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Episode 183: The Frankston Serial Killer

2020-11-01 | 🔗
This week Ash dives into the details surrounding the case of The Frankston Serial killer from Australia. P Denyer is responsible for the murders of three young women in the Frankston area: Elizabeth Stevens, Debbie Fream and Natalie Russel. Each murder is insanely brutal and schoked the community, especially the women who were afraid to leave their homes after dark. When apprehended the murderer gave a reason for their crimes that will leave you astonished. If you’re interested the book I used for this case is right here The Frankston Murders: 25 Years On By Vikki Petraitas As always thank you to our sponsors: Upstart: See why Upstart has over 6,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and hurry to Upstart.com/morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate can be BetterHelp: Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid
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Refresh your summer it while why beat the heat with our handcrafted, smooth these pressures- or pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious, flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted repressed. since Moody's made brush your way at why why. Hey weirdos saw what, before this episode starts, we just wanted to come out We don't have time to meet at a pact, do not respond to like any hateful criticism or anything like that, but we felt as though this particular issue- was something that we needed to address in this particular case. Sorry, I
about a transgender woman who is a serial killer, and I was doing my best when researching this topic, to make sure that I was mostly telling the the victim stories cause. I feel like that. That's always how I go. Researching absolute, and I was so immersed in that mist. Gendered the serial killer in this case- and I would like to formally apologize to the Trans community? I never want anybody to, feel silenced or uncomfortable or, like I don't respect the community. I mean a sorry for the growth surfing cry. Yeah she's, like very we're, both like very upset about this, but harsh in particular, really really went hard on this episode and she did an amazing job and this was a tricky one to do, because police reports and witnesses have descriptions of a male and we were worried. It was gonna, be confusing. So we he made a decision together that we thought we would refer to her
a different pronoun in the beginning, and then when we talked about the transition, we changed it, but the problem was that at one point. We were so angry about this killer that we were like me There are monster who cares, and we didn't mean it that way, and we understand now that it could come off as well there a monster in a killer so who care about Miss gendering, someone down an easy thing to do and its any thing disability their rights, in person. Why should we care about you know respecting anything about? in one. Let me be clear: we don't respect that person right well. Due respect is the Trans Community and making sure that it's not looked at as normal to say you only and people can have their programme. Buddy deserves their pronouns, it's a basic, exaggerating that's not anything we intended to convey that way, and now that we have kind
and told and educated about unrealistic, and we can understand why that came off that way. So we oppose As for that, that was in cool, and we understand now- and we are very sorry but again just to be clear, well, she's, a rotten piece of shit, she's, a fucking garbage person, and I hope she rots exactly, and I just want the terms. We need to know that I am I always have, and I always want everyone listening to feel like this is a safe space. absolutely- and it is- and I think our long time listeners know that anybody who knows also knows that they know the intent was not too. You know offended entire community and was never our intention and never is so the only community. We want to offend our murderers and we will continue to do that. So thank you think you and enjoy the episode. Hey we're knows I'm ash and I'm away now- and this is a whole ass morbid. It's a whole
ass, morbid and its centric. It's cool raise the I was waiting for a song here we are its after Halloween- the day after Halloween. Right now- and I am very very very very- very sad- I always it's like the lead up to Halloween, as always like yea and everything's great and then as soon as Halloween is over. It's like it's like shit, after an role for health insurance today, since its November first, oh shit tell you to hold yacht do you really do speaking of unhealthy?
things I just like myself. By quickly you say we ve gotten a ton of requests lately for the Chris Watts case yeah. We have We keep their like flood men and I know it's because that nothing like the Netflix documentary and it is like a fairly recent case and its a crazy case. Of course everybody wants sad case, we just wanted to say we will covered at some points, I'm sure yeah. I dont want to any time soon and we won't anytime soon jewel. Everybody knows, and you have good reason for not wanting to him yelled at there's a few things one. We have a schedule already planned out, so we usually don't like deviate from that. Unless something else like something big happens or we Retina Chris Watts really isn't enough for
He said tweak round our schedule because, honestly, that guy sucks and like you said he likes the attention, they Chris Watts loves that there's a hundred million podcast out about him right now that there's Netflix documentaries and everyone's Talkin madame and we're not going to join that mother Fucker, and I know we're talking about tens of murders and other ones, probably lava too. For some reason, Chris Watts just keep grinds my mother fucking gears, and I don't want to give him even in sounds of satisfaction, don't be out here it. The fucker, has access to things because he was pissed at the way he was represented in the networks documentary. we, as access to know, lay how he was represented. How did you see the Netflix documentary underlying lessening to podcast? I don't like it, so I don't want to like add to his fuckin narcissism and he's just like that guy. In only me like he's that crime that murdered he's a dire currently about one he's that Chris, that was like
glee his whole life and then he got like kind, a hot for a little while so all of a sudden he has this bucket narcissistic like I should be handed everything you and fuck that guy here, because I don't think he's attractive, but a lot of people do that's what I'm saying in I just got a google. I really like. He looks like that, guy that suddenly it out like slightly attractive and those like I'm the hottest sky ever and it's like fucker I'll, give you what I think you look, and then also I just can't. I can't even get into that car like that crime is so beyond. I know like we cover murders. This is what we do. No murder is really like comprehensible Ali comprehendible to me, but this one in particular, I just can't get into right now. I don't have the mind space for it. I don't have the the soul for it. He is a very long face again. He just he would love it. He would love love, love to have another thing about him and I don't want to go,
no I'd like everybody to forget about credit slots for a little while and then maybe later we'll talk about a maybe what he's dead cause. Maybe some will kill us ass in prison and maybe we can talk about and then perfect, but till then I just I just didn't want everybody like thinking like over they going to do it next week, but you know be a while. Just so you know we will cover it. Eventually, it's just going to be wild, but again we always appreci. the suggestion we do. I mean you normally teaching our lot other one yeah. I just in one everybody like to keep yeah saying: can you do it next week when it's not gonna happen, Sorry, but I mean I'm doing what a very highly requested case from the office from the OECD and the overseas and allow not speaking of the obvious honey, we had a great hallo weak everybody, all my God, Europe, Australia, North Amerika. It was so also because guys so fun, we had so much fun dressing up. We you guys events. sweet about our costumes. Thanks for Lebanon, your excellency,
Are we caution? People really where it nice about that? Oh no, really, I saw quite a few comments. Saying really mean things about me. I don't know even them all I get that's why I didn't see you if you left about just eat like you, if your listening AIDS also lousy common fight, you it's also a really funny. Let people think that I care cause. I at all like but I rolled over and better looked at my super. How girlfriend arms, like she thinks I'm hot so by its very true they fuck em. All that's the new attitude, MA, am all fuck, the Hague, but it's my dimension, it just in case anybody else, while regretting one like it's giving me ammo, we have you learned, while just will be deleted exactly so, go for an obscure feeding everybody who again like we said, I think actually we're talking to some of our meeting greet people when we did the virtual meeting great the nicest people alive guys that was the coup, now is so much fun
I can't believe: you're cool people, so many cool mother daughter down special shout at I. I know the daughters, numerous Delaney and I feel like the monster was saying but I can't remember, and they dressed up like eyes, Farmer John Window Linda, it might have been Windows Linda of society. I remember I love you. We made a lot of guys, but honestly, all of you are so cool and A lot of people were like fuck, the haters. Don't listen to him and hell yeah- and I swear by the end of that like Those hatred and again we have like adopted. That rules are your Blake. There is so many are some people. Why pay attention to these young people? So we just want to thank all of you guys for that, because I knew about it so much easier for us to have the other
to that ass, just sad which is deleted them. I don't give a shit literally by five, but the air we added. We had an absolute blast with Hallo week. You guys were awesome. Thank you. So much for coming. We want to do more. Virtual shows, because it looks like we're gonna be read in this round- way for a little longer psychedelic, it's like our outreach into the world since we ll go anywhere. It feels like we're going somewhere. It feels like something. Awesome is happening, so as long as you guys are still digging out, will still do it now and we just want to say we appreciate we do. because rock and on a final note before we get into this Holly requested case, which that's not announced earlier acts. Those ok. Thank you too good. Thank you. You're. Welcome. I watched her. memory to them. I feel like rub off on me, but I m O. have new March an old hand. Murder apparel march would like murder I'll teamed up with our other team, liquid graphics and they have like low brain baby. I got up and
all the merger right now, that's up as numerous repel merge. There's some seriously hilarious found measures on dear, but. Is a hold onto your Botz one with a skeleton straight up holding onto there's a raccoon. That, I think, is me because he's trash, and their socks their socks. Now I can't wait for the sun god I can't we for them either. And there's the posters that, if you want to get one of the posters that we had for the world Tor and a bunch of other cool shit so had on over to shop, dot, morbid podcast dot com. If you wanna rep our brain and man check out the new March are eight. So I think that's it I think that's all the fun business, and also just like chatter you had to get to yeah so I owe a first of all before I start this case area. Do need to mention that this, murderer is now a transgender woman. But the time of the murders did identify as a man and is described in many police reports.
and all the other jazz as a man, so I'm gonna do my best. Just to refer to this person is their last name I am going to use he verbs verbs. Many use he pronouns fur, the first part of this, because I think it would honestly just get confusing, though, can a dead name anybody's? I'm gonna do my best to say tenure earlier. I don't even look about to say because fuck em cause fuck em Look I so we're going to start off with a woman named Donovan's. She had just moved into an apartment with her boyfriend and that they had been thereabout three weeks when she got a call and the person on the other line just he'd silent and hung up, She was just like really crept out by this and didn't want to stay in her apartment by yourself, just shoes feeling- We heard about the whole thing it gives me golden state killer, vibe, it already except didn't, say anything. Yeah, and everyone was like. You know it was probably like a crank call like that happens all the time, but she just had this weird feeling and it's a good thing
so she was dating this guy at the time less and she asked if he and her baby could come along for pizza deliveries that night and he was a cow totally so the deliveries only took about an hour, and then they returned home when they walked in adored. They just smelled something really foul like the apartment, just smelled very off you end, there was blood dripping from the walls. what's so already were off to a horrific star, and I would like to give a trigger warning. This involves animal cruelty. rash your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted, smooth these pressures or Pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted repressed
since Moody's made brush your way at why why? Whatever you're funny peacocks, guided exclusively stream classic sitcoms like the Office box and recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy phase. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started some done like ok, let's get the fuck out of here like let's not step one foot further in this place, love that intuition New Hampshire. I got to get the FUCK and so they did and remembered they have their paper. They have her baby with them so less grabbed a neighbour and was like. Can you go back inside with me like just to figure out? What's going on? Smart, unlike may be called the police force, but it yet, but you know it's ok. You know we all have differ reaction so they had back inside and they find honest cat on the kitchen floor. I believe with it
throat cut open in its intestine strewn about the floor, one of his eyes missing and the other bulging out, and they find this is the weirdest thing picture of a naked woman lying on top of the cats body. What the so an absolutely horrific terrifying seen. Oh, I read a book for this that I will link in the show notes- and I think I reference the name later, but it was, though it was just like so gruesome, I'm sitting there reading the book. While Franklin was lying on my allow and I had to stop reading for him- and it was just like I do so. The picture of a naked woman was just on top of the cat a yacht, and it was over where the like cut had been made to remove the intestines yeah. So Sir, it's so bizarre, so bizarre now, there's messages written in blood in the cats blood because it was later tested and confirmed that it was cats, blood written on the walls of the apartment, saying Don, dead, Donna, your dead, then just the word Robin
which is weird and nobody ever figured out who Robin was and then now. This is the eighth an even worse the cat had recently had to kittens and the kittens were found with their throats cut as well, and they were placed in a half full bathtub. What the actual fuck it. Where is wrong with this person were not even done yet. There was even cream that was like sprayed onto the bathroom mirror and the attacker had written the words Donna and Robin in the in the shaving cream. The cupboards had been ransacked and pictures of naked models were hung up, but then they were slash down with some kind of knife wow. This is a lot of work, it's terrifying! Now this is gonna, ruin you own, and anybody with a child. now in the baby's room, there was a picture of a similar model stabbed into the bed of like the baby's crib
and slash and some of the baby's clothes were slashed. I would lose my mind is that on real like and that's what we're starting off with leg, you have so far gone after babies and kitten babies and kittens, and you have to be there. worse person ever o a hundred per se bees and kittens that's. It may sound like you're. The express never know come out of me. I don't give a shit about this person, so the detectives realised that the attacker had come in through an open window which closer windows, locket fresh airs, pretend good thing. She wasn't home, she'd be a part of a window watching covered as she did, but when the attacker laughter, the could have been attacker and the cabbage darker, they left a bloodied glove impression on the window sill, but there there wasn't a lot to do with. It goes against the same person love, reacted, so Donna couldn't think of anybody. Who would do this to her? The baby's father was questioned because the baby S Father was unless it was like another man, but he had a good.
alibi and no one, but nobody thought he could have done this he's like also. I would not do this. I am not as crazy sadistic human being, but thanks, though they searched his house and they didn't find anything incriminating. So Donna went to live with her sister Tricia, now Tricia's neighbour, with somebody named p den, then he comforted Donna and was and literally said to her I'll, take care of whoever did this when they find him, and you know I'll I'll, take care of this fuck you. So it's like. Hey totally now, there's another woman named Julia and she had been comforted by this same p in your after. There was a break in a very, very similar break in her home and she was away and the intruder had slashed pictures of her and fields earn her fiance. While she was gone on in the pictures, her throat was slashed, which is super crazy and when we got and everything else
Then they slashed her clothing with reverse question marks. What so they cut. Reverse question marks, Inter closing an inter clothing: closing they like sliced up her piano and made the same question marks on the piano they sliced up. Her engagement party addressed, and there was the only dress in her like closet that was completely ruined. so this person she was wearing when she got ass so knew her. Now she told the police to look into this p tenure. She said at that space and was looking at her windows and when the police looked into it, nothing came up like nothing came out of the hole entire investigation dude somebody looking into windows is the creepy used by some one looks at it. My window, I'm just letting you know. You're gonna be met with like a Friday. The thirteenth machete Jack same way. Dull, look in my windows. Now, don't do it I'll fucking right, I will
Holy FUCK. You also, I have black out curtains for that very reason, so that is so intrusive salubrious. If so, such a violation one. I just picture like these women are home in like there's this really horrific thing about thinking of, but he else in your home, even if all other such didn't happen, while you're away the oh yeah, tack on all this crazy, like such a vital time movie shit- and I love- how do you ever like live by yourself again? Could you would like read this and like a horror, novel that's a lot of us that we came up with you know. I was, I was in it until the rivers you took it too far, but if that's real life real so now we're going to fast forward to June 11th- and this is one thousand nine hundred and ninety one eighteen year Old Elizabeth took the bus home from college and got off the bus around seven fifteen to walk the rest of the way home to her aunt and Uncle SAM.
Ok earlier before she left home, she had wrote a note to them and it's an uncle Paul or Anti Reed. I will be at the Frankenstein Taft or francs density library, home about eight p m and she left the phone numbers for both places if they needed to contact her She went about her day, so she spoke to her little sister from a pay phone around five p m and they made plans to go shopping the next day and it was kind of sad. They really really excited to see. other because they were seeing a lot less of each other. Her sister was living with their grandmother, and now that Elizabeth was living with her aunt and uncle, it was about an hour and a half different. They re going to see each other as often as though they were super excited about this, so she got off the phone and she hopped on the bus home. she didn't know that as soon as she got off the bus, she was being watched and followed. Oh just every woman's worst nightmare, literally
so a man dressed in an army, green jacket and a Navy baseball cap came up for behind her and held to hand over her mouth and a gun to your head and dispersed said, shut up or I'll blow your head off. We're gonna, take a walk, o wariness Hague, a walk, so she don't know what to do she's afraid to scream, because you think she's gonna get shot in the head ass Jesus groaning under she just complies because she didn't have any other choice. Obviously, so they walked by a ton of people, but it was the pouring rain and he grabbed her hand and made it look like they were just a couple walking in the rain. Oh my god, I wonder I just like one. Per I know. So I want to go back to nineteen twenty one and just help her. Oh my god same ah, their walking by all these people and nobody really notices anything it's pouring rain, so he leaves are up to this area and he looks at her and he says this is awful. Do you wanna fuck,.
No thank you. I'm like why so Elizabeth told him tat. She was a virgin and she didn't know how and he how old she wasn't. She was eighteen, like I said, but she said she was seventeen hoping that black making herself sound a little younger would help her out or that's actually really smart, but the reason as a sadistic fuck in accordance yeah. Now he said the good thought brass it. What is it was now this person said to her. I won't rape, you or anything, all things- are so much further common courtesy of not reaping me, also honey You just wasn't mark, and I said no thanks right. That means I'm gonna write me if we're gonna have sex because I said no exactly, is it? Don't worry? I'm not gonna rapier anything Alcalde consent yeah so than this person just starts walking toward her shoves their hands around her throat and begins to strangle her, oh yup, so I'm not gonna rape, you or anything. I'm just gonna scanty drank killing you so she fell over at one point because she gives this
a lot of oxygen, obviously, and when she fell over, he just immediately slashed her throat. Now she regained consciousness after this and began to fight back holy shit fuck She was too weak. Her arms and hands were cut wicked badly in the process and when, he did finally succumb to her injuries of her for being slashed open. The attacker dragged her to a creek bed and then it will act as he was pulling her like all her arms got scratched up in the brush and everything and her top kind of rolled up around her neck, because she's being dry now when the body was where the attacker wanted at this person slashed her chest in a crisscross pattern. Oh that's very significant, very significant and then stopped the throat post mortem six more times. So this is a complete rage
the amount of wage that this person has is honorary unreal, so Alice That's body was found in Lloyd's park. Her, like I said her throat had been slashed and her chest mutilated in that crisscross pattern, while finding that body, Oh my god. I can't imagine because they also notice that her nose was broken and the you're gonna have to tell me how to say this. The cry cry: coiled cartilage! It's in your throat, yeah you're right crack word: Grandcourt Gerda cried cord cartilage was fractured, but the high. Wade phone was not fracture, oh and usually like lead, allocate string in a case of strangling exactly that result in death and Erskyll I said usually in the case of strangling that results in Death- a hired boy knew the high who'd posts will be broken, but at this time it wasn't, but they said that a blow by a foot fist or knee could have been responsible for the breaking of the card. Ledge and the breaking of her nose. Lots of his person then stopped on her twice whole Lee. Now this is unreal.
The coroner on Elizabeth S said, in my opinion, the cause of death was aspiration of blood and hemorrhage from stab wounds to the neck and a woman whose neck had been compressed. Why so? She was stabbed brutally her throat was split, open he then choked on her own blood while dying- and also strangled while bleeding out, while leaving out and just left there to die and then mutilated after she died like multiple times what a brutal, way to go, I think of anything worse to me. Yet now, after Elizabeth Body was found, the these went to her aunt radon her uncle Paul to bring them a pair of earrings and Elizabeth Swatch. I know they also asked if she had eaten anything that day, just a kind of like go confirm if it was her. Not basically
and Rita wasn't shirk ass. She had been at work, but she said that a tin of beans was missing and she was like a she probably thought, and that was confirmed to the police, because the coroner had found beans and her stomach and that helps over time line of events Ducas, like me, don't partially digested fully digestive. However, it is in your system They lack of egg figured out it's like in the age of many rooms. In case we are ones that would be my apple Heine Upham so than they were asked to identify her body and her uncle and you are. They both went to identify the body and he signed the statement, but he just looked at her and said poor little girl. Oh, I know that just hurt by heart and it's really sad because she had just recently come to live with them. After being, unlike foster care and stuff, like that, for her whole life man, she lived with her mom for a little bed, but it didn't work. Go and there were a ton of details, but we can only assume what was going on a life of trauma and then she finally gets to have this. I kindly family, and one of the main rules in this house was just like call if you're gonna be
late. So and she always did she won't like above and beyond organization, everything she had two. She left all the information. Let me luckily, she did that you may be able to know that something was amiss exactly you know, but and also its like, the. U go to identify someone. It's not like there like cleaned up nicely now funeral or something like rough time, and this programme so had gone. You saw much. He saw some shit, only showed the face they didn't show any oh yeah literally China shouting about right up to the gym because I didn't imagine it's like she shut. Her nose was crushed. She I mean and you probably look terrific I just getting rid of a particular hammer, doesn't happen when your strength, in your eyes and around your eyes, crazy, like you, look like a zombie, so sad on its terrible, so now
in a flash forward to July eighteen. Ninety, ninety three, so I hope I say the same when I looked it up, but there is a multiple differ pronunciation. Of course I think it's Russia. I like focus sometime, Russia, Rosa Embassy, Russia, Russia, Toth, took the train home. The seaport railway station was not super far from her house and she was gonna walk the rest of the way back to home, of open like working all data, the train and then was just gonna like pop home. So what she got off the train. Somebody noticed her while she was getting off and started to follow her now she noticed someone standing near they call it. A toilet block with, I assume is just like a little like the bathroom area like a row of port, bodies or something I don't know, but you didn't pay source and a lot of mind cause. There was a ton of people getting off the train, but she did notice this person now she kept walking and only if
you moments later? Somebody grabbed her from behind around the chest and the attacker grabbed her by her hair after that and was trying to drag her to the toilet block just a little a little ways in the distance Jesus and they were honest, path before this, so she was screaming as she struggling to get this attack or offer as she screaming this twelve year old. Writing his bike heard the fight but thought that it was just a boyfriend in a girlfriend having a fight and went on captain kept going on now Rosa further her attacker, a very expensive ring that she had on her finger, but he was not interest, and now the attacker covered Reed s mouth and told her. I don't know what I'd do if you keep screaming like overtly chilling, absently, terrifying cassettes
that's the advice you get too and nazi advice. I would give anyone is currently trying to take you away. You make as much noise as humanly boss exactly, but even that in work right, and so we got so she bit the attackers finger cause she's about batch for her the finger and struggled more, but this person told her they had a gun and they old, something against her head, and she noticed that the way they said the they said they had a pistol, but they said pistol and shoe. She noted that cause this person have max I'm ok, No, she felt something against her head when this person said that to her, but she said it didn't feel cold like she figured the middle of a pistol. What I felt and she kind of basically called this person's Bluff holy shit now This is so not so at this moment she broke free and she was able to fly down a car, but in the process of breaking free, the attacker tried to get her back and ripped a clump of hair out of her head at the root. Damn yes to try to get her back, but she was able to fly down a car
and a woman named Mikhail drove her home now remember. This is not very far from her home and this by a woman waited with her until her son got home and the police got there and then she left holy shit so there, not the police went back to the area. They searched the toilet block. They searched like everything, but they can't find anything now obediently there. Thinking like is this connected to Elizabeth Stevens is like that. It has to be some a similar thing, and the thing is Rosa was forty one, but she looked at a lot younger one of the Tipp at one of the detective said that she looked like she was an early thirty so out. What kind of now, our kind of like establishing like this person's opening up at her younger women, NEA and Social, describes the attacker as a man either anywhere from eight ten to twenty years old, wearing a black jacket and probably around five ten very round in the face with light blue eyes, and she said that they were wearing a being
so they were able to generate jobs, able to get a lot of detail. She really was in in a vicious attack. Oh yeah, it's not an. She held her shit together to be overlooked, bluff like that yeah, I know you really have to just Billig ready to risk at all Where is your life? Is a gun I'm in trouble, but if it's not cool exactly so the same night that Rosa was attacked, another woman was attacked as well, because remember she got away so this person didn't give it. They were now Debbie Freeman, her husband, herb, Seasoning Debbie Freeman, her friend Russell Haze, we're having dinner that night. She had gone shopping earlier in the day and her boyfriend, Jerry, was at work. Russell and Debbie had worked together in like past years and their friendship was really just platonic, like the US really good friends, so he was coming over cause. He was excited to catch up and Debbie and he was excited to meet her new baby Jake. Who was
twelve days old, o Lord yup, so Debbie was going to be making omelettes for dinner, but she realised that she was out of milk and you know she's a new moms issues. Like oh look, would you mind if I just went to grab some milk, like surely haven't had a minute jurists. I know she's Boeing, please please. Let me go down like to listen to like a song that I, like Canada, gonna start music, o gallic I'll stay with the baby, no worries so She ran in her car just around the corner to get some elk, but she never came back so her car was a grey pulsar. I think, as I you say it and Gary her. I think it was her boyfriend at the time, told detectives that she had been wearing a black skirt and a white wine cheater, which I think is like a windbreaker maxims detectives right away, realised that there is probably some connection again between the attack that happened, that night and Debbie's disappearance
and Rosa was interviewed again the next day and she was able to talk to a sketch artist, Edna Composite we're getting a composite. Now, Debbie's mother told the police that Debbie had received a phone call from someone who threatened to kill her that significant, very significant and while the sea, the thing is that the her mom thought it was just a really like a simple prank call just like in the beginning of this whole thing here, but now it she was like. I have to tell the police that this happened. So detectives obviously focused on Gary at first, but they were told he had a bit of a party in patch while Debbie was pregnant, but they were very much in love and he was right. getting over the party thing and he was being a really great dad and he wasn't like abusive or no. He was our views about earlier on. Debbie and Gary were marijuana. Users is how these have marijuana you ain't seen and there
in trouble in the past fur growing and for the possession of we'd cause member. This is the ninety so's, like big area which, like Coolio, between plant vittie when they to Frankfurt and Debbie stop smoking because she's pregnant and He really didn't want Gary too, because there was a baby on the way, and you know you don't need to be spending money on not fair, just been there, response, how they're so many parents he got over his little party phase and they were really happy together good for her, and she was constantly telling your friends how in love she was and what a great dad Gary welder leaves me said yeah, so the police are Maybe this is some kind of it. So it's on so stupid, but drug deal gone wrong. I mean they have to go away and especially in the nineties. I think you need was a much bigger deal here. So they said you know drug deal gone wrong. I don't know sound in the meantime. Friends and family moved into the house to help with baby Jake and keep the house in order before one Debbie came home because they're all thinking you know, maybe sugar
an accident. Maybe she, like bugged, her head, shows an order. She is like she's coming back we're not even going to entertain the idea that she's not coming, of course. Unfortunately, she was not, back Fried Michael, more was a farmer who is working around tailors road and he was transporting some horses between paddocks on the on the road. There was like a lot of different farmers and farm farm times just farm, Sk Farmland is ever agriculture everywhere. You look exactly you. Some beautiful Folliot cheer in there now finishing up doing all the transitioning with the horses when he saw something in the distance and at first I thought it was trash, but then he drove past it and he felt really weird and he was like. I just need to turn around and not trash So looking more closely, he actually started to laugh because he thought that it was a mannequin and that the other the other farm hands. He thought were playing a joke on him, never that it's never a mannequin, but then he remembered the news coverage on Debbie's case and realise that this was not a man again.
and he said, look as soon as that clicked in my brain. I knew that I had found Debbie, oh so, and she had been gone for four days at West Point, so detectives arrived unseen and they Debbie's body poorly concealed almost on purpose. There was a brand, She used to cover her body. Just like an Elizabeth case. The same thing: the branch came from a tree close by like broke off and just like put it over. Her voice did honor with both girls, Now her when cheater was covered in blood and up around her neck, just like Elizabeth Shirt had been her hands again were covered in defence wounds. She had been stabbed many many times once in the stomach and the rest of the times in the throat. Well, how it was evident tat she had been strangled. Luckily, there was no evidence of sexual assault, but there's evidence of just about everything else. During the autopsy, the medical examiner could confirm that she had been strangled b,
does like you said there were haemorrhages around her eyes and in her eyelids they also found a stab wounds to her ear. Lobe that went down to her neck. Whatever knife the killer had used was a very wide one in a different knife from the one that had been used in the feeling. Now altogether the coroner counted twenty eight abrasions to her face. She had been stabbed more than twenty four times while and this time the cause of death was ruled to be aspiration of blood and haemorrhages from multiple stab wounds to the neck, and a woman who has had an episode of ligature strangulation tat is unreal to make the aspiration of blood thing is really really upsetting, because it means that they were just breathing in their own blood after they have had their throats slashed end. This guy, just like, doesn't stop nobody. Just
SK. I am you said that this person hates women, like obviously any clearly all evident. I also wonder if this throat thing man they have is like them. I want to silence all this woman's voice, I one hundred percent very symbolic to me. It is some and when we get to. Unfortunately, the third death you're absolutely gonna, be like steadfast. That's what happened because it just seems like a pattern him you think of the crisscross pattern on the chest. Led didn't happen in this endeavour case, but first case and we're gonna see it happens again. Okay, so that's definitely very telling them, so they named the task force pulsar after Debbie's car and the pulse. I was actually later found and it deceit was way back when they found it. So they were like that's interesting, because Debbie was. I think
like five one pictures, a shorter now Tony Keeley, the forensic investigator, took samples of the soil. That was in the tires when the pulse I was found, but it didn't matched the soil where the body was found. So they thought that the car is most likely German somewhere to dispose of Debbie's purse and apparently her groceries, assuming o yet able to get them. Because, again, her purse is missing. Oh yeah, so that's weird and he never seems leg interested in valuables before no, he deftly didn't chasm Elizabeth had her book bag and it was found like a little way. away from her, and then Russia had like tried to give him the ring exactly on intra needed and care, so different homicide teams are actually used and Elizabeth, smarter and Debbie's, which was smart because they didn't want to live
assume that this was just one person, because it may have been a copycat yeah. That's my and then they're gonna get all fucked up and there were similarities in both cases. They were arguing, not the neck, especially being strangled and stabbed here and but, like I said, Debbie didn't have that post mortem crisscross like night foods that Elizabeth had yeah and again her purse was missing and that as in the case before sir tips came pouring in about a man that people had seen and Debbie's car that night and it seemed ass though Debbie had been driving flashing, her high beams at people, obviously to draw attention to the car. Oh that's horrifying. it was also said that the car was driving a radically and most and when I first started reading mess, unlike in investigating it. I was like, oh, if she's probably also trying to draw attention but later when you find out what happened. That's why the car was driving around it
radically owner yeah. So a taxi driver reached out to crime stoppers to report that he saw a man in a toilet block washing what looked like blood off of his face later line now. The man was driving a mobile home and the taxi driver actually got registration number of this mobile home now Many other people reported the same man and police where police were able to track down, but he had an alibi and no prior convictions, so he kind of just like faded. Often That is what we are, and that is where might for what were you doing in my life? What was on your face? Moves on your face? What is a toilet box? Somebody? Let me I have so many questions all the questions now other led came in from a man who said this is. that he saw a man getting out of Debbie's car the morning after she disappeared. Oh yeah,
it was really early in the morning, and the man who called in the Tipp was named daring. He was with a work friend and they both remembered the way the man got out of the car was super suspicious because he got out of the car and super quickly ran across the street and they they actually joked with each other. Like all we just saw drug deal ha but that's not what, but that's not what they are not enough. They said the man was wearing a dark jacket, so again capacity in all circumstances we ve, got a dark jacket. They said he was over six feet, tall medium built pale complexion, dark hair, potentially in a pony tail, but I think he had a head on little confusing and they were almost certain that they had seen him. Yes, certain they had seen him before. Ah so interesting now, there had been a month between Elizabeth and these murder and only hours between the attacks on Rosa Debbie and unity and the police were worried because of everything that they knew about cereal collapsed course. The cooling
period is gonna start to shorten because that's who gets more more frenzy, exactly it's gonna be Waymore Frenzy and most serial killers offend pretty close to their homes. Oh yeah, I, like this person, is like right under our nose and the can in the east, the tiny radius it women in the area where just staying home at night, mostly and just completely terrified that they would be next these women were doing the simplest thing I'm from work coming home from running into the store running to the store to get fucking milk, We can all yeah yeah endured with their twelve day old baby. I think of how often I literally run out of ingredients all the time I send any to go, get the hum of, but still allow Is there something interview with your happiness or that's preventing you from achieving our goals. I feel like we're getting to that. of year, where it's just like a little dark outside its well cold, and you just want to stay inside and be warm and also the weather makes you tired
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then it's more affordable than traditional offline counselling and guys financial aid is available. Better help wants you to start living a happier life today visit better help, dotcom, slash, morbid, that's better. Eighty lp enjoying the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health. The help of an experience professional? In fact, so many people have been using better help that they are recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states special offer. Morbid podcast listeners get ten percent off your first month: help dot com, slash morbid so now its July thirty S and a woman whose a postal worker spots in old, rusty, Yellow Toyota on sky, road and sky. Road is like very close to a school and a footpath social like that's weird, and that the car just seemed like
out of place, and she also saw a man in the car who seemed hell us us. This man is a chubby faced man, so we ve heard that I got a moon faced. Man Ronan around balloon faced Bihac slumped in the driver's seat wearing a dark cap with his arms folded. and it seemed like he was staring down the road waiting for someone or something you when he real This postal worker was like staring right at him. He slouch down even more in this in the driver's seat. I believe I can say see you. So yes, I think I my eyes still work, no matter what level you are indeed try voracity they still where you may not be able to see me, I can for you exactly so more calls come in about it, Yellow Toyota and the police go to check it out and now it's empty when they get there, so they peer in the windows and they see a dolphin torch which, if you don't know, that's a flashlight, I was going to say,
No, I do that as I am so glad, because I had to google- and I was like a minus torch. I know- is of less light, so that began. So it's a dolphin torches like a yellow of lashly. It's like those ones that construction people use Ehrlich like a real electrician. A diesel won't be a huge. They also see a screwdriver and a pair of sunglasses all sitting on the passenger seat normal. So, like a little weird, I don't. I have like a Wendy's wrapper on my drivers of ever my passenger, see now that same day, Natalie Russell was leaving school a little early, so she went to John Paul College, which I'm confused if it's a college or if it's a high school cause, a kind of sounds like a high school where Canada's, but I dont know if they call college High School in Australia. I dont know how it works they also, I think, call it like a uni, a uni. So, who knows what else do let us know hit me up because she was also seventeen years old. That's another reason I ask us I'm gonna whatever, but I mean she could have been like a prodigy
that's true, and actually I was seventeen when I started college, because my my birth easily also they go so I'm sure but anyway she was seventeen years old shoes super super, pretty very popular at school and she had long dark, hair and striking like brownish greenish eyes, ruling Hazel almost now? The students are John False College had been advised to avoid the bike path and most of them had stopped using their bikes any ways and just got right. It's too and yeah workers everybody's freaking out a serial killers on the law. Of course, I kept getting like scream by like a serial killers on the low God, stand, doors and the principal actually advise people not to go on the hook. so like principle, him Hindley and the Enemy Wembley, something like that and scream. He dies. Fortunately, Europe, sensible loves. You really are the curfew. What I was began
so not only knew this, but the walk was way quicker to get home down that Bypath and it was the middle of the day. So she was like it's fine, it's not fine, let's not fine. No, so she worked. She walked further into the path and she thought she was the only one walking, but then she heard footsteps behind her She got it wrong it s such a bad idea. Suddenly, a man approached her holding a knife. She offered him money, thinking that you're just gonna rob her, but even worse, her money, so Natalie obviously didn't return home that night and her parents reported her messing around eight p m. They were probably Hereford, absolutely terrified, and this is so sad. Her mother carnal had actually driven pass the school that day around two forty hoping that she could spot Natalie and bring her home like in the car. But she didn't know that Natalie had left early that day, and she was alive. I must have just MR by five or ten minutes and she did evolving comparable.
So almost immediately the bike path was searched. They paid very close attention to areas along the fence where the fence had been damage. There was holes in it and they didn't exactly know why. Now, when they got to the third hole on the fence, they saw unfortunately emotionless body laying on its side. The body was dressed in black tights and had again clear defence wounds to the hands and there were kicked up mounds of dirt all around the body. So it looked like a scuffle had yes go like this person was fighting tooth and nail to get free. Now when she was right to the medical examiner, the medical examiner noticed tat. Her body was in. We were shaped than the other two girls that he exam. Only like related to this. There was a long cut going down her left cheek, approximately ten centimetres long from the corner,
of her mouth up to her hair line young. While so they made almost like a Glasgow smile. Exactly a half. A glass goes my pretty much up. It was one of five cuts on her face, just her face alone, why her throat had been slashed open and the cut was measuring twelve and a half centimetres across, so she was nearly decapitated holy shit while cleaning up the neck wound. They found a rogue piece of skin attached to the cloth that they were using to clean up just a robe piece of skin. They were like what the fuck is that and it looked the skin from a fingertip. So they put it into an evidence. Jar a sap now and Natalie left hand. They found five short pieces of hair Natalie, was like super along, so she must have ripped the person's hair out who attacked her, who LISA about which, unfortunately, she also suffered the post mortem crisscross lashings to her chest, man, so
the postal workers who saw the Yellow Toy Oda, what the man sitting right there? She she called it in and she was asked if she would be able to identify the man and she said absolutely like. I could pick em out in the lineup now the man who the car was registered to at the time was just gonna, say p. Charles tenure, the postal worker had actually seen Natalie entering the bike path. Just ass. She was knocking on the door of just a random family house, but ass. She was gonna, use their fur and report the car, while she she was a part of my job is reporting any strange. Should I see so. I just knocked on the closest store and as I did this, I saw this girl walking to the path. What a weird like combination of events happening all at one. Yet it sounds like a movie really does so nuts, and, like I said so, the detectives went out to the horror and they found all that weird shit on the seat, but the car was empty that means over. That was him in the by that person in the bypass yeah
ass investment as they were, searching the car this I was half an eminently like feet away from them all. We share job so. I share and Johnson called the p d at fifty five fifteen scares me saying she got a calling card left on her door. Now the police had left it thereafter, knocking on the door or earlier in the day when they found out this car was registered to pee done here, and this was peed on yours. Address now they headed out there to talk to her and she told them that this person was home. So that's perfect, so p opens up the door and immediately detectives notice that he had a chubby round shaped pale, face and light blue eyes. Tat. Mother fucker has a moonface You got a mother, Fuckin Moonface. Now this person explain to them that Sharon was their girlfriend and that they lived together. The detectives us M all about his day on Friday night we had been murdered that Friday, obviously- and he told them he woke up in the morning. He drove Sharon to work had coffee with his mother's boyfriend
and then went on a hunt for this piece that he needed for his car. He was working on his car when it overheated, so he pulled over to top off the water, which I didn't even know. You're supposed to put water in your car is like actually now and then he was driving home and his car started to overheat again, so he pulled off right near about footpath or bike path, and he said he walked home to grab a screwdriver and water and water bottle to top off the water again. He then walked back to his car blah blah blah blah blah. So we just align he's holding for Libya. Now the were like. Why don't you just go to somebody's house near by and groundwater or the golf course that's right there this person was like that? Don't just makes me uncomfortable like I didn't, want to and seemed weird, and they were like. I know what you did. Games. Where take that's really well, why didn't you just continue to drive home cause? You work far from your house. Now your car wasn't gonna blow up willing, not rally would have made it very close to if not home- and there are like
man and I didn't have so then- and they said Then they went to Sharon's mother's house for dinner and they spent the rest of the night at home. So, ok, now Walter came to this person objectives notice that this person had a pool lothar? of scratches and like cuts all over their hands strings and especially large cut on their middle finger, almost exactly the same size as the he's of skin found in Natalie Throat wound dog, so they were like hey. how'd you get. Although site, you seem to be missing some skin, you ever lack of skin on your mental thing to know where you left that and he was like. Oh, I got them working on my car now there are like ok and actually he said something like on. I think they got caught in the engine when the attorney thing the vows earns, I guess sure, but
fucking ideal. Ask any the less about the detective knew about engines, and I guess engines are designed to like flicked the opposite way. If some touches them. So as long as occurs on one, so the detective was like hell doesn't make any sense. Could try makes China now they asked about what this person was doing the night that Debbie Frame had gone missing now that was three weeks earlier but this person remembered the day of the week Thursday and they the detective stop. I was especially where it because most people don't even like I don't no it today is the link. You could ask me what I did like two days ago and I believe I have literally wanting the doktor and the other thing that they thought it was weird. Was that this and never asked why they were here talking to him like they were there. Don't you want to know why we're here asking you are you should be shocked when the police are asking you strange questions about murder, vector mainly I should I global. Why am I a suspect? What happened most people ask that yeah so and they really
This person is just entirely to calm. Now they took this person to the police station for a formal interview, and this person declined a lawyer. So ok super smart yeah right. So the first videotaped interview was just this person lying about their whereabouts, fucking up their story left in more left and right and just making up excuses for. Cuts on their hands. Of course, now the interviewer, like, I said, kept catching this person and mistakes and being like one, and I give you hence to correct yourself, but the whole just kept. Getting like deeper and deeper now, This person mention to the police that a friend of his had heard his a mentioned on a police scanner. There like all I knew you were coming. As my friend told me, you know who that friend was the police wanted to know some. Do you I sure do they were like who who asked you that air who told you that Donovan's ah
the veins from the beginning of the story, but the cat. She was friends with this person because she didn't know that this person was responsible for that horrible attack. Oh my god, so. She had no idea that he was responsible for that and she's giving him, like hey your name was mentioned rate like as long as on. You should find out de Jericho I caught. Meanwhile, she has no idea up exactly while these cases bonkers bananas, wild crazy nuts, corrects wow so get crazier. So I don't know How do I do like? I don't either I do, but actually there so they wrap up the first interview for coffee break and they asked us. person. If you would be willing to give a blood sample and fingerprints now, this person was told that if they didn't agree, they get a warrant anyway. So the person was like you sure you don't agree we're going to take it
exactly so, while they were waiting for the detectives to come back with information about any dna or blood samples, or just to tell them like what was going on, the person asked if they could go to the bathroom and I'm going to start saying that you're done your ass. If they could go to the bathroom, another detective had to take junior to the bathroom cuz. We can't go long and while he was going to the bathroom, then you're asked him a couple. Questions religion, which were super weird and then asked how fast dna samples come back and if their dna would match, and they really Why, like the detective, was like I don't know, you have to talk to the homicide detectives who are working in this case, like I'm simply here to take you to the bathroom and its also egg. What why they click is I dont know if your dna is that match. Did you kill them that? That's why we do the test right to find that out exactly so that he was it. You know you gonna talk to the homicide detectives, so he looks at the sardine. Your looks at this detective Ngos are it. I killed all three of them
all it took was go into the bathroom and haven't somebody Billy out o about DNA. Yes, like well shit, and it had been like eight hours of the interview, so he was slowly break, but it is a body like hey. I gotta go pod. this dna gonna Matthews, like I, don't know about anything well fuck. I didn't take why our aid so daring tactics they properly used for eight hours in the skies. Just look know about dna. He's like that he's like you, don't know, broke on, tell you it's weird Spock. It doesn't make any sense if it were so dear in a lawful and was the detective who done your confessed to and Daren T him to stop talking Cassim, not working this case regarding literally here, to take you to the bathroom shit, do shut the fuck up and use it. you know, I'm gonna go get the detectives, don't say anything else to me, like literally had to say that your said. Okay. Well, can you also is how tell them thy attacks that woman at Seaford that night, that Debbie Frame was killed, meaning from Russia.
We should like y know any like new. I told you shut the fuck up. You start talking, so daring went to the initial investigators and they all agreed that he should be in the room for the rest of this. This is gonna, be the effect of Your confession, we shouldn't take the official confession on the John DOE lots of should do if people there they're saying that by key should be in there oh yeah, the detective should be. He wasn't even working the kings, but they're, like you know it now. You were there here is a welcome to the case. Now we're gonna get into everything that peat and your said about all of these murders, and it is horrifically bird all just so Europe aware so about the murder of Elizabeth Stevens. He said he saw her get off the bus and quote something hit me straightened. The head, you know, go! No. I dont know
we have a bad at all friends how I feel uneasy at target sign. I got here. You know girl who go what I see a Starbucks of a girl go. So it's never about a person. He described a running across the road grabbing her and yelling at her that the going to her that they were gonna take a walk while, which is just the way, can you say something else and he's like. I just ran at her and told her we're gonna Channel walk like what so he confirmed holding her hand to make it look like they were together, and he said they walked by a bunch of people together into the brush and he respected her privacy while she use that oil, it, oh, what a guy. Thank you so much for respecting my privacy before you fucking, literally slashed my throat open super suing you some what a gentlemen you are so sweet cocoa cool. So then they said that they walked toward where the goalposts worm and I choked her. Then I pulled knife out and stabbed her many times and throw oh ok, Jessica, then
they described how, after all, that she was alive and got up to run away, but he shoved her down. Stamped on her, throw with his foot confirming exactly what the medical literature exactly it and the detectives were like. Why did you do that? Why did you stop on her throat if you thought she was dead and this person responded to finish her off, who take? Oh ok, so they were like. Why did you want to kill her and this person's and just wanted to kill just wanted to take a life, because I felt like my life had been taken many times And they were lying. While, why look? What do you mean by that and that the person with soup vague about it, but they said that when they were younger of their brother had sexually abused them, so I dont know now when they were asked when they asked about the attack on Russia Rosa? I really hope him saying my right. I saw so many different prevents you and I know it's hard when it said different ways. They spent drives I'd like different dialects and stuff exactly.
He explained the whole thing and almost sounded pissed about her quote: going against her word and running away. He barely was absolutely ourselves, why do you think he ripped her hair a horse? So he said that he He was ass, annoyed ass when he found out that Elizabeth had lied and said that she was seventeen, even though she was really eighteen. He like up past when they told him that she was eighteen doing he's like. Why, like we, I don't owe you anything. No and now this is the book that I read so Vicki portrayal portrayed as I think it is fair, training written her book, the francs and murders twenty five years on this book is so fucking. God, like I went in to a deep dive on this, but she has even more in the book. That's no! I want to read it now. She wrote his complete lack of empathy for them was telling it was like in his mind. You didn't go against your word and if you did that made you a liar while and he like wanted to get somebody Gore weird honour system yeah, he D. murders line but like lying yeah cool, so what
attacked and end up like you wanted it to then your hopped on a train and when he got off the train and look up the stairs or whenever he spotted Debbie pulling into the milk bar in her gray pulsar. Now he said he just got the feeling so Debbie left doors unlocked of her car, unfortunately, because she's just running into Get Milch Valley was NEA, anything of it, but if you're running summer, quick locker Georgia, now Daniel noticed that she hadn't locked the doors and he opened the back door and crawled into her back seat. Nay, my biggest fucking nightmare on this planet. Now, when she got back in the car he pulled his now, he pulled his fate gun because Russia, right. The gun was fake, wholly was just something that he had like Maguire Macgyver together like cod, so he called in the Black Sea pulled his fate gun and he said this is horrible. He told her he blow her head off, quote decorate the car with her brains,
holy shit up. He showed her natural. He so annoying instructor her not to alert anybody and told her to drive to tailors road. Now that's she was discovered when they got there. He pulled a corridor and began to strangle, her, which I'm like, I wonder if he had, because he was she's Eddie was showing her the cord like covered her eyes and stuff like TAT you that while she was driving them, that's why armies are erratic many lightly. I don't know, but when they got there, he used the cord to strangle her, and he knew tat. She was the mother of a young baby because he literally told the detectives that he saw the carrier when he got into the car when he saw the baby's car seat. So this mother Fucker didn't give a fuck that he was killing a baby's mom, he is nothing I was gonna say. So if I missed gendered him, I know now has he's a monster honestly, fuck him exactly holy shit he described now. This is so.
Fucking childish and so ridiculous and envy Vicky's book. She literally it like the objectives were stunned, but he said this, oh god, so he described stabbing her and lifting up her shirt to see how big her boobs were, in the he literally start, their untold it told detectives. I just wanted to see how bigger boobs, where and was she one of the ones that wasn't crisscrossed? She was not crisscrossed. Did she have been a bigger chow I dont know, I wonder if it, how do you with the size of the chest? She did just have a baby, so I know they are ass due to some time larger yard and she was breastfeeding. So maybe I wonder It is because I wonder if the other two may be had like of flatter chest, maybe maybe Some there's someone here or something there's some weird yeah something that to him makes sense about this reality. You know, and I feel like it's like they did
and our opposite pictures cause they actually recreated Elizabeth and, like almost like a wax kind of sacho until recreate what she was wearing that night and she was smaller. So I think she may have higher waller derisory and then I'm trying to think. If not, I mean Natalie seventeen may be very had smaller chests and maybe there's something in his brain gray about ass, something about that. Yeah maybe is connected. Maybe does it is strange to me that only one of them was an ex doubt. He mentioned her chest specifically exactly know in that it, like you, wanted to see that in that she was a mother and they were likely she had why on earth like while I know now, while I wonder, that's a really good, Why? I literally don't even think of unrestrained. I understand all the good of just the weird shit he did and we had to have in some kind of thought process in their absolutely so heat
the authorities that he went home and the next morning he drove Debbie's car, so he was seen to get rid of the milk and eggs and to grab her purse to find out who he killed. Galloway wanted her purse. While not the last reason I thought now. He buried her purse along the same path where he killed. Natalie. Who share is that so weird and he brought the eggs in the milk home. He poured the milked on the sinking, got rid of the eggs and then burnt all the cartons, which is just like weird you're, not smart. Now, like a hamley yeah, that's what you weren't like. That's the only precaution you talk achingly other over the carton. The also took off his like bloodstained jumper, which on enough I was like his jacket jumper is, I think, a sweater sweater yeah. He took down off an m, wiped the car down with it, and he was also an gloves every during every attack. While
So I call you're so good at this now he described the last of the murders and this one is gruesome cause. She was the one that was like he was airy like this was like rage. Fields were reach fields than usual, so so, I believe he describes this and he said he hadn't even intended to kill her, but that his car really did over. He is, and so he went to have a walk would like, while it over heated, which I don't buy cars over here. So many chicken we'll take a walk levels down like ok. Now so he saw anatomy and he started to walk behind her because he had climbed through one of the holes that he had previously cut into the fence. Oh my God stock victim. While he up, he said that she told him that he could have her money and even have intercourse with her, and he said she was saying all these disgusting things and the type of the detective. Like? Yes, you sing anything that she could to get you away from her nose? You may want to dogs with you dont compliment yourself.
No one does bro know. If you see the picture, definitely going to be like thanks and no thank you now. He said that he hit her and she fell down, and then he got on top of her and it held the knife up to her. I to show it to her and they were like. Why did you do that? He was like cuz. I wanted her to see it and they're, like course, okay. He said that he's that she screamed and he told her. Not up or I'll, kill you and he had a leather strap and he was going to strangle her with it, but it broken half is so. I think he was mad about that and then When that happens, she started to fight him like kicking in shit, to get him off of her and not made him earlier now biggest trigger warning of all time. For what I am about to say, he said He cut a small hole into her throat and stuck his fingers and Simon grabbing and twisting her cords her cords and then he tossed her head back and made the cut even longer quote, which sort of which sort of cut almost her whole head off and she slowly died.
Now, when she died, he kicked her slashed, face one more time kicked her again. make sure she was dead and did the crisscross pattern on her. I wish you could see my face. I know I feel like I just did to you what you normally do to me holy shit, so he made one small cut in shoved his fingers inside it and grabbed her cord see said and then trundling rip. It further open holy I don't I forget. If he said this, you have to read the book this book is you have to read the? I got it right that I can't remember if the author said this or if he said, but it was to silence there you go. Oh it is really some. So that's like really symbolic, so I think the reason that he cut the throw- and I think it was Vicki portrayed as who wrote this- is to silence when they had to take the voice, did take their boy can examine. It says something about that. Just me with, like I, you don't matter, I'm taking the one thing that you think matters, which is your voice,
two so weird, but also them to slash marks the means of the gate. Homely summoning there's something to do with the chess there ya gotta, be in the fact that he sang like you know to sing all these disgusting thing. She was saying right discussing things civilities like why we And speaking to me, right he's like I agree that jobs I may have to stop and its actual and saying discussing things you she's trying to get you away for exactly it's like fought out again, don't come at herself in just the fact that in use you know it's one thing to take an insight, men of any kind and dissolute summons throat it's an educational charges and into rip open. A woman like that is so barbaric, yeah, that's so Anna! Oh, it's unreal and I absolutely hate Haiti to save us, but honestly, thank God. He did because that piece of shit it is really what Siano deliver him yeah. They know this who then he admitted that it was him who snuck through Donovan's apartment that night and killed all her cats and just ransacked her house. Can you
Jim being done on hearing that later. No, no, I'm not going to go into detail about what he said, because he described everything about the cats and my cats were sitting with me. While I was writing this, so I'm also know that you read it if you'd like to I can imagine seriously when sailing forty two more times just because I honestly hope Vicki lessons to this cause. I'm like your book was so fucking, so he said Donna, was there that night he intended to kill her and he wanted to cut her throat while in remember he cut her throat in picture yeah and the same thing with the other woman. I think pretty Miss Julia Yard Jewels now and when you see what killed the baby to probably only love O hundredth agreement was their cause. He did all that shit in that room. Now that's chow yeah, probably so the ass they were like. Will you knew Donna choose your friend, like you told us that she warned you that she heard your name on the police scanner? Why did you do that? Why did you want to go yeah and he said he just unlike Ernie her any especially didn't like her sister. Oh ok,
That makes sense. Yeah, ok, able clears that right up. Thank you! So then they asked. Can you explain why you only have women victims just they were trying to get Butterfield low. We're me said I just hate him we are, we can tell, and they said I beg your pardon I, but they were taken a little back in India. I just hate them, oh ok, so that's cool, and then they were like these. Women or women in general and even general. Ok, thank you for that. All a great now we're going Oh take just a brief look back into his childhood, and if you want to look even further back into it, I'm gonna tell you like eighty five more times read this book began: Vicki does a deep cut into his childhood but all the signs were there to make a murderer. Oh good, one of the first signs that when he was a baby, he rolled off a bench and knocked his head there. It is there it is when it back. Then his sixth grade teacher said
there was an incident where he tried to kill another classmate. I mean that's about as like clear cut because you can get at six. He was trying to be a murderer in six or eight o at I mean at six alight. Well either way he was trying to be a murderer. As a child, as a straight up child. Now I he used to get bullied, alot cause. He was like a bigger kid, and probably the worst, though the classmate said something shitty to him and when the classmate said something to him, his reaction was to hit him and then shut. Pan in his mouth and lodged the pen millimetres literal millimetres away from the boys windpipe hole? so like an ambulance had like this point, be taken of hospital? Only ah charges could have been pressed and honestly for him tat to be his react in Jerusalem. You just somebody by allocating a fat fear, a certain area
with that kind of violence. It's like what is happening, the fuck. Certainly what happened when you fell in your head, yeah also. Why did you find your head so that happened and after Why was taken to hospital in Paul was asked like why the fuck did you do that, like he shrugged any said, he wouldn't say sorry. So it's like ok see. You also have no remorse for what you just said forget it. I know he had a sister named Natalie. is all wild and he had once slashed the throats on two of her Teddy bears and just left them in her room, and you gotta give the kid back. oh a hunt, a return on their return it right now. That's that's no good. Now these Teddy bears were given to her by the brother who he claimed sexually abused him. Oh, that may have happened, ok and then there's this whole thing. Where this is nuts, I mean it's doesn't make him a child monster, but the guy sound like an asshole, the brother who is said to have molested him ended up marrying his uncles wife.
Broke up his uncles, his uncle by blood's marriage, fuck married the uncles, wife and then told his mom that, because those were technically like the woman's children were technically like her nieces and nephews. Oh yeah neves, I know they're, your grandchildren now cause they. Then they were his cause. I do it's fucked up, so there's a body. I check that's with Chile, then so that we're not done yet with Paul childhood, but he also hung the family kitten from a tree and when he was asked about it like he was a weird fucking kids, so they obviously seems he did and he was like oh about like just like a neighbor. Doesn't like cats. I guess slink Ella. Well, that's what you do when you don't like hats and they were like. Oh yeah, that's weird cause. We found your pocket knife covered in furry blood got so that's gun and also like. Why do you think it's normal that link many doesn't like an animal. You hang it up, because that's what he d I gave it its like. That should be enough to be like. Ok, that's a weird Rio said: why were you never sent away till I reform school or through?
be ordered or the sun, this mercury, our like by Mother I see now he also had been charge. For assault when he was fifteen years old for forcing another? boy to masturbate in front of other kids guys come on and then oh, I skipped one when he was twelve. He He was apprehended for stealing a motor vehicle while at the age of Well then that will think happened when he was fifteen and then his We said that he used to just walk the streets at night and they were like a well he's fat. So it's good then he's getting exercise. I'm not kidding I'm literally not getting! There really are well he's overweight. So, like that's good that he's getting exercise, do you to which I say like last year, the amount of red flag fry you would have to literally take a canoe through the amount of
flags that I never get out, you would never get it be right it be by parting, the Red Flag City Ocean, it red flag were not done. He also got trouble when he was like around the age of fifteen on his nightly like fat get wax because he was keeping in the windows of all these girls, including his brothers a friend and she opened the door one day I'm like high, I just saw you lay creeping up my window and of pants on what the fuck are. You doing and she said that you stared at her and like this weird dazed state guys come on now call someone there are like. Why didn't you hurt share in your role friend, and he was I got they had it exactly and they said Sharon's, don't think anyone else. I know I'd, never hurt her she's kindred spirits. Oh now, I'm in a say on the record, and you can go fuck yourself if you have anything to say about this, sharing the disgusting piece of shit yeah. So
Sharon went to see Paul in prison- and I guess the first thing she said to him- was: don't cry Paul, I'm not here to listen to your blubbering. I want some answers, but don't forget that she's, a piece of shit that integrate quote on Friday by Paul, explained everything to her and she had a ton of questions for him like. Why did he do it? How did he chooses victims? Why didn't he kill her like all this stuff and then she told him tat. She had some bad news. She said, I think I'm pregnant I'm keeping it and then she, left now when they escorted p back to their cell. The person that asked, where did pee said that he was like super pissed off like a very angry, and he had been looking forward to seeing Sharon, but when she said that she was pregnant I sent him into a rage all so that's good, so we don't like Andy's or women cool. Now, what told the authorities that she had caught on two p and was pretty suspicious of him during their relationship.
and she would always ask him like what he was doing on the night of each murder cause. They would watch the news about these murders together and should be like will work. Where were you that night, like she suspected him sick? Okay? So you don't think too the police ire anything why're, you dating somebody that you suspect of me you don't wanna call anyone umbilical. Never in my almost four year relationship with Amy have we been watching the news and I have Ivan like where were you that naive as heroes would, if I never sitting on the couch and make a murder flashes across the news, and I look at John and say where were you at night? I got fuck. You were with me that's time to dip Jacobite here now. She also said that she had been getting suspicious of all the cuts that he was coming home with and she was just such a thing. I want to give you as much information as I can and she said that one night on one of the murders he was she came home to him sitting in a lounge chair holding Likud deconstructed wire hangar
no IR and he said that he planned to kill himself and he had like all these cuts over his hand, and he told her that's how he got them like. While he was like trying to kill himself, but that's not true cuz, he had just murdered a woman and he wasn't going to kill himself while because Narcissist now now that's cool. There was also another account where he tried to strangle Sharon because they had gotten into an argument and she was able to get away and she ran to a bathroom unlocked yourself in but he promise never to do it again. So they decided to get back together. Oh good, yeah now dinner when he went to jail, he pleaded guilty to all three accounts of all three counts of murders gives me, but he refuse to plead guilty to attempted murder on the attack of Russia. He said that he would only plead guilty to abduction. It was like will know you. You had plans to kill her like what we all know it. Sir. Would you literally admitted that you are european
cause you couldn't get exactly but Nope Zoe when it, while in the end o o any so he was found guilty and the and obviously good, he told all the families that trial untrue Sorry, for what happened I'll do my sentence and I'll become a better person and I will re offend promise to the to God and the people of Melvin Cool, it's like yeah. You will cause that's the law. and like you're, not gonna re offend, cause you're gonna be in jail for the rest of your life, fill a gap get out of here and it'll. Be fine. Like cool call super sorry now he was and to quote, never be released, love that that's good blood that for them now share in recent earn recently, as unlike recently after he got sent, and so a long time ago, appeared in a picture. That said, I love him underneath it. Oh, I was wondering why because I like she just such a damp might now, but less damage is also a horrific piece of shit while she told real life, which is like a tv tabloid, I still
him I'll stand by him, a hundred percent not for what he has done, but I stand by him for the person he is no a murderer, a vicious torture mutilating murderer like I'll stand by him for the person that he is not a fucking Merlin the person we and murder. Are you good, Sir Cool share in Europe The person he is is what he's done right now that he is also you are, who you hang out now throughout the book that I read for it. S, like I said a million times, Sharon seems like a very controlling force like peace, family didn't like her at all and like a very like I almost like our control, mom. She really was now almost wonder if, like she's part of the reason why he killed people- and you know at that- The last thing I'm going to say about peed in your because who gives a shit are an asshole, I guess just murderer, and I want to leave you guys on a lighter note. So I actually just found out that the password Natalie was killed was renamed Nats track in memory of her.
that is bad, but I love it as well, but it's like I, I love and something somewhat good comes out of something absolutely absolutely horror by now. You need something you need some light at the end of this: a yeah real, dark, real grimy tunnel indefinitely. Doing we have it at nuts track notes track some thou. as in the case of the Frankfurt serial killer, because the last person was dubbed TAT, is the one of the most heinous honestly honestly like that is truly outrage as not so nuts and seriously. I can't tell you enough: you have to read this book by Vicki, but It s called the franks too murders twenty five years on make sure you get the one that's twenty five years on, because its recently been updated. All perfect, I want to read the so bad I bought it may kindles liking Kindle share in the thought, was so good zone, not skies? Why, while, but to switch
gears very abruptly and something very lies seriously. Just bring us all back up. Let's think some Patrone nature and baby baby I'd like to thank Jennifer Gardener, Jennifer gardener. Thank you so much. You then I'd like to think crazy plant lady easy plant. Lady love, you! I love! You thanks crazy plant. Lady. Thank you objects, we have Victoria Birket Victoria Birket, you work, it worked it Thank you. Then we have a one name: Madonna, Patrone, slew, Nicky, O Nicky. So hot right. Thank you! So much Nicky Hannah Honey, I'm gonna ruin your last name. Irony. Thank you to hand way. Rotch Hanno way, Rotch Way, rock you rock you rock World Hammer, then I'd like to a season that I mists and a person to summer summer, I do not miss
season, but I love you summer. I only music is a just note here: love you summer. Thank you so much some! Then I'm gonna think Lisi, rent lace, rents. Now you sound pretty lake some like your lacy. You do exaggerated instead of you so rightly say. Do then Jordan, Hogarth Jordan. Hogarth yeah, you are the burghers, Jordan Hogarth, one Garth, ogre rock on then Jason Griggs Jason Griggs now, thank you. So much Jason, Griggs Blue eyes. The bags of everything guises up. It's been a long way. those rights, true hand. Now, last but not least, we have Elizabeth Moffit Elizabeth Moffat. Thank you. Thank you so much Yes, yes, I don't even know if you are british, but you sound. yeah. You do Elizabeth Warfare, Elizabeth Moffit psychotic, I have to say your name in a british excellent and you too much as always. Thank you to all our preserve of turn aside. It really means
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