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Episode 137: John Wayne Gacy Part 2: The Murders

2020-05-03 | 🔗
Tonight we continue our deep dive into the damp, smelly and super greasy world of John Wayne Gacy. Tonight's episode focuses on the abductions, the assaults and the murders that took place over a 6 year period in the mid to late 70s. This pig took the lives of 33 young, teenage boys and he did it in some of the most disturbing ways imaginable. Fair warning, there are some descriptions and mentioning of sexual assault and rape. Books mentioned/used in this episode:John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster by Sam AmiranteThe Man Who Killed Boys: The John Wayne Gacy Story by Clifford L. LinedeckerBuried Dreams: Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy by Tim CahillKiller Clown by Terry SullivanThis episode sponsored by:Purple MattressExperience the next evolution of sleep. Go to Purple.com/morbid, and use promo code morbid. For a limited time you’ll get $150 off any Purple mattress order of $1500 or more! Terms apply.Athena ClubStop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you’ll get 15% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code morbid. 

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