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Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

2020-11-14 | 🔗
We’re stepping into an unknown world for us this week: the world of horrorcore. In 2009 twenty year old Richard Sam Mccroskey travelled across the country to go to a horrorcore music festival with two girls he had become friends with via Myspace, sixteen year old Emma Niederbrock and eighteen year old Melanie Wells. Richard, Emma and Emma’s best friend Melanie would all be staying at Emma's house after the concert. Richard, aka Syko Sam, had it in his mind that Emma was his girlfriend, but after meeting her he realized his feelings were not reciprocated. Instead of moving on, he made the decision to brutally murder everyone staying in the home, including Emma.  Sources: https://richmond.com/from-the-archives/10-years-ago-horrorcore-rapper-killed-his-girlfriend-and-her-farmville-family-with-a-maul/article_157588fa-150c-545f-9aeb-413f96ba4966.html https://www.ranker.com/list/horrorcore-farmville-murders/cheryl-adams-richkoff https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/horrorcore-syko-sam/ https://www.adamquirk.me/blog/2017/7/28/syko-sam-and-his-quadruple-murder-spree-in-farmville-virginia As always, thank you to our sponsors: Amazon Music: For a limited time you can get three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for FREE.  Go to Amazon.com/morbid Upstart: Hurry to Upstart.com/morbid to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate can be. Stamps: With our promo code, MORBID, you get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale!! Just go to Stamps.com and type in MORBID. Embark: Go to Embarkvet.com now to get the best deal of the year AND free shipping. Use Promo code MORBID to save $64 off your Embark Breed and Health Kit.
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By topic of speed and think that cause, you just told me what you are doing that maybe that was your subconscious thing that I love. You know it. Let's just pretend that it just happened. Naturally, in organically They are knows. I dont prepare anything. I say a couple of everybody knows about the seed. My pants gonna go right sued today's gonna be a fights I say fund. I always say it's gonna be served by the unity of our cities. Are real brutal murder case and that's not fun, but one. That's like woe, sometimes details and like the lead up is just like: oh it's, it's fun, in the way that you're gonna be like what you have not fun like, as in people got me, I'm trying to think of like a real life situation, it could relate to hurl like doing your taxes.
horrible, but you get word. I put it and if you join members, maybe it's fun, I don't know, I don't think lies, but either way you know what we mean and if you don't know what we mean that matter out, you will Indians Astir you'll, get it at the end. So I think that we really do really have any me, no, no business to attend to its kind of where we're having a nice little calming couple of weeks, maybe the others. No announcements are now like found. No big announcements one thing I would say it was we have new March on morbid pod worth my God Shabata Morbid Podcast outcome ex cause, I'm low one, not only guy you're, though it always says it. It's in our store, its new murder, apparel staff and its really find it go check that out further hung today, see them and all the designs are so funny. I'm unfortunately unfortunate. I unfortunately may now the booty one is sold out, but I'm sure we'll
sockets yeah, so keep an eye out for the oh and I actually wanted to say. I am one of those podcast on our network. Call. Oh yeah. That's spooky our good friend are good canadian boys. We love them Johnny and Tyler. They just released in episode on Wednesday in its episode, one twelve jerry, Its aim is a whole areas. There tardy muck, Kenneth, New and the legend of the banshee, and when I too, I actually just son from both a text message. I was cackling. ash cash. Crying in the car- and you know it that spooky is real good for that, only God they're. So there are no good their spooky gay bullshit. Just like I thrive, if offer great. So I don't try out I'll, go check it out. We love them and we know that you loved them. There are. Canadian brothers are canadian brothers if our brothers up north, so that's it. The I think, that's really love just as like a little side, no cause since we just plugged another broadcasts.
over on scream mean Caleb are doing some thanksgiving movies. This this month, things they remove horror movie. Okay, so go check those outcomes, it's gonna be fun. I'm excited we ve hit some surreal had to accepting what I heard you gonna have liked. This really famous guest on tat can be so much funds will keep an eye out for them. I'm looking for a go check it out on scream and yeah. I think that's really all we wanted to leg bill. I care about. I went. about everything. I think us. So, let's dive into their some really excited for this, and I know that's fucked up excited, because this is just one. That's gonna be like what Crystal Wild and yeah. It reminds me slightly. It has like a flavour of the M Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy stinky, ok, kind of thing. It has a little bit of that flavour to love that flower, but yeah it's at its pretty bad. So who call this
is called the Farmville murders already in a movie ages and its, although I immediately thought of a game that everyone plays Farmville like Facebook,. yeah I never play. I have no idea what it is, but I remember people playing it all the time or they send you. Notifications are like play Farmville with me and you really forgot that do not have these people matters. No, it's not. I thought that that when I saw the Farmville murders as a war, that would be a true turns out. It's not have doesn't have anything to do with Farmville began. I quickly saw another case which I won't cover. Besides not to mention here that the imo everyday does have to do with the Farmville thing on Facebook and it's a mom who killed her baby for interrupting her playing Farmville. Oh yeah, we don't Gaza, we won't cover that. Does nothing to cover she's a shit stain myself shall die someday. So that's good! I have a feed the cows and kill you yeah was like what are so the reason this is called the Farmville murders
is it takes place in Farmville Virginia in two thousand: nine, alright you're singularly Bachelor Virginia taking you back to Virginia, we love Virginia A lot of stuff grown on Virginia an essay taking us back is needed that for one of the live shows yeah, so you know Virginia where we're back at you were back in you, hey happy to be here with you got a lot going on, so we will do vartos into you, a lot o er. I just saw the skipper real growth, so we're gonna talk about the there's this has to do. It teenagers online shenanigans about some Myspace is involved here. The fuck up we're really taken a very thorough again, so we're gonna talk. First of all will talk about the three teenagers that had that this has to do with and how they met really quick and just what thereabout so the first one is: twenty year old, Richard Samuel, Mcclosky, the third, not a teenager,
he's a honestly when you hear about he has won the maturity level of a young teenager and he looks like a team It really will germ using terrorism, a teenager. So now I'm deal, but they act like a teenager. I know they have the mentality of one year. Twenty you might as well be honestly twenty I kind of still consider you twenty Euro nineteen, the sequel, the acts so he's from California. He were he's kind of like a meek and mild kid he's he's always described as someone who is very passive, doesnt fight back. Is teased. A lot doesn't really get just doesn't really get along with a lot of people like, and it's and it's not because he's aggressive, really but like like outwardly or anything he's very passive. Just very shy keeps to himself everyone who described some says he would never fight back. When someone tease him, he would just shut down
That's it. I already feel like this is gonna ruin, which is very interesting when you find out who he is ass. A person later he's also certain. So this meek mild kid who looks much younger than twenty Bob. I he has an on line persona. As a lot of people do the only place to curated who you are and it s like. If you are not happy with who you are in real life, you get to be whoever you want on line. We ve all seen it. We ve all seen you know the couples that are obsessed with each other and like shoe constantly posts like Chris leaving your face like ripping with goose stuff. You know you're married life, like you guys, literally
Hey you know their hate each other and or like the person whose just constantly, like you know, showing all these pictures of them in all these wild places, and it's like. Meanwhile, they took it. Unlike the sign of the highway and like a bunch of bushes about it, looks like they were in a field of flowers, ya or the people involved in pyramid schemes. Those are my favorite example also everyone. You know that we all know people like this, yes at an especially teenagers, especially in like that early arts and stuff we ever online, was a place you can go. You can have your own little fantasy Algeria was lately. You wanna be right now and that's in honestly, alot of people made a lot of friends online. During like the pay day of this, I ask people still our, but during like the hay day of people were really like who, should I can talk to people far away yet like Myspace Holy shit like those crazy, so variant, space. Very under social media and he was very into the horror core scene. I had no idea what horror
or was very hard to do as well. It s because you honestly to send up saying Horowitz: it's like the rural juror, it's hard to say it's really hard to say it is so horror core is like a rap Siena music, seen it's kind of akin to link the jungle. oh see where it's like. I see PETE like those kind of Reno musicians who the whole core is wrapping about letting like. I don't know, if there's a lot of singing involved, I ve only seen wrapping from one I've looked into it and I have only just looked into it. For case, Huda whose, as yours, I've never heard of it. I have only seen rap, but it's basically wrapping about like the darkest shape
You can imagine my memories yeah. It's like murder, mutilation, torture, rape by, but I hope I just the dark shit that you can pull out at the depths of your psyche is what they rapid yet, which in and of itself is fine. In my opinion, I my opinion because it's like you know people people are people are shit, heads or shithead, so that they will have the thing. I dont believe that, like music makes, you do something I hear you're gonna. Do as perfectly give out it's like when we talked about the kids that were on let the cuttenclips satanist ending of irony Slick, sued, the rock bands- and here you can't blame, not music. Within my opinion, I agree, so he was very into this scene. It's a very like big scene like very underground, though you know, because its it has to do with them a cab and the morbid. If you only got to know about that now, he himself now this meek, mild kid who gets teased a lot is an amateur horror, core wrapper. I love that who were those under the name o my god help me with it
I go SAM Hell, yeah Psycho spelled S Y, see oh SAM. Ok, I hate that. That's not how you spell cycle. That's actually very, and I did look on Myspace pages open as even though my spaces like not having any more. You can find like the front page of people's Myspace Shit, and I found all these kids therefrom pages of hers and I could see their friends list and a lot of people, Like you can tell the theatre from like two thousand hell yeah and a lot of them had those names like their nicknames in the sea and lay master external side and began with like psycho or an spelled like that. seems like that might be a thing in the in the scene. I love that right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earned?
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your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while now he said he named himself Psycho SAM, because he was obsessed with Son of SAM which weird icon what a fucking icon even first of all serial killers, don't Blake don't look up to them. To begin with, like say: have a son of a Lamb like Ebay mess. Mother Fucking Berkowitz is her pick up the letter. He looks like a like a rose again. No, don't pick any serial killer as your idle or your role model, but definitely don't pick David Byrne it's out of the picture. You know what, though I feel like if David Berkowitz was like, like I feel like he would be, he would fit. You know I mean no heed the troubled about it. Like the his horror corny
be chubby behemoth, the other site or a chubby Bohemia he he would fit into this. I still don't understand why anyone would idolize him. No, I don't either he there's nothing feminine whatever, so his family again described him as to different people, somebody online and somebody in my life. I may I know a whole lot about his online persona. They just knew that he was online along any kind of state to himself. He definitely use horror core and his online curated persona to portray himself is hard core. A real, tough guy somebody who doesn't give a shit, it was a fantasy world. He could literally be will every wanted to be. You could make friends in this scene. He became very close with members of the sea, other artists and stuff which in and of itself seems like it would be a positive thing right, he's, member of a community that he feels good about
like I know a lot of like you know in the juggler scene, and all that like they feel it gets a community family and family where they feel accepted and all that. So that is positive to me. I agree, of course, there's going to be members of any community that her decks and taken into indifferent round hats. Literally anything you can do anything anything. So he also really liked photography and web design, and I guess he was pretty good at school. So that's cool, so he did a tunnel web designing concert, photography for small heart horror, core labels in the area, because again he was an aspiring artist himself. So this is foot in the door rice little labels, his screen name was lil demon, dog and its capital, L law case. I have little L, Lowercase de capital e bloggers, and it goes out like that. We love the sponge operating
All obviously another reference to son of SAM will deepen dog. Yet so that's who we have four Richard Samuel, Mcclosky a Psycho SAM cocoa? Then we have sixteen year old, Emma Neater Brook she was born and again sixteen years old values. Twenty buryin she was born October, fifteenth. Ninety. Ninety two, she was described as sweet sue, art and beautiful eulogy pictures of her. She is beautiful. She was home schooled. I like pretty early, I think from the time she was like eleven or something she was home, schooled. Okay. She was very into fashion, particularly Goss Fashion, at the time like the scene. Looking all that she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. She was also very interested in the UK. Oh, she grew up in a very strict, pretty religious homes, rushing by just one thousand against it, like us, Her my space is one that I went on her myself.
is still up with photos and you can see that she died or hair bright pink. She were very intensively. Opening on. Did this lake is pretty cool actually, like I was like who knows to you for rocking Matt, later confidence girlfriend. Could she did this LE eyeliner that like went all the way down like it like pointing down towards her nose, that's cool, so it made her eyes like even like yeah was like an ominous. I don't know how to describe it, but our legal link, all these pages, if you want to see them, but again she rocked it. Her photos are the typical, like hot topic, kind of seal up, it's very hot topic and where This all soon seem to me very hot topic, but that's. It You know it's all areas. I remember like wanting to do that so badly, but I am not I got an old like I would walk in a hot topic in all of the employers, would walk to the back and be like why the fuck is that I will do Like I remember, I willingly we're like eye on this.
Like I remember thinking seen, girls were so cool. I like I was playing. I mean they were Yarmouth, really cutting those banks and everything I love that show yeah, but I did it without it or not fit that scene at all. They didn't fit the seems as if these friendly all, but I love you for them so she went by the Dame, especially on rag, doll too. They all go by those nicknames and she wore a necklace all the time with the word doll on a cue, I looked through my space. A lot of her friends were similar, like jugglers in horror, core people very emo unseen. Looking a few of them again had like the psycho monitor moniker before before them, most of them had nicknames as their names. I think that's just part of the culture, even though shoes deeply entrenched in this horror, core world so hard to say it. You should just say Hc Age city. She was also over leg into mainstream music. She liked and sing.
in the back three boys while Yasser she likes all of it. I think she just was really into the scene and probably like the aesthetic she was into the people. She felt good with these people, but she also like to read out to Baxter poisoned and think which is kind of fun. She also played soccer, so she was very well rounded. We launched a collective gal queen now she met one of her best. Friends who she was inseparable from online, ok, who was an eighteen year old girl named Melanie Wells, she was born on February thirteenth. Ninety ninety one in Louisiana. She lived in West Virginia at the time when she was eighteen years old. She had dropped out of high school and ended up finishing her education through home school as well through homeschool of them had been home. Schools in some capacity or another was an answer. I lingered mattered FAT Sam, I guess Richard Flash SAM. He did like a half thing, we're like he would go to school certain days a week and then home school, the rail
new kids idea did that so all of them in some capacity had said- which I think is interesting- that isn't true nothing. It has anything to do with what happened but like we're coincidence, the very weird, an interesting thing, so Melanie was described as very sweet, very kind. Her aunt em are were like best friends like immediately Lingus, totally bonded and I think they were very like me are both Melanie was also very entrenched in the scenes. So they had that now, Melanie and Emma the way they met? They meant Richard made any other online through another horror, core artist, ok hard to say it, but I'm gonna keep trying good they liked this artists to Hungary to talk about the second is radical rethink and she ended up talking to the two of them separately, Melanie and Emma Leg through Dm Son, Myspace, Myspace messaging, and then she she ended up talking to them, they're saying how much they loved her music and then she was like. Oh, you too should meet because you're in the same area
you're, both really cool, and I think he would like each other. I love knowledge cannot just like set them up in France. They met rich it. Also through this kind of scenario, all three of them had become part of an online promotional team for radical, and this now she roused Kelly's, also called the queen of the wicked shit fuck you haven't opened up is like also Did you run a browser calibre and her promo tombs were called the unholy apostles. She you You have also cause you pretending they now that you're not gonna be out is the unholy apostles is awesome. Does that sound is also leg over the top newness of this whole speaking, many fits so from dying for this time. A totally everything was so over the top online. It's over the top. Unlike in hearing like you're like yeah. Look, I lowered team, but what is really were marketing together, a promotional tee. I love thy love it and she still doing
music by the way I will talk about Raza later is cause. She added not in your opinion, but like maybe for someone she's, making it ok It's fine! You know what you guys, my dig it I who am I to say it's just not my thing but like get, also, I mean, like I like music, that you know. Like I mean you definitely one like it. Somebody might like it. So, as you pointed out that an she's doing the damn thing- and I respect for that area, but I will talk about her reaction to this whole thing later now the three of them talked on line for a long time. Emma and Richard began being very like that got into Kyler romantic thing. Ok, they now Richard thought that Emma was his garage online. Girlfriend Emma never said she was his girl.
Friend, but they were flirty and like we're talking for up to a year? Okay, so she was also posting at times sang like she loved him and blow Bob than she tell people. I know he's not my boyfriend. I would join because it's online. Well, that's the thing, and that was like so of that time so of like I was floating would like for decades on Myspace I was such a little. How, on Myspace I get a lake, we everybody, you know had an online boyfriend or girl for ended, so did because, like you'd like you would talk to somebody for the whole summer and be like. Oh my god, like organ, freshman year and then you go to school and they be like not for you yeah exactly. I said yeah and these two are from opposite sides of the country. It's not like and they're sixteen and twenty four at like. I think he, unfortunately, what happened was he built this relationship up in his mind and had
expectations and certain ideas of what it was. Yes, she looked at it as I like a fun I'm flirting with this cool guy who's into snuff ion might at an she kind of well with their cause. She's. Writing like. I love you and were so maids, but then she's telling people like now we're talking on line. Ok, I keep labour. I respect that all my I didn't say I so day after about a year, they wanna all three of them Melanie Emma and Richard. They want to meet up and go to this link concert. Slash festival, like with a bunch of horror, core artists are gonna, perform its in South Gate Mission, and- and it was called strictly for the wicked Hella seventh Zaza. We should start colleague our lives shows that link. This is directly for the wicked seriously. The weird I like, that's amazing, so I get it and they really want to.
Do this. Of course, it's like one thousand five hundred miles away or something from where Melanie and Emma live Right and Richard would have to fly across the country. So there's that problem now her parents try To date they tried to be good parents. Almost Beria Emma's parents really tried here, and I just want to give them like they I feel like they did. What they thought was right and they tried really hard in it kind of backfired on them into the biggest way it possibly could now.
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red Robins, voiceover artist. I here to explain bottomless. How do I get across to free retails on fries and drinks? Well, here goes bottomless at re. Robin means free, unlimited, recalls on the fries inside that come with every browser or voluntary. That means free refills on state price. We potato fries Yukon, kettle, jibs, garlic, right, broccoli, size, zealots. After his eyes, these vital lemonade and even rope air flouts operate at the next fire into your appetite does muted, rather so her parents are fifty three old, Deborah Kelly, an eighty year old M Mark neater neater brook so they were in the process of divorcing. That's why Deborah took back her last name folk. So Deborah was born September, twenty Eightth nineteen
five enrichment, Richmond Virginia. She was a sociology in criminology professor at long wouldn't university should urgently a doctorate, brilliant. Her father was a reverend Reverend marked Anita broke. He was born March, twentieth, nineteen, fifty nine in Illinois. He was the head of the Walkers Presbyterian Church and Hicks Bird Virginia for six years LA so parents are approved, sir and a reverend yes so and of course, like she's like preachers it out, are you know like she's, a typical Eliza Labelle against it? She was there only child to now. In two thousand and nine. When the sun went down, they weren't divorce. They were just in the process of separating ok. They were trying to leg trying to make it work, but they had separated out of the like of which they had stayed in the home. Debrecen Emma Mark had moved out, they were going to counselling, they were trying to get back to it and it seemed by
accounts. Are things were amicable, they weren't like I'm not, and it was an awful thing use and they were also very respectfully of each other and co parenting What are you make sure that they made decisions together? Yes, those likely it seemed like it was a good thing, but Emma was having a little bit of the issue and that she sixteen beyond your parents, divorce. seniors old. I imagine it must be tough here at any wars with sixteen you ve gone through sixteen years of having them together and not just like such a fucking whore. it's age anyway. So you know, I feel it goes bad, sir. This is when she got like really into hard core. I think she just kind of like threw herself into it. Yeah it was an escape route. Now. They knew Emma was into this like seen. They hated it, see ya, but they in fact they hated it. So much that Deborah was going to counselling with Emma, to try to make sure that this was like safe, okay and safe, ok
trying to keep an open channel of communication with her about it and they got it. All lyrics are very like very there, a lot their various IRA, mom off putting words scary, is apparent to your kid listening to us. I will say that we act like I I get, but I can see also of this and again they weren't telling her forbidding her from listening to it are being a part of it. They just wanted to make sure they were. They were a part of it to, but which is smart, which I think is really smart and they were determined to remain in her life and an open channel of communication. So they wanted to content just not push her way by Yang, like no I'm gonna chain, you up another, you go up, so they were trying so, but they figured. We need to be aware of everything we need to try to support her. We hope this is a phase that she's going through. Let's ride it out together, you know, so they agreed
together that they would participate in this meet up that they wanted to happen, for this festival that's cool, as has so they said you know Richard has to fly here. He has to figure that out. Yeah we're not gonna like figure that out, but you in Melanie can stay in our home and we will take you to that festival. The three of you together while and is that we will do I view there. We will pick you up so we'd know where you are we're gonna, be there to see. What's going on, that's great, I get why they thought this was the best way to go about it. Yeah I myself would not have twenty year old. I didn't know stay in my house, but I always San, so Richard was gonna, be staying and to Richard an Melanie. Oh, I thought just yet ok, so yes, it is not. I wouldn't do that, but I can see that they were that they were trying
their house. So they're like we're gonna, see everything tat. I feel they thought that they could. They had a hand on the site. I can see what they were going far just feel really bad because they really gave it a shot to be like you know them: parents that are there and listening and supportive, and I think it just they should have been a little harder I think it would have been a little better Brad on what they were trying to do rhinos outlets, what that's, what you do, what you think is best and they thought this was best, so they were going to pick they're gonna pick Richard up from the airport and then they were gonna derive straight to the concert. Ok, then he would stay with Molly. I must have entire. I know for a couple of days, o gauss it so they could all the dislike, get to know each other and hang up so September, twelfth two thousand and nine. Ok, he arrives at the airport. They gotta pick Matt Melanie Emma and Deborah immediately. The online persona has fallen away. Yes, and now it's real people meeting
each other, which is always awkward long round, no matter what, but when you don't have that perfectly angled Myspace photo or the mirror shot your naked. It's you look a little different media. You just look a little different. Emma was immediately not attracted to him, although she was like, oh no, and when you look at the pictures he posted you can see that like different positions. See him afterwards and you like yeah you, you really angled those pictures. We all know a myspace and doing it all we are all in so she was immediately not attracted to the school who walked out of his coolly, didn't plain- and you know- he's portraying online- this tough guy, this hard core Psycho SAM Wrapper Reggie, like oh I'm into that, and then he walks off the plane and he's like any just like has no self confidence right is very meek, very quiet and she's like what the fuck is. This right
Emma would always I signed up for not into it, so he immediately felt the rejection ling right off the bat could she was like yeah. We all know how sixteen year olds act when they're like all far more than any other thing. She sixteen years old, she sixty years old. So you know she was like no I had a very similar experience to this day you realize it and I actually gotten trouble. I was very very mean to somebody that I went on a family vacation with who I like how to crush on him. I was a little lot and actually one of my biggest regrets till I feel bad Diana had. I know well, I totally understand exactly how she feels the mentality of just like. Now. I don't like this personal reality
as it does at my fantasy of what the online auction less like she's with her best friend in her best friend is older. This exact thing happened there best friend is probably like. I made us other girl on the family vacation and she was older and she was so cool. We have a lot in common and you both relate, and I think I acted like a lot old. In color. It was. It was exactly the situation, I know. Oh, that's an. I got into so much trouble I was like blade new deserted I didn't. I am I going to highlight if you're listening, I'm a horrible person and it looks like you're doing great these days I'll show I'm gave up up up up. So it's I got in the end. Everything was where it should be, but this did and so let's go back, so basically the same thing. So it's literally you know, she's got her best friend whether the two of them were sitting there like no he's not say SAM. This is Richard. The third
It is up to our own now, so that's it. That's cool so again he's immediately feeling that rejection, yeah he's immediately feeling leg he's he's not with his people he's not he's not just met his like online. You know, that's all I can imagine so then they go to the concert and they ended derive hours in the car. So it was probably the most fuckin awkward shared with her parents like tolerating, I was gonna, be awkward, and then you had this layer, and I would add that, like they're, not into him in there, probably acting like shitty too Is he not situation? You still want to be near. You don't want to be near them casually gross I've been flirting with him for a year now, really not attack. Just like that's a rough situation, I saw at the concert. People at the concert said that she was very flirty with other guys like in front of him. There's rumours that she was like flirting with a ban
member of one of the leg groups which, like honey, if you're getting our daughter, did he get get. I could have flirted with one of the members of your card or like, like all time, low seriously by Ryan key from yellow car Yes, if I could have flirted with Ryan key from yellow card at one of the shows we went to, I would have taken the opportunity. The scenario bra Jack Bear CAT, that's something I didn't need to know you're. Ok, it's funny. Because not allowing a woman village. I know that is a raving, but I'd like a stupid boyfriend and high school later. I'm sorry about this, but I think he saw it and I honestly, via that opportunity, like flirt with Andrew, make man how I like.
Take abandoned assigned me up, so I dont remember I guess you, you know these are your idle. She is very reliable, but he's pissed and he's getting more and more ceiling. Slighted he's feeling slighted because again not just this rejection, but the fact that he has built this relationship into something different for him. and it was for her, and the two of them did not communicate this to each other, so I think they're both thinking different things about whether and then it became a rejection thing and now it seems to him like its being thrown in its face. Yup, that's what it's a he's taking it as so September, thirteenth, two thousand and nine there back at home. Now they went to the concert everything seems to be finally getting along everything's fine, there I'll, hang out Melanie posts on her myspace that she's gonna be back in West Virginia on the sixteenth, ok, so now melodies family, all the sudden stops hearing from her at the concert.
No, this is when there are other homeworkers. She melanin, Maloney Africa, now melodies family just doesn't hear from her bright and they like wait. You staying at these pupils lake wise and she answering all the sudden now so Wednesday September sixteenth, when she's Are we going home Melodies Father Thomas showed up at the home of Deborah Kelly? Do you have to get his daughter cause? He was likewise and she texting back no one's answering the door. He can't see in any the windows he's calling no one's answer. He stayed out there for hours because It was like they must not be humble. Where are they owe MIKE? I can in this poor man, literally like us, like ours, outside to wait for them are just to get a hold of someone.
Can you imagine that feeling he's panicking yeah? I can't even fathomless. He leaves because he's like. I don't know what else to do here and he leaves to go home to talk to the like the mom like what do we do now? Should we call the police he's there both very upset her mom had texted the night before at the concert like texted, Melanie, ok, have fun, love you and Melanie wrote back. We will love you too. Mom and that's the last tax- she said- oh god, now, the next year
of text that goes to Melanie is just her mother and its as honey. Where are you please call me? Are you ok, very worried? Where are you question? My question mark is something wrong and then Melanie. Please call me, oh god, and none of them go answered, oh god, so Kathleen melodies mom starts calling everyone. They know to see if they know where Melanie as you gotta get out. The other thing is she's, eighteen right, so this becomes a little more difficult for them, absolutely sure she's, not a child technically, so they call to the mom which Big Kathleen, melodies mom, like you worry, like sleuth, and I am very impressed by her. She must have been up on what made it seem. I mean you can like those text message to see they margolotte other. They had that relationship that they said that and were it, seemed like they were close here. So I think she was keeping tabs on what she was
Ring and ITALY's knew what who she was talking when you hear my team you're such a child friendly good for her mom, Craig knowingly Thing Grech, because you know you can use them in these situations, so she calls the sky. Andrei Shrimp and this guy runs serial killer records in New Mexico. Obviously, she knew that Melanie was friends with this guy and talk to them love that Mama called cereal killing record stereo, violin writer, US and He knew that Richard and Emma were also friends of the skies she's like they're all connected here. I'm minister calling people in this We rely on my mama bear- is deeply involved in this scene. Sermon start calling people good for her, while in by all accounts, Andre, was very helpful and was like very like I'm glad she called me businesses, community businesses, families only good for them.
and he himself wraps under the name, sick, titanic, the Solway. Obviously, the soulless, that's sick, titanic big, oh, I M not going to date at hand and right now I was about to ask you what attack was no at first. They took me it's ok, cool and I was like oh say two. I annex III annex the soulless he is actually the boyfriend of radical Artists all wheels, we're all connect. This is so cool. I know right, but so when she died to him. Mama talk to him. He said I didn't see it. All day but he's I did see them at that music festival yet the day before. So he was, I didn't see them, they were all fine and he was like an they went home with you know the lot mom and dad like dad. You don't have to worry. I worry think like. I saw them and they were fine now so she's like ok
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I'll be there elegant? What am I gonna do? Actually they gotta be out somewhere and maybe I'm just maybe her phone died? I don't know, but then suddenly she gets an answer when she calls Richard answers. I knew psychosocial mother fucking me like oh SAM answers She's, like hey, where's, Melanie, whereas hardware every? Why are you answer the phone at a house? You don't live in and he was like oh, you know they're out there like a movie and I stayed in, and they just told me like answer the phone if one of you called so, I could tell you know she was like. Oh tired, I would not sit with me he's like that's weird seven. She calls back like two hours later and you he could answer again and she's like where are they any gives them a different excuse? What's it do? You know what I don't know what these where, but so far every time she calls he he keeps giving different reasons why they can't come to the phone. It's also like. Why are you still answer? If you know that
are clearly not exactly, and it's always dim Brent, every time it's oh. This is why they can come now right. They went out and are now there this another that now the parents are getting super stressed and they know he's lying yet so September. Seventeenth Kathleen called Mark Emma's father Shore because marked as eleven that house right. So he she calls Mark and she's like. Can you go check? you're, fucking fainting, like daughter like in my child, like I don't know, what's going on and I'm I'm sorry Helen was this a day after this was so. This was on the seventeenth and the last day had talked was on. The sixteenth melanin was supposed to be home Ok, so I mean it was on the thirteenth that she posted on my space. So she's been there since the twelfth oh this is. The seventeenth was hearing up until the sixteenth from her ok. So then caviling like me, no mark. Can you go check unless, like oh, my God,
outlay? Absolute, like what the fox are so he's like holy shit, so he says at five p m he's gonna go check, cause he's he's on his way. Work. I think he was on his way. I think when they talked it was close to five p m, so he's like I'll drop. I there on my way to this other thing for work and their like. Ok, cool now, Richards Mother later would say that the last time she talked to her son was when he called her that same night on the seventeenth at around seven p m, and she said quote: he sounded perfectly fine. My mother's intuition is pretty strong. He said he was having a good time and he loves me just just put. None other now midnight roles around Kathleen has not heard back from Mark a halls and now she's like what the fuck is going on. So she possibly oh, no Richard. What have you done so she called the police and easily. Can you do a welfare check because in she explains all thing, I've been calling for days this Kate, his answering the phone,
I don't know who this fuckin kid is like he's an online kid, and then I sent the dastardly dad and I'm not getting anything from the dad, the police or probably like what the fog early life. I was so the police show up to the house like this he's fucking. I know this blue my mind. Richards answers the door in their like high hi there you don't live there and he Oh no! I don't live here. All the women are out at the movies and where's daddy and they were like and he dad- and he was like- oh he stopped by here, but he left. No, he ought to hear the police are just like: ok, cool there. and they leave okay so that they don't really. My message, who is a final, just like ok, cool kid who doesn't live in this home and care for us any Ex real explanation for where these I mean what you think about it. It's like they would have had a search warrant to go any further exact so it is to have an ask: can we inside said sure, but then I do
wonder- maybe he couldn't have given permission I don't know, but since it's either way, if they had it probable cause to believe anything and they take Fortunately they are missing people, they could say, like you know, we ought to know where they are, so they tell Kathleen everything's fine, and she's like no other Nottingham things like no. He said there are the movies before like what the fuck do not just going out to the cinema. Every four hours like that doesn't make sat right. So cackling calls the house again and it's like what the FUCK Richard answers. Oh my goodness again and this time he can't really tell her where there he doesn't have an explanation. He just as no, they can come to the phone and she's like where are they and you, like? I don't know they just kick under the funding has been ah and she's like dab seriously so she's like art, Richard something seems wrong. You should call the police. I can't believe she's gonna talking to him this whole time, because at this point, she's like ok, the police
helping me. No one's help I've. Thirdly, an optimist. I I've called two years now she's like Richard. Why do you call the police corps? Something seems wrong here: yeah and Richards. Like yeah. You know what you're right so she's like ok, bye consciously are richer calls the police and says hey. I hear some noises in my basement. Can you come check it out and so the police come they check. The basement currently didn't go in the rest of the house. Just check the basement. Don't find anything weird in the basement legal. I don't know weird. So this is the most bizarre. Sorry, if I told you it's so bizarre, so they leave thrive September. Eighteenth at three twenty P M Virginia state police come again because Kathleen keeps calling them We need good on calf. Love is like oh, hey, go to that fact house again. Are you insane like? There is clearly something going on haven't heard from her daughter in what ways? Oh, my god,
I think, I've days now. Yes, it's five days now and she's a get the fuck back to that house. Something is wrong. This poor, waidelich how'd, you get through your way. so they listened. They went back to the house, they knock on the door. Are immediately. They send aid, they locked door, they got a horrific smell, and they said they knew exactly what that smell was obviously, so they forced themselves because I know the smell of de composition is probable cause to enter a home Otis. so they were legally smell, dead people. So let's go it so they go in. Richard is gone corner where the BBC Pelican handle it and what they did find was three dead bodies. Three three bodies that were horrifically murdered in a down
there is bad room, so they leave to get a search warrant cause now big, where AIDS to go in. But now if they want to touch anything or do anything, they need a warrant right. So they go. They immediately got a warrant cosmetic o this through debt out either, and they come back, and this is when they find a fourth body dead. Stairs in another bedroom, an officer later said it was quote the most gruesome crime scene. I have ever attended why they identify the bodies as Mark Deborah Emma and Melanie. no also Melanie Emma Deborah were killed in their beds, as they slept Melanie had been sleeping on the couch daughters, they were beaten with what they initially thought was a sledge hammer- oh my god, because of the amount of damage done right and they did find a sledge hammer in the house. So there were like. I think this could be. It mark was murdered with the same object as he arrived at the home to check on them right. He was snuck up from behind and slew like slammed in the head.
The horror movie marks attack was so bad that the hardwood floor under him was almost destroyed. Our United Ak Anne was soaked through with blood. Oh, my God, sir. go say. I'm again is nowhere to be found so another on the hunt for this tool rank. They use social media to track down friends in such cause. Again, this horror, cork, Ameer Ali Nectar, are all connected, so they end up speaking again with Andrei, because Andre actually call Oh, how called the police and said hey a friend of mine spoke with Richard like yesterday, or something like that. I think the thursday- and he told this
guy that he murdered people also Andre good on him, called the police and was like yeah. I think something's weird here yeah he and his girlfriend Rosa Kehl also told police that this is where you can find recent pictures of Richard colonized may also, so they led them to the pictures so that they could distribute the picture, even those that want Richard even looks ahead, which is not really good pictures. I guess, but they tracked so apparently richer, and from what they could tell from time of death and all that he had sat in the home medieval uneasiness on your phone yeah. Then they killed when then he killed mark when he showed up and sat with his body as well just left it were there. He didn't change clothes. He didn't shower entire five days. He just sat there in the thick stand: shifty camp, the fuck so badly that he and we will find out later every one who came across him afterwards was like.
He smelled so bad that it you could smell him coming from like a mile one again you studied and changes closes avi. They got our avoid enchanted shit on oh yeah. People said there was a Goran shit on his cause, a fuck. He then stole money from marks, wallet and stole marks car a two thousand Honda and left immediately got I like run off the road or something like ran into a ditch. The police ended up being called good. It was like four a dot m when this happened and the police came didn't realize they were look for him yet shut the fuck up because remember when they showed up Mark was Richard was gone right. So this was the night before that he like the car in the US, find this point. They don't know that they're looking for a killer right right. They had him right. so he just gets ticketed for driving without a license. That's it think not realise of Karl one raised whose cars this he says. Oh, it's, my girlfriends dad and there's like ok. I like that he still
going with the story that, unlike girlfriend dad that I was, he maintains that for a long time that the our girl she's like beyond the grave like mother, now I'm like. Never never was your girlfriend so they do set up the car to be towed when it got run off to think so. They give him the ticket there. Like we're, gonna tell the car so figures like lady wow, so he gets a ride with the tow truck driver yeah, who said he wreaked so badly and drives Richard to a convenience store. We and you said that there was Gore on his clothing. How did the police, without this Oriana with it, and I can see it and any wearing a sweatshirt zip up sweatshirt over his like really baggy clothing, show at maybe they just didn't it. Ok, he then took so he drove him to the convenience store and that's where he took a taxi to the airport. To get back home to California. You trying to get out here, you're kidding me. The taxi ride was like an hour or something
we are not poor. Tat a taxi driver, Curtis Gibson later said he was almost retching because of how bad Richard smelled of death all grow. He and a roll down the windows the entire time he said he quotes smelled like the devil. He also opened up to him slightly Richard Oh my god. Can you imagine being this for taxi driver, and he said he was very calm, a very nice kid like very came out very sweet and he told him he gonna fight with his girlfriend Emma because she caught him going through her phone and she was and he said well what I found was. I found this guy texting her and telling her he loved her and I got angry, but we just gonna fight and we're gonna get over it now
telling him this and then he is like. I don't want to deal with its own. Going back to California like cool off. All you need is a cool, so he and he described ass quote. He spoke calmly and never raised any of my suspicions. He said heaving gushed about Emma, saying like how beautiful she was how their first meeting with everything he wanted it to be. No, it wasn't. Her smile was, unlike anything, he had ever seen, he's not in love with this girl. His foot obsessed obsessed and he's talking about how you know we got you, I'm gonna have to sweet talker, but we'll get over it. I feel I do you think he believe the blow. You know, I think said he I think I don't know. I think I think he has like we're desperate differ. Like: does it try out parts of his personality or ya, but either way
Witnesses like I said who saw him in passing, said his clothing pad like crap all over it, and I mean at this time it's dried blood. So it's gonna, look dark! You gonna, look like almost brown rightist, boylike, oxidized and then anything else to simulate caked on it's going. Ok, he's dirty! So Saturday September, nineteenth two thousand nine at one, a M police have given the Rich Richmond National Airport Richards vote. Oh good, because they're, like he's gonna, try to hop on a plane and go back to Hell. Absolutely so he's found a sweep. in the baggage claim at the airport they have surveillance photos of this will post them. Yeah of this little fucker, like sleeping in the guy, is fully and they just come and get him when he's just a year, my whatever so again, he was ready to skipped town, so they arrest him he's charged with the murder of my because again they usually only charge like they're, not gonna, throw all the charges on em. They want something that they can hold him on me. I know they can hold him for market
Is it all scar, so they did that embassy like just initially to keep hold him and they also charged with the grand theft like larceny oddo of the car and robbery for taking money from his wallet. So there will be no definitely keep em yeah. So the autopsies were done Monday September, twenty first, two thousand and nine. They showed that blood force trauma to the heads. What with what they thought was either a sledge hammer, a ball peanut. Or he would splitting ball, which I had to look at our lives can say what is that? It's basically an ax. Essentially, ok, like a really intense acts. They said they couldn't determine
sadly, but you never via out to see if he says well Guest Bank, you think none of them could be identified from sites because all of them were literally demolished like nothing was left rage. They think Debra Melanie and am Emma were killed on that Wednesday. So pretty quick. That was at the night of the cancer that was a day after the council cut so the same, night at one. I am that their resting Richard from the airport. They get a search warrant and enter Richards Home in California. Ok, so there's taking his computer they're taking everything. So his family's just waking up at one p m to police being like high. We have a search warrant because your son murdered for people omega in their like what unease in West Virginia excuse me. So they get his computer, they get everything. Oh my god,
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of evidence and witnesses against him. The I mean, like everybody, slam Duncan case he would be Fox, so he got an attorney in the guy was like yeah. You have to plead out right, we're not going to trial cause you're gonna, be put it any will just be a waste of time. Other really gets a waste of time and money and they're gonna kill you like what you and the Electric chair said no trial, which is how we don't have all the information. I don't know this is stupid question even if you plead guilty like yourselves sentence. So even if he liked didn't go to trial, could he still be sentenced to death? Note is the part of the plea deals to avoid all categorically, so the plea he bled guilty, the two counts of capital, murder and two council first degree: murder, for life sentences. Lord he got up and he waved his right to an appeal. Ok, so he is there no matter what now, just
few little like last things talking about my space on September, fifteenth, saw me three days after the concert I think so yeah he must have killed them for days after the concert, I think so leave out there for so high hung out there for a few days, because on September, fifteenth at seven fifty two a m who was it, it was Emma Road.
on Myspace. I made so many friends that night ha ha and SAM says High, and then she wrote I can't wait till next year will be driving next time. Oh, my goodness, that's really saga, and now just like really legal liquor, nosegay may, like you're, not gonna, make it until tonight, like I'm pretty sure that was the night other gave each us. So just going until the horror core rap thing. Are you gonna go into a little bit? Of course people immediately blamed horror corps for this year without affair. The first thing that happened, as is just some slighted asshole exactly and his stuff, is still up. You can listen to his wraps. You can hear his stuff. I want their Tarifa he's, not good. No matter. It's no wonder that you weren't signed Psycho, so one of the lyrics that I just wanted to put up-
just gives you an insight into maybe his psyche you're not might you're, not the first. Just to let you know, I've killed many people and I kill them real, slow, its the best feeling watching their last breath stabbing and stabbing till there's nothing left oh while and that was written before before Sandy song called my dark side. He also took it there's a Youtube video where he's taking pictures laughing at a Marines grave and defining soldiers graves. laughing about it. Oh so he was a piece of shit, yeah unity and others like passive wings. I that's the thing so it's like he was putting this little persona out too, who he needed to and then in real like. I think that was the real him was a psycho SAM. I agree it was this meek, passive person that he was portraying of odd I've. That's how I feel I think so too, you can't to file a fucking grave and higher salaries, grave rattling. What the fuck, thank goodness yes for life sentences,
please, God only knows what he would do anything for him too, because if you ever walked out of their fucker, do you know you had like that you would have so many people after you seriously so back to Russia. Now that you're gonna send a barrage of then she said about the killing. she said, although horror, core music, as you know, all about murder all about that stuff. She said why no one in my circle and me are going to write a rap about this. Cuz she's been asked this. Like a million times, you could be in route so fucked up and I am into the quote. People can call it hypocritical, but I call it respect. I'm not going to talk about people I loved, like that. It would be disrespectful She also said we rap about it and finally happens it would be like a slap in the face right. We'll know. Shit happens I knew I was like. Love was a, I think, watch I think it came. It didn't come out and say how she meant definitely came out poorly like. If you could maybe go
I believe a shit happens about four people being brutally says. Wasn't our fault? No! Is it Richard SALT? Yes, the end like that's it. Say shit happens. This isn't shit happens. This is Richard happened right in the only Personal blame here is Richard Wright, one hundred percent Richard Mcclosky. The third is to blame, so either way Rosa was really close with Melanie, She says she knew that Richard and Emma we're talking for a long time or like flirting, and that there is something there but she said she'd never once heard Emma refer to him as her boyfriend yeah, but she said she did hear Richard referred. I am as this girlfriends use. I wouldn t know about Psycho SAM Richard yeah. This is interesting because this is what a lot of people said and almost like, I almost feel Ikey did lead, allow
of people like push him around in his life. In this, like it was a dream led to a build up of aggression, does. She says, quote this sounds kind of messed up, but to me it would make more sense of some random person would have broken and that house, and did all that before it makes sense that SAM did it. You could push over This kid and walk all over him near so it seems to me like he just was that now run tell herself is now part of shrunken head entertainment and I still do under a damn thing: so SAM's own sister said quote. He was extremely passive, so just hearing that my brothers, the main suspect, just really blows my mind ya passive. That are the one thing everybody in his life described him as passive, letting people walk Oliver Weird yeah, so Richards lawyer did release finally a statement from him because, again no trial, we don't get anything a kind of its good for the victim's family right cause. They don't have to go through the trial that great, but
I also don't get to hear any kind of information I could maybe help them or get under your hair gerontology anything so that he did get a statement from him about what happened. Basically, what he said was that he was in a full rage after that concert. Ah, he admitted he was. He saw tax between our manner the girl, another guy. She was flirting with other guy. She had rejected him. She will fucking angry, so he said September fourteenth or fifteenth. He was drinking
smoking, weed and taking pills, and he said, but by himself at night. So so they can. You not do that and my how exotic you're a fucking house gas and he said he killed Melanie first, because she was asleep on the couch she just collateral, they're all collateral damage. Emma was the one he we can't just kill him now and then Deborah Kelly was killed upstairs and then Emma was killed in the doubt bedroom downstairs they were all dead before three m dahlias creepy. He then attacked and killed. Mark September. Seventeenth, when he showed up the bodies were in the rooms dead during those welfare checks, he had dragged Melanie and Mark into Emma's room. He said he thought about killing
himself, but no, he didn't cause you fuckin high on them, like no, you didn't know like fuck right off with that, and I thought about tat. No, you didn't I hate when they throw their dinner any you know where your day like shut the fuck, you took a tool and demolished for people's heads into their ground and then left them and sat in their house for days and you couldn't you couldn't kill yourself right. I don't believe that I know you didn't want to write in your fine weather, like he's an actual Pisa ivory, so yeah so is like a throne Abou killing myself, but it didn't. He then confer so what he used was a wood splitting maul. Oh, so they kill worst of the worst, that you can talk to him and his whole thing for this was he said: it's a very heavy item, which it is it's the heaviest out of all of them. I think it's like eight lb or something, and he said he thought it would knock them.
Quickly and they wouldn't suffer. What do you mean? They wouldn't suffer you they were like. They were sledge up, Bialy were recognition, margin to death, right, sleeping and youth. You thought that was going to be quick. I've known you had no No one can justify this regular life. He doesn't know what persona to go with. Am I the evil? Nuno horror, core guy, who Jason lived out my fantasy of killing people, or am I like whoops, I'm so self, conscious and meek and passive and everybody rejected mean. I was sad, so I got mad, so I just wanted to kill them, but I wanted to do it really humanely, why not with this with them, not as a Hollywood splitting, tax and then during a hearing that he was that he was smiling. I reporters that they took out of the prison Van use smirking good your son, his lawyer, was trying to build. It was a nervous smirk, not write off. Now there, there are big difference between a nervous, smirk, a smirk eggs,
you can usually tell the devil. I dont believe for one second, that a guy who can brutally bludgeoned two adults and too late, girls that he would render this is nervous ever and don't believe that at all, if we really want to go with that theory, if you're somebody that nervous smiles, you know that you nervous smiled exotic a heap. Your fuck had down his exit out, that's the way. I am because I'm in I'm telling you are I'm terrible that stuff like that? funeral. I will literally have to sit there and I was a kid. I only know labour laughing, I'm terrible as it's out of my brain goes to a weird place here. I don't know it in the world
keen feedback. I you know that, and I know its offensive to those around me and people there who stand as a keeper has I keep my shit together and then I just like let loose in the car versa like I just scream or something I don't know so another little quick aside three of his letters that he had written in two thousand and eleven from prison. He did it for a murder, belian crime collector called serial killer ink and they brought fifteen dollars in for him like, so they were priced at fifteen dollars now and then, site, called dark vomit, put them up on their site for twice that price thirty dollars, so an autograph photo of him went for twenty five dollars with a I'm sorry? I'm sorry, I think I know I understand like to appoint wanting to buy like one of those John waste what John Wayne Gacy Paintings. I guess
ass. I can earn a weird part of my mind. I understand now and not this. Although this is I've, usually I don't you get that really yes person. I dont get like you I don't get it- and I don't have a weird relationship with that, like murder, Alyosha anyways, like I am I'm I personally am so not for it's one of those things that just like there's just now. There's are things that I guess I can find excusable ins, non real, I'm her. Even out of your mind, you can kind of hundred put yourself in someone else's. You
you're, the one that can kind of exists to me, but I see it doesn't set right with me tat in this particularly does these kind of things like no? No? No and in? If that's your thing like ok, live a life by like fuck, don't buy his shit? No, not like don't do it and there's a law that he can't profit offer those, but still for all that's the thing: where does the money go aching? Whoever does profit offer can like give it they. They could try to give it back to him to use fairly commissary money to buy cigarettes or of a stupid, but just, alas, to leave you, unlike of that's kind of sad, but also like the victim snow. Deborah was remembered as a kind and caring professor who would push our students to greatness, had devoted her life to understanding criminals and their victims, weird
It will set its very ironic me. I ended up in this situation as a kid people who knew her, since she would pretend to be a professor to her doll source. If you want to be one for her whole life, she would also have her students over four cookouts to her home. That's pressure and started the criminal justice fraternity at her colleagues that she Tata good fur about Anima. Since people said her smile came from her mother, beautiful, genuine and radiant, and, as for Mark Mark was known as like this amazing guy. He was known as an amazing father. People loved him at the church used as a kind of person yeah, they said Deborah Mark were a wonderful couple. Even though going through this issue right now they were working together. My aunt, and there like it, was kind of like impressive daisies aim, just like very understanding PETE. They did and they seem to indulge in trying to learn how to deal with this thing that they, neither one of them, I'm sure, had any idea how to do.
And then Melanie was also known as, like a super sweet super carrying girl made tons of friends. Super close, your parents, obviously like her mom half, was like going to the ends of the earth for her So it's so tragic. I've never heard of that case before it's a case of this kid getting his ego bruised when he had built up a fantasy world than no one else knew about another in cell, its truly like. That's it it's like he just. He blamed her for his own delusions of this relationship without even you don't even talk to her about it. These are the kind of cases that infuriate me unlike a different, live, so many left, because these men,
that their owed, something oh yeah. This get this guy. Definitely item is owed. He was owed something clear in a lot of people from his home town said that he was bragging too about like he was gonna, go out there and he was gonna finally be able to sleep with his sixteen year old girlfriend, which is also like a so that this is all ego. It's all ego, it's all bruise, Diego! It's a kid who has this tough guy persona who thinks that he's, but he deserves what he wants and I, like that whole passive, thank as if you're sitting around town like talking about now, you're gonna sleep but you're. Sixteen year old, girl, friend, you're, not passive and now you're gonna get charged for statutory re view and fourthly, no six counts of capital manner. That too, so there's that, while they are that's the Farmville murders, knots ain't, you blew my mind that I had never heard of it. While we either, I looked deep into the recesses,
the internet, for we love that. Well. If you would like to see some of the pictures that Alina mentioned, we will be posting. You can do so on Instagram at Morbid podcast, as I will not be Addison hit us up, twitter, where we definitely at a morbid vodka and you can send us a gmail at sordid pot, gassed edgy mill Dhaka. We hope that you keep listening and we hope you. I don't know why, and I dont out achieve its shared by so where that you'll forget how you doing out your oh yeah. That's weird, really well, Seville! Really wrong
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