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Episode 186: The Mysterious Unsolved Death of Elisa Lam

2020-11-13 | 🔗
In February 2013 the guests at The Cecil hotel started making multiple complaints to the front desk about the water in their room. Some said the tap water had a funny taste to it, others said the water pressure was basically non-existent. A maintenance worker was sent to check on the status of one of the main water tanks and made the horrifying discovery of a young woman who had been missing for three weeks: Elisa Lam. There are about four hundred thousand theories as to how Elisa ended up in the water tank so let’s dive in.Books used for this Episode:Gone at Midnight: The Tragic True Story Behind the Unsolved Internet SensationAll Thats Interesting: The Unsolved Mystery Behind the Disturbing Death of Elisa LamAs always, thank you to our sponsors:Embr: Embr wave is the first bracelet that helps you feel colder or warmer at the press of a button! Right now Embr wave is offering our listeners $50 off when you go to embrwave.com/morbid Care/of:  Care/of is a wellness brand that makes it easy to maintain your health goals with a customized vitamin plan that helps you feel your best today and supports you long-term.For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50.Daily Harvest: Daily Harvest makes it easy to eat clean, undeniably delicious food, no matter what your day brings. Keep it simple with Daily Harvest! Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code MORBID to get twenty-five dollars off your first box!Conde Nast: For a limited time you can get 12 weeks of The New Yorker for just SIX dollars – that’s a savings of 50 percent! Plus, listeners of the show will receive an exclusive tote bag - free. Go to NewYorker.com/MORBID
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it seems like an earth, goes to say it together with the what your eyeballs. Where do I don't know I've unitary? Where I can, I can only see one of your eyes because your papa filters covering the other ones The other was just like you up a valley. I have that third evil. I will you know everybody has a third I, as is showing, because I dont know why, because you know, I think it's Scorpio season and not really know what that would have to do with your third. I because I pretend like everything about. I almost serapion ology about strategy by it out now everything we act. As I don't know it's Scorpio season know. All I know is that I'm a Capricorn and that's as far as I know about astrology. You know that I'm a german I do I do know that just show, and I always bars my reach goes law that has nothing to do with anything about this show it doesn't. But you know what this episode is a highly requested. One
honey highly shut up already, and I am told that the case is one that many people have asked for. So many of the people and I'm trying to think of anything else like crazy, o Peter Sutcliffe died. Hide today died. I mean he's been he's been on death's door for a little while and we ve all been in across in those fingers hold was just wait and I know I should look up how old he is. I feel he must have been at least like eighty. He must have been. I mean in evil years he's like four hundred and seventy five same known totally getting Peter Sutcliffe Peter, William Sutcliffe, see how old were you? How old were you you, dumb bastard? Let's play the game of looking up. How old murder will allow? How old do you think of you has almost rapidly for I love it
I like that you said only Ivan semi forth, like that's young and spry, never people who aren't evil fuckers. You know I thought you were gonna, say fuck asses like an Diana FUCK ass. That's it that's what he is. He did. He died in the hospital he contracted covert nineteen o down. But I was a rough death for that Mamsie broken clock is right twice a day and covert got it right. This time like us, literally all we can say about that. He's the Yorkshire ripper we are going to cover him he's been on the list, but he's he's like a big body, so he was INA highways. You know I've thought about. You know. You're, acting like everyone is a minimum rate now you're like waiting for her visitor I'd. Like guys, you know no, but you know how we kind of spaces out, so we do not allow the big bodies in you guys are living cases like this is a big this. This is a big body, but there's no. There is a bad guy. I think, but some people think there was no bad ones. Just a big
hey, so shyness spread those ones out so that we're not using them all up in the beginning, and so we get those little cases in their. So don't worry, Peter Sutcliffe will be covered now, we all know the ending, the all the ending of vat he dies of governor able so there's that guy's. If we sound like where a little crazy, I think it's the weather, janitor gloomy, which is normally like my jam, but it's been gloomy for the past few days and I think it's really affecting us a gloomy wherever everybody's. Like all sudden in the holiday spirit which I've suddenly like embraced? Oh, I don't know anybody. If you follow me on Instagram at Ashcombe, eighty three of egg I hate and strewn around. I like Twitter, bring me back to Twitter, but I was, I was dancing around my house decorating the other day and my whole apartment. I like that. I call on the house is decked out for Christmas. Its ideally gets that this year of all years
We can all get into their holiday spirit, or at least the holiday gimme. Some twenty alliance siano yeah, give me some hot chocolate I'm into it. I want to make that hot chocolate that, as I come, you mash the balls together you mash them all together. I know what you want. You know exactly ass. I decided to do you like, as that you um MASH, the two testicles like hell, you there are. Two of them are to match those two testes together in coming here: a hot shot, a vacancy. Yet it's all that and our but recipe assisted day or home school, and nor do it all the thing. So I think we can just get into. It is anything really, but sides Peter Sutcliffe dying Thou art is really not allowed a true crime news happening right now, so I think we can just gonna jump right into an. We don't have anything to announce at the second. Not at this moment, maybe next week
well are so we're gonna go back to which actually like it doesn't seem not long ago, but if you think about it right now, it's twenty twenty two slow math lesson here feature, and this happened in twenty thirteen. So I guess it was a pretty good a long while ago. I know it feels like it was, and is that eight years or madame, no seven better yours size, cliffs thoughts, not freeze! long ago. No, actually it's not. I was wearing it I'm than John and I have been together. I was in high school in this happened. So that's a weird thing. I hate that So much, and you know what I heard is iron. Don't remember this case happening like when I was in high school. I don't remember hearing about it really. I think it wasn't until I got like super into true crime who thought I knew about it. Look at that and links are analysing the podcast, because this is a huge case and that your kind world, it sure is, and what case is it It's the case of a lease alarm. Elisa Murray headline illegal airing happened to you sister. I don't know I just ominous Arcas offer telling me. I don't know what the fuck happened. Nobody no snow, you dont know we don't know
nobody knows someday. I person who knows is a lethal, am I now. Fortunately, she can Tell us- and you know what we're like really often attention re now. Huh, I just, but I just want to say it so funny, because a lot of times people ask me like. Oh, what's one case I, like you would know like you would want to find out the answer. and I always say Jean Monet, but do you why I'm actually changing my answer. Newly salaam. Look at that. I need to know what had now. We have different answers and because you know any kind to think I know what happened in Germany and this one is like I don't know. I think we all know what happened to jump, and I dont see me by Slantingways February twenty thirteen. The guests at the sea, so hotel started, making a lot of complaints to the front desk about the water in their room rouse. So so that the tap water had like a funny taste to it? Never good thing: tasted a little bit like death,
people said that the water pressure was like non existent and they were like yeah, I'm trying to take a spot shower. So can you fix thought showered than Cecil Adona don't be trying to do here? Don't you and you don't even go there, and some people complained that it was a black when they first turned it on and it would clear up. But people were kind of concerned about that. You know what I'm glad We are concerned because, if people are just like whelp well, you know just let it run for a minute. If ya let the black run out. Don't do that. So, let's, let's be real the seas. The hotel was never exactly a five heart. Five star tell even though it was intended to be, but that you never really happen so the sea. It was built in nineteen twenty four by this man named William Banks Hanner, and he spent a million dollars on this project or right so sad that he put a million dollars into this because honestly. He thought that it was going to be the perfect place for businessmen travelling for work, and he really wanted this place to be for, like the upper echelons of the type. Of course, you never want to build your hotel for
it should read me. I know you're not really go. Look at the time. I don't think that's what people who build motels are entail, Diego the rose. Wouldn't I forget what they need and ensure every I mean if you're, like H, H homes than you build a hotel for a different reason, but it, but even you you're, not building. for the lower echelon, even though not building it for murder. You undertake the upper echelons society, so you know what, unfortunately, years after the hotel opened the great depression hit that bat loathing huge bomber gas and not, but that depression was pretty bleak. Pretty big speed I know if you know about it, but look into it ever heard of it bleak as hell yeah now the whole area around the hotel was sir made by people who had fallen victim to the depression, they had lost their homes. Some people were struggling with addiction and in really have any place to go, and if you're from the? U S, you ve probably heard of skid row, and that is the neighborhood where the Cecil stands today. So it's not exactly a great and
we're hood and that's all I can say about that yeah. So the Cecil was not able to charge high rates for rooms anymore because of its location. Nobody was gonna pay. A lot honey. It's a little bit of a dangerous area, of course, and so a lot of the hotels guess where exactly the crumb Dilah cram anymore. No no and I mean, like you, said, we're talking about richer vermeer as the night stalker see episode fourteen I looked it up for you. I meant to say this wrong? Email service made a gross mouth noise, but good can offer agar yeah yeah, they are going to enter into vaguer outs, vaguer. I think it's ok, so Jack into Baker, another serial killer, that's who he was, and he stayed at the sea so just because Richard Ramirez did thoughts about so much what it who says. I think it's Bailey Syria and let us get better role model. What no under puts another
guest was a young girl named Dorothy, Jean personally think, as I said last name, and she threw her baby out the window after giving birth in the bathroom adult. Do any of that no and honour that, unfortunately, she was deemed to be mentally ill. So it wasn't like her fault, really like some genome. She didn't. She didn't know she was pregnant, have the baby in the bathroom and she actually thought the baby was not alive, and I dont know if she, just in one teller man's that she had just had a baby in the bathroom to that's what you don't own man, what a situation that is ass, a trillion! Right now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and urge times. The rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salad, more get your next reward twice as fast? by shopping your dinner favorites after four p m,
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Because she herself was jumping from the window and landed on him while yes- and there were, There- is something like sixteen suicides and total or like a more than sixteen so ya. It's sad their real. It's it's a sad place and if you didn't know it was the inspiration for american horror story, hotel yeah, I don't know if there's any vampires but is a great Caesar. I know I actually wanted to watch that now. So the Cecil's gone through all that, and now this, the black foul tasting water that doesn't necessarily have an explanation yet seems like it's on the correct, her factory. It is so they were like. We should probably look into that and they sent a maintenance worker to the top floor. Now has numerous anti I go Lopez. He took the elevator to the fifteenth floor of the hotel and then he walked up another staircase he disarmed the alarm that would have sounded throughout the top floors and alerted the front desk. If someone who like wasn't supposed to be up, there was workin, oh and then he had to climb up onto another platform where
water tanks were so he had to take the elevator up to the fifteen for climb up some stairs disarm thing then climb up another platform to get to these towers array, so not easy, so a track. Then he had to grab a lie alike. then he d, gravel, lighter ETA grab, reliable grab your line or guy you lay over here to get a ladder and to get to the top of the tank till I check out what was going on so that tank that specific tank provided water not just to the guest rooms, but also to the kitchen and coffee shop. I don't think this is going to end nope. Definitely none! So he moves the lid and now I've seen a lot of different versions about them. story. We're going to see that there are many different versions of likes minor details that become bigger details, Erika game of telephone is so
some versions, the lid of the water tank, was completely shot like completely shot, sealed signs, he'll delivered and it was heavy rate. So that's another detail, then I'm gonna get into later. It might not have been as heavy as you think. Ok so like I said it could have been completely shot, but others argue that it was slightly like open. Ok, so I wasn't there. I don't know you weren't there! No luck, then. Why are you speaking on come on up, so he appears in and unfortunately he sees the body of a young woman and this woman had been missing for three weeks all in a water tank. So I forgot I loaned detail, yeah, ok zone that woman was Elisa Lamb. Now she was born in Canada and ninety ninety one to her parents David, and I think it's Yonah INA missing EDA. You know em, who were emigrants from Hong Kong just a little fun fact. Her cantonese name was Lamb HO ye so
Jerusalem swung lack clear now in twenty thirteen. She was twenty one and she decided that she needed a break from school. She was going to the University of British Columbia, although I did read and one source that she actually wasn are registered student around the time of her death. Well, that's it so some people say she was going. There are other people say that maybe she had unregistered from school, that's kind of like what was going on here. I write, again, I wasn't there, I don't work at British Columbia University, so I don't know, but anyway, had recently been struggling with her mental health, and she was trying to navigate her bipolar disorder, which was a recent diagnosis. Ok and she was having a pretty hard time be ass though she were so because it was recently like totally under control and honestly, I think she didn't understand exactly what was happening. Her family didn't really understand like how to treat this you now you must be scared and is,
She was really just in need of a getaway, so she decided that she was gonna go to America and she wanted to travel the West Coast Ochre Coast. So that's all well enough but she wanted to do it by herself. Not solely a great idea. If you ask me, I didn't, but whenever I know you didn't also, you should have come to the east coast. I know like commodities the superior coast. It is the best quality system. We're starting like an east coast. Unless those words we are not so sure his calling this her West Coast Guard Tor and she was excited She said she needed to hit the reset button and her parents felt the complete opposite of eight men, because they were really nervous about her travelling by herself, to be a few reasons one was that they knew what was going on with her the number two it's like you're, going to totally different country. I mean Canada U S aren't like right. On top of each other, but still she's alone and she's, twenty one adds far away and their parents in only mean so
you were like, ok, whatever, and but they knew that they couldn't stop her. And they knew that she had been struggling and they were hopeful kind of in the same way that she was about heading refresh there like. Maybe this will be good for her, so well, we'll let her do it, because we don't really have another choice. I feel about they now and she assured them tat, she was gonna call every day and check in. Let them know what she was up to where she was followed by an she kept. Her word like she was really good with calling them every day and letting them know where she was so we started our trip off on January. Twenty second and she first checked out San Diego. She had plans to go to. Francisco allay in Santa Cruz. Now she said your parents, like, I said every single day to check in and she
is also super into blogging and she was updating her tumblr and her blog spot page to fucking, lousy yeah. Yes, her blog spot page was named after fields, ether, ether, fields, ether beyond them either. If you allow me, I am now she had her whole trip outlined on her tumblr page So already. I personally feel like that might be that of yeah red flag. Here, that's no good! Never do that! Don't share your plans, let everybody and she actually gotten nervous about that. Really issues like fuck- maybe I shouldn't have done compared with those closest to direct shared within, now and especially on Tumblr. She was finding mental health support with other users. Ria that makes them feel like a community exact find your. But it's like you find your people right Hilda. You can talk about things you can get advice and against other people have like this. Thing going on, it's relate of all tabs only mean you need it and other time tumblr was like so hot right now
I would like not in the age of tumblr, are you a lot of bad? I was bog spot and then you like fire like really outdated, like blog spot, even quickly. I feel I do. I was barely in black spot, but but Tumblr was like what, though, what the kids with youth or doing now, I'm telling you. I fuckin loved tumble hurry, I'm the fact hardwood tumble I fought to real hard here somewhere, and I saw foxes about with Tumblr. Really I do sometimes like that honey. So yeah, you know I dont understand, were I'm just gonna, come right out and say it I want to feeling it's just one of those things that, like it's like Instagram like than Kalmia, It's just like one of those pages that you come too like understood as yet the kind of academics and so actually went to see if there was anything on her tumblr page, because the page itself, exists, but there's not any content. can't see anything, but you posted witches frustrate. Now. That's annoying yeah, There is the title of her arm of her tumblr, like blog page, and it's called
Nouvelle Nabu Elbow Nouveau Mary out early that means, and there is also a quote that says in this is like super eerie near always haunted by the aid, the idea that you're wasting your life wow. isn't that, like it's very eerie for what higher than arc and also She was in a little bit of a dark place in its also like it makes you think, all of a sudden, I'm just like shit, everybody is haunted by that idea. The art of evil when you're doing a Tanya like am I wasting some part of it, When I look at my doing our actions do how o tumblr gets real deep. Oh, I don't, like referral to the third thing. I think that's why I liked it so much when I was younger because they were so easy to sow ANG, stereo, eggs, diamond em. girl, anyways. So let's get back to ITALY session. Checked into the Cecil on January, twenty sixth and she was supposed to stay in a hostile like room.
because she was trying to structure money out throughout the trip and it was cheaper to stay that hospital room now. hotel, actually moved her to a room of her own, though after her roommates complained of odd behaviour. Blue now I couldn't find anything else about that. Like like, when a specific instance, or anything like that, just that there was odd behaviour and they wanted her to be in her own room. While you're, not, I feel like considering what happened. Her creeps me out They wanted to isolate her almost yeah. It's just that's that's strange. I don't like. I can get it if she's like it. If you don't know, what's going on and she's acting a little strange, you could be like. Ok, really dont want her sleeping next to me right cause. You don't know her right. These people, the hostile, don't know her. They don't know her medical background. They don't know anything, so I can get why they built ok, maybe stop. Now, then when you look at it on the other side you like, or it can be very ominous ordered the hoodie. Are like do something any their way. She was isolated from those people exactly
now she was due to check out of the hotel on January thirty first, and that meant she was gonna, be calling your family to tell them what stay was like and what were her next move was, but she never made that call a whole, never came and since she had been so consistent with our calls, like I said, her family was immediately left to a dislike ominous jar quota feeling, like some immediately. They knew something was wrong. Absolutely so they contacted the LAPD and they explain the situation while getting ready to add to the: U S themselves: there, like we're heading out. There were good for them,
and yet they were great and they were so. The police went out to the seesaw and they were able to search or on the public areas of the hotel, but they couldn't get a search warrant for any private rooms who know it's like kind of sucks and I think there's something like seven hundred rooms and cease. All our lot of her imply a lot of places that something sinister could be happening in color reminds me of the can. You can eat a Jenkins case yet to fling a lotta dark places that dont subject can happen, hiding holes, yeah, so out of prying eyes of people who actually give a shit exactly so they searched and they search. They even went up to the roof to look around with search dogs, but they didn't find anything. Can you imagine knowing later the union walking right next to her. Thank you and but she stayed therefore like through more weeks all, tell her. Parents ended up coming to the West Coast and hopes to find her and they cause they're so worried, but obviously we know that that wasn't gonna happen
so the hotel, her employees, remember seeing her around the hotel on the day that she disappeared and one of the last people to see Elisa was this woman named Katy orphan, no Katy orphan worked in a book store right by the hotel, ironically, the bookstore name, is the last bookstore more how there is so many weird yeah ironic like little do tales, universe being like ha ha Bialik. Something about this case is just supernatural: it's just dark. It is it's dark, it is snow? Katie said that LISA was happy and she talked with her about the books in the music that she bought from the store she was telling her like. Some of these purchases are for like so and so back home, and so it seems like she had plans to go back home yeah The hotel also- and you guys, are gonna, go you're like a wild out. They found the footage of Elisa in the elevator on the day she went missing and they released it to the public and hopes to maybe somebody recognized her. Oh, I saw that
Oh here like they thought it was gonna bring her home, but it only added so much more confusion to this case. That video is why It's insane. I watched it probably like four times in the past few days, and I can see it right now in my brain begins, I really want you guys to Argo logic as its I'm gonna describe it, but you have to see it for yourself to get the full yeah like experiences. It looks fake. It does look like somebody acting. It does look like somebody acting in. That is a theory. Oh really even though that there is also a. Why look at me that I didn't put in here, but all actually say that the end, because it's not ok. So this is what happens in Libya least walks into the elevator and in my opinion she doesn't seem like hurried or frantic when she first signs in the elevator she crouched down to press a button. Then she moved to the back corner of the elevator. Then she quickly pokes her head out looking into the hallway and really quickly yanks her head back in and all of a sudden sheet like the mood changes.
she's hiding yeah now when she yanks her head back and she pressed her back against the wall into me. That says, like I'm freaked out lady, I want to be protected by this wall. Clia and she scoots into the corner. The back corner, like she's, hiding like yes I'd like the front corner next right corner further. Let us somebody was to look in. They wouldn't see her a yellow cause she's than she would sit back when I went to first she moves into the front corner you're right and it's almost like six used will it make herself small, oh yeah, like he's not really trying to stay out of some one Xilai gap Then she moves into the opening of the elevator and she looks around again, and then she steps completely out of the elevator. Then she stepped linked to the side, still back like still out of the elevator, then she steps back in and then she said tobacco and moves again to the side, and then she gets back in and she presses a ton of buttons all the sun. and you're like what the fuck and also mind you. The elevator door, never closed that anger over that one little
detail. I was like art. If you ve ever been in an elevator. You know that if you move willingly in like a minute all of a sudden the door slammed shut on? You knew freaked out that you gimme a chopped and have literally and also the entire times you standing halfway on and halfway autos I get in or out, because I'm stressed out that this is mere getting comprise exposure exactly and I actually cut chills so about the the door, doesn't cloning, doesn't it never lasers and never even makes an attempt and somebody I've read and I was like going through run it threads, which, like its obviously, not always the truth, but somebody was saying he can find some gems in there. You really can I did because some people were saying that the elevator might have been its service mode and like you, and how hold down the button forever the door to close. Oh, I don't even think of an she work, glasses, so something
or pointing out like. Maybe she couldn't see the button since she was panicked and just like trying to cause she did like crouch, very close to it, to press it initially that issues like crouches down right in front of it and tat presses it really close to the button exactly sir. So again she, like, I said she comes in and she presses attended the buttons and then she stepped back out of the elevator and ass, she does this. She like puts her hair behind her ears with both hands, which, to me points to some kind of like anxiety, I don't know why, but it like points like ok, like we're gonna, do something like a got that Leggum like an anxious tick laughing at something something somebody does when their feeling some type of yeah exactly and then she walks back. I like I said so. She tucked her behind
yes she's walking out and then she's outside of the elevator and she starts making like super weird hand, gestures and some people point to the fact that it looks like her wrists are like broken, but I'm doing it with my restaurant. Now, oh yeah, it's like, I could definitely made uterus double the added or something but she's like her. Arms are crossed and she's like like maneuvering your hands all around yeah. And she's, like kind of like waving them. It's like an interpretive dance of some sort. It really is very strange its weird and then she I like, I said she's bending her rest in thy crossing her arms and ass. She does this. She slightly bends at her knees, yeah you're right. She looks very uncomforted and it almost looks like someone is doing something to her, but you don't see any one. Oh yeah, you re in it's weird like if you were to superimpose someone tying something around her wrists as he growled arguing that it would make sense, you would believe it right like. I could photoshop someone in their new Billig. Oh yeah, that's real yeah! That's exactly what it looks like to me so
she's like phantom chairing at one point, yet she literally it advocates like she's doing a wall set, but there's no war that she's almost like making some kind of signal to someone or like yeah. I don't know it's just It's very show me personally. I think a lot of people think, though, that the footage is added it now, because there's So I didn't actually look at the time stamps, but I guess there's little missing clips. Oh really now and a lot of people say that may be the hotel was like covering one of their own. Oh sought in a hurry. Now, like I said everyone who, seeing the footage, has a theory of their own and I dont know which one decide with because they're all like really scary, but all of them make sense in some way. If you look at them a certain way or ninety streaming only. I pick up a new original permit me. In fact, we are lady parts
these mixed hash anthems, sour girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are leaving all the sultan. We now only abacha right now was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earned who times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salad. more get your next reward twice as fast by shopping your dinner favorites after four p m. La rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today like I said we're going to get into the series at the end, but after watching the video the public was super concerned for her. Well, being no matter what theory they thought it was yeah. So that brings us back to the discovery of her body in the water tank and
It was discovered February nineteenth. Now the water tank that she was found in was eight feet tall and four inches Erskine before feet around oh yeah. If you see a photo of it from like the top like a drone foot right, you're like why look how the fuck did she get up there? How much you gotta There were the latter, but it's just like it's just. Why so strange? Look why exactly and especially she did it alone. It's like very strange, just doesn't make a lot of sun and how would you even know that that was up there right now? You could get into them right I don't know so to get her body out of this this one, tower. They actually had to drain it completely, and then they had to cut it open from the because nobody else was gonna diving there. It's like no thank contaminated at this point, so, oh, my goodness, now having being submerged and water for the past three weeks, Elise, his body was really badly decomposed.
yes, as evidenced by the water. He now some sources saying that this is so weird because it's another thing of like. What's the truth like, why is there so much this like? Why is there so much debate over there s a shady this right cause? Some people say that she was found naked. And then other people say that she was found in the outfit that you see her in the elevator. Ah, so it's like Y yeah. Why is likewise in it written down somewhere? What actually was irreligion worried us down somewhere like on the official reports. It's gotta, be there the official reports we're gonna get into those. I know because I can see where the hell, those so, there's also many sources that claim her body was covered in this on identifiable sandy textured like particle. Like all over her look, there's many many particles.
wow and then I have also seen sources that she had black Harris covering her body. Who now I don't know if that's just like something that was on a red it threatened made it and its wage. Like a couple articles were Otto now, so there's lots of question. and mystery surrounding the case, like I said, and some of the main questions are: how did she get up onto their if, in the first place like we were just saying and cause I mentioned earlier. There is an alarm I was going to say up to disarm and you have to disarm the alarm or it's going to alert the front desk and the top two floors of the hotel like it would be like sound of the fire alarm again so that didn't happen. Obviously
just strange and then when the LAPD, when the LAPD brought the search dogs and there there was actually a cent picked up believed to be Elise says that led out to the fire escape, so some people say she clung climbed the fire escape up to the roof down. That's how she ended up there and its also like, wouldn't somebody like the Cecil's at a busy area of town. Somebody would have seen her doing this now and again. How did she know that it was even there in the first place so weird ANA. Now there is also the question of how did she climbed up to the opening of the tank and move the heavy led to get inside yeah and then close it from the inside of the tower with I'm sure Lake shoot there's probably space between where you enter and the water right. Since knowledge, she's like right up to the thing Asia, you wouldn't be able to reach it exactly cause, there's nothing to hang on to now you know, I got a lot of saving lives, who knows, but not just seem so weird,
and others also like you were saying it would have been a heavy lid riah. So there's a lotta discrepancies about how heavy, though it is, and I couldn't find one source that was like and we went there and tested at an explicit, much weight here. It weighs this much I'll judge later regard. As twenty pounds. That's what I've heard. That's though twenty pounds is like most what's mostly seen around yeah. Now, that's not that heavy What is happening about the position that she would have been an that's really have the especially to bit to raise your hands above your head. I would think aim like like hoist herself up and then move it like that's a weird positioned if she, if it was indeed closed, like they say that doesn't make sense right. She can't stand
in water right! It's too like that is to it just doesn't make sense. It is a mission, would have the other region at all. No none legates literally impossible. That's what I would think. So I don't know it's. It doesn't make any sense and then the like was it slightly open when she, when she was discovered or was it close Zadig? What's the story, because I guess if it was slightly open, you could argue that she slipped through and the network. That would be the only way could literally it's impossible to close. But most of the time when you read the story, it says that the lid was closed. Like nine out of ten times. That's the story is, why would it be halfway open right and yes, it s the other thing, and I feel it they would have found like a bunch shit and Arafat was how abatement in it have an open for your rethinks, urine, downtown, LOS Angeles, gradually downtown Hollywood, yeah you're, not leaving and water tank supply, open, know that fuckin area, right now would contaminate the shit out of that water exotic. The whole point of the thing is to keep it not contaminated.
Actually that entire believe that open unless they're, like super negligent and they edge- and they are super negligent, Zadig loud and just Like reference, she was five four and she was pretty petite, but I don't know I guess you could have been strong by just I would ask you to throw in their hotel. She I mean you can be strong, but it's just like it's just positions. Wiser to southern make sense right now we're gonna talk about the autopsy because the autopsy itself lead to even more questions, some which that's actually the opposite of what that's bus or do we think yeah autopsies is supposed to provide answer. You can confirm prillie what you're gone for a firm that death was attributed an accident or excuse. Me was ruled and accidental drowning with bipolar disorder considered to be a contributing factor. Ok, so The bipolar disorder contribution came from the idea that she was experiencing some kind of psychosis.
due to her bipolar in like had some kind of brake and ended up in the water tower. Now, some people, not all, but some people who suffer from by poor disorder, exceed hence delusions and hallucinations. So, like I said, the thought was that she may have been in. Loosened it of state that led her to the water tower and led her to accidently drown, okra, that's what this now some people argue. It was clear that she was in a hallucinated state after watching the elevator for you, you can definitely argue that definitely refer but, like I said, some people think that the elevator footage was edited in somebody was not in the footage so that kind of like that might have been the reason. why it was added to make her book limitless. Furthermore, India, because maybe somebody new, that she had bipolar disorder and knew that that was kind of a symptom or something that somebody experiences Serbia so sure than they used it through their game.
it's weird. I know now and also some people point out that the elevator footage is really pixelate it. I personally think that's just because it's fucking elevator surveillance, yeah Cctv right, but some people, like it's really pixelate it and like you, can't see what she saying, which is true. No, but can really general make out what people are saying. Well now time, usually security, now the autopsy or it's also showed that she might not have been taking her medication properly. I wondered me so she took one of her antidepressants the day she died, but not her second antidepressant. She was on too and she did not take her anti psychotic, so many sources point out that not taking an anti psychotic and but taking your antidepressant can have really dangerous side effects and actually lead to a very high risk of ex of experiencing mania or hallucinate hallucination. Summing sense now, especially just cutting off like that, if she just didn't
get like right, Turkey exactly now. The other thing, though, is I know, like people take medicines at different times of the day. So I guess that could be a possible explanation. They got stir, maybe shed a different schedule going right. I don't know, but according to some sources, she's believe believed to have died around midnight. So it's like you would have taken medicine and were kept somewhere where you were needed? A back as exchequer met again just saying the autopsy states that there's no foul play, which I don't know how you can say that when you they were able to complete a full autopsy because of how badly decompose she was. I guess they can just say it, because technically she drowned there's no evidence of anything else than they can't really speculate. That's true, but they also if they did do a rape kit. They never recorded. Like the the report of what came up honestly three weeks in a water you're, not gonna, get my
February. I actually die ruined my notes. Maybe the d come factor yeah three weeks in the water, I don't think can I see a whole lot? I literally haven't bold and Alain away like a way in and also they didn't test the finger nail kid, but I again maybe the water it could have been tough. I don't know I don't know is ohms like I mean three weeks about water tankers, but you would think that you'd right that, like not announce because of DE camp, I don't know if it's just like they assume it's just kind of like a given year and also show Minos again in California and like the hot sun barons like that tank was really cookin, yeah yanks, so her parents actually filed a wrongful death suit against the sea, so hotel, which is now called the say. I mean a lot of people, think that they change their name because of what happened and twenty thirteen to Elisa does actually not true.
Out of sources show that it took place to see the name. Change took place on twenty eleven. Ok, so that's not true true, but he lay back to their own full debt suit. They stated that negligence on behalf of the hotel led to a leases death. The defence argued that there was no, surveillance on the roof, because there was an yeah which is weird, and then there is no evidence to suggest that that alarm was even working there like yachts there, but is it working hours? They never like found out ocean but the prosecution argued that Elisa herself was negligent and so was the family which, unlike you, might want to choose your words differently. I may not wanted. John Angler agree. Some manly dead, daughter, yeah, that's fucked, but ok. I have been and so busy lately Alina husband, so busy lately and I'm talking about the kind of busy where we look up from our computer. We look up from home schooling. The church
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they would have been able to disarm the alarm and they would have known where the water tanks were because, like you were saying how which, even though that they were up their true, maybe she did it, but somebody that works there know that knows that there is a lot or to her. now, like I said, there is also the edited surveillance footage and I said earlier Some people believe that the hotel might have messed with the footage to protect one of their own. Ok, so I don't know and Elisa had written posts on Tumblr she was staying at the hotel about people bothering her like following her, and she referred to them is creepers. and she implied that she might be being followed. Oh, so an instrument like if you watch the footage it seems like she, somebody who feels like she's being followed
She seems very paranoid exactly the creepy thing about her tumblr page too. This is gonna, give you lick it kept updating after she passed away. Why and her phone was never found. Ah, they never found her phone, but her tumblr kept updating itself what the fuck now what that's huge, that's huge, but it can also be developed, so I, rather than one source that she had lost it. I speak easy that she went to so some people, the claim, maybe somebody found her phone, unlike decided to take over tumblr. That doesn't seem very strange there is also whoever hooker killer might have been like, took it and decided to keep update her tumblers, but that does not really seem likely to me, but a lot of people point to the option that Tumblr provides users to queue up their posts ahead of time. So I never did that but idle. I wasn't like super into keeping my blog liquor,
not a lot followers, so nobody to impress, but she was really into Tumblr, so maybe relieved and have it she had them set up here either way. It's fucking weird either way it's weird right when something like that happens in the persons dad it's like super creepy I wished I wish Tumblr could way in. I know we could say like they should be able to see and Billy gas she had scheduled pose. I know that They should be able to like what the fuck tumblr command tumbling. Humbler, you listening what the fuck, what thou art? Why don't you? I saw one of the greatest mysteries into crime for us right now. Please tell me hello: do it now be awesome? Tumblr, like dams us, love if you would sponsor. Unless I get off our backs in this case, the hell up
there's a lot of like far fetched theories about other possible murders, but I feel like at this point of doing more morbid. Nothing is like, as far fetched I thought now so there's people who think that the LAPD was involved, which that's not verified, it where's the farfetched, and they think that it was some kind of snuff film that she fell victim to ah, but I feel like it. That was the case like somebody would have leaked to the video by now. Do you think I do not think I mean if it involving you know the LAPD. I don't. I can't really know that almost hand, I've just right now. I know because I have talked about the early. I care really like I mean I don't know, I just push to stone we do not passed members of the LAPD. Now some people we
ex boyfriend now because the other thing is like we said they went out there and they searched though tall, and they were on the roof at length. I dont know if you would think too I mean you're a police officer. You would think to look everywhere, widened they look in the water. Do you think the village one of these big tanks, with the latter now like somebody could have set like put a body in there I mean I'm I would feel if you would think it, but the LAPD my I take the train. I like to think that way through trained to do a lot of us, the Saudis. Let's get away from that before we get sued, There's also people who think that which is or Satan is suitably. Oh, I don't want to believe ass, the which is no no. I also of how you finds like witches and faintness together liquids like that, it's the whither indebtedness because they hang out they worship two completely different things and into differently in the two very different way, varied, so that's cool there. They have copy, sometimes yet exactly they like.
black, both in that very comes from the fact that she was believed to have been murdered on January thirty, first and the next day is considered a holiday to witches, because February first is called in bulk or Brigitte stay, which is a gale. I call it a oh and its recognising the beginning of spring will now. It sounds wonderful, that's sounds like beautiful, but for one reason or another people gotta in their heads that humans. your face is necessary. The night before spring, I think they're, just like cool springs, coming flowers, the earth exact. Now. This third theories also supported by people who claim that Alister Crowley wrote a poem about Elisa, but he would have written it before she was even born so like that, doesn't really make a lot of sense, but alliums lodger. The poem is fucking, weird and like us correlate attain carried out a little. It does Jakarta little and I think he was into magic. So maybe he knew that yeah exists. I dont know I dont
theories got weird, and how are you I just do? I feel like a conspiracy theories straight now, yeah, you gotta, be for a minute. I know right supplementary the poverty I was gonna say. Please read me at home. So let my lamp Lamb PA, midnight hour about midnight hour been seen in some highly tower. Ok, water tower where I may. I watched the bear this spirit of Plato to unfold. What worlds or vast regions holds the immortal mind that half first took her mention in the flashy nook omit to go ahead and above that one not one thing: if that makes any sense to lose his, I don't think so. Either doubts I wrote, but what is it all be? That's what I wrote you would have to do like Olympic Mental Gymnastics to make that work at sea. I'd stop. I did it. I'm just like looking up another people's out about it. The other needed mental gymnastic Olympians
So the first line is about being alone and being seen in a highly tower. Is creepy cause the water tower and then her mansion and the flashy nook. Some people say that she was found naked and that water towers the Knook. So it's fleshy nook now it's along at an guys know. Yet it's wrong, but it was worth putting India but here's another weird thing now, I'm ready. It looks like it's like not by weird, if you really think about it and I feel it use route it so I hit my mind is due logical in its way to London, and I'm like fellow rhymes visa. Like me, beyond Crowley, what the fuck was upward, this that pull my leg did. I believe that this is where he found it. It's like a religion or like of the physiological way of thinking. I think I said the wrong word, but it's called the lemme dilemma and revolves around a demon named Lamb, ok yeah, so I knew you were going to really think I may cause because is also like millions of lambs that exist on planet earth. Ellie
no not I am so I don't know. Ok, I read about it. I just wrote goodbye. I do that comes a really doing with irey. I think you know I'm still. The LAPD, I think so too, is all. Are that's the winner So I guess I Roca by after that and then Europe, hello again, our that I was dealt with that and now we're going to talk about the invisible light agent. see how this is almost like. A diet, love pass kind of bring me and this one is cool. I dont want to save our whole, unlike the worst, where the executor ok, so this one is crazy. I'm its wildly terrifying aspire after oak, because I'm so afraid of invisible things, because, as the movie, the invisible man it fucked me up this year, families great and you know why I feel like technical. She has come a really long way, and maybe there is invisible technology. I mean
you never know. I mean the idea pointed out. Leaving came from somewhere, you know what I'm saying: there's some great minds: workin on really terrible I was gonna, save us an evil minds and maniacal mines so that here's the deal Elisa had either tweeted or put something on Facebook, depending on answers. You heard about new, invisible cloak technology and that led people to believe that she had been corresponding with military members who knew of the same technology and they were going to start using it in the military, okay, weird or she was too. hitting Harry Potter? Perhaps now it's weird is that there's a location on Google MAPS called the invisible light agency and its located inside the hotel, o koyo. Excuse me it's located inside the hotel, but no like everybody's. I know, there's no invest light agency here but, like I know, invisible wide agency here, I think run along like doctors, if you're, if her down some
here's. The other thing I dont know how easy it is to add a location to Google maps. So I don't need it. I don't know, I don't know I've never try to do it me either, and I feel it has to be approved by like somebody who checks out that it's a real thing. I would think, but also, I feel, like a fear like an underground secret society kind of deal. You're, not necessarily gonna, put yourself on Google maps. Yet that wouldn't be my first thing, no definite, not mine, but you know do you so that's cool. I dont know so interesting, but the thing that scary is that people like say it checks out because leases our behaviour in the elevator Is she hiding from someone that none of us can see oh yeah, honey. I don't know now. I want to go back and see if there's any like you know, disruption
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A fifty percent, plus listeners of our show will receive an exclusive tote bag free, go to New York or dot com. Slash morbid, that's any w! Why o r k e r dotcom slash morbid to get twelve weeks of the new Yorker for just six dollars and a free toe bag, New Yorker, dot com, slash morbid and about this is the thing because it's like she could. see them either. So that explains why her back was against the wall and she was hiding in the corner like its literally the invisible man movie literally in I r L, in real life and in real life, and it's like did she know too much about the technology and like the purpose behind it, could she was talking these people too much like she wanted to go to the sea, saw I like this one. I like this one- I don't know maybe someone was afraid of letting her letting too much info. when she went back to Canada because remember she's, not from America. Oh shit, aha, now huh
I don't even find this anywhere. This was in my own mother, fucking noggin! Is that what the particles are found all over her arm was the particles to build the invisible man soup, but they don't work and water. So that's why they popped up and water. I don't know Noggin wonders get the fuck out. I mean holy shit. Is that what the particles whereby nope everybody's, like what the fuck were, the particles MIKE exactly that's what it was fucking investigate, holy shit Ok, so the next one, while yeah that one I, while pretty fuckin strong. If you ask me, I don't know how can get out of that and visible light agency. Dont come after me. I don't know anything. I don't know anything, I'm never going to allay now. Sorry, no personnel, this next one also puts to bear it and so at the time there was like a huge outbreak of TB, tuberculosis then the area- oh yes and consumers,
see, there is believed that Elisa might have this went wild. She might have fallen victim to bioterrorism. Now this one honestly, I'm not gonna lie to you. This one confuses the shit out of me. So if you want to look more into this, do it on your own, because Imala was like I'm done now, so this is weird because the test for TB. Strangely enough is named Lammle. Oh yes answer, which is where we talked about Africa yet, and we did so ok, some people think that she had TB and they were testing different things on her and again people point to the elevator surveillance, because I guess people suffering from tuberculosis can become like really confused and disoriented. But I don't I don't. I don't think so. I mean rules. I went out yeah, I don't know, I want it's, it's incomplete its incomplete or more into our because, to be honest with you is confusing the fuck out of an angel, can allow and that that, when I'm like not ready to throw but
I'm not gonna! Think of it. That could have explained her. Weird behaviour got within the hostile to and like maybe the whole time exactly, and maybe she had tuberculosis before she went to America yeah and she that's what she was going to America for and then all this bad should happen. They were like oh decent work. out gothorum you in the water tat aren't gonna, throw you in the water tat and then after she died. There was a so I don't have to. I think the outbreak was after she died actually oak, because people think that happened because so many people are still ongoing. Asserted judge, king though honour that makes him eat got pushes that even further. I know because the thing is actually a lot of the people that say at the hotel, like I said it's like pretty by its expensive to stay there. So people on skid row, like maybe you're, staying at the hotel for a night if they round up enough cash and then they're going back out to skid row in there Changing that's true. Eighty be, oh, so maybe that's eyes far fetched as I thought actual Alan felons, not not throw away
Let me just needed to talk it throughout aloud. I think you did. I don't think any wanted to hear by where she was actually sorry like an old age is a guy I gotta go. I mean it's, it's weird, that her name is that yeah a savage strained and fourth but its it was that way like even before she was born, which is strange, honour, not thou, and though it's a good one. I think it is Now one of the last and, in my opinion, the creepy as fucking theories, and if you have looked into this, you know it. You ve been waiting for me to say it. The elevator game o this one. I was excited in this one freaks, neither fuck out so apparently a lot of people in Korea. play this game and its also known to go around tumblr bunch, so that makes sense of like. Why should you have done with it? So here's the instructions. I found this on a website that all post, so I'm in a red like the whole time
Thank you so instructions. This is a game from Korea by performing this ritual you're supposed to get a different to a different world. According to people that have successfully completed the game, it looks the same as the town or building that your from, but all the lights are off and you can see it a Red cross in the distance. There are no other living things there, except yourself. Some say: electronics, like phones, cameras, accept your don't work, while some say they do also some say that getting back into the real world is harder for some reason you get disoriented and forget the elevator you came on or some one who are somehow the elevator seems to get further and further away ass. He walked towards it question. Yes, what's up, why would you do this. I don't know, but I like you, I have to move because my hip hurts because and Jerry after I got her arm itself with the upside.
I don't know, but it's like thinker, we gotta go like another world genetically fuck up into another labelled but think another world. This just pitch black with the Red Cross. The distance in UKIP under one also like how do you know that it looks like your world if its pitch black there? No beyond none? Can I make a lot of them? I just don't see a reason to do that. I know either, but you know I guess some people do so Here's how to do it did I'm gonna run the instruction manual you to be in a ten plus story building now I think the Cecil's fifteen stories I And in the elevator alone, if someone is in the elevator with you, it will not work bummer. She was alone so there are nine step, so ready move number one get on the elevator. On the first floor, number two
four, and when he reached the fourth floor you dont get out and press to when you reach second floor press six, when you reach sixth floor press to when you reach second floor press ten, when you reach the tenth floor, press five, when you get when you reach the fifth floor, a girl will come in this woman is not human. Don't talk to her or look at her. If you do she'll take you away Yet I have to tell me twice nope not to an. I dont tax people and elevated we give was honestly. I don't make eye contact with people that I like next to have the airline. Conversely, now we can assume that just not human and gonna get me out of this work. after this I'm never going on in another elevator ever again. Also until we get stuck in an elevator and has huge bomber. so also that you have to press one and if the elevator instead starts going to the tenth floor, you have succeeded. So if you press one and you get to the tenth for you- oh god. You will have reached another world when you get there and when you got there, no one's there except you.
So maybe the maybe the goals, peace and quiet. I was just going to say: maybe it's for parents of toddlers, I don't know Now, if you get to the tenth floor, the girl will ask: where are you going? Don't answer? Oh good. Ok, I've got out his honesty. No, no! No! No! No! Don't answer no answer rude now. This is how you return. If the woman does get on the elevator and if you don't get off at the tenth floor, you never really made it together world, so you're still in this world cool. Now, if you don't get off at the tenth floor and then press one, if you dont get off at the tenth floor, then press one if it doesn't press keep on pressing until it works. Ok just like hope for the best that you're gonna get my little this world tat, so yeah. Some people think that Elisa went to this world and she was like super disoriented when she got back and that she somehow ended up climbing into the water tower by accident and an oath it. She thought it was like a poor adulthood back to this work old or yeah. That's it
instructions, I don't know. I think this is very far fetched. I think it's just fun for the people who, like the paranormal, wow Armenia and then the last good agreement. You go ahead and cross that were not so one, the other things like New York at the surveillance, surveillance of survival, only Surveillance- and you see that she's just present, like a bunch of second buttons on what you have just, is not like a methodical like press to then press via the elevators not move out the charge everyone closes. Unless you support the idea that both the footage has added it yeah, I don't know they added about the other world. I mean we can't get out of the domain front of the other world could be around I've. Gotta go, do not wait. There was like a Disney movie at one point and you would get to another world and I can see it in my head. It was all white and then there was like almost like these clothes
fines and like all these, like I don't offers like movie posters. I also don't know if this is just a nightmare that I haven't, I was actuarial. Everybody could see ass, just like crazy off into the distance ass. She explained this in chief mining billionth, indifferent. Thank you, re. Here's, a close live all these different things and I think somebody ass a ball and one has a ball. I don't know that want to be someone else to too much about me was that it is the movie probably not for me. I had I don't up so get serious final theory is that she completed suicide. Oh that's them this theory. It is fairly side like obviously, but I think it's also very far, fetched bigger how which We know that the water tower was up there and it's like this is horrible to say, but like would she not just jump out the window like so many people had done before her yeah to me, the suicide
does in. If I'm gonna go anywhere near that kind of thing, it's gonna be accidental raymie. Exactly like that, it's weird it even that's weird, because it's out how did she wonder? I thing I don't know I just don't know. I just don't know Others me that I still have no fucking idea after reading countless countless mother, fucking articles and books about some voting for that invisible white scenario or the LAPD. I mean same the invisible light, one particles or yeah thou and really works, but the other thing that's really, unfortunately seems that very likely is that she was fascinating and possibly with offer medication, and just out there it was an accident. turnout was hallucinating, maybe not understanding what was happening in just wandered up there. I would hate, for I mean I would hate for any of this to be true because the doll answer apparent dying horrifically in a water tower. So none of them are good
and again if she was hallucinating and she went out there how to close the water tank. That will that's the thing that really then it's also like was closed. Antonov has everyone wants to be a mother fucking liar on the internet. I always closed that. I dont support the accident that she did herself now. If I was slightly open. If it was closed, I think was the despite, I think so too. I'm just saying I don't know anything about that. What are you guys think yeah? I can't wait to hear you gotta help us, so we are also some pictures You can look at them on our instagram at morbid vodka. We we goin to utter a lot. I like twitter, so much better. So at a morbid podcast are you can I remember my twitter neighbours? What's my twitter name, I think ITALY Missus MAX your twitter somewhere and follow me at a late into the max and-
look first Starbucks to shout, might what a girl, so they didn't offer me any free coffee, they'll just wanted to know if they could use my tweet. I was like yeah for the small price of a lifetime of free coffee at I love that there really can you follow us, nationals of hay fuckers. I followed you for years. Did you Jane about the fact that you lie down there Serbia compliments. You know, I think it's bullshit you're, that noise is a chair downstairs whose weird I feel like I'm in another world. Do, oh my god, oh my god, what else twitter and send us a gmail about all the tensions that we went on. It someplace, overboard revival, gal sedgy well back of we hope we keep listening and we hope you keep it. We're Vanessa really travelling to the Eu S to have a really nice time and it doesn't being an ice diamond for the rest of it. Never everybody wonders what happened to you. What happened the leaf Elisa, I need bye.
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