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Episode 157: The Senseless Murder of Vanessa Guillen

2020-07-18 | 🔗
Specialist Vanessa Guillen went missing from Fort Hood Military Base on April 22, 2020. She was last seen at the armory and the last person she was seen working alongside was fellow soldier and specialist Aaron Robinson. Weeks before her disappearance, she told those closest to her that she had been dealing with a fellow soldier, a sergeant, that was sexually harassing her and she was ready to report it. June 30, her dismembered, burned and mutilated remains were found crudely buried in quick cement/earth alongside the Leon River in Belton Texas. Robinson took his own life in an attempt to escape his crime but his girlfriend Cecily Aguilar confessed to her part in the brutal mutilation and disposal of the body of a US soldier. Details of the crime and the following weeks are confusing and suspicious. Is there a coverup? Regardless of the truth, this brings to light the broader issue of reporting sexual assault in the military and Vanessa's family is trying to make sure those that defend our country are safe to report these issues without fear of repercussions.See soldier's speaking out:#IamVanessaGuillenThanks to our sponsors!ProseProse is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/morbid.Pretty LitterGet the world’s smartest litter without leaving home by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code MORBID for 20% off your first order. Luminary's Murder on the Tow PathListen to Murder on The Towpath, only on Luminary. Go to Luminary.com/Towpath and get a 7-day free trial of Luminary’s Original podcasts. Cancel anytime. Terms apply.
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it's and this is going to be. This is a very important morbid where guises share this one, because a lot of people have requested it. We're gonna be covering Vanessa Gideon. we do it, but before we jump- and we just I'd like to little things that we just wanted to throw Acta The first one I I don't you no, why I am saying this, I think it's just too. Buyers, can view, and we had a couple people in the last episode. I mention that, like Europe has such a long history- and we know they have castles that date back so long and we don't have the United States nor Tajima like buildings. What I was talking about was that when you go to Europe, you get to see build. things that are very often said. I don't like you and I was like yeah. We don't have any cool ass buildings here now,
a sprinkling. Ivy majority of people understood what I was saying. I have a few people got very angry at me, ass if I so. I just wanted to acknowledge that there is a whole history before you know, Alexander Hamilton, and all that many of them, ok, economic before you start like wrapping Hamilton and of the hardware. So I just wanted to point out that I am. I know there was history before that acknowledge that history. I was talking about buildings, just buildings, sallow. Second, what's up I'm sorry if that was where? But here it is a lesson lighter news. Workers are about a different building murmured in abalone shell. Yet, but you can't come, he can't Kosovo Rona, but you can buy. Take it's too tune in to sideline, show so twenty third, we are actually going to be at a loss to twenty, where we did our first. I've show yes, which a super fun and there's gonna, be nobody there, except
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and it's like, I feel like it's going to be a good preview for what we do have plans for live shows when they're like back eventually yeah cuz we're going to be putting a lot of work and a lot of we'll be at some stage its true gonna be printed, kill or up in the game. We are so definitely get tickets and adds? Can we really fun? Nay, even there's like a link, you have to download an app and then you sign and on the up and that's how you watch sue you do it on your computer. If your fancy you can hook up to your tv, I don't know how you guys. Yeah, I'm always impressed by that link. It literally just an html angrily, but I, like you understand, but hashtag old, but so do I It's gonna be a lot of thought and I can't wait. It is where excited so deftly, do it were excited about it and that's really only had to touch upon so ya. I think we want to jump into the Vanessa again case cos one leg. I knew this case was very then it was a lot
moving part like that. I knew it crazy, but I did not know all of the things in when I drove into it as well as cases bananas banana pancakes, so we're gonna jump right into this. Talking about Vanessa again was one of six, and her family. He grew up in Houston. She wanted to join the army every one in her family and everyone who knows knew her says she wanted to join the army since she was a little girl, holing. Doubtless her thing, her mother glory again said as young as ten years old. She said she in less than the military? Well, what about who's gonna say ass for her. She was always ready to serve this country only. She was like I want to fight for this country. I want to protect people. I want to be a hero, like you all it wouldn't noble tenure aluys- and you know what ass soon, ass. She finished high school at Caesar s shop as high school in two thousand and eighteen. She unlisted why daily
She was such a to her words isn't going to do in the damp ass. She was not all talk. She was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. She was a super active woman loved going to the gym loved playing soccer according to her family issues, outgoing shoes funny just me, no she's what you see in the pictures of her right, sickly, like she kind of like exudes who she was. What you see is what you get yeah. She as in a relationship with a man named one crews when she went missing. Ok, he was very active and asking for help finding her. I just feel bad for what's really sign on a hug for about three weeks before her disappearance she was acting. Strangely ok, this was according her mother news. According to her sisters, people people who care about sir, they said like you know she wasn't sleeping right. She wasn't eating enough. She was losing weight. You just acting stressed. There was to something on her mother was like buried. I know you, you gotta tell me what's going on re and finally,
Vanessa confessed, you know I'm feeling a little scared and a little like stressed out because I'm being sexually hurrah stepped forward and said it was by a sergeant in particular, and she didn't want to report it because she said one they're not going to do anything about it right when she said I have talked to other women and other people that this happened to nothing's really gone on, or she said she was afraid, to suffer repercussions yeah. So her mother asked her. You know who is doing this gimme a name. didn't want to tell her because she was like. I shall report it, because she was. I got reported at some point, I'm a little nervous to get the blow back I know I'm gonna, do it one when you are dealing with like higher up to that, I can't imagine, will that's the that figure out still it's the chain of command thing, we're like if it's a higher up you're, really as my colleague yeah, and so Her mother was like ok. Why don't you tell me the name of this, a hustle and all report him for you ready
so you don't have all but like Mama, I hereby like she was just like you know what else you know it can be that you confided in me, and I chose to report it right. So it's not totally on. You So she was like you know what she didn't tell her anybody the name, but she was like. I am going to make a decision to report the zoo, and I'm I'm thinking part of this, too, is just rape, culture in general, where, unfortunately, as women, you immediately feel shame. Oh yeah, like it's just instilled in new liking, raining eat one! You don't want to talk about it because it's like in a relic, you just go on even live it again. And then, when you do talk about it, you're like, but did I do something that we can make that harmony its generally in one room, did not at all? Absolutely not it's totally like this awful thing. This is ingrained in. Most of us that were like will deny lead, to believe that they could do that? You know me like did here watching guessing its like. If you're watching em I'll be gone in the dark, they talk a lot about
that and yet is in the dark, and it's like a back then even now like they talk a lot about how back then was like that and unlike the fact that, even while people have that soya you on re absolutely so I'm sure there was just a whole lot of things, stopping her from immediately reporting it and a lot of I mean sexual assault. Rape and sexual harassment is under reported in civilian life, never mind in the military, so its leg Well, it's just a problem, although it's just say I egg fucking problem over the earth. Basically so one of the problems like we were saying with sexual seldom the military, because it is a problem and it's a problem that is now really coming to light with this game, which is good yeah, because you know it could never be coming to light superiors end it is a male dominated feel their investigating their own sexual assaults too. So it's just this.
unless cycle of sure I'll report it. But it's the same people that again investigated that are gonna back people, upper they're, gonna wanna do so it's just it's not smart It's just not happening if you have a horse in the race and what we're going to exactly what we're going to see at the end of this I'll tell you is Vanessa, Guillen's, family and her lawyer and her family's lawyers and friends and all these people- and you know people in Washington now are trying to get it so that one slash three hardy entity is investigating these and shall always be. I find it should always be like that in just talking about sexual assault in the military, in particular, because that's what we're talking about right now so. There was a study released by the Defence Department and it was part of a
congressional mandated yearly report from the Pentagon. Man it was about sexual assault in part of the study was that they did a focus group and they talk to soldiers, and they just talk to them. You know like how: how do you think that sexual assault training is going? Have you experienced? It tell me basically just tryin to get anonymous reports of things and some things they heard from soldiers. I like wholly petty terrify yeah parts, so somebody who is part of the focus group, a female junior enlisted marine, said today. I bent over to get something- and I didn't know there was anybody behind me bent over to grab something really quick and a sergeant is behind me and said don't tell me what the following: what those who the violent TIGERS you in front of me, like ok, don't tempt me like in turn around bureau? How get control of it how about you're, not a wild animal like are you kidding me? It seems, like you might be yet
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another one, a female, a junior enlisted female marine. That said, when I first got here all the people in my shop, specifically, they live on third deck and I got put on first deck and when I asked why they said it's, because I was going to get raped live unfair deck. Oh oh wait to be blunt about that. Ok, so maybe we shouldn't have all the people living in third deck that live there if I'm gonna get raped. If those are what they're just supposed to hear the sluggishness of his o cause you'll get raped up. Their debt must be hard can you imagine hearing that, like all cool, what is happening now, gentility so blunt about I'm just to be like this is how it is so I mean, and obviously this is not. You know this is not, all soldiers are all military and that's not what we're saying. But it's a it's a big problem, and this is just the facts of the it does matter. It's a big problem
the gay and family attorney. Natalie column said she had a briefing in Washington and she's though in this was, while Vanessa thing ok and she said that they found at least two incidents that she can point to. A sexual harassment for against Vanessa she's, Allegedly a superior offer officer had once walked in on Vanessa when she was showering litter. sat down and watched. Her show what the fall yes and then a second time. A fellow officer was sexually assaulted, her with sexually disgusting remarks, and he was doing it in Spanish and so, like you started in I'm assuming he was thinking like you know. Some people are gonna, hear what I'm saying radically, and people who did this of a person who did this was not named, we don't know, but those are two legs name them definitely happened.
he said she never. So she never reported her harasser, even though she had told her mom, I'm gonna do it. She never got a chance to do it because she went missing shortly after this discussion with, because somebody proudly found out that she was planning to him. Yes, so Accord Two officials on the base shoes last seen around one p m April, twenty second, twenty twenty. She was wearing a black shirt black Nike sneakers and light purple like jogging pants like work out PAN She was last spotted in the parking lot of her regimental engineer, squadron headquarters. Third, cavalry regiment at the Fort Hood Military Base K Us search of the barracks where she had been were been in and working around that day turned up her id all of her key cards like every You need to get in and out of any wasn't planning to go in her while it was still there. Yes, she had just been promoted to specialist, I mean she was, I mean she was and definitely not planning on. Leaving rightly, this wasn't and a wall such
waste and wreck a meat, and then again this immediately dispels any idea of that, because of course, soldiers do go away while sometimes so. That is something that they think of immediately. But this just wasn't the watchman here so June. Twenty first Fort hood, deputy Commander Major General Scott Atlanta Effluent, made a statement about Vanessa disappearance and ask the public for help. So he gave the information about her. This apparent said this is the last time she was seen sheet seemingly just vanished right, and they said some one must know something we just want to bring her home right, so they are just putting out a pleader people to believe tat.
What you know the army initially offered up a fifteen thousand dollar reward for information. It was later raised to twenty five thousand dollars and then another twenty five thousand dollars came from the League of United latin american citizens. It was a pretty big reward at the end at the press conference outside of Fort Hood on June. Twenty third glory again Vanessa. Mother said I want my daughter back alive. I want her alive because she entered Fort Hood alive and, if, God forbid, my daughter turns up dead, shut down the space that girl is my life. I adore her. That's why I'm fighting with nails and teeth until they return her in the guilty. Pay a young man
in her mother. That was on June twenty fared. On June, thirtieth fortitude officials said that they did find partial human remains. They found it close to the Leon Reverend Bell County Texas after they discovered these remains her sister Vanessa, sister Myra, told time magazine I feel empty. I feel if they took everything from me, that's terrible. So what they claim happened was on April twenty second, she went. She did go to work at the armory on at forehead. She was working there. She was apparently like reading off serial numbers of weapons in doing that kind of thing in the armory she was. in there, with army specialist Aaron Robinson losing one years old? He was a piece of shit and she noticed that there were photos on his phone that this is what is told. This is the story, that's being told Can I dont necessarily believe this stuff
I'm sure it has a missing piece: eggs there's she was definitely there. She was working. She was working with Aaron Robinson. This is all true, this next part now, but they always trans. So what is was told by of the suspects later was that she saw photos on his phone. While she was there of twenty two year old, Cecily Aguilar, this was notable her, because Cecily was married to a fellow former soldier and apparently that's like illegal break. You kicked out of the mill adultery is like Senora Legal, so Vanessa was like do that's gross, what the fuck, and so he was like. You aren't gonna, get me in trouble and ruin my military career for this, and that's when he lost it. Ok, I end. from what I've read a lot of other vivo toad agree, because it's like how to de escalate to the point where like why, like there lay down there,
Even the family lawyer, Natalie Guam said she was looking at that she did just walk in there and look at her for his phone bill. Like oh look, you're committing adultery Berber right. That's now No just like look at somebody's phone so casually like by their unlike the photos or dislike right there. The claim that she didn't know Cecily Aguilar, so she wouldn't have known that he was. She was married rattling. It just doesn't It doesn't add up, it doesn't add up as the thing but what we do know is whatever it is, that set this into motion. He did ground the nearest thing to him, which was a hammer and he bludgeoned her to death with it inside of the armor,
Kay Lud would have gone every where right, because he demolished her with that. Not powerful and knowledge out mention how bad it was in a little while and you'll see how this doesn't make sense, because if he is so, he bludgeon this girl in the armoury with a hammer. The blood would have been first of all the amount of blood on him when it would have illustrated here right. There would have been an exceptionally insane amount of blood on the ceiling means the cast off would have been insane right for what he was doing cause. He also was beating her who bludgeoned sat in her head and face, and we all know how colleagues a lot would have been on everything it! Isn't it all away everything this would have hit everything that was around him. That police would have been it would have an underlying Marathi bath right it. Would it
even so long to clean up. It would have taken so many chemicals to clean up you what he would have been completely drenched. So this is Kosovo did happen boom the whole thing that I'm wondering is like what clean that up because who do we see the timeframe that they are claiming that he cleaned this up? it doesn't out simply is impossible. It just didn't happen. So what are they saying? Nothing they're, just bullshitting! That's everybody's, like whoa, whoa, now join you I'm talking to you, have a theory about when actually did happen. I really sure I have a little bit of a theory. But honestly, it's very itself, Elizabeth, very confusing, so there would have been blood everywhere. This did happen, he said is so he then put her in a pelican case, which is like this really tough big. Like case law, the Pelikan case. Ok- and he kept that case in the armoury.
Apparently just went home to shower just jetted. We did in my blood cover wind blowing door to get all the things he will need to try to cover this outbreak. Plastic, cheating, lime, quick, dry, cement, shovels, and then he contact Cecily Aguilar his girlfriend, who he's having an affair with because she's married to another soldier, because he was like I need help. Now. He left that armoury and he just went home right, like dont. Other people have access to the ongoing one found this completely just nightmare that he and also that make anything left her in a pelican case in the armory. For some time and no one question what legal I'm just like out a lot of Meda Mason when any one. I wondered like ok, we're cameras here right. Currently there aren't a lotta cameras at Fort Hood that are like
Valence camera wonder why it's like woe and its end again to clean this up. You would need a myriad in like a high earnings applies. Here is the very much thanks in who'd soon. She was the last seen at the armory. They knew that when they, when she went missing, they knew the last place. She was working in that armoury with Erin Robinson so who went in wood, who went and checked later. What's a bug in this armoury? Who did someone look in there? did someone go back and Billig she was last year. Maybe we should do some forensics, and here too the actual even worked in Woolsack where's, the blood right, If you guys just sharing some luman all in there, and I'm pretty sure that police will be a fucking Christmas three iranian saying: if you did that so, did you go in there and look at them? but you're not in here. So let's leave, like you, didn't think too swab like you could
probably just go to any old wall and there they have ever been I mean. Obviously they did and it is on the ultimate unbelievable to me. We can then he walked out after he when got the case. People saw him dragging that case. since his car and eliminating laws like hey, what's that Brown was like what you do in like it's a military base? She should question what this dude is doing right leg. It seems weird to me- and it's so weird obliges, I read this as I had no idea. I didn't know that there's another refers in the armory know either and that, like there was all this time that was on account IFOR. So apparently they were claim claiming that some time in the span of forty three minutes is when he claimed that armoury not their claiming nuts.
on the other two hours and hours and hours hours and hours, maybe multiple able to illegal day like a full ass day in order to get it cleans. The point where you weren't, you wouldn't be able now, they were always gonna be able to find something if they look, but they didn't look some as a problem. So specifically, the families lawyer pointed out that this was not a per looking at the phone and saying oh, look, it's that girl, that's married to that random. Former sooner I'm gonna report, you know this she didn't wanna report heard sexual l, but was going on less you two fuckin report you, but I think this is her saying I'm gonna report you. You can't do this to me anymore right, because I think that air and Robinson was sexually assaulted, her or harassing her, and she was like I'm gonna report you run. He was like no you're not in this. So I'm going to kill you cuz. If you think about it. If course, of course, he's going to call cuz it later, Cecily is claiming that he called her and said you know she was going to report
Our affair are our love like he was like we. I wasn't gonna, let her too down our lot like it was this big like fuck off, but in reality here want to come. His girlfriend and say I've been sexually harassing. This girl- and she was gonna report- mean right dawn. streaming only on paper, a new regional permit me a punk, then we are lady parts. Confused mixed hash happens, sour our repute tunisian front. We are lady parts are the sole streaming that only a bigger pizza night, the best knight of the weak, but
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granting other? Did she go end up helping oh yeah and wage she's she's I mean they are both the most evil humans MIKE I on action, and the fact I just makes me so it insists so frustrating so after Aaron, Robinson, bludgeoned Vanessa, YE into debt, when home? Do this thing, God is went to the store all things anyway, that's when he called Cecily Aguilar and he told her. He struck a female soldier in the head with a hammer, multiple times He had killed her that's very successfully was like okay, so shoes, I call cocoa, so he brought her body in the pelican case steadily on river in Belgium. Access somewhere between the hours of midnight and about four M is when this all happened. Ok, so Cecily came with him. Caselli was like gotcha here, let's,
They tried to light Vanessa FI, oh my god, but it wasn't working so they took a machete and both of them dismembered her together, unlike the other high. Where did you try to set her on fire on the military base that nobody saw you, oh no. This was off base. This was often air. This isn't the Leon River. So Aguilar, according to court document, said that they both used a machete type knife to quote: remove the limbs and the head from the body. They then buried her body parts in three to four. Locations and then later they tried to cover it up by using too quick dry cement to create a bolt around all the pieces and bury it with Lyman Such would the fa. They then, both through the machete, the hammer and her phone out. The windows
they drove now. Well all this horrific stuff is happening to pour Vanessa gains body after her horrific murder. Her sister Myra had arrived at Fort Hood. To look for her movement. Odd and so in she's being turned away. While this as well Well, are you happy land dismembered and one point during the investigation. Her sister actually spoke to Ellen Robinson on the base and he was pretty uncaring about venuses disappear and, oh I'm shocked now. This was after he had murdered her of course, use just gonna, like whatever the growth brush yeah you're, a fucking great, a piece of shit. So Aguilar, told investigators that they actually went back to the place where they had buried Vanessa on Ike on April twenty six, so a few days after they kill her cheek, while Aaron had killed her.
she and Robinson said they again tried to burn the body parts, and then they took hair nuts and gloves and they wore there were wearing those while they were doing the same thing and then they burned those and then they said they burned there close that they had been wearing. So they took multiple days. Multiple attempts to cover this up- I mean it was a full blown to me This feels premeditated he does MIKE. I feel it has as we're gonna learn in a second. She wasn't supposed to be at the armoury oh yeah, so So investigators started talking to Robinson April twenty Eightth so two days after they had gone back to the site, to try to burn everything anymore, because now there like wait. A second leg,
all of a sudden. I, like you, were at the arm in arm with her the last time she was seen alive. We gotta talk to you and the apparently were the only to their exactly so he's like he denies everything in these like no, I was with Cecily Aguilar and show back it up so I wasn't at the armory while he was like during the time you know I went there. I did my thing than I went home and weak. She can tell you everything that I was home all night after I so Aguilar did start like confessing to everything later, but at first she was giving human alibi record. Night. So she said you know she came to her. He came to her home, which is like off base. they were together all night and then she looked I said actually, no worse, her husband, who frequent knows I don't even know but this is so. I think they're like estranged, oh okay, so they're, probably not living together, should really care she's, the worst
So she later chains that story and choose like no actual. He didn't just come to my house and we sat there all night. We met up in belt in Texas, which is where the Leon Rivers and she said that they were just look. They went there to quote get the stars: yeah literally ok, Romeo and Juliet you are gonna fuck, your saharan evil, twat yeah. On the ninth a you know, you are out there dismembering the body of a? U s. Soldier you'd, want to claim that you just one further drawings and hard there and say you were looking at this starling gear and innocent, with your boyfriend, who you're having an affair with sexually harass the woman soldier that you helped hack up Thea, that's really What done subtle? Are you two made of lake, then the two of them, unlike holy shit, doesn't make. How are you, how are you that evil talk about like poured from the same mould,
and how do you lie like the unbelievable well without cracking on, may witnesses witnesses finally came forward and said they saw Robinson carrying that it's called the tough box to that Pelican, the charger to his car, and they said it. Crazy. Heavy views like struggling through his car drove away, and that was on April twenty. Second, in the evening they were like here we saw him. He consented to a search of his phone records, at that point, and they saw that he was talking to Sicily Aguilar a ton that night calling her constantly. They were talking the whole night, which makes it unlikely that they were together at home So Aguilar was interrogated, Jus nineteenth and she was like who really know when they asked her like. Why would he be calling you when you were together at home? He was calling you to get you out. There really does your does doing so. They check their locations on both
of their phones, is never like. Yeah you're dumper, like ways says that you were not at home beyond globally, on rivers in belt, in Texas, where she said they were looking at the stars. So I think in her little mind. It will place us all. I don't put us there and I can pretend that we are just there is something cute. None assuming we, while you're an idiot new displaced yourself well, I was on the phone search showed that both of their phones were in belgian to gather April twenty second April twenty third, in April twenty six saw on the evening of April twenty. Second, that's when they initially brought her too often too, she was murdered. They brought her there yup bled into the more
of April. Twenty. Third, even remember it was until four in the morning, and then they went back and then they went back on the twenty sixth. So then they found that robins. So they did a recorded phone call on June thirtieth, they tapped the phone between Aguilar, Robinson Deva, and he said to her quote: baby: they found pieces, they found pieces, and that was when they investigators had discovered human remains. A hockey then sent her text messages of news articles and photos detailing that human remains or found. Okay so they're really care about that's pretty suspicious. Apparently this is crazy. A barely. They had searched the area that she was found in on June, twenty first, and they found remains of a burned tough box in like a bird file, and they also found disturbed earth and they smelled the smell of DE camp, but they didn't find human remains, so they just really well. That's that
cool in two Miller from the Texas Aqua Search said to Nancy Grace on her podcast? love that when they discovered the burn, pile and the like burnt pelican case. the sea idea, which is the? U S, army, criminal investigation, division? Who is out there searching with echo search? They said they were like you, I don't think that's relevant today. Case. Oh, I don't think I burned boxes relevant leg so way, and this not smell of human doing up. I don't think it has anything to do with no later than happened in. He said they had to push them to even consider it in one of the acquisition people had to google an image of the pelican case. What it would look like to show that it was the case they use straight and leave that they knew that the only then did they agree to go out and search again. This is after it had already been reported. That Robinson, US prime suspect, was seen leaving the armory the night Vanessa disappeared, whither, Pelican, Kay
I don't know why they thought it was just gonna go away, but they did and there No, we don't need to come back here. You can sit there after being told that people saw him, bring your pelican case out of hearing didn't you have seen, and it was heavy new struggling and now he's acting like a creep, and you find no shit, and then you find a bird fucking Pelican case were in Belle too near the we on river, where phones or ping think it's just a coincidence. You're looking at this firm by ongoing, that's probably not relevant to the case, our backing. Because I didn't want to have to deal with this. That's what it comes down to it. I was re. I was reading this and, unlike that's his shitty truth of this, can not be real. They didn't want to deal with this. They wanted to just move on from it and there were some willing. Won't. We don't know what happened. Was this fuck being protected? And it's like you know what Will Vanessa was one of your own rang with what what are you doing for
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When you s marshals the police and the loan STAR Fugitive Taskforce, confronted Robinson about all this cause, they were like hey. What's up with you, we found human remains. We found the pelican case. Will you we found all these phone records. We have all this finding a little tax there, like we'd, like to give you a polygraph, and he was like now so here These two polygraph not always looks good, somehow escaped the base on foot before they could arrest him wearing only a pair of shorts and its citizens.
Where did you think you were gonna go do and, according to the Fort Hood public statement, they said quote: while law enforcement agencies minus army see ideas, special agents attempted to make contact with the suspect the suspect reportedly displayed a weapon and took his own life. So the incident took place in highly in Texas, where Foot Fort Hood is located. He basically got a gun fled and when they tried to confront him, he put it to his head and shot himself. So in its so funny to me, I'm like wow, so you were you're. You ve got enough balls to bludgeon a fellow soldier to death in an armoury and then put her in a pelican case. Take her out into the mill nowhere grab your girlfriend, who is cheating on her husband with,
you and have her help. You hack herded into pieces, were the machete poor, quick dry cement over her poor, the machete and they end the hammering to burn her. I want my own out your windows, the boy. You are too much of an little tiny baby to deal with the fucking repercussions of your actions. Yes, wow Bush wow, I'm not shocked, and that makes me think. I'm like you know what if he had lived- and they had been, able to arrest him and do an actual investigation, the shit that would have come out because I think there was a lot more a lot. What has spelled out and I'm sure, a lot of I'm sure. A lot more is still going to come out of people that may be just don't feel safe island over that dude is was a dangerous he's right it and I'm sure there's a lot more. That came out about any. Was he twenty did? You say one hears a one years old in your that fucking yapping evil? How well Vanessa.
genes. Phone records said that her last outgoing text message was too robinsons phone according two, and so she went away for she had been working that day, obviously in them armoury, but she was meant to work that day she got called it. Nobody can say who called her in wasn't Robinson that text at her. I think it must have been Robinson there saying it wasn't of course there, but I don't believe that I was, I dont believe anything they have to set in Lisbon like weird stories that have changed like the witnesses who first sovereign saw her in the parking lot first said. One p m then switched to eleven a m, and so and then again she was called into work that day. No one saying who will do it. It was her day off. It isn't? Gonna show that on who the fuck pulled her in there, and why did they pull her and there was it somebody pulling her in there for this to happen to earn. Did they have shit ready to clean up that armoury? Did they know that they were gonna, be doing this alibi?
did they have sheeting. Why? I'm all right, I used or style, and they just had the whole thing set up for probably oh no, I mean it any things possible this. It sounds not Stephen say that, but it's like Is it not so the more you dig into where this happened? The more shit that comes out in its it I mean it's just like the took a machete in the middle of the night, burned body and can I do you just have a machete also like nothing, is out of the realm of possibility here now. I said before that I was in a mention how badly he bludgeoned her her face was beaten so badly that they couldn't peace. Her face back together, that's her and they could not use dental records to identify Herbert her teeth were shattered, oh god they had to use pieces of hair and possibly identified her through dna analysis on July. Fifth, that's harassing the only way that they could find her. Also, her mother doesn't know the details of what happened to her. He she refuses to listen any.
Sure I don't blame her. I would never one area that made your general Scott F F Flynn. I think it is deputy commander of three core at Fort Hood. He said at a press conference that quote the criminal investigation has not found any connection between sexual harassment and businesses. Parents, sure by shocking and senior special agent Demon Phelps has said that they looked at the interactions between Robinson and Vanessa. They looked at all the evidence that they could find and they found no evidence of sexual harassment ya. First of all, the fact that they are investigating their own shit is unreal. Like that's, so biased, it's not even funny, and then of course, I gotta find any evidence of sexual harassment. Do you think he was going I'm doing it in front of people who he knew, would talk more low or he was doing and it wouldn't in front of nobody was
in private and of course, you are not going to find it because you're, the one that went out to the crime scene and saw burnt evidence and, like I don't think that has to do with it. I don't think that's relevant pearly, not look and super her come on fellows, like you're telling me you can't find evidence of sexual harassment, p of course you. This is that people like this need to think of like their moms or if they have a daughter. Think of your daughter sister, like light you, what has happened to you and your friend? That's the thing about that. Well, luckily, Cecily Aguilar de Living suspects is charged with three conspiracy, three counts of conspiracy to tamper with evidence, and when a judge asked her this, I have. We wanted a punch. Someone so item, I even beginning to judge, asked her if she understood the charges against her first, she shook her head now. What what don't I understand you don't understand what you did and also his cattle. Oh no
eventually she said yeah sure yeah sure She just doesn't give a yak sure you dismembered a human, she already evil piece of shit, that's disgusting! Well, she faces up to it, many years in prison, that's right and fifty thousand dollar fine, which it's like she should get a lot more than that she members of body you multiple days in Iraq and the families lawyer, Natalie COM has said like she's a terrorist, she should get the same dismembered, a. U S. Soldier rightly she's a terrorist, and she is so. She pled not guilty because you know she's a twat, but her bond was denied good and she has to say in jail until her trial, which no date has been set for. The reason her bond got denied is because, in recorded conversation from the jail, she told someone that she was planning to leave the country and she had five
dollars that you can leave the country in a new light in a fucking think that they were like. Ever watched in episode of anything. This is the same monster. I can call her like a woman or he's not monster. That was like. If I say we were in belts in taxes that I looking at the stars. It'll places there, but they won't ever suspect anything not like you. Definitely your alibis, looking at the stars loud, but finally sign urinary it. So they were like yeah euro polite risks in you literally just admitted that you were going. So what? If they're, just like she's, I barely do you understand and she's like she shakes are no, they display the recording of rang like Alma leave the countries like yeah sure. Why not will the U S attorney Mark Frazier said that she also deleted her Google account while she was in jail and then she I also want to ask the person to delete her facebook page. How did she delete her Google account while in jail? Who knows, but I'm also excuse me, I'm also egg
I was on her face, but also enabling getaway. can get it actually look if they want to. I can't wait to hear what comes out while her husband, this resistant and servicing no cause I was like divorce. Oh honey. Israel has ended. I read she was becoming a more religious person recently. I believe now don't they always well? And he said quote: there was a time when she really wanted to know more about the relationship that I have with God and she would just really drawing on that yes. You really drew in on that when she took her machete and hacked up a? U S soldier, with the do that she was having an affair with filling God. Probably doesn't feel too good about the. I dont think she was getting religious student. No, I'm sorry! No! I think you are looking at this with rose colored glasses, and you need to just take me. For that, like when son of SAM was like I'm son of Hope now, Yom son of holes in our effort to late bracket, you can't murder people in dismember them and then return that your religious, you can't know, I'm sorry, that's pretty soon.
religion, the other to that's real sacrilege, I'm saying so but necessary We have asked for a congressional investigation into the Fort Hood base, because yachts shit is doubtless yoga. Another interesting know that ties back to the Fort Hood Military base in is making people be. Woe is disconnected, is June, nineteenth private in the one hundred and fifty eight the composite Transportation company Gregory, miraculous his remains were found lightly burned in a field in killing Texas less than ten. miles from Fort. Had he had been missing and assumed a wall from Fort had from August Nineteenth Wendy, I'm his remains were found not far away from where Vanessa was and he was lightly burned, yeah yeah! So when he was reported missing on the twentieth of August, he was initially reported as a while immediately were like he's. Asia, and has that's me,
wrapped up in a neat little long later, when they couldn't find him, he was labelled as a deserter nice a me like they put him on the list, so he was set to be discharged just days after he went missing that awful to me that doesn't say a waller deserter. He was set to be discharged. Why would he dessert days before he was gonna, be discharged? Nobody would do that because anyone thinking with their brain me, oh, his status was eventually changed from deserted, active duty after his remains were found good. This allows his family to bury him with full military honours ass. He should be the daily fight for it, which is only ridiculous and the army see Idee operative. A twenty five thousand dollar reward for information about his death, but they didn't do it until after ward was offered fervent us again in her case, because then realize they had to his family, had requested one to be offered in September two thousand and nineteen a month after he went missing. They were asking for that reward money to be up, not nothing. I put up.
They immediately assumed he just when a while and didn't even that's ridiculous. His clothing was found shredded and scattered around the area. No suspects have been brought forests in connection with his death, and again very close store. Vanessa was found, that's weird and a light more right, yeah in something like what is this about right his family says the military didn't give them any updates searching for him and in fact they found his car. In January, twenty twenty never told the family what his sister in law had to dig and search and found out that the car had been sold at auction in Dallas family was like. Why didn't you tell us that you found his car, but not him link? That seems like something you would tell a family, that's something! This is hanging over to now and end hoping that that family is gonna, get some answers because they deserve answers, yeah and each family that loses their childhood sibling or something like that. So
There was an increase in sexual assaults and the military reported sexual assaults of three percent, while ass from the last time it was reported that doesn't bode well for like a good trend going up. It's not a good trend that should be going down, and then I fear, this information on protect our defenders, which is a really good website to read about like sexual assault in the military, and this includes as men and women right in its protect. Our defenders because is trying to give information to help the people who defend our country not feel the Uno unsafe, while they're trying to protect our country because they're doing enough dangerous shit, as it only be worrying about this. On top of it. So on the website it says the reports that are restricted where survivors, confidentially de clothes and assault, disclosing assault without stating in official investigation, saw seventeen percent increase from last year with
thousand one hundred and twenty six reports, while the increase shows a quote clear: lack of faith in the chain of command, protect our defenders, stead and said in a statement about the report. The organization supports and advocates for service members who have been sexually assaulted. So it does, it shows kazoo the people who went confidentially to report it didn't want open any investigation, so they went just to be like here. It is, I know, you're not going to do anything about it, said owning the bottom right and that does it shows a clear lack. Of course, all leader like nothing, can be done for just sad. How sad is that really? So there has been a social media campaign going around called hashtag. I am than again where service members, men and women can share their experiences with sexual assault on the military and what was done or not done about it. If you go on twitter and type that end you're gonna see a ton of store,
evidence heart wrenching. I can't imagine, because when you just keep thinking about it was the elect these people are like laying their lives on the line for the country and now, on top of the stress that that involves which is unimaginable, I was gonna, say you're dealing with this whole other set of stress. then it's like the did just shouldn't, be a thing with people that year youth and have the same common goal and an old as the hills backed and morals and ethics and EVA holy Shit, so July thirty, as of this year, so soon Vanessa gains families introducing a bill called the. I am thus again bill, and it would allow service members, men and women to report sexual assaults tweet third Party entity, instead of having to bring it up their chain of command or go to them. That's the whole figure. Nothing me you need an unbiased third party entered, let's sit there and look at it runs through non.
I start that nothing actually going to investigate. They need to look at both sides and see it for what it is. Not somebody who's totally invested in the whole thing right and is probably like potentially friends with your yeah assaulted. And July thirty if they are going to be doing you like a peaceful protest in Washington, where they're gonna present the bill on they are gonna, presented two trump and I hope for the best, and I hope that he does the right thing. I hope you get signed into law and especially of the family, deserves it in the military. Does yeah yeah. They do. The military members deserve that you feel so they deserve to feel safe. The deserve to know that people care about what's happening to them. When they're, not just on the front lines, so that is where we are now Any more updates of this case come forward. We will certainly update with an update absurd, but right now that is the case of men again,
damn. That was clear message and I hope that you know something positive comes out of this. I really do I do too, and I hope we find out more about what is going on here cause there was a lot more one. I think we are going to find out more stories in Gregory morality. I want no more about his situation. I want the family, to be able to have some chasm cunning closure. Well, as always, you can follow us on Instagram at morbid. Podcast set us up on twitter. A morbid pod Cutler send us a g mail, morbid podcast at Gmail Dotcom. We hope you keep listening and we, you hear it, but as a really urge our simulates monies body of iron, the nuclear girlfriend Nikola Sarcey Other, even though you Nobbler really are actually looking at the stars like the stars, are stupid, so that at the stars answer but actually like them, the latter loves she, Cameroon stars room
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