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Episode 188: Angela Diaz

2020-11-18 | 🔗
For the Ash-centric episode this week, we’ve got a doozy. Angela Diaz and Michelle Hadley were two women who had no idea of each other’s mere existence until they met a man named Ian Diaz. Ian had been engaged to Michelle and things got messy quickly. When he moved on to Angela, everything seemed perfect, for a little while at least. Then the expecting young newlywed couple were rocked by a series of threatening emails and sinister craigslist solicitors, but who could be behind it?As always, thank you to our sponsors:Hunt a Killer: Right now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID and use promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box.Simplisafe:Get 30% off SimpliSafe plus a free security camera today by visiting SIMPLISAFE.com/morbid. Hurry! This deal expires on Friday.Bestfiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends!Vistaprint: Go to Vistaprint.com/MORBID to get started on your unregiftable gift. The holidays are coming up! Don’t miss your chance to get an unregiftable gift.
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Streaming only. I pick up a new original permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. of hash. Anthems saw a girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger. weirdos, I'm ashen, I'm Alina, and this is ash centric, more bad, it's ash and Where do you think he will be? That's how you again, I do not like the electric slide it it's exactly like the electricity. Is it if its electric allow its buggy woogie woody
I think that what is often only electrics I've spent opens bogey worthy or if its wiggling example, even if I have not done my research on their part of life as has already been most ash, Cedric episode sure is ass dearly. I already have any business that we didn't plan to talk. I dont think we do. I think I'm here. I think we can cottages jump into it today because I think we have any live shows yet coming up, not written. Still up it, because it's, why mirrored by large, we, while others like why you're picking up its active other weren't gonna? Yes, I know that into virtual I lingered younger and we were on the same. I guess I don't know what's up today or any day, realizing I always say about making up a zone of my original, what's up with which we were just every days a weird day, your arm. My concern that disappointment today and their dead. His looks like
jasmine, and so they dressed like jasmine to go see her yeah. That's your lit. That's a little dose of adorable for you guys today they bear dentist literally, is identical to princess. She like pretence and she goes along with it, and she has this like very high. Like princess boys, that's like adorable misuse, gorgeous leg it like stupid, gorgeous rocks and in your like, I hate you all day, but she sweet and brilliant it's like. Well, you just got it all and of course the girls were like, and I was like you got to ask her. I don't know I can't be sure that they Astor Enshiu she nodded quietly like shoot. You made it like it's a secret, nearly were like, so them this time today when they went, they got fully decked in their jasmine outfits and when we got in there that she was like a new love, your outfits and they were like. Oh my god, I love that it's the most purer thing
I have ever seen? I don't worry, need a little dose of that purity and life and wholesomeness in there As for you, and I wish that you could post one of the pictures of them, literally just leaning with their heads their hands Weimar head like what's up? What's do this so relaxed and the dentist chair? They love the dead. We talked about this earlier, I'm not kidding you guys. I used to have to get sedated at the dentists, and I can back that up because I Stu Wetness said they would put me to have to get chase down the hall with its fixed multiple times times. Did they chased? Maya is not all that and when she got shot at the thought there was no tolerance for came with Would you spotty now cause I feel like? I have a very high paid tolerance. Now member are maintained by day when I got my tattoo and you guys, that's not even a chicken out as thoroughly two and a half hours. That's very true! I'm a bad ass, We are against the two issues.
Either way. I my kids, love the dentist, Scotland, there said aloud and good at it, but like how cool she that she is goes with it. Smart she's, a cool Asia, cool lady is also one that looks like Prince Eric there and they were they were given that eyes. There are lessons, maybe princess our Excel princess, Zenza hindrance Eric whenever works a whatever it takes, but there you'll dose of wholesomeness, you're welcome before we dive into some true cried. Do you know what I did? I started off my true crime at the sewed, with a quote like I'm graduating high school and I'm the valedictorian. Oh, I love you gonna, throw quoted there, you gotta! Do it again. So here's your quote. I dont know what this cases guys by the way oh yeah, she withheld it for me,
I just gotta, be more fund not to tell you because this one is wild spoiler before we start anything, there's no actual rape involved, but a lot of this case has to do with rape if thighs any sense, Nigger self. That's not your jam, it's not our it. So it's often said that true life, a stranger than fiction and the facts of this case- can make that statement spot on when a person who has committed a crime gets arrested and charged that's a bad day, but when someone that's innocent, gets arrested and charged for the crime, that's not just about day. That's a night, this is the tale of a woman who faced such a nightmare wow, and that was for the defense attorney that that statement was from a defense attorney and I'm not going to tell you what it was that feels like it's, the beginning of, like here's, a horror movie based on a story. I know. Oh my god, and I forgot I actually Spencer, if you're listening so in Sir Henry I dedicate this episode dispenser and I'm not gonna. Tell you why? But as soon as you hear it, you're gonna know why I can. I guess chair is their lifetime movie may someday
There is not file, but there should be. We we mention, left, ok, cool hook, us back levies, friends, there gay, so not much can be found about Angela Diaz as early life, so we're gonna start around her mid twenties. Ok, Angela was living with her boyfriend, Jason Rayburn. He was a state highway. Patrolman rise, we like to say stating a stately. Do people say that and other places like a bastard? Is that a Massachusetts thing I see? I didn't know, so he was a steady and she was an attorney there really are weaker voted together power couple. They met one, at a bar where they just started talking and just realize they had almost everything in common. They were like. Oh, my god like. Are we soulmates that's either very rare, or it's like one of these bulshit exactly so funny how you can just collar? Yes, he added Uncle AL
Jason so that he remembers thinking. It was too good to be true, but he was really excited about their relationship. They quitting quickly moved and together, because Angela had unfortunately diagnosed with cervical cancer very recently, and she could stay where she had been living before her living situation was just kind of like you, not Anthea, sure it's very hard to live by yourself and me going through. I can't I can't answer yet and especially serve. ok, I'm sorry, Sir Jason was super hopeful and doting and Angela was quickly becoming sicker insecure. He even went as far as rearranging his home for her because she was weaker than usual and she gonna needed like a better way to get around wow what a sweet I know- and this was especially hard on his son, who had special needs because, like he liked his space I wish to raise is routine and light can change. He's not super great, but they there are trying their best to make it work
doktor started Angela on chemotherapy and it seems like she was taking it like a champ, but she was losing her hair and unfortunately, she had a shaver had pretty early on in her treatment. I know, MRS, like really a bummer, and so she kind of started like wearing a wolf had all the time everywhere. another. She was embarrassed but option that have just been crawling cold. I guess it's a big change, but since Jason had really demanding work ours as as a Boston state above thanks theory, because that a path ahead of US in theory, calling Massachusetts teacher of Cynthia demanding work hours. He was not able to go to olive Angela's appointments, but sheets and am picture is while she was getting treatment to be like a like doing this today, feeling alright all about when he would take care of her when they both got home latin snow Angelo met a woman named Mary buga vis. This one's I d, say book of VIC, see who commit see, yeah Mary be Mere buried, met, marry me and they quickly became
ends and Mary remembers that Angela was insanely smart and like the kind of person you could just talk to anything about and not be bored. Kindly me exactly yeah, Examiner Lord, never board. She said Angela was H trooper through things and that she was always down to hang out and they still had fun together. Even when Angela was going through like the brunt of her treat now I left the room, so Merry son went to a catholic school and he would Meantime praying for Angela, the most wholesome NATO and Mary would write like Facebook posts and like organise things and always hashtag Angie Warrior at the end, I'm a little worried nation ok, that's the whole thing is starting to feel at all or too in my Capricorn brain. My alarm bells are going off in going. This can't be pure. I also love how jaded we are cause. I was reading this nose like oh, I know what I mean really does immediately. My alarm bells are growing. Marries alarm bells are going off to because something that concerns
about Mary was that she didn't seem to be urgently make us art can concerned her about Angela was didn't seem to be making the lifestyle changes that many people with cancer do make out again career and kind of fighting on step. It's not recommended to drink, while your undergoing chemotherapy or like many, can sir treatments by Angela would bring like a bottle of wine to marries house and she drink the entire thing by yourself while, even when you're not going through cancer treatments. That's a lot! That's very wild live your best life, but that's probably not going to make it last long. No, she was also eating like a ton of sugary food all the time, and she did- seem to have to change or like really the total loss and appetite, but anyone who has gone through chemotherapy their experience and a little bit I mean our moms grandma had like an cancer yeah and she'll come eat like toast. We had to literally like try to force feeder exactly were out buying heard.
FR in books anyway, he thought she would Iep yeah. So this, like wasn't happening for engine and, of course, of course, everybody's different, like a body reacts differ, and you never want to question somebody how they're going through no absolutely not, and she didn't want married and want to do that to her best. Frightened. Of course, the house, a role journeys far and wide to bring your exceptional quality kitchen about fixed? Is we ve discovered the world's best craftsmen and techniques used? materials native to the region and to accustomed to individual craftsman. We strife, affection, every step of the way with all of this, you'll see the details of your own story, the story of a life well crafted this is the story. Craft tells welcome
to the house, a row whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream. Every moment from a donor Midland had export bonus actors, an exclusive plus if you're looking for more classic, it's you consume every episode of hearts and our creation, tuna bent and every season of ESA in the mood for something brand. New, sick, peacocks, original comedies, the amber up and shell and say by the Bell, with your creating a new danger, familiar face, you can find sends a comedy gets on Peacock get started for free. I pick on Tv Dhaka, but another thing that was worrying. Her was that
Angela had told marry a long time ago that Jason was like a super abusive piece of shit rearing? Yes, and no matter how many times Mary tried to help Angela, she would never leave Jason and Mary was like public urine like a really dark place right now, and he still being abusive, analogies abusing you, while you're going for cancer treatment right horrible exactly and she was like. Ok and she just said something about her friend just wasn't sitting right after awhile like the more and more she tried to put the pieces together and she wasn't the only one who had their doubts here was. I over here here was though here I was Jason along with you know it. That Angela again wasn't experiencing any of the side effects of chemotherapy that he thought she would and he noticed tat. She actually had a lot of hair growing back under her cap cause. You can tell when it's actually gone verses, whether you just shaved
growing re back, because when you a shave, your hair and you have like, when you have cancer, it takes a long time like my hair, took forever, and there was nothing then I hadn't clients that, like I, would see them and be like Oleg. It's gettin there like in here, but He started questioning to why he was never asked to go to any of her appointments or even pick her up from an appointment. He was at work a lot, but I ll help you. I have a hunch I do sit and you know what he felt weird about it but, like I said things weren't adding up, so he asked one of his friends. Can you like steak out the house because she's supposed to go to chemo today and I have a feeling, maybe she's, not sick? Honestly, I don't really blame them. I don't either. Wall, so his firms like ok, look, I feel we are doing now is what year, but all right, weird flux, ok, a hooker not afflicts at all, but I
she was, was have Kimura, didn't you. She never left the house whom such good he also googled and researched a lot about cancer and chemotherapy and along the way he found some familiar. pictures are the ones that Angela had sent him while she was getting hurt. Chemo transfusion. Oh no. She just Google image some pictures yeah. He thought the pictures belonged to her, but they popped up in a simple google search of like chemo transfusion gap. He was now he was totally blind I then I'm not sure who went to who first, but eventually Marian Jason became connected and Harry realized? There was no way that this man had been abusing Angela all because he was crushed yeah like he was so upset by the EU as blindsided, and he was upset that he was being lie too, and he had the same concerns about Angela's cancer. That Mary, had so they conduct figure this out together and he also found out- and it wasn't an attorney like she told him. Oh no ash. I think she worked with Mary. Actually, as apparent
go. Oh that's how her Mary man, I know for a fact that choose paralegal, see. I told you my homewards bullshitting, you always be no one. It's the Capricorn brain nervously question you do other Jason a merry staged in intervention. Were they told Angelo by the jigs up. We know that you're not sick, we gotcha sweetie and she was like. I do have cancer, got my papers call my mom like yes, I do call my mom. If she knows is your Mama prevail just subtleties Cuba's. You owe me yourself, your valet just lying to her to Angela, so Merry Ass, Angela to show them her port, which I think that's where the king, let the weather magazine and Angela wouldn't take her jacket off. She was like now, I'm not showing you anything which is like on one hand, Julie, gotcha and, on the second hand, yelling eggs acting like a you know: that's an invasion of privacy. Technically, it's like you didn't have to show you really, but obviously my my brain is going
exactly one. Don't worry we're not wrong, but there in a bad position they to innovate and how they can only question this so hard, but they also just like they were full. lodged like. I don't believe you so that once you find those Google images exactly. That's like. I said that a socio gotten NEA, so she was like you know I like both of em. We're, like you know what we're done like and Jason. Was they read the fucker if you're looking got automatic, arranged his life linked with a special need. Son he's, like rearrange things her exactly she any person lying a leg. It gets so much worse. So Mary actually packed up gee. I endless things so that Jason wouldn't have to which I thought was really matter and indeed so she found the medical bandage and the plastic surgical tube. That Angela was using two faker chemo pictures. why, because not only wish you sending him once from the internet, but she would send him like ones with her in them, but that's what she was using to fake it. Can you
Jim? Can you imagine going to those links? It's like eventual e people are gonna find out why it's like did. You walked the real size of o, see when, like them? Well, there Vicki Gun Vulcans boyfriend, like allegedly faked cancer. I don't know if there's a dont know if an answer ever came out about that, but I was like the venture- people are going to find out and start asking questions like. Who are you that's faking cancer? Rightly, what do you get out? Who are you rattling? These poor people would give anything anything to not have cancer exiles, Bacon, yet for like the good or start and bitterly I guess, empathy, it's weird. It doesn't make any sense to granted to me. That's like so gross it's. The grows. Deeply evil, so Merry also found a diary with entries about how in Love Angela, Jason were and how Angela knew that if she died, he would be crushed and it was like so did she believe
but she had cancer Laguna, who sometimes people lie so much that they start to believe there lies through. I also wonder if it's her just loving how wrapped she had these people would like. If I died it would be like done. Oh yeah Alexander has only just her writing down how empower she felt the other with a single voice and also like I mean people find people's diaries all the time. So it's kind of just another way to her for her, like yeah tha, to keep the novelty keeping going now around the same time, another California woman's relationship was ending o totally different girl Michel hardly was raised by her parents and on Terry. While she had a younger sister and altogether they made like a picture perfect family. You see them altogether. You're like while you guys are so You Michel was a track. Star she'd been offered a scholarship to Dickinson College down. She was doing really well
and she been dating the same guy I'll, throw up high school and they ended up getting married. But all wasn't super perfect behind closed doors and they ended up divorcing each other after four years together there. So that wasn't the only break up that she had she was upset, but eventually she was like ready to go back out there again and she made herself up like a profile on a dating site hoping to meet Mr Prince Charming and in August twenty thirteen she met. A man named India's for coffee. Ok, all right, so here is charming and he was handsome. He was a! U S. Martial law, obviously like she assumed he was a good guy. Not ultimately they fell for each other, just like Angela Jason, like really quickly, and he told her he loved her on this Indeed, allow us to me. I believe, broad I've gotta be real to me. That would be my cue to like soft. She read out of dirt or tired.
We're. Gonna get you. I love you quick, but we are not second date, quick. but Michel she didn't think it was weird or anything I shouldn't they goes too soon. It was like an was older than her a little bit and she was like Nino. Maybe he's more experience, and you know maybe he genuinely loves me. I mean it's too can happen Nick and up, and you know in December twenty fourteen. This will sound super familiar to you. They went to New York City. and took Michel D, go see the tree and all the lights that make I'm Rockefeller Centre around the Holly and then he got down on one knee and Rockefeller and proposed to her guys. That's what happened to only not that's Ho Jon for and I remember before John proposed to you- he came to mind Papas House and I was there just like wild and and I got to say that he could propose to you because he ask your permission to imagine if I was like no second, I m. Sorry, you can't guys is the best proposal. Ever there was a tragedy for the second perfect
really was so so was Michel in Ethiopia, Perfect right now, men they got back to California, they got back home, they started looking for condos together because they like, let's do the damn thing yeah in they found one that they loved and Anaheim. Now Michel paid the down payment and fall in a little over fourteen thousand, while cook for monsieur I notion of young. get in it and they waited. It wasn't like totally ready to move and yet so we had to wait a little bit now they moved in the Congo together around June and they were ready to start the next chapter of their life, I don't know. What's going to happen, I'm trying to figure out how this is ending and, unlike what is happening, I know that's why I didn't want to tell when he has? This is so much fun, so I see. As they started move as soon as they moved and together, Michel saw a very big change, any and also put your phone down and don't fuckin. Google idea I was about to adopt. Don't you say it put it down. I did like I'm, not gonna ruin, don't lazy it so
better. If you just hear this first I've put to death, he wanted her to leave her job so, like I said she saw big judge them. He wanted her to leave her job that she like loved and so she d did she kind of just like did whatever he said. She's very, like me, Cougar like a passive per yes, yes MA am and she got a marketing job with Disney. I guess she loved Disney by Disney was one of the UN's favorite places and he had actually worked there before and Michel leader like reflecting, looked back and was like. I wonder if that's why he wanted me to take that position, because then he can have is frankly. tabs on me and he loves efficiency. Just wasn't good luck, cynically, the all the damn long dead, rig observed by local activity. People reality Can you just do it you have to whom I was just going to be like that's your red flag right there, but I've seen used as the agreement. The kid it was a joke. No, are you
joke about, does need people to until I started dating one say exactly I got my kids are Disney peoples. I carefully, we ve changed now we have, but anyway I mean prisons, agreement It really is so this position may twenty thousand dollars less a year than she was making, but ie like pressure to take this. another red fly. I mean I'm very concerned so that school, but I definitely think it's because he wanted to keep tabs on her earlier. As will see, he also said that he wanted to Michel to dress sexier. No, that's me really and I believe, but, like you proposed to me and who I problem and that's HU, I am so. Are you turn gash me? You know as soon as the person your weathers like. I would like you to dress like this. You say goodbye go off, and then you leave you like is the princess and want it on an unhappy you burst into a pitifully me. Are you going to do it like? It is superfluous and, unlike flew into the letter sent and then just like immediately start hailing Satan right in front of
Don't I like ok public while Eugene? Yes, that's no, I guess not obray, but he wanted Michel unaware crop tops or tightest. I am, I think, that's really funny. Can you for one I just wanna play Sure, right now, John looking at me being like I'd really like for you to wear more crop tops. I would I would laughs, I'd still be laughing. I by great grandchildren would hear me laugh likely would feel it. What does that sound? Oh, that's! Just great great grandma laughing a great gray, Grandpa John. If I was like getting married to a dude and he told me he wanted me to wear more crop time. Billy yeah. I want you to as well. So let's get it, let's be a cropped up couple floods, gonna fuck you He also wanted her to get her nails done, but like she gonna just get them done, should have acrylics and I'm out I will just how they felt most dudes, don't like acrylics, sharp and painful. If you
They just don't understand. No initiatives like what the fuck is, that of growth, follow ethical he also Bastard appears her belly. But what shall I do data seventeen year old because, like a go, you seriously trying seriously trying to date like a like a seventeen year old from early Ninetys early You thought I think so I mean I had my belly button pierce and I was like eighteen, so I do not like the late night a lot. We'll have to buy. It appears stern. I was likes whatever was like sixteen or seventeen yeah, but sixteen or seventeen right, you know pierce your belly button in your twitter. Is I'm sorry. If you did, I disagree, but like a new, definitely don't do when a dude is telling you know if you wanted to go ahead but like even when I went to guys selling you know who do I call window at tell work? What about the kids? Will I lose my breast? Why me? Why now why
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so she started to wonder also relates to she started what she's a period don't you want to her? She stroked achieve a little bit of period at the end of that sentence, which started to wonder also if he was following her having her watched because it would be absolutely if she wasn't home from a night class that she was taking like right on time. He wanted to know who she had been with if she was supposed to be home, but like random errand then like, if she was, must be at home when he wasn't there but ran an errand, he would call her milk. Where are you oh? No, and should be like why the fuck do you know that I'm not home? You don't want to leave this way, but it's like how did he know that she was in because he's keeping tabs any trapdoor to call it until after he got engage us. Would let us away abuser and she's, like this meek like you girl, like she's, not going to stand up first, she seems like a people pleaser. She said she literally is a slick in any article that I read like. I would give one article like a like boost for saying this, but
Nearly every single article calls her a self proclaimed goody to issue is a yes. She seems like a people, please earned, yes is trying to avoid conflict, and she just got out of a four year. Marriage like I think she just wants to find love yeah. You know, of course but it was enough for her. She was like I'm not gonna, live under a microscope and do all these weird things that you want me to do like I'm good with the crop tops, and so she pact airbags bags and she moved in with her parents for a little bit. While she was looking for next move. Ok, so she even had eaten barred from her schools campus because she was afraid of him. Like that's. However, it I'm sure I shouldn't barred from the campus, but remember she pay the downpour payment and fall totally, but both of their names round the mortgage are now so we ve got legal trouble baby. Oh you gotta be careful with that because, as far as the black
the law is concerned, the Congo is fifty fifty. Both your names are not you're fucked, so they started a legal battle over the condo. That became super super heeded, usually does so Michel Woodson in these, like really long tirades via email that we're like really heavy with religious connections. Now we're gonna start to see like she definitely broke a little bit o. So here's a here's a couple one is quote: please explain to your real estate attorney that gods law is above all laws, including the love man. You may try to hide behind the love man, but it is a weak shields that will bend and crack against the sort of God. Oh and the next one said you're in your body, but your mind is somewhere else. Your sins are many, including defining me and my family, with your wicked and evil sexual acts, your financial coercion,
irresponsibility, your gluttony, your greed, your lost! Your Slav, your wrath, your envy and most of all, your pride yikes now so what he likes now the emails were actually scaring in you don't say in me you can call me among married, so he tried to file a restraining order against Michel, but his attempt was dismissed because they really come to your life is in danger. I think she's just a moment. Some emails and now they finally settled in court in November, two thousand and fifteen under the conditions that Ian got to stay in the condo, but he had six months to put the mortgage in his own name like get his own mortgage or sell the condo, and if he sold it they would split the profits. Fifty slash fifty okay, now
This point, Michel was like cool, were done with this and was like cool were done with this. Let's move on move on, and I say that how did you guys like, thereby as a great story? Yeah right I'm glad they resolved that at the end to know so they will start seeing other people the ready, set their lives again or- wouldn't you know, wit and went back on those dating ups and he met a woman named Angela in doesn't don't they have the same us name also. Her name is Angela Conall canal. That's her maiden name. It goes like this. Ok puzzles. Like we two seconds you took this couple law was a breakthrough since I was literally this entire time trying to figure out the connection between that. I dont understand because I just said Angela ideas on the beginning because, like she still Angela Delia another makes an orange oration shiva. Not why I don't know, no, you don't get. I haven't Google, they D.
I won't say I'm watching yeah. Ok, so it came at Angela and they headed off really quickly. Now they met in January and they were married by February woke. So very quick. She was an activity of our aid, so she wasn't lying about cancer anymore, and you know it doesn't sound like in new that she had in the past, but like it's. Ok now by the no darling you bring up, the first day like Ireland? My aunt smile ass relationship broke up, because I lied about having cervical cancer. You wanna go till. I. oh Mary Archie after them out to the school of first. Second, eight now by the middle of May. Angela was pregnant with twins and she was like show and offer sonogram two ends: parents and n. and the couple were excited and they were like ready to now herons. No, they weren't dad honor, but something more sinister was working around that you are saying now: later on the time of Angela announced she was pregnant, she started getting strange emails from Michel Hadley, oh
no Michel loves the street, just to say a strange even from MS hadn't, you know what I'm pig seasickness shells were shipped in her when she has the evil to it, the amount of the wild there. She is Now. These emails were very obviously from Michel because they mirrored that, like weird, legists. He held his style. She ties Everybody has a writing start. Yet now it appeared. Michel was, I shall ass. She was a little pet where it had got into her that in had moved on and was happy expecting his first children. Then she was living at home right now and she was dating, but she hadn't met MR right a fast. It ain't exactly so one of these, a male said you might be beautiful, new might be the one he married, but you're still a sinner and must be punished. I will make sure you are reminded of your police by force. While I thought I'd die, I hope
you're scared. Tomorrow we will steal your child and watches die holy shit. Now others referred to Michel as Eons Eve and Angela as his Lilith. You gotta stop Michel it's time sadder, so the emails were coming with attachments of pretty graphic in hope, like horrific things and trigger warning. If you dont want to hear this out, skipper had a few seconds like a few fifteen segments, and second I'll give you a second to do. Look at aborted, fetuses decapitated, women dead, women, women we're like being sexually abused by like how men they were away. I thought we had crazy, there's some crazy access out there. You know what, like those the most annoying email. I gather like the most fucked up as when they're, like all claim your money from like overseas. Yes, I am, I gonna fuck off while
all these emails were signed, shined, shined, Michel, happily Michel, happily, was signed ceiling in delivering these via email. By so he's just like yeah. I did it she's got. How do you think version, male workers Michel Gmail doll! there's two of to signal. So when Angela told in what was going on, they went down to the end. I am police right away Am I saying that rights of people to Anaheim Anaheim, yet so with all the copies of the emails and they quickly received a restraining order? Girls, girls say someone do something here that way over the top. Oh yeah, because there were only emails going to Angela from Michel. They had also provided police with emails written to Angela from different men, claiming that they were responding to her ads on crags. best Y know. She was like I didn't put me out on Craigslist
Oh, they told police Angela hadn't written any of these adds, but I think I know what these add. Therefore up. They provided her home address the kind of dog that she had when she would be walking that dog and what time she was home and went in to explore. Sit detail about rape fantasy. I knew it that you had always had and she was ready to fulfil, oh my Gosh show someone else's writing these claiming to be her home address so they're like waiting for like people to show up like readiness to try to act out this rape fantasy whole years. Yet my entire body is like shit adding downriver monopolies like no and she's pregnant twins I would like, oh, my god, ok the temporary order was put into place on June first, which is your anniversary lot of weird vice yet
loved. All this twenty sixteen Michel was absolutely floored when she was served with this restraining order. She told police that she didn't know who Angela was and had never met her before, and it like this was like the first she was hearing of her and she also said these emails weren't coming from her email address. She was like that's not my email address like no. She so told them that she was concerned China I also told us that she was concerned. Some one was pretending to be her using her main email address to make new. It since she was getting like Google alert saying like. Oh, your new account has been created and like now. This is your backup account and she was getting like locked out of her accounts all the time. Oh no
She also told them that she had been contacted by Craigslist as well about a rate fantasy that she had written like to add that she put out like with her email attached to it, and she was. I know I reported the ad and, like I never heard back from them, but I told them. I didn't write that I knew it, but the police didn't believe her and they were like real cause. These things are horrible things and Angela's being like I'm. So scared like what the fun ass terrifying course Michel's. Of course gonna say she didn't do it of course, so the police are like. Listen, you old, dough, eyed girl. We don't believe you like a fuck off here's a restraining order. I Bambi batch. We don't believe you. I love that so just a couple weeks after the restraining order was served, Angela was attacked in the garage of her conduct. Oh, my god,
which technically is not her condo. She called no one one and she told the dispatcher that someone tried to rate per Oda. She was able to fund them off. Luckily, when the police arrived, it was clear that something had happened both of her eyes like underneath her eyes were bruised. There were abrasions to her neck and chest where her shirt had been torn and there appeared to be there, they should a picture. I got a minute link it and thus show notes. It's like a police like presentation and the picture is it looks like it's of blood, but I also make is that of make up from because her head was slammed against the wall better now, so that that all happened now, Michelle was arrested that night because they were like. Obviously this is connecting back to her yeah, so that was June, 24th, two thousand and sixteen, but she posted the ten thousand dollars bail the next morning and she was out. I have a one, slash two
thoughts are now. I can't, even though I know don't say them, I will says I'd like to serve the police went to check in with Angela the next morning. There, like are you, ok, how you feel Maremma she's fucking pregnant, like a man, S set, then they're telling her. You know. Michel was held last night, but she did post bail and she's out now so just to let you know now Angela told them now. She felt even stronger about the fact that this person was Michel, because in the time that Michel was being detained, she didn't receive a single email. Oh so that's weird now an hour after she told them not. She called the police to tell them that. Not only had she received another email that the emu was now signed by a man called Jason Ray
Oh, we remember all very convenient it really use I'll. Just hang it up totally. Weird. Very nice know if you'd, if he forgot from my twenty minutes ago, if that her boyfriend her acts as an aim, is Jason raper. Yes, and now this person is emailing, her Jason right. Well, look at that, but not only did not happen. She also had found another craigslist. Add that claim to be her asking for a man to please come attack her while she was walking her dog and no matter how hard she fought back. Don't stop holy shit. You
fact that that's like a thing I know Lugano owing shame by now, but that's a lot to wrap my pet around. So the emails just kept coming, some were even from Michel's personal address that she had confirmed with the police was her so they're like ok, you're sending these. We know you are at the fuck. The emails provided Michel's parents phone numbers, her own phone number and demanded that Angela call her leave and get out of the picture, etc, etc. Have they at an ip address at all. That's where it because this is all well and fine, but it's like I. U can steal anybody's email address exactly hack into it. Look at her fuckin ip address. I know I'm suddenly buddy won't look at their word.
There are get mad, so the emails from Jason re kept coming in Angela knew that they work from, like the real Jason end that somehow Michel was behind this Jason RE, sent one m l saying and doesn't love you get out of the picture Michel as his one. True love. Why would Jason moving? I dont know soon so fuckin ways on walloons. It! Ok, the police were again called to the Congo in July. Thirteenth Angelus are that there was a man lurking outside her condo like watching her house gross and Aching Michel's. When the police arrived, there was indeed a man out there, except it was a seventeen year old kid who was, he told the police like openly that he was responding to that Craigslist ad and he showed the police. The add that showed him. The address to come to which was Angela's house and me. I said she wanted to fulfil like this wild rate. Seventeen year old, you showed no Patricia.
ten year old, familiar rate than there was nothing to say that he got in trouble for that, but it is an split soliciting sexes, illegal ya. I don't know how. I honestly do not know how link all that works on Craigslist. Am I don't either? If you know anything about, I believe our Lisbon shit, I'm sure it's like all but like. I have no idea what the law no, I dont really with occasions for that. When I also wonder especially cause he was seventeen. I think that's what meal that other gang there's a lot of weird like your under age, but to me that seems illegal. I would think so, but I don't know, I don't know, and I think that they probably had bigger fish to fry. So there are lacking oh yeah he's copper go play like mine. All lay a guy is backed up anyway, Lascaux, When you finish, bending the latest riveting podcast, all your list called morbid. There is always one lingering question staring you in the face: it's like hey
you gonna do now I'm a question. I have a question mark at the end, I move lingering. What would you like to do now, and you know what you could deep dived down the Wikipedia Wormhole researching everything related to the show but like. Why would you do that when you could just play best fiends yeah, exactly why do research? I know best beans as the infamously impossible to put down puzzle game. That's free to download, with over a hundred million downloads. This five star raided mobile game, a puzzle game, as must play more levels. Events and challenges get out. All the time so play away. There is always one more level and I'm not kidding you. I told you last week, I'm gonna tell you again when I'm like lying in bed at night, and I have to go to sleep there really. As always, more level, it's a never ending story or E. While I was like very beautiful you know there's more levels and immense chin challenges at it all the time I swear everytime, I open it. I'm like oh look at what I got to do now and the fiends are so
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order and crime. Oh excuse me, and crime can choose, is charged with crimes charged with the rising all crime and crime. Bail enhance okay, I'd like so. I cried aunt crime. We charge you with crime crime, you other into Marine, remained silent. You been charged with crimes, so we hope to end this with justice and law and order, So if she were to be found guilty on all of these charges, she faced the possibility of life in prison. I I got thoughts. I've I don't think that's right. We can mild out at the untied just so things like I m all right. I don't know, but I don't think it's right. I want an ip address now to the severity of all these crimes and the belief that Angela wasn't like great danger. Michel's bail was set at one million dollars now. If this was all true, I billing yeah why it is only now. I don't think it it is. This is just me. I have no idea
but this can only crime, it's true crime. You re are morbid a true cry. I think the two crime is occurring on another part of it. Oh no We now Michel thought so too. She began teacher and though she took it, Spain, her parents knew that there was no way that their daughter was behind this. She was intelligent, but like never in a malicious way. Like I said eighty five times already, she was a very meagre she's, not into mayhem. No and ninety percent of the time like she had a view of the world that was like looked out through rose coloured glass yeah. She was not that also. She worked Disney what she wasn't. I mean and her initial emails to even when they were together.
sure they were like Laden with some like interesting language and, like writing style say, did not seem aggressive. They did not dream. Then say she was gonna harm him in and yeah he's just income offers of scientists, person, you're gonna, have to face God, and all it seems to me is that she never showed any violent tendencies. No until now seems like they stopped eating each other. More like this is pretty. Okay, We need a lot of looking at I'd, just like my money for my colleague, usually you're, pretty ok. If someone to shit had you like, you can go ahead and eight someone else exactly exactly not this time now, so that, like her parents really, this is just not her character and they were really desperate to help her out
in any way they could the entire time Michel as imprison. She wrote letters and was constantly corresponding with her family. They didn't have the money to bail her out and get her an attorney, so they gave her a choice. They said we can value out or we can get you an attorney, but we can't do both yeah now jail was terrifying for her. She received a death threat like right off the bat, because all the papers were circulating about what she had done. Her eyes, fixed on the beast, to exact any rape and all that like Let's put new way on the bottom of the pool right exactly so, she's she's not having a good time in jail, and she knew she needed a good attorney though so she was like. You know what I'm going to tell you to please like that me an attorney and I'm gonna. Stick it out in here for hopefully- and hopefully I'll get out soon now, while she also became really close with herself meet, who was an elderly woman and she looked like really took care of Michel. She told her. You work for you walk like a church mouse and you need to walk tat
If you're gonna make it around here, what about birds know of it? I wonder what she does full circle ass. She was being held on charges of kidnap me. Ok you know like sometimes that happens when like yes, John, ran out of school, and your daughter and honest, like you will get up a gap in public life. Michel, exceeded and yeah. I read a statistic but said one in twenty five people on death row which, like nobody here, is under robot, I read the specific anyway who are innocent? Oh one in twenty five yeah, that's fully believable Diane Sawyer told me, Vigo put that on a shirt immediately innocence project go look it up. I know it's really cool now Michel's dad started looking through all the emails and bought a software Alina to trace the IP address. Ok. Thank you why the fuck warrant the pull I'd like they? Why I'm gonna get to it? Ok cause I'm a deer police. Yet do your job? Will, I think, they're of like at the beginning may work
they do that cuz, they cost a lot of money, I'm sure to get the warrants and like a lot of money, to get the action truth. Is that each of you, when you can just sit here, look at it and go! You know what we're gonna painted this way right lot cheaper to do the majority they got their silent amendment would now, so her dad he's t told dateline. This was something any fifteen year old web sleuth could do. Aquaculture is what are they lift internationally, so he would do that like all day mission. My mom would file away the addresses and keep them organised, hoping that somehow they could prove it wasn't their daughter who sent these emails they all so one as far as pulling her school records to prove that she was sitting in class like working on her mba when some of these were yeah they also she, I guess she had been in the hospital when one of them was sent in it. Just like, wouldn't have been possible, narrow, cyclists. That which is like. Are you kidding me
so now the police are also working with like been big internet names like Google and Microsoft, to do the same thing, but I guess they needed a little more time to back them up than like your everyday software. I look ip search, but I guess things like that can take months. Even if you have a search warrant dealing rail companies like Google and results and everything it takes a long time now in the world's most shocking twist. Are you ready I'm ready? It wasn't just her parents. their Google and Microsoft that granted Michel. Her like get out of jail, not really free card in DE, is also helped WA right September thirtieth, he went to the Anaheim Police Department and he told authorities that he believed Michel was being framed. by none other than his wife, Angela Diaz, I mean cause you ain't. They were together for a while. They were engaged in egg. You know
somebody eggs out. You know you know like if this is gibes with their character, not in its like this is very far For this I was like a terribly like he flipped flopped, because getting he was like workers he's doing- and I said, you're gonna support your new wife in the earlier, whoever you with my pregnant life I've. So I can, I say, no more for their name I immediately his I'm a little you like to second levy, just that I won't say what it is but like. Let me just say now. I know you know, I know you know. I know you maybe later it's it's the eighteenth of november- and I know I know so. He told the police about a long string of lies that he had finally come uncovered Angela had lied to the police, about a miscarriage that she shut, that she suffered in the beginning of this all fuck right off from Yemen that Norway fuck you up in a big way and I think a lot of people listening are also saying fuck. You
She said that it was due to all the stress that she was experiencing in the beginning of this case. Literally go fuck your two thousand the truth. Now the twins pregnancy was just complete lie. Oh I was yet in one idea that soon what its November eighteen eleven and I knew Angela have never been pregnant with twins. Emily was in found out that the sonogram that she had been showing off to him and his family was a fake that she had bought off of Etsy, first seven dollars and fifty cents can I got a couple things one? Why do those exists? Why the fuck can you buy it? I don't know I guess it's like for a prank bite, although I you're paying any other at an here's, the other thing and I'm gonna quit quick over here you it for a prank. That's what I get asked was out like a prank thing. If you are one of those people, you on April fool's thinks it's fucking funny to do that. I'm pregnancy prank
an actual dick. If you do that, it's all you ve done that question your choices and don't ever do it again, I would never fake, like even as like an April fool's drug, obviously just because I wouldn't, but also I would never be like all like I'm pregnant like get so excited and Billy. No, I'm, like April fool weird ass Joe. I feel it would be very disappointing for someone yeah. It's very story. It's strange to me. That's just why any would literally be like not talk to me. If I did that France will be furious, it's just the weird thing to do in its like. You know that you shitty, but we are also talking about a girl that faked care sir, so she does it really harness morals fuck. This girl, oh you're, gonna, be somehow and hate her now, and in her separated when he found out that everything was a lie, and actually he was eventually able to know their marriage because they had agreed for have even think David Mary, a full year, and I was going to say I didn't think I was quick. I was a little distracted with yeah. So all of this
new information, what the police to look even more into Angela's life, and they found out that she had lied about past employers. She had faked checks to add money that she just had an earned a shock. She added like two thousand dollars to one check that as usual literal ass just had never earned yet she lied about having a large degree, not just about being an attorney but having a law degree. If you want a large degree, fuckin study got one you're pathetic. They even met with the real Jason Rayburn and Angela's old friend, Mary, who told them all about the fate cancer. Terribly go. Yes, it down now to take things even further. The police obtained a search warrant. For all of Angeles devices and found out that she had been sending the emails to herself. As we all know at this point, using a v p M So that's why it was so hard to track these.
P and if you don't know what a virtual, what have you pianos? It's a virtual private network and you can you can hide your ip address. The amounts of like that she put into their oh. I know, while what a sad life, sick and here's the thing you can use a VP and current ahead. If somebody wants to find out what you have done on your computer as they will find out. Yet nothing is safe, no The emails had not the emails had not been sent. All me from like just the car no also, they were sent also they were also sent wench, is visiting her dad in Arizona. What do you think you're useless really on vacation? not a couch sending like the horrible hate emails to himself pictures of light, dead fetuses years, all here, and also how sicker you'd, just like a look at that in like send it to your address and send it to yourself and then act upset about it right. I like why, while you're pretending to be paid
it would twins is so sick now, and most of them were actually sent from her cell phone or in the Congo, like nine out of ten to super casual officers found way more than they bargain, for, though, in more proof that This was a case of like, at the very least, a pathological ire at the very, very SK. I think she was a lot more than that. They found word documents on her computer titled, a darkness within the angel idea story, daughters of God, the Angela D story both watching which one free and ensured the story. Both of these were pitches to the lifetime tv that work telling the story of her life He ass, you mean the fish, so she was literally creating her own lifetime movie. Yes, I doing all that with her life, so she was falsifying Alves and just being like well on creating fiction me up with my life. She stood Justin
fiction in real time, you're all just ponds of their here, I'm just an accurate. Your active said my movie now, if you're confused about like the daughters of God, one one of the email that she had sent herself reference, the daughters of god- and it was like Michel telling her- that they were both daughters of God or something as we are, eyes when somebody like goes out of their way to make me like a super personal like you put your own flare on it kind of gift, I'll get tears up in my eyelids up in your I live. Everywhere there I gotta, get stuck on a cross old Qua will Vista print specializes in on re. Gifted will give skiff so unique and personal that you wouldn't dream of passing them on a fury gifted don't be doing that one off gives like custom, mugs and Canvas Prince Bobo books and Wall calendars. Your girl loves a good while calendar write that down there the kind of thoughtful gifts that
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for the movie and the book gone girl would always cases like my recent, I'm always very familiar and looking where the surveillance cameras in the area. It became clear that there was no attacker lurking in the area that night when she was like supposedly attacked in the garage it it just in fully add up that an attacker sent by Michel would even know where the garage was because the garage wasn't connected to the Congo, you to walk through, an alley to get the garage. So, even if they had her address, but they would just be attacking Arend woman who, like yeah, actually looking for less than this, wasn't just like a crazy person like yeah, a crazy rape, as this was somebody that was like Like it was concerned, it will sound weird yeah lay canna loophole yet was a loophole, so that didn't make any sense. Angela was arrested for
Finally, thank goodness, thereby on January six, twenty seventeen and she plugged guilty to nine nine months later to ten felony charges holy shit, but always fallen on her feet. That average she struck a deal because she plead guilty and was only sentenced to five years in prison. Ten felony counts. She almost had this woman thrown in prison for the rest of life and committed ten fuckin felonies, that's on real. She struck a deal and she was only sentenced to five year so like in five years. Who else is I fishy about a ruined together like it or not. I'll herself spent eighty eight days in jail. So just sat addressed shy of three months. Just four have dated and being engaged to the guy. That happens to be married to this on. Ah, she ended up
out of jail in October, seventh and twenty sixteen, but she still had to wear a gps tracking ankle bracelet. While the police worked out all the details of like finding everything ongoing clearing her completely exact a holy shit, she was completely exonerated three months after getting out of jail, but she is not like forgiving to law enforcement and I think it so justified I'd be furious and she's not done with Angela or even eat. No. In fact, she thinks that in new a lot more than he let on and he should be in jail two guys that justice will be served until he's in jail. Aren't you know what I will say that makes a lot of sense, because it seems like he flip the script when it would seem convenient for her exact when he got back into a corner, and he didn't see any other way out. He was more in. It was like when Angela started lying to Heaven.
back like it's like now. Let him you had another child term mean a cover for her. Now. Are you or any other trigger warning, coming up fur rape? A lot more details of their relationship came out during this whole email debacle, billion and Michel initials relationship. Yes, but no one would listen to her and asked why she had it reported the abuse that she experienced beforehand. In my face
at questions gun and they acted like. It was just a convenient thing for her to make up now. So in all reality and was a fucking monster to Michel, I turns out that he had been forcing her to have sex with strangers, while he filmed it from another room. What the fuck up, the very honestly, those red flags you were thrown out me of unchecked made so much side. So sad, the first man that she agreed to do this with because he had just broken her down. It was on Valentine's day and Michel says that it she believes that he found this specific, like man on Craigslist a one hundred percent, so it's like, I think, example, circle and so yeah, I'm gonna say everything, but I think that the end she felt so shameful about what happened and regretted doing this, but he had like people get broken down. Oh one hundred, you can go ahead and say that, like while she didn't like she or like, I wouldn't do that leg
you're. Only early, no idea where he is being used are masters at their craft, exact air masters at it, and they are also in for the long con man they won't built. They will stick around to make sure that they get you where they want you Jane. You are there? No, whereas in just like push you forget further into the absolutely so she went to Heaven. She was like. I feel like disgusting about that, like I don't ever want to do that again, like I dont want that to be part of our relationship. I know that something that you want, but I'm not okay with India and he looked at her and he said no one was holding a gun to your head, in its. I call you kind of were like you, figuratively were exact and its also like she's coming to you and telling you like you know, we'd, we tried that I don't. I don't wanna. Do that, like Youtube Billig, you know what, if that's, your thing enables consented to it and, like one of you to say
did you know what that's not for me anymore, that in us allowed re decided you tried it. You decided now, because, if you're in a healthy relationship, that's what we're communication is. Communications can Michel also remember trying to leave in on one occasion where he restrained her and pushed her down onto a bed and did not allow her to get away. That's horrifying, so she said be an initial emails that she sent to him were sent while she was suffering PTSD from their relationship yeah and she won't comment on like the religious language or anything I ought. It seems as though she's just a little but embarrassed by that and honestly she doesn't know I'm not a religious person. I think I'm No, it's the had I've seen that we all of us are, but I'm not going to judge other people for it, and it's also like she doesn't have to explain. That notion is enough. If that's what she was believing at the time land, it wasn't violent, not rhetoric, it wasn't threatening. It was just so it was
using you know, and she was ably you said she was going through a PTSD moment at the time to which is going to heighten any kind of belief system you have. I assume, would that might be part of it is absolutely more if something to hold onto- and this I mean we all nobody. to her now. She has a right to feel exactly how Shasta wheel and what you need to believe in girlfriends. You get through it and you and I both are big like proponent of its really, I think its gross when personal things like that, come out like prior conversations yeah, I decided. I love that, like when text messages come out and fights between people actually people use text messages against each other and like public fights ITALY on, I know you have that conversation like personally the right it does not so she ended up suing the city of Anaheim and both Angela and in fur false imprisonment among fifteen other violations down is not nuts
There is also some interesting evidence against, even now, all of its like, very circumstantial but sir. If this come, stance fits where it so his work records do show that he was working any was at home when a lot of emails were sent, but am that's not an air tight alibi for him because he self reports
is ours, so that doesn't make a very bad and he easily could have doctored them or asked Angela for a little help and doctoring area surveillance cameras that could have shown him at work. Where never checked, slut school convenient, detective, Michael Koona, I think ass. I sat testified that even had actually sent him an email during a time that he was working and was not supposed to have had access to a computer. Oh so they go now. I don't know about his cell phone because obviously he could have used a sombre owner, but, like may be technically, the rats was to use the network, and sometimes you have to have taken encryption on your cell phone for work email. Yes, I shall use my work. Does he like a law enforcement Yasser, so the same detective also testified that an admitted to keep it
copies of all of Michel's computer files ha weird, and on top of that, this is like a quicker in cell phone was never checked in this investigation and when investigators did ask about it, he told them that he gave his mother his cell phone and that she had moved too Oh yeah, that'll, rattled that'll get law enforcement off your back and say I gave it to my moment. She moved Idaho. With its now potatoes. myself owners, yogurt aid allocated, inflicts Kirsty billion. So I guess nobody did I about now. Michel's lawyers argue that in repeatedly enforced fellow offer serves to put her behind bars to put her behind bars, and he lake would ask like. Is there a way to put her in costs? And I ain't like? Can we get this done right now, like it was weird humility come down, he was pushing. He also lied to the police, about Michel's character and lead
to believe that she had quote criminal tendencies. Meanwhile, she didn't have a single spot on her record at all and according to o c weekly dot com, the judge sympathized with her and recognised ends, rate fantasies and controlling behaviour and link like did recognise that an obvious obviously agree. She was a victim of false imprisonment, but also seem decide with even a little bit and said D, as is arresting inducing communications with police were unquestionably protected from civil liability. Why? Because up has like rank as a police area? U S? Marshall allow now, according to Buzzfeed NEWS, Michel moved to New York City with her sister to get the fuck out of California and she never saw a dime from IE and after he ended up selling the condo for four hundred. Ninety nine thousand dollar sought the fa. She never saw a dime, no justice and she could use the money because, while she was in jail for three months, she wasn't able to pay
bills, and her parents paid a million dollars for her like defence attorney, and so she got into a ton of debt that she still paying off, whom God they now national horrible ending. I know she as a new job- and you didn't say anything to buzz feed about being awarded money in this lawsuit that she has against them, and it seems like her final goal is just to use her experience to do so or quote use her experience to do something about the blue wall of silence yeah. So speed news. Also reports that Michel's family. I want to leave you like with something happy was able to pay for an attorney for her elderly cellmate was so kind to her. Oh, my god. I die because I didn't find anything that said that she like didn't do her crime, but I'm sure they glue grew close and Michel. Like knows that, any Alex knows what the paper was so keen visualizing. I haven't. We, however, of all I thought that was like the swedish thing now Shall I finished her Buzzfeed interview by telling them the girl, with the optimistic view, is,
go in there somewhere, but now there is another part of her that says quote careful careful, because people are dangerous. The arab world is dangerous. Yes, then we are here too, free with the issue. Is that not yet cycle? That's! That's truly outrageous. It is true crime, that's true crime and nobody died, but I was like I have to tell this one it, because it's so strange a lot of people's credibility. I'd go the whole seriously and she said she was like. I used to see, link and her parents. I'd like choose to see the world through rose, colored yeah losses by, but or will they shed that'll change it real fast and she said like her and her families. Trust in law enforcement by accidently is very skewed. Now, of course, I mean she was falsely imprisoned, yeah. Of course. Eighty days in prison for something you literally had nothing to do with so
almost three months, and then, after that, she had to wear that cheap. Yes, tracker just make a clear and she went to them because they like work taking an offer like awhile and she went to them and a cause. They told her while she was out and had that tracker on. Like don't talk to any publications. Are anybody and she was like- I am going to go to every like big publication that you can think of. If you don't take this off of me, like I'm, clearly not guilty, absolutely not holy shit, so
that was a doozy and I feel like they were doing not to distract from the fact that they only had so much time to either like get a different mortgage, further condo or split the profits with her yeah that make sense and, like I said she never saw a dime. So I thank you, for that was the part of the motive, but I also think that Angela's just a very sick person- oh you know, there's the there's something very off their so strange holy shit till I write down that you want to have liked your lifetime story be told, quick but then you're out you're, just like creating it right by ruining people's lives. It's just slink. He was gonna put that woman in jail for the rest of her life. Just so she could have a lifetime movie about it and be like look look what I'm a survivor rise like fuck, you you're, not a survivor. I know I wish there could be a lifetime movie about what actually happened, but I feel it could be so rude because showed love it. Oh yes, she would absolutely and it's like hello. What does she gonna do when she got out?
five years. That's it that's horrifying, that's real scare and what so she must be getting like now, ya think she was sentenced in twenty. Seventeen don't closer like next to my earlier ass, clearly ass, but she's getting our shared and she has applied the also like wow Angela you're, the worse, you saw, the absolute were sold, email me and soldier, like deadbeat husband in yeah, he's disgusting and I know there's a lot more of that story. There grows so now wow guys so yeah. I keep it weird told originally, not that we all got to keep it that way, and if you want to see some pictures, we could pose some honour Instagram at morbid. Podcast had us up on twitter at a morbid podcast, send us a gmail, morbid, podcast edgy.
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