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Episode 155: The Galveston 11 Part 2

2020-07-12 | 🔗
The conclusion of our look into the Galveston 11 (part of the Texas Killing Fields) begs the question, did Edward Bell rape and murder these girls? Are there more out there? Bell seemed to be at the wrong places at the wrong times about 98% of his miserable life if he isn't the killer here, but Ash takes us further into his other known crimes and the last 5 murders that many attribute to his name. The Galveston 11 A&E Documentary Thanks to our sponsor! HelloFresh Go to HelloFresh.com/80morbid and use code 80morbid to get a total of $80 off, including free shipping on your first box. Additional restrictions apply, please visit HelloFresh.com for more details.
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This is the hundred fifty four percent, but like added listener tales spooky roads yeah I'll, just go back place. So this is part two of the ash centric extravaganza, that is the Galveston eleven it is were Robin up was part two today it's gonna be intense, but I just want to mention really quick. That's a couple. People were like hailing use hundred really horse about other episode, and I I know I did so. I apologise it's just where I'm not sick or anything, and I think somebody was like her you possibly having another baby, almost like I would like, if their speeches pregnant- and she didn't tell MR my family, like what I'm not, but I think what is happening is one I don't do well in the heat. No, an Massachusetts is having the most held, her sweltering, some
of our lives. I'm so over humidity is so heavy. It's like soup and we are in the pod lab, which is not very ventilated and its sole Houghton. And we can't have air conditioning- or else you young earlier this evening, so we're in this link attic key area that it's just a thousand degrees, and I think it is just rang out my thoughts I apologize. Please don't sound like that. Two months wouldn't have asthma to yeah. It's just a hawk. It's a whole host of things. in picture, people were likewise and affecting Lena, not ash worlds is, I don't do well, and he said I think it's just my body reacts leg. You don't belong here. I just hate the summer guys. That's all it is free, but yeah thanks buddy, I approve It'd people like carrying that I was hoarse thrilling. You, ok, I'll, lay now what's going on so thank you. I appreciate that and the others we just wanted to touch upon before. We then we're just gonna jump right into the episode goods or ready, we mention in part one a came up very
dammit randomly in the middle and we ve been wanting till I mention this. We just keep forgetting to that John Mark buyers, a key player in the West Memphis three case. AIDS isn't that bananas yeah it's crazy and he died like pretty recently somewhere around, like the twenties gonna dune yeah. There was MID June. He was only sixty three. So like yes, that's crazy, but he also lived a wild life, but he died, and car crash. Oh, he died in a corner. Oh I do realise that isn't then that's it! Sal Sir John Mark buyers was the step father of Christopher by right is one of the eight year olds that was brutally murdered. In that case, he was him and his wife were Melissa were very vocal throughout the trial. They are super against Damien, Jason and Jesse, and then later. John Mark buyers flip the scripts and he was willing to do all these boys did not do this and he was like Terry
jobs that he was all along. The Terry hubs turn him in our land, but is definitely on there, and even I mean there's a there's pictures of like PAM Hobbs in him, like with Damien equals in the middle like I did so and show me photo like him and You mean like exchanged, letters and apologies to each other. At LOS online Damien came back angrily and was like. Maybe he did it. You know I mean like they re angry at each other, but they leg totally buried the hatchet. He became a good total like they didn't do it with the rest of us. It was crazy stories. it's kind of cool the watch, because very rarely do people turn around to be like you know what I actually don't think so, especially grown ass people. Usually it's you I went away as one of their children did in for him to turn around and say I was wrong, so it happened was he was in a single car crash Y yeah on chambers, road near Memphis Tennessee, and he died of his injuries, all its awful
so that's crazy. I we'd go, will have sixty three years and then you go in a random ass car crash. That's awful! And again when I heard he died. I thought because I know he had mentioned here like a brain tumor homeboy yeah yeah, unlike he had all kinds immediately lived like you said. A wild life lived a life and so I assume there was something really he's denied. I literally just found out like right now that it was a car crash. Has our ass the other day we were talking about, and I dont think you had realized I am, and while you are like use, only sixty three and I was like Bulgaria but put an old sixty exactly so yeah. We just wanted and touch upon that. That's crazy thing in the true crime worlds is such a big, bigger and case. Nothing again, no update, yet on thy Rivera that we ve seen no nothing yet.
refreshing like male, unlike anything like that, she's still presumed drowned when he, which is really really sad, and I think a lot of people are like wild once just hope for a miracle so still open. But I know now will up. hey you as soon as we know, and just in case anybody. Mr an part, one, definitely lesson apart one before you. Some of us visa, but remind everybody what case you're going to do next week were doing the Vanessa again case. No, I'm gonna do that. One so trust me we're getting on it. We ve already I've already started researching it. We feel like we have enough information. Our we can at least put out an episode to appoint, to know whether a gloomy can always put out an update exactly if need be eggs, actually. So let's do this. Let's get into a salami like refresh your memory alba. Do it so part one we went over at bells confession. Letters are the three sets of best friends who went missing and turned up dead, brutally murdered yeah. We went over
fact that Larry Dickens was murdered. Super gruesomely hate that story hate that stories much and when we left you off at Bell was like Whelp go into Panama, written note. Deal BR be accept, not real mad. At that, let's drive back in I've been ends. There were diamond in with Lease Olsen. Now again I saw this part one, yet I think her name is lease other people call her LISA Alma, colorway, spinners yeah. I saw both we're just gonna go earlier if you know how to say her name him up, let me now do it let to learn so make a lot of work, love to learn levels in is the one we talked about the beginning of part one. She uncovered these confession letters and she went out to speak to add bell on multiple occasions than you, she's a bad bitch, and if you want to see you like some of their interviews and stuff, I highly highly highly recommend its an
me doc, you series and it's called the Gout Galveston Eleven. I love it. I can ever say that town Galveston is It has a weary because I want to say gavel: Galveston, oh yeah, but it's Galvin like it feels weird gavest anyways watch. That document are throwing up. Do it quick, seven parts so she teamed up with a Galveston police detective, who was retired front page to get more information on the case Together they interviewed tons of the victim's family members. They interviewed like people who knew at Bell. back in the day and, like I said at himself, so I told you guys. This in part one and claims that he never killed anybody, and it was all the government satin him up to make it look like he was a killer, the programme, the programme, a programme and do it. He blames the fact that he's a convicted rapist the fact that he has an overactive hormone system. What like when you're pregnant? I guess I mean I guess he said
I mean I wanted to murder. Many people were those programme, but I did not do in ever carried it out. Did you do it? He straight up is like I guess I just have like an overactive hormone system. Think that's it that's like maybe go to it. Doctor and got knocked out instead of like taking it out on other people, but an agnostic. He also Many never harms those girls A mere documentaries like isn't rape in and of itself pretty harmful use. Www but you know what I mean noise. She literally like net. No, I don't like, but ok so like us, Adam Part, one the fact that add says he never killed. Anyone is interesting because if he didn't kill those girls, there's a lot of stuff by coincidence says that tie him to this fucking case, and one of the biggest I would say is that all of those killings and taxes and specifically in Galveston, stopped when he went to Panama, her crazy wonder how that happened. It's so weird
so we're gonna go back to the killings and talk about the rest of these. Now these are all single people, like in the beginning? We talked about pairs of best friends were being killed. This is now single people. That's strange single girls is, I wonder if it became difficult or if he had some mishaps, would the pears- He was like you know what I wanted to say that you have one person and let us not try to subdue to people at once. I wonder if, like some shit when awry, probably I wonder I would think that it's a weird transition will, because they always say you're safer, a number here and you think, or an apparent think, he'd go from one or two instead of two to one. I think that he's just an idiot in itself. I think some shit went wrong. I think you might be rare, so Brenda Jones, we're gonna talk about her. First, she was fourteen years old. It was July of nineteen. Seventy one and she went missing Brenda loved music. It's funny a lot of these girls love music. If in the seventies, with such a time for good music, those, it's like. How could you not deaf
Was she also loved teaching Sunday School and she loved dancing all train with her sister Phyllis. That is the most wholesome thing I have ever heard the most wholesome thing and Phyllis Fuckin LAW her, like her in Rwanda, work, b, F I'll still has some Brenda, so Brenda seems like the pure soul ever because what she was doing the day she went missing as she wanted to go visit, her aunt who was sick and she was at the Jenny, Steely Hospital in Galveston. Ok, so she asked her mom she's. Like can I go visit? anti like in a hospital in her arms like a little hesitant because she had to take a bus to get there but she's like ok like just be home before dark so she's a guy area, so Brenda does make it too Jenny silly to visit her aunt. She has her visit and then she's coming home. And she gets on the bus. She like gets on the bus home and the bus driver. Remember saying to her like get home. It's getting dark like had, but right back home and she turned around, and she said- oh
I'm going to I'm just gonna, stop and grab my sister, a coke, no law in Lake Phyllis, the purest reason to stop the purest reason to stop, and I feel like with all of you, cases like we saw there's always a last person away. Some kind of survivors, Gal Phyllis still wonders what would have happened if Brenda just came straight home I mean I would, of course that leave you and it's not by any means anyone's fault except the person, did it. But it's like us that completely normal feeling. Surely I would think the same thing, but that's just obviously who Brenda was like she loved to all things for people images stopping at my sister loves her sister she's, a teacher like Sunday School teachers like she just wanted to an be around other people, and them when healing close to home or university health care, a complete back. damage health system from price
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so run. His body was the only body to be recovered. The same day that she was reported missing, allow which is crazy. They found a rice super fast it was floating in the water near the Pelican Island bridge. So again we have another we're all around the same age as these other girls. That work went missing in The stone and it's in the bodies in a body of water, which is the worst way, can you The body worse me to find a body, and it also sucks, because a lot of your evidence is gone. Oh yeah, and I mean that finally, wash away bodies in the water cause it's an easy way to eliminate all the evidence exactly so She had been strangled. She was naked from the waist down and this is kind of like a trigger alert Agus her underwear had been stuffed into her mouth. yeah, which she seems to be the only one that that happened to so that's was very aggressive. That's a John Wing AC move yeah. It is
she was also tied and bound with laces from her own sandals, She and filling in the documentary talks about how she loved to those sandals. They were like Lahti, eight or style sandal, oh yeah and she's. I think she saved up her money. They got them her. It was a gift from her mom and her mom didn't like them. Cause they're really comes saucy for the tide and kind of surpassing, but she was like these are like the best. Oh that's even worse, and she ends up getting tied and bound with them her. Why and her wrists while I'm so that's how she's found absolutely terrible. Now Fred page was working with a Galveston policewoman named Michel, sullen Berger and they were able to recover. A ton of evidence
this crime scene, including those laces from Brenda Shoes wow. So in the documentary you see her, lay says in its like super haunting. You also see the slip that was in her mouth like underwear. It's like undergarments, I wouldn't early, say underwear. So the knots were still tied in the least of her shoes. They were still tied like they had been cut off her body, so you can see where they were tied and they were, able to get male dna off the laces, so not all of it had washed away wow. What fucking sucks, though, is out there wasn't enough DNA found to make a profile which, if they were able to make a profit, I'll. They could a fucking imperative and I'm sure it would have compared perfectly to add bells and is already in jail for Larry Dickens murder. So they have his shit already oh yeah, and had they ve been able to get like enough off of these animals they totally when you re able to end Ed's, it's probably just because back then the techniques were not
as its right and I'm sure it's like the techniques of the water and how like every worrying of India, it's no good. So, even though we don't have dna to connect, TAT Bell in Brenda's murder, the Jenny Celia Hospital, in and of itself is a super strong connection. Ok, so, part one. I mention that like any time and was arrested for Ben Decent exposed. Rape, all the horrifying shit that he was arrested for he'd, never like serve time. Instead, he went and got psychiatric treatment. Oh yeah, This treatment was always done at the journey. Silly hospital o witches, fucking bananas. So that's not only crazy in and of itself. Ed Bell was known even by the who but all to go back to the hospital and pick up girls around that area, so he very well could have in Brenda leaving absence
maybe like I mean he must have followed her boss, but still it's not the crazy to think that, that's where he saw no, absolutely not it's that! For me, I was like ok hollow writer, huge coincidence if it's just a coincidence. A lot of these coincidences, our age, so frightened pager, trying to figure out, excuse me Fred, treading age at least are trying to find out like anybody that maybe was picked up by him in that area and they stumble across this woman named Sue. and now Susan at the time was Susan wooden. But now she, Susan Witten, Armstrong, thinks you got married, ok and she also changed or name a bunch, because I think she had like some awful shit happen in her life, which in a shock about oh good. So Susan was spending time as a patient at any ceiling for depression treatment. She was pretty. at the time and she had just gone through a divorce and she was having like a really should he time so while she was up. Hospital. She made friends and remember this is the seventy, so I guess you could like leave and come back to the hospital Gus aka.
she they decided? They would have a party. So she was, I call on you to go. I have some beer I'll be back, which others like interesting gold. Earlier on real quick, you feel good, so she goes to go and the beer run and she runs into who s bill. I was gonna, say good old and good old, Eddie and she's like hey. Can you point me in the direction of ideology, and he was like, of course, like Not only will I put you in the direction? All I bring you right there. I know where you are, I know it sounds like we're yadda yadda. I think it was. She was asking where like a holiday and was because it yeah right near there and so He begins to show her where to go is like walking along with her and then all the fucking sudden he pulls out a gun, holds it till I her chest and is like you're not going anywhere like shut the fuck up or I'll shoot you right now holy shit, so he walks are at gunpoint to his truck. We
I remember, is stupid. Fuckin truck. He ties our hands and feet. He gags her, so that I feel this is the first time we're seeing the gagging which then I feel it a little bit correlate Stir Brenda's slit being shoved in her mouth, yet he gags her. He shoves her in the truck and he It brings her out to this. I completely deserted desolate construction site. I am horrified and, as he's raping her because he does rate per, he tells her that this is what he does. He does this wonder two times a week. He picks up girls, young girls and one to two times a week and rapes them. What the? back it's like an I'm like why I don't even have anything to say what I feel like. I should like. Somebody else did that who I feel it is like Paul Bernardo or something like to tell people like that links. While I do what I do, We re not happen. Yeah yeah, I feel like somebody else, has done that One. It's like a scare tactic because, like this is
but I do like- I- have a- can- professionals- don't fight back exactly like an end, its like in one some done with you, there's gonna be more after you re. So it's putting that in your head, like by the way like I'm done with you. This is an over that's just locked up so crazily enough, he returns her back to the Fuckin hospital. When all is said and done, and obviously she is like freaking the fuck out and she tells her friend what happened, and then it gets back to the staff and then gets to the police net so at Bell was arrested for the rape, but never face charges because he said that Susan was his girlfriend in like manner, then you can't rape your girlfriend right, then you could. It was not even now young lot of times it's like war. Will yours girlfriends? his wife, and it's like that. Why so that was that so, like to connection too, Jenny, silly hospital connection to like the gagging, and unlike the stuffed underground and Brenda Mouth, weird, pretty clear to me pretty clear
it is interesting and some people there like does Brenda Jones Fit because she was his only black victim if she was a victim of hers. But it's like she was a very young girl at the time she like. I don't think he cared, I mean, and it's like it's one of those things where it's like yeah. Although literature says that serial killers tend to stay within their race, They also don't usually deviate like they don't go a yet, not the usual at that's not set in stone. It's not like, there's not like a rule book that they all have to been up like the rise manual endemic whoops I wanted to, but I can't ride. I gotta stay in this super, so it's quite possible lightly. It is it's strange, pathology, wise sure, but I also think that I didn't really have a tight, because if you look at these girls- They range pretty foreign age. For me, too, I mean they're all under fuckin sixteen or sees me under eighteen, but they, but there's a pretty far age span in.
That and yet they are data, all look exactly like each other, so I think he just like the young girl right If you are a young girl, you were Ed's type. We, whether you fit the victim profile right, which is awful yeah, so we're gonna go to another girl that went missing and nineteen seventy one- and this is collect Wilson. Ok, so collect was thirteen years old her family described her as a social butterfly vulva above a butterfly people loved her. They said that she could talk to anybody like she could literally just walk at a roman billygoat, hey, what's up like and be friends with the person at the end of the conversation man The sheer made friends Subaru easy so that summer collect really wanted to go to this band camp because she was super good at playing clarinet and she loved plain clarinet. I always wanted to play Clare. when I was younger? Did you really did? But I did not love that's out. I'm sorry sad tell
but all this really found two zero legally to make people really bummed out. While the issue with this particular camp was that it was like super far and her mom would have had to drive her there and then drive all the way back and then go back to get her and then drive all the way back. And on collect was one of twelve children, so our mom was busy. She had some stuff to do. She had a few things to do out the data you things on her plate, but luckily everything did seem to work out because the band director offered to pick up collect not super far from our house. So her Monday night would drive her to like this little highway junction like on the corner, and it was already on the band directors routes of use like here. She was like AL describe you along the way,
they know is nice, so they would meet there in the morning and then he would driver back here. She would driver back and collects. Mom would be there in a picture, so one particular day collects mom drives out to the meeting point and she's not there. Neither is the ban director and there's just a black car parked there.
Ha choices at the end of the day. This is the end of the day when she spoke rigour coherent, dropped off that morning, nobody's there like literally nobody's there, except that block car and she's, like o k like what the fuck is going on so collects body is claimed to have been the first that was located in the Texas killing fields. So the killing fields name gives me chills every time a here, because it's just like the killing fields like this designated terror lying area. Her body was found just nine days after Maria and Debbie had been discovered wow, so that was in November. So she went missing. Allotment, went missing on June seventeenth and wasn't found until November, who, when I was
a long time when she was discovered she was nude and it had. It appeared that she had been killed by a gunshot one to the head. So most of these girls either were killed with gunshots are restrained gold or it was like hard to determine because they were so Dixie imposed by the time they got to them. Also collects. Clarinet was never found an honourable. Why not just like bombs me out so fucking hard. I just said that sicilian yucky. It's really shoddy and so collects remains were found in like us at a November near the attics reservoir, so again, Abbagliato, which is weird another strange thing. In collects case, is that her remains were found among another girls bones on this. you're, always Gloria Gonzalez, Not a lot is known about Gloria Gonzalez's case because her family, just like really doesn't like to talk about anymore yeah,
and she was nineteen years old when she went missing. She worked as a bookkeeper and she was reported missing in October of Nineteenth, yet nineteen, seventy one by her remain ok and then this is when she was found tat. The did I say the last time she was found was seen was outside of her apartment, so I was lost on choosing ochre, so glorious cause of death appeared to be blunt force trauma to the head, what s different, different, very different, but also weird that she was found among collapse remains because I did this person go back and settling did Adele go back and just put somebody else there is that just like uneasy dumping ground cyrillic or is it just an easy dumping ground? Bahraini about all killers have found it. That's the thing so Gloria is considered. One of the eleven
but change so like a lot of these victims. Collect had to be identified by dental records. Collects dentist was her father, so he had to go down and hold his daughters John his hand and confirm what the fat fuck that was her mouth. Holy shit like that holding your child's mandible in your hand, to compare it to your own dental records that you have captured up. horrible legume you might as well to be got punched over and over and over yeah yeah. Just run me over with a semi truck. The sad thing is that when she first went missing, he specifically held under so much hope. There's one interview and pity you learn where it some her mom and dad sitting there. Talking and he's like you know like all we can do is hope, like maybe she'll come back. One day like this could all be over. If she just comes back and I'll, be ok like an
specifically like out of all the family members held on a lot of hope and he died at the age of forty three and a lot of people say he died of a broken heart, probably I can't imagine how you ever go on after the oh yeah I litter literally cannot fathom. I thought that was one of the most horrifying things of this whole case. While that's truly truly if I like got branching so now we have been in nineteen, seventy one for a while we're gonna fast forward to nineteen seventy three, so nineteen, seventy three as the year that can pitchfork appeared Bell named Kim in one of his confession, letters and he even made note of the black fur jacket that she'd been wearing on the night that she disappeared I mean what more do while yeah. What more do you? I was getting all these details. I do. I was using week. He can't be remembering these details from reading them, no
you could. He could have easily been like. Oh yeah, that I killed Maria Debian one of their black jacket was there Yeah, like you, wouldn't remember, who belong to eighty allowed. If you only remember who belong to because you were there, you saw it on her exact I think he also described her as like the red, haired girl and she had read her. Oh shit. So Kim sixteen years old- and she was super super excited to get her driver's license, obviously has what sixteen year old is and, of course, and she was taking drivers at classes at Frank job, high school, which was in Houston. Ok so- Usually she would go use a pay phone to. Let her mom know that she was out of class in her mom would come pick her up. Unfortunately, that night her mom thinks that she was on the phone when Kim called and back then there's no call waiting and note. There is no link beeper that so she just didn't got the call. Oh no in so another one example. These on there will have to live with that in its
like you, didn't, do anything wrong. It's all families live with that. I know without idling forty five times at this point, but it truly is one of the worst, I think highly honey. If anything were to happen to you- and I was the last minute- I see you worry like you had called me, and I missed it, even if I didn't know like whose could ever know so according to witnesses Kim got a ride with somebody and a red Volkswagen, and two days later, Kim's body was found again partially nude in a ditch. Alongside a rice canal and Alvin, Texas smile so again and quick wallabout and a quick yacht near it was literally two days. I think her drivers. I was on Wednesday and she was found on Friday while so crazy. She had been strangled so I have another strangulation according to lease one. If this is fucking crazy, one of Kim's, friends confided in lease that, in the days and weeks, leading up to Kim's murder they were being followed by a flash her that
following them from their neighborhood along, I forty five, those ed that was at does that shit. I forty five as the killing fields Let's talk about some more connections between Ed Kimberly's murder. Let's do it so number one? I grew up Right around the area where Kimberly was found in this is like this is not just like all. He grew up around the corner from their like that's crazy. This is like middle. Fuckin nowhere, you wouldn't know that area you up would be hard to get in and out of there. If you didn't know where you were now number to Edward got a Volkswagen dealership and was known to constantly change course. because remember he had a white van that ended up then he's working on a volkswagen. Why? Wouldn't you gonna Fuckin Volkswagen? Worse, not number, three constantly used the eye. Forty five, a key part of, like I just said, the Texas killing fields, because, he was a traveling salesmen at the time I mean case closed,
and still remember in its part one Jimmy summer fields, add was always come in and go in Europe because he was a traveling salesman, hi hello, our last victim to have gone missing and probably a victim of at bells was twelve euro. Susan Suzanne, Susie Bowers, twelve years old, twelve years old, so this was in May of nineteen seventy seven, but she went missing. She was walking home from her grandparents house to grab her bathing suit and head back over. Aw come on, so Susie's mom died when she was like whose, when Susie with Super Young, and Susie was being raised by her dad and her grandparents basically were also helping raise her and they lived like a couple blocks away. from where she was so. This was not like a super long walk but she had to make it was leg. Not. It was like Ojala go ahead, I'll, be back and like ten minutes, which is just so sad
so, when she didn't returned back to her grandparents house, the her family obviously was becoming super worried because they were like Susie would have never ran away like all these parents were like a lot of them share were ass, you know, but would she have maybe run away, and all of these families were like? No, these girls were are not run away. Just not unhappy at home. There not unhappy like she's going to get a fuckin baby Certain crucial motivations excited to go swimming or whatever horse, and then she didn't turn up at night. They knew that something awful. It happened. So Zero Susie's remains took two years to find. Why two years as poor parents, her dad and her grandparents is like she was found in all too well, my behind a cattle pin in a deserted area right near a body of water, of course, and there appeared to have been gunshot wounds to her head but again well virile. It was two years later. So is the largest of connection,
to add Bell at Bell lived two miles from where Susie's remains were found. Come on in his Ok, now we're gonna get into Ed Bell, stupid, fuckin trailer, which was designed to look like a red caboose. Are you fucking gaining a red flag? It like a caboose train. Do the lame look at why that's just dumb, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! If you live in a caboose, stop from sure none of you do but, like I said it's, I think it's because said bell that I'm so mad about it but that will ensure a bizarre earthly living there could boots. That's the imperfect leg, that's the slogan for all pod castors renounced! I'm sorry, you if you live in a caboose buckler ties the regular even cover your ass of even like the most like niece yeah exist. If you live in a museum, sorry, I offended that's not what I meant afford you'd start because I'm talking about a murderer, so it was
I ve known, but a bell lived in this fucking caboose with his third wife, who was much younger weird and they lived in the fucking caboose debate. Kaboom. Yes, are you sure I'm? So I'm just fine hyped about those damn caboose It was located in like obviously you could move the trailer because it was trailer indicators. Is I don't know if I mention that you didn't. It was found in a lot of precarious spots. This fuckin caboose is so weird at one point it was low. It is just a few miles from where Sheridan Renee bodies were found. You don't say it was located where Brooks, Georgia were abducted like Nazi were far from there. and also were at exposed himself to a girl named Vicki Wrangle and her friend Susan he's disgusts, who what talk about that another obeying a thing of being disgusting. Just another thing He apparently knocked on Vicky's door when she and her friend we're home alone. He taught novice, this story, unlike what the fuck, so he took
them that somebody had just caught a huge fish ya. Gotta come see it that's the best you ve got till. I get your shit. Like her. I know your work, your fuckin professional at this, but like wow, big fish, gotta, see it that's a bold move, legal, What? But, of course, like men remember these are young girl select, maybe in the seventies of somebody knocked at my door, and I was fourteen. I billing. I gotta, see this fuckin fish. That's that's interesting! So they're like war. Gotta see this vile confession. I don't blame them all. These poor girl, the exciting fish, yet that's the other, the wild boar. they now he play some in the direction of where this fuckin huge fish was supposed to be. Now that I'm thinking about it like yeah, I do want to see a fuckin here for small and I'm sure he made it seem like this fish was broken. He wasn't. She is a big all fish, I'm just thinking about like I want to see that I've seen huge fish and its effects
liberating now think about it. I really now you ve ever seen like a sunfish that should change your life. You get when you ever watched discovery town, you see them on the boats. It took me a minute, but I got I'm going to state of God, you not. If I get it right now to get so you in some of the direction and the fish you now the big one, and they turn around there like where's the foot and he's in the bushes. Behind them me from the waist down exposing himself and masturbated disgusting piece of shit disgusting piece of shit love, believe they were able to run away good and Vicky's. Mom was working like basically right next door to their house, so they ran right and there were like mom, like always poor girl in either your rules. It's like what the fuck We so angry. It makes me angry too. Well was identified and arrested, but never
How is the only thing is that argues because he's like a cat or some shit with nine lives, doom and guess what this happened. This, I don't wanna call like an incident, but this Assault happened just a few weeks before Georgia and Brooks went missing in just a few miles away to me. It's a perfect escalate. He was working in the area of YAP like and I dont mean like working like his job at like I've been, he was fuckin pro when he his disgusting shit in that area exactly so now we know what we know about and when he was living in Texas. we know that as soon as he left access I sat in the beginning. After he murder murdered a fairy moidered after he murdered Larry Dickens. He went to Fuckin, Panama and all these killing stopped. But what happened when he was in Panama? What happened? Well? How did So how did you get back here? Who knows?
You left about year was a retired investigator who helped officials get to add in Panama, wow insane so because I was on the list of most wanted and he was. It was considered to be extremely dangerous, obviously of her listen to what he did to Larry, so they did an episode about him on unsolved, mysteries. Somebody mentioned this in a comment, but I really hope that not everybody side because fun, fun fact: Gilligan really I should tell you I was like Alina somebody suddenly commentary, if I wanted to say, was like there are not any fun fun fact: few mokanna. His first tv role was in this episode of unsolved mysteries and while he played Larry Dickens, that's so wild and I have no idea, I think the person who commented it honour Instagram was like in that's when I realized tat. I loved Matthew, Mokanna, hey where he was my first boy crush. I get it. I got a girl so back to the sadness, so part of the opposition,
is the last known, citing of ed before he escaped Panama. Now about wasn't murdering Larry He must not have gone the Panama work right away. I guess because this attack, and in September of nineteen. Eighty four ok in Texas so this woman was in her home and all her kids were there and she's just like getting ready for the day. She was in the bathroom doing or make up and now, DE I said, Bell breaks into her father s house and threatens her with a knife, will wither kids all them with her kids, all there, now she did suffer stab wounds. He was like able to somewhat attack her, but she was able to like overcome this like overtake him and chase term out of her Fucking House with a gun, balky bad bitch, like. I think she ll actually shot at him like while he was driving away while, but he was able to get away and that's apparently when he was like. I gotta go to Panama. So He was in Panama for fourteen years and while he was there, he used the name Cecil Boyd Boyd Boyd, Boyd Boyd,
people who knew him until I got to know him during that time also called him Wally, which I dont really see the connection by so Wally. Ok, Cecil, Wali, dad. I don't really know where that happened, but we're gonna go with it at all. when it was in Panama. Interestingly enough, there were two appearances similar to the ones that happened while he was in Texas. So weird now like there's not a lot known about them because, like obviously different place, but one girl was a nursing student and the other was a nurse. They were both like much younger girls and had lived right around the area where one of them went missing and he belonged to a yacht club where the other one was last seen ha again. He seems being a lot of these place, he's in Spain a lot of a wrong voices at the wrong time. He has real bad luck. That guy So while he was living in Panama, he took up looking for gold like I'm, not
mentioning you like he'd, just like a gold minor. What that's called gold minor, yet I think when you use that little thing, it's like a slew, sir, as losers, loosing for gold site. That will think that it like. I thought you cannot ignore it like filters out all the stuff old, sits on top. I think its countless looser our aid while he was, unless it and white linen facts that role around in my brain. I thought it was like. I don't even know what I thought it was while while he was sluicing, he also met his much younger girlfriend Bernardino Ramirez number four number. Four. So she was sixteen when she met bow, oh and they met because her dad was in the gold business and Ed was kind of like learning the ropes from him one and a sluice enlargement and learning to be sluices. Studies lucid was it. I am sure that the right word, but you keep going so Bernardino already had a child, and she said that she was like responsible for all her shit and shit. Like self proclaimed, she was a lot more mature than just sixteen, but still she was
sixteen and adds yucky, and I dont condoning because I heard how he lucky she also. She had no idea about Ed's passed, so you can imagine this poor girl, surprise when, on February fourteenth, which is supposed to be, really romantic day, probably for her in ninety. Ninety three officers broke into the boat that they were living on and arrested. Ed Bell, shoes, finally, when they had been waiting a long time. She never fucking knew what happened to him like he was just go. and she never found out what happened until Fred and Fred, page and least went back to Panama to find her to see what she knew, what they went out there and they were like. You know like we're getting too they're, all this information like told her everything and too. I believe that she had no idea because she has like she starts to cry and she's like I didn't know that he did not like I mean we ve seen.
Yeah. It's I've seen a publicity k went home to his fuckin family every night yeah his poor wife. It was just like please, no one talk to me ever again: exactly shut wall. bernardino as like. I hope that, like he regrets what he did before God and I hope the like she was they I dont condone any has come about as guy, so when it was extradited back to the U S, he was sentenced to. Seventy years for first degree, murder because of the murder of Larry Dickens, yeah, and then he wrote these confirm. Letters from his jail cell that we are talking about, but, like I said, he went back and forth about like forty five million different times about the reasons why he wrote them. He said nothing was true when he just made it up based
when he read in newspapers and then least that one point was like well like what about that poem that you're out like the eleven that went to Heaven- and he goes that was just a poem and it's like it was just a wide like those just a poem, a poem. He says a poem that was just my poems in its like. Ok, like very specific poem, he barely that somebody Ok, I think I honestly think that are and all the interviews that you got you guys gotta go watch the eleven that went to the Galveston Eleven that any documentary so fucking good, you're gonna wanna punch your fuckin tv screen because he just so like he likes me. And you know, unlike somebody's lying and they Alex in Nick, they know that your past, their passing you off when they got you. Oh yeah, that's what he does to lease like this whole time and unlike fucking, hate you and so frustrating gotta watch. It I know
so personally were at the anterior. Personally, I think that there is way too many fucking connections to just be pure happenstance. I think at Bell did the shit. Oh, I definitely think heated and right at the end of his life. He was named a suspect and they re opened Maria and Debbie's case. He was named a suspect in their case in twenty seventeen, but then he died and pray. not too long after the case got reopened, and he was eighty two when he died wanted Dick, unlike God, damn it come on. So I'm just like I'm so frustrated that he's dead now, because I think a lot of People would have so many questions answered oh yeah, and I think that if he were convicted and Maria Debbie case it would lead to more convictions and a lot of these cases not active. I think so. It's always sucks when these fuckers die. It does me greatly for aerial Castro,
all that well in hot overhurried, I'm in my lab at he's dead, mother Fucker was just smirk and all the way to the end so nobody's gonna, fuck and just to finish this often with one of his dumb ass quotes, he said I never killed anybody. The police killed Larry blamed me about the eleven. I won't say: anything until I'm a free man, so that in and of itself says to me you fuckin did it, but you not going to say anything until your free, because you think that you're, like not gonna, be able to put back in jail or some be put back in jail that's a flags is so somehow you think the biggest Kimberly. Oh you'll tell us when we let you out here you go, sir, his eyes opened the door and I go you were. It reminds me of ARM Sarah attorney, heard died early and how he's like I'll? Let you know my deathbed, when nothing can fucking happened to me. That's literally what I was just Can we all know that he's guilty as soon as you hear that you you're, like
will, you might you might as well just sail a guy. Did it it's like the Oj Simpson. If I did write like it's a roundabout way of saying you and without our frustrating to me very frustrating, so that is the case of the Galveston Eleven Maria and these cases still open. While so why meters, I don't really know how, because it's like, I think you guys have the sir. I think we should get on the case I think that, as I think we should call Fred, and I think we should call it comes citizen detectives than do. Let's do it. I think we should do it. I'm ready because this case really frustrated yeah. It's really frustrating and you got a lot to the document. We are definitely going to read. It it was a watch it together. I want it together and then there's so, and actually a lot of the articles that you can find on this are written by lease herself page works for the chronicle good for her and she's she's. A very you know, one away while writing kind of reminds me of the way that you read
oh, so I loved reading. I just met that just made me feel like a genuinely I love tat. I was really good. Ah love it that thousands very horrifying yeah Mary traumatized. Hang us by never allow Eu Data fuckin fish, none, no Blake! I get it. I get. but don't ever say if somebody knots on your door, you want to see it be like. Well, I don't live near a body of water, so now, no, and even if do live near body. I wanted to say no to spill it. You know what I'm gonna gone Disney Plaza, national, geographic and I'll see you figure first there is. We don't need that also we're not sponsored by them, but no or not. The like. I just got Disney, plus its effort to grab the only reason I gotta with Sea Hamilton. I mean loo Loo and also, if you haven't watched, Hamilton caught guys go, get Disney, plus a power that shit is
so God I love that last upset. I was like I'm not really a musical girl and others episode. You're like go. Watch him unto him Hamilton is not a musical its. It is an experience. It's a modem. in tat moment. No, I'm totally open to seeing Hamilton Lynn Manual Miranda is to me right now the only good thing we have in the world only like her. Lee? We don't have a lot latin tweet Lee, pure and good and wonderful thing. We have just want him to be protected at all costs, and I also never want to find out anything bad about him, because I just feeling he's just a good person. I think you may be right. You know who else is good people World Hamilton after reading the book on vacation? Did you really really was on vacation, read a biography about Hamilton and was like I'm gonna. Do this ground breaking fully when you watch you, you look how the fuck did you come up with this so you like, though, the musical guys watch he'll die in the same way, milk. You know who else is good report, pantry odds and you are like
listen. I need to keep talking about women over him. Well, we will after this, but first, let's takes a peach. Let's do it wrong number one! We're gonna think I think your name is general. You know about it oh gee I an elderly. I like it and sort of that motorcycle outside. Out of date? Guy, I don't know. I've mentioned this on several other episodes, but my neighbour got a motorcycle and there it is you're like nine years ago, it's happened many times next up is Daniel Carter, Renewal Carter. Thank you so much. We then have Our lean Keller sheets, Darlene, Keller sheets, thank you, sunlight, killer sheets, kill it sheep, who I would hate of my sheets were killed and I'm gonna make. I'm will be Casey Lee. Thank you. Casey Lee best. Thank you so much Jamie Richardson. Thank you! Jimmy Richardson. Thank you so much destiny often burg. Thank you. Any rothenberg you're awesome. Thank you. So this is a really cute Ayman, like while I love your hair,
or Marie many Marie many that's you're. Gonna love her dad, I'm just zoom in really cool, like a liberation. Oh, I love your hair color. Oh, how I ok, how many a secret LAO? Thank you. Hey C Schwinn Katy case we shouldn't Lenny, you don't have a low. I dont have a lie up. You liar kit: what does it Casey Casey Schwinn, Casey Schwinn? Thank you so much. I like Schwartz names swell you, I, like you, Michel, Garcia, Michel, Garcia, glad to see you get a press release, Townsend, Patrice towns, and thank you so much as a fund. Last name is very smooth and as an alteration, Galilee Gunning, Gabby, cunning and money. that I love the liberation, mean it Daniel Stoddard, Daniel Stoddard? Thank you so much Owen, her thing. As of Harlequin cool out at its core, we, like
we do will abolish Danny Gomes skin level is love the anonymous you have such a friendly smile. You know what I let me see other up I just like come close it out like what a friendly smiled on EU do very welcome. I just want to be your friend meteor. That referendum We are, and then we have actually Warwick Ashley WAR, egg, hello. We love you. Thank you. So much April Rakowski April work how ski that's cool s, name or rut. Council. I love a ski, recognisable name yeah. Polish! Thank you so much. I love you Julie waters in duly waters in what are you doing Chuck and would think So much key are gable curing, evil, like a house of seven gables and sail in Massachusetts, or an of green gables. Like the cartoon in Bogota two very different spectrums of the imagination,
But yes, we then have a modern, ah destiny test sell out right now, let's finish off with a Madonna, his destiny, you closed it out. Thank you, so much to our patriotic. Some guys are Radice FUCK. You deserve the worlds and we're gonna. Try to How did you guys feel about the patriarch goodies? Oh, I hope your excited about similar you're really was excited about it. while any ways you can follow us on Instagram at morbid vodka hit us up Antoine. A morbid pod gathers that motorcycle again send us a gmail, morbid podcast, edgy, mailed our com, and let me know ways that I can make motorcycle, not work. That's all right. That's all the things that it's all thing body will. We hope you keep listening and we hope you heap it appeared, but-
whether you like do under really budget than you disappeared, Panama than you have telling make friends with somebody while you're in Panama, like bad things, happen William Penn him unto and, unlike you get caught lawyer in Panama, because you not african smart, You go back to Canada and then you re all these Canada. You can go to Canada, you gonna go where we from America and you get caught and then don't die in prison if Europe, under all these fuckin, You have to face its face: the money based. That's one. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy
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