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Episode 17: Rod Ferrell “The Vampire Cult Killer” AKA Turbo Douche

2018-09-04 | 🔗
Rod Ferrell was a special kind of jerk. Convinced he was a 500 year old vampire named Vesago living in a 16 year old boy's body, he took his otherworldly fantasies to the brink by carrying out two senseless, brutal murders. He didn't just kill anyone, though. By his own admission, he murdered the parents of one of his cult followers for the rush of it. Does he care? Nope. Does he still think he is a 500 year old vampire? Yup. This one is a trip, guys.Sources:Death of Innocence: Children Who Kill by Bud Weiserhttps://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/lake/os-convicted-vampire-cult-killer-howard-scott-anderson-20170322-story.htmlhttps://amurdermostfoul.com/2017/02/21/the-kentucky-vampire-clan/https://listverse.com/2018/03/31/10-dark-facts-about-the-vampire-cult-killer-rod-ferrell/https://www.wkms.org/post/slideshow-murray-vampire-clan-murders-happened-20-years-ago-week#stream/0http://www.gothicsubculture.com/vamp-clan.php

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