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Episode 131: Where is Don Lewis? Does Carole Baskin Know? Mini Morbid (Not Really)

2020-04-13 | 🔗
Tiger King was a trip. But what the hell happened to Don Lewis? A lot of speculation and a complete lack of evidence has made for a truly compelling mystery in the disappearance of Carole Baskin's second husband, Don. Tonight, we discuss the hype, the mystery and the craziness that is this case.Check out our sponsors!SimplisafeRight now when you head to SimpliSafe.com/MORBID our listeners will get free shipping and a 60-day risk-free trial. From SimpliSafe and all of us here, wishing you safety and good health.Stamps.comRight now, my/our listeners get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Just go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID.
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something that I bear with us bear with us. We ve got nugget. We ve got a lot covered for you this week we re They do there's a whole lot on our plates and Actually, we just added a whole another sharing to our. We know about yeah, but we ve got about another, should ban going on now we just keep pile in that play. It hides like big skill. It is extra mashed potatoes, please hell yes, Labour Bobo River, while before we get to far, let's talk to you about our shows just real, quick, guys run through whom we already know the business Ok June. Second, hopefully we're gonna be there at the Good Knights, comedy Club and Raleigh North Carolina Raleigh. We really hope to see you in June ah June, third, the comedy zone. In short, North Carolina Charlotte Cross in all my fingers and toes to see in my eyes and my arms and my legs by everything.
Tell your hall in Chicago- has been now postponed until October. Eleventh spooky seas. Tell your hall, yeah Alan's gonna be awesome by the way guys. Could we got some fun plant, yet we do what, in July, eighth is going to be at the comedy work south an Greenwood, knowledge, Colorado, Colorado. I feel a worrying to see you in June, I related I don't believe you July eleven that the well by hope that happens, though, will bow with Emily Walsh Kind on everybody. We gotta make this happen I'll just be so sad if she had been over so sad and then August Eleventh in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, we're gonna come for you, it's just a little later than we anticipate that is Lena still wants. Ring the Liberty Bell Yachting DAWN, the great
Beth, bullying, dog, then September, sixteenth, we're gonna, be in Washington DC at the Dc Improv. So many bought New moon psyche a lot It's gonna be a monumental occasion it most. Certainly. Is Europe September twenty. Third, we have two shows at insane ease in Nashville Tennessee Asheville, I can't wait to see you were coming for you still. Does that mean I have to go out for change fervour same night. I just realized that no, and can totally up to you whatever you feels natural. Why she's extra fuck, so it's only natural, that's too bad! and then my shell for now September, twenty Fourth Huntsville Alabama at stand up life Alabama WAR, Eagle Rural tied all that good stuff. We're going to see you were excited about it, football football sports.
Yeah, so yeah, those I chose where this Roland the punches as they you know, as covered nineteen just punches solved. The fur ace into regularly in the face directly in the dome, because we don't like having these reschedule, but it's totally. We have to do it for the safety of everybody, and you know if June comes and were still not out of this situation, we will move those two, but the Good NEWS is, these shows will happen. They just might happen later in the year. That's actually and some of them still tickets available. So go and get your tickets because even if they need to be rescheduled, those tickets are gonna, translate so, and I will be able to use the morbid weirdo wit the tickets and not the morbid weirdo without the tickets. Exactly you don't wanna, be that morbid widow
out tickets so go to morbid, podcast dot com and go buy you tickets up and then we'll keep you up to date on if any dates change, and we can't wait to see all your we can't wait. We came away and you know what I think. That's really all the business we needed to attend to, sir, when I just realized what we I because of what we're talking about this week. We already said we're gonna, be talking about Carol, Fuckin baskets should have had you say: hey all you. who all cats and I gotta said: hey all you cool, kittens man kind of I mean I'm ready. Finally, the twenty Twond, always twenty twenty hello, you know a hail, you cool cats and kittens. We are going to be talking about health Haskins earlier enormous husband and her missing husband. So I have a lot of thoughts about that. I have a lot of thoughts about the Tiger King Documentary as a whole yeah
I dont know if they're going be very popular thoughts, but you know what our show, so I get to. Basically, I think a lot of people know this case by case of the missing John Lewis. Carroll buskins. Second, husband yeah. I think they know this case strictly, like I'm sure some people may have heard of it before, but I think a lot of people know it because of the Tiger King Documentary, I didn't know about it before me. I think it's one of those that just kind of slept under the radar and now because of this document, and everybody has an opinion on it, including me circle and me we Ivan, but I feel like the more you look into it. The more you gonna see that it's really glossed over in that document ray I mean it it they
this one up assault on it right, which is probably more than they really should have focused on it, because there is a lot going to hunt and I then there's a whole shit on going on in that document and I feel like because they went with that leg. Salacious. Let's talk about the rumours of Carol Baskin and her missing husband thing. It did cannot take away some of what that documentary was meant to be about all. I one hundred percent agreed with that because it turned into all about Carol Baskin in her missing husband and everybody stopped, focusing on the fact that Joe exotic well funny in while a very like humorous, eccentric character. He also league murdered his own tigers, be to make room for their animals any is caught on camera like abusing them so yeah.
and he said at one point that if he went bankrupt, he would kill all his animals. He said that to Louis through, like Louis Thorough, I don't know Lui thrower Louis Thorough, someone's gonna tell me: are you sure you know He did a documentary about Joe Exotic and he said that he told him that leg. He was like. He told me if he went bankrupt, he would kill all of his ruined. He said in the documentary the share guy was Hague. We he would just go up in an explosion like they did. I called so it's like you. You ve said that to multiple people exactly so it's like, which I know well, focusing on my cause. It's funny and he's funny, unlike his hairs funny in the old everything his shirt funny in the fact that he has a condom so this face on in her foggy the lake? Let's just remember that make these are a bunch of ship bags, like Google. Anything was about a bunch of animal abusing ship.
And Joe exotic is funding to a certain extent. But then you got into the nitty gritty about documentary and I don't know if it's This had wandered episode to, but am fucking shooting a blow up all that he named are all and he just like bound in the back of a truck. I don't care what rural Baskin stood, that's not funny, will in exactly We definitely going to touch upon not ads. break as our young one talk about that, the fact that that's just being totally ignored like crazy shit, like he put. Many don't owe in her mouth that all her head, yeah I've been here you ve made like terrorist threats to her in public openly on social media like four years right, but we'll get into that. So basically, if you watch this documentary and that's all the information you have about the Carol Baskin situation in her missing husband, I urge you to go look further because, while it doesn't there is nothing. That's like telling me she one hundred percent, didn't do it, but it's still it's gonna make you said there: okay. Well, there is
or to the store room. They were giving us there's our because all we heard in this documentary was a bunch of rival. I mean animal big cat enthusiasts yell, like rallying against this one woman who they're saying is trying to get them all shut down because they're doing like the cub petting in their breeding and abusing animals and others and she's exposing them so to everyone needs to remember that they have a lot of reasoning behind their Blake condemnation of her. So absolutely I think that this needs to be like remembered that these, like whether their men and women, but these did they are and at this point, but all these guys that own these different, like zoos, essentially or if they want to call them sanctuary sure they're they're all at stake to lose money. If she gets her way so-
that's a big motivator Tbilisi has. She definitely killed her husband buds rally against her eggs. I think everybody disturbance, gotta, remember that You know what they're shabby should go on that everybody's fuckin, zoo, sanctuary, petting farm, whatever you want to call it. We are for real, it's crazy and that's the thing it's like she's she's. Definitely eccentric, she's, definitely narcissistic. She definitely loves herself. She is cunning. She I could see how she could be manipulative bio means. Am I gonna say that Carol Baskin? Is this like withering flower that is just floating around? The point is not once, but I just think we all need to get a better view of the whole thing so into it. Home when healing close to home, Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system from price
every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance. In cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer Cetera Cooper. with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust- as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. Hope and healing close to home Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system from price, Mary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to Advance in cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper With patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust as their first choice. Cooper committed compassionate, complete.
So carols name, is Carol Stairs Jones. That's her maiden name ass. She was born June six. Nineteen sixty one at Lackland AIR Force Base in backs our county Texas. We love a fellow gemini book with you will love Carol, is a fuckin German I was just going to say she is a German as a true blue jacket of the highest order, could definitely fever, which leads me to believe even more. Maybe she did could killer, evasive but- and I dont know, we will not end this being like here's. The way that this link with closure, yeah we're all gonna, show question it. So, according so when she was young. She was always super into animals, especially cats. They had to clearly transferred into her later life where she wears nothing but cap rents and had a very interesting design, aesthetic
but she wanted to actually be a veterinarian, but then she found out that veterinarians also have to sometimes euthanize animals, and she was like. I can't do that, so she doesn't want to be a vet anymore Carol appear moment now very wholesome moment at noon carols. Unfortunately, she seems to have had kind of a tough beginning to life Turning to her own accounts, she was sexually assaulted by multiple men who lived across the street from her when she was fourteen years old, less awful yeah, and she grew up in a staunchly religious family and they basically told her. It was her faults because she was a whore. Let's periodically, I told her because I see her dad later and yeah memory on her sanctuary in your, like. Oh my god like yeah not overlap They literally, I'm assuming, which she grew up in this room. Religious family site link may
She won a different way, but she can have understood that her parents were still egg. I don't know it honestly, don't know. Each other sides are so cruelly kudos, develop my guess for half a year it out a way to make our work. But yet, but so she feels like she's really have a lot of support in the matter. Nome was you know giving our hug telling our union deserve that, like you know, it was based. we like well what you do to deserve it kind of thing which is not awesome, so she ended up dropping out of high school pretty early. She had some trouble. She ran away from home. She was living on streets on the streets. At one point she was sleeping in parked cars. and eventually she moved to Florida from Texas and she became involved with a man named Michael Murdoch. He was her boss at a department store that you got a job that she was only seventeen at the time.
And they got married April, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and they had one daughter, a girl named Jamie. So after that she was working at the after she had Jamie. You know she wanted to earn some more money, so she began like rescuing big cats like bobcats and stuff, and she was also breeding oh cats, and she ended up each getting like she was using like goats and lamas for, like a long cutting business like her own little cause they're like good Fer, a big league action. Some people hire people linked to bring goats into their yard and there lay clean up your yard for you by just eating the grass yeah they're, just like great at doing that, you learn something new, every fuckin diet as world, so she was just do about who know No, the marrow know, you know what I mean her first husband Michael Murdoch was abusive. Unfortunately
when she was nineteen years old in nineteen eighty, they had one of their huge knock down, drag out fights. She was trying to get away from him, so she says that she just threw a potato at him. I mean whatever it take, which, unlike good choice, the irish way out of that fight, Falk yeah. the Irish our way out of here, and it's also link up it. It is a good. That's us, that's a good one, Then it just solid enough that it if you home at someone that she's gonna hurt but not solid and that is only kill someone right it's at its very in between weapon. It smart assist smart. but she threw it at him and were not making light of abuse by the way. No, not that it's not. Ok, it's not about either what she did her LE potato adamant in her own words, and then I was basically to distract him long enough where she got out of the house. While she was walking down the street barefoot Jack Don Louis drove up and offered her right,
Can I said when they described this in the documentary I was like this. Is the creepy is way too we get together. It truly is sling, like you would not me over by doing this, this is not a super q like beat, you know, not all apes, The skin meet universal time in the worst It is like she she talks about this me. This meeting, like it you like with Starry Isley Young, who was this wonderful big and what happened was she's walking down the street barefoot after she. Just rule potato at her abusive first husband and DAWN Louis drives up next door and is like hey pretty lady neat rad. She was like hut nope they I now and she just keeps walking. So he turns around and pulls up next door again now, This is usually the beginning of every bad story. We tell you where someone ends up murdered like them.
In circles around it just keeps asking. This is like what we and listen or tails that it really is offered to my mom and nearly wages. Circling around, while he's circles around and he shows that he has a gun on the passengers cited the courtesy to the car. To me this is like. Oh now, you run right, but no he was like this is not to threaten you with. He was saying you can hold the gun up to my head. The whole time were driving. I just wanted I can give you a ride. We use like this is your sign of trust. Here's my issue with that on the number one. This is a stranger number, two, how the fuck am I supposed to know that that gun is loaded and number three How am I supposed to know if you don't have a gun on the side of you? That is loaded that you're going to use to kill me when I hold that gun to your head? Precisely all my we have, and also when someone's first like meet up
with you is like hey. You can hold this gun to my head to make sure that I'm not a ski ball. I Billig here I don't know. I feel it that's a weird thing for you to just like a thing right to the table. You're like I'm, actually good thinks the link. I him good Well, she was like very cool, so if she gets in she's like what an I have, Traviata binding energy held the gun to his head, the entire time at which how Robin Take, I guess I don't know, I already well. Gets even more romantic because they went to a hotel or so things got real railed real fast, problem is she's married although he is an abusive ass apparently he was also buried sewing whoops. They had an affair he was married to a woman named Gladys. They had three daughters.
Other and had been married for decades at this point and also Gladys his hair honey. It's it's a situation. It's it's these! It you it's the he's sitting in the seventies, I'm willing to bet was the hare. Oh yeah, it was the situation like people were like Gladys who's, your hair dresser, oh yeah, this article on, but Fortunately, Gladys had to deal with a lot of shit from dawn. Yeah well say that he cheated on Gladys constantly yeah throughout their marriage. In fact, according to the Tampa Bay Times, She would pack extra food in his lunch when he would go off to work, knowing that that extra food were four was for his fucking girlfriends whites yup. You know how she would no this, because they would leave notes in little like napkins, with kiss sparks, like lipstick marks on it in his lunch bag. For her to find that's terrific and she would just go with it,
make sure you are feeding them like a fact she's feeding these orbiters. Let me then, she always said that, like to date women younger than their daughters, she said in one interview quote, I couldn't compete with that. Nobody can and says her sad is that a terrific I'd be like D be yours, the ie. Does it vigorously girl? You need to put up with this and also done what the fuck that's cool, His daughter said that he was a sex out it. Nearly that's really and that's the other thing it's like. I feel fulfilling we're all like failing to subsist point out the facts here. no one deserves to go missing, are murdered by any stretch of the imagination, but it's like what's up paint certain people with broad brushes, So dont was a self made millionaire from real estate dealings. He had a used car business that he he built these things from the ground up. He was self made goal
Gladys and dawn did divorce and ninety ninety Carol also diverse her husband and then he in Carol got married and ninety ninety one. Ok, both of them loved exotic cats of dawn, was like right on board with carols love of the committees. I spoke with the dawn and felt like it was more like a collecting thing right leg. He did love cats but like he was rich and rich people. Just love collecting weird Randy like that, just like a thing that, from what I hear they give you, rich listening to this right now. I bet you have a collection of some sort. Look raise your hand. I know you're there to Carol, it was likely kind of a little bit of both because you know
She didn't obviously love cats from the beginning and she always love cats but girlfriend likes having the money that done came with. So I come on. Let's not pretend she did not like having a millionaire husband. I mean I'm not going to lie to you. I would love a fanny became a millionaire. listen and baby. So I bigots I biggest heavily a little bit of both like she also liked the collecting aspect of it, but she cared again, she did to me. She seems like you genuinely, does care for these off yeah. That's the thing she cheerfully comes across like she does Russia, If I give you buried actress but care is Like I said earlier, she's like issue smart as hell we're using Chrome, Billy savvy. She one might say cunning yet she is definitely cunning. She definitely but you can see how she could manipulate. You could see how she can be cold and calculating for sure, but I am not going to deny that
I do believe she cares about the animals but she's also a little hypocritical, because she saying that you keep animals in cages, but she's got her animals in cages, their big carriages like their big at Vienna, enclosures, but yours keeping animals. In case I mean, I know they dislike a sanctuary cause. Now it's called big cat rescue, but you know, like I, don't know think this a lotta hypocrisy running through all of these yeah the devil in LA documentary, but am- and I want when she was breeding them like a net bag. I guess since she has chilled out on that innocent doing that, and I think she's even emitter like in the beginning, I was breeding too much- and I didn't know that yak as I wonder when she had like the most big cats in the country or some delay that shit, so she sheet to have a fair share of moments where you like I'm gonna think anybody in these big cat arenas that we saw on the
events, or at least I'm sure, there's some out there that are, but the ones we on this document or of any of them fully have just the animals interest in mind one. I think I think you're right. I think it starts off like that, because people even say that about Joe Exotic, like here, his heart started in the right place, and then you see where you can get your heart goes to the wrong place and I think it's probably. hard to make it steer back. I fully agree with that carefully, just how the waves rearing back, because yeah she's a gemini birthday go so she figured it out now, like she's, like we said, she's pretty eccentric. like watching her in the documentary and just now, that she starts everything with a hey. You, cool cats and kittens I mean you know she's a little eccentric. We love a flower crown care
Do you love a flat? I mean you love a flower crowned historic flower. Grandly goes gonna, fuckin style, Ashley, loved flower grumpy up one, I already bitch, but you know what our God, that different people really thought about it up, for example, or you can, like, I wanna, know, put vague except they do have that one song affairs from the great godspeed- but you know I decorous so dawn- could also be described as the eccentric, as I believe most super rich people have an eccentric side. I got up. People said that he was worth somewhere between like five and seven million some people saving up to it. many million, which is a big job, but either way. Then he slept very his money in the picture, art and healing RON, swans and debt, which is which is pretty red Ivy league. He would right leg, bury money
my gold bars and which is awesome, I mean, if you have the means to do it, but that shit yeah, I'm in a hurry banks and shit this barrier You'd literally was round swan sinning before run swans and runs once and you know, I wouldn't be, should octave Papa? Has some gold coins varied somewhere right out? I could see it on a John is round Swanton, so he would definitely do that if it good but so he added he was definitely multimillionaire, but he would people would see him legal. Looking in trash cans, filling food scrap sometimes adds interesting, unlike picking trash and shit and he'd. Never he never whirling fancy clothes. In fact, the day he went missing, he was wearing like a two dollar shirt from Kmart hell yeah. He was like he just wasn't. You know he wasn't into that, but then, on the flip side of all that he did love planes in sometimes he would just by a plane, with cash. As we know this year anyway, just
walk around with big wads of cash on them all the time and he had dealings in Costa Rica and he and two hundred acres there tat is a lot of acreage exactly he was planning on moving use planning a moving the sanctuary down there to that too undertaker plot being a lot of learning dealings down there, that nobody really Those a whole lot about. I'm in I said he made his millions through real estate deals which, once he married Carol, he went from it. He significantly grew those too, else only made a lot of money with Carol Driver can we evolved and real estate yellow she helped about that stuff like they become came kind of a team that way, ok and Debbie. I'm kind of an issue when it came to like separating his estate later, because serious Gladys, his daughters thought they. Get more, but the Carol was saying well. She made
when he was with you, but he made this when he was with me. I should take this because this is mine, ok, but then, put into it later belike. It comes down to Carol really because he left it to her, but tat was kind of where she was coming from with that also is weird where he left everything to her yeah. Certainly, as he didn't leave everything to her, though yeah yeah yeah. That's too bad, I think there's a lot of like people just being like well this happened in they didn't look further into it. To see what the actual thing was. It undertook the Netflix documentary where it was totally sensationalize like it absolutely was yeah. but he also so dawn- was also dabbling a little bit and buying out mortgages oak I'm so He would charge people that were defaulting these. huge interest rates till I buy them out and then, after a few months, if they weren't paid up, he would foreclosure. My house,
it's kind of shady or he would sell off their mortgage and fuck them even further. her fair, so yeah, so who not a good thing, so those people- probably I think he was that awesome of a guy so already were making some enemies. I was going to say that stifling gonna get you anatomy or near definitely few enemies. You ve been diagnosed with cancer. You need a team of cancer experts by your side. step of the way working together. Native care empty Anderson Cancer Centre Cooper, her jerseys largest and most experienced cancer team Personalized care for every type of cancer with multiple locations close to you and a full range of supportive care services, empty Anderson Cooper, appointments available within forty eight hours.
streaming only I'll pick up a new original common me punk bank. We are lady parts, confused mixed hash, anthems, sour our people to live in front. We are leaving all the Celts dreaming that only object. He was also sending a lot of his funds down to that two hundred acre plot and Costa Rica, and he was doing this via his business assistant, an Mcqueen Fruit and that's the little lady in the documentary, the little league I don't remember, is like a tiny little old lady, a tiny little lady. I dont remember. Actually I think this is actually what yeah maybe sounds. really cool. I'm like a total issues, went off, but she was accused by Carol of also taking a life insurance policy out on dawn only a few months before he went missing our guys, alas, weird
doesn't deny this because she can't, but she says that he told her to do. Oh just suspect. Yet this is the lady from the documentary yeah and yeah it's just a little. Its low we're in and also said that she was the only woman that he didn't hit on legacy Not every woman d to me is like me, things: thou Dost protest too much in a yard, I think they have been going on in the year I just don't see about to speak at all really hard again. And you know why I don't see it like a business relationship because I dont think dawn had a lot of business relationships the women. I manna Carol actually said that he travelled to Costa Rica and its theirs that of this he travelled to Costa Rica, a ton, none warden, quote business and He would go there. I mean once a month literally
Can you eventually the Erika once upon? I know unjust flying your private played down there in care also This was for him to carry on his secret trysts as well, because would do it alot when she was having her period oh and he said, and so she says and one of his daughters like I said this in the document like referred to this, that he was basically a sex attic right Carol said he had two: he needed sex once a day Oh that's all I want to be on the list of yeah yeah. That's a lot of at least one day he legates you should go on and on have things to do. I have to know. I got a breakfast, I don't know it's a psychic, headed Jill did youth. She says he was going down. The goes to Riga and you know, meeting women in that he had girlfriend down there? It was confirmed later that he did have a girlfriend. And also get really go to her yeah, so it's like
He was doing some shady shit and hissing off a lot of people in rows. Doing shady biz. This down there as well. So he's got this whole network of people that aren't too happy with him. So it's like you're carols on that list for sure But there is also a long list of other the outlets that could have taken Don Louis out. If anything happened, a list that here there enough where they really it's like, can all over the place so Carolyn dawn. When they first sky, we got married, they bought a Bob cat fur as their first cap. That was the first thing that they bought was about cat tat was the beginning of everything and they were like a holy shit. We wanna like we want more, This is so fun. We love big cats, so there were like we're gonna by six, more Bob cats from the place. We got this original on them when they looked further into the place, though
they figured out there, the where they were getting these Bob cats from it was actually a fur farm. Oh no and basically fur farm spread animals just for their fur. It's awful! I like we ass. A species should be ashamed that we suck so fucking much, I truly do so that those exists that we just skin animals for fucking coats, it's unbelievable! So yes, so we say but once Carolyn Don realised that this was a farmer what was happening there, they bought fifty six Bob cats to save them from the fate of being skin, so much which these are the kind of things it's like. They did these kind of thing. So it's like, I know that they cared I know that they had good intentions together right it just when awry at times, and I think eager who's got into it. I think not, Sick personalities got into it ll. Some money got into it in a changed. The whole thing,
I think now. I do believe now that lake, the rescue that she is running, I believe, seems legitimate. Oh, I agree without a hundred percent and I do believe she cares for these animals. I just know I don't know, I'm sure people want a great but like I want you can tell that she does. Yeah. I just. I feel it in my bones, so this is when they began trying to do some good. This is when they were like. Are we gonna do good shit for cats? and they initially called their rescue their like we're. We're gonna open a rescue for that. You have fifty Spock accident. We gotta do something and they initially called their rescue wildlife uneasy street, which is so Q adorable very wholesome, dawn, began, buying, injured, abused and abandoned cats all over the place. Soon they had like over, like hundreds of cats, their dislike all about it,
in June, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven is when it becomes apparent that, like this wonderful, we just buy, we just save cats and we're so fun and eccentric, and we nothing's wrong. This is when you see that, like things, work super awesome in this mare, these actually were going very, yeah. It wasn't it. This is just not what it was looking to be from outside so NATO's lion and they definitely where so in June nineteen. Eighty seven a protection order was requested by dawn. I gotta Carol. What was said for the grounds of this was that dawn had gone away on a trip and when he returned, she had allowed like garbage men to come, take away garages full of his thrift store. Fines like he was a big finding things at yard sales Lake Estate Sales- he just like you
like again rich people, love collecting shed. So this was like some american pickers deal where dawned snubbed like finding old antiques equipment. Storing a bunch of junk that he thought would eventually be worth. Something will that's what he was doing. Exactly is valued scan seller later That's all it was. It was Sunday This'Ll be worth something whose american picks and Carol. Let me we'll take it away without his permission without Sally it. She just had it all taken away, which is rude and you know so. He was past when he got back and found this out. Yet they are argued about it, and he said he was questing the protection order, because during this fight that occurred over the garage sale shit, she told him. If you don't leave the house, I'm gonna kill you, which Maybe she was just being hyperbolic but which, like totally like tell your spouse that you're gonna kill them that's just my I mean it give you some like words of wisdom, like don't do that ever
that's not good enough, That's not a normal fight like and it doesn't make her murder. No, but that is not a normal marriage fight like I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty, John and I have not and will not ever tell each other that I'm going to kill you like that is not going to happen since not use if you are in a relationship or one of you is actively telling the other one like with food. all seriousness, I'm going to kill you get out of that now, just like that, he saw a lot. That's my little negative wisdom for you yeah. So you Billina soon the marriage, counselling, Lithuania, so yeah. So she said. Do you now leave the house? Don't come back or I'll kill you and she basically told me if you try to come back, I'm going to kill you, so you would like- and I think she feels I feel like she's going to me and then lying in the sense of murder. Me she's very subtle about it, but I feel it wants to kill me, but he also said this wasn't the first
She said this so he said it. This just happen to be the time where he was like. Ok, that's enough, he was not granted this protection order by a judge done to adorn, and if you onto like that. You can look up. I just briefly look too at lake what it takes to get a protection order in Florida is, and I think it takes a lot and unfortunately this they just wasn't Siena's. an issue. I think it's one of those things where it's like they need to have already. You. I was curious thing I offer will make you know like protecting, nor does it all. She has already had to happen like there like you, need to be beaten first and then we'll give your protection. Orderly gets a laudable shit, so you wasn't giving one one of dance, daughters actually said that Carol tried to have him see like a psychiatrist, because she said his mental health was declining
and he saw a psychiatrist once and it was like fuck that I'm not going back okay, but she said he would like forget where he was. He would call her lost and, like Carol said, that Carol claims that allegedly he like wouldn't use the be like refused to use the bathroom. Sometimes He was really declining. Ok, all of this is speculation and its basic. It's just carols word, which is really convenient. If we look at what happens to him and now blue eyes. Absolutely and that's why it's like take it with a green assault. This is just what Carol says. Unfortunately, we can't know soon so August. Nineteen nineteen Andy seven dawn was fifty nine years old. This is when he went missing that more, dawn, had told Carol that he was getting up early. He was gonna, go load stuff into a truck because he was gonna, be making a trip to Costa Rica and he
Gonna be bringing stuff down to start that sanctuary. So he was, he had a truck that was going to Miami and then he was going to Costa Rica risks. So you sediments finnish load, the track, and he also said I have to drop some signs off to my real estate office, like my lawyer and then a minute I'll be doing this. I was the last time she saw him according to their Jamie. According to her statements, it was the next morning now that he did dropped the signs off to the real estate. Office, no one saw him do that, but the signs were there. So nobody knows power. When those came, it was the next morning the Carol reported missing. Ok, so the next day police found dawns, a blue caravan at Pilot Country Airport and Spring Hill. Florida now the window is broken and it was like kind of beat up the van, but that damage
apparently done to the van before he went missing. So it's irrelevant, ok, but stated a lot as like. Oh somebody must have done that to the Van is like my aunt. I happen there did find the keys to the van on the floor of the van, which is well aware, no evidence southern that was found. No evidence of foul play nothing. Ok! Now he could fly. plain, he was not a licensed pilot, but he knew how to fly a plane and he flew planes. Often- There are no record saying he flew that day, like no law glaring, I thought, but Carol said he had flown before without records are logs because he's not licence right, so he's and this is a tiny airport and you would have been ok to do like not okay, but it would have been easy to do that here. so- was apparently involved in three small plain accidents before shit. So it is possible. One theories,
Yes that maybe he crushed is a small plain into the water young. That's it we're just never saw him again right, it's a possibility, I'm innocent, in theory, billing, no wasn't a hamlet aware like how many planes he had, unlike as one gone like yeah. Well, that's it! I think what their thinking is, maybe cause. He took out a lot of money. That day out of his power NL account and his business account. Ok, they think maybe could he have bought a plain we may ash on the spot like while you don't have records, have it right, but you know so when they so after so you know he's they find the van. They don't find every any evidence of foul play. They're sitting there wondering what the hell's happening. Investigators go down to Costa Rica to talk to people down there, because that is where he was supposed to be going they found. He had all sorts of creepy shady business dealings and the girlfriend down there. They talk to all of them,
they went down several times. They talk to several people down there. They got conflicting reports about whether some people said they saw him. Some people said they didn't so yes becomes one of those clusterfuck because like word of mouth is like the worst. Aids is a it's one of those things, so they are is thoroughly searched the wildlife rescue in Florida. They searched the acreage down and Costa Rica, no evidence of foul play anywhere. they cannot find any evidence of this man winches crazy. When you think about it, it's like that. How do you just go missing without it and well? I guess He had to also lots, and I'm not sure if he was they were already down in Costa Rica or not, but they were shipped out of wherever they were and they can't figure out who did that or where they went. That's weird So it wasn't until December. Ninety ninety eight that dog,
his daughter, Donna Pettus with Gladys actually put forth the theory that Carol had killed stone, put him through a meek, grinder and fed him to her tigers, which later inspires a Joe exam original? Yes, a very scary, jokes security, one might say the most scary where he found the scare the most June. When saying Dapple Gagner I have ever seen. I don't know how he did airport while and if I was that later be afraid that he was gonna kill me just because I looked like Carol right. I believe this is getting to scary. Mass knew much well in his his daughter, is in his Ex wife said that they were really pissed, because law enforcement didn't test the meat grinders for dna at birth.
And meanwhile the police were like ok will the meek renders were removed from the actual facility weeks before dawn even went missing? Oh, I don't think they mentioned not and yeah and they were like. This was just a rumour and they also said the meat grinders that were there were like these small me grinders right, but in documentary. They showed this like industrial, green grinder. She didn't, they never had the that was annoying, and I'm not saying that it's not possible to leg. Put. Somebody threw me grinder right. It's been done before about her, but this is like a fully grown male body. and it would take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of tools to get him in two tiny pieces to then slowly put him through a meagre. To write like that, takes a lot of time, and if he were last seen. You know. One day and then reported the following morning
that's not a lot of time to do all that it would take to put him through them. A little tiny me grinder. Won't you think they would find some kind of like I mean that would leave big fucking mass one hundred percent. Her! That's why that theory is to me absurd. Yes, this absurd. It just is not it's just a fun theory that people like to but remember albinos the Ex wife and the kids are all gonna want a piece of his fortune that he left behind, because they know it's their father Loki as urban. After all, he can put to us as if they had a day all deserve a piece. Everybody does Lydia, you know, and he, but he left Carol at with power of attorney right so she had complete control over his state.
There was language put into the documents. That said something along the lines and a lot of people have been harping on this. That Carol is in charge of everything in the event of death, etc, but it also included the language in the case of disappearance, which is weird as fuck sure, that's weird, but they both had to sign this document. Ah, this wasn't Carol putting that language there that was Carroll and dawn. Putting that language though he signed. The document is why, of course, he had two it's his allowances. Will they left that out and Tiger gang? Of course they did and once its bothering me because this, like that's fishy both ends, because if you are both a part of this, if its care- oh yeah, that's fishy, because she's getting ready to Billy quality,
this appears. I got the money, it's also fishy on his end, because he's literally setting up his own court on core disappearance. If it's because another theory is that Motherfucker gotten trouble and he. to get the fuck out of dawn. He hasn't pages or quotas could disappeared, and I think it would be fishy. If he's signing off the speaker is basically saying is the case that I disappear myself right then this is the case, so I mean that's just to me that does improve anything either way. It makes them look shadiest fuck her for a very good point. Yes She has a blog that she has just written a blog post for and the blog posts is called, refuting, Neff Netflix Tiger King ok. She is very unhappy with how there documentary when, while it does pain her in not so great a light, absolutely
does an she according to her and her husband, Howard hoo hoo? Yes, it is some else, three, I love Howard ethical layer, mama, but like just look up the pictures of their wedding where he is wearing a tiger outfit and she has him on. lease lentils. You read about two years. I e g, I dont know I love, you know what I'm saying employed like that, sometimes foot so But she's saying is that the producers, when they first pitches to her they said this is gonna, be kind of legal black fish situation where it's gonna be about the animals- were going to be exposing the abuse
and she was all about it. That's what she was for. She says she feels wholly betrayed that it became about her in her missing husband because a dead yeah. So I do get that I mean, but then again when they started talking to you about it. Why do talk about all that now that ceiling sounds like I get. Why you a problem, you parleyed, unlike the finished product, but you should unknown while your chat and about what they were going to deal with all the edge and so apparently There was so in one of that in that blog posts she says, quote after dawn disappeared. There were years of my having to manage the properties under conservator ship demanded by Gladys and the dog. Where's the numerous attorneys they involved. All being paid out of the estate reduced the assets significantly, oh
in ITALY, the assets in the p r SL trust that had the daughters as beneficiaries went to them through those assets were worth about one million dollars. Ok, so the daughters got about one million dollars each half Emily. I think just too, I think it's told him. Ok, yeah So then she said the assets in the other trust worth about two million by then came to me so shooting, but how much more than them? No, so the claim the girls made in the series that I picked the assets they got and that they were bad assets is nonsense. They got the assets from the trust they were beneficiaries of worth one million dollars again. This is from carols wow. This is carols. Word, sir. I we take this with a grain of salt, but this is where careless claiming right honestly
It is true that isn't this documentary became just this like circus of well a hundred percent. It became the fuckin. Joe exotic documentary the Joe Exotic and Carol showing it was literally like. Let's watch Joe exotic, he so funny. But then it's like you. We watched this dude leg. Make terrorist stick violent, abhorrent threats. Against this woman on social media every day on his channels every day in public every day and it's like, then, we forget here hired someone to murder her like he was part of that's. Why he's it prison and then we do not say man climb into a bathtub at the end of the fucking documentary on you touched yep just untouched, unlike YO, he was murdered or he was he was a hitman like. Why
yeah. It's it's very bizarre, like the whole thing is very bizarre. Dvd and enlightening edifices goes anywhere near, but then you just like gotten use him unto a stirrup club, I would ask my favorite part and also It was only while I was only three thousand dollars: murder support in the most bizarre murder. Friar plot preceded by. Why out, it truly is, but which kills reasons like what is it said like Cardy, be who, like I know, nothing about Carnegie. That's all I know is apparently she wants to get him out of jail and, unlike the I gotta go, find me to get him out of jail but like. Why, though, like I don't know, it's like here's the thing totally separate from Carol Baskin in her husband, this man,
try to have her murder to organise an invasion of alive or our money and pick somebody else to do it. That's not gonna get confused or go to restore club. That's the thing in it's like Joe exotic the reason he hates Carol. Baskin is not because he leaves Carol. Baskin killed her husband. That is an argument reunion excuse he hates her, because she's I too have he or she tried to have his shit shut down, because she thinks he's an abusive, like You know just money hungry you zoo owner, basing which it does gun? They might that's what exactly it it's like. So these these dudes all have liked. Total reason to hate her and their reasoning is money and they don't want to lose their money and they don't want to be. in his animal abusers and genius trying to you know exploit that all thing? I will do that in a grey area. I'm not sold that she didn't do it, but I'm not sold that she did do it because so far, what
solid evidence is there that she did it. Others none exactly so. It's like Is there solid evidence that says she didn't know? as their solid evidence. That says she did now, but basically all evidence that were pointing to that she did is kind of just slake, while I feel like she dead because she read saw, forgive literally league and it's like what we, what kind of an asshole to exert everybody in this whole thing is kind of an ass? Also, it's like an asshole does not make it did not make you a murderer right and it's also just I've. I need someone to explain to me also like how she killed him right. I shouldn't just put of thorough may grinder. You gotta tell me how she killed them will do our people, thinking that she literally just like locked him in the face.
And, unlike the tigers, just ate him, I dont know cannot. Flowers now have an end yeah, that's the thing, the sake. If that was what she did. Why, when she just make it look like an accident, because maybe that would be too convenient, would like the how he had the protective order Thank you. I guess you're right, but I should say that if you do not somebody to eat some one that you cover them in sardine oil, so that was low. Weird desire make her murder nor does it make her murderer, probably not the best thing to joke about, though, when your husband, mysteriously disappeared, and people think that you found him to a tiger very true. But then I look on leg, the West Memphis three yeah yeah, we're gonna if we're going to sit there and take people's just like making jokes like being stupid and like talking as evidence than a lot of people are gonna. Go ahead, four bullshit, they didn't do ya.
Certainly not evidence, but it does make you go. Whom means are fun but lake elixir followed but they're not of an offence, but it's like Joe exotic is fun to Lake Laughin about and lay billing he's funny. But it's like everybody, please remember Had he hired someone to kill off hints and then just remember that guy get into a bathtub yeah, let's not just Lesabre lifted him up too much every other part because again he's a dick Carol. Buskins is a dick that dark Anti guys, a dick that Jeff low Gaza, Dick everybody's, a deck, I'm here to tell you every one in the talking energy is a dick except for Howard. True hullo reminds me of Nigel Thornberry and only human does? Oh, my god, that's crazy, you're! Welcome what you know. It's Eu Edwards crazy to is so the hills, very counties, sheriff's office. The website still says that
Don Louis, is an endangered messing adults, oh, but in two thousand, too, he was declared legally dead. Ok because, after a certain amount of time, they declare you that, but the case was reopened now as with the new outside their documentary, it really was like the documentary there like ass. We should rethink the risk as now liberties which a smart everybody's iser on it, Sir they say they're getting about like six tipsy day about it so but they said a lot of them are nonsense that not only the anger for real zis. A lot of them are just crazy theories, because all another theory that Joe Exotic floated was that, like she threw him in like a sea, no Sewer O the only remaining home right yeah and that it didn't make a lot of sense either because she was like that was already there just wasn.
He's like here, I was not only that wasn't working, but you know again slick watching the document area like watching how violent Joe Exotic was, when talking about Carol, it's like really alarming, but that's not being talked about more in that leg. Everyone's just like that, Bitch Carroll and it's like, but wait a second. We don't know that she killed. Nobody. Has the smoking gun here right? Can we not just forget? What's what else is happening around violent and manipulative Lee Mean two or three supposed street men be in love with him yeah I mean those men could have been by that's true, but these lakes said that they were street yeah. the negative just didn't realize now maybe, but I think I mean I think he definitely used like drugs to apply a lot of these people to be around him. That is true, which is sad, is really fun
I also just wanted to point out that, if you guys, listening to Jensen in holes, murder, squad Podcast, who I like? What are you when, first of all to go, listen to it. They did a really good episode about this case and they have a lot more like detailed information about certain things, because they like did legwork unlike reached out to sheriffs offices and talk to them and like I don't want to take their information that they like worked hard to get. So if you want some more details, go over to Jensen in holes, murder squad and goes into them because they did a great job Thomas and who doesn't want to listen to Paul holes, talk about true crime cases. We love me and we love it so yeah. I think that is really where we sit now. Love is the Carole Baskin case. It's kind of in a Nebula
now. We just wait and see. Why, then this is an example. Is it it really? Is the sun God put just another day? what is unfortunate actually is that Carol says that after the documentary aired she Lake unplugged, her phones and like can't go out and she's been receiving like death threats, all over the place, let it because people think she killed her husband because, as you know, we are in a grey area. So then, go over to the other side. If that woman did kill her husband Zat existence. Can you imagine how shitty that is? If she didn't kill her husband now, then she's known as this, like that's fucked and she's, like real pest, because she was like you know, I got my bike rides and like people I like throwing things at me and like threatening me and then she said Blake. You know it took away from the abuse that was supposed to be Exley now shown to the world's. Unlike that's what I thought this was gonna be
it's become about me, which sucks and which has said so. It is sad because there was a lot of like points in that document everywhere you were like what the fuck were. You guys, like I didn't know like I would held a baby tiger. Had I got chance, and now, when I will, after watching mentally fuck, that I want to hold a baby tiger nope, so yeah. So I'm not telling you how to feel no one an innocent little angel here, but no definitely not, but so far, no one except jokes. Headache is involved in murder to just respond better The only person involved and murders, Joe exotic and yell exactly big, that's the does the tale of Carol asking one new data of anything comes about the aperture but go watch Tiger king the blow your dear mind, follow us on Instagram at morbid pike. Ass had us up under a morbid podcast join the Facebook group, morbid colon
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