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Episode 139: John Wayne Gacy Part 3

2020-05-11 | 🔗
Finally, we have reached the conclusion of John Wayne Gacy's mad world. Honestly, this dude is a pig and we are so glad to be out of his headspace. In this episode, we discuss how he got caught, his insane confessions and his trial and subsequent imprisonment until his early death. Enjoy and make sure you hydrate. I feel like he's so gross, you should hydrate.Sources:John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster by Sam AmiranteThe Man Who Killed Boys: The John Wayne Gacy Story by Clifford L. LinedeckerBuried Dreams: Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy by Tim CahillKiller Clown by Terry Sullivan Thanks to our sponsors!Hunt A KillerRight now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/morbiduse promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box. Head to Stamps.comRight now, our listeners get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Just go to Stamps.com, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MORBID.
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bad about this week. It is it's just me and ass. I us just that. The oh geez, the oh yeah of the more bead, but having am on was a fucking blasted as our blaster like not to be like fan girl, one o one, but a fucking dream come true a really what it was. It was kind of surreal I was like well in there so easy to talk to. I felt like I was hanging out with an all out. Yet
truly delay. I think they were saying at one point that they felt like with like they knew us already and that we feel the same way about Bab now's body that it all just kind of collective we're, like all we ve all just hung out before right. Lectures in writing- and I was ever is exciting, knows- is fun and it was a chill time It really was these collapse. Stirring quarantine have been so much fun cause. It's just me call the connect with other creators and just get different, It's a and it's been fun to kind of sprinkle. These in it's fun. I enjoy it quite a bed and actually, later this week we have a second guest fur. We do the show and I'm sure this one will be easier to guess, but you know, you just never know we're gonna. They awesome. It's gotta, be us gonna grow. You know where we like we ve been doing we everybody it we're going to be doing the same media like just the ash, and I emphasise in between you'll still begun, the same amount of ash in my absence,
These collapse. Episodes are just bonus, episodes really so light I enjoy. It a man actually we're going to. Putting out a patriotic episode, in the next couple days. I think I'm recording it to my eyes with a special, a very fine one. Yes Lou social gas, but I must guess all around job in tonight. We're gonna be finishing up the fucking Hell Scape, that is John Wayne Gacy, I'm in a hurry, stoked to wrap it up with him. yeah, I'm really site to be out of this man, psyche and out of his worlds. After this, I want to take a step back from John Wayne. Gacy, and you know I feel I smell him now, so I just I need to be away from it. but I excited to not be exposed to his psyche anymore right I am I'm glad not to be giving it to you so that, thank you. Globalism ex post.
Were glad to be just out of it. Now this is riddle. This crazy, because I found out some stuff during research that I didn't know meanwhile, in which I always feel like. I do. I always end up finding something I'm like will shit, but but be nice to wrap this up cause us one wrapped up in a nice bow where we can say by John By- and we can say kiss my ass about that kiss my ass, for all the voting where we dull, then, to the end, the fine all the financing of John Wayne Guess air. We are going to do Some shows we sure are so these are being reschedule June. Second, in June third June, second, is at the Good Knights Comedy Club in Raleigh North Carolina in June. Third, as at the comedy zone and Charlotte North Carolina, we will- but you know the reschedule dates. We just don't have them yet. Just hang on
those tickets because they will go wherever we go October. Eleventh. We have to show that tell you Hall in Chicago Illinois, that's gonna, be so much fun guys, I'm really excited about one July. Eighth, at the key, he worked south in Greenwood Bed, Greenwood, village, Colorado. which I just found out is sold out. Yeah Colorado thanks for selling us out what was the reschedule Dave The Wilbur is the I believe it's the twenty sixth right it's a year. it's gonna, be in twenty twenty one. So that's so yeah So I think it's gonna be March, twenty six, twenty twenty one. I believe- and I think that's already date- You'Ll- be informed of it anyways but will make sure to tell you, and then the eleventh August we're gonna be in Philadelphia, Buntline Kommeni Club September, sixteenth, we're gonna to be in Washington DC at the Dc Improv.
the twenty third of some minor away in Nashville Tennessee to show that they need and last but not least, the twenty fourth of September, Huntsville Alabama at stand up live Alabama, so We go guys, we're gonna, make these happen. We just were rolling. rolling with the home means? I would argue that the other night- yes such a good, such a good show that ITALY will show it was and show one point, we was a really It was a show. You didn't know is just how I did not know it was a show, I'm pretty sure that movie came out. Maybe the year I was born yeah, but I'm pretty sure it did either that or before you were born, and yet it was a show at one point and it had the regional, amber and the show but it didn't have Eliseo Silverstone, oh hell. No. She was a good I see that I don't care, but it still worked. The girl who played share Horowitz. I can remember her name now. People are greatly screaming about me, but she was great
so you always say that I'm just like sharing clueless and actually any quite a of you oh yeah. Well, I think everybody Anybody listening rain! I think, can agree that you are sheriff clue. You know where I live with that, but the only thing that I'm gonna need, if I really am fuckin chair from clueless- is that computer program to put my fuckin close together in the morning we are, you should have that, like I'm not really sad that you don't. I feel. If anybody does, like should have that at their disposal. It's you. Thank you. My appreciate that you're welcome. Will too Two people in Silicon Valley will see if we can not hate. You have the community programme at the app people out there. What up app people So I think on that, no we will just a dive right into part. Three I know parts of John Wayne, mother Fucking Game
Mary, we went from one end of the spectrum to the complete opposite yeah I mean, I think, a perfect segue between between worlds is share. Horwitz, just no I'd like I quite something something something you do you you very much I don't know if I did not learn british television or like what the deal is. I have ever eliciting heavy heavy, wanting down to now it's very proper. I like it. Thank you so just before we start this gnarly thunderstorm just started where I live. So this is like perfect timing yeah as I'm looking outside right now, it's getting late, super dark and spooky and I'm assuming its role in my way. Right now. So you know I don't know if I can hear the thunder, but it's fucking insane and I'm in the attic, so it shaking the attic. I love that for you that's funny, right! Well, gentlemen: Gacy! Let's get it well, where we left off in part two we had left off. When He had brutally murdered fifteen year old Robert paste on
his mother's birthday. December, Eleventh nineteen, seventy eight The same year, which of this is just an interesting little note same here, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight before he had killed Robert. He took a photo. with Rosalind Carter. Oh I've seen this photo yeah so. He took a photo with the first lady Rosalind Carter. He was the door actor of the policy content Polish Constitution Day parade which is like I guess it's. An annual parade and celebrate celebrates the advent of democratic government in Poland. Fun and he was the director he had been. The directive for three years in a row- oh damn in it, in order to meet Rosalind and get that photo. He had to have secret service clearance which he received. That is bananas that John Wayne Gacy received secret service, clear it's what the FUCK Ets, it's beyond words, because in all
for him to get that they talked her leg later. When all this was found out, they talk to because a secret service gotta tarnish shit for this because there are, like you literally led the most pro fix serial killer in american history. At that point into a photo with the first. lady of the United States of America. What happened there breakdown of king Gos is not like. He was squeaky queen queen. We re not a squeak y know. He was not a squeaky couldn't. I know he is not a squeaky, clean, blue innocent boy, and now he had a sodomy charge on him that he went to prison for before this and unlike multiple other accusations that not even accusations they fuck, it happened but well, when they asked the secret service later they were like what happened there. Why did you not and they were like yeah
We might lot not have looked into the lake where he lived before those records curve, so they literally it omitted. We didn't check to see where he lived for if he had a record, so he had that record and they just let him skate by which loosely translates into Weedin feel like doing our job. That day. Like holy Shit, the incompetence- that's unbelievable. So that's just crazy. Now going back to after he killed Robert, he said that he stripped them of his clothes. Any stuffed. off down his throat because a rubber, that's like his thing and he does that, like I said and try to because he doesn't like that after you die, you tend to leak fluids and that can get messy so he's stuff something down your throat, so it doesn't come out of your throat. That's awful yeah super awesome. So Through Roberts clothing and, like you d like to put the clothing, which is really fucked up here,
he drives a lot of the boys clothing to Salvation Army Clothing Donation Box, MIA. and he did not creating me. I am not shooting so easily. I feel just yeah, that's fucked up yet Donating his victims, clothing, so people unknowingly, could have been wearing this kids die. Only clothing, but the clothing he died in. That's like white is but it reminds me of arm- was Ivan MILAN, whose his girlfriend was Yang, the shirt is owed items yup. Those a photo her wearing the quote, like the shirt and its haunting as fuck. Hope and healing close to home, Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system,
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he's dead, so fucked up, I search so then he went through Roberts clothing. He went through the pockets any like to just take things out, because, as we find out later, John Wayne Gacy loves to keep trophies. He loves to keep things. He was keeping the I mean he would keep bracelets rings licences, just anything. He would really just keep anything and it really bit him in the ass later, because a lot of them were traced back to his victims. So we do the pockets and he ended at finding a receipt from the pharmacy. Where Robert worked, where he had picked him up from it was a receipt for developing film. Gay see, took that and he just kind put it away now. So then he drove to the Salvation Army Donation Box, dumped his clothing and then
is that same evening. Roberts parents went to the does planes police department and reported him missing. And I d like eleven thirty. I believe it was big, again this was, he was an honour student. He was. Good kid. He was close to it family? This was the wrong the with the wrong victim to choose. Not that of them deserve not off, This was the one that was gonna. Get him got a mistake: yeah but he liked to choose. You know victims. That would be like a lot of these assholes truce thou be quoting quote: less dead oh, like sex workers and transience in drugs. Ex its people who these assholes, assume the police are not going to allocate a lot of resources for and that their fans these are probably not going to be looking for them because they soon there runaways but so December. Twelve, the day after Robert was abducted and killed
Gacy is now suddenly being looked at by the police. Lombardy, why they were like yeah He was the last person scene with Robert and he was seen at the pharmacy by plenty of people and he's known creep when it comes to teach boys right, everyone knows he's a fucking creep, so He was called on December two December. Twelve and the police Or like what do you know about this disappearance and he was like, I don't know anything about it like I saw that night but last night, but I didn't, I didn't, do anything. So Lieutenant Joe Cousins AK was put on the case he was only named chief of detectives a year before this, so usually pretty new, but he was like fuck this guy. This guy usability like yeah. Now Lieutenant Cozad Zack actually had a son Roberts, age, who went to the same high school as Robert, he was like. I just felt compelled he was like this
I like, I know, you're, not personally put it in like personal terms, but I immediately like I had to find a skin wanted. Thank the sometimes. I feel like it's good to do that because it helps isn't. You have a horse and the re seen only mean eggs yeah. It's like a motivates you because you can put yourself in their parents shoes in her. I want to find this kid for those that family, so so the lieutenant. He checks out the Pharmacy Neeson Pharmacy, where Robert was working and where he was abducted from, and he found out that the place had been recently renovated. Now, who do the renovation work you ask John guy squad p M contractors yeah in the end. You know, as we know, that German Gacy Company, that he ran basically to abduct rape and murder young teenage boys, so now he had that connection and he finds out witnesses? That Gacy was. That was indeed the guy who everyone saw chatting with Robert that evening, and they said
he was asking about its contracting job use telling him he could make a money like they had all people. watch this whole conversation. Now remember he told his mother. He was seeing about a contracting job when he called her on the phone news like this guy's asking about that and This was sloppy as fuck, because he's after such a breadcrumb trail to what was going on peoples. I am talking to John Wayne gazing. They see him talking to John Wayne Gacy about a job. He called his mother, and told him. I talk to this guy named John about a job and then over son. He goes missing. I mean when I say that this land so horribly wrong, yeah, it's just sloppy as fuck em Gacy end, and you can tell that he was getting very big furs, britches being lying. I can do this and no one's ever gonna catch me so like said Robert was a really good. Kid never gave his parents any reason to believe he would run away. They were just like now that many, so sad solely
turning cousin Zack felt like he was like this is now my mission. I'm gonna do so. He immediately had his detective searching through missing persons reports and he was find similar victims, because now we're gonna start peace in these together cause. He was like. I think this guy did something so at nine p m turning Posen Zack and three other detectives knocked on the door at Casey's home. Don't don't he answers the door in their like hey. We would like you to come down to the station for questioning so gay he's like annoyed and heat. They said he was just like any like I have to at home for a super important call from my mother, because my uncle passed away in Seoul detectives they like yeah, you know We, this is about a missing kid like we really need you to come down. This is really important and they were like. Can you eat they're just wait. You know The call later or can you call your mother now, unlike
a bizarre who had so. We can take it down so he's pissed, and he accuses Lieutenant Cousins ACT of having quote no respect for the dead. are you kidding man? Who is ending in his home It contains the bodies of over thirty teenage boys rotting under his feet that he brutally torture. raped and murdered? Is standing there telling this lieutenant? You have no respect for the dead and, if you picture this conversation like I am? It was probably at the front door, which is literally up right over one of the dead bodies. Exactly and guess what, while they're having this conversation rob. Pious spotty was upstairs in his attic, oh my god we're so They agree. Finally, village. You know what whatever wait for me call, but they were like we want you to come and after the call right we're gonna be waiting for you to come down
so at eleven p dot m that evening, John Wayne Gacy calls the police station back and he's like. Do you still want me to come in for questioning and then like yeah here immediately you sloppy fuck, so direct. I bet that's exactly what they say get here immediately sloppy fuck so he's, like aren't gimme a half hour days said he already ready I'll come down. so one I am, he still hasn't shown up. So that's what hours later think what he was ready for, like just put on some pants and come on over the world. ass they D. What is he doing? Well, he was doing was he was getting Roberts dead body from the attic Dry to the desk planes river in tossing it in on way now a police station yeah to go, tell them that he didn't do anything now that fucker doesn't show up until after three a m and he's covered in mud like covered so
the detectives weren't there. At this point he was like. I wanna talk to De Lieutenant cousins act and there are like he's not here- we're not calling him in cause your disgusting, so there are no another, they relied quoth. They were like back in the morning you dumb asshole. So he shows back up at nine fifteen. I am and it begins so He denies everything he's like. No, I don't know anything about this kid. I don't know anything that we talked about a job that was at I left. He went home. That was it and they were like yeah. That's not what happened. but lieutenant posing Zack had ordered background checks, obviously and gaze. He's came back with all his fucking nonsense that, like those sodomy charges, the assault charges all this shit. So He saw that he had served prison in time. Our present time for sodomy of a teenage boy. His intent immediately without claiming to using this lying Gary Salute Zack went to Circa Judge, Marvin J Peters and he was like. We need a search warrant for Gacy House,
any GonNA, Jan yeah, So this is when it gets so investigator show up at the home and they begin their search, and while this is going on Gacy Neighbour walks over cause he's like what the fuck is going on because remember he's it. The neighbors love him he's a weird guy, but he's a great guy, that's having all feel yeah, so they'll savelich! What's went on at Johns House. So they aka the neighbour walk up to one of the police officers in as like what the hell is happening yeah we're like. We can't revealed to you why were searching the home, but you know words issuing a search, so the neighbor was like Jesse, you know, there's an attic and across space in that house, like I don't know if you should know because they were like it's it's like hard to tell from the plans and they were like. I don't know what you're looking for, but like this to those place good Ladys lay like a fool me: ass, a very cool, so first, they didn't really take that seriously because there are not looking for a third
plus dead bodies. There look for Robert Ria, and that's all that's all think this happening here. They think they're looking for one can I know I'm actually gotten out of my mind, I'm like they're looking for like blood slaughter or something like that, and then I'm like all. We had an elderly looking for a kid there literally looking for this, like this fifteen euro, kid wrecked all they're looking for so they ended up. Take a ton of shit from the house in what they took was they took is nineteen. Seventy nine Oldsmobile Oldsmobile Delta. Eighty eight, his work four p m and his nineteen seventy eight chevy pick up that he also used for PDF Arap. So what they also found, and I found a list from this book the man who killed boys and I will list all these books again. I listed them in the first two parts, but Alice them again in this show notes they, so do what they took from the house. Was they found a piece of Rome that had stains now
rug, didn't have stains on top, it was like they lifted the rug up and they could see somebody clean the top, but it had leaked into the bought all so they took section of rogue: they took clothing a pair of yellow underwear, color photos of drug stores and address book more and a dozen books, including bike boy pattern. See sex between men and boys, twenty an abnormal sex cases tight teenage. there is still yup the American Bicentennial Gay Guide, and they also found seven pork porn films. A hypodermic needle and syringe We are weak and rolling papers, bottles of hills, including volume, a scam oh, a switchblade knife, a pistol, handcuffs and key. he's nylon rope thirty nine inches long to buy for board with holes in it. The rack at
Berry driver's license belonging to Michael, be Baker. One of the victims are now a meal. In high school class ring with the initials J Ai S which we find out, who that belongs to later? A driver's licence issued to James O Toole another victim and the who d grass the receipt from these pharmacy for the film from Roberts Pocket, so just like that everybody's home yeah. So Now that we all have you no switchblade knives clothing? from dead people, and I Bruno the gas alone necessities and a torturer torture board. no side too that like books, like thought, even exist like like. I know well
One thing I am between grown ups and teenagers, like foam yeah like sex between men and boys. I will read it out if you wrote I'd tight teenagers, what the fuck like those and then that's up poor and not like a whole different thing: yeah, that's a whole! That's pedophilia and then I gave the list included like the American Bicentennial Gay Guide, which goes like that's like a normal book who put a brake, but it's just its attributed to him because of the whole like Enigma of him. Saying being very, like put off by being called gay. Right also saying he's bisexual, but also saying he straight away this is a very odd thing, so they also found hair in his vehicles and a cadaver dog was used and hit on the Oldsmobile after it was given Roberts clothing to use as a cent awhile. So that indicates that he was in there
they asked Roberts mother about the pharmacy or seat that they found and she said it was likely his girlfriends okay, so they can acted, her name was Kim Bowers and she said it was hers because she said Robert, had given her his jacket when she was cold a few days before his abduction she said she write a valid, hurts my heart, and She told police the serial numbers on the receipt and they matched so they like. Ok that checks out Now it is time to talk to literally everyone Gacy knew so they talk to so the lot all your friends always Emily all his coworkers, his neighbors, most of them nothing but nice things to say about him that he was kind of guy kind of like an over the top guy, but in general they were all. I guess we like him. He school like we, he's gonna desired worker all that so They also lieutenant cousin cousin Zack, also ordered twenty four seven surveillance on Gacy now, which is very
necessary. Oh yes, and now cops are following him everywhere and there lately just sitting in his driveway cop cars like just watching him. I love him. I love and he was telling friends than he was being harassed and shit anyway. Or, like a misunderstanding, use telling them. You know this is gonna blow over the stern, a pin, something on me no solidarity boy? Some of them, believed him. Some of them are like yeah. This is crazy or being harassed so at point. Roberts, friends and family are really searching for him as well, they are handing out flyers, asking around and remember likewise in the beginning. He made them stake of abducting a kid that had a lot of friends and family support around him. Sir reggae we're goin hard CORE helicopter we're overhead searching forests and, like the river banks, they were on it. meanwhile, as this is going on Gacy,
is unreal because he has hired defence attorney SAM. thing. It's immorality, and he decided to file a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars civil law suit against the city of DIS planes, because you said they were causing him mental anguish and loss of reputation in the community approbation of his liberties and loss of his personal property clarity, any advice he thought he was. Gonna get out of this spot free, oh yeah, He thought he was not only getting out of it, but he was gonna get out of it with money from a lawsuit, and again, you really just goes to show what Yak and upstairs oh yeah and he had again he's claiming that he's being harassed and abused and he said That is one of the things in a lawsuit. Was he wanted the surveillance in the investigation to cease immediately the whole thing you wanted style of of
worthy dead, because he was like shit, shit, shit, Annesley, what an ego testicle slice of shit like you, really heavy, that you can sit here and call the south the shots after you, fuckin murdered like thirty something kids, so Gacy starts king with the cops that or tell em so really do. And held DR aimlessly to make them follow him just like all over the place for with no purpose at all but that was so funny to oh yeah and he does it at all times. A night needs just be a dick. He also will just stand there and take photos of them and he'll like walk up to them and say weird shit like like just a little say, very incriminating things. Blake do it no jovial because he knows they can nail him on it like that say something about like a clown, and I think I said at the end, but like his, he says something like what clowns can get away with murder and like yeah. What Acarnanian cat. yeah and then he he invites them in a lot bilbil you I come and have a sandwich like he's just a dick and
So one morning he invited Detective Robert shouts and his partner in for breakfast the two guys, like you know, up we'll come in because we want to see what's gonna nail, it sure will come into your house and Robert shouts use the bathroom, and he said: freezing outside, because it was winter time and he set out at the he kicked out. And he said I had already smelled in there, but he goes one that he kicked on. It lasted into that bathroom. The unrest, stable smell of rotting flesh because robber, detective shelves was like I've been, a morgue I've smell de rotting body several times right. That is an unmistakable smell, and that's what I smiled and so by enabling them to just invite them in and be like yeah. That's fine like he knows that is placed smells like death. It's over. The top, like over the tardy just like I'd I'd its unbelievable, it really is its hubris of like the highest order
like something in his brain was like you can do anything you want to go and you will get away with it and then you also wonder like did a pardon you wanna get caught. I was just going to say I was literally out to say that consistent manoeuvring off. It cannot get caught at that point,. you really are, and I wonder if he was like, I dont know I. What, earth it's like he was in whereas Henry was gettin tired of, the lifestyle he was living, I looked nobly not, but I think that's just like the same part of our brains. I now, I think so, and I want if it's like a sub conch as part of him, because I feel it It happens a lot. We serial killers is like a subconscious power where they don't even know it's active, wants MR and cause us like the young in part I was getting a tiny little human sliver. That's London, exactly it's like that hair, a line of just humanity in there somewhere in Europe. So on the evening of December twenty first in the middle of the night Gacy D,
To his attorney's office SAM, I morality in the pool officers followed him. There were like what the fuck is. He doing so often there's MIKE all bright and Dave. Hack, Meister followed him and they parked outside the office like they always do I thought this was weird. There are likewise he suddenly driving to his lawyers in wild or parked Gacy, like staggered into the office and just started confessing, To his lawyer, like decided like spouting any, was clearly drunk, they said I was gonna and so salmon around TAT comes out, and he says he walked up to the officers and he didn't know what to do, and he said he told them like AC, leave, block his car and do anything you can stop him from leaving. If he tries his lawyer, he was like, but he was like can. I tell you what he just said to me, but you need to keep a mere wig what'll, it be so
He did end up believing he didn't have getting in this car, but they didn't let him just leave. They followed a likely one, but there are like we can't just. We can't do that. We can't just arrest him, because you tell me that you want him to not leave why do we care dragon? Confronted up like the whole thing exactly like thou fuck us up? We we lose all their, so they were like area we just have to keep telling, unlike we're doing so, he going to a service station in right in front of them cell part two, a kid right in front of about the service station and then you is asking me had caught. Actually maybe I take this back, so they were like. Ok, a civic. Well, we're not gonna bust him on that, because we need to see what else he does like we're. Not just gonna stop this because he sold some we'd like worded, and we need to get him a writing else so he leave them back to his house and he just go in the house, gets his dog and brings his dog to the neighbor's house, where he tells them that he needs
taking care of the dog because he needs to figure out this whole thing, and he says you know two big misunderstanding on being penned for something, but my dog doesn't like being alone that much and I keep having to leave him. So can you please take care of him I'm doing this and all the areas like up. It's always so weird when serial killer, because, like I can't think of another instance, but like with animal, sometimes their yedo, caring, yeah, it's very odd, it's like so we're that he was like might all he doesn't like to be alone. Yeah exact we like, or that he had a dog at all. It's like a dog requires a lot of care. Yan. I guess the neighbor was like yeah sure John, like of course. We well because again right everybody, John we're not like. Of course we're gonna help your being railroaded my brother, it's like they're all just like sure, so, the next morning, Gacy showed up at his friend below,
name is tsars now Savona, I think designers, that's his neighbor Yoga and he said I ve been a bad boy, grow snow And he's looking like shit he's like haggard as fuck so His friend is like. I like it, was clear some was going on, and he was clearly at a breaking point. So use like Woody and you ve been a bad boy and he's like so gives them a scotch Healy. Awesome across the face. Yeah these, like you, gotta he's like sit down on my couch. Tell me what the fuck you're talking about so his answer is the end is engineer and cool cocoa and the like. So what's going on like what do you mean? What do you say me in a ladder return, yeah he's they're trying to pin a murder on me in. like I, you know it's all bullshit so's friends starts like pressing a little bit and John gets frustrated and he seven walks outside so he's like leaving so easily earned by in the fridge.
said as he was walking out. He said to him. I thought you want Tell me something because that's like I thought you were going to tell me something John, and then he turns back around walks back inside walks right up to his friend and says I killed thirty people give or take a few. Why just right out? with it. What we have learned to thy like so Zion is like Kay, who are these people, they you killed and he goes bad people black telling me they were they because they were gonna blackmail me they were bad people, that's what he wrong knocked him, and then he started to cry so I built, well, that's all! For today, John. I think you need to leave you gotta debt write automatic, we gotta go arrived early, not welcome any more
so so one thousand and fifty five a dot m. He leaves his friends house cuz. It's now that he's just like Shell shocked like what he. What do I do with this and gays those two Michael Rossi and David cram. So those are the two guys. The teenagers Alec lived with him at one point that dog French's for him and like spread line for him at times, yeah so He tells Rossi. Now the police are following them all time, so they have like their listening to him and he said two, so he said two rossi, I'm glad you could get come inside. This is the line time you'll ever see me. their police authority, like ok, what's happening so so they stuck inside, and they all end up coming out of the house getting into a car Missouri eleven thirty, a m before they leave Gacy walks up to officer shots in his car and said, do you know
David CRAM is gonna drive me to a restaurant, but he's like you know is that cool can drive me there at like. Are you guys cool with that? And the dogs are so lucky that we don't give a shit? It's a really cool we're going to follow you, though, so they follow them. David CRAM once they get to the restaurant, gets out walks up to the police car and is like Hey John wants to go to the cemetery. To say goodbye to his father so, the officer, shows, is like dude here fitted to killing like over thirty people like wake pretty sure he murdered a lot of people or exactly saying he did like that's crazy. He's probably gonna kill himself like they were like I'm guessing. This is what's happening. like you, might want to get out of this situation right now cause this is gonna get bad. You might not want to drive him there
yeah, and so it's like so cramps like okay cool Google. So she he's like I'm going to drive him anyways, so he gets in the car with us going to be a good friend. Yeah he's like you know what it'll probably be fine we're just going to go to the cemetery, so in the car with them. He drives out of the parking lot and immediately. He is pulled over by the Does planes police department, the Cook County, Sheriffs Department and the Illinois State Department of LAW Enforcement division of criminal investigations. Because while all this had happened, his neighbor there had called the police and been like. He just tell me gold, thirty people, and they also been informed about the that drug sale. He did the lake sale that he did right in front of yonder is because now they started. Having like him admitting to this him. Acting like this, they were like you know. We can arrest him on that charge like the selling we'd in front of us
large. Let's just do it right. We can get a break, so they get em he's arrested, so his It's just so. He gets arrested for the pot charge. They don't have any body yet so they're just sitting here just grasping at what they can do so he was held on a thousand dollars bail for possession of a controlled substance because he had the volume- and he was then any was also held on that, like the pot, so well, once held their bill pot he's held on the party is held on the devil's. Let us he is held on the wacky tobacco. Really I like you're lying around. I feel you are being held here smoke in the reefer without well he's held there. They go back to his house they told Gacy one they're going back there like yo we're gonna river,
your floors, because anywhere fairly yeah Billig we're Lookin for Robert Paste, we're gonna rip up you fuckin floors, so he got nervous they say because John Wayne Gacy knows what's under his floors, so he's Ok yeah! You don't have to do that because you know what I'm just gonna come with you. I did kill a man once, but it was in self defense he's not under my floors, he's buried in the garage So there are like Ceuta. He was like see deal after about my floors. It's cool worry about it, What do you know what he's like out? really bring you to the part in the garage, and you can dig it read up in this- can all be over and we could do, if they were so often felt affects it's totally, I totally phone, so they were like cool dig this out. Legwork devilry, gonna dig this up but they're like were also gonna. Look in your crawl space. He was like So at ten p m. They got the medical examiner doubt Doktor Robber,
Stein on the scene. Because I'm doing this at ten p m, then they called Robert side like the medical exuberant, he's a cool sure I'll get out of bed income. Look at this! in a member right now they think they're. Looking for a body, one body they are. They think at least one. So their Stein Starker sign actually aided in the scene at Jonestown, so he was like a big deal, dismantle them that's what I'm your logic, so doktor style got all bound up and they cause they were like you're gonna have to go into across May so like get your get your remit, examiner brows, get some gowns and get over here, cause we're gonna. Send you wonder if I can smell house and he was like cocoa, so he got dressed idea here is like We were glad I chose this profession, so he oh god up, he went into the crowd space when he got there would like his aids that he brought
immediately. They noticed there is some bones that they believed belong to one human being, so they really cool. We found the human but they were also like. That is a very old body like there is not flash attached to this body, so they were like that's, not rob so everything else was buried. Everybody else was buried it, but they, obviously getting suspicious because under their they said, the smell was overpowered I mean they say now imagine they were like who did not. This smell did not belong to one body. It did not belong two bodies and it certainly didn't belong to a skeletal body, so they re. What has it how about I mean I don't know, but you know how about one singular body smells now. Take that smell and multiply by thirty three, yes and then put in and in enclosed hot crow. Space that already does well. What's your already. Yeah rose, it's just the worst of the worst,
so they decide. You know what we're gonna further. Do this dig in the daylight because we need to get the sea well like this, this time Barnes, like we, don't know we're gonna into her, so that same evening. While this is all going on, Gacy confessed to police that he killed thirty something teenage boys Wiki behaves like you know what it is. He was a gazelle I'm he tells them yet like you know what, since you're, looking in the crowd space lobby, just like on a little secret, there's some mare- and let me tell you so he told them says I rape to them. He said I he told them about rope and the handcuff tricks. He told them about the rat. And he said he often murdered them by getting behind them and throttling them with a Roper board. He said: he'd bear them in the crawl space, and then he said he dumped at least five and the does planes river because of spatial issues. So he said and paste robber paste was among those who would be found in the river senora. Like he's not in the crowd space
He then told them that again. This is when they found out that, while lieutenant lieutenant cousins was, at his home on December, twelfth asking him to come down to the police department that Robert it was in the attic also that must have been a got punch so. This was all sounding insane cause, even at this point they like, he might just be crazy, like he might just be, throwing the shut out too, like I'd on us yeah, but have I don't even know? yeah, but then there like, then they find out that a tow truck driver named Bob Kirkpatrick had shown up at the bridge near the Does planes river undisturbed Twelve, when he going in to be questioned by the police. Here but up around too. I am because he had to John Wayne Gacy struck out of the mud and the snow Cosette. It got stuck on that bridge near the desperate server now. They have somebody a tow truck driver, that's confirming the night he was coming in.
questioning when he didn't show up until three m when he was covered in mud, he was out The debt fuckin bridge over the desk planes, river covered and mud, so they're like he did, do like this is all being confirmed. Now afternoon he was officially charged with the murder of Robert priced, but they don't have a body. So holding him on this. They don't have a yet now he kept confessing these, I mean he's like lightning all go. It was rambling crazy. He's good buddy is giving times and dates like he's, giving but you know very easy- you that you can remember like this specific dates and like the time sooner, in seriously, because I dont remember dates are times for anything Miller, its fascinating to me that he can do this. but he is hazy on names because he just didn't really care Some of them really don't even know their names, yeah and he's. and they were like. Why did you do this and he's like? I killed them to quit? Keep them quiet like that, we're gonna tell what I did so that's. Why do
and then he also had better do no arching damn die makes me Sparky bitten, big time so so he then drew a map and a diagram of his property. And he said this is where you gonna find out of them, like an eel a very accurate map, so they search they find me. Or of the sex toy, is like the dildos they used. They find the mere on the ceiling in the garage. They find the red light. Paul. I imagine walking into all of that. It must have just been a lot too taken only also you imagine the therapy. You would need, after that, oh yeah cause. This was a really bad unseen Anders iron you're like a first responder, unlike you dealt with stuff will of the like, but like really not of Well, like oh yeah, I can imagine in that- and this is an assault on all of your senses, because you'd like,
you're, being assaulted on every level by just the eminent some wreaking of death. You're walking through just like is thick air of death. There and so they also find out that he had sound proof and insulated. His garage so. This ended up being like an archaeologist Stig like they were slowly getting pieces of bones. Hair is all kinds of shit investigators called in Professor Charles Warren, who is a forensic anthropologist at the University of Illinois. It. Doktor Edward J Public, a forensic out ontology est. Okay, so they were both like leaders in their fields, and they were there for identification purposes because they're like we are bones, and we don't know if this, how many people there are, and we don't know who they are so Warren. Professor Warren found bits of forensic evidence. Like hair and clothing small pieces a bone and in our job.
in everything that they could use for blue typing and identification, and then public found could work with dental offices and any job bones to Sir, four dental records to aid and identification? So that's what they are trying to do at this point now, likely said the scene was horrific, absolutely horrific the smell, was unbelievable, because they had wrought it in an enclosed space together for so long all these bodies, the top, sick gases being released from their de composition with co mingling with each other. In this closed dark space like moist space and It became dangerous amid the gases that can be released from their dangerous and noxious so they had to wear full hazmat gear, neighbours and witnesses. Unseen said they often would see someone staggering away from the home in full gear, pull off their protective face stuff
just vomit all over the lawn or just be sitting there. Gagging, unlike gasping for air of quickly, was like it was just hell, it was your full hazmat and you're still experiencing a reaction like that. Oh yeah like walking outside just throw up because it so bad. now when the news broke, it went crazy. and families all around the area who had missing teenage boys were sitting there now waiting to see if their son was one of the bodies being an army that out of this house, So the news released a bit of the findings like the high school ring which had J S, initials honoured up. Well, that ended up John never say this name properly, and I feel that John seeks, that's, it is seeks Johns Fuchs initials engraved on it over his parents, watching when they brought the ring up and said this. Has those initials- and they heard in,
have stated the acquisition language that's his ring, and then they had held out hope at this point and they were like that's when I knew like he's one of those which I can imagine being like my child is rotting, underneath this pigs home and we just have to wait because it's not even like you murdered, like that's one step to get pat what you could never get path but that's one thing to deal with all yeah and then to also deal with the fact that he's, like you, said been under this pigs house. I can't just deep like rotting like a piece of trash under this fuckin pigs home while he just lives on top of him, that's a whole another like ten steps of brief, owes its believable, and so the picture started to become worse and worse for investigators, and the scene, I guess he's home was compared to identifying victims from a massive airline, Clara airline crash they Sonia because it was just fuckin pandemonium and there were so many of them so
there were also finding body stacked closely together in their graves, an event gaiters were beginning to see that some of these boys were killed, like we said in part one or two on this. day or within days right, oh they and he had called the times when he killed two in one day. A double events of you call it that, like that was my double event. That's like what Dennis would say. I'm surprised, earnest, it really is, Fuckin Dennis, so They also began to notice that Gacy die. Why map that he drew for them was very accurate, like he remembered where everything was an. They also said that he had arranged the bodies the where it looked like the spoke of a wheel, like it looks like they were arranged in a way like they were spokes coming on lake. to really ever like say that there was a purpose behind you never said there was a purpose, but
people and like the investigators and professionals unseen like the medical, examiner and stuff like this looks very leg. a very methodically the word yeah like with methodical and just very purposeful way, posters done with purpose so they set out identifying more in their laying bones and bodies along thirty something tables in a makeshift morgue that was set up. several forensic pathologists, helping out Doktor Stein, they What, together that Gacy tended to like victims to be young teenage boys on then our side, like thinner belts, not legal rigour and then he liked light haired caucasian teenage boys around so they all did share similar look now before the Christmas. break that year possesses writer on Christmas. They got five,
He's out of his home in one was attributed to him from the deep does planes river. So by two days De Christmas, there boot ten more bodies. Six were removed the next day and on December twenty Eightth, my birthday, six, we're bodies were taken out, happy birthday, Twenty eight bodies were now confirmed to be his borders and he was at this point officially the most prolific serial killer in. U S: history, just by the by and they are even found them all. Yet the EU is already bright way past Oh that same day they added another one when ah James Mazarin was pulled out of the Does planes river with his underwear, still jammed honest through not terrific yeah. That always like stresses man. Remember this is a residential leave it to Beaver, neighbourhood and
neighbours and look you lose, are just gathering every day to watch dozens of dead bodies being removed from the sum you could see footage. I mean it's like horrific. It's just people bring out like giant body bags in its clear bodies are just being taken. I wouldn't even wanna live like I can't first, I can't imagine living next door or across the street or like any neighbor. I don't. I don't even want to live down this reed, or on a separate street near that for in it, edit. I guess a lot of them started feeling like really shameful of like living near him because they were like. We should have known like. Why didn't you say you ve all, but you cannot stand by. You would feel that way. Yeah. like you would cry like. Maybe I should have thought yeah would I would wonder why didn't I see anything, my that not like I really dont observant like that. But it's not your fault, move the fire cargo the whole thing was a and the US I guess it was craziness new,
cameras, where everywhere there are people starting to harass the neighbours? And that's when the started going until it other neighbours yards and being like. You must have seen something you must have known like shame on you for not saying something, like we all know now again Dennis readers case and his own fuckin family didn't know. I mean it's very possible that they hide well were so, According to the man who killed boys by Clifford Line Decker, one neighbour said they watched the late one night as news crews, with huge floodlights like filming sheriffs, taking things out of the house and one one sheriffs employ, was take A body bag out of there are two of them were taking a body back out of the home, and the news people yelled go back were not ready yet, and they went. back in the house with the body bag and then came back out to be film. I'd be like go fuck yourself, no, like the eye a new circus. This is somebody this is somebody,
This is not a fucking show. This is life like this is someone's child that we're playing on hearing this takes go fuck, you fuck you so now, Gacy already had SAM around today on his defence team and he added Robert Malta and then on the prosecution side. G chief deputy states attorney William Congal and assistance its attorneys Robert, our Egon and Terry Sullivan, one on board. So oh Gacy was indicted on seven counts for the robber paste case here was indicted on counts of kidnapping sexual assaults on diesel. See to a child and murder. and again the body of Robert had not been found yet Gacy claim he threw the boy over the bridge like we said they were doing searches, they just weren't finding him, and now they were getting concerned. That Gacy was. Why, in that, maybe he buried him somewhere because there are like he was covered up in mud when he came to the polarization
that NATO just laying off them over exact and when they looked at the place where he got caught in the snow they were like. It was a really muddy there, like where but why was he covered it man? So they could in fact, you're out. You know any of that, but they were like you know what we're going after we're just gonna have to keep looking so there. Like searches in the nearby forests near the does planes work is there were like? Maybe he buried them in their so January forth, there was a huge service at a local church? two more in the loss of the missing boys for anyone to come so late, three hundred friends, victims, families, residents, members of a community church clergy. They all came to just have in a play, their respects. January. Eighth, seven more indictments for murder came to on Gacy fur, but Kovich God's sake seek Johnston, lie and again and Mazarin the pie.
securing decided. They were going for the death penalty. At this point, yeah now They demolished his home on April, ten nineteen, seventy nine they ended up give pieces of it to people who asked for souvenirs like while they were demolishing it taken away. If you ask for a break or like a piece of it, they would be like here you go. I would not want anything attached to that brick order tour rancher anything yeah. If I mean it's really it's one of those things like I'm very morbid curiosity thing to me where I feel very torn on those things which I understand I like I could see why I could see why would want it, but not me he adds between MIKE respecting victims and their families, which, unlike you, don't want a piece of back. That's a piece of said this heinous thing that happened in his family and then on the other scientists. This weird, more blades curiosity- I am- I am always very toward with that,
I think it's good to err on the side of respecting victims, families, personal NEA selling, their he certain things that are like ok for like Morebury Osity to take, but, like other things like may be said that we hear it heart, yeah, that's a hardline terror, so He couldn't even show up for his hearing initially because security was such an issue. They were word summer was gonna, murder, him and then, on an open. And he was only gonna- have to travel twenty miles and they were like. We don't think we can protect him for their long way. Literally two hours, and so he was house, that's Us Kerr, MAC or Sir MAC. I'm sure somebody will tell me hospital under twenty fourth and Guard roll out watch and he was actually the first inmate to receive that kind of security. He collected. Newspaper playthings of himself while there and kept them in a folder we're He also found religion he advised. Does. He said he prayed you know nothing gladly banker now
I also found out that he was diagnosed with an Jaya in China, Peck tourists, which is what the heart condition is that makes him like fainting it I was trying to find that out last time and I couldn't find it finally found it. like never did. The full job. The job I now so in April there was a huge wind storm in Chicago and like fucked up a lot of stuff people like die, a belief to people died in them storm. It was like bow wow The wind may also have had a hand in dislodging something from the water so A body was discovered after the day after above the locks of the Dresden Dam in the Illinois River. So a crane up, reader, had seen the body just laying there and they called the they called the lock ass their day Callaghan and he called police and they identify the body of that of Robert Paste, so the way
and had dislodged his body from the water wherever he was. He must have increased, somewhere near the shore and had like thrown him somewhere like out in the open which, unlike what oh that access, spiritual shit, I'm not very religious person, but I feel like there's somethin, not work together to make shit like this and this of MAGIC cabinet man I was like mother Nature do and you can't deny that yeah his family immediately I mean that must have been cuz, they're, always going to hold out hope, even though it looks yeah like you know, they have sure they were probably sitting there trying to reserve themselves to the idea that, Gacy likely killed their son, but you're always gonna hold that little shred, a hope of court say found his body. There alike are we want, We want to do something to honour him, so family immediately founded the robber J Paste Foundation, to quote, recognise and support those individuals and organisations or activities committed,
helping reduce crimes against children, not also I love one families like do shit like that. I'm gonna make you know lemonade idle lemons onto strength to do that. In such an awful, awful terrible situation, to make something positive yeah to make them positive manner really really negative situation? So January tenth he entered a not guilty plea, Ella! Well, That's any they're, happy birthday, hey Vega in this is seventy nine. By the way they are I tried to get him released on bond. And obviously the eyes rejected he asked the judge was lying in try like don't waste your time there he's defence attorneys. I realise there doing their job. I understand that, but Knowing what you know, it's really frustrating to hear them. Try to get this guy freedom, it's like! No! He means to me behind bars.
They also wanted to try. The insanity defence, of course hope that he was insane which I think I sat down in the first part near you did it ended. It doesn't are you want, so you doctor, Robert, a men who is the director of the Psychiatric Institute of the Circuit Court of Cook County. He said the defendant was mentally fit to stand trial, so his lawyer claimed it his lawyer. Sam aunt Miranda was like well, he you know drift in and out of different personalities, while we're talking in like he blames, personality named Jack for the motors and he says that Jack's the one who did all this like. I think he has multiple personalities like use. I think he s knew what he was doing yeah there. Like yeah now that ends up falling apart later so during trial. He was happy as a fucking claim, like totally happy sit there, like whatever they didn't, have a show weird,
The only time he ever even like flinched was when they mentioned, though they were going for the death penalty and he looked like oh fuck like that's the only time that he looked like startled. It became ill, but one point he would so you would like turn around while they were doing Jerry selection and just look at the crowd behind him and just like a smile at people and he actually try to hit on a woman, sketch artist who was there doing sketches for like you like started trying to? it on her, why she was like no thank you, Sir actually busy for the rest of my life so yard, absolutely like I've actually leaving the planet. So sorry so the prosecution when hard and went into gruesome detail about the mariners like they were like, we are going to show you that this is a fucking evil. Man, like I'm sorry but you're gonna hear some shit surging. I really wanted to finalize Wolf
and they wanted to show like the carelessness of John Wayne Gacy, that's what they really wanted to show. This add one point they like, as one of the workers at the home, was like. If the devil is alive. He lived here. they were literally like this may out is the fucking Devil, so pair Thirdly, Gacy had bragged and they brought this been trial that when Gregg God Zack was working for him before he murdered him. He said funny the kid unknowingly dug his own grave, wonder: that's not funny all eventually, most fucked up shit. You can think of. I mean that's fucked up, he had this kid dig a trench in the crossfire. And he told them use doing it. So we can move pipes into their dead end being where he D, where he buried him. Now exam twisted, fuck, Sid drastic going beyond that. Go beyond in the van
James families all got up on the stand they gave like harrowing testimonies talking about, like you know that they were walking on the street strand a find their missing children Blake. You know they just give all those victim in packs statements. I need, does planes police detective day they hack Meister, recalled that a few days before they arrested Gacy, they say, he walked up to some of the people that worse the officers thou survey like doing the surveillance on him- and this is when I mention this earlier. He said he the around. I think their attack talk about pogo. The clown linked officers will exceed your fucking glound anyway, like oh yeah, they're talking about it and he goes you know, clowns can get away with murder and he said it right to them.
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just want to make your kids happy. It's like that, sir, but I get it like. I wouldn't I was apparent. I be the same guy, but unlike while portal So catch twenty, two tat, so doktor Thomas Eliseo, who is a clinical psychologist from Rockford, said that Gacy was very bright, very intelligent and he said that he would probably rank among the top ten percent of the population and intelligence. Why which interesting and he also said that he said he thought he was borderline skits a frantic. He wasn't diagnosis gets a frantic, but he said he was born on. He said quote: he was up person who, on the surface, looks normal but has all kinds of neurotic anti social psychotic illnesses. I don't agree with that. and a lot of other guy's going to ask you hear a lot of Well there's a lot of other lakes clinical psychologist. Don't
They also because they brought a ton of doctors and clinical psychologists because they were young early tryin to get that insanity defence, so They brought in Doktor Richard Rapporteur, who was a psychiatrist and a professional witness for like this kind of thing, and he had been. He had sat in four sixty five hours of interviews with John Wing Gacy and he's After all that, he said he you not psychological LEO, and he said there is in Oh evidence of brain disorder or disease he's just a fucking evil guy. It's terrifying They brought in Doktor Leonard L Heston, whose a professor of Psychiatry- and he we actually had examined Gacy in his sodomy conviction, so they brought him. for this. Agree on the but like why, but he was yeah, but he was like I've seen this guy before I know what he's capable of again was like he's saying, as fuck he's just evil? That's it was like redemption for him,
to be like that, please listen to me this dialogue. I set it earlier. I say it again: we're in they brought who we discussed in part two. I believe Robert Donnelly, who was twenty one year old, who Gacy? Let me remind you and by the way, trigger warning. This is real bad guys see brutally. Rape, TIM tortured him. I mean this kid the stand and had to describe tat. He was beaten, he was assaulted. He was raped to the point of unconsciousness several times he was an Gacy played russian roulette with him. Oh, my God either one are you grew up on the stand? oh that's Jeffrey rig. Now They bring him back up, but And they use that he used an array of different sized dildos on this poor man. They add that Gacy held his head under water and a bathtub until he passed out of finally
dropped him off in an alley after all of this and told him not to go to the police because he was like you won't be believed anyway, and that happened in he went to the police and he was a believed so cool. And while he was on the stand, he broke down like several times and then he started to scream. This is hell. This is Hell in ITALY was, and when you see the physical reactions that are happening from his survivors, you're like what is that house like that house what happened in that house must beyond what any of us can conjure up, because this Orkut is literally like this twenty one year old kid like normal, adjusted kid after it happened in that house is sitting there screaming and sobbing and saying this is held. This is hell. There is up, worst nightmare times, a million. I would truly is, and this is when they brought Jeffrey Rig now onto the stuff,
and he told his tale about being raped and he's the one who said that somebody else was in the room. He believed I was gonna. Ask you that I don't know if it was the boy that testified before yeah. This is and he the one who said I mean he had the same kind of stuffed unto him he was put in the rack. And when he was understand during this, this is the guy who ended up throwing up on the sand and they had to reassess the jury the bridge they literally until I carry him out cause. He was like absolutely falling apart. Oh yeah so then they brought Doktor Arthur Heart men, who is the chief psychologist of these Psychiatric Institute of the County Circuit Court he went on the stand and he was like you know what I, in that John Wayne Gacy totally understands what that is Actions are wrong. He totally understands but he's doing he is saying, but he goes. I think he is psychotic and I think he's sexually deviant yeah.
my leg. Clearly, when he was saying. Basically he has a personality disorder. He does not have a psychological illness like this in very different things, and he said no one's, because they were trying to argue, the defense was trying to say he had of psychotic breaks. Every two leg berry insanity. Every time he killed someone, that's basically with their turn argue. very big lion. I authorised thirty three times, While this guy was like no one suffers from thirty three moments of temporary insanity to this level like no one does that. So said he also said I sat with him. He did the fuckin multiple personality thing with me: it's fake as fuck like you. Like I can spot that a mile away, leaving aside, was don't understand Well, that's a use like what people donors stand as they think that they know what multiple personality disorder, and so they think they should just faded into different personalities and Thou art. Look well! You're hurt you really ever raised like this,
People don't understand is that people who legitimately suffer from multiple personalities. they don't remember the events when Anne their personality takes over so they would be like o thou jack. I dont know what jacketed wreckers I'm not jack. Like I'm John in I don't I don't recognize through? That person is, but when John Wayne Gacy is telling everybody will jacketed as he's going, will then Jack took the garage? and he did this in a jack raped this boy injected. This in his like, will that's all well in fine but you wouldn't know rejected, because, if Jack took over, for all of your body? In your mind, you you're, not you, so I would John no adapted. He wasn't there. He like We can all your self jack by Ill, John One that I think that the jury was like. Oh shit, I think that's when it made a very clear, like it's very easy to fake multiple personnel, many disorder, but it's very easy to spot when you are trained for it and
basically being like. He should read more about it because he did the classic fuck up with it. Like basically all around this guy sucks, basically he's a fucking idiot, even though his rose smart about anti fraud, so so Jerry when further deliberations for two hours only Sri Lanka sat long for Conviction of this magnitude to ours is not a long time. They came back and found him guilty and he when he was led out of the courtroom he smoked and winked at the jet deputies. As he was led out after being charged with after being convicted of thirty three murders. Yet he just I don't give a shit Oh, they were thinking initially of trying to do separate trials for each victim, but they were like it's cost a shit ton and we just wanna get and I think the victims families were like. I just want we don't want the sewing with yeah. We don't want to sit through all this
no. During sentencing Congo for the prosecution said quote, that John Wayne Gacy was quote competent, he was a skilful torturer in a murderer and then he said king, if you allow this evil man to walk this earth. Thank God help us all. Has he was yelling? Are you saying vote? Do the death penalty and then he said quote if this is not an appropriate case for the death penalty than there is no death penalty in Illinois. This is a case. That cries out not only the voices of thirty three dead, but the voices of thirty three families, but Yes, the voices of every single citizen of the state and now voice, says John Gacy Enough Enough XO, they had to more hours of deliberation under two hours of deliberation, for the sentencing came back death penalty for John Wayne Gacy good. Now he went to prison. He seemed to be fine, imprison the he painted a lot there's a lot
of John Wayne, Gacy ART floating around in the world. You write down, did kilotons right. He did pain clowns, he would pay a lot of like self portraits of himself outside of make up and also as pogo. He also did a lot of weird Disney Gleich paintings, like the seven dwarfs in my that's like add camper reading liked children's books, it's very strange and I think, like to business guys bought a bunch of his paintings at one point just so they could buy them. An auction do like an auction to raise money for the victims, families just so they could destroy them like they. The shit out of money for them just to destroy. then we'll have incredible as like, oh yeah, and by you. Like you can there in a lot of places. He would also answer like surveys and stuff like where you can find will try to post a couple if I can find them His answers are very strange to some questions but July Fourteenth nineteen Eighty
artists and professional and renowned. Facial reconstruction is bad. Betty, Pat gatling reconstruction reconstructed, the faces of the an identity I'd victims, because right now, there's a lot IDA unidentified, so she painstakingly reconstructed these and they were like beautiful bus of just all these boys, in the county. Medical examiner, Robert Stein, who was part of the case, tried to. convince so they did a press conference where they unveiled all these and where, like does anyone know who these boys are, and they were there wondering for awhile like why more families having come forward. They were like. Why do we have all these unidentified boys? I mean they're dieters and they were like trying to figure out. If you know missing, usually missing kids of this age, they're gonna have family, it's glaring upward why? Yes, so Doktor Robert Stein went on this press conference and he tried to convince families to come forward. because he was like. I think he was right.
Finally, like I think, kit they're not coming forward because they think that Kids were associated with Gacy, somehow or associated themselves, with Gacy and was it had a lot to do with, like you know, the guy lifestyle I was there were basically like, we don't want to admit that are our boys were possibly getting into some like sexual thing when this older man might not have been, but well mean that all these people were well so things so at the press conference Doktor Robert Stein, said after they enjoy the faces he said quote. There is no evidence that an individual child here participated in any sexual deviate practices yeah. So He was trying to be like outwardly like we think These kids were abducted like they. Please do not think that your child's had any to do with us and like please come forward because we want identify them, proclaim your child,
in Robert Stein actually was like such a fuckin like champion for these kids he's how you get he made his duty to identify these boys like so there were nine donated cat brown caskets that they use for the boys for the unidentified remains they put yellow mom's and daisies in a semicircle outside Abbe Chapel of Oak Ridge, Glenn Oak Cemetery, they had service with nine, not absurd they had a service for the nine unidentified victims like a full service and then each one is buried in a separate cemetery with its own it at its own grave side service. Each boy like they may shudder, and he wanted this and and they Each got its own marker. That say quote. We remembered Why so they don't want, and then he is quoted as saying quote,
I don't want to see you go to your final resting places as just numbers: yeah, that's which it's like a great fucking guy like yours is aimed at highlighting. that is a death investigator like that. That is what a medical examiner should be like. That is your whole job is to fight for someone who cannot fight for themselves. More like that. Your whole job and that's enjoy see him, be like I'm in a fight for these kids not to have to go to their graves on identity, I'd forever like they will not be. This will be the final place. It's like you're such a bad ass, an what's awesome is some of these boys have been been identified, so I'm an escape how did they go back to the fun part about German Gacy die? because I wanted get foreign to say. Some of these boys were identified as a result of this hard work. so November, ninth, two thousand and eleven
dna identified nineteen year old, William George Bundy, so he was identified their dna Jill. I nineteenth two thousand and seventeen idea from a brother and sister D and identify sixteen year old victim Jimmy havens in so they their dna. It was able to match up with the dna they collect and they were able to identify, and so they have to more identified. So that's huge now going act. So gay sees imprison, you know, he's painting, fuckin portraits he's talking to people is being a deck he's, claiming that there was complex is that he didn't do all this spy himself. He's try anything at this point he so on me. Attempts one thousand nine hundred and ninety four at age. Fifty two he was executed at one thousand two hundred and fifty eight a dot m at Stateville Correctional Center. by his love. His last meal was twelve deep, fried shrimp
bucket of original recipe, chicken from KFC I'll, never Edith, french fries in a pound of strawberries, a pound of strong ass. And his last words kid smile ass. Those were his last words what a germ, what fuckin jam an absolute upstanding member of a member of society case You keep an eye. Classy till the very fuckin ends: leg, good residents oh yeah, so I think the last thing I just wanted a mention was complexes thing, because that is a thirty year that often floating around. I don't think so. I mean if he had accomplices, maybe At age boys like didn't, know what was going on, but have an idea, maybe just Doug trenches for him because they were like we don't want to die. Yeah, I dont know if she had, but Jeffrey Rig now does say that He thought somebody else was in the room. Would you let us out
I can't discredit that if you thought he seldom one in the room, it's like. Maybe someone was in the room Here's my take away, I think, he's like trying to say that he had accomplices in the murders. I wonder if the accomplices were like people that joined Likud, they thought it was like some kind of sex ring or something yeah yeah, but David. I wanted it bears that's what I one day. I wonder if they were involved up to a point and then he took the final plunged because I was very open about the fact before he did a TED Bundy. You switched his tune and then also was like what I don't know anything about this you like for you do. They are found in your house already said you did yet like any And they were all found in your fucking crawl space like get the fuck out of here, do until I know one just crawled into your house and buried all these bodies. Let's get out of here, you ve been here. Have you believe that he will have I've seen interviews with him where you'd like. I came in and Michael Rossi in David CRAM had just murdered this kid and I was like what
on that. I left and then I came home and he was gone. They must have buried a member across space and it's like a are you seriously trying to think you really People are gonna believe that you, dumb ass buddy, dirty absolutely believed that a real smart guy. You real done so I just think that everybody else's dumb. Yet I think that's what it is so, There is one that does raise a big flag. The murder Robert Gilroy. Gacy was in Pittsburgh when Rob we're. Gonna worry disappeared on September, fifteenth nineteen, seventy seven and it is confirmed by plane tickets so that something It's that he was found in the crowd space but yeah. I dont know so there that is That to me says, did he have an accomplice for the abduction part like to somebody then maybe these teenagers help him lure.
Other teenagers- and maybe that's how it happened, then, when he came home he murdered Robert go right, but you think somehow the Pittsburgh Timeline just got fucked up I don't know I don't know if FIFA fucked up, I think. Maybe I don't know I really don't. I did, I think, he's the main, the main guy, but maybe intimidated some teenage boys around him into helping him get people into his grasp? That's what I'm very uranium it is But that is the sordid tale John Wayne Gacy, you didn't want for job? Who knows a do? Sorry this along guys, but I you know, I can't I can't do it why we're almost an hour and a half while sure are felt way faster. I was like, although they did forty five minutes yet I felt really fast those where am I eyes, women. Durham S hat when Europe We grow stout and horrified yeah, but I think
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Yet we are not aware that you try to pretend I multiple personality disorders and then a multiple personality disorder, guys like that's, alright jacket or John or whatever your name is in its just like you have really lie about. Everything in Turkey is a really good upon the strawberries. I want because I feel it was probably not normal, especially if you eat original recipe, chicken and shrimp, whether in whatever french fries, like that's, just not good and will keep its aware that your last words a kiss my ass, because of that pretty disrespectful engine say that by rude I also feel bad for the person who did his autopsy. If they did it, because that's a stomach that.
Stomach contents at something anybody that was associated with him in any way. I'm so so sorry, me too so bad.
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