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Episode 179: The Whaley House

2020-10-14 | 🔗
We’ve got a haunted hot spot for you this week! Heading over to San Diego, California and diving into all the hauntedness that is the Whaley House. We hope your main takeaways from this episode are: never buy land that was once used for hangings, always set the house alarm as fast as humanly possible, and remember that it’s rude to blow tobacco dust in someone’s face! Thank you and goodnight.  WHALEY HOUSE INFO/ TOURS Donate to the Whaley house here! Halloween Virtual Events As always, thank you to our sponsors: Daily Harvest: Keep it simple with Daily Harvest! Go to  DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code MORBID to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! Care/of: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50 Upstart: Hurry to Upstart.com/morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is
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Things. I thought could never happen in a punk back lady once a new regional calmly streaming only on pick up a confused mix of hash anthems, sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute to live in front we are leaving all the Celts feeling now only on Peacock, hey your nose I Molina Man and this is a spooky morbid. It's a morbid and retrograde, morbid and retrograde guys.
Guys. Are you experiencing the lack of communication with legitimately Everyone in your life right out early are things, not going your way blamed on work, Are you crying for no reason at all? Are you crying because you didn't get close enough seat to the drug show and you wanted it to be special vigour? Man, sir, are you crying because a lot, because I did last night they get you in good night. If you know usually, I'm very legal. By until eight my, unlike very Capricorn you only by under that says a lot of this stuff, though unveiling questioning unbundling but when you the way that today has gone the way that the couple days has gone when you said mercury is a retrograde nose like I'm a believer because mercury earth all I'm a Gemini, all blame it on. If you dont now, are you.
This is actually astrology. Podcast are now, though, so I'm a gemini mercury is my house planet and when so retrograde means mercury is moving backwards. Yet, so everything is all right stop, especially for me and every one else. It feels that way. So you know I as sceptical as I am enough like this is silly as I am. I am willing to blame on that besides otherwise I dont know why everything is so fucked up. You just have to be a little patient with technology, a little patient with communication, a little patience, when everything and just like try your best to communicate eloquently and if you get fucked up just scream about retrograde. I think that's what I'm gonna do. It just seems like everywhere. You turn you like what the fuck is going when in doubt cry when indulges, scream dream and cries guarantee your way, so that was brought
You ve is anyone else's feeling that way this week, you know, feel free to blame it on mercury. Now, that's what I'm gonna do. Fuckin bow remains: let's do it together, let's all be weird and silly together. Isn't it funny how ache nobody ever like jupiters and retrograde? It's always mercury is it's about low betcha mercury, specifically on a good notes. We virtual shows coming up that we ve been so excited to a now. So if you dont false on Instagram, you didn't see the Good NEWS we're doing three shows a world tour and world a world Tula there do, and unlike you go, you do then, to do it we're going to do, and so we wanted to do it so that people in different time zones could not have to do like watch out like crazy hours or not be able to lodge because of the, and you know we were like we would have loved to do.
Torn realized. So let's do and virtually no until we can do it in real life again, so we're calling and how a week and its leading up to how a win and We are doing in Australia show so it's gonna be eight p m local time, Australia I wait Amartya via our time which were psyched about. I love waking up laterally, unlike doing funds, I think it's gonna be fine. My me of black rider Dago were also being a Europe show and that's going to be a pm, your local time as well, which is what for us. Three makes us device like nice. I'm gonna have to pretend its nighttime hopeful it rains that two years ago and they were doing a north american one, which is gonna, be eight p m eastern standard time. Not so we are going to cater. It's gonna be three different cases each for each of us each, although shows organs.
Stiffer gave in each case like Australia Day is gonna be for for is gonna cater to the to that. I'm saying, and on top of that, we are gonna, be really halloweenie with it and we are going to dress up you don't know like what we're going to do. A lot and it's gonna be something different for each show, so we really went like him on this so you wanna get tickets. You can had on over two on location, live dot com, Flash morbid world tor, and if the you forget that Erlich it doesn't take you to the right place, the law. Is on our instagram Bio there's tons of options on the website. So just make sure you read thoroughly like that you're getting the right show for you, If you want a poster, I add this just make sure you read, because it can be confusing the other options. Many options for any options
excited about that and we're going to tease out our our costumes a little bit ahead of time start that tonight yeah. I think we're going to leave just post a little like snippets, it cuz it's fun and we're very excited yeah. I haven't been able to dress up for Halloween in a long time because of kids. You just not really paying attention to your call out. I don't live, are liars and then this year it felt like we were going to be able to cause where the hell are. We gonna go right, but then we had a reason. I know I like angry forecast, this year. Could I have three further shows, and then I have one Further York idea: kids were dressing up as the toy story characters for my kids, yeah is yea kids. So, where excited about those we have, you guys are excited and, I think think not raising else going on. If european translate to end at the end of them so we are going to China and patriotic were trying to do that. One episode per week to see out one so too weak and we're doing it at the end of the podcast. So just hang out for that.
A new page round. Episode will be dropping soon. What war? I can't tell you what day, because we have, I think, a thousand and four cases that we're trying to get done in two weeks, so it'll be in there somewhere, but I think I think, A man we're just gonna start our show and you're doing a haunted, one, the sweet! Yes, you take her haunt, remember, all of us to timber. We have to bear all of October Oliver to bear. We descended spooky, so we decided we're gonna do one of our episode. This can be like a spooky, weird paranormal, so he's Boogie thing, the other than the other of zone will be like straight up to regret the so I chose this book you on this this week, because yours was so funny. ST. Thank you. It was on the rector of Directory, the Bali rectory, that was amazing. There what a looser of an episode and you can like like hello, more fun, you I feel they cause. You know it's easy to make fun of paranormal stuff like not make fun, but like have morlock, silliness and wait and see what has it's not like real people
indeed our dying nothing's happening about the Chicago River crew. Nothing goofy above me up here, that's no good! So the on that I am covering to day is the Whaley House. Who, in San Diego Severe in San Diego, you probably know about and probably by marriage you're a weirdo go so located at two four seven, six San Diego Avenue in historic, old town, San Diego. Apparently the location is really cool. Actually it's a kind of smack tab in the middle of like a tunnel shit such ass legislate, downtown, stuff, restaurant shams, yeah, elegance and the eggs in the middle. It's really cool mescal, I'm so in this was ranked by travel channel as the most haunted house in America who fish that's pretty good distinction. Let's go in two thousand
Five life magazine called it one of the most hunted houses in America, so I did the most haunted house in England and you're doing the most haunted house in America. A girl, perfect, you did it, so this house was built on the site of a pretty gnarly hanging. So we start out right away this house's built on a spot where you would just asking for like a hundred percent waiver in eighteen, fifty two, a small time, crook named James Robinson or better known as Yankee Jim Yankee, Jim Yankee, Jim Yank. Under him. I just read it really like Tunisia, Jim Yankee, Jim, He was caught stealing a rowboat. He did this with another accomplice, but he was the one who was hanged. While the accomplice really only got like a year in jail, he did not row gently the stream yeah it? This was the likely because Yankee Jim was a literal like infamous thief around the play so he was always stealing shirts. I think they just have enough from we're like we're in do this not cool
No, it isn't a hang. You angry shouldn't. Do that don't know, but I am saying he was definitely do in this for a long time, now. This alone is a bomber for Yankee, Jim. What yeah, but though May the hanging really pan doubt was were not great lie, not great. Sorry, if it is here that my like felt so he was big guy. He stood at six foot for zone whose Johns ICE, which is very tall tomboy. If you have rushed up on your torture and execution methods, which I hope you have I mean we do hope Yahoo then you are aware that by the mid nineteenth century, the short drop style of hanging was totally out. And the long drop was all the rage The answer is you gotta make a show of it, and this was by the mid nineteenth century. Again by the mid nineties, century I mean by like one thousand eight hundred and sixty six. So this is one thousand eight hundred and fifty two we weren't we weren't. They ran along drop. Yet
so, apparently that in eighteen sixty six when it changed the belong drop method. This digital history lesson for reopening clue. Apparently that was when the doktor was like whoa. This short drop shit is real fucked up like using suffer for longer re literally just strength choking to death, and he was Why are we just letting people strangle to death is a better way to do this? He was like, let's be humane and give them a chance to break their neck for I'll, be ok, you mean of us. So this doctor, Samuel Houghton, determine that there were three ways to die from hanging at the moment, and these are exactly what he said, one by apoplexy, caused by pressure on the juggler veins to buy a six year caused by stoppage of the wind pipe and three by shock of the Medina Oblongata, which
caused by a fracture of the vertebral column, and then he wrote in the first two cases so apoplexy on the junk juggler Denham asphyxia windpipe. He said in the first two cases: death is preceded by convulsions, lasting from five to forty five minutes, which are caused by the cessation of the supply of arterial blood to the muscles. But in the third case, death is instantaneous and painless, and his unaccompanied by any convulsive movement whatsoever, as a true. So to me that seems that yeah cause you're breaking your neck, so you're done- and this is great and it led to the long drop methods of hanging whereby you know the person has dropped from a high calculated relative to their weight and it hopefully causes their neck to break and boom they're dead, painlessly, right, Rash your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted, smooth these pressures or
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We are leaving all the Celts feeling now only I'm peacock. Unfortunately, this was nineteen. Fifty two in this whole revelation was not around yet well knows there, so the short drop method it was for you He Jim, ah Yankee Jim, that's right! He was hung on the gallows after being kicked off a cart with nuth noose around us, so low that his tiptoes were scraping against the ground hook focused style, Hocus, pocus style, and he strangled for upwards of forty five minutes before finally dying. Oh my god. According to the local paper quote, he kept his feet in the wagon as long as possible, but was finally pulled off. He swung back and forth like a pendulum until he strangled to death. Now, as in the old time paper, what a poetic papers so dies so, who is whose in that crowd and whose gleefully watching this
This execution be bought all the children in the technical, everybody and one guy in particular, named Thomas Whaley, so whaley- was born and n Y see and worse was he and his family had come from a scottish irish background. They emigrated actually originally to Plymouth Massachusetts Massachusetts, What were you know that rock that, within the seventeen twenty two, that they have regional and came over but Thomas had moved across country to California during the whole gold rush scenario gotcha there, he opened up a small business with a friend, and it was huge because of the influx of minors and workers in area during that time, and then a fire destroyed the building and it looks like always lawful shit. Well, he tried opened a few more businesses with some other people, but it wasn't panting out. You know he was having trouble right.
We ended up moving back to New York City there he married is Highschool sweetheart Anna. I know Anna Ella Delaunay in eighteen, fifty five. They both move together back to San Diego once they were. There. Thomas was like her work and I purchase land to build my future home to fill with children. I know those gallows where I watch that giant man strangle the death for forty five minutes, so he did this on purpose here, while he was like oh look that land is for sale, that's where I saw that guy die and then use laid there like, while you can have this land for like real cheap because its Built on a gallows gal is, he was like cool, so he bought it for like nothing. So obviously he did not believe in the parent or more he didn't. He was not. He was like whatever, so he bought it for nothing and he built a ten thousand dollar home there, which back there was like who boy bitch, ten thousand dollar higher, so he bought the land where Yankee Jim was brutally strangled to death in the gallows. Just keep whatnot
just a friend a reminder from to do so. You see I've got that so the San Diego Harold at the time called it the finest new brick block in southern California, Hell yeah, those and pretty good house. We love. We love that he built on this land, a greenery unconnected that to the home and a general store that he ran. I didn't know what a greenery was, so I looked it up and Webster Dictionary and its Storehouse for thrashed grain, you dont know it threshed grain is our own either. So I looked at up to its two separate seed from a harvested plant mechanically, so they sold rice. There is what you're telling luncheon rain right going right right. They had three had kids in this house, Francis Anna and Thomas. I love the name. France too. I think it's very cute. It is. He opened another general store closer to town and applause, so, like things, are all well, except that everyone with the media
starting to hear shit. The house's sooner lose belts cause Gal us cause. Gala we get down on a shirt collar. Gallo has gallows really gives us Jean, as I'm gonna emails honestly and answer for everything he does gallows like. What's that sound cause gallows, so everyone could gallows with hearing what steps legal inward their hearing, all these footsteps, their hearing I bangs they're. Oh there's always footsteps walking around the living room, in particular article drop some assuming world the exactly so. The living room had an archway like still has an archway still there. It has an archway that leads into like the parlor part of the living room. Sure and this archway is supposedly Factory, where the gallows- oh shit, yeah. So they all assume do with the Anti Jim do and all this stuff, and they just tell with it, because what the fuck do you expect when you buy the plot of land that duty was brutally strangled on, could cause so this is when the family really started. Having bad luck, though,
and Anna would later say the wife would later say like she believed this house was curse, absolutely add only eighteen months, Baby Thomas died of scarlet fever in the house, and around the same time a fire destroyed his other store and it was said to possibly have been arson. Oh shit, which we live whoa side. No, I didn't really know a lot about scarlet fever and then Alison explained in on the screens and yell on her most recent episode, and we already told you to go on. Listen to that, but seriously with another. It's I hadn't and it just so good for this time of year. It really is So this tragedy on tragedy on tragedy pushed the family to move from San Diego to San Francisco, so they left the house bacon for a little while. Nevertheless, we need to get out of here. It's like in the poorly rectory when it comes
in fact an open furtively at four to six month. Exactly so they really, let's just moved to San Francisco, for a little while and Thomas was like I'm gonna get some work, we're gonna just cut a chill out firm and unlike it over. This is really not that big deal yeah and so in San Francisco, Thomas Nanda Anna ended up having three more kids. Violet George and Korean Q, so, according to Whaley House DOT Org in eighteen sixty seven Thomas Whaley, assisted in the American, take over of Alaska, where he is stable stores and Sitka and help set up an american base in served. Us summit, so busy Bee. I was literally, just gonna think he's busy he's doing the damn thing. There was an earthquake, an earthquake in eighteen, sixty eight, and this made the move back to San Diego
Do the wailing son will now and they re always like owns that's how they do jack? They were, they were doing it so far, and I think they were also at one point they started renting out to people will continue to do sure. So there lay great. Let's just pretend none of this happened. They begin working their general store from the property again and they turned the greenery into the San Diego court. House, the courthouse was renting that, like Rome, o coup arm and they used three rooms upstairs on the second floor as record storage for the courthouse, so they definitely we're like bringing in some league I'll say I also turned apart of the house into San Diego's, first theater, because the Tanner troop theater state and rented a room in the house between one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight and one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine. And it's like set up like a funeral, but this is like a smorgasbord of a house. It's a cool house yeah, so around eighteen, seventy one. The court house wanted to move with all the records to Newtown, but Thomas Whaley was like
Oh you have a lease there. He was like you sure you can break that lease. If you pay me a break money, so they didn't like the snow. So in March one thousand eight hundred and seventy one while Thomas was out of town on business. There was a violent raid of the Whaley House where those records and court documents were forcibly removed from the house. I know to be relocated to install on sixth and F in San Diego. Did anyone gotta Newtown? While they did? I guess that's new part of new town of gum enduring all there. Anna Whaley was held at gunpoint on the night step on the ninth step over staircase, leading up to the second floor by this whole angry mob. So that's a trauma events I mean they. They remove those records forcibly with an angry mob and held her at gunpoint, while her mother was out of town now, people call it the legend of the ninth
step, and they will feel this horrific presence and a feeling of dread on that statue. I dont, like Vida, says it feels like someone's trying to stop you from going further up the stairs because they are and they were literally Philip pressure. People say with its spooky. No during the following years, there were instances of footsteps constantly around the home. Thomas was the one who first noticed them, but Anna said she always felt a certain sense of like doom and foreboding in the house. She said the tragedies were probably all attributed to this ghostly presence. She felt this was cursed in eighteen. Eighty two violet and Anna were married, like the two daughter so abandoned, sorry my daughter and apply they were married, which meant that they were killed on the game. Back then, now does your line of minister. You got married peo soda, Anna was married to her first cousin Q, Wolf named John.
Love Q. So the cool thing is, she didn't have to go through the Hellenic change, your name process because they were both named way, see that's a convenient is very convenient. Unfortunately, violets husband, George T burn a lot. She don't officer there right, don't care causes like a dick. Oh, he turned out to be a dick, so they got divorced lands scandal. Whose scandal disgrace upon your family and talk about it, because This was one thousand eight hundred and eighty two she was humiliated, even though he was a dick and like she. She couldn't take it anymore, like he was an asshole yeah. They had to get divorced. She was treated like shit because you're,
suppose tat shut up and take ass. She supposed to shut up and deal with that. She was literally treated like an asshole because he was an asshole. So on August, eighteenth, eighteen, eighty five after dealing with all this shit around town and from everybody, no violet tat, just absolutely devastated of being bullied and harassed. Entreated like shit, went out to the backyard into a building back there and shot herself in the chest with her fathers gun, while Thomas Whaley, her father, found her and carried her in the home where she died in his arms and God Rash your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our? handcrafted, smooth these pressures or pressure are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea. Berber eating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted keep you cool so
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can? This was after moving the family out of the house again after that, oh he died after years of trying to get the town to pay for the damage is done to his home during that raid, and also getting justice for the literal salt on his wife yeah. They never gave em assent. He got: nothing in one thousand nine hundred and nine son Francis moved back in to the Whaley House, sure it's a renovated all cuz. It have been sitting dormant, so they were like. We got to do something, but they went into disrepair and oh yeah yeah. So between those times it was literally just empty. Like It's just like festering a mare, unlike emptiness, is just called and said yeah and then he and when you went back he was renovating, which we all know that goes hate hdtv die or not. And to propose a really sure but they're, not in the long term. This is about was like a call back to our are episode with em.
Oh yeah, I didn't isn't literally. Have the worst memory is doing a callback guys go. I am about to say I am So in nineteen thirteen daughter Anna died in the home. Oh my god, you're, not daughter and excuse me, wife and wife she died in the home soon the the kids Anna Lillian and George all moved into the home again, but all of them besides Jill Lillian, also die and not so it's like insanity as like doing the same thing. Multiple times expecting different results. Guy yeah, like we gotta, maybe leave this house. I don't sell that so now a days this house's a museum and you can go there, you can take Torres self. Guided Torres. But a lot of shit goes down. Do so paling the piano often plays by itself and its like an old asked me are not one of those new ones that you can like her The point is not in an old feeling. It's like creepy shit, like an ability to do
you know you just like you really like slow just one key at a time must be self and to be a girl, got out. Fuck with peoples will be like. I will just be lolling calmly leg. It can you imagine just like trying to play like a Brittany, spear song on the piano or something scared the shit out of jail. High Alaska Hunter fought constantly very go so the so She and the lira swing, light swing, the lights will turn on and off, even though their some of them are even like, like hooked up to the main electrical things that are on their own circuit, electricians have come in, and Jackson there's nothing wrong with the rising, so there's no reason for them to flicker of creeping doors. Open, enclose footsteps are often heard around people here the sounds of people eating and like literally having dinner in the day. Room. Why? Like hearing utensils, scrape against like China goes gotta eat yet, and then people will also, during this will smell, like the meals being cook such
Toronto, though small bread and like pie and stuff, and then, though, go in there. Nothing is nobody's in there if I smell Brad, amidst all anti of all get the fuck out, I'd, be piss, ivy, real Peggy smell a chicken dinner, and you go in there nobody's America about Teresa a strongly worded letter to the afterlife. They do not fuck with me with food now, so people will often hear high heels, walking quickly down the hallway and they think that's Anna Whaley, though often hear children playing and laughing and the tiny feet like running across thought anything Liane right and they see impressions in the second floor of peace. Lying on pillows, when no one's their figures are also seen from the outside of the house in the windows. Hates died so worst, and no one's and it'll be when no one's their nets
worse. Also, this is interesting as its this doesn't happen. Often boat, they have their family. Pets have come back to haunt the place, cause pet cemetery exactly so they had Dolly the dog and winks the cat. When they were living in the house, people will see it and cat often all, and they will see them inside and them on those say something to the employees like. Oh there so cute though, if we don't have animals what? If you should vote so greedy and will also see them like running in the back garden together like chasing each other, you there's no animal their disappear now remember that the greenery was turned into the court house: oh yeah, well, people here, gabble, pounding and my whole shit, unlike unmistakably, a gamble and labour rights spilling on rice, spelling from the rooms where the Tanner Troop Theatre stayed for a while people here, like vaudeville music and like laughter in conversation like there's, a lively get together their window ones in that
so they're jovial in the library jovial now Thomas the the infant who died at eighteen months of scarlet fever. That people say they do hear him because, though, here a crying baby on or they'll hear a cooing baby like a laughing cooing baby, but there's no baby there s weird yeah, I'm in the place under the archway, with between the parlour in the living room where Yankee jammed Jim was hanged. Ah people will feel their throats suddenly constrict nothing's and will feel like they camp.
Either that they have to cough? Oh and people say they liked randomly people locks revenge. You dislike took a big breath. I literally had to take a deep breath. I had you, I think about not breathing. I dont like her wet, but people like walk through the archway and suddenly be like when you like, with like happy coughs. Suddenly I like what the fuck was that a tore guide said he has that Yankee Jem seems to have a sense of humour as well. I love that about her. He said quote: sometimes we get visitors coming up or down the stairs. The agreed location of the old gallows who end up with a red mark across their necks. It doesn't hurt and most people don't even notice until someone else polluted outfits. One girl ran out of the house in a panic after her boyfriend noticed the thin red line which can you imagine, Yogi, dimly, lay, has feel everybody just like alone from the guy from the gala from the gallows cause gallows courting.
Whaley. How start or again the former curator of the museum June Redding will really passed away. So our pigeon said we had a little girl, perhaps five or six years old, who wave to a man she said was standing in the parlour. We couldn't see him. Oh she, but often children sensitivity is greater than adults. However adults, report and seeing that man as Well- and they think it's Mr Whaley also he's out. I bet he's happy opium is a museum and I really hopes I wanted it to be somehow Ellie he's usually standing on the upper landing on the second floor and people said they see him clad in frock coat on frock coat and pantaloons the face turned away, so she can really make it out, but then who fade away, but I just can't stand up. There look at all, looking all distinguish and then be like a dramatic exit ladys looking over his his castle. I was a good pants and I was like handling and in the end they hop in that I disappeared. I would just go
I would make that do a dramatic hand move and then I just boom she's got you should like you just bow girl, quick. I knew we could I so in nineteen sixty four? This is very interesting, reaches film and filled an excuse me are ip reaches this year: oh my god. I forgot that reaches died. Twenty twenty Regis Bilbil it's gone. I feel that all over again, I'm sorry. I didn't know that so heart. I forgot that religious die reduce your dead in nineteen sixty four though he visited the way we have yes, and he said he saw Anna Whaley a buddy did His quote is all of a sudden. I noticed something on the wall. There was something filmy whites. It looks like an apparition of some kind. I got so excited. I couldn't restrain myself, I flipped on the flashlight and nothing was there, but a portrait of Anna Whaley longer mistress of the house, and he said you know a lot of people poohpooh it because they can't see it. But there was something going on in that House Holly their love. Regis believes that I believe it
Registers word is the word if thou urge, so in the men. Eighteen hundred, it said that a young girl, possibly named Annabel, was running down the hill outside blog with the kids, not here for her, and she didn't see the clothes design and broke her neck running through it. Ouch she was taken, so they panicked took her into the Whaley House and placed her on the table to try to help her, but apparently her trachea was crushed. She died there on the kitchen table. She now people see this little girl in the kitchen are running through the yard. Thanks Now I took a look at several travel sites and I saw that a common occurrence, as well as to feel cold in that house and random spots. Like you know, that's what I said, but a lot of people feel sick to their stomach and certain spots and suddenly get like an overwhelming leggum in the courtroom
six, their summits and actually, if you watch, I don't know why I'm bringing like Buzzfeed unsolved up so much lately, but shame and Ryan did we love love? We do when they went to this house and when I think of his when Ryan was sitting in the chair in the court house, he said all the sun. He felt like really dizzy and light headed yeah. I don't think she felt the same way but lake cause there, you and me. We all know that so but its interests, and that is something a lotta people feel that as we are now another thing that's interesting is about. Forty years ago a police officer was called to the Whaley House
he saw a girl. He only said that he saw this in his retirement letter when he retired from the fourth who showed only came out after that is, as I told you, I'm not that my go because they think I'm railway. This letter is where he spilled the method metaphysical beams. If you well, he said he was called to the house because it concerns citizen had called and said they heard a woman and saw a woman sobbing behind the Whaley House. Now, when the officer got there, he heard it. He heard the sobbing any went back there and he said he saw woman in period clothing crying, and so he said man are you all right and she turned smiled at him and disappeared because it was violet it. Probably while I got chills, I got the goosey so too, in Thomas Whaley has been known, which is, though he caught in a rude but kind of funny too. Below tobacco smoke and people's faces. That's just Torres alarming likes to do to women. A lot o k,
There are a lot of that time and Anna is also said to have worn a specific french perfume that you always were, and people will smell that strongly you know that happens in our house like out her childhood. I ve always small, my grandmother's, perfume and mouth does till she always Orson on number five and I'll fuck Yoshida. Now Victor Syn Tana, who was a long time target there. He left in late, two thousand and fourteen after fourteen years of being a targeted while and he was setting an alarm one night and are putting in the code for the alarm one night and in the house when he heard a woman ask clear as day to him in the dark. Why are you here? No legal pitch black and there you are setting the code to get out of the house, Why are you here? I Billy, I'm not me more by while he did. He was so scared that he ran out of the house without putting in the cologne we got so he opened the door which set the alarm off right and set the code. Apparently the police showed up because of the code and when he got there
the officers was like. Ok, we just need to talk to that. Lady in the parlor to and Victor was like lady in the park- and he said the lady in the green dress. She works here too right she's in like a costume, now brother. There was no lady Macbeth people think that it was Anna, because she's often seen in a green dress drinking tea in the parlour Calliope policy that you know, A lot of us ever found out the hard way that getting into debt is very easy. And getting out is very difficult, refreshing, the your little credit up every day, being locked up or still not getting any better still in the red makes you sad and, like I'm saying, your credit scores is not great, but now there's upstart dot com, the revolutionary lending platform that knows you're more than just your credit score an offer. Smarter interest rates to pay off high interest credit card debt of circles, B
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a lot of times like member when we're at boardinghouse. They like people, say the spirits. Think that we're Spirit kind of thing. Big wrangling like dirt is going about their day and that's the thing I was thinking of two was when we were in the basement at the woozy wooden house we're on like this little handful of people were on. Like I tore. I will never forget this as long as I said earlier as day and tore guides or downs There's with us in no way will opt for NATO and all the same You heard a woman say hello from upstairs.
Like think of how many times you ve been alone in your house, in your like hello, somebody else earning like where, in their space and answered the Torah Guide Cause remembered, the target was actually like, went pale and with a young, no one's upstairs. I promise you that, and she said she said as much as we think we know she's a ghost. She doesn't understand that she's dead right and she thinks where ghosts in her house is currently trapped. So she might hear us and be like hello leg with somebody doing that you believe and like parallel universes, my darling, I I don't know it's a lot for me to do things in a parallel universe like they're. Still there now. Maybe that's what go sign like another threat of time, yeah something I picture like Donnie Dark. I would like the little like time travel. Only. We old, like gooey thing that comes shoots out of your chest. Agree all you have to flourish. We just don't see it near or maybe, unlike another time frame, Reno they're, the ones alive and well goes not. We don't know it
I'm just saying who way we have arrived at a lot of what has happened, how dont off so unfortunately Whaley House right now is kind of struggling with the pandemic. Ah people can come on Can we do well, you can take a video tour of the Whaley House at school and I mean a link to it in the thing There is also a q and eight with the Whaley House historians that you home participate in. I think it's on October, twenty fifth, I'm not positive I'll double check it willing to that too. In case you want to do that. I think you can also send them some donations and There are always looking for stuff like that yeah. They also have a store where they have a lot of books about the way we house in the history and all that which appear into that feel free to go in there and buy from them, because you know- we want to keep these places. It's a small, been running almost mobile units because even like the Lizzie boardinghouse was having financial issues sniffing afloat and I'm worried about.
Is that why I know look those important us is different from Maple cross me out after is that where they sold it, what maple craft, I think so yeah all that's, really add because maple cropped in case you didn't listen of those born episode. Is the house, the mansion that Lizzie and her sister moved into after their parents were killed and they named enable craft and she died in that house leg out was her home. I could say her sister moved out what yadda yadda follow yeah and I'm so Maplecroft turned into a museum and it's so cool and they were really trying to like redo it at the time that we went to the LEO. They were telling us to go there, so it looks like it didn't they weren't able to you know financially. Do it hasn't been thought yet do you know? I don't know if it's been bought yet, but you know how badly I would buy that house back twenty two page neurons outcomes, I've known just today, only two patriarchal by just culturally record from April. Yes
Imagine guys life dreams, army, recording from maple craft every week holy shit legally, while that's method, acting better method method. Recording I wanna buy maple grow so badly. I won't do act Wanna buy like my own house, I don't wanna, be Linen pipeline Crawford recorded. Let me put crofts women in my four outhouse apart, but yeah. That's the story of the way house, wow, was built on the side of a botched execution. Love that costs gallows so called gallows and guys, don't I mean I don't recommend buying plots of land that have that kind of dramatic history to them. It's not a good idea. It's really hilarious because we were just talking about buying maple craft. Maybe across I've got traumatic, though she died,
well that, after having a falling over their sister, be how a really mean who gives a shit? Will you still I run by unlike yell at her and signals importance onto her yeah? Did you guys know that that people we said it unless he borne up so bitterly? I found her, you. They would find her at this house, like this old woman and again like if she killed her parents like what all right. But what can we do in time and its they used to come in? They would sing a song to her Lizzie, Bordentown MAX rate and they leg yell at outside of her, how I would again and again full method acting under sat on my portrait acts all the time, I'm not. I wouldn't literally walked out slowly with a hatchet nine just walk towards would likely tomato sauce on until they laugh. I believe what the fuck is up. You, oh shit. I want to do that now. If I did it or if I didn't do it, my own plan is to be that lady. In the neighbourhood we got in I dont think you need a plan. I think you're their sister look around. I know I think I look around her brow
right well. This episode was brought to buy some patriarch, some beautiful Patrone sue. What about my voice? First of all, like to thank Leah, sparks Leah, sparks you light my spark, my mark Thank Julia, and then we have all thank you for putting a little pronunciation thing and we love fanatic. Ok, Rachel Swan TEST Ban Reverend Burrito, I'm good rage sworn tests, Burrito Rachel, but NATO, so intense, bereft or your fanatic help because it obviously held dashed clearly I passed fanatics. Thank you. Thank you, then. Thank you too rose and Laana Hickson Roy wanna. Thank you so much we ally than we have Sarah kitchens. Sarah kitchens, one of my her rooms in the house. So I appreciate you yes and then we have
era, parodists not pronounced paradise. Tara, Paradise, not pronounce Paradise heads. I think. That's also how you pronounce Johnny Depp Sex, wife's name, Shanna. That. Then you have Tanya you'd Tanya. You are owed her or her today. Are you Lloyd, took air. These sounds what's happening, I dont know. Thank you tying. Our turn. Yeah we're sorry enemy, weakest link, the middle of the day. Related. Why are we Trinity stagger Trinity, Stag Erst eager. Oh thank you for that name. Restless agreed a low trinity, and then I mean another sounds like you're afraid of her. I did hear knocking over it? I was ignoring it. Let me have Amy Martha Amy, MA, sir. We love you. I love you so much, then Andrea, Marquez, Andrea Marquez, for I love you or
barks or marks, and then we have Jennifer gardener. Jennifer Guard darent, that's almost a famous person, the name so thank you or gardener or Keith. So thank you so much to our patria funds. We love you and we call you patriarchs, even though people yellin say that your patrons earpiece three. I know you're each on ongoing fuck affair. What I, while we love you we appreciate you, we couldn't do shit without you, so we hope you we are providing you with enough spooky us to make you not sleep at night and just a finnish you off their about modest Next, it probably all right, so you can follow us on Instagram at morbid vodka hit us up onto it all a morbid podcast sundays. Gmail to our email, Margaret I cast at gmail dot com and you can By merging chopped up morbid podcast outcome. Will you be? We hope that you keep all us on and we hope you
Et but it's over the years I went on the gallows me like I'm about everything can be totally find in the new move and then everything is not totally fine and then you keep leaving and coming back because, like really what you expect of you justly keep living in coming back about things are happening in this area. They like something that happens you on the ninth step, because Nobody really like the knights. Have nobody really has any time for that? Nothing without you, Mariah got this mean to you and then, like your bad things happen in the back shed and then a police officer sees you crying in your like smile, disappear, see later start and then not so weird that you can set the alarm code and everything happens because the ladies back there in the Kitchen- and that's so weird that you go to the Whaley House and get scared shiftless and you poop your pants by while I was really good thing.
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