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Episode 153: The Hex House Murder

2020-07-04 | 🔗
It's a weird, 1920's murder involving magic, hexes and a straight up river witch. On Thanksgiving Eve in 1928, John Blymire had reached the end of his rope. He was down on his luck for the past year and he was convinced someone had hexed him. After multiple visits to witches and healers, he was told his fears were valid and that his neighbor was the one responsible for his bad luck. So he plotted to remove the hex placed on him, and he was willing to do anything to achieve peace.https://the-line-up.com/hex-hollow-nelson-rehmeyer https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/rehmeyers-hollowhttps://www.jsonline.com/videos/archives/2019/10/29/hex-house-creepy-tale-murder-witchcraft-york-county/2494760001/Thanks to our sponsors!EmbarkThis summer, Embark has a limited time offer just for our listeners! Go to Embarkvet.com now and use Promo code MORBID to get $50 off your Dog Breed and Health kit.

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