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Episode 175: The Brutal Murder of Elyse Pahler

2020-10-02 | 🔗
If you’ve ever watched the movie Jennifer’s Body, you’ve probably heard that it was inspired by a true crime case, and promptly rolled your eyes at whoever told you so. Well the truth is, it actually was. In July of 1995 Elyse Pahler snuck out of her house to meet with three boys she was beginning to consider friends. They lured her to a Eucalyptus field where they strangled, stabbed and raped her dead body all in the name of Satan. They made claims that they thought sacrificing a virgin to the devil himself would make their guitar playing better and take them to new levels of potential fame. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.As always, thank you to our sponsors:Athena Club: Stop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code mtcPretty litter: Get the world’s smartest litter without leaving home by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code MORBID for 20% off your first order.Stamps: Get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment, just go to Stamps.com and type in MORBID.Philo: TV for everyone, sign up today at philo.tv/morbid and you’ll get 25% off your first two months
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Streaming only on pick up a new regional common me in a punk bank. We are lady parts, a confused mixed hash, anthems sour, go our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming now only object. He wear because I'm ash and I'm a lane- and this is morbid that I almost said I was a labour and I know HU I am about her- do the idea, I know exactly. I know who I said not budge. still that many many many many many more bad, many morbid, many more good. Maybe more We may be a little punchy. It's it's been a couple
share. Has I mean the whole world is going, I'm hats off to all of you, and especially let me alone. I take a giant ten gowan had off for all the teachers out their own cause same every single one, ear, every single one of you who deserves like a billion dollar rays, and I hope that all the parties that are dealing with homes going their children first of all, like elbow bomb stall, you we're all in this together, yup you, it's it's hard and is being a teacher, is not an innate ability die all have I wanted to be a teacher. Like I when I started college ever I dropped out, do in early childhood education, and let me tell you, I should have been a teacher because she's great at it. Thank you very much, but She is, I love your children and there are some, but teaching is hard it's hard. So I just wanted to quickly say: like teachers are the best, if you know a teacher Jesse, you know,
give em a smile good morning, teachers and teachers they get wet. He couldn't wording dolly. That's why we're little eight. Would these episodes last couple weeks or just trying to lake? position. Land yeah, because you know preschool was a thing that was supposed to be giving me more time to rethink the now covered has decided that is going to give me luck This time I think we talked about it too much free pandemic. Earlier that we would be sitting together planning on episodes of new building, all my God, like next year, It is so great there, therefore like only hours it was gonna, be way more hours. Then it was the first year of precarious Bergen, s glory days instead of two. It was gonna, be great and then obviously you know that changed with the rest of the world so I just want to. Let you know that's why we ve been a little off on the schedule. We want to get back on track with that, and we will so just hang. I know a lot of you were like to worry about it and we appreciate that. So thank you for hang in there and like wedding, as figure out how to do all the things
You guys are the chest yells and you guys are a huge priority. The show is a huge priority. It's just say no. We just gotta figure out, although moving parts that are happening right now, I, like my top two priority, Alain as children and the weird I sooner you got in any FED somewhere and she's, not a mechanism for yes. I just wanted a blight point that out that that's why we ve been a little willy nilly with these yet, but you get an episode on Friday and then you get up said Saturday this week and the next week we are, we are going to try to get back on that schedule. Sounder thinking, there's day Saturday is going to be easier for us to maintain, because we also have a veto current counter. You are the things that were just trying to make sure we have a day for everything, so yeah stay. Saturday is our goal. We are going to try to do that so again. Thank you guys so much for hang in there. We really do appreciate your patience. Your awesome
Oh my god, I was going to say to you I SAM and then I was like thinking of all the other like how to abbreviate all the other things. You said in your only thank you very much for being there you're often, we really appreciate your allows like whelp. Never mines are over saturated. If I just got to tee. Why us that's all it's by while this is like and over many, even though we know do those anymore, but yeah still that leave the music and let us get into enjoy the music. I would to start this off by giving you a very large trigger morning, if uh necrophilia is not something that like to listen to you today that bums you out which it by good bye. Many out three before I was a true crime host. I like wouldn't listen. Episodes like that real out my job as interesting aids. Its allotted while of tourists and choice of words Actually horrible tourism, where its enemies, so after, if
not only mayor into like, maybe skip this one in fact later will understand in just trigger weren't. You general, for, like the portable amiss of the address, is a rough case guys, but it's a it's one that connects to something else that I think is pretty resting yes exact. I am you know what every sir everybody story deserves to be told so aptly without further Ado on July. Twenty second, ninety, ninety five Elise Marie Parlour was heading to bed. Never had to bed now about it usually does an end. Well know she had hung out with our family that night they watch tv together. They like had a pretty good night and then she was hit in the hay and she held out to them alive you going to bed so and it's just going to bed one as far as apparent. new she went to sleep there no, that right after yelling good night to them. She turned into her room and packed her bed full of pillows,
now and then covered those pulls up to make it look like she really wasn't not bed before she snap out of her french stores that were in her room for the very last time I join me. Parents and all our blood pressures simultaneously rising. I remember it so funny, I remember being a teenager and like watching movies are being like. I want two doors in my room like dandelion, hold her and said: no, no grandparents, so Elise was teen, like I said, Anne recently had that kind of like rebellious stage, that I personally him when I was fifteen some of our three China a little bit before, but I feel like a lot. sounds like fifteen is kind of age where this kind of theatre. To settle and yeah you're right before the sweet. Sixteen year urea yours turn took your crystal crystal wild and light. There you go to her. She's started smoking weed and she tried alcohol and she was snake, More and more in her parents are really worried and then they got it more worried when they got a call from her school one day.
the school explained that she was noticeably under some kind of influence. Oh now, and she was being suspended so there Gus. The story was that, like she smoked we'd, unlike drank some alcohol that day before school and the like won t all, I know I really garment rickets doing mount the prince a busy morning. Should it is, you know you you just never know. What's the day will bring, I microwave my coffee like ten times morning cause. I can't in manage to drink that both thing yeah. I don't know how I live to being like a child. I never drink before school, but I definitely smoke before school. A lot suppressor thinks parents to even less than I heard in some like sources LISA End, but the way of spelled appreciatively San, ok within them, her mom, they immediately put her these soundly gray parents, because this is what I'm gonna do of my kids the should identify what they put her in a substance, abuse program right away, good and they tried to talk to her about what was going on, but it just
he was telling them like nordic nothing's happening. Look, I'm fine and thence on it so hard when people really communication is key and it's like yes, but what if they won't communicate with you right? It must be so hard. To be honest, it didn't really seem like much was going on, like she was a really good soccer player. She was still playing soccer at school. She did really well in school early. Best friends were like good girl slick. They were known, tat, hardy or anything like that, like she was like the wild child of the three of them, so they were like what is going on. Why him, even her friends, were worried about the things that she was starting to get into loud? I think she just was thinking it was born to be good. She made a choice, you know so the next, morning, David LISA, and realize that at least was not in her bed and they obviously freaked the fuck out, because I had that feeling she had snuck out before and they had caught her, but she always came back like she would have never been gone all night into the morning, so they went to the police and they explained what was going on
where they were the whole deal and the police were obviously concerned, because this is a fifteen year old girl, but they definitely and treating like disk treating this case, like more of a run away, I wish I was just going to say: I didn't see why they a meteorite, went to that by she's. Fifteen pray exactly and I got a thing you said exactly what I was going to say, because I understand why they would think that. Could she is starting to do all this crazy stuff? So there are like. Will you don't like you she's yourselves, Chris so who's to say that she wouldn't run away in your started now that the parents are starting to, you know, actually give consequences and start like putting her loose on abuse and pushing back on these bad things. That would be the time where she Billig fuck it up in a runaway exact. So right, you can kind of you. But I mean her family like they were like, maybe not the case, but they didn't really think so. There were like no something sinister has happened technology, your kid morn, when especially, I think, obviously dad's too, but I think especially moms yeah
that gut feeling when something is wrong. And then you know what I think doubts get it too. I do to bite my hand on that one, a wholly bite, my hat, that's gotta to Mama's and debt as they do in, especially if you're close with your kid like they seem that they had a good family dynamic totals like if your closer there can. You know your kid right in there was the other thing that they were kindly pointing towards was that there was a lot of exciting things going on in a leases lifelike like a century's play soccer. She had friends at school, but also they were planning to move to a new town and a lease was particularly really excited because she was sick of they lived in a royal grundy. Oh God, grant then save around. I got drunk aggrandize proper Gina. Exact, so you're moving, because I think there are moving for like a couple different reasons, but one of the big reasons was like they were like: let's get her in it. in school system. Hey, let's, try this somewhere else right. Let's give this another girl and she was excited. She was like getting bored of where she lived and choose a cooling.
Do it she was pretty social like a free spirit, so she wasn't worried about moving and making new friends or anything like mad. Sound like that. Wasn't a problem for her. no- and I am she was also the oldest of four kids and she was really close with her siblings said they were like she never and away from and left her siblings. Unlike not told them are here thought, and even though she did think that here and were over reacting to her recent extracurricular activities. She again was close with her parents too, and didn't really to have a reason to runaway yeah. Whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream, classic sitcoms the office boxing recreation and soon plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty by of say by the vat for all Europe's lucid comedy face. Could a peacock dvd comp and get started summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry
Terry Brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavors in every sense, stop indeed try this point. summer cup or you can The war were apt order ahead or get it delivered, your morning even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited I gotta have a while. So, of course, Missing fifteen year old girl from California had everybody talking, of course and like, up with different theories and yadda yadda yadda ensue all these Tipp started to fly in and a lot of people were calling like specifically giving this Tipp that they saw a lease and South Saint Louis of his boat. Criticism ya. Think is. It therefore sounds good to me. Everybody was saying we're from Massachusetts at heart. Everything is hard. You guys go crazy names for you, towns solely spell Worcester exactly we all got crazy name.
Yet the fact everyone was saying what they saw her and symbols of his bow and searches they would do searches out there and nothing would turn up like they were like if she's here she soon, a damn good job of high now said that, like nothing was going on, but the sad thing is It was giving the family a ton of hope that she really was still out there and there like. Ok, so maybe she did run away like people are seeing her all these people calling saying they saw her and like the public, which is shitty, because all those people I called and said they saw her, did not. I did not even there and I'm sure. Maybe it was a mistake of like a look alike, but at a like. Maybe sure maybe like a baby, just call it to the police. Equally sure take a be taken Please go was there, someone or is it just a girl with blonde hair labour? May they say about the cross or to use and dot your idea really cross those teeth, yeah leg, maybe engraved them into a stone cars, the measurement it's really there. I know- and this aside her grandmother
who she was now after so Grandma Elise was sent out a plead directly, You granddaughter release and please I'm home, like we can figure everything now, while we figure things out like about why you left him like what's happened like you can with me until everything's figured out leg, just come home. The lake pain so soldier with sad wake enveloped my soul for them. I know that's just so so weeks and months. By and there was absolutely no sign of Elise other than these super tips. So then, almost nine months later nine month- nine months this teenager walks into the police station, his name's Royce Casey and he confesses to releases murder, I am just walks in the name of later nine monthly I'll walk straight into the police station and tells them everything that had happened. Exam
Actually, where she was, he ended up eventually leading them to her body, and he told them all about the other two teams that he committed this horrific crime with what kind of like Grand Spirit, came to him and was like when first up mother fucker, he found religion. I was gonna, say suddenly he found something he found religion any got real scared, Dale and we're gonna get into why he was so. Fucking scared, damn so These two other teens that he murdered Elise with were shake up. The lash, but I think it's how you sat and Joseph Fiorella he's addicts it doesn't matter. What does altruism r d Ex last name is Joseph Dickhead. Yes, dick my dick by shade so the three of them were known in the area as like. Just like that except, I M, like burn out space like I always think of mean girls. When I say about me out, she goes through like the lunch tables. They would be at the bar, now. It's like you would think that the burn out they're usually justly very chill in nice,
where there are little more than these three I was gonna say these three must have a who are also like on math there, not just like stoner like the known another there they bring stoner to adapt. well yeah. They really Ahmad tell you all about it. They they were professional, it profession, ass. They business cards they did actually that a different kind of business card, oh shit, so they stop going to school a long time ago of actually were sitting at any lunch table tat just They regularly did drugs like speed, oh said, very young ass, very young yeah mess even a enjoyed, the occasional sniff of glue. Oh that's, just the occasional snuff. need to know how people, if you ve ever sniffed glue. I need to know like why how how what happens like a feeling in my eyes and had hurt, leg, just thinking about it, I want to know if you wipe out the elmers glue. If you take off the cap and like you just
that there is little eyes that what sniffing Louis Ordeal, EC heated up or is not just code for something like is sneering glue like do you heated up and get the fumes that way, because I feel it is sniffing glue by his leg. They get kindergartners would be fucked up, hoisted the we I want to go check on the girls of their doing, like you know the whole class of pre K, kids that it is like are like that rural ashen out over, unlike Billy, as and when the teachers is like rubbing the glue, honours, ethic, sniffing, loo, loo and all of us dipped our fingers and elmers glue, and then DR worker, on still do that you could peel. It often feel that sensation will never feel like for anything else in your life, people on Tik Tok are doing much of their faces. I mean okay and I kind of want to do it too. I mean get it. I guess, but like that seems dangerous if you're thinking of glue. That way, I have to imagine you he in order to break down all the things you need to break down to get the fumes. You would need for this. You would have to heated you knowledge
recently you started having to show your idea if you got like night, caller Something'Ll yet happened like in recent years. Yet what if you had to start showing your idea to get angry glue if you have a school project and sixteen steam. My like, I know you might you might heated up what level now let us now, because we really don't now, no one. I am genuinely carry and his honestly not something I feel like. I have time to look up because it's just my insignia can I thought you were going to say it honestly, not something that, like I'm at this point in my life, going to try? I know it's not that I always I'm not gonna. Look it up. If somebody tell me that could be great hook, Michael I'll look up so much other things, but I'm not looking up how use if clear, so I do not know of any other big, not so I have a lot of fact option I guess I don't eat. I already have the FBI probably legs wash, and why should already? I don't need to add
I don't need you stopped at glared at its heart again. Next time I want to do a loop early dad had a huff glue, so they. but to get back into it in case you forgot, can sometimes people forget when we digress? Yes, they did drugs. Like speed, acid math casually sniffing glue and they also smoked we'd, which it's like. Why don't you just do that? It's fun enough, as is, and they drank a time. Ok, so the brain is depleting. yet there is oh, and I also think they D Coke, which, like around cells in the brain now press Yes, few neurons are there it's a neuron graveyard in our IP glove, and they were also known to hang out at this old drainage, pipe calls the pipe of death that sons awesome. Ineffectually, really sad, because it was called the paper of death because a kid had actually died there earlier. He like, I think he fell to his death, what the fuck and they like to hang out there be
thing about. This is just a horrible near now. Are you ready for this now so Joe fear? Ella was the youngest one in the group, fourteen years old, he was fourteen at the time that a lease disappeared you're a straight Jake I'll deduce not was fifteen children Roy Casey, the one who turned himself in at the time that this happens. sixteen years old children like what the fuck you're all like freshmen to juniors and high set free. We're going to hit me, not a shit that they were doing. Yeah you out, on top of it murder, will em they're frontal lobes privileges, never fucking used calls, therefore, frontal lobes piece out a long time ago. They dipped his your frontal lobe is not even developed into twenty five. There, frontal lobe, just like in legislate, concave caved in on it. It may have now. I'm not do in this. So it's nice to me so, like I said fear allies, the youngest and the girl, but fourteen and he's the ringleader, oh wow
now. All of them had recently become interested in Satanism, and I just say it before, and I get into any of this that this is like whatever they did as too, like worship Satan the alike there, like bastardize version of what they saw. The type of religion we have talked about it before, but just in case your new here Satanism sounds cool as hell other. Why end at the real Bert, like their real version, where they don't actually worship, say yeah, but I don't wanna like offend any Ya'Ll like saving people listening. If you listen to us before, you know how we, if we have distinguished between yes people's perceptions of it and how some people take it to a dark place as the real. What it actually is, I just want to say so. They had written recently become interestin Satanism and they were all members of the church of Satan like according to themselves. In fact card carrying member you it. Yes, you told us about verily fighting. I do that's my next sentence. They got all
I didn't write car Gary members, but they had all ordered cards on the internet for a hundred bucks, a piece to prove their allegiance. While there are eight because I dont know, if that's what you do, but that's what I'm not sure if questions for some reason they could wipe it out, be like I hail Satan yet taking sees me. I am a member of the church of Saint and what I did right was weird expert, ok, very weird flapping, that's probably in all of my script at some point is weird. Flexibility spoke at cause, that's kind of like that. Just that. This we should be like the one of the models of this pod cast is like all these cases are usually a one point or another. Will you I'll ask it? Ok, but ok or sometimes weird flex, not ok, not ok! there is also another site that they like to go to the called Male Medica. I think associate Melba yeah, now ml Dicta elder brother around with too much emphasis
anyways. They ordered a knife there that they would decide to commit the perfect sacrifice of a virgin with that yeah, ok, that's when I ordered us worry! That's why I got my fucking Cuisinart set. I order them to make a better mince. Yet when I cut garlic, onion button do you or the level or the baleful Libya, but you do you, I might get Airbus legal Incas us this is a very uncomfortable case emerges egg index to make ourselves not don't die, I hate every part of the ads terrible. So this her face of a virgin with something that all three of them had been obsessed lately with talking about in this we talk about it so often like it had already happened that, like people around them started to be like, I think, they'll kill divergent then really kind of earth like it was like talk in the town, but everybody's I didn't actually kill a virgin.
They have their children, but Joe was really obsessed with the idea, like a lot more so than anybody else. Sometimes I wonder if they were virgins themselves and I like, if one of them suggestively can't we just killed one of view too I saw the ringleader, bellicose, just go on you too. Well, so I have that question later. Ok,. I'm glad you comes back in a great way, oh good. I love those who Joe is obsessive that members human use a virgin because, like he looks like a little shit and he was fourteen to Whatever had he started reading a lot of our Alister Crowley books, ok, Nina back, I that this is very cliche. Oliver, yes, I was thinking of like gum. I was actually doing indian equally, as he was interested in like reading all of the different they are exactly and he. But this is what I stopped thinking about. Emu knuckles, casinos didn't happen, but he
Joe did this ritual all the time and I think it's from one of Aleister Crowley's books, apparently, where you catch a frog and you crucify it like Jesus was crucified to the cross like a crucify the frog like that, and then you cook it and you eat it. Oh, yes, ok and then, after you eat it you're supposed to feel the effects of the great spiritual power that it leaves coursing through your blood and veins and everywhere from the frog yeah. It's it's I mean frogs. Legs are a delicacy. I don't really know why does it make sense to you now? I know I know I'm I'm very I'm just let's not even a weird for I'm not of that level. I suppose, Definitely not a fact. However. more is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry
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so he was doing this are taught like he was fraud, catch and left and right, crucifying, cooking anything, and am I couldn't find anything really about where their parents were Cosette. Yeah, that's it I was like so wait you're out of our way, also crucifying these frog side. These several does. He have many crosses on which to crucify tiny frogs, I don't know, and then, where is he cooking, that Missy cooking them on a little stove that he's Meda side or on a fire. I just don't and also honeyed. Does he have a meat thermometer, because I feel it there's a lot of you know. Maybe he just them really good. We urgently need to learn to do that. Our food poisoning here and then just throwing out the great spirit. I think that when you decide to eat a frog, I think that you just like cross off the poor. The party I worried about anybody has lay, but if you have your supposed to be, you know absorbing the great spirit if you're vomiting up the great
or it may be, that always love any of them. Maybe he's just trying, but it's like just he couldn't gotta meet the moment and wall, and maybe that's why he decided that he wanted more power and that's one of the reasons that he decided to sacrifice and actual virgin big jump like I said he wanted more power and actually one of the reasons that he wanted. More power was because it was gonna make their banned a lot better. Yeah yeah? I said that I am I D. I see that I am a ha those connecting. I see it, of course, of ours. Coursing through you, your bands, gotta, get better more. You know wattage for your apps I get it. I power I, why a j out so I got, I meant to tell you this peace is actually like what Da Jennifer his body was like loosely and spied out by one of my leg. That's crazy, crazy thing about this case. I had no idea yeah. I did not. I had read briefly:
Jennifer. His body was based off of some case here, but I always thought it was based off of you know a murder, but like not nah, not actually a band looking for more pollyanna, sacrificing sacrificing a virgin media, not the motive, I didn't think the motive was there. I thought that was somebody writers, brain twas out to us not to us, not twas, a pre teens brain. So that's why they wanted to get them to make the band better. So I three of Them- and actually this other- could Travis Williams. They were all been. He was like into that all this if they were doing their own, a band together called hatred because they hated everyone except Satan. We are. Ituraea producers, who tried ah said something that actually really heard, how vigorously actually these blood, I jump I don't get it I'm an overarching its
so their music that they were doing was modeled after Slayer, ok and if you're like, if you know what that is its an american heavy metal band and they have some wild lyrics which most like heavy metal bands to get just like part of metal, I mean liquor, We talked about the Smiths a few weeks ago. The utterly roadside. Well like the day s shoulder, and it may mean that our metal, but, like you know, you know what I'm saying, let me out actions with visa yeah. It's like I always hate when it's like, which I'm sure you'll talk about we're gonna die. So joke telling them all that if they sacrifice a real virgin. Instead of all these frogs that they would become uncertain bubble and get help famous, because, especially their guitar play was gonna, get so much better. We all know how do you know frogs and guitar playing just they go hand in hand with another. Don't that's why they needed to do the real virgin? Oh, I forgot you need
virgin. Yes got about that because the frogs roaming and do so much for the Gonna hurt you are playing. So they sounds like the frogs we're just going to add two, maybe like the wattage of their amp. So little bit yes, but the virgin was really they thought that they were. It was gonna bring them here levels of actual Fania virgins are known for their guitar playing. Yes, I suppose. So this is what they have to do better defined the perfect virgin with blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm good I'm good tell you showed up round. I felt an apparently that was preferable, like the blonde hair blue eyes thing and Joe already had a perfect candidate in mind. He was like obsessed with obese like obsessed, and she would be quote he said the ultimate sin against God. Oh get them their quote: ticket to hell hate all because they want to go to Hell. Of course they do. They need to meet how very metal like that's where they're gonna perform so Jacob deducing.
That's his new name to douche actually actually knew from from the substance abuse class. He had to go on and they met there and they, like I dont, know if they- out there or if they just like, became acquainted but also like saw each other at school when deducing decided to go I also read in some sources, but not all that they rode the school bus together. Ok, but I know that they weren't really going to school like Jacob on his crew. So I don't know like so like. I said they were friends but they knew of each other, and they had talked on a couple occasions, and I obviously that was gonna have to change. There will have to talk if they were gonna get more acquainted so Jacob. New. Obviously, after attaining these substantive use classes that Elise like to smoke we'd Roca, he at least knew that about and I guess she had somewhat of a reputation for hanging out with older guys who would like smoke her up for free lance, like I feel like most fifteen year olds, who are rebellious, also have the reputation So that's what he told you. I don't know anything about it. So that's what he told
he was like. I can figure out how to get her with us and next to Satanism, Slayer and Insane guitar powers. Elise became his Louis obsession. Oh now, Jos NEWS obsession and you would think that they're doing the solid virgin thing and they need the perfect virgin and blue blonde hair blue eyes, and if you think she will and beat the per more because she's like naughty literally. I was around my hair this morning and I was thinking I was like she's into like some of the stuff that you guys are into which is like bad and she can I buy it and it's like? Wouldn't you got like a very pure illusion, like somebody church go and yelling goody goody. Do you re exactly that's what I've been? Preferably dont get anybody, but I'm just saying exactly: they seem to be not really adhering to their own yet, and I have my thought as to why they pick here and I think most people do so like I said they had become more friendly with her, so they started talking to her more and more and they offered her some pot, and she
except it and she went to smoke with them at the pipe of death ass. A pipe of death, so she started hang out there would that make us like every now and then and when they were around her. They applauded and planned ways to kill her and sacrifice her body to the devil LA so they would hang out with her and then they get finished, hang out with her look whatever leave, and then they would go talk about like how they were going to kill her. Like these kids, that's for clarifying the lighted and nearly wounded legally. We need a bond with her before viciously murder, her sacrificer to Satan, rarely shit, and they had right at one point earlier to kill her. I read two different accounts on how the sullen town so both involving abatement. I read that the first one is that Travis williams- I kid who they sometimes hung out with he pretended to have fallen down into the embankment, but he was holding a knife and they ran to see if a lease would go help and she went down and saw Travis holding the knife and the three other Boys started yelling, do it do it do it
Then he like froze and couldn't do it. Thank God but the other story says that they pushed Elise down and embankment, and it was near her house, so her mom. And to be walking by and heard the whole commotion And then, when she asked Elise like what the fuck was, that all about Elise will just like all like those boys just like to mess with me, like it's nothing here I had all of it. So I fear I hate that I feel like it was probably the first one now because they had been planning this for a long time. The eyes and my Travis was involved at that point, and I think that once had gone missing. Her mom probably would have said something about these for sure yeah. They were bothering her very right and in they pushed her down in bank pushing down and embankment also doesn't seem like a sacrificing a virgin kind of death. No, the knife, the seems like it has to be involved here, exact if there really like pretending to be like sacrificial. Unlike ceremonial Aigner, I agree completely
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Partisan like fun like a sometimes being bad is fun when you're young earlier needs this anytime, you accepted into anything right, you think it's cool when you're younger and these boys were outcasts like, and I think she kind of like she like anybody like she, we hang out with anybody, but I also think because she was in her rebellious stage, it was cool that they were downcast, and she was just a super trusting person in general after she disappeared. Her dad said about her quote at least was very trusting. That was the root of the problem. She never thought there could be anything wrong with. Anybody was just that makes me sad out of thing ever so, just the day before she went missing at least was hanging out with her friends at another friend. With a bunch of people, a kind of subtle, LEO's party, it didn't hanging wing IRAN's attitude of unbridled house. There were a lot of people there. There was music Libya keg itself like a party and lots of music latian put on bubble and Jacob deduce net. Was there
and he told her tat. He had just got some like wicked good we'd. He got the chronic you gotta acid and that he would do with her if she wanted and she apparently reed and they now and they exchange numbers so the next night he called her two times to invite her out and he told her where meat, and that was the same night that she told her parents good night. love you and packed her bed with the pillow snow. Herons. Remember these phone calls she got to phone calls. She hung out for a little tiny bit longer, and then she went to bed there's an interest like this. Like turned around set. I love you good night pact, her pact redwood the pillows and left her house for the last time now that, like destroys me in this whole time, her parents think that she's gone too she's just going to bed or infer like the eight months afterwards thought that, maybe maybe maybe she was a runaway. This is our end,
this is gonna, make me even crazier with all right now, because I'm already there for into their room multiple times, and I yeah. Why don't? I think. That's just like what you do. Images errant total bear, look I'm outta here and never going to sleep cousin. Miss. Can we live comments he's. I am constantly leaning over them. Just being like yours, appeared or like I, whenever I babies, ILO, constantly go up there, my cold my finger embryos, especially when they were easy babies, I'll fuck. So at least handed out to meet with the three boys together smoked in some sources, I read that they dropped acid, but another sources it didn't save out. So I can only confirm that they smoke together then the guy suggested going to this eucalyptus field to folk to folk, too folks are more than just like hang out, and although I feel that sounds like so you fewer, if that's actually, all that was have you got little this field to smoke like that's cool it does that sound school, but it wasn't. No!
oh and if you're wondering where Travis Williams was night. He actually couldn't make a cause here. Just been arrested for shooting an elderly woman. Oh yeah, so that's where he was and I in jail for shooting a fucking elderly woman. Here I was thinking Travis not being able to do, though, like thing with the knife in the embankment, as I also Travis is the one that's like. Oh, I have That's my us, that's why I put that America scary. I know he was he holy shit. He didn't panic Agus when it came to the elderly oh yeah, so these kids are fuckin asshole. It's insane, I guess water seek. It seeks its own level it as well anyway, when they all got there, they were just like hanging out to sea, probably pass it around the joint or whatever. And then suddenly one of the boys pulled the least by her hair to her feet and knocked her down on her back, and sucker on this long and you're, like kind of like, maybe not feel in this. This is probably the time for you to go mistakenly rough love. You so much have a good night
so they grabbed her by her hair, pulled her to her feet and then push her back down onto her back now. Jacob takes off his belt and wraps it around her and begins to strangle her with it, while Royce she held her down and then Joe Fiorello was the first to stab her with the knife directly into her. Wrote, ah stabbed her directly into her throat. Oh, my god, then the three of them took turns passing the knife around and stabbing her in the throat. Oh my god, just like continued to stab her Royal Casey later told the police that this is so sad. She continually called out for her mom, which ruins may I hate and pray to God. The whole time like please make the stopping? Oh my god. Oh, my god. Meanwhile, she like a little another clear away right now: collectors fields like theirs and like all they are all in the middle of nowhere alone, with these Damon, with these actual demons from Hell.
We should examine one columns from help us that's what they wanted to be the exactly. Oh, my god. and then this is really fucking horrible one. Felt like she wasn't dying quickly enough. They stopped on her neck. I am a while and then allow big time, warning when they were finally show that she was dead. They defiled her corpse. Of course they did you up and There is evidence to suggest that they actually came back on multiple occasions to continue to do so dies after the fuck yeah, so they they like bud I was just going to say everybody godlike wild. They Bundy did rose, Cassie evoked a terrific is so beyond foxier. So Casey in the months after killing, Elise stopped hanging out with Jake UP and Joe and found religion, because if you're ever gonna find religion, you should probably do it after you murder. Somebody bird a great time to find it. Now,
worse. When you need to be just forgiven of everything I mean it properly, law to do his guilty ass, contrary, I suppose so mg parent, you said he was having visions of a lease and all these flash back good, and I guess I have to say that the under output in the show nuts- I can't remember the book that I read, but am he the day that he confessed? He saw like a missing poster valise and that's when he like really decided to go till alleys with hillbillies was haunting the mother finer shit. I actually just got shells and I think she was. I hope she was, and I am glad that she well yeah. I would, I hope she fucking destroyed. So not only was that fucking him up, but he was also worried that Joe and Jacob might actually come for him that yeah, if they are willing to do that, because I'm assuming, if he was so worried that they were coming from him before him, but he was virgin. Oh there you go and you know how they live
the band Slayer. I guess there's a line in one of Slayer songs that says you're either with us, are against us and like they took some like these kids took slayers leg lyrics that are supposed to be like art and link. I guess fun As later they just took them to the end. It is over her Sonia right, like these metal bans, have a persona like a mediums, have a persona exactly you don't if anybody who actually is like, while that's who they are as people its legs like no, are you sit down? They'd bless, you sit down, we got to teach you something right, but he knew how serious they took it and he was like oh fuck, like I got to do something about this. I don't know what took him so long the only veto at the end of that night, it should have been pretty clear, like they're, pretty willing to do anything and they bonded with this girl. You are willing to do it, so you think you're any different, no you're, not in Europe led by a fucking fourteen year, old supervision. You have I'll. Let you have a long list of worry. You gotta rethink a lot, so it was marked
Thirteenth. Ninety ninety six, when he actually went to the police, to tell them everything like I said he had them to release a body that had been in the eucalyptus field for more than eight months now, a month. She obviously was very badly decomposed, but of her, a forensic pathologists was able to took able to determine, gives me that none of her wounds were fatal and she actually died from bleeding out. Tat is horrific, stab twelve times strangled stamped on her neck and then defiled her court so they rape turned. She was still alive, probably eyeing dying. They raped her dying body and then raped all reforms. Not the war. Will the horrific that's a lot handle? It really. Is a lot deep breath of organic collective, deep breath a lot so Gub De Lash, mud and drove here.
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time in money right now, Elena and my listeners got a special offer that includes a four week, trial, plus free postage and a digital scale. Without any long term, commitments just go to stamps dot, com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type in morbid. That's them comment or morbid Joe. admitted to that he was the one who had the idea in the first place and he really wanted to align himself and he wanted like his brows to be alive but Satan, but he said everyone was equally willing and ready to do this and that. true actually because Rose Casey I feel it sometimes like when people listen they're like will at least Healy turn himself in you like, No, no, because this was in his diary. Oh no at him, oh god.
Waiting on the other side. Now I'm energy or gas of fighting. On the other side. Now, allied with a jerk and souls Satan's raised and shall conquer in rain in the Bible, it says that in the end, Lucifer will bring out his best in everything. Music live murder. All this psycho serial killers and rapists didn't know that if they actually just build an altar of sacrifice and kill the person on the altar and then have repeated sex with the correct version, meat is the ultimate sacrifice yikes. If all this of all the serial killers just knew that you just had to make an hour and then to file a corpse if all of em just did you know why these literal infant, Children they knew that they know it's. Why? Did anyone else knowing why
discovered it was so they were tried very quickly while sentenced, good and we're gonna talk about Elisa Grandma, please the trial. I love this woman, Elise. Walter said I wish had known what they are planning. I would have rung their scrawny little max, oh my god, citizen red eyes. So all Three of them were sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison, and they all went to different detention centres around California, so they can borrow it out. They couldn't rode up, they do have chances for Although what does that up? And actually one of them writ recently had a chance at pearl and twenty two but I dont know I couldn't find anything extra, unlike after but I wonder, if covert had anything to do with pause. So our aid, while there are some that's all right into California, that we don't want them. What oh yeah fuck? That's like you should have no possibility of now, but I think it was because they were so yeah. Of course, even the people did push for them to be tried. As adults have it's a pretty adult crime that they did, Sir,
is least his family was not just happy with the killers and prison, though, and you know what they're pair, and so weak it we're gonna, say what we think about like this whole thing, but at the end of the day, these are her parents, and I don't blame them for anything. They did absolutely not so at the trial. All three of the kids talked about how the music heavily influenced them, probably bullshit, claim insanity or some tria that's but or just pass the buck on Slayer or if it inspired you that much than you are weak minded oh just wait so specifically Slayer music. So personally I up his parents actually file to lawsuit against them. One was against the band itself and their record bull fur unlawfully marketing and distributing harmful and obscene products to minors, and the specific lyrics that they'd pointed out. I'm just gonna read a quick, come expert excerpt,
erotic, sensations, tingle my spine, a dead body lying next to mine, smooth blue black lips. I start salivating us me kiss mine, forever, the sweet death. I cannot forget you're soft breaths, panting excitedly, with my hands on your neck. I love you. I love you how I love to kill you. I mean okay, so it's deftly fucked up, but here's the thing. It's again, I don't blame the parents, fur whatever Nay wanted to do after this, because I can't even fathom why wouldn't noise her on producing thing, but I would more be concentrating on the parents of the kids magazine, Slayers fault that they bother alack. Were you it's the kids. The parents felt that their listening to the album- yes, August Slayer has no responsibility to parents, kids, they tyrants. They took that route to react to different losses
Lisa, father till the early times, flair and others in the industry have developed sophisticated strategies to sell deaf metal music to adolescent boys. They don't care whether the violent misogynistic messages in these lyrics cause children to do harmful things. They couldn't care less about what their fate did to her daughter all they care about his money, ok, which you know not snub super fire, but a whore. so like it's horrible, what happened to their daughter so yeah and adopting all I would be on his low higher up on the music business. All they do care about earning money. So its idea, you are, you, are talking the truth. Right so slayers Drummer responded by saying they're trying to blame the whole thing on us that such nonsense? If you're gonna do something stupid like that, you should get in trouble for it through which I agree with this idea. I can agree with that. Both lawsuits against the ban were thrown out because they are protected by the first amendment here. There's it's free speech, there's not much and again they didn't incite. Madame thing: they, these kids wanted to do. Exactly the first judge was a little worried about
this decision he was like, and this is a quote. Where do you draw the line? You might as well start looking through the library at every book on the shelf friends like while I would reasons why my daughter was murder. You will see that its leg is. Is that is that correct kind of? Yet it's like you do to say that it goes where it goes without saying it goes without saying, and if I could only disintegrating parent now, these parents, I couldn't not fathom not what they're going through and then the second judge said flare lyrics are repulsive and profane, but they do not do or instruct listeners to commit the acts that resulted in the vicious torture, murder of Elise Polar exactly? And that is true the final words from deduce not Dilah De Lash might enjoy Fiorella to lash met, told them of the Washington Post, Elise was murdered because Joe FEAR Ella was obsessed with her and obsessed with killing her and I this article that was like yeah and he probably just wanted to have sex with her, and that was the only way he knew. How did they have?
sex. No now at any rate, he raped her, but that's exactly what it why? Yes, he did. He couldn't get it consensually, so he was gonna. Take exactly and it's like, I just can't there. Also all three of them are. Fucking repulsive. Oh just wait until I pose no damn fool and you Scaring as you look at Joe FEAR, Alan. He looks like a fucking baby. He does and an ugly I ve been a very ugly baby. You don't like one of like overtook tat, but he was the fucking ringleader and you look at him in your like. What's yours, Who asked you listening to this little vetoes, Phoebe Lydia. What is wrong with you? This baby, hey City at himself, said to entertainment, weekly. It's almost embarrassing that I was so influenced by the music. It started to influence the way looked at things, it's most of it not quite zone, quite embarrassing that I was so influenced by the music like who,
I want it. I wish I didn't, and I don't know what the follow up question was, but I hope it was, but it is really fucking embarrassing that you murdered someone right or and defiled a corpse right, like Irish shamed. Of that, I think it's this kid say he's he's literally like who I was so close to being embarrassed there for a second but like about them. Just came clubs who, what about the girl whose life you took? No one. I one I've been thinking about that. No any, certainly not now I just I how I don't want to think of music as him let me know, and he has gone back and forth for like years that this point about like the music influence me. No, it didn't have anything to do with it. I just wanted to sacrifice a virgin. There was all about the devil and it's like ok, which, if you go back and forth than the music didn't influence. You know, because as clear you just said it really wanted to do it. So you did an exact, that's what it that's it black and white. That's exactly what chance the music thing as escape, because that was the cool thing to do. While was blame heavy metal, metal, music, otherwise o up especially- and I mean ninety ninety five Yannick Panic, absolutely Boop River boom.
and honestly. I really hate to another sad. No, but everybody lost here absolutely His parents ended up having like a super hard time and remember they had three other cat yeah. They ended up on welfare because the family like lost their jobs because they were able to go into work as they had such horrific PTSD and actually the Father, Dave's, PS, PTSD use, may lead to a road rage incident but, like I said still ongoing. Only heads going on with that and the saddest thing of all is that it was ruled that they be paid restitution. They ve never received a dime. Are you kidding me? I've never received a diamond restitution. That's fucked is not horrific, oh my god. So this is just all around the most
risk case a truly is and for I mean a kind of sucks that inspired Jennifer's Bonnie, but I mean, but it's like you know, art imitating life. It is imitated art life. That's the case that that unbelievable and now that's a truly truly horrific case that just so sad areas at like from every angle. It really is in its in its. You know. You can see two with Jennifer's body, unlike thinking about it, unlike they may Jennifer. I, like a character ass. You know like a caricature of oh yes like to hyper rebellious Seattle, and she was friends, would like a good two Jews girl machine, which last friends was too good,
all such winter affiliating maiden do is give her blonde hair blue eyes lao. If anything, you think that they would have picked Amandas Ifrits character. I now, but maybe they didn't wanna make it like a fall, which I now think you which thank you for not making it like a total justly. I rode off of it that only the remedy needs that cause. It's like. The. U know scream was based off of the gains Bell ripper beyond its like very loose, but you can see it right. And then did Cassie Joe Stoddard did happened happen before screamer after screen that happened after school. I wouldn't say variety of ice cream, ok or if that is the same kind of thing. They said they were inspired by screen, but they were, but I guess there d suggesting that there is evil dicks than all this. While we do see the picture them their repulsive, I just like them ITALY's disco. I saw you and I was a genuinely ready, I think, the enemies by the way beautiful gorge. Suitable, like beer
They are lucky that chief spent one second in their presence, since, like honestly, it so gross while well. Thank you for that nightmare. You're, welcome area no problem any tangier. I like giving you nightmares there. That's a rough on were for the further along time there. You were the one giving me nightmare whenever you involve like a teenage girl that, unlike aka look, you involve like mom, yeah yeah. I know farewell. What's into a lighter note, now shouts and patrons yeah: let's bring it all back up. So without further ado, we'd like to take Christine Herbert Christine Herbert you're, the best we love ya, kissing her return better than sherbert you're, Daniele Whitehead, Genial Whitehead. You are the best head that ever was Desert Marie Hernandez Desert Marie Hernandez you that just sounds beautiful, does
you're, just a beautiful person you are, I don't owe o next as ECHO Cultural, o ECHO caught trial at that who I think we have had an echo before laying the name. I think that's a cool remain ready. I like it. I simply echo the dolphin it's great. That's a great game. Ok an extreme Ellen may up Vaughan, worse Ta Ellen may VON Bore said. You know how I feel about a fuckin VON name. We love of on gosh darn. What? If that's, what reason gushed on we love of Iron oh, my gosh. Next we have Isabella Green who Isabel agree, I mean I'm green with envy, because I love the name Isabella. I could twilight this really quick Isabella is fellows and real name in twilight, and then green is actually greens last name who plays one the other vampires, and that was your twilight fun for health. If I think she d cheaply Rosalie your does. She played out on Alice fairness. Ok,
an exit urban jailer urban. You are that's agree. Last name, I dislike thou us adieu to him. You thank you. So much for your contribution and then we have Jessica, love and she's getting married because she loves love. Only condensed. Good luck! Thank you! So much. We love you congrats under Union, its the best it's fun than we have cat with K cat with a k, urea the hot right now so hot Reno entered the end of kit cat who and now I want one delicious and then last met my wife where Harv Kristen, K, Spencer Kristin case Spencer, and it's not like I don T like symbolise like more of the name it's Kay Why do I think, is really pretty I like that to Kay. So, as always, thank you so much to our loyal to turn aside. Thank you. So much for supporting the show you guys are the best. We would be absolutely nowhere without you. We really still be underwater in the microphones, languid alike. We'd be no
we'd, be underwater Nino, doing forty minute and trust. Ripley courtesy. If I'll be there, you go a year and have helped us mould this whole thing and make it what it is, and we hope you join our vent session about the new craft movie. I know most of you did something really didn't know nothing we're all we're all in this together Listen. What we feel like I hate that we so Already already I hated hate the trail we send word or had a faith. It's true. We did become ready to be proven wrong. Shall we start doing forty minute outgrows? We should like that you just sit around with us, were certainly well data. We, I just just going to say we are putting on another patriotic bonus episode. Hopefully this weekend we're doing that sounds. Can I ask you to say so: get ready red hand ready, Billina Centre, that's right! It is, and I told you guys what it was in the last episode. So I hope your site
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