way there was way too deep of cuts and especially not after. We were standing right there when he starts to gasp and arches his back an upside down. ass forms in the middle of his chest by the way he sent pictures of these scratches on. I want to see We were standing there watching as it happened at this point, were freaking out we're trying to say goodbye. Eastern is in tears as more scratches are appearing over his arm summer, deep enough that they leave faint scars on him that he still has. While I won't say the name,
the demon stopped responding and we had no choice but to just leave it alone. For now, Eastern, what o k and I occasionally just winds and a new scratch would appear you. So said that he s deed stay the night over there because he did not want to be there alone. Oh, we all decided to come back the third day in cleanse the house with him. Easton is Iraq at school and has never looked so intense in his life. He told us every time he entered the House Ali Felt was his wrists burning like handcuffs around them like already had brought it sense in oil and began putting it around the basement and the entrances to the house and also used a prayer since burning. Board can release the spirits in Eastern decided, burying it was also about idea. He chose to stuff it away in a safe space where people could not use it. Not much have to happen after this. Eastern said he felt much better and kept across above his bed as well as wearing a necklace with one for the next couple weeks. The house
there was an eerie failed to it in the basement. Bedroom still definitely does. Eastern has not touched another wage aboard sense, but we did pull it out, wants to move it and it was broken. Oh, it was put in a safe spy. yet had mysteriously bubbled up in a line down the middle after the house was cleansed. That's why since the board is no longer flat, it is worthless and unusable for the fucking best Easton refuse It is to get rid of it still saying it could bring even worse things to the house and stores it away. Finally, I would still fucking bury that thing were no. Whatever fucking find it bonus story. The house still fucking weird shit to further fuck around with speed. its, they brought a Spirit box number they, that, though, is he bore now? If you do not know what that is its sweeps radio frequencies, the widened noise in the fast scanning of radio frequencies is believed to provide the energy and transmission that spirits need to get their voices through to us. This whose use for about twenty minutes. When we got a horrifying message, saying you
all die before going completely done. A link on the thing was drained of battery easy enough to fix. We get more batteries. Put the men still nothing take the batteries out, put them back, get everyone's nothing. So we put the batteries and tv remote nothing. We make new batteries, put them straight into the tv remote works, then we take them out, put them in the Spare box, nothing for them back into their about nothing. I dont know what the fuck happened, that anything that goes to the spare box was instantly drained. It still does not work, we ve tempted multiple times we don't fuck around with anything spiritual and the house anymore. Never well again the fucking and hope you enjoyed the story, it really truly. I really enjoy the podcasting. Thank you for bringing education and awareness to cases like Alice attorney. Ah, would love if you could do alive shown Missouri my friends and I could attend, keep it weird Nicholas.
Nicholas. I fucked me rather brochure and he sent his mother fucking shit, there's the Winterbourne Board, that's an old ass. We demand that pledge and is really pretty. Does it really pretty much like a really pretty old wooden winterbourne, yeah that upside down cross on his chest? Truly sound. Like somebody scratch there now yeah, they aren't there demon clause and you know what that's crazy neck, even if that's Tal tail, which I refuse to believe it's a good What are you gonna go talk to open so yeah so riding maybe reed. Why won't you want more and more low close this out? care will say good behind was a vote taken by so the next one actual reed, and it is it's called listener story, my dad's better. Ass, x y. You have brought a demon into our house. What is
hey weirdos, so. This is an edit of my listeners story. I sent it, I'm sorry if it's a pain in the ass, but I was just so excited when you invited listeners to share our stories that I immediately jumped on my laptop and just spewed out some jumbled words, it happened to me, for I love that I went back and we read it and realized. I left them important facts out. So here's the fullest story that changed my life womb. Ok, but before that I have to say you two girls, you, girls, have ruined all other pod costs. For me, I've been a devoted. Followers ends up so too. When I fell in love with the banter fat mix with humor and everything else you offer between love. You you know. Listening to this podcast is like sitting around with best friends or my sister's talking about weird shit. Thank you so much you are our sister Then she says so anyway onto my story. As a kid I lifted, my parents may two sisters in a newly built house, a thin crazier, weird ever went on pretty normal and suburban fast forward to me at fifteen, pretty dumb and thinking me and my friends were the funny
People on the planet plot was, we weren't, I think I'm gonNA is present. Unplanned allows Iman blot western markets is. You are flags so back to three one night in October, was spending the night. I dont know what glue we were sniffing, but the idea to hold a science in my room so sitting in the middle of my bedroom, surrounded by breaking Ben and ever Levine posters such as Presume Benjamin Sheila, a candle and started doing the speech you see on tv, no summoning whenever spirit is around asking, if there's a presence to make itself known, we giggled like idiots for a few minutes before moving on to something else. This will come back later, but coffee was sitting with her,
back to my closet in bad idea. Cathy idea calf. It was a few hours later when she suddenly set her back hurt. She pulled up her share Tibet and there was a large red x on her back. I like these scratchy, I don't either. I d like to be touched ever I thought she scratched herself trying to freak be outside Russia. Often nothing else happened. It was a few years after that, when my dad remained excuse me remarried this evil dragon of a woman named but Finesse Bertha, her being a crazy, but life Gruner doesn't have anything to do with the story, but I'd like to spread the word for other, so governesses from Indiana
I say far away from her. That's Larry's Odo. She said Vanessa from India and stay far away from her at the time she seemed a little kooky, but fine. She moved in a motel me some strange things. She said when she was a child. She moved around a lot and each time she moved a poltergeist would follow her and torment her for a few weeks ago. Big deal addict Vanessa, maybe you could Vanessa in ITALY. That's got them. I had seen a ghost I had seen goes Hunter shows in America's most haunted, but like most people, when you hear others accounts of ghostly encounters their hard to believe. I moved in with my mom shortly after that because, like us, said: fire breathing, Bitch Dragon named me up a little of the beloved three years later, my dad and Vanessa divorced, and she moved out my letters back to the house to repair the relationship of my dad. It was when I moved back and then I started noticing odd things. I always felt a presence like I was being watched. I would walk up the stairs sideways convince something was behind me. My sister's always felt the same way. My dad was a police did
death and the time. Excuse me at the time and worked murder hours. So I was you I heard her say I was u suspending the night alone. One night alone. I heard footsteps upstairs it was very late, so I assumed my dad was home from a case. I went upstairs but found no one. I went upstairs several times after hearing footstep footsteps check the garage house, alarm windows. Everything was locked because Unlock should is for dead people, possibly as a cop. You don't fuck interested buddy. Finally, the last time I heard footsteps, I took a Louisville slugger with me upstairs to check the house how many times I have done that You do not suffer the curtain rounded up earlier that dad close all the bedroom door is, but when I turned on light, they were all open. We both Athos beyond anything that opens up just now once I've shut things it opens again, I'm just I'm not down for that. Nothing, you the mask. Bedroom door was open and I looked into the darkness. I did the widest curl white thing. I could do it.
Said hello. Yes, the bedroom door slammed in my fucking book debt. I ran out of the house and drove to my mom shaking and trying to convince myself. It was the winder anything else. I tried to forget about the incident and only told my boyfriend. He spent the night there with me a few weeks later so that I felt safe here. It has been so all the following: the love of love when he slipped over. I told him about what happened. He was sceptical about helped me move a very heavy dresser in front of my bedroom door. He woke me up her unto am freaking out, because my dresser was shaking violently again the door fuck that there were allowed banks on the other side of the door. He moved the dresser and went out into the hall thinking he would find an intruder, but once again alarm was still on in all the house up scares me all the doors and windows locked I shrugged in said, there's something This house is, like you told him, my boyfriend was never a believer in the paranormal, but after that he definitely was spooked and didn't. Like being, I might add, south. I wonder why why
History is also had a similar experience and the worst were seized me and the worst was when I had to pick up my little sister abbe from the house. She was on the front porch crying when I picked her up and refused to go back and sighed, she was trying to fall asleep in my old room, the seance room, and so the closet door kept creaking OPEC all numb she got up to closer. But when she got back in bed, the door handle fucking turned and opened on how the hangers enclose inside were shaking a moving back and forth on the rock. After that, Abbe refuse to sleep at the house by herself and the last straw for me was when I fell asleep on the couch and woke up. It was around three. I am none of that's ok and for the first time I understood sleep paralysis. I was lying on my side and could it move because there was a face staring we in the dark about censures the wife that Oil Scott Full far that
That's what happens when I get sleep practices its. I close. Your fear hope I could see it outline like it was waiting for me to wake up when I was finally able to move. I reach my hand out. I touch something warm and sat up trying to screen, but my voice was gone. Oh, I simply laid back down and try to pretend it was dream. We told my dad Flung noticed that on Monday I d on hunting till my dad. We shall no doubt about what happened, but being a very reasonable man. He chalked up to overactive imaginations, combined with a love for her, it will be a high volumes and honest Alex wife inside you brought the devil under this house. Look what she left talking about the day, my dad to his new houses a day. I'll. Never forget! He looked at me and said you know I am. I think there might have been something in that I was so exasperated, but glad at last. He gladly at last believe dust at least believed us. I suck sorry, I thought it over. There is times he was home alone and he would wake up hearing voices assuming it was the tv or noises from outside. He said,
These voices always sound like whispered arguments and coming from my bedroom Ain't that later on, while working at a bakery in college, when my regular customers pulled me aside and said and paranormal sensitive- and I can read other people- you are paranormal sensitive as well, and you need to be extremely careful about what you invite him. Oh sure they will be drawn to you and you have to protect yourself. I laugh about it now, but all these experiences definitely made me a believer in the paranormal and I take that shit seriously. The lame goes hunting shows are still my guilty pleasure, but now I take it all with a grain of salt. I do all the words you. serious bullshit we do boards are not allowed in my house burning stages, my german fresh air for dead people. Yet I still don't know if it was my dumb ass self trying to perform a sound. Maybe my closet was a legit porter hell or maybe I'd better get. Why have brought a demon him? I don't want it all. She goes. I know I have we to minimise. Thankfully, I live a ghost slash demon, free life now, with my husband, infer babies, things forward
miss girls. I hope the podcast goes well. Huskies me goes on for a million years and can't wait for all the episodes. Lovey Ladys, keep it weird and Shoe Schuman and even of all the wage aboard, and it was like so scary. I know it's a sounds about. I figured it was late. The same kind of yes, India Deal seem vital yeah. I think that we to go, get some chicken wings and watch like Gilmore Girls, and here we need to. We need to bring it back down to a fluffy level. Here. Yes, please and thank you yeah. Well, that was fun. One hope because enjoyed learning about the history of spiritual, summon the wage aboard and all that fun stuff, and thanks for your listener tales cause I just love written though I do to their always fun. They settle. There will spice stole back a little pause thy love it so keep em common, we love, em la you and find us on Instagram out morbid podcast. You can minors on virtually her eye. More thought seemed to interface but grew morbid colon into crime broadcast group.
Was certainly also GMO. Morbid podcast at Gmail COM, Jack on our website for tickets to all future shows they will be rescheduled or they will go on. The show must have allowed the show us go on morbid podcast outcome. We hope people s name, and we hope you heap at we're. Gonna really trying to do a region or to bring one is miles because my fugitives beginning fuckin, we towards my husband alike, the whole house on fire and Endemic Desgas song of a good bye, bye, and was fast
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