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Episode 182: The Dybbuk Box

2020-10-25 | 🔗
This week we’re talking about one of the most haunted objects in the world. The Dybbuk box stepped on the ebay scene in September 2001 and nothing has ever been the same. The word, “Dybbuk” comes from Jewish folklore and literally means, “to cling.” An otherworldly spirit was captured in the box during the holocaust and when Kevin Mannis bought it at an estate sale, brought it home and opened it, his life changed forever. So did the lives of the next two owners, and anyone who has seen the movie The Possession, based on the box! Keep it weird, but not so weird that you open a cursed box and ruin your life! As always, thank you to our sponsors: Simplisafe: Go today to SimpliSafe.com/morbid and get a FREE security camera, plus a 60-day risk-free trial with any new system order. ThriveMarket: Go to ThriveMarket.com/MORBID. Join today and you’ll get a FREE gift of your choosing!! Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
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five o clock news with actually Kelly you're watching live. Why are illegal but sounded very real? Think you mean so guys. What's up I'm back Elaine, as back at ever gonna be doing another haunted up a solid cause. I felt like it s. We love these haunted episodes for October and its October, I'm feelin spooky, I'm feeling creepy, I'm feelin right and you know what in most of these haunted episodes people die in silent, there's no murder feathered, dress happening than is crime involved, we just add ghost ease and to act in a little bit. Everything will have been of everything law. This one's gonna be awesome, very excited. I told you I did you follow me on Twitter. You know that I say to my whole house after that's right, you did and don't worry I use the wrong sage I use. I didn't even know there was the wrong sage. Nor did I do now and I sprayed the stage. So if you didn't know, there's like I don't know if it's available to you guys, but there's
Go where store near me that I go by say a job and you can spread yes brace age. Sometimes I spent on myself. If I'm feeling moody, anyways fun fact, for you guys were we are working right now, dear member or economic, I dont remember what could it be? She's joke in Ireland, workin on Halloween merged love, for you guys are very excited about it, yes and include some of our old piles little hint for you, gonna tell me who I gotta tell you anything at all. So involved on raw materials have been just where does it involves a dead man's tell advanced a dozen just involves you're too just your toes and it's gonna be awesome, so good. ready for that, yes, and if you're still needing some Halloween goodness are other pod casts crime. Countdown on the park ass network we're going to be having a Halloween spooky spooky episode, and I think it's going to be awesome. I think you're going to be really excited about it.
We also just recorded an episode for the new year that I'm like crazy I did about us. Yes, yes, go check it out. If you haven't checked it out, you can find it on spot a fire anywhere else. You know crime countdown go go to where everybody is going for. Your Halloween goodness. Do it right for all your top ten list? Goodness those really funny Halloween goodbye see now. So that's all we have, I feel like. I think it's just like two minutes a shilling and then we'll get right into the the spooky spooky. Ok, so I feel agreement. talking about some serious haunted places. Lately we are, we talked about how we brought you the most by content home in England in the Bali rectory, up you bought us, you bother. I bought us, the Whaley, how we bought us, the Whaley, how guys I was trying to keep it a surprise, but here s have all it is. I bought you guys, go! That's it's all of ours joke nobody! Take that Syria guys. That would be awesome amid a manifest it. I want a manifest
Sid by onto no settlement to say, hey, we're, knows all about Sega itself. we have talked about a lot of hunted polices, but while we haven't talked about is I think, the most terrifying thing I've ever heard of in its an object The same dick bar I've heard about those larger big box, so Apparently the world's most haunted object. So, no matter where you live, you better watch out even watch. I bet a watch. It cause we're talking, but the world here we're not just I do not America when I'm stuck about England, we're talking with a fucking world the Globe Club a planet in the solar system yeah,
So let me school you real, quick, ready to be school or at the word, Debit actually comes from jewish mythology, and it's the word that you would use to describe a really pissed off detached evil spirit that then attaches itself to something. In this case, a Diptych box will shit. I love is a box. I love that that leg where words come from cause. It's like this word is used to described very angry spirit, that's like pissed off and then ties and his evil and attaches to something, but does anything it's weird that somebody had to make a name for something like that that happened in somebody was like. We should name that. What are we call now? That's really weird! That is really where it, if you think about adds legal. Weird laws are weird rules that you, like someone had to fuck up for that to be a law and the like and then, if you think about it for too long, it makes her brain hurt, because every single word had to be thought of and who thought of it. And how did they know what a word even was dinosaur
fuck anyway. So that's where the word comes from endemic literally means to cling. Oh ok, so clings onto you who know me yeah! No, not you in the past. people pointed to certain mental illnesses, as just people possessed by defects. Oh, they were like it's on. You just have a debate attached to you. An easy way to for him anything easy way to explain it in his either get rid of soda, get rid of the debate that was possessing you you would have to under, go an exorcism that would send the debit back to where it came from seems easy. As in most cases jewish folk lore pointed to the other side as the diabetic origin. That's why I came for so the other side is where they came from, and the other side is where they all hang out. All we're all the demons hang out of is obviously but then
come over to our side through cats and black dogs? Oh yes, and I have two cats and no, we don't have a black dogs. I have but a junkie little fawn, colored dog, that's true! So yeah, that's how they can come through and then people are passing and in between this life and the afterlife are really big targets: targets for most of acts as Phil cling to your soul before your soul can see the light, that's cheapest, but cheapest but I mean like that, some dirty pool you don't I picture, I secured a mentor yeah right that is in the initial shit It is very shitty, angry wow. I also read in some sources that defects are typically the souls of sinner men who possess the body of a woman. Oh yes, oh
free like that, and also I read in one source that districts were never known to attach themselves to object. So this is an interesting story. So, let's get to the debit box, unready, the debit box. down the Ebay seem in two thousand and two guys remember Ebay, because remember that Ebay scene is Ebay, stole thing even still think shit. I never understood Ebay confuses me. Are you look ass if to bid yeah, that's what's confusing as our asses mail, so anyways, the debate Fox were king, went on Ebay and two thousand one and it was being sold by a man named Kevin Man S, so he owned and ran an antique store and he had purchased the debate box from an estate sale. so the items being sold were the belongings of a woman who had survived the Holocaust holy Shit and passed away at a hundred in three years old. Damn right bad ass, bitch alert, while that's about us, so the box had been in the family
as long as any of her children or her grandchildren could remember, they were like gets too so has been that boxes just hanging around exactly, but the girl daughter who sold it to Kevin, told him that the grandmother never opened it and warned her children and her grandchildren that they were not to open it either. Oh, so I be like, while I don't want this anymore, see I'd be like I'm gonna open example. I think we had so Kevin was. I call go cooled. Sounds like this box has been in your family along time like. Why? Don't you just keep it I'll give it back to you in the grand our like. Oh, no, no, no, let go ahead. You take it, you already paid for it. It's your seek ride along ahead, saw you ban Doll, you man, so she said it's all yours, but I'm Tellin ya do not open that under any circumstances whatsoever. So Kevin took them ox and some other things that he bought back to his shop to sell. So you place the box in the basement and then I guess he like run out
do some errands and while he was out, he got a call from one of his employees that worked at the store and she was freaking the fuck out. So when Kevin came back and he went into the basement, he said he got hit with a quote wall of sent that smelled like jasmine flowers O. Even if it's a nice You don't want a hippie with a wall of nonsense and honestly I had no idea what jasmine farmers smell like and I looked into it. I guess thoroughly very perfume me yeah, but some people think that they smelling p o slats gun like this some kind of ammonia. I guess Altea piecemeal. People jasmine, that's something and then so he smaller pieces, jasmine fires and also realises that all the lights in the basement are broken. Leg like shattered and he's got good what the fuck and the ploy also said she heard a verbal, at least screaming. Coming from the basement. Ok, no
oh, no, no, no! No! No by that sounds bad, really bad other worldly, screaming like what is that, so I dont I'm not asking for anybody to. Let me know I'm just like why. Oh no fuck Needless to say, she was so terrified she never fucking Game, ACT, Orkut and police. I filling every hunted story involving one and we believe that does not come back to where it is always a story of a career ending their faith in their offices. So I don't know why, but condemn think a lot of this. I can only assume that can have a lot of antiques in chalked up to just some routine weirdness. I guess he's like a shit there always onto easel fuckin antenna, so we can see, how does mothers birthday coming up and he thought that the box would be a perfect gift are Kevin. You might be dick you knew she murmured like you, you might not vehicle guy. I think you distant
So he ain't, no council island. We don't wanna, get sued, don't give your mother and of other worldly screaming bar. Will you didn't think that the other shoulders with the other worldly screaming, was coming from the bar but question? I agree soon. Anyways who cleans up the box? He gets it ready for ready were- and I don't know if that's when he decided to open it, but he did end up opening at one point point or another, blue, so yeah summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry, but Ray Brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavour is in every sense, stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the Y Y Apt order ahead or get it delivered.
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almost like vehicles with a group with because of it to inspection, must guarantee and seven thirty one. Twenty one particular provisions so caverns mother came to the shop one day to grab lunch with him and he was like all I'll give you your birthday gift, I'll, give you a demon box here you go. I got this far east. My mom otherworldly screaming not included lovey otherworldly screaming batteries, not militant otherworldly screaming included it, but you need the battery Loretta so he showed her to the box and then he d like run and do something. I guess they like a phone call. I don't know he was in another part of the shop and got back to his mom. She was sitting in a chair, not speaking responding when any one spoke to her and she was crying. And she was like, like would not move from this they're like settled. I read through the chair hate. This yeah me too,
I literally sage my entire fucking apartment after initial Miss Pollyanna Sage myself in this computer after and delete this violations sage, this laundry room after I think this lunchroom used to be said, to be honest with you, after all the horrible things you talk about so anyways they rush her to the hospital d and they find out that she suffered from a fucking stroke. Spock's gave her a stroke, she had a stroke from this box. Now. Are you ready, Tabs he was left unable to speak for like a good amount of time, and she was working on regaining her speech. So while she was working on that, she used a board to spell out words and that's like how she would converse its people and so Kevin was visiting her one day and she. Spelled out on the board knowed Gift and he was I know I did get you a gift liked you, the bar and she's, like I dont want another one of your guess. She wrote back hate gift. Like I hate the gift o yup see.
Just got she'll saying it will. I haven't, had any of this allowed cause any d never wants to hear anything about my service in this alone so having kept trying upon the box after family members or sell it to, but it kept coming back to him His sister gave it back after just a week, and she said that the doors of the wine box kept opening on their own. His brother only kept it for three days, because his wife said that smaller Cappy China's like fuck, that Then he finally was able to sell it to this older couple, but they brought it back to the shop again after three days, and I don't like if they brought it and like the middle of the night or something, but they left it outside stopped, suddenly get to all people Oda plague. I know you're alive cabin boy come on. I do
returned to like some point in the day when Erlich, when the night, when the storm was an open, so they will just left it there and they attached a note to it. That said, this has a bad darkness. This has a bad darkness left, so freaky holy shit. He also tried to give to a girlfriend at one point, because I guess he disliked didn't fuck like her ass. She gave it back whores and she said to him get rid of this. Please get rid of this way. That's a very nice thing to say I don't know if she saw the exact I've only got caught him. What the you know like, I don't know if they are like not together anymore she's play the guiding this one fucking guy who gave me this haunted Ass box Gimme a fuckin dead. Big bogs, rightly, but with largely created here at your ex campi. Worse, oh, no, so having cunning of this and he couldn't get rid of it. You couldn't to this end, I couldn't get rid of it. He bout thought otherwise so he brought it home, which would be like the last that I would do I don't, I was gonna say, was in what
the reality. Is that a solution together? I would just like leave it somewhat just leave. It doesn't have a store, something like to leave it in a more yeah. By like he. I think it was like fucking up a store Oh, he immediately started experiencing what everyone else. What I was talking about, he would see shy. no figures that he'd never seen before. He started having vivid dreams about like walking with a friend of his and in the dream his friend he would be looking at them in their eyes, would like shift into something like really scary, and the friend would turn into an evil, demonic, old, lady and start beating the quote living tar out of him now and then, when he would wake up, he would be covered and bruises yeah. I know I know so one night he had a siblings over like for dinner or something, and I guess they spent the night and when they woke up the neck, morning. They all said that they had the exact dream that he was having Oxford and
the dream was also the one that his girlfriend ascribed to him when she had the box? What is anyone who is old, lady just beaten people up good, so Kevin brought the box to a shed in his guard like hoping his home would be a little less affected by everything. But strange dreams continued and then the smoke alarm went off one night in the shed and when he went out there to check on the shed there was no source that he could find or any smoke at all that set the alarm off. It was a dame. There is low really just the alarm going off, but for no fucking reason it was a simmering women and he also said he was punished in the face with that cat p, Jasmine Flower Smell Y yeah. So something is going down here and at that point he had had enough. Finally, He brought the box inside and started trying to research anything about it and he made the decision to solve the box on Ebay. Like that's where we
yet here so we'll get whose ordinary, where Ebay came. But here we also hear that the area here we are at the Ebay, seen all the logical moves he's made so far. This one makes most sense yeah. So it took a long time, but it's sold to a college student and he ended up buying the box in two thousand and three and because it's sold to a college student, I'm sure you can only imagine how much worse this is going to get. So it's going to get so much smoother in not at all crazy. I live and like a dorm room essentially because- and I fuckin apartment is just a bunch of college students- and I can't imagine if they had haunted box the whole, maybe one from death. While far so this Sudan was a butcher vest, and I apologise in advance LOS. If needs be. Ok, I think, and he was going to knowledge in Missouri he's, so he wasn't exactly like a paranormal expert by Kevin was hoping was gonna get the box, but I think after years of trying to get rid of it, Kevin just settled and was like sure, take someone take exactly so most immediately LOS. If who also saw refer
to us, SAM, which I don't know if it's been tricked LOS, if translates into Joseph so alone, over SAM comes and boats where I saw it was different aims. Sources, but he began to experience some weird shit electronic started going like insane. He had to replace his computer at one point. In his roommates were having a ton of trouble sleeping like none of them could fall asleep and they woke up one day to a ton of both eggs just crawling everywhere in their house, fuck Then there were bugs all over the box. Ok, can you imagine being one of his mates. Now I will you marry me being the remains of the dude that brought a fuckin haunted box into your house. No. I believe this is why we sign a fuckin agreement, your roommate agreement, it should say in their specifically no one can buy a haunted box unless they talk to them
roommates, and we agreed by said, haunted by on putting them into any agreement that I have an early tsar honestly. I should put that in my mortgage agreement with John there. I feel it He would have to worry about that with you go the other way around. Maybe I should tell them. We should do that for his benefit that voted against their benefit, refresh your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our hand Crafted smooth these were pressures or fresher handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea. Rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors, mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted keep you cool so repression. Your summer with our handcrafted refresher. Since Moody's made brush your way at why why
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then, SAM Slash Llosa seem to have the worst son of the owner so far because he was like super laissez faire about the whole thing said: laissez faire ass in it like in the beginning. He just thought it was all a big joke and they are having a house part at one point, and he took a girl's arm and stuck it in the box like an unkind sectors and unconcerned girl shoved her arm into the box. Honestly, he deserves to be punch so high. in the face for that he obscene. Also, did you really think the bugs? Where a fucking joke are you that dumb? Exactly I like? That's just stupid, I don't really know what happened first, but still so bad idea. Obviously, because you don't play with spirits like that, no and I feel like they're they're, not gonna, come from a girl, they're gonna come for you and after that,
he started to see shadows, he started losing his hair yup and he started like just becoming super like reclusive, unlike wasn't talking to any, but only shut the like the craft. It's really be so LOS have only had the box for eight months but or putting it back on Ebay himself? That's a long time, and during the time he had a he was writing a blog about everything that he'd experienced and Jason Hoxton was a reader of the blog, but also a director of a medical museum. We're one of loss of rebates worked when I talk about a small world tiny world. So after reading about the box and hearing all the roommate stories. Jason was really interested in buying the box to study it because he thought that there might be some kind of like scientific explanation about what was surrounding the box. Yeah what about that? So Jason is a wicked smart dude. He was a university admitted Strader administrator and he worked with
Smithsonian Institute Museum on a ton of different project loud so he's like smart, as I also says that he was working on getting a doctorate in education for him. So, like just were Tonia House Martinez up at the jump he's got brains between his ears yeah. He bought the box off of Ebay for to Hunt eighty dollars and when he got it to the museum. Immediately. Everyone there experienced the electronic effects of the box. The computer stopped working instantly and important data was like completely gone forever that they had like collected so that the smell of cat pee was permeating the air terrible side a fine out one employee lost grandparents suddenly when, even though there was like nothing wrong with them and people who worked at the museum, warlike, begging, Jason to get the fuck out of their yeah, killed somebody's grandma right so Jason. I think that the box was haunted, so he decided to bring it home and wall. The box was in his
house Jason and his family experience. The shadow figures, just like everyone else, and their experience first happen when Jason and his son were watching tv together, so they're sitting down watching tv. One night and the sun is like Oleg. I like, I saw some way out of the corner of my eye and he says it to his dad. And when Greece and turned to look there was a large black mass directly behind his son. I literally just got full bodied is lay out the scariest beg our. I just chilled my entire, I hate it. Don't bring haunted objects into your home when you have kids and high Emily's stop doing or just at all. If you live alone, go for it and when you are, but exactly you just can't, you do
not. He also began having the dreams where his friends would turn into demonic, old Ladys and beat him up and when he would wake up he'd wake up with welts all over his body, so not reopen not bruises welts she's got a man, and his wife had like a strange reaction to poison ivy, where her skin started to bleed from the poison ivy rash. What's wrong, box was there alone of that? Only thing to do- and I gotta just been a bad case of poison ivy yeah, but while she was telling Jason, he started speeding up blood, oh yeah, that's not normal row and then at one point he left the box in the basement of like a rental property that he had cause. He was just like done at this point and he went home to take like a cleansing bath, just to get everything off a firm and while he was in the bath, he started coughing and he coughed up quote two handfuls of this crowd what the fuck it was. This like this is really got some sites for you. It's a mucus sea like thick. Just
substance that he couldn't stop coughing up, I am horrified- I discussed this with the legitimate horror movie. It is shrouded in actually really and he said in a my sin- San Antonio article, written by Jessica, Bela Skull all. I knew as I got this thing and I got very ill. I dont know what happened. I still don't know how We shall measure that guy that site was on science side rare. Yet, with this whole thing so you still interested in the box and like wanted to know of making this all happen. So he spoke to Wakens. He spoke to Paranormal. spurts, rabbis, he tested the box for Bio hazards or mark free or any. I, like my anything, to explain why he was getting so sick, but all the tests came back negative for any anything. All the experts instructed him to contain. The ball
rocks and put it in some kind of other container that was lined with gold, and it would neutralize the Spirit in the box her. She just wants. Twenty foul carrots She does want gold and for some reason that worked energy since illnesses started to fade while yeah so He also this was just like something cool. Then I found he prayed to the greek Goddess Haggerty at one point it because, she's the goddess known, to keep away evil spirit so shut their wicked. I greet gotta and then at one point or another lie, Jason had to remove the box from his home and he buried it in an undisclosed location after putting it in a military greed, shock proof container while IA. So it's just buried there somewhere. It's well it was oh, I thought of still gonna, be there, so Jason Hoxton spent nine months writing a book about all his findings and about the debit box and all the experiences that he had experienced.
he contacted Kevin Menace and elusive too, somewhere along the way they were connected with original owners cousin Sophie so Irma. the original owner was the woman who had survived in the Holocaust, oh yeah, and they found out that her name was a villa. I think pretty so have Ella got the box in Spain and she had used it to capture and evil spirit and she accidently let that evil spirit into the world, while using a makeshift wage aboard to contact a good spirit to help fight against the Nazis. Wa yes, there is a lot to just Norma ought to digest their packing, the world's biggest suitcase. escaped the hollow, like should escape a hawk I'll shoot escaped like some kind of camp, and then she wanted to end like the
holocaust, and so she made a makeshift wager board to try to contact the Spirit to defeat the Nazis. But then she ended of getting in touch with an evil spirit and she was trying to contain it and she used the box to do so Why is it that bananas, that is a goddamn tail right so so how her cousin, Ernie renewables this while I know so Sophie the has told Jason and Kevin Havana had kept this spirit in box for as long as she had it, but that she was unable to contain the Spirit and now, That was what resulted in all the horrific events of the twentieth century. Like the korean WAR, the Vietnam WAR and, like a ton of other horrible thing, happened, it's pretty far reaching it s. What the FUCK Spirit did she capture I dont do so eventually have ailer was able to contain the Spirit in the box, but the box had the evil entered
the inside of it, and that's why everybody was instructed not to open it, but they fucking dead, yeah cool so and had been opened multiple times at this point, that's good When it was first opened inside, Kevin Menace found a statue that had the word shalom on it too locks of hair separately a cat, full stakeholder and a couple of dried rosebuds. That's all of that is really creepy win Lana. So even the innocuous items and there like Lou, one a lot of those things. I guess early consistent with what you would use during an exorcism rather make them. So I don't know if they just like use them and then like locked them away. So creepy Oh, my god did this here that I had my own see a flower one of wine as children screamed on stairs and I just got really. There is like a happy scrutiny. Alice, one of them just like scream borders, just screaming downstairs so back to the different box and
thousand for SAM Raymie announced that he was going to make a film based off of Jason's book titled, the debit box, so three different scripts were written, first was by Stephen Soussio, who did the grudge? Oh and then this It was written by Juliet Snowden and styles sales white who did knowing of everything that we make that sounds familiar. They also did a movie called we John and like a man, a creeping movies and then finally, SAM Rainy wrote the final script and he is famous for doing the old Spiderman movies and the evil dead yup. So that's gonna, rising above the gravy, it's finally October, and that means cost Jim tricksters and ghoulish beasts plus
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strange shit. One down while they were filming lights, we're even unexploded, oh just straight, a fucking, explode at or even on either, not even electricity, low and all the problems. used in the movie, like every single prop, was put in a warehouse when they were finished and like a fire happened and burned every single prop down and when the fire was investigated? There was no like origin, no origin. They couldn't find reason why the fire started with a source like sporadic combustion, holy shit and bureaucratic combustion. spontaneous yeah whatever, so the movie byways called the possession. If you want to watch it who so now we get a twenty seventeen and we get Zack Bygones O prevent bag and a home from go surrender Is he bought the box from Jason, allegedly for ten thousand dollars holy shit yeah? I don't know why you would pay thou not word at. I would pay dollar for it.
so's. I brought it to his museum in Vegas, where at first he would not let anyone see it unless they were over eighteen and signed it the very thing that he wasn't responsible. If anything happened, while they were looking at it or after they looked on a shit, that's like Robert yeah yeah yeah. That's it I'm a waiver that, like me, you can't blame them, I'm not if I have to sign a waiver to see something now now so enjoy of twenty eight team, and this is the reason why I did the story, because I found a Buzzfeed article about this entire thing. So, in June of twenty eight team post. Malone went to visit, went to the visit, went to be to visit Zack exactly showing him around any asked posting. If he wanted to see the debit side and post he wanted do, and so he does act is taking off the glass partition and he sat touches the box for the first time ever and while he's doing not post Malone touches his shoulder like dude, like let's get out of here, like I don't feel like. I want to be here
and apparently that was enough slick, secondhand contact is enough to get cursed. What so because Zack was touching the box and postal touch, shoulder. He post you got cursed. The people call him posting ok, so no necessary itself or may also so greatly, so after visiting the museum and getting secondhand cursed, MILAN got on a plane to London and while in the error. The tires blew off of the plaintiff. Yes, the pilot, evil to land the plane, but normally would have ended like a lot differently. She could have died and then a few days These later after his plane, almost crashes, three, Arbours, who were carrying guns broke into his old home like looking for him and they pistol whipped the in own yeah holy shit, we're looking for him and I probably would have killed him wow and if that was not enough for you here,
is also in a car accident shortly after all this and somehow made it out without a scratch, but it was like a bad accident and he could have been seriously hurt while in that second hand, cars that bananas- and they do say that bad things up in three civil, fully posted on the clear wow is meant not toasty posting, we hope you're. Ok, I know your muslin flat on an email for them. I think it is. You are asking the wrong person yet, while Zack wagons attempted Opened the box once before for his fans. I think it was that link alive, show in two thousand eight dues and opening the box yeah. What the fuck cause. That's what they do. I don't I'm doing now. I know I agree that's just dumb and he was going to do it after everything happened with Post Malone, but he ended up not being able to open it, and I guess people were like really pissed off cuz. I don't know if people like paid to go or whatever probably they're mad, but now in twenty twenty Zack and his team decided to quarantine at the museum than if the key priorities in this, because
They decided to open the box in July, the Apple so aired as the season finale of the four Part Quarantine Series in July, where he opened the box. I guess, but I refuse to watch it. because, even though looking up pictures of the debit box is said to be dangerous and you could get curse to from just looking at pictures, and I already did that, so you got Will you get and you don't get upset why but you know what that one doesn't make sense, though,. like looking pictures through the internet lay cat is and how does a Damon no poltergeist attacks I try to electromagnetic you really old, pulsing, computer and fuck you up, but I dont think that makes sense. To be honest, I get the second hand curse spike, touching him while he's touching the box yeah
if the ok I mean, I'm not gonna, go look or pictures on it, I'm just any. I'm not gonna posed a picture of the actual box just because I don't want any of you getting man at me. If you, if something happened, some skin opposed like something else, and just tell you that the simple, so you can just globally to someone will posed a cardboard box and feel occurred. Is both Nokia that's making fun of it oh? Okay, sorry, so anyways anyways, I'm not shocked that Zach decided two thousand and twenty was a good time to open the Fucking box yeah. That is said that it's going to lead to catastrophic events. It already led to like horrible events in the 20th century, so ban two thousand and twenty so boring and not, then so. Why don't you feel like India, that link it wasn't bad enough? Yet now so MAC Bag installed eel mind that there are actually ten debit boxes in the world and that he has two of them. The one that he opened and other smaller one, and he says quote
each one aligns with the tree of life concept from Karbala the basis for jewish mysticism, so too of the world's debit boxes are unaccounted for, I guess, and their potentially buried somewhere, so that they do not create any more chaos, the World TAT. I hope, but Jason Hoxton disagrees and he told TEST Cutler from tablet. News quote there, is only one debit box. Any other box is a load of crap nuts. He also says that he looks at the box. Now is his fountain of youth because he thinks that the prayer has been answered in hauntings are done well, but I personally not too sure about a dozen suddenly. There was a good time. Nope doesn't sound like it at all. No, no! So that's that
while the dipper Debit box is no Joam know, Joe Career was not asked whether the Debit Bach Jack do not open it. Stop opening the fucking debit bar. It sounds a lot like Pandora's box. It sounds like a box with a demon on it, don't open it, not it's pretty simple yeah I mean that's doll you have to do is don't that's a cave there's a venomous snake in that box, don't open it and people like em all been highlighted here. Don't open your dumb dough! No stop doing this episode, really fucked me up and like all creeped out yeah, I don't love it. I hate it have it at all and so spook fear. So that's fine. If you want to look at pictures of that, you can do that on your own share can, but if you all follow but Instagram you can go ahead and do that morbid vodka Lucan had us up on twitter at a morbid pod. You can send us a gmail, morbid, podcast, Edgy, Melba ban. We hope
it wasn't a we hope be laid at a really via box in the open and even to everybody. So do not open the box than all these bad things. Happen union rather happening to you, but you should know whether happening to you, because you up the vaccination above the rights, because I don't know once. Streaming only I'm Peter knew of it it'll come at me and pumped back, we are late. He puts a confused mixed, a hash anthems sour go our Bp Tunisian from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger whatever you're planning peacocks got it exclusively stream classics contact the obvious boxing recreation and soon plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty by of say by the vat for all Europe's lucid comedy face, could a peacock dvd com and get started.
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