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Episode 171: Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

2020-09-13 | 🔗
This week we are getting spooky with it. You might be an amusement park junkie, but we’re warning you, hold on to your butts if you’re headed to the Lake Shawnee Amusement park. Alaina gives us the intense history surrounding the land before it became a park, the horrible events that happened while it was a functioning park and the aftermath of the defunct park today. We’re serious, you’re going to want to be holding on tight to that butt!Books used for research:Kentucky Clay by Katherine BatemanHaunted America by Dave Thompson As always thank you to our sponsorsSIMPLISAFE: Head to SimpliSafe.com/MORBID and get a FREE HD CAMERA for our listeners!CAREOF: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50PURPLE: Experience The Purple Grid and you’ll sleep like never before! Go to Purple.com/morbid10, and use promo code morbid10
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Summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry, but Ray Brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the Y Y Apt order ahead or get it delivered your morning, even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time. Gotta have a while Hey weirdos, I'm ash and I'm Alina, and this is morbid. no more than a thoroughly in us and Jack? I'm actually really excited about this.
You know I asked you what this was and then I was getting ready to come over. What the fuck are. We recorded into the thicket of its I decided. ago? I'm not going to say this is light, could certainly not cited to go in a lower actions. I I needed to do after Myron in I just needed to go a little different direction. Ok, I just needed like not a straight up for K, spur weak. They acted like a son dark interested and yet at our way twisted in a different way. That's a good way to put it causes. Gonna say it's not like it's not jaunty, it's not anything, it's just a different kind of dark and added, and on the other side of the spectrum, exactly and involves ghostly Sloan. You know, that's always fun that it's fun. I think we really have a whole lot of business to get to this week. But one thing I wanted to mention that really exciting is that they are going to be like back into the term a horse furred case, so many people haven't weeding out me and I I like woke up either
today the day before it like so many mentions front on the morbid twitter- and I was like. Oh my god look, I gotta say one that I was really excited about it. This one has been bothering me since I started research. I mean I heard about it a long time ago and it bothered me then, but it real bothered me when I started recession sing it so they must have found something new right. I don't know, I don't know what the reason for it is. I don't know My father is just very clear that she was murdered. I mean I'm ready to hear some new stuff, I'm ready for them to take another. Look at it, I'm ready for them talk to those women again in the men at that party. Yeah, I'm ready for all of it. Let's do something as real shady. There then is sinister at that party. Man, I was struck by the one I'm happy for her family to in her her best friend got after everybody who have always fought for that and in literally got sued yeah, and I think her family actually spoke for the first time. In a long time about it and said they were like ass, something happened,
I particularly want to know what did they deserve to know yet her children Then her husband, I like five children- very yes, she said she and I mean shoes and she was like Martha Katy like such a good mom. It's like they deserve to know right so yeah. So that's exciting. True criminals. Exciting, true crime news. We also have exciting morbid muse. We have them that we already that's already up on shopped out morbid podcast outcome and were actually hope Lincoln me adding some new staff within the next couple of weeks. So keep your eyes peeled and it's gonna be really cool and we're really excited about these two new designs, because we specifically came but these lay ass. These early designed so are very, very excited not like ours. We're like we made them, but that the ideas coming from our beautifully morbid mine exactly and then somebody some beautiful artists just did it for things. Actually,
so excited about that will keep you update on that other than that own. I have an exciting, patriarch episode that I can't wait to do oh, that's excited and its inspired by one by my youngest. Oh, yes, what we. I know I was like I was you. I don't go our going here, ass, its inspired by by little S daughter, and this We are also going to be doing a pastor dinner on patriarchy. So you want to know what that means all, to donate as minimum three dollars to the picture on, and there are some cool ass episodes. Other cooler shit we're working on more pay drunk yes, there are literally being produced at this very moment. Yes early as we speak, we promise those will be going. seen in and in the past the dinner make sure you send in your past. Didn't we ve gotten it. Kind of pasta, land and very excited for them. So with guys,
up and bring the garlic bread. So, let's get over to this dark twisted spectrum, dark twisty, securing remind me what the fuck were recruited were due to be talking about. Is the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park? That's what you next year. I remember now I This is one of those cases that I started out. I did all my research. I like really, I hit kind of a wall at one point was like well. I think I have all the information I can get. You know these values one thing and then it was- and it was like- maybe like four pages and for me that system young It's a no go for me, that's him anymore! So when I hit the four page mark- and I was like down as I don't even want to do this even hours- that's enough information- I started get mad and then I was like you know what I'm gonna keep looking for this one little detail that I couldn't get enough information about here and I kept again and I got it and then it just spiders into a bunch more. For me,
vision, and I got like way more pages out of it, a swede mad as one of my favorite medicines, the feeling of suddenly an opening up, and you have this whole other realm of information. Yeah like eyes, I fucking love research. What happened to me with the Brenner Schaefer case, because I was online. I found two articles and I was like all this would be so good, but like there, there s not enough, and I found the book- and I was like hell yeah here- it is in its like when you dig in digging dignifying, like I found like old newspaper cod yes and shit like jackpot. Ah, it's just I love research. We really cannot attend. Thank you. I have. I just love it at this moment. Be so the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, we're gonna, take it. We back Catholic sixteen hundred seventeen of Savonarola Psmith so where, This is as this is an West Virginia, no gas amusement park that, while this defunct amusement park now
so in the one thousand seven hundred where this was, which is current day Mercer County was a native american Village, the Shawnee tribe, don't I believe it was one other tribe. I couldn't find an exact which tribe also and inhabited this land at one point, but the shawnees. Obviously it's named after their tribe they're, like the more prevalent one here gotcha. So in one thousand, seven hundred and seventy five, a guy named Mitchell Clay, was one of the first english settlers in what is now presently Mercer County, originally Clover Bottom West Virginia. They should a calf clover bottom clove Abad. I like that, I think, is really bad.
The year before. So in seventeen, seventy four he had received a crown grant from Lord done more the royal governor of Virginia for his participation in Denmark WAR. Ok, so I got a grand and with this grant, he was able to get somewhere between eight hundred and twelve hundred acres of land shit yeah, and this was on both sides of the bluestone river witches between what is I'll, Princeton, Virginia and Matilda. Ok ended that I'm just saying it see anybody who lives in that area Can I get? In addition? This is because it's like back then it was called this, but now scalded. Can there that's fine, so he moved on to this land. He moved on to it with his wife Phoebe. Her maiden name was Belcher and they had. Fourteen children she's ascribe still so they it all that acreage yeah. You got a lot of kids one hurried, some fear and then a lot more of them and then some leverage,
leaving the door open to have twelve hundred more children, Lena grandkids and share in our cousins, uncles brothers sisters, you fill it, it's not worried about clay ethical, and so they took that land and they made it a farmland cause. There's a lot a little also, you can anyone that they also built like a farmhouse here, all that good stuff and an amused member. Not yet Unfortunately, this isn't that mean this is like seventeen hundred. So everybody divers super prevalent, but darling, slowed down. There was a pretty bitter battle going on for this land of catches. The surrounding Shawnee tribes were pretty pissed that it was just straight up taken from his that was their land, because that is the narrative of the seventeen hundred.
this? Like hey, thou, hast mine, you can't just have now that they have our work, but, alas, the settlers will. I know we can, and they just did good now able again. After all, no agreements had been made. It was just. Do you know they just came in they surveyed the land and built it up for themselves. They want They got it, they will honey, they got up, no, the shining tribesmen had they had warned the clay family. Many childlike were passed. we're gonna get out of here, and nothing happened. Now, it's important to note that anthropologists this is gonna. Come back later, anthropologists determine later that the two different tribes that once lived on this land had actually not been inhabiting it for a number of years, like decades before the clay family came to claim it. Ok but just because they weren't actively living there when the place was it out of a hundred. They did your taken by thunder. Sorry
you really I'll stop talking does because the glades, where all actively living there when they settled there, it didn't mean they weren't using okay, so they re using this land. They were living on this land, but at this time they were like you can't live here, because we using it ok, stay tuned we'll explain what they were using it for I'm, not gonna gas budgeting can my crescendo, so August. Seventeen. Eighty three Mitchell Clay Ass, two of his. and to have his fourteen children Bartley and his equal Peter. He asked them to build a fence around some grain that he had recently purchased in one of his daughters Tabitha. I think it was the eldest daughter was doing some of the washing nearby ok, I mean how could they didn't have washing machines and said, under its own enough any. But no now those came a little bit later, like seventeen, I fear you know so they're out there doing all that good stuff and then allow
Even Shawnee native Americans attacked the boys. Ok, they killed Bartley with a single shot and they grabbed Ezekiel. Now Tabitha was with some other girls. While she was doing me, the washing and she heard the shot and came running. She was gonna, be running back to her house, but she happened to go by where it happened. She sees her brother and she sees that he's on the ground that something bad is how things so she goes in Russia's to him without even thinking just to try to save them. the eldest she's, trying to be held in in the process. She was stabbed to death. I, while this streaming only I knew of it. No common me. In fact, we are lady parts, confused mixed hash, anthems, sour our repute to live in front. We are leaving all the so streaming that only a bitter grief
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At them, but its it was the seventeen hundred total little shaky. No information has been you know, sitter tattered, who offered the telephone game, has got the little shaky and he was actually I like buying a new house that exclusive back into a specific like I'll. Take this shack. Thank you. According to Caen, tacky clay, eleven generations of southern dynasty by Catherine, our Bateman. It's a book I don't think there's a whole lot also bear that. Like pertains any of this, but this one chapter did Phoebe behead begged Ligon, and I think it's Ligon its ally, Gigi. Oh,
light, and actually a non would on. This issue cares Ligon, there's so Phoebe the mother is begging. This guy he's she's, like you, have to save Tabitha like this with, while she was being stab shoes accede to have with a shoot them like help me yeah and Bateman. It says that it now Bateman who wrote the book is one of the Claes clay. Children's great great great granddaughter so Joker United against Romanian is like in family. That's how she knows it so, instead of saving Tabitha or shooting her killer, Ligon just ran away back into the wood. I don't know I believe, I'm not getting involved in that chair boon. Fortunately, he and his family were kind of saddled with this reputation of care. It is after this decision was like. Do you want to get involved in a property bottle? Well and in fact, a newspaper clipping from nineteen? Seventy seven about the massacre said that that Ligon, it said about him quote this cowardly behaviour
Blake and ship had been handed down from generation to generation and perhaps will be until the end of time la so there are literally just like yeah you in your we are all going. We cowards until the end actually were Kurds. The cowardly dog came for real, riddled real rough. I feel bad for legal Faxa, the Blankenship, so framework Personally, I think it's kind of harsh, because he If we only had like one shot, it's not like you like a semi automatic rifle and there's going to ensure that all people are like involved in little their obvious. Sarah eleven there are eleven native Americans and then the this one's one but can show so he is, he probably has one shot and if he happens to shoot one of them what happens now, and even at an annex five shop. Still here, bracelets like this tunnel
now. He served no matter who stuck on a whim and what a lot of people do think when they try to defend his actions as they say, like he probably made that decision as a distraction to let Phoebe get the rest of the kids go another way, yeah He gets a backdrop rap. I feel that I agree with you, so it was Phoebe who ran out there once so once day had killed. Tabitha they killed. Bartley zeal was the third one, obviously, and they just took as equal, whereas alive. So Phoebe runs out there with her younger children. She drags Tabitha Barclays bodies back into their home, like them in bed together and she was determined to keep her other children safe. So She had them all run with her six miles through the woods to a man named John Baileys House for safety she's. I was there with this neighbour six miles and miles away now, Mitchell Clay, the father had returned home from hunting
oh, my god. I find the scene of the massacre on the property and his children deadened bet right, and he assumed the entire family was massacred orse taken right, so he runs to John Baileys to form a search, partly because Phoebe didn't shoot him attacks in getting a modem attack stability, gonna John Bees right see had she there may be. There Shit is gone awry well and obviously he found the rest of the mare and Phoebean Mitchell headed back out to bury Bartley and Tabitha in the sites on the property, while in the sites where they are buried, they are still buried there Serbia and its marked now Mitchell gathered other settlers and when, after the native Americans who now had his son as equal, ok, they were led by Captain Matthew Farley. So unfortunately, zeal was taken to Ohio and hues and at the stake- oh, my god, he's all see held unlike such, like
peripheral areas, and it's like, I wonder why they killed them. All in different ways yeah, I don't know I mean. I know what I think. Initially it was like they shot. Bartley now is probably the what was going to happen and they may be. There are going to take us eel who knows yeah, but Tabitha kind of inserted herself to help her brother, and I think them, but that was more of a crime of opportunity, lay ass. You we have to get rid of her, and this is all up right, so they burned him at the stake. He was sixteen years old and in the process there was tons of bloodshed. on both sides. I mean many native Americans as well as settlers died. The non indigenous settlers took strips of skin off the dead native Americans backs and abusing them as razor straps. What, yeah and then those skin strips were passed down to several members of the family. For years and years and years they became like family. Oh that's how I thought to that lights. Yeah.
and the heads like a bat like that family eyes off factories have hurt like just Bolshevik, not that I'm with allay the fears that clay family laid passed, those strips of skin from native Americans back sick, very again of them very it just it's really fucked. The whole thing is far less fucks from beginning to end now. Bartley Tabitha, like I said, were buried on the site where the amusement park was later, but I was I was wait, so the amusement park has felt over them. Yes, okay, so after is the gills burning at the stake. The chief of the shiny, try Actually, let Mitchell take his body back to be properly buried, a symbol as an anti lent him a horse to do so. What the fuck shit was, why but is weird shit was I mean? That's very note, noble question. Mercury noble the whole thing is my question, all this makes its ok, so he did
and one of those stories I saw was that we don't know. Where is he those buried in the other. One says that they exude his other children and then buried them altogether still on the property. Ok, either way. We know Bartley and Tabitha are buried on the property and with there is an exact marker for where they are, but as equal were quite sure, question mark. So the marker is a stone monument on the site that states that they were murdered in their fields. Yeah, like the still marker, says it and that the stone was quote erected August, fourteen nineteen, thirty, seven on exact site of the graves. Why? Oh yeah, the Netherlands, like Wanna, go right solely to early. In our view, Phoebe refused to ever go back to the farm say I blame her, but some members of the clay family did go back and lived there for a while. I mean it's different for the mafia for sure I wouldn't be anywhere near that now, hundred and forty four years later,
just a casual one, forty four to shoot for really quick in nineteen twenty seven, a guy named calmly snide, I think it is decided to be a cunning business man and he was like I'm going to buy up this land because during this time, in the area and West Virginia Coal, mining was like exploding in the area. Families were moving in. That was a booming business. You now so like snow saw an opportunity to really make some money. He saw that he could provide entertainment for these families that are moving in here and whose like no it was. Do this. Let's get it so initially he had the swings erected. These giant or doubling unopposed photos of this kind are excited. You see a hell, it's creepy! I want to go here. It's on my bucket list can ask em question: is it that's not still an amusement park grey or it is it's a defunct amusement park like a man So we are all in the swings I like these giant. I mean you see them in music parts now that the bay
giant swing that like Swinger, I love those, but these Windsor like wooden planks. You shouldn't hobby swinging in the air for motherly. Eighteen under there's. No good when this is a nineteen twenty seven Josh shadowed by so he initially had those swings erected. He had a waterside going until I come manmade pond fallen, he had a ferris. We a dance hall he had pools made. There was a speak, easy People were gambling Dan saying there was all kinds of equal citizens. Really It was really happen and the twenties They rented hoped they would run out. Wool bathing suits for the pools for fifteen cents. Wool. you think so when a young girl. and they were there were jiving boards going into, although pools all very wholesome and fund and very twenties, come nineteen. Thirty, four we're just gonna prop forward a little bit. Droop everything's going fine
but the amusement park you know whatever has fallen over the sewing Maria, not quite yet James Craft Belcher is twenty five years old and if you remember the name, Belcher from Bob said or you know he was the one of the great grandchildren of the original family who, on the property a Hobbes maiden name was Belcher. Ah, you had said that now he grew up on the property yeah. He was married, but he was having an affair. With a nineteen year old woman named Myrdal Taylor. No, good which League Myrdal, unlike what is with that name. My finger a crack at me and I, like a meat, Thirdly, what I thought of myrdals out there are you all, and, unlike moaning, we're at all, she was a little bit of a Biagi go what's with Mendelson just saying so he was range from his wife because he was drunk cheating, ass, all correctly weren't divorce and he was still a workers. It's like the thirties at this point is yeah. You gotta think like divorce was very prevalent back now. Definitely wasn't like that. They should have been because he sounded like a mass
now it won't be sounded heating up. He was ass, many eleven nineteen, thirty four, he finds Myrdal having dinner with another man it's like she doesn't belong to you browse you're, so merry dozen I mean no one belongs anybody. I know of no its exact words like that's. The thing is literally cheating on your wife whither. She can't be too, like I'm your side, her, but I can't have a sideshow. Why? Who watches say? Excuse me alone understand? Well, he lost it and he literally forced her out of the place and into his Now he essential e kidnapped her cousin good annually in broad daylight. He stops the car along the road that borders the Lake Shawnee Property, so right next to the amusement park, ok gets out of the car and there in the road he shoots her in the head. Twice
what's she initially lived and he drove her to the hospital, but she did die very shortly. Afterwards. He claimed insanity, buddy, get it because he's not in saying he ended a horrible ass, just a dick and he ended up going to prison. He to be eighty three years old and dive and like ninety ninety three, Oh shit, that's crazy goods. that's a weird thing that happened literally red on the property right outside gathering and after this six deaths. Happened in the amusement park between the time it opened and when it closed later in nineteen, sixty six has its curse. Now in a hotel where the family, where calmly snide owes family was living calmly Snyder ago Bob Dylan Park, his three
you're old daughter, Ella Wheeze, ran for the elevator and was crushed in between the floor in the door going up. Oh my god, you up and obviously was killed so July. Third, nineteen sixty six, a little boy of eleven years old, named John Richard tightly, drowned in the swimming pool on the property. Oh, no, the ponds were lined with cement like they had long lines of them to make em like natural pools. Basically yeah and this boy got his arm of his arm or his clothing, stuck in the dream at the bottom and drowned cod. The workers filled the pond with sand afterwards and it was just gonna like swept away there like up the sorry about that whoops another little boy. Six years old named Wayne, Harmon drowned in the lake on the property. His mother and brothers were their swimming with him. Several their swimmers, whereas well in lifeguards, we're on duty, but no one noticed it know till it was too late.
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almost like vehicles with a group with because of inspection, must guarantee and seven thirty one. Twenty one particular provisions now, there's a theory about What happened so in nineteen sixty six, this one's crazy and probably the most well known of the deaths on here little girl around ten years old died on the giant swings. What happened was a truck delivering drinks to the park was turning around backed into the path of the swings and the little girl on the swing met the truck at a high speed. was killed gruesomely. Oh my god. I glaringly during mattered against the side of a moving me. What the hell, Mrs said she was wearing your ruffled pink dress and it was absolutely soaked him
anyway, you remember my cod now I know it's crazy. So will it was closed in nineteen sixty six as a direct result of these deaths calmly, Snyder knew that losing children's lives was just not worth the money. You know I'd shit tons of money, but it was like it's not worth it because at this point after Louise is death he was like. I can relate to this. I'm not doing this. So Healy did the right thing. That's good good for only site, oh yeah, does anyone a lot of other deeds? Are women who, like our business people, would have liked while about our businesses lies. You know like what he was like. No, I owe it to these parents to shut this down. That's good, so nineteen sixty six, it closes There are a few couple of other deaths that are listed in a book called haunted America by Dave Thomson because it says six deaths. Those are only like three,
where they are, where the other. I could only find two more and one little girl was another. Little girl was on the swings and she fell. Out of this, when I was going to say that I had to have been more yes wing, because when you see these swings yearly, headed everybody not because you see these things now, even the new. Obviously there are fine but you're like Are they in fact does whirling right in the thirties? I can't imagine they were very wrong. Doing good known when you see these you, it's literally just like a rotted piece of wood with chain re too late, just a factor let's go. Let's rock was able to back up very apparently not funny boiling, but like not what it was for her good thing. So one was a little girl following up the swings in perishing and the other one was a gambler on site who was killed over money? Oh no, so this allowed should go on fast forward to the nineteen eighties cause. It's close.
in sixty six. So is up unfairly thirty year it was open for over time, and so in the nineteen eighties, a guy named gay, Lord White, a local businessmen and someone who actually worked at the original amusement park when he was younger yeah. He bought the land and he was like you know. What I want to raise, Do this. I want to make it an amusement park and make a fresh for kids. The swings actually weren't there when he acquired the land, but he was like. I want to make it as like original as I can ensues. I'm gonna buy some like older those same swings? I won't do it. It's like no there's a reason that they're not bear Bro. This is so weird. He went to New Jersey to an antique dealer and he got a saint. The same kind of swing brought them there. They put them together and he said you know I was very curious about them. I like to know the history of
things I buy, so I looked at the serial numbers. They were the original swine new. I am what I wanted to cut in so bad, but I was like Hyena back. I can't steal the thunder they came back. I knew it. I knew it. The cat came back Oh very so, creepy sucree, I remember. Reading opponents, isn't it I know that's about homes, really creative delivery. I know that both the cat came back. I thought he was governor, but look here like it. So it's a really seems cursed to be so low, elated, Charlie I've suddenly for two, I have just going cause, it's curse, skirts and this Well? They also said that you know they really cool the original swing. We are because objects have a home like immediately. I am connected to something, so those swings were connected what place and they found their way back. Call me crazy, you're, crazy. No I'm just getting. I mean I don't buy it so true, North EMU, that's too weird not like that should happen.
real where Danny wanted to go on taking the other day- and I was like literally no oh, no, I never take no will never have an anti. I have so many old ass cameras and like an old ass, typewriter yeah, I know I've oldest skulls, I'm so you're asking for hunting alone we will never own a fucking antique, because you know I'll take care of it, so everybody will be further beautiful know what the fuck is attached to, that fuckin cabinet. Raise your hand if you love antiques, Cs Eu citizens so he got the original swings. He also added paddle boats and bumper cars stages for entertainment. They were only charging a d Our mission hours, because you unmannerly anger, leg just
just imagine going to six legs for a dollar exam say in, and then there was like the big Ferris we'll. You know all that funds on and it was booming for like three years and then insurance rapes became unmanageable in with the money. He was used, bream good money like in the sense of people coming right, but he was in charge. king lot. So is not right that happening with the insurance and for a place like that. Can you imagine what the firing of majority voting in so he had to close. The park now so not wanting to just get rid of the place because they bought this land and they know
at the swing back, and they have that it was really important to them to do something with it. So the family just decided there. Like you know, we have a tunnel water on the property like lakes and ponds. Why do we do like fishing tournaments in shit like really make it something yeah? They are finding some success with that and they were thinking of clearing some land to start in mud bogging, which I was like. What is mud bugging is that, like racing mud buggy, it's like that off rotting in the kind of thing, and you have to clear out path serves a little like davits adena, we'll Massachusetts. We have no idea what that is so unsure some of my legs, southern listeners can probably tell us more about back. They think that's like more of a southern Evelyn, I would say, as I've never heard of my body no sounds kind of on Agus, but they were clearing legal land out format bugging and according to Chris White, who is gay? Lord seniors, Grandsire son excuse me, got it because there's gay Lord senior jailer Junior and then Chris, ok, christen jailer Junior,
brothers, say that I know it's hard when this like. I was a great, I thought we were done away with and so to have his arm gay Lord senior Son Chris, he told the register heralds quote we were bulldozing and we started finding artifacts no no thing, we found arrow heads, pottery and pots, so we stopped good ed this pretty interesting. Let's get someone out here and see what we can do. So nineteen. Eighty eight, they brought an entire team of anthropologists from Marshall University and conquered college, and they extensively dug up the property and what they found was seeing only on what they ve done. So in the same article Chris White says, quote they stopped digging when they started finding kids graves his head. It's crazy. He said that they thought there had the experts at the end said they thought there was probably around three thousand graves shut, the fondness property three,
I thought you were gonna sailing a hundred and fifty and even then I was gonna tell you should put our gardens happen, Whites- and he said quote the only thing they can figure out happened was they got some kind of flu or something and to protect the rest of their tribe. Everyone, except for the kids in the elderly, left it sad, but Marshall thinks that that's what wiped out this Shawnee tried back in the seventeen hundred slowly, How so it's insane. So what was happening was. And the shiny tribe was trying to keep the clay family off this land. It wasn't because they were living on it. It was me It was a sacred burial there like great grandparents and grandpa and children like a mass of sacred burial, ground. Colleagues, a thousand, but they knew that this was they were like you can build on this. I wonder if they told them to in the family stilted. Maybe who knows.
Will they were able to get and they were able to get through thirteen complete bodies out before they were like. We need to stop because we don't desecrate this place right. The bodies were buried back again in the same graves that they were taken from good, but they were observed in like aged and looked at first most of them work during an elderly. Are so sad after discovering this Chris White and his family, like gay, Lord Senior and Junior, and the wife's name is jewel going all the way to analyse they were like nope and he left everything exactly the waiters because they relate we're, not gonna. Further disturb this we're not gonna start legal. Muddying competition. Sound here lay halls, fucked driving over bodies allows, and yet so they are like. You know what this they're like this made it pretty clear why they didn't want the cleanest to settle on this land. So we were not going to do it try to respect this. So in the mid nineties nineties
gay, Lord soon senior and his wife jewel, and whose son, gale or junior like lived on the property and in a house. Ok, we got cause again. Each property. This is when there are like we gotta do something he had all beforehand. We don't know what to do with it, so really do you know what people want to see this place of history? Why don't we open up for the spooked? factor of it. It's an old because they also just they let the land reclaim. The amusement park rides like they were just like. We just let the nature take over and just whatever they want to do. Do it we're just going to let it has cool, and so they offered special hunting tours during the weeks leading up to Halloween they do like history tours and everything, and they still do. I love how spooky this as one or retailing. I wanna go ro I get the fuck out of.
I have so much to do. I guess there's still doing the towards even thrown out like in a socially distance. Like you know, you come at a certain time way. Let's do AIR Virginias author Far West Virginia would be like we can drive, I I now and I'll drive or something I wanna go like some girl, because these sites wait until show you the phone. No, like I'm dead ass. Let's go I'm dead ass as well, because these, but I am dead ass, as I too am data to show our prayers about a number of perfect I am also data ignored dead. I too am at a loss back to the show I really enough there are some bearing on a bunch of different mattresses, and I guess they all look alike. The same goes for follows but peace
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all over the world. Come they people from illegal arrests coming exactly like it's crazy, no They never say during these stores, which swing the little girl was hit by the truck on good, but they said people always know which one it is is there any said they're always drawn to it. They also, they always feel something weird about the village. This one swings, I'm freaking me out. I got a lot of you, here. It paranormal groups. Go there. All the time, look ego tube, there's so many I fell in a rabbit holes she might have chosen to thinking about discover. Free travel and not GEO have all done shows there. They ve been unlike the scariest places on earth. The yacht horrifying places on earth a crew member for the Discovery Channel Show ghost LAB, was actually locked in the old abandoned ticket boost, but it didn't have any locks she just couldn't get out with,
fuck and they said the door was just a push stories. Push it open. There was no lock there's things for rushing, including get out so when they find We were able to get her out. She was such a wreck. They had to bring her to the hospital My God, like was that actually almost had a heart attack, and everyone who goes here says that the vibe at this place is sickening. Ok, wait, so maybe let's because I'm a magnet for like ghosts. Children to remember- and I wanna go- we're still go I'll. Have it you're, like gonna just holds me out as a working that were to be oh, dear suppose you remember when we did that thing with Tina. My friend now we were in the in the car and choose like. Oh there's, like a ghost girl hugging, you were legato like a little girls, ghost hugging you and us like, I don't know I don't love in my entire body was like tingle like like I. Could
also there was no, not you're gonna get hugged by many, a gross ghost children as long as they hug me. I hope. That's all that none of those who want a Huggin goin on here the launch, should go down so scary. The scariest places on earth filmed there in two thousand and five, but no one, including the crew and the psychic that they bring along Them would work on the ground at night because they said the energy was so dark. It was making them sick while yet so, let's go during the day.
on a go at night of girls who psychopath and absolute cycle now the senior gale or Dwight. He drove a tractor on the property. Like you know, cut the grass into account and other kinds of things for four years and he said he always felt on those unlike the whole. For years he said he felt like someone was always watching him. He felt he could feel like pressure on his back and his shoulders alot. While he was driving the tractor, and he said he would see a little girl out of the corner of his eye a lot and then she would just disappear. Oh I just got chills. Then one day he kept seeing her out of the corner of his eye and they sense suddenly she appeared right behind him. On the back of a tractor. He immediately jumped off the tracker, turned it off on God that the rapporteur was like, I should say, turned up and he was like. Ok, you can have the tractor if you want it. like you literally, was like. Do you want? Because it interacts, aren't you and he got off left it in the middle of the property
it's still stays vaccinate away. This was from the nineties and he even moved, a giant bolder in front of it in a barrel. Next to it to make sure it never got moved because he was like any said. He was like she seemed like she liked the tractor, so she can have it. That's why I feel that I love this family living move their people here, children laughing you on these Youtube videos or the paranormal investigations. You often here giggles? I now know that gives me so many Blair Witch la fuck people, your native american chanting, often people whose people do Sweden there, sometimes like they're, not supposed to it's, not right did ya literally drier, but when do people say they feel if someone's trying to drown them like pull them down, and
is another story about that later. Just like that, sorry for the silence, I literally just stared at a later, when we always a gate, I wish you could see the visual that just up and she was like war in people smell. Like concession stand, food alliance, Ling, all concession sands are still operating in everybody, see shadow figure. Of course. Shadow figures are everywhere and especially one riding the ferris. Will they see that alot I mean just likes to have a good time you now airship music will play from the rides like music will just suddenly turned
you and carnival music is so lucky creepy, Dick Dinwiddie eyes. That was, I am going to put our creepy patriarch musing, who has, as you have just fits the vibes about in sometimes people hear voices having conversations with each other and no one's around a local historian. This is where the drowning thing comes back. She was the one who was the one who found out about the. I think the two drownings that I discussed earlier. He used the one who told me during I think the dead files that show not quite positive, but she found out about those two found. The leg do paper, clippings and all that she said she went to the amusement park, the original one when she was younger, oh shit, and she said she remembers being in one of the ponds like the pools, and she said she remembers, vividly a hand grabbing her leg and trying to drown her and she said
could feel it. No one was down there see anyone, but she said she was being dragged under the water and her dad had to literally pull her out by her hair. Now and she said, like she was a guy was I wouldn't around here dad. Wasn't there When she heard about the drownings she her first thought was what grab them and put them under who? yeah dignity of the chilly well yeah. Now several psychic them idioms also say that when they go near the water around this place, that it just repels them or make some sick like they immediately get lake, and I don't know how much I believe- and I like that stuff, like that- I am one of those people but I'm willing to give up the benefit of the doubt. Think I like how we felt and am at Lizzie and until July one room I literally was like. I need to get the fuck out of here right now. I believe and feeling the darker cause I felt in Malaysia It was not sure one specific room that made us feel even where in this,
one of those scenarios when they say they feel like repelled by that water and like sick by it. I believe that the idea some of it. I'm like I come annually with a stir in the water, the Usher something's gone on their gay. Lord Junior said it was common to see the swings, especially dislike creaking in moving on their own, like with no wind. Ok, wait! So now that you say I feel, like I've seen this place on one of the lake scarier show rapidly at like Philip. I can picture it now. You proud again, he told the travel channel quote. Sometimes the seat will start to move underneath your hand until you feel cold air blowing through the seat, and when you get to the middle, you feel something warm and we believe that that little girl Spirit who died on swings, good yeah. He also said he saw a full body apparition of a girl covered in blood wearing a pink, roughly dress.
She likes me certainty that she just stared at him and he was like paralyzed didn't know what to do, didn't, moved and say a thing, and then she just walked away what the following said. It was like this areas. These ever seen only God, one a youtube. Video that I got really sucked into was this person called Chris STAR and she seems to have like a lot of cool lake paranormal videos. I was just like me you can find out. She cannot Andrew. I know nothing about her. So are you sure it was a cool video allows like she sounds funny. She did a prayer, normal investigation of this site and they got a ton of weird shit on film in audio little kids giggling faces in windows. The you could clearly here mumbling in time king on the on the tape Leah Weak, they would be talking and you could hear somebody Billig little next little thing you saw creepy, that's what I thought: that's what I'm gonna do a week of Cuba at one point in the video there like looking at this we're decoration someone put up and they were laughing at it. Clearly, this is where
don't do that started laughing and you hear a little girl giggle with them. As you can earlier, is like a wild eyed. Sunlike, I wouldn't laugh at ship, their guides really creevy. Now, like I said, all the rights are still up there. All decrepid increase be equal. All the earth is reclaiming them like this vines, and just like all this stuff like it's. It looks like a would be breathtaking, and you know why Israel, I know I think you told me about this a long long, long time ago, your picture, I really dig as I've been leg obsessed with this for a while. I think it was you. I wanted to make sure it was like a full blown episode, so Lord sooner senior and junior both passed away. While they, Living on the property are appearing on senior died of calling cancer and he died like old than usual again as eighties
That's. Ok, but it's like you. I mean Junior died of a massive heart attack in his early fifties, o jeweled, the mother, so gaily seniors, wife. Yes, she said he had suffered. Are you ready? Twenty six heartily? tax while living their holy shit and he died and one massive one. But I believe though, cause you're, probably just gonna, get scared constantly, because she says you're always on all this weird ship happening, and you know they're gonna, fucking native american burial ground, of course, some ships gonna have barely so pissed. They are not happy spirits. These are pissed off spear right now. Psychics visiting the property did say that sinister spirits there could they said they ve been known.
Cause health issues and people. Oh, so in any event, we are not alone, some will. They said hearten like living on the power, and so they said heart problems from someone living on the property didn't surprise them yeah, it's awful. They make sense known two thousand and fourteen jewel and her son Chris decided they were gonna, start running the dark, carnival attraction now, and it's called that it's like a haunted Gostar with History- and you know, like a campfire kindness, feel too. I find you get to see. The right aids in you also get to see the clays children's grave saw an. They basically said they wanted to keep going in the lake in the same vein of like Aylward, soon senior juniors, like passion, for this thing right that they wanted to keep it going, but they want to keep the history alive, while also trying to be respectful in a way it? So weird, though, that when you're going on these Torres, like yeah, you got to Elsie the grave but you're also like walking
ongoing asking on a mass grave, like your Polly, walking on multiple bodies out, while one hundred no matter right, spiders you definitely air nuts visitors say that their they will be like shoved. Sometimes he got there touched there will hear things allowed in their ear a real ass on it. How really is and jewels said that issue- and this was six of like Jewels- said that at first she was worried that, after her husband died, that she wasn't running the property, how he would want her to all she was very concerned about keeping and how he would want it. But she says the one thing that made her feel it ok he's like gave me a sign, was ass. She saw a security video and you can find the video somewhere. I ll have to find it and it's the Ferris will in the middle of the night and in the video you can see the safety law should, let's give a shit. What was that
the door to a friend story about and what must have been John Keziah, like angrily, slams, that even when he's not at all anger like whenever John Walks, out of our back under the patio link the whole, how shake figure he can jauntily walk out onto the paddy but I thought you'd so loutish. as always really scared so The middle of the night, the security video shows the Ferris will and it shows the safety lock on one of the carts like open by itself. Yeah clothes and open, like somebody got on it, and somebody got off yeah and she said her husband was so obsessed when they were running me amusement park that that print particularly about the fairest wheel in making sure the locks were always working properly him because she was like you so concerned about safety. He always really want to make sure that Ferris will was okay, and so she was like. I feel like that. Was him like hanging out on the fairest way on being like? Oh, it works. I learned
she still lives on the property by herself no girl in her son Chris says: he'll come down there in the middle of the night, because shield white call with some scheme showed how he is saying he said his father wanted to keep the land safe for the living and for the dead, and he wants to keep this going with his mother, while Jewel told the dead files that she one saw. A full body, apparition of native american warrior in her home. I believe that she doesn't want you to be well said he she weirdly didn't feel threatened are scared, So maybe he was appreciative. Maybe you should push appreciative of The jealousy frying Randal like
and Chris says he still sees shadows and shit in his peripheral while he's working on the site. He says that he'll feel touched a lot on his back and his shoulders, and he says it can't be explained away because no one's allowed on the site without permission, but I know that you're seeing people just walking around like no one's walking around these acres tonight and his son jewels grandson who's adorable. By the way he's like got to be like twelve or thirteen. He said he often feels like someone's following him on the property when he works with his dad, and he said when he stops. He always hears two steps behind him and he said once he was by the swings and he felt someone like grab both his arms like to his side's like they were stopping him and tracks like a big person, stopping him, and he said he didn't feel threatened by that he said he felt like he believed it was someone stopping him, because there was a bad spirit in front of him. Oh, why he said and it
overwhelming feeling was this person was grabbing me by the arm. Cyrillic, stop in your tracks write something bad is up there why he said he felt like protected by who issues like gives me the goosey other goosey pomp and then, as the last thing I just wanted to know was. I saw this weird new segment about it. While I was raised, The dainty, loves a weird new segment, called it a happy, HANS Hopeful, I don't know about her. Everything we ve we ve talked about today. It seems like a sad haunting, a massacre and tragic deaths of several innocent children really does a result. a common chronicle later, it's like so a crushing darkness and sadness, but ok yeah me, sizzle, crushing and darkness harm public. Sometimes the news is silly.
That is the amusement park at Lake Shawnee and West Virginia, I wanna go, but I don't wanna go when I do a year ago in we're gonna go, we are going to film that shared you're gonna be wholly legendary. Who- and I can't wait- it looks amazing if you guys have been there totally us now damn cause shut Luxembourg alive near there. Yet exactly go on you to be combined all those paranormal videos there really the large and if you can find like the other, but there's been many shows that have gone there. All the ghost hunting show so lover. So now is that good? whew thanks. While, as always, you can follow us on Instagram, you're, gonna wanna see these picture area hat morbid vodka has on Twitter a morbid broadcast, send us a gmail, morbid, podcast edgy Melba com. If become a patriotic? Ah, you can check out the page. I mean all their turn on your pasta, dinners yeah and oh go by
the march there is going to mean you shop, dot, morbid podcast outcome really excited about it and we will do we're gonna be resuming Patria shouts next week. So beyond, look out for that, we'll keep listening and we hope you leave it weird, but it's already buy all this land is like not your land and you shouldn't have bought it back in the day and then it's like all your kids are all done. That's not good and then they're very than amusement park round like the Ike's. Don't love that and then everybody dies at this amusement park, Repl little children, but then to keep it so weird that you go and you keep the land safe for everybody Refresh your summer, it why? Why beat the heap with our heads? Crafted smooth these pressures Refresher handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea. Rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors.
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