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Episode 149: The Tragic Murder of Matthew Shepard Part 1

2020-06-19 | 🔗
If you grew up in the 90s, Matthew Shepard's face is something that has probably stayed with you since his murder on October 6, 1998.Matthew was lured from a bar in Laramie, Wyoming by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. Their intent was to pose as gay men and rob Matthew. What occurred was much more than robbery. They used a .357 magnum revolver to beat him to death, tying him to a buck fence and leaving him to die for 18 hours in the freezing Wyoming cold. His death was a scream for stronger legislation of hate crimes, particularly against the LGBTQ+ community. In Part 1, we discuss Matt's life, his murderer's lives and his brutal assault. Check out these sources:Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of MineThe Meaning of Matthew by Judy ShepardThanks to our sponsors!SimpliSafeHead to SimpliSafe.com/MORBID and get FREE SHIPPING and A 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and to make sure they know that ourshow sent you.MolekuleFor 10% off your first air purifier order, visit Molekule.com and at checkout enter Morbid.HelloFreshGo to HelloFresh.com/morbid60 and use code morbid60 to get $60 off your first three weeks, including free shipping on your first box. Additional restrictions apply, please visit HelloFresh.com for more details.
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What was its enemy to tat scared? This is a two part or for share, because this just as much a two part bummer a real bummer of an episode, we're gonna, be covering today, be really really tragic and awful case of Matthew Shepard, and this happened and ninety ninety eight obviously we're gonna go into a diminished, but I was like thirteen years old at the time. Sire member, this
vividly when this happened. I was three so I don't remember it happening, but I do remember like learning about this in high school and if you ve ever seen the play the Laramie project that will ruin you know so well, this up, and I think we are talking about it with John earlier and he was like fifteen or sixteen at the time, so he was in the same kind about. I was where he remembers it like real, really vividly and he kept saying to me- I just remember that one photo they kept showing offend like it's like burned in my brain, that, like its black and White Lake Route, the kind of professional is gonna photo of him and he just looks like lilies We have had a very like he's, just sweet and its use in a Blake. This one's really gonna. It's this one's gonna be a tough one. I think opera and crying Antonia. I was little but I burst into tears at one point. While I was research So I remember watching that play in my high school auditory. Unlike bawling my eyes, it's a tough one. Just to warn
straight up ahead of time. There are a couple of parts in this podcast where I am going to have to be discussing hate speech and who were going to be I'm just gonna, be saying a word that can be a little triggering for peoples. I know it's triggering for me. I don't like the way I hate us we're le important. I think it's important that I read what this vetoed the people, did this to man actually said see, can really get a feel for how awful they are. I hope I don't wanna like sensor it to take away from the brutality of what they say so, but I will before I say it. I'm gonna say: hey it's coming, Jesse does know, so it's not just like banging in the face could sometimes hearing some words can really glad. So I understand that, but just wanted what you guys know before we jump into this case. We just wanted to quickly update on our show situation, be
people have been asking someone wanted to give a quick update just to give you what we have so far so will disrupt through this quick and then offer patriotic asking. We are going to be shouting out some names at the end of this episode, gas so On August, eleven three are going to be at the punch line, comedy club in Philadelphia, but that's gonna change yeah. We will not be there. I saw that I always they were gonna, be there, but that's just the kind of like placeholder. That's our place hold their date. That is going to be moved so few of tickets for the Philly Show- and I guess it's gonna- be moved up again hold onto those tickets, work on eight September. Sixteen for going to be at the Deasey Improv in Washington DC. So far, that's happened in September. Twenty third, the Chinese in Nashville two shows going on there. Let's hope we can get there in the fog sino seriously September. Twenty fourth and up live in Huntsville about a month. Alabama would come for you, regardless of when it is regardless,
October. Eleventh two shows I tell Ya Hall Spooky spooky in Chicago Johan. Give us that spooky time day so excited November, tenth at the comedy zone in Charlotte North Carolina, shall it November eleven thought. The good Knights Comedy Club and Raleigh North Carolina Rally will come in March, twenty sixth, yes, I remembered which number three represents this week: a well are theatre, though Wilbur Theatre in Boston and remember, buy tickets attack eyes as tickets left, and we want to pack that place out, because now we have all this time to prepare for it. So it's gonna be a correct use issue. Without a literally can't wait and last but not least, we are going to have a show on January twenty seventh at comedy works out.
In Greenwood Village Colorado. We are so Denver Car Colorado we are coming to. You is what have they done? Verona talk, local I'd, Sicily, the first thing I think it's all out o or come employer January twenty. So let's get it all right so I'm going to start the case, so everybody hold on to your boots with extra care. Yes October, seventh, ninety ninety eight Aaron Cry Falls, was only nineteen years old and he was a student he's just writing is mountain bike near occur in what is currently pilot, peak and snowy view roads and Laramie Wyoming. The street names were changed shortly after matthies murder of sounds like such a peaceful place in Ireland to find something so horrifying, yeah see so their pilot, Pekin, snow av, roads now and also the defence that is involved in this case is no longer there, good God, no,
and go look at it really. I wouldn't want to be just never go. I just wanted to tell people don't go. Look for it. So initially errand had had something with as bike and he had flown like over the handlebars and under the ground, oh geez in so he got up he's like Dustin himself off anything. looks around really quick any notice is something that all kind of flopped against the fence this area was surrounded by buck fences which are fences everybody seen one for sure. It's fences built with like wooden posts that are placed in an axe, and then the other post, a kind of late again set you up. We have been illegally you kind of sea, unlike western Mew movies and seventh, like that. That I just gave Tom Sawyer when I think of fences. It's not that fence. Not that I just think but its leg. You seem like a western movie or likened the prairie. Yes just the kind offence when you're just stumbling through the prairie Alec a tumble weeds gonna blow by burying we think
yeah. So errand saw something crumpled along the fence near him and when he first noticed it, he assumed it was a Halloween prop. He thought was a scarecrow. Someone had put out there to scare people and honest He was like shit, it was scary, so he's like I had to take a hard look at us like food. scary brought. He takes a harder look and he sees that it was covered in blood and dirt and not fake blood or factor He is like starting to get so. Yeah then says he. so now. He says he saw a real hair. and then he saw that the scarecrow was slightly breathing and he said he could see the chest moving up and down very slowly and very labored. Buddy was moving nonetheless, so he realized it was a human being, and He immediately called police right now. Officer, Reggie Floaty, was the first officer unseen and she is a fucking legend really legend.
This woman made me want to hug her lying. All her interviews are so genuine and she was so selfless in her care of Matthew at the scene in the documentary which I recommend, everybody watch it all just liked. It touches you're, so it's called match shepherd. A friend of mine in this documentary Reggie explains what happened when she arrived in. It goes like this, so she said she couldn't drive all the way up to the fence because She said it was. It was like hard terrain, so she drove his far. She could and then she walked all the way really ran, goes when she saw him and she is she immediately which I'll talk about the second. She thought this was a younger child Luton when she first some So she said she went on foot. She ran all the way back to him. He was on his back with his hands tied behind his back and then tied to the fence, and she said blood was absolutely everywhere. She said he had clearly been brutally beaten. She couldn't
can see facial features. She said the one thing she could see- and this is like this. Despite really got to me, the one thing she could see as their on both of his cheeks. The only place at there wasn't blood were the trails where his tears had washed it. Oh my god and she's Like she literally said, there were two trails where tears had just down his face? You elastic clean. You would never be the same again Africa after stumbling upon now and she ed when, in somebody asked her in the documentary you know you ve seen photos of Matt now Linda. Do you look Nothing tells us that with salmon she said absolutely not. He would deformed. How do you do that to somebody of jewels find out so now. One thing that also made me like tear up about her interview was that she said. when she walked up noticing Matt. She noticed a big dough dear, relying like near him
and she said it was like in a bush a little bit when laying the higher of him- and she said this dear didn't, run away and she around two Matt, and she said she just watched me slowly and she goes and she slowly stood up and trotted away, because she was like ok how thus come, and she said to shew of so Fliddy such this made. Her feel good because she said she ok shoot he wasn't alone, and hopefully he knew that this the Euro is air and she said she felt like this. Dough was like looking over him until someone came. Why yeah. So she said the first thing she thought of was due to his damn sure he must have been about twelve years old, but she was literally. This is of little boy. In reality, Matthew was twenty one years old, but he was small. He was above barely five, He really is barely taller than me yeah everyone's always commenting like Alain azaleas European. Ever he was barely taller than me and I think you act like you
At his most, he was like a hundred and ten pound wreck he's a very tiny do so she called for back up and then took it there. He then they obviously all took a very seriously because they thought they were dealing with a legitimate child lie which is poor public good. I guess that they they got, was the child right got everybody moving a little fastened, I'm not saying they wouldn't have moved fast, but it worked out how it Oh yeah, puts up the the little red alert right. when healing close to home or university health care, a complete, academic health system primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries.
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He also was very concerned with him, not feeling like he was alone. Yeah and she kept saying. I wanted him to know that I was there and that I was there to help him. So she capping like I'm here- you're, not alone, I'm here with you now earlier and anybody does exist. and so she threw on the last pair of medical gloves- were invited by her sheriffs Department and she starts clearing away mats airways of blood, because there was just blood in his nose and its rower. He was gurgling on it. So she said she just was trying to get the blood out, so you can get anything out of their will. The gloves were faulty and they started breaking and she didn't care She just kept going with her, so she kept going anywhere ways cleared his airways of all the blood that had built up and she had cuts on our hands because she had built a shed the day before, because she's, just like a superhuman just do in everything, and she wasn't even concerned with her own, while being she was just
I noticed a life, she just helped him like shit. we'll get a here because that's what you're supposed to do as a first or so I mean that's above and beyond, obviously like I wish all people were like that, but to have that mentality of just like altruism I'll, do as you gonna I'm doing what I have to do to keep this personal right now, pull back up all the way back to December. First nineteen, seventy six in Casper Wyoming his group when Matthew Wayne Shepherd was born to Judy and done a shepherd. He added your brother Name Logan, who he was very close to they were total opposites. I guess Lillian was tall. He was ass, let egg, but he was also a bit of an interpreter, and that was very Jaime, not athletic at all in love to be around people really, but they balanced each the really well and they just got along and there's a lot of them in like the documentaries. I was watching this a lot like home videos and they just have like this Q brother
relationship where, like Logan's, the little brother he's always wanting to be around Matt wake. It's just really cute. I always yeah, so mother said that, when met with little, he liked her he loved to do creative things. He was always writing thieves, always like acting very like will you the answer here and he of to write poetry. So he would write poetry for the neighbours and leave the poems in their mailboxes dark in there I guess I am, I think, those like his grandfather. Something was like a postmaster and told them like technically you have to go. Because that's what we're gonna do you think I'm just ambient fell and philanthropic like I'm sick, so he was like ok, cool I'll, just find beautiful, rocks and I'll leave these people, beautiful rock, so make their. So his mother I guess I dislike left the microphone early and impact of the highest degree. Oh yeah, and then his mother also said it took him a long time what you'll get into to come out to anyone reading.
Putting his closest friends his family, any I think you're going to be honest and but Mother said she knew from a very young age that he was gay mom just now, yeah moms just now, and she said- and she says in one Interview she's like I know this seems very like stereotypical and I hope I'm not being like she's like. I hope I'm not like being clear stay here. We re offending anyone, but she said his favorite hollowing costume was Dolly part. That's incredible. She was like he was her many times for Halloween and then he would dress up, like God How will we in god- and he was- She- was like an obviously that doesn't like make you gay, but she was like, but it definitely made me Think, like maybe yeah you know it could be a possibility right. So, like I said, that was very small. In stature mentioned, he was like five three at the time of his murder. He was like only like barely a hundred and one pounds in tiny, so he wasn't athletic
and he d get teased a bit when he was younger like just normal stuff. They didn't seem to have any real problems. Getting people to see his like Sweden, caring personality and good person. He would win people over. Write. His family says he was actually elected peer councillor in school and he made friends very easily. In fact, he was voted friendliest in his high school class there. So you definitely he he was a charmer. He was sweet. See here obviously like to hear people said he just cared a lot about people and he loved like Heathrow he's. One of those people thrived on being around people So his friend said he enjoyed acting in all the school plays, He was really interested in politics. That was something he got really. trusted and murmured young age too, and he he loved to read the newspaper. He was a big newspaper, kid silly. He could leg.
Keep up with adults rang like current events, news politics like he was like up on it also many a big dreams of getting out of Casper Wyoming being something great, but he wanted to help people to that was like his eye part. this plan, and so in again he was really informed, so he had like all the tools to do it and, in fact, one of his dreams was either he wanted to be famous for something and which it Unfortunately, later everybody was like will mount always wanted to be famous salon Frank, Lorelei, famous, not away. We wanted him to be famous, but he also wanted to be like a diplomat like really make change good. I like that so noble now born in a way. I guess he did. He get a date. He did he very much armed change and like create. You mean he created new legislation, obviously not in the way that he wanted to bio. But luckily something came out of it in a right, so the
Emily had their sons, they attended public school in Casper until mats junior year of high school, which was a nineteen eighty, four ok, so a ninety nine before Dennis, whose mats Father got a job as an oil. Reagan, Spectre with the saudi arabian company awhile. So he moved to the family to Saudi Arabia. and now they said the aiming this was I mean his senior Europe High School knobsticks Anne, but it didn't, though, ok, because, first of all the parents and my kudos do you they were like. We wanted them to see more than only if we want to and they are We also wanted them to see more than the United States very wanted them to see other called what I wanted them to be worldly in appreciate other people for their differences, and we wanted and make them try to work through the hard Lena
culture shock by leading somewhere else. We wanted them to figure out how to deal with it when it seems like because like whom I was he'd, be pretty down to do that and he he thrived. I only I can see that happening so for his senior Europe High School, he actually attended the American School in Switzerland, which is a boarding school okra, because Saudi Arabia, rabies didn't have any american High Schools Matt loved it there like a loved, really he had tons a friends he ended up telling his mother that he met the best people he would ever meet in his life at that boring, Oh, my god. I love that he made like a life lot like they were friends afterwards. I mean he had amazing experiences at this point. He still wasn't out like he was not out to his friend. people knew the like. His friends were like. I knew I've been around him like. I spent some time with him, You know I mean like one of my best friends I read likely when she finally told me by react was like. I know, and I
like I just wanted you to feel comfortable totally can also IDA by literally said I'd like. Can we really need to know I remember when I told you that I was going to do with any Erlich. Ok cool using obsolete great tumbling when you're close to someone. Sometimes you know before their willing to tell you written just one of those things you have to. Let them tell you in their average you I know somebody had never try to force someone just wait until they feel good about it. No tell you rarely if they want if they feel if you live with you, if you're supposed to know you're gonna know if they feel safe enough to tell you they'll tell you so: his friends knew, but he was obviously not out and this boarding school, that they went to this thing where they like to send kids to leg, different countries and different places willing and almost like an abroad kind of thing. near and they just wanted the Miller brought in their views, get new experiences. But it is also he was like a go and abroad exactly the so mad, and his friends chose Morocco even
The school is a bit hesitant because of safety concerns because a spot it just wasn't like it didn't seem like the safest place to send a bunch like american teens over right. So unfortunately, something terrible did, happen there. Oh really now his friends say that everything was going while they were loving it, trying to be as safe as possible staying in groups but Matt knocked on their friends door at two, a m one night school gaming. Oh no, and so they opened the door and the like. What is going on his shirt, less, who she and he screaming, and sobbing and when he was able to speak to them he had taken out. He said- and let me just preface this trigger warning link so just know that, that when he was able to speak to them, he said I I went out to take a walk joyously, you know cool my call, my thoughts can I Would any said when he was on his way back to the hotel. He was just pulled
into an alley by six men who robbed him and raped, and oh my god, his friends said obviously this incredibly horrific violation changed him completely. Obviously his mother said he really retreated into himself He didn't want to tell anyone else like he was. They said he came to school- and I was he was like- haunted dots. I go risk explorer. I bet so even like a good word, for if there is no word rank higher right and his I mean people said that, like he was even I've. His mother said something along the lines of lake. He even took on the posture of a victim going. He was he slammed on rating China, like hid himself in terms of a book which I sat there, which she said was totally not Matt Near, and so that was that was a really really really traumatized. An awful thing that happened.
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People trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. now he had again at this point still haven't come out. Anyone really use very much closeted He came out to his mother, his freshman year of College Equitable College in Salisbury North Carolina, his mom Nl debt with total love and acceptance good of which he was worried about. I guess before he d until the guidance counselor leg, I'm worried by parents will just like totally disown I think, even when you know what your parents reaction is gonna, be like there's always residents, I'm sure it's not worth as yet unclear and also you know, this is Why homing is not like known as being like super. You know.
I've been there like a socially, thus serve, no isn't very progressive, but they really not known for being like suit. Like anti. You know they mean like there. That's not something that really. I think they have like. Their motto is something like let live and let live or something like that. I think I've been Llanos, but I think there is one of the people I saw one of the documentaries was like, I think it live and let live is like I met a live in who can live, but I believe way over their. Unlike laying out, though, let me see you live in so I think as eleven yeah. So I think he was a little kids. You just don't know where you don't and I think his dad was a real like due to do so. I think he was a little worried that he might be like disappoint him in some way or something I remember like it's not the same time is right now now different occur. So here Ozma his Mama totally fine torrents are seldom. I love you mad I'd like to divest anything on, doesn't change the fact that you're, my son and I love you
and so I guess Mount was like you know. Let me tell dad drank, don't tell him, I want to tell him so some homesite, I promise I won't. And then she was like a man. I immediately told this down because she said not to be a dick right. She was like. I did it because I know. Sometimes people can react in the moment she was like. I didn't want him to say something to match that he couldn't take back later right, just in the moment just save up the wrong yeah. She was like I just in one him blindsided casually. I didn't know what the reaction was in my he could say something just off the cuff that be very even measure even without meaning to exert. It could be very damaging without him intending, and you could say that the smallest thing to somebody when they got to you and it could be taken the wrong way or exactly as you know, and that's why she was like so I told them just like he would have a buffer. I penalised, but I do what she did. I think pose a good like mom, just reflecting on that's a good mom move us EM, well. She was protecting both of them shoes Yang. You know she was protecting their relationship with the military Arkwright there. That is good for duty so,
tells his mom and his death. Our. He tells us dad and his dad literally said that he was like data if something really important to tell you and he seldom gay and Denis was like ok, was like what street really important thing you had to tell me. I love that and he said, and he said the same thing guy you're. My son light. That's all that matters you're my son, your map, eurozone gallows, which is like that couldn't better. No, that's the possibility way for it to go, and I think this gave him a lot of lake. So were in out sorry if you're gonna hear screecher guys have they got a movement I got it s actually, so I think this gave him a lot of confidence, now to feel you, ok, that this was the big hurdle and
I can start trying to be a little more open, maybe a kind of brought him back to life a little, but to know that he was accept and I think it definitely did because any started coming out to a couple of friends in the very close friends. He was still very like concerned about it being like super yeah, but he moved to Denver for about a year, and this is what he did go kind of. He kind of would back a little. He went through it. This was only for about a year, but he went through some severe periods of depression. We need not make science based on everything that he had gone yet he was still. I think he was still very much reeling from that experience. And at one point so they said like enough and would show up, and he just be like on the couch for days. It can get a hold of them or they so sad. Then he go through periods of being like math, really highlighting slumber high super low, and they all can. I knew he was obviously going through something ring to be expected. And he was very Hughes. Episcopalian and his family was
they were very involved in like church in everything, and he went to church at this point at one point that was near his home and wasn't an episcopalian church, but he went in there and he asked Whoever was there, you know I'm having trouble him struggling yoga like being hey, I'm I'm having struggle with that. I'm having trouble telling people right is making. feel better ideas and Whoever was in. There are basically told him like it was a sin and you're gonna burn in Hell: fire cool like so are you disgusting and basically treated him like a diamond, and this person, like a gesture, kiss core makes me so mad because he can about the church, enabling I have them. Somebody from church where it's supposed to be the safe place, where, like sanctuary and supervisory sanctuary in he's going in there being like. Please just tell me that it's ok, but I'm ok, I've if you're in a league you're not affected
by somebody else being get. It has literally none them to you so like. Why is me loving? Who I love going to make me go to hell? We got as an make sense. It does and not one person on this earth whatever convince me, though they live any business being involved in somebody else's relationship re so that bummed amount but then heat. Ransford to the University of Wyoming as a political science, major. Ok, he really really thrived here real. So he went there. He immediately got involved and stuff on campus friend Jim Osborne said in the match, Shepherd as a friend of mine diet that matter Cree immediately created a mentoring programme for the school to help me stood and thy love that a particularly algae Bt Q stood and he was very invent. Stood in just helping them transition into the school right, giving them a place where they could feel like comfort. He see really settle in. He was really feeling good mentally emotionally. He started, he said,
to several people only weeks and days before his murder that he was finally filling safe in Wyoming. Oh, my god, oh yeah, so October, six, ninety, ninety eight- Matt had met with the eligibility Q group at the University of Wyoming and they were planning aside liberation for the upcoming gay awareness weak. There were like planning a bunch of events because he was part of this whole thing right very exciting and they're on their way home. He does. She wants to stop and have a drink at the fire, sidebar. Ok, he went around eight or nine and he was light. Does anyone else want to come with me and they were all like? No, we have to lay run and go. You know we have to go daddy asleep. When I do this, not everybody annexes. and so he was like our monitors I have a beer and so he stops around eight or nine around And he's just sitting there, I think that the bartender, steady, look just came up to the bar, how to beer just sat and like just shouted with him a little
It was very decisive element, his own on any said. He had seen him before come in by himself and like to sit, never drink and the new discoveries yoga wasn't like a very normal, so around ten or eleven p m to straight up monster twenty one year old, Russell Henderson and twenty one year old, Aaron Mckinney walked into the bar incur they were roofers. They were like very sporadic with their work. The bartender said they bought a pitcher with diamond. Goals, and the bartender was like. I was really hoping they didn't many more times a nickel is because I want to deal with that again. So you like, I was really hoping there. It is gonna leave after this right, but the under sheriff, rob debris and sheriff oh Molly, in both Grab Aaron Mckinney as some and who gotten trouble lot was based greatest straight up ass. All everyone just knew him as a dick here rough reign was quiet and was a follower. Oh, yeah and Mckinney. Had reason
we had a baby s, Son urgent when his girlfriend and had dropped out of high school. He was known again as an asshole who like to fight he had already in trouble for burglar, rising in Kentucky Fried Chicken why it and making off with twenty five hundred dollars. While ok fine chickens. Doing well right also, he was also spend time in a juvenile detention centre like three months or something I files dealing from a cash or at the sitting about even got stuck there yeah and he was actually waiting for a sentence from the Kentucky Fried Chicken, lousy me up and when he was arrested for this, and here. is also openly homophobic and racist and fear only if your homophobic at all or racist, but to be open about it, is like, while yell cool, he was a straight up ass, a what is wrong with you, the out so much they saw much wrong what this dude so Russell Henderson was a high school drop out, women,
of de wise and driving offences. All that started out as a junior high honor student. What happened very well rounded kid apparent lived their grandparents at one point and was like super respectful, helpful people. neighbors were like he was a good kid, so like a follower and that's it, people are like. I, and see him doing this, like very late. In the day like I can't see him leading this wreck, and so people are like, I know, he's like really to eat gets led astray and it's like. Ok, that's all well and good, but, like you have to, b, but there has to be some evil in you. You're gonna solve some of this, the depths of the late. I'm sorry, we evolve, in situations where I'm sure we followed a crowd, young junior high and simply bellied done something that we're like you're, not primarily, should have done that right die just fall along with the popular kids, but not this be euro fuckin murders. If your murdering someone when you wanted to that's the end of it,.
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The new epic stuff, crests pizza from Proper John, with one topic for twelve bucks, better ingredients, better Peter Papa Johns about it just happens. Interconnection legislator. So. People, who knew him did say he never expressed hatred for gay people or bigotry of any kind. But again he was a true followers, didn't original fucking thought of his Diana was obviously there. If you doubly pages and two in honestly, ignorance is not an excuse. Now, it's just not now they. both said that they saw the two of them Russell and airline. They saw Matt, and they thought he must have money like just I'm. We only have nickel had I'm exactly and they knew he was gay and so they they said they went into the bathroom and they discussed it. They were going to act like they were gay and they were going to rob him. Okay, which is like relay for like another picture. Exactly so
and it's like why don't you just like kids like consecutively, fix roofs instead of doing it here, and there will also I just I hate people who steel right I just got a job. Well done I dont, even that it's not unwilling just get a job sometime this hard to get a job yeah. But like just don't steal, don't steal from other people. Egregiously, that's not right. I hate people who still want. I think if I honestly think that if they said like hey, Buddy, Camilo Grab, ten bucks not probably would have given it to the honestly and that any we will find out. Then they don't really have to do anything for him to give up his wallet right. He'd literally gives it right. He offers it to them. Oh, they figured you know: they're gonna, pretending there gave a lower amount of the bar and the bar tender remembers them all leaving together. He said I saw a mountain them talking here I thought it was a little weird because when they came up to order, the pitcher Matt was at the bar and they never interactive rank, but then all of a sudden they were talking so is like they obviously to know each other. They just started talking Sousa Garret. They walked out together,
in the march, and it was like TAT was the last time most people saw a man alive right now they drive away and they Drive away in Erin struck. Russell is driving images like good job because Russia, Does the one with all the deal eyes and the driving offences malign? Definitely have him during your damn near an idiot thing: it's Aaron's fathers struck. Actually I'm pretty sure like it's one of big borrowed the track from one of their fathers. Even so, Mckinney said to see. to Matthew in the car out of nowhere, he just said we're not gay and you're getting jacked. So what He also tried to claim later, which no one believes that Matt tried to like grab his leg. I know it's like. No, they just didn't happen. really come on like- and I believe later they like recanted that and set it didn't happen. They trying to use which we're gonna get very far into later, the gay panic defence which dinner That's just a zone to me. He then started as soon as he said like where you're getting jacked. He then
starts to assault Matt and try to get his wallet. Even so, matches hands him? His wallet mash literally like here you go, gives an errand it's in his confession, because the police I did he give you like, did you have to take the wallet by forest and here, No, I just gave it to me readily when like why. Why are you do anything like? What are you doing and so he just kept going so this it so he's heading Matt with the butt of eighty three, fifty seven Magnum Revolver, my and he was just hitting him over and over and over like psychotic right now this is one they pull off into- is isolated area only in the prairie. Basically, they drive out too that fence they dragged Matt out of the truck and after a struggle which they could tell them that struggled alot. There were, but there is evidence that he would try to run rang out. They got him evidence that they dragged him and he ran away it's awful in June. I mean everybody,
like this gets worse, such as he gets a really bad case, guys so Aaron told Russell, go get some rope in the truck and we're gonna die the fence like. Why, though I just I don't understand, and so he had, he had a length of in his track Russell one got at Russell, apparently according to air and tied him to the fence. Also too his hands behind his back- and muscle is just a little lemming and just literally everything, so according to Aaron, as while rustled didn't hit Matthew revenue didn't stop. It is just as bad didn't stop him and he also at one point claims that Russell was giggling like found it funny yeah, so he so Ross as well in and I will say air and does not throw him under the bus for heading him right so, but
does tie him to the fence. Any ties, times's arms and he does nothing to stop the right. So once you tied to the fence, he just Aaron starts beating him again again, again while he's tied, sullenly arriving and with the butter, the revolver, he said he also used his fists a couple times. once he was satisfied, he stole had the wallet and he stole his shoes, like y know all in all. According to the autopsy there are eighteen hits to his head and face with the butter the revolver yeah. There are four scope: Asko fractures, my god and the work ended up being the fatal blow was behind his right ear, where they had caved in his skull and crushed it. So sadly, that it crashed his brain stem, which your brain stem is. EU rules are functions right, so they crushed it. They didn't totally.
It basically, but it is why he ended alley averting slightly for, like I say, corn, unquote, living correct they also. This blow also tore his ear like almost completely off. Oh, my god like check your own, for no reason in Nay. This is not robbery No. This is not Robert. You aren't first, that's a hate crime. He willing you gave you his wallet. He gave you and you said so, and you stole shoes. You could just leave no idea to brutal Hit someone that hard. You have pure hatred for them in like that, for no reason that affects you know now now Matt was left tied to that fence bleeding and going in and out of unconsciousness in the freezing, cold Wyoming winter- possesses October, a God freezing cold criminals in the middle of the night, it goes down below freezing rhymes for eighteen hours.
Because it was so secluded. We I think I like I was writing, is by exaggerate attempts literally dipped below freezing, where he was out there in just wearing no normal regular court with no shoes and bleeding profusely This is one offer officer. Reggie fluting arrived on this scene where I talked about the beginning. Now, when we left left her. She was using her bare hands to clear mats airways of blood right, bad vaudeville alert. This just shows her complete alters. Wretches, jumping into action without Regard for any fell flat. I'm gonna save this guy, like more people just need have that kind of just mentality and passion for another human being in first stranger, just a complete stranger. She didn't know him right. So when Sheriff Deva Mally arrived unseen, he said there was blood, spattered and fifty foot radius. My daughter
said there were dragged marks all over the ground where, like we said, Matt had clearly tried to escape and been dragged back several times in a book called finished, lives, reviving the memories of algae beating you hate crimes, its by Stephen Sprinkle, officer, ramallie or sheriff. Molly said it was the worst crime scene he had ever witnessed in his entire career. React believe- and this is very interesting- I love this at this- I found like wow- he also said quote. I would a rotten son of a bitch when it came to dealing with gay issues, I had preconcert, the ideology that I grew up with hearing it from my father and friends Folks, we used to tell and the things we used to say and then he said after seeing Matt COD, my eyes opened up? I didn't real eyes how a hate crime affects all gaze. Not just an individual right now its friends were scared to death. Some left town, the result of what happened some transfer,
two other schools. They knew. If it had happened to him. It could happen that anybody all kinds of people get killed every day, but I'm not afraid walk down to the liquor store by six pack of some of these people were its absurd that it took something this tragic for it to hit me. While but at least it in an M good for him for admitting that to admit that is cute chanted just be like to be It took this. This reflect the worst crime scene. I've ever seen in my entire your career, which is a lengthy career. This point it took that for me, why not look at all people and billing grouse right wig Infirm dude met there. That's that's pretty great. It's that's huge! It shows that you can it's ok to tweak you're you're. Her thoughts, Your outlook on the world is called Grove. Exert it's ok to sit there and go well shit. I was wrong. I looked at this situation for how long and I looked at this-
Why? Because I was not this way or I just looked at it this way, and this is what I believe it's ok. To learn, information or absorb a situation and then re woe. oh I got a switch their because you it's like on its unlearned hate. He is alone behaviour and I should like a lot of people feel like they can't do that. No, no you're allowed to do that. You should actually is being a decent human being to evolve into like you. should be evolving with the world's Iraq should be evolving. You re of things change all the time, so it's like guys do they do it right so Meanwhile Mckinney and Their son went back into town after they left Matthew. Ninety this fence during crises or fuck. At this point they were ass later, like did you think he was dead and Mckinney's like me, I figured it was probably dead music. I didn t really D. Just didn't care o you lowering our values like airily, don't give a shit Larry, I dont care, so you again for your used.
Just about your night. Well guess what they do so they go in the town and they pick a fight with two mexican american teens good, The teams were Emilio, no more Alice in Jeremy Herrera, both eighteen years old. They will. said that these two assholes just jump to them on the street because they just work done with nine, a fan, terror and morality was hit in the head with the revolver beside one. Yet the same on in DR needing twenty one staples wall in that This friend Jeremy hit errand with a stick to get em off of only rise like with the above. All guardedly ran away well Mackay, ended up with a hairline fracture that night, from getting hit with the stick. Aha he's. So he hairline fractured skull and was brought to the hospital police question. They were like. I know, you're bleeding Blake. Why do you have that much blood right and they are linked, whether funding at because it was soaking, is than any use just going out for my own had displayed a law, and they were just like that
and in reality it was mostly Matthews. Obviously, while he was put in a room for doors down from where Matthew lie unconscious in a coma yonder for a period of time that night they were for doors away from each other, while cement he was lying in a common one. Room in his killer was laying for doors down and they had no idea. That's insane isn't that on believable to go back and know that Unbelievable, while what are what are the fucking odds? That's the thing, and it's like a knowing now, and I'm sure, if just ass his parents, I keep thinking like. cause, I'm gonna get into you know his parents coming back and everything properly in part. Two, I think, is renowned this in a bit, but I just think, his parents. Now, knowing that information and knowing like, while you were trying to get to your son, who is lying in a calm after being beaten for no reason whatsoever and then tied to a fence for eighteen hours alone. While you had no idea right,
and you have to sit there. No there for a period of time we weren't where he was for doors away from the man who did that to him and that no one knew, and it's like her. That's gum, the Cindy anything it honestly. It blows MIKE radio. That is like that, like windows. That happened right. When does that that's Ike, we always say like when you're watching we mean your like. Ok, like that was a little over exactly and it's like that, but this is the reality of the situation, rights insane and think I am going to end part one here. While that is now in the hospital he is in a coma and Mckinney and Henderson are not caught yet, while so we are going to stop part one here, but her giving us a little bit of a breather. His part to his pretty rough, do we're gonna or what we gotta think everybody needs to be like, to take a minute here, and I suggest anybody wanting more information definitely
need a link it in the show note some his mother Judy wrote a book. Matt Shepherd is a friend of mine is a great movie to watch adjust. It has everybody who is close to him talking item is just like really like talking celebration and so in its like very heart wrenching at times, but it's, I believe, like beautiful at the same time, definitely watch those but you're. In luck because part, two going to be coming out on Sunday about two days, so you don't have a long time to wait. I won't make you wait like a week for part two we're going to give you party right away, so I hope everybody is feeling okay, right now about baby? You took something away from my home town because you know what its pride month. That's the whole point of us doing they and we need to sell brave, but we also need to remain aware of what the algae BT, Q plus community is dealing with memory guy now. Hopefully, this
This is gonna, inspire someone to change their way of thinking. I hope so I hope so well we're gonna finger Patriotic Yea Subway, we're gonna worry we're gonna. Take a quick right turn to like a happy that yeah so a number one is Margaret Con. It more. cause you're on a girl. Next, as James Perea,. James Perea right can wait a year ago, ages, the next we have a Madonna Erin Erin. he's like like fifth pager on that's Erin, and it's just, I love it Aaron, so hot ran around so hot right now. Next week, Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Elizabeth, you are the visible That's my favorite care you're! My favorite! ecstasy, Janine Pain, Janine, pain, you're, not a pan, you're gonna die in a minor can you're. Not next is grace. Hangar grace hangar you,
hang in there because you're the best singer, then we have MEG in harm ire in harm Meyer, you rock Iraq. my socks, then I'm sorry, if I messed up your last name and look at this relic one more. Second, Chris me rags Christmas, rags, Gimme MO rag. My colleagues links Chris Year awesome. Thank you. Our next one is another much on whom Allison Now, listen with Y all Alison with a wise, so hot right now hot right. Now, then we have, category. I think, since scenarios sis narrows Caterie since and arrows, that's an amazing name, you're the best and were really sorry if we said it wrong. We love you caught Teresa.
Narrows love. You I'm gonna, do to more patriots who Willoughby Tricia, Bow Tricia value ring my bell: Ding Ding, Ding, a nun last, but certainly, not least, as Danny be Danny Bay. Urinate lost in my book, urinate, plus, plus and Maya thanks, Danny well as always guys you can find us on Instagram morbid podcast Let us move on to utter a morbid podcast send us a gmail. Please please, please, please, please and all your listener tails to the G mail account we ass with the subjects listener tales and then, whatever fun thing, you decide to write. Those are really funny yes, morbid broadcast at gmail dot com and
We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it until something for no reason, because that really just makes me want to punch you directly in the face, but I wouldn't do that because I'm too nice by add country, so I make her do it, but don't do that. Hope and healing close to home, Cooper, university health care, a complete academic health system
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