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Episode 154: The Galveston 11 Part 1

2020-07-10 | 🔗
In the first installment of our series about The Texas Killing Fields, we focus on the 11 raped and murdered young girls referred to as the Galveston 11. In Part 1 of this case, Ash goes through Ed Bell's tumultuous life, his confessions and the first murders. Did Ed Bell do it, or is he an Ottis Toole type who likes to involve himself in nightmares that he wasn't present for? EmbarkRight now, Embark has an exclusive offer just for our listeners! Go to Embark vet dot com now! and use Promo code MORBID to save 15% off your Dog Breed and Health kit. Visit Embarkvet.com and use promo code MORBID to save 15% today. Care/ofFor 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com and enter code morbid50.Athena ClubStop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you’ll get 15% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code morbid. 
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This is an ash honey. This week as an ash. Centric weak, it's to powder ash style. Ash is doing a two part. I think may ever done like giving only ever done one to partner but actually just add one day. Did I do the glory valor and I've done, I think, trailing anthemousa to burner now say your ear seasoned veteran a dozen calculated us. I think I've this like lorry value as my first deep diamond due to partner in them from this was like. I was on the ocean floor. You are you're you're digging through until eight the magma yeah yeah. I'm excited, I think earths. On core, the other one not refer mantle, sure environmental. There is this man, a man you're there,
comrade, I gleaming chorus, furthers same core jam up air travel, very cool reno don't don't overshoot. I guess so. hey guys, welcome to our show they allow. So I think we have just a couple of things we wanted dimension. We I just wanted to say that again, all our line shows that were scheduled than twenty twenty, in twenty twenty one. Now, while law We don't have dates for everything, but we will certainly what you know. I've removed all the old dates from our website. I update that as soon as I am the new ones sugar emails to from whoever you purchase take it with new dates by won't reminding elected the venues organ end up telling you you know this has been reschedule, but you know what- same here. Why should you have to do work? We're gonna, let you know as soon as we know, and if you can hold onto your tickets, that's
normally because gnarly as far you will be able to take those tickets and use them for the new day, and we can hang finally to the extreme. If you can't, though, because shit bins, twenty twenty one we don't and who knows, I hope it's a better ear. Cove, it's been a tough one for people's been tough financially emotionally, physically all candidates up yeah sophie you for some reason need to get rid of that ticket. He can hang onto it. For then we understand we hope you can all hang onto your tickets, but obviously we understand and if you have to do a refund or whatever needs to do just contact your venue or the people you bought the ticket from and they help you. But again we hope we get to see you and I want you to anyone autos face yeah. We really do and we're sorry that you know it keeps getting bombed in Reno aids are going everywhere, obviously very much beyond dark, enthralled, airy beyond anybody's control. At this point, pandemics, our crazy- and we have not all really lived through, unlike this so
in a world is working on, what we can but yeah. We notes frustrating where frustrated, trust me, because we, we're so ready for a full year of just like seeing it basically because We got to do like too many I've shows when you're done more monks, and then we went to the fucking grammar see- and I was like oh bitch- is this: is it ok, I gotta yellow? Thank you New York, I fell like yeah natural. It was so fun and it made me be like all right. Let's do this and I was ready ya. Had we had our lakes stage ready to go. We all excited about. I have like four fuckin pairs pants and my closet right now that I've just been waiting to wear. That's not an exaggeration, that's real. I've seen them via an other had they are real, and but you know what all of this excitement and all this prayer were telling you of our. I know it's gonna get even better and twenty twenty one, so ever the thing that we thought was can be read in twenty twenty we're just gonna just bump
right now we are actually trying to figure out how to do fireworks on stages. Pyrotechnics ehlert, I didn't know that only could, but we're gonna build it. We're gonna make it awesome. So if you have tickets in your like animal trust me There are only worth it it's gonna Morgana Your thing doubtful about an reverse that we truly are so yeah, so that just the business about tickets. Again, Juno scene was, we know, there's some real bomber news that happened like lately last night ya, any was telling me about it today and I was like Y yeah, so I went to bed last night and John was ugly working cause he's been working from home and it's like just craziness, with kids brands of coming to work legally moonlight, and he will he came in. I think I just woke up when he walked in the bedroom and he was like do you watch glee
no and those like no, but I know gleefully dynamically, that's exactly the exchange that India has ones like. Did you ever watched Galina like now now, legality I acknowledge physical kind of girl, I've never watched even a second, and I don't mind musicals. I just never got into that show I'm sure it was awesome, but I've never watched Why not show anybody know, but the actors who are on it? I know the whole know. People that there is like a glee curse at want. It's. This is very scary, so he's eater calls me about Nigh Rivera whose, like thirty, three years old fashion, real yonder two year younger than me and she's, ugly, actress and last night. Apparently it was
It was announced that she had gone out on the lake on a little pontoon bow with her four year old son, whose adorable God then they did. They don't know where she is they. The four year old said that I somebody had reported that the four year old had told authorities or whoever found them dad it out. She went in the water and cheating come back and to me, that's The most heart, wrenching horrific thing. I've ever heard in my entire life. So strange like. Why didn't he was wearing a life jacket, but her life jargon as Ngos among the load yeah and at first it was like a search and rescue mission and they changed to a recovery mission. in the middle of his presumed dead. Now, which is horrific in so sad in so leg. Ah, it's just such a freak, weird accident in and now it's like what happened yeah, I think,
I think we're gonna find out a law in the coming week. I mean, obviously it doesn't look good, but am Irene holding out hope, maybe something happen and shall be found. Ok, but like age I mean it doesn't look good, but you know everyone can hold out hope I have to write, but yeah they haven't found her, yet I just looked it up to see if anything has been announced, but note that have not found NEO yet, but so sad. I now such leg and in I mean by all accounts. She was like an amazing person. Amazing mom, amazing talents. It's like what happened. what happened now, that poor four year olds and of all out a traumatized situation all around. They hope he has like family about pink and go be with examples like he does. Yams like you know, and they said he's healthy he's. Ok, that's good! So that's good, but man what a story I gotta we're sitting was had are, it is in you know, will update when we find out what's going on, but once everybody cross your fingers that its
Something weird is going on in that she just shows up rain that some happen. Weirder things up and now I mean they found Elizabeth Smart alive. So that was the. Does the shoulder of the century. So we all thought she was gone you just never now you gotta hold out. That's all we got that's all we got so we have really is so that's a bummer Burton. I wanted to mention that, because I thought it was important next this coming week, we are going to be covering the Vanessa gain case, so get ready. that guy's, because I think we have as much information as we're gonna get right now. I think we have a good amount, Fer, a full episodes that everything we want to cover it now so we'll be covering mad. But today what
We got your anger and we are covering- and this is like a highly requested case sure- is that Galveston Eleven is that, like the Texas killing fields, it's part of the Texas Kelly I load the Texas going films is a massive will, be covered more thing yet with that, but yeah. This is part of it, but the case has the first body that was ever discovered in the Texas killing. Oh, I just saw that actually we're not gonna gamins about in part want it's gonna, be in part. Two. Oh dont worry, but it's ok so In ninety ninety eight, the sky, Edward, Harold Bell- he sucks he rooms, like you suck Frank Ziyadi name, he wrote, multiple confession: letters to prosecutors in not only Galveston but Harris, which is also like a community about eleven unsolved murders and Galveston Texas Move, and he completely admitted he went into detail about many of the vote.
Comes, went as far as to say what they were wearing, what he used to shoot them like what kind of gun. where it was things that only he would now. It seemed that way, but there is also like. Maybe he runs like a lot of newspapers Only because when it comes to light clothing, Sufi gonna hurt at right. He didn't necessarily say anything that wasn't mentioned at one point: ok, but all of the things that he mentioned in his letter were never laid out in one place, so you would have had to gather from many different places and like he would have had like me, newspapers and his jail cell, so there's a lot that would have like a little but much so then he went back. retracted everything that he had said, and he claimed that huh was suicidal any thought by confessing to all this, he would be killed by the state now and it's like doesn't necessarily work that way and I feel, like you, probably knew that
This is just like a convenient excuse, slow. They have that sound like a game of sound the game sounds exotic, tooling it and Henry Lucas sing. It in itself psyche he's out your wiles in because he also said he'd, actually, never killed anyone o, which is weird because he was prison for murder, is given a say, he's like you know what it's crazy they actually never killed. A single person actually shouldn't be inherent in everybody's, like yeah, but you should, though, because like there were multiple witnesses to killing somewhat like brow, come on ordinary it all up. hope and healing close to home Cooper University, health care, a complete a dynamic health system from Prime Every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advance in cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper, with
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Apparently he was in the boy scouts and I read a few articles. That said he had a pretty typical childhood. It really seem like that, if you're going based off of what he says about his childhood, because whatever he has to say, was not at all normal hour, but I mean which could be the truth I'm gonna go get it all. You could also be him saying see. This is why I do this exactly affability, excuse, gunners, the validation. It's really hard to take him for what is worth like it's very difficult. It sounds he is very much an artist tool yet Slash Henry Lucas. Yes, exactly so he says that he became a sex criminal at the age of three, Our already I'm starting to think that may be usable shudder. They probably so there's this woman name, I think. Ok, I think her name is leaves its ally s e lease, but in the documentary they call her LISA like the narrator does but then also other p
in the documentary call her lease saw, my which is it. Some were we switch scholarly cool so if anybody know for sure- and let us now never let me know nicely nicely she works for she was. a journalist and investigative journalist, and she has all these honours like she is gone to fuckin town in her investigative journalist, then for her she's, a bad bitch yeah. So she basically went out to see him in prison because after these can she got her hands on these can some letters and was like what the fuck like water you about what now so she he agreed to like do an interview with her in prison and how told her while she was visiting that When he was three years old, he was outside playing in the back yard and like his older brother, who was like five up, the time came out and was like: let's go your girlfriend on the street already I like what sir they go You see this neighbour, girl and adsense.
He remembers morning to take off the squirrels clothes, no he's through I'm like you, don't know about that, doesn't make any sense. No, so he did and his brother. after three year old took off the inherently yet So far. This checks out checks out. He did and the girl mom came out and like flipped out and then he said when his parents, He got home and basically his mom, just like beat the shit. of him with a stick and not when he became a sex criminal I'm gonna call bull shit on that figure. Hers of many things, one three Do you remember that three reg three, because my again, my girls are for right:
data, remember anything from when they were three and that was a like six months ago. I mean I guess this would be like a memorable experience in your life because it so dramatic. I don't you remember, legged, their certain things. Can people say and am sure people will say that they remember certain things from when they were like three four five yeah little things? But you wouldn't remember something like I wanted to take her closer right. You know you're, not a rambling, your motivations or you're right you're, Skinner, remember things that happened remain b, and maybe I mean Three is not when you you're, not making a lot of memories, No, I didn't I got up and in your certainly not becoming a sex criminal at three does not happening you just don't you don't have the capacity for that. right, the one you dont know what sex is. Your brain has not developed in any way. He really not like you're still learning what the actual world around you is. In fact, I know it doesn't matter
that's bullshit and anomalies that bullshit, it's really offensive that he's, like yeah people, believe scream like unbelieving boredom, and it's really just like a really grow. scarcely certainly would get makes me want to. Let go take a shower. It shows how gross he is. He oh we're gonna FIAT Gracias, so it also really like lends itself to this story that he has because he says this was the first memory that he had where he realizes are realised that his actions were being controlled by the programme. again, no! No! The problem! Ray I'm three years old, so we're gonna find out that adopts a lot about this fuckin programme. which is, according to him, a government program that brain shoot him into doing all the bad things he did throughout his life. While what convenient alleviate my reconvene, one pointy legitimately blames after Wowzer like The cat is named after is allowed awkward
no, I just, I feel bad for a cause. Apparently, you ve never had a chance. No, he never did like, oh god that was false cousin for anybody. I can read that just like that. He never had any control over his life path knows. This is that, if it's true, he also claims that, when he was eight years old, he was molested by a cousin at the direction of his father. That's terrific and you know- and I could I heard things right- that horrific happening so that I'm not gonna, be like absolutely nothing like that. Could have that definitely gonna happen. If it did, that's terrific and I feel bad for child him right, exhorted him and then final thing kind of when he was fifteen years old. He believes that as father hired a hitman to kill him while they were out squirrel hunting together in the woods,
said. His father wanted to kill him because quote the programme wasn't working so like his dad set him up with this programme and like he felt ass though it wasn't working, so he wanted to kill him seems like a lot of layers, sits very Laird lot. So In other news, I D go to Texas collar. He did go to Texas. He went attacks, they went to college and Access Texas, aunt em and he played the trombone Maggie Marching Band get it. He met his first wife in college, then the sun's great three kids together so filling does really could have been like any chance. really turn things around, I'm a better future for himself, but that's not what I did Ed was arrested at least seven times for things like rape aggravated aggravate rape, indecent exposure and indecency with a child. Ok those are our really her effect.
Really horrific out. It's not your like getting arrested, for you know petty faster they're, like havin, some we'd on you the day, no, not really bad? What I'd like to do? Was he liked to get naked from the waist down? Fine, young girls who were like in groups together and alone and he'll. Typically, he like people to be like these girls to be younger than like. Sixteen that's real. We discuss thing. None of these girls were over eighteen, it's disgusting, but sir. how he always avoided prison time like he never got prison time for any of these and decent exposures or these rapes, and he would just walk up to these girls without his pants on than just be masturbating. What with so many of these, like we're dunes, do that agency. Weird, it's fucking thing wonderfully most horrifying things I would ever sees. Does it just like a dude Winnie the pulling it legally Why do nothing good about that now, when no note to all men, never think that it's like a good thing to walk into a
men who just why, with assured on in nothing and the way now- and I also just don't understand, like the great thrill that you get out of that it's like I mean I'm glad you don't because what area, but it's this, but they do, they think it's. You know what it is. It's not for us to understand like a dungeon, all things a power thing and fear thing: it's a terrorizing that by doing that, they want, Therefore, in a situation that you can't get out of right because you're just trap, draw seen one of them already seen at the already. We have already been traumatized right and then they get this power Just using you without your permission to jacket sober sets. like a Lucy caving exactly three days. It's a rape from a distance. It is what had been absolutely as lol. Like I said somehow, he always avoided prison time, which is just fucking mine among young people.
but you are also it was the seventies though it's like you know it's like their golden, say, Keller thing right leg when we talked about it on my gun, like our patriotic now we gonna discussion about the aisle begun in the dark room. They talk a lot about how, in this Given these rape was just, it was like what did you do at a man by almost all areas, assemble assault exactly so instead of going to prison, he would have to click complete psychiatric treatment instead. Ok, so I also think and there's I'm gonna talk about an investigator later on, who totally believe thus believes this as well? I think that be that's when all this programme bullshit started because he realised that he could avoid jail time. By being like, I am Coup Nazi up. think that happens like the programme is making me do those because, after has taken over my brain programme, Yanks
I think that if he had gone to prison, though a lot of the girls that we're gonna talk about in part, one in part, two would absolutely one hundred percent be alive today. Absolutely so, like I said, Ed Bell, wrote multiple confession: letters on one particular letter talks I quote the eleven that went to Heaven. Tat is so spooky so spooky, and it's like you can't. I could not find this fucking anywhere. If anybody can find it, let me now countdown theirs. I'm an anti documentary. It's like a doc, you serious think at seven, six or seven parts. I watch the whole thing twice because I was like holy fuck and they quote from this latter a lot, but then I tried to find it in its entirety. Yeah, where is it I'll have to look for it, but he writes a poem about these girls and he that's where the title comes from its the eleven that went to Heaven. Ah, that's too, so fucking creeping in these letters. He specifically talks about some of the like, like actually
Civically name, some of these girls or he'll, be like the two from Dickinson or like the two from here like this one, have this color hair and like that of this kind jackets, and it all lines up. So it's like, I feel like it's just too, convenient that you would like remember all of that from a newspaper, because the way he writes about it is like he was, their yeah seems league the way he remembers, it is how you really do remember such missions in exactly this one's. You know. Nancy may remember, Nancy aren't, but this one had brown hair and I can't remember anything this one. I remember her jacket inordinately like you naturally remember thing: right cause at times. Even if you do have a photographic memory, he would have remembered all the names I feel exactly now yeah, so he specifically talks about killing fifteen year, Debbie Ackerman and Maria Johnson, as well as seven other girls, fifteen years old, if teen and that's not even the youngest- that we're gonna talk about
Maria and Debbie were last seen in front of a Baskin Robins ICE Cream shop on November. Fifteenth their friend Cindy Thompson worked at this basket. Robins! Ok, it was a holiday from schools and teachers meeting or something I got so everybody was off from school. Everybody was kind of dislike, do indifferent things, and this was The little surf towns like people run of the beach they are grown here to everyone who took a fun, Asda, absolutely cell Cindy remembered that everyone was off from school. Everybody was kind of like congregated in the basque and robins, and she was friends with Maria Debbie ensures like oh, What are you guys doing today and they were like our plan for the day, is to hitchhike to Houston, which thought really wasn't like Abner. I'm all! It was not up. Indeed, that's just kind of what you did like now, you'd be like wall and by the way, I don't know if I said it. This was seventy one o seventy one guy so late. I'm time hey, adding absolutely she like. Ok, cool, like how funds
see you later primetime hitchhiking in prime time Warner to which we are exactly that's, why I feel it thats? Why someone? crimes are unsolved from the seventies cause. It's like you, just anybody could have in fact in passing through and you just got on their car. Oh that definitely had a lot to do with it being such a dangerous decade when just availability of victims, exact right. Rash your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted smooth these pressures or pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy trade. delicious bleoberis like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mixed barrier. Strawberry bananas smoothie crafted to keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher, since Moody's made breast your way at? Why? Why Peter
night, the best knight of the weak, but adding poligized new parmesan posted proper dear for yourself makes it even better the kids get slices and you get a crispy parmesan covered flat rate. It's like a toasty cheese via worked out in your mouth and a grand the meat and milk cheese. Both inside get a new parmesan private property, adjust review for all of these seven box. Better ingredients, better pizza, pathogen bowed with this company syntactic, sacrificing mayberry, so, Cindy remembered that Maria was wearing a white top and red pants, and the last time she saw Maria and Debbie they were getting into a white Van
never never cancer to wipe away man. She said that the driver was one hundred percent, a man. She said she didn't see his face, but she saw his arm and choose like it's definitely a dude and she was like Maria and Debbie seem to recognise this guy because they were talking to him for like a little bit before they got in and then they got in and they were off and that's the last time she ever Cyrus. US, because two days later, Marie S body was found in the Turner by you. Hands were bound. She was naked from the waist down and then the day after that, Debbie's body was also found in the Turner, Bio. The saint aubert by my own, have the Baha I yo devalued The same way now Bell has like a bunch of different stories about seeing Debian Maria that day. That uncourtly goes he goes with, The first story that he told was that he led them to the water after raping them. He stood on the beach,
jenny, had them like walk into the water like kind of waiting in and shot them, both with the three three fifty seven magnet, while they just stood there all right, I like facing away from him cat in they'd, they were shot like that's exactly how they die so he knew that and he knew that where they were found him and he describes standing on the bridge and it's like at all adds up. So that's the first story that he told later. Third, that wasn't true and he had actually never heard of those girls dude. We go from your standing on the bridge, shooting them, and then you, you never raping after raping, and now you just didn't, know them, and you never knew them, then, his most recent story as that, and this issue is right before he died- that he told this story was that oh, he did in fact pick them up from the Baskin Robins ICE Cream store and they told him that they were sick of high school. Noise and they wanted a real man? No, and I'm sorry, if you see what he looks like like back in the day, I was like they definite
wouldn't have gone to him. If that's what they want to have any doubt that, like that, just never happen now, I don't even doubt it just didn't happen, lunatic classic its vague Why do you want it? That's what it is they want. They so desire and just look at me, and he said after he finished having sex with them. He dropped them off at a theatre of zones. To such a Jew, I'm gonna get so weird that you dropped off because, like they were found dead that daily air, so no one salmon theatre. doesn't make any sense and did he drive of white band? He did DR only course. The time in the van was later burned. F. Why? I uh that's fine, yet not literally nothing else like. I could find nothing else about that, just that it was later burdens for and repainted repainted. First then bird in its not out of this world? To think that Debbie and Maria would have known? Who Ed Bell was because Debbie and Maria were both super into surfing and waterskiing? They were both like really good at water skiing and they would have known him from the surf and die,
shop that he co owned. Ah, with this guy name, Doug prunes MIA That means a lot to say hi there. Now this was like the police to be and Galveston because every but he was into water, sports, water, skiing, leg surfing and they sold all that stuff there and it's like I just picture like this little each town by yeah summer vacation we're like you're all hanging out like the serpent dive shop, like I don't think you have the movie jaws me, I'm thinking of a token fight yeah, so that where they were and he fucking CO owned it. So it's like he definitely they. They ran cross each other's path on motion Earl occasions and dug burns, he actually this is so weird and like how did you co own something with this guy? He said he didn't know him very well hurry no, but a little bit of distancing. He was an artist. Nobody came around the store a lot and he told me that
needed somewhere to sell his dive equipment, and I was like gas Ellen here, Louis, like foot become a colonna related say, that's a jump! You should have a lot of discussion above that he was fairly just like a chill sir do these like Asher, honestly, it makes sense you wanna, Colonna, he's like dealing with each boys. Are a cool there's other guy that worked their name Jimmy some refilled said that it was always come in and go in, and he knew that it was a con man of sorts and he was always up to something he was like. I knew that I was up to something use wily that one the highly coyote so Debbie and Maria or not. the old pair of friends to go missing from Galveston and turn up in a gruesome manner. Ok next pair were gonna talk about thirteen year old Sharon Shaw and fourteen year old, Rhonda, Renee Johnson man, so they went missing on August forth and nineteen. Seventy one ok so and I went by Renee. Renee was like super into music.
And surfing. A lot of these girls were into surfing because they lived in Davos tendencies. What Ali, how he was picking them out to exactly, because they probably hung out at the search. and she loved to hang out with her best friend Sharon Sharon was the younger one of the two, but everyone says that she was the leader and she had this like confidence. Her like she knew what she was doing good for her and she had big dreams of becoming a pro surfer and she talked about this all the time she was like. I'm gonna run it in California, when I'm old enough and I'm gonna be like a pro surfer. Oh sir, oh, she and Renee wanted to go to the beach one day, probably go surfing Langley, so there, send Glenda Willis drove them out to the beach in Galveston, and then she was like. I got to get to work like are you guys, like? I think she hung out there for a little bit and then she was like I got to go like. Are you guys, coming and they're like no we're good we're going to hang out longer
so it was just the two of them there together and Glenda, ended up being the last friend to see them alive. A man tat. I always think that the poor people that end up being a currency later one. It's like the wheat likely you run into so many people like down story. Obviously in its like the last people, feel so much guilt matter like I just should have never what what having own. I think of every little possibility like me, although I want at ease- or maybe, if I had made them, come with me and write like, of course, its natural, its humanist just make sure you do it's like survivors. Go. It just makes me so Sab, those people- what that extra layer, this sadness, so they went missing August. Fourth, they weren't found until February one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and it was August. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. So it took a very long. Further bodies to be discovered, yeah Sharon's remains were found first by a man, fishing at Taylor, Lake all
all they found twenty nine of her bones and with her bones, they found pieces of tied up black twine Then Renee Skull was found in like upper Taylor. Wake so saint. There is kind of the same deal like one they dislike drifted apart, began occurrence, probably a, and they had to use dental records to identify Renee, LAO and yeah. so in his letter at Bell had said that he tied Debian Maria up. So this kind of explained the Thai, like that. I found one with Shirin Sharon's body exactly it was all so noteworthy. Now the thirst two sets of friends to go missing. They have similar enter, like water, surfing water, surfing, who you know, water, soil and water, skiing in surfing and their similar ages. Nea, and it's like it's weird, like two girls go missing out, I'm like that's a weird thing. He asked the main thing that people
hold onto as that, at least for this case is that add: Bell referenced a blonde and a brunette and his confession. Let it letter and many people think that the blunder Burnett killed together, summer were Sharon and Renee. Okay, so a few years later, we're goin to flash forward to September of seventy four. There was another pair of girls to go missing together. Some You take note ya, like how one the other thing is. These are like now, These are in Galveston and there are so many police commuter used or index under that elections, and they don't want to work with age than ever want to share information, especially in the seventies there. It was like up like a competition, oh yeah, they all had Hugh huge moustaches lash the mutton chops and they were like no not share and holds in everything close to my heart, as also probably going to do the most minimal amount of searching for these? I'm gonna do the absolute least about a fortnight. I am corrupt as fuck, so so
summer. Seventy four another pair of girls goes missing from Dickinson this time. Now Dickens. It is not that far away from Galveston, it's like a twenty five minute, Dr Ochre, and that's also a town that was mentioned by ad val in his confession letter. I, yes, I remember you saying he references killing, two Dickinson girls, ok, so these girls were twelve year old, Brook spray swell and her best friend, Georgia gear. Who was fourteen years old, come on it's like twelve years, all dear Zol, dude, ridiculous, my god. So looks in Georgia knew each other because they lived in the same neighborhood and they were like inseparable like day were best friends. So another group of best friend that's awful works was a tomboy and Georgia loved a good adventure, so they were like a match. Maiden, have absolutely Berkshire sat brothers,
that the last time you saw them, they said that they were gonna hit your ride to school, because there are like fuck waitin for the bus. Stop that he last saw them. And then along the way they ended up deciding that they want to have an adventure together. They didn't feel like going to several or stay there and was afraid. I wouldn't you like on a school, not me, it's the seventies again care freely cares. I'm gonna hit you ride to wherever truancy, whatever noncom fuck. So the last is that they were seen together. Was the El Rancho Motel? Ah, the motel strangely enough, like picturing a motel, her leg as a place for it to hang out yes bizarre, but in this particular motel was where the kid tongue out right, there is a room would like a pool. a ball bar. Unlike some other. I know my name is like a game room yeah exactly I pictured come almost like an arcade bare legs. Maybe they have the male stable Scalia, all not just so. People are coming after school, especially in the week, and so it was an
miserable that they cut school went there hung out like they might have gone to the corner, store something before that, but they may. I definitely were lasting at this motel because broke, says older sister, Sherry went there with her friends after school on Friday, and she saw Brooks in Jordan should look what the fuck you guys doing here cause their younger MIA. Everything was wrapping up. People riding home and Brooks in Georgia are like hey sherry. Can we grab a ride with you in your friends now, sherry, obviously, regrets as to this day she had come, would like to three of her guy friends and she was like the older sister. This is her little sister. She like nope. You guys find your way here, find your way home. Oh and it's a tough one. There will it wasn't technically room for them in the car anyways yeah, but it's like but horseshoes- she probably hang onto their right and then of her guy friends who was in the car at the time says he remembers turning around and looking at them and either I don't over was George Earth. It was Brooks, but he saw one of them like put their thumb in the road like they were. Gonna hit you ride home, and that's that
last like he was. It is burned into my memory that the last time I have of them can you imagine because you know whatever car they got into, as that was thugs who, at one side, you just watch to happen. It's awful and of course, nobody could ever No, we don't know when you don't know an end, everybody everybody who goes missing errors murdered. They saw someone, last year. This is always the last that last someone and it's like age. Here, I'm lucky enough to be it. It's like it's, not your fault. Man. No, of course not I want to talk to you. Guys are a quick about Athena Club, Athena Club after safe, clean and sustainable South care essentials all in one spot and its super affordable prices. They have a ton of different products like a super wide range of things like body care, wellness, all the way to period care and it's on a subscription bases. So you can customize it and always have a car
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but this is a twelve year old in a fourteen year old and their family was like no like. These are not run away. Girls like, I think, Brooks had literally twenty eight cents in her pocket, and they had they didn't like they did. Their vat before school. They don't have bags or anything. I work run away and you think they would bring a bag with them round somewhere on the family hung up their own. Wanted polar sees me missing posters, but can I tell you Am I going to do their own missing persons, posters, because the police, and even goes far to do that, while so when they were Finally found it was in a ditch in an near and oil patch and Alvin Texas, while there remains were found in a ditch,
and remains had been found there in that did previously about two years after the girls went missing, but not all of them like it was only like some remains that were never identified oak and then years later, like two more years later, Matt Window, he was the sheriff in. I think it's Brasilia County, He was a share of at the time and he was like. I want to go back out there and see if there's more yeah, so there was more and during not like shady investigation, they they actually did take dental records. Luckily, like that's like the only thing that they did do so when Matt went out there and found the rest of the remains, they had to again used the dental records yeah to confirm that it was Brooks and George man that other remains or together, and they were altogether exactly indeed bees. Man, all these kids are babies like literate like one of these Gross was twelve years old status.
Never and the other thing that at this is like a haunting little piece of information. Looks at last known, outfit was a golden sweater and plod pants and fragments of the gold sweater were wrapped within the remains which I was like at the reminded me of like the lovely bones for supper. yeah, I'm a real fuck. You of this there is also the everything and also that's like that, like such a seventies vibe, so it makes you think of it, but it's from the seven it having a certain seventy other. So at this point we have three sets of missing girls that turn up murdered in either in Galveston or like a twenty five minutes away. Yet so very clearly we how're serial killer working in the same area and if you think of that four of the six girls had ties to the surfing and diving community, which we New. That add had strong ties to and he confessed
as it stands by the fact that he did see Debbie, Ackerman and Maria Johnson on the last day. They were alive now. So it's like okay. This is perfect like why? Don't we have anything? It's like the whole thing. so frustrating when you they re mentally and the other theme is so. We know that Eco owned that ski and water skiing, unlike serve shop, he also lived a ski school, he lived a few blocks away and it was a ski school that four of the girls who were like into the water sports. They went there all the time. It's linked he's got opportunity. You ve got everything it's right there, so he was in a suspect up. The time, though, because I don't think anybody knew of him at the spoil, our peoples is nowhere to go on rate. They had no idea, but in nineteen seventy two, which was a couple years before Georgia and Brooks, went missing, but I just wanted to talk about. But he first there was a man arrested in connection to one of these cases. So that was the case of.
Rhonda Renee Johnson, and share and Shaw. Ok, the second said: yes, the seconds on girls exactly, so there was a lot more pressure on this specific case, because Rename Grandpa was Roy Johnson He was a city council men at the time. Oh he also went on to become the mare, oh so tat. He had a law. say so yeah he was getting like real pissed off that it didn't seem like anything, was come from the investigation that was being done. Is I what the fuck is going on yeah? So, at the time this police officer, David Kilburn, was doing the end sagacious and the sheriff The time was or me up a sharp. The police chief was J C Norman, ok, so and this was a seven man. Police force in David had never worked a murder before all that's good. It was like. Obviously, that's probably while Acknowledge was being done. Everything seems legit. Several Johnson is like folk all of you,
you're off our all. He basically makes it so that almost the entire police force is like fired and who Dana's in these new deeds, so the new dude that he brings in our Don Loris as police chief now and his assistant Tommy deal. Ok, these are cool, I'm not gonna lie Tommy Deal like Tommy deal like ok, yeah wittingly find out what happens. Also tommy- was the one who took over this investigation of like what happened to these girls. Primarily what do you know now in days of investigating this case, he's all you got a suspect, made an arrest and got a confession. Why Ami deal Tommy Deal making deal you use? The real deal sounds pretty perfect right. Does so I've done it is too low. It's pretty herbert. So Go Lloyd Self was a peeping Tom Worthy, and this is a quote: a stunted mental growth. Ok, so gather from out what you welcome here, just take from
what you exactly? He was a gas station attendant. Any typically works. The night shift. Ok, Glenn price was like another city councilman at the time, and he was the one that called Don Loris and tipped him off. That may be Michael Self had something to do with Renee Insurance murders. Ok he's like that. You might want to look into this dude, and what do you have it, Don Loris already knew Michael Self and didn't fuck like him because Don Loris was like a security guard. It like an apartment, complex at one point, and he always would see Michael Self like looking up girl skirts as they were one o up. Yet he was pubic Tom. We hundred percent not ignore the good dude know, and he also who had once threatened to throw Michael in jail because he thought that Michael was stealing gas from fire trucks when he was working as I am volunteer fire fighter, so he already had a vengeance against the outlets. Remember that the
many of you, ninth, dawn and Tommy, went out to the gas station to talk to Michael, ask him a few questions and he agreed to go in for more questioning later that more, so he goes down to the police station and they show him pay. years of Renee and Sharon and his like. Oh yeah. I recognize them, but I dont know them personally that enough for Don Tommy to literally slop the cops on right then, and there they were like. Oh, like that's all. We need to know that you know them, then he's a damn, what the fuck leg, but does and he's a nice lady like I've seen them before and the available You did it, you did at perfect and they did got him to confess he actually confess multiple times but he later said that he was forced to confess by DAWN Morris, who took five bullets out of his gun, which had like six bullets total and basically played russian roulette with him and was like I'm gonna blow your brains out. Unless you write down everything, I tell you to write down
and he also goes like hold him up against the wall and was like poking on him with his like police stick doom. So that's how Michael says: that's why he confessed, because he was like being tortured being too in which not for nothing. We ve seen that happen and false camp it made me think of the west. Memphis threaten immediately made me think of a unfailing or any any always involves. Conversion will make me think of that, so when's, quick little side, no John Mark buyers died right give it live forgot that we vote on the amendments and that so that's crazy. We're not gonna go into it or anything, but like wall, but like woe Well guys, ok hung about Elaine. I wasn't about on the beginning of the next up, yet so there is a problem with the confessions because I'm sure again it's weird it's there. There is already a problem because there's more pull differ ones like that's not me, usually what happen
yeah and it seems like so there's two different written confessions and it seems like the first one was kind of written and he was like. Ok, like this makes sense and then the second one was written in it fitted it fitted like the details more. If it's the narrative better, if it's the narrative exactly So the first one was written on June my mind from do mind you ninth the day that he was arrested and then the second one was written in three days later on June. Twelve. So, like I said, like it's a big issue that the second one was written to fit more of the details and then, and a couple of the other issues are that in the first confession, Michael says that he dispose of the girls bodies in the a logo Lee. but that's twenty miles away from the tailor by you, which is where they were actually found so yeah that's we are already it's like and signalled that doesn't make any sense.
and in the second confession he's like? Oh yeah was a tailor by you like I just must set up. Do you think you know at the US yet, Absolute makes a really nice and then in one of his confessions. He says that he picked the girls up from Sharon's house, but that was impossible because, like nobody saw him do that yeah and also at the time he says he picked them up, they had already been reported missing yeah. This isn't looking good, so that makes it no sense, and finally, he says that he choked them, but there was no evidence to support that. We ass. That was him just being like I guess she ok go so so there no evidence against him, like there's no physical evidence at all. It was just, I think, everyone really happy to have an answer and oh yeah. He was like. We just need somebody in jail for this as its the same exact thing as the west exactly to nail someone say, can go with Adam a comfort that, yes, so Michael Self Esteem.
we're he was actually only convicted of Sharon's murder, even though there was like no evidence at all, but they could only get him on that morale and he spent the rest of his life and while the rest of his fucking life in jail, I dont think he did it such shocking David Coburg also. Does it believe that Michael did it because he says that he saw Don Loris. Do this exact, like russian roulette thing to make another and may do whatever he wanted them to do so. This is like his thing, This, has been a man Tommy me a became even more. Reliable because it came out that the entire time that they were working on this case and also for years after they had? combining a string of bank robberies around Texas Tommy in dawn, but Doesn't don Morrison Tommy deal like you were not born to be police office until you are born to be outlaws organizing, while you were born to re wild, so they were,
exactly that: your hometown heroes that everybody all they were? No, definitely not they. Actually they both got released from prison after they links their time and then Tommy got put back in prison when he pretty much immediately robbed. Another bank Yes, your daddy, don't you just can't help himself weird army deal he's hurt me well he's over Don Loris like the one that like made him down into it. Of course cities like, but it's like cool, but they dont stopped and yet and so like really does matter like also. Nobody believes you at this point because he was alive. we can use a lie, a timescale eliah some, but let's get back to about. Let's do it so this by your colleague, Oki Alec he's a pretty solid, suspect and he's like definitely a shitty individual. But like does that make him a murderer? I think it does. I think so, but if you don't need you, hold onto your but Poland onto it. When you only need to, but like somebody else, my mother, I saw August the fourth nineteen. Seventy eight at Bell was doing what he does best being a big old mother. Fucking creep.
the was driving around in his red pickup truck lookin. For a group, a girl, to expose themselves to God, as one does had heads, he ended up in this like super nice neighborhood in Pasadena Heap. Does car in the middle of the street stripped from the waist down? got out of his car and is began masturbating right there in the middle of the fucking neighbourhood, my god, if only someone would walk by due to do this with hedge clippers, unjust, gauche nipple seriously that but they me and then just keep on track and and dragons baling have a nice day, while somebody did try to save the day here. So It was former Marine Larry Dickens US his mom lived in the neighborhood and he was just there to mow the lawn for her letter, oh my god, and he brought his three year old daughter with him. Oh so I hope you fuck this guy up so
The family saw what was going on because Larry's like out there on the lawn and Dorothy is like what the that's, the mom she's like what the fuck like there's. This Megan do wonders how jerking off in the middle of the street seven calls the police and she's like myself, is going out there like he's gonna, try to detain the sky like make it so young girls don't see this dude fuckin jerking off in the street, so he try. how to get add bell to cut the shit. Larry goes our brains like what the fuck are you doing dude and he reaches into Ed MEL's truck to take his keys to make sure the He can't get away once the cops get their war. Ed Bell was fucking pissed, he like Larry was unable to like reach him or anything, or he was like trying to get away with the keys so about reaches in to his truck and pulls out. A pissed and shoots Larry in the chest four times. No now Larry was twenty six years old. No, oh! Larry was able to get back to his driveway after being fucking shot that many times and his mouth
came like running out. He collapses onto her and at Bell walks up to him again shoots him again. Wally's laying in his moms arms then calmly walks back to his fucking truck. He tosses the pistol back in grabs a hunting rifle walks back over and at this point, like I think, Larry had gotten up again to lick or try to get away like the moment inside till I get We get the daughter he shot him in between the eyes with a hunting rifle I and beyond words like this, happen because you wanted to get out of your fucking car, a jerk off in broad daylight, and this guy was like no, you can't do that to you. shot him like multiple fucking times and as he's lying in his mother's arm delay you'd some of the most evil fucker nodded that, like he's literally shoot tamales in his mother's arms, mangoes backing
the hunting rifle to shoot him again. Why so obviously Larry Dickens died. Unfortunately, but I feel I can dine here. Oh yeah fuck that sucks EL was able to hop in his car and fucking get away words, so he was super familiar with the area, though at he ended up driving down a deadened road, Lego, hugging more on that he has done ass. He was stayed, but he posts it has one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar bail and skipped I'll an escape to pay more for the next forty in years man. You know what you tell him. The story is very twenty. Twenty of you is a very twenty signing, an x or ebay of ongoing years. That's bullshit even in those hormonal leave you, but that's not even the end of the fucking store hack. So in part,
You I'm gonna, get a little more until I s potential crimes. I think they're all spoken crime and did it. He d weird ass life. I'm gonna tell you all about that. I'm gonna tell you about the rest of the eleven, because I've only told you about six, so we have always to go. We have five more. We have five more all these girls that when I talk about in part to disappeared by themselves? Oh that's dead friend. They met a lot of them at the same fate of being let out too like water or something like that and being killed in them at all at a time terrible terrible where an especially like alone, like yeah, obviously don't wanna dynamiter. What, but I feel like in a world merrily amateur yeah, it's like the whole thing is awful, yeah, so that's what we're going to impart to why? Oh mother fucker escaped. I hate that story. I know we're not even done with it. I hate While there are filters a lot that we can possibly instagram for this one, if you wanna go check that out, Yak is that's bonkers. Insane
can follow us on Instagram, though, out morbid pod gas set us up on twitter. A morbid podcast send us a Gmail letters where listener tells girdles on them anywhere else, or else we will see MA am we will see them and that's a bummer, because we want the honest Eelam, morbid podcast at gmail dot com and make sure you put listener tail and then a funny little title. Yes, I'm hoping keep listening. We you keep it here, but also whether you got your car in the middle of the broad dealings are jerking off, because us now, Ghana and honestly out, I like you and upshot. If you do that yeah, you know it you do that I'm gonna come out of nowhere with some heads clippers into Scott Tromp, yet keep it that weird. We will keep it that one there to keep it that way.
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