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Episode 185: The Unbelievable Life & Crimes of Carl Panzram Part 2

2020-11-08 | 🔗
Part two of the conundrum that is Carl Panzram. Part two consists of Carl escaping to Africa, living more like a pirate, murdering almost everyone in his path and eventually confessing to murder. Dive in for the gory details and some seriously interesting psychology!! Books/websites used for episode Carls handwritten letters Kill Em All By Ryan Green Butchering Humanity Carls Autobiography  As always thanks to our sponsors: Purple: Experience the purple grid and you’ll sleep like never before. Go to purple.com/morbid10 and use promo code morbid10 for a limited time you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more Gabi: take a few minutes right now and stop overpaying on your car and home insurance go to gabi.com/morbid  Plushcare:  make your appointment today, go to plushcare.com/morbid
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Things I thought could never happen in a punk back lady once a new regional calmly streaming only on pick up a confused mix of hash anthems, sour, go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute to live in front, we are leaving all the Celts feeling now only on peacock. He weirdos I match, and I'm Alina in this is more bed it
it's hard to more part. Two of this fucked up dude, you guys, like part one of Karl pans, room people, loved firewall, low Carl low Carl just cause and all kinds of having an employee rights, namely Carlo car vicinity. Good no Carl doesn't do anything that brings anyone any kind. Joy now does not have the track. yeah. Everybody was really like. Thank you so much for you guys for the compliments on the first episode of reduce, like oh, my god, I'm excited so that makes me feel good. I love them I feel it could seriously blurred dislike genuinely in a better mood as obvious yeah. I don't know what it lets. You know we're in a celebratory mood. We kick quite put our finger. Only I don't know what it is it feel at the wheel, it fills lighter yesterday. I was just like, ah all the Sunday just, but I felt like yeah I felt like I could breathe yeah I feel like I could be myself. I just feel happy
do, I feel happy little gay ivy who you up, I feel proud of you for being. I feel I feel just I don't know. I just feel I don't know. I feel history. Bearing I feel like I have my own choices. Yeah yeah yeah feels that way had dug its gonna, be good visit the people that we love like support. we'll have choice? Oh yeah? I love it. Just feels that way up- and I don't know if you guys fell away but like we ve just often somewhere and some in the universe, sire fear So everybody else goes away. You know everybody should be happy. Everybody knew happiness, is fun to happy and you know clap your hands, so a vague now that we ve talked about how happy we are, let's bring every body back. We weigh down into the doom, let's bring it down into the depth of spring. You download the sector, which is effective system
of a down or, as Ashton, also voted to participate in the baby and listen to me. If you don't know Tiger Solicitor tales episode. I know what nine inch nails, as I just didn't know that people said- and I am one there were writing by its use by the men. I love that out of all that, I knew Tory AIM of yeah. That's pretty that a gay as to how all gazers get away. I don't know what that tells about you. I did something also about that has something to do with it. I don't think we have any other. This is a technically quote on quota many up as Oda. Guess they're the ones we don't really do any work So we don't really have a whole lot of business. I don't think I don't think so massing just just general like happiness, that's really all down to set such happy. Some good so onto Carl yeah. Let's talk about car, ok! So when we last left Carl,
I was doing it was I train, I feel no. No! No! he had killed someone. I feel he had killed a few someone's he's he was. You know. He was just on his way on his yacht. That stole. Oh, yes, the yacht any was just Vienna higher. sailors. From the day girl was below deck, he is below deck Mediterranean without that was initiated by the he was just whining and dining them after work in him all day, and then he was just killing them and raping them get or not. That ordered the other order raping killing killing. Maybe not that honestly probably went matters are to be quite honest, so I don't really know, but either way he was doing this quite often did it with a few people and people back on land or start doing. Where's, only sailors Cohen, why does he have a different crew ever People are really starting to on sirens again yeah there all. Suddenly. This is a little conspicuous what of
he's just literally leg, lowering them out onto a shot, taking them out, murdering them than coming back at me like. I would like it. Sailor police. So I think of ethnically what happened to the last twelve, where the other ones go. So you as I got it, I should probably stop what I'm doing right now and he had to switch up his style little bit cause you. you think I'm going to stop murdering no way whose something I'm not gonna do, but he was like how to switch up the style, so you know he found a way. He could still do that. Okay, so what he did was he picked up two sailors and he picked up these two sailors that he wanted to kind of like work with him to commit crimes. Now so now he's like. I want a buddies. We get our situation and he was like you know these two sailors were Conaway piano, they were, they were like whatever they were into it, there will again will commit some petty crimes will still some shit. Why not you know it's like the nineteen twenties and what the fuck are. We gonna do. Who gives a shit? like honestly, and so they were like our. It will do this, so they travelled down the coast robbing every yacht. They passed us
so they're straight up pirates the end. That is one thing exactly, because one thing that Karl was really into was cowboys and pirates. Ah, he grew up like being very interested them and he wanted to be them. They were too. Because they're outlaws you and that's what he wanted to be. So he is a pirate as being a pirate he's living his dream, dream big. I guess could stream a little bigger than curled dream, dreamlike better. to the car, like don't take the dream path that girl that dream, a better dream way more wholesome dream: curled, it don't dream of being an actual pirate loan, because he they just stalled tons of shit everywhere. They went
They were really successful at courage. They got tons of money tonnes a shit to sell, and you know it was with these two helpers, but he was sharing the stuff with him like, so that huge he was giving them like pieces of the pie sure and they were like okay. So this must mean that, like we're really leg in Cahoots here, yeah, but his whole intention was like picking up pieces of the pie because I'm just going to end up killing you right, so it doesn't matter lecture hang onto the ship, while you're on my yacht you're not going to like I'm just going to take it back from you when I dump you in the water That's so wasn't like an act of kindness or any kind of bond he had with them. He just knew that he was gonna killing them so in nineteen. Twenty. They hit bad weather coming into Atlantic City and Karl is not a perfect. Wholesaler, no he's just a yacht stealer. I dont know what you heard, but he's not.
A word on the block. I don't know he sure made it seem like you. I see others big yacht and he's taken sailors out there all the time. So these make it look like ears, but he's not so he was unable to farewell and these bad weather in this bad weather. So the ship actually hit some rocks and sank. Oh, it sank along with all the shit. stolen know what happened to them. Well then, I Diana Lifeboat Day, all three survived shoe weirdly enough, but the one thing that sank with the boat that was like the most devastating was that gun he had stolen from After all, that is devastated and he was past because he was like I planned on using this gun for a long time to keeping him on more like murders on ya like connecting him to murder. So he'd have to hear about it every time I did it and I was gonna, be there on his ass forever, but I think I can assure you that suddenly Carl I wish
you got to pin more murders on I'm mad at tat, very sending him like a really horrible prison, and it was. It was a pretty bad idea. It really was making. Guy knows port murder. Now adopted. We don't supplementary murder her I said border zones, we ll sport, murder, her we're both decide a little moment instant along week. I think everybody can agree so, like I said all three men survive to, which is nuts. The two men, like the two sailors when they got to land, ran off immediately like they're like by, because I think they probably knew like he had other plans for them. I dont think Carl was exactly the kind of guy that you would like. I think, you'd believe. Maybe he was like this right, tough guy who is linked dangerous. Maybe you had like some kind of a poor with him, but I don't think he was good enough to make. You believe that he was gonna, fuckin kill all good its own, pretty sure these two were like yeah. We should just did Well, I'm glad they were able to dip, so they
and away and he was like a well I'm gonna, murder, someone else! Ok, I gotta do this so now he's lost his he's pissed because he's like, and now I plan to murder, these two people didn't get my fix right. So what the an my gun is gone. My gun is gone. My boy, It is gone and almost everything all my should has gone so now: he's lost his boat, so he's back to jumping on train, stoker and see I knew you said. Where's Carl and I just I was ahead of me now you you knew he would come back to the train, all good things led to trains, oil. Is the original boxed heart car child? You literally, is he loves it? He can't stop trains loves, he loves it, so he jumped on mortar
means any just traveling. Around he's doing Carl things he's just raping people, robbing people left and right, oh good, all like any. You know everywhere in anywhere UK, because again remember at the Andes, like I have like, raped and assaulted and murdered. Like thousands people yeah But of course now he's murder people now so that only recently started earning people. So now he's like do in his thing robbing rape in any like it's not enough, Susan. Given me what I need any more exactly so is like anymore. So there is a small gap in what he was doing for a few months between then and the next thing, but honestly, like we can probably assume he was just robbing and raping possibly bartering. More yeah, like I don't think he was like painting landscape is like knitting, blankets, watching the great but british Baker Volunteering at the elder yeah. I don't think he ll picked up a hobby. I think you are doing more upon.
Yeah, maybe he was twenty nine now, although bold in a knot, three hundred twelve, like you, probably thought he was seriously, which life that Karl leads. I assumed that he was in his eighty honestly like what I read: twenty nine when I was reading about this time in his life as a twenty nine slick he's not foreign, Twenty five right are, you sure, did you do the math right? since the matter, so he ended a breaking into another mansion and New Haven like TAT, because he didn't once Would Taft. So, of course, he's like I can do with Russia can do whatever the fuck I want. Unfortunately, the family was in there when it happened and he held them hostage. The entire family, the staff of the mansion quietly alerted police While this was happening like go staff and he was arrested. Oh he didn't do a good job in the sun whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream, classic sitcoms the office boxing recreation and soon have met.
I have to pick up regional companies like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy phase. Could a peacock dvd com to get started we believe that when you ask the questions, no one else does you get that There's no one else can that's why a pen medicine we were able to create a place. No one else has one where women are not only cared for but listen to, and they can be confident in the health care they are receiving. Pen medicine. Women's health is another reason why your life is worth pen, medicine, visit, pen, medicine, dot, Org, Slash women's health to learn more he gave a fake name and only got six months in jail, for, like attempted robbery, has it looked like his first brush with the law released a fake name, so he spent time in jail raping everyone. He could because he felt like it, and he said it really brought like Balance
controlled his life. So when he learned he was ready to get a job and may be murder. Some people like, but do it smartly with a job here, like I want a job he's like murder- doesn't come with health and migrants yeah. He was, I am definitely in America or more people believe yeah, I'd like to start enough, is it an IRA. I'd like a thorough and yes, yes, you know we will. We got a plan for the fiend retirement. We don't want to just go Willy nilly, never so what he did was he joined the flying squadron of this Siemens Union A yeah seriously undue. He helped the black legs, which we talked about part one who are like the scattered there. like the owl writers, scabs, and then this black legs and jobs will work for the lower wages and the black legs or just beat the shit out of a picketers. So we started helping the black legs again when strikes happened within that union because he's really good
at any was learning to sail better while he was doing this so he's also get ease learning to sail, while also also getting to beat the shit out of people. That's like Carl's dream, its Carl's version of when you love what you do. You don't work in your life. That's that's how you feel exactly you all about it. He does love zoning values, boot and things escalated, pretty quickly, which I'm sure you're like super shock, Tibet Carlotta. Like me, what level of decorum, while beating the shit out of me, very strange. Yet so people started using weapons as opposed to fists sub picket line, good good, not good, and one day gunfight broke out with Carl at like leading the pack. Of course, police came in Karl decided to use fire on the police to
because he was, he just didn't, go sure why not and the police were able to arrest everyone, including Carlton, but they were all let em out on bail because they were like. The police was working with the union at that time, and it was all weird and shady must see messy. Then they lost sight of him like he was just nowhere once they put him out on bail, they started kind of pulling together the pieces of like wait a second. We think that Carlos also this guy in the sky, like his aliases, are starting to be pulled up together o day they tried to find couldn't find them he has to get out of here, because obviously the heat on now right, so he's gotta, get out of here fast, so here knock on a ship that was headed for Portuguese Angola, which is on the West Coast of Africa. Oh he's really get that I was going to say he's not just go into. Canada is not just skipped town he's really leaving when he actually showed it could so you'll stay down and like stowed away. Basically, my many got border that so we just walked up on the tax on was like high everybody. I stowed away,
and so he reveals observing. How do I must stowaway his eye cause harm. They were like what the fuck they were. Pissed. Obviously stowaways are knocker. Normally They just like throw them overboard usually, but then he was like. Look, I'm a big dude and there, like you, are white, big United voice like I can use my bigness, and I can work so on issues like put me to work, and I have to do it just let me off at the next up after pay me, so that of course, they're like we re, Download, thickness, seaward down with a good looking up, and so there like our right, that's cool! So he worked. He did great the crew loved him, no murder. I think the pirates life was for him. I think if he had stayed a pirate, he would have done way that once this on a life for me, but whether they say go ahead
Oh yeah, yo, Ho Ho and a bottle of Rome, yes, but for him it's like YO, Ho Ho and model of murder. Someone. But it doesnt kwairyo ourselves, it doesn't by Karl, definitely would have been better as a pirate, reminding you would just one should assailed northern seas. you could have found his brow, Jack Sparrow, nor would be lovely. I think a lot of I would have been saved to be honest, so they get to their next destination and the captain is literally like please stay on my crew cause you're, so great an hour, you good you're. So back, please tell my crew. I am so down with your things. Never do not leave me and he was like I'm sorry like. I can't I need to get off easily. I want to get off here. I want to go, live a life of luxury where I just like float around. No one knows who I am. I just
do that early on the seven seas. I cannot form relationships cow. He was like. I want to be friends, and I think he also kind of felt like being on a crew and like under some one was too much like prison, only used to like regulated for him and he was like. I don't like that. Ok, so in nineteen twenty one he decided he was going to hide out, and this is nineteen twenty one by the way like the same year, but he decides that he's gonna hide out where they dropped him off. We, as in Africa, ok in Angola and he's gonna hide out here because he's white and he can get away with whatever the hell he wants their back them. So he was like I'm just this white guy. I can walk around my can like just fuck around, and nobody knows who I am, and no one's gonna dare do anything right which the ultimate white privilege yeah exactly he could be whatever kind of fuck had he wanted to be in trust me he is so so I want to warn now because it's gotta be coming up in a little while
it I know, I know I said this before and I think it's gonna get narrowly and you will know it already did no new earlier it didn't get gnarly, it's gonna get narrowly. So just letting you know, there's some really violent things that happen in the next few. Things such as prepared by a break go take one I'll be here when you get back to ruin your dreams. I might not be yeah. Nash might not be, but I'll be I'll, be here to keep just shovin this down your throat. So so we got a job when he got there, because you know curl croquettes jobs. Does it that's ones Carl he's not just gonna walk around and we know he's gonna rob he getting similarity rounds off, but he also is like. I need an honest state, I wasn't gonna say he thinks it honest living which is strange to me. Dennis Range, that he constantly needs to get a job, because he's really good at stealing and robbing like he probably could live off about if we really wanted to hear so it's a strange his psychology
he is beyond. He doesn't like to overcome that owns yeah. It's like he just needs like that kind of normal sea, which is where I think we need some kind of regulation, but let us not too much right and when it becomes too much that's when he goes bonkers, so he gets a job and its with the Sinclair Oil Company there, because it was an american oil company. He did well working mare. He made money like use. Dune. Doing ok, be in Karl used this money. However, for really fucked up shit, ok, so. This is where it gets real bad trigger warning. Did he by people trigger warning? Yes, so I'm not going to go into detail because I don't wanna, you can go ahead and read his book or you can read, kill em all by rang green. If you want gnarly detail I do not. So he was feeling weird you starting to feel weird about the fact that he wasn't attracted to women
It was starting to like all of a sudden, be apparent to him and he was like you know what why don't? I ever have the urge to lake rape, a woman like I just don't onto Oda YE. What a horrible thing I like the ok and its image. So he was like you know what I got a fix this, so we did some incorrect to fix us. He bought an eleven year old girl for the evening from her family. Oh no. He did this for six dollars. Six American knows they. The promise that she was a virgin. I know this is earth again, I'm not going all data bigger and he wanted the virgin aspect because member he thinks men are unclear Donna on an before. Only women are the ones who carry diseases, not man, he was like. I want to make sure I don't have to I deal with that, so he apparently determined somehow dont know how don't care to know how that he felt she was not clean and Pierre was not so he returned her to her family and then
Demanded that the hand over their eight year old, as exchange now. He then apparently intended to rape her, but couldn't he just didn't he tried the you like that he didn't according to him, he didn't like actively tried to, but he was about to and then all of a sudden he just said fuck. I dont want to touch girls, Aren't you a letter like? I can't do it, which it's like? That's a child's, so you're not really testing your women theory. That's a fucking child! Your testing, your child, for your ear, testing, your pedophilia theory, which you ve already tested. Could you rape little boys suit your gross carl like? Don't don't try to make it like a gay thing, your gross ray? I don't feel bad for Carl. Ever with your pedophile. That's what you are! That's what you should be concerned about. Let's stop thinking about who you are tracked
two like gender wise of months, really talk about age here, that's the problem and the fact that you're a murderer, so he then apparently just brought this girl back to her family in the middle of the night like just like through her at them and was like buck and then dislike walks away, and they really what ok yeah. So he was infuriated at this point, he's infuriated that he couldn't do it that he didn't want to, and so he starts drinking whisky heavily like every day. He still I gotta go. fucked up all the time now. Cuz. I don't know what I'm going to do. Okay, so wow he's been so he's drinking whiskey, he's being waited on at the company like Food Hall was just like drunk and just getting food and drink and he's being waited on by the teenage son of one of his co workers all go now. He started grooming, this teenager for a few nights and then he ended it by raping the boy brutally.
and this was only after a couple of days of justly grooming him. While this boy, smartly and immediately reported this too Carl's boss, rain and his boss fired him- yeah and when he did, but I say obviously, but it was I know I mean it's, not this guy was like rats. All because this boy was the son of a local, and this means this White Guy Boston give a shit. The only reason he fired him is so that he wouldn't have to deal with the back. That's all! It was like the heating of appearance. I just want to be clear that that, like fuck, that guy too so he fires em Carl took it really well in just let no, he didn't No, he didn't know car immediately punched him in the face as soon as he fired him, and then he kept punching him then beat him with a chair until he was in a coma, oh yeah. Oh
fast fired him, not re you deal with that. He beat him into a coma, it's gonna, be our situation yeah. So now he's fucked, because now he's done a lot about stuff, and it's starting to get around in a matter of like one debt NEA. So now you like, I gotta, get back to America. I've apparently worn out my welcome here like real fast really. We run like a monthly reels here, and so he acts. He asked the american consulate he's like excuse me. No, he demanded the american consulate that they give him passage on a ship back to America and they were like no you're fuckin monster ray, and they really want to know how we know your monster, because police and New Haven have already given me us your shit and also your boss, who has come out of the coma, has reported your ass in year out, employee, yes, so there
Everyone knows your piece of shit, you're not coming back and he was like. Oh, you think that they would extradite him and then put him in jail lie at that time. There is that, whatever we do, give shit you're peace shit. Just go live in the woods or something so they just though no you can't leave, but the other can afford argued, very narrow passage flagship. So now he just decided to literally camp outside the Sinclair oil company. Always best can remember. He does not take slights not well now, and he is like I'm and in his mind, is like any one I can pick off and just like rape and kill for spite out here. I want to do it is now, and this is what a man do and everybody in there.
knew he was camping out around there and they were walking together in groups because of it only Cairo, ass man- I don't blame you hairless, huge and scary. Then one morning, a twelve year old boy who was running errands for the oil workers came across him in his little campsite. No in he couldn't figure out what wavy oil company was. So he asked him for directions and Karl pretended to help him whose again or I'll take you. So he brought him to abandon rock worry and he raped him and killed him by repeatedly slamming his head into Iraq. He wrote in his there's a quote from him that says quote his brains were coming out of his ears when I left him and he will never be any better, he is still there. Oh la he loves saying that his brains were coming out of his ears, which avoid I figured
oh you're, over abolishing, but either way it's fucked up now before leaving town, he set the oil place on fire o awesome, so he literally destroyed during the livelihood of everyone who work there perfect because he loves doing that now because in again, revenge. That's, like all he lives for you slight him in the littlest way and he's gonna burn your whole fuckin shit down girl, I feel like you just need a good therapists see need something may be needs better help. He does and said the next place he went was a place called Libido Bay. He did that, which is to say out of town there. He hired six local men to take him there, like hunters and like daily Tore guides yeah to take him by canoe to a place where hunters often hunted these huge crocodiles. Okay, now these people like people, do it all the time. It would usually be like three hunters that would that would hire these six guys, but it was just Carl wisdom
kill them all. It says: there's there's two different stories about these murders that occur Carl's version and then in kill em. All they tell a little different immersion. Ok, now the one in kill em all that book says that they set up camp at one point up the river cause it we're going for a long time and in the dead of night Carl woke up and told one of them he had to go to the bathroom. They were taking. Ships guarding the campsite has crocodiles so who the one that took the guard shift followed him to the edge of the campsite, while he peed and Karl, raped and shot the guard and then did the same thing with the other five men homelike. How many just let them all their according to Carl, his own version is just as horrific, but He has added racial slurs to it. So that's funny because he's a literal dung pile he says that he shot them all in the canoe ah which, unlike I don't believe that version. I more believe the other vision. But ok, I
Did you kill him? I really like crocodile infested water and then he said he dumped him overboard and in his words I do believe you killed them at the campsite meant: dump them in the water collapses Emma and in his words minus the slurs he said quote. I was looking for crocodiles. I found them plenty, they were all hungry, so I fed them like that's not what that is crowded, helstone, no self. Then he took the canoe back to Libido Bay and he just shows up by himself in the canoe everyone's like what the fuck happened to the six guys that took you out ban like there, six guy who right? Where are they and he's like? Oh, my god, so weird they all got attacked by crocodiles. Not me, though, and everyone there was like. I don't even believe that for one second and then we're like, why don't you have a scratch on you, but they all got attacked me was like, don't know, cause crocodiles, don't like crimes like I'm car
Well, that's why I thought all the crocodiles he's, like I literally beat a crocodile myself. honestly, he could write like I wholly believe he could, but they were like yeah dude. You can't go well with six hired hunter and then come back with. None of them and then expect people not to build. Excuse me what we don't. Why would even go back as he just doesn't give a shit? I know it's an artist glorious thing. There's doctors like psychologists. That said it looks like he wanted to be caught every turn he almost wandered to be caught, so he could escape because it's all just a game, and I think he almost wanted. He was like this close all the time to wanting structure yeah, but then he would get ailing on any fights against it. But then he's like wants it again so like he almost does things to get the structure of prison yard and as we are very well,
Well, unfortunately, even though they everyone there knew that what he did, they all knew right or lack. Of course you do, there is no. I could include evident while they a furious, but they couldn't do anything because racism and evolve American White Man was massacred there. Could they wanted a fucking, kill him right if American White Man was massacred there they would be. the ones to blame, even though everyone I'm looking for him exactly it's bullshit, so he got away because Carl slips through everything like a fucking cockroach So he stowed away on an english ship heading to every month both are England, I'm so sorry, Evan Mouth. Is that what it is I haven't? I don't know I've been met I'm from here. Just like you, sorry, I'm sorry, England, he got you got an english ship, any went England, a part of England other matters killed. Does it really matter because he doesn't do anything there? So don't worry about it? Ok, then he got it
U S ship in England and went to the? U S got all the oil to New York. In a way- oh, oh, oh he so good at that. So he ended up. Making his way to sail of Massachusetts shut the fuck up and he does either of them do cool things there like it's not like he's visiting Salem, unlike doing haunted happenings urge you know do grave etchings, there's something you sheriff he should have, but instead Angela in July, nineteen twenty two he murdered a twelve year old boy that she is twelve year, a boy named Henry make man. He did this by beating his head against Iraq. Now he said quote. I left him lying there with his brains coming out of his ears. He allured him while he was on his way to go to the grocery store to get groceries for his family hall. He even accompanied this boy to the store where his aunt worked and spoke to his on the fuck bought a magazine and then Lord George away to our Henry away to brutalize him. It's
That's another, like example of he wanted to get caught. It's a keen, oh yeah did that on purpose, but will he not even more because he after slamming so he brutalized him he raped? and then he slammed his head into Iraq. Several times, killed him and then stuffed pages of the magazine down his throat. Tough after was dead, and it can only be surmised from that that he was wedding. Everyone know that he was the one who did it cause. He just bought that magazine from his own rate, so he did that to be like. That was me. What's like what so he's done with that now. So, if you want to new orleans- oh goodness in when he was there, he robbed a hospital. and how do you rob a hoss yeah he'd? You got into a supply room and he robbed a ton of cocaine morphine and opium. I love that cocaine was in the house. But had publicly in the act as there was something wrong with it so not and he sold it around New Orleans and Saint Louis and New York he's like this. Is this quality
Coke spread all the hospital lights is medical grade. So He was any so that New York to so he went back to New York and nineteen twenty three and he started working as a watchman at a Beco will company. This is where he met another victim for him to at the very least assault in a boy of about fourteen or fifteen named George Wilson. He said he wanted to teach him the fine artists. alchemy: that's not an artful, no isn't, but then he said he already knew about it and was cool about with it. So I don't really have to do much feeling. Ok, so later he got a job as a watchman in New Haven, Connecticut at the New Haven Yacht club. Oh, he went back to new human, oh yeah, you don't give a shit kick hand, does not give a shit. He stole a boat again, the very next night, and the boats owner was the police commissioner of New Rochelle New York took all yeah and when he said, the boat, he also stole his pistol,
inaction and what was it. It was a thirty eight colt, double action side break gun. One of those who wish I say, bully though he stole another yacht a few cause. I think he just stole that he saw the ship and he disliked dumped it somewhere reality. Just one still look like the shit on it. So then in a few weeks later, improvidence Rhode, island pale, he see went back. He saw another yacht any use that to go back to New York, okay. There, world to worry it is will once he was back in New York. He picked up his boy. George again hit the fourteen or fifteen o same can't same kid, and he was like hey. You, wanna leg work with me and we can like rob a few places and it'll be like money for you and your family, and he was like, oh now, sure seriously. Girls do this, so Carl painted the boat change. The name changed all the paper.
in such a news. They going to sell the spoke care, and so he tried to do it in a guy, came to the yacht but like to look at it yeah, but he's Karlsson immediately Gallagher feeling about this guy in and it turned out that the guy tried to rob Carl notion of my husband. Turntables have turned death, anybody watches the office so so use like oh shit, so garlands of shooting him dead of lorries cause you're, not gonna, get them jump on Karl now it's not gonna happen, so the additive shooting them twice, throwing him in the water and in his words, quote after I killed them. I tied a big hunk of lead around him with a rope and threw him and the gun overwork overboard, he's there yet so far as I so he got rid of the gun. Mary had had the gun that the guy, gotcha, so
lovely, keep saying like I've, our person still there like do. You know how D composition, where I know right, you know how in the world were still there, do you know biology works like he's like EAST still there he bore, he partly doesn't because he didn't get to go to school. He deftly doesn't so they kept on sailing robbing everywhere, like gettin tons of money couldn't stuff than George He was like I'm scared. I want to go back home. He I don't like this cause. You like murder, guy we're still yet other stuff, can discuss he's again and realise that the address was going to buy. This is not as schools about it was gonna be in so he was. He lived in Yonkers and he was like. Can I please go home Carl just brought him. we're just dropped him off. Very let him go home. Well, then, the kid was a cool. Thank you went right to the police and told him every year Why what's another got another like they want to be caught? Yes,
whatever you're funny, peacocks got it exclusively stream classics, contact the office, Foxen Recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy based. Could a peacock dvd com darted streaming only on pick up a new regional permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, a confused mixed hash, anthems sour, got our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the cells dreaming that only a baker so police caught him and arrested him. He was charged with sodomy by Larry Robbery and I think he was also charged with trying to escape the jail as soon as he got there shocking that he got a lawyer this time.
One lawyer decided to represent coral. A lawyer named Gaed DJ caution that wages are very much a lawyer name, I feel, and he gave for the payment this lawyer, he was like you can have my yeah. If you get me off that sweet, I can't believe I, like MR smaller, do. We know best. Ok, they know they go so he's like fur payment to get me off of these charges. I'll give you the yacht yeah and here's a deeper smile, so he ended up getting him off how we got em up all the charges and when Kashin went to go with the yacht papers to register, the new bout, the original owner came back from Providence and took the fuckin boat back peaceably. Basically do not grow bona. He did ass. He was like this is my stolen boat. You fucker the smile and Karl knew that use like eventually that deeds, gonna convictions, Brodie Secular, able to get it. Somebody find about sailing
not all of it so Carl's out again and now he's back to New Haven once more, while where he raped and killed another. Boy. He said in his own words. He quote tied his belt around his neck and strangled him picked him up when he was dead and through his body over bizarre behind some bushes, it's interesting to me. That healing doesn't have a specific like, like choosing Gotta kill someone. It's like he'll, do anything he'll just do it. He loves smashing against Iraq. He likes to strangle, it's all hands on yeah. He will show people buddy, it seems, like hell, only shoot men now he likes to physically overpower boys IA, which is a strange pathology. Now right. After this, he went back to New York and he robbed a post office. Okay. Well, he got caught in the act of that sat. What tap at a job and got five years in sing sing prison. Oh now he got another five years tacked on
to that, to serve Indiana Maura because of all the prison sentences. He had gotten and escaped from and not served yeah. So they were like we're. Gonna start tackling these back onto your sentence and in October to nineteen twenty three. He was transferred from sing sing too Clinton Correctional Facility, Indiana Maura New York, which is better known as Denmark, prison of its known for being a scary us place in their scary inmates in their it sounds familiar. It's like the prison for an cordials or something it's like people who they just can't
Is that the one where those two guys escaped from regional, easy article? He tried to make some kind of bomb like device while he was there onto burned to the ground he was caught. He also try to kill another inmate there well by hitting him on the head from behind with a ten pound club yeah and made survived that somehow, because they must have been linked. Bigger than car Carl got some extra time tacked on. He then tried to escape on July twenty fifth nineteen twenty four, but he was caught again trying to escape, and this was like a crazy, escape and use put in isolation for along time. Now, during this escape attempt, t like really hurt himself. I felt like thirty feet: oh yeah in so he had to broken ankles a twisted back in a rupture detestable, o ruptured tested s which, like woozy, trying to pick up
talk with his testicle. I don't understand how do you rupture your testicle falling from a great height? I'm sure that had something to do that, but I was like, did he use it like a rope till like repel down the wall? I don't even have a testicle about voice sounded painful. It's like a strict inch. Injury to get out of here always waited back Guph. It's a bummer and I know falling from a great hide. You, corruption, testicle in its has funded its utility. To pretend that use to pick a luck. So, if August, seventeen nineteen twenty five at the age of thirty three, he had surge please only thirty hurry, he's not six under twenty five place you all day, he had surgery and during this surgery in prison he had his testicle removed. You you have to testicles right yeah, yet civil get it
I dont know I love you. I was I knew I was just confirmed its a great that's. I can't wait for people to start treating The report that I assure you to testicles right signals right, hashtag So he says he tried to see you look like so I got the testicle removed and I was I can the rest of it still work without this one single which, like spoiler, learn Candia Carl you're, ok Plenty of people does have. One has rightly decided that he was going to test this out so just started raping inmates again pass, and so he got in the middle of raping and then made us two years and segregation for us all to here's. So he was really going off the deep and at this point, but according to him he was just really focused and it is like
using my they isn't like that was the death penalty like a thing backbone like. How does he not get us? Oh, he does Stuart Nuclear isn't, but this time I mean cause again he's just getting caught for Weird shit right at this point in ever murmur he's got so many aliases that they have not been able to tie all these back to write. So, while he's in there, he had a lot of time on his hands and he started to write things down and make plans and he has allowed a terrorist a kind of plans he wants to. Like you know, bomb trains. He thinks that would be a lot of fun and then heels thought about starting a war between England in the United States. You know why I believe that he could of I feel like you got like. I almost made fun of that, and I was like money he's going to do it scars girl, yeah? He also plan to poison and entire cities, water supply with arsenic. Oh, so that's a plan, and he said he.
have done all this. I believe that any said, except that quote, they were circumstances and luck that were against me ya, and I honestly believe that I do too in nineteen twenty eight he was released because again he only had to serve those two sentences. He got a little bit tat under sentence, but he served it outworks through that so early in his words as soon as he got out quote eighteen days after release, I committed sixty eight but six or eight burglaries, and two days later, I committed a murder in Philadelphia. A week later. Another murder in Philadelphia was a little boy, oh and other younger boy. A week later, I committed a burglary in Baltimore, twelve days later, a burglary in Washington DC the next day or two I committed to more burglaries in Baltimore. Then I was arrested in Baltimore and brought back to Washington DC, whereas put Medici do well, so he really went for yeah reign of terror, Rayner Yard, and he would that last thing he was caught for
was stealing from a popular dentist in the area and they caught him coming out. The window of this place would like a clock who would like a big radio of Nova came liked. It looks like a baby, I don't communities elegant, but why are you doing I like that? That's what he stole from a dentist Dat's, what you got caught for eating, get caught for murdering the little boy you got. For stealing a radio from a dentist system now, it was on August ten. Nineteen, twenty eight than he was arrested. Nea doctors again agree, and they look at this stuff as like. He definitely wanted to be. Yeah, like there's just says he knows how to get away with murder. He does so. Obviously he knows how to get away with feeling into go on that kind of rampage, we're gonna get caught or to draw attention direct. Now he was described by police at this time, as quote a bare like man, with a limp, a heavy black moustache and a gate hard eyes, a what a gate hard eyes. Ok,.
or agates I'm not really sure. I don't know what that would mean. I don't either. I usually know what words me you do know, so that's why I was waiting for amazingly agee. Eighty, ok, look it up. I thought I might be like I get tired or a gay tired. I miss aims. I think it's probably like something do like steely eyes or like dangerous is called eyes something I thought so it was in the DC jail that he ended up or not in the deasey. Joe excuse me in the next prison that he goes to that he meets a guard name. Henry lesser August guarded the twenty five year old prison guard he's apparently a very like good. Man in this would be a relationship like the only relationship you would actually have in his life, like a friendship while and he
actually genuinely had weird friendship with this man, because this really weird going back to the gate. It's an ornamental stone consisting of hard variety of something typically branded in appearance or a colored toy marble resembling a abandoned gemstone. Ok, so he had like stony eyes. Yeah that makes sense, still don't know if it's a gate or agates, but either way so he met this prison guards, Henry lesser and immediately leg. Henry lesser is kind of like talking to him like a real person is like I don't know about. This is weird and lesser became very interested in Karl could use like what the fuck is. Your deal ya hear her weird dude
sin and Karl told him when he asked like what do you do? He was like I reform people like you do, oh and using no, you didn't. I was I gotta, say yourself here yeah he was like no now so when he first got to this place. He was put in the basement and placed on a snorting pole, which we doctrine part one. Ok, basically use hoisted up with handcuffs on a rope where his toes were barely touching the ground. He was left there for twelve hours and he was already in a lot of pain because he had broken bones in like fucked himself out from that escaped a term yeah. He was already like fucked up in so he was in agony. He was like screaming the whole time. I guess they, even at a doctor, checking in on him periodicals through the
orchard just to make sure it, and I want the flock is present he was screaming. I guess that's the thing see no, he was in pain and I guess he was screaming threats at the guards and telling them what he would do to their children when he got out and he was giving them details about the murders he had already committed on children so he's I now he's confessing right, and so we're like what the fuck, so they ended up clubbing him into unconsciousness. Just like it. We don't want to hear this. They say he got a second. I saw some sources that said he got his second night doing this to because he threatened the doctors assistant like he threatened to rape. The
For this reason, I, like you, can save her another twelve hours. Now they had this confession and you would say, like obviously under extreme torture and arrests. Are we really gonna believe that he had admitted to murdering boys in Philadelphia New Haven in Boston, so he had actually admitted these earlier young other detectives. He had said these same stories, but the detectives thought he was just trying to act like a tough guy criminals. Yet, let's not look into murder Nellis Antibiotic, specially childminder, nowhere known the fall of the same year, nineteen twenty eight he was caught trying to escape and he was tortured again and when he was brought back to his cell lesser gave him sympathy in my gave him. I think he gave him like a couple of extra like like some prison money, basically just because he was like you know I like her. I see that you have not had a good life really you're, just like whatever, which, unlike
People protect children, let's tat be nice to child murder. Rape saw two people. This is not a man that you want to be friends with like go off lesser put some who so aggressor didn't know the full extent, and here He said- and I guess this actually like touched Carl genuinely. He was like yeah. This person is like being nice to me. Ok, oh he actually told lesser quote: you are one of the few people I d. do not wish to harm handwriting big words as you about the guy that helped him in the first place like that prison guy and he didn't give fuck, but he didn't the harm him either yeah and he also leg he lay felt guilty exactly so I think he looked at this. Like waiters is another person and other triumph. Yeah, so he started. Opening up to him now open wants to tell him his story and it was like I think you can handle it. I want to tell you about a Katy Handle
handle it and it because at one point guard was like what you know. What are you going to tell me your story, like your wife, never tell me like real things about your life and he was like. I don't know like I'll tell you when I tell you he was like why me when you want to tell it- and I think that was Karl was like shit saloons here for me. What use like what so at one point he was like, can I have a pen it like a paper in pencil and I'll write it down when it all right tell my life story so use like cool, so he ended fighting out that Karl, how to see
love of philosophy, oh, like new, all like the Le Conte and like it and like all the different philosophers he had like opinions about them, while felt like certain things about. It was very strange, so it's like where the hell did you pick that up where you hang your travels? Ok, Socrates, ass just in their so then he asked him. He was like a minute. I'm gonna write this whole thing down. You know, like some day will like publish this high life story, cause it's crazy, so he ended up writing down some like twenty thousand words louse, which, like let me tell you that slaughter words that is so by the point. By this point they had witnesses from Salem come down while he was being held to identify him as the man who had killed Henry make man the little boy re, because that murder in
a lot of Henry Mc Man, twelve year old heat that was everywhere islamic national NEWS. Alas, a big deal so he was given life without pearl reason for that matter, and he was the one who am. He bought groceries with him before you that was the one that he brought that yeah thousand did he bought in the browser. You saw the aren't and then yeah. So he was eventually given life without parole, but it was November eleven nineteen, twenty eight at thirty six years old, again, not five hundred, not eight hundred. He was sentenced to life in prison at Leavenworth and he was transferred their on January thirtieth, nineteen, twenty nine. So he's he's back back as in Latin America, this fragile federal prison, so lesser Carl State and touch apparelling guarded him. They wrote letters to each other. They had like a genuine friendship, cleared and Karl was put on laundry room duty Leavenworth, but he hated, as you say, something about idea and there was a guard their that supervise the inmates.
laundry room in his name was Robert worn key for some reason. Carl immediately hated this man hike hated him and then this guy started fucking with Carl Carl's accounts. So he's very sensitive to vibes. They well hey you go so he got a vibe from the sky in the sky was fucking with them. So forget he hated this guy you I do now. therein may said he would just stare at him coldly like you wanted to kill him like every second, that's really scary, and they all said that they were just waiting for something bad to happen. There, like shit, was gonna, go down his and must be why I know well, then he really fucked himself, because Carl started doing like extra laundry. I got to get extra like money to spend on like cigarettes and all stuff in when he found out. He was doing extra work for extra money. He sent him to solitary confinement for it. It's not fair, like you did something wrong, so we really fuck himself overcomes again. You don't spite Carl
you. Just don't do actually known he's watching your rights exactly so. After solitary he came out, it was real Matt and probably Jack. Sweaty came out of the air in back into the laundry room duty, but he didn't want to work there any more, because I think he was like. I don't know if he's trying to separate himself from the problem, but he was like. I dont want to work with him any more and he's so. He requested a work transfer twice. worn key himself and the warden made sure he couldn't transfer of so he signed a down exaggerate now more than ever, you really should have put off seeing a doctor if you're not feeling well don't do. It should be obvious to you issue, and I know I know everything that's going on and it's difficult to put your health first. You know it's difficult for me to it called outside it. I want to go anywhere and that's why I use hush care because they make seeing it
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Yea June Twentieth, nineteen, twenty nine Carl snuck up behind worn key and laundry room and hit him over the head with a four foot, ten pound, copper bar that he had ripped off. Of the plumbing with his bare hands off the hockins. Any snuck in just for this purpose, so worn key, How do you make a copper, biases and well? You ran in there and you started beat him. He was beaten so badly that there was nothing left of his said. Yes, There's a lot of dead air on this episode. Why? It's just me you at my love, so Carl had now brutally murdered a prison guard at a federal prison, not good. So I think this is when it's like you got it now brain, so he ended up right. in a letter to lesser will I gotta change all right, but I had to kill my boss to get it. That makes either twenty one and twenty two that I have to my credit now you can put that in your little story book and if I keep living much longer
have some more to put in my graveyard. Ay, ay and less is like well down he's like, know how I feel about this friendship, and now, at this point, lesser was like I gotta do something with these letters and with that whole thing like confession that he wrote down like Journal, basically He's like I can't just sit on the shit now so he's sending it to like medical publications like full lino, psychologists and publishers, and all these put like to some one look at this and tell me what the fuck is going on He just wanted understand why he was the way he was soon because he was like. I understand he had a crazy upbringing like should happen to him, but like I've, never seen someone so evil right life. This is when a well known a psychologist named Carl Doktor Carl Menaker became involved.
Carl another Carl, and he looked at these writings and he was like. I gotta talk to Carl myself ready to see this in person. So when he met with him to discuss the confessions and his psychology, he was like chained up onto it like to a table so as not to murder. So what so as not to rip him apart, and he actually told Carl, like you are told, Panzer Emma because they're both car, yes, he told pans ram that, even though he was a vicious murder, he was like. I don't feel like you would hurt me, given the chance. I dont think you
could test Carl Carl. So this is what Carl threw himself forward. Luckily was like shackled, I'm stressing can break through data to him quote, and this is by this doctor says this was what was what was said. Take these off of me for three minutes and I'll show you I'll, kill you right here before their eyes before they can even stop me. You won't even have time to be scared. Oh and then he was like many to sat back and was like. Let me tell you everything. I've done. Let's conducted interviews like let's chat about my murders, the fuck that's like well, that's like not an had come provide. No so April fifteen nineteen, thirty nine. He went on trial for worn
He is murder rate. He was immediately found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. I believe that the hell at one point he said I just had to add this golden hair because it was hilarious, has courts are wild when he was talking about his leg. Confessing tall. These murders, he said that he used a silent sir, for a couple of murders on again, but they didn't work the way he wanted it to, and so he said, if it had worked, he was like. Silencers are bullshit if they worked than I would have quote gone into the murder business on a wholesale scale. My intentions were good because I'm a man who goes around world doing: people good, no you're you're. Not though, and it's like no horses- murder, okay, this is not E Jays Carl. He also said quote: it is
natural that I should have absorbed these things and have become what I am today. A treacherous degenerate, brutal human, savage, devoid of all decent feelings without conscience, morals, pity sympathy principle or any single good trade. Why am I what I am? I don't know, that's what he asked the doktor and the doktor was like. I don't he's like will know, and about thirty years from not exactly sure so here, holds this is what he wrote in a letter to Henry lesser Chair, in which I'm gonna give you guys a website after that, the end of this, which is maintained, and it has all the letters he wrote, Henry lesser ya: them yourselves and its fascinating. It's really ass, any I'll. Give you guys the websites where you can go like do
I'mma put it in the show notes to so in one of them. He said in my lifetime. I have murdered twenty one human beings, I've committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, our sins and, last but not least, I have committed sodomy on more than one thousand male human beings for all of these things, I'm not the least bit sorry. I have no conscience. So that does not worry me. I don't believe in man, God nor the Devil. I hate the whole day human race, including myself. It's like, while you haven't, figured I'd, but like not sad. Now, at one point, the Kansas delegation of the society for the abolition of capital punishment came to his aid,
did that and they actually spoke to Carl and visited him in prison and they wanted per annum Herbert Hugh Hoover, which we just talked about on an up as another episode about J F K, assassination theories on crime content. We did that he'd. They wanted Herbert humour to make his sentence life in prison to community life in prison instead of the death penalty, a vagrant down for that now they actually started the paperwork for it, but he was pissed. Rural did not want this. He didn't agree to it. He said he said quote this: you are doing without my consent and against my will. I choose to die here now by being hung from the neck until I am dead and he also told them quick. the only thanks you in your kind will ever get for me for your efforts on. My behalf is that I wish you all had one neck and that my hands were around it while so use like don't fuck with no death sentence on MR that or it, and he said
It was actually going to send a letter to Herbert here, Hoover himself, indian end up doing and he wrote the letter and he showed I think he showed Henry lesser. The last letter like wrote to him and in it he wrote. I believe I am within my constitutional rights when I refuse to accept a pardon or commutation from the death penalty to a sentence of life, either in a prison or an insane asylum, Wa N. He said quote: I look forward to a seat in the electric chair or dance or play dance at the end of a rope like some folks do up for their wedding night. So at this point he wants to die weekend. I wanna dance from Libya way dance at the end of a rope and he did so at this point. He really wants to die and at this point people are trying to help him not die and that stressing him- and he doesn't want that- help he does not want to stay in prison he's over prison. His whole life has been prison. So at this point he just wants out.
He got super stressed, and so he attempted suicide June twentieth. Nineteen thirty, if that date sounds familiar, as he did it, on the anniversary of murdering Morn key, while These are over on his birthday too. I think the guy that its, I think you definitely picked that date for sure, and he did this by cutting a gash on his leg. many aid, a bowl of rotten beans, you, what a way What language do those who thinks correlating the gash was? He was probably trying to his femoral artery, but I'm sure he didn't know if that was so. We just gonna gashed, open his leg, we will spend oblique out. Do you think of any oyster, Marilla variety ones, just like you know, system which add it onto it. Well, in the run, beans like run beans can actually really fuck. You lay I really rotten they can they really fucked?
I didn't know that in the night guard heard him like aggressively vomiting and got him medical attention and he didn't. I am sure he was pissed. Sure you super psyched, so This is when Henry Lesser role Carl and was like hey I've, had a lot of people. Look at your writings and I think it's gonna get published in, like that's really cool and I want to share the lake whatever we get from it. Yeah like you deserve part of it. It's your life story. This apparently like Pissed Karlov, which is weird because he was like seemingly into this. I think it was because he was in a very bad place at this point I yeah probably, and he wrote back tomb, angrily telling him you can keep all the money from it. I don't want any of it and then he told them there's nothing else. You can do to help me and what was weird about this letter was. He is always addressed him as Like Henry
Lesser, like a friend he ethically, he addressed this one to hp, lesser screw and screw is a derogatory term for prison guards. Back in the day, I m sure we might still be used ah said, like they com, screws, yeah, and he had no. referred to him as a screw, so he turned on even from the beginning, which he did the exact same thing. He did to Murphy right. It's insane so September fast. Nineteen, thirty, at around six, a M Carl, was led to the gallows soon cause Gallo swinging cause gallows and when he got there, the executioner was like have anything to say and Karl did what it were. His last sorts hurry it up. You who's your bastard. I could have de hung a dozen men while your screwing around, and then he spat in the executioners face and put his own head unto the noose Unreal Carl's, like an animal, he's, a true blue animal he's not even like a human by six hundred and eighteen, a dot m. He was pronounced dead at thirty eight years old.
He was while no one claimed him, so he was buried in a poppers grave and his A marker is a plank of wood with the number three one six one for which is a prisoner number that sad, I don't feel bad, but I do it right. It's weird. I don't like it well in nineteen. Seventy Henry lesser did get the manuscripts published. Finally, in its called killer, the Journal of murder and there's a pdf of it on the website that I'm gonna give you guys like up well put the website in the show notes for you. There was a film abba adaptation in two thousand and twelve of these manuscripts, who called Carl pans ram. The Spirit hatred and vengeance. Yes, just that and the place where these are all hosted. Like all the letters and everything
honour that Karl pans ram papers and it's a website hosted by the San Diego State University. Oh and all the letters from lesser on there I mean this all kinds of stuff on there about Carl yeah. It's a very interesting website saw oppose that for sure to him, but that is the crazy as and just to quickly say they have tried to debunk a lot of what he wrote and they can't I'll, be out like people like historians and investigators have tried to go back and billing we're gonna try to debunk the sufferers, it sounds insane and they like that. Do it is there in his life it or I ll, just insane. If anything they find links till I come burning story. Yeah I say that wrong, clearly say value cooperate corroborate corroborate people go any further ahead, corroborate corroborate yeah. So that's that's the story of Karl PANS room,
that was a gross mouth noise and is discussed. I mean crazy. What it is discussed in your lives, s story, so I hope everybody in their yeah. You know we had. We had to do it that way, like obviously very, very brutal, but I feel like I got through because I was so intrigues about crawls life. It's it that's the thing, his life, the fact that its it's true from all accounts yeah how open he is about it. How on apologetic he is about and then the psychology behind it like the seas, any part of it that he's like so focused on sodomy. It's like a very weird. It's us everything about it. Yeah every. Every single thing about. It is just very odd everything about it is over the top yeah yeah. It's a crazy story. It's very like psychology. Today,
psychology today, while okay, so yeah, if you want to follow us on into Germany, can do so morbid vodka set us up The twitter, a morbid podcast, sent us a Gmail, morbid podcast, edgy male darker, and we have people listening and we hope you can it's weird, but that's where you go to world tour of murder and become a pirate, but not like YO ho yo HO a pirate's life for me like a pirate like I'm, going to kill everybody on a boat and then like be Carl, dont, be curbed.
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