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Episode 181: Myrtles Plantation

2020-10-22 | 🔗
It’s a haunted Morbid up in here! Alaina tells us the history and all the terrifying hauntings going on at Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, one of the most haunted homes in America. Myrtles has been around since 1796 and some of the hauntings going on include: shaking beds, floating children, and who knows maybe the ghost of a small child will crawl into bed with you at night!? Alaina is taking applications for a pal to go with her when Rona is gone, because Ash is all set.As always, thank you to our sponsors:Gabi: Take a few minutes, right now, and stop overpaying on your car and home insurance! Go to Gabi.com/MORBID.Plushcare: Make your appointment today, go to PlushCare.com/morbid.Firstleaf: Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95  or 12 bottles for $59.95! Go to TRYFirstleaf.com/morbidHelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/80morbid and use code 80morbid to get a total of $80 off across 5 boxes, including free shipping on your first box
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Oh, my gosh, I literally said to myself ass. It were saying: hey weirdos, I Molina us. I don't sang during this one. You dumb ass, so do it, and then I just say it just in your bones: it's it's here! It's in your deep and a Madonna and you're denounced in my done out in your genome. So I have a first things. First, I just wanted to tell everybody cause. I mention that my dog Bailey has been going through some issues lately if she had surgery fur cataracts, She's color she's been having a lot of trouble with both of her eyes in everybody's, just been so sweet about it. That is when the update you cause you all. Everybody was asking, and I was like all so feeling ended up having a lot more trouble with their eyes, and the surgery apparently did not take. So one I she has a detached retina and the other eye we had to just the other day. Get removed
so now she has one eye and it's one eye that does not work. So she is now completely blind and we are having to re teach her how to exist again So it's been a little hard, but she's, I think, is for the best because she was in an momentous amount of it. She honestly seems so much happier it seeming she so much killer now and she seems like she's like yeah, because before he was handling all this pressure issues and they were telling us that it's like a migraine to a dog to have all this pressure behind your like ocular cavity, so weak. They had it removed on the recommendation of our amazing bats and where we're going with it I just wanted to thank everybody for being so sweet about it, and now everyone was, we are important in everybody's, been like asking for updates, so I just want to say you guys a fucking awesome and thank you so much and Bailey loves you all, and I love you haul it. So we do here. You call Bailey Bailey I'll, never call her that I by CALL Bailey. Her name is not Bailey anymore
Ms Babushka, whose Babushka combination station the booth, Babo Boop. Jubilation station Buber. There's a lick it then it goes into line. Boob, goop, Goodwin, grouping It's like Jesus, that's what I say: she's, usually Bubba. That's what she's become that's what the kids call her. It's also what I call there you go but yeah. I just wanted to thank you guys again before we jumped in, because you guys rock- and I love you so much, and I feel very lucky that I have you all to care about. My pup me too. Thank you. The weird community so great. I can make me feel warm and fuzzy. It should, and I came up a really I. I personally think that we should go like a freaking pirate for her. She needs to arget arg. Maybe so I think we're going to do that because she's beautiful, oh, my god, are you going to. I think we should. I have to go
Petsmart and how do you really want me to get your ass fire at us too? I got Franklin unlocks bat wings and it turned out to be a big waste of money because they almost Claude my eyeballs out yet do that they share well well, anyway, speaking of Halloween, we next week holy cow room. Yes, holy shit now I know holy cow, holy shit shit, all all a sudden censoring are- are terrible, terrible, potty mouth I wasn't even by any next week for the week leading up to Halloween, we are going to be doing a virtual live show because we really want to see your faces and we can't what we want. We wanted to be with you, so the Monday, Wednesday, Friday leading up to Halloween, there's gonna be three shows each focusing on a different part of the world. I think we ve got Australia. I know we ve got North America, North America and Europe, and it's gonna be at your local times. We will wake up a five thirty in the morning for Australia and do a show for you
and we can't wait a girl, we're gonna, we're gonna have to wake up way earlier than that. Oh yes, twice I have I ever ass, we're gonna be up like three yeah gadgets. It's gonna be awesome we so punchy, and there are no us one- we're tired. I gave you, may I say, and theirs so I think they're still tickets left and you can get tickets on location, live dot, com, flash morbid world tore, it's gotta, be a ton of fun, algorithm we're just yet dressing up for the occasion we're going HAM Elena made thing for one of her costume last night Jurassic only want to see the oh you know, what I'll tell you what it is, because it's not really giving away exactly when okay, you can it's an Elizabethan collar that I made, because I found like a diy thing about it and she just like whipped it up last night. So there's your hint for one of my costumes I feel like I can't government at all, because I know if I hinted any of my costume, that would give it away here. I mean very like specific things: it's gonna
in writing. Ro were excited about it. Yes, I think so all the well, I think the only other thing we wanted to just mention was with Halloween coming up again. It's all coming off of Halloween, Countdown are other podcast. With park ass, we ve been having so much fun with it goes and we are doing like a big Halloween episode, see gotta go, listen to it, it's gonna be fun. I think you're going to love it. There was a lot of things to it. On Monday, it was a lot of fun to record it was and when it's fun to record it's always a good outcome, so I Listen to them on Monday is that's when they draw up, and I think you as will dig go look at that. If you need some extra spooky spooky is, if we haven't, provided you have enough Fred Telepathy, yeah, but I think other than that we can just dive right in alright. So this is your episode. It's Elena Centric and it's haunted this is. My spooky October haunted episode and
decided to cover Myrtle Plantation. You know I've never heard of Myrtle Plantation, that's insane to me wall here. I am insanity right in your face. You know why it's insane to me: it's actually myrtles plantation, I should have said it plural, lit myrtles plantation. That's okay ever heard of modal plenty. Europe you're, like it myrdals. Of course you know it's. It's known as thus unwanted haunt most haunted houses in America who young so it's in Louisiana, it's in Saint Francisville and, like you know it right it's in Louisia. Anna, it's beautiful, I mean it. Lay it's like a spanish moss hanging everywhere. Kind. Just like picturesque is that where he found out that you can buy spanish marsh my mom some swedish membership. So maybe so I looked at the picture and like all gorge and us
and when I saw it I was like spanish MOSS is so spooky and I would just love it if I could just cover my whole yard in spanish MOSS, but we don't have it here. And then maybe I looked online to find out that I could buy spanish moss. If I want to and put it on my crease, and maybe I'm considering it, I don't know we won't talk about it. Either way. It's gorgeous. Someone could be like that causes death all plants that someone will yet another fine, I'm probably going to do it so fuck it but yeah it's cool. If you didn't know, you can buy spanish MOSS for your Oh no, you know, but like Louisiana good on you so, but this you know this is kind of a case with a lot of plantations like Anti bellum plantations, are haunted well are hunted yes, but there also beautiful on the outside, but that's because they were maintained in that way for years on the back of human suffering and raise
yeah. I just wanted to put that that out there now that I'm I'm like it's a gorgeous place. Oh, my goodness, and not recognize the fact that there's a reason it's beautiful, because it was maintained exactly that way and and its round by the owners and that its from an error lay whenever an era, and an error that ended error, a hue, a huge error in history ass, if you were not well and now, of course, the like the present day owners are the ones who take her obviously, but back then I just wanted to put out there that I acknowledge the time that this was taken. You smell overstepping and you do, but unfortunately it just the truth. So course there's like a real aesthetically, beautiful vibe to these kind of places ex especially myrtles now, and if anyone heard I just took the time to say, especially not expressly goods.
Do you hear that I am. I wrap did girl solely now growth, but you know the pass our riddled with tragedy and tales of human degradation, so there will be a little bit of mentioning of that here. So we're gonna start off with the guy who made it all happened. Myrdal General David Bradford. Wasn't it, affecting not married off I'll, let you know why it's named Myrtle later. I hope so so General David Bradford was known as whisky, Dave and there's a ring. For that. In seventeen. Eighty three, he became deputy attorney general for Washington County. Also a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and into them 1790s. He was, he was becoming more and more unhappy with the direction the government was moving in again, seventeen ninety. So this is very early in our United States. He did not agree with the centralized government that the federalists
Alexander Hamilton, nor trying to make happen so he was not for Alexander Hamilton. Oh, he wanted to be in the room where it happen d what he would have been on that side, so people in Pennsylvania were really pissed about the excise tax on whisky that was approved by Congress on March Third nineteen earths. Seventeen ninety nineteen they have leading seventy one- might as well be CS seventeen ninety one they were pests about it, news like it. It's like in Hamilton when he says when you tax our t, we got frisky. And this is what how this is what happened here. We are so around seventeen. Ninety four shit was going Bonkers and Pennsylvania was in legit rebellion because all the drugs or pass it or bad, taxing or whiskey, same year, David Bradford General David Bout Bradford, Let a militia of five to seven thousand men in Pittsburgh to protest and fight this whisky tax law. So he was the leader of this whisky rebellion
Scots, okay, so now wash into our president. Washington him was like that guy. Yes, you remember, Washington is one George, yes George, he married to Martha white Hair that guy, so he was like Oh I'm gonna, fuck fuck, you all up, I feel you said, said a a lot. Oh, oh I'm going to fuck you. Correct and he started ordering his own troops to shut this rebellion down and he was leading some himself. He was like real not for this. Whatever you're funny, peacocks, guided exclusively stream classics contact the office boxing recreation and sooner net plus peacock original comedies, like Ap Bio and stay by the bell for all your exclusive comedy phase, go to peacock tv com and get started.
Ready to invest in your future with the NBA ranked number nine in the US by the financial times learn more about full time. Mba program at Choose: Htown Flash MBA. so David's only shot was to get the fuck out of there. But it may not have just been this whole rebellion thing that he needed to get the fuck out of therefore cause. If you remember at this point, it is not the full United States yet so them going to Louisiana meant they were out of the country at so nearly like, they were not in the original colony right, Lorraine, yes, which is weird, but this thing was its sure sounds nice that he had to run away from this whisky rebellion that he was leading, but he apparently also had some issues with a fellow slave owner, because Remember there all slaveowners. You should have some issues where the fellows with a slave owner, not ever
have issues with slave. So apparently he had. Successfully lawyer to case David, had where this since slaved man should have to earn this enslaved demand that was enslaved by this do show that he was feuding when apparently in this is so awful. It sounds it cuz. This is like talking about. You know not registering your pet. You know, oh my god, you're not registered this man properly by, like makes my skin crawl, it's horrific to talk about that yeah. So he had not registered this man properly. So General David Bradford had argued that he needs to free him and this fellow slave owner was pissed about that. So this phone fellow slave owner threatened to kill him. So people think he might have got out a dodge because he was also being you know, starts by this gas through so he got out of Pennsylvania and he ran all the way to Louisiana. He probably didn't run, but in horror, scum style exactly once there he was eight
to get a spanish land grant that allowed him to get six hundred and fifty acres of land. Oh just that money, just a little bit now this is where he built the original eight room, Myrdals Plantation in seventeen. Ninety seven, he had originally named it, though Laurel Grove he already had five kids and then once they all moved in their it with him and his wife Elizabeth. They had five more, so they had ten fucking children a lot of kids. Why in seventeen. Ninety nine. He was finally pardoned of his whisky rebellion fugitive crimes, yes by President Jonah June Adams. Yes, him flew by Hamilton. This whole thing is brought to you as soon as they mentioned him was like welp, I Unfortunately, for him, though, he only enjoyed it to eighteen, o eight when he died of yellow fever. No tons of people die in a yellow fever. Here is that scarlet fever? No, oh, it's different! Now,
yellow fever. I love that you're, like yellow fever, that scarlet fever, I think, there's scarlet fever, you got like a yellow raptures like that's, called, yellow something. I can look it up when I look at it, so I looked it up and they are not the same, but they could be caused by the same. Bacteria, so there it is. So that's probably what you were thinking about. Also yellow fever is also called: yellow, yellow jack, black vomit or american plague. That's gross and it's an acute viral disease. So it's not awesome most of the time it was very severe. So that's what he does: seventy one thousand, eight hundred and eight that's going to happen a lot, so the land ended up going to judge Clark would respect who was his son in law who had married his daughter, Sarah
because during General Bradford's time, like living in the house, he had actually had like with students bunk with him a little bit when he was teaching so judge. Clark Woodruff was at the student at the time and he stayed with them and ended love with his daughter. That's like daughter, really cute love story. It's real cute, real cute Woodruff had worked under Brad, so is like this whole like rom com, as sounds AIDS adorable and there's also a story that says they're romance really bloomed under the crape myrdal trees on the property. While and that's how the house got its nickname. That eventually became its forever name. Ah crape myrdal trees. So, together they had three kids, Cornelia, Jane and Mary Octavia, so he had taken over the plantation really when Bradford passed away and have added on to the planting and farming that was like running the whole operation. So he really grew the place. In eighteen, twenty, three or eighteen, twenty four I could see both in different sources is
I've? Sarah in two of its three kids died owner of yellow fever James and Cornelia, the legends say and we will get into the paranormal part of this particular legend in a bit. But the real legend says that Clark was kind of an asshole. I mean you have to be an asshole to like own people. Yes, you know so there's that, but I guess like he was, like. The people considered him a decent person in that time in other respects now. This plantation had many slaves working and living on the property him. Although he was married to Sarah who he supposedly had a beautiful love affair with and made a family with her. He was also forcing himself on the women who are working as slaves in their home. Ok, so he was horrific, Louis disgusting That's what I mean by that problem. He has to yeah, so one such woman was named Chloe and she worked inside the house as opposed to outside in the fields which apparently would be considered the absolute worst.
Kind of slave work because you're in you know, you're in the elements in the not having water. It's not like they're sitting there like giving you hydration or anything right that it was pretty horrific they're just out in the sun all day. I thought you were saying being in the house was worse than being out there, and I was like wait. What no but I got that it all right cool, but yeah. It's way worse, Obviously both of them are terrible right leg. If you're gonna pick you wanna pixie inside the exact No, there are two versions that I found of this story than involves Chloe. Ok, I'm gonna tell you both the first one. Is this so Chloe didn't really have a choice in this matter. Obviously she was also a teenager. Oh no, because if she said no to him, she was gonna be really bad for her if in just outright kill her right, probably anybody she loved, Chloe
obviously was smart because she knew that if Sarah the wife found out that it would also be a ton of trouble like a whole, another message trouble yeah just from a different end, so she started listening in on their conversations to see if she could pick up any suspicions, so she could prepare herself and she's smart. So, while Clark caught her one of the times that she was listening into the conversations and had her ear chopped. Yes, so she wore a tight headscarf or under head from now on to cover the wound. What a horrific peace, and they said it was like a green headscarf. She were now now, obviously she's not happy know who would be happy getting their chopped off ever being like raped by this man right now, as a revenge plot, she poison dinner one night. Yes, she did
she poison, dinner or poison to cake. It's like many different versions or whatever, and Sarah and two of the children ended up dead days later now. This made the other enslaved humans on the property nervous, because, if Clark found out, it was Chloe, it would be bad for everybody. They could be seen as accomplices, so they dragged her out of bed hung her from a tea tree and then, after she was dead, they waited her and through her body. In a river, so that's the first story. Okay, the second story starts off the same with an affair and like him forcing himself on her. But this time he started having an affair with another enslaved human other than Chloe, while still affecting with coal, with Chloe and this one she was nervous that he was gonna, get bored of her and stay with this other check and she would be relegated to the feel right
was it because she wanted to be with him. It was just. I don't want to be put outside right, which makes sense. So she thought of a plan, and this plan was one of two plans. The first was to lately poison, the kids and then nurse them back to health to show how necessary, he was working in the home. Unfortunately, she overdose them and died, which is hard to nurse back to health from wrecked the other positive the other motive for poisoning the cake was to kill Clark because he cut her ear off unlikely raped her several times. Yeah So it could be there. One. Both stories are told, either way in the end, during this legend says, but to the kids died and the wife died, while sir
this one in the same way that the other slaves were freaked out. They thought they were gonna be guilty. She has dragged on a bad hanged in throwing the water God now apparently Clark closed the dining room where the dinner was eaten in wooden, allow it to be used while he was living there for the rest of the time you I'm gonna, make sense, but here's the thing. Oh. So it's on record that sir, the wife died of yellow fever right, so she wasn't poison. Yes, this is all law and to the kids died within a month of each other after Sarah, both of yellow fever as well- Ok, so merry awkward, Ebay on lived for a long time after yet. So I think that this story is told sometimes at models. Like this has been a legend that has really survived no matter what there is. There is a clear or a Chloe. Excuse me: there is a to it, but there is a AOI, so Chloe exists we just idle.
Think there was any poisoning involved in anything. Now something happened, but we don't know, I think, probably the part about him like cutting off her ear true and me: that's a audio sentiment. I wonder if that's where it ends its like, there's really no record of any of this, so we have no idea. All we know for sure is that Sarah in the two kids died of yellow fever and that Mary Octavia survived right well into adulthood. So this is, I wanted to say it, because this is a legend that is in many sources its repeated at Myrdals Fantasia. So I thought it was important but out there at least, not all breast cancers are the same. Sometimes respond better to chemotherapy others, may require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialist, develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy genetic testing for
the preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine vis, pen cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream, classic sitcoms like the office box and recreation and soon have plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy based, could a Peacock DVD Cobb? it started so after the death This is when he officially purchased the land and the home from Elizabeth, and they all lived there together until she passed away in eighteen thirty from his, mother last January, first, eighteen, thirty, four. He sold it to roughen gray, sterling roughen gray, sterling older, then, while in his wife, Mary Catherine Cobb, they had it
modest, nine children. Together they were super wealthy and very well known, and high society so she looked at this beautiful house and said: surely it's stately and gorgeous, but let's renovate the fuck out of it and really make it befitting our, status, like like juice style style, cause she was like eight rooms, honey. Please we got kids. So the renovation was very extensive. It turned it into what it looks now, which is gorgeous sterling added an entire southern section to the home, which I don't know what that is, I live, really was like what I'm assuming it's just a section. That is nothing I don't really orally. I don't think I have the sexual section, nah, it's they removed walls and rebuild them to make for large rooms in these large rooms were ladies and gentlemen parlors and not together a ladies parlor and a gentleman parlor. I love it because forever the two will not
there there's also a big dining room, something called the game room. They added a ton, a rail things outside. Like the little details. They raised the second story by one foot because they have really tall ceilings when they had added the addition mother, the Homewards doubled inside. It ended up having twenty two roads hits. And they re named it. The myrtles love it now it is said they already were starting to see paranormal shut happening because they installed some things that point to seeking protection from Spain. One, we all know that a little running, Rennie Nation, Little Rennie ready for a second. I was like what does that mean I will stir that up. Hdtv from the island apparently they installed locks upside down and this was to confuse spirits trying to get in the house that's funny. They put it
stained glass window in the front door that had french crosses all over it, which are used to protect against evil lover, so people think they knew what they were doing now. He died of Ruffin Tide of consumption. I thought you said a rough indicted Russen. No, he didn't diver up and he died of consent or tuberculosis on July. I know it was like. Oh no remember when I made that just before, and everybody was like what what so he died of consumption. On July seventeen th eighteen, fifty four, apparently his son died the same year from straight up. Murder in the house over a gambling day oh, no, he left always land and a home to his wife, Mary Cobb, who apparently was like a business maiden lobby was too or maven. I meant not made it, but according to american huntings ink people thought she had quote the best
acumen of a man, a man, a man, you say man which is so sweet and not offensive at all yeah, that's so cool of her that she was like man. I wish I had the business adventure of a man so proud of her. Of their nine children. Only four of them live to the age. To get married. Oh, no, that's not a good! I got a good stat. This is like maybe a fucked up thing to say, but I think that's why people had so many kids back then because just playing the odds. I really think it was hedging your bet it was like we were to get one of them to adult at least we'll leave this house to one of them. I guess I hope so apparently, The civil war was tough for them because they got looted by union soldiers and their vast money was in confederate currency currency, which was useless cause. They lost real bummer, for them because the get like when that was like a real currency back then, but when that you, when the coup civil war went down
if all other currency was I'd like a game No, they had vast wealth in that, but then nope you don't anymore So, during the looting by the union soldiers, it is said that three union soldiers were killed in the gentleman's parlor at some point, one of her daughters, husband. Means, was murdered on the front fucking porch, oh Jesus is actually died in the house. Some say why so, her daughter, Sarah and her huh, William Winter. They had been June third eighteen, fifty two on the property they had six children. There was some back and forth as they reno as they try to hold onto the plantation. There was a lot of debt could remember tat. No currency is not happening more and it changed.
Hands a couple of times because the hard times, but they got it back of instantly. There was just a bunch of back and forth at him on a go through it. That's why in eighteen, sixty one there are three year old daughter, Kate got yellow fever. No, no three lake, that's Habibi. Baby baby They were desperate to save her. They contacted because they tried everything they contacted a local voodoo priestess named Cleo. She stayed there with Kate for, like date, She was doing what was just the best member. That was like what happened and she was trying to save her. She was trying to do rituals and magic, but yellow fever was a real bitch and Kate passed away. Despite her attention, to save her no in she like state in her room. She did everything around her bed and everything, but she passed away in the bed. William winter was apparently furious. Obviously cause he's probably overcome with grief yeah
and the problem here was: he was an angry at like yellow fever. Could be you should direct that rage. He was mad at LEO, so he blamed her and he had her hanged. Are you kidding yeah and obviously Cleo was a black woman, so at that time, easy, easy to do because everybody sucked. So this is he's of course, use each just gonna blame her right. So this is legend and who knows if it's really true but later mention it later. I'm gonna mentioned later why it's important to say this story like exactly how it happened in eighteen, seventy one William was apparently teaching Sunday School in one of the parlours and heard someone klomp up on horseback outside the home, and the person was like what yeah, he went he went outside and whoever was like William, whoever it was just shot him, oh shit, and it was on the
the house he stumbled onto the porch and then into the home. He legend says he struggled up the stairs, but only made it to the 17th step and died in his wife's arms on January 26th. One thousand eight hundred and seventy one I'd love to feel bad, but I don't yeah and it could they could never find who it was either. Nobody knows who it was, some, it was karma. It was a guy named karma. According to the newspaper, a dude by the name of E S, Weber was set to stand trial for the murder, but nothing ever came of it. I can find anything else. He skipped town, he skipped town. Yes so merry carbon. Her daughter, Sarah lived in the myrdals until eighteen, eighty one she passed away just in December looks and right in the middle of so many people die here, so it then went it's getting changed like hands and owners, so it then went to sunset
in and then changed hands out of the sterling family a few times over. Basically, the place was in debt and hard to men. Even that was the problem. Does it fucking huge, so then Harris Milton Williams bought it in eighteen. Ninety one and moved in with his wife and young son They had six more children. As one tat I was literally just going to say only one sullen look and I like fuck use. Milk, seven take that and they grew the plantation a bit like the farming portion of it then, during a storm, Stephen Sunheri, I think it was his eldest son was trying to get the Catalan and he'd like some of the cattle. I guess had wandered so they're like he got to go, get him so he went to get them and he well into the Mississippi and drowned she's the ass and the myrdals was given down to another son who I think has named circuit, oh good, all surrogate surge. We got roughen, we got circuit.
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try. Firstly, if not Tom Slash Morbid, it's gonna be great fish. Eventually, the property became divided to all the Williams kids. It was like subdivided, then it went into the hands of Marjorie Munson, O love. That name we love and Alliteration Marjorie Munson. This was in the nineteen fifties, and this is when the paranormal activity really started coming to light. This is the fifty out or all the way up now. So that's when the family first started seeing strange things in hearings strange things. I believe it, but it was really in the nineteen seventys when the Myers family purchased it and turn it into a bed and breakfast that report started the lighting, and so this is when the Spectre of club or at least what lay a woman matching the description of what clothes said to look like this is when she started making herself very known.
Apparently she'll, wake you up by standing next to you, while you're sleeping and she'll just be holding a candle hey Clover, she'll tuck, you into Bed clause Chloe's, a fucking sweetheart. If you fall asleep in your blankets, are not not scooted on in you'll wake up with all your blanket Stockton. That's awesome cool and I learned to be tucked in I was going to say: I never fall. We're totally see. I fell asleep tucked in so she wouldn't have anything to do so. Maybe she would just wake me up with the candle yeah Chloe. So even now people see Chloe like full body operation on the site. I love that they know it's her because she's wearing the green head, wrap to cover her bangle deer. In fact, there's an absolutely infamous photo that was turned into an official. Your post hard at the myrdals. So in ninety nine, due to the owner of the bed and breakfast was ashen, ask was asked what that was
just by insurance to take photos of the outside of the myrtles to show the distance between the various buildings on the property. This was to help the underwriters, the insurance underwriters, with creating an insurance policy for like fire damage money knew? No, so she did it and when she did it, she caught what is pretty clearly a woman in a turban style had rap between the two houses who and it matches the description of Chloe. That's really does and it's this apparition is transparent. You can see the house behind her, like through her that's the coolest and and she's my leaning up against one of the houses. It almost looks like she thinks she's, not in view and she's like looking at the camp. It's very creepy. I love it posted a patent. Recent research are named, Norman, been wall, went to the plantation and ninety ninety five and began researching this photo consumers like
what the fuck he did determine that the dimensions of the apparition were exactly correct for a real human being used like no matter what happened in this vote. Oh that's! A real person, oh my god, now remember Cleo the veto priestess that was hanged for not being a miracle worker and girl curing Ellen Well, people think maybe this woman with the headscarf hang around the property, maybe Cleo and not Chloe. Why? Because, because of the whole weird with like the story. Yeah story yeah and it seems like these. Two things are and little could get confused. So people think, maybe that, because when you look at her because Chloe supposed to be a teenager in the story, when you look at this woman, it looks like an older woman. Like maybe I mean it's it's weird to say that
like maybe it looks like one could she is an apparition survey whereas now, but I think it just people think it could be either hut now the bed that Kate, Baby Kate through your ok died in is still there in the house. Why and its shakes violently out of nowhere. There are gouges in the hardwood floor to show how violently and moves that is like one of the things that sky now, most and there's another photo a proof of a young girl apparition. That's pretty compelling and unexplainable oppose this onto the photo was taken of a teacher in her students. Therefore, field trip and behind them in the window is a young girl in like Anti Bela Marah clothing. Goodbye staring out the window, and it's like clear as day at so creevy- and you can see everything but like through her body, very creepy
The myrtles called in Dave Young of Paladin Paranormal for his opinion on this photo. They were like what the yeah He saw nothing to suggest it was tampered with or photoshopped okay. So sent it off for a second opinion. He sent it off to the society of psychical research in England, which is appearing the oldest and most well respected and renowned paranormal research group out there. I think Harry Price was part of that. Oh there you go so they said nothing was done when developing this photo and they could point to nothing that was done to tamper with the photo either Harry Price was part of that or they thought I I don't remember either way, but they know their shit they're all up in these stories. So there is a mirror in the front hallway that's over two hundred years old, so like at the original mirror, we don't fuck with old mirrors. No so people often say
they see spirits in the mirror believer they see a woman and two children. Nothing give ought to be Sarah Woodruff and the two kids and people say they will see them like together, crying or just standing there staring at them, which either ways bucking terror. I like trapped there. I have no idea, but I hate it. I do to your analogue. I hate that I dont, like a mirror, pull I'd be out, I'd be out of the state I'd be out of the country, I'd be like no out five thousand. I can't deal with that. People often also see hand, prints and drip marks on the mirror, and it looks like the drip marks and the hand prints are in the mirror, like not on the surface. That's fine, no matter how many times they clean it they keep appearing. That would
stress me out so so much it's a lot. Some owners have replaced the glass and they still return wow and in the gentleman's parlor there is a blood stain people say from the murder of the union. Still that never goes away in what of leg of the actual bed and breakfast I tried like scrubbing it off and it either reappears or doesn't come out. That's so nuts. I mean blood is very hard to it is, but when I click on your own heart is in the area. So people also hear screaming on the property like a random disembodied screams. Awesome. They also here little kids voices often cause. I mean there was what I think. According to my tally, there was about four hundred and sixty seven kids that roamed this property
at one point or another and also died. I was gonna say all of them died like they're all just die in a yellow fever everywhere right. They also see kids playing a lot and they'll hear them playing. They'll, see them in the hallways. They'll see them outside out on the porch, like people will follow like the sound of a child thinking it's a real child and then the child will just like laugh and disappear. Hate it yeah or they'll, hear them and find that no kids are there, not ever see them they'll just hear them. That would make me really sad. I know because I feel, like you all died and you're all just got. Yeah people hear footsteps on the stairs and these footsteps also stop on the seventeenth step. Oh my god, yeah. I'm saying this is the creepiest thing. In my opinion, There's a doll room, no radio accessed people will wake up to suddenly see all the dolls tossed about the room, shut, the fuck up
get right out of. They have also reported their hair or arms being tugged on by little child hands in that room, and some have even said that they wake up, and Dollars suddenly laying next to them. Oh. Yeah I will now. I will I was all down for like going to this bread bed and breakfast and I am gone like Ireland, I'm going to have fun like once the roan as like add a year. I want to get down. I want to get to know who you're going. I mean I want to get to Louisiana anyways, because nolens I need to go to Myrdals Plantation, I dont know who you're just a sea. This situation, you gonna love. Someone will go with me, not me. I know it. I know some of them. So I think that's why we drink covered this and they wanted to go area, or at least want to do so
I'll, find a friend, okay, you and them go me and Christine will drink wine at a hotel room and wait for you guys to come back shitting your pants. There you go. I like it sound good everyone. I like it so people also hear guns firing everywhere, Apparently another man was killed during a robbery on the property and he seen walking around and also just screaming. Please don't that's not funny but like comforter pop it could use He does just constantly that's fucked. It's not funny at all. Death is not death, isn't funny. No we're serious body comes up the idea of a ghost walking around. It's available got a boy s pretty funny. It's pretty funny Saki. I love But again we gotta make some kind of funny here.
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A young girl who send to have like curly hair, show wearing like an old durando, has been seen floating outside the window of the game and it looks like she's like trying to look in like she's like putting her hands on the glass to be like to. Can I see, and then I'm kind of here for that get the fuck out like bitch teach me how to do that. Just floating, there's a piano, obviously, and the piano is by itself Andre Hosanna, but it will play off. In the same cord over and over again. Times it will keep going into the night. Don't ever, and when you walk in the room it stops. But when you leave it starts again, they're like I don't want it they're. Like don't look at me. It's not very on yeah they're, not confident in their music abilities which, if they're playing one chord over and over it's like- I maybe it's like a little kid that only ever learned one in his nervous when someone walks on the raw made me feel like an aspect? Corver,
so a television, many series remake, of the long hot summer it start dont, John Don. I'm done thirty tonnes. Who who did it started by dawn Johns. Ok, I said John Dance, I know civil shepherd, AVA, Gardner and Jason Robarts was it was partially filmed and when they moved furniture in a room first, a scene. They left for a second and suddenly, when they came back all the furniture was, can place shut up and they were all terrified. They all say that this happened. They couldn't wait to stop filming there. They were like get me. The fuck out fuck that one day, while somebody who worked there like he was like a gatekeeper there. Well, he was at work He said a woman who is in a white old fashioned dressed just walked through the gate without speaking to him, like just walk. Cosette jaw- and he was like arm, excuse me and she walked right
to the house went through the front door, ever opening anything wind. He quit his job immediately and never returned He was here for I'm good. I hear for that energy, and then I found this blog and I also wrote in my notes, blog, which is funny, and then I found this blog. I found this blog and it was great. I found this blog and it is Camille com. I don't know if she's updating, but who now, but I figured I'd, give her a little. I give her little shouts out. She wrote a blog post, might experience at the most haunted house in America, the modal split nation, her experience was nuts. She had tons a weird. Smells her bed was shaking in the middle of the night and she said it sound it felt like someone was taking. It and literally moving it side to side. I had a bed when I was younger that shook in the middle of the night, yeah well more explanation, so Ben Damn you can feel right at home. There isn't she She got up at one point in the middle of the night till I try to shake it herself to see
It was like you. What would it take? She said it was way too heavy to shake out cell, so she's like there's. No reason this thing should have been shaking and she said she was sharing the bed with her mother and she was like a cab. Waking european, like their shake, Oh was like, and she said at one point: she felt a child like crawl crawl. Bed with her no between her and her mother in the middle of the night, and she said if you ever have had if you're like a parent and you've, had a toddler crawl into bed with you in the middle of the night, like squish squish beneath between you, that's what, if okay, so I just screamed nope. But then again that made me really sad, because it's like a little kid needs as much crawling into this bed being like. Can I snuggle you you know, I would snuggle a little ghost child as long as they are good, as long as they were not demonic, don't be demonic and it's all asking that's all I'm asking of you yeah it bummed me out, but loser that is myrtles plantation. It is, and
Can go visit there if you want to live Alina wish. You may look DAS guys, let's go to gather, I'm not gonna, be there how well it looks like I just wanted to double check. You can book tours there are still using Haven through Rona, so they have date or is there. Evening Torres. They have private tours shit, they have something called a batten, rouge, pickup Tor, and that looks like it is hoping to make it to the murders but new transportation. We got you covered fulfilled, You are you they'll pick your us up to the bird also to hang, and you know, I think it looks pretty red. They have covered it on discovery, Channel National Geographic, the travel channel they ve done like the ghostly. That's where I first saw it is goes all those like. I don't. I don't know whose ghosts adventures, but it was one of those ghost shows.
Is like the most terrifying places on earth said it's been on those ones Sabzi and I remember seeing it I mean I was living at my parents house when I first heard about this, so I was young, as a child. I was but a child, so I've I've known about it for a while, but yeah, it's definitely been, unlike all the lists. If you look at any list of one the most of the haunted places in America, it's always leg, pretty close to number one yeah, if not number one, and then it's usually list of most haunted places in the world to so it makes sense, because I think about a hundred and thirty. Five thousand people died in that house. Really up to that count? No, I said I said that about his I didn't, but now there's like all. I can't do that quick subtraction, but there is a lot of adult baby. I'm sure sure Boucher fell guys I know that you now Plantation are one one of those things better,
Great problematic issue, my if you want to say, but you know This one is just very interesting because it so freakin haunted like that. Got so much history to it like random deaths in the house and then like the photo proof that goes with it. That is wild. The photo proof thing. The photo proof is really bonkers and I'll definitely post photos of it for everybody to see but yeah If you want to go it's in Louisiana, you can get a tall, you can stay in a Roth and conquer yeah, and apparently, if you stay in William Winters Room, I think it is, is the one that the bed shakes well so mark me down, for none of that mark me down for whenever round up pieces out of here me down for some wine by myself that night, so we her, I hope you enjoy that rapid spooky spooky do out a dead. Thank you Europa. While in the meantime you can follow as on Instagram and check out some pictures of all the dead things. A morbid vodka set us up on twitter at a morbid,
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