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Episode 16: The Lake Bodom Murders

2018-08-28 | 🔗
Finland, you really outdid yourself with this one. As one of the most infamous crimes in Finnish history, this triple homicide remains a mystery to this day. Sure, several suspects have been brought to the table but none have been formally charged for very long. With a bumbling investigation and a host of strange occurrences surrounding this case. It may remain just that: A mystery. Today we will shed some light on this creepy case and try to give our best guest about what happened. Enjoy, weirdos.Movie: Lake Bodomhttps://medium.com/@allisoneckmeier/true-crime-lake-bodom-murders-c9070a197de9https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/lake-bodomhttps://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4677559/is-this-chilling-lake-massacre-of-three-teenage-campers-the-real-life-friday-the-13th/The Lake Bodom Blood Murders by Matt Demas
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original Tommy Me Punk Bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. Mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming now only arbiter pay weird is I'm ashes and I'm a lane, and this is what did it did it today, way. I know hey there were here once a week away its go and also cause it's not even
We can't leave no it in our times this week we have whirling three different upset, really working hard for the money was a hard working don't I just came back with the other night. only recording I was leaving to go to the morgue, and today I just came back from the morgue. What is today Sunday? Yes, so I get Sunday Monday's off, so I'm workin on the day off, but it's fun work and life to work tomorrow. I'm like this is kind of like this does not work here. This is us his leisure, he lashed leisure. I am still relaxed. My love it when we have our new audio I ran into our market, is starting to sound a little better, better cause. I know how annoying it is to listen upon cast when the audio scrappy, I didn't think I was too bad, but listening to it now my cool yeah, sorry about that. We sense
a much broader, we're getting better learning each time. Ok, so my favorite podcast other than ours is not why we drink. Did you see that somebody like said that we their favorite, podcast, morbid and and that's why we are in it. I commented and was like. I am very honoured to be mentioned in the same breath. I you can ask anyone that was with me last night I had a freak out because ash was the one who introduce me to that point. It's like my favorite fate and our eyes fallen in love of it. So that's one of those bog Cassa you guys you probably already listen to. I'm assuming are listed are already like way caught up a little late to the party. I only I was too, but I loved them, and I can't believe that, like I love that people mentioned us in the same moment that we are on the same part again like I don't feel we're. Not worry. You wanna be four zero friends. Is that what I feel like not worthy? But I really.
but we are worthy. I now we're totally worthy, evoking worried, longing awesome, yeah, yeah pep talk yourself, but were found in our tat, Sir Adele weren't words. dream and run up staircase at tat moment they do that you're tyro rough I've never seen that I'm gonna be really have any there, but I know this apart, where he runs upstairs I thought this was a one It has turned around linked, and I think what the fuck are you talking about? What do you want to? I think it is because I send you both of us about Have you seen right, of course, but it's one of those movies that I feel like everyone in silent. also the steps fear now and we have had a format, someone in what I'm saying what did happen. I wasn't
my legs, like, I e those weren't fixed one illegality needed steps to run up. He was just like running like in front of a green screen, but about way back so yeah but anyway, but yeah that was pretty cool and while we're talking about pockets. Of the reality of recommendation corner before we get into some more stuff because I've been there Turning to a couple, a new, newer, Podcast Lake, what's blood got to do with it? Are they? people that gave us the wedding. I was a little guy, they gave us an amazing review and they gave us a little shout out on one of their episodes. Immediately got drawn into their podcast in its two sisters in California, shouldn't lake delete the other close us. yeah, because we're like sister, but not so I feel like every time I listen to our pod cas. Other people are public. What till this year, like
we're like we're sister, is a mere like my mom, your group there like that you guys, if you know what has happened, is technically ashes. My niece, yes, the technically labors my on until we grew up a sister, Basically right so we call each other sister area and, like a lioness, kids are my niece exactly ten years apart. Yet, which is great, but so are sisters and anybody no longer say otherwise- can suck a tub exactly woke up. What's welcome noise at your wise guy you're, just like wealth ass, you say anything second reading walk lol either way their broadcast is called. What's blood got to do with it, every time I see it pop up on everything I immediately in my head. I, like words, blood, got to do, got to do with the words by the sector.
Indeed, both another. Something really quick to work without, however, go words blood, but slightly this, is flu we know is great boom. That's your that's your new tagline. What's that got to do with it That's it I'm aware viscous fluent in what is a risk of its like syrupy AGA, like as its it does. Its list can want congeals, and it's like that in this case, so we undermine them the possible what progress is pretty off another podcast that I have been like Judging, especially when I come out of the Morgan, I need something to make me leg. We're happy inside it is. Why do gonna watch what happens It may happen, aren't there too, but also their called whoops. I watched it again. Oh yeah and they're fucking awesome, it's like three people better. Basically, my head
oh yeah, because I thought they call themselves millennials. Are you too? and technically more millennials, fill out a lead on the cusp of so yeah and thirty. Two. I'm sorry I didn't know. I too have been young. I thought the cut off his thirty new, so I but they're around my age, because there into their their basically like nostalgia going into lake. The big flakes of our time, like you, know like there, the she's all that the craft job breaker favorite intentions? I mean like all these great movies and it's like you, get to hear it from all sides and adjust go, listen to it because it's like a big nostalgia bomb and they're all hilarious, some awesome. Yet so jealous and groups. I watched adding or groups. We watched it again, cool and those of my podcast recommendations right now we have a saying if we sang for the other one put something real ass man. This isn't my warehouse, the other one had blood in an amicable. You think we lost with our thinking, probably or highly
In writing. I love people as soon as I was like words like outlay really in the tv screen. So we won't do that anymore, guys about it, so yeah listen! What's both got to do with it and to watch them again. Other news there's been a bummer event that happened today and I actually missed it. I was in the morning, so I was walking up chilliness doorstep today, then I got sick and updates on my phone, There was, unfortunately, a mass shooting out of video games tournaments and Jacksonville Bomber, and it's like actually unfolding recurrent. Can you go now so it
as that multiple people were killed, eleven were shot for are dead right now, and it says that one suspect is dead at the scene. It's not known yet. If there's another says he's gonna say that only one shooter, they don't know that's awful yeah. It's just people turning enjoy video games that always bums Mayo Likud. It's always a huge from her, but it's like in situations like that. It's, like kids, just going to school! British! Just going you doing video game, a convention that, like you're just doing something you enjoy or like just having a day onto the convention, not even thinking that initiative The second Sunday afternoon Anderson, I Sunday afternoon, you're goin in doing your favorite hobby, and it's like I hate to say, work above me such ship bags. I can understand it man, it's such a bummer.
oh well, update when we hear more updates on that, but since it just happened, we just wanted to put it out there that it happened, but if anything else comes up, work dated on the next definitely podcast. But hopefully, if there is another suspects, they find them quickly and good good vibe stall. The people injured cassettes are real bundle, so move onto something a little happier or lot happier. I thought you were gonna go into the case like I was like that our cases not much happier than that. No, but We have a new patriotic and later subscriber noticed called patriotic person, vegetation, I don't know it's a patron patron we have a new member of the window. Latching cabin but less got Cornmill how she super Antipater and louder ass. She does simpler, gonna wanna, hang out with their bank, you so much the last guy you're amazing, and we really really really.
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no without further into doo doo doo doo into our crazy ass case. So this week we are bringing in Finland. Nay, and it's an unsolved on. So we get to lake fear ass a little bit, even though I don't think this one's ever gonna resolve. To be honest, I don't think so either to be there's just too much and while the will go into why we think that, because it's just a lot, because it's basically like the LAPD was fuckin on the climate, Basically reality they went over to vent but in fact, in our eyes eagerly it's so this is the lake Boden murders. I've heard a colleague bottom too, but I mean colleague boredom because it sounds better and its b, o d Olam yes, I've heard a lot of these words and names I've heard pronounced several the Ways, so I'm going with the things that I think sound right, but if we have any finnish listeners which are donor to you, guys like I'll, be right. If we did
or if you know anybody in spanish- and you want to correct our asses by all means, you tell us the gross goods during these aims, because we don't want to do that. Just like the day. I love password, I feel I must try more arrive to people really dogma preserved. Yes, I will tell you guys: go that way about the sun is higher even hear my creaking rocking chair again fuck, you Elaine. I apologize for discovering. You know what this creaking rocking chair is not going to be my chair for long, so you'll miss it when it's gone. Ok, I dont know. If they will know you will be to me it is pretty hot, but not ass. How does it usually is we're not we sweltering. This looks like fall outside the intense items are so the lake Boat, murders is the biggest unsolved murder mystery in finnish history. Unfortunately, it's kind of attempt to get a lot of details about the case
we think is in Finnish. So will you mean you don't read, fan and yeah? I know it's weird that I have not taken the take up, all your town. Yeah. I pass learning finnish too. I don't know any other woman. I'm in of english speaker and that's all I'm a fly. He disliked get your shit. I'm such a an american Reno like. I only know English now I want to know other languages. I can understand a little bit of spanish and a little. I can understand a little vanished, but yeah we're out a severe disadvantage here, since the latter the details- I don't even let you know the details, just even lost because of because of your bad. Exactly because, like we mentioned it, was this ban police work somewhat. So basically, this is a triple homicide with one sir, and it occurred on Lake Abode. Em in Finland's lake bottom is located,
small area known as Esto, which is twenty two kilometers from the capital Helsinki. What years? This again sorry, this was June. Fourth, nineteen sixty so June. Fourth, nineteen sixty four teens decided to go camping and they were camping, lichen and nervy. They were like they were not going to arrest woman it. They were full on campaigns like they took one of those tents that, like you, put to pulls up a new stretcher canvas over it and that certain I'd rather yellow. And these teams were a fifteen year old on yacht leaky, Marcie good job. I am her boyfriend, eighteen year old, Sacho Ontario Boys, men, which suppose a really cool man of insects,
Fifteen year old Miley or merely be organs and her eating your boyfriend Nils Willem Gustaf son. I'm spectrum answer, sir, but this is merely your client for us. This wasn't Miley Cyrus highly set up. I know it's all confusing yeah there were two couples are dating were they set up their little canvas stance on the shores of lake bottom. The boys prop their motorcycles against nearby trees and they set this tent up in the shade and on a slight flip to see have the Pulitzer here's the pet cry to paint a word picture for everybody. So while they were all sleep on the morning of June, first between the hours of foreign six am all four of them were attacked very brutally shit by either a person
a demon. What have you were so that we know exactly? They were all attacked using a knife in some blunt instrument, believed to have either been a rock or a pipe of some sort. Doom weapons were never found none of these. Wherever found we say here, don't even while news, is the only one that survived this attack. He was found a lie, but he was pretty badly heard, but not as severely as the other ones. He suffered a concussion fractious to his John facial bones in bruising on his face. He also apparently was stabbed once in the head, the forehead Jesus you're, not just in the head filling it will be really hard to stab in the forehead like Dinah. Those playing born is right. There so saying he pay apparently had a pretty deep wound there. At least that's what I read and several reports but curious.
Interesting. That he's the only one I guess Bulgaria and that his injuries or does not as bad as the other one guineas saw. The tenth itself was beaten the how and completely collapsed there were slow. she's in tears all over those blood all over it and Nils and Miley were found on top of the tent cellphone on your were found inside the tent thanks
Do you know? I just realized what I'm gonna camping next weekend, but like clamping down for you now community, but still last summer, when camping, I got sleep paralysis and it was to sleep arouses the worse than I fuckin. He stresses me out so much. I actually just heavily paralysis was the lesson for, like my heart actually goes at anybody. That's ever experience yet talk. Has it moved actually its hearing? Nothing ever I've experienced it since I lived in mum and adds up really I've had it. Since I was a little while, and I never knew TAT was until I got it out once on our road trip. When I was younger, I was going to North Carolina and I like woke up- and I was looking out the window and like crazy.
Started happening with I woke up, and then I got it once the fourth of July last year this year, when we were can't when you came- and I was trying to like wake Annie up, an eyelid could wake her up and like this person thing was, like figure was coming toward me announcing literally, this is how we gonna die. That's that's late, then the hallmark of sleep, or else it was usually it's like a shadowy, look, I don't want arrogant and it's awful and literally every time it happens. I always look, and I'm always looking at my room exactly how it is I'm not somewhere else. What is it exactly technically like you, wake up, lucid unaware right. So it's like you, you are looking at Urim and it's like you urge your brain is half awake, half asleep! So it's like you, don't have the ability to move, because your brain is still shut down that way, but you're, seeing the room and it still giving you images. They give you in a dream
the nightmare. Yes, that's all fucked up, but it's awful. So anybody who has that whom we feel that shit's awful, but we digress weed. I guess so, so now Miley was found next shoot. Miley was Nels girlfriend she received by far The worst of the injuries in miles is the one that was so alive. Nels was the one who survived this whole thing so Miley was found naked from the waist down. There was no sign of sexual assault, but we know of that veto who knows, and she had been stabbed multiple times even after she had died, lot overkill, which is often times associated with a personal attack right when you just keep going her cause of death was blunt force trauma, so she died from blood forest trauma and somebody
kept stabbing. Her she'd already died, so I mean that's pretty intense, but superintends yeah supple and on ya were the ones inside the tent and they were both killed. I believe by and for a stronger and but there was stabbed wounds. I dont know what they're not positively is one of them. Now it does look like they were all in the tent at one point and that the killer did stab three. The tents, so he didn't, drag anybody out of the tent. He just walked up to the ten and started bashing and stabbing that's fucking. The two of them ended up outside the tent. Somehow, on the ten I figure was basically this the tent collapsing in them trying to maybe get older. I don't know, but basically they did find the link with the trajectory in the blood and everything that it was in such they were in the ten initially getting back. That's fucking horrifying
At this juncture, they were sleeping most likely yet said that that's they were probably sleeping and we're just woken up by that which is in from one a couple reports. I read: they actually say that all of them received one force, China, but only Miley was stabbed so, there's some reports that say that all of them, I stabbed some say only she was, but they all say that she was overdue way. Overcoats would stabbing. So I mean again, this is a test case to get all the details correct, but I just want to put out every angle there, no matter what the definite facts I that mining,
this way more severely attack than the rest of them as right, Romans, voiceover artist. I here to explain bottomless. How do I get across to free retails on fries and drinks? Well, here goes Barnabas at re. Robin means free, unlimited, recalls on fries inside that come with every browser or voluntary dummies, free refills on state price. We potato fries, Yukon cattle, jibs, garlic, right, Barclays, Thysel, it's after his eyes. These vital lemonade and even wrote their flouts operate at the next buyer, and your appetite does knew that, rather than the killer also stole things from the victims, including clothing and wallets, but some of these items, not all of these items with some of them, were actually found tossed around like five hundred metres away from the crime scene, which is like a half mile away not very far from our very far enabling. Why would you take them to scatter the amount we? It almost seems like some loose turner. Look like
it is even more than what makes you think a little bit so weirdly there were tracks found leading away from the crime scene, and these tracks suggested that the killer actually was wearing noses shoes when he walked away, which is odd because, like four, so why would you do that Second of all, he just happen to have the same rules, and also these shoes were found dumped in hidden five hundred metres away from the campsite as well, so unfortunately Nils claims, because he was immediately taken too once they found him much will expire. When this happened knows was taken away to a Red Cross station once they found him and immediately they questioned him about everything and he claims he was in shock throughout this whole thing, which all believers Hence there is tracks leading away. Was there any tracks leading back,
not that we know of but there's a reason that we might not see those tracks that will go into a little later? Ok Nils had trouble recalling, anything really have the fashions he did have concussion he does. naturally say that he remembered a black cloaked. Man with red eyes coming at him seems legitimate, so he might have been one of the hungry vampires from twilight. Coos mumbling had voluntary here vega, one like I think when they get hungry, bigot red eyes. I must make, if I finally once in a while, but he was put actually later put under hypnosis and he was able to give them a description of who attacked them and will go back to that later. Cause it's important. So after this whole thing happened to boys that were watching near the site, actually noticed the collapse ten on June fifth later today over and they were looking
from far away. So they decide collapse tend to motorcycles, but they saw they claim they saw. They both claim that they saw a blonde man with longer hair walking away from it, and it was. It was far away. So they can give a lot of details. I think they could give a little bit of description about what he was wearing books, but their fires exactly and they just really go- can assist the collapsed and they were really concerned. Anyhow, I would give an inch. There was another boy whose fishing near by, and he also said he saw blonde man area as well? So blind man was Fuckin Latin, so there's Bon Dieu there. The bodies were found at eleven, a m on June. Fifth, when Rister,
sir? I'm sorry for myself. That name was jogging and saw the bodies on the tenth called the police right away. The police arrived around noon and they determine Blake what I said earlier there they determined that the killer never entered the ten. I got them from the outside there if they are found at eleven, but it took until noon to get. There was in the middle the woods, oh so he barely found them call them in the name of handing out there, but an initial he. This is where I get flake really as an issue. The police called upon the public to aid the manifesto dating, because that's always a really great idea why they literally asked the public's civilians to come search. The area for weapons in evidence. Tat sounds like a really bad idea and to this day bar in their searching for evidence whiskers. When you go there, why not
having hundreds of civilians traipse through a crime scene, surround in in the surrounding perimeter of the crime scene, to search for murder, weapons that are ever located, born what, if it was, it, was a bad choice obviously probably wasn't civilian, and it's like what are you doing here, people. Dont know how to look for evidence of evidence so based They just tired. I just contaminated the crime scene right completely. Fucked you're several I mean this is why parameters have set up in the first place tonight like they typically are like stand back motherfucker. You can't come into the permanent cause, your fuck up the crime scene, it it's like so yeah they found tracks leading away from whatever but if there was tracks going back to the tune of forgiving unified them a hundred people walking around monopolies place, we're the bodies like out too that's kind of fucked up. I don't! I don't know about the way the budget your way. They had civilians looking for fucking murder, weapon slick,
Indeed, we come up with their bare hands and walk over a decade ago That's really all we know about like what went on that night. There's not a lot of details about you know. Cuz again, this is 1960s. They fucked up the crime scene. It's in Finland, which we can't translate all the details, so it was mainly for suspects that we're going to go over right now with this case, and then we're going to talk about who we think that now the fort will the first suspect
his pen, tease soil and in Sweden in Sweden, and now this one is, I think the sun's be us like this one up, sir me at all. Well, so he was convicted on several violent crimes in the nineteen sixties. He was fifteen at the time. The murders debate than victims are fifteen right through to the victims or fifteen. He did live really close to wake bottom and when he was twenty four years old, he was serving time in jail for some of those violent crimes committed and he confessed to the murders, but maybe just firstly was interrogated, but his confession made no fucking sense in the police were like, I think, you're just crazy. Do you know what he said? They just ignored it, but he later hung.
Himself in a prison prisoner transport station. Some say he did it on the anniversary of the murders, but maybe that's over spoke exactly and also they just none of it meets the it's like. I don't think a fifteen year olds killed to eating Euro boys into fifteen Euro girls, and I also it just doesn't make sense there. I think you sustain it keeps want stronger and imprison the next one is Han's Osman HANS asked me it's for now it is pronounced Osman, but it is spelled ass. He did ass. He was not about his name. Can you ve had another poor guy? He added murder someone did it only got how many people in his life probably and walked up to him like hey you man or an Bucky. That's funny, I didn't think so. He's german in case you couldn't tell from HANS Osman.
german and he was an allegedly KGB spy living in Finland in the fifties and succeeds law. He was a former police officer. He served in the S S room and was a garden. Auschwitz and world two down, so he seemed some she, so he served in the worst. Like the ss. You can't either in Germany. Now it is illegal to wherein s uniform while yet like that's the really fucked up, but the four reports I read where that he fled from that when he became involved with a jewish girl. Ok, so interesting story he has, and he was later captured by soviets and recruited as a k, GB spy. That's the story.
What a life he's crazy. So he looks a lot now when mills was put under hypnosis and they got that description from him. They did a sketch, they did several sketches. Does he look like from those description now? I'm gonna put these sketches on mainstream, because this also connects to something else. He looks a lot like those sketches of a law which does not apply. This is ass man. This is ass, good, ass man. This is improvement, is that there has not been men, those aspects of sowing. He looks a lot like those sketches which is interesting. Now HANS actually went to the Helsinki Hospital the morning after the murders and everyone there said he was aggressive. He was nervous and was faking unconscious.
while he was there any also lied about its identity. Now they said his, the all the doctors and nurses said his finger. Nails were black and like cake to some substance and his clothes were stained with red, which they all believed or was blood. No tests were taken to confirm, good, but the doctors they're all believed there was blood and said they would testify to say it was born like they were like that Lisbon now his clothing also mass the description of what everyone said. They saw that morning was he blunt and he had long guiche brown hair, which was also exactly how it was described. And if you look at the picture of him, it's exactly how the photo has his hair like underfoot back.
While so so he actually ended up cutting his hair. Once the description of the killer came out, he chopped it up. Ok, he also lived within five kilometers of boredom how far as that which is not love. Let's I believe, like a half mile, oh shit, police dismissed him didn't test disclose. Why now detective Mattie Polar now, I think his name is thought this guy was responsible for it and he also thought he was responsible for five other unsolved murders
Jesus Christ. One of these occur in less than ten months after the lifeboat murders and it was kind, leaky, salary and secondly, a case that were, I think we might cover at some point Google's an interesting one, but people believe that Osman wasn't investigator further because the finnish government and want to piss off the soviets with their findings, made basically doktor jor map hollow. Who was one of the doctors to initially examined him when he came to the hospital, went onto rate three books about him and his connections to the murder low, so they really believed he was part of us. He's a good use, good candidate. You certainly again, I thank you no more. While you know more than you know, you know where you live in a hot and might have an idea, so that's Osman, so Nor can I storm is car of ladder mar gills from it was him. I mean right. This one seems even more likely than Osman
We'll tell me why he was known as the kiosk man. Oh there he ran a key ask station in OTA. I'm sure said that are like Ouida, I'm not sure how you say. It's funny tell me less than a half a kilometer away from lake bottom. and he was like an angry ass dude. He was known as aggressive, but not Oh, that old man is grumpy as fuck. Now, like Hughes, really aggressive, we re actually you're fucking rocks at children. children, and that would go by his place. You throw rocks of cheese and see the deck this guy actually particularly haven campers just like which very Likud, that's very neat hate it, but TAT he forgot fucking campers you would like through rocks at their mother camping. You dislike hated campers. We recently seems lady hated younger people.
People heading four guy drunkenly confessed to neighbours that he committed the murders and said that he hid the evidence in a well on this property. Why did everyone wants to confess to this? Murder will benefit two days after the murders he filled in the well in his yard and neighbours. Think this is where the weapons in some of the items that were stolen that were found are hidden. Police have not dug up this well, why? I don't think they wouldn't here's why his wife gave an alibi for him and said he was with her bed, she might sleep well. Police went to his house question in question. Is why if they got the alibi, then find any evidence in this house? They can't just go digging up a well on a hunch answer, so they can do it well later, when his wife was on his to her death bed, she said he threatened to kill her if she actually said that he wasn't home that night, so he was at home,
he was not home. That name, and she knows he's the murder and she's like I'm. Dyin has dying. She was like. I just want to let you know that letter arch enemy content, if I said that he wasn't there that night and I know he's the murder- well, yeah doing it with him. I think he's a good he's. Mice he's like right, I'd, I'd tied between two aircraft and he's he's a good candidate, because also he confessed up to four times. To various people and ready. He drowned himself in lake boredom and nineteen sixty nine. depending where you look, it's one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine or one thousand nine hundred and seventy two, but he left a suicide note where he confessed to the murders. Again, two young Emil drowned himself in late in lake, I mean That's it I'm getting a pretty good candidate brain drain yourself, Lincoln, I guess you know what I say. I imagine you just right. You just drive
he's trying to drive there and you might need that to get by, yeah assuming you, you swim out to the metal the lake and waved their until you get tired and eventually and drown, because you won't be able to keep herself above water other turrible worst way to go ever yeah tell if you ve been diagnosed with cancer. You need a team of cancer experts by your side. Every of the way working together? native care ambient Anderson Cancer Century Cooper, Sir Jerseys largest and most experienced cancer team, personal I care for every type of cancer. With me, double locations close to a full range of supportive care services. Empty Anderson Cooper points available within forty eight hours so that third, in really likely suspect Ben Words aspect: mills himself alone, Minor so
Point one survivors. They always get play I now, but sometimes it wasn't into a forty four years later in two thousand and four that he actually became a suspect. That's why he was sixty three years old You know it now that we think rather like. Actually, he was arrested for the murders that year and he at that point here, lived my pretty normal life. He was married use raising two children that were adults about point. Did he ever confess? No, and he was retiring from a long career as a bus driver answer you, just like a normal do until that point. Hidden was never sent guy So in two thousand and five, the Finnish
General bureau investigations actually considered the case closed and knows to be the prime suspect. Why, like this, is it it was based on bloodstain analysis, and this new forensic evidence was on nil shoes than the ones that are found in a five hundred kilometers away. Half mile away forensic scientists found traces of the victims, blot on them, but none of his blood on them hung, which is we that is weird cause of his blood, was on them too. At Billy, ok, like first it
the whole thing is kind of weird because it's like it was the middle of the night. Like you wouldn't have his shoes on oh yeah. I didn't even things. Why does he have any blood on their shoes re unless they were in the ten? But it's also like it's a very weird thing, so none of it makes sense, but the official statement from the prosecution was saying that they think he rubbed it in a jealous fit of anger, fuel by drunkenness and teenage hormones, because ok and took it out mainly on his girlfriend, who was the one who received the morass anything which is curious that she's, the one that received the most and he said this- is why you know she got the mercy of a two or just kind of collateral damage. Some claim
that it might have been related to her, not wanting to sleep with him right cause he's eighteen, she's fifteen. She was found with their pants off. That's what exactly so she was found nude from the waist down, which is a very odd detail there. because there's no one else This- is all conjecture obviously, but a woman who was camping nearby with her friends, the knight of the murders came out forty five years later and claim that Nils and Sacho had shown up to her camp site in the middle of the night, aggressive and drunk. But here's the thing This was she came out with this forty five years later here and there is literally absolutely no evidence to suggest this happened. She kept quiet about it for that and she only came out with it when choose offered an interview for a document are here and
in none of it. It just doesn't bottlenecks, advisory and muddled Erlich. Even if I did happen while nets it's like, think also. I believe it was mildly who kept a diary and she- TAT is she in her diary. They have the day she they were there a lot and she never mentions that they left the campsite that the boys left the campsite right to go visit. Someone else a dozen doesn't really cannot bear part, but in two thousand and five was when the trial began for Nels. Ok, they were aiming for life in prison and the defence. But the defence said one or more people had to have committed these murders, and mills was too badly injured to have done it, but he could have inflicted some of those injuries upon himself after the murders and the job in the jar fracture in the concussion in the you shall bruising could have been resolved and fighting with Seko rightly
because of the latter old up, and I have seen him attacking his girlfriend or woke up in the middle of the night. To this may him in started fighting him all nels right, and maybe he fractured his jaw if he punches among the face he's gonna facial bruising, he couldn't gotta concussion. If we had him in the had yet so once that happened, maybe he did get to kill Anja Miley and then the other two were just witnesses, so we had to come, and I mean it- could happen- it's definitely it's it's not really hard to overpower to fifteen year olds, an eighteen year old. If you can get him down your pretty good off so they and then he couldn't just cut his own head yeah, so I just don't understand why he would bring issues far away, because I think you turn stage cuz. He brought all the wallets in the clothing far away too so I think he's trying to stage that it wasn't someone in the campsite of somebody else
and maybe he knew cuz. They also said their shoes are kind of hidden, so he might have been hiding them knowing that their blood was on it and not hit, wasn't and then he could have just laid on top of the tent and waited for people to well now, no dna at the crime scene belongs to anyone, but the four people in that crime scene There is no outsider dna, so that's interesting. That is until you also have to think if you're killing for teenagers brutally you might get caught yeah for or you gonna leave a strand. I mean if these people are in a blonde guy. With a long hair worthy of allowing a shared out, IRAN by air is going to shed Frisian. I find some kind of dna somewhere, but that's interesting. Actually blonde people lose the most hair out of anybody, so they go Ellen thought near school. Actually, maybe it's redheads I don't remember to buy.
You do get I was alive. I think it might have been blondes, though, because I actually, I think, a laser. I think I've heard that figure blonde did I lose my son. I think redheads Ivan MAX, so brunettes just get to keep their not lose some, but not as much as we knew fuckers, so he was initially sentence to life in prison, so is found guilty here, but he only served one year before he had an attorney. No acquittal appeal appeal. an appeal after one year and he was acquitted in October two thousand and five due to insufficient. Since these are the only served one year and then he was acquitted. now, a lot of the evidence was just too deteriorated, took to provide a lot this, I'm thinking so much of it up and then on top of being from nineteen sixty like forty five years ago. You know at that point in the lead a bunch of people walked vaccines as they come on now when asked about
whole thing by reporters after he was acquitted. He just said: I'm innocent, that's that what can I do anything else you'll hear your girlfriend I'd like ok So a lot of finnish people remain pretty divided on his guilt or innocence and actually again, if we have finished listeners, I want to hear what you guys the officer. I again I don't know if we have been dismissed. We might have no finnish listeners, but if you know when finished, asked their opinion, in turn. It off the case to here. Oh yeah, the big literally the Venezuelan than when they all know about it, but I really want to know- you think so they divided on his guilt or innocence and in an article by the guardian from two thousand and five, an S bow shopkeeper said about the trial of
else vote. Three generations of children have grown up being told not to stay out late for fear of the boat, a murderer wall. We feel that if it was really Gustafson Diffuse nails, the police would have charged him a long time ago. Fizzy would have killed them, which I get, that the lake I don't think he was a serial killer was just key killed them and I think it was like that at hash until or if there was some reason, because it was very personal so that going back to that sketch. That was done when he was under hypnosis, the one that looks like Osman. Does it also, him none February, but now that gets that we're gonna pull put up, you look, You like that doesn't look like a person like Alexei cartoon. It doesn't look like a real human. It's got huge lips, it's got big bulging eyes it just as weird very
crazy care? Like colonel? We ve had a figure to sketch artists. They were gone overly, but while this one actually is right on because a photo was taken of the crowd at the teens funerals yeah, you look at that photo one face, stands out And it is a fucking cartoon face, nor any exact sketch put in that crowd. It is the scariest slipping human leg he's dead. Now sure so, whatever I'd, nobody knows who he is normal. they will rise and I am the force us, but not for that. Will people say that he looks like Osman, but I think he looks way. Scarier than Osman. Really looks exactly like the scattered so terrified too point where you look at it nearly did they photoshop that scary face and that ground. It also discuss really dark and a rare disease like me to help the Heath I'm not kidding. I'm gonna put these up. I'm Instagram see you guys, can have your minds blown coups la
It's so bizarre. So when you look at the sketch your little that's the sketch, I'm having any show you right now and now find The fees are like dots disguised in here's. The funeral photo Oh, my god, it's the sketch who went into thy literally scotch like I have goose. I that's the one that I was telling you you and you can watch p look at my leg like that. Look at my way I ve really do goosebumps hole like that's. Not tat looks like a cartoon. That person standing there, but that is it. yes, like about it, just council mouse is linked very kind. Deformed about very exaggerated features. That's fucking crazy! Then this is the funeral goes at the funeral of the teenagers. He happened to be in bed.
That's HANS Osman, just kind of look. I say he does wanting to Jack Alex Way more looks a lot like hands oarsmen. In my opinion, a meal looks like em for sure he has the bulging eyes he has, and I wonder if he got hurt and like something I am. his mouth where his job area industry does. It looks like his jaws, very dislocate, small yeah, why that's wild, but I'm deafening and put this up because, you guys have to see it. Hashtag live reaction survey so yeah he looks vacant horrifying its scope. deal now. Unfortunately, again, the police, allowing the public to contaminated, destroy this crime scene. Really financial, tension evidence they gotta. China puts this case in a place where I don't know if it's ever gonna be solved. We don't see it ever being somewhat sites like they're dead. Now exactly so, it's like if I had to really pick a suspect, Nils, looks real
it was he who went to the hospital that was Asma, I think a thousand, but my second would be the key ask man here because he admitted it. Any drowned himself and like both him and his wife said that she lied form and that she thinks he's the killer did Osmond hang himself. no Osman, just Well, there were going on himself the ran like I said he I wouldn't have him, but he was just one before but Osman just didn't get investigated much further, because they were afraid that people think it's because the finnish government with a little but then that guy's wife, no, no, not now the guy's wife who under deathbed said that's what I'm saying that's that's the chaos man. Yes, maybe it was the fucking. He asked me about some say: all of these aspects are actually really. I now of all kinds of them are really good swell. You definitely think in whose your number one I'd have to say. The kiosk man
my because his wife, sudden and told them Solana, because he killed himself, he admitted it. He filled in that well, Rather, it is a level but often looks like that sketch he does. He really does and stuff. Hospital in a hospital visit. Andy cut his hair, it's see you can yeah, but then we'll get nails. Why was his dear? Why? This is by not on those shoes, though scary? Was that wasn't me it was done stairs. I think I think those again I don't know and like nails had, his blood was an honest shoe and why was the girlfriend? So brilliant ahead of time is really a crack this to see this. This is like one. This is kind of like the Diana words like do so many things that sound like they could be it in four guys. What do you think well desert you
he's gotta give us your opinion. We really want to hear when I want to hear the when I thought of the pictures on Instagram feel free to go. Bananas in the comments with their theories now underscore around the sun on there's some pop culture moments that are related to this, and I actually wrote pop culture moments Henny, Heidi late, Jonathan from where I yes, I love him. I love Jonathan, so this has been referred to as the real Friday. The thirteenth innovation, but and at first I would like you to look like a new laws, and then I was like we're not though because it's not in summer camp is just kids Gilman attend and also wasn't a serial killer that they now like an end. It also wasn't a woman who is killing people who allowed her son, who was deformed drama lake yeah, so do that
Very knows very well. Even just referred to is known. Is that a large number of money? Now there is a finnish. Like metal banned from s bow. Ok, Isn't that our named children of bottom, which is actually cool, bitten if children of boredom children of bottom and they took their inspiration, their name from this case they formed a ninety. Ninety three. It's really fuckin scary. To be honest with you say yes, so they took their name from this case, which is really cool
and in their their finnish from S bow had happened. There is also a two thousand and sixteen movie called boredom known internationally as lake Bottom, and it's a finnish horror. Film inspired by the case, is not based on it, but it's inspired say you know what the fuck that means heavy artistic lessons right now. Basically, the plot is that a group of fourteen go to the spot of the murders to recreate, intellect bigger with perpetrator is I bet. If we go and we create the whole thing that will know what is chaos and see measures, but knows I'm not gonna be spoilers anything, and if that happens, actually been compared to Wolf. Creek o also it's kind of funny, because we just talk to us yeah strolling episode and Wolf previous Creek is fucked up hormones, so Ever seen- and I assume that boredom or lake bottom is a pretty fucked- a movie Atocha, gotten reviews and like Sundance Lucasfilm, I'm sure it has subtitles, gives us finish but
The ash immediately was like old, never worked very tell em fuck that shit, say: fully boat of murders in We want to hear you guys they I wanna hear cause it's a really is a tough one. make a real stance on a lot of people still think knows, did it. I see why they think that I mean, I hope he didn't ya Allah HO, because I hope he hasn't just like lived his life after this league, and I also, if he didn't do it, I feel really bad if you can do it. It's like you live through that, Then forty, four years later, you get blamed, definitely wild to me that the wife of the Kiosk man said that he did it on her on somewhat outage. It makes sense that she was so afraid your whole life not to say anything, and it is very interesting that he confessed to it.
four times and hello aside, note and in a suicide and kill himself and Lake Bonum yeah its interests, and then he was just an angry motherfucker and hated campers, so it's like and then motorcycles. Maybe he's pissed off a ban motorcycles to alter the new thoughts like forms a center ass, saying, let us we think, but that sketch looks like on how the sketch? I can't wait for you guys the seeds catches and the like serve both terrify. The picture of the bureau is like a black cat. You ve looks like his face is something happened to say. looks like he's not a real person literally like over his shoulder cartoon little, do you think that somebody photoshopped that he was at the funeral? Or do you know that
That is an original photo, whom he was definitely gallic that whoever that is was there. I was just a photo taken. Nobody do anything to that's insane while so I know you think subscribe rate and review find a sun Instagram at border podcast find some twitter at a more detailed calf. Found a sun facebook at that place. You find us in send us an email, venison, email and morbid podcast that you know about com and visit our patria between dot com, slash, morbid, pod calves and we'll be cheap listening. We hope you keep their. We refer out of the woods again go camping, don't camp on lakes. by icy buying finish by
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