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Episode 143: Lori Vallow Part 1

2020-05-30 | 🔗
This is a very recent and ongoing case that has baffled almost everyone who has heard of it. Lori Vallow made headlines in the end of 2019, when her two children, 17 year old Tylee and 8 year old JJ disappeared, seemingly into thin air. With reports circulating that she told witnesses stories like her children were long dead or staying with relatives who confirmed they were not, things look like they are going from bad to worse. But where are Tylee and JJ? Who is Lori Vallow and why has death and destruction followed her for years? In Part 1, Ash takes us through Lori Vallow's life, as well as her first 4 marriage and a possible murder. Thanks to our sponsors!Daily HarvestGo to DailyHarvest.com and enter promo code MORBID to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! Hunt a KillerRight now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID and use promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box and to show support for our podcast. 
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It is an ash tat, stick ash, Centric ash more at the end, some may in episode, which is gonna be on multi part. Are your girl done? Did the search of the re the reactor ash has? been researching her little booty off Mobutu and I'm proud unexciting. This is a great it's a great case and she's gonna kill it an umbrella excited for it. It is a highly requested case again, I want everybody to know. Even if we don't respond, we do see your case suggestions it just we get a lot of them. So it's like. Thank you so much if you write the men and do know that we look through them to see what you can I want to hear oh yeah. We absolutely do in fact they are incredibly helpful. So totally continue to do the Miss Pena like many episodes, it's like what I'm really stuck, or I just don't feel like going off of my own list-
week. I check in there, and sometimes I find things that I have never heard of before. So, especially when I'd be a right when peoples and many up a sound like ok cause, it's like, there's, not a ton, but it's the air. And even in the lonely, leered thing yeah and people always link documentaries for me because they nominate There is actually only documentary. I watched was like twenty minutes of Dateline episode for this, and then you girl, just read article after article after article guys Ash read that that I am a little later you are doing that, contrary to the belief of many I well before we get into this. We just wanted to touch upon some pretty heavy stuff. Everybody can kind of sea where we're going. The George Floyd murder is something that has really really really bother and both of us, its appalling,
yeah in its I'm, not gonna, go into. You know the whole thing again as we unsure of your listening you, you must have heard it on the news. It's everywhere We just wanted to say we are two very privileged white women and we're- not always gonna get it right, but we want every listener. We have to know that we are allies yeah we will do our absolute best to be allies, and we might you know we might not. The best, sometimes because we ve, never lived oppression. We just haven't now, so we are trying our hardest and we're going to do our best to be the allies that you deserve, and we really have really appreciated. Seeing everybody you know having a light and respectful discussions about this, you know: there's always gonna, be a few assholes
decide to get nasty and spew ignorance, but you know we'll just shut up shut down anxiety and everybody else, No in this instance, so many black men and women that have like educated, people and magazine- and our comments have been trying to explain things They have no obligation to know you don't have an obligation. To buy. It is appreciated on this and because yeah it's such a delicate subject in you always want to make sure as a privileged white person that you're not coming off ass ignorant and you do know that other people realize you due care and you want to help yeah cause. That's really other matters is honestly, and this is just again me coming my point of view. I think all we can do is listen rain and make sure we are listening with the intention of trying to make it better in some way, because
the day were all human beings and its appalling that some of us are not treated as human beings. Yeah added in a really really really bombs have set out, and it's a really helpless feeling on both sides of it. I mean like in very different ways, but we feel helpless, but not, so helpless that we're just going to sit there and say we feel helpless. Yeah we learn in signing petition. And looking into resources where we can donut money too, and we encourage everybody else to sign petitions and donate money and educate yourself course right now, We are also in the middle of a pandemic. We're right. Millions of people have lost their jobs. People are struggling vessel lot going on in the world right now, and I know a lot of people might not be financially in the position to donate a lot little or at all, and that is absolutely
of all. So if you can't do that, if you can do it great totally, do it yet in what will do as well will? Post again, we ve been posting on our social media avenues that you can donate to, but will definitely posts like more cohesive lists, as we can find them, because people have been great about sharing that kind of stuff like the places you can donate that are going to help the most at this time. There's all families, as you can call exactly. Cause. I don't call sign petitions just talk about it lit out, shall support people. You know, don't stay silent. If you know, if you care, dont, say silent, that's all we should there and you really should care. You really should care, but we will. We will step off the subject right now, but it's important. We felt it was important for us with the platform that we are
very fortunately, have put fortunately been given by you guys. Thank you belts. We felt it was very important to use it in a productive way, and I think we would be remiss did not mention it. So we Nina we stand with. You were allies and rest in peace. George Floyd ass. Much just hope. We can bring justice to this world right now and let us now what we can do to help, because the out of us want to help we do that's all we want. So definitely let us now and moving on from that really heavy subject we're moving into a kind of I go and we're only gonna go over this for a second. So don't worry, we're gonna, get ready for case we're moving into a kind of like a touchy subject that has come up recently. I'm sure people who are part of the Facebook group have seen that we are planning on our kind.
In the original morbid facebook group. The decision was not an easy one. we didn't just decide at one day. We can talk about this. For me, Sunday the hours that fuckin months exactly, and I think, important just for we're, not gonna rehash level thing, but I think it is important for us but even though that we tried to keep it a place where you didn't see all their craziness, that was happening behind the scenes. But I think a lot of people are wondering what was going on, but we were kind of getting like demolished constantly about that Facebook group. It started out great More people that ended up coming in the more opinion send up happening in the more drama that started in autumn control. It became quite honestly for of a better expression bigger than us yet area. did and we have so much. You know we, our main focus. Is this pod cast in keeping it the pod gas that you got
all started listening to and only improving and not changing it or turning it into something. It's not in its really been. Our focus suggests produce the best content. We can the most content. We can end just keep giving you guys. Were you deserve because you have a year the once you're, all the ones who we do this, for you are the ones who brought us where we are now, so we really want to focus on the podcast and we want to focus on NATO are patriots we want to focus on our non patriotic. We just want to focus on you guys want to focus on the weirdos end of the Facebook group was starting to turn into something that was like, affecting our our mental health. To be quite honest, I stay was it was becoming so much of a stress, sir. I mean I would wake up in the morning and check notifications and it was like I would break into a sweat cause. It was just constant drama being brought to an end and we can't
We just can't deal with all that right now we have so much more going on and so much more for the podcasts that we want to do so and at the end of the day, it's our responsibility to. I think a lot of people think that us deleting the Facebook is us not taking responsibility, but we are here to tell you that we do take responsibility and that's why it's being deleted. It's just not something that was a positive place of many more exactly. They have definitely had positive aspect. The I know a lot of people were upset and you know we ve gotten. We first but we ve gotten the majority of people coming you are saying the how appreciative they aren't just being sweet and kind and understanding about why we are doing this in the veto. Desmond people that have been angry at us and telling us that we're taking away. You know this great place, and we understand that there were great parts of this. What's great is those parts can now be brought into. You know
Fan and listener led groups that you can totally worth living, we're not like telling you can't make other groups and other groups. We are honestly Humboldt and very leg while that you want to make other stress. We still are very, like really wanna be involved yeah. We still are very like while people want to be groups like to talk about our pod cat, legged, silence, very old, humbling and crazy to us. So we She ate it and we just want you guys to know like make as many cool like offshoot groups as you want. That's why we're leaving it up just for a little bit longer, so you can all gather things that you wanted from the group connect to it. Other connect with each other and make sure you can make some are few groups with the people that you want to make him with. But yet that's the reason we did it. We just did. If you know we want to make every hang smooth sailin, and this is the way that we had to do it, which I think some other podcast have had to do that
as well, so I think it's just kind of one of those inevitable things that when it gets a little too big of a group, it can be tough for us personally to manage so now we're just handing the reins over you guys, so you would have what you will yeah. Hopefully everybody can understand where we're coming from, and we hope to see you guys and all these other groups that you have made, which we are so like again humbled by Andrea Lee, happy that you're doing that, but yeah. That's all we wanted to say about it. We're not gonna bring it up again. You know it was a great great group, but then we really raved about. I know a lot of people like you can set it all the time our great it was. It was wise, but all great things. The two non rise early last, so we loved and we love you guys, and hopefully we can all just move on from that around my The racked. Well, now, back to the pod cats, geologists, our main focus yacht was just gonna say. Let's focus on the pod from here
now it's me I found the positivity. That's been created the weirdos unhappy with the sadness, but that comes the cases, but you had a good. This does our focus here that the meat of the the meat of the matter streaming only on Pique I knew of it no common me punk bank. We are lady parts confused mixed.
Champions sour go out BP. Tunisian from where we are lady part, all the so streaming now only objects whatever you're funny peacocks got. It exclusively bears greet the offer. Some pick up stream every moment from donor Michelin and export bonus actors. Animals is plus, if you're looking for more classic it's you consume every episode of partner creation to an adventure and every season of Estonia in the mood for something brand new sick out, peacocks original comedies the Amber rough and shall answer by the bell. With your creating a new danger familiar face, you can find sends a comedy. Its anti got get started for free up. He got tv Dhaka well this week I next week- and maybe even than week after that, I'm going to be talking about case brought tons and tons of headlines to National news, a case that ongoing
in a case that I feel needs more attention. It kind of I things as recently have gotten a little quiet with this case, so I think it's time to spark a back up again. You are going to do when talking about Lord thou and her missing children and Chad, day ball and his wife, who was most likely murdered and We're gonna get to all that, but we gotta start at the beginning, guy I'm so excited. I I'm excited. I really. I really really did it. You really did the damn thing. So the lorry Valla was born lorry Noreen Cox in June of nineteen. Seventy three paid that she's fellow Gemini have those just going to say that it makes sense because we're crazy don't associate with meat and suitable Jonas. You hit me with her, you don't do it now
So she has two sisters and two brothers. One of her brothers we are going to learn, is going to play a very big role in this case and facts multiple times he is going to come up and you're gonna be like what the fuck and then, when his role dies out. You're gonna be like what the fuck again there now the third butter. There's these genes they're just women with what the fuck yeah for real sl lorry grew up in southern California. When she got to high school. She was super involved in cheerleading by all accounts, She was super. Finally, but also she was pretty quiet and high school. She stuck to the cheerleading squad and her close friends. and people who were around her said that she was super funny she loved to make people laugh. She was going in her little group. But if you didn't really know her, she had kept herself and she was quiet. She didn't really. a serious boyfriend until she was a senior, so she wasn't. She was like I mean she's pretty, but she wasn't super like,
bond delaying or into Ebay. I just Actually I don't know she was also raised in a very, very, very, very, very religious household. The book of Mormon was literally like plastered on the wall like hey. What's up, Homeboy are here which cool Libya lapses. Tuition yeah. So she went to a seminary classes every morning before she would even go to school. every single morning she will going ass classes even before she like started her regular education on high school. Her plans were any of us and yet in tents, her plans were to go to Brigham Young University, which is in Utah it's a private college, its runnin owned by the church of the Jesus Christ Latter Day saints. Did I say that correctly new did ok, I think
I think we have done another case that involves Sousa Howells earth. You that's what it was and I think nature is a dead like Mormon is now the way to say it, and that is actually the way to say it. I knew oh that ever typically of Mormon face. If you are going to the latter day say church, but I'm not gonna, say too much because I'm not super educate and not let me now. Yes, let me, but it owned by the Jesus Christ slaughtered saints that college, ok, cool and you dont technically have to be of Mormon faith to go to this college, but you do need a reference from a a clearly asked uncle leader, but what a great eyes like a great man, we're great words slowly, I M so somebody like a minister or a pastor or somebody that give sermons super religious, so I don't know what a reverend been reverends yet, Somebody, a religious leader, ochre and about
Ninety eight percent of the students who attend this school today are of Mormon faith. That makes sense, so basically from the sounds of lorries like super close high school friends, she was planning on serving as a missionary for at least a few years after she graduated high school while yeah That didn't happen. She didn't end up going to proclaim young university and she actually married. I don't even know if you can call him High school sweetheart because they weren't together for like all of high school, but she had a boyfriend her senior year and she ended up marrying the stewed in ninety ninety two which is the area around covered, Highschool sweet, sweetheart matters, but I thought so rascal sweetheart. You gets married to him at the Europe too, should graduates and ninety ninety two, he was the first of many Niemann me husband, switch like live your life, but don't but like her Elizabeth Tailor it up, they divorced pretty quickly and lorry gets remarried a second time:
There's not a ton known about her first to husbands, but did, have a son from her second marriage named Coolby that marriage ended and the lorry remarried again in two thousand one, sir. two thousand one. She marries Joseph Ryan and then two thousand and two they have their daughter tightly Ryan. Who is now that's familiar thing, yet? Yes, beautiful girl like blonde huge smile, looks like a sweetheart. It breaks my heart. Nobody, we still don't know where she is so the fact that we still don't know where she is, after all, this time, yeah, it's unbelievable to be especially of permits, there won't tell anybody where she is the I don't even like wanna call lorry her mother
we are not going to work towards unquote. I hate that so from what Coolby says. Remember Coolby, as from lorry second marriage having Joseph Ryan as a step, father was not amazing. A lot People say that Joseph was like a great guy. Obviously his family says he was amazing and do people do say that he was really great with timely, but according to call be Joseph Ryan was both sexually and physically abusive to him. That's not a great guy yeah and while they were married, a kind of seemed like glory, was focused on outside validation and attention machine. Heated and Miss Texas Pageant and she lost, and she also audition, four wheel of fortune and went on to in about seventeen thousand dollars on will on we'll a fortune, dare no, I didn't know about, and then I was like digging through like a ton of shit. I was there was a wheel fortune like you know,
like stay home. Second you're like we'll, ah lower jaw. Use a yak boy, possible murderers, face of ups coolly, shit, that's like round the Alcoa who will in it. We gotta be raining requested lately as well. Here is the dating game. Killer. We're gonna have to do not seem his. We definitely have to do as he has a lot of unidentified victims. So Borri had apparently told Joseph at the time while they were married and she was unwilling fortune, not quote God had told her she is going to be on the wheel of fortune wow, so close connections with the man upstairs they were often chatting with each other. It seems as we go online and you know that's just the first glimpse of it interesting Laurie and Joseph Ryan did end up divorcing in two thousand and four, and they had a nasty nasty custody battle over tightly. Who was a year and a half the time that they do, they got divorced,
That makes me sad. So what I will say about this custody bottle is Coolby did tell lorry that he was being abused, so I do wonder if some of the nastiness that came from this custody bottle had to do with that, but I'm not definitely possibility, I'm not condoning her actions and what she did just now, of course, a possibility. dark and understand. Why wouldn't be this like very amicable, please relation, so the court had ordered specific days of the week where Joseph would have highly the order, also stated that he would have her for two weeks over the summer, and it also stated that he was to live within a hundred miles of his acts so that the custody agreement was easier on both ends fur. The exchanges Ok, so, while lorry and Joseph were together, they were living in Texas and shortly after they divorced lorry moves to Arizona with the kids, meaning Joseph also to move closer to say
there is quite a few moves in this case, so it will get a little confusing, especially because I'm gonna be in one time, mine and then go back to another time line a little bit so just so that I'm trying to help you keep up as much as I try to keep up, such as Buckler yeah three to twenty o six. I was about to Wendy O six. Two thousand six lorry gets married for a fourth time to check, calls that low, who honestly seems like a great dude. She believes in the thing called love. She believes that I think I love you. Around not time is when Joseph Ryan files, emotion against lorry, saying that she's denying him visitation rights and has gone as far as to hide tightly from him for the entire month of August, two thousand and six. How do you hide a one year old while I'd love
no because she's still doing it. So that is the great. If we knew we, partly by now, I there that is she's great at it. You shall you, fortunately, it's kind of her strong suit. Unfortunately, the bad strong suit to have yeah so tightly, he didn't see timely for the entire month of August, two thousand sex. She now Merle showed up with because he's remember he supposed to have her for two weeks. summer that never out, and so he files this motion asking that she be fined jailed and also have to pay for his legal fees, which honestly I'm here for it at that point, hissed. The court also orders at this time that lorry undergo a psychological evaluation, because during this turmoil. She said that she would choose death before letting tightly see her father. Oh yeah, that's that's when you gotta be like who lag red flag when you look back later- and you go all remember the time when she said Jude two's death over allowing this early
Jimmy, how we should have done something about that. There is a lot of times in this case where you gonna make all we publish it, had done something about that. Like ways are always the case, yeah there's a lot of confusing work done here. We also want a hindsight. Is twenty twenty playing devils advocate here, I will say if she knew and she did that her son was being sexually abused. Yeah. I too would choose death over letting my other kid see this man who potentially sexually abused one of my kids through. I would choose my death, not my childs death yeah! I do she didn't say she didn't say her child's she set out. So that's all blossom And then so, this case is ongoing for twelve years this custody by lady wealth years and ends not so bad for the kids man
That'S- I just feel so rather their heads in this case, because there are so many kids in this case that are hurt by the actions of the adult around them. Not just didn't need to happen, not bums meal, there's, even adult children might get hurt, and this in its just really sad to see in August, two thousand seven Joseph Ryan was actually able to see tightly again, sir. They had like their weak, and or whatever like they're too weak of summer, I'm not sure exactly what it was, but they were able to see each other again and he went to the designated spot to drop tightly off after they had spent their time. other as he was walking back to his car in a parking lot. He was attacked. to buy a man with a stun gun- oh god the man was sitting under a tree and as he got up and started to approach Joseph he said they needed to talk. This man was now his brother, Alex Cox yup. He then Paul
these stun gun out of his pocket tease Joseph two times and then finally, a witness intervene and called police holy shit yeah. So this guy has been quoted as saying like he would do anything to protect his sister and it is very clear that he would absolutely do anything he needed to do to protect her. I mean I love my brother and like I would do a lot for him, but he's don't. I love you a lot, but I wouldn't pay somebody for you. It's ten subtler calculation really is one. It seemed like things were kind of. Finally starting to go, but yeah like calm down, but she was able to see your dad. He brought her back and make its fuckin taste. So it's like That's it! It's like things, didn't seem like they rely too on fire here, but this is a in this case. It's like things, don't seem like they're on fire and then there are blazing we're. Does elements Alex Fox end up having to serve ninety days in jail, for
the attack, and while he was in jail, there's a new segment. I can try and see if I can get it to post, but he wrote these super weird letters to one of his friend asking that she send him pictures or information about Joseph, because his fellow inmates would quote love to hang out with him I don't think they mean hang out. I feel like an underlying meaning. To that end, I feel like I don't really want to be involved. I am I got here, is that they don't hang out the same way that I hang out. no, they are not just a shilling and watch it, and bravo, that's for sure. Now. I feel it there's a lot more to this yeah so then, and were fast boarding like a pretty good amount of time here, because it basically there's just term turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, yadda, yadda should end. Shitstorm, shit, yeah and then and twenty eighteen Joseph Ryan actually passes away from able quote heart attack.
probably gonna get a little more into that in part to his He was not found until a bonus check that was done a week later. Huh yeah and the wellness check was done because, like a neighbour and her dog smelled something strange coming from his place, which we know now with him, which is very soon sir. Yes, he passed away laureate and tell anyone in his family and wouldn't even claim the body she refused to claim his body shit, so any locally way that this makes any sense is if he really was sexually abusing this on a sudden and the sun came out inside, like yes, he was physically and sexually abusive toward me. I told my mom and I hate what it did to her, but I had to tell somebody so so so I can't totally totally blame rice,
Yet yet shall I shall say some blame later for the actual pit flight Lumumba shall face all the blame later. So then an Cushing whose Joseph sister finds out about her brothers death, five weeks after the fact because of Roma. for lorries and tell anybody there are other brother was contacted because they kind of like the people who had its body, like the officials, did a background check and real It's like nobody's claiming this body. We need to do something with it like. Let's call who we can they stumble upon the brother. So that's how Joseph sister Anne finds out. Ok, and has no spoken out a ton, and she says she thinks it's very strange that lorry never contacted her about Joseph Daul Joseph stuff, but also that she wanted to support her niece tightly. So that's when she had so to Arizona Tom visit with timely meaning she's also going to see lorry, of course, because poker there. Obviously so
While she was there, she realizes lorry is unhinged, and this what I mean there's pictures of
and and lorry together and like she said she and was like I considered her sister like she was my sister yeah, but while she's there, she said the whole time she noticed. There was a very strange relationship between Thailand Lorry. She said. Lorry was obsessed with the end of the world the end of times and talked about it constantly. That's so bad for kids, man buying from being rang like that were exactly it also. Then it's just number one, it's terrifying into just. I feel like these kids lives, I mean they did live such a tumultuous life and, like I hope that their bunkers somewhere and that we are going to find them and that they can be re ability dead and have so much there be like that's my biggest wish for this whole case, but I have hope, but I dont have a lot of the idea. That's the case. I dont think it is, but I hope so unfortunately, so so she says her sister.
gone she's like she saw him at the end of times. She even one as far as to say that she thought it would be better if she got into the car with the kids and drove off a cliff yeah. Ok, it's time to take those kids from her. Now not there, there's gonna be a lot of times. We are like. Why were her kid not at Leda like? Why is there no wellness check? Why is there nothing done like? Don't? I Billy well taken those kids, like dialogue, be it for me. I believe I am going to child protective services in we're doing something like you're, making a threat to drive your kids off a cliff. No I'm getting involved, and I'm getting this racial people involved. There is no way a mother should say that this is no way not not no go get some help. Ya shooting a lot of help and then for the death of Joseph Lorry said in front of tightly and to his sister that the world would be a better place without him. So
hokey, like maybe you don't say that out loud in front of his daughter or who sit at her thing. It's leg it since the sisters, one thing in like bad, it's like, but then it's like the dog like that silver fir viable, and if I could, I dont know what she knew. I don't know what she experience, but if she had an ok release, I don't know it's just it's like. Are you sitting there in front of him saying like the world would be a better place without him? So I did. This or just coincidence that he had a heart attack yeah. I think it's all very a coincidence that he just had a heart attack and also a ton of other people, we're going to find out end up dead that are directly connected to her gets weird that she has so many people that, like have a direct line to her, that just dropped at all of a sudden varies yank real, real, weird ever insult. So, unlike very you know those people who were the super unlucky super unlucky in life, yeah
streaming only on Pique I knew of it No common me punk bank. We are lady parts confused mixed, champions saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are all so streaming. Now. Only abacha right now was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn too tight Is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is Sally in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop. your dinner favorites after four p m wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While. I acknowledge going today
well also during this visit with Kylie and Lori, and was texting her daughter that she could not wait to get out of there. She said the whole experience was dark as fuck she didn't say as fuck, but in Georgia. You bought up India, so fuckin darken here says like I can't get over it and she also texted her daughter, and you can see these sex messages at the time she said she believed lorry was a sociopath. Wolf aims ease! about believing it and after another that unnecessary about. After the visit she cut all ties to lorry yeah. I probably. two, but it also I mean I am not blaming Herbert. It's also like. Why didn't you call somebody? Will that's? What's killing? May it's like you, cut ties with terrible like do something for their kid
so now, we're gonna go back a tiny bit and we're gonna talk about lorries. Marriage to Charles, so Charles Valla was previously married to a woman named Cheryl, who seems like a sweetie, which husband is this. What number this is number four for others. It is like one of her. I think her longest husband, I really know, but it's the one right before she meets the guy who we see in the news all the time so the sword really hung in there for a while, and I feel so bad for him. So Charles Vera Valla was previously married to show like I said they were married twelve years and they had two sons together. Ok, Laurie and Charles and appeared at getting married in Vegas and then this is around the same time that lorries still in the middle of her custody, bottle and also Charles and Cheryl, are in the middle of figuring out their custody
ok, so everybody's basically in custody battles and as we know, custody battles are tension, filled not good and bad yeah, not good and bad. Whenever a battle, it's it's, not a good point. Custody of kids get so messy I mean, I know just remember him. The kids, like I remember hearing, but I mean mostly my mom talk about custody of me, which was an area and this sad and they really sad for the kids. Like many other things in the sky yeah. This is so much heightened emotion, yeah one is just like you. I dont think any like no matter how bout apparent as I don't think that you should ever let your
dead. Now, like I don't think that should be the kit. The kid needs to be a kid I mean the air, and the way I feel about it is like a marriage is a very different relationship that a father child relationship or among their child relationship, and I think both should be treated as such, very different relationships in just cause. You didn't work in a marriage doesn't mean they can't be good parents when it doesn't mean your Kinshasa supper exactly so. They're they're all workin out their custody because, Cheryl and Charles also have two sons together, so Sharll says I got to the point where everything was so intertwined with each other that the judge can bind their cases so that they could be seen at the same time. She said she caught onto lorry strange behaviour about a year into her marriage with Charles, so about a year into the time. Laurie and Charles remarried Earl was like this bitches weird and of course, she's. Like I'm gonna, be connected to this picture.
Right. So I want to know what the fuck is up at one point: there is actually a court order too. cameras in lorry and Charles House because of Quote street goings on oh yeah, so nothing happened here, yeah, it's a scam actually does getting really hot in here and help the birth of this one, so it nothing ever came from the cameras like they never found anything strange on the cameras, but just the fact that they needed to be put in their it's like ok, gets land we do inherent Charles with it elsewhere in a really successful investment company and he would have to go in these business trips. A ton and Cheryl said like he. They would still have to go further weakened with their dad, so they just kind us all lorry but lorry like wasn't really interested in them. A kind of just was like yeah like an absentee stepmom. I guess you asked Tad Butler net, which sucks I mean she's exactly she wasn't super involved in their life, but the lesson
blue and she has over your children the better, I suppose so the time of the custody bottles. They were, they were not in Arizona member. I said, there's a lot of moving, so it's getting. I can yet so when Laurie was married to Joseph. They lived in Texas membership component. Amiss Texas, show Charles and lorry. Were living in Texas at the time of these customs custody bottles. And then all this and they often moved to Arizona. Ok, so that's when they just moved airs right, so around the genes, her access to move to with them he did moved Arizona. And actually Arizona where he died. We now call they died, but you didn't call. They understand both really cool cocoa, yearly, great great power
ass. It does so yes, there in Arizona now and around the time that they move to Arizona Charles and Lorry, adopt J J who is Joshua? Who we see in the news now his picture is next a timely. He is lorry son, adoptive son cell, so he's the one that's also missing yes, J J entirely or both set Boy Joshua who isn't? This is where it's gonna get a confusing she will whose known as J J was Charles's sisters, grandson, who ok, so. Charles- is the grand uncle to J J Holy Shit also his adoptive father. So I need so many breadcrumbs right now you doing there confined pictures on line that, unlike have like diagrams, if, like we're gonna, get the registering out exactly that. This is one of those perfect cases for, like a crazy investigator. Do the red string, one
every time you think you know everybody in this case they out another fucking character area will who's this motherfucker link who the fuck are. You now work? Ok, so I'm a no explain it. I'm going to explain who J J as and who has relationship has to everybody. Ok, so dangerous, both parents, our Charles's sisters, kid so his both parents were unable to take proper care of him. for a while his grandma K, whose Charles sister is taking care of J J with her husband Larry there, the cutest fucking people on planet earth, I'm obsessed with them, not accolade but their precious, and I feel like an elaborate. They had like. I don't know exactly what their business was. I tried to figure it out, but it's like not knowing I guess, but they have like a very intense business that they own together and it's like a super involved cases that they basically are on the clock. Twenty four slash: seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year which, like retweet, maybe they have a podcast- I don't know
and did you had autism and care K and Larry knew that their business and their lifestyle they weren't gonna be able to take care of J J in the proper way like they just weren't a good fit urca and they want somebody to take care of J J. It's there, it's their biological grandson like they love him so much there. There bonded with him at this point, but they just can't give enough of themselves to him. So this is when Charles and lorry they know the struggle that can Larry are going for are going through and they offer and you're twenty fourteen to adopt J J, so they adopt J J Ochre. This situation works out. Now it's like kept in the family and like right right. Billion round him yeah. That makes sense. Really just gonna say it worked perfectly because K and Larry, still able to be involved, engages life and Charles and lorry seem to be.
Really fucking great parents like up the time. Everybody said lorry was a really great mom know about it like given the custody, things and stuff that she was going Everyone says that she was a great mom even like so crazy either Tyler S friend, like Tyler Friend, used to go sleep over all the time and like Tyler's friend would like confined Laurie. She was that mom that you would go to other problems are like shoot. The shit with this is like a perfect example of how we don't know shit, any one. You will do you, no more, no people, you know that the Pacific it imperfect expression. You have no fucking idea. What's going on behind closed doors, so too not yet I'm not letting my future could sleep over anywhere. Sorry, no, your kids can sleep. My house, that's! Actually I have a total thing about that because it's like those parents. I only know what I know about those fair. I only know what presenting on a silver platter, and I'm all set with knowing what skeletons in your car and I'm all set with my kids being subjected to arguments.
I agree, but I already worry about that shit cause most most of the time people are presenting the best aspects of themselves to you, they're not presenting to you their dark, fucked upside. Exactly and I'm just not willing food. Give my kids up for the night to some I don't know. No thanks, though, by lorry was stoppage who, like she like I can talk to you like I'm, I'm not like a regular mama Cuomo entirely. This is like I said the situation worked perfectly because highly with super protective of J J. She was an amazing big sister, Charles is sons Charles. Sir Charles Sons, who he had with Sharon, Charles's sons, Charlie, They consider J J their brother, like they still do all he is there brother. There must kill them it does they ve all like they ve made statements and even coolby. Who is first Son lorries for a son whose tightly his brother and he considers changing his brother
like those are his siblings, like everybody is everybody's hurt and the situation is absolutely so. I'm sorry, less likely soldier of everybody loves J. J, Charles, got J J, a service dog named Bailey, who said because what are you doing for airport? I know cause J J had trouble like that. We ve been through the night and obviously different, like behaviour issues, all kids with autism face and a lot of struggles, but, this this dog help J J. So much like the this dog love J J, J, J Logos, August and J J was thriving, so lair and K were so happy with the outcome. They were a little bombed, but they weren't super surprised when Charles and lorries them that they were actually gonna move to Hawaii, so like it, so they weren't, surprise because Charles and lorry talked about why all the time they both loved Hawaii
I love Hawaii, I was born there are, I remember it but seems dope. Why not live there if again, do the themes doubt, Sir Charles Lorry tightly and J J move to Hawaii. They lived there. They are and a small side business. I think it was like a juice spar, someone thought who doesn't love a good juice bar, I fuckin loved use. They joined a church together, Charles had actually when they first got married. He had converted to the latter day saints Chick church. He was catholic, but he converted for lorry ok, because she was re. Super religiously, like this was your faith, and I think it's dope that he was. I call me too, that's a super support of husband. and it seemed like there was great they made it had a friends of this church and actually there's a woman named April who got super close with lorry. We're gonna talk about her later. They met at this church and, like I said,
J J was thriving and it seems like this family now that they were in Hawaii, they were thriving together. Yeah seems like everything's awesome. So they lived in entirely under the sort. But then that's just great single thing. That's all they lived in Hawaii for awhile. Actually they got acquainted and the community, but then around twenty thousand and eighteen they decided to move back to Arizona because it was just better from Charles is business Thirdly- and like I said here, I don't know if I said it before, he Rana Investment company. Yes, you did. I did it was actually a successful. He made a lot of money. It was great and by the way bore you didn't. Work should end up job Charles the sister was like yeah. She was fuckin spoiled by Charles. That's, that's rare. Bulgaria are to be able to have a one income. How right like function, especially with kids, Know- and she was do while she was a hairdresser at one point: there's not like a ton about that, but she did do her own point not anymore.
So she was decidedly more. She was home school entirely, actually, like Tyler is entitled so they move back to Arizona because it's better for business and when they move back to Arizona, that's been Charles notices. Lorries behaviour starts to change drastically, oh and impart to I'm gonna talk about why her behaviour probably changed, but for now I'm too Can I tell you what was going on so they begin, and having serious marital issues, lorry had apparently told Charles the are you ready? She was reincarnated and had been sent by God to relay the teachings of the second coming of Christ. She believed that the end of the world was going to happen July, twenty second, two thousand and twenty I mean if she wrong, I literally like mark your calendar is mother. Fucker is because, based on how everything's going right now, she might not be wrong. Lorry valuable might be right on that
still, I think, she's the second coming of Christ now do. I think that one of the main ended a couple of months. I am I right. You know what who missed murder, Hornets lake. I live in a murder hornets, where the thing that we are like holy shit, this murderous hornets bring back murder, Hornets the cat all right I'll. Take those it's fine. It's fine, we'll do any of that. Just give me the scary mean animals and take back. Everything else will work at exactly civil work it out with the murder on it says: fuck him. exactly. She says the world than man she's she's here to tell you she's here to talk about the teachings and also she's one of a hundred and forty four thousand people that can be saved she's here to spill, the tea from God YA, the Hunter without she's, like I got this t and I'm about to spill it all over. You there's more tea, there's more shade, retro
she said and evil demon was living in trouble. His body and she was telling other people that she was just waiting for a call any day that he was dead. You know it's gotta, be weird. That's gonna be weird widow the way when it lino several years into your marriage, your rear, significant others, like sir I've come to see that you have a demon living inside of you. It's definitely nothin. What? What do you do with that? so yeah Charles was like this is really weird. I personally don't feel if there is any kind of demon living in my body, but call that you do things from heads up. He was like incorrect. Dressed in her after him and yet so He was religious himself I mean like inside. He was catholic before all this. He converted to the elder s church in
This was way over the top and he was like yeah you're, losing your fucking mind and he's like a fine line between faith in like just fine, and saying your God, I mean that's real here. None of us are God's Syria, filed for divorce in February of twenty nineteen. He told us. Sir Kay and other family members that he was afraid for his life because ready Ruddy Marguerite, hold him that she was going to kill him and that angels in a common dispose of his body, and she would be both she'd get away with it. Why that's very fortunate for her, you know how those angels just come down and fuckin dispose of bodies and such yeah literally like aftermath envy, like you know me, I'm seeing clean up crew that's exactly what it is. The angels are run in their own little squad, car yeah. You don't even have to pay them, they just come yeah, so that's cool,
right around the time that all of this shit was going down, he's filing for divorce, she's, saying she's, a God she's getting all these new quota religious beliefs. I think it's like disrespectful, even call them religious beliefs, because it's like, I think, really people are like yeah. I don't believe me. I like this. Is this: like her personal NEA Anna whack Adieu, actually and there's somebody says whatcha doing this. I forget relative, but I watched under their ensure law could do is what she is part of their alike. I hope the kids are just what some walk, reduce them come out, say, fall through tat, would lack ideas, but anyway, so right around the time of all this is happening. Lorry leaves and she takes tightly back to Hawaii and she visits that for an April who I was talking about before an broken firms. All of what I just said, everything I just set about like there being a demon there being angels to come clean up his death, the reincarnation of Christ. the world ending on July, twenty second
but if she told April all of that to an good news, four for April She told April that she was one of the hundred and forty four thousand who were going to be saved and that's what He had come to tell her. Ah thank goodness, I been ignored while thing meanwhile April was under the impression that lorry was of the same view. but she was like they met at the same church, so she's like did I miss Brewer she's, like I dont, believe LA men- think thank you for coming to tell me that. But I do believe that, like I didn't read that page She was like, I dont think about, and that's not part of my belief system. So like can you stop, and then she also said that she noticed highly was sleeping a lot and see very disconnected, and she suspected that she was depressed personally sleeping the law and being disconnected. I wonder if there were other things happening. Like maybe
she was being drugged. Yeah I got that was the first thing that popped into my head when you think somebody sleeping allotted is dissociated. I personally think she might have yet being drugged, socially sleeping law, either way it so I go now. We have not worked The ashes listening to her mom say all this crazy shit she's, probably dislike cool. This is my life now, if she's not being drug Delhi's thumps assuming out so she was thinking- and I mean this woman's making her feel like life is hopeless. There's no, There's no light at the end of the tunnel is just the under just out over the months away, saying anything I totally its common awful though We are so she goes and has her visit with April in Hawaii than they end up, going back to Arizona and During the tumultuous separation lorry takes out thirty five. in dollars from a joint account, but she had with Charles. That's probably fine. She does this. while he's on a business trip, we're law, he's on the same trip. She cancels his return flight home,
She goes to the airport with a friend I want to be like Billy cruises friend, and she his truck, leaving him stranded at the airport with so he had to buy like us. Six hundred dollar differ return, flight home and then, when he gets, the airport is fuckin. Car is uneven there. So he's like. Ok. Also, that's weird shit, that's cold blooded! Oh, you die Cold. Blooded, ok, ready for the Betty broader drives that we're about to get she locked some out of his own house and throws out all his clothes as underwear his shoes. I read report but she also throughout J J things which I was like why'd. She do. That will fact doesn't make sense to me but yeah. Though he ends are calling the police, because of all the things that lorry was saying how he's gonna murder him? How we think are locked out of his house because of her her general existence of how she realised that have point she's fucked up say, only gonna turn
of the valise he's like she's saying that she's got a murder me, I'm now locked out of my house he's like she said that he wasn't who he is and he was that's what she told me. She was that you're, not who you say you are you're parson and she is so. He got the place and he's like. I am expressing serious concern to you about her mental health and he also express to the police its caught on body, cam that he was worried about these children. He said that in his own words, he said why the fact in the police do anything I exactly while it is mind you, I didn't do anything very says I doc Oh. I don't know what she's gonna do with them. I don't know if she's gonna flee with them, if she's gonna hurt them, which is exactly what and then said she's, not. here she lost her reality, meaning like she's, not here mentally before, we obviously needs help, someone help her yeah. That's exactly what during an before the officers
she got to the scene. He tried to help her by he got a petition. in for her a mental health evaluation and asked to serve lorry because obviously use you fuckin scared to so I'm so the police. Are there because he's locked out of the house and like all issued, has gone. They kick down the door of the home to serve her? This mental health evaluation, like thing and she is not there streaming only on pick up of it: no common me punk bank. We are lady parts confused mixed champions, saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are all so streaming now only abacha summer, is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry, pottery brown crumble,
fragrant, vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup. Or you can use the Wawa app to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brewed, blueberry cobbler coffee back for a limited time, got to have a Wawa she's not allows so then, the next day lorry shows up at the police station with tightly and she's. Like I left, because I wanted to keep the kids out of the drama, but then it's like any time. Loreen shows up somewhere and has this fuckin crazy story to tell tyees right there, and then it cuts to the point where, highly starting to tell like crazy stories, no one at that. I mean she's young. She said nineteen years historic, that's young there,
she's a very seventeen. I was just about to turn seventeen like. She disappeared right before the solo impression a day before her birthday so She shows up at the police station were entirely and she told me but she had got Charles cheating and that's why she locked about and throughout all this stuff, and she all so claimed that Charles had stolen her purse, and reason that she wasn't there when they cut down the doors because she left with the kids like I said she didn't want them involved in the drama. You know weirdly enough, I dont believe four weirdly enough, if you don't want them involved in the drama. Otherwise your seventeen year old sitting next to your fucking police station, exert hearing about all this. I just get alive that she's a bullshitter I don't know yet, that same day she did go, have a mental health evaluation and she was released by what cycle colleges you get. Oh I or else she must know, none. What heard new,
What I'm quite religious views were sounded a little out there and I guarantee you: she probably kept them real quiet when she was undergoing, not psych avow, oh yeah. In this sum, this some people that can easily hide it when they need to turn it on internal manipulate psychologists, and we know a couple of autumn. We sure but by the then so that all happens in that's in January and then six months later. This is when things escalate beyond even your fuckin wildest imagination, Retro July Levin, twenty nineteen, the police were called to the home that Charles was renting lorry to stay. I M, so this eyes renting her house to stay, and while she saying all this crazy shed, Fucking threatening to murder him, but he's like you know she has my kids like while I you know, I'm gonna give her a place to stay, that's dead so then he now great fuck endued seriously, so the collar was lorries brother, cool, calm and collected in telling the police
officers that he got in a fight with his brother in law and he shot him in self. Defense knows this same brother that taste. This is terrible These days I read, it is Alex Taste, brows, taves, Magee overhear exactly ah, So that's interesting that you're, just like constantly fucking attacking your sisters hung Ex husband, estranged, husbands. It's like your thing. he says that he shot him twice in self defense? Sarah Lena, when police got there, they A two very separate stories Manual Alex that lorry wasn't home when he shot Charles. But that is not the truth because according to lorry and highly they were there. Laurie. Who wasn't there when the police showed up She shows up with Thailand, oh of course, and tells officers guess I was home she This is her story. She said Charles was picking up J, J to bring him to school and he'd gone out
who put J J and the car, but he realized. but he left his phone inside the home, so he leaves J J in the car and goes inside to get his phone Ok lorry says when he came inside that she was quote snooping through his phone. because remember homegrown things that he he's cheat earlier, I wonder why she thought that, because sometimes people reflect things anyways. Is it no deflect? Yes, sorry, I'm dumb You can so she was sleeping Vodafone and she wouldn't give it back to them to him this. Arguing over the phone and their. That argument is getting heated, and this is one tiny steps in and says, and she tell officers this. She heard the argument and she grabs a base all about from her room and heads out to protect her mom. Oh damn so it sounds like tightly was brainwashed yeah early does she says sheep? We need the Tipp of Charles, like maybe like telling him kind of like back out back off the up and he growled
the baseball bat cause he's like you're, not gonna hit your stepped out with a baseball bat like you shouldn't even be involved in this and, that's one Alex gets involved the brother, so it says that he starts arguing with Charles and that Charles it's him in the head with a baseball bat, so he rose to his room, to get his and gun, and then, if which I'm like, if you really feel like you're in danger and the police said the stem to on on footage. Why didn't you just stay in Europe with your hand, gun and act if he came to? If he came at you, you any lack out there to attack right right, but he does goes back out and he says that they start fighting again and Charles hits him again with the bat and that's when he shoots him twice so Not likely to me well, we could replace here, yadda yadda, so the officers they don't have a tend to go on because it does look like self defence
and also the weird thing about this is I don't know why this I mean it's an ongoing investigation of this whole but murder, because it is a fucking murder, but when the police get there Alex is making it a point. He s like this huge, like napkin er, agonies making it a point to like dollop. This bleeding cut on the back of his head. But it's like a very small cut that you most likely wouldn't get. If you had just been struck in the head by a baseball bat, gonna say I took the gobio small cut and Actually people were like if Charles wanted to hit him on the head with the bad he would have in it would have caused a lot more damage because when he younger, he was a semi professional baseball, so it's like, if I was gonna, hit you and head with a baseball bat, I'm semi professional, I'm like he would have been dead. If I e, if Europe Professional, a semi professional baseball player, try to himself in your hand, you're gonna be swinging for the cheap sheets seat. The
that was the cheap sheep cheats, you're gonna be trying to get a grand slam. You're not gonna, be trying to link bunt taken up right yeah, you buy new in the fuckin head slowly on like that. Didn't that's just that's so perfect, but it is not a bad. It's a summary professional baseball player yeah, it's ridiculous, Sergei issued them, and then lorries like up J J, so gotta go to school, so she leaves with timely DNA J off at school. What the fuck yeah like nothing just want it happened. Public authorities are gets more bizarre. I mean that hopefully, this story that she told is true and J J wasn't there to see about because Tyler I have seen it. She was asking our labour killed, but I really hope J J was actually in the car like where I said I monsieur. While we do not know because nobody is seen J J forever. So
the officers like us, I don't have a tend to go on because they set itself defence, but it is strange, like I said that Alex only has that small caught on the back of his head sure and like Said he is making a fucking point of light, jabbing mess and like looking at the blood and the dumping and looking and it's like you- can see in the video- it's like small fuckin specks of blood like a sop now so Then they get. The statements from lorry Alex entirely at the station and then their driving them back home because, obviously like they had to drive down to the station and the tutor directives were like this was the most bizarre drive back to their house ever like this woman. The strange husband was just killed by the brother and he's just sitting in the back of the Fuckin police car, like the back of where the van talking about Tyler is gonna, go to college and like shooting the shit. She's, a guy tallies, gonna, go to college in a week, Hawaii Yadda, yadda, yadda and actually so there's no footage of that, but there's footed
of when she first steps on the scene and she's like giggling as therein there like getting, like assessing the murder ceilings on releasing a body processing, a body she's like Erlich, sorry neighbours like a low. Well, she literally giggles answers. Sorry neighbour, It's like. Ok, sorry, we just murdered someone next to your house favour my behind my so she'll get lorry thou, she's, wild and out, while than you think. While then choose? Maybe that was diet, wild and because now she's full on wild and she has a fucking piece. party at the house- that same night, ok yeah this night, though foolhardy, when the party was so loud that, like multiple neighbors were like yes, she absolutely how to pull party that might like it's, not just hearsay thought out.
Absolutely happened like this. Why was nobody like yeah, that's strange for here I think that's when they finally we're like oh shit, weird yeah, so can pull party and she also texted Charles's, two sons to tell them about their fathers death, an ace Burke profile. She text that was just gonna, say she texted his sons, texted the his children. To tell them that their down dead and she didn't say it was murdered. She, it was a super cold text, message, good text message and she told them that, I had passed away and she was still waiting from the enemy, to hear details and she'd. Let them know when she could. What is happening, then she rose. What answer I still love you. Meanwhile, there like, or what
Why isn't my dad is dead? Why are you texting me glad? You still love me, but excuse me like you're, literally like so the Emmys going to. Let us know what happened, which means it's like okay, so it was a traumatic death right right? Meanwhile, she knows, got your brother shot and killed him, and she didn't tell them that so, let's Sharon says she's like I'll. Never forget this. The trials of Ex wife Cheryl says that she remembers one of her sons walking in to tell her that lorry had just texted him that his father was dead and he tried to call her all the, silly cause he's going, she only texting me you fucking asshole. she wouldn't answer the phone calls from either of them, kept sending tax like what happened like tell us more, like where's, dad like what fuck is going on, obviously panicked. She ignored their text, messages for hours, cause she's out a Fuckin pool party. She is a cold blooded mother, fucker, yeah,
I, why, like, unlike so you're the reincarnation of God, cause I feel like I'm not like a huge God person, but I dont think that that's what his deal is. I do not think that any God that is anywhere is going to destroy well fuck. It here is a text right. Let me send you like it. who promote g and tell you that your dad's dead, like what bomber right fucked up so Obviously, This is all super messed up, she's, not answering the phone, she won't respond, so they have to go online and figure out how their dad was killed. So they found out online how their father was along with everybody else. Laurie didn't send up any kind of funeral fur for Charles and when her Pham Winds, gives me when Charles family set up a memorial service lorry. Wouldn't let J J go so heated. get to go to his own dad's funeral has adopted dad. What I'm like speechless of this aid
it's terrific and is only going to get worse in part, two were about to wrap up on part one, but so are Firstly, all of Ptarth Charles family believes that his death was planned and a set up yet and They believe that he was killed for his life insurance policy. see because five mom before Charles was killed. There was an incident that occurred while he was true to change the beneficiary on his life insurance policy of a million dollars. So it's battled chestnut The trousers life insurance policy was a million dollars. Lorry knew that she knew she was acted, gray cry. She knew that she told him she was gonna, fuckin, murder, him probably good. He was gonna change, the beneficiary ding ding ding. He was, he was changed. Yet to his sister K. So that should any happened to him. J J was taking care of yeah, so luckily
The million dollars did go to K to the care of J J, but she has no idea were J J as if he's even alive and she's unable to take care of him. So when there is life insurance involved and you got like a somewhat sketchy significant other anyway, it's time did they get across the country and Ip just such a good dad that he didn't wanna leave us kids, you know- and if in here he knew that you are gonna, get killed yeah, he was over, he made sure there you were taken care of or the that they would be taken care of border. The indivisibility there's Emil's between him and his sister and another party. The parties reacted, you don't know who it is. I'm seeming it's some kind of lawyer GAO Embassy. but he wrote email stating that lorry had changed the password on his account while he was trying to make the change of the beneficiary was and he was afraid,
that she would do something to him if she remained the beneficiary holy shit. So he is. Also by changing the beneficiary, that he was kind of covering his own ass. That hopefully nothing what happened? and because what the fuck would she got out of he's not gonna gain anything right, but in her mind. She, probably I don't. I don't know what she thought in her mind, but can you imagine knowing linking the whenever you these This is really like the though you know that you are calling on it. I I would something happens to me. I want to make sure that this is covered like they know that in this information is gonna, be the end it is like the Susan Paolo case, because she was making she was fuckin taken. Very of her assets in everything, and it's like, oh scary, so scary, so we're gonna finish this up with September of twenty nineteen, so a few months later, lorry packs, J J entirely to move to Idaho, so that they can be a lot closer to a well known author and someone that we're gonna talk a lot more about in part to Chad, Day Bell.
Oh, so I'm in a rapid up there, but we in part two are going to talk a lot more about Hawaii. We're gonna talk a lot more about how Chad and lorry met things they talked about the fact that lorry was one hundred sent cheating on Charles and it wasn't the other way round and we're going talk about possibilities of what happened to these. children, colts thought perhaps what our knowledge disappearance their dissent Europe in general? There is a lot to talk about in part to I'm. Thinking It's probably only gonna be two parts, but potentially three man. This is like the case that this is a true evil. Onion oh yeah, the layers just keep going to go in and govern dusky peel and back the rotten layers stranding until the nice Is that why first that first
instalment was like eight pages of notes? Anyways. I can imagine what part too is gonna be down. This cases fact ya seriously in, like I said at the beginning, I really do feel like this case just kind of like it was like. sploosh, and now it's just kind of quieted. That's what always happens. I feel I exerts it's good to keep talking about. It does and it keeps it in people's minds. You now There is just an ant on my phone, I don't know if you just saw me free us out. I hate that feeling. Oh, my god, fuck ants birds. There come back because it some time and we're in the middle of moving. So everything is just everywhere and there's pollyanna on things and its freaking me well If you want to follow us on Instagram and between now and part two, you can do so at morbid, broadcast, you may had us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast and ass, a gmail, more replied: Gmail COM,
feeling so inclined donated patrons I'll, be shouting them out after this patron dotcom, slash morbid broadcast. Ah, before we finish up this episode, we obviously want to thank our lovely put Verona thigh sell this week in the episode we are going to think Tessa buffering. Ten Alina properly is obsessed with your last name, buffering ten, a buffy, the vampire slayer. Look at you. I'd also like to thank Kathleen Hogan. Are you related to whole code in who knows? Next up is Jean morbid keeping it weird out here? If that's your real last name, even if it's not your still keeping it weird next up is Ashley Hernandez. Your profile picture is dope, and so are you next up? We are going to thank Paddy Film. Are you a film maker paddy? If you are? I bet you
Films are the tits. Next is Tabitha error you, the host of tab with US law take over. I need to know what the people know what they want to know. Next is Erin Wall born Erin, hey, hi, hello! Welcome to the weird, oh! Well, I know you're in evil onion. I think. While thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Next up is Alex Foot. I almost has called you stand because I used to know a girl named Sandford. She was great about you are too next. I hope I don't fuck up here. Lindsey, I'm gonna stay Lindsey Mass it it could be Lindsey may say, could be Lindsey make it. I love you no matter what your name is. Next is Amanda Parma Lee, and that reminds me of parmesan cheese. I fuckin love cheese and I fuckin love you then I'm gonna thank, I Ness Villa what a beautiful name. Ah, it's I and Ii S, and that's really pretty, and I love you
and the next and final patriarch, we're going to thank tonight is some Mon Maddox. Are you like the Simone that was on below deck, because if so, Kate trusting was really mean to you and if not, your name is really pretty anyway, so patroness, I we love you, we thank you so much and you are going to have a mother bonus episode coming out in June. So if you haven't listen to maize episode, do thy, it's pretty good me in any spilled the tea about Johnny, verse, Archie and June's, Can it be awesome? Hopefully we can get John to doing episode with Alina good luck with that. I love you so much, but is, as always, we hope and keep listening every hope you keep it. But that's where they are
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